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Women In Hollywood: Pre-code and Post War Eras

- Slowly she asked "Is anyone there?" as she walked down the dark deserted road. When she heard a loud sound she turned abruptly trying again "Hello?" Met with only silence she picked up here pace almost running down the dirt road. Her nerves had just began to calm when she heard "WRRRREEENNNNNRRRRRRR" as a chainsaw started behind her. Running she started looking behind her hoping that whoever it was, wouldn’t catch her. With her lack of concentration she tripped over her high heels and face plants into the dirt, giving the murderer a chance to catch up....   [tags: Hollywood]

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Paramount a Representation of Hollywood

- Paramount, one of the big five Hollywood studio corporations, controlled the most amount of theatres in the United States during the 1930s and 40s. This meant they had an advantage when the economy in the US turned around after the great depression. This being said, many more factors come into play when defining to what extent the studio is a typical representation of a major Hollywood studio corporation in the 1930s and 40s. In this essay I will be going in-depth into what extent Paramount is a representation of other key studios in Hollywood in the 1930s and 40s....   [tags: Studio Corporation, Theaters, Hollywood]

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In Hollywood, Black Lives Really Don't Matter

- "The Academy Awards’ snub of ‘Selma’ says more about the film industry than the film" -- Willie Osterweil Why does prejudice still exist in all facets of the media today. It seems as if prejudice has always been linked to Hollywood, but when will it ever end. There are so few successful African- American actors in Hollywood and the ones that are successful have gone through tremendous difficulties just to get to where they are now. African- Americans have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to cinema in the past....   [tags: Hollywood Racism, Hollywood Prejudice]

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The Classical Hollywood Narrative Structure

- ... Describe the primary formal elements (style) of Classical Hollywood films. Use examples from the film Shadow of a Doubt to describe the elements. Be specific (Use the scene you analyzed, or other scenes). There are a number of elements to Classical Hollywood films, the primary components are: Narrative, Editing, and Cinematic Space and Time (Belton). The narrative will follow a linear, cause and effect, pattern of events. It is clearly organized with acts that are observable. It will propel our characters’ development forward....   [tags: Classical Hollywood cinema]

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How Hollywood Vilifies Gays

- Not only can a man not marry his dog, but a man who chooses to do so must be put down. This is what our conservative society expects to hear from our friends and neighbors and as a consequence expect all to follow that principle. In the film Philadelphia, a bigot group of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are so intolerable towards homosexual relationships, that they are willing to frame an old friend to get rid of them. Similarly to I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry or Brokeback Mountain, Philadelphia puts the lead homosexual as a protagonist while ignoring the fact that the general view is that of an antagonist....   [tags: Hollywood vs Gays]

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The Hollywood Life

- It seems as if sppome people just can’t get enough of the exploratory tabloids of their favorite celebrities, some people still take an interest in celebrities that aren't even around anymore . Throughout Americas Hollywood History the views of women actresses has changed drastically, two very good examples are Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan.The contrast between these two women show a difference in class,culture and time. By researching actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan one would discover the tragic and destructive toll Hollywood glamor that would eventually come to overrun their lives....   [tags: Pop Stars, Celebrities, Americas Hollywood History]

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Hollywood: What is the Role of Women in Films

- American film has always had female role models present within them. They have not had the title of “hero”, but they have always been role models. Women have been depicted as strong willed and minded characters since the early 1970s. The women that will spoke about in this argument will prove that women have been “heroes” all along they have just never had that title till now. Women have been saving lives, men, and worlds for decades. Women of film have never been considered heroes due to the meaning of a hero....   [tags: american films, hero, hollywood]

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Film Review : The Classical Hollywood Cinema

- ... Angela’s apartment walls are painted white, which represents equality in the French flag. The colour of the apartment walls could represent that when it comes to the home; both Angela and Emile are equal. In the 1960’s, certainly in classical Hollywood films, when a man and woman are shown on a screen as married or together, the man is the one that makes all decisions concerning the family. Godard uses the colour of the walls of the apartment to show that in this relationship between Angela and Emile, they are both equal in their own right and could make their own individual decisions....   [tags: Classical Hollywood cinema]

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SIlent Film Industry in Hollywood

- Hollywood; when people hear Hollywood they usually first think of the giant Hollywood sign that is on Mount Lee in Los Angeles, California, celebrities, fame, money and last but not least movies. The Hollywood movie industry makes around thirty billion to thirty five billion dollars in the United States alone, while making ninety billion to hundred billion dollars worldwide (McCandless and Quick). The Hollywood movie industry has become one of the most successful industries in the United States....   [tags: Movie Industry, Silent Film Era, Hollywood]

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Hollywood: Promoting Stereotypes to Make Easy Money

- Every week numerous Hollywood movies and rereleases open in theaters, video stores, and online movie distributors nationwide: heartwarming films such as The Blind Side; laughter inducing and children captivating classics like Aladdin; movies about overcoming struggles such as, Gattaca. All these new movies and classics alike hold a particular place in our hearts and in our lives. Maybe because of a similarity to our own lives or the main character embraces characteristics we hold dear. Whatever the reason, a contributing factor to the variety of movie produced in Hollywood can trace itself to liberal and socially progressive movie making....   [tags: Hollywood vs Minorities]

