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The Cultural Conflict of Hugh Selwyn Mauberley

- The Cultural Conflict of Hugh Selwyn Mauberley      By imitating writing styles of ancient poets, Ezra Pound exhibited his attitude toward modern civilization, and his famous poem, Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, is the stereotype. In this poem, Pound revealed his disagreement with industrial society. The poem is an imitation of other old poetic styles, or epic style; however, it presents ironic meaning. To fully understand Pound's divergence from modern culture, the ways of presenting his position will be firstly explained....   [tags: Selwyn Mauberley]

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Dr. Henrey Selwyn And Paul Bereyter

- Spencer King English 2120 Summer 1 Memory and Atonement One thing I noticed when reading The Emigrants is that three of the four major characters commit suicide. I’m going to focus on Dr. Henrey Selwyn and Paul Bereyter. I picked these two, because they have a couple things in common. First of all, both of their suicides were pretty symbolic and have a deeper meaning behind them in the way they were performed. Secondly, they both tended to gardens that were for a time very run-down, which is also symbolic....   [tags: Suicide, Death, Atonement in Christianity]

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World Wars Had A Great Impact On Writers And The Stories They Wrote For American Literature

- Both World Wars had a great impact on writers and the stories they wrote for American Literature. The stories changed and took a different approach after the war and new characters were created. In some cases, old characters were recreated and made to fit the new values and beliefs. With each passing of a war, writers wanted to create a new style of writing that would answer public concern. World War I began in 1914 and lasted till 1945, which had the biggest shift in thinking. This war introduced Modernism and was known as the age of reason and logic....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Ernest Hemingway]

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A Battle Between The Traditional and The Modern

- This is an essay about the battle between the traditional and the modern. It has focused on Pound and Yeats’ works in Literature to show the position of each poet’s contribution to modernity. Both poets used different approaches to contribute to modernity. Yeats used classical illusions in his poems to pass the messages and was more focused on culture. This shows his characteristic as a traditionalist more than a modernist (Yeats). Grading his contributions, he is considered the link between the nineteenth and the twentieth century....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Invention of Childhood by Hugh Cunningham

- Contemporary anxieties about childhood have often fuelled the incentive into historical research on the subject, with childhood enjoying a high status in our social, political and cultural debates. This has been reflected in what can be described as a ‘lively field’ of historical investigation , aiming to give us a wider perspective on the changing conceptions of childhood, and an understanding of the experiences of children through time. The publication of Philippe Ariès’ L’enfant et la vie familiale sous l’ancien regime in 1960 helped to stimulate an upsurge of interest in the field, with Ariès managing to convince most of his readers that childhood had a history, and that ideas about chi...   [tags: old testament, education, correction]

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The War On Terror, By Hugh Gusterson

- The author Hugh Gusterson explains us the War on terror and how the focus has shifted much more towards the cultural aspect of the people of the Middle East. The importance of understanding the population’s religion, culture, norms, traditions and rituals have been emphasized to make improvements and gain grounds in Iraq. After the invasion, the US army underestimated the overall conditions of Iraq, it gave rise to various insurgencies and US troops found themselves in an extremely complex situation....   [tags: Anthropology, Culture, Sociology, Middle East]

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Leaders And Managers By Hugh Nibley

- In this evidence analysis paper about the speech “Leaders and Managers” by Hugh Nibley to the BYU graduated class of 1984. Nibley put all his efforts to motivate the graduated class of the necessity in the world of real leaders and not just merely managers. For this purpose, Nibley started by explaining the hidden history behind the shift of leaders for managers in the world through historical evidence. Also, Nibley explained the basic division between these two characters leaders and manager using clear and consistent explanations....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Roman Empire]

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The Case Of Michael Hugh Mirsky

- Appelbaum’s article primarily focuses on the case of Michael Hugh Mirsky, who tells his personal story which highlights the struggle many men in America face. In 2012, Mr. Mirsky initially had lost his job working at Verizon which snowballed two years later into a conviction for resisting arrest. Due to the conviction, work is hard to find and this led to the threat of foreclosure of his home. Mr. Mirsky is unable to afford child support payments for his 8-year-old daughter. The search for a permanent position is near impossible, Mirsky says, “even your lower-paying fast-food jobs are now doing background check......   [tags: Criminal law, Arrest, Crime, Employment]

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Leaders And Managers By Hugh Nibley

- On this evidence analysis paper about the speech “Leaders and Managers” by Hugh Nibley to the BYU graduated class of 1984, Nibley put all his efforts to motivate the graduated class of the necessity in the world of real leaders and not just merely managers. For this purpose, Nibley started by explaining the hidden history behind the shift of leaders for managers in the world through historical evidence. Also, Nibley explained the basic division between these two characters leaders and managers using clear and consistent explanations....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Roman Empire]

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Leaders And Managers By Hugh Nibley

- The decade of the 1980 was an important time for the world, especially for the United States was a decade when the technology, economy, sciences raised the sky. However, people cannot take away the role of those graduated college students that conducted that time. Some of these graduated students were clearly motivated by some of their professors. One of these cases was the speech “Leaders and Managers” by Hugh Nibley to the BYU graduated class of 1984. In his speech, Nibley put all his efforts to motivate the graduated class of the necessity in the world of real leaders and not just merely managers through evidence, concepts, and examples in society....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Roman Empire]

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Biography of Wystan Hugh Auden

