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Relationships Shape Individuals in Dead Poets Society and Maestro

- Although no two relationships can ever be identical, relationships can shape individuals in similar ways. As seen in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir, and the novel Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy, group relationships are fuelled by common interests and beliefs and, hence, can shape individuals by enriching their shared interests. Trust, a sense of belonging and independence is developed in the individual, as they develop their personal identity and assert their own beliefs and ideals against the ultimately conforming nature of group dynamics in a relationship....   [tags: area of interests, Dead Poets Society, Maestro]

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The Use of Imagery in Goldsworthy's Novel Maestro

- what is imagery?, Imagery is the use of vivid description, usually rich in sensory words, to create pictures, or images, to stimulate your memory. These memories can be positive or negative which authors use to connect and engage a reader by describing the five sense’s, hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight. By using imagery a author can draw the reader inside a book making him/her feel connected to the character, place, thing or event and to try and make the reader feel or see what the author wants the reader to see....   [tags: Literary Techniques, Literary Device]

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Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy and Into The Wild, by Sean Penn

- In Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild the importance of understanding ones sense of identity is expressed through the character Christopher McCandless, the protagonist of the story. He vanishes from his mainstream life and ventures alone to the great Alaskan wilderness, we emphasis with him as he journeys for the search of freedom and happiness. Through representations of panning camera shots and verbal expressions throughout, the responder can easily relate to Chris’s revelations and views on society....   [tags: Into the Wild Essays]

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The Influence of the Past in Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy and Stick Figures by Tan Shaun

- The past dictates who we are in a current moment, and affects who we might become in the future. Every decision people make in lives has an influence on future, regardless of how minimal or large it is. Some decisions people decide to make can have dire consequences that will follow them for the rest of the life. Moreover, even though if someone would want to leave any memories from past behind, however it will always be by his side. Specific memories will urge emotional responses that bring mind back to the past and person have no choose but to relieve those emotions and memories again....   [tags: musician, hitler, memories]

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The Incredible Tennis Skills of Swiss Maestro, Roger Federer

- Tennis, since its creation, has been considered stereotypically by many to be the sport of royalty and the elite of society. The modern game of tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the late nineteenth century (The History of...). Subsequent to its creation, tennis spread midst the upper class English population before spreading around the world. Throughout the history of the sport there have been key individuals who continue to assist in the growing popularity and development of the sport....   [tags: Sports, Tennis Players]

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Down by the Seaside

- ... Megan could imagine what they looked like to the people in the back row: two figures, minute, producing more emotion than any organism made out of water and carbon should be able. They played sparkling pieces—Liszt, bells, Chopin—simple adaptations that made Megan lose herself in the music, but even more so in the stunning silences that followed; those miraculous instants before the applause would swell into a roar when Arthur would have no choice but to grin and bear it, his signature frown quirking upwards into a smile....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Glass Industry: Tapio Wirkkala , Gianni Toso, and Henry Halem

- In the vast world of glass, three artists have made a great impact on the way we see the medium as an art form. These three artists, Tapio Wirkkala , Gianni Toso, and Henry Halem have helped to pioneer new methods and ideas in this complex industry. Tapio Wirkkala was a highly versatile Finnish artist born in 1915. His work ranges from glassware and metalwork, to jewelry and furniture for mass production. During his career, he was artistic director of the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki for many years.He is known quite famously for his work in the Finnish glassworks company, Ittala....   [tags: geometric design, art history]

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Integración de las Tics y Web 2.0 en el Ámbito Educativo

- 1.1. Presentación del trabajo fin de grado El presente trabajo fin de grado (TFG) es una propuesta para la elaboración de un blog de aula que incluya, por un lado la selección de los recursos digitales disponibles en la red que contribuyan a conseguir los objetivos propuestos en nuestras unidades didácticas y por otro, un medio para desarrollar actividades atractivas que impliquen de una manera más activa a nuestro alumnado del primer ciclo de Educación Primaria. Pero para que los alumnos puedan utilizar las herramientas que nos ofrece la Web 2.0, es necesario que posean un nivel de competencia digital....   [tags: Tecnologia, Educación, Internet]

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De Lizardi's Mangy Parrot

- The parrot is a beautiful and intelligent bird. Mange is a festering disease that caused by parasitic mites that dig into the body and results in unsightly sores and unremitting irritation. Who or what does The Mangy Parrot refer to. Is Mangy Parrot simply Periquillo’s nickname or is it a metaphor for New Spain as well. The parrot is symbolic of the lands and people of New Spain; the colonial government is the mange infecting the land. Through the use of native language, humor and satire Fernández de Lizardi communicated his message via a multi-leveled story and thus avoided censorship....   [tags: Literature]

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Italian Culture with Michael

- Michael Murano is a 11 year old who’s ancestry stretches back the year 1540 to Alfonso and Russiano Murano who lived in Salerno Italy. Salerno Italy is located in the south-western part of Italy off the cost of the gulf of Salerno in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Italian culture is extremely diverse and has said to influenced Western culture as well as Europe throughout history. The Renaissance is popularly called the re-birth of art in Europe and was so with many different types of art and entertainment including traditional court style dances, improvisational theater, highly skilled and stunning glass making, and blood filled gladiator bouts....   [tags: Renaissance, commedia, theater, Italy]

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Music Composers: Hans Zimmer

