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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

- Pittsburgh Pennsylvania “ The Big Little City,” also commonly know as the city of Pittsburgh, is one of the largest cites in the state of Pennsylvania. With over 144 square kilometers of land area, and approximately seven square kilometers of surface water (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), the city of Pittsburgh is large by anyone’s standard. The city, which is located in western Pennsylvania, has a very diverse geography which sets it apart from many other cities in the United States. Pittsburgh and its suburbs are known for steep hillsides covered with buildings, streets which have steps for sidewalks, and sidewalks which are named streets....   [tags: Geography Geographical Essays]

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Land Surveying

- Surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional space position of points and the distances and angles between them. These points are usually, but not exclusively, associated with positions on the surface of the Earth, and are often used to establish land maps and boundaries for ownership or governmental purposes. In order to accomplish their objective, surveyors use elements of geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, physics, and law....   [tags: Geography]

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Human Development Report

- According to the interactive map corresponding to the latest human development report, more developed areas in the world are Europe, North America, most countries in South America, North part of Asia, North part of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. Most countries in Africa and South part of Asia are considered as less developed areas. On the line graph we can see an upward trend in development for most of the countries. Moreover, some countries have been developing faster then others such as Korea, China (Hong Kong), Spain, France, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, Tunisia, Egypt, Singapore, India, Morocco and Norway – the most advanced country in the world; in contrast...   [tags: geography, indicators]

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Dominican Republic

- Dominican Republic Geography The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is the second largest of the Greater Antilles. The country is approximately 18,712 square miles, or twice the size of the state of New Hampshire, occupying the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola (Goodwin, p.116). Beata Island off the southwestern coast and Saona Island to the southeast are also part of the Dominican Republic. Along Haiti to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the south and east, the island has an Atlantic shore to the north....   [tags: History Geography Dominical Republic Essays]

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- Does Tasmania really take people’s breath away. Is its beautiful landscape and indigenous animal diversity truly a one of a kind. The answer is, yes of course. It is truly hard to tell whether the escaping landscape of both rainforests and beaches that make this country wondrous or is it the abundant and incredible animals that inhabit them. Scientists, climatologists, botanists, biologists around the globe will agree that Tasmania is both a great environment and animal extravaganza for several species found only in Tasmania....   [tags: Geography]

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- Cuba Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1942. The island was originally called Juan which was the name of the King’s son Prince Juan, who was successor to the throne of Castille. The name Cuba was from the word Cubanacán which means held sway. Majority of the the island’s geographical location is mountainous, which consist of Guaniguanco chain, the largest system Sierra Maestra, Pinar del Rio, and the Escambrey ( Havana is the capital of Cuba which is located at the island’s western third of the northern coast....   [tags: Geography ]

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- Contents • Geographical location • Physical features and climate change • People who live and work there • Animals • Exploration • Antarctic Treaty and Madrid protocol • How is the environment at risk. • What is unique about Antarctic. Geographical location Antarctica is one of the two continents that are wholly in the southern hemisphere. 42 % of Antarctica is owned by Australia, the other 58% is spread across six other countries. All seven countries have agreed to the Antarctic Treaty, which makes laws to prevent pollution and other bad things....   [tags: Geography]

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- About Jaipur Jaipur is also popularly known as the Pink City of India, and currently a prime destination wedding.The city which was once the capital city of the Royals is now the capital of Rajasthan. It is located 260km from Delhi and 240 km from Agra and forms the golden triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Jaipur is synonymous with the imagery of polo playing royals, princes and princesses. Set amidst a dazzling backdrop of ancient forts such as Nahargarh, Amer, Jaigarh and Moti Doongari, Jaipur stands testimony to the legendary tales of love, romance, chivalry and valour....   [tags: Geography]

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Tyrrhenian Sea: Can the back arc rifting nature of the Tyrrhenian Sea be deduced from its geochemistry?

- The Tyrrhenian Sea is classified as a back arc basin(Lavecchia & Stoppa 1990; Zamboni 2003) in the Western Mediterranean surrounded, mainly by Italy. Back arc basins occur in front of a subduction zone that is undergoing rollback and causing the overriding plate to also move in the same direction, which causes the extension (back arc) of the overriding lithosphere which causes the melting of the mantle due to decompression. The subduction zone in this case has moved from the northern part of the Tyrrhenian area southeast ward to where it is now, just south of Calabria (Sartori et al....   [tags: geography, subduction zone]

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The Causes of Economic Instability, Political Tension, Religious and Ethnic Conflict, Migration and the Mobility of People

- The causes of economic instability, political tension, religious and ethnic conflict, migration and or the mobility of people What are the causes and effects of people migrating. Introducing the issue and its context (social, economic, natural and built environment) The social culture of migration is that while more and more people move away from their community or country the culture will certainly become weak the factor of this is that it can lead to tension between local people and immigrants that can cause accidents and violence between people....   [tags: Geography investigation assignment]

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The Role of Geographical Features in the Daily Life of Historical Pompeii

- Geographical features played a prominent role in the daily life of Pompeii. A geographical feature is a natural or manmade feature of an environment. For the city of Pompeii, the location was a key aspect of its daily life. In addition, the economic activity and industry was important in the everyday life of Pompeii’s citizens. Evidence also suggests entertainment played a large role in the life of the city’s population. Archaeological remains also stress the Roman influence of its streets and buildings....   [tags: geography, world history]

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Should Austin or Houston Be the Capital of Texas?

