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The First And Second Generation Of American Independent Cinema

- When delineating between first and second generation American Independent cinema directors there is a fine line separating the two generations. This line usually lies somewhere in the early 80’s when the term ‘American Independent Cinema’ first began to emerge. Many other things that were pertinent to the American Independent Cinema movement also arose such as the emergence of video as a media form. There is a strong distinction in the change of dynamics between film school in the first and second generation of American Independent filmmakers as well....   [tags: Film, Independent film]

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Quebec Should be Independent

- The French pioneers arrived on the land of today’s Canada before the 17th century, in which they called New France. The English started to colonize North America in the 17th century, and it dominated the land by defeating the French after the French and Indian War, (McDougal Littell World Geography, page 156). Francophone’s population remained a minority in Northern America. The tension between the two ethnicities worsened, so the French asked for an independent nation. Canada and the Quebec province have been trying to reach a general conclusion by looking at the following three main aspects....   [tags: Quebec Independence]

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Independent Boys Vs Independent Girls

- Have you ever noticed the word strong always precedes independent girls. I think the very definition of the world implies strength, however, I also believe that the word strong is added to further add an element that really gets the message across. When it comes to a man, we usually say 'strong men ' or 'independent men ' but not both together. Independent girls are strong. In fact, they may be stronger than men because they have to fight against the stereotypes put in front of them in regards to Independence....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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The Pros and Cons of an Independent Central Bank

- 1. INTRODUCTION In 1962, Milton Friedman wrote the essay “Should There Be An Independent Central Bank?” Since then, half a century has passed. Nowadays, many countries in the world have their independent central banks. But the discussion about whether central banks should be independent does not end. This paper will try to 1) provide the arguments on both pros and cons whether central banks should be independent; 2) provides evidence about the relationship between central bank independence and inflation in developed countries, developing countries and transition countries....   [tags: Central Bank Independence]

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A Brief Note On Independent Contractors And Independent Contractor

- When dealing with contracts especially involving employer and it’s employee it is very important to acknowledge and analyze a lot of information and steps that go into it. In order to figure out if an individual is either an independent contractor or an employee or an organization, the way to find out the overall relationship is to be able to examine it and at the end come up with the conclusion of this matter. When it involves an employee- independent contractor all the information that has been gathered up provides proof of degree as well as degree independence that is taken into consideration....   [tags: Employment, Contract, At-will employment]

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The Importance Of Being An Independent Individual

- From a very young age, my mother taught me to do things for myself. As I got older and asked her why she encouraged that idea in me, she told me it was because she wanted to be able to know I could take care of myself when she is not here anymore. That is when I understood her reason in why she enforced my independence, instead of depending on her so much. Of course, everyone at one point in their lives was dependent when we were kids, but eventually we all become independent when we reach adulthood....   [tags: Person, Individual, Want, Individualism]

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How to Be Independent in a Relationship?

- Often, if you look around, you will find that most people give utmost importance to their partners. Surely, it is a good sign, until you reach the state wherein you constantly think about ways to keep him//her happy. So what does it take to be independent in a relationship, without jeopardizing your own happiness. Well, for most, the idea of an independent relationship relates to be able to go out with pals, relaxing on a Sunday morning and having some sort of command over the remote when watching television with the partner....   [tags: partner, happy, space, friends, hobbies]

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Elasticity Of The For Each Independent Variable

- In calculating the elasticities for each independent variable regarding price of our frozen microwavable food, price of our leading competitor’s product, per capita income of supermarket locations, monthly advertising expenditures, and how many microwaves are sold in the area we can determine if it would be best to increase, decrease, or even that a variable doesn’t have any effect on the quantity demanded. So, first we need to compute the elasticity of each independent variable. When we plug in the given data for the quantity demanded equation we get: QD=-5,200-42(500)+20(600)+5.2(5,500)+0.20(10,000)+0.25(5,000) QD=17,650 Now we can determine each independent variable....   [tags: Supply and demand, Price elasticity of demand]

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Should Scotland Be an Independent Country?

- Prior to 1707 the island of great Britain housed two separate kingdoms , the kingdom of England and that of Scotland, although both had been under the rule of the same monarch since 1603, they were separate entities with individual parliaments. However with the acts of union- which proposed the joining of the two kingdoms – passed and both were amalgamated forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the act also brought them together under the parliament of Great Britain. While a surrender of independence was unpopular in Scotland, more than 300 years later, Scotland has not fully given up her national identity and thoughts for independence....   [tags: separate kindoms, monarch, finances]

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The Origin of the Independent Black Church

- The Origin of the Independent Black Church In today’s society the African American church is one of the largest institutions that promotes education, civil rights, and moral values to African Americans today. There are many different denominations such the National Baptist, the Church of God in Christ, the African Methodist Episcopal, and etc. Out of these organizations some of the most influential civil rights leaders came from these institutions of faith. But have you ever thought where did these churches come from....   [tags: slaves, transition, culture]

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The Modeling Of A Independent Contractor

