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Grandparents and their Role in a Child's Life

- Grandparents play a major role in a child’s life. When children do not have the emotional support they need from their parents, they turn to their caregivers, the “Grandparents”. The era of the baby boomers has changed drastically. Grandparents are not as nurturing today as they were decades ago. However, there are some modern grandparents today, which share the same values as those of the prior decades. My children have the pleasure to have met both their maternal and paternal grandparents. Although, they have several grandparents, they are very close to their paternal grandmother....   [tags: Grandparents, ]

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Influence Of Grandparents On The Lives Of Children

- The Influence of Grandparents in the Lives of Children Grandparents play important roles today in the most family, and they influence their grandchildren 's physical development, cognitive development, and social and personality development. "In 2010, about one in 14 U.S. children (7 percent) lived in a household headed by a grandparent—for a total of 5.4 million children, up from 4.7 million in 2005" (Scommegna,2012) (1.More U.S. Children Raised by Grandparents). It shows that every fourteen children in the United States; at least one child is living or raising by his or her grandparents by 2010....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Family therapy]

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Grandparents Are A Family Safety Net

- ... 197).This is a key fact because at that age, the majority of American citizens anticipate and is benefits. Raising grandchildren undoubtedly puts a strain on this prospect. In these instances, the grandparent must reach into their retirement savings in an effort to successfully supply the needs of their new dependents; their grandchildren. A sad fact is that kinship care families generally do not receive the same level of government assistance that foster families do. Unfortunately, many of these individuals lack useful and vital information regarding the programs and services that are available to them as primary caretakers....   [tags: Family, Foster care, Grandparent, Fosterage]

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Living At My Grandparents ' House

- ... Things that 90s kids enjoyed were barely becoming relevant in Pearsall at around the time that I was a kid, well into the 2000s. Because of this, going to San Antonio was always a treat, going to stores like Target and JCPenny for toys and clothes, and to Brackenridge Park when we wanted to have fun. The best part though was always going to visit my great grandma from my dad’s side, Emma Rodriguez. We would stay over at her house a lot when we would go to San Antonio and in true Hispanic fashion the house would always be packed and I would get to see my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling]

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Grandparents Are Your Best Of Friends

- ... When people came to her in the market where she sold her goods, they did not have money to buy the food, she would give it to them for free and would tell them not to tell anybody else. Her neighbors loved her generosity and how she always seemed to have an answer to every problem. Akosua, became a storyteller and she put so much joy on children 's faces. She made storytelling her second job and she loved making children laugh. She sold her food in the market during the day and told stories by night....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Death, James]

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Personal Reflection On My Grandparents

- ... I know this because she has been there for me a few times when I didn’t know what to do and it’s been times when either I didn’t want to hear it from my parents or times I thought she would know more about it than my parents. So in short my gran inspired me to be a better person and in addition she often stated the importance of having a job that you love and life would be terrible doing a job that you wake up every day dreading. Just like anyone I have happy memories of my gran, There are many happy memories that involved my gran which had a huge effect on the family as a whole....   [tags: Family, Father, Mother, Grandparent]

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My Grandparents ' Farm House

- I miss my grandparents’ farm house a great deal. I miss the delicious, home cooked meals my grandma made for lunch every Sunday. I miss playing with Rascal and Ginger, a cheerful border collie and a protective mutt. I miss cruising around on the Kawasaki Mule with my brother and uncle. I miss riding on the wheel cover of the gigantic tractors while my uncle drove and count the hay bales in the fields. I miss playing pool upstairs with the entire family. I miss all the cats, even though I’m allergic to them....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Hay, Tractor]

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The Desert Of Grandparents ' House We Go

- ... There are books scattered everywhere and the house reeks of a horrible mildew. It isn’t the best time to come over at the moment, but you can if you still want to” she stressfully explained. “We can still make it” My mom replied obviously not getting the hint to stay away. We drove over to my mom’s parent’s house in Yorba Linda with feelings of anxiety evident throughout the car. After the thirty minute agonizing ride we made it. I could tell as we walked up the massive marble steps that everyone was dreading going inside....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Swimming pool, Rooms]

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Grandparents Are The Two Most Favorite People

- They say grandparents, are the two most favorite people in the world to children. Grandparents are the main characters of your childhood, they are the ones that leave you with the most beautiful memories of your life. Some grandparent’s teach you a very valuable lesson of life, they teach you respect, hard work, family values, and unlimited love. They show you their love in many ways, they say I love you in words as well as actions. Grandparents are the ones that sometimes get you out of trouble and guide you to the correct path....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, English-language films, Girl]

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The Effects of Parenting by Grandparents

- Extended family can influence the upbringing on children in multiple ways. To properly review and analyze research in this particular area, it is necessary to highlight important information from which formed this foundation. Extended family members have direct influences on children by serving as their role models in aiding them with success, encouragement, support and guidance (Jæger, 2012). Grandparents, crucial extended family members, which have a direct interaction with their grandchildren when they are in need of help or assistants....   [tags: Extended Family Members, Role Models]

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December at My Grandparents' House