- The city of Austin became the capital of Texas in 1838 when two of Sam Houston’s protégés James Collingsworth and Peter Grayson ran against his nemesis Mirabeau B. Lamar. (Lomax paragraph 3, 2013) It didn’t become official till 1846 when it officially became a capitol. I think Austin was chosen as the capital over more thriving cities because of how the story of Stephen F. Austin actions against the Mexican government. He represented a huge part of the Texas Anglo population at the time as well....   [tags: geography, Stephen F. Austin]

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The Reversal of the Chicago River: Saving a City

- Sitting on the deck of the Seadog, a gaggle of tourists wait anxiously with ready cameras and tapping feet for the boat to start moving again. A tour guide’s explanation for the wait is a mere rambling speech that these tourists care little for, preferring to see the sights rather than hear the history of Chicago. What they are missing is the important fact of how they are where they are and the reason they are waiting at the boat lock. A reason that is crucial to not only Chicago’s history, but the history of many major civil engineering projects of the future....   [tags: human geography, toxic waste]

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Drought or No Drought? That is the Question

- Colorado is known for its vibrant mountains and is in a desirable position in the West as being a water producing state that has numerous mountain ranges from which the rivers are supplied. While the water provided by annual Colorado stream flows is more than enough, “The seasonal nature of stream flows is not consistent with the demand by Colorado citizens for domestic, agriculture and industry uses. Nearly 2/3 of the annual water occurs during the late spring/early summer runoff. During the winter months of December, January and February only 3% of annual flows occur” (   [tags: Colorado, Geography, Water]

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The Wetlands Anzali, Boojagh and Miyankaleh Conservation Prioritization

- This research has been done for the performance of the rapid assessment method in 3 wetlands, Anzali, Boojagh and Miyankaleh, for the first time in Iran. In this research compilation of Caspian Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) has been done. This method is derived from Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) by some changes in some indexes and eliminating some sub-indexes. These changes are regard to the characteristics of the region Caspian Sea southern coasts wetlands. Then wetland assessment has been done by CRAM for these 3 wetlands....   [tags: evaluation, geography, regions]

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The dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua

- Costa Rica is a country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north, panama to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The San Juan River has been a source of territorial disputes between Costa Rica and Nicaragua regarding the use of the river by Costa Rica, this dispute goes all the way back to 1858 when the “COSTA RICA-NICARAGUA, TREATY OF TERRITORIAL LIMITS, SAN JOSÉ, 15 APRIL 1858” was signed by both countries. “The boundary between Costa Rica and Nicaragua was originally defined in an 1857 treaty that was reconfirmed in an arbitral award in 1888 handed down by US President Grover Cleveland” , in his word, president Cleve...   [tags: Geography, Contrasts, Central America]

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The Importance of South Africa to Canada

- Introduction: South Africa is located at the southern tip of Africa (that’s how it got the name) and covers an area of 1,219,912 km². South Africa has a long and interesting history with racism and apartheid, but when you get to know more about South Africa you’ll be surprised by how amazing this country actually is. I would definitely like to live or travel there because of its wonderful scenery and culture. Demographic issues: South Africa has a population of 48million and about 12% (5.7million) of it is suffering with HIV....   [tags: geography, water pollution]

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The Roma Issue and the Slovak Republic

- Introduction According to the latest census in 2011 carried out by the National Statistics Office (2011) there were 105 738 Romas in Slovakia, which corresponds to the 2 % of the population as a whole. But this number is really distorting the reality. Carying out a survey on such a huge group of people, the whole country, has its disadvantages and issues. Over 7 % of the population has an unknown nationality, which is almost 400 000 citizens. The estimate of the project ATLAS of Roma communities in Slovakia (2013) the Roma minority comprises slightly over 7% of the whole population of the republic, which is about 402 000 persons....   [tags: geography, statistics, atlas of roma]

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Difficulties Detecting Disasters in the Philippines

- The area that I have decided to study is the Philippines. It is located in South East Asia, North of Indonesia. The Philippines has over 700 individual islands. The climate is generally that of a rainforest, very humid and hot. It is a LEDC, meaning that it is poorer than the UK. Firstly, we have to know what a disaster is. A disaster is the realisation of a hazard, although there is no set amount of loss which would count as a disaster (Smith ‘96). The Philippines encounters many hazards. This is defined as a naturally occurring process or event which has the potential to cause loss of life or property....   [tags: Philippines, geography, disasters,]

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Puerto Rico’s Culture, History, and Food

- Puerto Rico better known as “Rich Port” is 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers). It sits off the coast of southern Florida. It surrounds some of the deepest waters in the entire Atlantic Ocean. Also it is a part of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico is composed of year-round mild climate, and has many white, sandy beaches and extraordinary hotels. Puerto Rico is made up of four main land regions: the coastal lowlands, the coastal valleys, the foothills, and the central mountains. The largest city and capital is San Juan, which is located in the lowlands....   [tags: Puerto Rico, culture, geography, ]

