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Gender Disparities and Maternal Health

- Gender disparities and maternal health Underlying mean of the health problems in our country, are poverty and poor education. Differences in socioeconomic status are seen for most conditions, diseases and sick factors in this country. The social distribution of health and social causes, which most effect health, must be understood and addressed. Total public and private health expenditure in Pakistan represents 2-3 %of the gross domestic product. (GDP). In 1990, less then 1% of GDP was allocated to public health care with private expenditure accounting for the rest....   [tags: Health]

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Gender and Health Outcomes: The Impact that Gender Has on The Use of the Healthcare System

- Introduction Research Purpose What is the correlation between gender and how often healthcare is sought out by members of a specific gender. There has always been an impending social different classification based on gender. This stems from how gender categorizes certain behaviors and attitudes as something that woman would do more likely than their male counterparts would do and vice versa. The purpose of this research paper is to understand the impact that gender has on the use of the healthcare system....   [tags: gender, healthcare, behaviors]

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List Of Gender Stereotypes : Health Guidance

- Brewer, Holly. "List of Gender Stereotypes." Health Guidance. Web. 5 Oct. 2015. This source speaks briefly about gender stereotypes and what they are, before listing many common stereotypes for both males and females. This information will help me when I create the quiz for my project, because I will have an abundance of stereotypes to choose form. This source seems reliable, and rather unbiased, which makes it more useful. Campbell, Patricia. "Girls Are ... Boys Are ..." U.S....   [tags: Gender, Sexism, Stereotype, Bias]

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Gender Equity in Health and Health Care

- Introduction It is often challenging to have health care services that meet the needs of Canada’s diverse population and the needs of both men and women. Gender influences access to care and women in particular are at risk for face difficulties to care (Ontario Women`s Health Equity Report, 2010 p.1). Women are more likely to be poor and have greater caregiver responsibilities in contrast to men. These both factors are barriers to accessing health services. The way the health care system is organized creates barriers to accessing effective care for women because it has failed to take into account that men and women use the health care system very differently....   [tags: Women's Rights, Medical Reform]

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Gender and Age in Issues of Health and Illness

- Why and how is gender or age significant when we consider issues of health and illness. How might an understanding of gender or age help doctors in planning health education. During this essay I am going to answer the question that is noted above, but I will be focusing on the topic of gender. The topics I am going to cover are defining gender, describing the health differences that are faced by people of different genders, and then I will focus on health education issues relating to gender. Gender and sex have been defined by sociologists as two different things....   [tags: Healthcare ]

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Gender Dysphoria and Gender Reassignment: Analysis of a Policy Issue

- 1. Introduction Sexuality and gender identity issues have had a long history in the fields of mental health and public policy. There has been much debate surrounding the inclusion of issues related to gender and sexual identity in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual since its initial stages of development (Drescher, 2010). Debates in this field of interest have been fragmented between several stakeholders (Ehrbar, 2010). This fragmentation has created complications in the process of developing United States policies that are inclusive of individuals with gender identities that do not match the gender to which they were assigned at birth....   [tags: gender identity, mental health, sexuality]

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American Assembly For Women 's Health

- ... One main issue that AAMN has is that men in nursing, or men’s health do not get the attention they deserve. According to AAMN website they state that the leading causes of death in men are heart disease, and cancer. They also state that men are two and a half times less likely to have had a doctor visit then woman. Therefore there is a reason why men don’t see a doctor often as they need and not much is known about their perception and masculinity on seeking care. For some reason it is very difficult for male to seek care or to even express pain with a health care provider....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Gender, Health care]

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Social Determinants of Interpersonal Violence and Health

- Ans-1 Social determinants of interpersonal violence Relatively high rates of violence have been reported over the years among members of certain ethnic and racial groups and urban inhabitants. African Americans and Native Americans have comparatively high rates of assaultive interpersonal violence and homicide. Big cities continue to experience high rates of violence, focussed mainly among young black males in the United States. Immigrant groups, especially second and third generations, have higher rates of delinquency and violence than the more privileged and settled ethnic groups that moved earlier to the US....   [tags: health, violence, racial, gender]

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The Life Expectancy Gap Between Men and Women

- This essay will be, centrally, focusing on critically examining the differences in health and life expectancy between men and women. In order to do so, theories and arguments will be drawn upon to illustrate it. Furthermore, there will be an overview of the statistical data that presents these findings and demonstrate the differences in health and life expectancy between men and women. In order to enhance the arguments that has been put forward, the research will not only be based in UK but other countries will be taken into account....   [tags: Gender Health]

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Gender Discrimination and Nursing

- Now in days you see more males nurses than before, in the nursing field. Having male nurses can be beneficial, but then again some people tend to refuse them. The public know male nurses as to not being productive or effective as female nurses. Others think the opposite; perhaps they have experienced a bond with male nurses. Male nurses can make certain patients feel comfortable. In some cases men are necessary when nurses need that extra physical strength. Also it may seem stereotype, but men tend to be less attractive to gossip....   [tags: health, gender roles]

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To What Extent Does Difference in Gender, Ethnicity and Class Influence Health Inequalities?

