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Long-Term Care: The Involvement of the Government and the Future of Integrated Care

- Advances in medicine and preventative care measures have extended the life span of the aging population in the United States. This expansion has resulted in a growing need for more individuals needing long- term care. Long- term care is a broad range of supportive and health services for individuals with a broad range of chronic illnesses and disabilities for ninety days or more. Although this expands an age range from infancy to the elderly, for the purposes of this paper, I am focusing on the aging population....   [tags: medicare, medicaid, preventive care]

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How Not to Break Up

- How not to Break Up A few years ago, I made a mistake that I learned never to do again. I was dating a girl who I was friends with before dating her. I met her when I moved to Milton FL. She was the first girl that I started talking to. At first we were just good friends and then I decided to ask her out on a date. To my surprise she said yes. After that, we began dating more and finally started going out. We had a pretty good relationship until I found someone that I was more attracted to. I decided that the best thing was to let my girlfriend know that I have found someone else....   [tags: essays papers]

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To What Extent Was the South Responsible for Break of the Union?

- South was responsible for the break of the Union during 1863, to the utmost extent. South and North had a horrible relationship between them about slavery. The issues that were caused by the South made the secession of union to be inevitable. There were a broad range of issues that were created, but in short the escalation of tension, distrust between North, and South, and minor or major violent events is the possible cause of the break of Union. These aspects of events were induced by the South, therefore North have less responsibility....   [tags: American Civil War]

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Sex and Short-Term Memory

- ... Upon exiting, they were then asked to match the photos to their corresponding places on the walls of the virtual room; the men averaged 21.2% accuracy, while the women averaged 61.1% accuracy (Knox et al. 2). These results provide adequate justification as to why women are more adept at remembering things such as the location of the car keys, and identifying familiar faces in a crowd ("Sex Differences in Memory"). ​Historically, men have displayed a stronger spatial memory than women ("Sex Differences in Memory"; Loftus et al....   [tags: bumbling husband, human mind]

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Summer Term Reflection Paper

- Summer Term Reflection Paper As I look back on the beginning of my journey to a better career and life I can remember the weeks and months leading up to the first day of class. I remember visiting the college and speaking with an advisor to decide exactly what it was I wanted to do, and the steps it would take for me to reach my goals. I recall talking with the advisor about the requirements for my General Education credits as well my need to take a preparatory class for algebra because I scored to low on the placement exam to be allowed to take the full college level math....   [tags: Reflection Paper]

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The Term Folk Devils

- The role of a folk devil is to create a moral panic. These folk devils are publicised which leads the people themselves to adapt another persona, in some cases a sense of pride, but ultimately leads to public outcry for affirmative action to be taken by the police and eventually the government. Folk devils are the first stage and the subject of moral panics. The term “folk devil” was coined by Stanley Cohen in his “Folk Devils and Moral Panics”. He used it to describe a person or group of people who were used as scapegoats for the current issues of society....   [tags: public influence, moral panic, police]

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Short Term and Long Term Memory

- Encoding and retrieval are essential to the workings of the memory, and the fact that there are two main kinds of memory &#8211; short term and long term &#8211; is significant. Short term memory holds information for fairly short intervals, whereas long term memory stores information for a far longer amount of time. The relationship between both, as some Psychologists claim, is envisaged by stage theory. When information is encoded, it is stored in short term memory. It must remain there for a long time in order for it to be finally stored in long term memory....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mount Shasta Term Paper

- Mount Shasta Term Paper Many of us know Mount Shasta to be a beautiful mountain and a popular tourist location in California. However, this mountain is much more than that, this mountain is actually a volcano. Volcanoes come with a number of hazards and a volcano of this size is of no exception. Previous eruptions on Mount Shasta have given us an idea of the power this volcano has and the damage it may do. With this information scientists are able to predict what may happen should another explosion occur....   [tags: Beautiful, Tourism, California, Mountains, Popular]

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Short Term And Long Term Capital

- Abstract Short term and long capital are needed for organizations to survive in today's economy. Organization's now more that ever need these different sources to diversify, expand or to keep processes more efficient thus keeping them at the head of the pack. Today's businesses and consumers demand for speed and quality of products. Short Term and Long Term Capital There are many different sources of short and long term capital in the market. Here are a few examples: Commercial banks Smaller companies are much more likely to obtain an attentive audience with a commercial loan officer after the start-up phase has been completed....   [tags: Business Management Strategy]

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Break of Day in the Trenches a Poem by Isaac Rosenberg

- ... He needed employment in order to help his mother; therefore he returned to England and enlisted in the army. He was part of the 12th Suffolk Folk Regiment, a regiment for men under 5’3’’ tall. He turned down an offer to become a lance corporal and was transferred to the 11th battalion. He was sent to the Somme on the Western Front in France, after a night of night patrol, he was killed at daybreak, on 1 April 1918. Analysis of the poem: At the beginning of a new day at war, a soldier standing guard pulls a poppy from the top of his trench....   [tags: poem analysis, horrible day]

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Spring Break: Personal Experience During a Trip

