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Homeless : Helping The Homeless

- ... Without a proper department or agency assigned to the problem, how can one being to fix it. Quite similar to trying to make lemonade without any lemons at our disposal. A huge step forward was made recently as of November 17, 2015. The Orange County board of supervisors approved purchase of a building at 1000 North Kraemer Place in Anaheim. This building will be used as a year round emergency shelter and multi service center to serve the homeless in North Orange County cities. This has been apart of the Ten Year Plan To End Homelessness which has been attributed with the idea of ending major homeless problems in Orange County by 2020....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter]

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Assessment Tools for Helping the Homeless

- For several years, researchers group together to find the right direction in analyzing how homeless people can acquire a better framework in a direction of regaining their dignity and integrity. Researchers were able to create an assessment tools that eventually produce a meaningful result. This paper will discuss the different tools that can assess the homeless people in developing the necessary guide to overcome their present difficulties, mentally and physically. Assessment tools in different model but the tools selected for the homeless people are descriptive and appropriate....   [tags: research, homeless]

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Why Homeless Resort to Violence

- Homelessness is a growing epidemic across the country. Over 2 million people are homeless in America, and that number is increasing. 40% are families with kids, 30% are drug and/or alcohol addicts, 23% are mentally ill and 10% are veterans. This terrible misfortune has led to many unsuspecting people leading impoverished lifestyles, and facing the horrific and heart-wrenching tragedy of abandonment. The purpose of this essay is to not only persuade the readers to get involved in ending homelessness on local and national efforts, but to embrace new and creative ways of helping to end this rapidly growing problem, by taking action to end this catastrophic situation....   [tags: Homeless Essays]

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The Homelessness Of The Homeless Youth

- ... Homeless LGBT have a difficult time finding shelter which will accept and respect them. The individuals who experience homelessness are at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation compared to the heterosexual peers (“LGBT”). This study shows all types of races can become homeless, and over half of the homeless population are LGBT. The homeless population includes many children as well. One fourth of homeless people are children in the homeless families. Childhood homelessness turns into a greater risk of them being homeless as an adult....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Homeless shelter]

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Personal Statement On Feeding The Homeless

- ... I used my process journal frequently and made many different checklists to plan what foods I would take and what I would put in each of the bags. I talked it over with my parents before I actually did my project so we could make plans for what which shelter we would go to, what day we would go, and who would accompany me during the project. I broke up all the parts in my project so I could manage my time easier. Some days I would write in my process journal and other days I would plan out what I needed to get at the store....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter]

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The Decline Of The Homeless Population

- ... While that may not seem like a large portion of the overall populace, that is almost 6,000 people without regular shelter. However, someone being homeless not only affects them, it affects everyone they encounter. Whether it be a physical confrontation or just emotional, everyone is affected by seeing someone suffer. This is especially accurate as you visit downtown. There has been an increasing number of street dwellers, which increases the number of panhandlers. Aggressive panhandling has become a pertinent issue among local business owners as well....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Begging]

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Not All Homeless People Are Crazy

- One of life’s truly rarest treasures is human unselfish charity. The greatest thing in the world is mutual understanding and the endless feeling of appreciation of having a Home. A place that every one of us has to have: where a happy, loving family could be born, where love, support and acceptance, no matter what, always are, and where kindness, warmness, understanding are sincere and never go away. I think those of us who have homes have to count ourselves exceedingly fortunate, because we are blessed....   [tags: Are the Homeless Crazy?, 2015]

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The Problem Of The Homeless Hotspots

- ... Although the article and video do not share how many hours per day these homeless people work, one could conquer that the shift would be longer than 2.5 hours. At 2.5 hours at minimum wage, the employee would be making approximately 20 dollars. This poses a dilemma as this agency is clearly using these people as slave labour for publicity. The dilemma expressed is these people feeling obligated to accept this outrageous offer as they feel they have no other opportunities to income. The other side to this dilemma is that this Wi-Fi Agency is clearly undermining laws put in place under the United States Government and is degrading these people to take advantage of publicity through cheap l...   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Homeless shelter]

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The Homeless Are All Criminals

- ... They become ashamed of their selves as they experience further alienation from their friends and families. Consequently, they do not get to participate in the leisure activities that people with homes do. When I see a homeless person sleeping on a lawn looking peaceful, it doesn 't mean it 's as if they are on vacation, when in fact, they are probably just getting a few minutes or hours of sleep and have nowhere else to do it. The effects of a homelessness life style are much more dangerous than people may believe....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Homeless shelter]

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The Stereotypes of Homeless People

- The most influential person in an individual life happens to be the parents. Parents teach their children expected behavior, boundaries, and rules. Although, children are always more attentive to their parent’s behavior; something parents quite often do not realize. If the parents walk does not match their talk their; kids will not take in consideration what they have been taught. Kids always have that mentality of “if you did it, I will do it too because it is okay.” Children learn more from their parents character than their teachings; demonstrating that actions speak louder than words....   [tags: parents figure, alcoholic, homeless]