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Witchcraft In Hollywood

- Witchcraft in Hollywood It is said by many that Hollywood is persuasive. People see something on television or in a motion picture and believe that what is shown is, in reality, true. Misconceptions will occur, and unless people are shown evidence against the delusions, it will be taken as fact. In the past, many groups have been poorly represented onscreen. Organizations such as the mafia, the government, the military, spies, gods, monsters, and others are just a small example of those prejudiced....   [tags: Hollywood Witchcraft ]

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High Treason: Ben Urwand’s Perfidious Projection of Pre-War Hollywood

- Every day, at dinnertime, a servant would present the Adolf Hitler with a list comprising various feature films; sometimes even cartoons. Der Fuhrer would select one film, which would be watched after the dinner in the Music Salon by all interested; even members of the staff were allowed to attend the screening (Kershaw, 101). In the prologue to the most horrific war of the century, Hitler’s, and thus Nazi-Germany’s, interest in film would appear to be of major significance to the world’s biggest film industry: Hollywood....   [tags: Adolf Hitler, Germany, Hollywood]

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Reasons Hollywood Should Provide Family-Oriented TV Shows

- Hollywood should be made to create more shows with a flow that are friendly to read (hearing impaired) and easier for families to understand. The three main reasons are as follows: leadership, less crimes, and family orientation. These characteristics are needed so that children and adults may see more positive ways of learning and a way of teaching each other better standards and morals. We all have standards and morals that we have been taught to follow and have learned from our environment. The shows need to be willing apply more smiles for families and provide ways to help build one another....   [tags: Hearing Empaired, Hollywood]

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Art Cinema is an Alternative Mode of Filmmaking to traditional Hollywood Style

- According to both Geoffery Nowell-Smith, in Making Waves, and David Bordwell, in Film Criticism, art cinema is an alternative mode of filmmaking to traditional Hollywood style films. The films Band of Outsiders (Bande à part), and A Hard Days Night both negate traditional mainstream cinema techniques, however these films are equally not art cinema. Bordwell defines art cinema as, “explicitly against the classical narrative mode, and especially against the cause-effect linkage of events,” (57). Both films have a loose cause and effect based structure....   [tags: hollywood, filmmaking, film criticism]

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Classical and Post-Classical Hollywood Cinema

- Classical and Post-Classical Hollywood Cinema INTRODUCTION During the course of this essay it is my intention to discuss the differences between Classical Hollywood and post-Classical Hollywood. Although these terms refer to theoretical movements of which they are not definitive it is my goal to show that they are applicable in a broad way to a cinema tradition that dominated Hollywood production between 1916 and 1960 and which also pervaded Western Mainstream Cinema (Classical Hollywood or Classic Narrative Cinema) and to the movement and changes that came about following this time period (Post-Classical or New Hollywood)....   [tags: History Hollywood Movies Films Essays]

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The Film Girl, Interrupted: Portrayal of Truth in Hollywood Films

- The Film Girl, Interrupted: Portrayal of Truth in Hollywood Films Most people are likely to relate Hollywood with money. If a person lives in the Hollywood area, people assume she or he is probably rich. If she or he is a Hollywood movie star, the person probably makes a lot of money. Therefore, to follow that line of thought, when Hollywood producers make a movie, they make it just for money. And some filmmakers do seem to make films only for the money the movies will earn. The action movie "Die Hard", the fantasy movie "Star Wars", and the adventure movie "Jurassic Park" are examples of exciting movies that were made just for the money by satisfying the audiences' appetite for escapi...   [tags: Hollywood Film Girl Interrupted]

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Hollywood Movies Compared to Other Countries' Movies

- Hollywood Movies Compared to Other Countries' Movies Despite the fact that Hollywood films are popular all over the world, many believe that foreign films are better. Critics’ dislike of Hollywood films’ is due to the straight-line plots of the films in which nothing is left unclear, unsettling or unexplained and every shot is justified by a link to strictest cause and effect. Hollywood films are often viewed as dulling the mind. In this country people generally view films for mere entertainment....   [tags: Hollywood Entertainment Film Films Essays]

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The Hollywood Model Of The Big Budget Hollywood

- ... But times they are a-changing… In his NY Time’s article, Davidson says “Our economy is in the midst of a grand shift toward the Hollywood model. More of us will see our working lives structured around short-¬term, project-¬based teams rather than long-¬term, open¬-ended jobs.” Numerous studies concur with his assessment. Accenture, the Global Fortune 500 company that specializes in management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing noted in its 2015 report–“The Rise of the Extended Workforce” that: • Up to one out of three workers in America today is temporary • The U.S....   [tags: Time, Term, Cosmetics, Project]

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The South and Hollywood

- While the Deep South can be known for ground breaking racial issues, the plots in certain movies might have even bigger, more relevant social issues. “You is smart, you is kind, you is important.” This quote is directly from director Tate Taylor’s movie The Help, personalized from the novel of the same name by Kathryn Stockett. The Help follows one Caucasian, wealthy young woman Skeeter (portrayed by Emma Stone) and the connections and relationships she shares with several African American domestic workers or “babysitters” (portrayed by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer)....   [tags: Film]

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Vampires and Hollywood

- Vampires have come out of the dark and into the Hollywood spotlight by dominating best-selling books, movies, and television shows. The media has transformed the vampire over the years from what they look like, their emotions, what kills them, and most importantly, what they eat. Originally, they were creatures who hunted only at night because the sunlight would burn them so they could quench their thirst from human blood. The tables are slowly turning on the original vampire and changing it into a Hollywood heartthrob....   [tags: vampires,]

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The Differences Between Bollywood And Hollywood

