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The 's Room By James Baldwin

- In Giova nni’s Room by James Baldwin, the author depicts the hidden life of David and his lover Giovanni. Baldwin illustrates a passionate love between the two and the obstacles of masculinity and sexuality throughout their relationship. A constant symbol of David’s relationship is Giovanni’s Room, and the author uses this location to depict the feelings of both Giovanni and David throughout their affair. The significance of this room is that it allows the author to show the growth of David’s fear, staying effect of the room, and destruction of both peoples....   [tags: Character, Protagonist, Love, Feeling]

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LeBron James and Michael Jordan

- Comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan is like comparing apples and oranges. It just isn’t a fair comparison. There are too many differences. There are too many variables. There are too many fallacies that are involved to make a fair assessment to determine who the greatest basketball player of all time is. Unfortunately the comparison is being made seemingly every day, and the article by Mr. Mathis is full of fallacious material. His extreme uses of exaggeration and card stacking, along with many harsh examples of hasty generalizations, makes a claim that Michael Jordan is and always will be the greatest player to play basketball....   [tags: NBA, basketball, Mathis, comparison]

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James Watt's Micrometer for Sustainability

- Sustainability To evaluate the sustainability of an artefact such as the James Watt’s Micrometer a number of conditions should ideally be observed. As part of the research procedure, our group identified the following conditions: • Component materials • Product limitations and life expectancy • Effects on the environment • Effects on the economy The remainder of this section shall outline our findings Component materials The James Watt’s micrometer is solely made of two metal alloys, namely brass and steel....   [tags: pillars of sustainable development]

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Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin

- While reading “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin theme, symbolism, and motifs were discovered throughout the entire short story. Sonny one of the two main characters, is dealing with a drug addiction and is now following his dreams of becoming a jazz musician. The narrator, whose name was never given, does his best to keep the promise he made his mother years ago, to be his brother’s keeper. James Baldwin, an African American author, grew up in Harlem, New York. Baldwin had no one to share his love for literature with....   [tags: literary analysis]

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The Sisters By James Joyce

- In evaluating James Joyce’s short story “The Sisters”, many themes and parts of his own life are evident in his work. Joyce starts his episodic collection with a young male protagonists deep within the teachings of Irish Catholicism when his mentor, a priest, dies after his third stroke. A confused protagonist finds freedom and relief after a symbol of the paralyzed church has passed. The reader is left with uncertainty like the protagonist, Joyce leaves clues with his use of language. The themes and symbols in the story are directly related to the experiences and values of Joyce....   [tags: Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church]

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James Patterson's Witch & Wizard

- James Patterson's book “Witch & Wizard” is about two teen wizards, Whisteria and Whitford Allgood. Whisty and Whit are brother and sister living in a dictatorship-like society called the New Order (N.O.). In the N.O. any disobedience or ideas of magic will be punished. Also, anyone under the age of eighteen will be evaluated and corrected if they do not comply with the N.O.'s ideas. The dictator of this new society is referred to as The One Who Is The One. The One is supposed to be an all powerful leader, who has powers far greater than Whit and Whisty....   [tags: gothic literature, story analysis]

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James Watson And Francis Crick

- In April of 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published a game changing paper. It would blow the mind of the scientific community and reshape the entire landscape of science. DNA, fully knows as Deoxyribonucleic Acid is the molecule that all genes are made of. Though it is a relatively new term with regard to the age of science, the story of DNA and the path to its discovery covers a much broader timeframe and had many more contributors than James Watson and Francis Crick. After reading the paper the audience should have a better understanding of what DNA is, the most important experiments that contributed to its ultimate discovery and the names and contributions of the lesser-known scien...   [tags: DNA, Francis Crick, Genetics, Gene]

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Analysis of James Joyce's Araby

- Even though James Joyce’s short story Araby could be identified as a simple love story which ultimately ends up ending in failure, it is clear that the work discusses much more than the ideas of love and failure. Through the lens of a young man who has become immersed in a culture with a belief set derived from the concepts of materialism and capitalism, the reader experiences a unique journey of a poor, disillusioned human being. While love might be seen as one of the most powerful emotions felt by man, it is clear that love’s intentions can become corrupt, driven off the rightful path by a loss of reality....   [tags: Araby Essays]

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T. S. Eliot's Critique of Henry James' Washington Square

- T. S. Eliot's Critique of Henry James' Washington Square In the article "A Prediction," by T. S. Eliot, Henry James is both criticized and praised as a writer: "His technique has received the kind of praise usually accorded to some useless, ugly and ingenious piece of carving which has taken a very long time to make; and he is widely reproached for not succeeding in doing the things that he did not attempt to do" (55). Eliot seems to feel that James has not been properly criticized, and in fact that some criticisms are contradictory and inconsistent....   [tags: Henry James Washington Square]

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Catherine Sloper's Self-realization in Henry James' Washington Square

- Catherine Sloper's Self-realization in Henry James' Washington Square In his essay, "Washington Square: A Study in the Growth of an Inner Self," James W. Gargano argues convincingly that the Henry James's novel, Washington Square, revolves around the emotional, psychological, and spiritual development of Catherine Sloper. With one small exception, Gargano makes his case so persuasively that it seems hard to believe that there could be any other view of Catherine and her role in the book. Yet, Gargano asserts that James scholars before him have persistently focused elsewhere leaving Catherine to be categorized much the same way her father characterizes her as dull and listless (Gargano 355,...   [tags: Henry James Washington Square]

