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Hegemonic Masculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity

- ... Other examples of embodying masculinity through violence involve school shootings. Kimmel (2013) cited examples of several school shooters who did not fit the mold; they were scrawny and made fun of, thought to be gay, and seen as inferior, so these boys reacted in anger, violence, and destruction. These men and boys met their literal demise (life in prison or death) because their bodies did not fit the hegemonic masculine mold. These men and others are hurt emotionally and psychologically when comparing themselves to the ideal masculine body....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Hegemonic masculinity, Man]

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Masculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity

- The running theme throughout this analysis is the notion that Bronies are challenging commonly held perceptions about masculinity. Previous sections highlight how Bronies conduct themselves around others, even in environments where conceptions of hypermasculinity are considered the norm such as the military Bronies. However, this is where the analysis begins to take a critical turn by addressing the current state of masculinity studies. Within this academic field, hegemonic masculinity serves as the primary framework of all masculinity studies which allows for alternative masculinities so long as they can rationalize their actions as masculine....   [tags: Masculinity, Gender, Man, Gender identity]

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Masculinity And Femininity And Masculinity

- ... For instance, most women wear dresses, skirts, and makeup. However, most men are in pants or shorts. More simply, children will interpret femininity by wearing certain clothing and always being presentable. Therefore, parents displaying gender roles will have an impact on masculinity and femininity. Schools and peers have an influence on how masculinity and femininity is supposed to be displayed. School molds masculinity and femininity by showing children society expectations. Namely, in high school most teachers encourage males play sports, while encouraging females to focus on schoolwork....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Male, Gender role]

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Masculinity : Masculinity And Femininity

- ... However, there was no consensus on these qualities. Frequently, the qualities that we would suggest would be those that were the opposite of qualities associated with women. For example, if we would categorize being emotional as a trait assigned to women, we would assign the trait of being impassive to men. This would also occur when we considered which behaviors would be considered masculine. While we assumed women would perform work inside of the house, we assigned men to work outside of the house, doing activities such as maintaining the yard or fixing the car....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender studies, Man]

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Masculinity : Masculinity And Sexuality

- The Catcher in the Rye: Questioning Masculinity and Sexuality in Society During the post war society of the 1950’s in America, uniformity and conformity were a must. Although men and women were all required to do things during WWII, after the war men and women were put into traditional roles that were reaffirmed. Not accepting these roles would make one an outcast. Society has always had certain expectations for each gender. These expectations that are set for men and women pressure them to do things that they may not be ready for....   [tags: Man, Masculinity, Gender, The Catcher in the Rye]

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Hypocrisy, Masculinity, And Masculinity

- ... Kyle, the protagonist in the advertisement, signifies an unconfident, nerdy, and normal guy, through his tone, wiping sweat off of his forehead, and physical characteristics such as his build, glasses, ext… “Bogle Hegarty, makes this point when she comments that: ‘we are very careful with casting . . . because men don’t want to see anyone too good-looking or too cocksure advertising their brand. Ideally, you recognise the man as one of your own’. Writing in The Sunday Times, Simon Mills (2008) ” (Feasey,2009) This protagonist representation opens the advertisements consumer base wide open as many men can relate to his lifestyle and characteristics....   [tags: Man, Masculinity, Gender, Male]

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Masculinity As Homophobia By Michael Kimmel

- Over the course of history, the definition of manhood has changed and morphed according to society’s rules. In his essay “Masculinity as Homophobia,” number four in The Matrix Reader, Michael Kimmel tackles the truth about what manhood has become and how society has challenged the meaning of homophobia. He begins with an analysis of history, and then proceeds to relate masculinity and homophobia to power, women, and violence. Manhood had not always existed; it was created through culture. Depending on the era, masculinity claimed a different meaning....   [tags: Gender, Man, Masculinity, Disability]

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Representation Of Gender And Masculinity

- ... They are important in determining the attitudes of the mass. According to Bell Hooks ‘age, marital status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation’ (Hooks, 2004) play key roles in determining a male’s stance on his masculinity along with how he views his position within society. The feminist movement, particularly the second wave of the 1960s, challenged Western society’s rigid gender definitions. Prior to this, women were largely restricted to being the home wife ‘sacrificed health, liberty, and virtue for whatever prestige, pleasure, and power their husbands could provide’ (Tong, 2009:6) while the men were the breadwinners excluded from professions and the workforce by oppressive patriarchal...   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Sociology, Feminism]

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Masculinity And The Representation Of Men

- Many ideas on masculinity are riddled throughout the pages of the September printing of Gentlemen 's Quaterly, or GQ for short. GQ is a men 's fashion magazine, and thus, cater to a predominately male audience. This paper seeks to examine the masculinity and the representation of men in the textual matter of the publication. There are a few reoccurring themes in which masculine concepts and men are shown in the men 's magazine. First, there is an overwhelming display of a conflicting concept that men should remain normal to stand out as a man....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Man, Male]

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Comparative Anaylsis of Hegemonic Masculinity

- This paper compares Peter Tragos “Monster Masculinity: Honey I’ll be in the Garage Reasserting My Manhood” and Richard Majors’ “Cool Pose: Black Masculinity and Sports” in regards to males regaining their masculine identity during the transition of a gender blurred society. In Richard Majors’ article, he discusses how sport has become a major institutional context for the expression of masculinity and the development of the cool pose among black males (1). Peter Tragos article addresses how men are experiencing a backlash against the feminization of masculine culture (2)....   [tags: manhood, masculinity, masculine ]