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Homeless Problem: Stop the Insanity

- Stop the Insanity “No vision haunts America’s conscience more then the sight of the street people….The irrationality and anguish that grip so many of these individuals leap out during any encounter, whether in Washington or Albuquerque.” - US Senator Pete Domenici, 1972-2009 People who live at poverty level and have mental disorders are more likely to become homeless. Unfortunately, police and emergency personnel are not always trained to evaluate mental illness. Hospitals do not treat homeless people for underlying conditions such as mental illness....   [tags: Homeless Shelter, Homelessness]

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We Need For Homeless Students

- ... The schools help homeless students to an extent. The schools provide breakfast and lunch for the students during the school day. This might be the only meal for some of these kids. A problem with this is that the students have to pay for the lunch and breakfast. With these students being homeless their parents are most likely struggling financially, so they might not be able to pay for the food. Some schools offer a free and reduced lunch program, which looks at their parent’s incomes and determines if the students should be granted free lunch....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter]

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Why Are People Homeless?

- ... I would live with the homeless and try to adapt to all of their daily activities. I would create friendships and ask about their pasts and how they got where they are today. The interview would be very informal and unstructured yet in-depth. My target would be 30 homeless people a day (15 in line at the homeless shelter, and 15 already in the homeless shelter) that I would informally interview. The homeless shelter I would do my study at would be the homeless shelter on skid row in Los Angeles, California....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter]

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Emergency Shelters: Friends of the Homeless

- Identification of Community Resource The community resource chosen to report on is the Friends of the Homeless. They are located at 755 Worthington Street Springfield, MA. The main phone number for the Friends of the Homeless is (413) 732-3069 or they can be reached through their website, Depending on what services are needed the service hours vary. The resource center was the main focus of the interview which is in operation from 8am to 5:30pm. The dining services are open for an hour during breakfast, lunch and dinner....   [tags: homeless population, housing, medical care]

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The Runaway And Homeless Youth Act

- ... Requires a TLG plan to ensure proper referral of homeless youth to mental health services, including programs providing comprehensive services to victims of trafficking in persons or sexual exploitation. Requires plan applicants to provide age, gender, and culturally and linguistically appropriate services that address the needs of homeless and street youth. Revises plan applicant record keeping requirements. Revises requirements for the coordination of activities among federal agencies, grants for technical assistance and training, and grants for research, evaluation, demonstration, and service projects....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Youth, Homeless shelter]

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A New Shelter for the Homeless Population

- The Rural Appalachian region of southeastern Ohio is stricken with lack of jobs, transportation, resources, housing, and healthcare options. All of these factors affect the communities that are a part of the rural Appalachian area. A community is defined as a combination of social units that share common functions important to the locality (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2012, p.128). “For example, one may think of a community as having specific geographical boundaries, like a city, or as denoting a group with shared interests and beliefs, such as the social work community....   [tags: rural appalachian, mental health, homeless]

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The United States Homeless Population

- Introduction In the United States the homeless population continues to grow rapidly. Homelessness has been a public health issue for many decades. Often times these individuals feel as though society has turned a blind eye to them. This at risk population is seen by society as lazy or chose to live a life on the streets, but if one would examine this population closely would see that there is more to this at risk population than what society has labeled them as. The forces, which affect homelessness, are multifaceted....   [tags: literature, group intervention, homeless, veteran]

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Homeless Families in America

- There is not anything quite as satisfying as a good night’s rest before a busy day of school and dance team practice. It is Monday morning, when I crawl out of a comfortable bed of soft-cotton sheets and fuzzy throw blankets. My iHome alarm clock sounds a dreamy melody of ocean tides to wake me from a peaceful slumber. I step into slippers, put together a matching outfit, and grab the New York Times on my way into an all-you-can-eat dining hall. When I relax to a full tray of breakfast, I come upon an ad that makes me feel guilty about my standard of living....   [tags: Homeless Families, 2015]

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Beggars, Homeless and the Professional Panhandling Plague

- Most people feel that they should help the needy in some way or another. The problem is how to help them. This problem generally arises when there is a person sitting on the side of the road in battered clothes with a cardboard sign asking for some form of help, almost always in the form of money. Yet something makes the giver uneasy. What will they do with this money. Do they need this money. Will it really help them. The truth of the matter is, it won't. However, there are things that can be done to help the needy....   [tags: Beggars, Homeless Essays]

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A Room At The Homeless Shelter

- After waiting in line for seven hours with a bag that weighs almost as much as her, 62 year old Abigail is the second to last person to receive a room at the homeless shelter. Her legs quiver in pain as she walks up two flights of stairs to a room she will be sharing with eight other people for the night. Tonight, Abigail will be able to wash her clothing, sleep in a heated room, and shower for the first time in a while. She sleeps for as long as she can, despite questionable odor and loud noises, but Abigail must leave the shelter by five AM....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness, Section 8, Homeless shelter]

