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Love Medicine : The Idea Of Love

- There are cultural significances to the idea of “love medicine” and how the idea of love comes in different packages. In addition to these cultural images, the significance of “love medicine” can be seen between many separate characters within the novel, however I am going to focus on the following sets of characters: June and Gordie Kashpaw then Lulu Nanapush, Nector Kashpaw (and Marie Lazarre). Gordie and June June 's one-night stands are described throughout the book, while at the same time, readers learn there were many people who loved her....   [tags: Love, Marriage, Romance]

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Love Is The Easy Part Of Love

- ... It was the day after Jeonghan’s nasty breakup with his boyfriend. Jisoo remembers it clearly. He remembers how he ran to Jeonghan’s apartment after he had heard him completely break down over the phone. He remembers how Jeonghan looked completely fragile and broken. Jisoo felt enraged. Who could do this to his Jeonghan. Why. Jeonghan was so kind to others. He was so selfless and yet this is how kind actions repaid him: in complete heart break. He felt a surge of emotions. He was sad, confused, and angry....   [tags: Love, Debut albums, Bismuth-209]

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My View On Love And Love

- ... The family is also like a house that if you feel cold, you will go inside because you know it can warm your heart by feeling its love always present. Although family may have enforcing strict rules by which a child feels unfair sometimes; however, it is a place where you can be yourself, and always be forgiven for your mistakes. Thus, the key qualities necessary to form a family love are supporting, caring, and guiding each other in every step of our lives. The love shared between friends is sometimes similar to the family’s love; however, friendship love knows that you have someone there to talk to, especially about things that you could never tell your parents....   [tags: Love, Friendship, Interpersonal relationship]

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Self Love Is True Love

- ... If I do feign, you witnesses above, Punish my life for tainting of my love.” (5.1.169) Cesario has lost herself within her master, Orsino, by saying she will allow Orisno to kill her. This shows how she is dependent on whatever he says that she would allow him to kill him. Does she not love herself/life that she is willing to be killed by Orisno, a person who she has only worked for a few months. This shows us that she did not start by loving herself first but started by giving love that she does not have for herself to someone else; Orsino....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Marriage]

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The Cage of Love

- Why is it that heartache almost always precede after the act of first love. Things would be simpler if timing were not a crucial factor in romance. If love would transcend our different points in our foreign journeys. Rob, you say you are ready to take the fateful jump, but won't do it lonesome. Love, you say, is a two way thing. Your vision and hopes are turning bleak and suspenseful now; you never imagined it like this. But what do you do with all your passion and smitten feelings and sentimental attachment about this relationship when you have to face the possibility that it will not go your way this time....   [tags: Love is a Prison]

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The 's Triangular Theory Of Love

- ... Similarities Cynthia and I have known each other for around eight years because we attended the same church. According to the proximity effect, the geographic nearness of a person is a greatly significant factor in interpersonal attraction. Our families both grew up attending Orangewood Church of the Nazarene and both our families left and ventured to Turning Leaf Church of the Nazarene. Social psychology says with its mere exposure effect that familiarity breeds liking or loving (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2013)....   [tags: Love, Triangular theory of love]

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The 's Theory Of Love

- ... I consider myself to be wooed by romance, but based upon this assessment I scored a 5 which means I am mediocre in the “romance department”. The “Love Style” inventory also helped me learn different aspects of my love style that I had not realized before. For example, I scored 7 points for the ludus (egocentric) portion of the inventory. Ludus love (in my connotative definition) is the “Tom and Jerry” type of love. “Tom and Jerry” is a cartoon show that stars a cat and a mouse. Tom and Jerry have an extreme form of a love/hate relationship where they are always playing with one another, but it is undeniably so that love is present between the two....   [tags: Love, Triangular theory of love]

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Love And Love Can Not Be A Good Thing

- ... This strict man has no love at that point, whether it be his loneliness or his loss of his son to a woman that didn’t get his approval, it still doesn’t justify his actions in such a manner. He should genuinely be happy for his son but instead starts pushing himself away further and further. I was happy how unsettled he was when he found out he had grandchildren. It must have made him realize that from their true love created such beauty of life, that their love brought even more happiness and love into this world....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Family, American films]

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God Vs. Love : God And Love

- God or Love God and love are two words that I find intriguing since their definitions vary depending on who is defining it and their experience. The meaning of these words had raised my curiosity. The faithful beliefs that God and Love exists, the skeptical say those are just myths while others spend their life looking for them in the wrong places. I was baptized as a catholic when I was five, but no one ever asked me if that was something I wanted for myself. I went to church on Sundays mornings; I never understood any of the words the father was saying under his breath....   [tags: Love, Romance, Good and evil, Ontology]

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The Power of Love!

- A person in love feels stronger, faster, better overall, Love is the power of telepathy the ability to fully understand someone without having to talk to simply understand or relate. Love is a force field that offers you protection from yourself as well as the outside world even protecting your heart. Force fields can’t be perfect so if someone brakes through and you became injured love has the power to heal. Love can heal your wounds and nurse you back to health it offers you hope, new beginnings and a confidence in yourself granting you the “I don’t give a crap what you think” attitude....   [tags: love, protection, force field]

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What is the Definition of True Love?