- The modeling business is known to be unregulated and therefore, It can get away with many things that other industries would consider to be unlawful or unethical. This includes the unfair label of being an “independent contractor”. According to Sara Ziff, a woman who has worked half her life as a model, “Sexual abuse and systematic theft occur at the highest levels of the industry, and because models are considered to be "independent contractors” [emphasis added], the rule of law in terms of workplace standards does not exist” (Ziff, Sara)....   [tags: Employment, Law, Self-esteem, Labour law]

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Miss Independent : The Duchess Of Malfi

- Miss Independent: The Duchess’ Battle with the Patriarchy A woman of Renaissance-ian nature was stereotypically linked to the male dominant in her life. In contrast, the women that were powerful – and there were plenty – were subject to the idea that the female body was not strong enough to live up to a male counterpart. Rarely is the support of feminism and feminine sexuality seen in a time ruled and respected by powerful males. John Webster, however, presents a character of social prowess and sexual determination in his play The Duchess of Malfi, juxtaposing the social views of a woman with his characterization of the Duchess....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Sociology, Woman]

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The Expansion Of A New Independent Nation

- Changes occur in every aspect of life, from the growth of a child to the forming of a new independent nation. After America’s foundation in the late eighteenth century, it began to experience several changes that had both societal and economic impacts on the country. From westward expansion to the national debt, the new America faces several feats between the years of 1815 and 1840. Several social changes took place during this period in history. The westward expansion that had taken over America led to changes and reforms of the citizens of the New World....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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An Independent Woman By Daisy Miller

- An Independent Woman Every social group has its standards and customs. People must follow these standards and customs in order to be included in a group. Daisy Miller is a fictional character created by Henry James. She is a young American lady who travels in Europe with her mother and younger brother. During their journey, they encountered a group of European Americans. These people differentiate themselves from ordinary American tourists by accepting European values and following European customs....   [tags: United States, Sociology, European American]

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An Example Of An Independent Variable

- 1. Independent variable (pg. 39) – a type of variable that is controlled by the experimenter, and comes before the dependent variable. An example of an independent variable in a study would be the amount of time played by a college football player. 2. Dependent variable (pg. 39) – a type of variable that is influenced by the independent variable. An example of a dependent variable would be the amount of hits the football players takes compared to how much time they play. 3. Hypothesis (pg. 47) – a proposed statement of results made about a problem in a research study that is expected....   [tags: Sampling, Sample, Stratified sampling]

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Texas Is A Free Independent State

- The seventh constitution in the history of Texas was established in on February 15, 1876 and is still Texas’s current constitution. Only six previous ones existed before this one, but were all adopted while Texas was still part of the country of Mexico. This constitution granted many freedoms for the citizens in Texas and has been amended many times with in the past century. From “Section 1. Texas is a free independent state…” all the way to end of Article 1 in the Bill of Rights have been enforced till this day....   [tags: United States Constitution, U.S. state]

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My Life : A Independent Child

- Throughout life I have always been a very independent child. When I was young, I placed myself in dance classes and got involved with after school activities because my mother was always working trying to make a living for my brother and I. My whole life my mother has being struggling financially due to being a single mother and having a little to no help from my father. I have always had this feeling that my parents never really had an intimate relationship but you would think that they would come together for the sake of their child but in reality it was the complete opposite....   [tags: Mother, High school, Middle school, Father]

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Marketing Plan For An Independent Venture

- Marketing Srija kasara Herzing University 11/27/2016 Abstract Through the span of beginning and working an independent venture, you should make and present point by point reports to illuminate partners about your business. While these partners differ in that they may incorporate financial specialists, lenders, providers and even clients, they each of the have a tendency to have amazingly bustling timetables. Composing a brief yet entire business conceptual turns out to be critical, in light of the fact that partners may never read your full report....   [tags: Brand, Brand management, Logo, Brand equity]

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National Federation Of Independent Business

- National Federation of Independent Business Et AL. v. Sebelius Background The National Federation of Independent Business Et. AL v. Sebelius was a decision that was made by the Supreme Court to enact on provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known by many as the Obamacare. The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act is also included. The Patient Protection Act and the Affordable Care Act both was put into place to expand health insurance coverage for many people....   [tags: Barack Obama, United States, Health care]

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Children Should Be Independent Learners

- ... Education should be something that a child will want to look forward to, not depise it for the rest of their days. If happiness is brought into their independent learning skills maybe learning wouldnt be so bad, and perhaps fun. Thats what I would like for students everywhere. We have defined happiness formally as the complete and sufficient good for a human being, but there are many different views of what sorts of life satisfy this definition. Agreeing with me, Aristotle believes the several ways in what happiness consists in....   [tags: philosophy, education, academics]

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Women Are Becoming More Independent

- Ever since females began to obtain more opportunities in education, work, and social aspects, the ways they progress through their years after college have changed drastically from the times of their mothers and grandmothers. While the economy, personal situations, and social standards may have influenced this change, it seems that many females have taken to a new way of tackling their twenties worldwide. Females are becoming more independent and increasingly determined to achieve their goals and live how they wish rather than follow the standards for maturing and growing up....   [tags: Woman, Female, Girl]

