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The Role of Gender and Ethnicity in Perceptions of Rape and Its Aftereffects by L Schneide

- An Elderly woman, normally a target in an unsafe neighborhood, carries a satchel of cash. It is the receipt of today's betting and the neighborhood knows robbing her would result in punishment that would be swift and certain, unlike the legal system. The retaliation preserves the mob's reputation and honor. The threat precludes an attack in the first place. Ed Vega's "Spanish Roulette" is about retaliation to preserve honor after a rape. The story is about Sixto, a peace-loving Spanish poet. Lino, a local gang member and drug dealer, rapes Sixto’s sister Mandy....   [tags: tamler sommers, gender, ethnicity]

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Women, Gender, And Ethnicity

- ... undergraduate population, increasing their representation from 42 percent to 56 percent of undergraduates. If these trends continue women will make up the larger segment of the skilled labor force. Educational attainment is particularly important in closing the wage gap. The simple fact is that employees with a college degree makes more than employees with a high school education. The gender wage gap exists at all levels of education, and women with graduate degrees experience the widest wage ratio of 73 percent, earning almost $450 less per week than males....   [tags: Employment, Employment compensation, Labor]

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Race And Ethnicity And Gender

- ... I was expected to disprove those stereotypes. But I always felt i was treated differently because of my race/ethnicity. A prime example is the racial profiling by law enforcement. Because I am a black male who happened to live in North Chicago, I already have the label of trouble maker, gang banger, and good for nothing scum. And to be honest, this makes the top five things that pisses me off. I can 't really change my appearance but I can change the way I speak, the way I act and whether or not I give them the chance to act upon that label of mine....   [tags: Man, Gender, Male, Race]

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Race, Ethnicity, Class And Gender

- ... While doing this project assignment, I’ve learned a lot that people will always say something that will put you down and not let you be you because of what you look like or where you are you from so you have to think of something wise to do and make fun of it in a good way. Show people that you aren’t turned down by what they say and do to you. For example, I read an article about a young dark skin man who kidnapped, raped and murdered a young light skin woman and thought it could get away with it because he had the most expensive lawyer that his’ parent provided him and he always thought that he could keep getting off the hook but after a while, after his’ parents didn’t have enough mo...   [tags: Race, Human skin color, Martin Luther King, Jr.]

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Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Therapy

- Personal Reflection Paper Before this course, there were many rumors about how it progressed and what would be taught. So at the beginning, which was not so long ago, these rumors were percolating in my head and have created a sort of stigma concerning learning about social context within clinical practice. I hope by the end of the quarter this set of rumor is put to rest and there is much learned to apply to my current and future clinical practice. Relational Assessment Social Context Race and ethnicity can influence a client’s experience of self and others in a variety of ways....   [tags: psychology, postmodern approach]

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To What Extent Does Difference in Gender, Ethnicity and Class Influence Health Inequalities?

- Health is a large cause of one of the most important social divisions in society, with a divide existing between those whom are healthy and those who are not. Your health largely impacts the quality of life which you can lead, meaning there is those who are healthy and can lead a good quality of life, and those whose quality of life is impaired by illness and the potential illness surrounding their lives. The divisions which create health inequalities affect many aspects of everyday life. Though this division is sometimes just down to pure chance, there are structural factors which mean that those who face ill health often come from particular groups....   [tags: social class, the priviledged vs the poor]

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Race and Ethnicity in Social Sciences

- Use of the Terms "Race" and "Ethnicity" in the Social Sciences Defining identity can be complex and therefore we have to investigate the factors involved that make us who we are and how we are seen by others, collectively or individually. Social scientists have to consider the key elements which shape identity, the importance of social structures and agency involved. The differences and/or similarities between us are the focus that categorise and label us in society. Knowing who we are is important for many reasons including, social rights, obtaining a passport, housing, health, employment, marriage, and over all, being able to ascertain who we are, and belong....   [tags: Identity Gender Class Ethnicity]

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Lung Cancer: The Relationship Between Gender, Age, and Ethnicity

- ... The responses were: male (2,969) or female (4,696). Second, “Which one or more of the following would you say is your race?” The responses were: White (5853); African American (743); Asian (227); American Indian/Alaskan Native (179); Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander (30); refused (42); and don’t know (99). Finally, “How likely do you think it is that you will develop cancer in the future. Would you say your chances of getting cancer is…” The responses were: very low (1,130); somewhat low (1,729); moderate (2,872); somewhat high (995); very high (353); refused (27); and don’t know (217)....   [tags: survey, HINTS, cancer related data]

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The Leader, Authentic Leadership, And Race Ethnicity And Gender Social Identity

- ... People with “target” identities are “members of social identity groups that are disenfranchised, exploited, and victimized” including people of color, the working class, and women, to name a few (Pasque, 2010; Hardiman & Jackson, 1997). For many individuals and groups, race and ethnicity is central to their being – often determining how they define themselves and how they engage society (Ospina &Foldy, 2009). When considering leadership theories, critical race theory implores that denying race, ethnicity, and other social identities in qualitative research perpetuates a myth of equality, making “whiteness” the default category with which we measure leadership (Pasque, 2010; Parker, 1998;...   [tags: Leadership, Gender, Gender role, Gender identity]

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Race, Ethnicity, Class And Gender Class