- It stood out from all the rest in the peaceful neighborhood where my grandparent’s house was. The glittering white paint that seemed to never fade, the garden where rose bushes, lilies, elephant ears, trumpet plants and hibiscus filled the earth around you with welcoming colors and the sense of warmth and love. Every awaking moment of my childhood was spent there. My grandparents house was a place of comfort and security, and yet also one of sorrow. December never fails. It is the coldest month of the entire year, every year, yet that never stopped anyone from gathering at my grandparent’s house for my birthday and Christmas....   [tags: family, family values, family tradition]

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Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren

- Grandparents raising their grandchild/ren are slowly becoming a raising epidemic in today’s society. This new trend of grandparents raising their grandchildren has become the focus of many researchers. Researchers are exploring the health perspective and the emotional perspective, but there is little research on the policies that must change to accommodate neither this new family structure nor the social issues surrounding it. This paper will take information from ten sources and two interviews to give a clear perspective of this growing population in social work practice....   [tags: epidemic, society, health, emotional, children]

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Summers With My Grandparents

- I remember as a young child about 9 years old always given the privilege to visit my grand parents in Rutherfordton, North Carolina in the summers. I loved my grandparents with all my heart since they were the only set I had ever known. My father had left my brother and I at a young age and his parents had seemed to have left as he did. Every now and then they would resurface but never really had any part in my life. My mother’s parents were known to all of us as “Maw-maw and Paw-Paw”. With me being from the North all the Yankees addressed their grandparents as “Grandma and Grandpa”....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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My Great Grandparents By The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- ... This new grandfather helped guide me through making a few decisions, especially when it came down to my college choices. My father’s mother (Jazzy) is someone who constantly helps me out, she lives about thirty minutes south of where I live now so I get to see her fairly often when I am at home. My mother’s parents are referred to as my Grand, and my Grandpa. Both live less than thirty minutes from where I live so I get to see them alot. My Grand was re-married about fifteen years ago and my Grandpa was re-married about ten years ago, so in a sense I have a bunch of different grandparents, but I only refer to their spouses by their first names....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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The Role Of Social Support On The Health Of Grandparents Who Were Raising Grandchildren

- The study done by Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner ( 2015) focused the role of social support when it came to foreseeing the health of grandparents who were raising grandchildren. The sample size of this study included 86 grandparent guardians over the course of one year. Participants of this study were requited throughout the US and Canada (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). The sample has 89.2% being white with a majority at 66.7% being married and female (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015)....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Old age]

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

- December 16, 2011 led to a wonderful bond and an unexpected change in my life. My son and his girlfriend were young parents, barely 17 years old, I ended up providing everything my granddaughter needed from the moment she was born. After living with me for 20 months in a moment of rage my son and his girlfriend took my granddaughter in the middle of the night and left without a trace. Typically, a grandparent was the one that spoiled the grandchildren and then sent them home with the parents. Now they have to take on the role of parent when the child’s parents are incapable or disinclined to parent sufficiently (Administration for Children And Familie, Region IV)....   [tags: Drugs, Teen Pregnancy, Finance]

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Grandparents Are The Best Of Friend And Kind Person You Will Ever Meet

- ... Her neighbors loved her generously and she how always seem to have an answer to every problem. Because she traveled several times, she always have a good story to tell her children when she get home. Second, Abena, become a storyteller and put a lot of joy on little children 's face. She made her storytelling her second jobs and she loved making children laugh. She sell her food in the market by a day and tell stories by the night. Sometimes children would walk from miles away just to come and sit down by the fire to listen to my grandma tell stories about different kind of people she meets on her journey....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, English-language films]

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Childhood Memories of my Grandparents' Home

- When I think back to the days when I was a child, I think about all of my wonderful childhood memories. Often I wish to go back, back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler. Sometimes I think about it too much, knowing I cannot return. Yet there is still one place I can count on to take me back to that state of mind, my grandparent’s house and the land I love so much. Their house was old. My grandparents lived in it most of their adult lives. It was white with black trimming, but most of the paint was chipped away....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Mark Sakamoto 's Forgiveness : A Gift From My Grandparents

- ... Yet, on February 26, 1942, with the approval of the Justice Minister Louis St. Laurent and the British Columbian Security Commissioner they were being evacuated out of the province, and later out of the country, whether they had citizenship or not. With her story Mark illustrates Mitsue’s frustration in not being recognized as a Canadian and questions what it meant to be a Canadian during and after the war. Mark also depicts her family’s strength in creating a new life for themselves and never loosing hope no matter how destitute their situation had gotten Beyond the strength of his grandparents, the attributes of understanding and ultimately forgiveness that Mark is trying to illustrat...   [tags: Family, World War II, World War I, Grandparent]

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Parenting for the Second Time

- Parenting can be a challenge the first time around, but many parents are finding themselves parenting for a second time, this time around, as the child’s grandparents. Grandparents may assume the role of parent for their child’s children when there are problems of substance abuse, abuse and neglect, incarceration, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, divorce, and death. (Dolbin-MacNab, 2006, p.1) Grandparents usually are not expecting to have to parent again, this is the time most are enjoying their new found freedom....   [tags: Grandparents, Study]

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The Importance of the Elderly in Rudolfo Amaya´s A Celebration of Grandfathers