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Becoming Independent, Challenge, And Responsibility

- A sense of becoming independent, challenge, and responsibility is what students might feel when they are about to attend college. However, some of us are not so fortunate to experience the perks of independency. I was confused. I felt overwhelmed with all the choices I was about to make. I did not know what to expect after high school. A sense of insecurity and negative thoughts invaded my mind. The pressure to keep on sustaining a successful academic record and keep a rigorous balance between my academics and personal life became much greater....   [tags: High school, Want, Need, Sibling]

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A Productive and Independent Life

- Social work has been described as a promotion of well being for clients to live happy productive lives and to age well is to live with the greatest possible quality of life by adapting to declines in performance. Thus, assisting the elderly as they age to lead lives most conducive to them continuing a positive and uplifting experience is key to those social workers, aiding with elderly clients. Below are the answers to the questions regarding the provided case vignette, as I see them. 1. Client is an elderly widower who resides with his daughter, her husband and his three grandchildren....   [tags: Social Work]

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Blogs : Why Be Independent?

- Blogs Why be independent. A lot of families are so fast to just put your loved one into a retirement home or nursing home. You need to know that there are other options available. We know that as our loved ones get older they become more demanding. Your life gets in the way of helping them and it’s just easier for you to place them somewhere that is easier for everyone but them. As soon as they get to a nursing home, or a retirement home they lose their independence. It’s sad to say but even in a retirement home they don’t have their full independence and they may just go downhill from there....   [tags: Nursing home, Nursing, Retirement home]

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External Auditors Must be Independent

- ... The presence of an external auditor allows creditors, investors or bankers to use financial statements that have been prepared with confidence. Although it does not guarantee the accuracy of a financial statement, it provides users with some reassurance that a company’s financial statements give a true and fair view of its financial position and its business operations. It also provides credibility, where in business, is a major asset. With credibility, the willingness of investors, bankers and others to relate and undertake business projects with a company increases....   [tags: scandal, policies, manipulate]

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Independent Movies: The Cloud Atlas

- ... The third story is about Luisa Rey, a journalist in San Francisco who discovers a conspiracy regarding a nuclear power plant in 1971. But before Ray receives the incriminating evidence, her inside man is killed. She begins to investigate with the help of the scientist Isaac Sachs and the plant’s head of security Joe Napier. Sachs is also murdered and the assassin makes an attempt on Luisa’s life, but Napier steps in and saves her. Together, they manage to kill the hitman and expose the conspiracy....   [tags: film analysis]

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Independent Filmmakers: The Cohen Brothers

- There is no doubt that good fortune and big success will not patronize people for no reason. The reason could be that some people work really hard on their work, and it could be some people get a lot of help from other people, and it could be some people get huge talent and use it well, and it could be some people have a lot of enthusiasm for the thing they are doing. Working and living in film and art industry, in many times, “the four reasons” are extremely significant and integral in order to get achievement....   [tags: movie and art industry]

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The Declaration Of Independent Is The Strongest Piece Of American Literature

- On June 11th 1776 the Continental Congress tabbed five men who were given the task to write one of the most important documents in America’s history; The Declaration of Independence. During a time of immense diversity people living in the colonies of what was soon to be The United States of America were yearning for something that could place them under one large umbrella. This committee of five men consisted of John Adams from Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Robert R. Livingston of New York, Roger Sherman of Connecticut and of course Thomas Jefferson of Virginia....   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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The Independent Games Movement

- For any fan of video games today, they may have realized a certain breed of game that has risen to prevalence over the years after a large period of time languishing in the “underground” of conventional games development. These games have become more prominent due to the fan bases which support them, and also due to the constant attention from mainstream gaming media and larger gaming companies. These are independent games - games that are created without the boon of a publisher’s funding. Usually crafted by smaller teams of designers, artists and programmers, the independent gaming movement is looked upon as the “punk era of gaming culture” (as explained by indie developer, Rami Ismail)....   [tags: Video Games, Gaming Industry, Game Developer]

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The Independent Electoral Commission

- The Independent Electoral Commission -An approach to its Financial, HR Management and ICT functions- The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is an independent organisation established under the Chapter 9 of the South African Constitution not only to conduct elections to the National Assembly, provincial legislatures and municipal councils in South Africa, but also to promote and safeguard democracy. In 1993, a temporary Electoral Commission was created to manage the first democratic elections of the national and provincial legislatures, which were held in April 1994....   [tags: conduct democratic elections, south africa]

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Helping Children Become Independent

- Cut the apron string is allowing young infants to grow-up and be independent. Some culture believe in this this behavior while others don’t agree with it. An example of cut the apron string: Now, that Todd is eighteen his mom expect him to get a job and move out her house. Todd mother believe she has done everything she needed to do to help him. Todd mom wants Todd to get a job and because independent. This is an example of cut the apron string. When infants are born they depend solely on adults....   [tags: attachment and separation]