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The Homeless

- The homeless stand down was an eye-opener experience for me. I had the opportunity to interact with several individuals, and one family. Initially I conducted some interviews with them to help complete the questionnaire; and the remainder of the time, I escorted the individuals and helped them choose items that were necessary for them. As I talked to each of them, I realized that the present state of these individuals were a product of the current economic situations. According to the National Homeless Coalition (2009), work factors are one of the many reasons why individuals are homeless....   [tags: Social Issues, Economy, Informative]

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The Homeless Population Becoming Homeless

- ... The fact is many homeless individuals have survived as victims of violence, child abuse, natural disasters, deficiency in employment opportunities and/or the insufficiency of affordable healthcare. Some are unemployed, mentally or physically ill, and many are children. Almost all homeless people are mentally ill or are addicted to drugs and alcohol, according to the US conference of Mayors 2008 report approximately 50% of the homeless population have been diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, and 26% are severely mentally ill....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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The Victims Of The Homeless

- ... Many cities began making it criminal to be homeless in the streets. According to NBC, 27% of cities prohibited sitting or lying in certain public places, which was a 14% increase. Of the cities studied, 43% barred begging in public places. From City Mayors, Other acts that were criminalized were some such as: groups would be punished for giving food to the homeless; and enforcement of neutral laws, such as jaywalking, specifically against homeless individuals. Not all cities are following this trend, though, and there are some who are making good progress in helping the homeless, which will be discussed later on....   [tags: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States]

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The Homeless Are NOT Bums

- Just because one homeless person has committed a crime or used the money he has collected on things such as alcohol or drugs does not mean that every homeless person is going to be like that. Many homeless people are Vietnam veterans, have a mental illness, or cannot survive in this economy which we are in. I have had a few experiences with homeless people but there is one which is unforgettable. It is much like when Nathaniel Ayres begins yelling at Mr. Lopez then proceeds to apologize later on (Lopez, 258)....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay]

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The Perception of the Homeless

- There are over 3.5 million homeless people in the United States alone (National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness). Within this amount of people there are challenges beyond not having a home that most citizens with a home do not face that include thinking about appearance, quality and source of food, living space, and source of money. These are just a few things that non-homeless may overlook when thinking about the challenges of homelessness. The way that we as a nation perceive others around us comes into play here, because intentionally or not, homeless people are often judged based on their situation, rather than who they are....   [tags: Homelessness, United States, Epidemic]

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The Perception of the Homeless

- There are over 3.5 million homeless people in the United States alone (National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness). Within this amount of people there are challenges beyond not having a home that the majority of citizens with a home do not face. These include: thinking about appearance, quality and source of food, living space, and source of money. Those mentioned are just a few things that non-homeless people may overlook when thinking about the challenges of homelessness. As a nation the way we perceive others around us comes into play here....   [tags: stereotypes, poverty]

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The Rights Of The Homeless

- ... For Aristotle, Benthamite utilitarianism does not strive to thoughtfully cultivate society because the actions focus solely on maximizing happiness. Moreover, Bentham’s utilitarianism cannot successfully defend against Kantian and Aristotelean objections because there are fundamental contradictions between the frameworks. Kant would reject Benthamite utilitarianism on the grounds that individuals under Bentham’s framework make decisions that do not follow a moral compass. A distinction can be drawn between Bentham and Aristotle in the case of prostitution, the practice of engaging in sexual activity with another for payment....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Morality]

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Homes for the Homeless

- Homelessness is a major health issue around the world that needs to be addressed. Many individuals in a community often misinterpret the cause of homelessness. Comments towards homeless people such as “get a job” or “go to school” often are used freely by members of soci-ety because they fail to look at the comprehensive of this oppressing issue. Homelessness has a strong link to the determinants of health (DOH), most notably income and social status (Fingfeld, 2010). The article, “No Funding for Homes for the Homeless” speaks on the issue of homeless-ness within the city of Prince Albert....   [tags: Sociology, Homelessness]

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The Homeless in Canada

- “Homeless is more than being without a home. It is tied into education needs, food, security; health issues both mental and physical, employment issues, etc. Don’t forget the whole picture.” (“Boxed In” 2005 pg. 108) Throughout my research I found there is a real cry out for action on providing more affordable house not just locally but throughout the country. There needs to be more funding available to build more gear to income or subsidized housing and all levels of government need to take action....   [tags: Homelessness Essays]

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Critique of Lars Eighner's Essay "Dumpster Diving"

- Yesterday, I threw out an old jar of peanut butter with only about an inch of it left. It had not expired yet, but we had gotten a new jar, and that one simply tasted better. I wasn't supporting the homeless community, or being wasteful, I was just trying to make room in the cabinet. If I would have kept that inch of peanut butter, it wouldn't have made the world's population of homeless people try to find work, nor want to get off the streets. Lars Eighner is suggesting that when we throw away things, homeless people can find a way to make use out of whatever it is....   [tags: homeless]

