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Hearing Impairment and Learning Disability

- Throughout the years there have been increasing concerns about the identification of children with Hearing Impairment and Learning Disabilities, also known as HILD. It is unclear what percentage of children with Hearing Impairment may have an educationally learning problem. Young children with hearing impairment and learning disabilities, family is eligible for early intervention programs, as well as preschool services. Learning disabilities is generic term that refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and the use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities....   [tags: hearing impairment, learning disability]

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Neurological Learning Disability: Dyslexia

- Dyslexia is not a condition, it is not something that will go away and it is not contagious. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that a person is born with and will have to learn to live with. It is a neurological learning disability that causes problems with language based-skills and can affect around 10 to 20% of the population ("Dyslexia," 2014). A person that has dyslexia can have difficulties with the areas of reading, writing, spelling, speaking, math, and or short-term memory. Having dyslexia does not mean that one is not smart, it just means that their brain functions in a different way....   [tags: effects, condition, indicators]

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Learning Disability Case Study

- A psychological assessment is a fundamental aspect in measuring intellectual disabilities (Drew & Hardman, 2007). Information provided from partaking in an assessment includes severity of the disability and an understanding of the individual’s limitations as a result of the disability (Drew & Hardman, 2007). Knowledge of these elements, as explained by Drew and Hardman, aid in determining the necessary supports required by the individual to help them cope with the disability. It is important that the assessment measures both cognitive and adaptive aspects of an individual’s functioning because, “Mental retardation is a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intel...   [tags: Psychological Assessment]

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Helping Elements for Children with Learning or Communication Disability

- In choosing lesson plans to examine it was determined to use lesson plans bases around a science topic. It is believe that science tends to allow for flexible lessons plans that are engaging for students. Lesson plans from 9th grade, 7th Grade, and Kindergarten were review that evaluated aspects of plant life. In the initial review of the three lesson plans they all seem fun and well put together for students learning experience. After further review based on the objective of this lesson there we seen some areas that would deem challenging for children with learning disability and/or communication disabilities....   [tags: student learning, classroom adaptation, learning]

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Learning Disability Transitions

- Transitioning from high school to college is a rough time for anyone. There are tests to pass applications to fill out and scores to send in. An increasingly common graduation requirement is the achievement of passing scores on an exit exam, otherwise known as high stakes testing. Huge decisions have to be made by students graduating high school and they are even rougher for students with Learning disabilities. According to the No Child Left Behind Act, signed in by George W. Bush, schools are required to give these high stakes tests in order to document their academic progress....   [tags: education]

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Learning Disability

- In the United States today, there are over fifty-one million disabled adults and children. Throughout our nation’s history, we have not allowed the best treatment and care for these numerous citizens. But, in the recent past, the government has passed laws, made exceptions, and thoroughly tried to provide accommodations to these people with special needs. While this is true, America, as a whole, still views this group as strange or different. Even though this is exceptionally normal, it is not correct....   [tags: Education ]

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Government's Responsibility to Help the Learning Disabled

- Over 3.1 million people in Canada have a learning disability. Eventually 35 percent of our kids who do no receive help with their disability will drop out of high school; 2 percent will complete a year college program. What does the government do to help these kids with their learning problems. Nothing; and this need to change. Picture yourself sitting in a classroom. The teacher calls on you to read the first paragraph of chapter one. You look at the text and suddenly start seeing the words floating around and you’re stuttering on each word not knowing what you are reading, while on looking peers laugh and giggle at your every mistake....   [tags: learning disability, special education]

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Learning Disability Dyslexia

- Learning Disability Dyslexia Whether we graduate from highschool or college we all hope to find a challenging career that will propel us forward in today's society. For those suffering from dyslexia this only adds to the frustration and fears associated with seeking employment. Many adults with dyslexia or other forms of learning disabilities never disclose their disability in interviews or once employed for fear of being discriminated against. Several investigators have noted, however, that many persons with learning disabilities adjust well to the demands and complexities of adulthood....   [tags: Papers]

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Learning Disability Resourses for College Students

- Learning Disability Resourses for College Students Trying to decide which college or university best suits them is challenging enough for the average student when applying to colleges. It is even more difficult for students with learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) due to their specialized concerns. Students with learning disabilities have to search for a school that has the usual opportunities and amenities that fit their personality while also providing the services required by their learning disability and style....   [tags: Disabilities Education School Essays]

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Identifying At-Risk Students Before It's Too Late

- One of the most difficult times for a child is when he or she moves from one school to another. They must become accustomed to a new group of peers, teachers and school community. There is a feeling of isolation and loneliness that these children must deal with. In most cases, it is a matter of a few short weeks before the student is at ease. However, for an immigrant, this process and the challenges faced are much more extreme and difficult to overcome. When an English Language Learner (ELL) enters the new school system, they are exposed to a cultural slurry of their new land (Gunderson, 2000)....   [tags: Student With a Learning Disability]

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Bruxism, Grinding of the Teeth and Down Syndrome

