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Eliminating an Essential Class from School Curriculum

- Everyone knows of the recent decline to our nation’s economy. From a failing job market, to rising food, and gas prices, the United States’ economy hasn’t been good to anyone who lives here. However, some of the worst damage to the economy has been to our nation’s schools. Due to budget cuts forced on by the government, school districts and townships all over the nation have been forced to make drastic changes. School’s everywhere have been forced to cut teachers, library aids, close schools, have students pay for transportation, and even cut classes from school curriculums....   [tags: Education ]

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Analysis of Differnt Types of Learning Methods

- Learning methods simply mean a person’s natural desired way of take in, managing and memorizing new content and skills. There are three major models that look at the way on how a person learns best including: auditory, visual, and sense of touch. Auditory is when a person learns through conversation such as listening and talking. Visual is when a person learns through imitating such as observing and copying. Sense of touch is when a person learns through physical actions such as movement and touch....   [tags: auditory, visual, touch]

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Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

- Introduction: Sir Isaac Newton was a fabulous person and advanced the Enlightenment by a lot. He was born in 1642 and died in 1727. He made many philosophies and theories that made a big impact on the world. His main occupation that people mainly referred to was an English physicist and a mathematician. He started his philosophy and his theories in the early 17th century sometimes working with Rene Decartes and Francis Bacon. Newton was a person who never gave up and always had a goal to accomplish what he was doing....   [tags: enlightment period, philosophies]

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Assessing Mathematical Standards in Grades K-12

- Introduction The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has developed detailed academic standards to direct learning goals for K-12 students. This paper will address the importance of having standards included in mathematics and how these standards can improve mathematics instruction in the classroom. This paper will also examine traditional mathematics programs versus constructivist-type programs and discuss how they address these standards and address limitations of both types of programs....   [tags: Education]

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The Many Benefits of Single-Sex Classrooms

- The teacher tossed a Styrofoam basketball to the outstretched arms of a fifth grade boy. Catching the ball was the incentive for the boys to point out missing conventions in a paragraph. The teacher projected a paragraph on the board with omitted punctuation for the students to add. The other boys in the class watched him as he went to the board to add the missing comma and then tossed the ball back to the teacher. A few seconds later, other arms shot up in the air to point out other missing conventions (Stotsky)....   [tags: education reform, single sex-classes]

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Standardized Tests Are Biased and Unfair

- How standardized are standardized tests. In America, we strive to perfect them as well as give our students an education they deserve but at what cost. Standardized tests have been the easiest way to ultimately evaluate a student against every other student in America. However, standardized tests are not as great as they are made out to be. We need to take a step back and look at the faults of standardized tests. Quite simply: Standardized tests are not standardized. Standardized tests are biased to certain students whether it is race, or even how much money the parent(s) earn....   [tags: Standardized Tests Essays]

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The Importance of Music in Society

- “La, la, la,” whether it is through a rock concert, church, or being forced to sing “Happy Birthday,” to a loved one, music is everywhere. But, what is it about music that makes one tap their shoes. Why do people hum their favorite tunes. Especially in the modern age of music when the most popular music makes many people quench. However, music in general, no matter the genre is applicable throughout every aspect of life, whether it be through child development, consumer science, or the effect it has on emotions....   [tags: Arts, Music, Culture]

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The Value of Literature in Education

- As students circle around their teacher, ready to hear a story they may believe that they are getting out of work. What the students don’t realize is they are actually learning, just in an indirect way. This means going beyond the giant textbooks and moving into books students can connect with. Literature plays a dynamic role in the classroom from aiding learning in different subject areas, developing critical thinking skills and teaching moral lessons. Before I started taking my principles of elementary math class I never would have thought about the fact teachers use literature to aid learning in math....   [tags: Learning, Critical thinking]

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Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel

- Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel Since the beginning of the American school system; educators have tried to improve their teaching techniques in order, to be more effective in the classroom. With the recent technological advances we have benefited from in the past couple of decades; the educational system has greatly improved. For the last ten to fifteen years, the school system has successfully phased in the curriculum frequent computer usage in the classrooms, in order to improve the students ability to adapt to the growing use of computers in the work force....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Art of Music Education

- School budgets have been hit hard in these difficult times of economic stress. Many have heard about how the arts and music programs are almost always the first to be cut, but this does not make sense in light of studies relating music education and higher math scores, an obvious goal of any school district. Because of this apparent logical fallacy, researchers have studied music and its place in elementary schools in the Tacoma Public School district. Allowing students to be involved in music programs stimulates their brains and helps them have greater success in school. Researchers began by searching for specific studies that relate music and other subjects, specifically math....   [tags: Education]

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Standardized Testing in Saudi Arabia

