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Graduation Speech: Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

- I have been chosen today to come before you and give some words of encouragement to the graduating class because I am seen as an example of one who has succeeded in school. And yet, I am by no means the only person in our class who has succeeded. Woody Allen once said, “Success is 80 percent showing up” and since all of you have shown up here today and at school for the last 12 years, you all are most of the way there. So what makes up the remaining 20 percent. Not getting all As on your tests, or going to state or winning first prize in a contest....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Standing at the Edge of a New Frontier

- As we gather here today, in the seeming twilight of our too-short times together, we embrace the moment, then set sail upon our separate journeys that will take us to fabulous places presently unknown. Securely anchored in the memory of our past experiences together, we depart cautiously, anxiously from the calm harbor of our present, and set sail with uncertainty toward the distant horizon of our futures. Where this journey will take us, and whether our paths will ever cross again, no one can know for certain....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: We are Blessed to Live in the USA

- Dear fellow students, faculty, friends, and family, My name is Sam Myers and I'm from Albania. Coming here was a great experience for me. I grew up in a poor country where the chances to get a good education were extremely limited. I went to schools with broken windows, and did homework by candlelight because we had no power. I was raised in a simple family by parents who loved me dearly, cared for me, and taught me life values that I carry with me. I wish they were here today. My parents had no educational background and could barely read or write....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Is County High the Best School in America?

- Good evening students, faculty, staff, family, and friends. I was NOT surprised to see County High School missing from Newsweek's list of the Top 100 High Schools in America for 2012. The magazine based their ranking on Advanced Placement scores and Ivy League acceptances. In the accompanying article on high school life, the journalist attempted to find the real worth of a high school education. Certainly, the excruciatingly painful 3-hour-long tests cannot sum up an entire four years of experience as a high school student....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: It's All About the Lives We Touch

- To be honest, I felt daunted by the task of attempting to sum up "the future"; and, what few key points could I focus on that everyone could relate to and take interest in. After a few weeks of thinking about it, the answer struck me—absolutely nothing. With that in mind, the task became easier, for I no longer aimed to impress but to advise, no longer to appease but to guide. The final result was much more personal and thoughtful than I had ever intended. I asked around to my friends, "When you think of the future, what one word pops into your mind first?" One practical senior replied "technology." He is, of course, quite right....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: I Was a Thrift Store Kid

- I grew up a thrift store kid. We took trips in a beat up station wagon, but I went to school in Shallow Creek. I was considered a little different. We are all different. Later we will find that we are all the same. It will not matter later in life who we were friends with or what clubs we belonged to. It will not matter what our grades were, or what kind of clothes we wore. It will not matter what kind of cars our parents drove. It will not matter what our dreams were, but what dreams we accomplish....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Show the World Your True Self

- There was a time when I dreaded going to high school. During the weeks before I started my freshman year, all I could picture were mazes of hallways and classrooms, unfamiliar faces of students and teachers, and upperclassmen who loved to torture frightened freshmen. Fortunately, my visions were exaggerated. I soon got into the swing of things in high school. I figured out which teachers really did give you detention if you were late to class, which classmates were safe and those I didn't want as my lab partners....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: May You Have Joy and Sorrow

- I would like to begin my speech with these beautiful words of wisdom: "Not enjoyment and not sorrow is our destined end or way but to act that each tomorrow brings us farther than today." Did you hear that. "Not enjoyment and not sorrow is our destined end or way, but to act that each tomorrow brings us farther than today." What, do you all have hearts of stone. Where are the tears. Don't you see it even rhymes. Way-today, today-way, see that. I guess I sound a little too bitter about this don't I....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: I Am Crowd Member No. 5

- Well, my fellow graduates, this is really it. We are all probably feeling mixed emotions right now. Some feeling sweet relief that it is finally done, over, and finished. Maybe a twinge of sadness and nostalgia because pretty much all you have known for a good majority of your life has come to an end. I am sure by now we have all heard that question, "What are you going to do after high school?" Some of you do have definite plans and know exactly what you are going to be doing. But, if you are anything like me, you have probably rolled quite a few things around in your head and you have a pretty good idea of what you might do....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Christ is Still the Only Way

- For the last 18 years or so, we have been influenced and directed by parents, teachers, and other authority figures. We have been told when to get up, when to work, when to play, when to eat, sleep, come home, go out, etc., etc., etc. Now we are moving on. As we do, let me remind you of two principles we have been taught, the principle of freedom and the principle of success. As adults, a whole new world of personal freedom awaits us. Freedom is a wonderful gift. It is similar to a coin with two sides....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Measure Your Success by Your Relationships