- “If youth but had the knowledge and old age the strength,” (Proverb). Remember sitting on the porch swing with grandpa and listening to him rant and rave about what seemed utterly irrelevant. What about the time that you got backhanded for rolling your eyes at crazy Mrs. Roberts when she would preach ‘life lessons’ at you. However, with age, it has become more and more apparent that maybe Mrs. Roberts wasn’t that far off from what is really the problems most fail to see. In today’s generation, the elderly have often been put on the back burner when they shouldn’t be....   [tags: Elderly, Grandparents]

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Life in Thailand: What My Grandparents Told Me

- The free and carefree life in Thailand sounds good, doesn’t it. I was first told about Thailand from my grandparents. They told of its inexpensive living, beautiful sites, and its diverse culture. Initially, they didn’t say much about it, but I knew they could tell me stories for days based on their experiences in Thailand. This sparked my interest very quickly. Thailand was first brought up when my grandparents talked to me about someday traveling to Thailand with them. Knowing next to nothing about Thailand, I was determined to find out as much as I could before I would be ready to travel there....   [tags: personal recount]

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The Main Differences Between His Experience And That Of His Grandparents

- 1. What does Chaukamnoetkanok see as the main differences between his experience and that of his grandparents. While both Chaukamnoetkanok and his grandparents’ experiences were very similar, Chaukamnoetkanok points out that there are two main differences. First, the motivation for their immigration was drastically different. Chaukamnoetkanok states “Ar-kong migrated from China mainly for economic reasons. My parents’ main objective for migrating was the education of their children” (Foner 338)....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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My Grandparents Were Born The United States

- ... When my grandparents were born, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office for 4 full terms. He had made many events possible for my grandparents both politically and economically. Due to the politics and military power of that time, we had fought in World War II as well as Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and many more. My grandfather Gary Kraft quoted” in the Vietnam war as a paratrooper, I had to jump out of whatever they told me to. I shot a gun at people I didn’t know, was blown up and had good friends of mine who had lost their lives.” Knowing that most military practices that the United States used back then are still in use today is touching....   [tags: World War II, United States, Technology]

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Memories From My Grandparents Home: Journal Entry

- What a great feeling of happiness and peace waking up in my Grandparent's huge but also old house, that grew smaller each time I got bigger. The humble pinkish house that my grandparents moved into back in the 80s. They built his dream job right next to their house in Coral Way. From the squeaky chair swing you can see people yelling at each other or hear them talking so loud. When you look to the left you can see where me and my cousins would play freeze tag on the cut green grass, of course no one could ever catch me cause I will hide in small places in the backyard....   [tags: Ancestors, Familly]

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Being Raised by Grandparents

- He is the lightkeeper he keeps the light for me extra beams safety deposited inside a microfold somewhere somewhere hidden somewhere inside those pretty hands --Finney, "The Lightkeeper" Is Nikky Finney's poem "The Lightkeeper" about her dad or someone else. Many people have different opinions on who her poem is about, but when I read it, I imagine the lightkeeper to be my grandfather, even though my family is your basic "Cleaver" family. My parents are still happily married after their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary....   [tags: Family Grandmother Grandfather]

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Grandparents' House

- Grandparents' House The car ride to my grandparents' house seemed to take half a day even though it was only a twenty-minute drive to Cedaredge. Although the back road over Redlands Mesa was a twisty tourney road, it drug on like a boring documentary. When the car finally pulled into the driveway of the long, white house with a neatly kept green lawn, I knew it was going to be a great day of fun, relaxation, and great food. As I walked around to the back door, my eyes took in the beauty of the grass swaying in the wind and the weathered barn off to the left of the pasture....   [tags: Descriptive Writing Examples]

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The Key Role of Grandparents in Providing Childcare in Today´s Society

- ... Lone parents or single parents are increasingly a common scenario due to the high number of children born to unmarried mothers (European Commission, 2013; Shattuck and Kreider, 2013) and high divorce rate (Timonen et al., 2009) in today’s society. It is probably worth asking if lone parenthood is a new scenario. Is it only occurring as a trend in the modern days. Have the causes for lone parenthood changed over the years. Thane (2010) reported that history shows that lone parenthood is not a recent trend....   [tags: family, belonging, identity, culture, preserver]

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Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana

- Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana Problem Statement The clinical problem in this case study was that grandmothers as the caregivers reported very incomplete or no support from the extended family, and their deprived health worries compromises their financial situations. Some reported of body pains like arthritis and firm work at their age. None of the participants had a decent source of earnings that will help in caring for their orphans. They depended on typically old age pension and cottage and farming (Shaibu, 2013, p....   [tags: grandparents, caregivers, government]

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The Year that Changed My Family Forever

- ... On entering the driveway, I look around, everything has changed. The kiwi trees have entwined branches and grown to create a roof over the wooden frame that acted as the garage. There is a thick layer of dirt over the once dark red floor tiles outside. The once white table and chairs now are brown even though they have been underneath a roof to shield them. The once neatly kept farmland, now looks like an abandoned piece of land with weeds and overgrown plants everywhere. All the plants on the balcony have withered and died away....   [tags: grandparents, memories, house]