- For this essay I will be looking at the work of Hans Zimmer to discuss how music in film engages the viewer and evokes emotion and pulls the viewer toward the film. Hans Zimmer is a German born music composer. Hans Zimmer’s love of music stems from his childhood when he learned how to play various instruments. Before Zimmer began composing music for films he was in a well-known band. The band was called The Buggles whom were famous for their song Video Killed the Radio Star. After the Buggles Zimmer played in other bands but never had another hit....   [tags: inception, dark night, biography]

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Los Conceptos de la Sociedad y Politica en Fuenteovejuna por Lope de Vega

- Los conceptos de la sociedad y política en Fuenteovejuna por Lope de Vega Durante el siglo XVII a la tiempo de la barroco, el gran autor de este análisis , Lope de Vega Escribió muchas obras que representa el tiempo y sus experiencia de su vida que es mas diferente y luego se convirtió en una gran influencia en el estilo de arte de los artistas barrocos y tales como, Cervantes y Calderón de la Barca. Félix Arturo o Lope de vega y carpió, se cambia la literatura de el barroco (el movimiento del arte) que solo una gran autor Cervantes se dicho que él era un ingenio....   [tags: exile, sociedad, politica, historia]

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The Fight for Peruvian Independence

- A very important event in Peruvian history is how Peru gained its independence from Spain. It all started with an uprising of Spanish-American landowners and their forces were led by Jose de San Martin of Argentina and Simon Bolivar of Venezuela. Because Peru was the stronghold of the Spanish government in South America, Argentine patriot, General San Martin’s strategy to liberate Peru was to use diplomacy. He sent representatives to Lima urging Viceroy Pazuela that Peru be granted independence, however all negotiations proved unsuccessful....   [tags: war, government, territories]

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Argumentative and Alternative Communication

- Individuals with severe speech or language problems use augmentative and alternative communication to supplement or replace speech. It includes a pattern of communication other than oral communication used to express thoughts, needs, and desires. Some augmentative aids that individuals use are picture and communication boards and electronic devices. This helps them increase social interaction, school performance, and self-worth. The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) and RESNA are organizations that aid individuals with technology needs to help enhance their communication....   [tags: severe speech or language problems]

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La Evaluación Educativa

- La evaluación es integral, continua, reguladora del proceso educativo, orientadora y compartida. Ha pasado por distintos cambios; en la Edad Media los exámenes en medios universitarios con carácter más formal, escritos y orales, lo cual era más difícil para el alumno retener la información que se le había estado proporcionando y todo eso lo llevaba a un gran fracaso. Guba y Lincoln se refieren a esta evaluación como a la primera generación, que puede legítimamente ser denominada como la generación de la medida....   [tags: ensayos]

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Moonlight Sonata

- Vienna, Austria Thunder on a cold rainy night. Dreary tears falling on washed away dreams of what was and what could have been. The applause of a crowd, their nameless faces float through the forgotten memories amidst the labyrinth of life. Whispers, like curses in the twilight hours, “Play for me maestro!” One solitary voice heard above all others; her voice. As beautiful as a sunrise, as haunting as a lonely cry upon the hills, deep in the recesses of night. Yes. Play for her. One last sonata by the moonlight....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Mangy Parrot

- Parrots are beautiful intelligent birds. Mange is a festering disease caused by parasitic mites that dig into the body and results in unsightly sores and unremitting irritation. Who or what does The Mangy Parrot refer to. Is Mangy Parrot simply Periquillo’s nickname or is it intended to be a metaphor for New Spain. If the parrot is symbolic of the lands and people of New Spain: the colonial caste system and government is the disease infesting the land. Unable to publish his views directly due to censorship, de Lizardi wrote his apparently humorous, entertaining tale as a cover for his ideas....   [tags: Analysis, Fernández de Lizardi ]

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The Fatal Flaws of the Calamitous Characters of William Shakespeare´s Romeo & Juliet

- ... Still infuriated by Romeo’s presence at his family’s ball, Tybalt decides to vent his anger by challenging Romeo to battle him. When Romeo backs away, Mercutio steps in and fights with Tybalt. After a while of fighting, the distressed Romeo steps in to break it up, but, “Tybalt, reaching under Romeo’s arm, stabs Mercutio and flees” (3.1.82). Mercutio announces that, “I am hurt” (3.1.83), and eventually dies. After witnessing his friend be slaughtered, Romeo seeks revenge on Tybalt, and subsequently slays the murderer of his best friend....   [tags: naivete, ego, headedness, trait]

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How My Current Extra Curricular Activities Will Help Me Achieve My Goals

- Ever since I was a little girl, music has always been incorporated into my life one way or another. When I was younger, the sounds of my mother playing a complex Chopin melody on the piano always filled our home with such a warm vibrancy, and I can also recall in vivid detail my five-year-old self twirling inelegantly with my mother in the kitchen to the fixed rhythm of a Selena track as we made dinner. Being exposed to these moments in my life is what prompted me to join orchestra in the sixth grade and start the road to becoming the endowed violist that I am today....   [tags: the road to medical school]

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Racism in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

- Most white people are dumb or uneducated. Mark Twain is not racsit in anyway it's just how it was back then and he was just showing us how it was. It was nothing to be racist like I said in my essay that taking the N'Word of out the Huckleberry Fin was like taking nazi out out texts book today. If you took it out it would take away the historical importance of slavery and how bad it was. Most of the black people are educated. Most of them have good jobs and are smarter than most white people. Also Mark Twain is involved in 21st century politics; when against the censoring of “Huck Finn,”.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is again being said to be a book you to wouldn't want to read....   [tags: N'Word, nazi word, uneducated]