- Raoul Wallenberg, a man who saved thousands from the horrors of the Holocaust, told the story of a Rabbi and the lesson that he taught to his young learners. The Rabbi asked the young boys the following question: When is it that night turns into day. One boy offered that perhaps it was when he was on his way home from a friend's house, and he could see the sun coming up over the top of his house in the distance. The Rabbi kindly replied that no, that was not it. Another boy suggested that perhaps it was when he was in the forest, and he could see the sun coming through the tops of the trees above him....   [tags: Free Graduation Speech]

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Graduation Speech: God Has a Plan for You

- In "Surprised By Joy," C.S. Lewis tells of a mistake that he had observed regarding joy or what he calls "thrills." Lewis realized that what he had first thought to be joy, was actually not joy at all because it began to fade away. He had assumed that he was seeking after the "thrill" itself. He says, "And there lies the deadly error. Only when your whole attention and desire are fixed on something else ... does the 'thrill' arise. It is a by-product. Its very existence presupposes that you desire not it but something other and outer." He realized that when he focused his attention on obtaining the "thrill" of joy, that he was actually focused on himself....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: I Am Stronger in the Lord

- As I come to this place in my life I cannot help but think about Lincoln's Farewell Address at Springfield. In many ways it parallels my feelings in graduating from Gilmore Christian School. This is from President Lincoln's address written Feb. 11, 1861: "No one, not in my situation, can appreciate my feelings of sadness at this parting. To this place, and the kindness of these people, I owe everything. Here I have lived a quarter of a century, and have passed from young to an old man. Here my children have been born and one is buried....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Give as You Have Never Received.

- As we look back on our past we inevitably lose sight of our future, yet as we gaze into the future it seems so difficult to enjoy the present. Some say that we should live for the moment but they're so commonly the ones always whining about the unforeseen. Other say to live for a purpose, they seem inevitably to mean that you should neglect what's truly important in life in the name of money, power and fame. Uncle Sam says to live for your country, but that seems so commonly synonymous with dying for it, and if you do, you are a hero in my eyes....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Use Your Strengths to Help Others

- Wow. 12 years of hard work, 12 years of perseverance, 12 years of dedication. A great king once said, "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel." We each have mentors in our life who give us this counsel. What we choose to do with it determines if we are considered foolish or wise. Naturally, we tend to think we are always right, and even on the occasions when we are right, there is always something to learn from a second opinion. Take just a second to think back over the last 18 years of your life....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Tonight We Cross the Finish Line

- Congratulations, County High Class of 2012, our thirteen-year marathon is over. Some of you may know I am a distance runner, part of an immensely successful cross-country and distance track program. We were fourth at the state cross-country championships, and we are the best senior boys team in the state. My involvement in athletics truly linked me with our school and granted me friends whom I will remember for a lifetime. One of the most important aspects of my time in high school was getting involved....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: God has Blessed Us Richly

- As springtime fades to summer and my years in high school draw to a final end, I have often felt within me a gentle beckoning to moments of quiet and thoughtful repose. Here memories of times long past, of friends new and old, of dreams born and forgotten, of affections kindled and discarded so deluge my mind that I am thoroughly overwhelmed by their sweetness so curiously mingled with their sorrow. Then often I turn to gaze pensively at the future, clouded and unsure, yet gloriously bright with hope and expectation....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Nothing is Accomplished Without Risk

- I would like to begin by saying that I am honored to be able to stand before you tonight as a representative of my class, a great class, the class of 2012. I remember starting kindergarten and looking at high school with such awe. It was almost a dream. Each year I took a step closer, but it always seemed so far away. And yet tonight, I stand up here representing the realization of that dream. We have done it. No, really, think about it for a second, we have achieved the biggest, most anticipated event of our lives....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: We Are First Nations Peoples

- I am honored to stand and speak to you this evening. I am very proud to be a part of the first graduating class for the Gaylord Heritage school. We thank the staff at the Heritage school, the Gaylord Tribes, our families and our community. I thought about what I would say for a long time and than I remembered what my grandparents taught me about life. My grandparents and family talked to me about education. My dad told me a story about an elder who was very proud of his new toolbox filled with tools....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Reach for What You Want

- Life is a big store, a market. Now, before you tune out, let me explain this strange analogy. You'll get what I'm saying What do people do in life. They do what they want to do. They spend life trying to get what they want. Whether that's possessions, wisdom, fame, fortune or simply survival, people everywhere right now are living life getting what they want. You're probably thinking: Hey, what about those people that spend their lives serving others or serving God. Think about it some more. Let's say that a guy wants salvation, he's going to spend his life attaining salvation....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Sit Down and Shut Up

- Hi everyone, and congratulations to all the seniors for successfully completing the first phase of your life. We are all now independent and must look to the future. Everyone will go their separate ways, whether that be attending college, getting a job or traveling the world. While the members of our senior class may be taking drastically different paths, one goal is common to us all. That goal is to achieve success. There is not a person graduating today who does not want to succeed in the rest of their life, at least I hope not....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: I'm Ready for High School

- Wow, three years have passed and the last day is just as long as the first. Three years of hard discipline and learning to get used to homework every night. Three years of standing on the front steps waiting for my parents and saying goodbye to my teachers. I never thought the goodbye might be permanent. 6th grade came and I was looking up at those giant 8th graders, and now I guess I’m one of them. 6th grade, and I was saying hello, and now 8th grade has come and it’s gone from introductions to goodbyes as my last days as a middle school student wind down....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: I Will Miss You All!