- "I wanna love you and treat you right; I wanna love you every day and every night: We'll be together with a roof right over our heads; We'll share the shelter of my single bed; We'll share the same room, yeah. - for Jah provide the bread. Is this love - is this love - is this love - Is this love that I'm feelin'?"--- Bob Marley. Bob Marley wrote and sang about love just like hundreds of people before him. His idea of true love was sharing with someone in order to meet the basic needs and spiritual way of life....   [tags: essay on love]

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What is love? Is It Real?

- What is love. That question instantly brings to mind several different songs and books. We live in a culture where love and inadvertently sex is in almost everything. The entertainment culture portrays love as being all about sex and infatuation. They also make love look like it is about what another person can give you, and not what you can mutually give to one another. Is that what love is actually about. Webster’s Dictionary describes love as being a strong affection (“Love”). A strong affection is still a vague description....   [tags: sex, eros love, agape love]

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The Many Ways to Love

- Love is the most powerful of all magic. It brings hope, beauty, unity, and joy into ones life. Also, it brings pain and heartache if not nurtured, or if neglected. There are different types of love for example the love for your parents and children, which is unconditional, but sometimes complicated. Then there is the kind for lovers and friends, which are built on getting to know a person and accepting people for who they are. Regardless of the kind of love, it is still powerful and emotionally linked....   [tags: love, relationships, ]

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Love Is Not A Feeling

- ... Jouissance of the Other, of the body of the Other who symbolizes the Other, is not of love. Due to the fact that jouissance is an immense pleasure, typically it is connected to sex. However, jouissance does not have to be sexual. You can find jouissance in anything that you do, such as painting, acting, and writing to name a few. Basically anything that you love doing on an immense level is capable of fostering jouissance. Badiou’s notion of the encounter is an event. This is the remarkable, fascinating spontaneous event that caused two people to meet and become acquainted....   [tags: Love, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality]

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The Goddess Of Love

- ... “I wore a pretty tall pair of heels that night, so when making our way downstairs to the main dance area she offered her hand to me so I wouldn 't fall down the steep stairway,” Connie fondly recalls. “Since that day, she has never let go.” Not long after holding hands while walking down that flight of steps, they recognized that they were falling in love. Still, it seems that they took their time. “I waited a little bit to introduce her to my children, Alex and Giovanni, because I didn’t want to rush things, but they clicked instantly when they did meet,” Connie says....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, 2007 singles]

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The Love And Lyrical Poetry

- ... 6-7) The enjambment of the lines allows for the feeling of being ‘pulled’ toward the next line, much like the hunter seems unable to do anything but follow the deer deeper and deeper into the forest. In both poems, the original metaphorical likeness to animals is overtaken as the women transform into accepting their true nature. Alicia Ostriker comments on ‘They flee from me, suggesting that the “female whom, by a charming figure of speech, we call a wild creature, reveals herself to be one....   [tags: Love, Poetry, Sonnet, Courtly love]

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The Treatment of love in "Love is not all" by Edna Millay

- While love may be an extremely touchy subject as well as one that can be incredibly hard to interpret in a unique way, it is not impossible to broach the subject from a fresh perspective; In “Love is not all” Edna St. Vincent Millay is able to approach love in a way that initially seems extremely pessimistic and almost cold, but continues on to show the reader that she is not actually all that closed and even reveals some vulnerability by the very end. While the more negative approaches she uses would appeal to some people, it seems that if you actually take the time to read it a few times the cynical façade fades away and you can understand Millay’s interpretation of love as guarded but not...   [tags: Love is not all, Edna Millay]

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A Farewell to Love, Where Love Leads to Pain

- Love is a strong affection or warm attachment to someone; on the contrary, pain is a punishment or penalty or suffering of body or mind. These emotions carry a direct relationship; love leads to pain. However, everything that begins must eventually come to an end, and in the end one emotion is victorious. There is a constant struggle between the opposing emotions; henceforth, Ernest Hemingway combines both of these emotions into A Farewell to Arms. Through Fredric Henry and Catherine Barkley’s relationship, Hemingway combines these two emotions in a relentless power struggle....   [tags: love , pain, ernest hemingway]

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Love Has Many Definitions

- What is love. Webster defines love as “a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties <maternal love for a child> (2): attraction based on sexual desire: affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3): affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests <love for his old schoolmates>.” Love comes in many forms. Unconditional love, the love of a mother for her child, romantic love, the love for your partner and passion or lust, a more sexual emotion towards a person....   [tags: essay on love]

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Love Is Seen Throughout. Duffy 's Love

- ... The bed is an archetypal of marriage, trust and unity, but it is now just a reminder of a relationship that was. This idea that the persona’s relationship was failing long before it actually did is shown through the line “And dark towns heap up on the horizon”. The metaphor of “dark towns” can mean a number of things including isolation, pain or despair. This could convey what the persona is being put through after the disappointing love life. This is then reinforced by the transitive verb “heap”....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Romance]

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What is Love?

