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Analysis Of ' Wingshooters ' By Nina Revoyr

- As children our elders’ opinion matter most to us, their opinions shape the way children view the matters of the world. Nina Revoyr’s novel, “Wingshooters”, set in the small town of Deerhorn, Wisconsin 1973, follows the life of a young girl Michelle, half white and half Japanese, and what she witnesses and experiences in a racist town lead by her very own grandfather. Being a half breed Michelle becomes a victim of bullying from the other students when she moves to Deerhorn to live with her grandparents, however, once a black couple settles into the town the bullying Michelle once experienced was shifted towards the Garretts....   [tags: Family, Mind, Racism, Grandparent]

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Moving Day : Humans Are Not Stoic Creatures

- Moving Day Humans are not stoic creatures. Since the beginning of time nomadic cultures began the influence for the start of complex civilizations. To move is to simply live. Experiencing different environments and people, prompts the concept of evolution. Changing and bettering ourselves to accommodate for the opportunities that are presented. My family and I are an example of these concepts, moving to achieve a better life than the one that was handed to us. November 22nd, 2004, a day that is described as the step forward to another life....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Yellow]

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Familial Beliefs Regarding Health / Health And Illness

- My family if we go as far back as ancestry, we can date the Stewart’s back to Scotland and my grandmother her family originates from Sweden. I tend to think most of my family originated in the United states though, our ancestry dates far back to being in America is believe around the seventeen hundreds. Since my family has had most of their roots in America for so long the best way to describe my ethno culture in my opinion is to say it is in line with modern day Americans. I interviewed my grand parents, I chose them because they have lived a longer life than say my parents and have built more of a culture....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Health, Culture]

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Analysis Of Melinda Smith 's ' Melinda '

- Objective: The individual that was interviewed was Melinda Smith. She wore what seemed to be a lavender color quarter sleeve top with Khaki colored bottoms and a pair of black and cognac riding boots. Over her shirt, she had on a brown blazer with an infinity scarf wrapped around her neck twice. Her hair was natural and black. She wore her hair pulled back in one, with no makeup on. She did have some jewelry, a thin chain neckless, her wedding ring and a few other rings on her fingers....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Mother]

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Analysis Of Melinda Smith 's ' Melinda '

- Objective: The individual that was interviewed was Melinda Smith. She wore what seemed to be a lavender color quarter sleeve top with Khaki colored bottoms and a pair of black and cognac riding boots. Over her shirt, she had on a brown blazer with an infinity scarf wrapped around her neck twice. Her hair was natural and black. She wore her hair pulled back in one, with no makeup on. She did have some jewelry, a thin chain neckless, her wedding ring and a few other rings on her fingers. Melinda seemed to have great posture; she was not slouching....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Mother]

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Togetherness Is A Important Ingredient For Family Life

- I often pictured my family as this big beautiful bow, and the knot that strongly held it together was my Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Earl. My Grandparents have (spouses included): 14 Children, 29 Grandchildren, and 20 Great Grandchildren. As Barbara Bush said “I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life”. And that 's what my family was together, no matter where you were or what you were doing, it was just known to be together. All very close, everybody supported everybody in anything, It seemed as if there were always a sports thing, dance recital, dinner at their house every night (mondays were little caesars pizza night), or we were having some type of family gatheri...   [tags: Family, Grandparent, American films]

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I Was An Only Child And Dad

- I was born on September 10, 1960 to Bob and Barbara Zuch, who were married a few years after High School graduation. Mom is an only child and dad is the youngest of six children. My paternal grandfather was a Methodist minister and dad grew up in the parsonage next to the church. My maternal grandparents were non- practicing Catholics so mom used to go to the Methodist church with her girlfriend. It was there that she met my father and in her words, was the “only girl who didn’t chase him.” Mom enjoyed the fun loving relationship with dad’s family and the other teens at church....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Nursing, Father]

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I Knew What Taken For Granted Mean

- Long before I knew what taken for granted mean, I always heard people refer to this term. I had no idea as a small child what it meant and always wondered why people would use this at a time when they were upset, and or sad. I remember as a small child, my Mother saying it to my Father when my Grandmother passed away. That has stuck in my head for years. I never understood what they meant until a few years back. My Grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer. Brain Cancer. It was the worst news my family had heard in a long time....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Thought, Wish]

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My Grandfather 's Life Is Systems Theory

- Introduction I chose to interview Hayward Thues for this paper. Hayward is an African American male and he is my paternal grandfather. Hayward was born in Ringgold, Louisiana in 1930 and is currently 86 years old. Hayward currently lives with his wife, my paternal grandmother, and they have been married for 65 years. One of my oldest uncles also lives with my grandparents as well as a few cousins. My grandparents typically have one or more family members residing with them at all times; they have never lived alone together....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, African American]

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My Grandmother 's House - Original Writing

