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The Influence of Geography and the Environment On the Development of Early Civilization

- Geography and the environment play a monumental role in the establishment and success of a nearly every civilization. For example, rivers bring water and allow for agricultural development, while mountains or deserts provide for protection and create a barrier. Many things, such as the aforementioned deserts and mountains, can offer both positive and negative influences on the society in question. The climate and amount of rainfall is directly related to the success or failure of crop growing, and thus related to the amount of time spent on simply surviving....   [tags: Anthropology]

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Corruption of Wealth and Society through Geography in The Great Gatsby

- Throughout The Great Gatsby, various locations are introduced that correlate to specific types of inhabitants. The geography of the novel is primarily comprised of four scenes: East Egg, West Egg, the valley of the ashes, and New York City. Although all of the localities are situated in the East, Nick muses at the end of the novel that the story is, in actuality, “of the West” (Fitzgerald 176). This discovery insinuates that the materialisms of the East besmirched the characters of the West, symbolizing the deteriorating effects the quest for riches has on traditional values....   [tags: The Great Gatsby]

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Setting and Geography in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, meant for the setting and geography of the novel to relate to its themes, characters, and thoughts so readers would connect a place, person, and idea. There are many important geographical locations in The Great Gatsby. Each of these is specifically selected to correspond to an explicit person or central idea in the novel. The setting is also tremendously significant to The Great Gatsby, as it emphasizes the themes and character traits that drive the novel’s critical events....   [tags: themes, characters, thoughts, foreshadowing]

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Africa's Geography: Unfortunate Circumstances Led to Unfortunate Results

- Africa’s geography put them at a great disadvantage over the Europeans, which eventually allowed the Europeans to colonize Africa with ease. The geography of Africa is wildly different than that of Europe’s. Crops in Europe were very suitable for farming, and their native animals could be domesticated easily. Because of this, farming in Europe didn’t take very much effort, and surpluses of food could develop at a quick rate. These surpluses allowed specialists to form. Specialists devoted all of their time to developing new and advanced technology, instead of farming....   [tags: disadvantafe over the Europeans]

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Geography: The Country of Israel in Its Short History

- The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines culture as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Merriam-Webster, Culture). There are many aspects to each culture; five important aspects to look at when defining a culture include language, religion, government, tradition, and customs. The first three of these aspects are relatively self-explanatory, but the last two aspects seem somewhat similar at first glance. Throughout this cultural awareness essay we will define the meaning of tradition as to include historical aspects, and customs as being more in present day....   [tags: beliefs, customs, arts]

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Korea: History, Geography Culture and Food Patterns

- Korea: History, Geography Culture, and Food Patterns   Korea is a highly discussed nation because of its delicious food, viral pop music, political unrest within northern half of the nation, and its rapid development in the past 60 years. Overall, the Republic of Korea is a very developed nation that still holds onto its traditional roots and practices. Korean food is extremely varied and is known for its signature red pepper spice. Korea is a very complex nation that has been shaped by its complex history and influence from all of the military invasions that have captured and recaptured the country....   [tags: far Eastern countries]

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Morocco’s Geography, History, Economy, and Culture

- Do you remember hearing about stories of flying carpets. These stories are traced back to the Arab culture, and most Moroccans now share this culture. Like Morocco’s famous rugs woven with different colors, old and new customs intertwine to make one culture. In this paper, you will explore Morocco’s geography, history, economy, and culture. Morocco is located in northern Africa and borders the Mediterranean to the north, the Atlantic to the west, Algeria to the east, and Mauritania is to the south....   [tags: stories, flying carpets, arab culture]

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Physical Geography of Spain

- Physical Geography of Spain Land forms The entire area of Spain is 504,750 sq. km. Spain is about the size of Arizona and Utah combined. Spain has high plateaus surrounded by low coastal plains. The most famous mountain range in Spain is located in the north. It is called the Pyrenees. Other mountain ranges are the Cantabrian, Sierra Moreno and the Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges. Climate In the north, the climate is moderate with year-round rainfall. The south and the east have a mediterranean climate....   [tags: Papers]

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Indian Culture and Geography

- Indian Culture and Geography Location: India has an area of approximately 3,287,580 sq. kilometers. It serves as a border to the Bay of Bengal the Indian Ocean, and to the Arabian Sea located to its west. Directly north of India are the Himalayas, the world’s biggest mountain range. India also serves as a neighbor to several different countries. Myanmar and Bangladesh located to its east, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north, Sri Lanka to the South, and finally Afghanistan and Pakistan on the northwest....   [tags: Papers]

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Geography Reading Project (timeline)

- Geography Reading Project This book is about a company that has figured out how to send people back in time by treating people as pieces of data. This company runs into problems when one of their time traveler shows up in the middle of a dessert and brought to a hospital and is very confusing to the resident doctor. The doctor thinks it is an abnormally and leaves it well enough alone. Meanwhile the company is very worried that one of their time travelers has been lost and showed up dead in a local hospital....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Geography Summary

