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The Vaccination Scandal

- Imagine an outbreak, one of the most infectious viruses that thrives most in adolescents or infants, lets say the measles, happens in your hometown. Presumably, you and your family are all safe, for you have all been immunized. But your neighbor’s child (for now, lets say Tim) has yet to get vaccinated, and his parents refuse. Tim’s parents have strict moral values, which infringe on his ability to get the medication he genuinely needs. They believe vaccinations cause autism, vaccines do more harm than good, and by not immunizing, their kids build up a stronger immunity....   [tags: Outbreak, Immune System, Viruses, Modern Medicine]

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New Educational Changes

- Imagine a perfect educational system. How different would our lives be. In today’s society, we as Americans have developed an unfortunate obsessive focus on college schooling. This obsession has blinded us to basic truths. We support and attend schools that are set up like factory lines--schools that continue to use bells, separate facilities, and separate subjects (Robinson). We pay and work hard for an education that is modeled on the interests of developing a prosperous economy, not prosperous individuals....   [tags: educational system, financial aid, college]

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Evidence-Based Counseling Practice

- ... Within this framework, I chose to be energetic in my tone to draw Carlos out as well to compete for his attention given all the other salient events within the school. While it took a few sessions before I sensed Carlos truly believed I had his best interests at heart, I think he now trusts the relationship to the extent that he seems freer to divulge issues troubling him. The process of building a bridge between therapist and client has given me insight into the idea that change happens at its own pace, sometimes rapidly, often at a slower rate....   [tags: psychology, therapy]

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Helpful Study Tips

- Over the course of my 4 years in high school, studying has been considered one of the most boring and preposterous things to do. It is tedious, time consuming, and fairly tough since social media is just one click away. As to helping an incoming freshman with his or her study habits, I have an unlimited amount of tips and tricks to give. We have all heard this one, “Studying should be a fun moment for you, and writing that test should make you happy because you get to show me what you have learned.” I for one hated that quote and it took me many years to find studying as fun....   [tags: memorization, notes, time-frame]

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The Tuition Hike

- Due to the recent recession, the economy has forced universities to raise tuition prices. All funding for higher education has dropped 14.6 percent since 2008. For most universities net tuition has risen from an average of three thousand four hundred fifteen dollars to four thousand five hundred forty six dollars. That is a 21.1 percent increase from the previous year. (CBS News) The economy is starting to show the impact of how people are going to choose college. In southern states most colleges have seen an increase of over 70 percent....   [tags: economy, recession, education]

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Liberal Arts Education

- When entering into college as a freshman students are required to take some form of a freshman year experience course. Many students are under the impression that this course will be a waste of time and most are clueless as to what the course will entail. Being in this course throughout the semester has proven those notions that the course is a waste of time to be absolutely false. One of the primary topics discussed during this course is the idea of the liberal arts education. This is an idea that an education should not only tech one the skills necessary to be successful in a given career field but provide the skills necessary for individuals to be more productive members of society....   [tags: humanities, natural sciences]

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Sports: LeBron James

- ... The Fighting Irish finished the year 27–0, winning the Division III state title. In his sophomore year, James averaged 25.2 points and 7.2 rebounds per game, while also adding 5.8 assists and 3.8 steals per game. St. Vincent-St. Mary played at the University of Akron, sat a capacity of 5,492 in the Rhodes Arena. Among the audience was alumni, local fans, and college and NBA scouts who wanted to see James play. The Fighting Irish finished the season 26–1 and repeated as state champions. For his outstanding play, James was selected to the USA Today All-USA First Team, becoming the first sophomore to ever do so as well as appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, becoming the first eve...   [tags: NBA, all-star game]

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Michael Jordan: Outlier

- ... What makes Michael Jordan an outlier is clearly a combination of the ability to score at will, great defensive actions, and the overall desire to win (Michael Jordan).Some say that it was skills alone but a player needs to know how to play a sport to be good at it. A player needs to have a basic understanding of how the sport works in order to even play. IQ is not the reason why people were amazed and in awe with Jordan. His skills were enough to be above the rest. Aside from the early cut, Michael Jordan’s only obstacles were a broken foot, a death in his family, and the flu....   [tags: biography, NBA]

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Personal Narrative- Varsity Volleyball

- Personal Narrative- Varsity Volleyball I first started playing volleyball at a very young age. I was in the seventh grade when my volleyball career started. My sister started playing in the seventh grade and I just wanted to follow her footsteps. My seventh grade year was ok because I had just started out and really didn’t know the game. There was A team and a B team, where A team was better than the B team. I tried my best to be on the A-team, but guess where I ended up, on the B team. No matter what team I was on I never gave up....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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king henry college essay

- A Changed Man Although my 2.0 grade point average during my first two years of high school does not indicate that I would be an Oxford candidate, I can assure you that I am. I was lacking perfection in most aspects of my life. In my first years of high school I experimented with some non- productive self destructive life styles, but I have changed for the better. So much, that my father, on his death bed, proclaimed me king of England. As king I learned many valuable lessons and made very important decisions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Online Communication among Youth

- Technology has provided people with the means to do things that would other wise be impossible. However, while technology has provided the ability to communicate with people halfway across the world, some believe it has limited the interaction with those who are closest. Yahoo, MSN and AOL are not only top e-mail providers but also offer 'real time' messaging, or instant messaging. Instant messaging has far replaced e-mail as a form of communicating, especially among youth. According to a 2005 study done by Pew Internet and the American Life Project on the social impact of the Internet, 59 percent of individuals under the age of 30 were more likely to instant message....   [tags: Facebook Instant Messaging IM Social Networking]

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College Admissions Essay: I Will be a Writer!