- Faraway, at the other end of the world, there is a unique and holy place for me, a tiny, red brick house, who reminds me of my cheerful childhood and the love my family shared. I will always treasure this house with its smell of the past, its pictures of all of us and the unconditional love behind her doors. My grandma’s house, which seemed to grow smaller as my grandma does, quietly nestled in a quiet street, along the city’s coast on the Black Sea, the house is a humble, red cottage-style with green trimming and a beautiful flower garden that led to the front door, also there are draping, fine established grape vines that covered the roof and a small veggie garden at the back, sea breeze a...   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Fruit]

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The Tragedy Of Church On Sunday Mornings

- I cannot tell you about some terrible circumstance that I have had to endure through. Growing up, church on Sunday mornings was a given and backyard barbeques were the norm. I am from the beautiful suburbs of south Tampa, Fl. I have lived there all of my life and have loved almost every part about it. In the past couple of years, my community has really come together and grown in Christ. One of my close friends was hit by a car the fall of our senior year and was in a coma for many months. Our community came together and prayed for her and put of faith completely in God’s hands to heal her....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother]

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Elementary School When They Both Passed Away

- I was still in elementary school when they both passed away. So I was still young and didn’t really understand what was going on, I was only 8 and 10 when they both passed. So it was around two years in between the two. Looking back to it I couldn’t believe what my dad and my uncles and aunt had to go through losing both of their parents in such a sort period of time. I could tell a difference with my dad for a good while. He was the youngest and he helped a lot with my grandfather’s farms up until they both died, so that the is reason why it hurt him the most out of all the kids....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Parent]

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My Momma 's Side Of The Family

- Growing up in my family, there were values given to all members from my momma’s side of the family. My grandad would sometimes elaborate on stories of him and my grandmother raising four children out in Houston, Texas before moving down to Florida. Life wasn’t all easy with my grandparents when growing up out in Texas. My grandad built this family on love and hard work he has shown throughout the years. Whenever one of the family members from that side of the family was going through a hard time, he would always be there to listen for he was once a high school teacher....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Nuclear weapon]

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The Journey Of Sally Miller 's ' Sally '

- It was a warm sunny day in the summer of the nineteen nighties nine, at the Jersey Shore. Sally stood outside her grandparents ' house with hesitation. Should Juan and I have come. Sally thinks to herself. Sally then begins to gaze out at the ocean 's shorelines. As if time had stood still and the world faded away. She closed her eyes and took it all in. It made her think of all the wonderful childhood memories that they had achieved there. Sally remembered playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean, the bright sun gazing down upon her and a boy....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, English-language films]

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Melinda Smith 's ' Melinda '

- The individual that was interviewed was Melinda Smith. Melinda appeared to be 5ft and 4 inches tall. She wore what seemed to be a lavender color quarter sleeve top with slacks that appeared to be a Khaki color and a pair of black and cognac riding boots. Over her shirt, she had on a brown blazer with an infinity scarf wrapped around her neck twice. Her hair was natural and black. She wore her hair pulled back in one, with no makeup or lip-gloss on. She did have some jewelry, a thin chain neckless, her wedding ring and a few other rings on her fingers....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Mother]

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My Life Of My Family Members

- When I think back on all of my family members, one thing that ties them all together is resilience. All but one of my grandparents were directly involved in D-Day operations and all of them survived, but they carried some of their own scars onto their children, either through addictions (alcohol and cigarettes) or their more aggressive attitudes from all they had seen. As the books says, military families end up being overall more resilient to hardship, but also more prone to face problems (Knox 165-167), and mine is no exception....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Father]

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The Challenges And Benefits Of Caregiving

- Discussion: My Journey Within the senior discussion group that I was part of we spoke about many different topics, but the one that resonated with me and that will continue to stay with me in the future. In class we spoke about the benefits and challenges of caregiving in both formal and informal care. As I mentioned previously, the leader of the discussion group, Miss A, told us that her mother was a formal caregiver at a old age longterm facility (“The Challenges and Benefits of Caregiving”, 2015)....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Time, Caregiver]

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My Grandma Is My Favorite Person

- Like the typical Chinese old woman that you see in a film, my grandma looks warm and inviting. She may be strict, but I know it is out of love. She is short and chubby like a body pillow that I could hug every night, and when she smiles, you could no longer see her eyes. My grandma could be the most annoying woman in the world. She talks a lot whenever she is interested in something. Like an old timeworn radio that has lost its “pause” button that keeps on repeating what it says over and over. Whenever I get tired of her voice, I shot back angrily....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Cooking, Food]

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My Family History By Nicole Hall

- My Family History by Nicole Hall I learned about my family history from my dad. Throughout my life, he has told me countless stories. Over the years, I don’t remember as much as I should. Here are a few things I do remember, I remember him telling me we were related to John Smith. And as a girl, I knew John Smith, from Pocahontas. I pictured a blonde hair, blue-eyed, attractive man. I thought maybe that’s where I got my blonde hair, and blue eyes from, but I was mistaken. My father followed our family tree and found out we were related to John Smith....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Marriage]

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Who Is The Most Important Sense?