- ... Bernie Mac gave his sense of humor to the world and he wanted audience to acknowledge his funny side while trying to explain to the world that race isn’t such as big deal. While doing this project assignment, I’ve learned a lot that people will always say something that will put you down and not let you be you. It shouldn’t matter what you look like or where you are you from. You have to think of something positive to do and make fun of it in a good way. Show people that you aren’t turned down by what they say and do to you....   [tags: Race, Human skin color, Race, Racism]

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The Portrayal of Gender, Ethnicity and Class in Two of Arthur Conan Doyle's Stories

- The Portrayal of Gender, Ethnicity and Class in Two of Arthur Conan Doyle's Stories Arthur Conan Doyle was a well known writer during the Victorian Era and still is today. He was famous for his stories. One of his books had a fictional character that caught people's attention. This character is a spectacular detective, Sherlock Holmes. People loved Sherlock Holmes so much because he always solves the case and always defeat evil. In fact, in one of Arthur's short story, 'The Speckled Band', Sherlock Holmes was described as "the Scotland Yard Jack-in-office" and "the busybody!" This period of time is called the Victorian Era because the ruler during this time wa...   [tags: Papers]

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Students' Attitudes Towards Mobile Learning and Mobile Device Usage in the U.S. and Israel Universities

- The concept of mobile learning has been around for the past decade. One most unique characteristic of mobile learning is its ubiquity, which allows students to access learning resources anytime and anywhere (M. El-Hussein & Cronje, 2010). In order to explore the pedagogical value of mobile learning, educators have incorporated mobile learning into the classroom and many have discovered its positive effects on students’ engagement and motivation (Hwang & Chang, 2011). The use of mobile devices also have enhanced authentic learning and personalized instruction (Ju-Ling, Chien-Wen, & Gwo-Jen, 2010; Sha, Looi, Chen, & Zhang, 2012; Song, Wong, & Looi, 2012)....   [tags: technology, gender, ethnicity]

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Political Ideologies on Education in the UK

- Social policy is based around the ideologies of those in government to ensure that every individual with in society is treated equally thought out life so that they are able to receive the same opportunities and access to all areas such as health care, education and welfare help according to their needs. Because of the harsh conditions that the country was, experiencing after World War 2 the Prime Minister Winston Churchill commissioned a report, Beveridge (1942) to try to overcome the country’s social problems and to help those who were suffering from the effects of poverty....   [tags: Gender, Ethnicity, Social Class]

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Health Factors Of Obesity With The Aims Of Drawing Attention On Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Genetics And

- This essay focus on health factors of obesity with the aims of drawing attention to Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Genetics and Socio-economics. According to Department of Health (2014) obesity is clinical term which is used to describe excess body fat. Furthermore DOH (2014) stated that obesity is a major public health issue because it is associated with risk factors of number of health problems such as heart diseases, stroke and some cancers. It also leads to other serious conditions such as type2 diabetes (Department of Health, 2014) “Public health is the science and art of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting physical health and efficiency through organised community efforts" (Wi...   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Body mass index]

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The Importance Of Teachers Treated Students Differently Based On Race, Ethnicity, Class, And Gender

- From an early age I was aware that teachers treated students differently based on race, ethnicity, class, and gender. From K-12, I attended racially, ethnically, and economically diverse public schools. Some of my classmates’ parents had Ivy League educations and others were had little education. Interestingly, among my classmates, there were both educated people and uneducated people on welfare. The teachers’ prejudices were always clear though; the upper-class, white, blonde-haired kids were the favorites, and the children of color were always the ones in trouble....   [tags: Black people, Discrimination, Education, Racism]

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Affirmative Action Policy

- I will begin by explaining what an affirmative action policy is and will also provide an example of a situation where an affirmative action policy is being used. Next, I will argue that affirmative action policies are not morally justifiable because affirmative action policies reward the wrong minorities and punish the wrong non-minorities, and affirmative action policies do not support a meritocratic society. Lastly, I will state how an individual for affirmative action policies would respond to these ideas....   [tags: gender, ethnicity, race, religion]

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Data Collected from the Article Juvenile Gun Ownership in the USA: Current Knowledge and Future Directions

- ... The first type of samples were drawn by the researchers and resulted in a response rate of 33 percent. The administrators drew samples as well and resulted in a 46 percent rate. Those low responses rates sadly made generalization not possible. This meant that they had to use available data to begin looking for new ways to study juvenile gun ownership. Looking back at the data the student survey didn’t represent the United States youth. Females weren’t recorded because usually males have more weapon related incidents....   [tags: weapons, gender, ethnicity]

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The Role of Language in Creating and Reinforcing Social Distinctions Such as Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

- The Role of Language in Creating and Reinforcing Social Distinctions Such as Class, Ethnicity, and Gender It is said in a myth that people were once trying to build a giant latter to heaven so God made them all diverse by making portions of the people look different and speak different language. The now diverse people of earth felt annoyed and human nature took its ugly toll and separation and distinctions were made, they all scatter throughout the world. God did this so that the people would not be able to communicate therefore not be able to build the great ladder that was threatening heaven....   [tags: Papers]

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We Are What We Buy

- We are what we buy We live in an era of constant change, where things evolve with a speed so high that we can hardly keep up with it. We are faced with a wide-range of choices in every field of our lives and we constantly have to educate ourselves in order to make the best decisions. Specifically in the field of shopping people encounter so many options that sometimes the reasons of a purchase can say as much about a person as ethnicity, religion or gender can. In order to consume we have to produce first, therefore Lowenthal`s statement is completely reasonable: “We called the heroes of the past “idols of production”: we feel entitled to call the present day heroes “idols of consumpt...   [tags: ethnicity, religion, gender, consumption]

