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Gender Inequalities, Past and Present

- In current society, social divisions feature a lot on the prospects of people within each society. This essay will explain how the in such concepts as women being forced into unpaid labour, male dominance over females in employment, the sexualisation of women in the media as well as briefly looking into inequalities within violence. Through discussing each of these concepts, we can compare the historical context of gender inequalities to the present day to see if things have improved or deteriorated in modern society....   [tags: Gender Issues]

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Gender Inequalities: Improving or Deteriorating?

- To distinguish the extent to which social divisions in gender between male and females are socially constructed we first have to discuss the issue of stratification by gender (inequality) and the theories which surround it. This essay will distinguish the concepts of gender inequalities in unpaid labour and employment, the media, as well as briefly looking into violence. Through discussing each of these concepts, we can compare the historical context of gender to the present day to see if things have socially improved or deteriorated....   [tags: Gender Issues]

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Gender Inequalities in Malawi

- Many developing countries experience significant issues that help shape their culture and government. Malawi is a country that has experienced many difficult trials throughout her upbringing that has given her a unique civilization. Such tribulations can be seen in the countries issues that arise with women. Although Malawi has progressed immensely over the decades, one could argue that the country is still developing because of the on-going problem dealing with gender inequalities towards women, such as in the workplace, home, and in society as a whole....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Gender Inequalities in the Workplace

- Gender Inequalities in the workplace METHODOLOGY 3 INTRODUCTION 4 CAUSES OF GENDER INEQUALITY 5 COMPARING GENDER INEQUALITY IN SOUTH AFRICA WITH OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. 6 POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS 7 EFFECTS OF GENDER INEQUALITY 9 CONCLUSION 10 INTERVIEW ABOUT GENDER INEQUALITY 11   Methodology   Introduction Gender inequality is “the unfair treatment of an applicant or employee because of the person’s sex”. Gender inequality or gender discrimination is illegal. Gender inequality did not only start in the workplace....   [tags: South Africa, discrimination]

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Gender Inequalities: Yesterday and Today

- There is this question which has been plaguing me for quite some time now. The front pages of all newspapers around a year back ran the story of a woman who had been picked up from a Chicago night club by a group of young men, and brutally raped and beaten up, before she was cast off in a darkened alley somewhere. No matter where I went, this was the only piece of news which interested people enough to keep on talking about it, with of course their own views, deductions, and analyses. Good enough, as majority of the people were all for the criminals getting severe penalty for the monstrous atrocity they had inflicted on a 37-year old woman, a mother of two....   [tags: Gender Inequality Essays]

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Gender Inequalities

- Gender inequalities are a large problem in terms of measuring economic production. The United Nations sees gender equality as an important goal, as four of the eight Millennium Development Goals for lowering poverty levels are directly related to women. While men and women both deal with discrimination and exclusion from the labor market, women are forced to contend with more barriers to full participation. There are several sources for these inequalities, including gaps in education, lack of resource access, the inability to access the labor market and structural inequalities (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, 2012)....   [tags: production, household, women]

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Gender Inequalities in Victorian England: Robert Browning’s Porphyria’s Lover

- ... The emasculation and submissive role the narrator has been faced with ultimately leads to the climax of the poem. In an attempt to preserve Porphyria’s love and exercise power, Porphyria’s lover strangles her with a lock of her own yellow hair (Line 39-40). The obsessive speaker then proceeds to prop Porphyria’s ‘drooping’ neck against his shoulder (Line 39-41), a complete reversal of his previous compliance to her controlling actions. This is symbolic of recovering masculinity from prior submission and depicts the male agenda of the Victorian period....   [tags: dominate women, gender roles]

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Changing Perspective on Gender Inequalities in Schools

- Changing Perspective on Gender Inequalities in Schools Gender equality is a broad topic with many different angles that can be examined. For my part in this project I chose to research the changing perspective on gender inequalities in schools. I wanted to find out what people really felt about the fairness of their education, and whether they really felt they had been shortchanged in the learning process because of their sex. My results were generally what I had expected to find, though there were a few interesting findings along the way....   [tags: Papers]

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Gender Inequalities in Access to Schooling in Pakistan

- Education is a precious thing that holds the future for all young human beings. It allows us to learn, to grow, and to become functional and responsible citizens of society and the competitive world. Without education, people will not be able to do the things that they want to in the future in order to advance their dreams to improve their lives and society. They will not be able to learn new things, new ideas, and new skills in order to advance the stages of human growth and development....   [tags: Girl's Education in Pakistan]

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Gender Topic:  Professional Obstacles

- Gender topic:  Professional Obstacles 1.  Lowest Levels or Beginning Stages of Message Exchanges.  Level Selected: 1 Gender Joking and Gender Bashing a)  A common theme in the workplace includes: gender joking and gender bashing. In a workforce that mostly hires men, women are definitely going to be prejudice against. Women are often seen as weak and are told that they're doomed to being submissive, and pushed down in their lives-- And in the workplace there sure is no difference. Due to these stereotypes, and the over-generalizations, it makes it easier to bash on the female population without a second thought....   [tags: gender jokes, inequalities]