- ... If you look up the plots for both of the movies, they are somewhat both the same. The only difference is that Bollywood adds its own little taste into the movie; they add dramatic parts and A LOT of songs. I don’t really think Bollywood copied this idea, I think all they did was get some inspiration from the movie. Like cmon, Bollywood is basically known for their romantic movies. The most common and popular Bollywood movies are mainly about romance. Another movie that Bollywood has supposedly copied which is Dil Bole Hadippa (released in 2009) and She’s the man (released in 2006), Rani who plays the women role in Dil Bole Hadippa is very much like Amanda Bynes....   [tags: Bollywood, Cinema of India, Shahrukh Khan]

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Taxi Driver and the Hollywood Renaissance

- Largely influenced by the French New Wave and other international film movements, many American filmmakers in the late 1960s to 1970s sought to revolutionize Hollywood cinema in a similar way. The New Hollywood movement, also referred to as the “American New Wave” and the “Hollywood Renaissance,” defied traditional Hollywood standards and practices in countless ways, creating a more innovative and artistic style of filmmaking. Due to the advent and popularity of television, significant decrease in movie theater attendance, rising production costs, and changing tastes of American audiences, particularly in the younger generation, Hollywood studios were in a state of financial disaster....   [tags: Taxi Driver Essays, Film]

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The Persecution of the Hollywood Ten

- ... There had to be more to what they were doing to convince Americans that Hollywood was friendly with Communists and poisoning them with their movies. When I think of Americans today, many of them raise an eyebrow to what the government is telling them. They will also often times do the exact opposite of what the government is asking them to do. When Mike Bloomberg suggested making it illegal for restaurants to sell extra large sodas, many people that I know went crazy and would deliberately get extra large sodas....   [tags: American urban politics]

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The Great Depression's Impact on Hollywood

- Hollywood has influenced American history since it began. It boosted and shaped the morale of a nation for almost a century. But Hollywood has not only been the influencing American society, it has been influenced by American society. In the 1920s, American society was booming; people were getting rich, spending and borrowing money, and they thought life was looking good. Then in October of 1929 the stock market crashed. Many people lost all they owned. People had invested all their money into the banks before the Crash....   [tags: great depression, film industry, american history]

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The First Latina to Conquer Hollywood

- Hollywood has not always been accepting of Latinas. Current stars Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, and Penélope Cruz follow in the footsteps of pioneering Dolores Del Rio. Lauded as “The Princess of Mexico", Del Rio was a star whose allure captivated legendary figures Orson Wells, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, and Frida Kahlo. Fast friend Marlene Dietrich labeled Dolores, "The most beautiful woman in Hollywood. She has better legs than Dietrich and better cheekbones than Garbo". A beauty that lead to wild rumors of an orchid petal diet, or that Del Rio slept 16 hours a day to maintain her loveliness....   [tags: Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Penélope Cruz]

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Hollywood's Pseudonym of Role Models

- Even though some parents believe Hollywood has a positive impact on their children most believe otherwise. Children can develop health problems from having a celebrity role model; such as, anorexia, self-harm, or self-esteem issues. Youth do this to obtain that celebrity look of ‘perfection’. Celebrities act as role models for youth throughout the nation and they should live up to it. Hollywood creates a false sense of security. A film that Hollywood recently release called ‘project X’ has teens across the America seeking ‘the party of a lifetime.’ In the movie, a group of ‘loser’ teens decide to throw said party to become popular....   [tags: youth, nation, problems, security, party]

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History of the Hollywood Star System

- ... Unfortunately, bad news surrounded Downey during his dark days in the late 1990's and early 2000's , and then it was topped off by a messy divorce in 2004 ( Downey's life started to turn around after he remarried in 2005. He is no longer dependant on alcohol and drugs and remains one of the most versatile stars in Hollywood. Downey's comeback is an inspiration to many people around the world, and his personal problems are no longer dominating the stories in the media. According to Finn, Downey recently won the Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Male Butt Kicker....   [tags: studio system era, developing popularity of actors]

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World War II and Hollywood

- Before the Second World War began Hollywood’s purpose lied within entertainment for the American people. After the war started, the main focus shifted to wartime propaganda. Film was used to display the war in a way that did not show its true colors—including the censorship of soldier causalities and other negative connotations that are a simple fact of war. There was even a time in which some actors became better known to America than politians. Through films, Hollywood began to make a statement of their anti-Nazi beliefs....   [tags: Entertainment, American People, Culture]

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Gender and Sexuality in Hollywood Films

- The American black comedy The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese was released December 25, 2013 and stars the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. While on face value The Wolf of Wall Street looks like a film about excessive cocaine binges, long evenings filled with men with cigarettes, large portions of alcoholic consumption, having many sexual escapades with various women and even dwarf tossing from time to time, the film is deeply rooted in perception gender within the genre of The Wolf of Wall Street....   [tags: cinematography, stereotyping]

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The Portrayal Of The Movie Hollywood

- I was listening to an Elvis interview recently and the radio deejay asked Elvis who his favorite male actor in Hollywood was. He responded, fairly quickly, with three or four names and could list even more. He talked about the movies they were in and how great they were. The deejay then asked him who his favorite actress in Hollywood was. Elvis sat, pondered, and stumbled for a good minute before he listed only one leading lady. A moment later Elvis talked about how great a couple more women in films were, with ease....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Film]

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Hollywood Blacklisting and Fahrenheit 451