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James Baldwin on Language

- James Baldwin is absolutely correct when he states "language can connect or divorce one from certain groups" and "language is a political instrument and proof of power." After the events that occurred in the United States during 9/11 people became disconcert. They became very secure and wanted to separate them from the Middle East. If you were Muslim, Indian, or Pakistani Americans would treat you unfairly, call the cops, and in some cases put matters in their own hands and fight you. My Father was traveling from Mumbai, India to Miami, Florida on September 29, 2011; when he landed he was pulled over immediately and was searched thoroughly and was asked a series of questions even though he w...   [tags: political instrument and proof of power]

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Effects of the French and Indian War on Diversified Groups in "The Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper

- The Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper, describes the effects of the French and Indian War on a diversified group of people. Cooper describes the quest of three friends, Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Uncas, to deliver two young women, Cora and Alice, to their father. As they attempt to carry out this mission, the group encounters groups of Indians who interrupt and threaten their success. As the novel progresses, many characters’ virtues are put to the test, namely their loyalty. Throughout the novel, Cooper shows a character’s loyalty to be interwoven with their courage and steadfastness....   [tags: Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper, loyal]

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Applying Author Intent and Influence to James O’Barr’s The Crow

- Applying Author Intent and Influence to James O’Barr’s The Crow “Around, around the sun we go, The moon goes ‘round the earth . . . We do not die of death, We die of vertigo!” - from The Crow by James O’Barr The question of whether or not an author can claim that his or her work is original has been in debate for many years now. This, compounded with the question of whether or not an author can adequately understand or express his or her own work or if the interpretation and understanding belongs in the hands of the readers or the critics, has placed the role of the author under serious scrutiny....   [tags: James O’Barr The Crow]

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Biography for James Dowling

- American Sacrifices When the declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, it marked the beginning of a country based upon the ideals of freedom and equality. For over two centuries, these core principles have remained completely intact. This would not be possible without the sacrifice of thousands of courageous men throughout America’s history both on the battlefield and at home. One person who perfectly embodies the idea of sacrifice in both military and civilian life is James Dowling....   [tags: military career, world war II]

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From James Joyce's Stephen Hero to "After The Race" - Blending Narrator and Character

- From James Joyce's Stephen Hero to "After The Race" - Blending Narrator and Character James Joyce's fragment of a novel, Stephen Hero, leaves the reader little room to interpret the text for themselves. The work lacks the narrative distance that Joyce achieves in his later works. Dubliners, a work Joyce was writing concurrently, seemingly employs a drastically different voice. A voice which leaves the reader room to make judgments of their own. Yet it is curious that Joyce could produce these two works at the same time, one that controls the reader so directly, telling not showing , while the other, Dubliners, seems to give the reader the power of final interpretation over the characters...   [tags: James Joyce Stephen Hero]

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Henry James' Daisy Miller and Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence

- Both Daisy Miller by Henry James and The Age of Innocence, based on the novel by Edith Wharton are either social commentaries or love stories set in corrupt society. The male leads, Newland Archer and Winterbourne, help to show, assuming the goal is commentary, the dishonest and frivolous nature of society. Newland and Winterbourne’s stories and characters run on corresponding motives, as they are the offspring of that society. Each character has an affair. Winterbourne’s is subtle, presented more as his single interest, but it is told that his presence in Geneva (at both the beginning and end of the novel) is for the purpose of “’studying,’” but “when certain persons spoke of him they aff...   [tags: Henry James, Edith Wharton]

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`` Spider M Turn Off The Dark ``

- Chris Tierney, a spider-man stunt double for the Broadway musical, “Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark”, was critically injured due to a rigging accident during one of the shows’ performances. The show includes many technical rigging elements that are a risk to everyone involved and has had more than one accident since the run of the show began. According to ABC News, there has been six delayed openings and five injured cast members (including Tierney) since the run of the show began. . Tierney’s accident could have easily been fatal....   [tags: Safety, Accident, Stagecraft, Inspection]

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American Music at the Turn of the 20th Century

- To understand whether an ‘American’ music emerged out of traditions in the turn of the 20th century, we need to focus on the term ‘American’ and what musical genres fall under that category. For one, America, in a cultural sense, is seen as one huge ‘melting pot’, an amalgamation of cultures, ethnic traditions, beliefs and styles of music. It is very difficult to label one genre under the category of American music, as a vast amount of styles, in historical terms, have come about from a mixture of styles such as Jazz and Country music....   [tags: Art Music History]

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Did The World Turn Their Back On Rwanda?

- Did the World Turn their Back on Rwanda. Rwanda, which is regarded as the smallest African country with a huge population, has experienced several challenges in the past few decades including famine and the 1994 massive genocide that reduced the nation’s population significantly. Actually, the Rwandan genocide is the greatest massacre of human beings since Holocaust since most of the victims were murdered using machetes and would have known their murderers. The aftermath of the incident has involved survivors living next to the perpetrators of the genocide, which was primarily a tribal war....   [tags: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Juvénal Habyarimana]

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Turn Off The Tv Promote Literacy !

