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Madonna and Pop Culture

- I stand for freedom of expression, doing what ever you believe in, and going after your dreams. -Madonna Even though she is a big influence other artist have influenced too. Should Madonna be getting all of the fame. Why does everyone look up to her as a big influence. Was she really the biggest influence to Pop Culture? Madonna Louise Ciccone was born August 16, 1958 to Madonna Louise Ciccone and Silvio Ciccone. Her family was a big strong strict family in the world of Christians. She had to do everything in the name of the father....   [tags: Madonna Louise Ciccone, Pop Star, Biography]

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Madonna Kolbenschlag's Lost in the Land of Oz

- Madonna Kolbenschlag's Lost in the Land of Oz "In "Lost in the Land of Oz", Madonna Kolbenschlag explores the way old societal myths, which are created from the metaphors in our life, are no longer useful in today's society. The author believes we need to embrace the ego archetype of the orphan, the most influential metaphor for the self, in order to become a whole and complete person. Madonna Kolbenschlag discusses how our society is particularly hostile towards women, resulting in an acute feeling of self-loathing, doubt, loneliness, and guilt....   [tags: Madonna Kolbenschlag Lost Land Oz Essays]

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- Madonna      Madonna was born on August 16, 1958, in the city of Bay City, located in the state of Michigan. Her real birth name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. However, most people know her as simply Madonna. She is known as a controversial singer, actress, dancer, songwriter, and became one of America's biggest and well- known stars in the late 1980s.      Madonna's assertive behavior, outspoken personality, and aggressive acts of sexuality, along with her great efforts to push back the borders of the acceptable, brought her tremendous commercial success in America and abroad....   [tags: Madonna Louise Ciccone]

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Madonna vs. Eve A portrait of the Renaissance Woman

- Madonna vs. Eve A portrait of the Renaissance Woman The role of women has been portrayed through art since prehistoric times. Women have been a sign of hope, downfall, and power. This image of women was most powerful during the Renaissance. A cultural revival or "rebirth" occurred during the 15th and 16th century in Europe. The economic growth of the 14th century created a prosperous middle class. This allowed more of the mass to invest their income. Patronage of the arts soon became very fashionable as did religious faith1....   [tags: Woman Females Eve Madonna Essays]

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Comparison of Madonna and Lady Gaga

- Music is an inspirational outlet that can be used to convey a message to other people who relate to that message. Music can become even stronger when the person who is performing it is an inspirational source as well. For the past 30 years Madonna has become a well-known artist, actress, and role model to the people who support her. All artists know that they are only number one until someone else comes along and replaces them with more intriguing work to offer. Lady Gaga has been said to be the new Madonna of our generation and is quite often compared to her in many ways by her musical and styling choices....   [tags: Musical Analysis ]

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Madonna: A Feminist and an Entertainer

- Madonna is a controversial legend whose attitudes and opinions on sexuality have forced the public to take notice and change the image of females in society. Madonna believed women’s sexuality was a natural aspect of life; therefore, she dared to challenge the rules and definitions of femininity and sought to expand the meaning of it. In a male dominated world, she wanted to focus on the importance of women and let them have a voice of their own. Madonna shattered all the myths on traditional beauty standards and made her statement on sexuality and feminism, which changed how society viewed the standards of beauty....   [tags: Sexuality, Controversial]

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Like a Virgin by Madonna

- ... Madonna performed the song “Like a Virgin” for the first time on September 18th, 1984 at the MTV Music Video Awards. During her performance, she wore a white wedding dress along with a belt buckle that said “Boy Toy.” She sang a very erotic version of the song during her performance. Billy and Tom were very concerned about this first performance. The audience was a little fuzzy about the song, and also the provocative song title. Billy and Tom both thought the song would not succeed, but the results were different....   [tags: song analysis]

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Madonna: An American Icon

- The stage is dark. Thousands of screaming fans wait in agonizing anticipation. Smoke crawls out from the stage, and out struts a confident blonde woman. With the spotlight focused entirely on her, the crowd erupts into deafening applause as she begins her incomparable dance routines. She is an icon. She is Madonna. History has never seen a cultural figure with as much controversy or flair for the dramatic as Madonna, nor will history ever see such a figure. Madonna’s name is recognized by everyone, as is evidenced in a survey taken of fifty people of varying ages (shown below)....   [tags: Biography]

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Wayside Madonna

- Wayside Madonna is an oil painting on canvas by Edith Catlin Phelps. It was painted around 1939. Painted in southern California, it is a genre painting that is part of the regionalism movement but also has a religious subject. This painting is currently part of the permanent collection at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California. Phelps's oil painting Wayside Madonna ultimately focuses on the lady in the foreground, providing a narrative about southern California culture, and places an emphasis on the need for a more American focus and style of painting that does not rely so heavily on European art....   [tags: Visual Arts Studies]

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Mystical Madonna in the Pinks: A Raphael in Doubt

- ... It is inexplicable that the engravings (fig. 6 and 7) after the painting look more convincing that they have complemented the unnaturalness of the original. It is claimed by the National Gallery that the use of pigments in Madonna in the Pinks coincides Raphael’s common choice of pigment in other paintings and they also postulated the painting to be a study of Leonardo’s Benois Madonna (fig. 8) However, the identification of pigment is largely dependent on knowledge of connoisseurship which subjects to fallacy that in a similar test carried out by Dan Kirby in identifying a set of paintings thought to be by Jackson Pollock, the paintings contained paint that could not have been applied...   [tags: paintings, christianity, virgin mary]