- Geography Summary A very long time ago, in outer space. There was an atom, invisible to the naked eye. No one knows how the atom was created, it was just there. This atom was very concentrated and very dense. Approximately 30 billion years ago, that atom exploded and out came the material used to create the entire universe. Of course, back then. The universe was very different from today. This is the big bang theory, it wa sproposed by George Gamow a Russian American....   [tags: Papers]

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Geography Environment

- GEOGRAPHY NOTES · Since European settlement between 78 & 100 plant species have become are extinct. 150-200 under threat. · GENETIC DIVERSITY - safeguard species diversity. Large range of genetic forms within each species. Genetic variations. · Extinct- disappearance of species after thorough searching (some extinction is natural) · At risk- in danger of becoming extinct · Endangered- close to extinction in the wild unless something is done the species could disappear altogether · Vulnerable- The step before endangered · Rare- few of a particular species remain , less serious category than endangered · Extinction can occur naturally because of clim...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Physical Geography

- Physical Geography What is MTBE and Why we should be Concerned !. MTBE stands for Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether. In 1990 congress passed the Clean Air Act to reduce smog in cities that were listed as ozone non-attainment area. Congress mandated Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) as part of the act. Congress mandated as part of it formula, a 2% by weight oxygenate to be added to RFG to reduce hydrocarbon SMOG pollutants from automobile exhaust emissions. MTBE is a chemical, which promotes more complete combustion by adding oxygen to gasoline....   [tags: Papers]

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Economic Geography of Industry Location in India

- Economic Geography of Industry Location in India ____________________________________ Paper prepared for the UNU/WIDER Project Conference on Spatial Inequality in Asia 3 Economic Geography of Industry Location in India Where do different industries locate. What factors influence the spatial distribution of economic activity within countries. Finding answers to these questions is important for understanding the development potential of sub national regions. This is particularly important for developing countries as they have relatively lower levels of overall investment and economic activity is concentrated in one or a few growth centers....   [tags: India Economics Industries Essays]

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American Geography's Role in the Industrial Revoultion

- Geography's role in the Industrial Revolution Geographically the United States is a vary diverse landscape that effected America's ability to industrialize. The geographic features of a country will control the need for it to industrialize, less land means less opportunity to farm. This geographic fact will also control the rate of development; less land means a need for faster industrialization. It is this diversity and abundance of land that controlled the economic and social development of America's Industrial Revolution....   [tags: American History]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Geography

- Geography The diverse nature of Geography has always attracted me to the subject, and the bridge it forms between the Arts and the Sciences reflects many of my interests. I am greatly enjoying the work which I am doing for the A level syllabus, on both the human and physical sides of the course, and would like to continue to study in both these fields. Geography gives the opportunity to accumulate a valuable range of skills, and I particularly enjoy the variety of analytical, numerical, bibliographical and research skills which I am called upon to use....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Effect of Geography on English Colonies in America

- A.P US History The Effect Of Geography On English Colonies The New England, Middle and Southern colonies were all English ruled, but yet very different. Among their distinctions, was the geography which played an important role in shaping these colonies. New England attracted Puritan farmers who wanted to separate from the Catholic Church. But because of the bone dry soil in the North, these colonists found they couldn't continue with their traditional ways of farming. However, with the immense amounts of water that surrounded them, they found that they could fish and trade....   [tags: American History]

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Does Geography control your destiny?

- Human activity has major effects on geography. When studying the earth you can come to several conclusions about the geography of any particular civilization. Distribution of life in the civilization allows you to analyze whether their geography is their own destiny. Do people control their own destiny. Is geography something that people can control. Technology is really the key to why geography can be overcome by any people. Throughout the history of the earth we have seen many countries leave their homeland....   [tags: essays research papers]

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North Dakota

- North Dakota Before many people knew North Dakota, the Native Americans were there. The Native Indian tribes were the Arapaho, Arikara, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Dakota and Mandan tribes. Pierre Gaultier de la Vérendrye led the first known expedition of North Dakota in 1738. In 1803 the United States got most of North Dakota from France along in the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark explored the region and made settlements there. North Dakota is known for being one of the most rural states in the US....   [tags: Geography ]

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Why I Want to Further My Studies in Geography, Mathematics and Psychology

- Seeing those around me work hard day and night to have that extra penny in their pocket, has been the source of my interest in how money can control individuals...Societies...Countries and the world. And only a few who truly understand money and its system, can understand that control. I want to be one of those few. As a person I have always been interested in the business side of the world. Studying the competitiveness of it all and the challenges of the business world. Since studying Business and economics at GCSE level I found myself drawn into the financial aspect of businesses and I found myself drawn to the financial side of a business....   [tags: statement of purpose]

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North Korea and Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Comparison and Contrast of Physical, Political and Cultural Geography

- North Korea and Bosnia-Herzegovina are two countries who have many interesting features. They are similar yet different in many aspects of their physical, political, and cultural geography. Bosnia-Herzegovina’s and North Korea’s climate and natural environment are similar, even though they are around 5,000 miles apart. Both countries’ histories have been rocky, yet their history aided these countries in getting to where they are today. Bosnia-Herzegovina’s climate is a mix of a continental, also known as temperate, and a Mediterranean climate....   [tags: countries with a rocky history]