- Integrity is a small word, but it has a big meaning. Integrity means that you are ready and able to do whatever is right regardless of the situation that you are facing (Utpalendu 3). It is a simple term which states that people should do and act according to their ethics and their minds, not to their sentiments. For example, if a situation arises that involves your family, or the one you love, you are able to face the situation with honesty and truth. This is the essence of integrity. Also, integrity is uniquely related to justice....   [tags: failing to address student differences]

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Writing a Strong Persuasive Essay

- The strong persuasive essay consists of the proper use of Aristotelian appeals and well oriented arguments constructed by means of Toulmin model of rhetoric. Using those techniques, Michael Chang, the author of the article “America’s Failing Education System,” attempts to convince the reader that the U.S. secondary educational system is poor in math and science because of the inability of secondary school math and science teacher, eventually causing the U.S. incompetence in the global environment....   [tags: rhetorical analysis]

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Teaching for Equality and Justice

- Contextual Information In this example, I am going to use Evans High School as an example, but this could be almost any school in the United States. Evans High School is 51% male and 49% female. The community is in a suburban setting and it is considered to be a school where it has a perception of being safe and a good school. Only about 6% of students did not meet expectations in mathematics for the graduation test and most of the students, 70%, exceeded the standards. The grade are that I will be focusing on will be 11th grade mathematics, Math III....   [tags: Eduction Essays]

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United States Education System

- Schools are institutions that lay the foundation of a child's development. They play a key role in developing children into responsible citizens and maximizing an individual’s potential. A school is where young talent is recognized and nurtured. Every country has its own particular characteristics regarding the school curriculum, teaching profession, and overall education system. However, in the global education race, the United States is extremely falling behind; countries that were once behind now meet or exceed U.S....   [tags: school, parents, success]

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The Learning Development Program Should be Retained

- The Learning Development Program Should be Retained The local community college cancelled the Learning Development Program (L.D.C.) in the summer of 1999. This program was designed to assess and implement learning deficiencies in potential new students. The academic subjects covered were General Math, English and Reading. It had been determined in the late 1980s that a large number of incoming students were inadequately prepared in these subject areas, and were not able to enroll in the lowest level courses....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Promotion and Retention of Women in Mathematics

- Promotion and Retention of Women in Mathematics How do we interest and retain more women in the field of mathematics. "Women now make up nearly half the undergraduate math majors in the U.S. (1993 Annual Survey of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical association of America); yet in graduate math programs, only about one-quarter of the American students are women" (Adhikari & Nolan, 1997, p. 17). For women who choose SME (Science, Mathematics, Engineering) majors, persistence rates in the major are significantly lower than that of male peers....   [tags: Mathematical Careers Education Essays]

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Educational Goals and Philosophies

- Educational Goals and Philosophies For the past seven years, I have had the same dream - to someday be a high school math teacher. I am finally on my way to turning that dream into a reality. Along the way, I am learning a lot of things and forming a number of opinions. One of the main areas in which I am forming new beliefs is in relation to what methods I will use in teaching my class and what aspects of what philosophies I will employ. First of all, however, I must reach the point where I have a class to teach....   [tags: Education Teaching Philosophy Essays]

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The Opportunities for Excellence

- The Opportunities for Excellence Like many other students in the public school system, I had my share of “good” teachers and “bad” teachers, but I learned valuable things from each of them: from the “good” teachers, inspiration to enter education and how to be a good teacher, from the “bad” teachers, if nothing else, what not to be. As important as education is to children’s success in life, they should have as many positive influences as possible. I will strive to be the best teacher I can be, not only to be marked as one of the “good”, but one of the “great” teachers of education....   [tags: Philosophy of Teaching Education Essays]

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Ken Schroeder's Barbie Doesn’t Add Up

- Barbie Doesn’t Add Up In the Article “Barbie Doesn’t Add Up,” the author Ken Schroeder states that Barbie dolls were just dolls that gave young girls false ideas of what they should be and look like as they get older. This article was written in the Education Digest in 1992, which helps understand why the author talks mostly about Barbie’s intelligence. The main audience of this article is directed towards parents of young girls in particular. The author is not very persuasive in the article about Barbie because he does not give enough legitimate examples and proof that his theory is correct....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Gendered Hiearchy of Society

- I perform gender activity in my everyday life such as doing my make up, picking an outfit, and gossiping. The first gendered activity I do everyday is doing my make up. I think that putting on make up is a gendered task because men do not have to do this. No make up is acceptable for men to even put on. The only man I know that apply make up on is a flamboyant homosexual male, transsexuals, drag queen, etc. This shows that applying make up is a female gendered assigned activity. The second gendered activity I do everyday is picking out an outfit....   [tags: gender inequality]