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Guyana and The Jim Jones Tragedy

- Guyana is one of thirteen countries in South America. Its official language is English, and its mostly filled with Asians and Blacks. Guyana's government is a republic which means the people have a lot of power and they elect their own president. Guyana has a tropical wet climate and stretches of rain forest. When it comes to economic activities the people of Guyana make the most of their surrounding. Fishing boats harvest large quantities of fish and shrimp from the sea. In the lowlands farmers grow sugar cane and rice....   [tags: geography, south america]

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The Country Known as Saudi Arabia

- When people think about the Middle East and the Arab world, a large number think of Saudi Arabia. The nation has come to the world stage in many aspects of society and now has become one of the most influential and popular nations in the Arab world. The geographical location of this nation is in the Persian Gulf, while having Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait sharing its northern border, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates sharing the eastern border, and finally Yemen and Oman sharing its southern border....   [tags: history, culture, economy, geography]

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Islam: The Five Pillars of Faith

- ... At the time of prayer, all Muslims must turn towards the holy city of Mecca and recite their sacred prayers. Muslims are allowed to pray anywhere, but it is usually done in a mosque. It’s also recommended that prayers be recited in groups; however Muslims are allowed to say them alone. In addition to Salah, Muslims are obliged to attend Friday Congregational Service. The third pillar, Zakat, means almsgiving, or charity. This pillar focuses on the donation of a Muslim to his community, and the donation to those whom are needy in his community....   [tags: history, geography, Muslim practices]

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Pittsburgh and Tenochtitlan: Similar Cities

- There are many parallels and contrasts that can be drawn between daily life in Tenochtitlan and daily life in Pittsburgh for individuals on the highest end of the socioeconomic scale. Analysis of these thematic elements may help archeologist to better understand societal life and also to predict cultural trends in the future. Two main categories make up daily life in general are individual purchasing power and quality of life. These categories will be explored and expanded upon. The social structure of the United States is a more vaguely defined concept compared to the well defined social strata of the Aztecs....   [tags: Pittsburgh, Tenochtitlan, geography, ]

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The Region of the Tibet-Himalayas

- Region The area of the world that can be best proven to a region is Tibet, part of a bigger region called the Trans-Himalayans. It is located in the Qingzang Plateau, and the southern part is the main area of focus. It is located near some of the biggest mountains in the world. They include “Mt Everest (8,848 m) -- the highest mountain in the world, Namcha Barwa (7,756 m / 25,445 ft) -- around which the Brahmaputra carves a fantastic gorge to enter India, and Gurla Mandhata (7,728 m / 25,355 ft)”(   [tags: Characteristics, Geography, Culture]

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West Virginia and Washington State

- The Pacific Northwest combines the best of abundant natural beauty with cosmopolitan flair. From the peaks of the Cascade Mountains to the emerald lowlands of Puget Sound to Seattle's eclectic port-city charm, the state of Washington offers a vibrant mix of urban and rural settings. LoopNet puts the vast northwest within your reach. The easternmost portion of Washington houses Spokane, a city of a quarter of a million residents that's only a few minutes from the Idaho border. Spokane is close enough to the Cascades to make it an attractive tourist destination, especially for ski trips....   [tags: Geography, Description, Residents]

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The Military Forces in Myanmar

- As a relatively young country (in recent independence) only gaining its independence from Great Britain in 1948, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been crippled by the influence of its extensive colonial history . The various governments in Myanmar’s independence thus far, often run on empty promises and heavy artillery, have done little good for the country. The military forces in Myanmar have grown tremendously to the detriment of both prodemocracy leaders as well as the country’s population as a whole ....   [tags: independence, Great Britain, geography]

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A Brief History of France

- France is a country located in Western Europe. It borders Andorra, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. The country of France originally known by the name of Gaul or Gallia is a country with a rich history and culture. The Celts originally occupied and dominated that lands of Gaul. In the year of 121, Julius Caesar led the Roman Army into the country of Gaul. He won a decisive victory over the Celtic tribes that once dominated the area. This area became the first province of the Roman Empire....   [tags: world history and geography]

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A Brief History of Egypt

- When you think Egypt, what initially comes to mind for you. The story behind all of the Great Pyramids, and how they came to be in existence. Cleopatra, the great seductress of many powerful men of Rome. The discovery of the mummies within their dark sarcophagi, buried deep within their pyramids and tombs for all eternity. As fascinating as that might be, we will find in this paper that Egypt is still very rich in culture, diversity, and religions on its own terms. Unfortunately, in the past three years it has become a country of toppled governments, military coups, and vicious brutal disorder within their streets....   [tags: world history and geography]

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Yosemite National Park Research Paper

- ... Visitors get to experience the park’s 800 miles of hiking trails and 282 miles of road amongst for many other things. The park received its name from the American Indian tribe that first lived in that area the tribe known as the Ahwahneechee Indian in the 1800’s. But in about 1849 the gold rush began and brought thousands of non-Indian miners and settlers to the park. Not too long after that, our current president at the time Abraham Lincoln declared protection for the park. Which was all to prevent any further damage done to the park....   [tags: flora, fauna, landscape, geography]

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What is the Kamiak Butte?