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Homelessness Hidden in America

- Homelessness Hidden in America Homelessness in America has gone un-noticed for so long. For America to be the “land of opportunity” there is a large amount of people who have been deprived of what they were promised. There is so much this country offers, but at the same time there are so many qualifications. Not everyone can meet these standards that are sometimes required. This results in homelessness and poverty. Homelessness has become a hidden aspect in life. The government wants people to continue seeing America’s beauty....   [tags: Homeless]

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The Homeless

- Many people become homeless because of family problems, where it is unable for them to stay or they can’t get help, so they move to the street life, hoping for better. In 2004 there is a lot more help available because people are becoming more aware of the homeless, there are more schemes that the homeless can run they can sell the ‘issue’ or get in a hostel, there is also support for young children and families. Children make up at least 20% of the homeless population....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Helping the Homeless

- Homelessness is everywhere, it is not a new trend and is a growing problem. Many people ask themselves should I help the homeless or not; it is easier to just ignore the problem than to give a helping hand. Every person needs help at one point or another in their life and homeless people should be no different. Assisting the homeless with healthcare, housing, and childcare are ways people are able to and should help the homeless. Many homeless people do not have access to healthcare and they go many years without seeing a doctor....   [tags: asisting with healthcare, housing and childcare]

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The Homeless Youth

- ... Homeless youth are less like to commit crimes against persons or property. Crimes associated with the homeless youth population are non-violent and non-destructive crimes. Homeless youth are more likely to self-medicate in or to deal with the overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety they experience on a daily basis. Many of the homeless youth don’t report crimes committed against them. Many core services agencies serving youth and young adults in the Washington DC area have develop programs and projects to address and battle youth homelessness....   [tags: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States]

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The Effects Of Homelessness On The Homeless Population

- ... The lack of income has a direct effect on maintaining a place to live which is why many became homeless in the first place (IOM, 1998). There will always be some controversy surrounding the challenge of counting the actual number of homeless when they do not have a fixed residence. In 2014, there were approximately 1900 homeless people in Jackson County. Over 400 were under 18 years of age and over 250 were veterans, however the numbers are probably higher due to lack of reach for the survey (KCMO, 2016)....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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The Homeless Hotspot Is A Campaign

- ... The Homeless Hotspot is a campaign that hired local homeless population to earn $20 a day, plus any donations they may make by becoming a ‘wireless hotspot’ for people which has given the homeless an excellent opportunity to become and feel more real about themselves again. Marketing companies have the ability to change mankind in many different ways, in this situation they are not only bettering themselves but are providing for certain individuals in need. This campaign benefits the homeless, society and the marketing companies....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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Homeless Is Not A Right Of Any Child

- ... Imagine job hunting and attending these government programs without having a shelter for your family. It sounds ludicrous because it is. Why not offer free housing without strings attached. Will this help or hinder the population of homeless families. The state of Utah implemented a program in which it offered long-term housing to homeless families before requiring these families to attend any government programs. The results are astonishing, it is more cost effective and produced greater results....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Street children]

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Health Care Accessibility for the Homeless

- According to a study conducted by the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, “Homelessness can be the cause as well as the result of poor health” (Wise, Emily, Debrody, Corey & Paniucki, Heather, 1999, p.445). This is a theme that has existed within the homeless population for decades. While progressive programs are being put in place all over the country to provide adequate medical services, many are still finding that health care needs of individuals as well as communities are not being met....   [tags: Health Care, Primary Care Giver]

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Homeless in The United States

- Homelessness is a problem that happens in many different countries around the world. Definitions of homelessness are defined in different meanings by different people. However, the Stewart B. McKinney Act defines a homeless person as “ one who lacks a fixed permanent nighttime residence or whose nighttime residence is a temporary shelter, welfare hotel, or any public or private place not designed as sleeping accommodations for human beings” (McNamara 1025). It is impossible to find out exactly the number of homeless; however, the researchers can do a study to estimate that number....   [tags: poverty, delinquency, juvenile justice]

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Mental Health and the Homeless Community

- Introduction The Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] used the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ definition of mental illness as “health conditions that are characterized by alterations in thinking, mood, or behavior (or some combination thereof) associated with distress and/or impaired functioning” (2011). Our community is exposed to a large number of individuals with mental illness. Among those individuals are the widespread homeless populations. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development reported “twenty-five percent of the sheltered homeless report a severe mental illness (as cited in Allender, Rector and Warner 2014 p....   [tags: health, disease control]

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The Homeless in Our Community

- Table of Contents Literature Review — 3 Methodology — 5 Findings — 6 Summary — 8 Works Cited/Works Used — 9 Appendix: Survey Form — 11 LITERATURE REVIEW In this information behavior study, our group examines the everyday information resources, needs, and behaviors of the homeless. Literature research has led us to many key resources. Important literature on our topic includes Everyday Information Needs and Information Sources of Homeless Parents, The Homeless and Information Needs and Services, and Are the economically poor information poor....   [tags: Homelessness In Our Community, 2015]

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Homeless People in Charlotte and America

- The amount of homeless people in Charlotte and America is on the rise at an unbelievable rate. Our local government is under a lot of pressure to find a solution to this community issue, as it should. There are currently 2,400 people living permanently on the streets (Homeless Research Institute). Charlotte officials need to come up with innovative and creative plans to address this issue. It isn’t enough to just move people out of homelessness, we have to prevent them from falling into it in the first place....   [tags: prevention, re-entering society]

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People Who Are Poverty Or Homeless?