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Stories of Our Earth: Causes for Ice Ages and Their Impact on Geography

- ... Terminal moraines, similarly to recessional moraines, are created at the end to a path for glaciers but it is does not contain the formations that can clearly distinguish that that had been the end of the path or that the glacier had stopped there. Drumlins were also created through the process of glaciation. Essentially, drumlins are small hills of compacted till. It has two different sides; typically the steeper side is the direction where the ice and water have pushed the debris to create the hill....   [tags: glacial period, plate tectonics, sunlight]

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Analysis of Paul Farmer´s AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame

- The content of Paul Farmer’s AIDS & ACCUSATION: Haiti and the Geography of Blame, was very boring to begin with. Quite literally, I was sleeping while reading the beginning of it. However, it did pick up towards the middle as it caught my interest; I found that the book was particularly funny. Before reading this book, I had no clue what I was in for other than the title and who would’ve guessed; the title says it all. It was actually about what the title said. The United States blames Haiti for the AIDS and vice versa....   [tags: america, haiti, aids, voodoo]

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Social Geography and Monstrosity : Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

- Social Geography and Monstrosity : Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Social geography plays a big role in a person's life. Social geography includes segregation, economics, class, and race. All of these factors play a part in how a person lives and the way they are treated in society. Another factor that affects a person's society is the way that a person looks. Monstrosity can affect a person's entire life as far as where they live and even their class. In the novels Frankenstein, The Monster and Native Son, there is a relationship between social geography and monstrosity....   [tags: Shelley Frankenstein]

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The Geography of Globalization

- Globalization skews the lines between the rich and the poor in the global community. More specifically, globalization has consequences of inappropriate trading of investment and people between different parts of the world. Linking this idea to those concepts such as spatial interaction(a realized movement of people, freight,or information between two destinations), human/nature relationships and to the linkages between globalization and items such as “space, place, and landscape”. One interesting example of globalization at work is in the nation of China – a tiny country which captures the dilemmas and contradictions that captures the phenomenon of globalization....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Impact of the Enlightenment, Economics, and Geography on The American Revolution

- Many things contributed to the American Revolution besides the American people themselves. Some influential ideas that contributed to the Revolution are Enlightenment ideas. The Enlightenment thinkers behind these ideas are John Locke, and Voltaire. Economics also had I major impact on the American Revolution. Geography also played a major part the uprising of the American Revolution. There were many Enlightenment ideas that provoked the American colonists to start the American Revolution. John Locke was very influential with his ideas of consent of governed, and limited Monarchy....   [tags: Essays on American Revolution]

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A Historical Overview of the Geography, Politics, and Culture of Montserrat

- A Historical Overview of the Geography, Politics, and Culture of Montserrat Montserrat is a small Caribbean island with an interesting geographical, economic, political, and cultural history. Montserrat was inhabited by a succession of Amerindian groups before being discovered by Spanish explorers in the 1400s. In the seventeenth century, Montserrat was claimed by Great Britain, and settled by an English ruling class, and their Irish indentured servants and African slaves. These new inhabitants created a plantation economy in order to grow sugar cane, thereby significantly changing the landscape....   [tags: Essays on Politics]

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One Day The Soldiers Came: Voices of Children in War

- There are many things you can use to help you get a better understanding of the world outside of where you live. For example, narrative novels can be helpful. The book One Day the Soldiers Came: Voices of Children in War can help you investigate the themes of geography, elements of culture, and literary analysis to aid you in your understanding of the world. Themes of geography take a big role in One Day the Soldiers Came: Voices of Children in War. Relative place is key in this book because of all the different battles and wars that took place....   [tags: geography, battles]

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Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

- Guns, germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies is a Pulitzer Prize winning book. It’s a 1997 book written by the author Jared Diamond who teaches geography and physiology at UCLA. Around the same year it had won the Pulitzer Prize, the book won the Aventis Prize for Best Science Book. Guns, Germs, and Steel tries to explain to us how human history was shaped and offers insight into human foundations and success. Geography plays a crucially vital role in determining success. Jared Diamond revolved his book around one question asked by a New Guinean politician named Yali....   [tags: geography, sociology]

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Geopolitics- Exploring the Geopolitically Utopian State (GUS)

- The study of the geopolitics around the globe and over time is a complex task. Numerous factors influence the causal chain of events that determine the course of a state’s history. Geography in its broadest sense limits the ability of a state to become a superpower, but it also allows certain states to thrive with relative ease compared to lesser developed countries. Location, terrain, technology, and demographics work in conjunction to affect the power of certain states, and it is through the effective use of these elements states attempt to raise or maintain their power....   [tags: geography, politics]

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Religion and Ethnicity around the World

- I have never been considered good in geography let alone cultural geography. As soon as I enrolled, I started to dread having to take a geography class that I knew I was going to be awful at. As classes started this semester, I have to admit that I thought that this class would drag along until I either made a B or C in the class then I would go on without thinking about it again. However, while Professor Henning was teaching, specifically about religion, I became interested in the many different religions or ethnic groups around the world and how similar or different they might be (Greiner 2012)....   [tags: cultural geography]

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Christopher Columbus and the Definition of America as Booty by Beatriz Bodmer