- What is Love. Romantic Love Is love chemical. Love can't be just pheromones, surely body chemistry changes. Although, perhaps that is why people break up after a while. Maybe they were attracted to each other at one point, but then the pheromones they were giving off change and the other person is no longer attracted to them. What is attraction based on. What attracts one person to another. People have said they have fallen in love before meeting in person, thanks to the Internet. Pheromones can't account for that....   [tags: essay about love]

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What is Love?

- Love, Love, Love. We all think about it, dream about it, sing about it, and even lose sleep worrying about it, but why. Love is such a small word paired with a vital meaning. It’s universal, easy to spell, difficult to define, but impossible to live without. When we don’t have it, we search for it, when we find it, we don’t know what to do with it, when we have it, we fear losing it. Love is the constant source of happiness and sorrow. I am young and I haven't a clue as to what love is, let alone what falling in love is....   [tags: definition essay, defining love]

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Theories of Love

- It is instilled into our brains at a young age. Everyone, must end up happily married. From Disney princesses, to characters in books. There is no excuse to not ending your story with a magical and happy ending, which society portrays as marriage. However, the idea of love and being able to “love” someone so much that they are the only person you wish to commit to be becoming harder in a society where love is such a commonly tossed around word that it no longer has a direct definition. Love can be described as a feeling, a thought, an emotion, and an action....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Disney Princesses]

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Love and Literature

- "Love is an inborn suffering proceeding from the sight and immoderate thought upon the beauty of the other sex, for which cause above all other things one wishes to embrace the other and, by common assent, in this embrace to fulfill the commandments of love. . . ." once said Andreas Capellanus, the twelfth century French author of a well-known but skeptical book, The Art of Courtly Love. Despite Capellanus’s attempt to provide others with an accurate definition of love, he fails in doing so; trying to achieve the impossible; Capellanus is unaware in composing a meaning of love that with its great ambiguity, love cannot ever be defined as a single phrase; its true meaning, which lies in the e...   [tags: The Art of Courtly Love]

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Garden of Love

- Chapter One The sun was shining right in John’s face as he ran his 2 miles for the day in the Dessert. John was sent back to the dessert for six months after he made Tech. John was into his Fourth month deployment and he was more than ready to get back home to his loving wife Maddie. He finished his run and went back to his room to take a cold shower. He would have taken a hot shower, but it was already hot outside. John stepped out of the shower and decided to try and get a hold of his wife Maddie....   [tags: military, love, relationship]

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Love in Relationships

- Unknown source of Passage 1 and 2 Love relationships are similar to a seesaw, as the seesaw tips according to the persons sitting on the two sides, a love relationship can also lean according to the mentality of the couple in the said relationship. Passage 1 and Passage 2 both depict situations with love relationships that have varying passions, intensity, and dilemmas. Passage 1 and Passage 2 establish a controlling idea that love?s various obstacles and hindrances can occur by the individuals in the relationship or by outside forces affecting the relationships. Passage 1 introduces the idea that the crisis of death can occur during a relationship....   [tags: Love]

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Six Types Of Love : Love Is Formed From All Over And Everybody

- ... The second type of love is philia. Philia is another meaning for deep friendship type of love. The greeks valued this more than eros due to its purpose and meaning and what it could bring emotionally. Greeks connected philia with the brothers that fought side by side on the battlefield. Philia was about sacrificing, expressing, and showing your love for the ones who mattered the most. This also could be in comparison to the love shared and connected to mother and child. This type of love we use today and is seen more than most....   [tags: Love, Greek words for love, Friendship]

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Love Is A Universal Language

- ... Passion is what drives a “trigger” attraction, sexual desire, and sense of romance. People associate this love with a “butterflies in the stomach” type of feeling, high arousal, and sneaking gazes at one another. However, this love type is not necessarily always a positive form: “infatuation is prototypically associated with euphoria but is frequently also accompanied by negative feelings such as insecurity, nervousness, and anxiety” (Langeslag, Muris, & Franken, 2013, p. 740). The third component, to complete the points of the triangle, is commitment....   [tags: Love, Triangular theory of love, Robert Sternberg]

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The Triangular Theory Of Love

- Some people may think that love is a simple emotion that we all feel, but is it really. Love is a subject that many scientists and specialists have done large amounts of research on and something that they are still researching today. Love is a psychological concept and as humans grow, our minds and the way that we think changes. There is one theory that cuts the concept of love into three main parts. This theory was developed by Robert Sternberg and is called the Triangular Theory of Love (Hock, 2016)....   [tags: Love, Triangular theory of love, Robert Sternberg]

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Love Can Be Seen Anywhere

- ... Abraham was deeply hurt because he didn’t understand why he had to give up his son. But Abraham loved God and knew for whatever the reason was he trust God. So, Abraham took his son to the mountain where he was going to sacrifice his son but right when he was about to, God told him to stop. Because Abraham obeyed God’s command, God was testing Abraham to see how much he trusted and loved him. God was pleased with him and let Abraham keep his son. My grandmother is another person who shows agape love to me....   [tags: Love, Greek words for love, Family, Agape]