- Health is a large cause of one of the most important social divisions in society, with a divide existing between those whom are healthy and those who are not. Your health largely impacts the quality of life which you can lead, meaning there is those who are healthy and can lead a good quality of life, and those whose quality of life is impaired by illness and the potential illness surrounding their lives. The divisions which create health inequalities affect many aspects of everyday life. Though this division is sometimes just down to pure chance, there are structural factors which mean that those who face ill health often come from particular groups....   [tags: social class, the priviledged vs the poor]

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Childlessness among the Elderly: Effects of Social Ties

- Childlessness and Social Integration Among Elders According to Dykstra (2006), social integration refers to the idea that “people are socially integrated and embedded when their lives are tied to the lives of other in personally meaningful ways” (p.749). Such relationships often occur when individuals attend or engage in community events and social networks. Social integration leads to different levels of satisfaction in life among the elders with or without children. Older populations with children are more likely to engage in social networks and expand their personal connections with others because they believe that it will create more opportunities for their children later in life (Dyks...   [tags: Race, gender, health]

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Inequality Among Minorities

- Here I am three weeks away to complete this semester and I am required to write about a particular social problem that has affected my immediate or extended family. My first thought was: I do not have any social problem in my family. However, I was completely wrong. Everything started when forty five years ago I was born. Everyone was hoping for a boy. Ultimately, that was the tradition; the first child must be a boy… Surprise, I was a girl. As I write this essay, I started to remember what my aunt used to tell me when she was asked about my father’s first reaction....   [tags: gender, health, employment, education]

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Health Factors Of Obesity With The Aims Of Drawing Attention On Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Genetics And

- ... It is estimated that 23% of spending on all medicines is contributed to overweight and obesity. There are differences in obesity by both age and sex. The onset of obesity and overweight changes with age. Obesity is lowest in the 16-24 year age group, and generally higher in the older age groups among both men and women. There is a decline in prevalence in the oldest age group, which is particularly apparent in men. This pattern has remained consistent over time. According to the “Information centre statistics (2014) in 2007, 24% of adults, age 16 or over, in England were classified as obese....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Body mass index]

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Childlessness among the Elderly: Effects of Social Ties

- Introduction Aging has become a worldwide issue as attentions to health status of older populations increase. As people age, they face different situations that lead them to the current point, satisfaction and health or vise versa. Researchers have conducted and identified various reasons affecting the health of elders. For example, childlessness, marital status, unemployment, and poor social integration are all recognized risk factors that influence the quality of life of older populations. Childlessness has raised a great concern since 1990, as one in every five elders aged over 65 report not having children (Zhang & Hayward, 2001)....   [tags: Gender, race, health]

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Fast Food Among KPTM Students

- The purpose of this research is to determine the level of acceptance and consumption of fast food among students in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara (KPTM). In addition, the aim of the study is to determine the level of knowledge of the respondents on the basic of food intake. Other than that, the purpose of research is want to know the different among gender taken the fast food. Students like to eat fast food as it is delicious , inexpensive, and fast to serve. They are also like to hang out with friends and sit at the fast food restaurant, for example Kentucky Fried Chiken Restaurant (KFC) and McDonald (Mcd) as the places are famous and comfortable with air-conditioning, and can access the internet, b...   [tags: gender, restaurant, health, nutrition, Malaysia]

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Education for Girls in Africa and Its Impacts

- In the contemporary society, education is a foundational human right. It is essentially an enabling right that creates various avenues for the exercise of other basic human rights. Once it is guaranteed, it facilitates the fulfillment of other freedoms and rights more particularly attached to children. Equally, lack of education provision endangers all fundamental rights associate with the welfare of human beings. Consequently, the role of education and in particular girl child education as a promoter of nation states welfare cannot be overemphasized....   [tags: gender gap reduction, health improvement]

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Characteristics Of Their Trash Showing Ages And Lifestyles

- ... The older child seems to be around six to eight years old due to the amount of fast food bought and how much was bought, and various amounts of candy found in the trash. There is at least one parent or guardian since there was multiple kinds of beer throughout the trash, like Bowen Island brand Lager and Guinness Stout. I could not say what gender the baby is but but the older kid is most likely a girl because of the returned “BARBIE Blooming Thumbelina Doll” which is for three years and up so it couldn’t have been for the baby....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Energy drink, Gender]

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Risk Factors of Teenage Suicide

- Teenage suicide is a major national public health concern facing America today. Thousands of teenagers commit suicide each year. Many experts believe that teenage suicide is often due to unpredictable circumstances and can be contributed to hormonal impulses. However, recent case findings and statistics prove that this is not necessarily true. Although some teenage suicides may be the result of youthful and impulsive actions, certain risk factors, signs, and symptoms can contribute to self-inflicted death in adolescents....   [tags: hormonal impulses, gender roles, public health]

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Services are More Effective when Tailored to Individuals Client's Needs