- ... That he was the chosen prophet to expand the Christian empire, on a perceived obligation of the monarchs and a presumed notion that the Christian faith should be adopted. During future voyages, Columbus approached his explorations of his own preconceived ideas, ideas filled with distorting the facts, reducing and ignoring what was actually present (Bodmer,20). It was easy for Columbus to maintain such significances, since cultural and scientific findings could be taken as theoretical beliefs, which were inconsistent with empirical findings and through his own irrational writings he believed to be the promised one, sent to render divine intervention....   [tags: geography and cosmology]

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GEO-MAD: Geographic Ontology for Major Disasters

- Geographic Ontologies The term “Ontology” was employed with different senses in a number a fields; it was originally derived from the philosophy where an ontology is “a systematic account of Existence”. Ontology was initially introduced in Artificial Intelligence field by Gruber [2] as “an explicit specification of a conceptualization”. Uschold et Gruninger [3] give further clarification about the word conceptualization in the above definition “Ontology is the term used to refer to the shared understanding of some domain of interest which may be used as a unifying framework (…)....   [tags: geography, taxonomy]

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Japanese History and Culture

- Japan has always been an ever changing country. From the time when the emperor ruled and governed the country to the time when the emperor lost decision making power and became a symbol of national unity. Japans history is written throughout the world because of wars and trade especially with the United States. Japan is very isolated and lacking in essential resources, because of its relatively bad geography it is one of the biggest importers the world has ever known. Japan has very strong and unique cultural customs that have not changed over time (Japan)....   [tags: Japan, geography, ]

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A Career in Geograpy

- ... It is important to identify and understand the interconnecting aspects of the world around us and apply such knowledge towards a more sustainable future. Geography isn’t just the study of issues that are facing use today, it is also a gateway to appropriate and constructive solutions. IB Geography has thoroughly depicted the fact that geography is an integrative subject that ties in social, environmental and economic factors. This course has further enhanced my understanding of patterns and changes occurring and to evaluate solutions through a balanced manner on a local and global scale....   [tags: geographical theory, environmental protection]

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Kenya: Country Overview

- Kenya is a country situated in the East coast of Africa, along the equator, between Somalia and Tanzania and bordering the Indian Ocean. Its geographic co-ordinates are 1 000 N, 38 00 E. It has a total of 580,367 square metres (slightly larger than France) with 569,140 square metres of land and the rest, 11,227 square metres is water. Kenya is land bounded by five countries, Uganda (933 kilometres), Ethiopia (861 kilometres), Tanzania (769 kilometres), Somalia (682 kilometres) and Sudan (232 kilometres) adding to a grand total of 3,477 kilometres....   [tags: Geography, Africa]

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An Overview of Japanese Culture and Geography

- Japan is an island positioned in East Asia just somewhat south of South Korea and lies in the Pacific Ocean. The country is made of three major islands, known as the Home Lands, these islands names are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The whole country is made of 2,456 islands stretching all along the southeast Pacific. The country is 72% mountainous land that runs all the way from the north to the south all the way through Japanese islands. One of the most eminent renowned names in the Japanese Alps is Mount Fiji....   [tags: language, religion, ethnicity]

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The HIstory, Culture, and Geography of Singapore

- Singapore is a city-state main island that is in Southeastern Asia, located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, north of Indonesia between latitudes 1º 09´N and 1º 29´N and longitudes 103º 36´E and 104º 25´E. The Malay Peninsula is about 85 miles (137 kilometers) north of the Equator and consists of the diamond-shaped island called Singapore. Singapore lies directly between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean with the makeup of 63 separate islands. The total land area of Singapore is 704 square kilometers (272 square miles)....   [tags: government, education, arts]

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Geography: The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

- Ethiopia is a federal republic, which means power is held by the people and representatives they elect. Affairs of the state are a “public matter” rather than privately accommodated. Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. (Releasing children from poverty Compassion in Jesus' name, 2014) Ethiopia is a landlocked country in the northeast African region known as the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is considered landlocked because it is bordered on the west by the Sudan, the east by Somalia and Djibouti, the south by Korea, and the northeast by Eritrea....   [tags: africa, church, christianity]

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Geography: A Brief Description of Singapore

- Brief Description Singapore started off as a multiracial country and its population was made up of a melting pot of different immigrants from different countries. Over the years, our medium of communication between the different races has been modified and peppered with numerous phrases from different languages from different dialects such as Hokkien and Malay. These phrases include “lah”, “waliao”, and “makan”. This Singaporean Slang is known as Singlish. Singlish is widely recognized by both local Singaporeans and foreigners alike, and anyone who can speak a fluent Singlish is considered a true-blue Singaporean....   [tags: multiracial, melting pot, immigrants]

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Description of Belgium's History and Geography

- Belgium is located in Western Europe. It’s located to the north of France, also bordering with Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, and the Netherlands to the north. A strip of land in the northwest lies on the North Sea. The country’s capital is Brussels, located a few miles north of the invisible language barrier that runs east to west. It began as a small hamlet in the 7th century, although officially founded in c. 979, and eventually grew to the city it is today (Wikipedia, “Brussels” 5)....   [tags: belgium, belgians, versailles treaty]