- Turn off the TV Promote Literacy. The amount of time American preschool children spends watching television can have harmful implications on their academic and overall development. Children spending more than an hour a day watching television do not reap the benefits gained from spending quality time exploring the world around them, playing with others, and interacting with family, all, which promote learning experiences as well as stimulate their physical and social development. A child develops their language skills through listening and communicating in the context of real life situations....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Learning]

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High School Athletes Should Not Turn Pro

- High School Athletes Should Not Turn Pro Lebron James and Freddy Adu are both young athletes and with millions in their pockets with a countless number of endorsement contracts. Whether it is high school athletes skipping college and discontinuing the development of their education for millions of dollars, or teenagers signing contracts with businesses for massive amounts of money, youth sports programs are changing rapidly. However, American high school athletes are not financially, physically, or mentally prepared to tackle and endure the pressures of professional sports....   [tags: Professional Sports Argumentative Essays]

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Araby by James Joyce

- In many stories of the modern era love is a driving theme or idea of a story. In ofter times the plot follow a similar path. At first there is a distance between the two loves. Then there must be a quest for the man to gain the feelings for the girl of his dreams and then the story ends with a happily ever after ending. In James Joyce's “Araby” it seems that the plot falls susceptible to the average love plot. It starts off with a boy, the narrator, that falls in love with his friends sister. He begins to have small talk with the girl and soon thinks that if he makes the trip to the Araby Bazaar and brings the girl something back that he will receive her love....   [tags: irish christian town, woman, love]

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My Turn By Jonathan Q. Student

- “My Turn” is an essay written by Jonathan Q. Student. His reason in writing this essay is to show how much of a jerk he thinks his English professor is and how he thinks he is being treated like a high schooler. Student is very serious about what he is writing and he is very angry about it all. Student is angry at his professor and thinks he is being a jerk because of how he is being treated like a high school student. He thinks that college should be about making your own choices and having flexible schedules....   [tags: High school, College, Education, Writing]

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I Could Turn The Clock Back

- If I could turn the clock back My grandfather is the person who has a profound impact on me, he tells me that a man should be industrious and responsible; he teaches me to be friendly to people; he makes me love sports and be outgoing; more importantly, he makes me will never touch a cigarette in my life. But such an important person to me who tells me not to smoke, smoking kills. I always imagined my grandfather alive then how. If I could turn the clock back, what will be changed. Before I went to school, I lived with my grandparents, we lived in an old house....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Tobacco smoking]

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Comparing Women by Henry James and Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- Comparing Women by Henry James and Charlotte Perkins Gilman In American literature, women have been portrayed differently depending on the sex and race of the author. Henry James who wrote “Daisy Miller: A Study” (1878) characterized Daisy as a tramp who breaks expatriate social customs. When a male writes about a woman, she is sometimes portrayed as a troublemaker and often up to no good. On the other hand, in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892), the narrator is trapped by domestic life....   [tags: James Gilman Women Portrayal Compare Essays]

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Comparing Daisy Miller and The Beast in the Jungle by Henry James

-       Henry James' Daisy Miller and "The Beast in the Jungle" are first and foremost powerful tragedies because they employ such universal themes as crushed ambitions and wasted lives. And the appeal of each does not lie solely in the darkening plot and atmosphere, but in those smallest details James gives us. Omit Daisy's strange little laughs, delete Marcher's "[flinging] himself, face down, on [May's] tomb," and what are we left with. Daisy Miller would be a mere character study against the backdrop of clashing American and Euro- pean cultures and "The Beast in the Jungle," a very detailed inner diary of a completely self-absorbed man who deservingly meets his fate in the end....   [tags: Henry James, Daisy Miller, Beast in the Jungle]

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Los Palestinian Voter Turn out

- Introduction Cultural government is most responsible for causing the low Palestinian voter turn out. The Palestinian leaders have guided its citizens to not cast ballots. The Palestine’s have a large population and could effect the local government if the culture allowed them to. The cultural government represents on the ground values and problems. The Palestinian’s are fighting for their cultural identity. Many have speculated that as a result of the low Palestinian voting the Palestine’s are powerless....   [tags: Palestine-Israeli conflict]

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James Herriot’s If Only They Could Talk

- James Herriot’s If Only They Could Talk In James Herriot’s autobiographical book, If Only They Could Talk, we see that Herriot has many strong characteristics which help him through his tough, and oftentimes demanding, career. He has a vast knowledge of his practice, as well as his employer and friend, Seigfried Farnon. Herriot has a great sense of humour, and is able to take embarrassment excellently. He also works well in strange, or uncomfortable situations. One of his strong character traits is his adaptability, he is very flexible with his customers, and adapts to their lifestyles....   [tags: James Herriot Only They Could Talk Essays]

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The Life and Contribution to the Development of the British Empire of James Cook

- The Life and Contribution to the Development of the British Empire of James Cook I) Introduction      The purpose of this paper is to describe the life and the contribution to the development of the British Empire of one of the most important English explorers. It was in the second half of the 18th century when James Cook, originally a poor farm boy, explored and mapped vast uncharted areas of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. However, James Cook was not ‘only’ an explorer. He can also be called a scientist – he managed to introduce new principles into seafaring and cartography....   [tags: James Cook British Empire History Essays]