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Techniques Used in Producing the Stunning Horror Movie "Scream"

- Until 1996, American horror films had become disgustingly sad, desperately looking for a kick-start, yawn-filled predictability was the best we could expect. Then finally, we were able to leap out of our seats and gawp at Scream. It’s witty, clever, dangerous and fresh. With that giving hope to the horror movie genre, it was adhered by an amazing sequel. Who can forget the amazing one time prequel to the stunning trilogy of scream. Back in 1996 it came to haunt us… The brilliant director as we know of, Wes Craven; the maker of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’; the horror movie maestro; the punch-back ultimate thriller; the complete package to your nightmare, came forward with the horrendous starter...   [tags: movies]

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7 Signs that Make You a Good Software Developer

- 7 signs that make you a good software developer Summary: In this world of competition as a software developer, getting ahead of the crowd is a big necessity. So the big question is what are the characteristics, which makes you a good software developer. The journey from an average person to a professional software developer is never easy. The passage to goodness is quite hard. So the big question at the moment is: How are you supposed to become a good Programmer. What characteristics are going to set you apart from the rest....   [tags: programming endevours]

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What Signs Drives You to Hire a Programmer Instantly?

- Main Body: Programmers in this day and age of Information technology have become a necessity for both application and website development. Big shot organizations and IT firms dedicate themselves in the constant hunt for the right programmer for the job. These organizations are in for the constant hiring process to get hold of the right programmer for hire. But when it comes to interviews and coding tests only few survivors are left to be fit for the job. Most of these fellow programmers get rejected for one reason or the other....   [tags: choosing the right person for the job]

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T. E. Lawrence's Roles in the Arab Awakening

- “Arab unity is a madman's notion - for this century or next, probably” Thomas Edward Lawrence, (Friedman, 2011). The myths and realities of any history is what motivates great minds to endeavour and search for the accurate version of any historical event, and the modern Middle Eastern history is no exception. What is so-called ‘Great Arab Revolt’ during the First World War, is still casting its shadows on the Arabs history and generating many debates. However, the historiography of the events and the different roles that each figure had played and his/her significance became somewhat taken for granted among history readers according to their unverified views....   [tags: nationalism, revolt, ottoman]

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The Life and Works of Niccolo Machiavelli

- Niccoló Machiavelli is perhaps the greatest political thinker in history. He was a historian, musician, a poet, and he wrote comedies. He liked poetry as much as he liked philosophy. Machiavelli wrote and collected poems. His works, which are inspired by his life experiences, have been read by many of the worlds greatest politicians. Niccoló Machiavelli’s writing was influenced by the Medici family, the Soderini government in Italy, and his own diplomatic career. His great work, The Prince, is legendary for its impact in politics and its controversial proposals....   [tags: biography]

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Classical Music: Biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven

- Although his exact birthdate is unknown, it is believed that Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. This date is assumed because the records show he was baptized on December 17, 1770 (“Beethoven’s childhood” 3). The custom at that time was to baptize children the day following their birth. Beethoven was born into a musical family. Beethoven was named after his grandfather, Lodewijk van Beethoven, who was a bass singer at court and later a maestro of the chapel. His parents were Johann van Beethoven, a musician in the Electoral Court at Bonn, and Maria-Magdalena Kewerich....   [tags: baptize children, neefe, deaf]

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The Conservatory: The Story of a Castrati

- You find three sexes in Naples: men, women, and us, the castrati. Music lovers think we are angels with seducing voices, Gods, musici, while for the rest of the world castrati are just fat, repulsive capons to tease. At school normal students call us “the not wholes”, but the truth is that I'm only a regular boy who enjoys singing and doesn't have balls. I'm not an emasculate bird that hangs from the butcher's hook, nor a carnival freak. Who cares if my face and chest are hairless, or my limbs too long....   [tags: castrati, singing, voice]

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The Suppression Of Women In Pygmalion

- Twentieth century Britain is dubbed the Victorian era in which the woman is just the female of humanity, and that they have certain things to do in society. It is socially accepted that women care solely for the children, the house, the cooking and the cleaning and the men are the breadwinners and disciplinarians. Writer, Bernard Shaw, who was "dedicated to tearing down what he saw as the oppressive veil of Victorian ideal of womanhood-that women are self-sacrificing, pure, noble, and passive" (2215)....   [tags: Bernard Shaw]

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Lamentation and the Evolution of Technique

- The Renaissance was a time of rebirth, as its name entails. In Italy, more people were becoming literate and more books were being printed. More scientific discoveries were being made and therefore more theories were being published. In this time of intellectual prosperity, art also made a great leap. Perspective was the main change during this time period, and throughout the years, starting around 1400, it became more involved and more intricate. Eventually artists were so adept at using it, that it became the primary way to insert intimacy and feelings of emotion into a painting....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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Ludwig van Beethoven: The Musical Genius

- Ludwig van Beethoven was the composer of the most celestial and significant music written at any time. He was the first musician to link the classical period of 18th-century and the novel birth of Romanticism. Beethoven’s absolute step forward in the world of music came in his instrumental work, not forgetting his symphonies. In contrast to his forerunner Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom composing music seemed natural, Beethoven strived to make his work flawless. On December 16, 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany; he was baptized on December 17, 1770....   [tags: Biography Essays]