- It's only been two years here, and I have grown to love this school. It's funny because when my dad told me about Tates Creek High School (TC) I begged him not to make me go there. It just didn't sound interesting. I felt like I wouldn't belong and I figured that I wouldn't get along with any of the teachers, but boy was I wrong. I never thought that TC would have changed me, and get my life back on track. First of all, everyone is always complaining about the uniforms, but I love them. All I have to do is throw it on in the morning....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Celebrate Your Unique Qualities

- Welcome to all of you who have come to share this special evening with us. My name is John and I am a member of the graduating class of 2012. Standing here tonight is a surprise to me and to many who knew me. At one point, after making some mistakes and losing my sense of self, I dropped out of school. With my parents’ urging me, I enrolled at Alternative High School. I came to this school with the hope that I’d graduate on time. I knew that I would have to change, so I set goals to achieve perfection and I achieved it....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Make Your Own Rules

- Good evening my name is Ben Rood I would like to share with you something that Michael Konda once said: "The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you're playing by somebody else's rules, while quietly playing by your own." I couldn't agree more. I am standing here today because for the last four years I have unknowingly followed this advice. It started my freshman year when I was in the right place at the right time. Due to the overcrowding here at AHS the Microsoft Windows NT class was changed to an after-school class....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: We Must Give Back!

- When I was asked to be your commencement speaker I figured it was my responsibility to say something so significant that it would help you make sense of what you have experienced over the last two years. I figured that I should answer one of life's great mysteries that you may have been confused about. And I am prepared to do that today. The question is, we have been dealing with them, writing papers about them, but what in the world are these Learning Outcomes anyway. And why have you made us study them....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: God, Grant Me Wisdom

- The year is 2038. I, Bob Millings, am a retired multi-millionare relaxing on the porch of my beach house on the Northshore of Oahu in the Hawaii Islands. Having already earned my millions from selling the hundreds of Ichiro cards that I amassed throughout the past 20 years, I have nothing else better to do than lay on my beach chair and soak up the rays. Suddenly a flock of seagulls (yes, seagulls fly in flocks) crosses my line of vision, and a tear comes to my eye. Oh, how that magnificent bird reminds me of the best four years of my life at County High School, the home of the Seagulls....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Go Create New Memories

- I was puzzled and wasn't sure what to talk about tonight. I had to prepare this speech ahead of time and turn it in for approval. I much prefer doing things spontaneously, using all the skills I have developed over the years, you know, sorta letting people (being the teachers and parents) know that we really were listening. It's much more fun interacting with other people, watching their reactions, and playing along with them. But, I had to do the right thing, So while I was contemplating my topic, it came to me - this is what I want you to take with you as we depart the Bryan Station School District and move on into life....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: May You Have Enough

- Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968. Mother Theresa 1910-1997. Albert Einstein 1879-1955. All of these people are not remembered for their birth or death dates, but rather what they did with their dash. The dash that goes between their birth and death dates on their headstones. The dash that says what a person has accomplished in their life. The dash that takes up so little space, but holds so much meaning. What will you do with your dash. Will your dash be one of accomplishment, of success, of compassion, of love, of happiness....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Take Off Your Masks

- What an honor to be standing here tonight as a representative of the Class of 2012. It's truly remarkable. We have all worked very hard to complete this part of our journey. I want to thank my kids Laddie, and Mate. And especially Ron, my loving companion. Without the support of our families, friends, fellow-classmates, instructors and staff, we wouldn't have made it this far. Let's show 'em our appreciation. These three certificates I'm receiving tonight represent a lot more to me than achievement of success....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Our Next Big Climb

- Class of 2012, we've finally made it, but not without the help of our parents, teachers and mentors along the way. Maybe what they did for us was that they were a good rudder and we're the ship, and they got us to the sea where we remember who we are. Because we all get in that fog, where we forget who we are or what we're about, we get overwhelmed. I mean I've been there plenty of times in my life. But we're not going to remember most of our lives until the end. But we will remember certain moments....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Dedicated to Our Soldier-Parents

- Eighteen years ago 134 young souls breathed life for the first time. We all have come from different places with no way of knowing that one day we would all end up being on the same stage together. Unlike most of the Class of 2012 in the States none of us here went to elementary school together, or middle school, or even all of high school. We come from a very different life experience than most. Most of us have never been the same place for more than a few years. That's only one of the many differences we have with our peers stateside....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: I Can Do Anything