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Nurse Shortage and Nurse Turn-over

- Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over Nursing is very important and dedicated profession and the need of this profession is very much increased in the society. But unfortunately there is a shortage of nurses as compared to the required need of the society and shortage has become a serious problem now. Leadership and management is the most essential skill for the profession of nursing. The development of the future of the nurses in leadership is one of the most difficult challenges which are faced by the profession of nursing....   [tags: leadership, management, efficiency]

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James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

- James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce's novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) is entirely concerned with the development of its main character, Stephen Dedalus. By comparison with Joyce's earlier version, Stephen Hero [1], we see that he has cut out all extraneous material concerning other characters, and presented a close and detailed account of the development of Stephen's character from infancy to young manhood, the ground previously covered in Stephen Hero being compressed into Chapter 5 of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man....   [tags: James Joyce Portrait Artist Young Man Papers]

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James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

- James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce, exemplifies the model of art it proposes as it also offers the reader on how to read that very art. Following the main character, Stephen Dedalus, through life, Joyce uses Stephen’s immediate perception to convey how an artist views the world. The reader witnesses Stephen encountering everyday aspects of life as art—the words of a language lesson as poetry or the colors of a rose as beautiful....   [tags: James joyce portrait Artist Young Man Essays]

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Suffering and Surviving in James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues

- Suffering and Surviving in James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues In "Sonny's Blues" James Baldwin presents an intergenerational portrait of suffering and survival within the sphere of black community and family. The family dynamic in this story strongly impacts how characters respond to their own pain and that of their family members. Examining the central characters, Mama, the older brother, and Sonny, reveals that each assumes or acknowledges another's burden and pain in order to accept his or her own situation within an oppressive society....   [tags: Sonny's Blues Essays James Baldwin Papers]

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Movie Analysis of Titanic Directed by James Cameron

- Movie Analysis of Titanic Directed by James Cameron The movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, was a fictional story based on the true ship, Titanic. Cameron's movie was based on a love story; however, the focus of this paper will be on some of the differences between the two classes aboard the Titanic. This movie clearly portrayed how differently the first and second-class people were treated during the time of the Titanic. This can be related to many other times in American history when groups were segregated as well....   [tags: Titanic James Cameron Movies Film Essays]

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Summary of James Hilton's Goodbye, Mr. Chips

- Summary of James Hilton's Goodbye, Mr. Chips James Hilton’s novel Goodbye, Mr. Chips is the story of an English schoolmaster who dedicated his entire adult life teaching young boys. He was a somewhat shy person. Nevertheless he was a competent school teacher, professional and attractive in many different ways. Although his first teaching experience was not successful, he was determined to become a good schoolmaster. After coming to Brookfield, he began to warm up to his students. But more important he brought discipline to his school which is the requirement for good teaching—something he did not achieve while teaching at Melbery....   [tags: Teachers Literature James Hilton School Essays]

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Sculptures in James Baldwin's If Beale Street Could Talk

- In Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself, Douglass describes his overseer as “a man of the most inflexible firmness and stone-like coolness” (Andrews 181). He adds that his mistress’s “tender heart became stone” (Andrews 188). When he first tries to free himself from such people, Douglass ends up “all alone, within the walls of a stone prison” (Andrews 208). Throughout these references, the image of stone is repeatedly linked with the stonehearted and dramatic Caucasian oppression of African-Americans....   [tags: James Baldwin Beale Street Could Talk Essays]

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The Subtext of Violence in Henry James' The Wings of theDove: The Sacrificial Crisis

- The Subtext of Violence in Henry James' The Wings of theDove: The Sacrificial Crisis A reading of Henry James' 1902 novel The Wings of theDove is particularly fitting for this issue ofSchuylkill for several reasons. This late novel is rife withrepresentations of multiple, often overlapping subject positionsthat the close reader is forced to reckon with. These subjectpositions include, but are not limited to, James as authorand as a self-referring subject of the novel's "Preface,"who perceives and performs outside of the designation of "author."The reader must also consider James' unreliable narrator as asubject who functions as both detached observer and protagonist,and whose equivocal ren...   [tags: Henry James The Wings Dove Essays]

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Fear And Its Effect On The Human Spirit

- Fear. A word that has controlled my entire life. I would not be able to move faster than possible, fight harder than possible, or think harder than possible without the most powerful impulse of the human spirit, fear. If you asked me three years ago if I’m scared of success, I would simply tell you no. I wasn’t afraid because I had no clue what it took to be successful. I believed things were going to be handed to me, so my desire to achieve something was blocked by stubbornness. As of now, I fear success....   [tags: Turn LP, Aerosmith, Anxiety, Turn]

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King James II

- On May 29, 1660, King Charles II arrived in London amongst a sense of euphoria and great fanfare. The monarch, recently arrived from exile on the European continent, seemed to air a sense that the troubles of the past were behind England, and the nation was poised to enter a new period with a Stuart monarch at its helm. Unfortunately, the newly arrived King produced no legitimate heirs during his reign, and the monarchy fell to his younger brother upon his death. After the death of King Charles II, King James II ascended the throne of England....   [tags: british history, catholics, protestants]