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George Wallace: American Independent

- Voting for president of the United States is a very big concern. Americans vote for their president elect on several different categories, campaign platform, personal beliefs, Democrat or Republican Party, and in the earlier years, whether they were from the North or the South. One such person was George C. Wallace. Wallace campaigned in favor of segregation, but was he really for segregation, or did he just believe that the government was stepping on state’s rights. Wallace attended the University of Alabama in 1942, and graduated with his law degree....   [tags: Politics, American History]

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Singapore's Independent Music Scene

- As Singapore’s indie, or independent, music scene grows, a prominent problem surfaces: Singaporean indie bands and musicians are underrated and not given enough opportunities in their homeland. This paper explains why there is a need for more opportunities to be accorded to indie musicians. Indie music is “music [that is] produced and funded by any band or label not affiliated with … major corporate labels like Sony or Epic”. (Andrews, 2006, para. 4). A few factors have resulted in indie music gaining popularity worldwide over the years....   [tags: Music]

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Slacker: An Independent Film

- Slacker is an independent film, which has no conventional narrative structure. Instead it is a series of stories encapsulated within conversations between random ever- changing characters. All of which are in some form misfits in society. The protagonist changes every few minutes and there is no conventional character arc. It is an observation of different people living in Austin, Texas. It focuses on conversation between characters, but does not become involved in their lives. Following one protagonist for a time and then moving to the next as the character cross over....   [tags: short narrative, harry potter]

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Independent Films

- Filipinos started making movies in the year of 1919. The first Filipino to make a movie goes to Jose Nepomuceno, also known as the ”Father of Philippine Movies”, Since then the Philippine movies became hit. Lately after Foreign films rise in the Philippine cinema. In the Year 2000’s, it shows the dramatic decline of the Philippine movie industry. The Hollywood films control the mainstream cinemas even more and the movies produced in Philippines gradually decreases that is why many producers and production companies stop producing movies after losing a million of pesos....   [tags: film industry, filipinos]

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Independent ISPs

- The viable option that could help create more competition that is seen as a real alternative to the big players by consumers . That could help result in reduced prices and the minimize the throttling of networks that reduces speeds of independent ISPs as well as their own customers. The option I believe that would best achieve these results would be to allow foreign investment to help independent ISPs better compete by reducing the percentage of how “Canadian” a company has to be. The current marketplace allows for big players to control the market because they have the capital to control the infrastructure needed to run a viable ISP service....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Independent Indonesia

- What the meaning of word Independence. Is that just free from the colonizer. Is Indonesia now can be considered truly an independent country. After 64 years proclaim its independence, Indonesia cannot make itself become an independent country because development in Indonesia both physical and non physical still dependent to foreign country. There is a quotation said that Indonesian soil is very flourishing, you can plant everything in this country and it will grow by itself. Also this year Indonesian government proudly announced that Indonesia has reached self sufficiency in rice....   [tags: Indonesia, foreign dependence,]

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Independent Reading Essay

- The year is 2006,watching TV, you flip through the various news stations to learn about the recent news in Iraq, the majority of the news simply says that ‘x’ amount of soldiers or marines were killed in such and such attack. You don’t like what you are hearing so you go online to read an independent embedded (embedded refers to news reporters who are attached to military units) reporters story. Online you read that two new schools were built, and the Iraqis, supported by US forces, led an attack to capture an insurgent leader....   [tags: Article Analysis ]

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Independent Novel Project

- Independent Novel Project English 10—Fall 2008 Parent notes and doctor’s office excuses will not be grounds for a penalty-free extension because I have given you two months to complete the assignment, and I am already giving you a five-day extension. All portions of the assignment must be submitted to avoid the fifty percent penalty. In addition to turning in a print copy of the assignment, an electronic copy must also be submitted to by the above deadline. If you are having trouble with the site, you should email your assignment to me as a Microsoft Word attachment by Thursday, December 18....   [tags: Project Assignment]

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Independent Retirement Account

- Independent Retirement Account (IRA) All living beings grow old with time and come to a stage when they can no longer make a living on their own. Be it animals or humans, it is a time when they have to depend on others for their survival. Yes, as human beings, there comes a time in our lives when we can no longer afford to live independently and have to make way for younger and much healthier individuals at work. So what does one do to earn a living. There are quite a few possibilities of which Independent Retirement Account, or IRA as it is known in short is quite popular with Americans....   [tags: Finance ]

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Women Becoming Independent

- Throughout history there has always been a consistent trend, that of women not having a place in outside society. Women had always been confined to their homes to do the cooking and cleaning. In the early 1800s this changed however, as women started to ease themselves into the workplace. Women were brought into factories and were then called factory girls. This was a huge step in women’s rights as a whole. So, this paper argues that industrialization changed gender roles, specifically women’s, by giving them economic independence....   [tags: industrialization changed gender roles]

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Government-Funded Independent Schools