- THE BURNING OF HUGH LATIMER AND NICHOLAS RIDLEY ⦁ WHY WHERE THEY BURNED AT THE STAKE. -Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were burned because they were and went against the King’s refusal. ⦁ WHY WAS LATIMER CONFIDENT THAT THEY WERE DOING THE RIGHT THING. -Latimer was confident that they were doing the right thing because he believed that whatever was going to happen was because of God's will and he trusted God. Recall that before they were burned, instead of repenting and backtracking in whatever he said, his last words were "Be of good cheer, Master Ridley, and play the man, for we shall this day light such a candle in England as I trust by God' grace shall never be put put." ⦁ WHY WOULD IT...   [tags: Farenheit 451 Essays]

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Film Review : Classical Hollywood

- Classical Hollywood Cinemas placed high emphasis on editing techniques such as continuity editing to put together a film. In this, various different edits and fragmentations of space were used to put together a scene that would direct the viewers attention towards one particular aspect of the film. The cuts were vital since they helped to build an association from previously taken shots to the next shot. This all was used to help the director produce a sort of continuity and set the mood and tone of the film....   [tags: Film editing, Continuity editing]

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The Blind Side, a Hollywood Film

- Have you ever wondered why so many films portray the story of a poor, abused, homeless, colored person that is eventually rescued by a smart, rich, white person. Every few years, there is a new film made that captures this same story, but the way the viewer is affected by the representation of race changes quite often. This idea gets old to many viewers who may agree with the idea of race being addressed in film, but not in the same way all the time. When a rich, white, republican family in the South takes in a homeless black boy to live with them, they struggle with the disapproval of society and their own insecurity....   [tags: poor, homeless, rich, white man]

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Hollywood and the Vietnam War

- Human history has been kept alive through a variety of mediums over the centuries. Throughout much of time, stories were told verbally to younger generations while written records and artifacts enhanced the story’s authenticity. In the late 19th and early 20th century, technology revolutionized story-telling with the invention of the video camera. Rather than hearing anecdotal stories about historic events, people could now see images of events happening all over the world. In addition, motion pictures were created to present fictional and non-fictional stories for education and entertainment....   [tags: Vietnam War Movies]

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Elizabeth Taylor: A Hollywood Star

- “I’ve been through it all, baby. I’m Mother Courage.” Elizabeth Taylor has been through the worst of it with her numerous marriages and illnesses, but she toughed it out and kept pushing forward. Her “I can conquer the world” attitude got her through all of the obstacles she faced. Elizabeth stayed in the spotlight from the time she was nine years old until the day she died. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a true, old-fashioned Hollywood celebrity that overcame many hardships in her life. Elizabeth Taylor, or Liz for short, was born February 27th, 1932 in Hampstead, London, England, UK to American parents, Sara Warmbrodt and Francis Taylor....   [tags: celebrity, hardships, actress, role]

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The Golden Age For Hollywood

- ... Designers preferred models looked younger, thinner, and had longer legs. Social factors occurring at the time also effected fashion and helped represent people’s beliefs. Leslie Lawson, otherwise known as Twiggy, emerged from London in the 1960’s as one of the first supermodels in the world. The Daily Express newspaper had labeled has as the face of 1966 and soon after appeared on the cover of Elle and British Vogue. She was admired for her unique look that consisted of false eyelashes, bold eye makeup, and shorter hairstyle....   [tags: Fashion, Fashion design, Milan, Fashion week]

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Gender Inequality in Hollywood

- Stereotypes in our society are not uncommon. We come across them every day without realizing it. It is in our human nature to create expectations of the people around us, which could be based upon their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or other factors. Stereotypes help us categorize a vast group of people that we may not know anything about, to think that they are smaller and less intimidating. I believe that the blame for these cookie-cutter patterns can lead directly back to the media in every sense of the word....   [tags: stereotypes, media, gender inequality, movies ]

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Christian Ideals and Hollywood

- The Hollywood Industry has already begun promoting Christian ideals. We see this through the recent epic of Christian Movies that have materialized in the theaters. Movies such as: Fireproof, Courageous, Fifth Quarter, The Grace Card, and Facing the Giants are a few examples of such films. In 2010 “The Grace Card” movie hit the cinemas only after 28 days of shooting the film. That is more than double the time it would normally take to make a movie. The fact that this is true, admittedly tells these Christian people that God was with them throughout the making of this film, and that He was quite pleased with their works....   [tags: christianity, The Grace Card, christian film]

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Hollywood Genres: Gun Crazy

- The two movies, Gun Crazy and Bonnie and Clyde, hinge around the notion of violence. The major themes that these movies address are violence, and general crime. Each movie indicates some elements of order and elements of chaos. This explains why the classical narratives and Hollywood genres address the issue of chaos and order as they prevail in society. Comparing the two elements, it is evident that Bonnie and Clyde draw much from Gun Crazy in many aspects. There is mass shooting in both the movies, which is an indication of violence that exists in their respective societies....   [tags: mass shootings, movie, crimes]

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Hollywood's Asians

- Hollywood’s Asians Asian Americans have been part of America for almost as long as its existence. From the Chinese laborers building the transcontinental railway, inner cities laundry services, to Asian farmers who have helped build the agriculture communities around the country, Asian American have contributed to the industries and economy of America. Despite their loyalty and contributions to this country, Asian Americans have been discriminated and considered as “unassimilable” by many Americans....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Production Policies in Hollywood and The Catholic Church