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Duccio di Buoninsegna's Madonna and Child

- “The Met’s very own Mona Lisa” (Tomkins 9). That is what Duccio di Buoninsegna’s Madonna and Child painting is known as today. “The Metropolitan Museum of Art bought the Madonna and Child for forty-five to fifty million dollars” (Tomkins 1). However, the painting was not always in public hands; in fact, the Met purchased the last known work of Duccio in private hands. Originally, the painting was held in the private hands of Adolphe Stoclet and his wife. When the couple died, their house and their collection went to their son, Jacques who held onto the painting, and passed it down to his daughters who lent it to an exhibition in Siena of Duccio and his school....   [tags: Historical Painting, Religious Imagery]

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Madonna and Maria Callas: Two Divas

- The Oxford English dictionary defines a diva as "a distinguished female singer" (Oxford University Press, 2014). Both Maria Callas and Madonna fit this definition, despite doubts in their singing ability. They share a dramatic presence, both on and off stage, which distinguishes them from others. Madonna and Maria Callas are both singers whose personality and presence are often given more weight than the strength of their technical performance. Madonna's vocal ability, Jones tells us, was largely considered "the weakest aspect of her performance" (Jones, 2008 p.165)....   [tags: Entertainers, Singers, Tragedy]

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Women and The Church: The Madonna/Whore Complex

- Since the beginning of recorded history, our world has put certain expectations and rules on female and males alike. Whether it be in the workplace, at home, or in society. There is a list of unwritten rules that every person should abide by if they want to fit in to their culture. For women in America, filling this quota is a lot harder than it seems. The Western woman is under the influence of unrealistic expectations regarding the media, this is true, but it is more complicated than that. Scholars have noticed a trend in the guidelines for women, from the stories in the bible to today’s modern media....   [tags: bible, female nudes, society]

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Madonna And Child : An Abstract Form Of Mary

- ... One achievement she made during that time period was she produced illustrations for the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania. One of her biggest feats and biggest triumph was the mural of Our Lady of Šiluva. Šiluva is a city and western Lithuania in 1608 back when Lithuania and Poland were the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. She continued to produce art until her death in October 1, 2007. Since she was part of the Roman Catholic faith it would seem natural for most of her artwork to be of religious purposes....   [tags: Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Church]

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My Interpretation of Raphael's Sistine Madonna

- In August, 2012 it was the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s great masterpiece, the painting known as the “Sistine Madonna” (Bleibtreu, 2013). Although many years have passed, not all the mysteries have been discovered, yet regarding this painting. My paper is about my interpretation of “Sistine Madonna” incorporated with some facts about renaissance and the colors of that period of time, including, some famous people’s opinions, magazines’ reviews and Raphael Sanzio’s interpretation. Moreover, I include in this paper the opinions of simple people such as that of my family and my friends....   [tags: Art, paintings, masterpiece]

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American Music History: Madonna and Eminem

- Music is an important component in our lives, which is everywhere we turn to these days. Music has evolved and expanded from the 1960s to present day and we still have yet to discover the full potential and growth of music in the coming years due to skilled music artist in all music genres. One quality many people can share is their love from music regardless of what type of music is preferred by the individual. Music is powerful in itself because it helps communicate with other social groups, can have an influence on our mood, and portrays our culture or any other important aspects of our life....   [tags: rapper, schools, homes, crazy for you]

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Analysis Of The Evansville Museum, Is Madonna And Child

- One of Murillo’s paintings, found in the Evansville Museum, is Madonna and Child. This painting was the only one that had a protective barrier around it to deter individuals from touching the painting. From a distance it appears to be completely covered in paint, but if one inspects it closely cracks can be seen. It also appears glossy from the light shinning upon it. The individuals in the painting seem to be gently gazing at the viewers, as if inviting them to continue to look upon the image. The image makes one want to touch the skin of the mother and child to see if it feels as soft as it looks....   [tags: Color, Primary color, Work of art, Secondary color]

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Madonna's Role in a Feminist Culture

- Madonna's Role in a Feminist Culture In the book written by bell hooks, Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations, she criticizes a number of the actions and viewpoints of Madonna. Claiming that Madonna has changed from appearing to be a strong feminist icon into a woman who no longer has a connection with feminist views, bell hooks examines how Madonna chooses to represent herself as well as Madonna’s changing role in the feminist world. According to bell hooks, initially Madonna was a very transgressive in a feminist sense, and now she appears to be almost welcoming of the phallocentric imperialist patriarchal views....   [tags: Papers]

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An Analysis of the Psychology of Madonna

- In deciding on a subject for this paper I considered many options. What I was looking for was, not only, someone who I admire, but also someone with a very strong and interesting personality. My choice, therefore, became Madonna. Why. I chose Madonna because she is a strong, hard-working and ambitious woman. She has also caused a lot of controversy with many of her choices over the years of her career and this makes for an interesting mix of personality traits to analyze. Many of the things I admire in Madonna are things that I strive to be and do myself....   [tags: Psychology]

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Raphael: The Madonna of the Candelabra

- Raphael: The Madonna of the Candelabra During the Italian Renaissance Raphael was one of the most influential artists. He painted many brilliant pieces, mastering the use of depth, perspective, and the use of shadow and light. Throughout his life, Raphael used the Madonna as a reoccurring subject in his work. One example of this subject is the Madonna of the Candelabra. This dark shadowy portrayal exemplifies the pure and humanistic ideals of the Madonna that made Raphael’s versions so well known and loved throughout the ages....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Madonna As Anima Figure By F. Jose Blanco