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The House in Peru

- ... Once I open the door to the front porch I will find myself in an upper area that included all the accessories for the shop, after walking down another two big steps, you would find yourself in the living room where I would remember playing with Graisy. After I entered the living room I would go through a door, to find myself in a hallway, the first door was the kitchen, a door down to my right would be Graisy’s room and to my left my grandparent’s room. After you keep walking down the hallway, you will find yourself with a big open area that had no roof, the open area included a door to the bathroom, and a huge sink where we would get water from and also shower Graisy....   [tags: grandparents, memories, rooms]

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Grandparents' House: A Home Away From Home

- Grandparents' House: A Home Away From Home As I approach the turn to my Grandparent's house, my stomach turns in anticipation of the sweet sugar cookie smell that awaits. I turn up the long narrow gravel road and park my car in front of their house. I step outside and a chilly little breeze bites at my cheeks. I take a deep breath and the sweet smell of burning cedar enters my nose. I look up to the chimney and see the gray puffs of smoke scatter as it hits the still winter air. I shut the car door and follow the sidewalk to the back door....   [tags: Descriptive Writing Examples, Observation]

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Waiting for my Silver Star

- It all Started with a blind date gone right. My sisters and I were throwing a party and my sister, Mildered, was being set up with a man named Regis. As the party started and Regis and his friends arrived it was not mildered Regis talked to. It was me. Although he was four years older than I we started dating, it was great. We had been dating for about two years when Regis came to my house and told me the news. I remember it clearly it was a sunny September day and we planned on going to the park for a picnic with our friends....   [tags: the true story of how my grandparents met]

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Death in Do Not Go Gentle, City Cafeteria, Death Shall Have no Dominion and Grandparents

- Death in Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, City Cafeteria, And Death Shall Have no Dominion and Grandparents        Death is a highly personal event. It affects each of us differently. It affected Peter Kocan's man in the City Cafeteria by making him look empty and disoriented. It affected Dylan Thomas by making him think about what there was afterward, and what you could do to avoid it. Death even affected Robert Lowell by making him realise how much it changed his life. I, fortunately, seem to have avoided death in many ways, but also have been touched by it, even recently....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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My Grandparent’s House

- My Grandparent’s House It was another summer at my grandparent’s house that I woke up to one sunny Saturday morning. The smell of eggs, bacon, and tortillas was a greeting to the home-cooked breakfast I could sense as I lie in the bedroom still lightly dreaming. I could hear my grandpa in the distance, chopping wood for the stove my grandma was cooking with. Very old fashioned my grandparents were, convincing me to become more independent, I always enjoyed their company. It was a summer where I would be taught the value of wisdom and of the people I love....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Comparing My Education and My Grandparent's Education

- My education and my Grandparent's education have been extremely different. My education has seemed to evolve around everything electronic; most of it has came from books and computers. My Grandpa said most of his education came from work. Grandpa graduated from high school in 1957. My Grandma did not graduate, but she received her G.E.D. in 1982. Grandpa said there wasn't much too his high school education. He said there wasn't anything electronic in the school at that time, calculators or computers....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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An Interview Of A Grandparent And Grandchild

- ... Zack however, uses technology daily at school. I would say that both Arnold and Zack had similar experiences in school. The main difference being that Zack uses technology and has much more demanding load of homework and possibly a more advanced curriculum. After graduating, Arnold enlisted in the Army where he spent 3 years of his life and is now a Vietnam Veteran, although he never saw combat and was stationed in Korea. Zack plans to pursue a career in acting, and also hopes to attend college to earn a degree in drama....   [tags: Adolescence, High school, Family, Difference]

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Personal Statement : Being A Grandparent

- As a grandparent I would allow my children to learn as fully as they are able to learn from their kid(s) without stepping in to much. I would try to help my children identify areas that they may not be able to see in my grandchildren that are unique to him or her to help my grandchildren best develop. The skills I would want to impart on to my children would be to understand who they are, who they truly are. So that they can teach the core issues that need to be addressed. If my children have a good or decent handle on these things it will help them be able to identify it their own children....   [tags: Family, English-language films, Woman, Need]

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Children Should Not Be A Grandparent

- ... The show, “16 and Pregnant," is a great way to discourage the teenagers that it is not a great idea to have unprotected sex at a young age. Teenagers eventually get tired of hearing their parents, teachers, family, friends or anyone that it is important to have safe sex but it is great that a reality show like “16 and Pregnant” can have an inside look of teenage parenthood. I have seen first hand, a teenage motherhood experience; due to the fact, I have two step-sisters that were teen moms. They struggled financially, physically, and mentally with daily issues of wanting to give up on everything because it was too difficult to catch up with reality....   [tags: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Family]

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Being Raised With A Grandparent

- ... As good of a life that my grandmother provided, I soon began to think there was something wrong with living with her. When I went to visit my mother from time to time, I would question her about not be able to live with her. And unlike my grandmother, she would come up with some sort of excuse that made no sense. One day the kids bothered me so bad, I went home crying. Finally I asked my grandmother, “What makes me so different, why can’t I stay with my mom”. My grandmother would just hold me and sing a hymn until I fall asleep....   [tags: High school, Family, Middle school, College]