- Kamiak Butte is one of the few areas near Pullman that reflect the many geologic terms learned in class. This area is an example of an area that is extinct to the surrounding landforms. This butte is located in Whitman County, in between the cities of Colfax and Pullman, Washington. With an elevation of 3, 641 feet above sea level, Kamiak Butte has one of the highest elevations in all of Whitman County (1). The county park covers about 298 acres, and consists mainly of woodlands. Once one has climbed to the top of the butte, the sights become endless and breathe taking....   [tags: geography, rocks, formation]

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Trends of Democratization in Colombia

- ... (CIA, 2014) In addition to the state’s boundaries, three important geographical points can be identified on the map above. Firstly, Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, which is centrally located within the state. Another geographic landmark is the Andes, the longest continental mountain range, which runs through the western side of Colombia from north to south. Lastly, to the east of Bogotá and the Andes is Los Llanos, a grassland plain which extends into Venezuela and undergoes extreme climate change....   [tags: politics, demographics, geography]

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Case Studies: International Migration

- This international migration occurred between 1948 and 1970s. West Indies consists of around 20 islands. Near half million people left their homes in the Caribbean to live in Britain. Decolonisation between the 1922 to 1975 led to many of England's colonies becoming independent. This led to many people from the ex-colonies such as the West Indies coming over to Britain in search of a better eduction, lifestyle and jobs, as their was high unemployment at home. The end of the second world war, the government was in needed of recruiting workers from the Caribbean to managed the shortages of labour in some British industries....   [tags: Migration, history, geography, ]

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The Kingdom of Rwanda

- Rwanda, a little territory residing in east-central Africa, resembles close to the size of Maryland. Many believe that the Kingdom of Rwanda was founded by European explorers in 1854. It was occupied by Belgian troops during World War I. On January 28, 1961 it became known as Rwandan Republic. On July 1, 1962 they established their independence from Belgium and then on June 4, 2003 it became known as the Republic of Rwanda. Rwanda has come a long way since its founding. Now one of the largest regions in Africa as far as population and economic growth, Rwanda continues to grow....   [tags: History, Geography, Culture]

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Physical Landscape of Ethiopia

- Ethiopia is located in the Eastern region of Africa. According to the Embassy of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ethiopia lies between the geographical coordinates of 3’ and 14. 8’ latitude and 33’and 48’ longitude. Ethiopia encompasses a majority of the area known as the Horn of Africa. The CIA World Factbook states that Ethiopia is approximately 1,104,300 square kilometers (686,180 miles). To give a better perspective of the sheer size of this country, it is about twice the size of the state of Texas....   [tags: Country, Africa, Geography]

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Venice: A Lagoon City

- Venice – a lagoon city. There is hardly any city characterised by such opposing attributes as Venice. Many may consider Venice to be the city of love and a senic gem on the water, novels and films usually paint a different picture. The city frequently appears morbid, mysterious and dark. During winter and autumn fog occupies the whole city. Venice is used by many authors as a backdrop to create an environment of suspense and death. Venice is an allegory of death, decay and rot. The city itself represents the literary synonym of the deterioration of the architectural wonder....   [tags: geography, death in venice]

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Comparing Colombia and Ecuador

- Colombia and Ecuador are neighbors, but that does not mean visiting one country is like visiting the other. Each country has different popular travel locations, offering diverse landscapes to explore. They share a similar tourist season but have some different festivals and celebrations. Understanding the similarities and differences in the tourist destinations and cultural highlights can help create a true, one-of-a-kind cultural experience. Popular Travel Spots in Colombia and Ecuador Columbia is a country blessed with its natural resources....   [tags: geography, south american countries]

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The History of Thailand

- ... Thailand ships out more than 200 million U.S. dollars worth of tropical orchids a year. Rice is another natural resource Thailand heavily depends on. Thailand grows two types of rich, upland and lowland rice; lowland rice is also known as deep water rice. Upland rice grows in moist and notorious rich soil and lowland rice grows in poor conditions and in standing water. In 1999 Thailand exported more than fifteen trillion pounds of rice. Thailand also exports a grand amount of seafood every year....   [tags: culture and tradition, geography]

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Costa Mesa Newcomers Guide

- Costa Mesa Newcomers Guide Moving to a new community is exciting, especially one that’s as vibrant as Costa Mesa. Its Spanish name reflects its geographical feature, literally a coastal tableland that affords views of the Pacific Ocean, just one mile from its southernmost border. It is an ideal location with easy access to nearby Irvine and Anaheim, and only 37 miles for Los Angeles and less than 90 miles to San Diego – great for commuting to employment centers, shopping, entertainment, recreation and cultural attractions....   [tags: New Community, Geography, California]

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Brief on North Korea

- North Korea is a dictatorship country that has limited resources but the people live below poverty and are constantly restricted from the outside world. The Kim Dynasty has established a government without the help of the United States and the United Nations. Through their government, they have learned to be self-sufficient. North Korea is a country with many problems, but it is also a country with unique history and a serious enemy of the United States. This analysis will briefly review North Korea’s economy, government, and history....   [tags: Political Geography, Korea]