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My Love of Learning

- “Class,” I announced, “today I will teach you a simpler method to find the greatest common factor and the least common multiple of a set of numbers.” In fifth grade, my teacher asked if anyone had any other methods to find the greatest common factor of two numbers. I volunteered, and soon the entire class, and teacher, was using my method to solve problems. Teaching my class as a fifth grader inspired me to teach others how important math and science is. These days, I enjoy helping my friends with their math homework, knowing that I am helping them understand the concept and improve their grades....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Physical Therapists Help Recovery

- The main part of a physical therapist’s (PT) job is to help their patients return to full activity. Most of the time they work with patients who are recovering from surgery, which can be both athletes and nonathletes. They help the patients relearn how to walk and run if they had surgery on their leg, or to write if they have surgery on their hand or arm. PTs work closely with surgeons for rehabilitation both before and after to strengthen muscles and regain full movement. They examine and determine each patient’s needs and set goals for the patient....   [tags: surgery, massage, fitness]

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Mathematics in Neuropsychology

- “Neuropsychology is a specialty that applies the principles of assessment and intervention based upon the scientific study of human behavior as it relates to normal and abnormal functioning of the central nervous system.” (The American Psychological Association) In more basic terms, the field of neuropsychology relies heavily on the study of the central nervous system combined with the study of the behavior of an individual. A type of psychology career, it involves using computational methods and mathematics, “particularly statistics, as a professional tool to quantify and analyze their scientific findings.” Neuropsychologists also work towards diagnosing any potential mental impairments...   [tags: Mathematics]

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Behaviorist Theory Essay

- The Problem Theodore is a fourteen-year-old eighth grader. He is a popular student with athletic abilities in football and basketball. In math class he has a tendency to thrive on attention from the teacher and other students. His state mandated math test show that he has limited knowledge in math however, he does not appear to have any learning disabilities. He has stated before that he “just doesn’t get math.” When Theodore comes to class he is slow to get his math journal, he talks regularly through class and completes his work hesitantly....   [tags: learning disabilities, Guthrie, Skinner]

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Charter School Performance

- According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of students enrolled in charter schools have increased from 0.3 million in the 1999-2000 school year to 1.8 million in the 2010-2011 school year. Charter schools are schools that receive public funding from the government,but is controlled by an organization under a legislative contract or a charter with a state. Under the control of the organization, charter schools do not have to follow certain state laws but have to meet the charter’s accountability standards....   [tags: public fund, government, public schools]

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Personal Statement

- My best (and favorite) subject in school is Math. Ever since I was very little I have loved math, and worked very hard at it. When I do not fully understand topics I do extra problems to make sure that they become clear to me. I spend a lot of time working on math to make sure I understand the topics throughly. I have been in math clubs since 4th grade, and in 7th grade I represented my school at the MathCounts® competition where I won a two silver pins. I won the Virginia State Math Award in 7th grade, and this year I got an 800 in math on my SSAT....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Never To Feel His Love Again

- Never To Feel His Love Again "Early this morning tragedy struck West High School" Principal Simmons' somber voice echoed over the intercom just after the first period tardy bell on Tuesday, January 7, 1997. The grave tone of his voice immediately got my attention as I sat in Spanish class, and I listened for an explanation, expecting to hear that my World History teacher, who was struggling with cancer, had died. Mr. Simmons continued, "Mr. David Butler was killed in a house fire early this morning." Mr....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essay Example]

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Traditions and Values in American Education

- Traditions and Values in American Education The question of whether colleges and universities serve to pass on to students the great traditions and values of Western culture is one of many issues that I would like to discuss as it pertains to my high school teaching. The Presence of Others has given me the opportunity to read the opinions of several educational thinkers on this subject, and from them I have formed a clearer idea about the value of a broad education which would necessarily include the traditions and values of Western culture....   [tags: Learning Schooling College Papers]

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College Admissions Essay: Expressing Creativity through Mathematics

- Expressing Creativity through Mathematics After his visit to a Shell Research Laboratory, my high school teacher in math told us in class that he was so happy with his education, because mathematics had helped him to understand the explanations and demonstrations that had been given by the Shell researchers. He said, "If you master mathematics then you can understand everything." That was certainly an exaggeration, but it nevertheless sounded like a golden message. Since I definitely wanted to have a better understanding of what was going on around me, mathematics seemed the obvious way to go....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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How One Teacher Changed My Life

- When is a teacher not only a teacher. When is a friend not merely a friend. When is a special person not just special but a place in your heart. For me, my math teacher was much more than an instructor: she was a friend, mentor, a patient, caring, compassionate soul always ready to listen and share her wisdom and friendship altruistically. She was a spark. She ignited a fire inside me, a desire to pursue knowledge and excellence. I have always been an above-average student. School was easy, and I never had to work very hard, meeting the minimum requirements and working no further....   [tags: Teacher Who Changed My Life]