- To what extent was the Catholic Church the leading establishment to alter production policies in Hollywood during the great depression A. Plan of Investigation The research question that will be evaluated is, to what extent was the Catholic Church the leading establishment to alter production policies in Hollywood during the great depression. While the Great Depression was a time of grief, it was additionally an era of new opportunities. The institution of Hollywood and the Catholic Church were two separate entities during the Great Depression....   [tags: great depression, hays code]

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Classical Hollywood Cinema

- The release of Gordon Hollingshead and Alan Crosland’s The Jazz Singer in 1927 marked the new age of synchronised sound in cinema. The feature film was a huge success at the box office and it ushered in the era David Bordwell describes as ‘Classical Hollywood Cinema’; Bordwell and two other film theorists (Janet Staiger and Kristin Thompson) conducted a formalist analysis of 100 randomly selected Hollywood films from the years 1917 to 1960 in order to fully define this movement. Their results yielded that most Hollywood made films during that era were centred on, or followed, specific blueprints that formed the finished product....   [tags: film, scriptwriters, entertaintment]

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The Hollywood’s Blacklist

- Hollywood’s Blacklist developed out of complex social, political, and economical conditions. The Hollywood’s blacklist was a method utilized by the federal government to deny employment to many professionals in the entertainment industry, including but not limit to screenwriter, actor, producer, director, musicians, and animators. These professionals were “blacklisted” as a result of suspected political association with the Communist party. The manufacturing of the blacklist sprung out of panic and fear of communist reconnaissance as a result of many events that were taking place around the world such as the Soviet Eastern Europe, Berlin blockade, Chinese Civil War, confessions of high-ranki...   [tags: entertaintment industry, democracy]

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How Hollywood Went to Washington and Lost

- How Hollywood Went to Washington (And Lost) A dangerous silence envelopes the dark, drab courtroom. It is only punctuated with the hiss of an indecisive fluorescent lamp that seems to flirt with the idea of extinguishing itself completely. The lamp’s dim spectrum illuminates the pallid face of the plaintiff. His bespectacled eyes peer upwards from horn-rimmed glasses. Abruptly, a gruff voice pierces the quiet. It is a voice that wears impressive yet insipid suits. It is a voice that drinks black coffee and smokes generic cigarettes....   [tags: communist party, the black list]

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Harmless Entertainment? The Idea of Love In Hollywood

- Are you a hopeless romantic, waiting around for the right girl or guy to come around and make sense of your world. Well, maybe you’ve been watching too many romance movies. Hollywood presents love as a feeling, one that most teenagers confuse with infatuation and lust. Movies like The Notebook create a false view of what love looks like and many teenagers lose the opportunity to find love because they are waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet and kiss them in the rain while the background music slowly plays; but there are movies out there that do give us a pretty realistic view of what love looks like without having to showcase any nudity or sexual scenes....   [tags: Marriage Struggles, Pornography]

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The Artist : A New Twist On Old Hollywood

- ... The simple everyday sounds we take for granted such as: bells ringing, laughing, dogs barking, and telephones ringing were some of the sounds featured in Georges dream; really capturing the power of everyday sounds. Hearing these sounds was a good attention grabber to bring the audience back into the movie… at least those who were zoning out (not me). Lastly, all the extra things that I wanted to briefly discuss separately. The most important extra was the graphic match of the shoes (from George’s shoes to Peppy’s)....   [tags: Film, Silent film, Horror film]

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Stereotypes Of Stereotypes Within Hollywood Cinema

- ... Showed all of these foreign places…started thinking man—either they don’t know, or don’t care about what’s going on in the ‘hood.” (Singleton). This is a great example of how film has matured. Though stereotypical with the images of the ghettos, Boyz in the Hood represents how Blacks do what they need to do because as far as they are concerned, nobody seems to care and they have to do the best with what they have on hand. The film embodied the Hip Hop culture as well as the cliché ideas such as violence, racial profanity and the undereducated characters....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people, African American]

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The Classical Hollywood Paradigm in Singin' in the Rain

- Not all films which adhere to the classical Hollywood paradigm eschew issues. The film Singin’ in the Rain follows Don Lockwood, a popular silent film actor, as he attempts to maintain his star status during the advent of “talkies”. Lockwood’s journey manifests fame’s capricious temperament, the studio’s commercial interest, and the influence of outside variables on a film. Singin’ in the Rain uses Lockwood’s struggle with celebrity to expose the importance of public image and self esteem. A set of practices concerning the narrative structure compose the classical Hollywood Paradigm....   [tags: public image, self esteem, conflict]

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Analysis of Classic Hollywood Cinema: Stagecoach

- The characteristics, features and conventions of Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939) allow this film to fit directly under the title of Classical Hollywood cinema. The film uses a few main characters that the audience members get to know well and create their own feelings for. In Stagecoach, there are nine main characters that the audience gets to know well, Dallas, Ringo Kid, Buck, Hatfield, Doc Boone, Lucy Mallory, Curley, Gatewood and the lieutenant. These characters are consistent throughout the story and the audience members begin to understand them as the story develops....   [tags: Film, Movie]

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The Ultimate Hollywood Beauty: Marilyn Monroe

- Marilyn Monroe, a woman whose name was a synonymous for Hollywood beauty, had a bold side to her (“About Marilyn Monroe”). It wasn’t just her looks that just made her popular it was how she stood up for herself in situations. Many decades after her death in 1962, at the age of 36, Marilyn Monroe’s reputation and popularity have not wavered at all. Marilyn Monroe, a beautiful yet confident woman, made a bold statement with her sex appeal and fashion on how women should be confident about their own bodies and not be looked at as just a child bearer....   [tags: cinematic history, sex symbols]