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Vietnamese Culture

- There are very few countries that have changed as rapidly as Vietnam, in just a short amount of time. Now, only thirty years after the end of the American War, this country is full of hope. It is changing, and doing it quickly. Access to Vietnam is easier than ever, roads are becoming more modern, there are many hotels and Vietnam’s old Communist system is changing into a socialist economy. Tourists to this country and finding that it is not reminisce of a war, but a beautiful country. Vietnam is located in Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia....   [tags: Vietnam, geography, ]

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Denmark’s Government System

- The Denmark Government is a constitutional monarchy system. The government of Denmark is based on the parliamentary system and it is representative democratic. The head of government is controlled by the Prime Minister. Denmark is a multi-party system so that there is no single party since the beginning of the 20th century in Denmark. The parties members will be represent their parties in the parliament. Hence, the Danish parliament tends to be more powerful than legislatures in others countries....   [tags: Denmark, Government, history, geography,]

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Post Falls Dam

- For over 100 years, the Post Falls Dam has served the North Idaho area in a variety of ways. Arguably one of the greatest impacts in the north Idaho region. To fully understand the history of the dam, it is important to start at the beginning, before the dam was built, before the Schitus’umsh people (Coeur d’Alene Tribe) lived on site, even before there was a Spokane River or Lake Coeur d’Alene. Before Lake Coeur d’Alene existed in its present state, the St. Joe River ran through the valley of the lake, and was fed by the Coeur d’Alene River....   [tags: Geography, Frederick Post]

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India’s Aging Population

- India is the largest democracy in the world, a nuclear power and a merging economy (BBC News). Currently, India is the second most populous country and according to United Nations’ projection it will surpass China and become the most populated by 2028 (UN news). In 2028, both China and India are predicted to have 1.45 billion, but China’s population will decrease thereafter whereas India’s will continue to increase. This fact implies China’s controversial population control mechanisms will be successful, while India’s will fail....   [tags: geography, india, democracy]

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Brief on Pakistan

- Pakistan a very large country with a very diverse culture, in previous years Pakistan been invaded by many different countries to include Arabs, Persians, Huns and many countries form the European Continent, which have influenced the culture of Pakistan. The culture in Pakistan resembles that of the western world in things such as movies, music as well as sports. Pakistani movie companies produce at least 40 films a year with movies concerning anything of India illegal. Music is also very popular in Pakistan ranging from traditional Pakistani music and more recently music from parts of the western world....   [tags: Political Geography, Southeast Asia]

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Overview of Singapore

- Relocation is always an exciting experience and a challenge to the people who have no knowledge about the deployed country. Therefore, we are happy to provide any assistance for your upcoming journey. This article is aim to provide information of Singapore to help you gain your knowledge before your arrival. It includes brief introduction and some suggestions. We hope you may find it useful. History Singapore, strategically situated at the Southern tip of the Malayan Peninsula, between Malaysia and Indonesia, is an island city state with 714 sq km....   [tags: Country Overview, Geography]

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Dangerous Social Forces

- Social forces always come along with behaviors, whether they’re good or bad. They create who people are and can even help identify who we are. Those forces can even help with identifying others too. But they can become dangerous and they shape who a person will grow up to be. If they're influenced to do amazing things or horrible things, help others in need or ignore them. Social forces are beyond our control. Nothing can change them. Social forces influence identities and become dangerous. Gender, race, time and place are just three social forces....   [tags: human geography, To Kill a Mockingbird]

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Kung Life: An Ethnography by Majorie Shostak

- The many ethnographies produced from the fieldwork of anthropologist, account for much of our knowledge of cultures we may consider foreign of our own. Ethnographies are often written to provide an understanding of the practices of the studied culture, thus bridging the gap between separate ways of life. Majorie Shostak is one of the well known anthropologist who attempts to do just this in her writings. During her stay in the Dobe regions of Botswana, she studied the life of !Kung women to find out if they share similar ideas to women of her own culture....   [tags: kung, geography, anthropology, ethnographies, Majo]

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Taking a Look at Hydroelectric Power

- Hydroelectric Power Water is the basis of all living things on earth. In addition to supporting life water has been used for centuries to power saw mills that would generate electricity. Like many other water sources, water has some advantages and disadvantages. There have been intense debates on whether this source of energy is worth using up the water from the lakes and rivers, something that is important to protect the animals and plants.A typical hydro plant is a system with three parts: an electric plant where the electricity is produced; a dam that can be opened or closed to control water flow; and a reservoir where the water can be stored....   [tags: physical geography, alternative energy sources]

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The Atacama Desert

- The Atacama Desert Abstract Exclusive of the largest mountain ranges and oceans, earth’s most well-known physical features are its great desert regions. The word desert often conjures up ideas of open expanses of sand and towering dunes blown by perpetual wind and dust storms. Moreover, deserts are often categorized as being strictly sandy, hot, and extremely dry. Only part of this assumption is correct. Furthermore, the categorizing of deserts as such illustrates how little knowledge many people in fact have of desert regions of the earth....   [tags: Chile Geography]