- This spring was my first spring break that I actually left Eden Prairie. It was my first time out the state of Minnesota. I went to San Diego, California with my mom. We stayed at the Hilton Resort and Spa in the Mission Bay area of San Diego. My mom and I left for San Diego at 7:15 and we landed in Phoenix for our connecting flight to San Diego. The plan ride from Minnesota to Phoenix was 3 hours. This was the first plane I have ever been on and enjoyed most of the plane ride. I most enjoyed taking off and landing....   [tags: san diego, phoenix, plane]

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Levee Break during Hurricanes in New Orleans

- Louisiana is known for being an area prone to hurricanes, and millions of dollars of damage have been caused in this state almost every year. A major concern for a way to prevent future and major damage then started in the early 2000’s. The levees were designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and they had to decide how to build these levees to withstand hurricane forces. Although they were built for hurricane forces, it could not stand up to Katrina in 2005, when they broke and flooded the entire city....   [tags: levee, hurricane katrina, louisiana]

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Divorce Should Be Harder to Obtain

- Divorce should be harder to obtain due to the effect that it has on children the main effect it has on the children is depression. “ In the short term divorce is always troublesome for children Mavis Hetherington videotaped and scrutinized the workings of 1400 divorced families since the early 1970’s. Hetherington pinpoints a crisis period of about two years in the immediate aftermath of separation when the adults, preoccupied with their own lives, typically takes their eye off parenting just when their children are reeling from loss and feeling bewildered” (Hethrington 2)....   [tags: marital break-ups, greener grass, children]

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Why Couples Break Up

- In our complex society there are marriages and relationships that succeed and comparably many that do not. Unfortunately, many small conflicts within people do not resolve easily and lead up to divorces and/or break ups. It is unfair to say that particular sex is responsible for all the causes the difficulties in relationships. Therefore, both sides should be analyzed closely to find the flaws within the relationships. Most men think that their girlfriends or wives are the main problem makers, and strongly oppose the fact that they are the problem too....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Give Students a Break

- Give Students a Break Students at Tech, and indeed at most colleges, eagerly anticipate holidays because they provide a welcome break from classes. Although some may say that breaks only take away valuable class time from students, they fail to see the educational benefits that breaks afford. Tech's sparse holiday offerings take little advantage of these benefits. Tech is harming students, who could greatly benefit from the time breaks offer for relaxation, family interaction, and studying. Despite criticism, breaks do not necessarily have to adversely affect students' education by taking away important class time....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Personal Helicon Poem by Seamus Heaney

- In his poem Personal Helicon Heaney writes: I rhyme/ To see myself, to set the darkness echoing. To what extent and in what ways has your readings of his poems led you both to understand and to agree with what he means. Seamus heaney was one is nine children, born in 1939 in Northern Ireland. Heaney and his family were part of the Catholic minority, at the time, and as we can see from his poems, he came from a poor, lower class family of farmers and the pride and respect he had for his parents is clearly echoed in his poems....   [tags: Personal Helicon Essays]

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Seamus Heaney's Portrayal of the Loss of Innocence

- Heaney particually portrays the theme of 'loss of innocence' as a child through his peoms, 'Death of a Natrualist', 'Blackberry picking', 'Poem' and 'Personal Helicon'. Death of a Naturalsit of the first of Heaneys poems to really express this theme. 'All year round the flax-dam festered in the heart -------------------------------------------------- of the townland;green and heavey headed --------------------------------------- Flax rotted there.' In the first stanza Heaney uses rich imagery and purposeful child-like language such as 'festered' and 'warm thick slobber'....   [tags: Poems, Poetry]

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Year-Round School

- Back in the early ages, the idea of year-round school would be thought as completely insane, because the farming families depended on their children to be home during harvest time. Now in modern times, the term year-round school is becoming more and more common in the United States of America. Slowly the schools are changing the way they teach, from giving the students a long three month break to a shorter one month break during the summer. The change of America’s high schools to the year-round schedule benefits both the schools and the students because they still get breaks throughout the school year, the children are less likely to forget information, the children would have more time wit...   [tags: summer break, review, schools]

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Father Roles Heaney

- Father Roles Heaney Father Roles There are many factors that will shape a young boy’s life, but possibly none more important than the role of that boy’s father. Seamus Heaney and Theodore Roethke both have shown the importance of the father role in their poems “Digging” and “My Papas Waltz.” Although the roles of the fathers in these poems were different, the respect and admiration shown by their sons is one in the same. Weather it is Heaney’s father digging under his window, or Roehtke’s father dancing him around as a little boy, the love shown in these two poems, shows a direct relation on the lives they shared with their fathers....   [tags: essays papers]

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Seamus Heaney

- Seamus Heaney Seamus Heaney was born in 1939 in Northern Ireland into a rural farming family. The family where Catholic, living in a predominantly Protestant area of the country. I can relate to this as I come from South Africa where the tension between the black and white people is high, this has helped me to choose my first poem "Docker". The second poem I am going to analyse is "Follower" which tells the story of a young boy who grows up admiring his dad but as time ticks by, things change and people age....   [tags: English Literature]