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James Norrington Fanfiction

- James was born in Great Britain to Lawrence and Mariah Norrington. He came from a long line of military men and it was expected for him to follow with the family plan. James was an only child therefore all his parents attention was deflected on him. Lawrence was a task driven and very rigid, conservative man. Mariah was a very strong willed proper woman of society with a sharp tongue. His father raised him as his father before him in a very strict and harsh manner to live up to the family name and his full potential....   [tags: Biographical Essay]

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James Vegas, The Man Behind The Microphone

- Modern Day Escape welcomes each evening with their fellow beloved fans by their side. The quintet will dazzle their fans with the House of Rats where you definitely want get trapped. The musicians love their fans as much as their fans love them providing a palpable vibe transferable to live shows. Modern Day Escape [M.D.E.] is lead by James Vegas who can be as sweet as his scream is loud. The Floridian/Southern Californian band is forming their own world with each tour. Tours add more and more listeners who become like family to the band....   [tags: Music Review]

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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

- Fifty Shades of Grey- My Opinion of Feminist Triumph. Fifty Shades of Grey, is one of UK’s best-selling novels, and is written by the famously known author E.L James. E.L James was not a prominent writer until the release of the Fifty Shades trilogy, which, she claimed to have written during her mid-life crisis. This novel has taken female audiences all over the world by storm. It is set mainly in Seattle, and is the first book of the Fifty Shades trilogy (Fifty Shades Darker is the second book, and Fifty Shades Freed is the third book) (Gilman, 2013)....   [tags: Anastasia Steele, Christian Grey]

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The Cohabitation Of Marriage By James Q. Wilson

- In “Cohabitation instead of Marriage” by James Q. Wilson, he believes that marriage is a necessity in today’s day of life, but you do not get this conclusion till completing the article. He states that marriage is built to maintain a family but we trust teachers to teach our children, daycare to care for them, and police officers to keep them safe and that, that does not leave left for the mother or the father to fo. He then proceeds to say that if the couple does not want children then there is nothing for the marriage to offer and to why not just live together, without the actual title of marred....   [tags: Marriage, Alimony, Cohabitation]

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James Henry Hammond And The Old South

- James Henry Hammond was a southern planter who dedicated his entire life to winning allegiances and achieving an aristocratic goal of mastery. Hammond’s father, Elisha, played a prominent role in predetermining the future of his eldest son. When James Henry Hammond married Catherine Fitzsimons he became a member of a wealthy and prosperous family. Along with marriage, Hammond took possession of a plantation Catherine was the heiress to. This plantation in Silver Bluff, South Carolina; was more than just fertile farm land and swampy areas....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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James Joyce’s Dubliners

- In James Joyce’s 1914 Dubliners, many adult characters drink to revel in the temporary distraction it brings from the day-to-day monotony. Following the three initial stories exploring childhood in Dublin, the remaining twelve adult-centered stories all allude to or explicitly reference drinking or drunkenness. However, there is a comparative difference in the depth of mention between male and female drinkers in the novel. Only two women – Mr. Cunnigham’s wife in Grace and Mrs. Sinico in A Painful Case – are described in passing as succumbing to this vice, whereas there are ten detailed accounts of male drinkers – such as Farrington in Counterparts – where the entirety of the short story is...   [tags: Monotonous Consumption, Gendered Alcoholism]

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The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

- The novel ‘The Fire Next Time’ by James Baldwin was published by Dial Press in the year 1963, United States. James Baldwin has written another number of books: novels - Go tell it on the mountain, another country. Plays - The amen corner, Blues for Mister Charlie and Short story collections. The author James Arthur Baldwin was born on August 2, 1924 and died on December 1, 1987. As a writer he also worked as a novelist, playwright, poet and essayist. His works questioned the struggle of inequality of the Black and gay community by looking from his own perspective....   [tags: christians, nephew, mister charlie]

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James Brazier And The Jim Crow Era

- James Brazier was a diligent man who worked three jobs to support his family in the south during the Jim Crow era. Because he and his wife both worked multiple jobs they both drove 1958 Chevrolet Impalas. Brazier was arrested by police and beaten to death. Louis Allen was a married civil rights activist and veteran who built his own logging business and owned his own land, “where he and his family raised some produce and dairy cows” (Kroft). He was shot and killed on his property after attempting to register to vote and being suspected of talking to federal officials about the 1961 murder of Herbert Lee by a white state legislator....   [tags: African American, Black people, White people]

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Unexpected Realizations in The Dubliners by James Joyce

- James Joyce incorporates many things into his short stories in The Dubliners, whether that is religion, alcohol, women’s issues, relationships or epiphany. Most of these things have a way of coming back to reflect different points in his life. Each story has a way of portraying one, if not more of these subjects. Sometimes relationships can lead to many emotions and sometimes unexpected things happen. You can say these unexpected things can cause someone to experience and epiphany, which can be defined as a sudden or striking realization....   [tags: epiphany, relationship, adventure]

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James Baldwin 's Not For Meet The Man

- From the late 30s to the 60s, America was slowly forging a name for itself by becoming the most powerful country in the world. From the outside, one could have said that things were going well for the Americans. However, if we dug a little deeper, we could see that things weren’t so good. As a matter of fact, the inequalities among fellow American citizen, the rate of violence in the country, the fear that each ethnical race had for each other and many more problems could prove that. Many authors, such as James Baldwin, would write about such inequalities....   [tags: White people, Black people, Race, Love]