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Role of Calculators in Schools

- For adults, math is used in many ways, from configuring sales tax and tips to figuring gas mileage and averages; but for children it sometimes seems as if the only time for math is for homework and tests. The initial purpose for schools in this department is for the students to see and understand the practical uses of it, however it is controversial that the use of teaching with calculators changes this idea. In the short essay Ditch the Calculators, the author Diane Hunsaker insinuates that the overuse of calculators in math class defeats the ultimate goal of education: expanding the mind and increasing students abilities to function as contributing members of society....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Classroom Observation Report

- Classroom Observation After fifteen hours of classroom observation, I look forward to being a teacher even more than at the beginning of this semester....   [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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The French Prodigy

- “Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.” Once said by Blaise Pascal. Born in June 19, 1623 in Clermont Ferrand, France, Blaise Pascal was going to change the world of science and mathematics. He was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and a Christian philosopher. He was a child prodigy. His early life was no tale of woe or extreme happiness. However, his inventions remain in high esteem. Blaise Pascal made many contributions to the world of math and science....   [tags: mathematics, science, contributions]

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Student Motivation and Retention

- Student Motivation and Retention I decided to write most of paper about motivation because motivation is something that is lacking in several of my students in Junction City. I want to help students develop the motivation to learn math instead of hearing the bad attitude they have developed for mathematics. It is so frustrating to hear a student say that they do not care. Also in my paper, I plan to intertwine the topic of retention. My paper will lean more towards retaining students in math at the middle school level rather than college like the articles we read in class....   [tags: Education Mathematics Essays]

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Gender Equity in Education

- Gender Equity in Education Gender equity issues in mathematics and science have been the focus of many educators and researchers for years. Women have often been denied an equal education in math and science for many reasons. Parents and teachers must realize this fact and change their habits wherever necessary. Girls must be given the same opportunity as boys from the beginning, particularly in math and science where girls tend to lag behind. First of all, the term gender equity must be defined....   [tags: Equality Feminism Science Mathematics Essays]

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Personal Narrative My Education

- Personal Narrative My Education Public school systems need to be more sensitive to their students. Parents play the major role in determining a child’s academic outcome, but the school system needs to notice children who don’t necessarily acknowledge their gift. These children need guidance -- I believe it is the schools’ responsibility to provide it to them. I have been through a situation that makes me feel strongly about the subject. My example is an indisputable case in point. Math is my forte....   [tags: Papers]

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Set Theory in the Flesh

- Set Theory in the Flesh The idea of infinity has been around for thousands of years. It it impossible to even conceive of this number or anything that pertains to the infinite. There is always one more. A billion is a fairly large number, 1 with 9 zeros after it. If one counted by seconds without breaks, it would take over 32 years to reach it. A Google, is a number written as 1 with one hundred zeros after it. One couldn't even count the number of lifetimes it would take to count to this number....   [tags: Numbers Mathematics Essays]

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Adolescent Learning Disabilities (LD) Evaluation

- Confidential  The names in this report have been changed to protect the privacy of the parents and the child. Name: Ron Klein Date of Birth: 11-25-1998 Age: 16 years Parent Interview: 9-16-2014 Testing Dates: 9-29-14, 10-5-14, 10-12-14, 10-19- 14 Summary Conference: 10-25- 14 Tests Given: Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration (VMI) Hooper Visual Organization Test (VOT) Rey Complex Figure Test Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Third Edition (WAIS-III) Woodcock-Johnson – Third Edition (WJ-III): Tests of Achievement, Select Subtests Tests of Cognitive Abilities, Select Subtests PRIMARY REFERRAL CONCERNS Ron’s parents requested a psychoeducationa...   [tags: Testing and Evaluation 2014]

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The Basics Of A Hard Drive

- The Basics of A Hard Drive I'm sure, by now you have used a computer be it to play games or write a paper. But do you know how a computer works and runs all the programs you what it to. Well if not I will tell you. To begin with I will explain a little about the history about the computers history. About 50 years or maybe a little longer someone came up with the thought that all the boring stuff like math could be automated so humans would not have to do it all. Hence the computer, as to who exactly I could not tell you....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Philosophy of Teaching Statement

- Philosophy of Teaching Statement As a freshman in college, I was faced with one of the most important decisions of my life. I had to decide where I wanted my college education to go and what I wanted to become as an adult. My whole freshman year, I struggled to make a decision. My family encouraged me to major in business, because even if I didn’t like my job they felt that I could make a lot of money and have financial security. They didn’t feel like education was the right career for me....   [tags: Educating Education Essays Teacher]

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Integrated Cirriculum Research Paper