- An analysis of charter schools – government-funded independent schools that offer either a special theme or are required to meet a particular performance indicator (Davies & Guppy, 2006) – as an alternative to mainstream public education reveals that charter schools should be notnot be supported for several reasons. First, in terms of academic performance, there is little evidence that charter school students fare better than public school students (Murphy, 2003). Second, as new providers of education, advocates claim charter schools bring innovative and fresh new thinking to schooling practices (Davies & Guppy, 2006), but research has found there is weak evidence to support such a claim....   [tags: Education, Charter Schools]

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Independent Electoral Commission

- Contents Introduction 2 Obligations of the IEC 2 Duties of the IEC 2 Challenges that the IEC faces (all according to DR BAM) 2 Voter Turnout (2008) 2 Party Funding (2008) 3 Floor Crossing (2008) 3 Democracy and Development 3 Media Challenges (2008) 4 Financial Challenges in 2013 4 IT Challenges in 2013 4 HR Challenges in 2013 5 Conclusion 6   Introduction It is well-known that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is an everlasting body created by the Constitution to oversee the conduct of free and fair voting at every level of government yet only becomes significantly evident to the people during the hype or build-up of elections....   [tags: free and fair voting, democracy]

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The Relationship Between Independent Contractors And Employees

- Introduction Over the years, the nature of work in New Zealand has seen many changes. One of these changes is the increasing amount of non-standard employment across many industries. These non-standard employment arrangements include temporary, casual and labour hire workers, independent and dependent contractors (Burton, 2011). For many years the divergence between independent contractors and employees has been cause for much dispute. There have been many cases regarding this relationship. For instance, a key case in regards to this paper is that of Bryson v Three Foot Six [2005] 3 NZLR 721, which showed the ambiguity of the contractual agreement....   [tags: Trade union, Negotiation, Contract]

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The Prevalence Of Content Mills For The Independent Freelancer

- Competition: The largest threat to profitable freelance writing is the prevalence of content mills. Content mills such as are online areas that allow “freelance writers to sell their work to many different customers,” ( The clients on these websites often request large word counts for minimum compensation. Competition is fierce and it is difficult to find a request for your work. The problem with content mills for the independent freelancer is that numerous individual clients are lost every day....   [tags: Marketing, Customer service, Customer]

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The Role of Women in Post-independent Africa

- Matsumoto (2001) states in virtually all human groups, women have greater responsibility for domestic activities, while men have greater responsibility for external activities (pg. 197). Therefore under such conditional thinking, one would naturally assume the male to have more of a presence in the household than the woman. Gender roles, sex role ideology, and gender stereotypes represent the way culture displays its belief in what they considered appropriate behavior from both male and female. Socialization agents are factors within our culture that not only affects us as individuals, but the society in which we reside; sources from which we learn about ourselves and our culture....   [tags: article analysis, women, polygamy]

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Letter to the Editor of the Port Orchard Independent

- To the Editor of the Port Orchard Independent: The safety of students is very important in modern society, but freedom is just as important. The principal of my school has instituted random backpack and locker checks to search for weapons, such as guns or knives. If a student is in possesion of any of these items, they will be suspended on the spot. My principal says that these random checks will keep the students safe by guarding against illegal weapons at school, a safe place. I firmly believe that if these checks are allowed to go on, they will be more of a problem than a solution....   [tags: on the safety of students]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Hollywood Independent Directors '

- In any work, interesting things do not happen to a character because they are the protagonist. Instead, they are the protagonist because interesting things happen to them. This logic is easy to understand—why would we watch a character if nothing happens to them that we do not already see everyday. For many, there is no interest, and, as such, Hollywood and its ilk have sought to focus on the extraordinary, explosive, and loud. Yet overtime—and possibly in a backlash against the growing trends in Hollywood—independent directors have explored the quiet, inconsequential moments of life as their focus, and have found that there is quite a bit to say about the so called nothing plot....   [tags: Film, Narrative, Protagonist]

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Correlation Between Independent And Dependent Variables

- Methodology The researcher conducted the research using the quantitative method. According to Babbie (2010), quantitative research method is used in research studies to determine the relationship between an independent variable and an independent variable. Quantitative method was necessary for this research because this type of research required a method that identified this research clearly with independent and dependent variables. Quantitative research was used in this research to examine person of interest misidentifications in America....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Quantitative research]

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A Brief Note On Independent Study On Monopolies

- Independent Study on Monopolies in Canada The idea of a single entity dominating a product or service in an industry is a controversial topic for Canadians. A monopoly is, “a single company or group who owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. By definition, a monopoly is characterized by an absence of competition, which often results in high prices and inferior products” ("Monopoly Definition” Investopedia). The word “monopoly” derives from the Latin term, “mono” meaning single and “poly,” for seller (Benjamin, “Different Types of Monopoly Practices”)....   [tags: Monopoly, Economics, Perfect competition]

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Analysis Of Juno Is An Independent Comedy Film