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James Bowlby 's The Strange Situation

- James Bowlby came up with attachment theory as an explanation of the mother child bond that had been the craze in the 1980’s. He believed that a child was normal and well adjusted if she was assured of her ‘caretakers’ support in her emotional state. If so then the child would have the ‘secure base’ needed to branch out and develop securely. (Ainsworth et al, 1978). His theory mainly stated that there is a critical period of time in which a child must bond with a caretaker in order to form stable bonds that would in turn shape their future development....   [tags: Attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth]

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Loss of Innocence in Araby by James Joyce

- The short story “Araby” by James Joyce is told by what seems to be the first person point of view of a boy who lives just north of Dublin. As events unfold the boy struggles with dreams versus reality. From the descriptions of his street and neighbors who live close by, the reader gets an image of what the boy’s life is like. His love interest also plays an important role in his quest from boyhood to manhood. The final trip to the bazaar is what pushes him over the edge into a foreshadowed realization....   [tags: love interest, bazaar, mature]

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The On Illegal Immigrants By James F. Dwyer

- Illegal immigrants are a fragment of a immense and controversial group. They are also known as being illegal aliens, irregular migrants, undocumented workers, or as the French call them, Sans Papiers. Over the years, questions and concerns have been raised as to rather society should have to provide and promote to meet their healthcare needs. A group that is called the nationalist argue “no”, because they have no right to be in the country they reside, they have no rights to the country’s benefits....   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

- An essential part of writing creative non-fiction is writing as truthfully as possible. This allows readers to better trust the author. Readers expect that the author will recount events as accurately as possible, or choose to market their writing as another genre. Sometimes writers choose to ignore this. Even with the best intentions, this is deceptive to the reader. Such trickery can turn even the most strong and powerful stories, stories with a message of hope for readers into crackpot writing that serves no other purpose other than to create controversy....   [tags: literary analysis]

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The Obesity Epidemic By James O. Hill

- All of the possible causes for childhood obesity I have looked at have been centered on mainly the food intake, so now I would like to look at a topic that primarily affects children’s physical activity because that is the second half of what is needed to keep children healthy. I had to dig pretty deep into multiple articles to find what I wanted but I finally stumbled upon the article “Contributions to the Obesity Epidemic” by James O. Hill. Hill discusses in the article that as the world becomes more and more digital it also becomes less and less active....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Healthy diet]

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Journey Through History By James Madison

- Journey through History When I was around the age of 8 or 9, I read lots of books and realized it was so easy to be an author of a book. At that point of my life, I was convinced that I was going to be an author when I grow up. Throughout my life in elementary and middle school, I was given simple writing assignments that didn’t take much thought or research, making me feel as if the writing was effortless. I realized that when I entered high school, I would be writing papers that consisted of 5 to 6 pages long or longer and this would be challenging for me because of my weakness in writing....   [tags: Writing, High school, Essay]

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William James 's Article Review

- In the article, "The Will to Believe", William James responds to W.K. Clifford who argued that it "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence". James held the belief that it 's more important to accomplish truth than to avoid error a and that it can in fact be reasonable to hold a belief without sufficient evidence. Both philosophers, in my opinion, offer persuasive arguments; however, I feel that beliefs are often a moral issue and the choice to believe can be an emotional or instinctual one rather then an intellectual one....   [tags: Religion, Morality, Belief, Faith]

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Sports Broadcasters: James Kenneth McManus

- James Kenneth McManus, popularly known as Jim McKay, was born on September 14, 1921 in Philadelphia. When growing up, McKay grew a huge passion for sports, starting with horses. His love for horse racing is what led him to eventually pursue a career in journalism. When he was thirteen McKay moved with his family to Baltimore, where he would grow up and later graduate college at Loyola College, class of 1943. McKay began his career as the editor of the Loyola College school newspaper, The Greyhound....   [tags: journalism, pasion, sports]

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Stephen's Journey to Maturation in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

- Stephen's Journey to Maturation in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce   In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the author James Joyce uses the development of Stephen from a sensitive child to a rebellious young man to develop the plot of the novel. In this novel, Joyce suggests that through Stephen's experiences with religion, sexuality and education, Stephen not only becomes more mature but these experiences also inspire him to redefine his world and his understanding of his true feelings about art....   [tags: Portrait Artist Young Man James Joyce]

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Stephen Dedalus in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

- Stephen Dedalus in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fly by those nets The spirit of Ireland is embodied in young Stephen Dedalus, the central character of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Like the Dedalus of Greek myth, Stephen must grow wings so that he may fly above the tribulations of his life....   [tags: James Joyce Portrait Artist Young Man Essays]

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From Hate to Love in James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time

- From Hate to Love in James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time      James Baldwin was a man of many insights.  He believed in various ideas with regards to ?the problem of the color line. (103).  Baldwin, like many other thinkers of his time knew that a change was needed in this country, specifically Baldwin believed a shift from hatred to love was needed.   The main change Baldwin discusses in his biographical novel, The Fire Next Time, religion and how it teaches hate for others and love for those who believe.  The importance Baldwin believes is the change from those beliefs taught by religion to a new acceptance of both black and white races....   [tags: Fire Next Time James Baldwin Religion Essays]