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Race and Class Inequalties

- Inequality is experienced in various ways. Along with race and class inequalities, we have gender inequalities. What creates and maintains significant gender inequality when it comes to decision making. We could look back to1918; when Irish decision makers were made up solely of men. From 1919 to today we see a similar trend of gender inequality. It seems that when it comes to power and decision making, women take the back seat. We can argue that men and woman are naturally good at different things resulting to society creating this gender gap....   [tags: gender inequalities, patriarchy]

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Economical Inequalities of Gender and Class in the Ancient Society

- Archaeology has a way of inspiring images of exotic times of long ago. Curiosity about the past has excited the hearts and minds of mankind for centuries. Oscar Wilde, a poet and archaeologist, said “[Archaeology] was a means by which they could touch the dry dust of antiquity into the very breath and beauty of life, and fill the new wine of romanticism forms that had been old and outworn” (p54). It’s easy for us to fantasize about a time much different than our own, and often we choose not to see the injustice and inequalities that existed....   [tags: archaeology, mayan, monuments]

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Sociology and Social Norms

- ... Gender inequality is displayed in many countries around the globe. In India, the society begins gendering as soon as a child is born. In most cases, the birth of a daughter is unwelcome but that of a son is celebrated. The boys are brought up bold and outgoing while the girls are expected to be at home and do chores. While the other discriminations like economic or social discriminations are present outside the home, but gender discrimination is present outside and inside households. In a familial setup, the father is the head of the family and decision maker....   [tags: gender, inequalities]

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To What Extent Does Difference in Gender, Ethnicity and Class Influence Health Inequalities?

- Health is a large cause of one of the most important social divisions in society, with a divide existing between those whom are healthy and those who are not. Your health largely impacts the quality of life which you can lead, meaning there is those who are healthy and can lead a good quality of life, and those whose quality of life is impaired by illness and the potential illness surrounding their lives. The divisions which create health inequalities affect many aspects of everyday life. Though this division is sometimes just down to pure chance, there are structural factors which mean that those who face ill health often come from particular groups....   [tags: social class, the priviledged vs the poor]

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Islamic Law and Universal Human Rights

- Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Islamic Law a. Background, principles, practice III. Universal Human Rights a. Definition, overview, acceptance IV. Argument V. Islamic Law in Accordance with Human Rights VI. Islamic Law in Collision with Human Rights VII. Conclusion VIII. Bibliography As we have gained access to more technology over the centuries, we have also gained access to more information. The more access to information that we are granted, the smaller our world gets. Currently, a teenager sitting on his couch in the United States can connect to the events occurring in the Ukraine without even leaving his home....   [tags: International Issues, Gender Inequalities]

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Medea and Lysistrata

- Medea and Lysistrata Medea and Lysistrata are two Greek literatures that depict the power which women are driven to achieve in an aim to defy gender inequality. In The Medea, Medea is battling against her husband Jason whom she hates. On the other hand, in Aristophanes' Lysistrata, the protagonist Lysistrata plotted to convince and organize the female gender to protest against the stubbornness of men. In terms of defining the purpose of these two literatures, it is apparent that Euripedes and Aristophanes created characters that demonstrate resistance against the domination of men in the society....   [tags: World Literature Gender Inequalities Essays]

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Internal and External Causes of Inequalities

- Gender inequality has been the main focus for many centuries where discrimination and oppression became a major part of women’s inequalities. Discrimination is a negative attachment an injurious labelling or suggestion related to a certain person, group or object. When discrimination occurs one of the final effects would be oppression, the humiliation and inhuman treatment of people or groups. When one group or individual dominates over the other (Thompson, 2003). The Equality Act 2010 was introduced by the parliament to reduce inequalities among people from all backgrounds, genders, religion and so on....   [tags: discrimination, oppression, inequalities]

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- Through the involvement of government legislature and the evolving demeanor of today’s society, inequalities between men and women in the workplace have dwindled to an all time low. However, while it is inevitable that progress continues, the struggle remains for women to gain the full equality they deserve. Many individuals are in error, believing that the war against gender discrimination has come to a victorious halt, however, this is not the case. It is essential to constitute the degree of validity, or ambiguity concerning the pervasive affirmations of a decrease in discrimination against women in the work force....   [tags: Gender Roles, Inequalities Between Men and Women]

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Women’s Inequalities in the Workplace

- Women’s Inequalities in the Workplace When you think of a CEO of a company or of world political leaders, do you think of a man or of a woman. Many, if not most of us, see these positions as being held by men. In this essay, I will explain why women are still not equal to men. In the first paragraph I will discuss inequalities that happen in the workplace. The second section will show the differences that occur within the athletic world. Thirdly, I will explain the differences in education and home life....   [tags: Papers Gender Sexism Essays]

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The Social Construction of Gender

- Different culture and different periods of history construct gender differently. Due to the social construction of gender, gender always ranks women below men of the same race and class. The rich details of the historical and field studies have given the notion that violence is always related to masculinities. Men is always referred as the subject of the action “violence against female” when speaking of the phrase “violence toward women”. Men privilege has existed because of the multicultural cultural masculinities....   [tags: masculinity, violence, inequalities]