- As the course progresses, it is evident how crucial adolescences years are. Both the brain and physical development in teens, explains why they’re more likely to engage in risky behavior and react more impulsive (Snowman & McCown, 2015). A character that demonstrates how adolescent brain and physical development affects the adolescence behavior, emotional and social skills (Blakemore, 2011), is sixteen year old Juno MacGuff from the movie Juno. Juno is an independent comedy film, directed by Jason Reitman and was released in 2007....   [tags: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Human sexual behavior]

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The War The New Independent Nation Of America

- After the Revolutionary War the new independent nation of America sought to expand their democracy and power. As rebellions, such as Shay’s rebellion started to occur, the founding fathers and congress realized that the government needed more power. Through several compromises, the constitution was ratified and the government had more control over internal and external threats to their democracy. As time went on the government sought to expand its authority, power and democracy through compromises and taxes to fund their ambitions....   [tags: United States]

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Nursing Process Discipline and Independent Nursing

- Nursing process discipline is a nursing theory developed by nursing theorist, Ida Jean Orlando. This theory, one of the first written about the nursing process, was written to help establish nursing as an independent function in providing health care for a patient. Through this independent nursing function, Orlando developed her theory on the concept of the nurse-patient interaction. During that interaction the nurse recognizes a patient behavior as an “… immediate need for help” (George, 2011, p....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Chris McCandless: Brave, Independent, and Courageous

- The book Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, was a very interesting story about a young man going to live out in the wild of Alaska. This young mans name is Chris McCandless also known as Alex Supertramp. He had a lot of courage to go out this trip facing the wild. He has set high hopes for how young he is. Graduating college than leaving directly after graduating and burned all of his money and left his car and most possessions behind. His bravery definitely had a big impact on the story. With his bravery, it seemed like he has done this before and has no weariness....   [tags: Into the Wild Essays]

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EMR Implementation in Small Independent Practices

- ... Records or personal information can be lost if portable devices such as memory cards, hard drives, tablets or laptops are lost, stolen or corrupted or even by natural disaster (2014 EMR Mandate, 2012). Recommendations Electronic records will mean doctors will no longer have the need of trying to remember every detail from one appointment to the next. Reading another doctor’s handwriting can be difficult, and with EMRs a patient’s medical history can travel with them from doctor to doctor in a more efficient safer way....   [tags: electronic medical records]

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Correlation Between Dependent And Independent Variable

- There are various types of statistical validities that are applicable to research and experimentation. The three different validities in which I will be explaining about are, internal, external, and construct. Each of these validities is essential in order for the experiment to give accurate predictions and reach valid conclusions. I will also be explaining panel data, cross sectional data, experimental data, and survey experimental data. Lastly, I will explain how one of these data could be useful to me in resolving an issue that I may encounter in life....   [tags: Experiment, Causality, Experimental design]

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Date Night: Becoming an Independent Woman

- For my liberating action, I decided to take my boyfriend out on a date for our fifth year anniversary. Growing up the women in my family always taught me that I was supposed to go out with a guy who had money and could take care of me. If he was poorer than I was he was not worth my time. As a child, I have seen men spoiling my mother and sister with things they wanted and I wanted that too. It is a pattern to see the women in my family depending on men for things like paying bills or buying food....   [tags: act, pay, date, man, fair, society]

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Correlation Between Independent Variable And Dependent

- Descriptive Statistics This study measured the results of 69 participants. Amongst the participants 40.6% were males and 59.4% were females. The study required students to identify their classifications 59.4% were freshman, 27.5% were sophomores, 20.3% juniors, and 5.8% identified as seniors. Amidst the participants 13% identified as working class, lower middle class was 13%, middle class 53.6%, upper middle class 17.4%, and upper class was 2.9% Participants were placed in conditions based on the vignettes (see Appendix A)....   [tags: Race, Black people, Statistics, Middle class]

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Oman, The Oldest Independent Arab State

- Oman, the oldest independent Arab state, is known for its purebred Arab horses and its famously colorful and embroidered doors. Many tourists love it for its breathtaking beaches and enormous mountains; however, the citizen’s experience of Oman is quite different. In societies like those of The United States of America, Canada, or The United Kingdom, citizens do not know a world where they cannot speak, write, or tweet what they please, but that is not the case in Oman. Article 19 of The International Declaration of Human Rights describes the right to freedom of opinion and expression in all forms, as well as giving and receiving information through any outlet....   [tags: Human rights]

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I Am Becoming An Independent Researcher

- My academic preparation from predoctoral to postdoctoral training has been geared toward using computer technology and quantitative skills in research studies on leaning technologies. In this statement of purpose, I would elaborate the research activities I have had in the last five years, from the past to present and future to show how I am becoming an independent researcher. My past research activity during the doctoral training program had focused on the use of computer visualization to improve students’ conceptual understanding and procedural skills, the two most important types of knowledge in many engineering courses....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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Independent Monetary Policy: Impossible Trinity