- I needed a change. I was bored at my old school. I was working hard, but I was bored. I had been with the same kids and teachers since I was five years old. I don't really remember why I chose to come to Tates Creek (TC), but I had heard about it because our French class had pen pals here. My mom and I looked into the school and decided it would be a good fit for me. TC looked like a great school. Coming to TC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now, I like coming to school. I use to hate having to go to class and get lectured all day....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gate´s Commencement Speeches at Harvard

- The commencement ceremony encourages each student’s search for knowledge. It often includes a speech which seeks to put their recent hard work into the context of their future. Oprah Winfrey’s Harvard commencement speech and Bill Gates’s Harvard commencement speech both give Harvard graduates important advice for the future. While there are differences between Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gate’s commencement speeches at Harvard, they both agree that students should find a purposeful cause in their lives and find the solution....   [tags: College, Advice]

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Speeches Benedick vs. Don John in Movie, Much Ado About Nothing

- Comparing the speech of Don John and Benedick is very stiff, because both of the characters in the movie called “Much Ado about nothing “have their own qualities and motivations. Don John who is referred as “the bastard,” also known as the villain who wants to achieve the rights he deserves and revenge towards his beloved brother Don Pedro. Benedick the one funny, young and locked into a love- hate relationship with Beatrice who took an oath that he will always stay a bachelor and never going to marry anyone including Beatrice, but Beatrice is actually the true reason he gave this speech proud and loudly....   [tags: motivation, influence, revenge]

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Impactful Speeches Given by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama

- Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama have both showed to be great and true leaders in their own time. They've had similar burdens and benefits, with the lives of Americans sitting on their shoulders. They both wanted to make America a greater nation and more. Roosevelt and Obama needed to reassure Americans and have the faith of Americans, and what better way to do that than speeches. On January 6, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered an impactful speech to Congress that greatly changed this nation....   [tags: freedom, leaders, connection]

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Rhetorical Analysis of Speeches in to Kill a Mockingbird, Battle of Falkirk, and Brave Heart

- We should study spoken language as it is truly unique and we can see the effect and beauty of spoken language in works of great orators and writers. Spoken language is truly an art, which involves many techniques to perfect and master it. One of the techniques is rhetoric. Rhetoric is the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing. The ancient Greeks first developed public speaking. Under Roman, influence public speaking developed further. This was heavily under the influence of Cicero and Aristotle....   [tags: Essay on Rhetoric]

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Indigenous Speeches: Exploration of the Mabo Case, Stolen Generation and Reconciliation

- Exploration of the Mabo Case, Stolen Generation and Reconciliation Both Keating’s and Rudd’s speeches are firmly based on the ideas of recognition and reconciliation for the wrongs that European settlers, and their decedents, have inflicted on Indigenous Australians. To explore this idea I believe that it is necessary to take a closer look at both the plight of Eddie Mabo and the stories of the Stolen Generation. The Mabo Case Eddie Mabo is widely known for his plight to regain land rights for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people....   [tags: european settlers, stolen generation ]

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My Graduation

- Stepping upon a simple stage was the best thing I could have ever done. Overseeing the multitude that was there to witness my every word, every tremble, every emotion, and every heart beat, was then that I realized that the sentiment was real. It was essentially the end of time and I could not bear to hold back what I no intentions of doing. Cry. Tears of joy darted down my face as I walked across the stage and received my ultimate gift. With fancy inscription, my gift was entitled “Class of 2009”....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Essay About Myself]

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No Community Hours for High School Graduation

- Imagine a typical teen, they have a job, homework, sports, and other extracurriculars. They don’t get home till late at night and they are exhausted. This teen can take much more and thankfully they are about to graduate, but wait the school wants them to fit in one hundred of community service into that schedule in order to graduate. How on earth is this busey teen suppose to do that with all that they have going on. Students should not have to do one hundred hours of community service to graduate high school....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Community Service Should NOT Be Required for Graduation

- Community service is a common service for people to take care of each other and volunteer. People apply to different community services: soup kitchen, taking care of children and homeless people, clinics, churches, schools, neighbor's house and many countless places to volunteer. Some people really enjoy to work at community services while others do not. These community services can be a punishment for criminals because a court assigns them to do so. However, some people do not agree with community service supporters....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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Discovering Obstacles Hindering College Graduation

- Introduction: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, of the students seeking a bachelor's degree at a four-year university, on average, only 59% of them graduate within six years. It is unfortunate to note that even with the extra two years, students still struggle to persist through graduation, due to numerous hindering factors. Hence, the issue of college success now lies within the central realm of scholarly research, with numerous scholars applying previously known psychological theories to education, including Kurt Lewin’s force-field analysis model, Abraham Maslow’s need reduction theory for motivation, and the self-efficacy and attribution theories....   [tags: motivation, needs, self-efficacy]