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Term Paper

- The phrase ‘American Renaissance,’ as applied to literature, was popularly established by the Harvard scholar F. O. Matthiessen in his 1941 book American Renaissance: Art and Expression in the Age of Emerson and Whitman. Matthiessen calls the years between 1850 and 1855 an “extraordinarily concentrated moment of literary expression.” (p. vii) This text centers its discussion around five nineteenth century authors—none of which include women. They are: Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, and Whitman....   [tags: expression, phrase, history]

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Comparing Digging and Follower by Seamus Heaney

- Comparing Digging and Follower by Seamus Heaney Here we will analyse 2 poems by Seamus Heaney called "Digging" and "Follower". We will look at the similarities and differences between these poems. In both these poems Heaney puts emphasis on many subjects related to his life such as his childhood memories of growing up in Northern Ireland and the conflict there. His father also features strongly in both poems as a main influence on his life. We will be analysing the two poems form and content....   [tags: Papers]

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Dichotomy in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry

- Dichotomy in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry How much does an artist’s life affect the art they produce. One’s art certainly can be an expression of one’s surroundings and in this manner the surroundings are woven like a thread into their body of work. Seamus Heaney, born and raised in Northern Ireland, has grown up with many strong influences in his life that are visible in his poetry. As Robert Buttel claims in his article on Seamus Heaney “the imprint of this poet’s origins is indelibly fixed in his work” (180)....   [tags: Art Poetry Literature Essays]

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Nature in Twice Shy by Seamus Heaney

- Nature in Twice Shy by Seamus Heaney Using nature to express picturesque images, Heaney portrays the purity of the unspoken terms of love in one of his love poems – “Twice Shy”. The title of the poem “Twice Shy” seems to have been taken from the age-old proverb, “once bitten, twice shy”, and we are, as a result, led to expect that the characters in this poem have had a bitter experience in the past, therefore they are treading carefully and attempting to recoup. There are five stanzas of 6 lines, most lines structured as single sentences which draw out tension and nervousness....   [tags: Papers]

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Themes of Blackberry Picking by Seamus Heaney

- Blackberry picking by Seamus Heaney is about time, gluttony, limitations of life, and to some extent, the struggles of life. Heaney writes retrospectively about his life, with hindsight, about how he as a child, would go blackberry picking during a particular time of year. Throughout the poem and particularly in the first stanza, Heaney uses a wide range of literary devices such as intense imagery or sensory imagery, exceptionally meaningful metaphors and alliteration. Alliteration is used quite often in the poem....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Break Dancing

- Break Dancing Most people have heard of break dancing and have been amazed and mystified by the extraordinary movement, but what is it really and where did originate from. Many people have influenced the history of break dancing and will continue to. From being a recreational sport it has become competitive and addictive to hundreds of people all around the world as some of the greats of the business like Kujo to the new learners experiment and progress further the sport will never die out....   [tags: Papers]

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Fast Break

- Fast Break The most exciting play in basketball is the fast break. This poem outlines every detail of the fast break and does a great job using the words to create a fantastic visual for the reader. The title of the poem, “Fast Break,” is actually what the whole poem is describing. The visual that is created is one of the reasons this poem is so appealing. My love for the game of basketball, more specifically at the collegiate level is another reason why this poem catches my attention. The author, Edward Hirsch, is probably the speaker and also a coach or fan of the team that is playing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Evaluating Term Limits

- Upon first examination, the idea of implementing term limits in Congress is appealing. In fact, the idea of term limits was initially discussed by our founders, though it was eventually decided that it should not be included in the Constitution (Newton-Small, 2010). The reasons for considering term limits have remained consistent since the beginning of the country, however, and include ensuring legislative turnover, limiting the abuse of the power of seniority, and decreasing the advantages given to incumbents in the campaign process....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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Congressional Term Limits

- Politicians and citizens alike have fervently debated congressional term limits for years; the issue has resulted in numerous proposals for legislation, however, few have attracted the support of the government or the people. Still, the welfare of the nation thirsts for this reform, for it will bring about progress, efficiency, and increased dedication to the American people. The legislative branch is where ideas are created and put into action. By imposing term limits, the American people can make sure that they are relying on only the most intellectually elite, selfless, and responsible leaders to cultivate and foster these ideas....   [tags: Politics, Career Politicians]

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Break Stalin

- Break Stalin Destalinization: A Wise Political Strategy Although many of his ideas did not bring the expected results, Nikita Khrushchev policies of de-Stalinization were politically wise. He went against many of Stalin&#8217;s tyrannical policies and gave the people a much greater sense of freedom. In the process known as &#8220;de-Stalinization';, legal procedures were restored, some greater degree of meaningful public controversy was permitted, forced labor camps were closed and the secret police tactics of Stalin&#8217;s era were erased....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Term Limits: A Step in the Right Direction

- Term limits, which essentially is the concept of placing limits on the time holders of political office are allowed to serve, is not a new idea. The philosophy of cycling individuals in and out of public office can be found as far back as the fourth century B.C. Aristotle, Greek philosopher and tutor of Alexander the Great, expressed his view on the subject when he wrote; “. . . that a man should not hold the same office twice, or not often, or in the case of few except military offices; that the tenure of all offices, or of as many as possible, should be brief ....   [tags: politics, legislative process, Constitution]