- W. H. Auden W. H. Auden was a great writer and a significant poet who used his skills to influence others. Auden was from England, though he moved to the United States to build his career. He wrote poems, plays, songs, odes, and more. He lived a wonderful life, while using his talent in writing. Auden made writing a career, which was used to influence, teach, and entertain people. His works has expanded from his heart and mind into those of his family, pupils, and other individuals. Wystan Hugh Auden was born in York, England on February 21, 1907....   [tags: literary influencer, clocks]

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Biography of Wystan Hugh Auden

- English poet, playwright, critic, and librettist Wystan Hugh Auden had a major influence on the poetry of the twentieth century. Auden was born on February 21, 1907 in York, England. Auden was born and raised in a greatly industrial section of northern England. His father, a prominent physician with an extensive knowledge of mythology, and his mother, a strict Anglican, both had strong influences on Auden’s poetry. During his child he moved to Birmingham. Auden’s early interest in science and engineering earned him a scholarship to Oxford University, where his attraction with poetry led him to change his field of study to English....   [tags: english poet, church]

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Hugh Laurie, Acting the Blues Genre

- Many people may know Hugh Laurie from the popular American TV show "House M.D.." In the show "House M.D.", Laurie plays a sarcastic doctor that treats patients who have difficult health problems which have not been able to be treated by other doctors. The TV show "House M.D." was at one time the most popular TV show in the world (Green 2). Despite Laurie’s enormous fame in the area of his acting career, there is another area in which Laurie has made a great contribution to that is not as widely known....   [tags: house m.d., music, singer ]

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Hugh Williamson 's Influence On Society

- Hugh Williamson was born on December 15th, 1735 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. As a child, his father sent him off to get a liberal education; many family issues arose, such as, his parent’s careers and his mother, Mary Davison, captured by Blackbeard. As an adult, Hugh had many different jobs and moved from state to state. Hugh continued in the mercantile business with his brother, and also reentered private medical practice in North Carolina. In 1776 he was elected into the Continental Congress, and signed the Declaration of Independence....   [tags: United States, United States Constitution]

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Wystan Hugh Auden

- This essay will discuss the poet Wystan Hugh Auden, his childhood, religion, his poetry, and what inspired him and influenced his poetry. Our poet was born in the north of England in February of 1907, to a physician father, George Agustus Auden, and Constance Rosalie Bicknell, a deeply believing Christian. Auden experienced doubts in his Christianity and these will be discussed in terms of whether or not they had any effects on his poetry, and if so, in what ways. When one searches for information on W.H....   [tags: homosexuality, christianity, sexual orientation]

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"The Latest Decalogue" by Arthur Hugh Clough

- In the mid-nineteenth century, Arthur Hugh Clough wrote a poem entitle “The Latest Decalogue” in which he criticises the Victorians, specifically the contrast between the impression they gave of themselves, and their true morality. He uses form, language and tone in various ways to express this idea about the Victorian period, and makes his stance on the matter clear. The poem's subject matter is hinted at very early on, in the title itself; “The Latest Decalogue” is a very fitting title for the poem, as it hints at the fact that the poem is a Victorian take on the ten commandments, taking into account new social ideals....   [tags: Critical Appreciation]

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Ezra Pound developing ideas

- Ezra Pound's Developing Ideas Often called "the poet's poet," because of his profound influence on 20th century writing in English, American poet and critic, Pound, believed that poetry was the highest of the arts. You never would have believed that a writer and optimist such as Ezra Pound would have been born in Hailey, Idaho in 1885. From the sound of his work you'd thing he was definitely one of those European Imagist. In 1908, after teaching college for two years, Pound traveled abroad to Spain, Italy, and London....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Looking at Hugh Hefner's Portrait from Various Lenses

- ... Then when you look to your right, you see the four girls who all have different facial expressions. The different expressions all give the same underlying look of envy. The girl sitting on the ottoman is glaring at the other girls while the two girls on the bed are engaging in conversation while showing wariness. The woman on the floor is looking longingly at the camera as if she wants to say something but you do not know what. Tolstoy’s belief of “an artist’s chief job is to express and communicate emotions to an audience” (Freeland, 155) is conveyed when you initially look at the Hugh Hefner portrait....   [tags: expressionist, interpretations, emotions]

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Aristotle And Hugh Blair 's Interpretation Of Persuasion

- Even though sophistry is seen as an unethical use of persuasion that uses deceit to attain its goals, it is evident that sophisticated arguments can be made using honesty and power. Sophistry or at least the term, sophist, was not seen as a negative term around the fifth century B.C. because Sophists were seen as wise intellectuals during that era (Corlett, 1996). The Athenian Sophistry comes from the Greek term sophos which came about around seventh century B.C. and means wise or clever. The term sophist was seen throughout Greek literature in 490–420 B.C....   [tags: Rhetoric, Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory]

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Hugh Wheeler: The Genius Behind Sweeney Todd

- Hugh Wheeler was one of the most unique playwrights of all time. He was innovative in his storytelling skills and could challenge the most prolific writer. In his life, he wrote numerous plays and over 30 mystery novels under three different pseudonyms. However, his award winning works included the play Sweeney Todd, Candide, and A Little Night Music. Take a look at Wheeler’s life and also, look at each of these works. See inside the man and the brilliant playwright. Hugh Wheeler was born on March 19, 1912 to parents, Harold, who was a civil servant in the Office of the Public Trustee and Florence Wheeler, whose parents were in truck manufacturing....   [tags: Biography ]