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The Magic of Music in Film

- The importance of music in movies is highly regarded for manipulating the viewer’s emotions and helping them immerse into the story. Music is one of the prime elements in cinema. Without it a movie would feel dull and unexciting. There are three elements in a movie: one is acting, the second is picture, and the third one is music. It is a holy trinity; if incomplete, there would be a lack of sensation and excitement. Both acting and picture can stand independently from one another, but music is the one that makes the movie memorable....   [tags: Leitmotif System, Audience's Emotions]

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Fashion Designer: Clemente Ludoviko Valentino Garavani

- “I know what women want. They want to be beautiful” ( said Valentino Garavani who was one of the most influential fashion designs of the 20th and 21st century, “Known for his classic designs, he's been dressing the world’s rich and famous for almost the last five decades. Valentino has built his once small fashion house into a fashion empire.” ( His career in fashion started in the fifties but his passion for it began as a young child with the approval and encouragement of his parents....   [tags: women, giancarlo]

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A Decline in Revenue at Quantas

- I choose this news because I think that this airplane industry is having a decline in revenue problem. So I interested to analyze this airplane company. But before I analyze this company, I want to explain a little bit about this airplane industry. A Qantas airway is an airplane industry from Queensland, Australia, and the head office of this airlines industry located in Sydney, Australia. This industry was found by 3 people named Paul McGuiness, Hudson Fysh, and the last one is Arthus Baird. This industry was founded on the 16th of November 1920....   [tags: airplane industry, business analysis]

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Strategic Commentator: Biography of Robert Kagan

- I. Introduction Robert Kagan has been described as a “neoconservative historian,” and yet the commentator’s views are more complex than can be squeezed into one phrase. Kagan does exhibit some of the hallmarks of neoconservative ideology, including the continued belief in American exceptionalism, and a willingness to use terms like “new world order.” Kagan vehemently opposes the belief that the American hegemon is declining in status and power, admitting only that the United States is rethinking its role in foreign policy and international affairs....   [tags: neoconservative, ideology, exceptionalism]

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Nursery: Outdoor and Indoor Activity

- INTRODUCTION This observational critique will plan, implement and critically evaluate two activities within a maintained nursery school, designed to develop early scientific skills through growth both indoors and out. The learning outcomes for the activities will be taken from the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) (EE, 2012) within one of the specific areas ‘Understanding the World’. It will also evaluate the important role of the practitioner when providing for the unique child within an enabling environment....   [tags: EYFS, Understanding the World, children]

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Sumi Jo

- Sumi Jo Sumi Jo has captured the heart, the mind, and the imagination of the world with her remarkable musicianship and her equally commanding personality. More than that, she stands for Korean culture and art worldwide. Sumi Jo was born in Seoul, Korea in 1962. She graduated from Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome after 3 years of study in keyboard and vocal music. A disciple of Maria Callas and Dame Joan Sutherland, a Korean vocalist, Sumi Jo has emerged as one of the most beautiful voices in contemporary Opera....   [tags: Korean Art Artists Culture Vocalists Essays]

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Luigi Boccherini

- Luigi Boccherini Luigi Boccherini was a prolific composer, particularly of chamber music with a distinctive and highly wrought style, and he is the chief representative of Latin instrumental music during the Viennese Classical period. Boccherini was also an exceptional cellist. Luigi Boccherini (his baptismal first name Rudalfo was never used) was the son of a cello or double bass player, Leopoldo Boccherini. Luigi was born in Lucca, Italy in February 19, 1743. The Boccherini family had considerable artistic gifts....   [tags: Papers]

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Account of My Village in the Style of Bill Bryson

- Account of My Village in the Style of Bill Bryson Me, I am from nirvana. Another term would be to describe it would be a thriving cesspit. Many consider this place to be the economic and political nerve centre of Europe. Do you ever wonder where all the stars who don’t live in Hollywood live. Well lay your minds at rest they live in Yarnton. Yarnton isn’t famous for its high employment rates. It’s famous as the entertainment centre of Europe. Yarnton is probably the smallest village in the world; it’s a place where leprosy has over-run the millions who live there....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Monteverdi Musical Works

- Monteverdi is the most important Italian composer of the early to middle Baroque period, and, indeed, one of the most influential figuresin the history of music. His music represents the transition from theRenaissance to the Baroque period. Born in Cremona in 1567, he served at the court of the Dukes of Mantua from the early 1590s until 1612, when he moved to Venice as maestro di cappella at the basilica of St. Mark. For the time it was one of the most coveted musical posts in Italy and is a position he retained until his death in 1643....   [tags: Music History]

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Statement of Purpose

- My experience as an Afro-Latino actor stretches back over fifteen years when I joined the Teatro Escola Macunama in São Paulo, Brazil. At that time, my goal was to become a professional theatre actor. This experience exposed me to different acting systems such as Stanislavsky’s method of physical actions; Brecht’s Epic Theatre and its distancing effect; Grotowski’s experimental Poor Theatre; and Lee Strasberg’s technique of improvisation and affective memory. In the end, the rigor of my training taught me that discipline must exceed the refining of a particular technique, because the maturation of an actor stems from a relentless reflection over the practice....   [tags: Afro-Latino Traditions, Cultural Identity]

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- How have three texts you have studied enhanced your understanding of relationships. Refer to Maestro and two other texts of your choosing. Relationships are a complex part of today’s society and affect all areas. All relationships are different, and they influence the decisions made by people and others around them. The three texts ‘Maestro’ by Peter Goldsworthy, ‘Dead Poets Society’ directed by Peter Weir and ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian all enhance the understanding of relationships....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Divine Comedy - Indignation and Sin in Dante’s Inferno