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Cultural Diversity in Early America

- When studying the stories about the lives of early Americans, the discovery of just how culturally diverse they were cannot be missed. Such richness and history in the making, yet such sadness as we read the powerful lines that tell their story. With the great influential writers such as Bryant, Irving and Cooper, whom set stage for all during the Romantic Period between 1830-1865 to the young brilliant novelists who followed with such stamina, passion and strength, such as Hawthorn, Simms and Melvin; how could one not explode with great learning, as their souls were laid out for us to bear....   [tags: religion, ethnicity, gender]

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Understanding One’s Identity

- Understanding one’s Identity “Who am I” is a question that most teens find themselves asking at some point during their adolescence. A person’s identity is not made up of just one thing it includes their religion, ethnicity, occupation, physicality, gender, and sexuality. Understanding one’s identity means to fully understand all of these completely different aspects of one self. In The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall, Stephen Gordon struggles with understanding her identity and her inversion....   [tags: Ethnicity, Occupation, Physicality, Gender]

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Diversity and Ethnicity in the Workplace

- Let’s be lefties. Trying to be a lefty was quite challenging for me. Me being a righty, trying to get accustomed to doing things on my left hand made me extremely confused and frustrated me a bit. It wasn’t that I was not able to do my task that frustrated me; it was the amount of time that it took me to accomplish one task. This experiment took me back ten plus years back when I first moved to the states. It made me reflect back on how back then I felt as though I was doing things on my left hand instead of my right....   [tags: Gender, Women]

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Race and Ethnicity in America

- Race and Ethnicity   Since the country’s beginning, race, gender, and class have been very important factors in a person’s experience in the United States of America. The meaning of race, gender differences, and the separation of class have changed over United States history. For many Americans, their perceptions of class and race and the degree to which gender affect people’s lives, often depends on what their race, gender, and class are, too. There are differences between the reality of America, what is represented as American reality in media, and the perceived reality of America....   [tags: connection between race, gender, class]

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It's Time For a Gay or Lesbian Disney Hero

- The Walt Disney Company is well-known the world over for its magical “once upon a times” and wholesome “happily ever afters.” Stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid all feature captivating tales of beautiful young women who are pure of heart seeking adventure and true love. Disney paints the picture of a strong sense of faith and love, which act as guiding forces that provide access to a lifetime of happiness. Unfortunately, these stories all lack a crucial sense of diversity in today’s emerging and multicultural world....   [tags: race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality]

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Ethnicity and Female Equality: A personal Opinion

- Abstract The subject of my essay will be a compilation of facts and opinions on the role of ethnicity and gender on female status in the United States. Equality for females and males is influenced by ones ethnicity, by the media, by stereotypes, and by the myth of equal rights. The research methods that will be used for this essay will be only the personal opinions of the author of this essay. One believes that the findings of this essay will show that ethnicity and media generated stereotypes influence gender roles and that inequality for females is a fact of life. Ethnicity and Female Equality: A Personal Opinion The role of ethnicity plays an important part in our society's view and...   [tags: Sociology Gender Roles]

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The Role of Gender In Substance Addiction

- The Role of Gender In Substance Addiction Socio-Cultural Dimensions in Counseling Submitted by: D Cooper December 19, 2013 Introduction This research paper will examine the issue of gender and its role in influiencing substance use. Specifically, this paper will address the issue as to what gender is more likely to engage in substance use and why, as well as the possible and promising substance abuse treatment options that may be available. Most of he articles that I will be referring in this paper will focus on marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol use in relation to African American, Caucasian, and Latino ethnic groups....   [tags: ethnicity, tobacco, marijuana, alcohol]

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Ethnicity and Group Rights

- Ethnicity and Group Rights ABSTRACT: Recent developments in biology have made it possible to acquire more and more precise information concerning our genetic makeup. There are four groups of people who may want to know about our genes. First, we ourselves can have an interest in being aware of own health status. Second, there are people who are genetically linked with us, and who can have an interest in the knowledge. Third, individuals with whom we have contracts and economic arrangements may have an interest in knowing about our genetic makeup....   [tags: Sociology Race Gender Essays]

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Gender And Gender Pay Gap

- In todays world women are considered as equal breadwinners in the family. They receive college and graduate degrees, and yet, women earn less than men. The impact of the gender pay gap signifies that women earn less over the lifetime period, which results in lower retirement benefits and a risk of poverty. Being a complex issue, gender pay gaps is caused by variety of factors, such as discrimination at workplace, when women paid less than men for the same job. Also, it is significant to analyze why boys and girls born with equal opportunities have different carrier expectations....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Feminism, Gender studies]

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Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes

- ... By requiring males to wear pants and females to wear a skirt or dress, it suggests that the uniform is a contributing factor in children believing that clothing is gender specific not gender neutral. The observational field research asked 10 children aged between 3 to 5 years old to dress their dolls in an outfit. As all children chose gender stereotypical outfits such as male dolls wearing pants and female dolls wearing a dress, the results support children’s predisposition of clothing is embedded from a young age....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Effectiveness of New Gender Responsive Strategies