- 1. Statement of the Problem The problem addressed in this study is that despite broad recognition that services are more effective when tailored to individual clients’ needs, there is limited evidence of the impact that services matched to client needs have on treatment outcomes. 2. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study was to examine the fundamental social work practice principle that treatment is more effective when tailored to meet client-identified needs. Specifically, the study examines the gender differences in matching services to client needs in comprehensive substance abuse treatment outcomes....   [tags: health services, social work, gender differences]

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The Current Popularity Toward Beauty And Health

- ... Noticeably, however, the aspects vis-à-vis the hegemonic gender system are not noticed in two senses. First, the emphasis on health and inner beauty contributes to blinding the audiences about gendered structure in the images and messages. Through the gurus’ lectures, the shows have provided knowledge to assess a body and accomplish the goal of an ideal body, in which self-diagnosis upon the calibration and evaluation was suggested as the crucial and ongoing process of body management. Thanks to the effect of socialization with governmentality, the doctrine of body management in favor of the dominant gender system has been transmitted as a responsibility that a woman needs to complete as...   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Gender role, Transgender]

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Gender Equality And Gender Inequality

- Discussions of Nigeria gender equality in recent times have focused on steps taken towards putting women in their proper prospects. In the past, each gender had clearly defined roles and the issue of gender conflict never arose. The extent of gender inequality had been hidden for so long that its seriousness in the present time of Nigeria is now attracting international attention. The 2012 Gender in Nigeria Report recently shows that gender inequality not only exists in the country, but at highly worrying levels....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Discrimination, Gender role]

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Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

- Gender roles are widely accepted societal expectations about how males and females should behave (Rathus, 2010, pg. 447). Gender roles create a difference in the way that masculine and feminine behaviors are accepted among society. Gender roles are often depicted as just a part of who a person is and help better define the difference between male and female. When society begins to use these gender roles as norms we often see those who don’t fit into the correct role become ostracized by society....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Man, Transgender]

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Gender Roles, Gender, And Transgender Issues

- ... Society & Natural Resources, 29(9), 1015-1031. doi:10.1080/08941920.2016.1138563 In this article, the authors examine the effects of genders roles in different environmental settings. They authors have determined that adults in the United States value the orientation of gender roles, not the gender roles themselves. The traditional gender roles have a negative effect for women and no negative effect for men. Though, the ethic of care does not have a negative effect on either men or women....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Transgender, Gender identity]

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Women 's Health Magazine : Masculinity And Femininity

- As previously mentioned, Men’s Health Magazine reinforces dominant ideas of masculinity and femininity by presenting the male to be the superior human and the female to be less worthy of such a title. Firstly, we can look at this magazine through its imagery. Even though it is a fitness magazine and therefore we would expect the men to lack clothing showing off their sculpted bodies, they are still shot conservatively. Never is their entire body on show and if they have their tops off they are in lengthy shorts; never do we get any sexual connotations of the male....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Male]

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The Health Of The World Health Organization

- ... Levins and Lopez believe this to be true saying what external influences surrond us, whether it be chemical, physical, microbial, impact and imprint on us a pattern that will influence how we produce and consume goods and use our time in our daily lives. (p. 288). Environmental factors play a huge impact on our health and possibly contribute to some diseases people may encounter for example working in an older home with asbestos. Many factors contribute to our health and Wikler posses a good question in regards to this, “To what extent is health a function of social status, income,race, or ethnicity, and what response ought society have to differences in health status keyed to these fac...   [tags: Health, Public health, Health care, Medicine]

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Determinants Of Health And Social Health

- The health of an individual and their communities is affected by several elements which combine together. Whether an individual is healthy or not, is determined by their circumstances and environment.1 To a greater extent, factors such as where an individual lives, their relationships with family and friends, the state of their environment, income, genetics and level of education all have significant impacts on health, however the more frequently considered factors such as access and use of health care facilities regularly have less of an impact.6 Determinants of health is a term which was introduced in the 1970s as part of a broader analysis of research and policy on public health....   [tags: Health, Health care, Public health, Illness]

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The Harmful Effects Of Gender Stereotypes

- Buy this toy. Now only $19.99. These statements might be something a person could hear blaring out of his or her television set from the next room. It 's easy for an adult to tune out commercials, but children soak these messages right up whether a parent wants them to or not. Because the messages in toy commercials promote gender stereotypes which harm social equality, advertisers need to adopt gender-blind methods of advertising. The harmful effects of gender-stereotypical advertising can be quantified through looking at how the job market is divided....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Transgender]

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Women 's Health As A Global Epidemic

- In many developing countries a significant proportion of women of reproductive age who don’t use contraceptives intend to postpone or limit their birth. This discrepancy between women’s stated desire to control childbearing and their actual use of contraceptives makes them to have more unwanted pregnancies and become pregnant much sooner than desired (Sedgh, Singh, and Hussain 2014; Darroch and Singh 2013). Recent estimates show that unintended pregnancy has emerged as a global epidemic (Sedgh, Singh, & Hussain 2014)....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Pregnancy, Sociology]

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Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazine