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American Masculinity: Defined By War

- War has been a mainstay of human civilization since its inception thousands of years ago, and throughout this long and colorful history, warriors have almost exclusively been male. By repeatedly taking on the fundamentally aggressive and violent role of soldier, Man has slowly come to define Himself through these violent experiences. Although modern American society regulates the experiences associated with engaging in warfare to a select group of individuals, leaving the majority of the American public emotionally and personally distant from war, mainstream American masculinity still draws heavily upon the characteristically male experience of going to war....   [tags: War and American Masculinity]

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Masculinity : Being Weak Is Bad

- A young boy is walking home from the bus stop after school. Suddenly three boys run up to him from behind and tackle him to the ground and throw his diorama away from him. When the boy gets home his parents ask why his diorama is beat up. He doesn’t want to tell his parents what happened, because being picked on, showing large amounts of emotion, and telling is a weak thing to do. The parents eventually do hear the story and confront one of the bully’s parents the next day about what happened, the bully’s parents reply, “Well boys will be boys”....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity, Man]

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The Roles Of Masculinity And Femininity

- The traditional role of masculinity and femininity is usually controlled by gender. Society has traditionally adhered to the patriarchal side of society. This has been the true since the vanguard of time. Women thus far in society have been portrayed as weaker as and less intelligent than their counterparts. Movie and television have taken position to place, the alpha role in society of men, and that may have its own unexpected outcomes. This in turn has perpetuated through actual society as a semi-permanent stigmatism of their role in life....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Masculinity, Man]

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The Toxic Culture Of Masculinity

- The Toxic Culture of Masculinity This paper will detail the toxic effects that were caused by the hypermasculine attitude our culture has created. It will prove that glorification of masculinity encourages abuse, violence, and gender roles. What do most people think when they hear the phrase “be a man”. They probably think to toughen up and suppress their emotions, because everyone knows men don’t cry. In our society, traditional masculinity is characterized by violence, danger, promiscuity, and a lack of emotions....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Man, Masculinity]

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The Between Masculinity And Femininity

- ... However, McEwan presents readers with a third character, who represents the beginning stages of femininity, Lola. She is perfectly proud of her “tokens of maturity” including “a velvet choker of tiny pearls, the ginger tresses gathered at the nape and secured with an emerald clasp, three loose silver bracelets around a freckled wrist, and the fact that whenever she moved, the air about her tasted of rosewater” (32). She clings to these small things, as they prove she is on her way to accepting the role of adulthood and womanhood, but has not yet had the rebellious period like Cecilia....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Masculinity]

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Masculinity And Femininity : A State Of Transition

- ... Women of this time period were expected to have excellent manners, restraint, moral uprightness, purity, devotion, and selflessness. Yet they were still deprived of most employment, not eligible for education outside domesticity, could not vote, and held few legal rights. Essentially, women were assigned to the 'private sphere ' and all fields outside that sphere were untouchable as their natural characteristics, size and emotions, were seen fit strictly for domesticity. Men on the other hand, were allocated to the work place away from the home....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender role, Gender studies]

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Masculinity Is Changing Over Time

- ... Wrestling is a sport that requires a person to be tough and aggressive, so it is a perfect sport that fit for men. Unfortunately, Katz “claim that professional wrestling inspires increased bullying and disrespect for women”. Douglas also argues that “society should not foster or accept aggressiveness as part of masculine behavior, she contends; instead, young men should be encouraged to recognize peaceableness and respect as part of masculinity.” Overall these people say that masculinity is bad because it leads to violence and disrespect to women, therefore people need to stop supporting it....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender identity, Gender role]

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American Society 's Perception Of Masculinity

- ... Guante uses the movie analogy to reference what society believes to be masculine: that being strong, capable, emotionally hidden, and having access to sex with many women is part of being a complete man. As a result, men actually do become the actors that are in movies because they are acting and not being themselves. Masculinity comes to mean that men must fulfill these expectations of having lots of sex and driving pick-up trucks in order to be considered a man. Guante expresses, “[To] be yourself …will cost you” (lines 17) and to make a decision as a man against what society establishes as masculine, would mean to lose men’s manhood and hurt men’s self-esteem....   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Man, Masculinity]

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American Society 's Perception Of Masculinity

- Society in general has a way of naturally assigning men and women with individual roles that need to be complied with. To clarify, in the 1950s and 1960s, American women were required to maintain their homes while raising their children and making sure the husbands were happy. On the other hand, American men had to provide for the family and protect them. Displaying characteristics not parallel to one’s gender is rarely unobserved and almost always has negative consequences because society seeks to maintain order....   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Man, Masculinity]

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Masculinity, Gender, And Gender Inequality

- How is masculinity understood amongst male nurses in caregiving roles, which are widely considered non-traditional to their gender. Not only do men in caregiving work roles find themselves at odds with traditional western gender norms, those within nursing are often considered to be partaking in ‘the most feminine of all female-dominated occupations’ (Abrahamsen, 2006). Examining the ways in which men reconcile their non-traditional occupations with their sense of masculinity is vital not only in ascertaining a well-rounded understanding of masculinity, but more practically in bridging the gender divide that is prevalent in nursing today (Loughrey, 2008)....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender role, Gender studies]