- Growing up; opticians has been just as much part of my life than any other healthcare. 26 visits, all allowing me to comprehend the process of an eye check, the machinery, the fit, the nature of a consultant and the upmost importance of sight itself. Visiting India also influenced my choice to pursue this path. My granddad built a school for children with sight problems. The atrocious illnesses these children have to live with as well as the deprived hospitals and opticians there are opposite to that of the care here and are a reason why I want to ensure that, to me, the most important sense is nurtured....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Learning, The A-Team]

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Polish Families Are Always Pretty Crazy

- Polish families are usually pretty crazy , but how about you mix it with Irish and Italian. Even more crazy. Lets start with my mom, Janet Uzarski (Gonnello, Pickett). My mom is pure Polish. She was born in Newark, New Jersey. My mother shared a big house with my aunt 's and uncles and of course with her sister and brother (Andrea and John). My mom was younger than her brother and sister , about 12 years between them. So when my mom was growing up and going to school, her sister , Andrea was actually her teacher....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Mother]

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Family : Past, Present, And Future

- Question 1 – Family: Past, Present, and Future A) To go into every minute detail that separates three generations would require a multi-volume set of books, so for the sake of time I will focus on a few major aspects. The first thing that comes to mind is technology. In the last century life has been dramatically altered by major technological advancements. From communication, to transportation, to medicine, nearly every facet of life has evolved in the last century. I grew up in a much different world than my parents, grandparents and especially great grandparents....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Love]

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My Grandfather Was A Father

- Throughout my childhood, I was under the assumption that my paternal grandfather would live forever. He never seemed to grow older; each passing year would deepen his smile lines, but I never saw these wrinkles as a sign of age. My grandfather was one of the happiest individuals I have ever known. He knew how to make everyone laugh and always provided a helping hand to those in need. My grandfather was a family man and made sure to put the needs of his loved ones before his own every day of his life....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Chemotherapy, Father]

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My Grandmother Lost The Animals

- It was just a typical Tuesday and I was standing at the counter preparing supper and as I gazed out the window I realized something wasn’t right. Normally I could see the horses prancing around the field but today the wooden fence around the horse corral was knocked over and the horses were nowhere to be seen. This is the beginning to one of my Grandmother’s classic stories that everybody in the family has heard to many times to count. Most people have at least one crazy story that they like to tell, and my family is no exception....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Horse, Livestock]

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Interview Questions On Family Roots

- For my interview questions I chose to interview a close friend to the family, I have known her since I was 7 years old so I see her as my own grandmother. Grandma Karen is 67 years old and living by herself, she has 4 children and 12 grandchildren on most holidays or on weekends we all meet at Grandma Karen’s house and enjoy the lake and get to visit with one another. Grandma Karen is a very sweet and loving person who is always trying to help others from family members to family friends, even when her health slows her down she is always willing to lend a helping hand....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Nursing, Parent]

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Interview With My Family Roots

- I chose to interview a close friend to the family; I have known her since I was 10 years old. I definitely see her as my own grandmother because she is so close to my family and I call her Grandma. Grandma Karen is 67 years old Caucasian and lives alone; she has 4 children, 13 grandchildren and one grandbaby. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a housewife. On most holidays and some weekends we all meet at Grandma Karen’s house and enjoy her lake house and a chance to visit with one another....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Nursing, Parent]

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The Day My Grandfather Died

- It was a dark, frightening night the day my grandfather died. His tragic end occurred on July 10, 2009. I was 10 years old during that period, but I can recall everything as if it had happened yesterday. Since I was borned until I turned 11, my dad used to live in the United States and go to Mexico over Christmas break. Therefore, during most of the year, my mom, sister, brother and I used to go and live with my maternal family instead of staying alone in our home. We thought that it would be safer to stay with her family regardless the crowded space rather than having space in our home but being completely alone with no one protecting us....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Aunt, Sibling]

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The Life Of Elizabeth Bishop

- Elizabeth Bishop was born February 8, 1911 and died October 6, 1979. Elizabeth grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts with her grandparents. She lost both of her parents at only eight months old. Elizabeth lost her father to Bright 's disease; a disease that causes inflammation of the kidneys. Elizabeth 's mother had a mental breakdown when Elizabeth’s father had passed away and was admitted into a mental hospital. Elizabeth never saw her mother after that- leaving her to be raised by her father’s parents....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Stanza, Poetry]

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Graduation Speech - Original Writing

- I had just gotten off the bus at my stop that rested in a field. I was very happy that day because it was close to spring break, and my third grade class had been approved to start recess again because of the improvement in weather. I was eager to get home and just relax. I had already had it planned. I was going to get out of my school uniform of a blue collared shirt and khaki pants and watch Disney Channel. My daddy stopped me and told me that we would be picking my mother up from work, though....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

- As I stared into its dark black eyes, it felt like the life was sucked straight out of me. I was stopped cold, alone with only one friend in the middle of the woods. My heart beat a thousand times per minute, and as wet tears began to drip from my eyes, the fear I felt was indescribable. I tried to conjure up the words to ask Allison what to do, but it was too late. It lunged straight for us. We turned our heads enough for our eyes to meet, then took off running. It was an average fall day in Wathena, Kansas....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Woods]

