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Gang Violence

- Gang violence is a growing problem in this world. No parent would like to imagine their kids dealing with weapons or being threatened by them. These violence’s affects each child individually and their families as well. These gangs recruit multiple different individuals for many reasons such as bribery, family traditions, or even threatening. Although, many kids feel like they have to be a part of it but there are many resources out in this world to prevent them from believing so....   [tags: Gang Violence Essays]

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Solutions to Gang Violence in Society

- Gang violence is a major problem in our society today. If nothing is done soon, gang violence could take place in our neighborhoods. MW Klein, a gang researcher, says that gangs are an aggregation of youths who perceive themselves as distinct, and that are viewed as distinct by the community. Klein also states that the gangs call forth a consistently negative image of themselves through their actions (Klein). To those involved in gangs however, gang membership provided a youth means of attempting to consolidate their gender identities (Douglas)....   [tags: Gang Violence Crimes Violent Essays]

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Gang Violence That Results Into Crimes

- Gang violence that results into crimes takes over 100 lives every year. This may affect you, your families, and others either directly or indirectly. A gang is an “association of three or more individuals whose members collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, which they use to create an atmosphere of fear or intimidation, frequently by employing one or more of the following: a common name, slogan, identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or other physical marking, style or color of clothing, hairstyle, hand sign or graffiti; Their purpose is to engage in criminal activity and which uses violence or intimidation to further its criminal objectives.” (NIJ) Approximately 100% of ci...   [tags: Gang, Crime, Criminology, Bloods]

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Gang Violence And Youth Violence

- “Children caught up in this system are the most vulnerable and yet are the least likely to be represented by the counsel,” (Alexander p.86). Gang violence is something that occurs every single day and can’t seem to be avoided by some despite whether you’re in a gang or not. Gang violence mostly happens in low-income communities, which are inhabited by minority groups. The children who live in those types of environment are used to seeing violence and drugs around the corner. Since gang violence does occur in the low-income communities then the children are more likely to fall victim to gang violence activities just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Illegal drug trade, Bloods]

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The Problem Of Gang Violence And Murder

- Gang violence and murder are two factors that contribute to the delinquency that develops in young boys and girls. Violence is seen among juvenile delinquency, where teenagers are victims of violence that exists around their neighborhood or violent acts their peers around them commit. Violence exists in poor neighborhoods where juveniles do not have any money or jobs and leads to them becoming thieves. Caine is a young man that is surrounded by violence and drugs, where he becomes a delinquent due to him growing up in a dangerous neighborhood and being part of a group where his peers murder and steal....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Juvenile delinquency, Gang]

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Gang Violence And The United States

- Gang Violence in the United States A gang is made up of people with the same interests. They claim territory and use it for illegal activities, like drug trafficking. They are organized according to race, ethnicity and territory (“11 Facts”). Gang violence entered the United States as early as the 1780’s. They appeared after the revolutionary war as questionable street gangs. Gangs that were much more violent formed in the northern eastern parts of America, like New York....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Criminology, Illegal drug trade]

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Gang Violence in Philadelphia

- The streets of Philadelphia are rapidly becoming a home to violent acts and random homicides. Innocent lives are taken every day due to the strong presence of gangs, and the streets are run by unruly groups of fearless young adults. Gang violence in Philadelphia is a major issue, and the citizens will never be safe until gang prevention occurs. Gang prevention is not a simple task, but with the right resources available, it is possible. Gang violence is a problem that will contribute to the collapse of Philadelphia, and it has yet to be solved throughout many generations....   [tags: gang prevention essays]

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The Impact of Gang Violence in Oklahoma

- ... A lot of gangs will begin inside a prison and then expanded to the streets. All gangs have different initiations to get into a gang and different initiations to get out of a gang. An initiation is a mark of becoming something new as some cultures believe it is a sign of you being reborn and becoming something new. Most gang initiation involve the gangs member beating you senseless or having you kill someone. There was a case around 15 years ago where two boys that went to Putnam City North High School that had to do an initiation to get into a gang....   [tags: homocides, violence, members]

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Stopping Gang Violence

- Gang violence has been a problem for many years, and it shows no signs of subsiding any time soon. One of the biggest challenges faced by those attempting to stem the tide of gangs in the United States is the cultural and societal factors that contribute to the continued survival and growth of gangs within communities. The most critical factor in combating gang violence is juveniles. Juveniles are important for several reasons. They are most at risk due to their position in their community. Parents in low income areas often work long hours and are not able to supervise their children as much as necessary....   [tags: Preventing Gang Expansion]

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Gang Violence : The City Of Los Angeles

- =Gang Violence in California The City of Los Angeles is the “gang capital” of the nation. There are more than 450 active gangs in the City of Los Angeles. Many of these gangs have been in existence for over 50 years. These gangs have a combined membership of over 45,000 individuals. Gang violence has for a long time been a major issue. Now it may not be as bad as it was back in the 90’s when it really first surfaced but gang violence is still a critical issue. A place where gang violence has really been an issue is none other than the state of California....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Los Angeles, Criminology]

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The Effects Of Gang Violence On The United States

- The increase in gang violence in the United States is a serious problem, but the fact that these gangs are using teens to carry out this violence is a threat to our nation and the innocent people around gangs. There are roughly 24,500 youth gangs. In those 24,500 youth gangs there are about 772,500 members. That number is representing 7% of the United States teenager population (Lohmann). 7% of the of this nation’s teen population is involved with a gang. Teens involved in gangs outnumber big cities in the United States, such as Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Los Angeles, Adolescence]

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Can We Stop Gang Violence?