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Masculinity As A Rural Community

- ... When examining children’s media tailored toward little girls, programs focus on themes of shopping, dating, and relationships and are often referred to as shallow entertainment. Lauren Faust (the creative mind behind the Friendship is Magic line of ponies) calls these themes “saccharine” due to their sweet nature and lack of conflict. She explains that her focus on the pony franchise was to change the perceptions of the “girl’s cartoon” from something vapid into a series based on well defined characters and storylines about relational issues....   [tags: Gender, Gender identity, Masculinity, Gender role]

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Gender Masculinity And Its Effect On Women

- ... In other instances a woman may be comfortable enough to express her interest and enjoyment in sex and would be categorized as a “slut” in societal views. The judgement is even directed towards young girls that partake in activities societies deems strictly for young men are “tomboys” that will hopefully conform as they are older due to a fear of homosexuality or the desire to be transgender (Allen, 2013). From these reasons, it can be concluded that the concept’s primary purpose is to oppress women into the image that is dominated by men (Connell, n.d.)....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Transgender, Feminism]

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William Shakespeare 's Macbeth - Masculinity

- The Way of life during the Elizabethan age must be examined in order explain the agency within the concept of masculinity in Macbeth. William Shakespeare uses Macbeth to show the agency that is created for women when men are pushed into proving their own masculinity. In order to fully understand Shakespeare’s portrayal of masculinity in Macbeth we must first examine the stereotypes of the Elizabethan era that effected Shakespeare’s writing. “Defining what a female was supposed to be and do was an act of Renaissance culture, as it has been for other times....   [tags: Gender, Macbeth, Femininity, Masculinity]

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Hegemonic Masculinity And Gender Roles

- ... Within the 1980s was the start of the popularity of fashion and beauty magazines leading to a boom in lifestyle magazines including Vogue (1892-), Glamour (1939-) and Cosmopolitan (1886-1965) all of which focused on aspects of women’s lives, deemphasizing food and crafts and gave emergence to the superwomen myth; the magazines took on an intimate tone through first person personal pronouns to address the readers as though they are their friends who shared common passions for femininity related issues like makeup and fashion....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity, Gender studies]

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Hegemonic Masculinity, By R. W. Connell

- Introduction: The concept of hegemonic masculinity, as described by R. W. Connell, is becoming more applicable than ever, namely in the world of sport. This notion was developed nearly twenty-five years ago, yet remains highly influential in the social construction of gender roles. In current Western societies, there is an automatic assumption that women involved in sports are all lesbians, and men posses more masculine traits than one who is not involved in sports. This double standard emphasizes the inequalities within the athletic community....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity, Sociology]

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Representations Of Masculinity : Advertisements : A Way Of Doing Gender

- ... By contrast, they use sex to refer to the biological differences between males and females. Thus, to learn such feminine or masculine attributes they must be produced and reproduced to us within our daily lives. For example institutions such as family, church, school, workplace, and media constructs specific gender roles. I will be using “Doing Gender,” by West and Zimmerman in order to explain where this concept originated and how so. This concept is important for this essay because it further expands this simple definition of sex being what one is born with and gender being what is learned— which is helpful in studying masculinity and femininity....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Male, Sex]

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How Media Effects The Subconscious Ideal Of Masculinity

- What Does It Take to be A Real Man. From the time we are introduced into society, men are taught to reject the idea of femininity. They are told to dissociate from society’s perceived inferiority of femininity. Both Men Changing Men by Robert L. Allen and Paul Kivel and the documentary Tough Guise examine how media effects the subconscious ideal of masculinity. Gloria Steinem states that “we’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons … but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.” Steinem suggests that in the same way we are beginning to teach our daughters that masculinity is acceptable, we should teach our sons to reject society’s view of what a man should be and to...   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Man, Male]

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Feminism and Masculinity

- In contemporary society, hegemonic masculinity is defined by physical strength and boldness, heterosexuality, economic independence, authority over women and other men, and an interest in sexual relationships. While most men do not embody all of these qualities, society supports hegemonic masculinity within all its institutions, including the educational institute, the religious institute and other institutes which form the ideological state apparatus. Standards of masculinity vary from time to time, from culture to culture....   [tags: Manhood Hegemonic Masculinity]

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The Motif Of Masculinity : William Shakespeare 's Macbeth

- William Shakespeare develops the motif of masculinity to show contrast between the male characters in Macbeth and to determine who best exemplifies the qualities of a man. The characters who epitomize a man’s emotion, strength, and loyalty prosper, whereas those who do not suffer a lonely demise. Shakespeare’s belief that man must be faithful, sympathetic, and reasonable greatly contrasts from the fierce and impassive depiction of man in the 16th and 17th century. Shakespeare’s use of the motif of masculinity is effective in defining what it is to be or not to be a man when Macbeth defends his manliness, when Macduff and Macbeth react to the loss of their loved ones, and when young Siward no...   [tags: Macbeth, William Shakespeare, Death, Masculinity]