- Integrated Cirriculum Research Paper Integrated curriculums are constantly becoming more popular with educators each and every day. It seems that with this increased enthusiasm there should also be an increased activity of integration taking place within the classroom. This, however, does not seem to be the case. Math and Science integration has been widely talked about and supported by educators young and old, but critics state that there is little evidence to show the effectiveness of integration in the classroom....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Male and Female Issues

- Male and Female Issues There have been so many controversial issues involving gender equity. Boys have been seen in excelling in certain subject areas, whereas girls excel in others. Most believe that two certain subjects, math and science, boys perform better in. One report that was held in 1992 by the American Association of University Women came to the conclusion that girls were encouraged to "pursue traditional female studies instead of mathematics, science and traditionally male subject areas” (Unger 10.) Although many of these girls are probably very gifted in these certain subject areas, women are being pushed towards certain careers that are not to their interests and desires (Deli...   [tags: essays papers]

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Descartes and New Science

- Descartes and New Science The new view of the world comes from new developments in the sciences. The new views and developments contradicted some of the most fundamental ideas that were held in the world at the time. The philosophers associated with this new view of the world are Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, Locke, etc. Copernicus tried to resolve the problems of the motions of the planets by placing the sun as the center of the earth. He did make it simpler however, it wasn’t until Newton who cleaned it up and answered some of the key questions that riddled the Copernican theory....   [tags: Papers]

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Gender Equity, Is It Really Important in the Classroom?

- Gender Equity, Is It Really Important in the Classroom. There are many differences between boys and girls in the classroom. Most people do not realize this, but it is a proven fact. Gender differences in math and science are very evident. Teachers subconsciously treat boys with a higher degree of respect when it comes to math and science than they do girls. The roles of boys and girls are set at very young ages (Butler and Damnjanovic, 1997). Actually, before they even start going to school their roles are learned from their parents....   [tags: Teaching Education]

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Life Is Mathematics: Looking at the movie Pi.

- Life Is Mathematics: Looking at the movie Pi. Well that pretty much says it all. What is it. It is a very good movie. This is an Independent film. It is a number which can only be defined in the mind. The first time I watched this movie was when I was at my best friend’s house last year around 2am. We watched it on VHS, but didn’t finish it. I came back here and found someone who had it on their computer; we burned it to a CD in a DivX format. “DivX(TM) is a leading MPEG-4 compatible video compression technology, with over 50 million users worldwide” (e.Digital Corp.)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Future Of Education: On-Line Classes

- The Future Of Education: On-Line Classes "The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast," says management philosopher Peter Drucker (qtd. in Ebeling and Gubernick). One form of distance learning, on-line education (courses offered over the Internet), has caught the eye of the public and is forcing educators to reevaluate the present state of the educational system. Because of their convenience, cost, and amount of and access to readily-available information, these on-line classes, specifically those in math and computer science, are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the Internet community....   [tags: School Internet Technology Computers Essays]

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Adaptive I

- Adaptive I Project Contents: Student Introduction…………………………………………….2 Comments of Student Relating to Ability………………………3 Comments of Student’s Parent Relating to Ability……………..4 Pre- Assessment and Interpretation…………………………….5 & 6 Work and Improvement (Case Material)………………………..8 Post Assessment and Interpretation……………………………..10 & 11 Students Introduction The student under review is Evan. He is in sixth grade and is an active student that is friendly, energetic, and easy to get along with....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Equity in the Classroom

- Equity in the Classroom The concerns regarding equity issues in math and science may seem minimal, but in reality are very large. Usually unintentionally, teachers pay more attention, and give more positive attention to boys in their classrooms. This is especially noticed in the areas of math and science. “Girls are equal to or ahead of boys in achievement” (Sadker, 1993, p. 67) in the early stages of schooling. So why do boys seem to do so much better in math and science in the later school years....   [tags: Teaching Education]

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Analysis of Baxter's Gryphon

- In “Gryphon” by Charles Baxter, a class of fourth grade students gets a substitute teacher. She is very eccentric but knowledgeable and tells the whole class a lot of myths and facts. It is up to the class to decide what is true or not. In “Gryphon,” Miss Ferenczi specifically calls her wronged math answer a “substitute fact” but also tells the class many other things and myths that are true. For example, she tells the class a great deal about Egypt and that “features of the Constitution of the United States are notable for their Egyptian ideas.” (145) Her whole lecture was complete fact about Egypt, a country she had a passion for....   [tags: Charles Baxter]

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Are calculators as effective as they were intended to be?