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Wystan Hugh Auden

- Wystan Hugh Auden Wystan Hugh Auden was born on February 21, 1907, in provincial York, England. Over the next sixty-six years, he became one of the most prolific poets of the twentieth century. He was a versatile poet who felt that poetry was "a game of knowledge." He boarded at Gresham’s School in Norfolk and in 1925 went to Christ Church at Oxford. Although he initially studied biology, he quickly switched to English. From there he embarked on a literary career that covered almost fifty years....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Hugh Willoughby’s Across the Everglades

- Hugh Willoughby’s Across the Everglades Despite the overall opinion of our class, I enjoyed Hugh Willoughby’s Across the Everglades. The short history he provided and the description of his journey through mangroves and saw grass was both enlightening and entertaining. He offered insight into the historical part of Florida that we, in 2004, will never know of by first hand experience. Willoughby’s journal was also the perfect handbook for an Everglades class canoe trip. From the intricate metaphors he weaves into his facts to the influence of opinion behind those facts, Willoughby’s work captures the minds of his readers....   [tags: Willoughby Across Everglades]

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Argument Analysis of Brain, Interrupted, by Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson

- ... The authors could have presented the subject without giving the impression that switching back and forth between tasks can make us “dumber” (Sullivan and Thompson). They could have given a euphemism to lower the audience’s chances of becoming defensive and be more open minded. By increasing their professionalism, they can reach their target audience, upper middle class and upper class, that read The New York Times and have the ability to persuade people to avoid multitasking. The article presents itself casually at first, but then more professional later on as it proceeds to further explain and backup their claim that distractions such as text messages, can affect our brain activity....   [tags: multitasking, technology, distractions]

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Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding: The Battle of Britain

- Few tales from history have held as much fascination as that of the Battle of Britain. The notion of the RAF fighting against the might and power of the Luftwaffe, and winning, has captured the imagination of generations. Yet few people know who the man responsible for the victory really was. Most of the time, Prime Minister Winston Churchill is portrayed as the man who saved Britain. To some extent, this is true. If Churchill had not kept up the spirits of the British people, and had not refused to give in to Germany, then the Battle would have been lost....   [tags: RAF vs Luftwaffe, WWII]

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Supporting Arguments for Parent Licensing: Hugh Laffollette's Licensing Parents

- Supporting Arguments for Parent Licensing In Hugh Lafollette’s paper, “Licensing Parents” he talks about the need for government licensing of parents. His argument states that for any activity that is harmful to others, requires competence, and has a reliable procedure for determining competence, should require licensing by the government. This argument relates to parenting because it can be harmful to children, requires competence to raise those children, and we can assume that a reliable procedure can be formulated....   [tags: Maltreatment of Children, Overgeneralization]

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Industrial Capitalism in Each Man’s Son by Hugh McLennan

- Each Man’s Son, by Hugh MacLennan, is set in Cape Breton where the mining industry acts as the focal point in the lives of most characters. Mining brings “great wealth and prosperity, as well as great misery and environmental destruction” (Armstrong et al. vii). Industrial capitalism, in Each Man’s Son, is a toxic force that aids in presenting the negative social and physical effects on the community of Broughton through the changes in environment, the physical and emotional repercussions of the colliery being bombarded onto men, and the emotional effects the colliery has on women....   [tags: environment, mining industry, coal]

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The Role of Leaders in Companie's Fate

- In turbulent financial times like these, the quality of leadership in companies is of utmost importance. Leaders play a great role in determining the fate of companies. They are like captains steering their ships in the middle of a storm at sea. In the case of Monsanto, Hugh Grant has been that captain. He has managed to turn around a controversial company into one of the most respected agricultural biotechnology companies in the world. This term paper seeks to bisect and dissect his leadership style to understand the reasons behind the success of Monsanto....   [tags: monsanto, hugh grant, leadership]

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Feminism : A Long Way For Equal Social, Political, And Economic Rights For Women

- Feminism has come a long way in establishing equal social, political, and economic rights for women. However, the rise of “raunch culture” has defined unrealistic mentalities for women. Some of the women that Ariel Levy, author of the “Female Chauvinist Pigs” article, has interviewed do not want to be compared to other women because they don’t wish to be viewed as overly sensitive, whose desires consist of only caring about their appearance. They want to become exceptions to the stereotype that women are weak by trying to identify with men, since masculinity is perceived as powerful....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Hugh Hefner]

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Hugh O'Neill as the Tragic Hero of Making History

- In Making History Hugh O'Neill was a well-liked character who also proved himself not only a good man, but intelligent and sensible. He inspires a large amount of sympathy in the audience. O?Neill had been fighting, backed by the Irish population, for Spain's support to rid themselves of the English for many years. When the Spanish finally agreed to help and announced they will land at Kinsale, a large distance from them, O?Neill at once spots the difficulties, ?Kinsale is out of the question. If the insist on landing in the south?tell them to cancel the expedition.....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Review Of The Cuban Revolution

- A Review of: [The Cuban Revolution] Thomas, Hugh. The Cuban Revolution. New York, NY: Harper & Row Publishers. 1971. (755 pages). Section I: This book is the second half of a larger work, Cuba: The Pursuit of Freedom. The purpose of the larger work is to give a detailed history of Cuba’s struggle for freedom, beginning in 1762. This volume starts in 1952, with Batista’s rise to power, and concludes in 1970, with the Ten Million Ton Harvest. Thomas endeavored to write an encyclopedic, complete history of the complex political struggles in Cuba....   [tags: Hugh Thomas]