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The Major Constructs Explaining Health Inequalities

- Theoretical approach Perspective on health inequalities In their introduction the authors hypothesise that there is an association between poverty and Tuberculosis (TB) in Recife, Brazil, and that this is mediated by accommodation crowding, malnutrition and “other socially determined factors”. However this paper does not include a nutrition variable, and the authors don’t clarify which other social factors they believe are important. They examine numerous possible socioeconomic position (SEP) variables without defining a priori which is of primary interest....   [tags: poverty, tuberculosis, health inequalities]

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Gender Roles in The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- In “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrator and her husband John can be seen as strong representations of the effects society’s stereotypical gender roles as the dominant male and submissive female have within a marriage. Because John’s wife takes on the role as the submissive female, John essentially controlled all aspects of his wife’s life, resulting in the failure of the couple to properly communicate and understand each other. The story is intended to revolve around late 19th century America, however it still occurs today....   [tags: inequalities, dominant male]

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Gender Equality And Gender Inequality

- ... That is 545 deaths per every 100,000 successful deliveries. Also, a woman’s chance of dying from “pregnancy and childbirth in Nigeria is 1 in 13” (Abara 2012) Nearly 50% of Nigerian women are mothers before they turn 20. There in inability to access quality 6 health care services, poor access to safe childbirth services and lack of adequate and affordable emergency care. In some parts of the country, religion does not allow women to deliver in the hospital. Also, the husbands are not to be happy to see their wives opening up to a doctor for any from of virginal exanimations....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Discrimination, Gender role]

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Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

- ... After Lilith’s fight with Jean in the nursery Joseph says, “She’s telling people you’re a man. She says only a man can fight that way.” Lilith laughs and Joseph says, “Some people aren’t laughing, [...] That new man, Van Weerden said he didn’t think you were human at all” (Butler 147). Because Lilith’s strength is above average she takes on a more masculine role. The other characters pick of on this. She is deemed too masculine for a woman and so the other humans try to make her male. Some of the characters find this so unnatural they even try to take away her humanity....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Masculinity]

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Sex and Gender

- In order to answer the question above this essay will discuss in depth what exactly sex is and what gender is and the differences between the two terms. The research carried out will display that we live in a patriarchal society without a doubt as we look at how gender links to inequality in society. A patriarchal society can be clearly seen from the gender inequality in the labour force which is paid labour and also in unpaid labour which occurs in the household. Another area the answer will reflect on is how gender inequality links to education which overall links to society....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Capitalism and the Social Construction of Gender

- Birthday cards, deceptive in their seeming simplicity and innocence, actually contain powerful connotations of gender. These ‘artifacts’, which represent on a larger scale the system of capitalism, play an important role in the process of social construction of gender by reflecting and reinforcing this country’s socially constructed patriarchal concepts of gender which privilege men and subsequently oppress women. These ‘artifacts’ are the physical manifestation of the patriarchy system itself, and thus provide a good way of exploring the ways in which various systems contribute to the social construction of gender....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Gender Stratification in the U.S. Today

- Discuss the issues surrounding gender stratification in the U.S. today. Sexual characteristics inequality has been extremely diverse and wide spread. Women and men are disproportionate in every possible way in never-ending circumstances, both instant and durable, by both idea criteria and prejudiced experience. Therefore, what tally as gender difference in family life, education, workplace and politics. These social structures are assembly on the base of the masculinity and femininity, gendered role and gender identity society label to men and women....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Roles Of Gender And Power

- ... On the other hand, Leonel when discussing income addressed the fact that he made enough money to sustain himself. Nonetheless, the way he viewed income was in terms of being a breadwinner to his wife. Leonel stated, “So I joined the military, provided her with health care, provided her with a roof over her head and I brought money to the table, helped her with her career.” Here we have two distinctive views on income, while for Monica income was a way to help and invest money for her and her husband, for Leonel the idea of income revolved around creating a sense of dependency for the wife....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Transgender]

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Heteronormartive Notions of Gender

- Heteronormartive notions of gender create challenges and issues that require a complex process of resolving gender inequalities. In particular, one of the challenges is resolving the inequalities that are reinforced by male and female gender norms. The notion of gender creates a dichotomy in male and female roles. Through socialization processes, we learn to identify specific behaviours as 'masculine' or 'feminine', and boys and girls are taught to perform and display these traits, which become a dominant part of their identities....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Gender Inequality Is Not Fair Towards Women

- ... The Components of Inequality Regimes” (Acker 444). In this section the author breaks it up into six sub sections. The first of the sub sections is “The Bases of Inequality” (Acker 444). This section talks about the inequalities that occur in organizations. Inequalities such as race, class, and gender. Men were originally given manger positions, while women were normally given lower levels job positions. Now women are being given more and more positions in management, but a lot of women are still stuck being in positions such as clerks, servers, secretaries, and primary caregivers....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Gender role]

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Gender Between Female And Female

