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Views of Heaven in From the Fifteenth District

- Views of Heaven in From the Fifteenth District Mavis Gallant presents us with a disconcerting view of death in the short story "From the Fifteenth District," where dying is not a salvation from the pains of life but where the dead are forced to suffer eternally. In this story, the author sets out three distinct cases of 'haunting,' except that these hauntings are reported by the dead about the living. Major E. Travella, killed during World War I, is angry that he is being exploited by the church and the public....   [tags: Fifteenth District]

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Congressman Steve Cohen

- ... It removed the displaying of legal limitations set forth to control minority participation. Section two of the VRA abandoned voting qualifications that posed a threat to the authorization of minority voting. In an attempt to ensure minority electoral participation, section 5 of the VRA requires southern states with historically discriminatory backgrounds to be ‘pre-cleared’ by the United Sates District Court for the District of Columbia or the United States attorney general if they wanted to change election rules....   [tags: district, representation, gerrymanding]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' District 9 '

- ZHUOJUN LIU ENG-W350 NOV/29/2015 What is the metaphor of “District 9” The movie “District 9” was filmed in South Africa. In 1981, a spaceship unexpected accident to be a kay element to change the earth and mankind’s fate of further. Subsequently, bizarre aliens came to Earth, the Earth has been officially proclaimed as a universe of life itself unique day completely finished. Human have no idea aliens came to earth with what kind of purpose, human has a negative attitude for the arrived of aliens, and let them feel deeply fear....   [tags: South Africa, Racial segregation, District 9]

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The Case Of Mountain School District

- In the case of Mountain School District, there is a clear hierarchical structure in place. Curriculum and reporting guidelines are established externally through the Ministry of Education. However, it is up to local school districts to develop a program that meets both these guidelines and the needs of the community. The school district operates schools under its umbrella and works with parent stakeholders to receive feedback. At the school level, School A has an administrator who manages daily operations including the teaching staff....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Staff, School district]

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School And District Background Information

- Part 1: School and District Background Information The Conval School District became what it is today in 1988 (Appendix E). Conval has gone through a number of changes throughout the years. The region started with each town having individual schools representing kindergarten through high school. In approximately 1971 members of the Antrim school board explored whether to combine Antrim with the neighboring Hillsborough-Deering School District or the Peterborough School District. Members of the Antrim school board favored the Peterborough School district and eventually voted unanimously to consolidate with Peterborough....   [tags: High school, College, School district, School]

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Evaluation Of The Superintendent Of Burton School District

- Criterion Narrative I. Responsibility and Authority Ongoing oversight of all educator preparation programs offered by the Burton School District is two-fold. First, the Coordinator of Mentor and Induction for New Teachers, Dana Stinson, will oversee the general education program. Second, the Executive Director of Human Resources, Debbie Estrada, will oversee the Mentor and Induction for New Teachers program, and report directly to the Superintendent, Dr. Sharon Kamberg. The Coordinator of Mentor and Induction for New Teachers will oversee and facilitate district programs related to preparing teachers for credentialing....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School district, School]

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The Evolution of Love in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth-Centuries

- Throughout time, love has been a steady theme in music, literature, and film. Love is perhaps one of the most obvious emotions to portray and it can often be described as be sensual, sexual, spiritual or mystic, and divine. The tradition of courtly love began in the twelfth- century with the traveling songs of the performing troubadours and trouvères throughout Europe. Their songs of love were the source of all Western vernacular poetry and through the evolution of time developed into the popular chanson of the fifteenth and sixteenth- centuries....   [tags: music, literature, and film]

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Master Engravers of Fifteenth Century Germany

- When thinking of early artistic prints, perhaps one of the few things that come to mind would be playing cards. In modernity, playing cards are not really considered “artistic” items. However, during the earliest days of print, playing cards were the original media made by the printing process. Even before the printing press, Europe had a love of cards and, whether they were actually intended to be used for play or for show, the people wanted to get their hands on them. Because of the wide spread popularity of cards, it is no surprise that this early print media featured elements that are visually present in other printed media, even to this day....   [tags: Master of the Playing Cards]

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Analysis Of Sumner School Districts Digital Readiness

- Thank you for the opportunity to Interview you concerning Sumner School Districts Digital Readiness. I have summarized where Sumner is currently, in order to examine the next steps, in addition to assisting in the Technology Plan revision. I have included the current initiatives and technology deployments that will be fulfilled in the near future. Having the status of a technology rich district with the highest, (or one of the highest) student to device ratio, as a small district is a substantial accomplishment and should provide us with additional opportunities....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School district]

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Journeying the World in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries

- Journeying the world in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, I, Liliana Aline Palmeiro, was sent out on a mission by King Kramer of Portugal as a Portuguese trade official to go to the Ottoman Empire, India, China, and Japan to investigate on their government systems, culture, and religions to determine if one of them are a good place to conquer or create a trade alliance with. While on the missions, I could not reveal my identity that I am a Portuguese trade official and thus, pretended to impersonate Sister Veronica Maria....   [tags: maritime trade, Ming Dynasty, wrold history]