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Family Rules : A Family

- Family Rules In our family you must wash your hands after using the restroom and prior to handling any food or setting the table. We attend church as a family on Sunday mornings. Kids are to be in bed by 8:30 pm on school nights. Put the toilet seat down when you are done using the toilet and always flush. My mom said as a kid they had to change out of their school clothes as soon as they got home and then do their chores as a kid. My kids know they need to let me know where they are going and who they will be with....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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My Mother As A Woman

- Carly Fiorina once said, “My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled,” this quote will be forever embedded in my head because my mom is my everything and I wish that I could bottle up some of her strength, because she has enough for an army. My mother is that one person that I could turn to for anything. I know that with her by my side I will be able to conquer whatever struggles life presents to me. One of the biggest lessons that my mother taught me is while life may not always be easy you must never give up....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Father]

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Self Awareness And Cultural Understanding

- Self-Awareness and Cultural Understanding A person is shaped by their past, but is also shaped by the past of those around them. My maternal grandmother was born in the Netherlands and came over on a ship at age 3. Their family was in search of medical assistance for my great grandmother who was ill. Unfortunately, she died soon after they arrived in America. My grandmother had 3 other siblings and it was hard on her father, so he searched for a new wife. The woman he wanted to marry refused to marry him unless he would become a Christian....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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My Grandmother - Original Writing

- The sun rises caressing the potato fields and warming the freshly chilled air of the morning across the vast landscape of Aroostook County in Maine. For many 5:00 A.M in October is met with loud snores and warm beds, that contrary to the children and teenagers of Van Burren this time is met with hard work, long days and short nights. My grandmother who we refer to as “Nana” was born and raised up north in a place known for its hard workers and long rolling fields of potatoes. My grandmothers story on her days in numb temperatures working for no pay has compelled the work ethic of our family and serves as a great message to society....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Potato, Time]

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I Am Southern By Nature

- I’m southern by nature, but not by geographical location. I was born in Minnesota and for as long I can remember, I never wanted Minnesota to be my home. My parents were never together, and I really don’t have any memories of them actually being together other than the constant court dates over my custody. When I was three, my mother and I moved to Georgia to live with my grandparents. It is where I found my love for everything that was a part of the southern culture: I love the southern charm: you can’t go anywhere else in the country and hear someone call you ma’am, the food – delicious and fried, and most of all the warm, sweet and welcoming hospitality....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sandpit, Swing]

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Biography Of Martin Luther King 's ' The Little House On The Prairie ' And Texas Rangers '

- As this week and I got the chance to sit down and watch some good old-fashioned old time television shows with my mother. I realize how time is really going by fast. This generation most likely have no clue what TV shows are like back then. Like where 's Lucy, the Little House on the Prairie and , Texas Rangers. The only reason why am so close to these things are because I have had a chance to grow up with a lot of elders in my life. I 'm sitting here wondering what would be or where would we all stand if the elders pass....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Prince, The Time]

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An Organization That Can Help People 's Stories And How Their Lives And Development Were Affected

- StoryCorps is an organization that is dedicated to telling people’s stories and how their lives and development were affected. “Development in adulthood involves not only growth but also maintaining stability and adapting to declines and losses. Development in one period of adulthood builds upon experiences and capacities established in earlier periods and affects development in subsequent periods” (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, & Rook, 2011). The website is proof of these quotes and it provides a very good real-life example of how events can influence development....   [tags: Family, Mother, Marriage, Grandparent]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Little Boy Looking Like A Fly '

- The story is being told from the point of view of Fenella, the child. This can be seen in instances in small details that Fenella notices, such as “the peck from the swan’s head umbrella and “the little boy looking like a fly”. These details aid in establishing the story in Fenella’s point of view. The story is being told from the narrative mode. This can be observed in instances such as “I have to confess that behind his father 's back Phalina joined in their fun” and “But, as I have said before, he loved him with a kind of condescension.” We are notified that Fenella has just lost her mother recently when the Stewardess refers to Fenella as the “poor little motherless mite”....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Narrator, Narrative]

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My Beliefs And Thoughts From The Information Gathered And My Own Thoughts

- Introduction The woman that I interviewed was my mother’s mother. She is 73 years old and married. She has always lived in pretty much the same part of Iowa her whole life. She came from a family of twelve children and has six children of her own. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast my beliefs and thoughts to hers and connect the information gathered and my own thoughts to the course readings. Marriage My grandma said that she always planned on getting married and thought that her mid-twenties or earlier would be a good time....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Grandparent, Divorce]

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What Are The Greatest Lessons Of Life Learned By The Person?