- The Sourcebook on Violence against Women reports that 14.8% to 36.1% of women will experience sexual violence over their lifetime. They also cited studies that found that up to 26.4% of women have experienced intimate partner violence (Renzetti, Edleson, & Bergen, 2011). With roughly 1 in 4 women experiencing sexual violence or violence perpetrated by a partner, many scholars are looking to point fingers. There are several theories that have something to say on the issue. However, it is important to realize at the heart of all the theories is how they are played out in the everyday lives of men and women....   [tags: Gender Roles]

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Gender Roles and Social Relationships

- Important part in behavior patterns and traits that molds males or females has to do with social context that may be seen as normal in one social context and abnormal in any other deals with gender roles. When a child become aware of their biological factors dealing with values, patterns and motive behavior within a culture that appropriate, can be different within females and males creating gender stereotypes. Robert Sapolsky open the door to aggressive behavior stating that raised testosterone level in male can cause aggressive behavior....   [tags: morals, emotional development, mental health]

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Gender Roles Of Women And Women

- ... A few years ago, it was not accustomed for mothers to work and if they did they did not get paid as much as men, even if it had the same job requirements. In fact many people would not hire women. Women began working when men started going to war, other than that, it was uncommon. Only recently gender roles began to change. Throughout the last couple of years, rules and expectations changed for men and women. Now society expects women to not only be gentle, emotional and nurturing, but also competent, assertive and ambitious and have male “roles”....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Female, Male]

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Gender, Sexuality, Race And Class

- ... As gender differences in health are observed, it is revealed that men are more likely than women to die earlier and experience debilitating injury. The data suggests that males are more likely to engage in risky health behaviors It has been suggested that males engage in more risky behaviors than their female counter parts, often being more susceptible to persuasions stated (Oliffe 2010). They reveal that, ‘males between the ages of 15 and 29 have 2.6 times greater risk of dying than females” and ‘3.9 times more likely to experience accidental death (StatsCan 2005) Early works in this field attributed male behavior to its biological framework, essentially linking masculinity with male...   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Masculinity, Male]

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Gender Discrimination in Sports Media

- Most people watch some form of sports, whether it be the Olympics or the highlights on ESPN. The NBA and NHL playoffs are underway and theyit seems to be the only news on ESPN. There is almost no coverage of the WNBA playoffs or any female athletics. Tennis isone of the only big sports on ESPN for women. While during the Olympics the coverage seems to be non-stop and close to equal. Women’s participation in sport is at an all-time high and has almost become equal with men’s, however,. sSports media does notfails to show this equality and skews the way we look at these athletes....   [tags: sociology, gender studies, skewing]

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Gender Inequality in Medical School

- Stereotypes have been around forever: the preconceived belief about a type of person or group. Stereotypes can remark on different races or cultures like Polish people or African American people. For example, stereotypes may say Americans are lazy obese, or unintelligent. There are also many stereotypes about genders. For example, women are weaker than men or women like to cook more than men or they are better caretakers. This discussion addresses major controversial stereotypes within medical schools and health institutions across America....   [tags: Medicine, Education, Gender]

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Gender Roles Can Affect Nutrition

- ... The article “Millennials More Accepting of Working Moms Than Past Generations” discusses how, even though millennials are becoming more accepting of gender equality, “seventeen percent of students thought that husbands should make key family decisions in 2010-2013” (Millennials). Even with growing gender equality decision making gender role is thought to be the male’s job. When only the males are allowed to make huge impacting decisions, female’s autonomy is lowered and renders her incapable of taking care of family matters....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Family]

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The Importance Of Oral Health And Dental Hygienist

- ... This is obviously untrue because both men and women are almost equally capable of doing what the other can do. Nonetheless, to compare a woman to an inanimate object is stupid. Inanimate objects are brainless and are used for single simple tasks which a woman is not. In actuality, women have a higher capability of acquisition and use of verbal information (Halpern). With this information it should be noted that there is no possible way to see which gender is more intelligent, there is only a way to see which areas a gender excels in....   [tags: Woman, Female, Dental hygienist, Gender]

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Gender and Rescue services in Crisis Management research

- Gender and Rescue services in Crisis Management research Research on crisis often discusses decision making in crisis and have been developed by scholars in political science like Hermann (1963) Allison (1971) George (1980) and Vertzberg (1990). This research has often focused on crisis and decision making in international politics. In Sweden there are research concerning different aspects of crisis, as crisis communication, learning after crisis, relations between public and private. During the 1990’s research about crisis more broadly as a social and technological crisis have developed (´t Hart, Charles and Parker 1989, Rosenthal, Boin and Comfort 2001)....   [tags: Gender Roles, Gender Mainstream]

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Gender, Job Authority, And Depression

- Molly Mirhashem, in her article "Women Who Lean In are More Depressed Than Those Who Don 't", explores how a greater job authority results not in a healthier state of being as conventional wisdom would suggest, but rather in differential mental health benefits for men and women. To achieve this, she mainly focuses on the double-bind idea and on the way gender cultural expectations are reinforced in the workplace to align with hegemonic masculinity. Women with higher levels of job authority suffer and express more depressive symptoms as compared to women without job authority and to men....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Cohort study, Gender]

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Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia