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United States District Court For The District Of Maryland

- On November 17, 2016, I visited United States District Court for the District of Maryland, which is located in Greenbelt, MD. I attended a jury trial for the case of USA v. Ogundele, Oloyede, Popoola and Popoola. The docket number is PWG 15-0277. Defendants are being charged for fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. The presiding Judge is Paul W. Grimm. The phone number to the courthouse is (301) 344-0660. On the day of the jury trial, I arrived at the courthouse before 9am. The inside of the courthouse looked amazing, however, the trial didn’t start at 9am as I expected until 9:10am....   [tags: Jury, Common law, Court, Judge]

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The Process Of Drawing District Lines

- Gerrymandering according to the text, (Barbour & Wright, 2015, p.195) is the process of drawing district lines to benefit one group or another. Just reading the meaning alone, you can see it not fair. By benefiting one group, you are leaving out or short changing other groups. According to the article (“Gerrymandering – Proving All Politics Is Local│Politics & Policy,” n.d.) gerrymandering works by shaping legislative districts in various ways. Officeholders are able to affect which voters they will be responsible to on election day....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, United States]

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Synopsis Of The Play ' District 12 '

- Before the game, all the tributes gather together on the first day of training Katniss explain what is a Career Tribute . “In District 12, we call them the Career Tributes, or just the Careers. And like as not, the winner will be one of them.” Katniss finally meet kids from others district on their first training day and explain the inequality between rich and poor: The exceptions are the kids from the wealthier districts, the volunteers, the ones who have been fed and trained throughout their lives for this moment....   [tags: High school, Family, Poverty, Weather]

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Influence of Religion on Society during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

- Influence of Religion on Society during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries The undeniable power, force, and influence of religion stand out throughout history. However, according to J. Michael Allen and James B. Allen in World History from 1500, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, religion was exceptionally important, because it had a great influence on everything from government to social order and family relationships (16). Hundreds of years may separate these two time periods and the modern world, but the same positive effects of religion such as unity, security, and a social order are still basic ideals in today’s world....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The School District Of Monroe

- The School District of Monroe does have an employee handbook for its entire teaching staff and support staff, which the district follows very closely. We do still have a Union that represents teaching staff (MEA) and one that represents support staff (MASS,) both of which negotiate salary contracts and items with administration and the school board. Therefore, the district has a documented collective bargaining agreement between the union and the school board, which follows a one year contract....   [tags: Negotiation, Collective bargaining, Bargaining]

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Graduation Speech : School District

- Education Imagine attend a school district that can provide all the things you will need to have a successful future. A well structured school district had everything it needs for a student to get all the help they may need. At Aberdeen School District I strongly feel that they do the good enough job preparing us for our future. Although some parents and student don’t feel like they get the good enough education at Aberdeen School District, I don’t understand why they would think this way because our school district offers many different options for student such as programs to help with college to activities like music and sport programs....   [tags: High school, College, Want, Marching band]

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A Congressional District Of Georgia

- As a congressman in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District I will work diligently to fight for the better of our citizens in both my home district and in Washington. Our citizens have lost trust in the government because politicians are working from their own personal agenda, but my agenda will be filled with the issues that this district deem important. Increasing economic growth by bringing jobs to our district, upholding the second amendment by fighting for the citizens constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and increasing border security and convicting anyone who violates our country’s laws by coming into the country illegally are specific issues that this district deem important, a...   [tags: United States, Gun politics in the United States]

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Two Places in the Fremantle District

- For my second journal entry, I am going to focus on two places in the Fremantle district. The first place is Fremantle Markets. Fremantle Markets is similar to Bugis Street, although it is much smaller than Bugis Street, it is always busy and always crowded with people. Furthermore, there are also buskers performing and a lot of tourist comes to Fremantle Markets. Based on my observations, Fremantle Markets is culture as a way of life. From an interview I conducted with one of the shop’s owner name Andrea, she said that Fremantle Markets is a good place for the community to hang around....   [tags: journal entry, Markets and Prison Museum]

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The Sioux Falls School District

- Smaller school districts around the country are getting better security systems to protect the children enrolled. There have been shootings all around the country both big and small. Some shootings people from all over know about, such as Columbine and Sandy Hook Elementary, but others are less serious, such as the shooting at Harrisburg High School in 2015. The Sioux Falls School District has been lucky enough to have not experienced one of these situations, but some parents are worried that Sioux Falls won’t stay this way forever....   [tags: High school, College, Grammar school]

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The Court Of The District Court

- This was a directions hearing before a judge of the District Court in a civil matter. The plaintiff was Dylan Siddle and the absent defendant was Wai Fong Lau. The plaintiff announced his appearance and his intention to seek a court order for substituted or informal service. Siddle spelt his name for the Court transcript and cited his right to do so under r 10.14 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW) (“UCPR”). Siddle addressed the magistrate. The plaintiff explained the general nature of the case and gave a chronology of unsuccessful personal service....   [tags: Civil procedure, Lawsuit, Complaint]

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Implementing A Successful School District