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Black Athletes' Graduation Rates Weak

- Major collegiate athletics programs are able to generate millions of dollars for their institutions, but are not able to show any evidence of successfully graduating their black male athletes that contribute to their success in generating those millions of dollars. These universities in turn, are failing these student athletes whom were promised that they would nurture them intellectually as well as athletically. A four year report published by the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education presents statistics that shows that the six major sports conferences in the NCAA (ACC, Big Ten, Big East, Big 12, SEC, Pac 12) have weak graduation rates for male African American Student...   [tags: college athletes, african american students]

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Henry's Speeches in William Shakespeare's Henry V

- Henry's Speeches in William Shakespeare's Henry V I will be writing about how Henry V wins the hearts of his men. Using, five main speeches that Henry V makes. I think that Henry won the hearts of his men by persuasion. Beforehand, I would like to apologize because I may talk about what ‘Henry’ says but I truly know this is what Shakespeare wrote. In the first speech the Dauphin presented Henry V with a set of tennis balls as a joke and insult....   [tags: Papers Henry V 5 Shakespeare Essays]

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Choruses – what is the importance of these speeches in Dr. Faustus?

- Choruses – what is the importance of these speeches in Dr. Faustus. The essential function of the chorus speeches are as a commentary, an omnipotent voice which observes Faustus’s actions, clarifies his character and by foreseeing his change in fortunes, heightens the anticipation of the audience. Also, rather like dressing Mephastoples in a Friar costume, the chorus speeches are a practical device used by Marlowe to communicate aspects of the play which are simply impossible to perform on stage....   [tags: English Literature]

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Comparing Speeches in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- Comparing Speeches in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar In my essay I am going to compare two very important speeches in Shakespeare's famous play 'Julius Caesar'. They are two argumentative speeches from two parties. Antony, who is one of Caesars most beloved and trusted friends, and Brutus and his group of Conspirators, who assassinated Julius Caesar to claim the throne. Both of the speeches are spoken in public at the same time and place, giving each of their different views....   [tags: Papers]

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Making Funeral Speeches More Dramatic in Julius Caesar

- Making Funeral Speeches More Dramatic in Julius Caesar As every schoolboy knows, Shakespeare’s play of Julius Caesar isn’t a play based on reality but is a play about ‘Was Brutus right to kill his beloved Caesar?’ Therefore, the funeral speeches were written to allow Brutus a chance to prove that he was right to kill Julius Caesar whereas it also gives Antony the opportunity to convince the Plebeians how it was wrong to assassinate Julius Caesar. For these speeches to become livelier and not dull, this scene will be changed into a thrilling play for the spectators to watch and enjoy....   [tags: William Shakespeare Julius Caesar Essays]

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Comparing Speeches of Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez

- Both of the speeches, Martin Luther King's and Cesar Chavez', are powerful peices and communicate one vision: equality. King and Chavez have two very different styles of writing but the message from both is simmilar. for example both king and chavez discuss how their people are discriminated against because of their skin color, and how their people have neither the right to vote in the the south, nor the will to vote in the north , and in Chavez' situation, to have their vote counted. however similar their message's may be, their writing styles are different....   [tags: Communication Leadership]

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A Critique of Bush's Speeches after September 11

- A Critique of Bush's Speeches after September 11 After the terrorists attacks on September eleventh, President Bush had to prepare himself to address the nation with intensions to calm the United States citizens and give them some answers. The President had many speeches in the week after this happened and some words he used were not as concise as they could have been. These words and phrases are his attempts to comfort the United States people but only anger the terrorists he has declared war with....   [tags: Speaking Analysis Terrorism Bush Essays]

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Graduation Speech: Mom and Dad, Your Babies Have Grown Up!

- The year 2012 is as unique as our class that’s graduating within it. As the Class of 2012, we should be prepared to answer questions about the things that make us unique. Our children will revisit this historic year through their text books, their TV reruns and our own high school keepsakes which we have held on to over the years. With all this attention will come questions from our children, questions like: "Hey dad, what’s an email?" Or, "What's Facebook?" As our yearbooks are taken from our shelves and our photo albums are cracked open once again, our kids will certainly be curious to ask: — Hey dad, was your hair blond all through high school....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Stand Tall, Set Your Goals High

- As I look out on this crowd tonight, I see a diversity of people. I see grandparents who have raised their families, lived through many crises and have accomplished many goals. I see mothers and fathers who have fulfilled some of their dreams, but still may be struggling with challenges and goals to meet. Some families are here tonight to watch their oldest child graduate. For other parents, they’re here to celebrate with their youngest child. Yet all parents wish the best for their children and hope to see them succeed in their endeavors....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Don't Let Them Crush Your Dreams