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Parents Raising Children : The Effects

- ... The purpose of grandparent headed families include keeping the family unity, reducing separation trauma, providing stability for the child, and reinforcing cultural identity (Kelch-Oliver, 2011). Certain challenges are anticipated when grandparents have limited access to resources and the support needed. These challenges influence the way grandchildren are educated and nurtured. As a result, stressors accumulate affect grandparents emotionally, and in return influences the child academically....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Emotion, Childhood]

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Exploring Your Ethnic Roots Will Not Only Enhance Your Understanding Of Your Family History

- Exploring your ethnic roots will not only enhance your understanding of your family history but it will show ways it has shaped you. I am a 24-year-old heterosexual Hispanic woman that was raised in Fresno, California in a Catholic family. As an able-bodied citizen, I considered my social class upbringing to be middle class because I always had the necessary resources growing up. Being raised within the Mexican culture has helped me identify with myself. I sought information from my parents to determine their experiences in the United States and how that has affected me today....   [tags: Family, Grandparent]

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Review Of ' The ' Of The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- First of all, Porourangi 's wife is pregnant and he is in the hospital with he’s friends waiting his new son to be born. The surgery is done the doctor is coming and the news is not what all people wanted. The only one who make it is the girl and her mother and her twin brother couldn’t make it. The grandpa and the grandma came and they already know what is happening. The grandpa “Koro” wants a baby to be a new leader to his town. He is not happy and doesn’t know what to do. Because of the deaths of his son and wife, Porourangi leaves the country and the girl is taken by the grandparents....   [tags: Family, Grandparent]

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Childhood Memories - Original Writing

- "Aren 't you going to come out from in there?" a clear voice rang suddenly. She stumbled into a narrow entrance lit by bamboo framed oil lamps to discover its origin. It came from a tall green headdress with pretty purple patterns which housed a face whose warm smile and laughing eyes were full of such strong love that she had only previously known in her grandfather. The kind that made you feel enough in just being - effortlessly accepted. Physical discomfort instantly gone, the preceding episode also evaporated from her mind....   [tags: Family, Grandparent]

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Proper Bluebook Citation : Common Law

- ... 624, 20 P.3d 205 (2001). Facts: Erik Jenson (Appellant) and Lynn Ring (deceased) were involved in a relationship and lived together after the birth of their child. Mother and child then moved in with the maternal grandmother, Maria Ring (Respondent) before ending the relationship. Child spent alternative weeks with each parent. During the mother’s week, the grandmother would care for the child during the day. The mother was murdered when the child was four, at which time the child lived with the father exclusively....   [tags: Family, Parent, Grandparent, Law]

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The Importance Of Social Support And Older Adults

- Throughout chapters there are always different themes they discuss. In chapter 9 of the text book titled “The Importance of Social Supports: Family, Friends, Neighbors and Communities they discussed about how many older adults are lonely and isolated from their family and friends. It is important for elders to have some type of social support system that is why it is crucial for them to have positive relationships with people. Studies have found ta older adults with little social support were 3.6 times more likely to die within the next five years....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Household, Sociology]

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My Grandma As A Preschool Teacher Aid At West Fork Elementary

- When people get asked who you look up to I think everybody always has that one person in mind. I actually think of two people, my grandparents. My grandparent’s names are Edward and Lorena Gaffney. Edward, my grandpa used to work for Cerro Gordo County as a secondary road worker but now is retired. Lorena, my grandma is a preschool teacher aid at West Fork Elementary in Rockwell, Iowa. They live on an acreage in Swaledale, Iowa which is a small town of 164 people. My grandparents had four kids, Terra, who is my mother, Sarah, Angela and Benjamin....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Grader, Mother]

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The Mulberry Child Nainai, The Grandmother Of Jian And Mother 's Life

- ... When someone thinks of a grandmother they think about someone who has been around for a while and knows life pretty well. They also know about the past and how things were when they were younger. When it comes to their relationship with their grandchildren they are loving, caring, and they tend to spoil them a little bit. Jian’s grandmother does many things that people would consider things a grandma would do in The Mulberry Child. Nainai both cooks and shows Jian how to cook some older traditional Chinese dishes....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Time]

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Childhood Memories : My Childhood Home

- When reminiscing about my childhood a home is hard to recall. It seemed common for others to have a place called home. Moving from house to house was not the problem, but the empty feeling. Home to me was my grandparent’s house. I spent nearly all of my childhood there. My grandparents bought the one story house with two bedrooms in the early seventies. From the spacious bedroom, to the kitchen with endless possibilities and the way I spent my time this house defined my character. After adopting my mom my grandparents realized more space was needed....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Bed, Bedroom]

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My Family Was Stolen Right Out Of Their Home

- ... We then realized that it had to be someone close to the family or someone that knew a lot about our family because they knew how to get into the house, where the safe was, and that my grandparents were out of town. My parents still tell about them all looking around and deciding who was going to call and tell my grandparents the dreaded news. My dad was unanimously elected to make the phone call. He said that he just called and started the conversation our normally and lightly broke the news to my Pop paw....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Father, Mother]