- School systems are very complex. Most people do not realize that in order to create a successful school district, there needs to be commitment and dedication from the entire community. One of the most important components needed to create a prosperous school district is a devoted school board. School boards are responsible for connecting local educators, and federal and state levels with the local people in the community. Additionally, school boards must set academic goals, priorities and policies; empower the superintendent and provide oversight and accountability for results....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School]

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District 9 as Science Fiction

- I am unconvinced that District 9 is a science fiction movie. I’m not entirely sure where District 9 falls in the spectrum of movie genres, but I feel that its different styles and emphases make it a hybrid of SF and Monster elements encased in a Historically analogical Narrative. In my attempt to definitively determine which genre I would place District 9, I referred to Sobchack for aid in defining the difference between Science Fiction and other closely related genres, like Horror or Monster films....   [tags: Movie Analysis]

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District of Columbia versus Heller

- District of Columbia vs. Heller was a court case in which Dick Heller challenged the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975. This Act was a law that prohibited the possession of handguns by any person who had not been previously licensed to carry one. If licensed to carry before the passing of the law, it was mandatory for those individuals to reregister the handgun, and to keep the firearms “unloaded and disassembled, or “bound by a trigger lock or similar device” unless the firearm was in a business or “being used for a lawful recreational activity.” After the statute was created, people were no longer allowed to register to carry any handguns, only shotguns or rifles attained through a...   [tags: Supreme Court cases, firearms regulation]

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The District Of Cheektowaga Central

- The district of Cheektowaga Central encompasses an area of 10 square miles and is one of the suburban school districts that exists in Western New York.” Found within the boundary lines of this district “are portions of the towns of Depew and Cheektowaga”. There are a total of 4 different schools: an elementary, a middle school, a high school and one alternative school. The enrollment size of this district as of the school year “2014-2015 is 2,083” in grades kindergarten through twelfth students disbursed in 4 schools....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Question]

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Assignment At Southwest Family District

- Ms. Mary Bailey continued her Eligibility Worker II assignment at Southwest Family District in various capacities throughout the rating period. At the beginning of the rating period, she was assigned to the Customer Service Unit as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) under the supervision of Keesha Young until December 05, 2014. From December 8, 2015 to July 28, 2015, she was assigned to the EDMS Validation Unit as a Validation/Correction User EW under the supervision of Marcia Johnson. For the remainder of the rating period, Ms....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Performance, Computer]

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The Congressional District Of Colorado

- Benchmark Assignment- 4th Congressional District of Colorado 1. Major Party Candidates Running on Congressional District 4 of Colorado In Congressional District 4 of Colorado, Bob Seay is running on the Democratic ticket, and the incumbent Ken Buck is running on the Republican ticket. There is also a Libertarian candidate named Bruce Griffith on the ballot (Colorado Secretary of State). Before this project, I had not heard of any of these candidates before. Insofar in this election, I have only seen advertisements or heard about the Senate race in Colorado as well as the presidential election, so I have no prior thoughts of impressions about any of these candidates running in my Congression...   [tags: United States House of Representatives]

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The Mountain Home School District

- The Mountain Home School District is the largest school district in the area, but compared to other schools in the state it is a medium size school in a rural area. I believe this rural area and the academics we have put into place within the high school and junior high school give our school a small school feel and mindset. The academics allow teachers to get to know their students and promote the success of our students. We currently have roughly 4,000 students enrolled K-12 and classroom sizes in the junior high average about 24 students....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, Education]

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The Cleveland Metropolitan School District

- The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) is the school district that was in dire shape heading into the 2010’s. They graduated only barely half of students and according to Cities in Crisis, a report on the state of educational conditions in the largest cities, Cleveland schools possessed the second lowest in graduation rate in the country in 2009. (Swanson, 2009) Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Governor John Kasich decided to finally tackle this issue, when House Bill 525, better known as the Cleveland Plan was signed into law on July 2nd, 2012....   [tags: High school, Education, Charter school, School]

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The Ghetto District Of Dayton

- You can see this theory in place throughout the whole movie In Time. Will Salas grew up in the ghetto district of Dayton and according to Marx’s theory could be labeled as part of the proletariat. He works for a factory that makes the devices that are touched to the arms of the people and are used to transfer time to and from individuals. He was exploited for his work and at one point in the movie he goes to get paid and he gets paid less than normal and he asks why and the payer said that the quota was raised for the workers to an unreasonable amount and that he did not meet the quota....   [tags: Sociology, Marxism, Working class, Max Weber]

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The Tower District Skull Man

- Tower District Skull Man Let me just start off by saying, this is a true story, it really happened. This whole ordeal took place a couple of days before Halloween. I was fourteen turning fifteen in December. When I was that age, I used to go to my cousin’s house a lot on weekends. My cousin’s, Jackie and Eric, were only about seventeen and eighteen at the time. Eric being eighteen and Jackie being seventeen. Hanging out with them usually meant relaxing, playing Oblivion, watching Tarantino and Kubrick flicks, eating out, it was great, but until that day, I had never met any of their friends from high school....   [tags: Odor, Olfaction, Tower Theatre]