- Evaluating the degree of gender stratification in Saudi Arabia in comparison to other Middle Eastern counties requires the inclusion of Islamic fundamentals principles in the interpretation of their moral code. Alsaleh (2012) notes the lowest rate of female education and the highest levels of gender restrictions of women are most prevalent within Middle Eastern countries that enforce Islamic doctrine. Saudi Arabia exemplifies the moral and gender-specific Islamic prohibitions through their lack of law “addressing violence against women” (Alsaleh 2012:125), noting that violent crimes against women are rarely reported for fear of reprisal, and discussing them publically is prohibited....   [tags: gender stratification in Middle Eastern countries]

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Gender Roles Are Socially Constructed And Not Biologically Based

- ... When the couples were told the newborn was a boy, the newborn was consistently described using words such as strong, mischievous, and alert. Compared with, if the couple were advised the newborn was a girl, it would frequently be described as beautiful and delicate. In conducting this experiment, the babies actually showed no differences in height, weight, or health. The outcomes of the research show that the differences in the response to the baby 's gender seem to be based on gender-role stereotypes and that gender-role’s expectations and socialization begin at birth....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity, Man]

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How Gender Socialization Is Influenced By The News, Family, And Friends

- ... When playing with friends, my parents said I’d rather play in the dirt than play with dolls or tea sets; another behavior that is more socially acceptable with boys than with girls. Even though my parents did not restrict how I played, my parents made sure to take notice of my behaviors. I was taught all the socially desired behaviors of females like being nurturing, sensitive, and kind. However, they also taught the social behaviors of a male like being independent, assertive, and strong. Growing up with parents in the restaurant/customer service industry, these were all traits that were needed when dealing with customers....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender studies, Woman]

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Gender Roles And Its Effect On Society

- ... Audre Lorde claims that it in fear we remain silent, “In the cause of silence, each of us draws the face of her own fear – fear of contempt, of censure, or some judgement, or recognition, of challenge, of annihilation. But most of all, I think, we fear the visibility without which we cannot truly live” (Lorde 26). This coincides well with Gay’s theory of unlikable characters. From Butler’s perspective, women view the performance of acceptable unlikeable roles and these performances and messages get consumed and reiterated as truths....   [tags: Woman, Gender role, Gender, Audre Lorde]

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Consumer Health Informatics ( Chi )

- Consumer health informatics (CHI) is an up and coming field that utilizes technology and the internet, to provide health information to the public, and enhance healthcare making decisions (Flaherty, Hoffman-Goetz, & Arocha, 2015). The public is becoming more involved in their own care by having access to healthcare information 24/7 (Hebda & Czar, 2005). Furthermore, they are relying on the fact that the information they are given is accurate and up to date. Therefore, it is extremely important that the consumers are able to evaluate and analyze credible websites....   [tags: Health care, Health informatics]

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Gender Stereotyping

- Stereotypical behavior is not a new trend, but rather an ongoing lifestyle for today’s society. Gender stereotyping, a sub-category of stereotypes, opens many revelations, developments, and behaviors. While there are psychologists that differ in opinion, education and employment seems to be the primary sources where it is believed that most people both obtains and acts out their stereotypical behavior (Sax & Harper 671). The origins of gender differences are particularly hard to trace, but arguments that the differences are a result of socialization is widely studied in psychology....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Social Construction Of Gender And Gender

- ... Jon’s mother is extremely supportive even so, she expresses a sadness and mourns the loss of her daughter. He is verbally ridiculed at school every day. But seems happy and healthy due to the understanding and support he receives from his mother. Understanding and support is extremely critical for the highly marginalized transgender individuals. At least half of the transgender individuals who have discussed gender identity with their families usually face rejection, which has been found to lead to depression, possibly suicide and other health risks....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Male, Gender studies]

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Does Gender Affect Party Affiliation?

- ... To measure this, they distinguished four groups “Democratic men, Democratic women, Republican men, and Republican women” (Fowlkes and Perkins 1979). In their results they found that Democratic Men, on average had a mean score of 2.17 for Electoral Ambition, followed by Republican Men, Democratic Women, and finally Republican women (Fowlkes and Perkins 1979). With this information it shows that women who vote Democratically tend to be more politically active than women who identify themselves as Republican....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Male]

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Ideals of Womanhood: Transformation of Gender Roles in Society

- Throughout the history of America, the issue of social liberty has been in question since the beginning of the Civil War. Aside from social equality for blacks and immigrants, the issue of woman’s suffrage was slowly surfacing. As a result of Victorianism, women were domesticated and were expected to uphold proper behavior established by Victorian society. However, during the late 1800s, the progressive reform produced widespread consumer, political, and labor changes throughout the country. Women were more educated and given more opportunity to expand into new fields of employment....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Health Risk of Video Game Playing Among Adults

- Health-Risk correlates of Video Game Playing Among Adults: Video game playing is believed to have negative effects on health among young adults and has become an increasing interest among researchers. Behaviors such as aggression, obesity, delinquency and poor school performance have been associated with video game playing . Many effects of video game playing remain stable into adulthood. One survey reported that many video game players (about twenty-five percent) have sacrificed a hobby or interest and about twenty percent claimed it has taken away from socialization with friends, family or a spouse and also sleep....   [tags: Health]