- Are calculators as effective as they were intended to be. I can remember when I was in elementary school, we were never allowed to use calculators. I always seemed to excel in math, so I never really found it necessary to use one, usually. It was when I got into junior high when I first found myself looking for a calculator to help me do my math homework. I was taking pre-algebra, and I was struggling with learning the concepts. I just could not seem to get all the steps in the right order ever....   [tags: Technology Education Mathematics Essays]

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Personal Teaching Philosophy

- Personal Teaching Philosophy As important as a teacher’s philosophy is to the students, I believe that it is more significant to know where it comes from and how it was developed. When I walk into a classroom, not only do I want my students to know what my feelings about education are, but I also want them to know why I have them. I will first give my class an overview of how I came to be a math teacher and the road that I traveled to get there. The fact that I chose math as my concentration because it was the most challenging subject and not the easiest might inspire other students to give math a chance or work harder if they are having trouble....   [tags: Education Teachers Reflective Writing Essays]

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Becoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education

- Becoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education When did education start. Do we still need education to function as a society. How long will public education remain a kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum. The answers to these questions will vary from person to person, but they will all have one common theme: education will and must go on. Education is the key to a progressing society. Education is the only way that knowledge is passed from generation to generation. In this paper I will explain why I wish to teach, my educational goals, and the philosophy that I will use during my teaching career....   [tags: Teaching Education]

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

- Philosophy of Education A classroom is a community for learning, friendship, and growth. The most important aspect of any community, educational or otherwise, is communication. When communicating with my students, I will not talk down to them; instead, I will treat them like the equal human beings that they are. Respect will be given to and earned from all students. I will be honest, humorous, and easy natured, but I will not be afraid to discipline or assert my authority as the situation may dictate....   [tags: Education Teachers Reflective Writing Essays]

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Music Education Improves Academic Performance

- Music Education Improves Academic Performance Music educators have always believed that a child’s cognitive, motivational, and communication skills are more highly developed when exposed to music training. Now, study after study proves that music instruction is essential to children’s overall education because it improves their academic performance. The positive effects of music education are finally being recognized by science, verifying what music teachers have always suspected. Music enters the brain through the ears....   [tags: essays papers]

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Robert James, My Friend

- Robert James, My Friend Robert James was missing his two front teeth. Robert James smelled really bad. Robert James came to school with chicken pox. Robert James did not have any friends. Robert James taught me things I could not believe. Robert James was my friend. I first met Robert when I was in eighth grade. We sat next to each other on the first day of Mrs. Miller's algebra class. He smelled really bad that day, by the looks of it he had not showered in a few weeks. Initially I was quite appalled by this odor, and this gave me a bad first impression of him....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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My Philosophy of Education

- My philosophy of education Throughout our school years we are told to decide what we want to do with our lives. I have had a hard time deciding on the right career choice for myself. During my field placement I learned that I really want to make a difference in children’s lives. The enjoyment that one gets out of seeing the looks on their students faces is rewarding. I enjoyed working with the students and now I know that becoming a teacher is for me. The purpose of education is to teach children that learning is valuable and that the mind wants and needs to grow by learning....   [tags: Educational Educating teaching Essays]

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Gender Equity in Education

- Gender equity in terms of education is about the socialization of men and women and the results of this process on the life outcomes of the two genders (Husen & Postlethwaite, 1994). In the United States, the education system is required to treat males and females equally. There has been much research done to compare the genders in all areas. In the past, research has found that women fall far behind men in many areas such as math, and science, but men lag behind women in certain areas as well....   [tags: Males Female Equally Public Schools]

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A World Without Mathematics

- According to teachers for as long as any can remember, one cannot survive in this world without mathematics, yet thousands in the United States alone cannot grasp mathematics, cannot learn mathematics because of “Dyscalculia” (also called Dyscalcula). Dyscalculia is a term meaning "specific learning disability in mathematics." People who suffer with a poor memory for all things mathematical have many other symptoms and characteristics. Taken as a whole, these coexisting conditions comprise what is termed as "the dyscalculia syndrome." Dyscalculia is an MLD (mathematics learning disability) that affects approximately ten percent of the US population, yet almost no one (sh...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Lesson Analysis

- Warm up exercises are a fantastic way to get students engaged in the upcoming lesson. Incorporating fun activities motivates students to stay focused. I will use warm up exercises that pertain to social studies, current events, and history or maybe I’ll throw in a word problem or two when I begin teaching social science to middle school students. I do not believe that a warm up exercise must always be directly related to the class, sometimes they are just used to get the students thinking. It is interesting how much of the same techniques (such as using warm up exercises) used with children work with adult students too....   [tags: Education ]

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Reflective Research Paper

- Reflective Research Paper Gender biases are a problem in many schools and gender equity has been used to help remove those biases. Equity refers to having equal expectations and treating students of different sexes and cultural backgrounds equally. Gender biases have been a problem in education for years. In the past boys and girls have had different expectations when it comes to education. Boys have generally been taught to take leadership roles and girls to take more passive roles. In recent years gender equity has helped remove gender biases from the classroom, giving boys and girls a more equal type of education....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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I Don’t Know What I Want to Do, but I Know that it has Nothing to Do with Medical School