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Disaster Management: District Administration

- ... An important step in planning process is to identify the problems and issues related to disaster management. There can be various sources for identifying these issues. These are diagnosis of disaster preparedness scenario, participatory exercises needs to be undertaken at district, block, and village level. However there can be two models of planning process for developing district plan of disaster management. These can be termed as top-down model and bottom-up model. In a top-down model the formulation of the district DM plan can done on this basis of inputs from studies, surveys, participatory meeting at various levels....   [tags: Indian Administrative System]

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School District Budgetary Overview

- District Budgetary Overview As School Officials every Superintendent or School Board member in a new position has to be knowledgeable of their responsibilities that they are acquiring. The administration of the budgeting process, and checks and balances are imperative to understand in order to be able to apply them in the everyday. Managing the budget and coordinating it in a way that all the needs from a school district and the students are met are sometime a challenge, not all the time it is easy to accomplish, but working in collaboration could be manage and accomplish a better distribution (Bireda & Center for American, 2011)....   [tags: Responsibilities, School Board, Budget]

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The English Lake District

- Field Class Replacement Assessment - “Review the formation and evolution of the English Lake District over the last 25,000 years, providing a detailed description of the different phases and processes that have shaped its structure and current day appearance.” The Lake District is a region of Great Britain famous for and characterised by its scenery. Craggy peaks and boulder-strewn corries contrast with wooded valleys, farmland, conifer plantations, and ribbon lakes. As well as attracting huge numbers of tourists, the scenery of the Lake District has also afforded it National Park status, and since the publication of the first scientific account of its geology in 1820, by local guide Jonath...   [tags: geology, glaciation, vegetation]

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Rocky Road School District

- The main challenge that Rocky Road School District is currently facing is the several lawsuits from former parents and staff. As well as the lack of team work that is shown within the district. Having a meeting with all Principals in the Rocky Road district is a most. Negotiation of teacher’s contracts and the hiring of new qualified teachers which will help assist the testing scores for the district. Giving parents a sense of comfort that their children are being well educated is a key challenge....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Teacher]

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Community, District, And School

- Community, District, and School: McDougle Elementary is located in Houston, Texas. Houston is the city in Texas with the highest population and it also the fourth-most populous city in the U.S. The racial demographic of Houston is 49.3% White, 25.3% African-American, 0.4% American Indian, 5.3% Asian, and 37.4% Hispanic. The median income for a household was $54,230 and about 19% of the population fall below the poverty line along with 16% of families. Many of the residents in Houston are employed in the energy industry which is why high oil and gasoline prices are beneficial for the economy in Houston....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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Career: District Attorney

- Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” In the 21st century, crimes have been and remains as one of the post-major threats towards society. Through these heinous crimes, lawbreakers do whatever they can to benefit themselves, leaving the poor and innocent robbed from their goods and rights in a democratic society. Many people in these 21st century society wonder, “When is Justice to be done?” For district attorneys, it’s their job to bring that “justice” and to restore social stability upon these threats....   [tags: Contributions to Society]

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District Budget Design

- ... The principals are chief financial officer at the school level (Brimley, Verstengen, Garfield, 2012). The principal will carry out the plan and distribute money according to the needs of his or her school. The principal will establish a two-sided budget and ledger sheet with all receipts and expenditures along with monthly reports that will be reported to the district office (Brimley, Verstengen, Garfield, 2012). “Decentralize budget decisions pertaining to instruction and supplies to school buildings, and hold principals accountable for money spent to improve achievement”(Black, 2008, pg....   [tags: accounting practices, superintendent, schools]

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The Context of Elizabeth School District's Budget

- ... Approximately 68% of students are classified as Hispanic; 22% black, 8% white and 2% Asian. It’s estimated 44 different languages are spoken by the student body with the largest percentages of students speaking Spanish, English, Haitian Creole and Portuguese making 13% of the students enrolled in bilingual education classes. Since 2000 through 2013 the school population increased over 5,350 students. During the 2012-2013 the district implemented grants to improve student achievement and to prepare all students for postsecondary education....   [tags: education, love, leadership]

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District And School Reading Assessment Plan

- District or school reading assessment plan, what’s that. This is the response most gave to the question of where our school, and eventually districts, reading assessment plan could be located. The schools Instructional Coaches recommended speaking to the district’s Curriculum Director for High school. The Curriculum director suggested talking to the English supervisor. Finally, the English supervisor forwarded the call to the Districts Reading Specialist. In the end the conclusion that must be made is that neither the school, nor the district has a designated plan of action for reading assessment for students at the high school level....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Teacher]

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School District 25 And 2014 School

- School District 25 is comprised of various K-12 schools located through out the Pocatello and Chubbuck areas respectively. There are thirteen elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, and some alternate schools as well. However, for this data analysis study, Edahow Elementary School (a K-5 elementary school located in Pocatello) has been chosen, and the 5th grade classes ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Tests) results for science have been broken up into four areas: The percentage of students who performed below the basic standard, at the basic level, at a proficient level, and at an advanced level....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Primary school]