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Geography: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan

- Ch#3  Industrial analysis: Pakistan is the 8th major exporter in Asia of textile products. This zone contributes 9.5% to the GDP and to about 15 million people gets employment. Pakistan is the 4th biggest producer of cotton, behind china and India has the third biggest spinning capacity in Asia and it contributes 5% of it to the international spinning capability. Cotton is the essential Cash crop of Pakistan. Textile products are one of the basic human requirements after foods. For Pakistan which was one of the top cotton producers in the world, the growth of a textile Industry utilizing cotton rich resources has been a example towards industrialization....   [tags: asia textile, gdp, population]

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The Culture and Geography of Greece

- ... Greece’s strategic location has and continues to make it a beauty yet a burden. The religious affiliation in Greece is quite prominent, and has been since ancient times. Particularly in Greek mythology and the twelve gods upon mount olympus, with Zeus being the most powerful. Today Greece is dominated by the Church of greece, which stems under the Greek orthodox Church. Greek orthodoxy believe that Christ is the leader of the church. They believe in following the New testament. Also they believe that the scheduling of Fasts and feasts creates a closer relationship with Christ.The observant members are expected to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays....   [tags: population, religion, economics]

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The Culture and Geography of Guinea-Bissau

- The rivers of Guinea-Bissau were some of the first of Africa to be discovered by the Portuguese. Portugal claimed Portuguese Guinea in 1446. But very little trading post were established before the 1600’s. Portuguese entered the slave trade and exported large quantities of Africans to the Western Hemisphere. African rulers prospered greatly from the slave trade but did not allow Europeans to move more inland than were there trading post were. Independence was declared on the 24 of September in 1973....   [tags: government, climate, drugs]

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Physical Geography of Pierce County

- A Brief Introduction: Pierce County is a very scenic and key area to the development of the northern Mississippi. The county today has a total land area of 576 sq. miles and is home to just over 41,000 people. Consisting of 6 villages, 13 towns, only 2 cities, and many unincorporated settlements Pierce County is very rural and has made grown largely due to the trapping, lumber, dairy, fertile soil, tourism, Fishing, mining industries, and the easy access to waterways. March 14, 1853 Named after the recently elected 14th president of the United States of America Franklin Pierce the county got its current name....   [tags: northern Mississippi, Franklin Pierce]

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History and Geography of Mexico

- The official name of Mexico is Estates Undoes Mexicans (United Mexican States). Culture can be identified in various forms. In any cases, one of many explanations of culture refers to the shared of knowledge, experience, and beliefs, values acquired by a group of individuals throughout generations. Culture is also the history and events that make up the community itself. It is the way of life for a particular group of people. The most visual characteristics of culture are that it’s vibrant, people continues to adapt and overcome changes that continues to evolve to shape our society over time....   [tags: culture, government]

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Geography: The Urbanization of Bangkok

- City characteristics: Bangkok was just a city, until General Chao Phraya Chakkri, the founder of the ruling Chakkri dynasty, took over the throne as Rama 1. After General Chao Phraya Chakkri was crowned Rama 1, he strategically moved the Capital from the west to the east bank of the Chao Phraya River to make it harder for the Burmese to invade and to have a better trading post with other western countries. Thereafter, Bangkok grew modernised and grew rapidly during the 1960's. Today Bangkok is now the central of politics, economy, education, media and the modern society....   [tags: tourism, population, urbanization]

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Geography: The Republic of Indonesia

- Indonesia Indonesia is beautiful country with amazing simplicities, but what really makes it up. In this essay you will learn anything from Indonesia’s government to etiquette, history to clothing attire, land to traditions, and everything in between. In the early 17th century, the Dutch began to colonize the country of Indonesia. After Japan’s surrender, Indonesia declared its independence on August 7, 1945, and on December 27,1949 it was recognized as independent by the Netherlands. After decades of restraining rule, free and fair legislative elections took place in 1999 (CIA)....   [tags: population, economym government]

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Physical Geography of Orange County

- This sedimentary rock has hardened over the many years with sand shells, small pebbles, grains of sand and rocks of various sizes. In comparison to our 4.5 billion year old Earth, these sand shells might as well be brand new, when in reality they could be up to 1,000 years old. If the sandstone were to be replaced with calcite it would completely change the subclass of rock, it would then be chemical & organic limestone. The variation in sand stone is due to different rates of deposition and change in patterns of the sediment movement (Mc Knight, p....   [tags: earth science, geology, cloud types]

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Geography and Climate of Nepal

- Nepal is located in the Tropic of Cancer (Northern Hemisphere) (Shrestha) and lies between China in the north and India in the south, east and west.(1990 map) It has an area of 147,181 sq. km including water which has an area of 3,830 sq. km and its geographical coordinates are 28°00′N 84°00′E. (Australia 2014) Nepal is typically characterised by a rugged topography due to the amount of hills and mountains within its area. Nepal also lies in the tectonically active zone, making it prone to earthquakes....   [tags: nepal, himalayas, terai region]

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Geography and History of Memphis