- Since the early 1970’s gender has increasingly played a role in development discourse, policy and planning. Within the fields of refugee and forced migration studies however, gender analysis had been sorely neglected until the mid 1980’s. This essay will consider the origins of contemporary notions of ‘gender’ within the social sciences and argue that it is relational, concerning both men and women, and that it is a primary factor in organising social lives and argue that gender is a key factor to the access of power, as is ethnicity and class, and that these too are gendered constructs....   [tags: Gender]

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Prejudice, Racial, Ethnicity, And Religion

- In today’s generation there is no way to avoid prejudices. Anywhere you go there will always be someone that is looked at as a “lesser” individual. According to Parrillo, prejudice has been defined as “an attitudinal ‘system of negative beliefs, feelings, and action orientations regarding a certain group or groups of people.’” America says all men are created equal however; differences in people’s belief systems and cultural acceptance both play a role in this stereotyping. Prejudice is not limited to just one subject, there is an endless array of different kinds....   [tags: Religion, Ethnic group, Islam, Discrimination]

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Race, Ethnicity, and Hate Crimes

- 1. Define the following terms in one to two sentences each. Ethnocentrism, hate crime, stereotype. Ethnocentrism can be defined as an individual’s belief that the ethnic group or cultural they identify with is superior to all others. “The ethnocentric person judges other groups and other cultures by the standards of his or her own group” (Schaefer 34). A hate crime is a crime, usually involving violence or intimidation committed against others based partially or entirely on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or membership in another social group....   [tags: ethnocentrism, hate crime, stereotype]

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Gender Roles Of Women And Women

- ... In the modern society, men have begun to take initiative of completing certain domestic duties in the household to reduce the workload for females and play a larger role in a family. In recent studies, majority of the men are reported happy to share household responsibilities with their wives. Women still, however, take on twice as many household chores than their husbands. "The process whereby our society conveys behavioural expectations to the individual” (Crooks, Baur 59) suggests that people learn their expected behaviour and gender roles through observing the behaviour of people such as parents, peers, teachers, and the media....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Masculinity, Homemaker]

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Gender, Masculinity, And Masculinity

- ... Community forces people into some roles simply by anticipating that those roles are appropriate and enforcing them. Generally, the gender roles we speak of are common in modern Western society. These roles recommend that males should be bossy, aggressive, and better at the maths and sciences, and they should become victorious in their professions, and should manage and suppress their emotions. Females, on the contrary, should be obedient, nurturing, gentle, superior at languages and the humanities, emotional, and eager of nothing more than a content family and a husband to provide for her, while she remains at home and tends the house....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sociology, Woman]

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Gender and Music Preference

- Gender and Music Preference There are so many different forms and genres of music that people admire. Even older genres that have seemed to die out still have fans such as disco or polka. Many researchers discuss why people favor the music that they do. This has been a popular topic in music research considering how important music has become in everyday life. Music is played in the car, on the internet, on cellphones, and even behind commercials on television. It is hard to imagine a world without it....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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International Capitalism and Gender

- International economic forces has the ability to transform a society for better or for worse; but, divorcing from their influence when things go south is not simple, for a culture becomes embedded in a transnational system of politics and economics that dictates the culture’s role within the big picture of capitalism. To make sense of changes that occur as a result of capitalism, society defines the meanings of the networks that form society (e.g., kinship or ethnicity). One category we continuously see being utilized is that of gender, a social construct that allows us to comprehend differences between groups of people....   [tags: Capitalism and Gender]

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The Argument for and Against Gender Quotas

- Discuss the arguments for and against gender quotas aimed at increasing the percentage of women in national parliaments. Consider the implications of your argument for different quota systems. The debate regarding gender identities in politics is today a protruding aspect in our society. Both the domestic and international gender roles and norms are central in the developments in the field of political science and International Relations. The inclusion of women into formal politics through quota systems is one of the key issues in focus for both the current societal debate as well as much of the academic work in the field....   [tags: gender identities, affirmative actions]

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Feminist Approaches And Perspectives On Gender

- ... This shows how well girls performed in all of the subjects that were aimed at boys. Emotions can affect boys from performing well in their exams. This is because anxiety and stress can affect the way a child thinks, this is why when children often misread the question (Education Scotland, n.d.). This might be the reason why some boys underachieve in exams. This shows that emotions play a role in the way the child learns so to be successful it is important to be in a relaxed mood. At birth boys and girls development differs to each other as boys are slower compared to the girls especially with emotional centred tasks....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Patriarchy, Emotion]

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Gender Inequality And Interpellation Of Imbalance

- ... She thinks that everything she is told about what a woman should do and how a woman should act is some predetermined and self-fulfilling prophecy to which all females abide. Yet, Patri sees that the society she lives in doesn’t come with the same picturesque endings that the soap operas describe. For instance, Elisa states that Patri’s real father was “the best man in the world” and builds him up as a great man who got away (page 76). Similarly, Elisa views Raul Vinas to be a somewhat perfect companion and father....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Sociology, Female]

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Gender Stereotypes And The Media

- ... A huge proportion of the States had their facts mixed up, by a TV show that doesn’t even pretend to be true. This is one of the myriad examples of the ‘absolute might’ of the media, be under no illusion, if you work in the media you are in the business of ‘thought-control’, and anyone that doesn’t accept that is lying to themselves. Back to the question at hand, and let’s look at the most glaringly obvious example of this, Page 3. Now, for a introspective, philosophical, psychologically-aware human being – seeing a topless woman in the newspaper doesn’t consciously (or sub-consciously, if you properly address it), leave the lasting impression that “women are objects” – however, again, th...   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Transgender, Woman]