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The National Archives in Washington, District of Columbia

- The National Archives in Washington, District of Columbia is often disregarded, even it is one of the largest history holders like holding the “Constitution” where it feels alive completely, and should be visited. The archive is situated in the District of Columbia, USA and is one of the few individual archives in the nation. This structure restrains this country, dearest treasures in numerous exhibits ranging, from past to present. In addition there is an astonishing “William G McGowan” theatre, which will excite people tremendously....   [tags: history holder, constitution]

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A Plan For The Shelby County School District

- A plan is a pathway that is followed to reach a specific goal. The groundwork of a plan begins with a strategy process to orchestrate the harmonious result of success. Not every plan or strategic process will result in success because the foundation is a determinant upon other factors, such as the purpose of the plan, how the plan has been organized and the implementation of the processes. This literature will give an overview of a strategic plan that has been organized for the Shelby County School District, how it has been designed and the desired outcome....   [tags: Management, Strategic planning, Education]

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Tim Murphy and the 18th Pennsylvania District

- Tim Murphy is a Republican house member hailing from the 18th Congressional district of the state of Pennsylvania. He has an impressive professional and political background, earning his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, practicing as a psychologist for many years, and serving as a Pennsylvania state senator from 1996-2002 before successfully running for U.S. House of Representatives. His political views closely match those of his constituents, a fact that has allowed him to be a representative for eight years, and he is favored to win re-election for another term later this year....   [tags: Politics ]

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Presentation Of The District Manager Of A Movie Theatre

- When communicating with the public, it is very important that the message is well thought out and that it speaks to a wide audience. Communicating with a vast audience can be challenging, because the message must speak to the audience. Some of the challenges communicating with a diverse audience are age, economic level, education and occupation, needs and concerns of the audience, culture, and rapport (Lehman, DuFrene, & Walker, 2016). In this particular situation, the district manager of a movie theatre must address the media about a recent bed bug problem at the theatre....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Theatre]

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The Fayetteville Manlius School District Special

- What I Think Makes the Fayetteville-Manlius School District Special ** Note everything I discuss and/or have listed I have experienced/observed, this is not a complete representation of what is offered at Fayetteville-Manlius Schools. COURSES What makes the Fayetteville-Manlius, or the FM School District different is that they offer many different levels of courses, along with enriching electives. Each grade level has different sections for each NYS required course. Some in which are slower paced and require more one on one teaching....   [tags: School counselor, High school]

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Michelle Heath For District Teacher Of The Year

- This letter offers my complete support of Michelle Heath for District Teacher of the Year. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michelle and worked with her in different capacities: P.T.A member, kid’s parent ,and a friend. Over the past four years I have known Michelle she has been part of the P.T.A. and was very supportive of it when I served as the President of the P.T.A. at Juan Seguin. I got to learn more about her in this capacity and she always offered to help with what she could. I rarely ever saw her not helping students, or explaining or going over plans with teachers as the lead for her department....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Daughter, Seguin]

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What District 9 Taught the World

- When we go see a movie we never really know every detail about it. Sometimes people don’t even know who directed the movie. As I researched the movie District 9 there were many things that I didn’t know about and I’m sure a few of us didn’t either. We never really know little details because that’s not we go to the movies for because we just want to see the big picture ,well that’s how I am I only see the movie on the screen and that’s all , I never really go into depth of what I am watching unless of course its base on true events ....   [tags: film analysis]

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The Dharmapuri Temple in Karimnagar District of Telangana

- ... CONSTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE Pata Narasimha Swamy Temple has two main entrances or Simha Dwarams. Out of the two, Pedda Gopuram is the main entrance of temple complex. There is also an image of Lord Yama at the entrance of the temple to the right. This temple has its own Prakaara or compound in the temple complex. Inside the Prakaara, there is also an idol of Bhakta Anjaneya (Lord Hanuman). Seven more idols of Anjaneya are also framed on the other seven sides of the temple. Inside the Prakaara and before Mukha Mantapam, there is a four pillared pavilion known as the Kalyana Mandapam....   [tags: history, visit, transportation]

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Sentencing And Sentencing Of The Buffalo District Court

- With going to court made everything thing so far that we have been learning in class much understandable even though there was some word that they was using that i didn 't really understand to much. When I went to go visit the courts downtown in Buffalo on April 7,2016 and April 8, 2016 they were both different case but had to deal with drugs one was Preliminary sentencing and Sentencing and I went to go see arrangement, going court made you realize that the way it 's on television is nothing like how it really happens in real life....   [tags: U.S. state]

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The History of American District Telegraph Company

- ... It can be attached to all electronics and will give law enforcement the ability to track stolen electronics. The device is paper thin and attaches to the interior of the chosen electronic device. It does not interfere with the operation of any of the electronic devices. To explain to a lay person about how the device attaches to his or her device, it is a thin strip with miniature tracking device embedded into the strip. The strip has strong adhesive and can, at this time, only be installed or removed by a representative of ADT....   [tags: transmit, security, GPS tracking device, ]