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Gender, Biological, And Gender

- ... Feminists state gender is a learned practice. As long as women and men act a certain way then the balance of power is maintained and the patriarchal society continues. Society is not static, but it is hard to change. It evolves to reflect the way people act and believe. Berger mentions that “male” and “female” are simply names and are not important on their own. Instead, it is the meaning associated with the names that we must worry about. In the Dominican Republic, they recognize a third gender....   [tags: Gender, Homosexuality, Gender identity]

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Gender Dysphoria In Children, Adolescents and Adults

- Gender Dysphoria in children, adolescents and adults I. What is Gender Dysphoria. It is important to understand the difference between gender and sex. The English language defines “sex” by using the anatomy that an individual is born with. In other words, the reproductive organs that makes someone female or male. “Sex” also includes the chromosomes that someone obtains to make them male or female, the different gonads, sex hormones and the inner and outer genitalia. When defining gender dysphoria and its connection to sex....   [tags: Differenced Between Gender and Sex, Anatomy]

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Socioeconomic Factors and the Health of Individuals

- Introduction Socio-economic class or socio-economic status (SES) may refer to mixture of various factors such as poverty, occupation and environment. It is a way of measuring the standard and quality of life of individuals and families in society using social and economic factors that affect health and wellbeing ( Giddens and Sutton, 2013). Cockerham (2007 p75) argues: ‘Social class or socioeconomic status (SES) is the strongest predictor of health, disease causation and longevity in medical sociology.’ Research in the 1990s, (Drever and Whitehead, 1997) found out that people in higher SES are generally healthier, and live longer than those in lower SES....   [tags: Inequalities in Health]

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Health Care Reform And Insurance

- How can we justify the change in status of how we receive health care. In today’s society, health care services are imbalanced in serving its members. Reform is what is desired by most people who feel that the present standards are insufficient. In fact, numerous reports have surfaced in support of the rights to health care. There will be different reviews examined to determine how health care reform can accommodate the misfortune as well as the fortunate. Inequalities and cost have attributed to the deficient quality of care that is available....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics]

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Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

- ... In their report Rush and LaNauze (2007) present a wide range of clothing that they claim is sexualised but while there are multiple items within of clothing listed for girls there is only one item of boys clothing. They also showed a range of images taken from the media which only included three images of boys. Bailey (2011) also shows a lack of concern for boys discussing the pubertal development of girls but failing to mention boys. Whilst it could be argued that this is justifiable because girls are more targeted by sexualised culture than boys, the absence of the impact on boys only reinforces such views....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Female, Male]

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Gender Equality And Its Impact On Society

- Do we truly understand how the meaning to equality among men and women affect society. Jobs, health, and education are affected by what transpires from the meaning to gender equality. Throughout history equality has been debated. Equality is defined as getting respect and giving respect regardless of gender or culture through fair treatment and maximized happiness. Balance and harmony are developed from the application of ethical theories to aid society in defining the meaning to gender equality rather than debating the issue....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Immanuel Kant, Gender]

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American Access to Health Care

- Health care in the United States is driven by a patchwork of services and financing. Americans access health care services in a variety of ways — from private physicians’ offices, to public hospitals, to safety-net providers. This diverse network of health care providers is supported by an equally diverse set of funding streams. The United States spends almost twice as much on health care as any other country, topping $2 trillion each year. (WHO.INT 2000) However, even with overall spending amounting to more than $7,400 per person, millions of individuals cannot access the health care services they need.(Foundation 2009) So when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a the Affor...   [tags: Health Care]

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Maternal, Infant And Child Health

- ... Adolescents and young adults are an important group because they represent our future. During this period, they are susceptible to developing deleterious behaviors such as the abuse of alcohol and tobacco and other drugs, fighting and weapon carrying (McKenzie & Pinger, 2015, p.246). Research indicates that more education a person has it is less likely he or she is to use tobacco. Protective factors are part of the health for adolescence and young adult. Protective factors are individual or environmental characteristics, conditions or behaviors that reduce the effects of stressful life events ((McKenzie & Pinger, 2015, p.254)....   [tags: Public health, Medicine, Health care]

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Health Care Inequities for Aboriginal Women

- Health care inequities for Aboriginal women There are 1.1 million Aboriginal peoples living in Canada as of 1996 and 408,100 of them are women (Statistics Canada, 2000; Dion Stout et al, 2001). More than half live in urban centres and two thirds of those reside in Western Canada (Hanselmann, 2001). Vancouver is comprised of 28,000 Aboriginal people representing 7% of the population (Joseph, 1999). Of this total population, 70% live in Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood which is the Downtown Eastside (DTES)....   [tags: Health, Access to Health Care]

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Gender and Muscular Endurance

- Introduction Wellness is defined by Robbins, Powers and Burgess1 in A Wellness Way of Life as an integrated and dynamic level of functioning oriented toward maximizing potential, dependent on self-responsibility. Wellness consists of many different dimensions including achievement in emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, environmental, social, and physical dimensions. Focusing on the physical dimension, it becomes obvious that physical fitness is essential for maximum wellness in men and women....   [tags: Health]