- Gender also operates at an institutional level, which can be just as influential as the process of socialisation within the home. Inevitably, every individual will somehow be shaped by the institutions that they find themselves involved within, for example education and the workplace. Acker (1990 p146) provides a useful definition of the gendering of organisations. She explains how a gendered organisation or institution means that ‘advantage and disadvantage, exploitation and control, action and emotion, meaning and identity’ are all patterned in terms of distinguishing between male and female, as well as masculine and feminine....   [tags: Gender, Sexual orientation, Gender role, Sociology]

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The Persistence Of The Gender Wage Gap

- ... In other words, the concentration of women in the lower-income workforce contributes greatly to the overall gender wage gap. But sex-segregation does not really explain the overall gender wage gap. Women’s average educational attainment now exceeds that of men’s and as a result, women have been entering previously considered to be “masculine” occupational fields at growing rates. Even in the STEM fields, women are no longer underrepresented except for in computer sciences and engineering....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Sexism, Female]

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Gender Inequality Between Men And Women

- ... Women are categorized into a similar game to baseball known as softball, thus arguing that women do not have the same physical ability as men. During the rare times you would notice a female baseball player or any female athlete, society is very quick on labeling these females as lesbians, dutch or dyke. This exemplifies the inequality of gender roles within the sport culture as society struggles with the acceptance of female athletes because they are portrayed to be weak and pristine. It is also argued that baseball has been stereotypically represented to be more of a “father and son” game since at most events, it is more likely to see a male individual bring other male friends for a gu...   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Gender role, Gender studies]

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The Media And Gender Inequality

- ... Since ads seen on television and other media outlets are so captivating, they have the ability to draw awareness to self-image and can establish feminine identity. Females in advertisements also possess common “female” characteristics, which are gentle, peaceful, modest, with a focus on being motherly and family-oriented. Studies have shown that consumers respond best to advertising images that have traditional feminine roles such as these. The authors state, “Beautiful and alluring feminine role portrayal is symbolic of being rich in social, cultural and psychological aspects.” (Lin, Yeh) In other words, people are more likely to desire a product if they admire the person using it in th...   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Mass media, Disney Princess]

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Gender Inequality Is The Unequal And Unfair Treatment

- Gender inequality is prevalent in all major societies. The way that I would describe gender inequality is the unequal and unfair treatment between the two sexes. Sex makes up the biological differences of male or female. While gender is learned through social interactions and behaviors applied to the sexes. As a result, from a very early age, we are taught to follow certain gender expectations. For this reason, I agree with the statement that inequality is the result of gendered systems in which we live....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Transgender, Woman]

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Gender Inequality And Its Impact On Society

- ... This raises the standard of living for their children, families, and communities. Women deserve everything a man is given because they are human just like men. When it comes to the workplace, the playing field is unfair for women. Although women have made it clear they have the ability to perform with the same skill and success in every endeavor engaged in by men, the issue of sex discrimination still holds many back. Statistics show that women make 91 cents to every man’s dollar. (Workplace Fairness)....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Transgender]

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Gender Discrimination And The Workplace

- ... Women began entering into occupations that had traditionally been male dominated and thus higher paying. However, men’s wages in these occupations increased with the influx of women, further maintaining the gap and reinforcing the inequality between genders (Kongar, 2008). The occupational differences seen between women and men are conditioned from a young age. Gendered children’s toys and play, parental expectations and encouragement, and the primary and secondary education system all eventually factor into the segregation seen between certain types of jobs in the American workforce....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Heteronormativity, Sexism]

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Gender Inequality in Medical School

- Stereotypes have been around forever: the preconceived belief about a type of person or group. Stereotypes can remark on different races or cultures like Polish people or African American people. For example, stereotypes may say Americans are lazy obese, or unintelligent. There are also many stereotypes about genders. For example, women are weaker than men or women like to cook more than men or they are better caretakers. This discussion addresses major controversial stereotypes within medical schools and health institutions across America....   [tags: Medicine, Education, Gender]

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Social Inequality And Gender Inequality

- some credits requirements, I have always wanted to further inform and educate myself on social inequality. One branch of social inequality that was always vibrant in my life was when it came to employment. As much as our society believes and fights for gender inequality and fairness, it is still an issue that has yet to be resolved or disappear. This being said, how come only the inequalities are heavily leaning towards the female gender. What opportunities or education are women being held back in....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Woman]

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America 's Gender Pay Gap

- ... 30 Sept. 2015. Web. 06 Dec. 2015. This article is about the study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co. This research suggests that despite the support women receive in order to attain the top positions, gender equality is a long way off at most U.S companies. Women are underrepresented at every level of companies, especially at the highest levels. The study shows that most women express their desire to occupy highest position; however, they face greater barriers to advancement, and a most disturbing path to leadership posts....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Sexism, Gender inequality]

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The Social Construction Of Gender

- Gender is such a ubiquitous notion that humans assume gender is biological. However, gender is a notion that is made up in order to organize human life. It is created and recreated giving power to the dominant gender, creating an inferior gender and producing gender roles. There are many questionable perspectives such as how two genders are learned, how humans learn their own gender and others genders, how they learn to appropriately perform their gender and how gender roles are produced. In order to understand these perspectives, we must view gender as a social institution....   [tags: gender roles, case study, doubtfire]