- As I walked through my great aunt’s small cozy home in Grand Island, Nebraska I see on the wall in large writing, “I can do anything through He who gives me strength” (Phillipians 4:13). Anyone who has ever met my aunt could agree with me when I say that it’s a good thing that she sees this verse everyday. Standing at about five feet tall and weighing just shy of 80 pounds my great aunt, Debbie Sue Ewoldt, is the orneriest, fiercest little lady you’ll ever meet. At the age of 54, my aunt has been dealing with major depression and distorted self-image issues going on forty years....   [tags: Family, Life, Grandparent, Funeral]

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Eastern Kentucky : A Front Porch

- While driving through Eastern Kentucky a person will notice many things, the beautiful mountains, small towns, local businesses, and of course houses. As in any place a person goes, the houses will vary from each other, but the houses in Eastern Kentucky will share one thing in common, a front porch. The odds of someone finding a house without a front porch in Eastern Kentucky are about the same as the odds of a person finding a house in the city with a front porch. Sitting on a front porch, watching the sun make its way down over the mountains and sharing stories of the events of your day is a regular routine for Eastern Kentuckians....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Chair, Rocking chair]

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The Last Years At Blackstone Lake, Nine Years Of Hardship

- Nine years at Blackstone Lake, nine years of hardship. Unaware of being mid-way through their lives, William Lints and his wife Frances Rebecca (b Dec 12, 1870, née Warren) headed towards Blackstone in 1899. With them came their 3 year old daughter Sarah Evalena (b 1896, Mara Township) — and their poverty. German Princes and a German King of England A long tradition of small German states was to rent out professional armies to fight other peoples wars. During the American Revolutionary War, various German princes hired out some of these army units to George III the King of England....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage]

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My Father And Mother By Liam And Elizabeth Taylor

- The year was 1970. My father and mother, Liam and Elizabeth Taylor, had just purchased their first home, a duplex in town. It was red brick and had large steps going up to a porch shaded by large oak trees. My mother chose what she thought was a beautiful green color paint for the walls, but when my parents added it to the walls, it was a horrible color. My grandpa Levi, Elizabeth’s father, knew how much my mother hated the paint so he bought them all new paneling to put up and color that horrid green....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Marriage]

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An Analysis Of Robert Shipley And Fern Peirce Married

- Description Robert Shipley and Fern Peirce married on September 17, 1946. Ferne lost one baby prior to giving birth to a baby girl, Sherry Lynn on May 9, 1948. They divorced soon after and Fern then married Robert Simpson on March 3, 1951. Robert Simpson adopted Sherry when she was three years old. William Ross was born on October 5, 1951 and Ed Leroy was born on November 2, 1953. Ross never married and Ed married young. Ed started a family right away and had four children, three boys and then a girl....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, The Simpsons]

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Analysis Of Lenny 's ' Deformed Ovary '

- Lenny’s location, though much larger than the Younger family’s, also works to stifle her independence as she is made to take over the role of Old Grandmama and care for Old Granddaddy. She is limited by her inability to have children and her house is not her own as she still operates under the idea that the home belongs to her grandparents. Lenny’s role as caregiver for Old Granddaddy only comes to her after he imposes the idea that marriage is impossible for her. Meg and Baby believe that Lenny’s “deformed ovary” is what makes her so “shy with men;” Old Granddaddy has made her “feel self-conscious about it” (Henley 23)....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Love, Child]

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My Family History : Orlando Ray Livas II

- My Family History My full name is Orlando Ray Livas II. I come from four different surnames that my ancestors had which are Randle, Taylor, Coward, and Livas. My immediate family consists of my parents and my two older half-sisters. I had taken the last name of my father, but my half-sisters have my mother’s maiden name which is Taylor. With the help of and the elders of each side my families I have traced back my father’s family to my great-great grandfather 's. On my mother’s side of the family I have went back to my great grandmother....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Nuclear family]

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Personal Narrative : A Valuable Experience For Me

- Creating my personal genogram was a valuable experience for me. By mapping out my family’s structure, and considering the dynamics of the relationships therein, I am able to see how each member of my immediate family took on specific roles and that addictions are present on both sides of my family. My paternal grandmother, Ginny, was an alcoholic and passed this trait to my father. My mother demonstrated signs of substance abuse through smoking and drinking, and both parents passed these to my sister and me: Whitney struggled with various addictions, the most severe of which was methamphetamine and I have had an ongoing struggle with smoking and past experiences with anorexia....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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My Mother Is Someone That Loves You Unconditionally

- A Mother is someone that loves you unconditionally. Someone that is with you from day one. They raise us and make us into the person we are today. They always know best for us. My mother was always there for me and was the greatest Mother ever, or so I thought. Everything I assumed and was raised up to believe of her was about to change. Believe her, or believe everything my family saw her for. Who do I believe, if anyone at all. It all started when my mother and Father divorced when I was six. Each of them was trying to gain custody of my two brothers and me....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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Ethnography Is The Study Of People And Cultures

- Ethnography is the study of people and cultures. Each family can trace its roots back throughout the years with the help of family trees, artifacts, and history books. There is also a new website that has been available for use called, it allows you to put in your family tree and it tells you where your ancestry has been in the news, books, or other family members you might not have realized you had. There are tons of ways to find out about your family. It is a great way to learn who you really are and about your past....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Sibling]

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The Evolution Behind The Greatness Of Donna Lanceslin