- This is a critical review of the article “ How to Fashion an Archetype: Madonna as Anima Figure” written by F. Jose Blanco, published on the 19th January 2015. As the title of the article indicates, the article is focused on Madonna and her influence on fashion, which the author connects her to psychologist Carl Jung’s Anima Archetype. Madonna Ciccone, the “Queen of Pop” is known as an important and leading fashion figure in the pop culture with her unique and outstanding outfits. Madonna not only uses fashion as a signifier to communicate different personae, or the disguise or appearance that a person represents to the world....   [tags: Carl Jung, Jungian archetypes]

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Pop Star Showdown: Madonna vs. Miley Cyrus

- From “the heart breaker” to smoking weed on stage, pop culture has really taken a turn for the worst. Madonna was the type of girl who partied with the best of them but didn't do anything that could possibly ruin her career and health. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is a wild child who does what she wants and could care less about her social image and physical self. These two pop stars also have many things in common as well. But, from looking at the individual lives of Madonna and Miley Cyrus, there is a noticeable difference in pop culture over time....   [tags: showbusiness, pop culture]

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Mtv And The Madonna Phenomenon

- MTV and The Madonna Phenomenon "Madonna's intuitive grasp on the televisual world in which we live- of the medium's possibilities for engaging spectators in diverse ways- that in part accounts for her success. She is the supreme television heroine." (E. Ann Kaplan 271) "What are the main theories which we have studied so far and how have they affected how you view television?"-This is the question which this paper is supposed to answer. Obviously there is not enough time or space in which to discuss every theory which we have touched on....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Have you ever heard a song once and was never able to get the tune out of your head no matter how hard you tried. I know that has happened to me on several occasions. Whether we enjoy the songs or not, there is something about music within popular culture that drives the American public wild. Sadly, for quite sometime the music industry was largely closed off to women. Of course there were obvious exceptions to this, since talented female artists have existed through the ages, but on the whole there were not many female artists that got a lot of airplay and certainly none were considered significantly influential in the music industry....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Maria Callas and Madonna are Divas for Different Reasons

- The reputations of Maria Callas and Madonna as divas have both been earned for different reasons and yet, both can easily place their titles next to each other. All their musical performances have and are adapted to suit the public eye and sheltered by each singer’s creative influence, in order to improve their labels as divas. √ you give your reader a sense of the discussion that will follow, which is good. Despite that, Madonna and Callas’s public reputations are far apart.√ good Callas was considered a tragic woman during the height and end of her fame,; her image was of a fragile woman and she was seen as ‘mirroring in her life aspects’ (Phillip,, R,....   [tags: talent, image, singers]

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The Museum of Fine Arts: Madonna and Child with Souls in Purgatory

- The Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH) in Houston, Texas is a world-renowned institution on 10 acres of land in the Museum District of Houston. Located just minutes from Downtown Houston, it houses permanent collections, traveling exhibits, two art schools, and boasts a sculpture garden and lunch café. The art is housed in two buildings, museum quality on their own. The Caroline Weiss Law building was designed by famed architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The other, designed by award-winning architect Rafael Moneo, is the Audrey Jones Beck building....   [tags: Art]

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Poetry Analysis: Madonna Mia

- The piece of poetry I am analysing is an Italian Sonnet called Madonna Mia, by Oscar Wilde. This poem does not deviate from the Italian Sonnet formula; a formula consisting of a stichic syllabic structure, and stressing according to a pentameter - that is, each verse line is 10 syllables, five of which are stressed. Furthermore, this poem, being an Italian Sonnet, is divided into two sections: "an eight-line `octave' of two quatrains, rhymed [abbaacca], followed by a six-line `sestet' usually rhymed [cdeced]" (Baldick, p239)....   [tags: Poetry]

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Schone Madonna

- Schone Madonna is a German term meaning “Beautiful Madonna”. This image possibly originated as a response to new ways to practice religion, and in particular, worship of the Virgin in a more personal manner. Three examples of this representation include the Roudnice Madonna, the Madonna of Krumau, and the Jihlava Pieta. The Roudnice Madonna, a 35 1/2” x 26 1/4” panel constructed in approximately 1400, effectively shows the focus on amore soft and attractive Mary than seen in previous depictions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Madonna: Successfully Incorporating Sexuality Into Music

- Madonna Madonna has been a very influential female "popstar" over the last 20 years: to sell her music she has publicised herself through the media, and through this media she has stuck to the concept that "sex does sell". Madonna was born on the 16th of August 1958 as Louise Veronica Ciccone, in Bay City, Michigan. She began her journey into the most influential industry and medium by moving to New York to become a ballerina. From this young age she was very aware of the human body and the way it is perceived....   [tags: sex does sell, sex and music]

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An Analysis Of The Video "Like A Prayer" By Madonna

- An Analysis of the Video "Like A Prayer" by Madonna Madonna first arrived in the national popular culture in 1984 with her song "Borderline". She moved very quickly in the ensuing years to make several records (many of which have gone multi-platinum) and to take several world tours with sold-out concerts, and has caused quite a bit of controversy in what she has done in the public eye. Examples include posing nude for Penthouse magazine (and announcing afterwards that she was not ashamed for doing it), marrying (and subsequently divorcing) actor and media-avoider Sean Penn, creating a fashion trend (which was primarily popular with teenage girls), and making truly atroc...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Madonna-Whore Complex In The Catcher In The Rye

