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Learning Styles With Learning Style

- ... There is a different kind of learning such as in a group, class room. Work, community school and self-learning. Seema learns best with Auditory. She believes to learn with the speaking someone and hearing new things for learn. Seema has a good strength to what hear and say. Seema likes to discussion with other and enjoy the work. She can remember verbally instruction well and understand information what she hear. Seema love to ask the question. She always asks the question on work and discussion with the team worker if she not sure about the task....   [tags: Education, Learning styles, Knowledge, Learning]

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Learning Styles And Their Influence On Teaching And Learning

- ... After doing the VARK questionnaire, the summary of results indicates that the author has multimodal strategies. The author has visual score of 5, aural 2, read or write 5, and Kinesthetic 4. Based on the information, Multimodal strategies explain that the author has all four combinations of learning style which means that same material needed to present in several different modes. Many researchers have evaluated the learning strategies based on research and mostly they have found that 79% students preference was multimodal (Prithishkumar & Michael, 2014)....   [tags: Learning styles, Education, Learning]

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The Theories Of Learning Styles

- Research shows that learning styles theory is a neuroscience myth. Although this may be true, the majority of educators when given a survey indicate they believe in the learning styles and use them in their classrooms. In this essay, I will explore why this discrepancy is occurring and look at ways to share the truth with current and future educators. “The contrast between the enormous popularity of the learning-styles approach within education and the lack of credible evidence for it’s utility is, in our opinion, striking and disturbing....   [tags: Education, Learning styles, Learning, Teacher]

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Learning Styles And Strategies By Neil Fleming

- Introduction The objective of learning is to understand information intended to be learned. According to Brown (2000) learning styles is defined as the manner in which individuals perceive and process information in learning situations" (Journal of Studies in Education, 2012). Depending on one 's perspective, preferred learning styles help defined in multiple ways to get the most out of any learning or teaching experience. There are several ways to evaluate a person’s learning style, preference, and strategies that may be different from one person to the next....   [tags: Learning styles, Learning, Education]

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Therapeutic Recreation For Different Learning Styles

- ... More recently, in the practice of therapeutic recreation, definitions on health have emphasized the whole person and state of optimal performance, rather than just the absence of disease and discomfort. There is now a greater recognition of the integrity of the body and mind, the role of the person’s environment in contributing with disease and health, and the importance of promoting healthful living ( ). Health is a determinant of quality of life yet the quality of one’s life, financial resources, access to care, self-enrichment opportunities, and social support, also influences ones health....   [tags: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Learning]

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Learning Styles And Their Strengths, Weaknesses, And Preferences

- ... Individuals who possess this learning style operate and communicate effectively with words. This methodology of transmitting information from the short term memory storage (STS) to the long term memory storage (LTS) can be attributed to the read/write learning style. It encourages text based input and output in all its forms, utilizing the same skills for reading and writing in order to learn. Being a read/write learner demonstrates learning through the processes most commonly used. Having words is a cultural component of who we are and read/write are both important skills not just for the professional scope, but for the cognitive process as well....   [tags: Education, Learning styles, Psychology, Learning]

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Learning Styles- Theory of Multiple Intelligences

- At some point in each individual persons life they attend some type of school, class or learning facility. Whether it is at school, home or any other place that one would be taught a subject or lesson. While attending a class or lecture each person that is their to learn will grasp the concept of the lesson in a different way and gain a different amount of knowledge and understanding on the topic no matter what. This reason being is every one has a different way of learning. Just as each individual is different in their own way they also have a different way of gaining information from a source....   [tags: 7 learning styles, visual learners]

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Effects Of Students Learning Styles On Classroom Performance

- Learning Styles Annotated Bibliography with Additional Resources Chris D. Ceary Stevenson University  Annotated Bibliography Alghasham, A. A. (2012). Effects of students learning styles on classroom performance in problem-based learning. Medical Teacher 34 (Suppl. 1), S1 4-9. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2012.656744 The researchers examined a practical application of Felder’s learning style theory, which explores the varying ways learners take in and handle information. The styles are based on different arrangements of conflicting dimensions....   [tags: Learning styles, Educational psychology, Gender]

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Learning Styles And Techniques Differ For Each Person Based On Their Ability

- Learning styles and techniques differ for each person based on their capability to analyze process and memorize information. VARK is a model that provides insight on an individual’s learning styles. The VARK learning style is a theory developed by Neil Flaming in 1987. He designed VARK as a questionnaire so users can identify and make a profile of their own preferences of learning. (VARK, 2015) “It is a learning style guide that helps people to identify and reassess their study habits. According to Fleming, every type of learner has unique academic strengths and weaknesses....   [tags: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Education]

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Learning Styles : Visual, Auditory, And The Same Method Of Studying Does Not Work For Everyone