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Hector Hugh Munro's Sredni Vashtar and John Collier's Thus I Refute Beelzy

- The portrayal of the parent/guardian relationship in Hector Hugh Munro’s “Sredni Vashtar” and John Collier’s “Thus I Refute Beelzy” demonstrates the devastating effects on Conradin’s and small Simon’s well being due to neglect. The sole- purpose of a parent/guardian relationship is to provide the child with protection, nourishment, continuous affection, and an adequate amount of freedom. The failure to provide these four essential elements affects children psychologically and physically. To begin with, both Conradin and Small Simon in “Sredni Vashtar” and “Thus I Refute Beelzy” (respectively), dearth protection from their guardian and parents (Munro & Collier)....   [tags: Parent/Guardian Relationship]

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Past and Present Life

- In The Other Side of Eden, Hugh Brody details the lives of an Inuit village in the Arctic. This group has several things that distinguish them from others. One of the interesting things about this group is that children can be named for their late grandparents. The example in the selections shows a baby girl who was named for her late grandmother. Since she was named for her grandmother, the child is considered to have her spirit, and thus she is treated both as a child, and with the respect given to an elder....   [tags: The Other Side of Eden, Hugh Brody]

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The Flight of the Earls

- The flight of the earls was the departure of Hugh O’ Neill, Rory O’Donnell and Cuconnaught Maguire along with their families to continental Europe. They would never return to the lands that that they had fought so validity for in the nine years war. Their departures from Gaelic Ireland left their former dependents without a leader and thus were unprotected, as the Gaelic way of life would soon be lost. John Curry and Charles Patrick Meehan are responsible for popularising the term ‘flight of the earls’ by their extensive use of a contemporary manuscript by Tadhg Ó Cianáin, a tale by one of the participate of the ‘flight’ and his party’s later journey to Rome....   [tags: Earl of Tyrone, Hugh O´Neill, Gaelic Ireland]

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Supporting Arguments for Parent Licensing

- ... In addition, if we did come up with a criteria, it would be too generalized (in order to include different cultures) that it wouldn’t be able to differentiate between good and bad parents. This overgeneralization would allow bad parents to be inadvertently licensed. These are strong objections to Lafollette, but I believe there is a solution to them. The objection of distinguishing between good and less than good parents is wrong because Lafollette states in his paper that his proposal “…does not demand that we license only the best parents; rather it is designed to exclude only the very bad ones” (Lafollette 1980, 190)....   [tags: Hugh Lafollette's paper, good-bad pareting]

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Hugh Prather's Notes to Myself

- Sometimes mankind has to ask the question ‘what is it that makes up the actions and determines the type of interaction that we display when around other people?' Notes to Myself is the contemporary world's way of questioning the value of putting on facades. The novel also questions things we know as ‘ trivial' such as watching a cat sleep on our belly or staring at clouds in the sky. The author used an interesting form for writing his collection, omitting page numbers and leaving no indication as to what subject the reader should expect to be encountering upon reading sections....   [tags: Notes to Myself Essays]

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Rwanda Genocide

- November 12, 2013 MAHG 5028 Religion and Genocide: Rittner Conversation Starter #12 Rwandan Genocide The Angels Have Left Us by Hugh McCullum, discusses the African tragedy that took place in Rwanda, which resulted in the murder of over one million victims. The Rwanda genocide was between two groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi. Hutu were considered to be the natives and indigenous to the land, where Tutsi were considered to be the non-native settlers who were non indigenous. Through propaganda and myth, the tension of ethnic hatred would slowly crumble the Rwandan State....   [tags: justice, United Nations, Africa, Hugh McCullum]

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Australia: A Bit of History, Culture and Famous Actors

- Australia Since I am interested in Australia, I decided to find out a little more about it. One of the first things I would like to find out is basic information about the country. Another thing I would like to find out is what happened in Australia’s history. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to learn about the country’s current leader. Information about the capital city is another thing that I want to discover about Australia. In addition, I would like to find out about popular attractions that are located in Australia....   [tags: Hugh Jackman, government]

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Summary Of ' No, Please, No

- “No, Please, No. I promise I won’t do it ever again, I am so sorry, it was an accident, please no, anything but that...” I woke up with a start, fear trembling around my body, I stared at my hands, and they were quivering, I then heard panting; as I look around I discovered it was me. As I continued to looked around my room, I noticed a shadow near my door way. “Whose there” I whisper. No reply. “Jake, if that’s you messing about, I will murder you”. “You can’t murder me” echoed the monstrous voice....   [tags: Bus, Public transport, Bus stop, Hugh Paddick]

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The Suicide Hotline Crisis Center

- Born Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont as the son of Eleanor Louise Cowell, Ted Bundy spent his early childhood growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his mother and maternal grandparents. Now, at almost forty-three years old, Ted is no longer employed at the suicide hotline crisis center in Seattle, Washington and is on death row for the murders of three women. Although Ted’s maternal grandfather was never officially diagnosed with a mental disorder, he was habitually violent towards people and animals alike....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Ted Bundy, Hugh Aynesworth]

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The Conflict Of The War

- More importantly, however, Erik served as the single person with whom O 'Brien could discuss his fears, and, through their conversations, Erik introduced literature into the dialogue concerning the war. This literary voice was a powerful influence and was a resource to which O 'Brien would return in his search for courage in Vietnam. After reciting a passage from Pound 's "Hugh Selwyn Mauberly," Erik came to an accurate conclusion concerning the role that fear plays in driving men to war: " 'All this not because of conviction, not for ideology; rather it 's from fear....   [tags: Anxiety, Fear, Anxiety disorder]