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Hollywood Vs. America by Michael Medved

- The book that stuck out the most to me this semester was “Hollywood Vs. America”. The reason why I seemed to disagree with this book the majority of the time was because Medved had no sound arguments or sources. The only sources he had within the book were people who basically had the same mindset and worldview as he. This book mainly stuck out to me, purely because it made me mad every time I read it. I really thought, based upon the first couple of pages, that this would be a book I would enjoy....   [tags: extended response paper]

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Elizabeth Taylor, a True Hollywood Star

- “I’ve been through it all, baby. I’m Mother Courage.” Elizabeth Taylor has been through the worst of it with her numerous marriages and illnesses, but she toughed it out and kept pushing forward. Her “I can conquer the world” attitude got her through all of the obstacles she faced. Elizabeth stayed in the spotlight from the time she was nine years old until the day she died. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a true, old-fashioned Hollywood celebrity that overcame many hardships in her life. Elizabeth Taylor, or Liz for short, was born February 27th, 1932 in Hampstead, London, England, UK to American parents, Sara Warmbrodt and Francis Taylor....   [tags: celebrity, beauty, filmography, Oscars]

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Hollywood & History

- Even though a vast majority of us wish that it was possible to turn back the hands of time and change or rewrite history. However, the truth of the matter is that we simply cannot. Everything happens for a reason, and we should learn to accept it. Accept it for what it is, rather than what we would like it to be. However, to often in Hollywood the city of glamour and glitz, fortune and fame, movie producers have a tendency and even feel at liberty to rewrite American history. In my opinion this is all done out of greed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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hollywood on trial

- hollywood on trial The world is full of injustice. Of programs that want to accomplish the right things but get twisted by the people that run them. This essay will deal with the reasons and Birth of the Hays Commission, the ludicrous steps they took to add "morality" to the motion picture industry, and some other sensors of the time. All things said in this essay are true and taken from the Hays correspondence its self. It is a known fact that sex sells. It is used by advertisers to get us to by there product, and likewise it is used by producers and directors to get us to see their films....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Impact of Hollywood on the World

- The Impact of Hollywood on the World In this piece of writing I will be looking at the impact of 'Hollywood' on the world. The word 'Hollywood' is used as a collective word across most of the world when we talk about media throughout the world such as; films, television programmes, music and global broadcasters such as MTV and Disney. It is believed that Hollywoodaffects a lot of things people do, think and say....   [tags: Papers]

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F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood

- F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood "I saw the novel...was becoming subordinated to a had a hunch that the talkies would make even the best selling novelist as archaic as silent pictures." (Mizener 165) F. Scott Fitzgerald was keenly aware of the shift in the public's interest from novels to movies. This change made Hollywood stand alone for Fitzgerald as the sole means for expressing his talent and for gaining appropriate recognition, as well as the new way to make money. For F....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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The Evolvement of Chinese Stereotypes Representative in Hollywood Movies

- Film, as a traditional and beloved media, has been influential on people's life. We spend time in the cinema to be entertained, touched, scared and experience romantic love story and exotic places. As one of the most famous film industry base in the world, Hollywood, produces and sell their movie products all over the world. During the process of globalization, countries are about to understand others’ culture as well as to realize how one’s culture compares and contrasts with other. Media globalization stands for the process in which film companies deliver images of national cultures to the whole world....   [tags: culture, globalization, asian american, cinema]

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The Use of Classical Hollywood Theory in Die Hard

- Beginning the mid 1920s, Hollywood’s ostensibly all-powerful film studios controlled the American film industry, creating a period of film history now recognized as “Classical Hollywood”. Distinguished by a practical, workmanlike, “invisible” method of filmmaking- whose purpose was to demand as little attention to the camera as possible, Classical Hollywood cinema supported undeviating storylines (with the occasional flashback being an exception), an observance of a the three act structure, frontality, and visibly identified goals for the “hero” to work toward and well-defined conflict/story resolution, most commonly illustrated with the employment of the “happy ending”....   [tags: cinema, style, ending ]

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Robert Bulman’s Hollywood Goes to High School

- Hollywood itself plays an enormous role on how we as a nation see our society. We life for the dramas, love stories, fairytales, and action pact block-busters we so desperately need to observe every weekend. However, the larger question is, how much of Hollywood’s film making is actual fact compared to what the public wants to see. Throughout Robert Bulman’s Hollywood Goes to High School, we can see how film making can alter the vision of public and private education. Bulman analyzes how films on the poor urban schooling, middle-class suburban schooling, and high elite private schooling can sometimes mislead society’s perception on education....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Speech on Restricting Hollywood's Influence

- Speech on Restricting Hollywood's Influence Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honour to be here tonight proposing the motion “This house believes in restricting Hollywood’s influence.” In my speech I will be following up on arguments introduced by my partner. This includes the promotion of smoking, the political influence of Hollywood and the use of it’s monopoly to spread the American way of thinking throughout the world. However after having listened quite attentively to the 1st opposer’s speech, I feel obliged to comment on some arguments brought up by him that seemed irrelevant/ unsupported....   [tags: Papers]

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Global Film Industry: The Influence of Bollywood on Hollywood