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Masculinity and Race

- Masculinity and Race Historically, masculinity in the United States has been constructed as being White Protestant Anglo-Saxon, furthermore heterosexual and in charge of all matters, and this definition sets standards against which other men are measured an evaluated. Michael Kimmel provides a good definition: […], Young, married, white, urban heterosexual, Protestant father of college education, fully employed, of good complexion, weight and height and a recent record in sports(271). This definition refers to a so-called „hegemonic masculinity“ because it describes a man of power, in power and with power(272)....   [tags: Film Masculinity Males Image]

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Macbeth By William Shakespeare : Gender Roles And Masculinity

- ... Thomas truby states “I grew up believing a man should maintain his independence and should avoid those relationships where he is dependent. Men have to be tough, strong, and self- reliant” (Truby 29). The author, being male, explains his perspective of societal norms that he feels he needs to conform to. What the author states can relate to Lady Macbeth and Macbeth because their relationships begins to dwindle when Lady Macbeth becomes more assertive and expects Macbeth to become dependent of her....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Man, Masculinity]

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Masculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity

- Masculinity in Armani Big companies use social media to demonstrate masculinity and with that, sell their products. In the famous commercial of Armani the producers use important visual elements to demonstrate that masculinity means being athletic, sensual, dominant, powerful, elegant, and impressive. This definition of Armani is obtained through the use of a famous soccer player, his beauty and intimidating physique, the body language, and the women’s role in the commercial. The use of a famous soccer player throughout the advertisement is vital to define masculinity....   [tags: Real Madrid C.F., La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo]

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Masculinity in Deliverance by James Dickey

- Masculinity in Deliverance by James Dickey The novel Deliverance by James Dickey portrays the essence of middle-aged men experiencing the mid-life crisis through which they must prove to themselves and more importantly every one else that they still possess the strength, bravery, intelligence, and charm believed to be society's ideal of "masculinity." Dickey's four main characters undertake a risky adventure to satisfy their egotistical complexes and prove to the world that they are still the strong young men their wives married....   [tags: Establishment of Masculinity in Deliverance]

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Square One : Adolescent Masculinity And The Fag Discourse

- ... Lastly, the men also had more muscular physiques, along with tattoos on some of them. This connects not only with Martin’s notion that both genders use their bodies differently, but also on the idea posed by Connell whom she draws on. Connell argues that gender is practiced via body language, and muscled to maintain the patriarchal gender roles of men being the ones who hold power in the gender dynamics. In other words, it becomes a part of who men are. This is significant because it demonstrates that despite the fact that the job is shared by both genders, body language still differs, which reflects the socialization of gender roles and bodily movements – that originate from socializers...   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender studies, Gender role]

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- Masculinity The definition of masculinity; Is the fact of being a man or having qualities considered typical of a man. I was stuck in that sentence that what is the qualities considered typical of a man. What is the quality of man, what is considered as a typical of a man. 1. Identities According to Victor, since the 1960s the challenges of feminism made men feel uneasy and confused about their power and identity. Women insisted that men had also to be more emotionally involved in relationship and take greater responsibility for domestic work and childcare....   [tags: definition of masculinity]

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Masculinity Dominance : The Construction Of Masculinity

- “Masculinity Domination” Masculinity difference has played the important role in our culture. In the article “Having It His Way: The Construction of Masculinity in Fast-Food TV Advertising” authors Carrie Packwood Freeman and Debra Merskin are trying to grab peoples attention that food advertisements are going after men in general because men tend to like meat more than women. They are also comparing masculinity to eating meat. Meat and fast food restaurant industries don’t provide healthier food....   [tags: Nutrition, Meat, Gender, Food]

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Sexual Masculinity And Their Hegemonic Masculinity

- In describing her time in high school, my grandmother said, “My life was kind of quiet, not too extravagant, I was involved with church and school activities and so were my friends.” She also explained that a popular event that every high school teenager would go to during the weekends were the weekly youth dances in the Wailuku town community center. “It was the thing all of us kids used to do, we would go with our friends and the boys would always come up to us and ask us to dance.” These courtship practices are similar to those discussed in Grazian’s article, where males assert their hegemonic masculinity by pursuing a girl to dance with (Grazian)....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Marriage]

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How the Male Characters in ‘Death of a Salesman’ and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ Conform to their Society’s Concept of Masculinity

- Eugene August describes Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ as a profoundly male tragedy, one in which its protagonist is destroyed by a debilitating concept of masculinity . Masculinity is of course an ambiguous term and araises a gamut of views. Willy Loman, a failed salesman, embodies the deluded values and aspirations that could be said to originate from the American Dream, which infiltrates every aspect of his life. Whilst Willy is influenced by material and consumerist success, reflecting the play’s setting in the increasingly urbanized, cosmopolitan New York, Stanley Kowalski in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ defends imperilled masculinity in his less socially progressive community of Elysian...   [tags: male tragedy, masculinity, domestic violence]

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Gender, Masculinity, And Masculinity

- ... Community forces people into some roles simply by anticipating that those roles are appropriate and enforcing them. Generally, the gender roles we speak of are common in modern Western society. These roles recommend that males should be bossy, aggressive, and better at the maths and sciences, and they should become victorious in their professions, and should manage and suppress their emotions. Females, on the contrary, should be obedient, nurturing, gentle, superior at languages and the humanities, emotional, and eager of nothing more than a content family and a husband to provide for her, while she remains at home and tends the house....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sociology, Woman]