- The Evolution Behind the Greatness of Donna Lanceslin Waking up two hours early than she should just to get to the office to set up and make sure everything is running properly, is part of the heedfulness daily routine of Dona Lanceslin. As she walks through the office, she turns on all the electronic devices to make sure they are working properly for her workers. This particular morning, she went out and brought them donuts for breakfast. “You have to treat your workers here and there to show them they’re appreciated too.”, is what she told me after I told her that was nice of her....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Cousin, Donna]

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Life Outside The Womb- Trust Vs. Mistrust-

- Life Outside the Womb- Trust vs. Mistrust- Hope- Infancy 0 to 1 ½ There was a very repetitive but somewhat soothing thumping heartbeat going on in the background. After while, it was in harmony with my heartbeat. I found comfort and security; from a soothing voice and darkness/warmth, I was wrapped in. I felt safe and protected by this place. I was able to move around freely but recently the place began to become a cramped. Instinctively, I knew the time was near. I could not fight it any longer....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Sibling]

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The Origins Of The And Family Structure

- Over thousands of years, our ancestors have migrated all around the globe spreading genetic characteristics into different races. Interestingly, all humans share similar biological needs like food, water, and two biological parents. What specifically antithesis individuals from one another. In many instances, distinct differences in characteristics, temperament, upbringing, and family structure can separate individuals from certain ethnic groups. Ethnicity separates groups of individuals whose members identify with each other by common nationality or shared cultural traditions or values....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Mother]

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What Does Differentiates Individuals From One Another?

- Over decades, our ancestors migrated all around the world spreading genetic characteristics. Interestingly, all humans share similar biological needs like food, water, and two biological parents. What specifically differentiates individuals from one another. In many instances, distinct differences in characteristics, temperament, upbringing, and family structure can separate individuals from certain ethnic groups. Ethnicity separates groups of individuals who identify with each other by common nationality or shared cultural traditions and values....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Mother]

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A Book And Playing With A Toy

- When you ask a child to choose between a reading a book and playing with a toy, which object would be chosen the most. While growing up, I was raised by my grandparents, because my parents worked in the fields out of town most of the time growing up. I didn’t have as many toys as other children, but I sure did make the most of what possessions I did have. My grandmother had different values and raised me to live for the important things in life, rather than just toys that come and go. My grandmother believed that reading and writing should be an adventure in itself....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, High school]

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My Grandmother : A Rite Of Passage

- New Adjustment: Death The wedding took place on September 29th, 1963. People from all over the city came to celebrate a ceremony that would unite two individuals for eternity, literally. Shortly after the couple bought a house together, and in that moment they had no idea that’s where they would spend the rest of their lives together. Throughout their fifty plus years of marriage, they did everything together. Traveled all over the world and back on at least three different occasions. In June 1969, they were blessed with the greatest gift of all, a baby....   [tags: Family, Love, Grandparent, Future]

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The Death Of Rae - Original Writing

- A buzzing of a car alarm, woke Jo. There was a moment, or maybe two in which she was only aware of her irritation at the relentless squawking. And then she remembered Ash. Ash was dead. Would every morning be like this. Was every morning like this for Rae. Rae was the only woman who Jo had ever seen naked. It was during a sleepover at Ash’s house; she’d stumbled out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and walked straight into Rae. ‘Oh sorry Jo,’ Rae said. I forgot you were staying over, forgot to put on the dressing gown.’ ‘Oh, just going to the ...’ Jo said, embarrassed and not sure whether to back track to the bedroom or keep going....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Friendship, Jewellery]

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The Death Of The Funeral Home Isle

- “If we remembered every day that we could lose someone at any moment, we could love them more fiercely and freely, and without fear, not because there is nothing to lose, but because everything can always be lost.” . It was as if walking down that funeral home isle was in slow motion. Every sound every step every voice was muffled yet echoed. Every step that I got closer to seeing a lifeless body made every tear in my body wakeup I tried to turn around but it was as if my feet had a mind of their own....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Lavender]

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Understanding Family At Times Can Be Confusing

- Understanding family at times can be confusing, especially if you grew up in a single parent family and suddenly your father decides to come into your life. As a young girl I never met my father yet, I knew some family from his side and he was mentioned but, I never met him. When I turned twenty-one I was ready to meet him so, my mother made some calls and send me out to where he lived. We meet and it was a crazy experience and I thought we were going to begin to communicate and stay in touch now, that did not happen which broke my heart....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Father]

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What I Know About My Family

- During the course of this assignment I realized I don’t know much about my family. There are a lot of secrets in my family that no one is ready to reveal or discuss. Much of the information I gathered was from and my mother. The information I gathered from her was sketchy at best. She claimed not to remember or know a lot of the questions I asked her but I could tell she just didn’t want to talk about it. Growing up in the military kept me from forming bonds with the other members of my family so I am not really close with them....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage]

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Sexual Masculinity And Their Hegemonic Masculinity