- ... Furthermore; ıf risk premium is small,this will create the credit boom. Therefore asset prices will also rise, which causes a massive gap between the lending and credit. To summary; high level of VIX is related with low level of capital inflows and outflows, lower credit creation, lower leverage and lower asset price. Finally Helene Rey ,in this article, believe that a country cannot maintain a monetary independence and floating exchange rate regime at the same regime. Developed centered countries are the most important reason for this situation because a country’s exchange rate regime is based on centered countries’ exchange rate....   [tags: article, the trilemma in history]

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Robert J. Waste's Independent Cities

- In his book, Independent Cities, Robert J. Waste describes the major problems that cities are facing and how these are exacerbated by the lack of voice that American city’s have on the political stage. He states that cities have lack of representation in congress and the presidency, which often prevents their issues from receiving national attention. Waste describes failed federal policies that have attempted more top-down approaches and he also comments on state policy methods and their more successful bottom-up focus....   [tags: permanent crises, urban issues]

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An Independent Cuba

- An Independent Cuba Fidel Castro’s belief of a Cuba libre was not only his; many Cubans envisioned an independent Cuba, ‘A Cuba that could have been’. Plenty felt the urge to raise their voices and prove their discontent and patriotism to the world, but what could have been remained a silent whisper. Furthermore illiteracy and ignorance encircled a big chunk of society one which could not comprehend the causes and effects of such a term as ‘imperial’. In Thomas G. Patterson’s Contesting Castro: The United States and the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Nixon is quoted expressing that Castro is "either incredibly naive about communism or under communist discipline." (Paterson 257) His assump...   [tags: Cuba Politics Political Cuban Essays]

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The Independent Judiciary in the United Kingdom

- The Independent Judiciary in the United Kingdom Q. Is there an independent judiciary in the United Kingdom. What obstacles, if any, hinder this independence. Although judges in the English Legal System are not part of the law making process, and full time judges are not allowed to be members of the House of Commons, they are still thought to be independent in a number of ways, as an independent judiciary plays an important role in protecting the liberty of an individual from abuse of power by the executive....   [tags: Papers]

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Prosecutorial and Judicial Independence of the Superior Courts in Hong Kong

- Basic Law provides for both prosecutorial and judicial independence, as both are vital under the Rule of Law in Hong Kong. This paper looks at issues in connection with prosecutorial independence and judicial independence of the superior courts. Indeed both are not functioning with total independency with the judiciary perceived to be more independent. As both are vital to the rule of law in Hong Kong, the prosecutorial independency and judicial independency of the superior courts shall be kept to the highest standard....   [tags: rule, law, independent]

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Jane Eyre as an Independent Woman

- Jane Eyre as an Independent Woman Jane Eyre was probably the most shocking and controversial novel of it’s time. Not only was it almost unheard of for a readable novel to be written by a woman, but the views and opinions expressed by the character of Jane Eyre were unthinkable and before their time. In the eighteenth century, when Queen Victoria was at the height of her reigning day, People were far more reserved that the people of today. People were much more prudish and kept themselves to themselves....   [tags: Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Essays]

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Factorial Design Experiments Involvling Combinations of Independent Variables

- ... In the identity-threat condition, their partner held sexist views. For instance, they would strongly agree with statements such as “I could not work for a female boss because women can be overly emotional and sensitive”. In the identity-safety condition, the partner was presented as nonsexist and strongly disagreed with sexist statements. The second independent variable in their 2 x 3 design was word type with three levels: 1) social-identity threatening; 2) illness threatening; and 3) nonthreatening....   [tags: sexism, hypothesis, conditioning]

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Personal Narrative- My Plan to Become Financially Independent

- There is a point in everyone’s life where they will have to become financially independent. For some people this can be a difficult process, and for others it’s easy. Being financially independent usually takes time, and it will take longer for some people. The best thing to do is start young and develop a plan. Becoming financially independent mainly depends on how much you want to work for it. Becoming financially independent is important to me because I have depended on people almost my whole life for things, and it is time I need to be able to depend on myself....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Determining The Intermediary Formation With The Independent Agents And Brokers

- The insurance industry is a very important component within the advanced society where it plays a pivotal role in assuring the protection and transferring of wealth, properties, and its main function is to minimize risks for individuals, families, and private and public institutions, and a critical link to other economic institutions that helps to promote and stabilize the entire financial system. Insurance can be defined as an intricate product that obliged to indemnify the insured, an individual or an entity, according to specified terms and conditions commensurate to the occurrence of unanticipated events (i.e., accident, natural disaster etc..) (Cummins & Doherty, 2006)....   [tags: Insurance, Economics, Home insurance]

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Independent Media and the Internet

- Independent Media and the Internet Independent Media has long existed across the globe. As the voice of dissent it is often repressed by governments and corporations that look the hide the truth. Indy Media began as print newspapers that often faced high production cost and difficult means of expanding beyond local circulation. They did not have the established means and financial backing that major news corporations had. Indy newspapers were often hard to obtain, quite expensive, and unable to cover all major topics due to resources....   [tags: Newspapers Journals News Papers]