- ... This study shows there are different types of homelessness, and every homeless person is not in the same situation. What actually leads to homelessness. For families, the three most common causes are lack of affordable housing, unemployment and poverty. For single individuals, the three most common causes are substance abuse, lack of affordable housing and mental illness (“facts”). “Thirty eight percent reports alcohol use problems. Twenty six percent report other drug use problems. Thirty nine percent report some form of mental health problems....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Unemployment]

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The Image Of Homeless People

- ... This cartoon sketch shows that homeless people are invisible in the eyes of society. That their human dignity and self worth usually not put on priority in daily life. The message that this episode portrayed was the homeless people are not important enough and ultimately ignored due to their laziness. Many Americans may see this small skit and laugh unaware about how such images tailor their thoughts about the homeless population. One other popular American television show called “South Park” titled an episode “The Night of the Living Homeless” a spin off to the “Night of the living Zombie” (Parker, South Park: Night of the Living Dead)....   [tags: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States]

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Homelessness: Who Are The Homeless?

- Homelessness: Who are the homeless. (Final Draft) Many people become homeless because of reasons beyond their control. Some people have lost their jobs and cannot afford to pay for housing. What is homelessness. Homelessness is defined, by The Steward McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, as someone who do not own their own home or one who can not afford to pay for housing without depriving themselves of essentials needs (as cited by Mind Disorders, par. 1). However, there is a new meaning to homeless today....   [tags: Social Issues]

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The Challenge that Homeless People Face

- Thesis/Intro Homelessness is a growing epidemic across the country. Over 2 million people are homeless in America, and that number is increasing. 40% are families with kids, 30% are drug and/or alcohol addicts, 23% are mentally ill and 10% are veterans (Triplett, 2004, para. 1). This terrible misfortune has led to many unsuspecting people leading impoverished lifestyles, and facing the horrific and heart-wrenching tragedy of abandonment. The purpose of this essay is to not only persuade the readers to get involved in ending homelessness on local and national efforts, but to embrace new and creative ways of helping to end this rapidly growing problem, by taking action to end this catastrophic...   [tags: Poverty, America, Contrasts]

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The Health Condition Of Homeless People

- ... The streets have pathogens causing diseases mostly because of low hygiene due to exposition of untreated sewages and congestion which makes contraction and spreading of diseases rampant. This results to massive disease outbreaks which claim the lives of many homeless individuals since the disease is severe among them. They also lack the financial power to access the proper medical attention when ill with the diseases and numerous of them often on worse occasions succumb to their illness. Statistics show that the homeless are affected immensely by the diseases and the worst part of it all is that numerous of them succumb to the illness due to lack of proper medical care....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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Factors Affecting The Homeless Population

- What factors can be attributed to homelessness. The United States spends over a billion dollars each year to assist homeless persons to find permanent supportive housing. Federal programs provide funding for specific sub-groups with the idea that providing housing to these groups will end the national problem. Without continued analysis of the social construction that hinders the homeless population, funding will not reach the target destination resulting in misplaced effort. This paper provides an informational and critical analysis of homelessness in the United States and the relationship between the number of homeless persons and multiple other factors....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Supportive housing]

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The Psychological Problems Of The Homeless

- ... The first place they look for help is in the comfort of the public, and what do we do. We simply just walk past them avoiding eye contact as if they are not human beings. Even a simple hello could brighten up their day, because they would know that they are not an imaginary object in the world. Many of these men/women are also victims of substance use, and have little support from family members who may say they “disown” them personal. Situations like this can further lead to depression and an unrestrained abuse or use of a substance of choice....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Mental disorder, Mental illness]

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Healthcare For The Homeless ( Hch )

- ... They changed their mission statement because it did not fit with all of the services they wanted to provide to the community. HCH old mission statement did not go into detail about what they were trying to do, but the new statement provide more in-depth facts and provide their goals and reasoning for the homeless population. HCH mission state explains their purpose and express how they will be more in the community such as advocating more. On the other hand, HCH vision statement is “to prevent and end homelessness” (Strategic Plan, 2016)....   [tags: Health, Health care, Homelessness]

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The Homeless: Discarded Like Garbage