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Different Forms Of Expressing Love

- What is the meaning of love. When we are born into this world, there are already those that love and adore us. One article defines it as “ a variety of different feelings and emotions, chemical brain states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure” (Lyons, “A Deeper Look”). “Love” is a unique and complicated neurological emotion which is very difficult to understand. It is just like hunger and thirst, but just more permanent. Many of us talk about love as if we have no control over it, as if it is blind, in the sense that it can’t be helped....   [tags: Love, Greek words for love, Family, Marriage]

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Love Is A Word Of Endless Meaning

- What would motivate a man to stand between his wife and the barrel of a gun or keep a young woman beside the hospital bed of her comatose fiancé. Love, is a word of endless meaning, a subject of complex debate, and an idea of perfect imperfection; a story without an ending. The Holy Bible’s 1 Corinthians 13:13 hastened to say, “now abides faith, hope, [and] love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (KJV) I believe love to not only be an idea, but a singular entity of self-sacrificial and unconditional love....   [tags: Love, Emotion, Personal life]

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The Disease Of Love By Lauren Oliver

- Amor deliria nervosa. The disease of love. In Delirium by Lauren Oliver, a dystopian novel, love is a fatal disease. The disease comes in four phases whose symptoms include, but are not limited to: preoccupation; difficulty focusing... reduced mental awareness; racing thoughts; impaired reasoning skills... periods of euphoria... obsessive thoughts and actions... paranoia; insecurity... difficulty breathing... complete breakdown of rational faculties; erratic behavior; violent thoughts and fantasies; hallucinations and delusions......   [tags: Love, Romance, Romance, Protagonist]

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Never Fall Of Love With A Player

- Never fall in love with a player. I am a prime living example of this and I want to give you my story as an example. This will also show you why sometimes calling love a ‘Happy Endings,’ can be a back track of the true meaning of love. “A deceitful man will go as far as to trample all over a woman’s reputation and spirit, in order to prove to his ex-love that he was faithful. The irony, is he is still in love with his ex and the new woman in his life doesn’t even realize it.” Shannon L. Alder You see two people holding hands....   [tags: Love, Debut albums, Emotion]

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Love Is a Temporary Form of Insanity

- Love is a temporary form of insanity In the novel The Kite Runner and the play Antigone Love can be a destructive force such as betrayal, which occurs when one betrays a loved one. An example in Antigone would be when Antigone broke Creon’s law to go bury her beloved brother this questions us to think will people do wrong to help and be with their loved ones and is love a destructive force. In the Dictionary Love is a strong feeling of affection. The readers should be pretty sure that love is a strong feeling of affection the readers has felt it....   [tags: antigone, betrayal, destructive, love]

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The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

- book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, the author writes about the importance of communicating with your spouse in a language that fulfills their love tank. Throughout the book he uses real life scenarios in couples to help them examine what their primary love language is through various acts and experiments. Love and marriage are the primary topics of the book, and the author illustrates how to understand their construction, and how they function in society. Love is needed in all areas to fulfill the needs of a human and to succeed in marriage....   [tags: love and marriage]

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The Danger of Love: Antigone by Sophocles

- The Danger of Love Nearly everyone experiences the feeling of love. Whether it’s for another person or for food, almost everyone feels love during their lifetime. In the play Antigone, the writer, Sophocles, illustrates a very important fact regarding love: love is our most important and most dangerous motivation for doing anything, and without moderation, love can be deadly. In Antigone, unmoderated love is prevalent throughout the play, and it is best demonstrated in three main characters: Antigone, Creon, and Ismene....   [tags: creon, ismene, dangerous love]

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The Radical Idea Of Marrying For Love

- In the article “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love” the author, Stephanie Coontz, talks about how love has rarely been the motivating reason for marriage, and how in many cultures it still isn’t. She also informs readers of the reasons why people got married in ancient cultures, different types of motivations for marriage in modern cultures, how the union between spouses often isn’t the most important relationship in other countries, and how marriage is often not monogamous. The first topic that the author focused on was love and marriage in the ancient times....   [tags: Marriage, Husband, Love, Wife]

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Chemistry Of Love : Scanning The Brain

- Love is an intense attraction one has over another person. Finding love is often a long extensive journey which most humans crave. Once someone falls in love, their decision making is often altered as well how their brain reacts to certain situations. The chapter “Chemistry of Love: Scanning the Brain in Love” by Helen Fisher goes in detail about which specific chemicals in a human’s brain are triggered when an individual has fallen in romantic love. A project that was started in 1996 by Fisher, was used to gather enough data to connect patterns between what is going on in the brain when someone is falling in love....   [tags: Love, Romance, Romance, Brain]

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The Definition of a Realistic Love

- Love can defined as many things. In the work “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun” by William Shakespeare, he shows the rarity that is love has. Telling how there is no other love like his. In another work, “Digging” by Seamus Heaney is about his father digging for potatoes. Each piece showed the love in the words. Whether it was towards their love, or for their job. In William Shakespeare poem, he compares is woman to the others. He compared her to the fairest of them all. He showed the other men why he picked her....   [tags: William Shakespear, love]