- Righteous Indignation and the Sin of Intemperate Anger in the Inferno Allora stese al legno ambo le mani; per che 'l maestro accorto lo sospininse dicendo: 'Via costà con li altri cani!' Then he reached out to the boat with both hands; on which the wary Master thrust him off, saying: "Away there with the other dogs!" Dante's and Virgil's scorn seems at first glance to echo the sin of intemperate anger which infects the foul waters of the Stygian marsh. Filippo Argenti, the weeping sinner who emerges from the mire, is eternally punished for his anger....   [tags: Divine Comedy Inferno Essays]

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Nike: A Strange and Terrbile Saga

- Nike: A Strange and Terrbile Saga Image is a vital to the success of the giant international sports footwear and apparel corporation Nike. Endorsements by sports superstars like basketballer Michael Jordan, soccer maestro Eric Cantona and sprinting ace Cathy Freeman -- to name just a very few -- have made the company's "Swoosh" logo synonymous with "cool" for millions of young people worldwide. That image would be badly tarnished if it became widely known that the Nike empire is built on cheap Third World labour (including child labour), denial of trade union rights and collaboration with repressive regimes, most notably the Suharto regime in Indonesia....   [tags: Company Business]

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Turn of the century Vermont literature

- The later half of the nineteenth century and early half of the twentieth century marked a period of great change in the United States. The demography was drastically affected by the influx of immigrants who left their homelands in search of a new life. People off all nationalities, languages, and colors came together as a newfound community to live work amongst one another, regardless of differences. Men sacrificed their homeland at the expense of providing for their families, their ultimate mission....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Critique of a Website

- Critique of a Website Web sites are just like magazines, newspapers, brochures, menus, or even directions on how to make nitroglycerin from house-hold goods, in that they all have to be put together in such a manner that whoever is reading or browsing over it will be able to clearly distinguish this from that. In this sense, a critique of any particular web site will have justification, while carefully considering also that this is an altogether new medium of information exchange. Now, all of this talk of togetherness is actually a general reference to basic design principles, such as color coordination, if color is used, text size, font choice/ style, art integration, accessibility, and j...   [tags: Website Design Analysis Essays Papers]

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Film Review of Poseidon

- Poseidon, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, is an action-packed adventure thriller that is loosely the remake of the 1970s movie The Poseidon Adventure. It has the same basic story idea, but has completely different characters. And although the characters end up being dull and seemingly useless, the movie is very fun and exciting to watch. It takes place on New Year’s Eve aboard the cruise ship “Poseidon.” As the guests are counting down the seconds until midnight, a very large rogue wave is spotted....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mayan Religion

- Ancient Maya pyramids, now encompassed by the forest or explored by tourists, have long been viewed as mysterious places of sacrifice and bloodletting rituals. Though the religious significance of Maya pyramids has long been recognized, the casual traveler may pass right by other, less-imposing but no less important, places of religious meaning to the Maya. The small, community churches constructed during colonial times were central to religious activity in the cah. The milpa field, where corn was grown with the kol and kash cycles of slash and burn agriculture, was also a focal point of religious ceremonies performed by the humble Maya farmer....   [tags: Mayan History]

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Project Teams

- 1. ABSTRACT The script highlights the ‘plant’ member of the team as a perspicacious and pragmatic individual who is a source of innovativeness and unconventional thoughts. A discussion on the positives and negatives of a plant member is attempted. It describes the controversial decision to entertain competition among team members. The phases of conflicts, cooperation and professionalism as part of the group dynamics of the team in focus are elaborated. Forming and storming are categorised as phases of conflicts....   [tags: Sociology]

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Norman Mailer

- Made famous by the late comedian Flip Wilson, the Devil made me do it, was a quirky phrase used to pass the blame to the one entity that no one would expect anything but a mischievous act. This annoying saying became overused to the point of nausea in the seventies and became synonymous with acts of slapping girls’ bottoms or pinching in places better left unmentioned. When handed the list of book titles and authors to choose from, I immediately went for Norman Mailer. I had heard of him and some of his antics in the past and quickly decided he was the one....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Organization Management

- On March 14, the chairman of the Boards Bill Bailey and Scott Parker along with Directors Anne Ewers and Keith Lockhart publicly announced a merger proposal of the Utah Opera and the Utah Symphony. If the vote for the proposal on July 8th is in favor of the merger, Anne Ewers has been approached with the opportunity to become the CEO of the merged organization. There are many issues that must be considered going forward with the merger process. Many members of the organizations and the community are not in favor....   [tags: merger, Utah Opera, Utah Symphony]

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Thinking Our Anger

- Thinking Our Anger The events of September 11th have occasioned a wide variety of responses, ranging from calls to turn the other cheek, to calls to nuke half the Middle East – and every imaginable shade of opinion in between. At a time when emotions run high, how should we go about deciding on a morally appropriate response. Should we allow ourselves to be guided by our anger, or should we put our anger aside and make an unemotional decision. D. H. Lawrence once wrote: My great religion is a belief in the blood, the flesh, as being wiser than the intellect....   [tags: Philosophy Religion Papers]