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Gender Equality In The Workplace

- INTRODUCTION Rapid changes in the global economic market entail transformations affecting not only the external environment of organizations, but also its internal operations and processes (Hall, 2008; Hodgetts, 2002). One important change that has altered the nature of contemporary organization is the “acknowledgement, development and systematic use of the skills and knowledge of employees” (Ramirez et al 2007, p 496). The central role of employees’ participation in the success of the organization involves not only “high performance work systems… [but] they also involve the decentralization of decisions and work enrichment that is providing employees with opportunities for involvement in...   [tags: Gender Diversity in Workplace]

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Proposal of a Research Essay: Ethnicity and Race

- The following proposal consists of five parts which summarize our aims and sources for our assessment of research essay: 1. The broad topic that we have selected is Ethnicity and Race. 2. This broad topic has further been broken down to focus mainly on the level or quality of health care received by people of particular racial and ethnic groups and how this may differ, providing that any difference is found between these groups. For the purpose of this essay, the concept of health care refers to both medical and psychological health care....   [tags: Bibliography, Trinidad]

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Understanding The Distinction Between Ethnicity And Race

- Omi & Winant, Bonilla-Silva, and Loveman all have different approach in understanding the distinction between ethnicity and race. Omi & Winant and Bonilla-silva all made a distinction between ethnicity and race, and study race through the lens of power relation, while Loveman argued that it is important to study these two side by side. DuBois articulate blackness as both race and ethnicity with the approach of “Double-Consciousness”. First, I will examine Omi and Winant’s approach. They made a clear distinction between ethnicity and race and only discussed how races are formed....   [tags: Race, United States, Self-awareness, Consciousness]

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The Gender Roles Of K Pop Groups

- According to Liew Kai Khinu’s article, in the YouTube clip, Thai gay men, called “Wonder Gays”, performed the dance choreography of Wonder Girls’ Nobody. They presented the feminine dance in male bodies through their physical movements. Their body becomes the new form of cultural production as “subversion of the prescribed gender roles of K-pop groups”(172). Dee Kosh parodied Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and published to criticize the authorities and politics. It is called “Singaporean Style”. By changing the lyrics of the original song into their own language, they conveyed the messages....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Gender role, Gender]

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The Effects Of Race And Ethnicity On Sentencing Outcomes

- The question of racial and ethnic disparity in sentencing continues to be one of the lasting research topics in the field of criminology. Tremendous amounts of research have been done on this topic and have produced different findings. Some of these studies have found that those who belong to a racial and/or ethnic minority receive harsher sentences. On the other hand, there have been studies that find the exact opposite, concluding that those who belong to a racial and/or ethnic minority are actually sentence more leniently....   [tags: Quantitative research, Scientific method]

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Social Stratification, Race And Ethnicity, And Sex

- ... He is addicted to Ebay and Craigslist. He will never ever be happy with what he has no matter what it is. If you bought the newest truck you can own and drove it for a month and then Chevy comes out with the same truck but it has a sun roof he would go trade his truck in to get that one. Of course he is happy for awhile but then it gets old and he wants something different. It is just so much work trying to keep up with the speed of society and its exhausting. Misery comes from being tired of never getting anywhere because we always want something we don’t have until we can have it and then we don’t want it anymore....   [tags: Social class, Marxism, Working class, Bourgeoisie]

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Gender and Rescue services in Crisis Management research

- Gender and Rescue services in Crisis Management research Research on crisis often discusses decision making in crisis and have been developed by scholars in political science like Hermann (1963) Allison (1971) George (1980) and Vertzberg (1990). This research has often focused on crisis and decision making in international politics. In Sweden there are research concerning different aspects of crisis, as crisis communication, learning after crisis, relations between public and private. During the 1990’s research about crisis more broadly as a social and technological crisis have developed (´t Hart, Charles and Parker 1989, Rosenthal, Boin and Comfort 2001)....   [tags: Gender Roles, Gender Mainstream]

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Gender Inequality Within The Business World

- ... These disorders, in which women predominate, affect approximately 1 in 3 people in the community and constitutes a serious public health problem (WHO, 2013). An article about emotional differences between men and women shows that women are more sensitive than men, concluding that due to their sense of responsibility for children they care about everything, leading to the belief that women are less likely to take risks and gamble with the future (My first talk, 2015). In more detail, the research from Koningsburg (2015) shows that the percentages of female leaders are less than the percentage of men in many countries....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Gender role, Higher education]

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Race And Gender And Its Effects On Society

- ... Gender was explained as being “behaviors and expectations that are socially constructed and associated with the two sexes” which shows the clear idea of gender being socially not biologically constructed. Sex, on the other hand, as specified in class is “a biological distinction between males and females” which focuses on biologically sound distinctions such as physical and genetic features. Much like with the ideas of ethnicity and race there are social constructs enacted by the dominant group that determine what if means beyond any biological distinctions to be male or female which change over time....   [tags: Discrimination, Gender, Male, Sex]

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Gender Norms Affect Behavior And Personality