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Love Is A Strong Feeling Of Affection

- ... There is a notable emphasis on the use of the capital Y in “Your.” To show honor and respect to God we capitalize all pronouns referring to Him. This word is not only peculiar because of the capitalization but also because it seems to be talking to God more than talking about Him. If I were to modify the phrase “Your love never fails” by replacing “Your” with God’s making the phrase “God’s love never fails” this makes it less personal with God. The use of “Your” changes the whole mood of the song....   [tags: Love, God, Sentence, Audience]

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Intense And Covert Ideas Of Love

- Intense and Covert Ideas of Love Love is portrayed in numerous mediums: song, history, rhythmic dance, or poetry. These four instruments of love typically identify the notion as subjective, lifeless, and static. Song writer of this age often convey love as a goal in life not as an element of living. While people from different periods in history used love to gain power giving love a bare and emotionless personnel. And lastly dance and poetry perceives love as inaudible and plain, because the vary performers and authors have not experienced love on an intimate or divine level....   [tags: Shakespeare's sonnets, Love, Sonnet]

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Different Meaning Of The Word Love

- Just as people exemplify love for their family, they also show love towards their friends and partner. The only difference is most people 's actions show the different meaning of the word love. For example, when people acquire best friends or friends that they are really close with, they let certain guards down in order to become close with them. This group of people usually does things together to show how much they love each other, such as getting gifts for another for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship]

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Artificial Intelligence : Is It Love Or Comfort?

- ... He explains that humans benefit from an AI, whether their choices are appearances, qualities, functions, or values since it would allow them to create an AI based on ideal qualities they look for in a significant other. Curran also explains that having the power to create an ideal mate also mirrors the same force that brings individuals together, which is known as the law of attraction. This, in turn, will help those individuals who desire to reanimate their deceased loved one as an AI android body, who haven 't been fortunate enough to find a good match for them or who were in need for a compatible companion....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Love]

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Love Is Not Just A Verb

- ... Very true that Romeo and Juliet were devoted to one another until their deaths, but it was not true love that they had. Love and infatuation are in similar rankings, yet not the same, this remains of a common misconception even today. Lastly, Juliet already had an arranged marriage that was handpicked by her parents, who she did not accept, but forced too. Juliet was a teenager and like todays teens felt trapped by parents’ constant reminder they have had no freedom. Juliet never was able to have her opinion in the men her parents had picked....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Love, Romance]

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The Problem Of Love And Marriage

- While society has heavily embedded the idea of love into marriage, the actual applications of marriage does not incorporate love into it. Love and marriage are a thing that has been disconnected for a long time, yet the restrictions that have plagued marriage are the same restrictions that affect love due to the heavy mental connection that culture created with marriage. Abuse of the systems that marriage creates is a main reason for the failure of love. When someone can use marriage to gain something material, people will not marry who they love and ruin the concept of marriage....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Sociology, Society]

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The Ways Of Love Is Expressed

- Everyone is unique not only in how they look and feel but also in how they show love. This essay will examine the different ways love is expressed. To build a healthy, devoted relationship and to grow and maintain that relationship these techniques must all be understood. Thus, a person must be ready to recognize and receive love not just give it. These ways of conveying love can be broken down into five styles, and each will relate primarily to one of these styles. By understanding each of the styles and identifying them in various circumstances, a healthy relationship can be grown and maintained....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Romance]

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A Study On The Foundation Of Love

- Foundation of love begin when two singles has great feeling attach to each other. From stranger to couple and from couple to someone we will spend our rest of our life, but what if a man and a woman forces to get married just to please their parents. According to Robert Epstein, psychologist at American Institute for Behavior and Research and Technology, ‘’ one key to a strong arranged marriage is the amount of parental involvement at its start’’ (par. 3). However, the concept of ‘’Married at First Sight’’ does not involve parents....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Arranged marriage]

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Letters to Juliet: What is Love?

- There are many mysteries in life; one of many happens to be love. Love is such an easy thing to grasp, but to hold and truly understand it will dumbfound philosophers for a millennia and a millennia more to come. To understand such a thing is like asking; why does the sun set. Why do the ones we say we “love” leave us. To give an answer in a matter of seconds would almost certainly be wrong. Ask your self, what is love. A good example is in Verona, Italy where many letters of “love” are sent; one such letter will be examined and only a small few could truly say if this letter was “love” or just a strong connection to another human being....   [tags: love, connection, feeling, desire]

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Love Is All Of The Wounds

- Tough Love Love, an intense feeling of deep affection. Everyone wants to reach this state, whether its physically, mentally, or emotionally. Love brings peace, it 's the only thing that does not hurt. Hate hurts, lies hurt, loneliness hurts, but love is what cures all of the wounds. Seeking a lifelong partner to provide support, for a plethora of people, is an ultimate objective and goal. This happiness can be discovered several times; however, only true love will triumph. Not an average, but a supererogatory significant other is what is dreamt of....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship]