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Claudio Monteverdi

- Claudio Monteverdi Claudio Monteverdi was born on May 15, 1567, in Cremona Italy, Monteverdi was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and the Early Baroque, and is known as the first great composer of the operas. Monteverdi is often view as a composer of the Renaissance and of the Baroque, there is a similar pattern in that is continuous that is often viewed through his work in both styles. Monteverdi often was known as a dramatic composer, while bringing a tremendous meaning from the text he set that often turned each of his pieces into a believable musical and also produced a dramatic statement....   [tags: Composers Renaissance Biographies Essays]

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Maksym Berezovsky

- Maksym Berezovsky People are heroes in their own countries for different reasons. George Washington in the United States for being the first president and helping win independence, Ghandi in India for peacefull leadership, Churchill in Britian for his leadership, and Maksym Berezovsky in Ukraine. Berezovsky was not a war hero or a political figure. He was the first Ukrainian to be known throughout Europe.[2] He was the first Ukrainian to compose a symphony, opera and violin sonata.[3] To be considered the first is a special honor that he did not reieve until 2002 when a sonata of his was found in the Vatican by Steven Fox.[4] Some people say that only men of great genius can w...   [tags: Musician Music Berezovsky Ukranian Essays]

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Romantic Virtuosity

- Romantic Virtuosity As the many socio-political revolutions of the late eighteenth-century established new social orders and new ways of life and thought; composers of the time period broke new musical ground by adding a new emotional depth to the prevailing classical forms. This period is known as the Romantic period. It accured approximately from 1820 to 1920. Artists became intent in expressing their subjective, personal emotions. "Romanticism" derives its name from the romances of medieval times -- long poems telling stories of heroes and chivalry, of distant lands and far away places, and often of unattainable love....   [tags: Papers]

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- Micheangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was the son of Fermo di Bernardino Merisi and Lucia Aratori. Caravaggio lost his father, who passed away when he was eleven years old along with his, 3 other siblings. When Caravaggio was 12, he was appointed to Milanese Painter, Surano Peterzano. During this internship, he learned basic techniques, such as selecting brushes, mixing paints, and how to build frames. During this time, he learned the Lombard and Venezian style. Around 1588 to 1592, Caravaggio relocated to Rome, Italy....   [tags: Art]

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- Martin, a veteran of the French and Indian War, thinks of himself as a battle-weary peacenik (his eldest son joins the army against his wishes), but if he believes in liberating the colonies from the tyranny of King George III, he believes even more fervently in smiting the holy bejesus out of the soldiers who have torn his family apart. That these aristocratic oppressors happen to be the same redcoats who are fighting to quash the American Revolution is, shall we say, a matter of the highest moral convenience....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Probability of a Major Hurrican Hitting New Orleans

- The Probability of a Major Hurricane Hitting New Orleans            Table of Contents Executive Summary     3 Introduction     3 Hypothesis     7 Analysis & Method     8 Conclusion     10 References     12 Appendix     14 Executive Summary New Orleans, Louisiana lies at the second lowest elevation among major cities in the United States. It is a city surrounded by water, making it almost like an island. To counter this dangerous combination of the low elevation along with the lakes, rivers and swamps surrounding it, the Army Corps of Engineers built a series of levees around the city to foster its protection....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Portrayal of Gender in Video Games and its Effects on Society

- According to the data presented by the Entertainment Software Association, roughly 58% of Americans play video games. Worth over 20 billion dollars, the video game industry is one of the fastest growing businesses for entertainment outlets in America. With growing influence on the public, more attention is being brought to the exact content of these games and whether they have any lasting effects on individuals outside their virtual walls. More specifically, gender representation of males and female in video games and their relationship to real societal gender roles has been a topic that has instigated considerable research by social scientists....   [tags: gender stereotypes, scociolgical analysis]

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Economia: Enseñanzas clave para que un país salga adelante en las crisis económicas

- Estas son las enseñanzas clave para que un país salga adelante en las crisis económicas que pudiera presentar un país. El poder de decisión: El gobierno como impulsador de la economía del país deberá de asumir y tomar riesgos para el crecimiento económico. El crecimiento económico depende del carácter del país. El poder del ahora: El país deberá adoptar una economía basada en la exportación, convertir la situación de crisis en oportunidades de desarrollo. El poder de la ciudadanía: autoconfianza en nuestros productos y servicios....   [tags: exportación, autoconfianza]

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Diferentes Métodos de Impartir el Desarrollo Profesional

- Existen diferentes métodos de impartir el desarrollo profesional, tradicionalmente se ha utilizado el desarrollo profesional en un modo presencial, pero gracias a los nuevos avances que han ido surgiendo en un mundo globalizado donde todo se encuentra girando a través de la informática y redes de internet, el desarrollo profesional no es la excepción. Los espacios virtuales de aprendizaje contribuyen al acceso a la formación continua del docente posibilitando el desarrollo profesional en un modo no presencial brindándole las herramientas necesarias en la continuidad del de los procesos mediante estrategias claves que favorezcan el desarrollo profesional....   [tags: práctica pedagógica, educación]

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Lives of the Saints

- Lives of the Saints      Lives of the Saints is a story that examines the complexities and tribulations of everyday life in a small town. Throughout the novel, we discover that even the most trustworthy and caring individuals live secret lives behind closed doors, and that the surface appearance of minor communities can be very deceptive. Some people spend their entire adult-lives trying to knock down these doors and discover the truth, but perhaps they are overlooking the key to the lock… our children....   [tags: Lives Saints Essays]