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School District Board Of Education Meetings

- Mason City School District Board of Education meetings are held twice a month on the second and the fourth on Tuesdays of each month. Furthermore, meetings typically begin at 7:00 PM. At each bored meetings held there is a special time for the border and the students set aside to share concerns or good news. As a matter of the fact, their meetings can be seen on Time Warner channel 8 on Saturdays at 12:30 PM, Mondays at 9:00 AM, and Thursdays at 7:00 PM. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. and lasted about 38minutes....   [tags: Board of directors, Management, Meetings]

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Education Specialist At District Health Department

- Introduction District Health Department 10 services for 10 counties in the mid-Michigan area, including; Crawford, Kalkaska, Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Missaukee, Oceana, Newaygo, Wexford. There are 187 Employees at District Health Department 10 and they are distributed around the different counties that are serviced for DHD#10. Our contact person for this project is Melanie Perry, CHES is s Health Education Specialist at District Health Department #10 in the Manistee County Office. Melanie has been working with us to help implement a campaign that will increase the amount of services offered by the DHD#10....   [tags: Health education, Health, Manistee County]

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Special Election of Texas House District

- ... Jade spoke to us as though we were citizens or members of the community she was asking support from, not employees that worked for her. It was because she did not fully believe in herself; her campaign staff did not consider her a leader, which Weber indicates as an integral characteristic to politics as a vocation. Next, Weber indicates that a passionate and likable politician is integral to using politics as a vocation and it still can be traced to modern day politics. Rico Reyes, another Democrat in the race ended up placing last in voter percentage and a lot it had to do with him being an unlikable candidate....   [tags: politics, campaign, leadership, power]

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Long Beach Unified School District

- Case Study B: Long Beach Unified School District (B): Sustaining Improvement during a Leadership Transition ( 2002 – 2004) The Long Beach Unified School District (LSUSB) in 2004 had an enrollment of 97,560 students in 95 different schools. The student population was 49% Hispanic/Latino, 18.6% African American, 16.9% White (Non-Hispanic), 9.7% Asian, and 5.8% other ethnic groups. Once a thriving port city, by the year 2003, LSUSB began declining in kindergarten enrollment while transfers into the area high schools were climbing steadily....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Educational stages]

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Q: European monarchs of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuri

- In northern Europe after the Middle Ages, monarchies began to build the foundations of their countries that are still in affect today. During the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries these “New Monarchs” made many relevant changes in their nations. During the middle of the fifteenth century Europe was affected by war and rebellion, which weakened central governments. As the monarchies attempted to develop into centralized governments once again, feudalism’s influence was lessened. This “new” idea of centralization was reflected in the monarch’s actions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Districs of Columbia vs Heller

- District of Columbia Vs. Heller In 1976, the District of Columbia City Council enacted three of the strictest gun control ordinances in the United States. The ordinances entirely ban the possession of handguns within the District and, while allowing residents to keep rifles and shotguns in their homes, require those guns be kept disassembled or bound by a trigger lock. Then in 2003, Dick Heller and five other plaintiffs were recruited by lawyer, Robert Levy, and used to file suit against D.C. in the U.S....   [tags: city council, strict, gun control]

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His Fifteenth Year Crystallized

- The film, Donnie Darko, shows Donnie a fifteen year old suburban teenage boy is visited by a six-foot bunny, named Frank with a disturbed face. Donnie is the only person who can see Frank. Frank first visits Donnie in his upstairs bedroom while sleeping; he coaxes Donnie to a golf course in which he reveals his fate. Frank tells Donnie the world will end on October thirty-first; meanwhile, a rogue jet-engine crashes into his home and crushes his room. The next morning Donnie and his Father drive to see his psychotherapist....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Tamalpais Union High School District Budget Cuts

- Dear District Superintendant: The Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) is one of those districts that have seen fallen property values in Marin, dysfunctional, and fiscal chaos in Sacramento. As a result of the severe economic downturn and the devastating cuts to education from the state of California, the TUHSD needs to reduce operating cost by 20% within five years to have a balanced budget for the 2014-2015 school year. THUSD annual budget is $55 million dollars. Operations is half that, or $27.5 million....   [tags: Finance]

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Reflection of Shadowing the Superintendent of Maplewood School District

- I had the pleasure of being able to shadow Superintendent Shirley Hall of the Maplewood School District. Ms. Hall took the reins of the district over in 2012 from a very popular superintendent who was credited with making great strides within the district. Although Ms. Hall had very large shoes to fill, she seems to be doing it with grace and enthusiasm. She credits the previous superintendent with making systemic changes and establishing the overall forward momentum of the district, but recognizes that she cannot rest on past success....   [tags: education, leadership, philosophy]

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Jefferson County School District Vision Statement

- Jefferson County School District Vision Statement The Jefferson County School District will develop a school climate conducive to teaching and learning for all stakeholders. Jefferson County School District Mission Statement The Jefferson County School District will provide an educational climate where all students have an opportunity to achieve success in a global society. Jefferson County School District Demographics The Jefferson County School District is located in Jefferson County, Mississippi....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Middle school]