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The Western Frontier

- The Western Frontier As I sat thinking about what to write about the western frontier I started to realize that issues were the things that at least keep me going and I knew I could say a lot on both. I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to put them together until I did some research and other reading and started to remember their life and its purposes. I'm not the one to into history but I came across some very interesting information which I felt could bring my points of view out quite effectively....   [tags: History Geography]

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Israel and The Palestinians

- In the Middle East region, there is a single country that stands out from the rest, a beacon of light on the very edge of civilization; that country is Israel. A country surrounded on all sides by its sworn enemies, determined to bring about its downfall. These resilient people have not only survived this tumultuous area but have prospered, and in this short essay paper, we will examine the reasons why this is by primarily examining their culture. We are going to do this by taking a close look at several of the key components of their society; the geographical influences of the region, civil considerations of the people and their government and the military conflicts that not only shaped th...   [tags: Middle East, Geography, Government, War]

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The Rio Grande River

- The United States and Mexico share a 2000-miles border stretching from the Golf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The border region is shared by ten states, wetlands, numerous mountain ranges, canyons, rivers and deserts. The U.S.-Mexico border is “Situated between a developed nation and a developing one, the U.S. -Mexico Border Region is a formally defined transnational region of land. The region extends approximately 2,000 miles along the full length of the international boundary, 62.5 miles (100 kilometers) north and south of the border and 62.5 miles into the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.” The economic, political and social changes continue reshaping the relationship between the two n...   [tags: United State Mexico Border, Geography]

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- Switzerland Switzerland is best described by conveying an understanding of its geography, political, economic, cultural and social environments. The geography of the country has had a significant impact on its way of life. Switzerland is bordered by Germany in the north, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein in the east, Italy in the south and France in the west. This represents many significant European cultures converging on Switzerland – the German speaking region, the French and the Italian....   [tags: Geography Politics Swiss Essays]

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The Colorado River

- One of the largest geographic physical structures in the United States is the Colorado River. Human activity and its interaction with this great river have an interesting history. The resources provided by the river have been used by humans, and caused conflict for human populations as well. One of these conflicts is water distribution, and the effects drought conditions have played in this distribution throughout the southwestern region. Major cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other communities in the southwest depend on the river....   [tags: Geography, Physical Structure, United States]

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- INTRODUCTION Madagascar is known to the world as the Big Red Island at the end of the earth. It is separated form the African continent by the Mozambique Channel. According to the various sources I have read and reviewed it is the forth largest Island in the world. Madagascar is divided in to three regions the central highlands, the east coast, and the west coast. The people of Madagascar however are very poor; as a matter of fact it has been ranked by the World Bank as being among the 13 poorest countries in the world....   [tags: Geography]

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Drinking Water and Irrigation Water Shortages in the Middle East

- One would think there are enough conflicts to be had in the Middle East. The area is simply a breeding ground for turmoil, and has been for centuries. Of the many conflicts that revolve around the areas history, politics, religion, territory or ethnicity, one more can be added to the group: water. These societies all need water, but not all have the same resources to get to that water. What is the hotbed of vice in this situation is only a few of the countries in the Middle East have total control over their own water, leaving most of the others to depend on the graces of those few countries to manage their water magnanimously enough to supply them with what they need....   [tags: Geography Economics Papers]

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Turkey's Strategic Geographical Location In The World of Geo-Politics

- Turkey's Strategic Geographical Location In The World of Geo-Politics The country of Turkey, slightly larger than Texas in size (780,580 sq km), lies on the southeastern side of Europe and the southwestern side of Asia.. It borders the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.. Land wise, Turkey is bordered to the northwest by Bulgaria and Greece, to the east by Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia (all three part of the former USSR) and Iran, and to the south by Iraq and Syria.. Strategically located, Turkey controls the Turkish straights including the Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara, and Dardanelles.....   [tags: Politics World Geography Essays]

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Cultural Differences in The Regions of Japan

- Cultural Differences in The Regions of Japan Japan is a country made from four major islands. Though its area is small, each region has different tastes. The country has the population of 123.6 millions according to the 1990 census, or 2.5 % of the world total, and it is the seventh most populated nation according to The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Japan.(5, p.25). Japanese political and economical world power has been one of the success stories of the twentieth century. Though small in geographic area, its popularity is the seventh greatest; its inhabitants crowd themselves into an area the size of the state of Montana or California in the United States....   [tags: Geography Culture History Papers]

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British Settlement in American Continent and Regionalism

- British Settlement in American Continent and Regionalism Describe how settlement patterns set-up the regionalisms of the United States. Throughout history, people from cultures around the world have come to America seeking a new life or a change from their current conditions. They may have come to avoid persecution, to avoid overpopulation, or to attempt to be successful in an entirely new world from the life they formerly knew. As the immigrants arrived, some found that their dreams had been attained....   [tags: Geography History Historic Essays]

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Bermuda Triangle as a Mythical Geographic Area