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The Life of Fidel Castro

- Fidel Castro was born near Mayari Cuba in 1926. In 1950, he graduated from the University of Havana with a law degree and opened a law office with two partners. Two years later he ran for election to the Cuban House of Representatives. The elections were never carried out because then dictator Fulgencio Batista halted them and ended democracy in Cuba. This was perhaps, the defining moment in Castro's life. As a result of Batista's action, Castro assembled a small force and attacked the Moncada Army Barracks in Santiago de Cuba on July 26....   [tags: biography, biographical essay]

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Monopolistic Behaviour of Banks

- Introduction The banking and financial sector and the need for regulation have attracted attention and concentration both in academic and policy discussions. The question of how competition affects system’s stability and regulation effectiveness is not well stated yet. The appeal of competition in the banking sector has been a matter for discussions for a long time. After the crises of the 1930s, antagonism was kept in low levels in order to protect system’s stability. There was a wave of deregulation in last decades which raised many restrictions on competition, and as a result banks were able to extend their investments in riskier actions and new locations....   [tags: Finance, Regulations, Banking]

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The Left Membrane Vs. The Right Membrane

- THE LEFT MEMBRANE VS. THE RIGHT MEMBRANE “Most people equate learning with studying, but psychologists define it more broadly, as the process by which experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behavior or potential behavior. This definition certainly encompasses academic learning, but it covers many other forms of learning as well: learning to turn off lights when we leave a room, learning which way to put the key into the front door lock, learning how to avoid falling down on skis, learning how to dance” (Morris & Maistro, 185)....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Life and Artistic Impact of Pablo Picasso

- Pablo Picasso was born in the early 1880s into a family with artistic roots. From this, he was able to draw much inspiration and opportunities to study in a well reputed art schools, which were located in Barcelona and Madrid. At the beginning, he did not have a definite direction in relation to his style; hence, experimented on a lot of techniques and forms. He joined a number of other young artists, authors and architects that took the direction of contemporary art in their work. The formative years of his career ended in 1901 (Fandel, & Picasso, 2006)....   [tags: guernica, pablo picasso, manach pere]

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Electronic Therapy Used to Cure Depression

- How is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) used to treat depression. To answer this question, we must first answer these other questions: What is electroconvulsive therapy. When depression is diagnosed, which patients are suitable for ECT and which for psychotherapy. If not all depressed patients will respond to ECT, how are we to identify those likely to benefit. Invented by Cerletti and Bini, in 1938, ECT was the first form of therapy that reliably reduced severe depression (Abrams and Essman, 1982)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Moche-Mochicas: A South American Ancient Civilization

- The Moche civilization was a pre-Inca culture, settled on the north coast of Peru, also knowing as a Mochicas culture. (Historia Universal, 2011). Moche culture were recognized as “Los maestros artesanos" meaning "The master craftsmen" and "grandes constructores de ciudades" meaning “The great builders of cities," because their great skills to create beautiful pottery describing the daily life, religious and beliefs. (Historia Universal, 2011). Todays days what we have of the Moche culture is the value anthropological work display in some of the Peruvian Museum because this ancient group disappearance around 600 to 700 years is unknown, but could have been started by a drought of 30 yea...   [tags: World Civilization ]

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Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate

- ... Esquivel grew up during a time when Latin American fiction was enjoying substantial worldwide popularity, known as the “boom.” This was due to authors such as García Márquez, Carlos Fuentes, and Mario Vargas Llosa, who hailed from different Latin American countries but together developed and refined the qualities associated with modern Latin fiction.(Gale Encyclopidia 570) For this time period she achieved a lot in the eyes of the Mexican Culture. Especially since smith in Gender and the Mexican Revolution says “the Mexican Revolution addresses such concerns by considering issues of women and gender during this transformative era to analyze revolutionary patriarchy and its liberal preced...   [tags: Mexican cultural aspects]

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Media Creates Negative Psychological Impacts towards Racial Stereotyping

- Introduction In the modern world, all kinds of oppressions involve a dominant cultural psychology that causes different communities to be suppressed on diverse social, racial grounds. There is usually a hierarchy of oppression in which some communities are perceived to be less valuable than others. However, stereotypes are usually utilized to rationalize this domination and to label individuals on certain type while marginalization is the social process of being demoted to the lower social standing....   [tags: racial profiling, sociological analysis]

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African-Americans and the Judicial System

- The prison system exists as a form of formal punishment for persons of wrongdoing and serves as a secure dwelling to protect the public from persons who engage in illegal and or violent behavior. Minorities are the majority of the prison population. Because of possible ingrained stereotypes regarding racial groups and drug related criminal offenses there are an elevated number of minorities in United States prisons (Tamborini, Huang, Mastro, & Nabashi-Nakahara, 2007, p. 342). Legal authorities and juries may show bias towards minority groups resulting in a disadvantage when it comes to charging those of the African-American race....   [tags: legal issues, punishments]

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La hìstorìa de J.K. Rowlìng y la marca de Harry Potter: Susan Gunelìu

- ... 5. Recompra. 6. Lealtad. 7. Ìnfluencìa. Para HP los mecanìcìsmos tradìcìonales de marketìng no aplìcaron, sìno los sìguìentes: * Profunda Lealtad * Partìcìpacìòn Emocìonal * Marketìng de Boca en Boca Estos factores convìrtìeron la marca exìtosa en Marca de Culto. Y en base, al èxìto que genero la comunìdad y campañas ìntegrales de promocìòn global. La marca de culto se convìrtìò en Fenòmeno. El marketìng de Boca en Boca tìene los sìguìentes factores de èxìto: * Comìence con un buen producto y una hìstorìa que contar....   [tags: analisis de libro, elementos narrativos]