- There are multiple styles for someone to learn, and the same method of studying does not work for everyone. I have found that learning habits are not obtained after one night, but evolve over a period of time. While researching the different learning styles, I found there are 3 styles: visual, auditory or tactile. Someone who is a visual learner prefers to see or observe things and does better with written directions/instructions. The auditory learners prefer to listen or talk with someone about things....   [tags: Learning styles, Educational psychology, Education]

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Learning Styles And Learning Style

- ... Logical-Mathematical Logical-mathematical learners achieve the best results when their learning allows them to conduct experiments and discover answers to questions. Those with a logical-mathematical learning style are good with numbers as well as figuring out things logically. They can recognize patterns and like to work through problems in a step-by-step matter. If you have a logical-mathematical learning style, you can often learn key information by creating a list. This type of learner often works well with bullet points, which illustrate the key facts....   [tags: Learning, Psychology, Study skills, Education]

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Learning Styles and the Accounting Profession

- Every human being in this world is unique and each individual has different ways in which they learn. Learning styles have been formulated over the years to help us recognize the way we approach learning and methods we use to gain knowledge. It is an individual's distinctive approach to learning based on strengths, weaknesses, and preference with a mixture of various styles. In this essay, we will take a look at different learning styles and how they can be implemented and integrated in the accounting profession....   [tags: Business Accounting Learning]

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Learning Styles : Visual Learner

- ... The four thinking styles are the concrete sequential thinker, the concrete random thinker, the abstract random thinker, and the abstract sequential thinker. A concrete sequential thinker processes information in an ordered, sequential and linear way. These thinkers are based in a reality that consists of what they can see, touch, hear, taste and smell. Concrete random thinkers are more of experimenters. Although they too are reality based thinkers, they will take a more trial and error approach....   [tags: Intelligence, Learning, Educational psychology]

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My Students ' Learning Styles

- I believe that every student has the ability to learn how to read in one form or another. I must assess all of my students’ learning styles in order to meet their specific needs in the development of reading. I must also provide them with meaningful instruction and with a variety of rich appropriate books. It is crucial that my students are motivated to learn how to read, and I can do this by providing them with that meaningful instruction and by using books that will hold their interests and attention....   [tags: Educational psychology, Education, Learning]

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Learning Styles and Approaches

- First year students must use strategic or surface learning tools than later on their studies develop deep learning to achieve a better outcome in their university courses. Therefore this essay will be informative on how surface learning for first year students are more effective and efficient in their studies, while they can later on develop deep learning or other more useful learning tools to be successful in the long term for university studies. Consequently using these tools academic success will be excelled....   [tags: Students, Teaching, Learning, Education]

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Learning Styles and Learning Theories

- Building on from the learning styles and theories I have covered, it is clear to see that although they target multiple learning groups; they fail to underpin any techniques, skills and strategies to become an effective learner. “Many students can perform and obtain good results, but that itself may be insufficient to make them effective learners. Often the distinction between performance and learning is blurred and many students have difficulty reflecting on how they can learn to become better learners” (Gavin Reed & Shannon Green 2009)....   [tags: education, discipline]

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Understanding Learning Styles : Teaching Styles

- Understanding Learning Styles Corey Young College 100 American Public University Heidi McNally   Understanding Learning Styles The twenty-first century the exponential increase in technology has allowed people to have unprecedented access to seemingly limitless information unlike any other time in human history. Today people from all corners of the globe now have the ability to harness a vast sea of resources at their very fingertips. One of the byproducts of the technological revolution has been the dramatic increase in online, or distance learning, from perspective students looking for a more flexible option to pursue higher education....   [tags: Education, Learning, Intelligence]

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My Unique Learning Styles Of The Children

- ... As I got older, I began to learn more words until I was finally able to read the entire book by myself. Even though there was a lot of text, the pictures were full of detail and told exactly what was happening in the story. Yet another interesting fact is that visual learners prefer to have written directions rather than verbal directions (Farwell, 2012). Having written directions provide a clear and concise means of what to do without having to guess. In my time working as a substitute teacher, kids may want to ask specific questions....   [tags: Education, Learning, Kinesthetic learning]

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Learning Styles : The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

- Learning Styles – The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Learning is a process that individuals face every day, whether it is in classroom, at work, or surfing the Internet, but each person has a particular style in which they prefer to accomplish this learning. An individual’s learning style is the manner in which that person finds learning to be the easiest for them, and while many individuals have a primary style, everyone uses all the learning styles in various combinations throughout their day and life....   [tags: Education, Intelligence, Kinesthetic learning]

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Teaching to Learning Styles of My Students

- One way to support my students in the classroom is to be familiar with their learning styles. Not all students learn the same way in a classroom. By knowing and getting familiar with the students learning styles, I would know how I will deliver my lessons and lectures that will accommodate each student learning styles. In class, we discuss about the VAKT (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, and Tactile) Learning Modalities that filters how students learn best and how they can connect new information to old information (Greczi, 2014)....   [tags: classroom, emotions, cooperative learning]

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Learning about Learning Styles

- A learning style is a way in which a learner begins to concentrate on, process, and retain new and difficult information (Dunn & Dunn, 1987). A teacher cannot expect a student to listen to a story and answer a series of questions then expect them to make a perfect score when the student learns better by reading. Learning styles are simply deduced by how information is processed. Understand one’s individual learning style helps him or her by setting them up for success instead of setting them up for failure....   [tags: Education]

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Is the Utilization of Learning Styles Necessary?