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Resource dependence – internal environment

- The main issue here is that all the parties involved have “heterogeneous goals” and there is “competitive interdependence” between all of them (Pfeffer 68-69). There is a relatively limited amount of resources (money) and yet all members need a balloon pump that does a different function. If one group gets the pump it wants it means that the other groups will not get what they want. Therefore, “power is virtually the only way to resolve the decision” as there is no one, “agreed upon goal” (Pfeffer 70 & 77)....   [tags: Health Care]

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The Agreement Between Lord And Vassal

- The Agreement between Lord and Vassal is an account of a relationship between Hugh of Lusignan and William V of Aquitaine (who was also Count of Poitiers). This account is seen through the perspective of Hugh, and provides examples of different powers, actions, and decisions of lords and vassals. According to the introduction of the Agreement, this account was "wrote or dictated” between 1020 and 1025. Through criticism and analysis of this source, I hope to determine what information historians can gather from a first-person document and how/if this document has a place in the milieu of history....   [tags: Feudalism, Lord, Vassal, Contract]

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High Jinks And Minor Mischief

- This assignment will respectably attempt to critique the research article ‘High-jinks’ and ‘minor mischief’: a study of undergraduate students as perpetrators of crime’ by Dr Neil Selwyn. In doing so I shall reflect on the findings and research derived from the article and the effectiveness of the strategies, design and methods used in conducting Selwyn’s inquisition. Likewise the assignment will underline flaws in regards to the published research. For instance the researcher admits that respondents from social sciences and humanities were overrepresented....   [tags: Sociology, Research, Statistics]

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Impact of World War One on American Literature

- The Impact of World War One on American Literature As people mature, their beliefs evolve; as a child it is easy to be guided by adults, to believe in adults. As adults, people have their own beliefs. It is the period in the middle that is the hardest. As children begin to grow, they begin to push limits and question authority. The modernist period in American literature is comparable to those teenage years. In the early stages of American literature, America looked to her mother England for guidance....   [tags: Literature Essays Literary Criticism]

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The Taint of Money in “Life in the Iron Mills”

- Rebecca Harding Davis wrote “Life in the Iron Mills” in the mid-nineteenth century in part to raise awareness about working conditions in industrial mills. With the goal of presenting the reality of the mills’ environment and the lives of the mill workers, Davis employs vivid and concrete descriptions of the mills, the workers’ homes, and the workers themselves. Yet her story’s realism is not objective; Davis has a reformer’s agenda, and her word-pictures are colored accordingly. One theme that receives a particularly negative shading in the story is big business and the money associated with it....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Davis]

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Anthropology And Tourism : A Sociological Comparison

- Anthropology and Tourism: A Sociological Comparison There are multiple similarities and differences between anthropology and tourism. Similar because they both involve observing the culture of another society, but different in how it is conducted and how it can affect people. Anthropology is meant to be a respectful, ask for permission, and make sure that there is no obstruction of boundaries. The main goal of anthropology is to research and understand the way people do things and how the society works....   [tags: Tourism, Culture, Anthropology, Sociology]

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How Does Delays Affect Children 's Development?

- There is children and young people (YP) around the world, whose parents cannot or chose not to care for them. The latest figures show there are more than 83,000 children in the UK, including 64,400 looked after children (LAC) in England (Barnardos 2016). In the past decades, the interest for looked after children and young people, has indicated attention around the care systems planning of long-term placements and their priority of stable relationships. In addition a large and growing body of literature has investigated how delays in permanency can affect children’s development, forming attachments and other factors leading to complex problems in adolescence and later life....   [tags: Children Act 1989]

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Feudalism with The Lords and Vassals

- Feudalism is a lord-vassal relation with a fief or as called land. During this time there were many rulers with violent conflicts. The kind of relationship the two men worked out in practice depended on power, wealth, and personal qualities such as ingenuity, daring, and ruthlessness. To avoid discord and violence, lord and his dependant had to constantly negotiate new agreements to deal with each crisis as it arose. There were three points of evidence that supported the relations on security and violent conflicts....   [tags: Feudalism, history, ]

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Two Different Childhoods in My African Childhood by David Sedaris

- In “My African Childhood,” David Sedaris talks about his own childhood in comparison to his friend Hugh’s. From David’s perspectives, Hugh’s life was so fascinating and fulfilled, while his own seemed to be inane and dull. Besides, Hugh’s childhood stories were so adventurous that they made David’s life in North Carolina appeared ordinary and simple, even though, David’s surroundings were just as normal and safe environments as any average American boy would have. Illustrating both childhood experiences, David favored Hugh’s one over his own by describing the differences in school activities, vacations, and even living properties....   [tags: activities, vacations, properties]

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The Life Of The Iron Mills By Rebecca Harding Davis

- It takes a lot of effort to be able to understand another person’s feelings and motives in life since we live in such judgmental society. “Empathy is a virtue that not all people may have”. Social division amongst the great nation was at its peak during the time throughout expansion of the Industrial Revolution. In “Life in the Iron Mills,” Rebecca Harding Davis unveiled the dehumanization and oppression of the factory workers and their families. She vividly revealed the communal conditions immigrants endured even though they were the ones that constructed the supplies that aided American in its building of a new nation....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Sociology]

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Compare the Sucesses and Failures of Patriarchy in Colonialism