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Birth Order And Its Effect On Children

- ... First, I take the positions of the only child of the family. I have sisters and brothers, but was never raised with any of them. As the only child in the home I was spoiled rotten and was not too keen on sharing much of anything. You can imagine going to kindergarten and learning I had to share. I remember this quite well because it was a traumatic experience for a five year old. The older I got, the more entitled and selfish I became. I can look back on it now as see how I acted, but during that time I actually felt that way. According to Corey, “Often, the only child is pampered by her parents and may become dependently tied to one or both of them” (2013, p....   [tags: Family, Parent, Mother, Grandparent]

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My Dad And Uncle David

- ... When evaluating the absence of a strong relationship between my mother’s siblings, it is important to consider geographical location. My grandparents shortly lived all over the country and world, but resided in Connecticut due to my grandfather’s job. They have always encouraged their children to travel and as a result I have family residing all around the nation. My Uncle David and his family recently moved from Texas to California, while my Uncle Stephen and his family live in Washington. After graduating college in Florida, my mother lived most of her life there but returned to Connecticut after my parent’s divorce....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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The Work Of Erin Ashley Mclendon

- Erin Ashley McLendon was born in July 1993; in Warner Robins, Georgia. She was placed for adoption at birth; and adopted by the Pamela and James McLendon. Her heritage will be broken up into three sections: her birth parents (whom names will not be mentioned for privacy); her adoptive mother (Pamela Haines); and her adoptive father (James McLendon). Majority of the information was recently discovered. All information in this paper was received by grandparents, adoption papers, and Ancestry. Due to Erin McLendon being placed for adoption at birth; the only heritage known is from birth records....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Adoption, Mother]

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Family Is The First Form Of Socialization

- ... My grandfather (Gramps) was able to obtain his associates degree in plant engineering. Later working for a company in rubber town which is still around to this day, but under a different name. My grandmother (Granny) obtained her associates degree in business and bounced around the business world. Gramps was not only making a good pay check as an engineer high in a company, but my grandparents also played the stock market and won. Economically speaking they are well off. They lived in decent area of town where their two children were able to gain a good education in the public school system....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Great Depression]

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Personal Narrative : My Mother And I Took A 2 Week Trip

- ... I put on my favorite blue knit cardigan and my brand new white shoes. We headed out after Grandpa, Mom, and I got a quick bite to eat. Before we could actually start the hike, my grandpa had to jump onto his donkey, which was always stationed beneath an oak tree beside his home. He’s had this donkey for many years and it was basically his car. He used it to go anywhere and everywhere. He’s an old man and he can’t walk a couple meters far less, hike 6 miles by foot. On the other hand, my mom and I could....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Hiking, Water]

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Changes And Changes Within My Family

- ... Similarities vs. Differences: In many ways I am similar to my parents and grandparents, but in other ways I am different. One of the main similarities between my family and I is probably our attitudes towards life. Both my parents and my grandparents taught me the importance of staying positive, even in negative situations. Everyone goes through rough patches in life, and that philosophy that my family taught me has helped me get through lots of bad times in my life. Also even though my family has background in being Catholic, even my traditional, old fashion grandmas have taught me to be open to other people’s differences....   [tags: Family, Sociology, Grandparent, Difference]

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Cultural One 's Awareness Of The Effect Of Culture On An Individual

- Cultural Genogram Cultural genograms are useful in expanding one’s awareness of the effects of culture on an individual. In turn, this can aid in understanding how other people are a product of his or her culture as well. Cultural genograms are a beneficial tool in providing culturally competent care in nursing. It is essential to remember that there is not an individual culture that is considered to be correct or the standard, but that every culture has a unique view on practices in life. Being culturally sensitive is a critical element in providing culturally competent care....   [tags: Family, Culture, Grandparent]

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Act Like Nothing Is Wrong And Go About Their Workplace

- to act like nothing is wrong and go about their business like usual. The males often tend to keep their emotions inside, not letting their significant other see that they are sad as to not upset them any more than they already are. Many spouses develop separation anxiety, fearing that if they leave their wife or husband that something will happen. Sometimes, it is too much for the spouse to see them when they are put into hospice, so the spouse says their final goodbye once they see that the other is comfortable and at ease in hospice....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Emotion]

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Descriptive Essay : ' The Big City '

- ... And each morning Grandma 's copper tea kettle whistled a cheery "good morning" song, mirroring the joy I felt surrounded by so much love. During our visit, we still had rules. Grandma cooked, but the "four J 's" took turns clearing the table and washing and drying the dishes. We made our beds, gathered eggs, helped weed and harvest the garden, and kept our belongings tidy. None of it seemed like work, though. Grandma and Grandpa showed great interest in us, inquiring about our lives, our likes and dislikes as well as our hobbies....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Stepfamily, Sibling]

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The Family Of Origin Of Evan Ramirez

- A Profile of the Family of Origin of Evan Ramirez I am a second-generation American with both my paternal and maternal sides of my family originating from the Philippines but immigrating to the United States at different times. Synthesizing information from Family Life Now, by Kelly J. Welsh, this paper will attempt to describe my family of origin and analyze how it has influenced my social and moral development to this day. Family of Origin A “Family of Origin” is defined as: “the family in which we are born or brought into by adoption… and socialized to adhere to the customs and norms of the culture in which we live” (Welsh, 2012)....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Father]