- Holden Caulfield, the main character in The Catcher in the Rye, suffers from a Madonna/whore complex, meaning he can only see women in two ways; as perfect and innocent or as dirty whores, without any ground in between. According to psychiatrists, this disorder may be caused by an excessive bond between one’s mother as a child, or conversely a lack of a bond, resulting in looking towards the one you love as a motherly figure, while nobody else can meet those standards. (Speyer) Holden’s experiences in this novel reveal to us this problem, as he cannot seem to deal with women at all....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye Essays]

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Music in the Making

- America has a judgmental society. Madonna attended a catholic school, and in junior high, she began taking dance classes. After high school, Madonna moved to New York City and started posing for nudes while waiting for a break into the entertainment business. Miley Cyrus started her career as a child star and now she is known as a reckless icon. Cyrus caught herself in the middle of a controversy for modeling in revealing images for fame. In looking at both Madonna and Miley Cyrus, one can see how strange American culture can be....   [tags: Madonna, Miley Cyrus, celbritites]

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The Phoenix Art Museum

- Thanks to my art class I have a great opportunity to visit one of the biggest museums that I ever seen in my life, that was Phoenix Art Museum located in the downtown of the Phoenix metropolis. The artwork that inspired me, and I have carefully studied for this assignment was very interesting art piece completed by Jacopo Del Casentino’s who named this art piece Madonna and Child. For instance, Jacopo Del Casentino painted this work using tempera on poplar panel. According to the scholars and historians the painting was completed in 1335 in Italy....   [tags: madonna, baby jesus]

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Edvard Munch: Perception of Anxiety

- Introduction How did Edvard Munch perceive anxiety. Edvard Munch, a famous world known painter from Norway, was able to express his suppressed feelings of fear and anxiety onto a canvas with an ability that both amazed and scared the people of the world. He used his anxiety of life, love and death, to inspire people, and let them see the troubles in his life. Edvard Munch is especially known for his works ‘The scream’ and ‘Madonna’. Munch popularity is due to his extraordinary ability to convey a deep and raw emotion from the unconscious onto the canvas leaving it to the viewers to interpret, feel and reflect....   [tags: the scream, madonna, Kierkegaard]

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Religion in Painting The Madonna of the Meadow by Giovanni Bellini

- Religion in Painting The Madonna of the Meadow by Giovanni Bellini 'The Madonna of the Meadow' by Giovanni Bellini was painted in about 1500 but more fundamentally, for many, it's the underlying religious issue that has compelled them to admire it. This issue is the prefigured death of Jesus. One of the foremost signs of Jesus' imminent death was the myrrh presented by one of the three wise men. However, even though this isn't displayed in 'The Madonna of the Meadow', the painting still contains numerous other references to Jesus' forthcoming demise....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sistine Madonna in the Royal Gallery at Dresden, Saxony

- The Sistine Madonna in the Royal Gallery at Dresden, Saxony The most beautiful picture in the world is the Sistine Madonna in the Royal Gallery at Dresden, Saxony. It was painted by Raphael as an altar-piece for a church in Piacenza, Italy. In a far corner of the great Palace of Art it is now placed, probably to remain until the colors shall fade. It is the only picture in the room. The figures are of life size. When that room is entered all voices are hushed, and all merriment silenced. The place is as holy as a church....   [tags: Visual Arts Paintings Art]

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Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone: One of the Most Influential American Icons in the 21st Century

- Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (aka Madonna) is one of the most influential American Icons in the 21st century. She uses her sexuality and feminine characteristics to convey her beliefs to the public. She started a trend among youngster “wannabes” during the mid 80s (Cengage, 2003). These youngsters adopted Madonna’s messy hairdo and bold wardrobe such as lacy undergarments fully expresses the female sexuality and seductiveness. In this report, we will analyze Madonna’s career as an entertainer from the perspective of the Product life cycle and evaluate Madonna as a brand....   [tags: Advertising]

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Early Italian Renaissance Art

- The artistic theme in which an artist depicts the Virgin Mary with Jesus Christ as a child is known as the ‘Madonna and Child’. This depiction has its roots in Early Christian art due to the iconic roles that Christ and Mary play in the Christian religion (Dunkerton 37). The ‘Madonna and Child’ has had a place in many of the early periods and traditions of art. Religious themes were able to command such a strong presence in the history of art due to their role as devotional aides in churches and other religious buildings (Dunkerton 27)....   [tags: Machiavelli, religious art, Madonna and Child]

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The Madonna and Child by Cenni di Francesco di Ser Cenni and La Toilette by Richard Miller

- The Madonna and Child, created by Cenni di Francesco di Ser Cenni between 1410 and 1415, is an iconographic painting of the Virgin Mary (left) and a chubby baby Jesus (right). The panel is painted with tempera and the halos around Mary’s and Jesus’s heads are made from goldleaf. La Toilette, painted by Richard Miller in 1910, is an Impressionist painting of a woman putting on her make up. He uses this subject to compare putting on makeup to applying oil paint on a canvas. In order to create the desired impact on the viewer of their paintings, Cenni and Miller use similar stylistic techniques to portray their female subjects....   [tags: painting technique and theme analysis]