- Can We Stop Gang Violence. Stopping gang violence requires more than just the law enforcement in solving gang problems. Gang involvement among youths remains to be a prevalent problem to parents and society. It is often associated with violence and other criminal activities within the community. Though reasons remain to be varied, youth participation continues to increase through out the years. In seeking then to understand the motivation for youths joining gangs, it is essential to look at good family function, which promotes healthy development, as well as looking at how poor family function, is related to poor outcomes for youths....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Mara Salvatrucha]

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Gang Violence

- In society most people feel safe and do not have a sense of urgency that something appalling will transpire around them. Although these people may hear about the surplus of current events going on around the world today that may be abysmal they tend to not care because they perceive that it will not arise around their home. Gang violence in youths is a prominent problem around numerous portions of the world today. Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves....   [tags: Society, Youth, Violence]

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Letter to Mayor Regarding Gang Violence in Canada

- As an individual living in a community where gang violence is an issue, I am grateful that you are able to take part in a movement to lower the amount of gang violence today. According to Statistics Canada, gang-related homicides have been unchanged for 2011 to 2012 years with 0.27 victims for every 100,000 of the population.[1] In Ontario from 2002 to 2012, deaths peaked at 38 in 2003 and lowered significantly in 2004 to 17.[2] These numbers prove that gang-related violence are a constant battle in many communities every year....   [tags: gang-related homicides]

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Gang Violence: Problem on the Rise

- What ever happened to kids wanting saying they wanted to be a police officer, fireman, doctor or teacher when they grow up. Does anyone ever say, when I grow up I want to be in a gang. According to the National Gang Threat Assessment there are over one million gang members in California and over forty percent are under the age of eighteen. Just in Fresno alone there are over twelve thousand gang members and over 500 gangs (Overend). Gang violence is a growing problem and if we don’t try to control it now it will be a bigger problem in the future....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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Theories on Gangs and Gang Violence

- Theories on Gangs and Gang Violence The emergence of gangs in the United States was first fueled by immigration and poverty stricken families who settled in urban areas. With few having the money-making skills to accomplish the goals set by society such as money or a better way of life or able to adjust to their new urban life, these lower class citizens began to band together forming what many viewed as "gangs" in certain areas. Although there was no definite meaning of the term "gang" back then, one recent definition that has been agreed upon by more than 100 American and European researches attempted to define it; "A street gang is any durable, street-oriented youth group whose involveme...   [tags: Groups, Streets, Illegal]

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How Is Gang Violence Affecting Kids Today?

- How is gang violence affecting kids today. Gang violence is affecting every inner city child today; whether it 's getting shot at or getting PTSD from the stuff they 've seen on the streets. In recent studies and surveys reported by Vice News, they are seeing that more children are getting PTSD from gang violence, than soldiers coming back from the Middle East. Here is what Vice News had to say about this new problem in America: "There 's an epidemic of PTSD in American cities, and it has nothing to do with the wars being fought abroad....   [tags: Gang, Crips, Bloods, Los Angeles]

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The Violence And Gang Activity

- The issue that has been selected for community organizing are what efforts needed to be approached against violence and gang activity in the area of Anaheim. This issue is extremely relevant to the community because this is an area where many immigrants reside and many residents are of the low income status. These gang members enact such terrifying behavior because they know that the residents in this Anaheim community, are not going to speak up and take any action. The community members have expressed concern and uneasiness to Mabel about the awful demeanor that these gang members are doing, but the fear of deportation has made them feel defenseless and at a wall....   [tags: Gang, Sociology, Crime, Community building]

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Delinquency and Gang Violence

- Delinquency and gang violence has disturbed many communities in Urban African American areas. Engaging youth in community programs may take away from the violence, focusing on the missing factor within delinquents. Youth delinquents are molded into violent criminals before they have a chance to build themselves, the known reason is there communities have a part in there behavior. A problem many communities are faced with is delinquency and gangs. Delinquency and gangs begin to pull in the similarities and focus more on the meaning connected to youth violence from the past to the present....   [tags: Communities, Urban, African American Areas]

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Gang Violence in Chicago

- 1) “Gang Violence in Chicago/ Psychology” is the topic/discipline, I have chosen. a) The initial step in understanding the discipline of Psychology would be to obtain a formalized definition of this particular branch of scientific study. Defining the study of Psychology would provide formalized focus for research into the field. The Methods/avenues of research I would employ include the internet, review of professional and academic journals and interviewing a psychologist to gain firsthand perception of the field....   [tags: Discipline of Psychology]

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Stop Youth Violence And Gang Involvement

- Although youth gang violence only accounts for a “small portion of all gang violence, (5-15%)”, it is important that we intervene and stop the growth of youth gangs as early as possible in hopes of decreasing those numbers, and overall gang violence (Gangs in the U.S. PowerPoint). There are many prevention programs in place currently that try and reduce the number of youth joining gangs, each program aims to focus on problems that would lead youth to join gangs, the Aggression Replacement Training program (ART), focuses on the youth who show extreme aggression early signs of a troubled youth....   [tags: Gang, Crime]