- Over the years, Bollywood has emerged as its own distinct identity in the global Film industry. Bollywood is the global leader in production of movies with a staggering 27,000 featured films and thousands of short films. ( Pillania 1) However, Hollywood is still the leader in revenues generated. Due to the growth of the Indian market and globalization, Bollywood has made its way to the international markets. Globalization is often misrepresented as the growing influence of the western culture in the world and so we tend to state that Hollywood is influencing Bollywood to a great extent....   [tags: indian movies, music, dance, film]

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Stereotyping of Hispanics in Hollywood's Films

- Stereotyping of Hispanics in Hollywood's Films "[Cinema] manipulates the human psychology, sociology, religion, and morality of the people..."(Cine-Aztlan 175). I has been said to be used by capitalists and socialists as a powerful weapon in the struggle for social justice. In all the Hollywood films and documentaries about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, none have escapes stereotypes. And it hasn't gone unnoticed. Thomas Martinez states that the "symbolic function of advertising in one level of understanding the racist implications of the mass media, especially regarding the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans"(Camplis, in Noriega 284)....   [tags: Movies Films Essays Hispanics]

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How Asian Americans are Portrayed in Hollywood Movies

- Asian American actors and actresses are portrayed in Hollywood movies as always being the silent and yielding foreign victims to social injustice and prejudice. Whether or not these depictions are true, they are nonetheless stereotypes that Hollywood producers have come up with. According to the US Census in the year 2000, Asian Americans make up 4.2% of the entire American population, and knowing that most Asian Americans live on the west and east coast of the United States, many Americans living in central parts of this country have not really been exposed to any Asian Americans....   [tags: Asian culture]

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The Post-Modern Reality of Hollywood

- The Post-Modern Reality of Hollywood The shower of bullets leave white grooved funnels in the air, as the hero in slow motion leans back to avoid the deadly aims of the gunmen—all the while his black trench-coat billows underneath him. The saddened husband in heaven spans the chasm of hell to be reincarnated with his soul-mate wife. The young business executive places the pistol in his mouth, his blood-shot eyes rolling upwards as beads of sweat trickle down his grimy face. Moments later, after the bullet has been released into his head he turns to see that his nemesis, his alter-ego, is now dead on the concrete....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Hollywood

- The Monster’s Human Nature Summary Essay Hollywood has played a big part is our lives. Growing up we’ve seen numerous movies, some that scared us others that touch us, and those images stayed with us forever. So what happens when Hollywood takes a classic piece of literature such as Frankenstein and turns into a monster movie. It transforms the story so much that now some 50 years later, people think of Frankenstein as the monster instead of the monster’s creator. It became a classic monster movie and all the high values of the original were forever lost....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Remembering 9/11 through the Lens of Hollywood: A Detailed Analysis

- From the PATRIOT Act of 2001 that was signed into law by the former President George W. Bush, to the flags that fluttered in the front yard of every American’s house, the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 brought the whole nation together for a single goal of fighting back terrorism and getting through the test that America was put to. Everybody’s loyalty towards the United States has been tested since then, and one cannot put aside Hollywood in this collective effort of this nation (Markert 58)....   [tags: patriotism, terrorism, film industry]

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Remembering 9/11 through the Lens of Hollywood: A Detailed Analysis

- From the PATRIOT Act of 2001 that was signed into law by the formal President George W. Bush, to the flags that fluttered in the front yard of every American’s house, the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 brought the whole nation together for a single goal of fighting back terrorism and getting through the test that America was put to. Everybody’s loyalty is getting tested since then towards the United States, and one cannot put aside Hollywood. Its reaction through the movies contributed the nation by bringing different ethnic, racial, social, and economical groups, which America was divided into, together and showing loyalty and patriotism to one’s nation....   [tags: movies in the post 9/11 era]

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Preconceived Notion of Racial Beauty in Hollywood: Lupita Nyongo

- Lupita Nyongo is up for an academy award for her debut performance in the blockbuster 12 Years a Slave (Butler 2). Despite not being known a year ago, these days Lupita commands an audience when she speaks (Butler, 3). She has recently joined a select list of actors having won an Oscar for their first performances in a feature film (Dyer Jr. 2). On February 28th, Lupita delivered an acceptance speech during the Essence Black Women in Hollywood awards. In her speech, Lupita addressed the preconceived notion of racial beauty in Hollywood....   [tags: mexico, kenya, academy award]

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Friendships and Hollywood in Lisi Harrison's "Dial L for Loser"

- This story is about 3 really good friends who are twelve and travel from New York to Hollywood for an opportunity of a lifetime. They’re going to Hollywood to audition for a part in a movie, two of the girls get cut and become very jealous of the girl that makes it. Massie and Alicia are ready to pack their bags and go home, but Claire the girl that got the part, doesn’t want her friends to leave. So she asks around the studio and finds out that there is a job for the girls to film behind the scenes....   [tags: Dial L for Loser, Lisi Harrison,]

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Stereo Types of the African American Woman in Hollywood

- Many images we have here in America stem from the television soap box opera or the big screen of Hollywood in summary Entertainment. Although I am very happy to see the progress in this area, I am sadden by the redundant themes. There are very few images of non stereo typical black women or women of color. In romantic comedy with a woman of color in it you will find one of the following stereotypes entwined in the plot. The Jezebel (Hollywood Definition) Lysterine from Booty Call This role dates back in America’s history, overseers and plantation owners depicted black women as jezebels who were incapable of being raped this defence kept them from serving time in prison....   [tags: romantic comedies, black women on the screen]