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Pop Star Showdown

- From “the heart breaker” to smoking weed on stage, pop culture has really taken a turn for the worst. Madonna was the type of girl who partied with the best of them but didn't do anything that could possibly ruin her career and health. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is a wild child who does what she wants and could care less about her social image and physical self. These two pop stars also have many things in common as well. But, from looking at the individual lives of Madonna and Miley Cyrus, there is a noticeable difference in pop culture over time....   [tags: Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Queen of Pop]

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Raphael Sanzio's Life and Accomplishments

- Raffaello Sanzio was an amazing artist from the late 1400’s to the early 1500’s, who created many amazing paintings that helped change the style of medieval art to Renaissance art. Without him, the style of art now would most likely be more primitive and not as advanced as it should be. This is because he made many advances including more realistic painting. His most important paintings include “The School Of Athens”, the “Sistine Madonna”, and the “Marriage of the Virgin”. Not only are those some of his most famous paintings, they also show the realisticness that changed the world....   [tags: renaissance art,sistine madonna,painter,perugino]

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Comparative Formal Analysis; Similar on Account of Distinctions

- Comparative Formal Analysis; Similar on Account of Distinctions The analysis of a work of art can help the viewer, and the reader of the analysis for that matter, to better understand the relationships of the physical elements of the piece. This kind of analysis can then lead the viewer or reader on the pathway of comprising a richer understanding and appreciation of the mood created through the physical criteria of form. Analyzing two works that both embody a few common characteristics can help one to understand more thoroughly not only each of the two pieces independently, but the two together, comparatively....   [tags: Art Madonna Child Artistic Essays]

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The American Dream in The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse

- In the United States there is an idea many pursue called the American dream, which differs from person to person. The American dream according to is “a revolutionary notion: each person has the right to pursue happiness, and the freedom to strive for a better life through hard work and fair ambition”. Yet it has been said there is no real definition of American dream, instead it merely proves that it has an unconscious influence in American mentality (Ştiuliuc 1)....   [tags: The Madonnas of Echo Park]

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Madonnas Like a Prayer Analysis

- Madonna’s Like a Prayer The only rules that an artist goes by are the ones they set upon themselves. Artist’s criticize current hot topics and sometimes explore their context threw the use of their imaginations. One very fine example of this is Madonna’s Like a Prayer music video at the time that it was released it was a huge hit on the music charts. Still today “ Like a Prayer” is a very well known song. At the time of its release it was at the center of controversy with parent groups, church groups, mainstream media, and the government....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse

- “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” -- President Franklin D. Roosevelt Throughout the course of my life, I have always encountered individuals wanting to better their economic situation especially those within my community. Those who come from impoverished communities in other countries risk their lives and lifetime savings to come to the United States hoping that one day they will regain everything that they lost....   [tags: Immigration, Immigrants]

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A Comparison of Two Paintings from the Renaissance Period

- A Comparison of Two Paintings from the Renaissance Period Introduction      This paper will compare the themes found in the paintings “Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and an Angel” by Domenico di Bartolomeo Ubaldini (Puligo) and “Madonna Enthroned” by Giotto. Both paintings deal with fables from the Christian faith but were executed during different periods in art. The Giotto painting was created around 1310 and the Puglio painting was executed between 1518 – 1520. Here, these two paintings have similar themes both at the extreme beginnings and endings of the Italian Renaissance, and as such they serve to present an exceptional example of the developments in art that occurred w...   [tags: Art Renaissance Italy Compare Contrast]

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The Appeal and Strategy of BMW Advertising

- An Analyzing for Appeals and Strategy of BMW Advertisement Helen Ingham states that “Depending upon the media used, adverts generally consist of images, text and sound. Each of these aspects are encoded with various meaning and messages, some of which are associated with the particular product the advertisement is trying to sell, and some of which are associated with its image.” According to Ingham, ads/commercials are everywhere, and they all have one thing in common. They all contain the messages that mainly aim to persuade people to consume their product....   [tags: Advertising]

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Maddona and Child

- The subject matter of Maddona and Child was a very popular one for artists of the The subject matter of Maddona and Child was a very popular one for artists of the sixteenth century. Rapahel, and Giovanni Bellini both painted numerous versions of the Maddona and Child. While both of the artists viewed the subject as a religious and highly emotional expression, their portrayal of many other aspects differed greatly. While Raphael portrayed what seems to be a loving, warm relationship between mother and child, a lifelike Christ child, and serenity within his paintings, Bellini portrayed a relationship that seems distant relationship between mother and child, a deathlike image of the Christ chi...   [tags: Maddona and Child Essays]

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Like A Virgin.. Or Not

- Like a Virgin…or not Madonna had always been a holy icon until the early 1980’s when the name “Madonna” developed a dual connotation. The introduction of America’s top female sex symbol Madonna created an image far opposite of the previously known hallowed one. In John Fiske’s essay “Madonna,” he depicts the singer’s character, portraying her as socially and semiotically powerful. Although his essay is currently outdated, Fiske illustrates an illusion of Madonna that Generation Xers eventually accepted and will probably never forget....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Rise Of Female Opera Singers

- ... The whole concept of looks is superficial, and decreases the value of the women 's talent. Furthermore, the reading then describes the aftermath of dressing as a diva, “The difference between the plain women who opens the scene and the plumped diva who emerges is striking and emphasizes the artifice necessary to the diva life”(226). This amplifies the need for divas to uphold a certain look. It amplifies the need for superficial looks and devalues the women herself. Its problematic because it gets to the point where the women are no longer valued for talent but for looks....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Pop icon]