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High-stakes Testing in Schools

- High-stakes testing is a very complicated issue. The watered down explanation given to the members of the public is that of holding teachers accountable for the achievement of their students. However, this is not the only use of HST. HST can also be utilized in determining grade level promotion, assigning a performance rating to an entire school, and determining students’ ability to graduate from high school (Kubiszyn & Borich, 2013). One of the major complaints of HST is when districts attempt to teach to the test....   [tags: Education, District]

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Camden School District 's Philosophy And Mission

- Camden School District’s Philosophy and Mission The definition of philosophy is “the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature, and meaning of life, etc.”. (Philosophy, n.d.). After merely reading the definition of philosophy, the connection to education becomes quite clear. It would almost be impossible to separate the two, which makes it difficult not including a philosophical application towards defining education. Understanding this enables us to see the importance for schools to establish a set philosophy to illustrate their commitment towards enlightening their students....   [tags: High school, Higher education, College]

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The Disease that Infests The District

- The Disease that Infests The District There is a disease that is sweeping across this country. From this disease, no one person has immunity. It strikes the poorest of families and the richest of families. It has the ability to harm the old and young, male and female. It does not care what your sexual preference is, if it wants to infect you, it will. What is this disease that does not care who it harms. It is the acquired immune deficiency syndrome, better known as AIDS. Even the capital of the most powerful country in the world has a problem with AIDS....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Travel Writing in the Lake District

- Travel Writing in the Lake District I had dreaded the day that my Duke of Edinburgh would come around once more and now I was two days into my expedition. The first two days had been cold, wet and windy in the heart of the Lake District. The English Lake District National Park is 885 square miles in size, the largest of the 11 national parks in England & Wales, containing over 1800 miles of footpaths through some of Britain's most beautiful countryside. I am sure that we were going to cover at least over half of the area....   [tags: Papers]

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Vernonia School District V. Acton (1996)

- Vernonia School District v. Acton was a US Supreme court decision that aims to uphold the constitutionality affecting random drug testing implemented by local public schools in Vernonia, Oregon States. This provision mandates student athletes to undergo drug testing before they are going to be allowed to participate in sporting activities. This particular measure established by the constitution stated that it propagates any illegal use of any prohibited substances for students in order to preserve the integrity of the society in particular with handling against drug use....   [tags: Drug Testing Policy]

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Crestwood School District : The City Of Dearborn Heights

- Crestwood School District is located in the city of Dearborn Heights. The meeting I went to take place on February 8th. Crestwood School District has five schools. Kinloch, Hillcrest and Highview elementary schools, Riverside Middle School and Crestwood High School. In the city’s northern side is where Crestwood School Districts is located. The city’s southwest side is where Westwood School District is located. The Crestwood School District Board of Education will ask citizens for approval of a $35 million bond to upgrade its district on May 3....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, College]

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Church Ministries : Pray For The Following District Conferences This Month

- Church Ministries Pray for the following District Conferences this month: South Pacific, April 25–27; Midwest, April 25–27; and Central Pacific, April 25–27. Alliance Northwest District Hope Church, a new church plant in Oak Harbor, Washington, is touching lives with the love of Christ. Rev. Matthew Erickson, pastor, and his wife Stephanie, thought their mission field would be with the many Navy families in the area, but God keeps bringing people that have special needs. Pray that God would provide more believers and leaders that are mature in their faith to support the ministry and to also be a light in their community....   [tags: God, Jesus, Native Americans in the United States]

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A Disconnect Between Principals, District Administrators, And Stakeholders

- There appears to be a disconnect between principals, district administrators, and stakeholders on what vision is. According to Lunenburg and Irby (2006), systemic vision is one that includes the district vision, mission, and goals; the schools vision, mission and goals; the schools strategic action plan, and the considered values of teachers, administrators, support staff, and other stakeholders. All of which is grounded in professional relationships well with that being said clearly it’s not working for my district....   [tags: High school, Teacher, School]

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Current Conditions In and Future Plans for the Strip District

- Introduction Over the last 200 years, the Strip District has gone through many different changes throughout its long history. Stretching from 11th Street to 33rd Street, The Strip as it is known from Pittsburgh was at one in the 1920’s the economic center of Pittsburgh and was home to such companies as U.S. Steel, The H.J. Heinz Company and Westinghouse. As the 21st century rolled into, the ghosts of past industry giants still remained, but the Strip District had changed into a Saturday destination to Pittsburghers and a tourist spot for those people visiting Pittsburgh....   [tags: Urban Planning, Center of Industry]

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The Central Business District of Kidderminster

- The Central Business District of Kidderminster Introduction ============ For my GCSE fieldwork we were required to visit the central Business District (CBD for short) of a town or a city. The town that I will investigate is called Kidderminster, and is located in Central England, near the Wyre Forest District in the countryside of Worcestershire on the Stour River. Kidderminster is just 19 miles south of Birmingham. It has a very industrial history and is known as the origin of the Carpet Industry....   [tags: Papers]