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Gang Violence

- Gangs are made up of a big “family”, which includes men, woman, and children. Children as young as seven or nine years old have been recruited in the gang. Gang member join gangs for many reasons such as protection. They live in the gang area and are in danger to violence by rival gangs so they feel they need to be protected. Another reason they join gangs is for the brotherhood. When they have lack of communication or a bad home environment they look towards the gang because it shows them love and protection like if they were family....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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Gang Violence

- The North Carolina Governor’s crime commission states that there are 1,446 gangs across the state with a total of 19,000 members. The average age of gang membership is 15 years old (Our Initiatives-Gang Prevention). In the 1980’s national gangs began to shift from just the bad street type local criminals to taking on public arrangements involved with drug trafficking and other illegal activities. As there power and membership increased gangs were being recognized in locations outside of their regular neighborhood (SKEP)....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Gang Violence in the United States

- Gang Violence in the United States Gang violence in America is reaching alarming proportions. Chicago police Commander Donald Hilbring states, "Gangs are everywhere. All throughout the city of Chicago, the suburbs, throughout the state, throughout the nation." Chicago police state that so far this year, more than 100 gang-related murders have occurred. Everyday an other report on the evening news relays the tragedy of a child accidently caught in gang crossfire. The image of black, inner-city teenagers selling "crack" on neighborhood street corners and shooting it out over drug "turf" comes to mind whenever we hear the story told....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers Crime]

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The Influence of Geography and Social Networks on Gang Violence

- Gang violence is becoming a known threat in our country. Gang violence is defined as a group of people by repetitive socializing individuals or close friends with recognizable influence and inner coordination. These gangs will claim full control over a region in a community, town, or specific area which will lead to the involvement of violent crimes and unlawful behavior as a group or even by oneself. Since these gangs are increasing in size in communities, citizens of certain areas are beginning to move out or avoid going to these locations in order to avoid becoming the next victim to one of the community gangs waiting to engage in their next deviant act....   [tags: communities, poverty level, crime]

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Gang Violence and Biker Gangs

- Gang violence is a major problem in our society today. Gang violence could take place in our neighborhoods and corrupt the young children easily influenced by the violent behavior as well. In the two poems, ?Leather-Jackets, Bikes and Birds. by Robert Davies and ?Street Gang. by H. Webster, the two poets write about gang related issues discussing the ill-mannered bikers who cause these problems to other around them. These poems discuss the violence, death and illegal activity in which a number of people participated in, which like reality is the problematic truth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Gang Violence And Substance Abuse

- Gangs in the United States are becoming more violent and deadly than ever. Thousand of people are dying each year from these ill-mannered thugs. In today's societies gang activity is an everyday occurrence whether it includes violence, drugs, death or any illegal activity in which they participate. The research that I have conducted will focus on how the selling of drugs by gangs members can lead to violence/death and how turf wars between rival gang can also lead to death. In recent years the selling of drugs has increased in the world of gang members....   [tags: Drug Addiction Essays]

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Violence Associated With Gang Members, Demographic And School Characteristics And Violence

- Gangs and Methods Article Two This purpose of this paper is to examine patterns of violence associated with gang members, demographic and school characteristics and violence specialization involvement upon entering and exiting gangs. With the question of: are changes in gang status efficiently connected with change in both general delinquent offending and vicious criminal conduct. This empirical article meets the requirements of the capstone mission with the gaining of knowledge in methodology that seeks to research the relationship between gangs, delinquency and violent offending increases to periods of active gang membership....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Sociology, Standard deviation]

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Gang Violence

- Gang Violence Gangs are becoming a growing problem in American society. More young people are turning to gangs to solve problems in their lives. When youths join gangs they drop social activities with family, friends and school. Members fall behind their classmates in school and do not try. A study shows that less than 1% of gang bangers is literate1. Gangs destroy teenager lives and destroy their chances for a good education and happy life. Gangs are now a haven for rats.      Teenagers are joining gangs every day....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Gangs Teen Essays]

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Gang Violence

- Gang Violence Nowadays gangs are big issues in America. People who are in gang feel like they belong some where and people care about them. There are various reasons people join gangs, and almost all age group between ages 12-40 are involved in gangs. One of the big reasons people join gangs is because of their needs, protection, and also they want attention from people around them. Gang’s should be taken seriously because today’s gangs are more violent and brutal then they were in 60’s....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Violent Crimes, Violence, And Assault And Gang Activities

- If one looks deeper into each side, they can see that these stereotypes are not always true. One big stereotype people have about “the hills” and “the flats” is that the “flats” are more prone to violence than the “hills” because of the exposure to a more difficult lifestyle. However, there are numerous counts of violence and hate that has not been accounted for or heard of in a multitude of neighborhoods. According to, there are 365 violent offenses per 100,000 persons in the United States....   [tags: Violence, Domestic violence, Crime]

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Three Ways Police and Probation Officers can Reduce Gang Violence