- Down syndrome is a learning disability which results from ‘chromosomal anomaly’ this is an error in cell division that results in the existence of a third copy of chromosome 21 known as trisomy (Down syndrome Ireland, 2013). 47 chromosomes develop rather than the usual 46; the extra gene changes the orderly development of the body and brain causing the physical and learning characteristics that are associated with Down syndrome (Irish Health, 2014). It causes mild to moderate learning difficulties, it is a lifelong condition....   [tags: intellectual and learning disability]

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Individualized Education Program Case Study Project Part I: Ryan

- Introduction Identification of a child with a learning disability can be a challenging issue, especially for parents who invest heavily on a child to ensure that he/she becomes a better person in life. The story of Ryan is one such narrative that took all involved parties some time before arriving at the conclusion that Ryan was a special child. Important Information Shared by Family to Identify Ryan’s Learning Needs In the assessment of Ryan, the parent provided crucial information that led to identification of challenges that Ryan was going through....   [tags: child with learning disability]

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Early Intervention and RTI

- What are the benefits of implementing early intervention and RTI’s for children with early signs of a learning disability. This is a serious topic because of the increase over the years of children with learning disabilities. Instead of just placing students in special education programs educators must assess and evaluate students. As well as try early intervention programs and responsiveness to intervention known as RTI to try to delay the disability or stop the disability from forming and progressing....   [tags: children, learning disability, prevention]

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Math in Special Education

- Helen Keller was once quoted as saying “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” This is the problem that students with special needs face everyday as they encounter many challenges. Math has typically been one of the more difficult areas for a student with special needs to master. Often one of the main problems associated with a disability has to do with math, such is the case for a child with a Learning Disability who will have imperfect abilities in many areas, including math....   [tags: learning disability, general educators]

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Behavior Intervention for Mark

- There is much diversity found in our classrooms today. Up to 10% of children between ages 5-17 have a learning disability (CDC, 2011). Rather in Reading or Math, students with learning disabilities have an inconsistency in performance and often time act out or misbehave to draw attention away from their learning deliquesce as Mark the 6th grader in Case Study Level A Case 1. Mark has a learning disability in Reading and Math. He is in the 6th grade reading on a second grade level and his math is deficient....   [tags: learning disability cases in public school]

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Teaching The Slow Learner In Elementary School

- Abstract An underachiever in school can find themselves grouped under a generalized classification much too easily. A child should not be grouped with a group of underachievers and be placed under one certain classification and this happens much too often in our schools. A teacher must be aware of very specific and very personal problems that can cause a child to be considered an underachiever or a slow learner. Confusion regarding this topic needs to be reduced in our schools. Some teachers are just too quick to identify and also to attempt to correct learning disabilities without the proper training or knowledge on the subject....   [tags: Special education, Learning Disability]

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Bilingualism and Autism: Advantageous?

- Despite the benefits of being multilingual when one has autism, there is not much information about them, which can lead to discouragement and confusion, especially as the child grows older. The study by Hambly and Lombonne (2011) states that “little is currently known about the pace of learning or bilingual achievements for children with ASDs” (p. 1349). We are able to realize the disadvantages, however, and it is important that we avoid disadvantaging children. This all starts with the parents....   [tags: multilingualism, learning disability, language]

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What´s Special Education Needs?, Questions and Answers

- ... • Easily distracted or preoccupied. • An inability to perform basic movements such as walking straight. • A lack of pleasure in (or the avoidance of ) reading. • Becoming a distraction to the class. Children may be more likely to present as having special educational needs if their parent/s were also a child with SEN. Assuming that a child has SEN gives opportunities to find out if the child has developed a coping mechanism, personal to them to help hide their SEN. Issues around embarrassment may stop a child with SEN from reaching out for support from their parents, teachers or other school representatives....   [tags: disability, learning difficulties]

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How to Treat Dyslexia in Our Children, Questions and Answers

- 1. What is the design inquiry/problem are you addressing. To develop better ways for dyslexic children to concentrate and memorize . 2. How does technology factor in with your design problem. Children spend more time infront an ipad than a paperbook. An ipad allows them to interact with it at his or her own pace. Additionally, Technology allows dyslexics to overcome difficulties with math and spellings. 3. Is your project’s concept original. If so, how is it original. • If the concept is not original, what has been done before....   [tags: disability, learning, concentrate]

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Medical and Social Models of Disability

- It could be said that in modern industrial society, Disability is still widely regarded as tragic individual failing, in which its “victims” require care, sympathy and medical diagnosis. Whilst medical science has served to improve and enhance the quality of life for many it could be argued that it has also led to further segregation and separation of many individuals. This could be caused by its insistence on labelling one as “sick”, “abnormal” or “mental”. Consequently, what this act of labelling and diagnosing has done, is enforce the societal view that a disability is an abnormality that requires treatment and that any of its “victims” should do what is required to be able to function in...   [tags: Illness vs Disability]

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The Impact of Disability on a Family Member