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Fidel Castro's Impact on Cuba, America, and the World

- Fidel Castro, resigned now, and still living, was the dictator of the Cuban nation. He has had an big impact on America, and he an impact on our world. Fidel Castro was a Cuban dictator for a long time coming. Fidel Castro becoming a dictator not only affected the United States, but his arrival affected the world around us. Fidel Castro was a man who had a target on his head. Lots of people from all over the world wanted him dead. Fidel Castro wasn’t a capitalist person, he was a Communist. Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926 in Buran, Cuba to the parent’s foreigners Angel, and Lina Castro Ruz....   [tags: dictator, communist, missile]

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The Dignity of Cloning

- The Dignity of Cloning Cloning is just one of the new ways that modern medicine is pushing the boundaries into uncharted moral waters. Cloning can be divided into two main groups by its purpose; therapeutic, which looks into the generation of body parts for transplants, and reproductive, which is cloning for the sake of replicating an entire organism. The main method of cloning mammals is called somatic cell nuclear transfer, where the DNA from a cell of an existing organism is put into a donor egg whose nucleus has been taken out....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Historia de Heroínas Mexicanas

- Triunfante quiero ver al que me mata; y mato a quien me quiere ver triunfante."- Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Algunas personas piensan que la mujer es menos capas que el hombre, cuando la realidad es que la mujer es más capas que el hombre. Frida Kahlo, una artista mexicana que inspiró al mundo con sus pinturas, su historia es muy reconocida y es digna de una persona para admirar. Dolores Jiménez y Muro, quien fue una revolucionaria que contribuyo a la historia de México, es de las mujeres Mexicanas que no les dan el crédito que merecen....   [tags: Frida Kahlo, Marta Lamas]

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Myocardial Infarction

- Etiology Myocardial infarction occurs when the coronary arteries are blocked by a blood clot. It is commonly known as “heart attack”. The heart needs its own constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to work properly. Two coronary arteries delivery oxygenated blood to the heart, and if one of these two arteries fail or become blocked, then a portion of the heart will not acquire the necessary oxygen. This clot could be because of CAD (coronary artery disease), which happens when the inner walls of the coronary arteries thicken because of build up of cholesterol, fatty deposit, calcium among other elements that are carried in the blood (Boston Scientific, 2009)....   [tags: blood clot]

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What´s Intellectual Propterty?

- ... For an invention to be patentable, it must satisfy three criteria in general. Firstly, it must not be publicly known to the world. Secondly, must be something that represents an improvement over any existing product or process that is already available. However, the improvement must subtle to someone with technical skills or knowledge in the invention’s particular field. Lastly, the invention must be useful and have some form of practical application. It should be capable of being made or used in some form of industry....   [tags: laws, singapure, license, pioneers]

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La Vida Dura

- La Vida Dura Manuel Castellote celebró su cumpleaños el 4 de enero. Tenía un payaso, globos de todos los colores, hamburguesas, música, toda su familia, y casi treinta amigos y amigas. Manuel ahora tiene diez años y todos estaban celebrando por varias razones. El es un chico muy amable que tiene muchos amigos. Pero, no fue una gran fiesta porque él es tan buen chico, fue una gran fiesta porque los médicos dicen que este va a ser su último cumpleaños…tiene la SIDA. Manuel Castellote es un niño especial y excepcional en la escuela, en su comportamiento con sus amigos, y en su vida diaria con el SIDA....   [tags: Spanish Essay]

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The Contempt and Bitterness of Virginia Woolf Exposed in A Room of One's Own

- The Contempt and Bitterness of Virginia Woolf Exposed in A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf refuses the role society prescribes her. She stands up against glass ceilings, separate spheres, and double standards-cultural institutions that create and uphold a weaker sex. In her writing, specifically "A Room of One's Own," she manifests her contempt and bitterness by advocating "it is necessary [for women] to have five hundred [pounds] a year and a lock on the door if you are to write fiction or poetry" (769)....   [tags: Room of One's Own Essays]

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Reminiscencia de la infancia: el caso de un escritor de los siglos XX y

- Reminiscencia de la infancia: el caso de un escritor de los siglos XX y La primera primera ficción narrativa de Medardo Fraile, uno de los maestros de la Edad de Oro del cuento español contemporáneo, surgió a la edad de cinco años. La temprana edad de su escritura nos lleva a investigar sobre los hechos que acompañaron su infancia y que pudieron despertar en él esa necesidad de crear. La lectura de su obra narrativa, vinculada a su biografía, así como alguno de sus numerosos artículos, nos confirman el efecto que produjo en Medardo Fraile niño la ausencia de su madre, fallecida meses antes del surgimiento de ese primer cuento....   [tags: Foreign Language Spanish Essays]

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Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

- I. BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR Laura Esquivel is a mexican writer and author. Born on September 30, 1950, in Mexico City, Mexico. Thee third of four children of Julio Caesar Esquivel, a telegraph operator, and his wife, Josephina. In an interview with Molly O'Neill in the New York Times. Esquivel explained, "I grew up in a modern home, but my grandmother lived across the street in an old house that was built when churches were illegal in Mexico Esquivel began writing while working as a kindergarten teacher....   [tags: Laura Esquivel]

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