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Gender Equality in Sports

- Gender Equality in Sports Literature Review Gender equality is defined as the act of treating men and women equally on all levels. When this gender equality is thrown into discussion with our continuously growing sports culture, it raises many concerns (Lyras 2009). Gender equality among male and female athletics has always been a hot button issue, and even now it is still to be said that there is not full equality in any level of athletics. These inequalities come in the form of financial disparity, media coverage, or lack thereof, and other benefits usually offered to male athletes that are not offered to women (Lyras)....   [tags: equality, gender roles, athletes]

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Gender Gap Between Men And Women

- Development goals have long been criticized for neglecting women 's critical role in the development process. In this essay, I will prove that the 'Women in Development ' approach served as a blueprint to significantly decrease the power gap between men and women. Despite its failure as an approach, the foundation built along with the weaknesses served as guidelines that strengthen the new approaches that followed. With that said, I argue that the Gender and Development approach is the most applicable approach to effectively eradicate the power gap between men and women in the global south, through its focus on achieving a degree of equality hereof, in the political, social and economic s...   [tags: Feminism, Gender, United Nations, Gender role]

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Gender and Health Outcomes: The Impact that Gender Has on The Use of the Healthcare System

- Introduction Research Purpose What is the correlation between gender and how often healthcare is sought out by members of a specific gender. There has always been an impending social different classification based on gender. This stems from how gender categorizes certain behaviors and attitudes as something that woman would do more likely than their male counterparts would do and vice versa. The purpose of this research paper is to understand the impact that gender has on the use of the healthcare system....   [tags: gender, healthcare, behaviors]

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Gender Gap Between Men And Women

- INTRODUCTION Development goals have long been criticized for neglecting women issues especially the impact of gender roles on equality between men and women in developed and developing countries. This essay would argue that the use of the gender and development approach into the development processes, would be used to overcome the power gap between men and women in the global south and north, thus, achieving a degree of equality hereof, in the political, social and economic spheres. This argument will be proven through a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches to overcoming gender gap through comparing and contrasting the ability of the approaches to be implemen...   [tags: Gender, United Nations, Feminism, Gender role]

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Gender Inequality: The Allocation of Household Chores

- Gender is defined as the scopes of genetic, physical, mental and behaviour characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and feminity, meanwhile inequality is defined as in a situation where there is an unfair situation or treatment in which certain people have more privileges or better opportunities or chances than other people. Thus, from the definition stated gender inequality refers to unequal or unfair management, treatment, or perceptions of persons or individuals are based on their gender....   [tags: gender, feminity, masculinity]

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Gender Stratification

- According to Helsin, Possamai and Possamai-Inesedy (2011 p. 625) gender stratification occurs when a specific gender has unequal access to power, property and prestige. As gender is classed as a master status it forms a significant structural characteristic within society (Helsin, Possamai & Possamai-Inesedy 2011, p. 310). Therefore, it is society, through social construction that determines what gender norms are considered appropriate and can be passed through generations of people via agents of socialisation such as family, mass media or in the form of symbolic interaction (Macionis & Plummer 1997, pp....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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How Gender Role Impacts on Identity

- When contemplating the topic of gender role and its impact on identity one cannot help but realise that these gender roles have a huge part to play on a person’s identity. As gender is a combination of male and female it gives way for a number of characteristics to accompany each sex making them different from each other. This has an important position to play on identity which Kath Woodward stated in her book “Questioning Identity: Gender, Class, Nation” where she said “Without difference there would not be such thing as identity”....   [tags: social issues, gender discrimination]

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A Critical Analysis of the Educational Gender Gap

- Emotional and behavioral differences between boys and girls have often been linked as a result of attributed responses from neuro-biological dissimilarities. Essentially, behavioral variances between males and females result from biological differences that remain unaddressed in a classroom setting. Biologically, boys have less serotonin and less oxytocin than girls – the chemicals that are primarily responsible for human bonding. This makes it more likely for boys to be more physically impulsive than girls....   [tags: gender inequality, US schools]

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Gender Inequity in the Home, Workplace, School and Sports

- Are men and women treated equal. You will probably answer no to this question. Have you ever been affected by gender inequity. Almost everybody have experience gender inequity in some part of their life. Rather it was at a much younger age or now. Gender inequity starts to take effect at a young age. Some people might think it’s a minor thing or do not think about it at ll. However gender inequity at a young age can sometimes break or make a person. According to gender inequity is the lack of equity; unfairness; favoritism or bias towards a certain gender (“”)....   [tags: Gender Discrimination]

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Gender Roles Throughout The Play Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

- ... Her relationship with Macbeth is atypical, particularly due to the standards of its time. Lady Macbeth becomes the psychologically controlling force over her husband, essentially assuming a masculine role, in order to inspire the aggression needed to fulfil his ambitions. Through her powerful taunts and persuasion, Lady Macbeth convinces her husband to murder the king and to take his throne. She emasculates over her husband repeatedly, knowing that in his desperation to prove his manhood, he will perform the acts she wishes....   [tags: Macbeth, Gender, Gender role, Masculinity]

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Feminist Movement Has Raised Awareness Of Gender Inequality

- ... In 1974, girls felt that educational success was unfeminine and unattractive. They gave priorities such as love, marriage, husbands, children, jobs and careers. By the 1990s, these ambitions had developed overtime, with a switch to careers as a priority (Sharpe, 1994). Therefore, this explains the rapid improvement in girls’ achievements, as they now prioritise getting qualifications in order to get a career. In addition, whilst factors outside school may play an important part in explaining gender inequalities in education, factors within the education system are also important to consider....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Feminism, Discrimination]

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Gender Identity : How One Feels The Masculinity And / Or Femininity?