- Memphis is considered to be a dangerous city by many around the country with not many attractions besides Martin Luther king, jr. What they do not know is that Memphis is full of rich music and history. Various genres have made an impact on people’s daily lives such as gospel, soul, funk, blues, jazz, R&B, pop, country, and rap. Stax records were found in in 1957 which was known as satellite radio at the time. Stax has made a major impact on helping the lives of people in Memphis. Stax has overlooked the obstacles of color and racism by giving many artists of different races the opportunity they dreamed of....   [tags: music, racism, soul]

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Spain: Geography, Population and Economy

- Overview Located in Southwestern Europe, Spain, the 51st largest country, lies at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Spain is deep with values and architecture that date back centuries. With such a profound history, each region of Spain could easily be thought of as an independent country. Surpassing many hurdles over the last few decades has taught Spain at the end of the day all that matters is your word. Cultural Aesthetics Rich with medieval architecture, Spain is plentiful with Romanesque and Gothic structures....   [tags: culture, architecture, europe]

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Geography: The State of Texas

- Situated in the south central part of the United States, Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. It is also the third fastest growing state and holds a number of the most populous cities in the nation [US Census,2013] and number one in the nation in producing greenhouse gasses [EPA, 2013]. Stress in water resources can be seen in rapidly populated and over populated areas, where the water demand is high and availability is limited. This is particularly magnified in Texas due to climate change....   [tags: temperature, topographic characteristics]

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Urban Geography Fieldwork Enquiry Into the Central Commercial Area of Winchester

- Urban Geography Fieldwork Enquiry Into the Central Commercial Area of Winchester Investigation Design and Planning The aim of the enquiry is to investigate and explain the patter of land use in the central commercial area of Winchester by formulating and testing a number of hypotheses: * Similar land uses cluster together * Land use is related to Land values * Land values are related to accessibility The city of Winchester lies within central Hampshire, in the South of England....   [tags: Papers]

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How Culture Has Changed My Views

- This course of cultural geography has taught me new and old ideas along with theories that help shape the world. Before I started this class, I was not sure how well I was going to like it. I was not ever interested in geography and always overlooked ideas of culture. It was an idea that I never truly understood. However, these ideas were more broad and interesting than I anticipated. I began to understand what Geographers meant and what all was included within the idea of cultural geography. The world is always changing and I have learned that cultural geography is a way to keep pace with what is changing and understand how the world has gotten to where it is....   [tags: cultural geography, personal reflections]

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Geography: Facts About Ghana

- Ghana is a country in Africa that is native to 25 million people. It is neighbored by the Ivory Coast to the West, Togo to the East and Burkina Faso to the North. It is also bordered by the Gulf of Guinea to the south. It is about the size of Oregon and it’s religions include Christianity, Islam, and other Indigenous beliefs (Bbc news, 2013). Ghana has different climates in different parts of the country. Near the coast, there are tropical forests, in the middle there is a transitional zone where it then transitions into the savannah in the north where it is dryer and only gets one rainy season versus two in the south (Encyclopedia of the nations)....   [tags: education, population, children, women's role]

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The Road to Successful Empire Building: The Mongol and Spanish Empire

- Geography played a big role in history and made each empire unique in its own way. Geography had positive and negative effects when it comes to location, access to resources, and trade. For the Spanish and Mongol Empires, geography played a role in state formation as well as affected their strategies of rule. Considering that the Mongol Empire began in the 11th century and the Spanish Empire in the 15th century, the affects that geography had were significantly different regarding their state formation and forms of ruling, however, there were some slight similarities in the process of building up their empires....   [tags: geography and state formation]

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The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

- Sri Lanka known officially as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, or by many as the “pearl of the Indian Ocean” is a beautiful diverse island country located, “off India’s southeastern coast” (Pulsipher, 2011, p. 483). Approximately 21,000,000 people call Sri Lanka their home and many travel to Sri Lanka to enjoy its diverse culture and beauty. This report explores the Sri Lanka’s physical, cultural, and political geography, Christianity’s history in Sri Lanka, and also presents suggestions for Christianity’s continued growth....   [tags: cultural, and political geography]

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Chile: The Land Where the Earth Ends

- Looking at Chile, many people are unaware of what this country has to offer. Chile has many resources that benefit the world such as all the trading along the coastline and all the natural resources that its forest and vast mountainous region has to offer. Its impossibly long structure defies geography making Chile’s land even more intriguing. From the northern regions to the most southern tip, Chile has various landmarks and coast line that can amaze anyone. The geography of this region varies along with climate and weather conditions....   [tags: geography, people, culture, diversity]

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The Positive and Negaitves of Living in Jamaica

- “Jamaica’s a country of great dichotomy. On the one hand you have a tourist industry with great beaches and resorts, but on the other you have such great poverty and the violence that goes along with that.”(Michael Franti) In this paper, I will talk about the geography, the history of Jamaica, the people that live there now and that lived there in the past, the lifestyle of the society, and the society, like the government and economy. Geography Jamaica’s climate is warm and sunny. Its range is from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees during the day and 65 degrees during the night....   [tags: geography, history, society, government]

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Thriving of Europe in Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