- Twelve years ago we started a journey. Today marks the end of that journey, and the beginning of another. For some, the road getting here was smooth. For others, the road was rough. But today, we leave all of those rough times behind us. We all set a goal, and now we have all achieved it. We have succeeded. Those of us who have made it here tonight have passed an immensely crucial milestone in our lives. From this point on our lives are entirely up to us. We have the power to become whatever we want, and to do anything we want to....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Graduation Speech: Don't Forget Where You Came From

- Good afternoon, I would like to begin by thanking the staff for the privilege of speaking before you on this bittersweet day. It seems like this past year has been a jumble of excitement, reminiscence of the past and uncertainty for the future. After dreaming about graduating since we jumped off the bus on the first day of kindergarten, it's finally here. With the years of number two pencils, group projects and final bells behind us, we find ourselves on the threshold of our future. Yet, it's difficult not to timidly glance back at our past and wonder if we are prepared for what lies ahead....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Julius Caesar Essay: Brutus's and Antony's Speeches

- Brutus's and Antony's Speeches in Julius Caesar William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is a tragic story of the dog and the manger. After Caesar is killed Mark Antony, a good friend of Caesar, plots to revenge his bloody death. He knows there is strength in numbers, and through a speech at Caesar's funeral, Antony plans to win the crowd of Rome and turn them against Brutus and the other conspirators. Cassius is one of the leading conspirators and is weary of Antony; Brutus is confident that there is nothing to fear, but he speaks before Antony at the funeral just to be safe....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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scuss the variety of dramatic effects achieved in the three speeches

- Discuss the variety of dramatic effects achieved in the three speeches of your choice, and consider what they reveal about the characters of each speaker In his plays, Pinter uses long speeches quite frequently, aiming to achieve numerous forms of emotional effects. In The Caretaker, a play about down-and-outs in a flat in West London, the characters often speak at length, relating their opinions, thoughts and random events from their pasts. The three individuals in this play are very different in their styles of discourse....   [tags: English Literature]

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Hamlets State of Mind Shown Through His Speeches

- Hamlets State of Mind Shown Through His Speeches In this essay I shall be looking at three different speeches or soliloquies by Hamlet in the play. I shall be looking at how Hamlets state of mind differs as the play progresses. I will also be exploring Hamlets changing attitudes towards life and death. Act one Scene two lines 129-159 =============================== Hamlet begins his soliloquy by saying 'O that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve itself into a dew,' this tells us straight away that he wishes his he could just melt away from existence and disappear as part of a dew....   [tags: Papers]

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Examination of the Speeches at Caesar's Funeral and Their Importance to the Play

- Examination of the Speeches at Caesar's Funeral and Their Importance to the Play The play “Julius Caesar” was written by William Shakespeare, in the summer of 1599. During the play Brutus (Caesar’s “honourable” friend) and Antony (also Julius Caesar’s friend) attend Caesar’s funeral, after he was violently stabbed to death, by the conspirators at the senate chambers in the capitol, on the 15th March (the ides of March). Brutus was one of his murderers, as cassius plays on Brutus’ pride to draw him into a conspiracy to death rone Caesar....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar

- Comparing the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar The play 'Julius Caesar' was first performed in 1599 at the Globe theatre in London. The Globe theatre was built earlier that year and 'Julius Caesar' was one of the first plays performed there. This gives us reason to believe that the play was written towards the end of 1598 and beginning of 1599. William Shakespeare wrote the play 'Julius Caesar' because 'Plutarchs Lives', William Shakespeare's source of history, allowed him to use his imagination and create a sell out play....   [tags: Papers]

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Examination of Othello's Character Through the Key Speeches

- Examination of Othello's Character Through the Key Speeches 'Things that we see are not always the truth … senses are deceptive, truth is love.' This was Shakespeare's philosophy on life and it, as described by the phrase 'appearance and reality' is a theme in all Shakespearean tragedies. The theme of "Appearance and Reality" creates dramatic irony when things aren't as they seem; this keeps the play interesting even where there is not much physical action. In the case of the tragedy: "Othello", the interest is held by the change in Othello's character throughout the play caused by Iago's meddling....   [tags: Papers]

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Graduation of Student Athletes vs. Non-Athlete Students

- Introduction This study examines the graduation rates of student-athletes over the general student body at different sized institutions throughout the country. Colleges around the country of all sizes regard graduation as the ending goal for each student-athlete. Graduation rates vary across divisions of athletics and tiers of academia. These variations in graduation rates raise the important question of what factors determine the graduation success of these athletes and their levels over the general student body....   [tags: degree, universities, discrimination]

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Misconceptions of Teenagers Graduationg from High School

- Misconceptions of Teenagers Graduationg from High School Some teenagers believe that life should imitate high school. Adolescents think they should never have an inordinate amount of pressure foist upon them, and that deadlines are strictly an outline to go by. If something is done incorrectly the first time they can just keep doing it until it's right. However, when young adults enter 'the real world' they come to the horrific realization that their boss doesn't care how they feel, and if the deadline is missed, there can be severe consequences....   [tags: Papers]