- ... Lego packaging shows young boys building and constructing. Lego recently released a line of Lego called Lego Friends specifically aimed to capture the attention of girls. Lego Friends include female characters with multiple handbags, lipsticks, and nail polishes. This creates the notion that females should be strictly infatuated with their appearance, while males perform physical and manual labor. Consequently, women 's capability to perform and produce sufficient work is degraded. They are influenced to gravitate towards professions that require less physical labor and critical thinking and their full potential is not achieved....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Male, Female]

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Social Construction Of Gender And Gender

- ... Jon’s mother is extremely supportive even so, she expresses a sadness and mourns the loss of her daughter. He is verbally ridiculed at school every day. But seems happy and healthy due to the understanding and support he receives from his mother. Understanding and support is extremely critical for the highly marginalized transgender individuals. At least half of the transgender individuals who have discussed gender identity with their families usually face rejection, which has been found to lead to depression, possibly suicide and other health risks....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Male, Gender studies]

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Husband's Gender Ideology

- In response to why women remain investing significantly more time in unpaid housework than men (see Shelton and John, 1996; Coltrane, 2000 for a thorough review) and specialised in types of housework, empirical work done by researchers in economics background focuses on relative resource approach that builds on Becker’s model of exchange. Nevertheless, the economic approach is far from satisfactory in explaining why married women who are financially independent perform more housework than their spouses....   [tags: Gender Roles, Women ]

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Inequalities Of Health In Britain Today

- Inequalities Of Health In Britain Today In Britain today, inequalities of health are common among many different groups of people. Recent comparisons have shown that Britain is in the middle of comparable Western countries in relation to inequalities of health. Class has a huge influence on health. There is a large gap in how healthy those in lower class groups are compared to those in higher class groups, and many people believe that this gap is widening. For example, the poorest groups in Britain live, on average, 8 years less than those in rich groups, and while only 10% of social class I are obese, 25 % of social class V are obese....   [tags: Papers]

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Boys Will Be Boys: A Critical Analysis of the Educational Gender Gap

- Is there gender equality in the American educational system. If so, what can we do to eliminate gender discrepancies. Is it possible or even desirable to truly eradicate differences that exist between the genders. When someone is asked about gender inequalities, the response usually mentions something about the disadvantages women receive at the hands of a patriarchal society. Even in the realm of education, the assumption is made that females lag behind males because of less educational opportunities....   [tags: gender equality, US education]

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Comparative Gender Mainstreaming in a Global Era by Walby

- For my analysis I have chosen the article Comparative Gender Mainstreaming in a Global Era, written by Walby from the Institute of Women´s studies at Lancaster University. This essay analyses gender mainstreaming as a new form of feminist policies, which is often contested. But there are more issues to discuss. The essay deals with several key words: gender, gender equality and inequality, gender mainstreaming, intersectionality, gender politics. These terms describe the different processes which are often interrelated....   [tags: equal rights, feminism, gender equality]

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Gender Issues Involving Gender Inequality

- ... People’s ideals of hypermasculinity nowadays creates even more of a stigma against these women than there might be otherwise. Even more so than there is for trans men, as Kortney Ziegler, another journalist from Advocate, believes. According to him, Trans women make up 74% of unemployed trans citizens (Ziegler). If trans women really do face more adversity than other women, then they should be a priority in the eyes of feminists everywhere. Journalist and trans activist Shaadi Devereaux agrees, arguing that “As a society, we use violence to send messages about who is allowed to be a woman and ultimately who is allowed to be human....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Woman, Gender studies]

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The Role Of Gender And Its Affect On Social Work Practice

- ... As stated in the SOWK 101 course pack (2015), “every action that we undertake as social workers is a political one and ultimately related to power and resources”. Understanding how law and policy affects one’s clients, whether that affect is oppressive or liberating, is integral to social work practice and its value of pursuing social justice (CASW, 2005). Luongo and Guppy (2015) note that such policies that help to support gender equity are often a result of a more active and engaged participation by women in the public sphere advocating for gender rights....   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Social work, Feminism]

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George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss: The Construction of Gender Roles

- Introduction George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) is renowned for her revolutionary views on gender issues. She herself experienced gender biases in her life, no wonder; she had to write under male pseudonym. She is considered to be far ahead of her times as she always supported higher education and work rights for women. Her writing made it explicit that she never wanted women to be forced into marriage and to be dependent on men. She struggled constantly for equal rights for women. She believed that rigid class and racial divisions were unfair although she knew it very well that during her lifetime, it cannot be changed....   [tags: gender bias, equal rights, gender issues]