- Guns, Germs, and Steel Geography Essay Why did certain early civilizations thrive and some fail. Jared Diamond, a famous author and scientist, explains in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel. He believes civilizations like the ones in Europe thrived because of geographical luck. Geographic luck is the idea that people in some areas got luckier than others. For example, the Fertile Crescent had a warm, moist climate, and fertile soil to grow wheat and barley, while people that lived in places like Papua New Guinea had to hunt, and forage for their food....   [tags: Geography, Luck, Weapons]

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Advancing Rural Healthcare: The APN Educator’s Ways and Means

- When assessing the current state of healthcare in the United States, properly forming an answer requires the separation of healthcare by geography, demographics, and economics. These factors influence the quality and availability of services and resources available to clients and professionals. The urban areas will usually have greater access to an array of services and resources, whereas the rural areas will see limitation in this regard. The rural community is normally a place with an eclectic collection of self-reliant people many of whom have never been exposed, within the context of healthcare, to the complexities contained within the healthcare organizations in urban environments....   [tags: geography, demographics, economics]

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Primary National Curriculum: Cross-Curricular Learning

- Introduction In this assignment I will justify the place of the following subjects within the primary national curriculum: Geography, History, Physical Education, Religious Education, Drama and Music. The reason I have chosen these subjects is because I have had an experience of them within my teaching placements and within seminars at university. In addition to this, I will analyse the use of cross-curricular learning in primary education and I will aim to explore the benefits and challenges of the approach....   [tags: education, subjects, geography, history]

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Expansion of the Islam Religion

- Expansion of Islam Islam is a religion initially spread by the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad had received the message from God while meditating and took the messages he received to birth the religion Islam (Doc A). Islam can be seen all over the world, from the United States to Asia. Muslims make up 20% of the world population and most Muslims are outside the Middle East (Doc H). A good example showing how far Islam spread is in places such as Africa where the mosque of Dejeme can be found (Doc C)....   [tags: muhammad, muslim, geography]

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Environment Analysis of Greater Manchester County

- My essay focuses on the county of Greater Manchester in North West England. A thriving metropolitan area, the county has been a place of interest since its rise in the Industrial Revolution. Greater Manchester is a landlocked county in the North West region of England. The Pennine mountain range runs along its northern and eastern borders, whilst the West Pennine Moors are found on its western border. To the south lies Cheshire, a flat county with large plains left by glaciers in previous Ice Ages....   [tags: Environment Economics Geography]

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British Imperial Policies and Colonial Resistance

- A new era was dawning on the American colonies and its mother country Britain, an era of revolution. The American colonists were subjected to many cruel acts of the British Parliament in order to benefit England itself. These British policies were forcing the Americans to rebellious feelings as their rights were constantly being violated by the British Crown. The colonies wanted to have an independent government and economy so they could create their own laws and stipulations. The British imperial policies affected the colonies economic, political, and geographic situation which intensified colonists’ resistance to British rule and intensified commitment to their republican values....   [tags: Taxes, Geography, Acts]

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Novel Heads by Harry Written by Lois-Ann Yamanaka Takes Us into the Lives of People from Hilo, Hawaii

- ... Toni, unlike her siblings, did poor while she was at UH Manoa and had to move back home to Hilo. Her father Harry was extremely disappointed and no longer had high hopes for her. When she moved back, her sexual encounters with family friends Wyatt and Maverick Santos grew and she became closer with longtime Haole family friend Billy who was six years younger than her. Her relationship with Billy blossomed into mutual feelings for one another; however, Toni refused to take it to the next level due to the fact that Billy was younger than her, a Haole, and was considered as family....   [tags: paradise, geography, budget]

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Vanuatu: A Series of 83 Islands in the Pacific Ocean

- ... The leader of the state is President Iolu Johnson Abbil. This role is mainly just a ceremonial role in the government. The leader of the government is Prime Minister Moana Carcasses Kalosil. They have a constitution and their voting age is 18. Their economy is largely based of agriculture, especially live stock. There are a few other things they live off of, such as fishing, tourism and offshore financial services. They get foreign aid mostly from Australia and New Zealand. Their GDP per capita is $4900....   [tags: economy, culture, geography]

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Japan: An Island Country

- Japan is an island country located in eastern Asia. It is a small country compared to the other countries in the mainland. Despite its size and location, it is a very developed country. Japan is known for its geography, climate, religion, food and mostly for its popular culture that has influenced other parts of the world. As stated before, Japan is a shimaguni, in other words, an island country. It lies in the Pacific Ocean to the east of continent of Asia. The geographic setting of Japan is an archipelago, island chain, which consists of many islands with four main islands (Japan’s Geography)....   [tags: geography, eastern asia, china]

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The Ramifications of Government Reform on Education

- America currently ranks 36th in the world in regards to education. This encompasses reading, math, and science. Education in the United States represents multiple achievement gaps across ethnicities, income levels, and geography. There are many reasons as to why America ranks low. The curriculum in the United States varies widely from district to district and stretches from state to state, which is one of the major problems in why America compares greatly to that of other countries. For instance, different schools offer different classes....   [tags: ethnicities, income levels, geography]

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Challenges of Development in Sumer and Egypt