- Compare The Successes And Failures Of Patriarchy In Colonialism, In “The Tempest”, “Translations” And “Things Fall Apart”. In “The Tempest”, “Translations” and “Things Fall Apart”, the theme of patriarchy is evident in various aspects. For instance, there is patriarchy present when Prospero controls and dominates Caliban and Miranda in “The Tempest”. Likewise, in “Translations”, the theme of patriarchy is also present with Hugh’s dominance over Manus and Manus’s dominance of Sarah. In “Things Fall Apart”, patriarchy is also apparent, primarily seen with Okonkwo controlling his wives and children....   [tags: dominance, power, inequity]

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Te Pouhere: The Constitution of the Anglican Church in Aotearo, New Zealand and Polynesia

- “Te Pouhere (1991) is a just response to the Treaty of Waitangi and the Gospel in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia”. To answer this question is to examine the very foundations of the Anglican Church in these lands, to explore the history of people and events that brought us to the moment of Te Pouhere’s ratification and to elicit a sense of the forces that drive us as a church, both then and now. With a view to the vast reality that is entwined with answering, and with humility in recognizing that we can only scratch the surface of thought in the framework of this assignment, it is the aim of this essay to discuss and attempt to respond to the question posed....   [tags: Religion ]

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The Power of Subjugation in “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe

- ... He still gets continuously drunk and is so preoccupied with his own importance, that he shows no interest in major figures such as William Wordsworth. ‘Wordsworth …no. I’m afraid were not familiar with your literature’ and ‘English couldn’t really express us’. Friel does this to show how the Irish were resistant to a degree of cultural colonisation. His ignorance is amplified when he takes the post in ‘the new national school’, only thinking about the money. Thus, Hugh is seen as a failure of a societal patriarch in colonialism, as he doesn’t set his priorities correctly and realise at first, the implications of colonialism....   [tags: patriarch, colonization, authority]

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Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives: Myth or Reality?

- Introduction Firstly recorded in the report of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) survey in 1995, (Servon, 2002), the term Digital Divide presents an interesting quandary of information and communication technologies (ICT) disparities among countries in the world, especially between developed and developing countries. Many reports even showed that access to ICT in these information “have” and “have-nots” countries was unequally even (, 2001; Fuchs & Horak, 2008; Norris, 2001 ; Van Dijk, 2009)....   [tags: Technology ]

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Education System And Integration Of Technology

- I. Introduction Education is the basis of the modern world with it becoming standardized in all first world countries. With the Information Age, society has begun to adapt and engross technology into their daily lives. The technology has begun a way of life for the younger generations and has changed the way they communicate and learn. With this in mind, much of education in public schools in the United States have not changed in correlation with the Information Age. The rate at which information students can absorb is significantly less, causing a slump in their education....   [tags: Education, Technology, Teacher, School]

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The Birthday Present, By Fanny Burney

- The first story with a main female character in The Parent’s Assistant, Rosamond, is the “The Birthday Present” and invites readers to draw a comparison to Fanny Burney’s epistolary novel, Evelina. Both stories revolve around the education of women in their morals, and a warning to be aware of their reputation. Reputation while not what Wollstonecraft wanted women to be focused on, still played a critical role in how women were treated, and both Burney and Edgeworth knew that even with an education they still needed to be aware of what society commands....   [tags: Education, History of education, Frances Burney]

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The Struggle Of A Woman

- Frances Burney’s Evelina values the struggle of a woman enduring the harsh patriarchal society of Great Britain in the eighteenth century; Evelina is constantly attacked, verbally or physically, by men and women alike and it is because of her active refusal to be made into a victim that many people label Burney’s work as a feminist novel. While Burney is making many claims about the ill treatment of women, she never claims that women should be equal to men. She directly writes Evelina under the care of Villars and later in a marriage with Lord Orville, both of whom are strong patriarchal figures....   [tags: Patriarchy, Feminism, Gender role, Sociology]

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The Statutory Provisions On Redundancy

- This essay will examine the extent to which the statutory provisions on redundancy, laid out in the Employment Rights Act 1996 (“ERA 1996”) and the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (“TULR(C)A 1992”) as amended, balances the employers need for flexibility and the employees desire for job security (“needs and desires”). In doing so, the essay will set out, firstly, an overview of the statutory provisions regarding redundancy; then, an analyse on how the statutory provisions balance the needs and desires; and finally, a judgement as to the extent the statutory provisions fairly balance these needs and desires of employers and employees respectively....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, At-will employment]

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Analysis Of Douglass 's ' The Middle Of Chapter 11 Douglass '

- In chapter 12, Douglass explains to the readers and gives the details of his long journey from freedom and how he was successful . However, Douglass explains to the readers he was unable to give a complete account of his flight, because disclosing all the facts of the escape would compromise those who helped him and make it more difficult for other slaves to escape. Frederick Douglass also expresses the frustration he’s feeling with the way in which the In the chapter Douglass explains appreciative the bravery of those slaves who are bold enough to run the Underground Railroad in their indiscretion makes it much more difficult for slaves to escape the freedom....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Abolitionism]

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Successes and Failures of Patriarchy in Colonialism