- Bermuda Triangle as a Mythical Geographic Area The Bermuda triangle is a mythical geographic area. It is believed to extend from the tip of Florida to Bermuda and to Puerto Rico. Over 100 planes and ships have disappeared in the last century. There are many theories about what might cause the disappearances of theses ships and planes. Scientist have come to believe that the most possible theory has something to do with the climate change such as tsunamis, hurricanes or waterspouts. The other theory is that the compasses point to the True North and not the Magnetic North....   [tags: Bermuda Triangle Geography Essays]

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The Environment of Big Bend National Park

- What can we learn about the current and future environment from the paleo-environment in Big Bend National Park. Transgression and Regression of Mid- to Upper Cretaceous Seas Cretaceous Rock Formations of The Big Bend Area TRANSGRESSION/REGRESSION The cycles of the ocean waters rising (transgressing) and receding (regressing) are known as transgressive-regressive cycles. The mid- to Upper Cretaceous rocks in the Big Bend area of southwest Texas encompasses rock ages from approximately 70 to 100 million years ago (mya)....   [tags: Nature Geography Parks]

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First Inhabitants of the Great Lakes Region

- The First Inhabitants of the Great Lakes Region in North America As archeological discoveries of bone fragments and fossils continue to support the existence of homo-sapiens in North America prior to the arrival of Indo-European explorers in the 15th century, this paper will attempt to explain chronologically, which Native American inhabitants lived or migrated throughout what is known today as the Great Lakes Region. This region includes lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, & Erie as well as surrounding U.S....   [tags: North American Geography]

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A Reassessment of the !Kung San

- A Reassessment of the Kung San The !Kung San are a group of hunter-gathers that make their home in the northern Kalahari desert. Although many ecological and cultural changes have occurred within this group throughout the past thirty years, this article examines the gathering and subsistence patterns that characterize these people. Bentley examines the total fertility rate of the !Kung San and hypothesizes that the pattern of female energetics in their subsistence routine has a direct effect upon their fecundity (1984: 79)....   [tags: Geography Geographical Papers]

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Inuits of Greenland: An Adaptive Society

- Inuits of Greenland: An Adaptive Society In a world far different from our own in the Northern Hemisphere lies an indigenous society known as the Inuits. Specifically focusing on the Inuits of Greenland these people have adopted various risk management strategies which has enabled them to survive in a harsh arctic environment. In indigenous cultures, their well-being and sustainability is managed through control of population growth like most present day indigenous societies have been influenced by western ideas and technologies, in which some of these influences have been beneficial while other western influences have threatened their traditional way of life....   [tags: Geography Geographical Essays]

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The Leadville 100 Mile Trail Race

- The Leadville 100 Mile Trail Race Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Leadville, Colorado is a historical monument. In the mid 1800s, Leadville was a booming mining city known for its lead and zinc. People fled there looking to build their fortunes, and at one point the population rose to nearly 30,000. Today, Leadville attracts many tourists because of its frontier mentality, beauty, and historical district. Although the population has drastically dropped to 2,800, Leadville is a charming town that truly represents the spirit of Colorado....   [tags: Sports Running Geography Papers]

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Basilica San Zeno Maggiore: Vernona, Italy

- Basilica San Zeno Maggiore: Vernona, Italy ?On the west side of Verona Italy stands one of the city?s two beautiful basilicas, the Basilica San Zeno Maggiore.. The older of the two basilicas, San Zeno dates back to the year 1030.. Notable for her Romanesque style, San Zeno is equally fascinating to the modern viewer as she is historically significant.. There are two regional forms of Italian basilicas of the Medieval period: Tuscan and southern.. San Zeon is considered to be the most Romanesque basilica in Northern Italy....   [tags: Italy Monuments Geography Essays]

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Graph Theory: The Four Coloring Theorem

- Graph Theory: The Four Coloring Theorem "Every planar map is four colorable," seems like a pretty basic and easily provable statement. However, this simple concept took over one hundred years and involved more than a dozen mathematicians to finally prove it. Throughout the century that many men pondered this idea, many other problems, solutions, and mathematical concepts were created. I find the Four Coloring Theorem to be very interesting because of it's apparent simplicity paired with it's long, laborious struggle to be proved....   [tags: Graph Geography Essays]

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Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains

- Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains and Subsequent Karst Regions in the State of Virginia This map which appears on page 402 of Process Geomorphology (1995), written by Dale F. Ritter, Craig R. Kochel, and Jerry R. Miller, serves as the basis of my report on the formation of the Appalachian Mountains and its subsequent karst regions in along the Atlantic side of the United States particularly in the state of Virginia. The shaded areas represent generalized karst regions throughout the United States....   [tags: Karst Region Virginia Geography]

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Patras and the Adriatic Sea

- Patras and the Adriatic Sea Problems with format PATRAS ?Patras is a port city located in the Northern Achaia, standing as the gateway to the West for all of Greece. As the third largest Greek city, Patras plays an important role as the center of administrative and commercial activity for Western Greece. Standing in Northwest Peloponnese, Patras has become the link between the European Union and the East because of its prime geographic location. The climate is mild year round, but retains the same four seasons experienced in the United States....   [tags: Geography Greece History Papers]