- ... 111).” Banks also mentions a survey taken by the Society of Engineers that found 75 percent of American girls having no interest in pursuing a career in science, math, or technology (James & Cherry A. banks, pg. 111). The reason behind this is that women see these subjects as cold, impersonal, and with little application to their lives or to society. The reason behind this may be behind what they learn in school. From my experience of history books, I did not see many women being recognized in these fields....   [tags: Gender, Education, School, Teacher]

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Gender Inequality in Hollywood

- Stereotypes in our society are not uncommon. We come across them every day without realizing it. It is in our human nature to create expectations of the people around us, which could be based upon their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or other factors. Stereotypes help us categorize a vast group of people that we may not know anything about, to think that they are smaller and less intimidating. I believe that the blame for these cookie-cutter patterns can lead directly back to the media in every sense of the word....   [tags: stereotypes, media, gender inequality, movies ]

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The Problem Of Adolescent Girls Being Influenced By Gender

- Introduction Women and men have historically been treated differently in regards to civil rights, employment expectations, opportunities and salary, and other fields of opportunity based on gender barriers(Raque-Bogdan, Klingaman, Martin, & Lucas, 2013). Over time, women have legally had more and more opportunities because of legislation, from the right to vote to some laws for equal opportunities in the workplace, which have led to more job and career opportunities for women. However, there is the exception to representation barriers in the higher levels fields of mathematics, sciences, and engineering(National Science Foundation, 2015)....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Female, Ethnic group]

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Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes

- Gender Roles and Gender Stereotypes differ in a few ways. Gender Roles are what are classified as the so-called “norm”. The Norm for your gender is determined by society and considers the behaviors of you or that person to be considered the norm or different. Society judges people and their behavior because everyone is so set on the norm they don’t take into consideration the thoughts or feelings of the individual being themselves. Gender Stereotypes are the describing on how one person or multiple people think of you....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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The Value of Gender and How it Represents the Body in Society

- In order to answer the question I would like to explain in brief the value of gender and the ways it represents the body in the society. The term “Gender “and “Race “is by now used so frequently in academic discussions. While sex differences are rooted in biology how we come to understand and perform gender is based on culture. As it is said by ( Byers & Dell ) that we always view culture “ as a process through which people circulate and struggle social relations, and therefore, our selves. “ and on the other hand Race has no longer been seen as a biological type....   [tags: bodies, gender, sociology, ]

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Gender And Gender Roles Within Society

- ... Hence, over time society has developed different roles and social expectations for different genders. As the dominant gender in western society, men are expected to be more assertive in linguistic exchange; a study by sociolinguist Janet Holmes found that in a profession environment (eg. Doctor-patient relationship), women are more likely to be interrupted regardless of the relationship. These stereotypes have catalysed the generation of gender specific prosodic and lexical features. The high rising terminal (HRT), for example is a defining feature of the idiolects of young women....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity, Transgender]

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What Factors That Affect The World Is Our Ethnicity?

- Social location is a component that sociologists look at to determine how people function in their respective communities. Social location, however, irrevocably affects us all. The jobs that we hold, how much money we make, our level of education, our gender, our ethnicity and our age all affect how we view the world and our community. One of the most important factors that affects how we view the world is our ethnicity. Growing up as a black person in the south, I have formulated a certain view about the southern states and America as a whole....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Affect]

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Homelessness, Youth, Social Justice, And Race And Ethnicity

- In 2011, 2650 people were found to be homeless in the city of Vancouver (Metro Vancouver, 2012). There are many sociological perspectives regarding the topic of homelessness in Vancouver such as gender, youth, social justice, and race and ethnicity. The key factors that I discovered when researching homelessness in Vancouver were the prevalence of various drug addictions, prostitution, violence, and physical and sexual abuse in the homeless population. By reading several articles regarding my topic I pose the research question: Is not having a home the main factor that marginalizes the homeless....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness]

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Do Gender Stereotypes Of The Media Have A Negative Impact On Society?

- ... Because President Palmer in the TV programme 24, was black. Seriously. A huge proportion of the States had their facts mixed up, by a TV show that doesn’t even pretend to be true. This is one of the myriad examples of the ‘absolute might’ of the media, be under no illusion, if you work in the media you are in the business of ‘thought-control’, and anyone that doesn’t accept that is lying to themselves. Back to the question at hand then, and let’s look at the most glaringly obvious example of this, Page 3....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Transgender, Gender role]

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Gender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality

- ... As stated in The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap,” Equal pay is not simply a women’s issue-it’s a family issue” which is so, breathe taking because it’s so true in so countless cases. The gender pay gap is a macro effect. It’s hurting the families’ income in several ways like where they live, what they eat, what health care they have and most importantly not giving the children the chance of a better future. It’s totally unfair that a woman that has children isn’t acknowledged and seen having baggage and being stuck with the “motherhood penalty” as I read in it in the article of the “The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap”....   [tags: Gender, Sexism, Female, Woman]

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Gender Identity and Social Structures

- Gender Identity and Social Structures What is meant by identity. Firstly this essay is going to explore what is meant by identity. Identity is made up of individual characteristics by which a person is known. Internal factors such as physical appearance, personality, mental ability and sex would have an effect on a person’s identity. Then there are the external factors such as family, class, religion, culture, occupation and nationality which would influence one’s identity. Then, even beyond all these personal and social structures, societal opinions about gender, race, culture, ethnicity and nationality must have an impact on identity....   [tags: Gender Socialization Sociology Essays]

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Analysis of Gender Sterotyping of the Television Show the Big Bang Theory