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Gender Reassignment Surgery for Inmates at the Taxpayer's Expense

- All citizens have the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but what happens when a citizen commits a heinous act such as murder. Should the pursuit of their happiness be granted even though they took the life of another. Are we as a society to take their feelings into consideration and grant them the right to live their life as they wish. A major issue within the United States is the healthcare programs for inmates. One of the largest disputes when it comes to medical treatments/surgeries within the penal system is the sexual reassignment of inmates with gender dysphoria....   [tags: gender dysphoria in prisons]

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The American Health Care System

- ... PPACA is intended to reduce the number of uninsured US Citizens and the entire cost of health care. This law provides a variety of mechanisms including mandates, subsidies, and tax credits for businesses and individuals in order to increase the level of insurance coverage. Other reforms aim to improve the quality of healthcare and simplify the distribution of healthcare services. The Affordable Care Plan also guarantees coverage of pre-existing conditions and eliminates gender discrimination, requiring insurance companies to cover all applicants and offer them the same value....   [tags: United States, Health care, Health insurance]

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The Social Determinants Of Health

- The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are an array of components, which have an impact on ones health. These determinants include; but are not limited to, culture, biological factors, education, age, gender, etc. The SDoH are responsible for much of the world’s avoidable health inequalities (WHO, 2012). Health inequality is not about having poor health. It involves a variety of aspects including not having access to sufficient healthcare, and living in specific types of environments (Marmot & Wilkinson, 1999)....   [tags: Health care, Ethics, Nursing, Health disparities]

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The United States Health Care

- The United States health care has not been efficient in providing informed and indiscriminative services to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) patients. LGBT patients are among the largest group of the undeserved population within the nursing setting (Lim & Bernstein, 2012). The group is constantly exposed to homophobia, aversion, irrational fear and heterosexism. This heterosexism makes their experience less than ideal in health care environments compared to heterosexuals. This heterosexism also increases their risk for substance abuse and psychological distress....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Transgender]

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Health: A Major Social Issue

- Health is something that many would not associate as being a social issue, yet many sociologists have argued that it is a major social issue. They argue that the way we experience and understand health is dependent upon society. In 1946, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined health as, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being” (WHO, 2003). This definition is very holistic in the sense that it encompasses all aspects of a person’s life. It is also very idealistic and unattainable for most people....   [tags: Social Determinants of Health]

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Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

- Everybody is born and made differently, but one thing is similar, our gender. We are born either male or female, and in society everybody judges us for our gender. This is called gender roles; societies expecting you to act like a male or female (Rathus, 2010). Some people say, “act like a lady,” or “be a man,” these are examples of how gender roles work in our everyday lives. In society when we think stereotypes, what do we think. Many think of jocks, nerds, or popular kids; gender stereotyping is very similar....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Gender]

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The Determinants Of Health And The Healthcare System Of A Society

- Health experts generally classify five determinants of health, and two of them are policymaking and access to health services. These two factors through government interventions and public policies can have a potent effect on the overall wellness of individuals and communities. Policymaking processes related to health involve “policy-makers who set health priorities, regulate financing mechanisms, statute legislation, enforce regulations, purchase health care for their populations and” (W.H.O.) which officially configure the healthcare system of a society....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health economics]

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Inadequate Access For Quality Health Care

- ... Although this goal remains unmet, the proposal created an impetus to eliminate the disparities in accessing health care. The United States has made several health care reforms to improve health care access for Americans. Specifically, on March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The primary aim of these reforms is to make health care more accessible and affordable for many Americans (Nash et al., 2016). The Affordable Care Act encompasses more than just making health care affordable....   [tags: Public health, Health care, Medicine]

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The Health Benefits of Yoga

- Yoga is a practice that anyone of any age can complete anywhere at anytime. It originated in ancient India and is estimated to be nearly five thousand years old. Through yoga, one is able to find his or her path to peaceful bliss within him or her self (Finney 25). The mind and the body become balanced with each other, giving one the sense of enlightenment (The Magic of...Meditation). Depending on the styles and poses a person is to choose, yoga benefits a person not only physically, but mentally as well....   [tags: yoga, health benefits, meditation]

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Biological Foundation of Health and Illness

- Introduction It was Martin Luther King Jnr. who stated famously that “injustice in health is the most shocking of all inequalities.” (Norris & Nissenson, 2008) Iniquity and injustice in the health sector is facilitated by social-demographic variables such as gender, socioeconomic status, and race, which all play a center stage role in creating health disparities among communities (Chen, Martin, Mathews, 2006). These characteristics affect a wide category of groups which includes children, the elderly, and women....   [tags: Health Injustice, Martin Luther King]

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Societal Views on Sports and Gender

- Societal Views on Sports and Gender Sports have become a major part of American culture and society. It is ingrained in us as a small child that playing a sport is almost necessary. In elementary school we take physical education where we are exposed to competitive sport. But even at this level it is our genders that control which types of sports are deemed "appropriate." Since women started to become involved in sports, there have always been those who have opposed them being there. We saw an example of this in the movie Girl Fight....   [tags: Health Fitness]