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Improving Long-Term Memory

- For my business statistics course there are fundamental equations for each of the different types of distributions that are used to calculate various fundamental aspects of said distributions. Some of the equations are similar in that they utilize the same variables but treat the variables in different ways, while other equations may have completely unique parts that are unused in any others. I will be tested over this information via multiple-choice exams. However, I would argue that while there are some elements of recognition-based testing, one must be able to recall how to manipulate the given data to arrive at one of the four or five answers provided....   [tags: utilizing a deep level of processing]

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Implementing a Short Term Project and a Long Term Plan to Solve the Foreclosure Crisis

- For hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the United States it is increasingly difficult to believe in the guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the American Dream of homeownership evaporates along with jobs, retirement savings, college funds, and home equity. It is time to take action so that many Americans can save their homes and would not face the dreadful reality of being kick out of a house they had own for years. The most probable way to solve this crisis is by having a short term project and a long term plan....   [tags: real estate]

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Mapping Diabetes Related Services – Melbourne’s Mid and Outer West

- Project Brief Project Title Mapping Diabetes Related Services – Melbourne’s Mid and Outer West Aim To develop a comprehensive map by local government area of community health, metropolitan / regional health, and private service providers engaged in the delivery of diabetes related services. Background Melbourne’s mid and out west metropolitan regions incorporates the Cities of Maribyrnong, Brimbank, Wyndham, Hobsons Bay and the Shire of Melton. The region has a population of over 590,000 and is characterised by its cultural diversity, population growth, embedded economic and social disadvantage....   [tags: Project Analysis]

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Effects of Different Drug Use: Short Term and Long Term

- Amphetamines are typically used to provide the same effect that pure adrenaline does. The drug is specified for people with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity as well as narcolepsy, although if you decide to abuse the drug and use it for recreational purposes you may start to feel paranoia and nervousness. Using amphetamines can also put a strain on the circulatory system by causing the user's blood pressure to increase suddenly. (Amphetamine) Long term psychological effects of the drug can cause something called amphetamine psychosis which is much like paranoid schizophrenia....   [tags: Drugs]

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Congressional Term Limits

- Congressional terms have no limits. Controversy exists between those who think the terms should be limited and those who believe that terms should remain unlimited. The group that wants to limit the terms argues that the change will promote fresh ideas and reduce the possibility of decisions being made for self-interest. Those who oppose term limits believe that we would sacrifice both the stability and experience held by veteran politicians. They also point out that our election process allows the voter to limit terms, at their discretion....   [tags: congress, self-interest, politics, ideas, election]

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Exploring the Origin of the Term "Heebie-Jeebies"

- The origin and birth place of the term “heebie-jeebies” is surprisingly a comic strip. However, the term did not start out spelled the same way it is now, instead of “heebie-jeebies” it was once spelled, “heeby jeebys”. Cartoonist Morgan “Billy” de Beck used the term in one of his cartoons featured in the New York American. Morgan’s cartoon character uttered, “You dumb ox - why don't you get that stupid look offa your pan - you gimme the heeby jeebys!” (New York American, 26th October, 1923) Soon after its appearance “heebie-jeebies” began to spread throughout the nation and even the world....   [tags: language]

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Long Term Investments

- As an investor with several types of securities, I am looking for long-term stability towards a retirement fund. The combination of several different stocks and mutual funds allows for the safety of the investments. By investing long-term in different accounts, I have the ability to gain more in the long-run with less risk of not lose all my savings on one investment. A stock is a share of a public corporation that is traded in the open market. It is how a corporation raises its’ capital to expand their business and ability to produce goods or services....   [tags: Economics]

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Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses

- This paper will review the many aspects of long-term care problems and many challenges there are within Long-Term care. We will look at rising costs within long-Term Care, patient abuse, will look at the quality of life, shortages of nurses and demand that the elderly are putting on the medical field. The type of care that Long-Term Care had been giving to its patients and the changes within Long-Term Care. Historic Development and Current State of Health Care Delivery There have been problems within Long-Term Care and many of these abuses were turned over to the patients, there was hardly any direction on how to handle Long-Term Care....   [tags: Who Will Care for Us?]

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Long-Term Structural Change

- A lot of organizations initiate change programs and action plans that vanish after a while but have had, it’s hoped, some impact on performance, even though one cannot be sure. The first challenge when initiating change is to make sure that every employee understands that this business system is not an action plan; it’s a faith that is about what should characterize a really good company, and there are no option to this faith. It is important to put a lot of effort into making everybody understand this (Ahlberg & Nauclér, 2007)....   [tags: Organizational Change, Change Programs]

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How Julia Child changed American Society in the Mid-to-late 1900s