- There is a great debate raging throughout the educational system in America today. At the heart of this battle is the question over whether or not educators should alter their lesson plans to reflect the learning styles of their students. Many of us have heard someone say, “I couldn’t figure out what they were saying, but once they showed me how I was able to do it.” This is an example of someone’s learning style. A learning style is the way a person prefers to process, internalize, and remember new information or concepts....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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Students’ Learning Styles in Classroom

- 1.0 Introduction We are living in a technology-based world. Day by day, the world we live in is developing in various aspects without fail. Along with that, trend in education has been developing to cater for the best of the students. This clearly means that trends in education system are always changing from time to time. The modernized world has changed people’s perception on how they look at the current trends in education. Speaking about trends, what do we understand about trends. According to Erlendsson (2003) trend in short means ‘a regular change in data over time’....   [tags: visual, auditory, focus]

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The Theory Of Learning Styles

- ... Scientists and educators focus on seven main learning styles: Visual, which is the use of pictures, images, and colors. These types of learners would benefit most from using flash cards, books, diagrams, and maps. Verbal, the use of language or words. Verbal learners’ needs are often better met in small groups where they can talk about a subject and hear thoughts and ideas. Aural or Auditory Learners which use sounds and music. Aural learners would be most successful listening to a lecture or song to help them retain information....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

- Different learning styles are used by different people, with different levels of intelligence and ability. The different learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. There are many others depending on who you ask, but those are the basic ones. Depending on how a person is raised, how they individually prefer to learn, and their learning ability. However, if a teacher uses the wrong learning style with a student, it may make the student feel like they cannot learn or that they are inferior to the others in the classroom (Overview of Learning Styles, 2014)....   [tags: Education, intelligene, ability]

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The Value of Learning Styles

- The Value of Learning Styles Learning styles and their value have been debated for some time. Students may have a preferred style but this doesn’t mean that educators should use just one form to accommodate an individual’s style. Using a multitude of styles will keep a student’s interest and will ensure a more solid understanding of the information presented. Many researchers believe that everyone has a preferred learning style and have developed a list of questions and if answered truthfully, are designed to indicate what preferred style the learner has....   [tags: abilities, auditory, kinesthetic]

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Learning Styles As An Educator

- ... Learning styles can be defined in many different ways and usually defined differently based on one’s perspective. For instance, Brown (2000) defines learning styles as the manner in which individuals perceive and process information in learning situations. He argues that learning style preference is one aspect of learning style, and refers to the choice of one learning situation or condition over another. Celcia-Murcia (2001) defines learning styles as the general approaches-for-example, global or analytic, auditory or visual- that students use in acquiring a new language or in learning another subject....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Culture, United States]

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Learning Styles and Decision Making

- Learning Styles and Decision Making Learning style is “the way in which each person absorbs and retains information and/or skills” (Dunn, 1984, p. 2). In other words, it is a way in which every person gathers, processes and analyzes information. It impacts various aspects of individual's life, such as environment in which that person learns best, topics he/she is interested in, approaches to the learning situation, and so on. Kolb's model of learning styles is one of the most well known learning style theories....   [tags: information, strengths, theory]

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The Diversity of Learning Styles

- The life of a functioning adult in today’s world consists mostly of communicating with people and groups that have different personalities and learning styles. So, it is vitally important that we learn to communicate in diverse ways so that our message(s) get across in the most effective and through way(s) possible. One of the learning styles that is hardest for me relate with is musical learning. While I enjoy listening to music and occasionally creating music, I simply do not absorb and process information that way....   [tags: Education, teaching, teachers]

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Time Management and Learning Styles

- ... Therefore, I was aware of these benefits; using this system has shown me the advantages of having online access to lectures and other informative materials. The challenges of online learning are what intrigue me the most. I was aware of how, with this system, feedback is not immediate and the interaction among professor and students varies. In contrast, I was unaware of the extent of these and other challenges. Whitehead (2006) stated that online learning lacks “camaraderie that may help boost enthusiasm and motivation” as well as it “may lead to a feeling of isolation.” In addition, he explained how having that much flexibility may lead to procrastination in some instances, computers or...   [tags: academic achievement]

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Understanding Preferred Learning Styles