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Homosexuality in Victorian Literature

- In the late eighteeth century, notions of modesty and propriety meant that there were few ways in which sexuality could be discussed openly in a social setting. Gothic narrative served as an outlet. In Victorian Supernatural fiction, the anxieties surrounding homosexuality is a very prominent theme. However, due to the cultural status of homosexuality as taboo, the subject is heavily veiled in literature. In John Mead Faulkner's `The Lost Stradivarius,' the story appears to be about a young man's obsession with a wonderful musical instrument and a particular piece of music....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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The Allegory of the Cave: Turn Around

- The Allegory of the Cave: Turn Around Putting the Allegory of the Cave into my own words seems comparable to the Christian idea of using the lord's name in vain. First, I'd like to introduce a phenomenon I have observed throughout my life time. I call it soul resonance. Bear with me here. When two objects emit sympathetic vibrations, the sound or force multiplies. Example: Two tuning forks of the same frequency are struck upon each other and held a few feet apart. The vibration is much stronger....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Britain at the Turn of the Century

- Britain at the Turn of the Century Society: Although valuable social reform had taken place during the years leading up to and in the early 20th Century, this period was a time of sharp conflict between employers and workers. Reforms such as National Insurance and Old Age Pensions could not disguise the fact that there had been a rise in the cost of living. Wages fell behind prices, and Britain's industrial supremacy was coming to an end, reflected by an increase in unemployment....   [tags: Papers]

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Effects of Religious Education on Theme and Style of James Joyce's The Portrait of the Artist as a

- Effects of Religious Education on Theme and Style of James Joyce's The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Although Joyce rejected Catholic beliefs, the influence of his early training and education is pervasive in his work. The parallels between Biblical text and The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man are abundant. As Cranly says to Stephen, "It is a curious thing, do you know, how your mind is supersaturated with the religion in which you say you disbelieve" (232). The novel progresses in a way that seems Biblical in nature; thematically it compares with the creation and fall of man and/or Lucifer....   [tags: James Joyce Portrait Artist Young Man Essays]

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America at the Turn of the Century

- As America approaches the twenty-first century we are faced with many challenges as a country. The United States has a very strong country due to a few things that keep the country standing. The sufficient military has helped many other countries out of wars, the strong economy is the basis of the world&#8217;s economy, and the United States has a very advanced technology that has also helped rule the world today. These three things are so strong that there is not much that would bring them down....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Historic Turn in Western Thought

- The Historic Turn in Western Thought Most philosophers have noted the linguistic turn at the end of the nineteenth century. Few, if any, have noted the historical turn in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Living in a time of anxiety in which the universe and life present problems to be solved, the problem for this paper can be stated as: Why was history so imprtant until recently, and is narrative so important now. I examine the advent of irrationalism in order to provide some explanation for the substitution of story for history....   [tags: Philosophy Kant History Papers]

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Turn Your Computer Into a Jukebox

- Turn your Computer into a Jukebox Are you the type of person who spends twenty dollars on a CD, just because you like one song, and the remaining tracks are disappointing. Did you know that you can have your whole CD collection in your computer's hard drive. Are you tired of listening to the unexciting music played on the radio. Would you like to be able to make your own CDs. These days it is fairly cheap to have internet access and a computer that will let you record, store, discover, and download music....   [tags: Poetry]

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Turn of the century Vermont literature

- The later half of the nineteenth century and early half of the twentieth century marked a period of great change in the United States. The demography was drastically affected by the influx of immigrants who left their homelands in search of a new life. People off all nationalities, languages, and colors came together as a newfound community to live work amongst one another, regardless of differences. Men sacrificed their homeland at the expense of providing for their families, their ultimate mission....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Graduation Speech: It's Our Turn

- After 18 long years of waiting, it is finally our turn. After 13 years of schooling, some difficult, some not, it is finally our turn. After this last, excruciatingly long year of waiting, hoping, dreaming, it is finally our turn. This day has been in the back of our minds since our first day of kindergarten, all those years ago. This year, amidst bouts of senioritis, today was all we could think about, that final day when it would finally be our turn to graduate. However, it is not only our turn to graduate, but also our turn to assume full responsibility for the direction our lives will take....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Turn Taking Mechanisms in Conversation

- Turn Taking Mechanisms in Conversation From the amount of conversations we witness on a daily basis we can see that they are governed by some sort of mechanism or rules. From these observations, it becomes clear that turn taking is a major constituent of conversation, with the arrangement of talk across two participants. Levinson (1983: 296) explains that, despite the ‘obvious’ nature of turn taking (i.e. A speaks, then B speaks, then A speaks again) the way in which distribution is achieved is “Anything but obvious”....   [tags: Papers]

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Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomas Briquettes Manufacturing by Planning Downtime

- ... The heating process is needed to eliminate moisture and volatile matters and to melt the lignin content in the raw material which acts like a binder. The quality of briquettes produced justifies the use of skilled labor. Due to high wear rate of screw and mould particularly the screw which have very short life about 4 to 15 hrs [10] there are regular stoppages of production, reconstruction of tools and wastage of output.Research works are going on all over the world in designing compact briquetting machines, producing smaller diameter (35mm) briquettes [11] to make it suitable for gasification, improving the life of screw, using waste briquettes to heat the raw material and mould and to...   [tags: power, applications, densification]