- The purpose of this study was to delve into the life and accomplishments of Julia Child, in order to discover how she affected the society in America in the mid-to-late 1900s. Objectives of the essay were to identify the gender roles and social norms in the mid-to-late 1900s, analyze Child’s accomplishments, and draw connections between the change in the role of women and Julia Child’s influences. Through Julia Child’s profound lifestyle, she revolutionized the societal norms of the time. Historical references of society in America, novels about Julia Child, scholarly journals over Child’s influences, and databases about each were used to probe thought and provide connections between the two...   [tags: gender roles, women's role, gender inequality]

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The Term Sustainability in The Brundtland Report in 1987

- ... Sustainability still remains. The requirement here is that all three pillars be sustainable to permit complete integration. While sustainability is designed to integrate the three pillars (environmental, social and economic) it has often been partitioned as an environmental problem with focus on eco-efficiency and carbon reduction (Dyllick and Hockerts 2002). Despite the multi-disciplined approach required for true sustainability, the belief that economic growth is a sole solution to multiple problems is a controlling idea (****)....   [tags: united nations, overpopulation, climate change]

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The Long Term Effects of Childhood Obesity

- Children can experience numerous complications in relation to their obesity, and it is important to understand these long-term effects on their body. Childhood obesity has been shown to persist into adulthood, causing an increase in morbidity and early mortality for those affected. Illnesses that were historically unheard of in pediatrics are occurring more frequently. Metabolic syndrome was once a predictor of adult cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but has recently been used for pediatrics....   [tags: morbidity, diabetes, metabolic, pediatric]

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The Long Term Effects of Concussions in Children

- ... Even so, as the only extent to her limits, the piece is quite broad and some might say, somewhat vague. For instance, she is quick to list off the research done in humans and animals, yet her credible sources are spotty at best. When she wants to be specific, such as the “280 study participants from ages 11 to 22” (Sifferlin) tested, she backs her claim quite fully with the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School reports. She even lists multiple pieces of evidence found in the journal, Pediatrics, to support her other statements....   [tags: sports, medical, recovery]

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Long and Short Term Effects of Ecstasy

- The NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE defines the drug Ecstasy (MDMA) as a synthetic, psychoactive drug that is chemically similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. The drugs clinical name is MDMA (3, 4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Psychoactive drugs are considered mind-altering drugs and ecstasy’s chemical structure is similar to other synthetic drugs that are known to cause brain damage. (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009) Although Ecstasy was not made illegal until 1985, most research indicates its original intended use was that of an appetite suppressant, which was developed in 1912 by the German pharmaceutical company Merck....   [tags: Drugs]

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Free Essays - Seamus Heaney's Beowulf

- Seamus Heaney's Beowulf Having a good and noble king is vital to the succession and happiness of a group of people. Unfortunately, not all kings are good kings, but the welfare of their people reflects on their ability to do the job. Having a foreign or pariah king will cause the people's welfare to suffer, but when a group of people has an excellent king, they will remain joyful and prosperous until the day he dies. If the reign of a king causes feud, then this would not have a positive effect on the group of people under his reign....   [tags: Epic Beowulf essays]

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What is the Exact Meaning of the Term Internet?

- Over the past decades, people used the traditional forms of communication to pass message to one another. They could send smoke signals, drum beats as well as verbal communication. As technology advanced, radio and television were discovered. Another boom in the technology development as far as communication is concerned is when a communication satellite was initiated in the 1960s. Nowadays radio, newspaper, TV and the internet are the main media used with internet being the most popular due to the use of social media....   [tags: communication, computer networks]

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The Long Term Effects of Child Abuse

- Possible Examples of the Long-Term Effects of Abuse • In adulthood they abuse their loved ones. (Berman, PhD, How childhood abuse can manifest is adult relationships), "It is estimated that up to one-third of abused or neglected children will act out the same abusive behavior they were subjected to when they become parents or caretakers.”(N.D.) • They become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. (Center for Disease Control and Pervention, National Center for injury Prevention and Control) “Children who experience maltreatment and neglect are 1.5 times more likely to use illicit drugs”....   [tags: addiction, drugs, alcohol, sexualy irresponsible]

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Symptoms and Long-Term Effects of Depression

- Depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death. People that are depressed have sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason. It is a serious illness that affects thoughts, feelings, and the ability to function in everyday life. Thirteen to fourteen million Americans suffer from depression in any given year and over sixteen percent have depression at some point in time....   [tags: psychology, psychiatry, mental health]

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Sin Cannot Be the Long-Term Plan

- The “sin tax” includes goods such as alcohol and tobacco. Sin taxes are “taxes on commodities and activities which the society finds to be harmful” (Newman. 2003, Section IIB, para. 1). “Sin taxes” have been used to help change or curb unhealthy habits in society, and have also been used as a quick source of income when governments are in need. Not all Americans smoke and drink alcohol, but every American that desires health care (and is willing to pay for it) should be afforded the right to have health care....   [tags: Alcohol, Tobacco, Taxes]

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Adapting to a Long Term Care Facility

- The character Dorothy said in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, “there is no place like home” (Baum, 1960, p. 45). Sadly, many of our elderly live in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF). The transition from living in their own homes, to living in a LTCF, can be a traumatic experience. Poor adaptation to a LTCF may cause depression, malnutrition and significantly reduce the lifespan of the elder. Thus, it is imperative, that nurse’s recognize this promptly. According to Agnes and Guralnik (2008) adaptation is “a gradual change in behavior to conform to the prevailing cultural pattern (p....   [tags: adaptation, elder, nursing home, environment ]