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Renaissance Break from the Byzantine Style

- Introduction The Italian painters Cimabue (also known as Cenni di Pepo) and Giotto di Bondone both stepped away from Medieval and Byzantine style and moved forward into a human focused, Proto-Renaissance style. Although each painter made this movement toward the Renaissance style, each did it in their own style and way. Cimabue pursued a new naturalism which was a close observation of the natural world; this aspect of his style challenged many major conventions of late medieval art. Giotto also pursued a naturalistic approach of representation that was based on observation....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Wedding Speech for a Maid of Honor or Best Woman

- Wedding Speech for a Maid of Honor or Best Woman Before I start I would like to say that Madonna you look absolutely stunning, Erik, well you just look stunned. For those of you know don’t know me my name is Rhonda and for those of you who do, I’ll have the usual, just put the bottle next to my purse. When Madonna first asked me to be her bridesmaid I felt delighted but as the big day approached I was informed that I would be doing a speech and a toast. Being the shy and retiring type I was trying to think of ways of getting out of it, but have any of you tried saying no to Madonna....   [tags: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches]

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Diana Ross and Maddona: Two Recording Artists

- Diana Ross and Madonna are both successful music artists that are influential to the music industry. Diana Ross’s career started at the top with her group members in The Supremes. Madonna also shared the same success as she reached the top of charts during the 1980s. They both encountered a significant loss of one of their parents that affected them deeply. They have each been married twice in which neither marriage worked out. These women are iconic legends who made way for other women who pursued a career in music and showed us how success can be achievable....   [tags: Music, Fame, Controversy]

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The Hidden Agenda of the News Media

- The Hidden Agenda of the News Media People use many different sources in order to gain knowledge about current events. In America, historically, mass media and television have been the most dominant sources for information. Over the last decade, internet-based news sites and talk-radio shows have emerged as viable alternatives to the traditional media. While, obviously, the latest forms of news media are very different from their “elder” counterparts regarding the conveyance of the information, they share some of the same issues regarding the reporting of the news....   [tags: TV Television Newspapers Essays]

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The Details and Techniques of the Paintings of Jan van Eyck and Hans Memlinc

- The two painters Jan Van Eyck (c.1390-1441) and Hans Memlinc (d.1494) are both considered great masters of Northern Art. Van Eyck is known for his execution of naturalistic detail and creating translucency in his panels. Memlinc is known for his financially minded cornucopia of work and for revolutionising the genre of portraiture. However, their differences are more pointed than there similarities. Both artists are mindful of the traditions of the Flemish school, such a the use of light to create a sense of the third dimension on the panel and the importance of landscape and background....   [tags: Jan van Eyck, Hans Memlinc, art, paintings, oil, ]

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Joint Ownership Of Leasehold Or Freehold Property

- Joint ownership of leasehold or freehold property is well formulated under the English Law. The English law imposes various restrictive statutes that acts as guidelines and provide sufficient evidence of the terms of the agreement between the parties in agreement. Declaring interests before a transaction provides clarity about the intentions of the parties involved as well as helping in avoiding disputes in the future. There has been some uncertainty pertaining the position of joint owners in the English jurisdiction....   [tags: Law, Real estate, Property law, Lease]

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Women In Films: User Or Victim?

- Women in Films: User or Victim. Women in Films: User or Victim. Designed to prove that a woman can be anybody she desires to be, the legendary film, Evita, is now shown to millions of movie viewers. Alan Parker=s Evita is a reflection of the much-publicized images of two popular self-made heroines of different era, Evita and Madonna. The discussion of this essay will show us how these ladies got far and revered once by their followers. The life of Evita Peron is almost like a dramatization of a romantic fiction, about the tale of a young and poor illegitimate girl, who escapes the cruelty and poverty of her hometown, and Aflees to the big city to become a movie star, fights her way to the t...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Church's Template

- Women play a complex role in Robert Orsi’s The Madonna on 115th Street, at some points exercising power and at other points exercising less power than men. In Italian Harlem when describing a “domus,” the woman at the center is the one actually being described. A domus, according to Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie, “constitute[s] a formidable reservoir of power and counter-power which could hold out with some degree of success against the external powers surrounding it.” Italian women in Harlem had no direct power in the outside world, but they were able to use their sphere of influence to leave their mark....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Raphael and His Genius

- ... This shows that only was Raphael a great artist, he paid great attention to detail and history. The School of Athens puts detail into each and every one of their faces and they each have a meaning. That is something you would not have seen in The Middle Ages. There are many other metaphorical figures in the painting but none as important as the two in the center Aristotle and Plato. Raphael did also includes a self portrait in this painting, as most Renaissance painters did. The painting, The Sistine Madonna, was another one of Raphael’s great works....   [tags: notorious Renaissance painters]

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Art Appreciation

- Art Appreciation Rathnasambhava, the Transcendent Buddha of the South and Madonna Enthroned are very similar images that were produced by very different cultures. Both images were produced during the 13th Century. The image of Rathnasambhava, the Transcendent Buddha of the South was produced in Tibet during an interesting period of the country’s religious history. The branch of Tibetan Buddhism is led by a religious and sometimes political leader called the Dalai Lama. It was during the 13th Century during the reign of Kublai Khan, around the time of the production of this painting, that Tibet experienced the first incarnation of the Dalai Lama....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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Emile Durkheim 's And Mircea Eliades Understanding Of Religion