- I Don’t Know What I Want to Do, but I Know that it has Nothing to Do with Medical School Ihave had three majors since I have been in college. Chemistry was my entering major, which I kept all of one semester. The one I kept the longest is math, which I had for three semesters. Now I am an anthropology major. This is my first semester with this major. In fact, I haven’t officially changed the major yet. In order to understand where I am in my life now, you must realize where I have been. In high school I was in the National Honors Society, I took AP classes, and was completely controlled by my family....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Relationship Between Will and the Psychologist in Good Will Hunting

- This paper will discuss the relationship between Will Hunting and the psychologist Sean Mcguire in the movie Good Will Hunting. The struggles that occur between these main characters will be analyzed and their meanings found. A basic outline of the movie will be included to give the larger picture and its influence upon the two men. An Analysis of the Movie ?Good Will Hunting. and the Main Characters Will Hunting and Sean Mcguire Outline: 1. Description of the Movie a. Setting of the movie b....   [tags: Film Analysis, Good Will Hunting]

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The Beneficial Relationship of Music and Mathematics for Young Children

- Many educators would agree that music has the ability to unlock doors for young children to learn the various aspects of mathematics. The relationship of the two subjects can be traced back to the early stages of ancient history where they were taught together, unlike a majority of America’s public schools. Fortunately, there are public schools beginning to recognize this close relationship once again and have developed lesson plans that teach mathematics, science and music in a much more conjunctive nature....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Impact of Technology on Education

- The Impact of Technology on Education Technology affects every aspect of our lives. From romance to business, it has shown its presence everywhere. But technology has had a huge impact on education that cannot be denied, and has done nothing but improve the quality and quantity of education. Today, schools are being pressured more and more to improve the technology they use and teach in the classrooms. Parents are placing this pressure on schools so that their students have the skills needed to compete in the real world job market....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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Touching the Minds of Tomorrow’s Leaders

- Touching the Minds of Tomorrow’s Leaders By nature, children are curious. I do not agree with philosophers who believe that children are either good or evil. Instead, I believe that children want to take the world in and experience the new things life has to offer to shape their personalities. The nature of knowledge is very relevant to what point they are at in life and at what particular place. For example, if a child is raised in a place where there is nothing but put-downs, he too, will learn to put down himself and others....   [tags: Education Philosophy Essays]

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How Much Homework to Give Kids?

- How Much Homework to Give Kids. To many kids in elementary schools, homework is a menace. It takes away quality time from a student’s daily life and activities. In Romesh Ratnesar’s article “The Homework Ate my Family”, Ratnesar mentions about a student named Molly and her daily routine. Her daily routine consists of “spending two hours doing homework, practicing the piano, doing more than 100 math problems, labeling the countries and bodies of water and reviewing a semester’s worth of science” (Ratnesar)....   [tags: Education Educating School Learning Essays]

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Music Education in our Public Schools

- Music Education in our Public Schools Music Education is no doubt a necessity to the students of today. Music plays a major role in everyone’s daily life. Music is listened to while driving in the car, when eating in restaurants, relaxing at home, and even when on hold to a company’s overloaded phone system. Music is everywhere you turn, and it should be one of the main subjects to be studied in our public school systems. Public schools in America need to understand that the funding and continued study of music is just as important as the funding for math or science to produce a well rounded graduate....   [tags: Music Art Educational Essays]

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Analyzing The Universe and The Teacup

- Analyzing The Universe and The Teacup The Universe and the Teacup is a pretty interesting book with one purpose: To make math seem relevant and cool to people who have decided that they don't like math. K. C. Cole pushes this idea by explaining how math applies to every imaginable thing in the universe, and how mathematicians are, in a sense, scientists. She also uses quotes to promote the coolness of math: "Understanding is a lot like sex," states the first line of the book. This rather blunt analogy, as well as the passage that explains how bubbles meet at 120-degree angles, supports Cole's theory that math can be applied to any subject....   [tags: Papers]

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Attending High School

- High School Do you remember your high school days. High school for me has proved to be a learning experience and also a challenge. There are many lessons that can be learned. You can learn more about yourself, who your friends are, what kind of help is offered to you, and what your strengths and your weaknesses are. Attending High School helped build my confidence because my classmates were supportive, my teachers taught me how to study for tests, and the math tutors helped me overcome my fear of math....   [tags: Education Papers, high school experience]

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My Philosophy of Education

- Philosophy of Education According to Webster’s Dictionary, “A teacher is a person who teaches especially for a living.” This definition though is not entirely true about a teacher. As a teacher not only do you teach students, but teachers are parents, social workers, nurses, and even friends. A good teacher should be able to play all of these roles and will be successful throughout their teaching career. I attended public schools, so I got the good, the bad, and the ugly of every kind of teacher one could possibly have....   [tags: Philosophy on Education Statement]