- In describing her time in high school, my grandmother said, “My life was kind of quiet, not too extravagant, I was involved with church and school activities and so were my friends.” She also explained that a popular event that every high school teenager would go to during the weekends were the weekly youth dances in the Wailuku town community center. “It was the thing all of us kids used to do, we would go with our friends and the boys would always come up to us and ask us to dance.” These courtship practices are similar to those discussed in Grazian’s article, where males assert their hegemonic masculinity by pursuing a girl to dance with (Grazian)....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Marriage]

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My Great Grandfather, Dr. Quot. Long

- My great grandfather, Dr. A.J. Long, was a caring man. He was dearly loved by his wife, three children, and seven grandchildren. He came from a big family of sisters and brothers, he worked hard in life through college and had an impressive career. A.J. always wanted to go above and beyond in what ever he was doing, he never wanted to be average, this is what made him an amazing great grandfather and big influence in my life. I didn’t really get to know my great grandfather, he passed away when I was eight years old to a sudden heart-attack....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Golf]

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What I Would Be A Doctor?

- Making choices to satisfy others opinions of oneself can be detrimental. Thankfully, a bad experience taught me that I have to do something I enjoy, not what others expect me to do. Since the middle of seventh grade I have known exactly what I wanted to do with my life, in a professional sense. I have only veered from my desired field of politics once because I wanted to appease others, but I learned soon after this new field I chose wasn’t for me. Almost every Indian I have ever met asks me the same question, “do you want to be a doctor?” My paternal grandparents, father, handful of great uncles and aunts, and cousins are doctors, therefore I am naturally expected by others to follow suit....   [tags: Want, Doctor, ER, Grandparent]

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Oppression And Privileges Of My Family

- Oppression and Privileges in my cultural Genogram Men in family have more privilege than women in my family. My grandfather believed he had the privilege to be abusive to my grandmother and this passed down to his sons. My mother witnessed abuse from grandfather, she went through herself and accepted it. My grandfather made all the rules in the family, he could go out for days and not come back and he believed he had the right to do that. My step-father was abusive to my mother when I was living with them....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Zambia]

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I Could Turn The Clock Back

- If I could turn the clock back My grandfather is the person who has a profound impact on me, he tells me that a man should be industrious and responsible; he teaches me to be friendly to people; he makes me love sports and be outgoing; more importantly, he makes me will never touch a cigarette in my life. But such an important person to me who tells me not to smoke, smoking kills. I always imagined my grandfather alive then how. If I could turn the clock back, what will be changed. Before I went to school, I lived with my grandparents, we lived in an old house....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Tobacco smoking]

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Cancer Is A National Wide Murderer

- Cancer is a national wide murderer. It takes what little joviality one may have and annihilates it. Just a few months ago my grandfather passed away quickly and suddenly due to an incognizant stage four lung and liver cancer. The doctors told us we would have a few months left him or so we thought. We were given just two measly weeks. It was unreal to experience the pain, suffering, and confusion all at once. From birth to sixteen I always had my grandpa. I have been through pain a lot, but sitting back watching someone you love more than anything just fade away on a bed....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Cancer, Doctor]

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My Grandfather 's Life And Life

- Since we are all humans, we will all experience the dying process at some point in our lives, whether it is our own life, or a loved one’s life coming to an end. I happen to be currently experiencing the process through two of my grandparents. My grandfather has been battling prostate cancer for about eight years, and my great grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease approximately ten years ago. Both of these illnesses have had a huge impact on my entire family, but I believe they are still around because of the unrelenting love, support, and prayers from the family....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Love, Cancer]

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The Problem Of Writing For Me

- Great another paper and receive an c. sometimes I wonder if I will ever improve my writing or will it just be useless. Although sometimes I find it hard to believe writing is actually something I want to improve. I notice I’m using the word to frequently. According to an article published in 1989, students who use the word to is a sign that their vocabulary is limited and they can barely think outside the box. Writing for me has been one of the biggest challenge of my life. I try to improve but I never see results; it’s like running on a treadmill, I run, run, run but I’m still in the same place....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Father]

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Cultural Autobiography Narrative Of My Life

- Sierra Amundson Cultural Autobiography Narrative Throughout this autobiography I want to go through everything in my life that has changed me because of a cultural influence. I will tell my journey through growing up and trying to get a grip on and understand my heritage and make it to present day where I experience culturally different individuals daily. So, to start off I would like to talk about how I see myself culturally. Discussing my grandparents background information all the way to my sisters and mine....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Culture, Mother]

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Notes On Friends And Influence People

- Since you are sitting here today, my guess is this remarkable guy that I was lucky enough to call Grandpa made you feel extra special in some way. He had an incredible knack for it. He could have written a book on it….Like ”How to Win Friends and Influence People” or “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” But those books had already been written and Grandpa wouldn’t touch a book with a 10 foot pole, let alone write one. But the lessons I learned from his example about how to make others feel extra special could have filled many chapters....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, The Extra, Chair]

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Femininity And Femininity : The Eyes Of The World