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Masculinity And Its Influence On Chinese Masculinity

- Masculinity in itself is very diverse and varies according to each culture and each person. In China, masculinity has traditionally been very different than Western masculinity. Where Western masculinity is known for being very macho and tough, Chinese masculinity has consistently been much more feminine when compared to the Western’s. Chinese masculinity traditionally has always had a very soft aspect to it, however as China continues to change as a nation, it is slowly beginning to alter their normal definition of what it means to ‘be a man’....   [tags: China, Han Chinese, People's Republic of China]

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Masculinity in the Media

- Masculinity in the Media Masculinity has changed and evolved since the beginning of human creation. Males have had to adhere to the social norms of their time to survive without undue persecution. In the beginning of the 19th century, there was a shift in the way men could attain manhood. It was no longer easy for a man to enter into manhood with straightforward expectations and rituals. The state of manhood became difficult to obtain because of its precarious nature. During the same period, the industrial revolution was in full bloom giving birth to mass information outlets like newspapers, magazines, and advertisement: media....   [tags: Humans, Males, Malehood, Gender Roles]

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Masculinity in Fraternities

- All over the world Masculinity has many different cultural definitions. Depending where someone is from, and what they were brought up to believe, defines what the term “masculinity” entails. Different Social institutions all over the United States, such as the military, sports, clubs, and fraternities, have been constructing their interpretation of masculinity. One major social institution that is active in thousands of Universities across the United States is campus fraternities. Campus fraternities create their own sense of masculinity by generating certain requirements and characteristics a man must hold in order to represent them as a part of their fraternity....   [tags: Social Institution, College Campus]

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Masculinity and Sexuality

- The attractiveness of male models has increased. Men still devoted more time to looking at women pictures rather than men. This adds to the evidence that regardless of whether a man is straight, gay, or bisexual, men are still more category specific than women. Heterosexual men claimed to be more attracted to female than male models, and this was evident due to their much larger viewing times of females versus male models. Moreover, this large difference in time depending on the sex of the model increased when models were very attractive....   [tags: male and female models]

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Masculinity and Hemingway

- Through short stories he published throughout his career, Hemingway uses the relationship between the semi-autobiographical Nick Adams and his father Henry to examine various typical masculine behaviors. While a casual viewing of Hemingway’s subject matter might lead some to believe that he was endorsing hypermasculine behavior through his work, a more thorough reading endorses exactly the opposite view. By closely reading and critically examining Nick and Henry Adams’ interactions, I will explore various ways in which Hemingway condemns hypermasculine behavior and illustrates the internal conflict of men defining their masculinity in the modern world....   [tags: hypermasculine behavior, Nick Adams, men]

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Masculinity and Femininity

- Masculinity and femininity are two terms, which have been interpreted differently throughout history. Both the males and the females have responsibilities and duties but these duties differ based on one’s gender. Gender has played a prodigious role in the economy, politics, and the society. Everyone starts making interpretations of the strengths and weaknesses based on one’s gender. These interpretations are not always based on his or her ability but is usually based on his or her gender. Males tend to be judged as extremely strong and unfashionable in terms of appearance....   [tags: fashion, entertainment and strength]

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Masculinity in Athletics

- Masculinity in Athletics Sports, in general, are a male dominated activity; every “real” male is suppose to be interested and/or involved in sports in the American society. However, it is not expected of a female to be interested in sports and there is less pressure on them to participate in physically enduring activities. These roles reflect the traditional gender roles imposed on our society that men are supposed to be stronger and dominant and females are expected to be submissive. As Michael Kimmel further analyzes these gender roles by relating that, “feminism also observes that men, as a group, are in power....   [tags: Sports]

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Masculinity And Its Effects On Society

- Tradition is passed on through generation to generation from word of mouth to action. Father’s teach their sons what had been taught to them by their father and it continues as a never ending cycle of traditions to upkeep. A son can make his old man proud by proving to his father what kind of a man he turned out to be. The definition of what it is to be a man varies from family to family but what is often expected is how “manly” a person becomes. Masculinity with all its perks and misogynistic expectations is what poisons the minds of young boys and young men by setting upon them expectations that must be fulfilled and maintained....   [tags: Gender, Homosexuality, Man, Male]

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Masculinity in The Sun Also Rises

- Charlie Harper sits in his living room, he’s watching the boxing game and is about to call one of his many hookers. Charlie looks at the phone and then at the TV and says, “ This is the life!” This shows that Charlie values two things sports and women. Why. Simple, Women bring sex. Boxing shows a sense of bravery, getting into the ring and willingly putting yourself out there to get beaten up. Charlie Harper is not the only one who values these things but men in the 1920’s do as well. The Sun Also Rises is a story that takes place in the 1920’s and is written by Ernest Hemingway....   [tags: Hemingway novels, story & character analysis]

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Masculinity in the Russian Mafia

- Eastern Promises challenges the view of hegemonic masculinity as a a static, unified concept. By analyzing the behaviors of members of the Russian mafia, vory y zakone ("thieves in law"), particularly of Kirill and Nikolai, this paper will illustrate how masculinities are constructed, performed and reaffirmed in the context of the Russian mafia vory y zakone. The paper will begin by describing the main tends of masculinities theory, proposing that vory y zakone are creating oppositional masculinity....   [tags: Kirill and Nikolai, behaviours]