- As certainly as intellectual disability has an influence on the individual as well as society in basic, it likewise has an influence on families. The attributes of households differ substantially; therefore too can the possible impact of intellectual disability on a family member. (Taylor, Brady & Richards, p. 209, 2005). I interviewed Ms. Nikki Gorman on October 3rd and October 10th, an Intervention Specialist at Holmes Resident Intermediate school who teaches exactly what is termed as the "MH Device" (individual communications)....   [tags: education, learning differences]

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Intellectual Disability

- Question 1: Who are the students in this group. In the United States, 4.9% of the population is considered intellectually disabled. In other words, from a base population of 287,572,700 people, 14,144,300 of them have an intellectual disability. In the state of South Carolina, 5.6% of the population has an intellectual disability. This means from a base population of 4,311,200, an estimated 242,600 are considered to have an intellectual disability. This survey included all ages, races, all genders, and all education levels (“Disability Statistics”)....   [tags: IDEA, education, equality, learning]

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Children with Learning Disabilities

- Children with Learning Disabilities Do you know anyone who suffers from a learning disability. There are several disabilities out there, so chances are you must know someone who battles with the day-to-day hassles. But, are learning disabilities really a hassle. More often than not, this can be considered a misconception. Learning disabilities (LD) affect the way a person “of at least average intelligence receives, stores, and processes information” (NCLD 2001). This neurological disorder prevents children especially from being able to perform well academically....   [tags: Education Disability Essays]

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Disability and Inequality in Treatment

- Disability The issue of disability is not just a matter that concerns disabled people. It is a central subject or social phenomenon that has shaped American history and an unseen yet strong force that continues to influence the way people interact with one another. Douglas Baynton (2013) argues that disability is the most dominant justification for inequality in gender, race and ethnicity as well as for rationalizing and legitimizing discriminatory practices organized in law. This is especially reflected in America’s three major citizenship debates, namely, African American freedom and civil rights, the women’s suffrage movement, and the immigration restrictions in which, disability was cent...   [tags: Disability, discrimination, minorities]

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Learning Disabilities

- Learning Disabilities      When a child doesn’t seem to be learning, some teachers and parents in his/her life might criticize the child and think of them as stupid, or maybe just too lazy to want to learn. What they don’t realize is that the child might have a learning disability. But how are these children being helped. There are many programs, special schools and facilities, home teaching methods and many other ways in which children with Learning Disabilities are being helped. There are many different types of learning disabilities; the most common ones are dyslexia and attention deficit disorder....   [tags: Disability children Learn Education Essays]

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Learning Disabilities and Career Development

- Learning Disabilities and Career Development The lifelong process of career development poses special challenges for people with learning disabilities (LD). Although the career development of individuals with disabilities is not widely discussed in the literature, key pieces of legislation enacted or reauthorized in the 1990s—Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Rehabilitation Act (now Title IV of the Workforce Investment Act)—have helped increase the numbers of individuals with LD in postsecondary education and the awareness of their needs in the workplace (Hitchings and Retish 2000)....   [tags: Education Employment Disability Essays]

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Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities

- Introduction During my intermediate school years, one of my classmates was studying all the time even during breaks and recesses. Daily, all the students were playing, chatting, and enjoying their time with their friends except this girl who had no one to hang out with other than her books. Regardless of her consecutive hard work and perseverance, she was eventually getting low scores, and she was always failing. At that time, the schools at my country were not paying full attention to learning disabilities....   [tags: Learning Disabilities]

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Children With Learning Dissabilities and the Educational System

- Children are the future of our nation and the world. Their footsteps will not only write the history of the nation, but educate us on what needs to change. Therefore, our educational society needs empower children with learning disabilities. Not all children understand the different educational concepts at the same rate. They are children who need additional assistance to comprehend the information present them to them. Although, each child has its distinctive form of learning, the educational system and educators need to construct a new method to instruct children with learning disabilities....   [tags: Learning Dissabilities]

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Lesson for Children with Learning Disabilities

- Introduction Learning disability is a term misused severally. In essence, it applies to students who have different learning challenges. Most people associate learning disability to the development of a child, thus assuming that it is a short-term condition and disappears as the person matures. The accepted definition, provided by the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disability Center states that; learning disability is generic and refers to a composite group of disorders that become evident in the person; through observing that they have challenges in the acquisition and use of speaking, listening, reading, reasoning and execution of mathematical concepts, as well as, understanding so...   [tags: Learning Disabilites, Education, Teaching]

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Learning Disabilities Assessment and Interventions

- The topic of assessment alone raises many debated discussions, among teachers, and to add Special Education students into the polemical dialogue intensifies the debate. As a result, there are several alternative methods in assessing Special Education students within the learning environment. Professionals have created specifically designated techniques in helping these and all students achieve academic success. The authors, Peter Wright and Pamela Darr Wright, of the article Tests and Measurements for the Parent, Teacher, Advocate and Attorney; discuss several assessment approaches but none more polemical than norm referenced and criterion referenced tests (2007)....   [tags: special education, learning disabled]