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The Movie As The Agape Love

- ... They both then also took it upon themselves to fix the wrongs that they caused and began to see their mistakes. Elinor and Elsa, on the other hand, only did what they did out of love; they had wanted what they thought was the best for their daughter/ sister. In order to regain the lost love between them, all four characters had to learn to listen. Thus, Brave and Frozen share the same premise of dispute between family members that love each other dearly, and the journey towards reconciliation as they each grew and developed to become more empathetic of each other....   [tags: Love, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship]

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Love Is Not Simple Or Easy

- ... At this point they discuss why Morley is not wearing her ring and she tells Reed that she was not ready to deal with everyone else’s reactions. While this is explanation is a partial truth, she avoids telling him the whole truth. She does not tell him that she is unsure about their engagement or thinking about leaving because she isn 't ready for marriage. The relationship continues to deteriorate up until the point at which Reed comes home to surprise Morley only to find her packing her things....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Marriage]

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Analysis Of ' Parental Love '

- ... Never see people losing jobs and never finding another one, never being without a home, never be without enough money for a decent meal, never be afraid that everything will fall apart at any second.’ (Act 3, Scene 2) This tense quote expresses Gwen’s desire for appreciation and respect for her hard work and sacrifice. In addition, it shows her strong compassion and protective nature towards Meg, and the struggle to provide her with a good life. This continually intense relationship puts a strain on their family....   [tags: Love, Family, Sentence, Son]

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Love and the Pattern of Relationships

- Love and the pattern of relationships will often be fashioned on a person’s upbringing and the family life they experienced. While a person may have come from a loving home with parents who respected each other, shared responsibilities and managed to stay married, this will perhaps be the kind of relationship they will want for themselves. On the other hand, while a person may have come from a hostile environment with parents who fought and ended in divorce, this may perhaps be the kind of relationship they may seek....   [tags: Essay About Love]

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Structure and Style of To Sir, with Love

- Dramatic Structure To Sir, with Love embodies a conventional three-act structure. However, the protagonist, Mark Thackeray, is faced with multiple active antagonists. The first act introduces Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) as a Communications engineer who, after many unsuccessful attempts to find employment in his field, takes a teaching position at the North Quay Secondary School. Once he has arrived, Thackeray is informed of the rebellious nature of his assigned students, who mostly come from underprivileged backgrounds....   [tags: To Sir, with Love Essays]

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Difference Between Romantic And Platonic Love

- Movies only scratch the surface of “best friends.” You see the typical girl duo that gossips and shops, completely joined at the hip, never without one another. They trade secrets and inside jokes like playing cars, and their names go hand in hand. That perception isn’t wrong; it’s just not the whole truth. Your best friend should be all that movies say, but it’s so much more complex than that. Have you ever met someone and when you start talking you’re left wondering where they’ve been all your life....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Platonic love]

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The 's Triangle Of Love Theory

- ... 389). It is later revealed that Pat’s mother helped Tiffany know when he was going to jog, and she told Pat that she also liked running. Tiffany was trying to establish similarities between them, which is the other major factor along with proximity (Aronson, p.390). She also later starts to research football despite hating the sport, another way she can be similar to Pat, but also a way she can show commitment by investing her time in things Pat likes. Despite these factors, their relationship is initially unstable, and it appears as if Pat is not interested and that Tiffany was very interested in further pursuing a steady romantic relationship....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Romance]

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Love Is A Beautiful And Natural Thing

- Falling in love is a beautiful and natural thing. We all want it; we all crave it. Coming across the perfect person to share your hopes and dreams with is a blessing. The natural thing to do when one finds their match, of course, is to marry. Marriage is a legal or formal recognized union of a man and a woman, or in some cases two people of the same sex, as partners in a relationship. But like many other things come to an end, marriage sometimes, unfortunately, also does. What divorcing parents don’t come to realize is the effect a separation may have on children, often times leaving them confused, blaming themselves, and from my personal experience, lost....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Emotion, Love]

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What is Love?

- “I love you”. No other sequence of words has so much power; these words have the power to strengthen a bond, weaken a relationship, ruin a friendship or bring two people together. The concept of love is puzzling and we have struggled to understand it for centuries, everything between the Greek goddess Aphrodite and today’s Romantic comedies have attempted to comprehend and explain it. The theme of love is popular in Donne’s early poetry. His understanding of love from the perspective of a protestant preacher reveals much about the anti-Christian sentiments and of the scientific revolution of the 17th century....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Donne, Love's Alchemy]

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Dr. Rank And Love For Nora

- 3a. What do you think Dr. Rank contributes to the play. If he were eliminated, what would be lost. In your answer, consider his inheritance from his father (how is it relevant to Nora’s inheritance from her father?) and his love for Nora (what does this tell us about her?). Dr. Rank, at first, does not seem like a very extraneous character that can help move the plot forward, due to his status, his economic wealth, and his profession. However, there is no more to the dynamic of the character, other than his disease and love for Nora....   [tags: Love, Marriage, An Unmarried Woman]