- Homelessness affects millions each year within the United States with poverty-stricken children roaming the streets, prostitutes on every street corner, and Vietnam veterans sick with mental illnesses. With today’s failing economy, homelessness is a common thing to see in massive cities such as Los Angeles where Central City East, more commonly known as Skid Row, contains the largest amount of homeless persons within our country. Inside this area, camping tents are frequently seen on the streets and cardboard boxes litter the sidewalk for use as makeshift beds for those without a roof....   [tags: homelessness, poverty]

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Our Obligation to Help the Homeless

- The sun was already dipping behind the horizon, but the daylight still lingered in the sky. People watched with an unwavering gaze, as a fiery red orb of light slowly sank beneath the horizon, and threads of light pierced the sky, until all that was left of the sunset was darkness. Then, suddenly the clouds lingered together, becoming darker as time passed. Heavy rain flooded the streets. Fortunately, so many of us can be in the comfort of our homes avoiding getting drenched, but much more of us have to suffer with the agony of not having a real place to call their home....   [tags: social issues, poverty]

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The Problem Of Homeless Children

- When most people think about what kind of people are homeless, they often think of a shabbily dressed, elder male sitting in the front of a random doorway, with a wine bottle in a brown paper bag. However, homelessness for the past years has begun to be more visible. Homeless children are portrayed in welfare and academic literature as a category of "children at risk." Whatever happens in early childhood can affect a child 's lifetime. In young children, the results are harsh. Stress can result from major trauma, which can weaken the developing brain and lead to lifelong problems....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Begging]

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Poverty and Homeless Teens in the World

- Homeless teens are a very serious matter that’s going on in this world, teens aren’t Eating right or don’t have anywhere to live and are just completely alone. I believe that homelessness is a problem that can be solved. With up to 300,000 people across United States without a safe place to call home and an annual price tag that exceeds $2 billion, governments can no longer afford not to invest in a lasting solution to this country's housing crisis. Poverty and homelessness are a worldwide problem mostly found in teens....   [tags: sexual orientation, eating habits]

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A Rhetorical Examination of The Homeless and Their Children

- In “The Homeless and Their Children”, author Jonathon Kozol explains how poverty and homelessness can go hand in hand, but he also shows his readers that the government in New York City during the 1980’s did not really attempt to assist those in need. The author shows us how the homeless and illiterate struggled by sharing with us an interview with a young woman called Laura who resided in a massive welfare hotel. Kozol did not find it necessary to write this piece in a persuasive tone, or a compassionate tone, or even an angry tone to get his message across....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Social Services and Homeless Families

- Social Services and Homeless Families Working in the homeless service field I have witnessed many families that are trying to make a living for themselves, but do not have the resources or the skills to live independently. As a housing specialist I have assisted many families by encouraging them and teaching them skills to maintain permanent housing. Although my profession consists of obtaining permanent housing many families have different factors or hurdles they have to overcome. Most of these families have experienced traumatic events such as domestic violence or drug use within the household....   [tags: Poverty, Skills, Permanent Housing, Independence]

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Help for Homeless Incarcerated Women

- ... The message was not previously researched properly in the sociology of America. It has changed in the current sociology because the increasing of women population had their freedom since the women movement in 1970s to the 21st century. There has been undone researching the updated sociology of women largely and unnoticed. The current problem was a cluster of women population ended up homeless from prisons due to addictions and their behaviors ended up out of control. The metholody of Prevention approaches has been transformative successfully from Susan Burton’s ideas....   [tags: Susan Burton's unscripted documentary]

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The Problem Of Homeless People

- ... Most people have a lot of biases between with street homeless people, they believe that homeless people are lazy, violent, drugs and alcohol addiction or mental problems. In fact, most homeless people who want others to help them since they lack of acknowledges, no choice and no one give them some advice to improve their quality of life. They are more likely to be victims of the unbalance society and economic system. They seem to be the marginalized of the society, such as exclusive, experience of the family violence, sexual assault and job pressure....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Begging]

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Health Care For The Homeless

- ... Even with a variety of resources, barriers still exist in trying to reach those in need of services. According to the recent Point in Time count done by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, on one night in January of 2014 there were still 578,424 homeless Americans occupying a shelter bed. As a diverse population, homeless persons include many different cultural backgrounds and represent many ethnic origins. (National Alliance to End Homelessness) Many homeless persons do not trust anyone associated with institutions and are hard to reach because of hard to find living locations....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Homelessness]

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Community Analysis for Homeless Families

- Listening to the evening news, it takes little imagination to figure out many families are in trouble. The National Coalition for the Homeless estimate that on any given night in the United States of America, there are seven hundred thousand people on the streets and without shelter (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2010). Within this analysis for the homeless, let us consider families, residing in Independence, Missouri. The problem outlined, in an article by James Evertt, in the Independence Examiner, quotes Larry Blick, a former Independence City Manager, putting the number of homeless students in the district at five hundred sixteen....   [tags: Homelessness]