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Lowering the Gap of Health Inequity

- The concept of health is one that has had many definitions over the years as individual people can interpret it in many different ways. This is just one definition of health below. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (1) This definition of health outlines that having good health not only relies on being free from disease and physically healthy but also have a thriving mental health and fulfilling social life. This definition of health also implies that having infrastructure that can provide access to running water and proper sanitation is also a vital part of maintaining a good bill of health....   [tags: public health, sanitation, wealth distribution]

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Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

- Steps Toward Specialization as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) nursing programs prepare students to deliver primary healthcare to women throughout their lifespan. This nursing specialty program consists of in-depth theory, pathos-physiology, research application, pharmacological therapy, and critical thinking skills based on clinical studies. Prospective nursing students are expected to meet the requirements of the nursing program, including full-range comprehension of reproductive-gynecologic health....   [tags: Health Care, Nursing Students]

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Gender and Gender Inequality

- Gender and Gender Inequality Gender, what is gender. Where does it come from. How long has it existed. These are all very good question and questions that are asked a lot in today’s modern society. Most people think of gender as the physical features of a man and a woman, but it is not just physical features that define gender. There are obvious biological differences between a man and a woman, but is that what gender is defined by. There are many different theories on gender and how it is defined....   [tags: gender role, children, men, women]

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The Social Model Of Health

- ... 32) state that children both boys and girls with parents who are unemployed 25 per cent more likely to have serious chronic illnesses. If both parents are unemployed it has much harder to look after their child or children, because they do not have income coming that can help pay for medication and this can lead to mortality. Furthermore, this can lead to them with the least education, in the future they may not know how to prevent themselves from other illnesses, diseases or injuries. Those who are in the ‘upper’ and ‘middle’ class would have a higher education, therefore, they would have a better knowledge in preventing illnesses and diseases....   [tags: Sociology, Working class, Illness, Public health]

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Cultural Competence Of A Health Care Professional

- Cultural Competence Cultural competence is defined as the ability to understand, honor, and respect the beliefs, lifestyle, attitudes, and behaviour of others.1 In order for a health care professional like a Physical Therapist to better understand Cultural competence it will need an individual the capacity to : (1) value diversity, (2) conduct self-assessment, (3)manage the dynamics of difference, (4) acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge, and (5) adapt to the diversity and cultural contexts of the individuals and communities served.2 Culture defined as “ an integrated pattern of human behavior that include the language, thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values...   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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The Health Care Effectiveness Data And Information

- ... Some key languages to understanding the HEDIS collection: 1. Denominator: eligible members of the population 2. Numerator: members that meet the criteria of a measure 3. Anchor date: specific date the member is required to be enrolled to be eligible for the measure. 4. Provider specialty: certain measures must be provided by a specific provider specialty There are three specific data collection methods: 1. Administrative: derived from the claims 2. Hybrid: random sampling of the population 3. Survey: Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider’s and Systems (CAHPS) Administrative Methodology mandates the plan to identify eligible members for screening through use of electronic record of...   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Data collection]

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Health and Its Determinants: A Case Study

- Health is dynamic and determined by the determinants of health that have factors that can both benefit and hinder our overall health (Liamputtong, Fanany, & Verrinder, 2012, p. 9). The primary health care (PHC) principles accessibility, inter-sectorial collaboration, appropriate technology, emphasis on health promotion and public participation helps all individuals at different social standings based on income levels and geographical location determined by the social determinants of health to access PHC and make an equitable health care system (McMurray & Clendon, 2011, pp....   [tags: health care, social determinants]

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Women, Work, And Gender Justice

- ... It is believed that these differences influence abilities and the future potential of children. Boys are usually valued and privileged and they are traditionally the ones who had better future employment opportunities and were able to provide for parents at an old age. From this idea, if the parents are low income and must invest in an education for one of their children, they are always going to choose the son. Pearson then makes the argument that identities are constructed through early childhood development and this in turn creates gender specified behavior....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Gender differences]

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The Major Constructs Explaining Health Inequalities

- Theoretical approach Perspective on health inequalities In their introduction the authors hypothesise that there is an association between poverty and Tuberculosis (TB) in Recife, Brazil, and that this is mediated by accommodation crowding, malnutrition and “other socially determined factors”. However this paper does not include a nutrition variable, and the authors don’t clarify which other social factors they believe are important. They examine numerous possible socioeconomic position (SEP) variables without defining a priori which is of primary interest....   [tags: poverty, tuberculosis, health inequalities]

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The Impact of Two Global Health Promotion Initiatives

- The aim of this essay is to discuss critically the impact of two global health promotion initiatives, citing examples from two developing countries. To set the stage for this discussion, in this introduction the author will define terms like ‘Health’, ‘Global Health Promotion’ and ‘Developing countries’. The World Health Organisation (WHO) constitution stipulates that, “The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental human rights of every human being, without the distinction of race, religion, and political belief, economic or social condition”(1)....   [tags: Health Care]

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