- ... The richness of the land and the engineering of the vital irrigation systems for the city-states of Sumer called for large populations. In a more religious aspect, the Sumerians worshipped Enlil, god of storms. No human was recognized as a descendent of god, but Sumerians put city-state leaders, priests and high-ranked military men in charge. Military was a strong aspect since Sumer had no known natural barriers. The economy used crops as a form of money, as well as trade being important since Sumer had little natural resources....   [tags: geography, civilzations, flooding]

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The American Revolution-Eight Long Years

- The American Revolution, also known as the American Revolutionary War and the War of Independence, lasted from 1775 to 1783. It stemmed from growing tensions between England’s 13 North American colonies and the colonial government representing England, as well as cost sharing imposed on English colonies by successive governments in London for debts attributed to former wars (Foner, 2012). The “cost sharing” encompassed a variety of measures including taxation on goods produced in the colonies, efforts to stem widespread smuggling and “The Stamp Act” of 1765 requiring a stamp on all printed material....   [tags: Early Democracy, Geography In War]

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History and Issues in Mexico City

- Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. Mexico City is very well known for being the longest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere, and it is also the largest and the oldest city in the Spanish America. The population of Mexico City is growing very quickly, for many reasons mainly the migration from the other parts of Mexico and another reason is that the birth rate is greater than the death rate. At a population of 21 million people, about one-fifth of the country's inhabitants, it is one of the most greatly populated cities in the world, and it is the worlds largest capital city....   [tags: Mexico City, geography, capitals,]

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The History and Development of Athens

- Athens was the shining star of the Greek city-states. Athens was a city-state in Greece that was one of the best. Although it didn't have the best army, it had the best brains. Athens is still thriving today with great life,very strong democracy, and convenient location. The Athenian Democracy The Athenian democracy was quite interesting. A New rule of government came to Athens( 1). It was called a democracy wich meant “rule by the people” ( 1). Not everyone had a vote though ( 1)....   [tags: democracy, roles, geography]

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The Plagues of Colonial Life

- Colonial living in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the New World was both diverse and, in many cases, proved deadly through such avenues as disease, Native American attacks, a lack of proper medical treatment, and disastrous weather conditions. Even through all of these hardships, the first colonists persevered, doing their best to see the blessings in their lives and create a better life for their children through all of the uncertainties. Nothing, it seems, in the original colonies was set in stone except for the fact that they never knew what the next day would hold in store....   [tags: Disease, Slavery, Geography]

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Global Economy: Commodies and Industries

- Commodies and industries play a huge part in the global economy. They basically make up the whole economy. This is an examination of the geography of a particular commodity, where the commodity is produced and where the commodity is consumed. Information about the pattern of trade in the industry looks, what countries/regions are the most significant exporters and which countries are the major importers will also be discussed. Oil is a standout amongst the most significant, quite requested, costly, and a paramount wellspring of regular vitality on the planet....   [tags: oil, geography, regions]

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Papua New Guinea Lowland Tropical Rainforest, One Landscape, Different Perspectives

- For thousands of years, Papua New Guinea’s affluent terrestrial vegetations have provided the habitat and the patronage elements that were essential for the survival of the Papuan people (Map I) (, 2012) (Nicholls, 2004). The diversity of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) terrestrial vegetation are portrayed in beach grasses, located along coastal lines, moving inland towards lowland tropical rainforest (LTF), and ending with mountaintops’ alpine forests (Table I) (Nicholls, 2004). PNG’s lowland tropical rainforest dominates large portions of the country’s landscape, and it is considered to be the richest region in biodiversity, timber, and minerals (Swartzendruber, 1993)....   [tags: Geography ]

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The Wonders of Japan

- Japan has many wonders that the general public does not know of. Most Americans only know about the past wars of Japan, therefore they don’t know the true history of the people that life there. Several wonders of Japan include its History, Government, Geography and Topography, Cultural Customs and Economy and Trade. Japan has a lot of many wonders, but the most wonderful thing is its history. For instance, in 1898, the shogunate was forced to resign and the emperor was restored to power. The Meiji restoration initiated many reforms....   [tags: Geography, Informative Essay]

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Tambora: The Mother of All Eruptions

- On April 10, 1816, the most powerful volcanic explosion in recorded history occurred. The volcano was Mt. Tambora in the Sumbawa Islands in Indonesia. The explosion measured a 7 on the volcanic explosivity index. The explosion could be heard for thousands of miles. Smaller explosions and eruptions occurred before and after the initial giant explosion. Over 71,000 people were killed. Approximately 12,000 deaths resulted directly from the explosion. The other deaths resulted from contamination of the water by volcanic ash and sulfur....   [tags: Geography ]

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Oregon Trail Geography

- Have you ever thought of what could have caused many of the deaths on the Oregon Trail. You might think diseases, accidents, and maybe intentional. You might or might not have thought of this, but even nature could be violent and kill. And there were plenty of ways on how it did. The Rocky Mountains are one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world. In the Pacific Northwest they are found in northeastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and most of Idaho. They actually extend from southern Alaska to northern Mexico, which means that they were very long....   [tags: American History]

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