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The Long Term Effects of Child Abuse

- Long Term Effects of Abuse Herb was a very loving little boy, who always tried to make everyone around him happy. He would climb up in your lap at the age of two or three, and whisper in your ear “I’m your boy, but don’t tell nobody”. Growing up, Herb was an accomplished athlete, and performed reasonably well academically. As Herb reached adulthood, he always took great strides to make the people around him feel happy and special. It was not unusual to find him helping his father on the farm or working on his sister’s car....   [tags: domestic violence, depression, bipolar disorder]

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Understanding and Managing the Term Legacy System

- ... OMH’s time management software developed to run with earlier releases of Internet Explorer (IE) is incapable of running with the more recent releases. How Legacy Systems and the Lack of Skilled Implementers Hired or Contracted to Modernize Legacy Systems or Architectures May Pose a Security Risk NASCIO’s 2008 national survey on legacy systems and modernization in the states ranked the soaring percentage of staff near retirement as one of the chief obstacles to modernize legacy systems (NASCIO, 2008)....   [tags: applications, mainframe, programs]

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General term to describe Deseases together

- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD is a general term that used to describe all these diseases together; chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic asthma and bronchiolar disease. These diseases can cause obstruction in lungs, shortness of breath associated with cough, sputum production and wheeze. Emphysema cause Irreversible damage to the alveoli, this can reduce the surface are of lung this affects the processes of gas exchange and decreasing blood O₂ level. Reducing oxygen level in the blood lead to shortness in breath....   [tags: COPD, CAP,exacerbation]

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Rayaale Should Not Serve Another Term

- Generally, African leaders come to power in two aspects. Either they gain control by Coup D’etat or by free and fair elections, and at times through inheritance i.e Lethoso. Either way, they end up in a fight against the will of their own people, and become dictators in a short while exception a few. Once treasured Rayaale, president of Somaliland later became infamous for misrule. Well, he precipitated many problems that could lead the country into anarchy at anytime. Injustice is one of the terrible problems attributed to Rayaale....   [tags: Politics]

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Congress Must have Term Limits

- The longest serving member of Congress is Robert C. Byrd. He joined on January 3, 1959 and left office on June 28, 2010, he is the longest serving member of congress for serving 51 years 5 months and 26 days. He is one of many who have served over 25 years in Congress. The president has a term limit because we don’t want the same person to be able to control the United States because then nothing will change and we will only get the views of that one person. But in Congress you are allowed to run as many times as you want and if you keep winning you can stay in for life....   [tags: president, laws, serve]

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How to Break-up

- How to Break-up Everyone knows that the break-up of a relationship is emotionally difficult for both parties. There is no easy way to break up with someone, and some will avoid it at all costs. We have even created several stages of being broken up just to avoid those dreaded words. Couples go on "breaks," "take some time apart," "see other people," and "give each other some room." There are also several types of break-ups. Some are clean cut, and others are long and drawn out. The truth is there are several ways to break it off....   [tags: Process Essays Terminate a Relationship]

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Apple Computer Long Term Strategy

- Apple Computer Incorporated (Inc.) primarily operates in the US. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California and employs 46,600 employees. Apples faces a major challenge to continue growth at the level it did when Steve Jobs was CEO. The first stage of the strategic management process is for Apple Computer Inc. to evaluate its mission statement. The purpose of this mission statement is to define in simple terms the organizations reason and purpose for its existence. Strategic planning is a leadership role and the new CEO should have his vision and share with his executive team....   [tags: technology, innovation, profit]

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The Loss of a Child

- The poem Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney is an incredibly deep poem about the loss of a loved one. "There is a dramatic irony to it that is noticed when read through a couple of times. It relates to the Child's position in that his life was broken short i.e. "Mid-term Break". It had not been completed." (1) The author leaves that information out until the very end, but there is an implication of something being wrong throughout the piece. "In the porch I met my father crying--/He had always taken funerals in his stride--/And Big Jim Evans saying it was a hard blow." (2) Finally, in the last sentence, "A four foot box, a foot for every year." (2) it becomes very clear that the child died....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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Long-term Recall of Traumatic Experiences

- On the morning of September 11, 2001, exactly at 9:22 a.m., I woke up to start my day and turned my television on. Instantly, Fox News had reported that a commercial plane had smashed into the Twin Towers of New York City, just minutes earlier. While the story was certainly shocking, I wanted to know more and watched the horrific aftermath unfold, as it continued to happen. I remember an incredible feeling of sadness that I could do nothing to help the people in these buildings, as well as a great concern that more attempts could be made to create further tragedy elsewhere....   [tags: Total Recall Memory ]

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Apple Computer and Long-Term Success