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Facing My Fears (of Graduation)

- Facing My Fears (of Graduation)     Here it is, late in the school year, and what have I accomplished?  I have been living in a fantasy world for the past three and a half years.  The best years of your life right?  Says who?  I am not going to deny the fact that I have had the time of my life, but for what?  Where am I .     What is college anyway?  Is it a preparation for the "real" world?  I guess it depends on what you think the real world consists of.  If you see the world as a never ending party filled with blood shot eyes and hangovers, coffee with extra shots of espresso and lost homework assignments, late rent and stacks of dirty dishes, parking tickets and MIP's, tailgating and b...   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Personal Narrative - Graduation Day

- Graduation Day It was one of the most exciting and nerve racking days of our lives. Although we were finally leaving high school, the feeling of being unsure didn’t go away. The whole day was full of practicing for the big moment when the entire class graduated on to a new beginning. All the girls wore shiny bright red robes and the guys were dressed in a shiny navy blue. Standing there, I had no idea what to expect. Some things I were aware of, my friends were leaving and we wouldn’t be the same friends anymore....   [tags: Personal Narratives]

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Academic Proposal: Michigan’s Graduation Rate

- “In order to get a well-paying job, and live a successful life, you must graduate from high school, and get into a good college.” This quote has become one of the most reoccurring statements that teenagers and young adults hear from people such as their parents, other family members, and teachers. Unfortunately, in the state of Michigan, not everyone is taking this advice seriously. The percentage of people who graduate from high school and do not drop out before completing their education is far less than what it should be....   [tags: Research Proposal ]

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Students' Perception of Online Course Registration Towards Their Graduation

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, in the university system, online registration is a secure website that students enter to indicate that they will attend classes in the upcoming Students can access the e-registration site from anywhere with an internet connection....   [tags: college life, application of new technology]

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War of the Words: Analysis of Two Speeches Declaring War Given by Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Bush

- ... George W. Bush gathers nations together for the “fight of all” (35) against the “murderers” (13) of al Qaeda to stop their “evil and destruction” (16). George W. Bush cons the idea of al Qaeda being a natural embodiment of evil, boldly shaming the group for their atrocities to show his disagreement with al Qaeda’s beliefs. Likewise, he and Bush reveal the enemy with malice statements, providing model images of the enemy for Americans to accept and channel their hate towards. Both Presidents know of the panic and fear the American people now have, therefore they each use powerful words to portray fearlessness of the enemy....   [tags: diction, authority, confidence]

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An End-Of-Instruction (EOI) Should NOT Determine Graduation

- Imagine taking a test that impacting one's life greatly and made a huge decision for their future. In the state of Oklahoma, High School students are required to take and pass EOIs in order to graduate. An EOI (End-Of-Instruction) is an exam that is based on the Oklahoma state standards, which define what students should be learning each school year. It helps the state determine what the teachers need to focus on and it shows the weakness of different areas of specific subjects. It also gives the state of Oklahoma a ranking compared to other states....   [tags: education, high school students]

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Sontagian Interpretation of Graduation

- Sontagian Interpretation of Graduation Interpreting and analyzing the artwork created by other people has always been a challenge for me. Who am I to say what the artist or author symbolically represents with their work. Previous English teachers would always try to explain what an author "really" meant in their work. Such claims frustrated me because I believe that no person has the right to critically analyze his work except himself. Susan Sontag's view of interpretation is very similar to mine....   [tags: Papers]

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American Presidents and Their Inaugural Speeches

- Usually when the President of the United States delivers his inaugural address, he delivers a message of hope. Also he addresses the national issues at hand. He asks for mutual cooperation with the government at all levels. He emphasizes that the Constitution guarantees the rights of all citizens. During the Gilded Age, the inaugural addresses from President Hayes to President McKinley had the same message and addressed the same issues of the era. In his inaugural address, President Rutherford B....   [tags: National Issues, State Governments]

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A Comparison of the Speeches Made by Brutus and Antony Over the Body of Caesar

- A Comparison of the Speeches Made by Brutus and Antony Over the Body of Caesar “Liberty. Freedom. Tyranny is dead!” So claims Cinna as Caesar is fallen. Brutus his trusty friend killed for Rome while Cassius his jealous counterpart killed over hate. The conspirators brought his body to the market place to show the people. Over the corpse, two speeches were made. In this essay I will compare and contrast these two speeches. Both of the speeches have similar have similar beginnings....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Brutus' and Mark Antony's Funeral Speeches in Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare

- Comparing Brutus' and Mark Antony's Funeral Speeches in Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare Julius Caeser is a well known play written by William Shakespeare. It is based on the life and after life of the great roman leader, Caeser. One of the most important and memorable scenes in the play is when Brutus and Mark Antony give their speeches at Caeser's funeral. In this essay I will be comparing to two, noting the key speech writing elements, and finally concluding which I think is most effective....   [tags: Papers]