- Each person has their own type of learning style. A learning style is a method in which each of us utilizes to better understand material. A preferred learning style is a style in which the person can learn best, reflecting their strengths and weaknesses of the individual. In order to understand material we take it all in with our senses, through sight, sound, touch, smell or taste. Multiple Intelligence theory maintains that there are at least seven learning styles (“intelligences”): interpersonal, intra-personal, body/kinesthetic, visual/spatial, mathematical/logical, verbal/linguistic and musical/rhythmic (Lazear, D.1991)....   [tags: Teaching, Education]

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Adapting Teaching Styles to Learning Styles

- All people perceive and process information differently. As students progress through their years in school, they are able to discover what methods allow them to retain the most information. The key to learning is not simply repetition, but being able to understand a concept. That is how a student can be sure that he or she has truly learned something. Teachers must be able to accommodate their students by tailoring their methods of teaching and materials. Different teaching styles obviously suit different learning styles, and no one teaching style can be effective for all learning styles....   [tags: Education]

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I Think Learning Styles Are So Popular

- ... From personal experience, I learned better when I heard teachers speak and saw them writing on a board. The action of seeing my professors write along with verbal reinforcement, it’s what helped me remember information. 1B) I would reconcile the popularity of learning style by adjusting my teaching style to a comfortable modality in which all of my students could learn and be successful. I would incorporate learning exercise in the classroom that would pinpoint what causes a student to be more engaged so that they can absorb the information I’m delivering (visuals, open discussion, group work, projects, and experiments)....   [tags: Intelligence, Education, Learning]

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Learning Styles

- Adjusting learning and studying strategies can be a fast easy way to improve a college grade from a B to an A. Through studies of learning styles I have been able to decipher my learning types. I am a visual learner, have an integrated brain, meaning I use both hemispheres, and ranked highest in bodily-kinesthetic and logic-mathematical intelligence. There are three types of learning styles. They are: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. An auditory learner processes information by hearing and discussing the information....   [tags: Education ]

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Different Learning Styles: Learning about Learning

- There are many people in the world, but only three key learning styles. Learning styles can be defined as a preferred way of acquiring knowledge and processing information. A learning style affects understanding, solving problems, participating in different activities, reacting in a group, and relating to others around us. Most individuals have a dominant learning style. There are many varieties of learning styles, but they are categorized into three main groups: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (Lamarche-Bisson): 1....   [tags: Education ]

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Various Learning Styles

- There are many contrasting learning styles with infinite learning characteristics. How humans learn ranges widely and learning is an everyday constant. While doing anything from reading the newspaper in the morning to watching television shows in the evening, individuals are learning. Learning is ever present within humans; a subconscious and ongoing function in daily lives. Additionally, it is adopted into everyday living whether individuals are aware or unaware that learning is even taking place....   [tags: Education]

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Diverse Learning Styles

- The way a person best retains information is considered to be their preferred learning style (Irvine & York 1995). Knowing what learning style best fits with a student inside your classroom is important. Being conscious of how a student best learns will help the teacher plan how to provide the student with the knowledge that is needed to be learned in ways that best suits each student. Knowing students’ learning styles can help in many ways to enhance both learning and teaching. Plenty of research has been done about how people learn and how the information is relayed to them....   [tags: Informative, Education]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Learning Styles

- Learning styles Introduction: In this essay I will be describing various types of learning styles and stating the advantages and disadvantages of these learning styles. I will also inform you of the most commonly used method of finding out your own learning style, and I will inform you of the man who made this method. Finally, I will write about my own preferred learning styles and the strengths and weaknesses of the different learning styles. What is a ‘Learning Style’. “A learning style is a way of learning and refers to the way that you learn new information” (2)....   [tags: visual, aural, brain]

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Learning Styles: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

- There are many intelligences described to us through our lives, all over the world. Does in-telligence decide what we do with our lives, or is one intelligence more important than any other. When we look at Merriam-Webster (2013) for the definition of intelligence it states that it is the ability to learn different or new actions dependent on circumstances involved. So, who decides what intelligence is, and do we know if emotional intelligence, personal intelligence or any other intelligence plays a part in the different styles of learning....   [tags: brain, emotions, linguistic]

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Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle

- David Kolb published his learning styles theory, in 1984, after many years of development. His theory stated that people learn in two different steps, inputting information and processing information. How people do this is also different. Think of inputting information on a vertical line, one person may prefer concrete examples at the top and abstract concepts at the bottom. Processing information is on a horizontal line with active experimentation on the left and reflective observation on the right....   [tags: Learning Styles]

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Learning Styles in Tom Wayman's Students

- The poem “Students” by Tom Wayman, shows four different learning styles: The Vaccination Theory of Education, The Dipstick Theory of Education, The Easy Listener Theory of Learning, and The Kung Fu Theory of Education. Wayman is a teacher that has noticed that every person devolves into one of these different learning styles. The four different theory of education are used every day even if we do not know. The Vaccination Theory of Education is when students forget everything after having learned and completed the subject....   [tags: poetry, literary analysis]