- Police and probation officers use two words to describe their jobs, to protect and to serve. Not only do they put their lives in danger every day, but also help the community in more ways than one. Some ways that police and probation officers can help lower gang violence is by implementing laws more accordingly, establishing a relationship with troubled youth, and creating programs that benefit their well-being. The root of gang violence all begins at home and then spreads. A troubled teen may be lacking the love and attention from their parent whether it is because they work too much, or simply do not care....   [tags: neutral zone, teen gangs, police officers]

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Articles about Involvement in Gang Violence and Methods of Prevention for Students

- In low income areas and large cities, gang violence is a major problem many parents hope their children will avoid. Unaffordability makes the option of relocating out of the question for the majority of families. Very few people from neighborhoods such as this are able to go to college because of the expense and lack of motivation from the students. Scholarships are the only hope for kids who grow up in environments like downtown Oakland or Berkeley, California. Scholarships can only be granted through outstanding skills in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, though, not because a student has the ability to stab with a knife, torment innocent pedestrians on the street, or shoo...   [tags: Article Review]

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Sociological Reasons behind Gang Violence in South Central Los Angeles

- Over the past 60 years there has been a recent phenomenon in the development and rise of gangs and gang violence. This is exceptionally apparent in South Central Los Angeles where the Bloods and the Crips have taken control of the social structure and created a new type of counter culture. Poverty in this area is an enormous problem caused by a shear lack of jobs; but just because there is a lack of jobs doesn’t mean that there will be a lack of bills to pay, so sometimes selling drugs in order to keep a roof over your head seems like the most logical option....   [tags: group behavior phenomena]

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Preventing Violent Crime: Stopping Gang Membership

- Introduction: Every year in the United States there are over one million violent crimes that occur. Of those one million violent crimes, an average of forty eight percent of them have been associated with gangs or individual gang members. (FBI) The gangs that are producing these high violent crime rates are not concentrated in one area but rather spread throughout the hearts of cities all across the country. In addition these gangs are not stagnant, but rather are growing in numbers every year by enticing young minority men time and time again to join their ranks....   [tags: Urban Youth, Violence, Anti-gang Programs]

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Gang membership, Drug Selling, and Violence in Neighborhood Context

- Smiley is a man who was released back into the society on a parole. He was sent back to live in his neighborhood. Shinichi Suzuki, a famous Japanese violinist who invented Suzuki Method, got the right idea of Smiley’s situation when he said “Man is a child of his environment”. It means that Smiley is a product of his environment. His neighborhood is a no picnic. The neighborhood is a basically a graveyard of American dreams. Like everyone else in America, Smiley values individualism, achievement, money, and family unity highly....   [tags: Smiley, Suzuki Method]

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Keeping Our Youthfulness in No Children Here by Alex Kotlowitz

- There are No Children Here; by Alex Kotlowitz is a story about two brothers and their mother, Pharaoh, Lafayette and LaJoe Rivers and them growing up in the late 1980's in the (HHH) Henry Horner Homes, a housing project in Chicago. In the story the boys try to retain their youthfulness while they see constant gang violence, death of people close to them and their brother is in jail and their dad is struggling with drug addiction. In Horner, there are two gangs that claim it as their area, and the Rivers family is always hiding from all the shooting....   [tags: gang, violence, addiction, death]

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I Think The Young Male Will Benefit From Shock Incarceration, Probation And Community Service

- I think the young male would benefit from shock incarceration, probation and community service. Participating in shock incarceration will give him the opportunity to confront certain behaviors that are destructive to him. He will be instructed to obey certain rules and guideless with consequences if he chooses to disobey, something he as not been exposed to as a result of his constant deviant behavior. Likewise if he is under probation he will have to distant his self from drug use and association from other deviant children who might have encouraged his behavior before....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Gang, Violence]

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Gangs in Oklahoma

- Gangs have been around for a long time and have caused many problems in society. When people think of gangs they might think Los Angeles or Chicago, but Oklahoma’s gang violence has been at the same level as most major cities are dealing with. Gangs are a major problem in Oklahoma. Gang members continue to increase in the state of Oklahoma. The main age group that joins these gangs are teenagers and pre-teens. Kids without enough attention or not having a father figure in their life tend to join gangs....   [tags: Oklahoma Gang Violence]

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The Negative Impact of Gangs on Oklahoma

- The large negative impact on Oklahoma that gangs have caused resulted in a change in our state. In all fifty of the United States, more types and groups of gangs are committing more crimes and illegal activity. Gangs have significantly impacted Oklahoma by increasing violence, homicides, and drug trafficking, and something must be done. The amount of people affiliated with gangs is rapidly increasing. Oklahoma authorities say that gangs are an urban problem. In a report in the year 2010, studies showed that all seventy seven Oklahoma counties had some form of gang activity....   [tags: gang activities and violence]

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Juvenile Delinquency And Juvenile Crime

- One of the biggest problems which the United States is faced with is juvenile crime. The reason experts feel juvenile 's commit crimes is because of risk factors when they were younger but experts still have not found the main reason why juvenile 's commit crimes. Some risk factors associated with juvenile crime are poverty, repeated exposure to violence, drugs, easy access to firearms, unstable family life and family violence, delinquent peer groups, and media violence. There are persistent patterns in the delinquency rate....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Violence]