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Plato 's Views On Love

- A feeling that cannot be defined, an emotion that can only be expressed, and a word that is used in everyday life, is what we know as love. Throughout history, there have been many different opinions and interpretations of love. When a person is asked, “what is love?" many people find the answer more difficult to explain than they initially thought. The book Symposium describes love as, "the motivating force in all of us" (Page 11). The book also explains that Plato analyzes many kinds of love and one of those kinds of love may now be considered what one would call "Christian love." Christianity is a large influence on love today, particularly the fact that the Bible says God 's love is un...   [tags: Love, Human, Plato, Romance]

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Love Is A Matter Of Personality

- ... I feel by having a strong communication and good foundation within the relationship is going to help us to have a long lasting marriage. Our daughter will be able to learn from the example that we are setting for her by having respect for each other and her. There are many people the whole different beliefs on marriage and family life. Christians have a strong opinion on what they believe marriage and family values should be in today’s society. Christians believe that everything should be done traditionally as it was done in the Bible many years ago....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Time, Love]

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Movie Review : The Movie Love

- The movie Love Actually opens up to a scene about the idea of numerous families welcoming their loved ones in an airport, and then proceeds to tell different love stories of various people 5 weeks before Christmas Arrives. There are 10 different stories throughout the film with some of them connecting as they play out. One of the character name is Daniel, who unfortunately just lost his wife Joanna and is left to take care of his stepson Sam on his own. In the beginning he doesn’t understand how he is supposed to step up and be a parent to Sam....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Romance]

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The Word "Love" is Misunderstood

- The word love is usually misused or misinterpreted. There are numerous meanings and definitions to this overly used word. Not many of them make much sense to me. Love is a feeling of complete bliss. Love is something that can’t be touched or bought, but is something that is much better than money and earthly objects. I can stay here and describe love all day long and still have so much more to say about this word days later. Love isn’t a word that should be used lightly, but usually is. I believe that love is the most commonly used, but most understood word ever known Some people get the word love mixed up with lust....   [tags: essay about love]

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Love Should Not Be Measured

- Love is an emotion that a person feels inside his heart. People can love their partner; in addition, they can also love their friends. However, if a person were asked to choose whom they loved best, the majority would say they loved their partners more. When comparing love in this way, it would be conceivable that love can be measured. The same can be comparable to our children. While loving other family members, if we had to make a choice, we would undoubtedly choose our children. Loving someone means you are willing to make sacrifices for them....   [tags: Essay About Love]

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What Makes A True Love?

- ... The only tears that should run down one 's eyes are tears of joy, not sadness or despair. It will not make you hate life and force you to see the bad instead of the good. It will not bring doubt or false accusation to one 's self. Hatred to one 's self and the other partner should never occur. Love is not a horrendous monster that brings fear, hatred, self-doubt, and other negative feelings or actions. Most of the time, people confuse a deep level of intimacy with another form of love. There are many levels of love one can have for a wide variety of subjects....   [tags: Love, Mother, Marriage]

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The Chinese Character Of Love

- ... Denying the teens’ work can destroy all teens confidence and it is not a form of true love. Friend also means care and responsibility. Parents and their children need to take each other into account and never neglect other’s feeling. Teens have the responsibility to give something back to their parents, not just receive everything and thinking their parents owed them. Overindulgence is neglected, it will only make the children become selfish and make everyone stay away from them. Parents have the responsibility to teach the children to become self-reliance because one day the children have to live on their own....   [tags: Meaning of life, Suicide, Love]

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Relationship Between Friendship And Love

- Intimacy and friendship both help preserve ones physical and mental well-being. Friendship is the foundation for which a strong love relationship develops. When individuals become friends they share interests, values, trust, understanding, and enjoyment and this is the root from which love grows. The difference between the intimacy of friendship and love is that they each satisfy different needs. Romantic partners satisfy emotional support, money, sexual activity, and shared legal statues, whereas friends provide only emotional support....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship]

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Love Is The Ultimate Dagger

- Love is the ultimate dagger: a dangerous game when circumstances turn awry. When passion or short term pleasure supersedes commitment, hearts break. Some people swear to never love again after losing love; some people recede to depression when love is not reciprocated; however, love draws in the human heart. Some people search their whole lives for their proverbial knight in shining armor or the perfect woman. Much less medieval, some simply search for a friend to love. Regardless of the object of love, it is founded in an unsaid promise between two people to be faithful and honorable....   [tags: Love, Friendship, Othello]

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The Classic Belief Of Love

- In all of media—and particularly, that which strives to touch its readers emotionally—it is, perhaps, the idea of love that holds power above all else in a narrative. There is a reason, after all, as to why this phenomena reoccurs again and again as a plot device, in turn becoming one of the most well known for audiences throughout history. No matter the context from which it may be derived, many can relate to the basic tale of love most of all, whether it be portrayed as comedic or tragic beyond the base aspects of its foundation....   [tags: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Love]

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Types Of Woman 's Love?