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Learning How to Learn

- Learning How to Learn There are four characteristics to Kolb’s learning style. They are divergers, convergers, accommodators and assimilators. Divergers are people whose strength lies in creative and imaginative ability. They excel in the ability to see concrete situations from many sides and to come up with a lot of ideas. Convergers are the opposite of divergers. Convergers use the practical application of ideas. They do best in a situation where there is one correct answer or solution and they can focus on same....   [tags: Learning Styles]

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Learning Styles And Multiple Intelligences Profile

- Introduction My initial reaction to the self-assessment was that it seemed a little simplistic. Knowing that it was only 24 questions, it didn 't feel sufficient enough to be able to accurately determine the level and areas of intelligence that one would process. One aspect that I did find interesting was the ever-changing criteria between the four pages of questions. While one focused and how often the participant engaged in certain activities, another focused of the enjoyment gained from different activities, while yet another was based on how likely one was to engage in said activity....   [tags: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence]

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Teaching Styles and Learning Styles

- Generally speaking, Mullock’s research paper is easy to follow and understand. At the very first stage of reading the article, I found quite confused with the way which the writer presented her points. Yet, the more I read the article, the clearer and more logical her points became. She studied an issue that has been perennial topic of discussion in any educational context, so the title drew attention at the first time of reading. The interest was heightened as reading through the article. As obviously showed on the paper, there was a change in today students’ perceptions of what constitutes a good language teacher compared to those of students in the past....   [tags: language, education tsol]

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Learning Styles Based On Peter Honey And Alan Mumford Theory

- ... Student nurses will observe actions which are demonstrated to them in the clinical practice and they will imitate these actions when they are given similar conditions. Theorists’ learn best from following facts and going through question and answers to expand their knowledge. Theorists learn rationally and logically, working best when information is given to them in a systematic with concepts. Thinking logistically is time consuming which is a weakness of theorists and their habits of drafting work according to an article by Huang and Busby (2007)....   [tags: Learning, Learning theory, Education]

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Learning Styles

- Learning Styles      The reason for doing this report is to try and discover which is my best and worst way to learn and then to come up with a strategy for improving my ability to learn. The first thing that I need to do is research what different learning styles there is, after I have done this I can determine what are my preferred learning styles. Types of Learning Styles      After doing some research I have discovered that there are four main ways of learning. For each of these four ways there is a continuum, this continuum determines which particular style somebody may prefer....   [tags: Education Teaching Learning essays]

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My Learning Style

- This paper will identify which of the Kolb learning styles best suits me and why I think so. It will also give some examples from my past and present to support these findings. After determining, the learning styles that best fit me and completing an inventory exercise, I have concluded that I learn best using audio and visual techniques in the learning process. I agree with everything this exercise has brought to light. I never knew that these styles were the meaning by which I learned. I have also included examples as to how I see the use and benefits of these learning styles in my career....   [tags: Learning Styles]

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What Are The Four Contextual Factors That I Have On Learning Styles And Modalities

- A3 The four contextual factors that I have decided to write about are age, language, special needs, and learning styles and modalities. The first I will talk about is age. When designing a lesson plan I will need to take into consideration the age of my students. The lessons and assessments need to be designed for students in the 3rd grade who are eight, turning nine. I will need to develop lessons using skills appropriate to the development of eight year olds. I will need to consider how long eight year olds can sit and listen, if eight year olds have the skills to do what is being asked, and if they can understand the vocabulary being used....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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How Will You Climb Mountain Climb Higher Learning?

- How will you climb the mountain to higher learning. Will you stay organized through the use of an agenda. Or maybe your mobile phone. “Sixteen percent of teens keep track of their goals using their mobile phone while 48 percent use a notebook, planner, or journal” (Statistics). Down to the most insignificant details such as keeping an agenda, having a personalized learning experience is crucial to obtaining a fruitful education experience. Learn how to implement educational methods specific to you by simply redesigning the rules, supporting your teacher, and learning about yourself....   [tags: Education, Learning, Learning styles]

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Learning Styles: Recognition and Accommodation

- The recognition and accommodation of the diverse learning styles exhibited by team members can lead to improved interaction and greater synergy online or face-to-face. The most commonly recognized learning styles are derived from the main sense used for sensory input. Commonly, the three most pertinent and all-encompassing learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. If the learning styles can be properly identified and accommodated in both the face-to-face and online environments, the result will be greatly empowered people and more effective teams....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Learning Styles and the Brain

- How Did You Know That?!Learning Styles and the Brain Although most commonly framed in academic contexts, learning style lies at the foundation of individual identity and development. Learning, "the process of acquiring knowledge about the world" (1) and learning style, "...the sum of the patterns of how individuals develop habitual ways of responding to experience" (2) reflect an array of attitudes, emotional responses, preferences and habits. It is the basis of how we interact with, process and are subsequently affected by inputs from our environment....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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What Are Learning Styles People May Ask?