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Teen Curfew

- The intention teenagers are given a curfew of a certain time limit in different states is to limit gang violence and use curfew as a key tool to do so. (Wagner, Matt 2). Curfew is a way to control the teens that have diminutive self control along with little or no parental control. (Hall, Maggie 2). Various amounts of teenagers cannot be confidential to act with such autonomy and accountability. (Love, Dennis 2). Having a curfew indicates who the teenager is and what they do. (Love, Dennis 2). To give other teenagers a sense of where they live or reside and to show how much character they have, teens stay out longer and later to give other teens that sense of doing what they desire....   [tags: Social Issues, Gang Violence]

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The Growth of Conflict in Peter Callero's The Myth of Individualism

- Conflict is something that exists in the everyday lives of all humans throughout the world. It can be shaped by the thoughts that are shared and also challenged by others. Conflict is like a tree. Once the idea is planted into someone's thoughts, it sprouts and begins to grow. As the idea continues to grow and spreads its branches, others who agree with the idea grow around it and the conflict builds and builds until it is like an overwhelming forest. Once conflict is formed and created, it can grow until it affects the lives of everyone is the surrounding area and can lead to extreme cases....   [tags: warfare, violence, gang members]

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Al Capone: The King of Chicago

- ... Al Capone and Mae got married on December 30, 1918, three weeks after their son Albert Francis Capone "Sonny" was born. Sonny was to remain Capone's only child (Trespacz 18). Johnny Torrio, the leader of the Chicago Outfit, recruited Capone to help start his bootlegging business in Chicago, knowing Capone needed to lay low after the attack. This started Capone’s life in Chicago (21) Once in Chicago Capone became close friends with Torrio, and became his right hand man. One day while Torrio was out with his wife he was ambushed, and shot many times, barley living....   [tags: gang, bootlegging, violence]

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London Police Service At London

- London Police The London Police Service is the main police service located in London, Ontario. The station is located on Dundas Street near Adelaide, a central location in London. It is currently run by Chief Bradley S. Duncan who has an Order of Merit. It is a medal awarded for demonstrating exemplary services in the police community, for society, and for Canada. Below Chief Bradley S. Duncan are two Deputy Chiefs. The Deputy Chief of Operations is Deputy Chief John Pare. The Deputy Chief of Administration is Deputy Chief Brent Shea....   [tags: Police, Crime, Gang, Domestic violence]

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The Crips

- The Crips, originating in Los Angeles, California, are one of the oldest, largest, and most notorious gangs in the United States. They have been involved in murders, robberies and drug dealing in the Los Angeles area. The Crips are mostly identified by the blue color worn by their members. What was once a single gang is now a loose network of "franchises" around the United States. The gang primarily (but not exclusively) comprises African Americans. The Crips have an intense rivalry with the Bloods and are also known to feud with Chicano gangs....   [tags: Gang Violence Crips Bloods]

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Gang Prevention in Schools

- INTRODUCTION Gang violence in schools has always been evident, however in past decades it was slightly more controllable, as school authorities were able to immediately identify the persons involved and deal with them before any ideas of further gang involvement could be spread. Whereas in present time gang violence within schools has but become a growing pandemic, infecting not only poorly resourced schools but a few private schools as well. Within this essay the growing phenomenon of gang violence will be discussed, with reference to the group dynamic concepts that exist in the field of Sociology....   [tags: School Violence Essays]

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Difference Between A Gang And Gang

- What is a gang. Well according to most gang members, they aren’t a gang, they are a family. Now according to Oxford Dictionaries, a gang is “an organized group of criminals (gangs, n.d.).” Now gangs are known to be violent and having no mercy for others. When a gang is thought of, most people think of either some type of biker gang, or maybe even a gang from the “hood”. Now a group of friends hanging out in school doesn’t seem to differ too much from a gang from just looking at them. This is because they all share the same interest, and they all seem to wear similar clothing....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Criminology]

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The Life Of A Runaway Teen

- The Life of a Runaway Teen The rate of American teens leaving home has continued to rise each year. The United States must educate more young people about the dangers of leaving home and living on your on the streets. Runaway teens encounter problems such as drugs, violence, and reliable resources. Runaway’s teens often encounter problems with drugs such having an addiction. An addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes a person to find drugs in unwanted places, despite how harmful they are to them (Addiction p.4).Taking drugs at any age can lead to addiction, research shows that in earlier stages a p...   [tags: Gang, Crime, Illegal drug trade, Violence]

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The Problem Of Violence And Violence

- For those who live in neighborhoods where gangs don’t exist the complaints and concerns are very simple. One might be upset with the new paint color of their neighbor 's house. A neighbor might have a noise complaint about a teenager and his band practicing or someone might even be upset because their child 's friend Tp-ed there house. While these concerns might be valid they pale in comparison to those who unfortunately live in gang infested areas. For these individuals, their biggest fears involve violence and mayhem....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Organized crime]

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Gangs : Gang And The Latin Kings Gang

- Essay: Gangs Violence. A gang is a name created by a group of people, to fight for what they believe in, by using violence. Gang violence has always existed, however it has being growing noticeably in today 's society. There are the many types of gangs in the world, but the most popular gang are the Mara Salvatrucha gang and the Latin Kings gang. In each gang there are positive and negative effect of being part of a gang, plus society. The definition of a gang is a group of people who work together with a similar idea....   [tags: Gang, Mara Salvatrucha, Los Angeles]