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The Influence of Masculinity in Shakespeare's Macbeth

- ... This also exemplifies that Macbeth uses his masculinity to scare off the other kingdom in war. When the Captain is explaining Macbeth’s successes, Duncan exclaims “O valiant cousin. Worthy gentleman!” (1.2.24). Duncan is the king of the kingdom and he portrays that he thinks that Macbeth is a brave person by using the work “valiant” which mean possessing or showing courage or determination. You also see that Macbeth is a warrior because he went and fought for his king. Duncan’s words also imply that Macbeth is a well-respected man because even the king of the kingdom is praising him....   [tags: soldier, manipulation, murder]

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Masculinity in the Works of Herman Melville

- Herman Melville’s novels, with good reason, can be called masculine. Moby-Dick may, also with good reason, be called a man’s book and that Melville’s seafaring episode suggests a patriarchal, anti-feminine approach that adheres to the nineteenth century separation of genders. Value for masculinity in the nineteenth century America may have come from certain expected roles males were expected to fit in; I argue that its value comes from examining it not alone, but in relation to and in concomitance with femininity....   [tags: Moby-Dick Essays]

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The Meaning of Masculinity in Today's Society

- INTRODUCTION We live in a world where society has defined masculine and famine characteristics and features that have influenced our culture. Men are seen as: • Strong • Powerful • Aggressive • Fearless • Outspoken • Tough • Demanding Whereas females are known to be: • Soft • Warming • Caring • Weak • Fearful • Quiet • Powerless Being tough and aggressive does not make you man enough because in today’s world, we have men who are exactly the opposite of society’s definition of masculine....   [tags: Gender Roles, Gender Stereotypes]

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Who and What Defines Masculinity?

- While praised for exposing the complete dysfunction of our culture’s basic assumption about masculinity and delusion it causes in the psyche of men, the movie Fight Club intended to make people consider different perspectives of what defines masculinity. The movie illustrates the “brilliant exposition of the scars that form in a man’s psyche when his seat of masculinity is repressed by a society that looks for compliance rather than powerful individualization…” (“Fight Club, Masculinity Movies”)....   [tags: Fight Club, Social Issues, Gender Role]

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Views of Masculinity in Our Society

- Introduction In today’s world, becoming a man is a right of passage to most people. A lot of times, however, a man’s sense of self gets denied because of the views from this generation. They shy away from their real personalities and fail to achieve the things they love because they are afraid of being struck down by the world’s view. Boys try to meet up to fake expectations of masculinity, they mask their real self in order to seem superior, and they hide their emotions so that they can meet up to these fake views that are quite prominent in our society....   [tags: Tough, Feelings, Identity]

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Medieval Portrayals Of Masculinity And Heroism

- The idea of what is to be a man is one that is adapted, and constructed by society. Many theorists have found that there is a close relationship between medieval portrayals of masculinity and heroism, and the idea of what it was to be a man in the middle ages. Heroism was viewed as a gendered idea, being a hero was important to being considered a man. It was important to live a culturally accepted life and to adopt the gender roles of your culture and society; “a cultural alignment of behaviors formulated to be adopted and promulgated in order to be offered as a mode of living” (The Armour of an Alienating Identity )....   [tags: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]

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Hegemonic Masculinity in American Society

- Masculinity is described as possession of attributes considered typical of a man. Hegemonic masculinity is a form of masculine character with cultural idealism and emphasis that connects masculinity to competitiveness, toughness, and women subordination. Masculinity hegemonic is the enforcement of male dominion over a society. Masculine ideology dates back to the time of agrarian and the industrial revolution in Europe when survival compelled men to leave their homesteads to work in industries to earn a living for their families while women remained at home to take care of family affairs (Good and Sherrod 210)....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Themes Of Love And Masculinity

- ... In both stories, love seems to create some type of issue. In “A Farewell to Arms” Frederic says, "I only wanted to for you.”(18.21-21) Frederic is talking about marriage, but Catherine is suggesting, as she does many times in the novel, that marriage for them is anti-climactic. However, the word “Arms” acts as a pun because it can be referred to as a weapon, but in love it refers to when Catherine dies in someone’s arms representing love. Love in these stories portray a sad and harsh reality of young love....   [tags: Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms, Love]

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The Social Construction of Masculinity

- Sex and gender are attributes to our identity. Sex describes the physical and biological factors we are born with, for example male or female genitalia, as quoted from blackadder “A boy without a winkle is a girl” (Elton and Curtis 1998). Whether we have oestrogen or testosterone hormones also tells us if we are man or woman. Gender however is in relation to stereotypes of masculinity and femininity, and expectations of what characteristics men or women should portray. Anyone given the opportunity to describe men, they would say words like dominant, non emotional, macho, aggressive, and to be the provider and protector of his family....   [tags: Social Construction of Gender]

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The Effects of Postmodernity on Masculinity

- Over time, the United States has experienced dramatic social and cultural changes. As the culture of the United States has transformed, so have the members of the American society. Film, as with all other forms of cultural expression, oftentimes reflects and provides commentary on the society in which it is produced. David Fincher’s 1999 film Fight Club examines the effects of postmodernity on masculinity. To examine and explicate these effects, the film presents an unnamed narrator, an everyman, whose alter-ego—in the dissociative sense—is Tyler Durden....   [tags: film, social, cultural change]