- In the 1970s, technologies such as video cassette recorders and personal computers were revolutionizing the industry. Co-founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, were drawn to this technology revolution and in 1976 started Apple Computers (Abdelsamad et al., 2008). The combination of their charisma and intellect enabled them to design the Apple I computer. Today, Apple is one of the leading technology companies in the world. However, internal factors such as Apple’s unclear marketing plan, employee work life negligence, and financial-legal issues have negatively affected their performance and sullied their corporate reputation....   [tags: Technology, Computers, Economics]

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Presidential Term Paper: Abraham Lincoln

- The History of United States consists of countless, heroic individuals that have made this country what it is and what it stands for today. Some of the most influential people have come in the line of presidents leading America through the best and worst times. Through their dedication, inspiration, and willpower to improve their lives and those around them, our world today has been truly changed. Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson are just two of the monumental leaders that have had a lasting impact on the history of this nation....   [tags: US history, US presidents]

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Comparing and Contrasting Strongman by Tony Curtis and The Follower by Seamus Heaney

- I will compare and contrast these poems, discussing the similarities and differences in detail. “Strongman” by Tony Curtis is a sonnet, expressing intense emotion. The poem begins in a very conversational manor. “A strongman you say” Shows this, by casually addressing the reader as if part of a conversation. This gives the impression that the writer is talking to the reader directly, almost as if the writer is talking of something personal to him. In the octet, many references to wood are appropriately made, as Curtis’ father is mentioned as being a carpenter....   [tags: Poem Comparison, Poetry Analysis, Poem]

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My Big Break

- My Big Break I'll never forget the time I made it into my high school's variety show during my freshman year. Every student has dreams of being the most popular kid in school. I was the quiet kid in school. I never caused any trouble, I never asked questions and I never started conversations. I wanted to be popular, but I knew that I needed a new image. I always enjoyed music; I always thought the drums were cool, so I began to play the drums. I formed a band with a few of my friends in hope to gain little popularity....   [tags: Personal Narrative Music Popularity Essays]

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The Break Out of the Civil War in 1642

- The Break Out of the Civil War in 1642 King Charles I declared war against parliament on the twenty second of August in 1642. There were a lot of victims to this war; approximately one man out of every ten was killed. People who were not physically affected had lost a lot of their property; this includes houses, land and other possessions. In my opinion, Civil war did not break out due to King Charles I. I think that the events that led a civil war started almost a century before King Charles' reined; when Henry VIII became the head of the Church of England....   [tags: Papers]

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The Break Out of the Revolution in Germany in 1848

- The Break Out of the Revolution in Germany in 1848 There were a numerous external and internal factors behind the 1848 revolutions in Germany. Externally, changes in the international climate and political upheaval in Austria provided German nationalists with an avenue of opportunity to cease power. Internally, the growth of German nationalism and liberalism coupled with the acute financial and food crisis of 1847 created an atmosphere fit for revolutionary activity. Between 1815 and 1847, the Great powers reduced the importance of nationalism and liberalism in order to maintain the ideals set about at the Treaty of Vienna of peace, order and stability within the...   [tags: Papers]

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The Elusive Term

- The Elusive Term The word "ring-giver" is slippery because it does not stick to its logical meaning. Once researched and defined, it is known that a ring-giver is a king or overlord. Not just a king can be called a ring-giver. A person in an administrative position can be referred to as a ring-giver. The thanes who received this award of arm-ring or neck-ring proved their battle-worthiness and were held in high respect by their kinsmen. Therefore the warriors kept close watch of their rewards. After research, one also finds the term "ring-giver" is a kenning; or Anglo - Saxon metaphor....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Does Anything Break Because it is Fragile?

- Does Anything Break Because it is Fragile. ABSTRACT: I maintain that dispositions are not causally relevant to their manifestations. The paper begins with a negative argument, which is intended to undermine David Lewis’ recent attempt to restore causal potency to dispositions by identifying their instantiations with the instantiations of their causal bases. I conclude that Lewis’ attempt to vindicate the causal credentials of dispositions meets obstacles that are analogous to (though importantly different from) those that beset Donald Davidson’s attempt to accord a causal role to the mental....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophers Essays]

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The Term Genre

- The Term Genre The term genre is used to specify different medium of there style. For example people will recognise a comedy film because it will be funny, also there will be funny actors like Will Smith. Genre is specified into sections e.g. music, television, and films. Genre also helps us to make sense of the media, not forgetting producers can use genre to aim at a particular audience, to allow them to choose their favourite genre, to avoid things you dislike. Finally it can tell us about the audience....   [tags: Papers]

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A Term Paper

- This short story term report is on the book The Best American Short Stories 1960, “The Day of the Bullet”. It first takes place in the sixties when Stanley’s wife is reading the newspaper and Stanley sees a picture of his old best friend, Iggy, on the front page. He grabs the paper and reads that Iggy has been shot. Then the story takes us back to the 1920s when Stanley saw Iggy last. Iggy loved golf, and he was always trying to save his money for a golf putter. Stanley and Iggy used to sneak off to a golf course to steal golf balls in the one of the course’s ponds....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The History of the B-girl Subculture

