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KamaSutra and the War Between the Sexes

- KamaSutra and the War Between the Sexes   The movie KamaSutra is a tale of love and passion. It is set in ancient India and is a story about Tara, a princess and Maya, her maid. Maya was always in Tara's shadow. Everything she used were the leftovers of the Princess. Maya always had to move in Tara's shadow. Even though she was prettier and more accomplished in the arts Maya could never be seen as Tara's equal. To avenge herself Maya seduces Tara's husband, the king of a neighboring province....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Comparing China 's And India 's Sexual History From A Modern Day Perspective

- As I look at China 's and India 's sexual history from a modern day perspective, they had many unique differences on sex compared to todays but some similarities do come up. For example India famous book Kamasutra which discussed the nature of love and how to make a good family and home. This makes is seemingly normal compared to the modern day. However the thing that makes Kamasutra so unique and different from the books of today is that was that they categorized men by their penis sizes and women by the size of their vagina....   [tags: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Homosexuality]

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Procopius, The Secret History

- Procopius, The Secret History (Byzantine) 1. The document Procopius, The Secret History, is about the Byzantine society. This document was wrote by Procopius a historian. It was wrote in the six century and takes place in Byzantine. He wrote this, because he was disgusted by the emperor and his wife Theodora. 2. Procopius starts this document stating that Theodora is nothing more than a prostitute. He goes on to say that she was not of class or had any dignity, because she would perform on stage almost completely nude....   [tags: Woman, Marriage, Wife, Islam]

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Hinduism, Hindutva, Colonial and Post-Colonial Myths

- ... Thus when the rebellion of ‘Mirabai’ is taken away in the many reworkings of her story in an attempt to refute the colonizers’ claim of “white men saving brown women from brown men”, a large part of Indian feminist history and its origins are erased for the sake of nationalism. Similarly the denial and superficial pretenses of a unified Hinduism overlook the many questions of caste and oppression inherent in the Indian society, and by not acknowledging these discrepancies and the mere cover ups offered in the name of Indian nationalism, a considerable people are not only denied their history but are also stopped from ever finding any way out from their oppression....   [tags: history of India]

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