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The Outcomes of Threatened Masculinity

- “A four-year-old boy had a big dilemma: he loved butterflies. He also loved being a boy. His teacher’s unfortunate statement about ‘butterflies are for girls and cars are for boys’ was the source of his internal conflict” (Ozkaleli 567). When a child is born, we as a society, decide how they should dress, what they should like and more importantly how they should act. Without any knowledge of what this child wants or needs we decide to control their feelings and shape them in a way that seems acceptable in our society....   [tags: man in society,bullying,being a man]

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Hegemonic Masculinity in the Media

- Hegemonic masculinity can be defined as “the cultural idealized form of masculine character, which emphasizes the connecting of masculinity to toughness and competitiveness as well as the subordination of women and the marginalization of gay men” (Trujillo, 1991, p. 290). We live society were male dominance is the order of the day, from the family arena to the workplace, and in sports in which individuals with certain characteristics and attributes as seen as normal and the rest are termed as the “other”....   [tags: Society, Gender Gaps, Male Dominance]

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Definition Of Masculinity Within Education

- 1. The general category of masculinity I want to examine is… I want to study masculinity within education, specifically focusing on public elementary education. Within this topic there are a few different areas I want to address; all culminate to the general consensus that the needs of students are generalized and students are suffering from assumptions based on biological, and other perceptual differences (as they relate to academic performance), as well as an environment that does not foster male education....   [tags: Education, Gender, Man, Student]

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Stop The Black Masculinity Stereotyping

- Stop the black masculinity stereotyping This paper strives to explore black masculinity stereotypes that still exist in the status quo and the complexities within the black community while being discriminated. A video clip from Tyra Show that features racial perception will be analyzed in this paper to help understand the issue of black masculinity stereotyping. It will also investigate how stereotypes are reinforced in the black community and how to understand these stereotypes as an outsider....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people, Miscegenation]

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Masculinity and Interaction with Women

- Masculinity and Interaction with Women Masculinity is portrayed by Esteban Trueba in The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and Colonel Aureliano Segundo in One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez through their interactions with women characters. These two similar characters show their personalities by the way they act within their communities. Esteban Trueba is a very aggressive character that seeks potential in creating a prosperous environment for his family. He is very violent to all that come in contact with his presence, but not in all situations....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Masculinity in Fatherless Men

- It is apparent that society has created a sense of alienation for a generation of men who feel like boys that are lost, and unsure about what it really means to be a man. Most of these men have been lacking a parental father figure in their life. Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club and Pat Barker’s Regeneration provide an analysis of men growing up fatherless and the lifelong effects it has on the male, including the effects of their sense of masculinity. Fight Club and Regeneration are a warning of what happens in a society when there is no father archetype upon men can look up to....   [tags: Fight Club, Regeneration]

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Emma's Masculinity in Madame Bovary

- ... After Leon’s departure the narrator speaks of Emma’s method of coping with the loss and subconscious understanding of her place in society he mentions, She wanted to learn Italian; she bought dictionaries, a grammar, and a supply of white paper. She tried serious reading, history, and philosophy . . . But her reading fared like her piece of embroidery . . . She took it up, left it, passed on to other books (Flaubert 82). Emma compares her opportunities and position in society to those of Leon....   [tags: Gustave Flaubert's novel, character analysis]

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Masculinity in Film: The Incredibles

- ... Both men were two of the best super heroes back in the day, and they try to escape their lives now by going back to the days of their prime. (Gillam.) Later on in the film, Mr. Incredible goes to a remote island, Chronos, to try to defeat the newest villain by himself. It turns out that this villain is Buddy, the boy whom he turned away as a child. Buddy only wanted to help, but when he was rejected he decided to use his powers to cause destruction. (The.) Mr. Incredible cannot rescue himself from the confinement Buddy has put him in, and he needs help....   [tags: power, destruction, human nature]

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The Bechdel Test And Masculinity

- ... When Fletcher asks the trumpet player a question, the trumpet player doesn’t respond and starts to cry. We begin to see how Fletcher uses his powers to control all of these men. Even outside of band practice the audience sees this. Andrew doesn’t say anything bad about Fletcher and neither do any of him bandmates. They are constantly seeking Fletcher’s approval when he isn’t with them. Near the end of the film, Andrews’s resistance to help build a case against Fletcher reveals that even after being kicked out of Schaffer, he is willing to protect Fletcher....   [tags: Character, Protagonist, Woman, Gender]

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Masculinity At Its Straightest

- The misguided perception of masculinity is the absence of anything remotely homosexual. In Michael Kimmel’s novel Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men he discusses the contradictions of masculinity and what it takes to be seen as a real men. In American, middle class white society, manhood is more than beards and sleeping around with women, it is being as far away from feminine as allowed. The most foreign idea to most would be to consider a gay man to be “manly.” This unfathomable idea is what spurs on homophobia and gives homosexuality a foul name....   [tags: Gender Issues]

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Masculinity and Evolutionary Psychology