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Learning Disabilities and Political Correctness

- There are some groups and organizations like “Abilities,” a Canadian lifestyle magazine for disabled people, have provided some guidelines on the correct terminology to be used for the individuals with disabilities. Most of this information makes sense and is easy for a writer to implement, but sometimes individuals or organizations can go overboard in their demands for political correctness. There are several guiding principles that writers can use to determine which terminology will be acceptable to most people who have or deal with people with disabilities (Fallotz, 2009)....   [tags: genetic fallacy, learning, snob approach]

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The Most Common Types of Learning Disabilities

- Throughout this course, we have discussed a lot about the different types of learning disabilities that are present. One of the most common types of learning disabilities is called dyslexia. Within this writing, we shall discuss what dyslexia is, causes of this learning disability, the different types of dyslexia, the types of signs one can look for to identify a possibility of this learning disability, areas of life this learning disability affects, strategies to cope with this learning disability, strengths of this learning disability and some interesting facts and statistics....   [tags: dyslexia, magnocelluar, learning]

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The Beauty of Disability Art

- “Disability art” refers to the creative work by people with disabilities that reflects a disability know-how, either in content or pattern. This creative sign can be found in every artistic media from the performing creative pursuits, publications, and visual creative pursuits to comic books, movie, and conceive. Disability art has performed a key function in articulating what disability means— democratically, personally, and aesthetically. As such, disability art is advised an integral aspect of both the disability civil privileges action and “disability culture,” or the self-consciously conceived community of varied disabled persons (in terms of impairment kind, race, class, gender, and se...   [tags: creative, education, humanities]

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Individual Education Plans: Learning Disabilities

- “She’d done some tests, and she had determined that I was never going to be able to function as an adult in any meaningful way. Never graduate from high school, never even go to high school, never work or have a job or be married or have kids or any of the things you dream about. She told my parents they needed to put me in an institution in Maryland, where she had already reserved a spot for me.” – Quinn Bradlee, A Different Life Though Quinn’s case may sound extreme, it is not far from what many parents and children face on a daily basis as more and more students are labeled as “Learning Disabled.” In an era when Autism and Attention Deficit Disorders are being diagnosed in epic proport...   [tags: autism, learning disabled, attention deficit]

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Students with Learning Disabilities in the Private Regular Schools

- An investigative study into the curriculum provisions that help students with learning disabilities in the private regular schools of Dubai achieve better academic skills. I. Introduction The current universal trend of including students with special needs in an inclusive setting has gained momentum in the United Arab Emirates with the advent of the federal law 29/2006. Moreover, it is in accordance with the United Nations Salamanca statement (UNESCO, 1994) wherein it ensures that education is a fundamental right for every child and it is the responsibility of the state to provide the adequate opportunity to achieve the child’s maximum potential....   [tags: Dubai education, learning difficulties]

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Intellectual Disability

- Intellectual disability is one of the most common disabilities in the United States. Once known as mental retardation, in 2010 a bill was signed by President Obama changing the name from mental retardation to intellectual disability. Though they name change had occurred, the description of intellectual disability had not change but the level of respect and awareness for those with the disability did. Currently, according to the reading, 1 out of 10 or 6.5 million people are living with a form of intellectual disability in the United States....   [tags: Mental Retardation]

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Community Living Toronto and Intellectual Disability

- Community Living Toronto is an organization that took place in 1948 to provide support for adults, youth, children and families with an intellectual disability by giving this group an accessible ways to fit into the community they live in. The agency’s mission is to “change the lives of people with an intellectual disability by giving them a voice and supporting their choices where they live, learn, work and play” (Community living Toronto, 2011). The program focuses on connecting individuals who has an intellectual disability in recognizing their “work, volunteer, leisure and recreational interests and goals” (Community living Toronto, 2011)....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Examining the Social and Cultural Models of Disability

- In this paper, the determination is to examine the social and cultural models of disability that have been critiqued in recent disability studies scholarship because the social model omits disabled people and the cultural model disabled people do not need their own identity and they need to be included like the rest of us. By understanding why and how the social model and cultural model is being offered, why do people critique it and what are the negatives of it. The social model of disability excludes disabled people....   [tags: discrimination, unmet needs]

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The Individuals with Disability Education Act Policy

- The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which is a supersession of the Education of All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 is a federal law which requires states and their school districts to provide individuals with disabilities a free and appropriate education. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities. US Department Of Education (n.d.) The population that IDEA intends to effect is children between the ages of three and twenty one years of age who have a specific disability that has an adverse effect on the student’s pe...   [tags: Politics and Public Policy, IDEA]

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Am I a Teacher with Teaching Disability?