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Increase in Violence Among Teenagers

- In my community I know kids that are committing in teenage violence and I would like for them to stop before they end up in prison and that could mess up their life. Violent crimes are committed by teens every year. More teens are succumbing to violence every year, as the aggressor or the victim. It's important for parents or adults who work with young people to understand contributing factors and how to help. Teen violence takes many forms and ranges in severity. The most infamous and severe form of teen violence are the school shootings seen on the news....   [tags: shootings, gang, abuse]

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Gun Control And Gun Violence

- When we talk about death by gun violence most people think about mass shooting at a school and it is very easy to fall into one of two categories. Either all gun violence deaths are cause by the gun or by the gun owner. But to understand gun violence deaths it is important to understand what exactly gun violence is. Gun violence is a combination of different circumstances: from kids finding his or her father’s gun to spree killing to mass murder to domestic violence to gang violence. Solutions cannot be found as one big idea; there is no “one size fits all.” Gun regulations should stay the as they are currently because too many laws make it harder for people who use guns for protection to ge...   [tags: Crime, Firearm, Handgun, Gang]

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Black Mass : Film Based On The True Story Of Whitey Bulger

- Black Mass is a recent film based on the true story of Whitey Bulger. Bulger was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for a number of years, and was eventually caught in 2011. Since then, the book Black Mass was written about this infamous criminal and eventually a film was also made, carrying the same title. Bulger was a part of the Winter Hill Gang, running South Boston and having 19 murders on his record. The movie Black Mass is an attempt to portray the life of this man and his criminal acts on society....   [tags: Violence, Crime, Winter Hill Gang, James J. Bulger]

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Gang Involvement Of The United States

- Gangs in the United States are growing rapidly, and becoming more complex. They are ranging from street level to national level. Other areas for gang organizations are prisons, motorcycle gangs, and organized crime gangs. According to the U.S. National Gang Center in 2011, “Approximately 1.4 million people were part of gangs, and more than 33,000 gangs were active in the United States” (NGIC, 9). Many gangs began, and still, exist in bigger areas. Cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are notorious for gang related activity....   [tags: Police, Crime, Gang, Criminology]

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Violence And Poverty : A Vicious Cycle

- Violence and poverty are two words that a lot of americans associate together. When violent crimes are portrayed in the media, they are usually perpetrated by people of color. This is because people of color have always been at a disadvantage in our industrial society, and had to face discrimination that put them into the worst neighborhoods with terrible education systems and no room for advancement. The inability to progress and leave these neighborhoods combined with the discrimination that they face everyday create a cycle of poverty and frustration and the violence rates in these neighborhoods reflect that....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Poverty, Cycle of poverty]

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Intervention Programs For Gang Membership

- To assess proper intervention methodology, one must first understand intervention in the context of gang membership. “One of the explicit goals of many recent and ongoing criminal justice interventions is to target youth most at risk for involvement in serious, chronic, and violent offending,” (Melde, Gavazzi, McGarrell & Bynum, 2011). That said, the unfortunate truth is that intervention programs focusing on active gang members are largely lacking in the United States. Instead, the focus has been put on at-risk youth prior to gang initiation as well as putting active gang members behind bars rather than positively intervening with the individual(s)....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Criminology, Sociology]

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Gangs And Gang Oriented Crime

- Introduction The Bloods, the Crips, the Latin Kings, the snakeheads, MS-13, are only a few examples of the many gangs that exist in the United States. A gang is characterized as a group of at least three individuals who share common interests such as a specific territory, and frequently participate in criminal behavior. The term gang is broad because it groups together street gangs, motorcycle gangs, prison gangs, and other large organized groups that commit crimes. Violence is a very common characteristic of street gangs, and gangs make up 45-90 percent of violent crimes in most areas (FBI, 2010)....   [tags: Criminology, Crime, Gang, Crips]

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Criminal Gangs And The Gang

- Introduction Gangs exist because the members of a gang do not feel socially accepted by the world in which they live. A gang is a group of individuals who have decided to create their own levels of government, they have decided to educate themselves, and they are mostly intolerant of rules and laws of mainstream society. These individuals commit many crimes as a means to survival in the land. They have committed themselves to each other and are collectively called “a gang.” To join a gang you must first be initiated into the gang....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Gangs]

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Behavior Associated With Gang Activity

- Introduction How do you know if your child is in a gang. As a parent what should you look out for. Here are some signs and behavior associated with gang activity. Sometimes after school kids have too much unsupervised free time. Has your child seemed distant or detached from the family. Is there a sudden loss of interest in school, or have they stopped. Has their school suddenly started to get worse like grades getting worst and worst. Has the school and college reported worrying changes in behavior....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Sociology, Criminology]

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Trends And Patterns Of The Gang Activity

- As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the first thing this paper will discuss are trends and patterns with regards to gang activity. According to FBI statistics, complaints regarding gang activity fluctuated for the most part between the years 2001-2008. In that time frame, when there’d be an increase in complaints, it’d only be a minimal increase. For instance, the highest jump in that time frame was a 230 complaint increase in the year 2006. However, the year 2009 saw a dramatic increase in the number of complaints, 1,975 to be exact, which is over 3 times as many complaints seen in 2008....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Mara Salvatrucha]