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Relationship Between Independent Central Banks And Individual Preferences

- Abstract Do economic and legal institutions evolve to facilitate efficient coordinated activity despite the self-interested preferences of individuals. I argue that institutions seek the option to maximize public benefit from the perspective of independent central banks and decision-making of monetary policies. I discuss about the role of individual preference during the decision-making process of monetary policies. 1. Introduction In his 1962 essay “Should There Be An Independent Central Bank?” Milton Friedman discussed three alternative institutional arrangements through which governments can exercise responsibility for monetary policy: a commodity standard, an independent central bank,...   [tags: Central bank, Monetary policy, Inflation]

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Seeking Independence in Essay Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

- It is impossible to live a whole life without the help of others. Everyone starts out relying on their parents to feed them, take care of them, and teach them. However, as people grow older, they learn to look after themselves and be independent of others. In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance”, he tells us that once people are able to be independent, they should be an individual who believes in themselves and does not conform to society. In American culture today, there are people who go with the flow and do what everyone else does....   [tags: independent, self-reliance, society]

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Why Is Hannah Is Struggling With The Independent Reading Assignments?

- Many students have a hard time when it comes to reading. There are many reading inventions that can help students out. Reading inventions are strategies that help students who are having trouble reading. The interventions are techniques that can be used to assist in one on ones with students or working in small groups to help students become a better reader. Hannah is a student who seems to be struggling with many independent reading assignments. There can be many reasons that Hannah is struggling with the independent reading assignments....   [tags: Reading, Reading comprehension, Education]

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Song : Independent Women : Artist : Destiny 's Child

- Song: Independent women Artist: Destiny’s child Concepts/Theory: Feminism/ Material culture Discussion: Feminists are some of the most feared individuals in the world due to their power, intelligence and determination. Beyoncé is one of those individuals who has had the power during the long years of her career to introduce feminism in popular North American culture. A personal favorite, “Independent Women” by Destiny’s child possesses the most powerful feminist lyrics. This songs brings up a few questions about the role of independent women....   [tags: Sociology, Marriage, North America, Want]

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An Independent Living Program At Orangewood Youth Center

- Participant Observation Agency For the agency I chose to visit, I chose an Independent Living Program at Orangewood Youth Center. I found this agency important for the assistance of youth into independent living. This agency seemed like it would be an important one to look into to know what resources are available to youth in my community. What happens to teens after they are emancipated. How do they deal with the realities of adulthood when they are still teens. What happens to youth coming out of foster care....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Knowledge, Sociology]

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National Federation of Independent Business v Sebelius

- 1. Title and Citation- National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius 567 U.S. (2012) 2. Facts of the Case- In March 2010, there came about multiple lawsuits that were merged into one case shortly after Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius). With the passing of this act it required U.S. citizen who did not already have health care through Medicaid, Medicare, corporate, or any government-sponsored source to get health care....   [tags: Affordable Care Act, healthcare, Supreme Court]

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Race As An Independent And Dependent Variable Within The Social Sciences

- There is a push and pull relationship between race as an independent and dependent variable within the social sciences which creates a cyclical overarching sense of idealism. The social sciences study human society and the relationships which make that up. Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology combine within the social sciences, they work together on the broad topic of race to from both analytical perspectives and individual understandings of what constitutes race and how that changes the way society as a whole respond to it....   [tags: Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology]

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An Evaluation Of The Independent Auditor Is Responsible For Obtaining Reasonable Assurance?

- a. Reasonable assurance simply means that there is a high, but not absolute level of assurance that the financial statements are free of material error at the end of the audit. This is not a guarantee, therefore while financial statement users can be fairly confident in the audit results, they need to account for the inherent risk that material misstatements could potentially still be present. b. The independent auditor is responsible for obtaining reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatements....   [tags: Audit, Balance sheet, Auditing]

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The Principles And Theories That Can Be An Independent Pharmacy Owner

- Seldom do individuals realize the significance of acquiring a proper understanding of economics as a whole, let alone any subfields that branch off of it. Every aspect of economics is relative to another within itself, much like the roots of a tree are relative to the leaves or fruit that it bears. Attempting to distinguish between micro and macroeconomics in terms of significance to the real world is unavailing. Having a formal comprehension of this science begins with the principles and theories that comprise microeconomics....   [tags: Economics, Supply and demand, Microeconomics]

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The Independent Variable Is Replacement Of Hand Sanitizing When Hand

- The independent variable is replacement of hand sanitizing when hand are not visibly soiled to hand washing. The dependent variable is the reduction of hospital acquired infection prevention. The extraneous variable is the patients’ ages, how long the study is conducted, and nurses’ willingness to use hand washing when hands are not visibly soiled instead of hand sanitizer. The patients’ ages is a extraneous variable because older patients are more at risk of contracting a hospital acquired infection because they are more fragile, according to Better Health Channel (2014)....   [tags: Hygiene, Hand washing, Medical hygiene]

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