- In “The Tempest”, “Translations” and “Things Fall Apart”, the theme of patriarchy is explored in different settings; the colonisation of the Irish in “Translations”, an unnamed island in “The Tempest” and the Igbo tribe in “Things Fall Apart”. Prospero is a familial patriarch, shown through his dominant control of Miranda, such as ‘the very minute bids thee ope thine ear. Obey and be attentive’ . Hugh’s control of Manus is familial, as is Okonkwo’s control of his wives and children. Prospero’s control of Caliban and Hugh’s control of the school is societal....   [tags: divine rights, the tempest, things fallen apart]

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Consequences Of The Contract With Barnard Contract

- 2.5 Conclusion By Hugh’s failure to perform the fundamental obligation, Grace is contractually eligible to the cost which she spent on mitigating the damage, like the landlord in Tabcorp Holdings v Bowen Investments (2009) 236 CLR 272; [2009] HCA 8 [15]. Yet, due to the clearly expressed limitation of liability clause, Hugh is only responsible for $50 per defective computer he supplied (Davis v Pearce Parking Station Pty Ltd [1954] HCA 44; (1954) 91 CLR 642). 3 PART C: CAN GRACE CLAIM DAMAGES IN NEGLIGENCE OR CONTRACT FOR LOSSES ON THE BARNARD CONTRACT....   [tags: Tort, Negligence, Reasonable person, Duty of care]

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Comparsion between Katharine Mansfield´s The Doll's House and Oscar Wilde´s The Devoted Friend

- ... Hugh is a very rich man but he always uses the friendship to make Hans do anything he said. In the second story, The Doll's house, this story all about the relationship between The Kelvins and The Burnells. This relationship between very bad and unusal. Poor The Kelvins, no one like to talk or do anything with them, they always alone but then, one of The Burnells want to invite them to see the doll's house ( page 44 and 45 )....   [tags: friendship, poor, story]

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Who Is The Little One?

- Victoria arrived at the home later in the week carrying Hugh. Miss Jenny and Uncle Rock thought it best that she talk with Joseph on her own. She prayed for days asking for guidance and his timing. That morning she was awoken by the sounds of birds singing and Hugh giggling. She felt in her heart that today was the day. “Miss Victoria please come in. Who is the little one?” “Thank you Miss Ada. This is Hugh. Is Joseph nearby?” “Yes ma’am. He is inside having a cup of coffee with Mr. Henry.” Ada led the way inside....   [tags: Debut albums, 2009 singles, 2006 albums, Want]

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If This World Were Mine, by E. Lynn Harris

- If This World Were Mine, by E. Lynn Harris In the hilarious “just keepin’ it real” style novel, If This World Were Mine, by E. Lynn Harris, a group of friends decide to start a journal club, like they did back in their college English class. This story is told by each and all takes place in the 90's around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Sometimes it is easier to put your thoughts on paper rather than express them out loud. A group of college friends decides to restart their journal club called, If This World Were Mine....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Should We Value Positive Freedom over Negative Freedom?

- This essay will focus on establishing an accurate definition of Negative Freedom and Positive Freedom and which one of the two should be valued more. In addition the latter part of the essay will focus on extrapolating a deductively sound rationale as to why one freedom should be valued over the other freedom. According to Hugh negative freedom can be viewed as freedom from interference (Hugh 2006). Freedom is the chance to act upon opportunities that are presented to one; it does not refer to whether one chooses to act on these opportunities (Hugh 2006; Berlin 1958)....   [tags: extrapolating, sound rationale, freedom]

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Law: The Dual Sovereignty Doctrine

- ... Murder is a crime in both state and federal jurisdictions. The state can prosecute the case against Hugh for murder, because murder is prohibited in the state of Georgia. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another human being that is neither excused nor justified (Farlex, Inc., 2014). Atlanta is in the state of Georgia and since the murder was committed in Georgia, this gives Georgia the proper jurisdiction to prosecute the case. “Georgia Murder; Felony Murder Statute: § 16-5-1. (a) A person commits the offense of murder when he unlawfully and with malice aforethought, either express or implied, causes the death of another human being....   [tags: crime, court, statues]

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How Social Tensions Led To Wit

- The history of witchcraft during seventeenth century New England is inherently a history of direct confrontations within communities where relationships become tainted with suspicion, revenge and anger. The documents in Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth Century New England have retold the events and stories of Puritan New England to give the modern reader an understanding of the repressive social institutions of religion and family structure which were controlling factors that lay behind the particular cases discussed in the book....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why Slavery Was Abolished in the West Indies

- Rational This topic was selected to widen the researchers understanding of the real reason slavery was abolished in the British West Indies as well as why sources have differing opinions. The ‘Decline Thesis’ is of great importance as it outlines the various factors that could have led to the abolition of slavery. Overall, it also shows that economic factors played a greater role in the abolition process.   Thesis Statement Economic factors rather than legislation, led to the abolition of the British Caribbean Slave Trade in 1807....   [tags: Historical Issues, Sugar Market]

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William King 's Quest For The Holy Grail

- When comparing the reins of the mediaeval French kings Louis VI and Louis IX the contrarieties in the priorities of the monarch rulers becomes apparent. The actions of King Louis IX are clearly inspired by Christian values while King Louis VI cares less about morals but more about loyalty to his rein. The contrary between the two kings can be seen through the contemporary literature of the time, namely in the characters of Reynard in Reynard the Fox and Lancelot in King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Grail....   [tags: King Arthur, Holy Grail, House of Capet, Gawain]

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How Friel Involves his Audience in the Conflict Between Coloniser and Colonised in his Play Translations