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Socioeconomic Factors and the Health of Individuals

- Introduction Socio-economic class or socio-economic status (SES) may refer to mixture of various factors such as poverty, occupation and environment. It is a way of measuring the standard and quality of life of individuals and families in society using social and economic factors that affect health and wellbeing ( Giddens and Sutton, 2013). Cockerham (2007 p75) argues: ‘Social class or socioeconomic status (SES) is the strongest predictor of health, disease causation and longevity in medical sociology.’ Research in the 1990s, (Drever and Whitehead, 1997) found out that people in higher SES are generally healthier, and live longer than those in lower SES....   [tags: Inequalities in Health]

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Gender Discrimination in "Wheel of Surya" by Jamila Gavin

- The Wheel of Surya, by Jamila Gavin examines and presents a variety of different forms of discrimination within the novel. She explores this in various ways by comparing the differences between India and England whilst many types of discrimination occur, such as racism, sexism and a lot of disrespect against culture, gender, religion and tradition. Gavin also emphasizes the fact that back in the 1900’s (when the partition of India took place) the Indian Culture was not usually accepted in England which increased the amount of criticism and discrimination against unfamiliar religions....   [tags: Wheel of Surya, Jamila Gavin, Gender, Discriminati]

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Identity, Society, and Gender Inequality of Women in North West India

- Gender inequality refers to biased and unfair treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. Gender inequality is one of the major problems faced by the human society. Our society bestowed different roles on men and women respectively. It’s a hard reality that women have been ill-treated in every society for ages in India. A woman is considered as inferior to man in our society. In patriarchal society the wives are expected to be modest, meek and dutiful to their husbands and other members of families....   [tags: punjab, gender inequality, discrimination]

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Cultural Beliefs Shape Gender By Classifying Males And Females By Using Traits And Expectation

- ... This stereotypes is not based on inner beauty but how woman are portrayed by men. This can be a great impact because is showing that we should not focus on important factors like intellienge.This can distract women form becoming their ideal self. According, Bitches and Bimbos and Ballbreakers, Guerrilla Girls, states “Stereo types are living organisms, subject to laws of cultural evolution. They are born and grow, they die and change to fit at times” (Guerilla Girls, pg. 8). Therefore, this explains how stereo types are defined by cultural beliefs and religion based on expectations for gender....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Sociology]

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Domestic Inequalities in The USA and Denmark

- ... Physical environment affects inequality through access and availability to natural resources, raw materials and the natural climatic factors that may enhance or disadvantage, leading to inequality. Although different societies have varying perceptions of what is an acceptable level of equity, it is generally accepted that inequality has an impact on key social determinants such as health, wellbeing, political trust and violence. Wilkinson and Pickett (2009) highlight the social costs of inequality on a whole range of aspects of our lives....   [tags: income, opportunity, wealth]

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Social Inequalities of Women

- Social Inequalities of Women In most parts all over the world some form of violence exists. It may emerge from all different sources but violence is violence whether it comes about in a pretty bow tied package or an ugly lump of matter. It is all around us. But contrary to popular belief, violence is not always the bloodiest battles or the longest wars. Sometimes it is the things that seem trivial and minute that can create the most violent of situations. And we see all throughout history that discrimination can be deemed as one of the most violent acts of man....   [tags: violence, married, unmarried]

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Gender Equality For Women And Their Rights

- Women have fought through torture, blood, sweat, and tears to help women stand strong in our modern day society. However, our society has turned into an argument between some men and women when The subject of gender equality is brought up. in mentioned some Men in our soci - ety see women as toys that will be a slave for them and do anything they most desire, but they cannot see the strong wisdom women bring into this world and to them, of course not all men do this a lot of men in this world do support women and their rights....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Gender role, Egalitarianism]

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Sexism And Gender Inequality : Sexism

- ... While, a male child on the other hand would be given toys that reinforce his masculinity, such as toys that encourage competitiveness. I believe instead that toys should not be gender specific. A boy should be allowed to play with dolls and kitchenettes, as it will encourage them to become nurturing and caring, while girls should be allowed to play with toys that encourage competitiveness. . By allowing children to play with toys of the opposite sex it teaches them a new skill set. In, the Critical Multicultural Social Work textbook that author’s describe the stigma people experience when they do not confirm to gender roles....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity, Female]

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Gender And Women 's Studies

- ... Consequently, when I came back to work from my vacation, our manager sent out a text explaining to us that the owners wanted the sales team to dress nicer and to wear more make up on shift in order to look more presentable to the customers. The sales team is entirely composed of women and in contrast, the owners are all male. Due to this, they often fail to realize the full implications of a request like this. Having to put on make up itself may seem like a mundane thing, but it is something that not all women like to do and therefore, it should not be the norm in order to abide by their perceived standards of how women are suppose to present themselves....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Gender role]

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Inequalities within the Criminal Justice System