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A Report On The Bandidos Motorcycle Gang

- The Bandidos motorcycle gang has had a decades-long stranglehold on supremacy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This gang has becoming an increased threat not only to Albuquerque, but the nation. Here in the five years I have lived here, there have been many issues with the Bandidos. Shootouts have occurred because other motorcycle gangs like the Vagos are threatening their turf. One member got shot like two years ago and the city was chaos because of threats and biker gangs came from all over for revenge....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Bandidos, Hells Angels]

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The Fight Of A Gang Intervention Specialist

- The United States is going through a national epidemic that is taking over our youth. Gangs are becoming more and more prevalent in the lives of our youth and violence is becoming the answer to our problems. Necessary gang prevention programs are heavily underfunded, and the need to rehabilitate the troubled kids, take them off the street, and integrate them to be positive roles in society is barely an option in the views of todays society. With the demand of gang programs come the demand of gang intervention specialists....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Gang, Los Angeles]

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The Impact Of Gang Membership On The Individuals

- When one hears the word “gangs”, many would start leaving the premises or speak in hushed whispers due to the threats attached to these groups. Some would argue, especially its members, that the perceptions on gangs are exaggerated considering that not all gangs are violent in nature. Regardless of these arguments, many often fear gangs as history and the media portray the violence and chaos brought by these groups when they are in their territories or fighting rival organizations. However, there are several sentiments being raised by people when it comes to the possible impacts of gang membership to the individual who become involved with these gangs....   [tags: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Crime, Mara Salvatrucha]

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Gun Violence On North Minneapolis

- Gun Violence in North Minneapolis It was one year ago this September. I can’t recall the day right at moment, but the experience I felt from the incident had me truly shocked. I might not remember the exact day, but I do remember the events that occurred that led up to the tragedy. I was just leaving school on my way home; when I got off the bus, I heard gunshots going off back to back, but before that, people had already said that kids had been running around the entire morning. Anyway, while walking home from the bus stop, I noticed my cousin walking with his friends; it hadn’t even been five minutes after seeing him that someone called and said that he had been shot in the head by a forty...   [tags: Crime, Gang, English-language films, Assault]

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Violence : The American Way Of Life By John Kozy

- After reading different articles about violence in America and doing research I found out that there is a lot of violence in America. I also found out that there are different causes of why this violence occurs. We are so used to seeing this violence that we do not realize how bad and dangerous it really is. We have become desensitized about what a really terrible thing violence is because it has become part of our lives everyday. In the article, Violence: The American Way of Life by John Kozy he talks about how Americans seem to be entertained by violence instead of it scaring them or making them want to stop it....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Assault]

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The Youth Gang Social Control Program

- In the present module’s case, each author focused on their own policy (often very innovative for their period of time) program on how to combat gangs. For instance, the police gang unit (Decker, 2007), POP (Braga, 2008), or “The Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) […] a gang- and delinquency-prevention program delivered by law enforcement officers within a school setting.” (Esbensen et al., 2011); “a youth gang social control program in Little Village […] community -wide approach to gang prevention, intervention and suppression at five cites throughout the country.” ( Spergel et al., 2006); various programs and methods, virying from the prevention till suppression ( p.136)...   [tags: Gang, Crime, Criminology]

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Gang Leader For A Day By Sudhir Venkatesh

- The story, Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh, is a ethnographic study of a Black King Gang in the Robert Taylor community. Venkatesh accidentally stumbles upon the gang lead by J.T. and decided to study them. Throughout his journey he learns from the violence and illegal activity he witnesses that “in the projects it’s more important that you take care of the problem first. Then you worry about how you took care of it”’ (Venkatesh. 2008:164). He witnesses beatings, selling of illegal drugs, and exploitation of residents; but he also gained a lot of knowledge about the community....   [tags: Ethics, Sociology, Gang, Crime]

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Gang Leader For A Day By Sudhir Venkatesh

- Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh is an ethnographic study of a Black King Gang in the Robert Taylor community. Venkatesh accidentally stumbles upon the gang lead by J.T. and decided to study him and the gang. J.T. is familiar with sociology because he a taken a sociology class so he allows Venkatesh to shadow and document the gang which includes the way J.T. uses violence to maintain his power. Venkatesh also worked with Ms. Bailey, the community leader. She helps him learn how she solves problems, the impact of her power and affiliation with the gang, and how to extort money out of the community members....   [tags: Ethics, Sociology, Crime, Gang]

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Gang Deterrence And Its Effect On People And Places Affected By The Gang Epidemic

- Even more, in order to clearly comprehend the specific solution being proposed, the audience needs to understand what exactly gang awareness and deterrence programs are and what it is they do. In 2013, the Justice Quarterly published an article focused on reducing gang violence by implementing focused gang deterrence programs. The article defined focused deterrence as “focused deterrence strategies are generally composed of law enforcement, services, and community partners who reject violence in clear and direct ways....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Violent crime]

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Gangs and Violence in California

- Gangs and Violence in California This paper was done in response to an article that I came across in which a child was convicted as an adult for homicide. The homicide was supposedly gang-related; the young child that was only 14 years of age was painted as an entrenched gang member. This article made me think what contributed to this situation and how it can be eradicated from today’s society so this will never happen to any of our youth. The solutions provided in this document are a response to the growing need for schools, school districts, county offices of education, and state legislatures to address youth gangs. Children are our greatest asset in the world today: They give parents...   [tags: Gang Essays]