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Latitudinal Gradient of Species Diversity

- Latitudinal Gradient of Species Diversity The latitudinal gradient in species diversity is one of the most striking patterns in the distribution of organisms on the planet. Simply put, the average number of species per unit area increases dramatically the closer the area is to the equator, almost entirely regardless of the type of organism being considered (Pianka, 1994). Researchers investigating the gradient have formulated a wide variety of hypothesis explaining the higher level of species diversity in the tropics....   [tags: Geography Geology Nature Papers]

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The Amazon Forest is Disappearing

- The Amazon Forest is Disappearing Nine countries share the Amazon rain forest: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Suriname. The Amazon forest is the largest rain forest ecosystem of the world (Brazil picks Amazon site for sustainable logging, 1998), with 5.5 million square kilometers (The Rape of the Amazon), where also live peasants and indigenous people. The Amazon forest is source of great biodiversity and goods, which is really important for human being....   [tags: Geography Ecology Essays]

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Geographic Technology in Real Estate

- Geographic Technology in Real Estate: A Technology Assessment Report Introduction Real estate is defined by the Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms as the “land and everything more or less attached to it. Ownership below to the center of the earth and above to the heavens.” This definition clearly conveys the geographically fixed nature of real estate and the inherent risk associated with this characteristic that is not found in other financial assets such as stocks and bonds. It is the identification and quantification of these risks that dominates the real estate decision....   [tags: Geography Real Estate]

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The Island of Jamaica

- The Island of Jamaica The island of Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island. It is in a group of islands called the greater antilles. It has an area of 10 991 km squared or 4 244 sq. miles. Jamaica spans 230 km east to west and from 80-36 from north to south. It is third only to Cuba, which is the largest, and Hispaniola which is the second largest island. Jamaica lies in the Caribbean sea which is a part of the much larger Atlantic ocean. The island is 960 km south of Florida, 160 km southwest of Haiti, and 140 km south of Cuba....   [tags: Jamaica Countries Geography]

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Rome: The Eternal City

- Rome: The Eternal City Problems with format ?The history of Rome is shrouded in myth and legend.. Tales of glorious victories, conquering heroes, and vanquished foes color our perception of this legendary city.. Myth and reality are so closely intertwined that we would be remiss to examine the one without the other.. From a cluster of humble villages, arose a mighty people who would capture the admiration of the world for centuries thereafter.. To look at the history of Rome is to look at the history of civilization itself, for with Rome, modern civilization began....   [tags: History Geography Papers]

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Subdivisions and American Agriculture

- Subdivisions and American Agriculture Across Wyoming and the West, you can see miles and miles of undeveloped land. However, in the next 100 years will that be true. This once-frontier land has had massive growths in population. For retired people, the West and Midwest are becoming more attractive due to the cheap land that is less populated. Subdivisions are moving farther and farther out into the country. From 1990 to 1995, the counties in the Rocky Mountain region increased three times faster than the rest of the United States (Theobald, Miller, and Hobbs 26)....   [tags: Geography USA Essays Papers]

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India's Culture

- Culture is a society that shares similar beliefs, traditions, religions, food, art, language and even human thought. Each country has a culture that is different from one another, whether it’s big or small. It makes the global outlook a diverse place with many different areas to discover and learn. Known to be one of the most defined countries, as well as being one of the oldest cultural country in the world, is India. With 1,220,800,359 people that reside in its country, India offers many areas of its culture to explore....   [tags: Religion, Society, Geography, Foods]

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- Barbados GEOGRAPHY Barbados is the eastern most island of the Caribbean, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela (13 10 N, 59 32 W). It is considered a “Coral Island” due to its vast coral shore beaches that surround the perimeter of the island. Overall, Barbados is 430 square kilometers, with 97 kilometers being coastline area. The circumference is approximately 55 miles around, and has a pear-like shape to it. Length and width wise, Barbados is 21 miles and 13 miles respectively....   [tags: Geography History Island Barbados Essays]

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Trento and Vicenza

- Trento and Vicenza ?The city of Trento (population 101,000) is located in the province of Trento.. The provinces of Trento and Bolzano come together form Trentino-Alto Adige.. Trentino-Alto Adige is the mountain territory of the upper Adige Valley and South Tyrol.. It is within this region that the majority of the Italian Mountains are found.. The area is known for its great scenic beauty.. The City of Trento sits in the valley of the River Adige and lies in the shadow of Monte Bondone.. Monte Bondone is known for its beautiful alpine flora.....   [tags: Geography Geographical Papers]

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The Florida Everglades

- The Florida Everglades The Florida Everglades have been adversely impacted for decades because of human attempts to control this historical ‘River of Grass’. The reason for our insistence on attempting to control and manage the area can be defined in one word: water. There has always been plenty of water available within the Everglades’ ecosystem, but no logical way to extract it. Our extraction efforts eventually led to devastating results. My paper will focus on the initial policy and practices involved in the extensive downgrading of this once biologically unequaled ecosystem; as well as discuss recent policy initiatives that have been implemented in order to restore the Everglades to...   [tags: Geography Environmental Nature Essays]

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