- Types Of Woman In Love. For many years now women have made great changes in their lives. Women have come so far from the past when they were simply just property, to now being almost equal to men. In today 's society if a woman wants something she can get it, but does that include love. Love is such a broad topic that has been written about for so long now you would think there would not be anything left to be said. On the contrary, because women 's roles have changed so much there is a whole new topic of love to be addressed....   [tags: Love, Poetry, Woman, Romance]

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A Pessimistic View Of Love

- ... To which everyone at the table agrees. Carver is making a connection between the gin and love here; love is the topic of conversation and the only thing that’s keeping it going is the gin. All four friends want to be done with this talk of love and go on to something more real which, in this case, is satiating their hunger. Continuing with Carver’s imagery, he also focuses on the amount of sunlight in the room. Slowly having the light fade from the room the longer the friends discuss love. At the very beginning of the story, Carver writes, “Sunlight filled the kitchen” (Carver 656)....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Bullying]

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Types Of Women 's Love

- ... Also showing that the speaker listens to her mind more instead of what her heart is saying “they have, we laugh, and buy the dreams”(Alvarez), says the speaker exhibiting to her audience that in a way she agrees with what her mother is saying. The speaker says she is interested in love time after time, but in fact never mentions that she is actually out there looking for it, which may confuse the reader about how much she means what she is saying in the poem. Has she been hurt before. And if she has how....   [tags: Love, Poetry, Woman, Romance]

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Power of Love and Relationships

- Power of Love and relationships The first aspect of forming a social bond is an attraction, and there are many different ways in which people are attracted to those around them. Attraction refers to positive feelings you have for another person, it can be liking, love, friendships, and lust. When it comes to love and relationships, attractions are important. One would think that physical attraction is aspect number one and research shows that the romantic attraction is primarily determined from physical attraction....   [tags: social bond, romantic love]

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My Personal Philosophy Of Love

- ... I fell in love with that first therapist. I look back at the girl I was at that time & I don 't blame her. I have compassion and understanding for her because she never experienced what it felt like to be accepted unconditionally. The therapeutic relationship I got into at 17 was a refuge for me, It was there where learned so much about myself and initiated the substructure for doing the emotional work that I 'm continuing to do now, it makes so much sense to me that I fell in love and developed these feelings for the only person in my life at the time who really truly understood me and what I was going through and gave me hope as well as validation, and gave me a reason to look forward...   [tags: Love, Emotion, Interpersonal relationship]

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Crazy Love by Steven Pinker

- In Steven Pinker’s short informative article, “Crazy Love,” he defines the special effects love has on us as human beings, and the technique people use to look for certain spouses. Pinker claims that ever since the beginning of time love has driven humans to make verdicts they would not generally make. Love induces feelings not only of happiness, but of distress and irritation as well. Pinker begins to clarify how humans find a companion, and what they browse for in the opposite sex. He says that romantic passion, with its ideational fixation, mood swings, and intense need for signs of giving back is different from lust and long-term commitment....   [tags: effects of love, people]

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The True Elements Of Love

- ... They each recognize their own value in the relationship and that is what makes the strong and exciting for as long as they are together. The Fantasy Relationship Myth Thanks to romantic tales that depict two people in an incredible, passionate, and perfect relationship, a lot of people feel that love has to have a fantasy element in order to be real. That belief creates unhealthy relationships in so many different ways. For instance, in the relationship one person will hide their true feelings about what they need so conflict doesn 't occur, because conflict doesn 't happen in fantasy relationships....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Health]

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Love in Toni Morrison's "Beloved"

- Love is said to be one of the most desired things in life. People long for it, search for it, and crave it. It can come in the form of partners, friends, or just simply family. To some, love is something of a necessity in life, where some would rather turn a cold shoulder to it. Love can be the mixture of passion, need, lust, loyalty, and blood. Love can be extraordinary and breathtaking. Love being held so high can also be dangerous. Love can drive people to numerous mad things with it dangerously so full of craze and passion....   [tags: Love, Toni Morrison, Beloved,]

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Love As A Romantic Relationship

- ... So instead of the Cleavers, you now have the Duffy’s on Modern Family, the Short’s of Life in Pieces, and, less recently, the Ramone’s on Everybody Loves Raymond. All of these shows, and many more that I did not name, and what are now known as traditional families. Being a big family person myself, I view the Cleaver-traditional family as, for the lack of a better term, outdated. Now, I come from a dual-income family with three children as well as a grandmother and an aunt to assist. Because of this, I was raised to become more than just a stay-at-home mom; my parents wanted what was best for my brother, sister, and me and to them that was to become successful in whatever made us happy....   [tags: Family, Mother, Marriage, Love]

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Love Portrayal of Jack London

- Love Portrayal Of Jack London Throughout the novel The Call of the Wild Buck is thrown into a vast amount of obstacles. Buck is a half Saint Bernard and Half Sheepdog who is stolen from a home in California. He was then sold as a sled dog in the arctic where he would begin his adventure. Buck undergoes many challenges that can be related to human beings. The two experiences that everyone goes through are love and death. According to Jack London in The Call of the Wild, love and death are portrayed as bitter, sweet, and deadly....   [tags: death, love, obstacles, adventure]

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