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Healthcare Concerns for the Homeless

- Introduction Homelessness was and continues to exist as a great concern all over the world even in “the land of opportunities”, also known as the United States of America. According to the World Bank, America is considered to be a high-income economy because it has a GNI, or Gross National Income, per capita of twelve thousand two hundred and seventy six dollars or more (World Bank, 2011). America has a facade of being a picture-perfect place to live where success is easily accessible. Many are disillusioned by the infamous American Dream, which portrays America as a land of bountiful opportunities....   [tags: Homelessness, Healthcare]

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The Homeless and Professional Panhandlers

- “What if you woke up today with what you thanked God for yesterday?” I saw this sign hanging on a wall at a friends house, and it shocked me when I read it. I would have absolutely nothing. I have so much to be thankful for, but I never thought about any of it. I would not have any of my possessions, that at this point in time seemed like necessities, or any of my friends and family. I am not saying you have to become religious to be thankful for something, but there are people that do not have any of these things that we find necessary for basic survival....   [tags: Homelessness Essays]

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Effective Intervention for Homeless Youth

- As previously discussed, homelessness among youth in the Houston / Harris County area is a growing population with far reaching consequences for this group. They can be identified as a cultural group as they identify with others who have shared experiences and commonalities. Some of the serious struggles, identified in part I, homeless youth face are the increased probability of becoming victimized on the streets, higher risk of being infected with a STD or HIV, becoming pregnant, entering the criminal justice system, not having access to medical treatment, employment, housing, or education and job training....   [tags: self-esteem, self image, social development]

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The Helping Hand For Homeless Animals

- ... If there is something that needs to be done and one of the volunteers do not know what to do next suggest to them that a certain chore needs taken care of. Also, if you see a dog got out or is being aggresive go and get the staff to help and ask for guidance. The animal and your safety is the most important thing. There are many jobs that need done every day in shelters. From scrubbing down kennels to walking dogs, they all are very important roles to the animal 's well being. It varies from shelter to shelter on the daily routines they run....   [tags: Dog, Neutering, Pet, The Animals]

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Crisis of Homeless Veterans

- Veterans that are homeless should be housed. This is important because more and more people are signing up to join the army. The more people that sign up means, there will be more veterans that are homeless. The more homeless people that roam the streets means bad neighborhoods and even worse schools. More effort should be directed to help homeless veterans to get their lives back. There is a big amount of homeless veterans. The author is important because gives important data about the homeless....   [tags: United States, Homelessness, Housing Veterans]

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A Story On Homeless People

- ... Inside were curtains, a couch, a stove, potholders. You are where you live. She was somebody. I 've never been very good at looking at the big picture, taking the global view, and I 've always been a person with an overactive sense of place, the legacy of an Irish grandfather. So it is natural that the thing that seems most wrong with the world to me right now is that there are so many people with no homes. I 'm not simply talking about shelter from the elements, or three square meals a day, or a mailing address to which the welfare people can send the check--although I know that all these are important for survival....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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Homeless Population in America

- One of the most prominent social issues is that of the homeless population. According to Korge & Furst, 24 percent of the homeless population are severely mentally ill, 20 percent are physically disabled, 19 percent are employed, 14 percent are victims of domestic violence, 14 percent are veterans, while 3 percent are HIV positive (Chp. 2.4, 2012). Although there are numerous programs and policies to eradicate homelessness, we still see that the numbers continue to rise. Essentially, social theories such as conflict, functionalist, and symbolic interactionist theories have been fundamental methods used to study and examine social issues like homelessness....   [tags: Homelessness and Health]

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Homeless and Structural Violence

- The homeless and addicts have been stratified to the bottom of the social ladder. They are thought to be deviants therefore as a society we are taught to ignore and despise them and disregard their needs. Bourgeois and Schonberg’s 10-year study, Righteous Dopefiend, follows the lives of heroin addicted homeless folk living on Edgewater Boulevard. The Edgewater homeless recognize that those with economic capital have a responsibility in caring for their needs thus they embrace their worthiness in society....   [tags: Poverty, Drugs, Dopefinds]

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Homeless Youth in Canada

- 33,000, this is the number of homeless that live on the streets in Canada and 8,000-11,000 of those people are youth in the age range of only 16-24 years of age. This number has increased and grown bigger by the days due to social and economic factors and coming up with a solution becomes more complicated. Many teens become homeless because of hardship in their life or addiction and mental/psychical disabilities, which affects the integrity of that person. This essay will explain the factors of how youth end up on the streets and the harmful effects it can cause and how Canada reacts and helps this problem....   [tags: harmful effects, how government deals with it]

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Youth Among The Homeless

- Homelessness is all around the world, and many people have either dealt with the issue or had first-hand experience with it. Thus causes everyone to think about the possible solutions to such an important social and economic problem. Whether or not anyone wants to support or ignore the issue, it will always be there. However, the youth population is on the rise among the homeless. While the exact number of youth among the homeless is hard to determine, given various information about homelessness available and the age range that is considered youth, a 2012 survey from the Department of Education shows that 52,950 unaccompanied homeless youth were reported through school-based programs (Spa...   [tags: unemployment, severe hardship]