- How Friel Involves his Audience in the Conflict Between Coloniser and Colonised in his Play Translations The play 'translations' by Brian Friel is set in Ireland in 1833. During this time, the area was undergoing colonisation by the English and the play represents a microcosm of the events occurring all over the nation at the time. The consequence of this colonisation was inevitably that the Gaelic language native to Ireland was eventually lost and replaced by English. Friel develops a pre-disposed bias towards the colonised through the characterisation of both Hugh and Lancey and this creates an allegiance between the audience and the Hedge school natives....   [tags: Papers]

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Evelina And The Subordination Of Women

- Woman as a Subordinate Throughout history, women have been treated as a subordinate. There have been different standards for education, at women’s disadvantage, different social standards, different responsibilities for men and women, different expectations, different standards for “goodness”, different criteria for virtuousness. We see examples of these injustices throughout the text of Evelina as well as in the excerpts in the course packet. Eighteenth-century English jurist Sir William Blackstone declared in a magisterial passage, “By marriage, the very being or legal existence of a woman is suspended, or at least it is incorporated or consolidated into that of the husband, under who...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Robin Hood: The Hero of Sherwood Forest

- In the days of King Harry II, Robin Hood was an adventurous, kind gentlemen and good yeoman. For instance, he was the most courteous outlaw in all of Sherwood. Although he did steal from the rich to get his money, it was for a righteous purpose. There were many impecunious people in England, and Robin Hood provided for them. He never kept the money for his own selfish lusts or desires. When the tale of Robin Hood is told, it gives a clear perspective of his fearless, honest, and compassionate heart, making him a true hero....   [tags: robin hood, sherwood forest]

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What´s Dividend Policy?

- Dividend policy is considered to be a very puzzling area in corporate finance and it has attracted the interest of many financial economists during the last decades. In order to explain this puzzle, various theories have been developed and can be separated into two major schools of thought. The first one refers to dividend irrelevance with main supporters Miller and Modigliani(1961) where dividends do not affect the value of the firm and the second one refers to dividend relevance where dividends have an impact on the firm's value....   [tags: firms, value, markets]

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Frederick Douglass 's Life On This Plantation

- Frederick Douglass was born into slavery sometime in 1817 or 1818. Like many slaves, he is unsure of his exact date of birth. Douglass is separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, soon after he is born. His father is most likely their white master, Captain Anthony. Captain Anthony is the clerk of a rich man named Colonel Lloyd. Lloyd owns hundreds of slaves, who call his large, central plantation the “Great House Farm.” Life on any of Lloyd’s plantations, like that on many Southern plantations, is brutal....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Frederick Douglass]

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My Childhood On The Continent Of Africa

- Cheryl Peck’s essay, “Fatso” and David Sedaris’, “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa” both express some sort of emotion. However, the emotions that are shown between the two essays are quite different. In “Fatso”, you can see emotions such as anger and pain due to the discrimination against heavier people and Peck’s personal experience with her size. In Sedaris’ essay, you see mainly a reveal of being jealous of his partner Hugh, but later on you understand the appreciation he has of his own life....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Sentence, Essays]

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Rebecca Harding Davis 's Life

- Rebecca Harding Davis wrote Life in the Iron Mills in 1861 about the factory world of the nineteenth century. The short story is acknowledged for being the first literary work in America to focus on the relationships amongst industrial work, poverty, and the exploitation of immigrants within a capitalistic economy (Franey). The story takes place in the 1830’s, a time when the Industrial Revolution was well underway. Class distinctions established with the Industrial Revolution visibly exhibited the material wealth of capitalists and industrialists who had the means to build lavish homes with elaborate architecture....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Industrial Revolution]

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Brian Friel's "Translations"

- Brian Friel's "Translations" 'Translations', by Brian Friel, presents us with an idyllic rural community turned on its head as the result of the recording and translation of place names into English; an action which is at first sight purely administrative. In Act 1 of the play, Friel brings together the inhabitants of this quaint Irish village in what can only be described as a gathering of minds - minds which study the classics, yet minds which study dead languages. In the same way, while this community is rich in culture and togetherness, it is also trapped in what is later described as a "contour which no longer matches the landscape of…fact"....   [tags: Friel Translations Essays]

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Jocelin Of Brakelond's Chronicles of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmonds

-   We think of leadership positions as highly regarded and important positions and this is very true. Most of our leaders today are elected because they want to take on the leadership roles of whatever position they are filling. They know that there will be some people for them, some against, and some indifferent about their positon. They realize that not every decision they make will keep everyone happy. Yet, throughout their term in their position they stay strong no matter what has gone on and they continue their leadership strong until the day they die or are relived of their position....   [tags: historic and story analysis]

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The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

- Frederick Douglass was born into slavery with the name, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey in Talbot County, Maryland in 1817 or 1818. After escaping from slavery to the North, Douglass changed his name to Frederick Douglass. Douglass became a well-known abolitionist and orator of his time, and in 1845 Douglass writes his first memoir, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. He goes on to write two other autobiographies, My Bondage And My Freedom and Life And Times Of Frederick Douglass, and dies in 1895....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

- Paper #1 The “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” is based on himself showing us his life as a slave and his road to freedom. Fredrick Douglas is the protagonist, who was the author and narrator of the story. When he was born he was separated from his mother at birth (Harriet Bailey). Captain Anthony was Douglass’s first owner and most likely to be his Father. Captain Anthony was the Clerk of a rich man named Colonel Edward Lloyd. Colonel Edward Lloyd was a very wealthy man who owned hundreds of slaves including Douglass....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Frederick Douglass]

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