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The Benefits of Teaching

- Advantages of Teaching Before choosing to pursue any profession the pros and cons of entering that particular field of work need to be weighed. In a survey by the National Education Association that appeared on the organization’s website during a two week period, 79% of the respondents said they would consider going into teaching compared to the 21% that said they would not (National Education Association website, 2002). Obviously, choosing teaching as a career must have some rewards if so many people are considering entering the education field....   [tags: Teaching Education]

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Problems with Public Schools

- Problems with Public Schools In order to fully understand the issue of school vouchers, we must examine first the current situation in public schools and identify the problems. Then, we must look at the effect vouchers will have on these problems. Finally, we must discuss the objections to vouchers leveled by their main political opponents. In order to examine the potential benefits of school choice, we must first look to the current situation in American education. Public schools today are in a state of crisis, while access to private schools is diminished because the private schools cannot adequately sell what some are giving away for free....   [tags: School Education Academics Teaching Essays]

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Standardized tests in Illinois

- Standardized tests are administered to allow reliable and valid comparisons to be made among students taking the test. Two major types of standardized tests are currently in use; norm-referenced and criterion-referenced. A norm-referenced test is a test that has been given to representative samples of students such that norms of performance are established. Each student taking the test receives a score that can be compared to the norm or normal or sample of students. The scores are then reported in percentiles....   [tags: Standardized Testing Essays]

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Gender Equity

- Gender Equity Are male students and female student’s receiving the same opportunities when it comes to Math and Science in the schools. I don’t believe they are. This is why gender equity is a major problem facing our schools today. Many girls are having very negative attitudes towards Math and Science. Through doing research on this topic I found out why. In the article How Research Helps Address Gender Equity, a very shocking and eye opening thing was written. I learned that children as young as kindergarten already have formed set stereotypes about Science and Math....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Educational Technology Autobiography

- Educational Technology Autobiography My experience with educational technology from K-12 to post-secondary education: The very first form of educational technology that I encountered was the use of the overhead in the first grade. In the third grade I was moved to a gifted and talented Math class; therefore, allowing my fellow classmates and myself access to a computer lab that contained seven apple computers. Every Friday we were allotted fifteen to twenty minutes on these computers to play Number Munchers and Oregon Trail....   [tags: essays papers]

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Teaching Mathematics

- Teaching Mathematics My interest in teaching mathematics came from the experience of helping others. I have always enjoyed learning math, and I realized that I also like helping other people learn math, especially those that struggle with it or those who have a disliking for it. As a teacher, I will be able to fulfill my aspirations; both my students and I will learn together and from one another. I feel that it is important for me, as a teacher, to stay current and deepen my understanding of mathematics and mathematics education....   [tags: Education Teaching Philosophy]

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Learner Styles

- Learner Styles Technology is given in many forms, as television, computer, internet and cell phones. All of these are different types of technology. All of these different forms of technology help us to communicate with one another faster, relay quicker messages as well as learn. There are many ways to use technology to create different learning styles within the classroom. Creating different ways to learn is easier now that technology has given us different methods to choose from. These different methods are using or having a computer present in every classroom, using email, using CD Rom devices with math/ English activities, having interactive CD that helps explain different subjects, CD’...   [tags: essays papers]

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Teaching Philosophy

- Teaching Philosophy Teaching is a profession that can only be defined by those who are in it, and no two teachers will ever give the same answer. Over the past few weeks I feel that my philosophy on teaching has changed drastically. Students look up to their teachers, they look to learn and to have a companion. The students have a thirst for knowledge. I always thought that students would dread coming to math, but many look forward to it. For me, math has always been a strong point and a subject that I have enjoyed and I look forward to being able to share my love with my students....   [tags: Education Teachers Reflective Writing Essays]

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Why Algebra?

- Why Do We Teach Algebra. Until recent history, mathematics had not been taught to the general population. Only those who were rich, powerful, and/or politically connected were given the opportunity to study math beyond basic counting operations. Many of my junior high students are excited about the prospects of returning to this situation. I have the opportunity to teach remedial math and math study skills courses for a local university. Many of the college students with whom I am involved are going back to school after many years in the work force....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- In the early 17th century a philosopher named Descartes, questioned his existence. His life was dedicated to the founding of a philosophical and mathematical system in which all sciences were logical. Descartes was born in 1596 in Touraine, France. His education consisted of attendance to a Jesuit school of La Fleche. He studied a liberal arts program that emphasized philosophy, the humanities, science, and math. He then went on to the University of Poitiers where he graduated in 1616 with a law degree....   [tags: essays research papers]

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