- Disability has been viewed in two perspectives: medical and social. The former understands disability as an attribute of an individual and the latter, in contrast, a production of society. The social model maintains that it is the society which constructs hurdles and barriers for the people with impairment in participating in all spheres of life and impairment would not turn into disability provided that it has been identified and dealt with at an appropriate time. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that ‘persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers...   [tags: Disabilities, Perspectives, Medical, Social]

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Instructional Design Theories for People with Disability

- Instructional planners should design a variety of experiences that will allow active participation of the learners. The gap that exist between the level at which students with learning disabilities perform as well as the demands of the curriculum that they normally are expected to cover is wide. As a result, incorporating instruction design and technology in their learning will certainly go a long way. Ginsberg and Karen (2008)argues that technology, whether instructional or assistive, has however, played uneven role within the individuals with learning disabilities since it was started....   [tags: interventions, cognitive, learners]

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Community Based Instruction and Intellectual Disability

- There are many disabilities, such as intellectual disability, that affect the process and progress of students’ learning. But with the collaborative help from the school, parents, and community; these students can achieve a positive outcome. Intellectual disability is a term used when a person has certain limitations in mental functioning and in skills such as communicating, taking care of him or herself, and social skills. These limitations will cause a child to learn and develop more slowly than a typical child of the same age (NICHCY)....   [tags: collaborative education]

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Down Syndrome: An Intellectual and Developmental Disability

- While completing a course on children with exceptionalities we used the textbook “Educating Exceptional Children”. While this textbook covered a variety of exceptionalities, I chose to research one further, Down syndrome. It is one of the most common and easily identified exceptionality and based on the higher prevalence of Down syndrome about 1 in 733 births ("About Down Syndrome") I believe that this may be one of the exceptionality I will have an increased chance of encountering during my teaching career....   [tags: Genetic Condition, Education, Development]

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What´s Learning Disablity?

- A learning disability is a condition in which a student has a dysfunction in processing information typically found in language-based activities, resulting in interference with learning. According to IDEA, a student must meet specific criteria in order to be identified as having specific learning. In this paper I will identify if the student has a learning disability, state which criteria according to IDEA specifically qualifies the student as having a learning disability, and what assessments could be used to also determine whether the student has a learning disability....   [tags: education, processing, assesments]

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The Social Consequences of Learning Differences

- Learning differences have become an observed issue amongst teachers, parents, and mental-health professionals across America. Recently medical scientists have identified numerous different mental illnesses which range from simple dyslexia to bipolar syndrome. Amongst these professionals, there are many different theories questioning whether these illnesses should be treated, how they should be treated, and at what age children should receive such treatment. If these ailments are not addressed at an early enough age where children can be worked with, these children will ultimately suffer throughout school and into their adult lives....   [tags: Children With Learning Disabilities]

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Understanding Perceptions of Health, Disability, Illness and Behaviour

- Understand perceptions of health, disability, illness and behaviour. This report will examine the concept of health, disability, illness and behaviour. The idea of good health is not only the absence of disease, functional fitness; it also requires a good accommodation, financial situation and stress free life. The individual’s health cannot be measured by disease or illness; lifestyles depend on severity and limitation of daily activity. Osteoarthritis (OA) can cause the physical disability, like hand joint, knee, spine and hips may cause pain and stiffness that can put a limit on activity....   [tags: stress and disease free life]

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Ways in which Lifelong Learning can Contribute towards the New Global Culture and New Knowledge Society

- Introduction: In this essay, ways in which lifelong learning can contribute towards the new global culture and new knowledge society, facts about lifelong learning and how the educator deals with the learners will be discussed. What is learning. Learning is defined as obtaining a new ability or knowledge. For example: leaning to ride a bike, learning to walk, learning a new language, and so on. What is lifelong learning. According to the English dictionary, lifelong learning is the “use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people's lives in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfil...   [tags: teaching and learning techniques ]

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raising a child with a disability

- Raising a Child with a Disability: Journal Entry #2: Summary: This article mainly examines ways in which parents can deal properly with the news of being told that their child has a disability. There are a few stories in the article which emphasize the way the parents felt when they found out about their child’s disability. In most cases, the parents felt shattered, overwhelmed and completely shocked. The article explained that parents have an expectation of having that “perfect” child and when one is told that the child is not so perfect, their dreams and their lives become devastating....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rising Above My Disability

- I, who thrive on responsibility and friendship, have the makings of an outstanding physician. A near straight-A student, I held several paid research internships and led a team to first place in a nationwide design contest. This semester, I won an unprecedented three national awards. But my teachers and mates may be surprised to find that my greatest achievements come from outside the classroom. Four years ago, I lay in a hospital bed, with grave head injuries. A high school freshman, I was the lone casualty of a one-car accident....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Essay About Myself]

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Experiential Learning at the Fitness Club

- The purpose and the aim of this report is to evaluate and describe the experiential learning and closely focuses on the type of organisation, management structure and the process involved. Experiential learning is a process which is designed to make the most out of the experience while doing it. And it is incorporated with learning strategies and different approaches of teaching Burned (1989) Kolb explains four phases in the process of experiential learning, Experience, reflexive observation, analysis and active implementations Kolb (1984) Bandura explain learning is an experience which is learnt by watching other people and then doing it which then provide a learner an image and the desire...   [tags: experiential learning, education, ]