- 1. Compare and contrast Emile Durkheim’s and Mircea Eliades understanding of religion. Emile Durkheim uses a functional approach when understanding religion, the function of a religion and not a belief system. Durkheim looks at what religion does for society as a whole and how it creates social cohesion. Social cohesion is defined as the result of a community rallying around a totem, which can be a sacred object that ultimately creates a religion within society. For example, the traditional Christmas tree that Christians put up every year to honour the birth of Jesus Christ is a totem that creates social cohesion....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Gender, Sociology]

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Analysis of Giovanni Boccaccio´s Decameron

- Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron is a series of tales written during the Late Middle Ages that is meant to entertain the reader. While the entertainment value of Boccaccio’s work in undeniable, the Decameron also provides the reader with information about society at the time, and Boccaccio’s own worldview. One of the most prevalent themes throughout the Decameron is the portrayal of clergymen and members of religious communities as negative influences on those around them, constantly behaving in a manner unfit for those who are supposed to be moral and spiritual exemplars....   [tags: Giovanni Boccaccio, Church, clergymen]

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Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy

- ... Lyrics from the song include: “You always taught me right from wrong I need your help, daddy please be strong… Papa don 't preach, I 'm in trouble deep, Papa don 't preach, I 've been losing sleep but I made up my mind, I 'm keeping my baby ...” (Madonna:Elliot, 1986). Madonna was interviewed in 2009 by Rolling Stone where she stated: "a message song that everyone is going to take the wrong way…” and "It just fit right in with my own personal zeitgeist of standing up to male authorities, whether it 's the pope or the Catholic Church or my father and his conservative, patriarchal ways" (Song Facts, n.d.)....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy]

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Television Soaps: The Cultural Construction of Gender and Representation

- Television Soaps: The Cultural Construction of Gender and Representation Soaps but more importantly music videos can be said to interrogate the cultural construction of gender and representations of identity. The video suggests a set of images to the viewer and usually these are a blurring of gender and identity. Music videos predicate on the representation of female gender experience. The two interrelated sign systems- access signs and discovery signs- will be discussed. Music clips that will be focused on are Madonna's ‘Burning Up', ‘Express Yourself', and ‘Justify My Love'....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Talented Freak

- The music industry has taken a wrong turn, and it affects our new generation; music videos becoming more like pornographic trailers causing men and women to objectify each other as a sex object. According to Camille Paglia (lecturer, educator, and feminist) in “Lady Gaga and The Death of Sex,” “Hollywood discovered that sex was great box office” (2). Because sex sells, it is a market technique used by record companies to sell more record. So does sex usage really empower women. In Paglia’s article, “Madonna I: Animality and Artifice,” she claims that dominatrix (used by Madonna) empowers women, and it should be praised by all female musicians (89)....   [tags: Music, Lady Gaga, Sex]

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Raphael Sanzio

- Raphael Sanzio Raphael was one of the most important artists of the Italian Renaissance. Raphael painted and designed many brilliant pieces of work and the stanzas inside the Vatican. He was a master at such necessities of modern art such as depth and perspective and the use of light and shadow, and was the turning point styles of paintings like the use of Madonnas in paintings. Through his short life, Raphael would make some of the most awe-inspiring, beautiful, and influential works of art during the Italian Renaissance....   [tags: Painter Artist Arts]

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The Artists of the High Renaissance

- The Artists of the High Renaissance High Renaissance, that period of art at the beginning of the sixteenth century, has been referred to as one of the great explosions of artistic and creative genius in history. Most notable it seems, for producing three of the greatest artists in history: Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Raphael, the High Renaissance was referred to as such not only because it was a period of great and high art, but equally so, because it was essentially the culmination of the cycle of art which preceded it, known as the Early Renaissance....   [tags: Visual Arts Paintings Art]

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Art Work Analysis: Michelangelo and The Renaissance

- This paper will argue that Michelangelo was a true renaissance artist by sharing information about his life, artwork, and analysis. Michelangelo was born at Rome, in March 6, 1475. He was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance. He was considered the greatest artist of his time. When he was introduced to art, he basically worked with marble his whole life and worked in other arts during specific time periods. His two best-known works are the Pieta and the David....   [tags: renaissance artist, sculptures]

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Models and Fashion Impact Young Women

- The majority of commercials for beauty supplies or a clothing line include a beautiful, thin young woman modeling the product. As a result, teenage girls start to believe that they have to be a toothpick to be beautiful or model like. However, this was not true in the 50s. The 50s hit sensation Marilyn Monroe was considered one of the most beautiful women in that time period, yet she did not try lose weight. Marilyn Monroe was definitely one of the most influential women of the 20th century because of her views on body image, her unique fashion statements, and her impact on pop culture....   [tags: culture, communication, transmission]

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Women 's Influence On Italian Harlem

- Women had a complicated role in Italian Harlem society because they had power in some areas, but not all. The domus, the family’s home, is where the women were able to exercise their powers. However, when it came to public events and ceremonies, such as the festa, for the Madonna of 115th Street, women endured sufferings that men did not have to experience. The contrasting images of women in Italian Harlem caused a complex relationship between the devotion to the Madonna of 115th Street and the social institutions of Italian Harlem....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Family, Society]

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The West Facade Of Notre Dame