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The Speeches of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Declaration of Sentiments, Solitude of Self, and Home Life

- The Speeches of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “Declaration of Sentiments”, “Solitude of Self”, and “ Home Life” Not long ago, in the nineteenth century, the words that our forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “that all men were created equal,” held little value. Human equality was far from a reality. If you were not born a white male, then that phrase did not apply to you. During this period many great leaders and reformers emerged, fighting both for the rights of African Americans and for the rights of women....   [tags: the women’s movement]

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Comapring the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- Comapring the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar The play 'Julius Caesar' reaches a peak of tension at the point of the two speeches, and so it would seem whichever speech was enjoyed more by the crowd would make the speaker the more popular. This was in fact the case in the play. Mark Antony used better techniques of speech than Brutus and he prevailed in the end. After the conspirators have killed Caesar, Brutus agrees to let Antony perform a speech, which Brutus thought would be a eulogy....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Martin Luther King's Techniques in his Speeches and My Own

- Comparing Martin Luther King's Techniques in his Speeches and My Own As with any speech, it is popular opinion that the opening sentences define the standard of what is to come; I feel that Martin Luther King and I take different approaches to this, both of which are very successful. In both of King's speeches, the opening lines are emboldened through clever emphasis of passionate, repetitive imperatives: the repetition being found in the imperative itself in King's "I have a dream" speech: "Go back… go back… go back…", whilst in his "… Promised land speech", the repetition being in the subject of each clause, before each varying imperative: "Let us riseâ€...   [tags: Papers]

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Shakespeare's Use of Language To Show Macbeth’s State Of Mind In Three Speeches

- Shakespeare's Use of Language To Show Macbeth’s State Of Mind In Three Speeches This speech shows Macbeth is living in fear, the snake refers to Macbeth’s state in life, he feels that he has wounded the snake by killing Duncan, but cannot be completely happy until the snake has been killed and Banquo is dead. “Weak Malice” refers to the shameful deeds they have committed to get to the state they are in, which is killing the king whilst he was sleeping. The speech also goes on to Macbeth saying, “Eat our meal in fear”, this is an ironic prediction, as Baquo does return to the meal as a ghost....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comparison of Speeches by Brutus and Antony in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- A Comparison of Speeches by Brutus and Antony in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar This historic play which was written by William Shakespeare in the 16 century as a play is in fact based on older history dating back to time before Christ. When the roman empire was the most powerful in the world and a man named Julius Caesar was the roman statesman and general who ruled it. William Shakespeare however changes the historic accounts to some point in order for the Elizabethan audience of that time to fully understand and appreciate the story, as well to make it more entertaining....   [tags: Papers]

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Outline of Romeo And Juliet Key Speeches From Act II

- Key Speeches 1. a. Romeo b. Romeo sees Juliet moving around in her room. He snuck into the Capulet orchard and is talking about Juliet. c. NO VOCAB d. yonder- over there envious- jealous e. But wait, what's that light in the window over there. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Rise up, beautiful sun, and kill the jealous moon. The moon is already sick and pale with grief because you, Juliet, her maid, are more beautiful than she. f. soliloquy personification metaphor symbolism 2....   [tags: Free Romeo and Juliet Essays]

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High School Graduation

- Graduation Epidemic My high school graduation was one of the saddest moments of my life. Although I was excited about graduating, I did not know what I was going to do with the rest of my life. In Maya Angelou’s “Graduation,” Angelou was excited and proud of all that she had accomplished. In Flannery O’Connor’s “A Late Encounter With the Enemy,” Sally Poker Sash was proud that she was finally graduating and just wanted to show that off to all the “upstarts”. In the two readings the pupils are contrasting in a few different areas, and a couple of those areas are in pride and feelings that their families have being involved in the graduation....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Graduation 2001

- First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight for the 2001 Palo Verde graduation. I am honored to be speaking in front of the class of 2001. I congratulate all the graduates on a job well done. Sitting here shows a great deal of work and dedication. Graduation is a time to remember the last four years at Palo Verde. Some of us have great memories that we will hold close to us and others may think about the struggles and hardships that we went through. But the point is that it’s over now right....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Roosevelt's Three Influential Speeches

- ... Roosevelt 1933-1945: A Brief History with Documents (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, 2000), 53-57.] he said that people would continue to seek to improve working conditions, to increase wages, and to work for cheaper electricity. Undoubtedly, many goals had accomplished since 1933 because people had determination to continue. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) formed in May 1933, effectively improved people’s life and protected people from disasters (flooding). It was the most ambitious project of the entire New Deal.[ James Oakes, et al....   [tags: Social Changes, New Deal]

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