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why kids turn to drugs

- Why Kids Turn to Drugs There is no simple answer to why a young person might begin using alcohol or other drugs. Many times, it is a combination of several factors, including society, family and peers. They may turn to drugs to escape stress or loneliness or to overcome shyness in social situations. They may want to be seen as grown up or as a risk taker. Or, they may simply be curious. Teens often want to be like their role models as well. So, if their favorite music group, older sibling, parents or a "cool" peer at school uses drugs or alcohol, they may also use drugs or alcohol to emulate their role model(s)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A New Turn For Punk

- A New Turn For Punk If you’re getting tired of played out punk, sold out ska, and eccentric emo, then you’ll love South Florida’s coming of age skate punk band Empty Noise. Empty Noise consists of vocalist Christian Montes, 18, of North Miami Beach Senior High; guitarist Elvis Gomez, 20, of Miami Dade Community College; bassist Eugene “Fruity” McGuyver, 19, of Broward Community College, & our very own Guillermo Alvarez, 18, of South Broward High School. It all started with Elvis Gomez....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Review of U-TURN Electronic Cigarrette by Vapage

- ... I filled up the head tank with ‘555 Tobacco’ flavor e-juice, adjusted the voltage to 4.2, and gave the U-TURN battery its’ first test, taking a long and smooth drag, my eyes lit up as if I’d experienced heaven on earth. You can feel your mouth and lungs filling with a delicious water vapor and when exhaled, doesn’t leave any painful or harsh feeling in your throat and lungs, but a sweet, delicious flavor on your tongue that keeps you coming back for more. Another great aspect about the U-TURN is that a clumsy person, like me, can be quite careless with it and still have a great working piece....   [tags: durability, cost, brand]

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Education: Is it Possible to Turn Failing School Around?

- When a school is failing, the options for next steps can seem impossible or nonexistent, leaving school officials uncertain of what to do next. “Under No Child Left Behind policies, failing schools face the possibilities of ‘restructuring’ whereby half or more of the teachers may be fired or a complete school shutdown.” Many times these schools occur in lower economic areas and students are facing challenges like “lack of health care, more lead-poisoning, iron-deficiency anemia, family instability, more exposure to crime and drugs, fewer positive role models, and less exposure to culturally uplifting experiences.” The question debated is whether we can change these failing schools for the be...   [tags: restructuring, poverty, low performance]

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Failure And Failure Of Turn Over Exculpatory Evidence

- 1. FAILURE TO TURN OVER EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE The first issue is in reference to Marshard’s failure to turn over exculpatory evidence. Several months after the incident, Christine Arenburg, a bartender at the Ritz Café, had a meeting with Marshard in which she allegedly gave Marshard more details than what she originally reported to the police. Arenburg had suggested to Marshard that the Cray brothers were not being truthful in their statements, and attempted to provide more information about the events that occurred that evening....   [tags: Jury, Criminal law, Defendant, Respondent]

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Bullying Is Not The Problem Under The Rug Or Turn A Blind Eye

- As a society, we often underestimate the damages that bullying cause on children, not just America but all over, and the ones who suffer are the victims themselves. Victims are damaged with the stigma that they are weak, yet somehow have to fend for themselves against something that they have little to no control over. Whether it is for funding, a reputation or any other reason schools sweep their bullying problem under the rug or turn a blind eye, however they have more potential to end this growing issue....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Victim, Victimisation]

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The Wrong Turn down Slang Hollows Lane

- Arissa, a British poet, had gotten into deep trouble; one wrong turn down the road and she would have to accept the fact that death was approaching her, very soon. This is her story. As Arissa and Nicholas, Arrissa’s younger brother, a mechanic, were headed on their way home after a late night party, they were about to encounter a real thrill, their last one. While they drove, Arissa had a sense that something dreadful was going to happen. As they went down the empty- deserted highway it started to rain quite heavily....   [tags: fictional short story, suspense]

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How Barclays Shares Turn A Corner And Return

- 4 – Can Barclays shares turn a corner and return to prominence. Barclays shares were trading as high as around 790p in 2007. At that time, few people could have thought that the share price of the company would dramatically drop within the next couple of years, to reach a low of just over 50p. Even though it’s trading now at three times that price at 150p, the company’s future seems highly uncertain. A large factor for this is Brexit. Even though Barclays is a global company, it still has significant interests in the UK and is very dependent on the UK and wider European economies for its growth....   [tags: Investment, Stock market, Net asset value, Bank]

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Why Black Men Turn To Crack Cocaine To Survive

- This research proposal will explore the dependent factors that determine why impoverished adolescent Black men turn to crack cocaine as a means of survival. Survival is living under but overcoming adverse or unusual circumstances. Generally black adolescent men engage themselves in crack cocaine by way of dealing or trafficking. This study is important because it emphasizes the many underlying factors that can promote this type of lifestyle as a means of survival. When examining this particular field of study two main causes come to mind, the struggle and the trouble....   [tags: Drugs]

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