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Adding Technology into the Classrooms of Huntsville Independent School District

- ... Whitehead and his A+ certified students can teach the teachers the basics of figuring out what the problem is and start to fix the problem. This way the teachers can start fixing the problem while they are waiting for one of the five students to come and finish fixing whatever the problem may be, this will cut down on some of the time it takes to fix the issue. This solution is a cost effective way to start chipping away at the wasted time. For teachers who want to learn how to completely find, isolate and fix the technical issue the work shop could be a month long but only mandate the teachers to attend the first week when the basics are being taught....   [tags: planning, training, program, computer]

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Elk Grove Unified School District versus Newdow

- Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow: The Supreme Court case in Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow result in a unanimous ruling that the phrase “under God” may remain in the Pledge of Allegiance as narrated in public school classrooms. The court made the decision because the atheist father did not have grounds to sue the school district on behalf of his daughter. While the ruling was made on the Flag Day, it did not meet the clear endorsement of the constitutionality of the pledge as sought by President Bush and leaders of Republican and Democratic Parties in Congress....   [tags: pledge, atheist, school, legal]

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The Peak District National Park

- The Peak District National Park I will begin with what a National Park really is. A National Park is an idea developed in 19th century America, at the time the new country was rapidly developing and settlers were moving in. The first ever National Park was created in 1872, it was named as 'Yellowstone' this began a chain-reaction of National Parks being instated. The size of the parks varied, but were all generally large uninhabited areas of real natural beauty. The fact that these National Parks were protected by the Government stopped any land damage or animal poaching....   [tags: Papers]

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The Harrison County District Elementary Student Handbook

- The Harrison County School District Elementary Student Handbook’s introduction includes demographical information: • It is the fourth largest school district (student population) in the state of Mississippi. • The district services an area of approximately 450 square miles. • The district is comprised of 22 individual campuses: o 16 Elementary Schools o 4 High Schools o 1 Alternative School o 1 Child Development Center • There are approximately 14,200 students receiving an education in the Harrison County School District....   [tags: High school, Education, Policy, Teacher]

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Performance Appraisal At The Mecklenburg County School District

- Executive summary Also referred to as performance evaluation or performance review, performance appraisal involves the evaluation of the work behavior of an employee through its comparison with specific work standards. The results of the evaluation are document and later used as a feedback to the employee, indicating areas in need of improvements. The current work is aimed at uncovering the poor quality of the performance appraisal system at the Mecklenburg County School District. This system is said to be subjective and associated with inflated ratings....   [tags: Human resource management, Performance appraisal]

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Curriculum Development : South Western School District

- Curriculum South Western School District is a Learning Focused School. A district wide curriculum development map has been established. Every four years the cycle is renewed and begins again. Currently the district is in year two. However, half of the departments in the high school have not completed all requirements for year one. Many feel ample time has not been given to departments to complete what was asked of them. No administrators have acknowledged or addressed the lack of a completed year one in the curriculum cycle....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, Gifted education]

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Reparation for the Non-Compensated Group in the District of Marowijne

- ... However the constitution of Suriname was not mentioned in the earlier mentioned judgment some articles shows the state’s obligations in protecting the human rights of the people. Taking in consideration that the non-compensated group also should be treated equal and also are eligible for the same treatment by the state the following articles of the Constitution (The Parliament of Suriname 1987: 04-05) are applicable: article 8-14 and article 16. One of the main reasons the non-compensated group should be included in the process of transitional justice is to end the culture of impunity not only, but also to restore the rule of law in the Marowijne district....   [tags: Suriname guerrilla]

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My Job As A Math Teacher For A School District

- Where I see myself in the next five years is lofty goal but I think I can achieve it because I think about this everyday having a job as a math teacher for a school district. In 2020, I will have my Bachelor’s Degree in Education to teach Math. Hopefully, that school district will pay for continuing my education to get my Master’s in Education and also to be a principal of a school. In that year or earlier I plan on moving out of my mom’s house and starting a new chapter of my own getting my first place all by myself....   [tags: High school, School, Teacher, Education]

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Educational Equity Within The Tuscarora School District

- The topic of ‘Educational equity’ continues to come up for me this week and that is why I have selected it as my topic for this assignment. Equity is seen as a situation where a section of students are at a larger disadvantage than their peers and attempts are made to compensate for that inequity. In the Tuscarora School District (TSD), in order to address equity issues, one must first recognize that there is an unequal playing field for these students and that it starts at a young age, perhaps before they even enter kindergarten....   [tags: High school, Education, Welfare economics]

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Racial Undertones Portrayed in the Movie District 9

- I feel that the movie District 9 has strong racial undertones. The film is set in South Africa, Where a massive alien mothership has came to a halt over the city of Johannesberg. Three months pass before the government finally decides to cut their way into the hull of the ship. What they find is a ghastly sight, thousands of aliens are found and it is discovered that the aliens are sickly, malnourished, and lacking leadership and initiative. The South African government flies them all to the surface, where they are given an area all their own, District 9....   [tags: movies]

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