- ... For the most part, adolescents show that they are able to learn with various learning intelligences. It is discussed that “One of the most significant characteristics of multiple intelligence theory is that intelligence can be pluralized. In other words, people do not have just one single intelligence; instead, they have all intelligences at varying levels. The dominant intelligence of one person may not be the dominant intelligence of another and the combination of intelligences varies from person to person.” (Menevis, 2014, p.10) in the meanwhile adolescents will further discover their individual in using different forms of these intelligences, which will then establish the major aspec...   [tags: Intelligence, Theory of multiple intelligences]

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Discussing the Different Types of Learning Styles and Personality Types

- Your learning style is your mind’s own unique way of taking in and processing information for you to obtain. No one learns and communicates in the same way. When working with different people we have to make sure we think about the fact that there are different learning styles as well as different personality types. The only way for a small group of individuals to communicate effectively, we need to identify each member’s learning style and personality types from the start so that the team can function in a timely and well-respected manner....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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The Visual Learner in Me: Analyzing Different Learning Styles

- ... Visual learners remember best what they can see. Such as images, sketches, graphs, outlines, tables, and illustrations (Felder & Soloman, n.d.). I agree with this determination. The second quiz I have taken is called “Learning Style Inventory”, this quiz determined I am a visual learner. A description of my personal assessment states; I would benefit by examining all study materials. Using graphic representation, drawings, photographs, and writing notes on index cards for easy memorization....   [tags: comprehension, material, assessment, results]

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Paideia: Teaching to Students’ Individual Learning Styles

- The Paideia Proposal was created by Mortimer J. Adler to overcome elitism in the school system and replace it with a true democratic system. The Paideia Proposal aims to improve the quality of schools in America and to make education available to all students (Adler, 1984). To meet student individual needs educators need to adjust their instructional teaching strategies (Nolen, 2003). Educators need to be aware of how their students learn and how to meet the needs of their students. The potential benefits of using the Paideia Proposal in schools is to meet the purpose of education, understand students’ learning styles, and use instructional elements to meet those needs of student’s....   [tags: Education]

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Learning Styles and Strategies

- Learning Styles and Strategies My learning style is generally well balanced between active, reflective, sensing and intuitive learning. However, I have a more moderate preference toward the visual learning over verbal and the sequential over global learning. The results of my test did not surprise me. I realize that I comprehend better when shown how to do something over reading directions from a text. I feel the assessment of my test was very valid and the questions that were asked were relative to the process....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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Definitions of Learning Styles

- Definitions of Learning Styles Although learning style may be simply defined as the way people come to understand and remember information, the literature is filled with more complex variations on this theme. James and Gardner (1995), for example, define learning style as the "complex manner in which, and conditions under which, learners most efficiently and most effectively perceive, process, store, and recall what they are attempting to learn" (p. 20). Merriam and Caffarella (1991) present Smiths definition of learning style, which is popular in adult education, as the "individuals characteristic way of processing information, feeling, and behaving in learning situations" (p....   [tags: Education Vocational Essays]

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Learning Styles In Business

- What Types of Learning StylesAre Best for Business. What are "learning styles". The topic of learning styles has been discussed throughout the academic world for several years, but do we really understand how it affects the way students learn. From public school to higher education, different learning styles can be found everywhere. The three main types of learning styles are visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic (hands on) . Each style reflects the main ability of how the individual learns best....   [tags: Education]

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Theories addressing learning styles

- Theories addressing learning styles There are several different learning styles and theories about approaching them. Some students learn better through one or more of the learning styles than another. As Rita Dunn of St. John’s University says, “A students best “modality” for learning may be visual, auditory, or tactile, according to the speakers”(Walton,1991). An auditory learner may learn better through hearing material spoken. A visual learner learns better by reading instructions to himself....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Seven Learning Styles

- The Seven Learning Styles One of the seven learning styles that this paper will discuss is the bodily kinesthetic intelligence. This is defined by David Kolb as, “the physical movement and knowledge or wisdom of the body” (Kolb 1984). Some of the characteristics that this intelligence includes is being able to perform physical exercises and have control over voluntary movements.. Children who rely on this intelligence to learn have a good sense of the connection between the mind and the body, such as balance, and most achieve high quality body functioning, or athleticism....   [tags: essays papers]

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Benefits of Accommodating Each Student's Unique Learning Style