- Gender stereotypes are constantly around us in today’s society and are something we virtually cannot escape. Some individuals may learn gender stereotypes from their family or from peer influences, but one of the biggest contributors to this that is sometimes unnoticed is the media. An analysis of the television show The Big Bang Theory reveals one important aspect of the media: the messages it portrays about gender. Stereotyping is the belief that all individuals with a common characteristic are the same in certain aspects....   [tags: sterotyping, media, gender]

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The Article, Ding Culture With Girls Like Me : Why Trying On Gender And Intersectionality Matters

- ... Williams argues that trying on gender captures one segment of gender-as-process, that allows for considerations of intersecting influences, and uses it as a took to argue that it is such a diverse process. Williams depicts that the gendering process depend on things such as history, customs, norms, and class-based expectations and resources of each community. She gives an example of the different views a girl in a working-class community will adopt and those of a girl In a middle-class community will adopt....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Gender role, Female]

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Race, Ethnicity, And National Origin

- 1. How do you define yourself in terms of race, ethnicity, or national origin. a. Race: Asian American b. Ethnicity: Filipina c. National Origin: America 2. How do you describe the structure of your family as you were growing up. a. My mother was a single mom with my older sister and then she married my father. That relationship blossomed and expanded our family, with the additions of my two siblings and myself. We lived in a two-parent house with my mom, dad and siblings as a blended family. 3. What is the primary language spoken in your home....   [tags: Meaning of life, Human, Culture, Race]

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Colonialism On Race And Ethnicity

- Over the centuries, countries have sought to expand their spheres of influence, whether politically, economically, or socially. With the advent of technological advances such as the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, colonial endeavors intensified as the world became increasingly interconnected. Countries were no longer confined to their neighboring territories as steam power reduced the distances to far-flung countries and increased their manufacturing output. In this essay, colonisation would refer to the process of subjugation by European powers in other parts of the world, notably in Africa and Asia, occurring mainly between the 18th and 20th century....   [tags: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, Edward Said, Colony]

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Race, Ethnicity, And Culture

- Everyone is prejudice in some way or another. From a young age individuals observe, or are taught discrimination against others. Whether it is because of religion, sexuality, race, gender, personality, or just someone’s way of life, everyone is biased. In many ways, who we are today, is influenced by our race, ethnicity, and culture, and overall our individual identities. Every experience, positive or negative, has an impact on how we react to something in the future. Decisions others make, can impact the way we interact with others, our personal beliefs, and all together our life experiences....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse, Jamaica]

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Language, Culture And Ethnicity

- ... I attempt to subvert its limitation to some particular larger cultures and national boundaries such as that of India or Bangladesh. Moreover, Nepali presence and identity in South Asian diaspora are mostly conflated with Indianness, as Thapa shows in Seasons of Flight through her protagonist, Prema 's hesitation to claim her identity as a Nepali but an Indian. What provokes Prema to choose to call herself an Indian rather than a Nepali in America. This question does not have an easy answer, it rather demands a comprehensive study and research on cultural and ethnic identities and the role of a dominant culture and economy in (de)constructing identities....   [tags: India, South Asia, Nation, Ethnic group]

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Gender Identification And The Dominant Culture

- 1. My gender identification relates to the dominant culture through my various roles and personality as a female. I strongly believe that being a strong woman is important in today’s society, as many fields are male dominated. I practice my strengths as a woman through remaining a positive, responsible, and kind individual. Being a female has brought many challenges, such as becoming independent and learning to become a role model for your peers. The challenges that women face, not only make us stronger, but they also make us wiser and I believe that 's what makes females powerful in today’s society....   [tags: Culture, Human, Race, Gender]

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Representation Of Gender And Masculinity

- ... They are important in determining the attitudes of the mass. According to Bell Hooks ‘age, marital status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation’ (Hooks, 2004) play key roles in determining a male’s stance on his masculinity along with how he views his position within society. The feminist movement, particularly the second wave of the 1960s, challenged Western society’s rigid gender definitions. Prior to this, women were largely restricted to being the home wife ‘sacrificed health, liberty, and virtue for whatever prestige, pleasure, and power their husbands could provide’ (Tong, 2009:6) while the men were the breadwinners excluded from professions and the workforce by oppressive patriarchal...   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Sociology, Feminism]

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Educational Leader and Gender Equality

- 1. What insights have I gained about my role as an educational leader from these chapters. One of the key insights that I have gained through the chapters assigned is that too often people examine discrimination in schools primarily based on race or ethnicity, and we often overlook issues that involve religion, sex and sexual orientation. Issues of religion, sexuality and gender are all areas that continue to be hot topic issues in today’s society and even more so in our schools. The chapters provide very good points to ponder and consider when dealing with these issues....   [tags: religion, diversity, gender equality]

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The Case For Establishing A Balance Between Teacher Race And Ethnicity And Student Race / Ethnicity

- Ethnic Matching The case for establishing a balance between teacher race/ethnicity and student race/ethnicity has been made by several notable authors of literature (Dee, 2004; Eddy & Easton-Brooks, 2011; Gay, 2000; Ogbu, 2003). This balance may be struck by the institution of a system of ethnic matching which pairs teachers and students together based on racial and/or ethnic grounds. It appears that African American students are given less attention or praise, and ignored or reprimanded with alarming regularity more than their white counterparts by white teachers (Casteel, 2001)....   [tags: Race, Racism, White American, African American]

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Gender Roles Within African Society

- ... Feminism is as stated in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power. and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state. Adiche (2012), in her own words however defined ‘feminism as a man or woman who says there is a problem with gender and we must fix it” her view is similar to Bhasin and Khan,1999: which “Feminism is an awareness of patriarchal control, exploitation and oppression at the material and ideological levels of women’s labour, fertility and sexuality, in the family, at the place of work and in society in general, and conscious action by women and men to tra...   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Gender role, Patriarchy]

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Race And Ethnicity : Is It A Very Versatile Country?