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Why the Film The Man of Steel is a Classical Hollywood Film

- The Golden Age of film or the Classical Hollywood way of storytelling contains five rules which are prevalent throughout the 2013 film, “Man of Steel.” These rules can be supported by connecting them with examples from the movie. In this film there are several examples and situations which reflect the entirety of a classical Hollywood film. In my opinion, I believe “Man of Steel” would be completely classified as a classical Hollywood film. Starting with rules one and two which presents actor Henry Cavill aka Clark Kent, a psychologically developed character who struggles with an interpersonal conflict along with obstacles he faces in the real world....   [tags: conflict, rules, resolution, plot]

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Audrey Hepbrun: A Hollywood Fairytale

- Outline I. Intro: Thesis- Audrey Hepburn took a difficult childhood and turned it into a gilded fairytale effortlessly. II. Family Life/Growing up: A-Shyness B-Turbulent family III. Suffering in Holland: A-Reasoning to return 1. Childhood in Holland B-"Aware of suffering and fear" IV. Dancing: A-Love of Dancing B-Chorus girl V. Getting into acting: A-Getting started 1....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Hollywood - Lies and Misrepresentations

- Hollywood - Lies and Misrepresentations In Hollywood, many filmmakers portray a distorted view of the Internet. Filmmakers do this by giving out misinformation on topics (i.e. Sharks-Jaws, Internet-The Net) that the public knows little about. When people know little about a specific topic, they begin to fear that issue. People fear the movie because they shut down their brain and tune into their senses, completely letting go of common knowledge. The public does not like to think about the movie....   [tags: Film Movies]

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Hollywood vs. History: The Alamo

- Hollywood vs. History: The Alamo The Alamo was one of the most astounding and critical battles of our country. Its men were ruthless in their bravery and love of their country. Their mission for independence lives on in the hearts of all American’s today. Their legacy lives on forever and their courageous souls are still in the heart of the people of the lone star state. This is the story of bravery, love, tyranny, and liberty. This is the story of the Alamo The battle of the Alamo only spanned an approximate 13 days yet it’s a very critical battle in winning the independence of Texas and helping expand the United States to the west....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Changes to Hollywood Films During the Early 1930's

- From 1930 to 1935 films is Hollywood developed and changed quite drastically, musicals in particular. In 1934 Hollywood’s Chief Censor Will Hays adopted a code and began to enforce it in 1934. The code was referred to as the Hays code and it controlled the content of which films were allowed, or not allowed, to release to a public audience. Prior to this time the was a large gray area on what was being released. Gold Diggers of 1933 was one of these films; when compared to Top Hat of 1935 the censorship and differences are quite clear....   [tags: musicals, censorship, sexuality]

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Hollywood Propaganda: The Glorification of War by the Film Industry

- War has been present since the beginning of human history. Likewise, war movies have been present since the movie industry began. Just like most other genres of film, war films have been created as a form of entertainment to profit a person or organization. More people are willing to spend their money and time on a feeling of action, excitement, heroism, and patriotism than gruesome and horrid images of real and common human destruction. Propaganda has been used by governments for a very long time and when motion pictures came into existence, governments almost immediately saw the new medium as an opportunity to influence the public....   [tags: Let's Stop Glorifying War]

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Hollywood 's Diversity Problem : Film And New Media

- ... Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, and Tamir Rice) they are often portrayed as thugs, criminals, and vandals. What’s more, several studies have found a link between television consumption with beliefs that lack of success in the African American community are attributed to personal factors, such as laziness and motivation. (Busselle & Crandall, 2002; Gandy, Jr. & Baron, 1998) Given the evidence that media can help shape people’s perception of minority groups it is imperative that we better understand the way that minority groups are being represented in media; for this reason we will explore the manner in which African-American women are being portrayed in the media....   [tags: African American, Black people]

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Women’s Roles in Classical Hollywood Cinema

- Women’s roles in movies have changed dramatically throughout the years. As a result of the changing societal norms, women have experienced more transition in their roles than any other class. During the period of classical Hollywood cinema, both society and the film industry preached that women should be dependent on men and remain in home in order to guarantee stability in the community and the family. Women did not have predominated roles in movies such as being the heroin. The 1940’s film Gilda wasn’t an exception....   [tags: Gilda, Societal Norms]

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Ernest Hemingway and Hollywood

- Hemingway and Hollywood "I try, when I'm writing a screenplay from somebody's original work, to be as faithful to it as I can be, within the limitations of a screenplay and remembering that the novel medium and the screen medium are entirely different" -Screenwriter, Casey Robinson, (Laurence 12). Hollywood attempted twice, but it still could not produce a film adaptation of A Farewell to Arms that Hemingway considered to do literary justice to his classic novel. The first effort was in 1932 when Paramount producer Frank Borzage used ridiculous publicity stunts to lure audiences, such as sending letters to women stamped REJECTED BY CENSORS....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Cultural Report: Hollywood 1900-1940

- Cultural Report: Hollywood 1900-1940 Since even before its inception, the idea of “Hollywood” has been consistently concerned with a single underlying concept: spectacle. The earliest movies belonged to what film historians like Tom Gunning call a “cinema of attractions.” Primitive films, the earliest shorts from the late 1890s to the early 1900s, were directed at an audience looking for a new form of entertainment. The first films were screened as the final attraction of a vaudeville show, mostly in the lower-class areas of major cities....   [tags: Movies Film Papers]

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