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Runaway and Homeless Youth

- Homelessness is a real serious health issue all over the world that must be addressed. A lot of people in a public frequently misunderstand the cause of homelessness. Remarks regarding homeless people such as “they need to just get a job” or “go to school” are normally used liberally by members of society because they neglect to look at the complete issue. Homelessness does not discriminate. Individuals that have previously experience or may experience being homeless can be from different regions, have different cultural backgrounds, ages, and could be of any gender....   [tags: health issues, minorities, prevention]

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Striving Against Homeless Education

- Once a child enters pre-school to when the child graduates from high school, the word student is automatically given to them. There are specific labels that can be attached to a kid as they progress in school. The activities they participate in ranges from being a nerd, the popular child or even the basketball player. However, how many students are homeless. Chicago Hopes, an after-school tutoring program, brought to the attention that there are children under the age of eighteen who are homeless....   [tags: Chicago HOPES, establishing positive values]

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Homeless and Abused Women

- Many women in the world are faced with domestic violence. Some of these women do not have the strength to leave the man who is abusing them. Other women leave the home or relationship and will find themselves in poverty or even worse, homelessness. They aren’t always trapped in homelessness alone, sometimes they have either children or pets. If domestic violence is prevalent in a relationship a woman can either be trapped or it can lead to homelessness and in most cases being homeless is the better option and for many women who have been abused it can be hard for them to get back on their feet, especially if they have children....   [tags: domestic violence, The Shade Tree]

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Homeless Youths in Canada

- Even with the daily struggle faced by youth in obtaining shelter and homelessness becoming a reality for a growing number of Canadians, Canada, with its high quality of life is one country that has always had a global long-standing reputation (Health Canada, 2006). The aim of this paper is to give the reader a better understanding and knowledge with regards to homeless youth. It will be focusing on the reasons why they leave home, their lives on the street and steps they are trying to take to be able to leave the streets....   [tags: Homelessness]

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Homeless Youth in Canada

- Even with the daily struggle faced by youth in obtaining shelter and homelessness becoming a reality for a growing number of Canadians, Canada, with its high quality of life is one country that has always had a global long-standing reputation. This paper will be working towards giving the reader a better understanding with regards to homeless youth. It will be focusing on the reasons why they leave home, their lives on the street and steps they are trying to take to be able to leave the streets....   [tags: Canadian studies]

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The Homeless In England

- The Homeless in England Introduction I decided to study the homeless' situation before we went to England, so I tried to get information about it via the internet, but it was so much information that I soon gave up... When we got to England I thought about changing subject to the pub culture because it seemed easier to write about, but after a few days I had seen so many homeless people that I got used to it and therefor dared to talk to them and ask them questions about their situation and why they where homeless....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Homeless in America

- The Homeless in America " I never imagined that I would be homeless." Although I have read this statement made over and over again, the facts behind it remain astonishing. The facts are that there are millions of homeless in America today. Many of these people had no choice but to become homeless. Economic problems such as being laid off work, or the rise in the cost of housing had lead people to live on the streets. Many of the homeless are women that have become divorced or have left home because of physical abuse....   [tags: essays papers]

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Homeless Veterans

- Introduction In the United States homeless has been an ongoing problem with there being thousands of people without homes, jobs, and adequate health care. A percentage of those people are military veterans who fought for our country. The Veterans Affairs Department has done countless studies to try to figure out why they are falling victim of homelessness. In this paper, I will give an in-depth look at the causes, treatment, and after care of homeless veterans. Looking at war history to see if maybe there is a link to being on the street, looking at the mental health, substance abuse, and the treatment of these men and women who have giving all to keep us free....   [tags: military, homelessness, care, treatment, health]

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Homeless Youth

- Homeless Youth Homelessness is defined as having no fixed place to sleep at night. This includes people staying in motels until their money runs out, those staying with friends, those staying in shelters, and those sleeping inside or out whatever space they can find to protect themselves. The number of homeless people has been growing and it has become a serious problem in our society. Every night in Canada there are thousands of people living on the streets. This type of behaviour is considered deviant because it does not reflect the norms and values of our society....   [tags: Homelessness]

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Homeless People And Poverty At The Weingart Center

- ... Another mental disorder is bipolar which can make people become impulsive, delusional and hallucinatory. Schizophrenia makes it hard to trust others that try to help because of their hallucinations getting in the way. When someone has schizophrenia and it’s left untreated they tend to pull away from people and society so they wouldn’t want to take someone’s help. The city can’t do nothing more if someone doesn’t want to help themselves, you can’t force your help on anyone. Mental disorders lead to substance abuse issues which can leave homeless feeling like their hopeless and worthless....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Mental disorder, Mental health]

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