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Increasing Gang Involvement : The Great Program ( Gang Resistance Education And Training )

- It is very hard to grasp how many gangs there are in our towns and cities. Egley (2014) reports “In 2012, there were an estimated 30,700 gangs (an increase from 29,900 in 2011) and 850,000 gang members (an increase from 782,500 in 2011) throughout 3,100 jurisdictions with gang problems (down from 3,300 in 2011). The number of reported gang-related homicides increased 20 percent from 1,824 in 2011 to 2,363 in 2012” (p. 1). However we have to realize that there are also agencies and people out there that are giving their time and money in hopes to help prevent and stop individuals in joining gangs....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Mara Salvatrucha, Criminology]

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The Role Of Gang Delinquency On A National Level

- Historically, it is difficult to document the extent and seriousness of gang delinquency on a national level. (Bookin-Weiner and Horowitz_1983 - The End of the Youth Gang.pdf), particular attention is required to the corner social groups (Whyte, 1943) First, to adress my proposal to study, the most important will be to identify on what we are looking for ( the goal) and to develop the methods ( the steps) toward it 's achivement. In my case of study, the principal goal is related to the Environemental theory of crime and will be designating the most dangerous gangs ' infected area on the map of the city....   [tags: Gang, Sociology, Crime, Mara Salvatrucha]

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The Effects Of Gun Violence On The United States

- In America guns have been a major topic of controversy and have been at the forefront of many political debates. Our forefathers created the Second Amendment, which allows American citizens the right to bear arms. There are many who support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, but there are also many who oppose it. Those who support the Second Amendment often do so because it is their fundamental right granted to them by the United States Constitution. The Second Amendment allows citizens to have the ability to protect themselves and their property from outside adversaries....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Gun politics in the United States]

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Gang Leader For A Day By Sudhir Vankatesh

- The book I chose for this reaction paper is “Gang Leader For a Day” by Sudhir Vankatesh. The book’s premise was about a young graduate student who frequently hung out with gang members. Going into detail, there is much more to the story. Vankatesh visits the projects almost every day, if not every day. He learns of many people who live there, such as gang members, people who were essentially homeless, prostitutes, pimps, cops, and other community leaders. Vankatesh soon learns that it was difficult to stay neutral in a place such as the projects....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Bloods, Organized crime]

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The Mexican Mafia And The Los Surenos Gang

- Our team presentation focused on three Latino gangs, MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), the Mexican Mafia and the Los Surenos gang. My part of the presentation was to provide information on the type of crime these three gangs are known to commit. The crimes committed by the MS-13 gang are varied, violent, and take place all over the country. The FBI even put together a task force called the MS-13 National Gang Task Force in December of 2004 to try to put a stop to this gang’s activities. ( Los Surenos or Sur-13, originally based in Los Angeles, has also branched out from turf wars with rival gangs to “for profit”, violent crimes across the country....   [tags: Gang, Crime, Organized crime, Mara Salvatrucha]

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Can Young Gang Members Be Changed?

- Can Young Gang Members Be Changed. In the Freedom Writers I saw the soft part of young gang members’ hearts. Being gang members, they still feel helpless. The problem of gang violence today is a worldwide problem that should solve carefully and urgently. Moreover, as the National Young Gang Survey Analysis says, there are more than two out of five gang members are juveniles. Freedom Writers focused on this global issue, described a true story about how a teacher changed her gang member students’ life....   [tags: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Gangs, Bloods]

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Gang Culture Throughout The United States

- Gang culture in prisons Prison gangs were created by inmates as a way to protect themselves from other inmates. Each prison gang has their reasons for existing. There are five prison gangs in the United States. These gangs are as follow: The Aryan Brotherhood, The Black Guerilla Family, Texas Syndicate, Mexican Mafia, and Lanuestra Familia. They all have similar beliefs, meanings of their tattoos, how gangs impact their lives and society, and the challenges they bring the prison system in order to decrease gang population....   [tags: Prison gang, Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood]

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Societal Impact : Gang Fights And Drive By Shootings

- Societal Impact While gang fights and drive-by-shootings depicted in Hollywood films do transpire, it is important to realize such violent confrontations are relatively rare in comparison to other non-leisure activities and other gang behavior; partying, gambling, companionship. Drug activity is increasingly common within modern gangs. Verifiably, gangs are the primary distributor of illicit substances throughout the United States, and although this stat is distressing, the extent to which gangs are involved in drug activity is highly variable from gang to gang....   [tags: Police, Crime, Gang, Criminology]

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The Documentary By Lockdown : Gang Vs. Family By Gail Mitchell

- The documentary by Lockdown: Gang vs. Family by Gail Mitchell (2007) interviews gang members that are in the Utah State Prison. The state prison has more gang affiliated inmates than non-gang affiliated inmates. The goal of the prison is to stop or reduce gang violence in both the prison and the surrounding cities. In this film, the young lady they are interviewing is living proof of a sociological theory. Even though the prison has multiple gangs inside, the producers focus on two rivalry gangs for their documentary....   [tags: Crime, Sociology, Criminology, Gang]

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