- When attempting to explain something as intangible and complex as human behavior it is difficult to devise experiments that lead to conclusive results. Sometimes complex problems are easier to solve when they are broken down into smaller pieces or into simpler problems that are more approachable. Using human evolution to explain human behavior is such an example. Evolutionary psychology reaches for the roots of human development when they were in their most basic stages to explain why people behave the way they do....   [tags: Gender Roles]

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Masculinity in "Fight Club"

- Others often use masculinity, most often associated with strength, confidence and self-sufficiency to define a man’s identity. The narrator perceives Tyler Durden as a fearless young man who is independent and living life by his own rules. So is Tyler Durden masculine because of his no nonsense attitude or are his law breaking antics and unusual lifestyle seen as a failure because he is a man with neither family, money nor a well respected job. These typical aspirations are commonly defined as the male American dream, but does following life by the rulebook placed on males by society really make a male masculine....   [tags: Cinematic Themes]

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Masculinity in the Workplace

- Masculinity in the Workplace The concept of masculinity first emerged during the early stages of the modern industrial revolution. With the rapid progress of technology, the conditions of living became better and the traditional definition of masculinity changed. Today, in the modern workplace of America, masculinity is a factor that has to be taken into account by managers and also by employees. It plays a crucial and distinctive role in the way people will interact with each other and shapes the way relations of power and hierarchy are formed....   [tags: Papers]

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American Masculinity

- In American culture, society has views about how males and females should behave. Males are viewed as independent, rough, and tough while females are viewed as social, emotional, and delicate. Starting in 1792 with the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, women began to advocate for changes in how society viewed them (“History of Women’s Suffrage”). American women made additional positive changes to the women’s rights movement when they gained the right to vote in 1920....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Modern Masculinity

- He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a big hit in the early 1980’s. There was action figures, cartoons, and comic books focusing on a blonde haired, muscled man who carried a magic blade known as the “Sword of Power.” This sword would turn him into the most powerful man in the universe when he held it aloft and called upon the power of Greyskull. Once he was transformed to He-Man, he battled Skeletor, his mortal enemy, to keep the power of Castle Greyskull out of Skeletor’s evil clutches....   [tags: TV, Music, Video Games]

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Feminine Masculinity

- Feminine Masculinity Given that the structure of gender qualities has been a large part of our views, in regards to a variety of issues, a number of people take exception to variances from within these rules. Keeping this in mind, we will discuss the reasons why many individuals are discouraged from crossing traditional gender traits, and closely examine parts of the article assigned for this paper. In consideration of the editorial by Newsweek (2008), the author clearly uses the following lines to assert masculine characteristics, “I handle lithe, lovely women, engage in duels and delight in the experience of an exotic locale [, and] well, maybe we need to step outside” (as cited in Macioni...   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Hegemonic Masculinity Practices

- Hegemonic masculinity practices are not only dominate towards women - domination practices also involve ‘other’ masculinities. Hegemonic masculinity is thus “the hegemony over women and hegemony over subordinate masculinities”, according to Demetriou (2009,341). Not all men and their practices, fall within the hegemonic masculine “category”. Connell and Messerschmidt (2005:846) observe that there are hierarchy within masculinity and describe this as a pattern of hegemony. Within this hierarchy, certain masculinities are socially more central and more associated with authority and power compared to others....   [tags: dominance, gender, violence]

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Positive Psychology And Positive Masculinity : A Strengths Based Framework For Addressing Masculinity

- ... Previous counseling models were created to attract men and keep them engaged in counseling, as well as to effectively communicate with health care professionals. Some of the techniques described include: 1) reframing the counseling service to conceptualize it as a learning process 2) to use a male-friendly counseling model which validates a man’s understanding of his gender identity, 3) to have men talk with men and promote group activities and social support structures, and 4) to help men navigate help seeking and counseling in hopes of easing frustration, worry and fear of mental health and medical services (Addis & Mahalik, 2003; McKelley & Rochlen, 2007)....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Sociology, Man]

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Concept of Masculinity and Effects on Body Image

- Interest in body image, its effects on person’s psychology and individual’s position in community, started with Paul Schilder in 1920s. Yet most literature of gender studies is consisted of works about female body image. However, with recent developments over the world, men’s body image has obtained more significance and has drawn more attention from psychologists, sociologists and gender scholars. To analyze this conjuncture and the reasons for it, we may firstly, introduce the concept of body image by defining it....   [tags: psychology, gender studies]

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Masculinity as Homophobia by Michael S. Kimmel

- As with a great majority of men in the world today, it is easier for me to give hugs than to accept them. This is not my own doing, but rather centuries of men before myself being taught that the outward expression of emotion, in any facet, was a direct form of weakness. This has led to adverse affects in regards to a new generation of man that I find myself apart of now. This belief has forged a lack of sentiment within men, all in the name of “being a man.” Do not take it the wrong way, as if to say a lack of compassion is a bad thing, they teach young men....   [tags: hugs, afraid of other men, feminine]

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The Marlboro M Cigarette Smoking And Masculinity

- ... This was followed by a period in which American film began to abandon the trope of villainous cigarette smoker in favour of a more balanced portrayal of tobacco use. Finally, during and following World War Two, large tobacco companies pushed forward with extensive advertising campaigns to further enhance the cultural view of cigarette smoking and masculinity. All of these arguments are based on a few frameworks and rely on various forms of evidence. As the article deals with masculinity, the major framework is gender....   [tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Smoking, Cigarette]

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