- 1.0 Introduction We are living in a technology-based world. Day by day, the world we live in is developing in various aspects without fail. Along with that, trend in education has been developing to cater for the best of the students. This clearly means that trends in the education system are always changing from time to time. The modernized world has changed people’s perception on how they look at the current trends in education. Speaking about trends, what do we understand about trends. According to Erlendsson (2003) trend in short means ‘a regular change in data over time’....   [tags: Essay on Learning Styles]

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Effective Teaching And Learning Strategies

- In order for learning to take place in the classroom the teacher has to put in place an effective teaching and learning strategy. Being an effective teacher is not something that can be achieved instantaneously but rather something that has to be continuously developed and improved upon over time. Petty mentions how good teachers are not born but rather make themselves and that effective teaching comes from learning from your mistakes and successes. Petty, p. 516, 2009. This process involves teacher reflection and assessment of the effectiveness of different teaching strategies used in the classroom....   [tags: Education, Learning, Teaching, Learning styles]

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Online Learning Vs. Traditional Classroom Learning

- Online learning refers to assisted learning through the Internet. It is termed as an approach to teaching and learning whereby Internet technologies are utilized to collaborate and communicate in an educational context. It comprises of technologies that supplement the traditional training conducted in a classroom with web-based components and a learning environment whereby the education is experienced online (Salmon, Gilly 230). Online learning is increasingly becoming popular, as many students now prefer to take their courses online....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Learning styles]

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Learning Styles: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

-     A human’s capacity to learn new skills has been researched and studied over the years. Each individual is unique and therefore hard to put into one simple category. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences is one example of the possible ways a human can learn and comprehend their world. In his theory, Gardner has described 8 different capacities of learning ability. In applying his theory, personalized education could be created to tailor to each individual’s needs.     Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983, a way to explain and understand human intelligence....   [tags: Multiple Intelligences Theory]

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Learning Professional Devlopment

- In this essay, I will discuss the process of learning, learning styles (LS) and the learning cycle to see if understanding them is valuable for student nurses. I will identify and compare my dominant learning style with other LS. Then, I will discuss my dominant style with its strengths and weaknesses for my learning and development. After that, I will identify my weakest learning style, and how I can progressively develop this style to enhance my learning. Honey and Mumford (1992: p 2) claimed that learning is about gaining knowledge and developing new skills....   [tags: learning styles, piaget, pragmatism]

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Stimulation and Open Minds For Learning

- Like birds need to learn how to fly and predators learn how to hunt, we humans too need to go through a cornucopia of learning processes. Learning is a boundless and essential part of life. When we learn from our mistakes it’s considered to be a practical learning style and when we go to a lecture to listen, take notes and memorize information, we use a different learning approach. The purpose is always the same, to understand or use something new, but the way to get there is tortuous. While it might be ostensible that general knowledge is somewhat important to prioritize when learning, it suffocates and holds back the vital way of maturing as individuals....   [tags: Practical Learning Styles, Learning Approaches]

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Different Learning Styles

- Different Learning Styles Students have different ways to learn. Some people are hands on learners or visual learners. Teachers try to adapt the way they teach; to the way their students learn the best. The information that is being taught should be made fun so that the students remember the information. Schools are also using new technology to help students learn. Different learning styles have different effects on people. Different learning styles are the talk of many school districts from near and far....   [tags: Education Educating Learn Essays]

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Different Learning Styles

- Different Learning Styles Introduction What is learning. According to the thesaurus in the Eric database, learning is the “process of acquiring knowledge, attitudes, or skills from study, instruction, or experience” (Eric/Thesaurus database, 2001). A learning style is described as “a set of factors, behaviors and attitudes that facilitate learning for and individual in a given situation” (Reiff, 1992, p.7). There are many different ways that children learn. The purpose of this paper is to explain the different learning styles that students may possess and to discuss the importance of planning a lesson that includes different techniques to meet the needs of individual learners....   [tags: Teaching Education Research papers]

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Individual Learning Styles

- Individual Learning Styles The purpose of this research paper is to examine learning styles theories to determine if teaching students to use their own particular learning style can help ail them in increased educational success. The learning style aspect consists of six key areas including brain processing, sensory modalities, physical needs, environmental preferences, social aspects, and attitudes. Besides the way a person operates, there are two other important factors that play a key role in effecting a person?s learning style....   [tags: Teaching Education School Essays]

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Personal Learning Styles

- Personal learning styles are highly complex and unique to specific individuals. It is often difficult to pinpoint an exact learning style. Though there are different categories, we often fine tune them to our own abilities. By examining our traits and tendencies we create a clearer understanding of how we process and learn information. With careful review, I have developed a specific analysis of my learning characteristics, including an evaluation of skill levels. Based on what I have recently learned and know from experience, I have also devised a structured plan for improvement of time management and study skills....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Accommodating Different Learning Styles in the Classroom