- This essay will crucially consider whether there is inequalities within the criminal justice system between mothers and fathers, this will analyses a lot of statistics about males and females within prison with ratios of mothers in prison and that is compared to fathers, also compare between the crime and relations to the crime to show a clear cut understanding if there is or isn’t inequalities. The essay will discuss criminological theories linking in to how crime is seen in society the differences of each gender having committed the same crime the theories that will be used is, feminist theory which will focus on how mothers end up in prison and also how they are treated differently to fat...   [tags: Male, Females, Mothers, Fathers]

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Gender, Sexuality, Race And Class

- ... As gender differences in health are observed, it is revealed that men are more likely than women to die earlier and experience debilitating injury. The data suggests that males are more likely to engage in risky health behaviors It has been suggested that males engage in more risky behaviors than their female counter parts, often being more susceptible to persuasions stated (Oliffe 2010). They reveal that, ‘males between the ages of 15 and 29 have 2.6 times greater risk of dying than females” and ‘3.9 times more likely to experience accidental death (StatsCan 2005) Early works in this field attributed male behavior to its biological framework, essentially linking masculinity with male...   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Masculinity, Male]

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Gender Bias And The Workplace

- Throughout history gender bias has played a role in the workplace. Many years ago it was believed that women should cook, clean, and do all other house chores while men did what was considered manual labor. When women were granted with the same work opportunities as men they were still being cut short by having such a tremendous wage gap. Female workers are faced with significant challenges in the workforce. The gender pay gap is a major issue that has been known for many years. The wage gap is a statistical indicator used often as a median status of women’s earnings relatives to men’s....   [tags: Gender, Employment, Employment compensation]

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Health Inequalities And Its Effects On Health

- It is important that all people have the human right to health and not fear if something or someone is going to keep them from living a healthy life. It is a sad reality that most people in developing and developed countries are denied the human right to health and face socially determined barriers that keep them from achieving their best health. To gain perspective on global health inequities it is important to understand that inequality and inequity are concepts that are used interchangeably. Inequality implies disparities in status, opportunity or treatment, while inequity indicate there is a lack of fairness or an injustice....   [tags: Millennium Development Goals, United Nations]

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A Very Real Gender Wage Gap

- ... This is especially important because women face two major health risks: childbearing and societal expectations of beauty (Eitzen et al, 2014). Childbearing is dangerous and even deadly for mothers; societal expectations of beauty may drive women to anorexia and bulimia. For these reasons, our government must pay special attention to the needs of employed women and unemployed women alike. At work, the American labor force is segmented into three divisions. The top tier is white collar and usually dominated by white males, called the primary sector....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sexism, Feminism]

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Gender Roles in Society

- “Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls”: few of our cultural mythologies seem as natural as this one. But in this exploration of the gender signals that traditionally tell what a “boy” or “girl” is supposed to look and act like, Aaron Devor shows how these signals are not “natural” at all but instead are cultural constructs. While the classic cues of masculinity—aggressive posture, self-confidence, a tough appearance—and the traditional signs of femininity—gentleness, passivity, strong nurturing instincts—are often considered “normal,” Devor explains that they are by no means biological or psychological necessities....   [tags: Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes]

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Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia

- Evaluating the degree of gender stratification in Saudi Arabia in comparison to other Middle Eastern counties requires the inclusion of Islamic fundamentals principles in the interpretation of their moral code. Alsaleh (2012) notes the lowest rate of female education and the highest levels of gender restrictions of women are most prevalent within Middle Eastern countries that enforce Islamic doctrine. Saudi Arabia exemplifies the moral and gender-specific Islamic prohibitions through their lack of law “addressing violence against women” (Alsaleh 2012:125), noting that violent crimes against women are rarely reported for fear of reprisal, and discussing them publically is prohibited....   [tags: gender stratification in Middle Eastern countries]

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Inequalities in Health

- Inequalities in Health A lot of characteristics of different social classes have changed over the years as society has changed, and the divisions between different classes are perhaps not as clear as they used to be. But it is just as possible to find hundreds of ways in which the lifestyles, behaviour, opportunities and judgments of people are still greatly influenced by the social class they belong to. There are clear differences shown in the relationships between health and differences in class....   [tags: Papers]

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Equal Rights Protection to Same-Sex Marriages

- The United States has a spotted history regarding social inequality in various areas. Same-sex marriage is one of the most controversial issues in America today. The Department of Justice is currently preparing to issue a statement to give same-sex marriages equal protection under federal law as traditional marriages. The intend of this paper is to illustrate how social prejudice against sexual orientation carries some of the same affects on people as racial and gender inequality. This paper will provide examples of racial and gender inequality in comparison to the inequalities sex-same marriages some people are currently experiencing....   [tags: inequalities, justice, traditional marriages]

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Gender effects of Structural Adjustment Programs

- 1. Outline In this article, I will explore in details the gender bias of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs). First, I will give an in depth overview and background information about Structural Adjustment Programs. Secondly, the research will also examine and highlight the factors that influence the adoption of Structural Adjustment Programs. Moreover, the essay will briefly elaborate on the term gender and what constitute gender bias. Furthermore, I will attempt to evaluate the impact on gender by the implementation of the conditionalities of the Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) as stipulated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB)....   [tags: Gender Biases, SAP's]

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