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Adult Learning: Andragogy Reflections

- ... The regional director always made the presentation. After that, she shared sales reports for the week, the month, and year-to date with the sales team, which was a diverse group composed of about sixty agents ranging in age from mid-30’s to late-60’s. She praised top sellers and exposed those with low sales. She carefully reiterated expectations and talked about consequences of not meeting those expectations. She developed sales methods and trained everyone on the same methods, providing scripts as she thought appropriate and warning that there would be no deviations from those scripts....   [tags: traditional and non-traditional learning]

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The Importance of Education for Children with Disability

- ... This study intends to explore on the services offered to students with disabilities, and the outcomes of these services to their education and career goals. It will examine if the obstacles faced by special needs children have to do with how effective the policies are in addressing the needs of such children. This study is important to children with disabilities because it can help them discover the education opportunities available for them, the institutions they can rely on for economic support, and the treatment they should expect from the society....   [tags: intervention model, social, economic opportunities]

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The Americans with Disability Act

- Usability is a critical portion of web design that one must be ever mindful of when constructing websites. Whether creating a personal web space or building multiple pages for a large corporation, it is the burden of the designer to guarantee people can access that content. According to the United Nations, disabled people compose roughly 10 percent of the world’s population (United Nations, 2010). Many regulations and standards have been set forth to provide disabled people with the same opportunities to access content available on the World Wide Web, as it is most of the World’s population....   [tags: Equality]

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Elderly Disability

- As the life expectancy in the United States rises, the number of elderly in the population has also expanded. These increases have led to the oldest-old (people aged 90 and older) to become the fastest growing age group in the country. The oldest-old face many unique challenges because of their age, one of which is disability. Disability in the elderly has major impact upon society 1 and will continue will be a growing burden in years to come. Although there is evidence from many studies that disability rate is declining in the U.S.2, the rapid expansion of the oldest-old age group will continue to pose health care challenges for future generations....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Disability Rights

- It all began in Illinois about people with disabilities to be treated equal since the early 1900’s. In fact, many organizations were created in Illinois to help enforce laws. For example, Disability Rights Bureau, American Civil Liberties of Illinois, Chicago Human Rights Ordinance, Chicago Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, and also including the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is mention in this project. Today, many people with disabilities have more rights than they used to....   [tags: law, Illinois, equality, discrimination, ACLU, ADA]

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Living with a Disability

- On many occasions teachers have asked, "Is the volume high enough for you?" while my class watches a television documentary. Many teachers in middle school imposed strict rules about where in the classroom I could sit. I've had coaches ask if I know sign language. And during my elementary years, the school insisted I meet with a learning specialist once a week to discuss my "feelings" about being hearing-impaired. All these restrictions were placed on me despite the fact that I was an above-average student and an aggressive athlete....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Morphological Use as an Indicator of Reading Disability

- Introduction Children with reading disabilities differ from children that read typically in their use of morphological forms. This view has been supported by multiple studies that review the relationship between reading and morphology (Carlisle, J., & Stone, C. 2005; Nagy, W., Berninger, V., & Abbott, R. 2006; Reed, D. 2008; Kuo, L. & Anderson, R. 2006). Morphology has been linked to reading ability, as has phonology, for many years. Traditionally reading ability, or disability, is detected by the student’s strength with phonology(Crisp, J.& Lambon Ralph, M....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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College Admissions Essay - Selling Your Disability

- Selling Your Disability to the Admissions Office "My father was an alcoholic, and I did anything I could to stay away from home. I chose that college because it was the farthest away. But I hated it there, and didn't do very well. Then I began to worry that I'd flunk out and have to go home, and of course my grades just got worse." "My mother was a drug addict. She did everything a person might do to get money for drugs....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Down Syndrome: An Intellectual and Developmental Disability

- Down Syndrome: An Intellectual and Developmental Disability While researching exceptionalities in the textbook Educating Exceptional Children, I chose to research further into Down syndrome. It is one of the most common and easily identified exceptionality and based on the prevalence of Down syndrome I believe that this is one exceptionality I will Identifying Down syndrome Down syndrome is a genetic condition which can cause intellectual and developmental disabilities. Persons affected with Down syndrome have the common will have an additional chromosome; instead of 46, they have 47 chromosomes....   [tags: identifying, education, intervention, development]

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Learning Disabilities: The Impact on the Family

- Life is an ever-changing structure as beings naturally grow to new levels. Development in the respective physical and mental capacities is an important aspect for humans. People typically form in a cycle that is customary to their specific cultural norm, through the developmental approach. However, there is a large part of the population that deviates for the average development of a person. Deviations can form from many different ranges of physical and mental disabilities. In studying disabilities, researchers were able to identify the characteristics, causation, diagnosis, intervention and treatment for those who have different needs....   [tags: attached stigmatism from differences]

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Learning Disabilities as a Cultural Construct