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My First Visited At A Young Age

- ... When I was young I would venture into my grandfather’s office, which has a workshop attached to it, this became the art studio where I would create amateur works of art for my grandmother. During the day I would read to my grandparents and meet their friends. With my grandfather I made doll houses, played golf, and even went fishing for sharks. One of my strongest memories is of my grandfather and me going fishing. We took our poles out to the ocean where Grandpa caught a baby shark and shortly thereafter a mother shark bit onto my line....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Golf]

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Personal Narrative : My Grandmother 's Visit

- ... The agreement was that I would spend five days with Voi and two days on the weekend with my grandparents. The reason being was because my grandparents worked tirelessly during the week to feed the family and only had days off on the weekend. Taking care of a child that’s not yours is a tough job, so my grandparents agreed to pay Voi for her services. Voi and her husband only had one son, so their family welcomed the idea of having a daughter. As far as I can remember, I had a jubilant childhood....   [tags: Family, Mother, Grandparent, Walking]

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Graduation Speech : School And Science Fair

- ... Some kids didn’t like me because I was very fortunate, I went shopping in New York twice a month every month, I was always wearing the newest kicks; they felt like I was a greedy little rich girl but once they got to know me I was the cool and funny girl with the blue eyes. I was always timid and quiet but I was friends with every other after a few days; now I am a very outgoing, social, and adventurous person that everyone knows. Ever since I was about 10, I would always help my younger sibling with their homework and I would also translate and speak for my grandparents as they do the first generations of their family to come to America from Puerto Rico, only know Spanish....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, High school]

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Family Origin And Specific Ancestors

- For this exercise we were asked to trace our family origin to specific ancestors as far back as we could. I am very fortunate to have all of my grandparents still living and who were able to tell me a little bit about their parents and grandparents. An interesting part of my heritage is that my own father was adopted from a German orphanage. Unfortunately, the only information that is known about his biological family is that they were from Germany. Most of the focus of my ancestry had to come from my maternal grandparents and what they shared with me....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father]

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My Life As A Kid

- ... I had a very robust family, my grandparents had ten girls, and one boy, Peggy, was the oldest of the girls, she was my aunt that was very stringent, next is my aunt Alice, she was born with Down Syndrome, as the first grandchild, she really took to me, sometimes she could be estrange, next was my mom, the third oldest , I really loved my mom she was impeccable, she expired in 2013, do to lung cancer, she was always so euphoric, and so cohesive, to her family, I miss her so much, I was despondent, to how I would live without her, it’s been a detriment, to me, but it has made me very scrupulous to life....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Love]

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The Physical Features Of My Environment

- Every person has their own cultural background history and it is what makes them who they are. For instance, I grew up in a fairly large city. I first lived in Surprise, Arizona and lived in a pretty nice neighborhood until I was five years old. Then I moved to Glendale, Arizona and there I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood, but not as classy as Surprise. I liked the neighborhood I grew up in my neighbors were friendly and I had many friends that lived nearby. It was also great because my grandparents lived right around the corner so I got to see them fairly often....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Parent, Father]

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The Country Of The Countryside And Quality Time With My Grandma

- As a child, I remember many vivid stories that were told by my grandmother. These stories are usually fascinating, funny or sometimes scary. Similarly to other countries, Haiti is divided in different areas: the countryside and the city. The countryside being more peaceful, quiet with beautiful and big farms, a great scenery and local individuals who make tourists feel welcome. As a child, I really enjoyed going there because of the tranquility, the seafood, the ocean and quality time with my grandma....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Haiti, Tell]

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Analysis Of Joan Didion 's ' The Great Gatsby '

- California did not only promise prosperity for those who came searching during the Gold Rush in the 1800s nor did it simply provide security for those who fled the Great Plains to escape the Dust Bowl in the Dirty Thirties, but it offered a fresh start to those who were ambitious enough to arrive decades, centuries after; for ones who craved the California Dream just because they desired more. As Joan Didion, author of memoir Where I Was From, stated, “They did not come west for homes and security, but for adventure and money.” (23)....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Sibling, Plaster]

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Edmund Kemper 's The Co Ed Killer

- “The Co-Ed Killer” This is a bio about a man name Edmund Kemper who would go from just a killer to a stone cold serial killer. Edmund Kemper was born on December 18, 1948 in Burbank, California. He was the middle child of E.E. and Clarnell Kemper. When Edmund parents’ divorce in 1957, Edmund moved in with his mother and two sisters in Montana. Edmund mother was an alcoholic, which made their relationship difficult. When Edmund was just ten years’ old, his mother made him move into the basement because she feared that he might do harm to his sisters....   [tags: Murder, Family, Grandparent, 1973]

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The Effects Of Child Violence On Children

- ... I believed disallowing child J to do things himself hinders his development so I, therefore, challenged the grandfather. However, by doing this in a way which demonstrated an understanding of their concern, whilst also explained the importance of promoting the child’s independence, I ensured the working relationship was maintained. Initial Response When I answered the telephone I was unaware of who was calling as the reception had transferred the call, without finding out their identity. I felt slightly flustered when I answered as I was on way my out....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Negative feedback]