- Before diving into the history of the fascinating B-girl subculture, it is imperative to understand the roots of the break dancing culture. As talked about in lecture, break dancing is one of the four elements of hip-hop, the other three being DJing, ,MCing, and Graffiti. Break dancing began in the streets of New York mainly in the low-income areas such as Brooklyn, and the Bronx. It originated within the African American and Latino community and eventually spread throughout all communities. James Browns music dramatically affected the evolution of break dancing with the smash hit “Get one the Good Foot” in 1969....   [tags: break dancing culture]

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Teens Should not Be Scared to Be in a Relationship

- ... Also those are the kind of relationships that people get in . The person that treats you different in those types of ways then he/she isn’t the one for you . For example , theres a girl and shes very sweet, nice, and respectful . Then theres a guy who doesn’t know what he wants in the future,and he’s just a bad guy . That girl ends up getting treated bad . She gets hurt and hurt , but she just doesn’t want to leave this guy because she got emotionally attached . When getting emotionally attached its like you already grown so much feelings for that person ,and you just want that person to be the one for you....   [tags: love, romance break up]

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The Benefits of a Gap Year

- Taking a “gap year” off between high school and university has become a popular alternative among many adolescents. A “gap year” is a period of time, usually an academic year, when a student takes a break from formal education and routine (“Gap Year.”). This time off provides a break after many years of formal study and is often spent travelling or working. In the past, taking a gap year resulted in problematic return into education. Today, however, they are generally seen as positive and are supported by Universities and employers....   [tags: Youth, Experiences, Break]

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Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory

- Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory Research evidence, theory's and studies supports the views that suggest long term memory and short term memory are separate stores. Short term memory is a system for storing information for brief periods of time. Some researchers (e.g. Atkinson and Shiffrin 1968) see short term memory simply as a temporary storage depot for incoming information, whereas others (e.g. Baddeley 1986, 1990) prefer to use the term 'working memory' to indicate its dynamic, flexible aspects....   [tags: Papers]

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How My 2-Year Relationship Ended

- I was never sure if I could trust if the “if you love something let it be free” quote as either ingenious, or one of the most wrong things I’ve ever heard. Ending a relationship with someone you care about can include the same finality and sorrow as the death of someone close to you. All the things imagined and projected into the future, are no longer going to happen anymore. This experience played a major role in a recent chapter of my life and developed like a tiresome plot. For the sake of this reading, I will not choose to be an object of pity when it comes to sharing my story, but to explore the details of this conflict and how it has equipped me with skills and experiences to grow....   [tags: break up, conflict, trust]

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Changes in Art History with Emphasis on the Mid-Twentieth Century

- Changes in Art History with Emphasis on the Mid-Twentieth Century Art during the mid-twentieth century contained some of the most important changes art history. These explosive times were counter-balanced with explosive popular culture. More historical events, abrupt changes, and turbulence occurred from the end of World War II until the height of the Vietnam War than in any time period. Before this time, styles of art had lasted generations. In the 1960’s numerous important art movements were happening at the same time....   [tags: Art History Artists American History Essays]

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The Last Hung: Joops Mid-life Crisis

- The Last Hung: Joop's Mid-Life Crisis In Horst Stern's The Last Hunt, a man named Joop is portrayed as a professional worker in a very well known bank. Outside of being a banker, Joop enjoys to hunt wild animals. This has been a hobby of his since he was a young boy. Throughout the story many questions are raised about Joop's true feelings about his job, hunting, and his life. In the beginning of the story, a women walks in on Joop while he is staring at a picture on a wall in his office....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Mid-night Experience - Original Writing

- My Mid-night Experience - Original Writing As I was walking down the street, I felt the cold night air filling my lungs and the sound of my feet echoing with each step that I took. There were no cars going by, as it was midnight there was no sound at all, not even the drunken man that lives just down the street. I was walking under a bridge when suddenly I saw two guys walking over to me. At first I was very worried, like when you know something is going to happen, a bad feeling, but then I thought to myself, why would something happen now....   [tags: Papers]

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Who Are Hipsters?

- Originally, the term “hipster” referred to “a black subculture figure of the late 1940s” (Grief 7), and transitioned to, “The White Negro” (Grief 7) who listens to Jazz in the 1950s. This term went through many phases and transitions as time progressed. Dick Hebdige states, “Subcultures represent ‘noise’ (as opposed to sound): interference in the orderly sequence which leads from real events and phenomena to their representation in the media” (Hebdige 90). In the past the hipsters were localized and apart of a subculture; however, now, my perception of hipsters has developed to more of a worldwide “imagined community” with many localized subcultures within....   [tags: Term Origin, Hipsterism]

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Cult Mentality and How People Become Involved in Religious and Secular Cults

- For many decades, the cult phenomenon has fascinated the masses. A cult is an organization with deviant beliefs and practices, and is characterized by the apparent life-time membership of its participants. It seems to be very popular among troubled teenagers and adults. The psychology behind why some people are more susceptible to the charms and the lure of being in a cult is not very widely researched or understood. Many people are concerned with cultist behavior and the effect that they have on the individuals involved, believing that they have been “brainwashed” into this lifestyle....   [tags: brainwashing, psychological/long term effects]

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