- ... The numerous stained glass windows are clearly evidence of these advances, as they cover most of the walls, which required advancements in ceiling structure. The towers indicate separations between the architecture styles of the near past and future. "The only aspect detracting from Chartres Cathedral 's elegant symmetry are the mismatched west spires. The south spire is a 349-foot (105m) plain Romanesque pyramid dating from the 1140s, while the north is a 377-foot (113m) early 16th-century Flamboyant Gothic spire on top of an older tower" ("Sacred Destinations")....   [tags: Gothic architecture, Romanesque architecture]

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The Doni Tondo: Michelangelo

- ... While Da Vinci's sfumato softened harsh lines by allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into each other (Figure 5); Buonarroti's hatching and crosshatching produced the chiaroscuro effect in a much bolder and aggressive way (Figure 6). Furthermore, Michelangelo's colors were vibrant from the tempera, and bright and bold due to the oil flourishes, whereas Leonardo's palette evoked a dark and mysterious atmosphere. By looking at Michelangelo's work, we take a glimpse into the mind of the man; every piece is expressive of his faculties....   [tags: renaissance, the holy family, florence]

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Cultural theory in the works of Tarantino

- 1. Substructural capitalist theory and postdialectic Marxism The main theme of Werther's[1] essay on cultural theory is a subpatriarchial reality. But if capitalist destructuralism holds, we have to choose between semanticist pretextual theory and the preconstructivist paradigm of reality. "Sexual identity is fundamentally elitist," says Sartre. Cultural theory states that the collective is impossible. It could be said that Reicher[2] holds that we have to choose between neopatriarchialist feminism and the dialectic paradigm of discourse....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Change in Medieval and Renaissance Paintings

- Change in Medieval and Renaissance Paintings Medieval and Renaissance paintings of the 15th and 16th centuries are a great example of how art gradually changes over time. Although the paintings and artists will reiterate certain aspects in later art, they also change many aspects of the same styling. One can notice differences in the hues of color, tone, layout or arrangement of the design & subject matter, perspective, and even the concept and symbolism in the paintings will also change over time....   [tags: Visual Arts Art Painting Essays]

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If You Really Like a Guy, Hit Him

- If You Really Like a Guy, Hit Him I don’t remember wanting to punch Jeff. I remember wanting Jeff to “ask me out.” How I got into the position of hitting him is somewhat of a mystery to me. Jeff Stanford was the cutest guy in our third grade class. He had blonde hair, blue eyes-the whole shabang. He even wore tapered, stone washed jeans (it was the eighties, this was cool). He was my friend. I was, of all things, a tomboy. I ran faster then the boys. I could beat them all at tether ball. My hair was shorter then any of the boys, and I had the biggest crush on Jeff....   [tags: Personal Narrative Relationships Essays]

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Life Of Raphael Sanzio

- During a time when Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were the prime artists in Europe, a young man by the name of Raffaello Sanzio was starting to attract major attention with his artworks. The Italian high Renaissance was marked by paintings expressing human grandeur and very humanistic values. No one better portrayed the Italian high Renaissance then Raphael Sanzio, with his painting’s clarity and ease of composition, Raphael was easily one of the greatest painters of this period.      Born in an artistically influenced town in Italy called Urbino, Raffaello Sanzio was first taught by his father, Giovanni Santi, how to compose works of art at a very early age....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ian van Eyck

- Jan van Eyck was a master in style and symbolism, establishing a firm superiority in glaze technique and delicately and elaborately applying subtle, yet powerful religious references to what at first glance may seem simple portraits. Van Eyck’s drawing, Saint Barbara, completed in 1437, is an example of the artist’s use of fictional exotic or Romanesque style structures, suggestive of those from the Old Testament. (p.99 textbook) Other symbolism includes the walled city that resembles a ziggurat, and on the church, the three windows on the second level, feature the Trinity, the symbolism of their octagonal structure, and baptism....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees: The Nature of Grief

- Grief leaves an imprint on those who experience it. Some can survive its deep sorrow, others cannot. In The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, she explores the effect of grief on the main characters. The novel opens with fourteen-year-old Lily Owns struggling with the knowledge that her mother was dead because she, as an infant, picked up a loaded gun and accidentally shot her. She runs away from her abusive father in search for answers of who her mother was. Lily hitchhikes to Tiburon, South Carolina; the location written on the back of an image of the Black Madonna – one of the only belongings she has of her mother’s....   [tags: story, character and historic analysis]

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Fashion is Cyclical So Just Wait for It to Come Back

- One of the most important cyclical cycles in life is fashion. Fashion is a never-ending cycle of creating new designs and bringing back the most important trends from the past. With every decade, there is a new generation of fashion. The nineteen-sixties were all about love and expression and the nineteen-seventies were all about disco and fun. Then it seemed that an entirely new era of fashion was born in the nineteen-eighties. Everything about fashion seemed to have a new twist to it. In the nineteen-eighties, the unique style of punk pop greatly influenced Americans all over the country....   [tags: style, influences, closet]

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Outer Identity Doesn’t Always Match Inner Perception in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

- People are not always whom they appear to be. Whether it’s that fierce tattooed muscle man or that sweet elderly lady smiling from a few seats away, what is perceived is not always what is true. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night portrays many a character whose identities do not align with their inner character. Olivia’s polite ladylike demeanour, Sir Toby’s guise of nobility, and Feste’s job as a fool all demonstrate how social identities don’t always align with inner character. Olivia’s public status shows her as a caring and high-class lady, a persona with a stark contrast to her inner self as a bold and tenacious woman....   [tags: appearance, view, society]

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