- While perceptions of learning disabilities (LD) may vary according to country, culture, and teachers, it is often necessary to diagnose students in order to receive funding for services. It can be helpful to recognize those learning disabilities that students may have in order to provide extra assistance when necessary. It would be advantageous, too, if wide recognition of LD could take away the stigma that is often present. However, since LD is a multi-faceted topic, labeling often carries a negative connotation and can lead to ostracizing of students....   [tags: Education]

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The Genetic Factors of Learning Disabilities

- The National Institute of Neurologic Disorders defines learning disorders as a; condition that either prevents or significantly hinders somebody from learning basic skills or information at the same rate as most people of the same age. It is important to note that this does not mean that the individual has less intelligence; it means that their brain or body is wired in a way that hinders or prevents development of a certain tasks. Many people often confuse learning disabilities with mental retardation but while both words describe similar conditions, the term learning disability and learning disorder are used to describe conditions that affect development in certain cognitive areas in other...   [tags: Special Education]

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An Investigation Into Attitudes Toward Disability

- An Investigation Into Attitudes Toward Disability In this report I will investigate peoples attitude towards disability in society today. Many people have different attitude toward disabled people. There are certain stereotypes that many people in society often link with disabled people. These are a few of those stereotypes: aggressive, tragic and in need of pity and receivers of charity. Some people see people with disabilities as incapable, inadequate and of low intelligence, a super crip, someone who is marvellous, exceptional or inspirational, a person who has courage and bravery, people that smile and are cheerful in the face if adversit...   [tags: Papers]

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Learning Disabilities in India

- ... Another research supporting this is the classroom observation conducted in an Indian primary school by A. Saiprakash wherein she relates that learning is defined as gaining knowledge from the syllabus understood. Though the “Nali Kali” pedagogy encouraged the active role of the student it doesn’t transfer as knowledge gained. An inspection into the pre-primary level of education that is imparted through “Aganwadis” in India it is known that there are no set standards resulting in low learning level and there is a significant gap between the demand and supply....   [tags: government policy, stages of development]

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Focusing on Ability Rather than Disability in the Classroom

- While working with a frustrated student in my office, my son’s frustrated voice came back to me as I remembered trying to explain the phrase "when pigs fly” to my then first grade son. “Pigs don’t fly, Mom!” my son had screamed, “When do pigs ever fly?” He had overheard one of his classmates saying it and the phrase made no sense to him. “Mom”, he said in his no-nonsense way, “I explained to David he was incorrect in his use of that analogy, because pigs can't fly…they don't have wings.” My gifted son had been hurt and confused because David and his other classmates laughed at him; he didn't get why....   [tags: Teaching, Education]

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Reaching Students With Learning Disabilities

- Placement of a student in your classroom after receiving a diagnosis of one of the 13 types of Specific learning disabilities (SLD’s) may leave you scratching your head as to what the name actually means and how to modify lesson and extend accommodations for it. When a person is learning disabled, they present weakness in the areas of memorizing, producing information (output), organizing it, or taking in information (input). Across learning environments, teachers should know how to deliver services to students to the highest efficacy attainable even where disability names are unfamiliar to the instructor and the IEP team as a whole....   [tags: Special Education]

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Effects of Labels in Special Education

- Introduction Attitudes toward students who are enrolled in special education are upsetting and the labels that are placed upon these students are appalling and mistaken. Labeling does affect the perception of these exceptional children. A lack of data appears in the effects of labels on teachers, adults, children and high school students. Observations and research techniques are used to make a conclusion that labeling is presented and determined in a wrong way. Labeling in schools has brought bullying and uneducated information to many people especially those in the Special Education spectrum....   [tags: Education, Mental Disability]

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Schools Discriminate Against Special Need Students

- Kids with disabilities are nice young boys and girls, but they don’t always get the chance to show it. People judge them because of what they have. It could be because they can’t speak right, do a math problem like we can, or they could have a mental handicap. Children with disabilities should be treated the same as everyone else. Kids with learning disabilities may not be the best in the class room, but they are smarter than what most people think. A lot of people think that kids with L.D think that they are “dumb” or “lazy,” when really, they just have troubles understanding....   [tags: Disability Discrimination at School]

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Learning Disabilities and How It Effects Lives

- Learning Disabilities Learning disability is a general term that describes specific kinds of learning problems. It is thought to be a neurological or processing disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive, process, store, and respond to information. It can cause a person to have difficulty learning and using certain skills despite having at least average intelligence. The skills most often affected are reading, writing, listening, speaking, reasoning, and doing math. The legal definition of learning disability comes from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)....   [tags: causes, identification, strategies]

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Universal Design for Learning

- Classrooms of today are full of students with varying learning abilities and styles, therefore teachers are put in a position to involve each of their students equally so that everyone has the greatest chance of success in their learning. There are many different ways teachers are able to set up the learning environment in order to maximise teaching and learning and cater for the diverse needs of their students. I will attempt to discuss in detail some of these strategies and unpack the potential advantages and difficulties that follow....   [tags: Education ]

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The Inclusive Learning Environments.