- ... Race is purely genetics, whereas ethnicity is the group in which you identify with. These statuses are both a natural human response and a way for us to categorize people and where their place in society is. With the development of our brain synapses we automatically make connections of how to classify people, for example, we do not walk down the street thinking of math formulas like the area of the cement block you are walking across, our instinct is to look at the people surrounding us and put them into categories in our brain....   [tags: Social status, Social class, Sociology]

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Gender Gap in the Work Force

- Gender disparity impacts numerous aspects of everyday life. It influences our work or interactions with others and our home life. It impacts our work by the jobs and positions that certain genders obtain and their salaries. Likewise, it controls how we react to others based on expectations made for our gender. For instance, those who work in customer service tend to be female and are expected to be kind to put customers at ease. It impacts families through the division of work given to spouses based on their gender or perhaps their income....   [tags: gender gap, work force discrimination]

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Social Diversity And Gender Diversity

- According to, “Gender Diversity is a term referring to how different genders are represented in a relevant setting. Primarily this term is often used to refer to females and males, though in some contexts and research the term may also refer to those who fall into non-binary categories of gender”. Diversity deals with a variety of different categories, such as racial, ethnic, and generational groups. Race is explained as “A group of people identified as distinct from other groups because of supposed physical or genetic traits shared by the group....   [tags: Race, Ethnic group, Racism, Gender]

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Gender Gap Between Men And Women

- Development goals have long been criticized for neglecting women 's critical role in the development process. In this essay, I will prove that the 'Women in Development ' approach served as a blueprint to significantly decrease the power gap between men and women. Despite its failure as an approach, the foundation built along with the weaknesses served as guidelines that strengthen the new approaches that followed. With that said, I argue that the Gender and Development approach is the most applicable approach to effectively eradicate the power gap between men and women in the global south, through its focus on achieving a degree of equality hereof, in the political, social and economic s...   [tags: Feminism, Gender, United Nations, Gender role]

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Gender Gap Between Men And Women

- INTRODUCTION Development goals have long been criticized for neglecting women issues especially the impact of gender roles on equality between men and women in developed and developing countries. This essay would argue that the use of the gender and development approach into the development processes, would be used to overcome the power gap between men and women in the global south and north, thus, achieving a degree of equality hereof, in the political, social and economic spheres. This argument will be proven through a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches to overcoming gender gap through comparing and contrasting the ability of the approaches to be implemen...   [tags: Gender, United Nations, Feminism, Gender role]

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Intersection of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality define Social Positions in Alice Walkers The Color Purple

- Sedgewick observes, one’s social position is affected by various axis of classification such as gender, sexuality, race, class and the interplay of these social identities. In The Color Purple by Alice walker, Sedgewick’s observations ring true. Celie, the main character in Walker’s novel, is a perfect example of these observations put forth by Sedgewick. Celie’s social position is indicative of her gender, sexuality, race, and class; as a Black woman living in Georgia in 1910 to 1940, one can expect to witness the general ‘acceptable’ racism present within the novel towards people of color....   [tags: social positions, classification, gender, race]

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The Transformation Of Gender Roles From The Early 1960s

- The individual interviewed is a 53 year old lesbian woman named Noel. Noel describes herself a native born American of English and Irish ethnicity. She was born and continues to participate in the Roman Catholic faith. Throughout the interview Noel’s affect remained assured and direct, and did not appear to withhold or refuse to answer any questions about her identity. Throughout the interview the transformation of gender roles from the early 1960s to the present day seemed to be the most salient for her life....   [tags: Gender, Sexual orientation, Homosexuality]

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Socially Constructed Stereotypes in All in the Family, The Jefferson’s and The Cosby Show.

- Eye witness accounts of events are not always accurate. The accounts depicted by depend on how witnesses read the situation. The same is true when interpreting the depiction of race and/or ethnicity in media productions. Because situations gain meaning through the process of social construction (the interpretation of a situation based on one’s knowledge), the same event can be viewed and internalized by witnesses who render opposing viewpoints. This analysis will compare the depiction and rejection of socially constructed stereotypes relative to race and ethnicity in three situation comedies: All in the Family, The Jefferson’s and The Cosby Show....   [tags: Race, Ethnicity, Stereotypes]

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Sociological Reason That Gender, Race And Age Discrimination Will Occur

- ... When people decides to stereotype other groups of people it hurts that community of people and it puts limitations on them. Sociological research on prejudices is based largely on explicit attitudes that has been measured through large-scales surveys (Fazio & Olson, 2003). Psychologist, have increasing measures prejudice forms of racial bias, and influences cognition affects and behaviors (Greenwald, 1995). To reiterate over and over in my mind how a person or people can become so stereotypical of others give me emphasis on that person frame of mind....   [tags: Discrimination, Racism, Stereotype, Gender]

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