- Accommodating Different Learning Styles in the Classroom “Learning styles.” What are learning styles. Various researchers have created different tools that categorize the way people acquire and retain information. Some of these include Gardner’s multiple intelligences, McCarthy’s 4-Mat System, and the Myers-Briggs personality type indicators (Ebeling 2000). Haar, Hall, Schoepp & Smith (2002) define learning styles as “individual differences in the way information is perceived, processed, and communicated.” There are two main points to cover when discussing learning styles....   [tags: Education Teaching]

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Teaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles

- Teaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles As teachers we will be faced with many difficult tasks one of which will be finding creative ways to motivate the children in our classes to learn. There are so many teaching techniques it may be overwhelming for new teachers. With the emphasis on test scores and the “No Child Left Behind” Act many teachers may fear being creative in the classroom. This paper will attempt to explore some creative teaching techniques. Recently there has been much discussion about different learning styles....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Investigation of Students' Different Learning Styles

- Investigation of Students' Different Learning Styles This report investigates differing learning styles of an AVCE second year student group. Firstly the report provides a critical account of the context of the course; it’s provision and relevant information about the learners and how some aspects of learning theory can be applied within the delivery of the Project Management module. Taking into account the theoretical issues a scheme of work, lesson plans and teaching material was prepared for the project management module, which I am unit leader for next semester....   [tags: Papers]

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The Inquiry Approach to Learning

- Inquiry is an interactive way of learning. Students are actively engaged in their studies. Inquiry involves student-centered activities focusing on questioning, exploring, and posing explanations. The goal of inquiry is to introduce a new way of learning where students can learn about the world around them through active engagement in real-life examples. Inquiry based learning can be incorporated into all academic subjects throughout the curriculum. Science could possibly be the most effective subject to incorporate inquiry....   [tags: Education, teaching, learning styles]

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21st Century Culture And Blended Learning

- ... Lee and Hung (2012) focused on constructing a conceptualized instructional framework for 21st century learning. They proposed an instructional framework for the development of student dispositions, attitudes, skills, and knowledge that focuses on five zones of learning. The five zones of learning are the zone of instruction, zone of practice, zone of interaction, zone of tinkering, in zone of metacognition. The big ideas of 21st century learning are targeted on interactions between theory and practice, incorporating the individual and the community and learners who through reflective practice and application of metacognition interact (Lee & Hung, 2012)....   [tags: Education, Learning, 21st century, Learning styles]

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Exploring the Different Learning Styles and How This Relates to New Teaching Methods

- Introduction This paper aims to discuss the different learning styles that people use, and the way in which to apply new teaching methods, in which to expand the learning strategies of students. Here are two quotes from P Honey which explains the purpose of this paper “ become smarter at getting a better fit between learning opportunities and the way you learn best. This makes your leaning easier, more effective and more enjoyable. It saves you tackling your learning on a hit and miss basis....   [tags: teachers, education]

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Reflective Essay Using Honey and Mumford’s Learning Styles Theory

- The purpose of this reflective essay on the debate is to analyse my team and my own personal learning style and experience of participating in the debate and in the preparation period - that started in week 7 with the mock debate - by structured and based on Honey and Mumford’s Learning Styles theory, and examine some ideas for my future practice. Reflection is a key part of our personal development plan that is significant from both academic and employment perspectives. It investigates and someway measures our present level of skills and knowledge by looking back to reflect our latest performance and monitoring future improvements (Gallagher K., 2013, p....   [tags: business, skills development]

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The Learning Styles And Personalities Of Biomedical Engineering Students At Drexel University

- In reference to a different major, Hansberry et al., 2011, examined the learning styles and personalities of biomedical engineering students at Drexel University, United States of America, to obtain the level of diversity in the group. The study aimed to use the data to provide a diverse set of instructional methods to students. The study used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to assess the student’s preference for sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, extraversion/introversion and judging/perceiving....   [tags: Personality psychology]

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The Influence Read Aloud Styles on Learning

- Convinced of its value, a second grade teacher has her students gather round as she begins to read one of her favorite stories aloud. Within minutes she senses that students are not quite responding optimally and she must make a decision: Does she interrupt the oral reading and intervene in some manner or continue reading. She will make this decision countless times as she reads aloud. The consequences of these decisions will doubtlessly have considerable effect on the students’ experience and will very likely effect their learning learning....   [tags: vocabulary development, elementary education]

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Teaching Strategies And Can Be Beneficial Children When Learning And Role Playing. Gee ( 2007 )

- applications have great teaching strategies and can be beneficial to children when learning and role playing. Gee (2007) covers 36 learning principles in his book, which some of these principles can be incorporated into traditional classroom. One of the principles Gee discusses is the semiotic principle. The semiotic principle focuses on images, symbols, graphs, words, which are often integrated. In books, words are not the only focus in understanding the meaning of the text. When looking at the whole text, students will notice that there are usually images as well as symbols that can have meanings....   [tags: Learning styles, Educational psychology, Education]

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