- In this essay I will reflect upon the inclusive learning environment, i intend on reflecting this by researching, reading, extending my own knowledge and a recent exemplar visit. The main issues i have chosen to cover throughout this essay are inclusion, children’s learning and the environment. Issues i will also cover are Special Educational Needs (SEN), Every Child Matters (EMC), Diversity and legislations. I intend on doing this by arguing, analyzing and discussing the inclusive learning environment....   [tags: Education]

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Learning How to Read

- Learning to read is a complex cognitive process which progresses throughout childhood. In order to develop good reading and written skills, an individual requires both orthographic knowledge and phonological awareness (Waldie et al., 2013). Orthographic knowledge is the ability to use information stored in memory to represent spoken language in written form. On the other hand, phonological awareness refers to the ability to detect and understand sound structure and phonemes (the smallest units of distinct sound in a specific language)....   [tags: Cognitive Process, Childhood, Reading]

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Learning Disabilities

- In reading chapter five of the textbook, I found learning disabilities were studied through a method before the term was introduced. It was interesting to know that researchers were studying the affects of injury to the brain of adults after the war in the 19th century. After this study was done on adults, it was applied to children with intellectual disabilities or brain injuries. However, in the 1960’s the term was introduced by Sam Kirk one of the pioneers of Special Education. Eventually, in 1969 the first law recognizing learning disabilities had been ratified....   [tags: Special Education]

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Various Learning Disabilities

- Learning Disabilities Unlike other disorders an individual may have, there is no quick way and easy way to confirm or deny a learning disability. There is no x-ray, blood tests, easy and quick surveys to help educators determine whether a learning disability exists. Many of the problems with identifying and assisting children with learning disabilities are to have knowledge of the various learning disabilities and how they affect students. The lack of information available to parents and teachers causes the students to continue to struggle in school and diagnosis for any disabilities to be postponed even further in their schooling....   [tags: Diseases, Disorders]

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Does Alex Have Learning Disabilities?

- A learning disability is a condition in which a student has a dysfunction in processing information typically found in language-based activities, resulting in interference with learning (Friend, 2014, p.531). According to IDEA, a student must meet specific criteria in order to be identified as having specific learning disabilities. In this paper I will state which criteria according to IDEA specifically qualifies the student as having a learning disability, identify what assessments could be used to also determine whether the student has a learning disability, and lastly I will identify if the student has a learning disability....   [tags: Alex Case Study]

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Service Learning Research and Reflection paper

- Each school, because of government mandate, has to provide services for exceptional students. The textbook Human Diversity in Education defines exceptional students as “those eligible for special educational services” (Cushner, McClelland & Safford, 2011). There are several categories for exceptional student but they all fall under the Ability/Disability continuum. Some of the categories for exceptional students are the: intellectually gifted, specific learning disability, emotionally handicapped, hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally handicapped, and physically handicapped....   [tags: Education]

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Learning Disabilities

-   Case Study on Learning Disabilities Learning about learning disabilities has been an eye opening experience. I have worked with children who had home life issues that they struggled with at school. But to see and realize that these children cannot change how their brain operates is difficult to watch. My case study is a typical young boy who really doesn’t want to be in school. He would rather be with his dad hunting with guns in the woods. I know now that he probably dislikes school because he struggles with completing the tasks and assignments given to him....   [tags: Special Education]

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Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

- Students face challenges daily. Completing assignments, listening attentively, and surviving the complex social peer group are a few of the daily encounters of student life. Theorists have long studied how to educate the student, how to prove that their approach and theory is valid and effective. Educational psychologists have even more keen interest on the behaviours, motivators and strategies that are used in a classroom by teachers and students. Nipissing University uses Gagne’s theory of nine events of instruction to structure its lesson plans....   [tags: Education, special needs students]

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Nonverbal Learning Disorder

- Learning disabilities are considered to be neurobehavioral disorders (Stewart 2002 p. 4). These disorders are classified as an abnormality in the way that the brain processes information (Stewart 2002 p. 4). It should be noted that neurobehavioral disorders are not considered intellectual disabilities, but rather a difference in cognition, as well as difficulties in the way an individual understands outside stimuli and how the person interacts with the world (Stewart 2002 p. 4). Though learning disorders have traditionally been defined as disorders that explain verbal deficits, recently, there has been a shift in changing the definition of learning disorders to neuropsychological disorders...   [tags: neurobehavioral disorders, abnormalities]

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Developmentally Disabled MR/Learning

- Our research is on developmentally disabled MR/learning which is a broad group of severe chronic conditions (). These chronic conditions are due to mental and or physical impairments. Causes of developmental disabilities are from diverse factors such as heredity/genetics, negative pregnancy behaviors, infections the mother could have while carrying the child, and environmental factors while pregnant. Developmental disabilities occur in all races. Each year over 150,000 infants are born with a developmental disability in the United States....   [tags: Full Inclusion Placement, Prenatal Screenings]

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