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The Experience Of The Florida House

- ... I thought of the drive as an adventure to the unknown and pretended I was a princess being chauffeured to her Magical Castle. Upon arrival, all I remember seeing is: crystal blue water, looming palm trees overhead, cloudless sky, and my grandparents’ smiling faces. Because the blacktop was scorching hot on my feet, I ran faster into my grandma’s arms as it had been over a year that I saw her last. We were walking to the beach, we had to walk through a huge tunnel that goes underneath the bridge....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Chair, Sand]

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Personal Relationships And Family Relationships

- While collecting research, I mainly asked my parents’ for information pertaining to relatives. I do not live close enough to. The patterns running in the family were not surprising as I have already known most of it. The extroversion persons in the family were somewhat surprising as my aunt and uncle whom I suspected to be introverted were actually extroverted. Surprisingly, my family members were acceptable to answering questions which might have been a little private. Most times, they agreed to the patterns discovered, but did not add any insight to any additional patterns once I explained the project....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Father, Mother]

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Why Did I Never Happened?

- ... She covered her face and sobbed. She was shuddering. “I understand…”, dad replied and buried his face into Joey’s laps. It was awkward, at the airport, to see such a scene. Joey had never, in her whole life, been spending time with her biological father alone except when she was still in her mother’s womb. This man who should be called Father was so distant to her. The young Joey did not understand why suddenly her mother chose to have her move to Nanning and lived in her father’s family. She did not know why was having a good relationship with her father important to her....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Grandparent]

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Short Story : ' Grandma 's House '

- Grandpa’s House The bell had rung announcing the end of the day in a high pitched shrill. Children were released from the school building. I was one that was forced to wait to walk home, but now it was my turn to stampede out the door. My grandparents lived a little over a block from the school, and since my dad worked up in Mason, and couldn’t come and pick me up from school, I walked. Some days, though, I raced things. Today was one of those days. I felt the dirt that layered the concrete grind underneath my tennis shoes....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Rooms, Walking]

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The Social Worker : Alternative Patterns Of Communication

- ... While a young child named Stephen died as a baby, my grandparents raised their surviving 8 children with strong Catholic family values. Before I was born, my Aunt Linda married a man named Raj, whom I have never met. While they have since divorced, their emotional relationship as depicted in the genogram is distant-hostile. This was an interracial marriage and Raj was not a Christian. Two older aunts, Fran and Yvonne were not accepting of this marriage due to his background, and would protest family events that Linda and Raj were attending and would refer to them using derogatory slurs....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Cousin]

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My Experience At My Life

- ... “Told ya,” I said while she gave me a dirty look. My mom sat back down facing the mirror with her back to me and she started putting rollers in her hair. I sat at the other end of the bathroom, and I started putting on my make-up. “Ashley,” my mom said faintly with a lifeless stare on her face. I turned my head quickly, and she was standing up facing me while holding a steaming hot roller in her hand. She was staring at me like she had just seen a ghost. “Mom…. Are you okay?” I asked with a panic as I stood up....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Bathtub, Bathroom]

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My Autobiography : My Family 's Culture

- My Autobiography: Examining my Family’s Culture Family has a huge impact one how we view the world. My family’s traditions and views have been passed down to me and it is one that I will pass down to my children. The impact and the importance placed on these traditions and views are embedded into the psyche, almost as soon as birth. However, some of us make new traditions and put away with the old, while some individuals, who view family as the main importance in one’s life, will keep the traditions and views place by the family....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage, Heaven]

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Summary Of ' The Glass Castle '

- ... It remained this way for about four years. Next comes a time I wish no one has to live for. We have a lot of strong people out there in this world that have been shaped by events like these. After about four years of living with my grandparents, my mother met another guy she really liked, he had a well paying job and some college in his. He had played on Sandusky’s high school baseball team and was offered a place in the Cleveland Indians, He declined them for an unknown reason. We moved in with him and for the first few days it seemed okay, he was a little awkward when I was around but for the most part it wasn’t bad....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, The Glass Castle]

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My Client Is A Young Lady

- My client is a young lady age thirteen going to eighth grade. She is her mother’s only child; however, she has siblings on her dad side. She attends a non-denomination church. She is in the orchestra at school, usher at church, and prior praise dancer until she fractured her foot. She was in STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic, magnet program in elementary and SIDI, STEM Institute of Design and Innovation magnet program in middle school. She is experiencing loneliness, boredom, and feeling unloved....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Father, Mother]

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A Good Memory That Never Fades

- ... Looking back now, the monster was merely a piece of farming machinery, a large, red tractor to be exact. Going into the driveway you could see raspberry bushes galore along the edges of the property. Once ripe you could pick buckets of them; Nana would make her famous raspberry jelly and jam, and send us home with jars of it. Then, that was when you saw it, the small, tan painted cabin that had been in my family since my mother was a little girl, and held so many memories already. The next thing your eyes would drift to would be the old, frightening looking, tin camper I heard so many stories about....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Thing, Raspberry]

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