- Everybody has a certain standard idea of how each gender should be viewed by the eyes of the world. Everybody has that one particular person or particular couple that sets those standard ideas for them. I have a particular couple that helps set my standards for femininity and masculinity. This couple happens to be my own grandparents. As expected, they are indeed old-fashioned; however, they also have a heavy touch of the new era of family relations that is lived by society today. That is the basic backbone of an impeccable standard for the concepts of masculinity and femininity....   [tags: Gender role, Family, Gender, Grandparent]

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My Father 's Life And Life

- Imagine where magic is real and death is an option, where the danger comes in any form. I don 't I have to imagine that because I met a man who faced them. this man is my father. For this interview, my father was a type a guy who doesn 't say much. He wakes up, goes to work, come home eat then sleep. The process he does this for every day. I always wanted to know about my father, his origins, back story, and his wisdom. I asked my father if I can interview him. He said yes, then we both headed to a small coffee shop....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Los Angeles, Gang]

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My Dad - Original Writing

- I remember it as it were yesterday, the morning of October 31 1986, I heard my dad’s voice early in the morning; “Mike, get up. Your grandpa died!” It was Friday morning and I was in the 5th grade at the time. My father decided to pull both me and my brother out of school. My mother wasn’t home. She had already gone up to the hospital with my grandmother. Evidently my grandfather dropped dead from a massive heart attack. In fact he was chopping firewood the day before and seemed perfectly healthy....   [tags: Family, Death, Life, Grandparent]

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Poverty Has Taught Me Patience

- I am now able to breakeven-and then some, occasionally- when it comes to my bank account. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Growing up, income was a struggle to come by in my household. With a father who wasn’t present, and a mother who had 4 children, rent, traveling expenses, and student loans to consider, money didn’t come easy. Poverty has taught me understanding. I knew at an early age just how hard bills, and living can be to pay. I witnessed my mom struggle,and I personally felt the effects of low income well....   [tags: Family, Mother, Gift, Grandparent]

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I Am A Great Person

- There are times when you don’t know what to do or times when you might feel like you have no help in this world, but there is always that one person who never fails to give you the best advice in life, and that is your father. I have so much respect for any father out there that works hard, and always supports his family no matter what his imperfections might be. My father has got to be the best one in my opinion. He has been the biggest inspiration in my life because he taught me so much stuff in this life that I can’t find a way to pay him....   [tags: Family, Mother, Monterrey, Grandparent]

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Personal Statement On Family Gathering

- Family gathering is the highlights to some culture. Gathering brings out the tradition and value that signify the love and unity of families and friends. As a kid, my family gathering would be an event that I would look forward to. Amorous stare of my grandparents when they look into one another eyes of the beautiful life they created with their kids. Family gathering with food brings out every aspect in my family such as love, fruitful blessing, and most of all the sweetest gossip. Love and food go hand in hand in the Curley’s gathering....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, The Time, Love]

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The United States Air Force

- When I was young man, my father was in the United States Air Force. It was a great experience being a child in the Air Force because I was able to see the world and have experiences that other children would probably dream of having. But since he was in the Armed Services our family tended to move on average about every three years. This made it hard on us to have good solid relationships with friends. This was because me and my sisters didn’t want to get too close to friends because we would have to leave them in the future at some point....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Life, Death]

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My Family And My Life

- As the snowflakes fell one by one onto the tip of my nose, I wondered to myself how my family had found their way to Pennsylvania out of all the states. I was born among the soothing southern beaches of West Palm Beach, Florida, known for the all-year round warm and relaxing temperature, only to move to Austin, Texas when I was three years old. After living under the brutal Texas scorch for five years, my parents decided to move to the colder bliss of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Despite all the moving my family and I have been through, we remain inseparable....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Medicine]

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My Father Of My Dad

- First off I want to say that I could not interview anyone in my family. My grandparents are deceased on both sides. So what I will be talking about will be from what I remember as a child. My grandmother on my dad’s side passed away in 1981 and my grandfather on my mother’s side passed away in 1980. I was born in 1976, so I would have only been 4 and 5 years old. My grandmother on my mom’s side passed away in 1995 and grandfather on my dad’s side passed away in 1993. I was not that close to my grandfather on my dad’s side, so I only have a little bit information about him....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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My Dad - Original Writing

- Have you ever loved someone so much that you felt like if something ever was to happen to that person that you would die. Well that 's how I felt about my grandfather Neugene Knox. Growing up with this man as my idle was a huge blessing to my family and I. He was what I felt like every man should be. I would always tell people about him everywhere I went. I made it clear that he was the center of my attention. You see, growing up, I lacked a father in my life. Thankfully, he stepped in and took care of my sister,brother, and I....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Cancer, Metastasis]

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A Interview On Professional Success

- For this interview I define professional success as excelling in your respective field, personal success as providing a great quality of life for your family and being proud of who you become. Like the popular anecdote where a person is told “If you decide to be a solder, become a general. If you decided to be a businessman, become the CEO. If you decide to become a painter, be the Picasso.”, my family believes that believe that whatever you decide to do, you should strive to excel. My goal is to be able to start generational wealth for my family, while being able to be proud of what I do....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Professional, Karate]

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