- I Will be a Writer. Two books helped me define myself as a writer, or rather, helped me decide what kind of writer I would be. The first was the Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky. I read it when I was a freshman in high school. By then, I had already begun to wrestle with questions of good and evil which I encountered in the novel and would later work with again and again in my poems. Perhaps because I had been raised Catholic, it made the novel more resonant for me, for I firmly believed in the existence of evil, as firmly as I believed in the existence of goodness and its power to transform, although at the end of the book, I had begun to realize that goodness alone is not always enough an...   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Ethics of Oates' Landfill

- An Ethical Origin Writers have always drawn inspiration from real events for their stories. Joyce Carol Oates is now being criticized as unethical for just that. The critics claim that it was not ethical for Oates to use the events that befell John Fiocco Jr. in her story "Landfill", and also for including many similarities between Fiocco and her main character Hector Campos Jr.. Though there are some similarities between the two, the differences were great enough that only some who knew of the Fiocco case....   [tags: Joyce Carol Oates]

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Walking the Path of Discovery

- Earning a college degree has always been one of my life goals. In the past, my main motivation was obtaining the title. However, in high school I was provided with a few research opportunities that greatly changed my understanding of research. Consequently, my motivation for earning a college degree has also changed. My research work with the department was one of the most significant research experiences I have had the opportunity to pursue. Essentially, this was my first glimpse into the real academic world....   [tags: Graduate College Admissions Essays]

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The Student/Teacher Relationship

- The Student/Teacher Relationship School is a part of everyone's life at some point or another. Whether you only went to high school, junior high, or to college, it is something that everyone has done at some point. I have been in school for most of my life, so far, and during that time I have had a variety of teachers. Some of the teachers I had encouraged me to think on my own, and some required me to memorize vast amounts of data in order to reproduce that data on tests. Which teachers I learned the most from is hard to say....   [tags: Education Learning Papers]

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Parking on Campus

- Parking on Campus is a Pain New students entering Western Michigan University are allowed to have a car on campus. With every new freshmen class entering each year, parking poses a problem. WMU is already limited in its parking on campus and since freshmen are allowed to have cars, the students are faced with the dilemma of having nowhere to park or parking quite far from their destination. There are parking problems all over the campus, creating backups in residence hall and other lots, resulting in students parking illegally to avoid walking far distances, which can be quite irritating in the bitter cold....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dazed and Confused

- Dazed and Confused is a film that follows a plethora of characters on the last day of school before summer vacation. Although lacking in tangible plot, it makes a bold attempt to encompass and present the zeitgeist of the 1970s. In my opinion it is as if Dazed and Confused was produced in hopes of making those viewers who lived through the 1970s feel a sense of nostalgia. The film’s trajectory, harnessing of zeitgeist, and soundtrack are all very similar to George Lucas’s American Graffiti—a film that also successfully rooted in nostalgia....   [tags: Film Review]

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Eulogy for Friend

- Eulogy for Friend Richie, Richie, Richie… I met Rich at freshman orientation at Lynchburg College in August, 1975. My freshman orientation packet said that I was to meet with my group at my assigned table in the dining hall. After getting my dinner, I found the right table and sat down across from another freshman. There was no one else at the table. I think it was fate. After what seemed like a couple of minutes, a conversation started. We talked about our hometowns. He told me that his family lived in Manassas, but that most of his life was spent in Naples, Italy....   [tags: Eulogies Eulogy]

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New Jersey Vs. T.L.O.

- Decision : Reasonable standard held to be proper standard for determining legality of searches conducted by public school officials. On March 7, 1980, a teacher at Piscataway High School in Middlesex County, N.J., found two girls smoking in the school lavatory, which was a violation of school code. The teacher took them to the Principles office where they met the Assistant Vice-Principle Theodore Choplick. Under questioning the first girl admitted smoking in the lavatory. The second girl, 14 year old freshman T.L.O., denied that she had smoked in the lavatory....   [tags: Legal Essays]

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Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University

- Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University, is book with written stories and events relating to drinking on the campus of Buena Vista University (BVU). Behind the Arch is published by the English 300 class of 2001, including students Chris Allen, Alisa Dixson, Jennifer Durham, Shelley Katzer, Max Kenkel, Teri Kramer, Toby Malavong, and Courtney Weller. Many questions came up about the alcohol use among the BVU students and community....   [tags: Journalism Alcohol Drinking College Essays]

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Graduation Speech: Show the World Your True Self

- There was a time when I dreaded going to high school. During the weeks before I started my freshman year, all I could picture were mazes of hallways and classrooms, unfamiliar faces of students and teachers, and upperclassmen who loved to torture frightened freshmen. Fortunately, my visions were exaggerated. I soon got into the swing of things in high school. I figured out which teachers really did give you detention if you were late to class, which classmates were safe and those I didn't want as my lab partners....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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A Reader Response to The Lie

- A Reader Response to The Lie Pleasing people and the pressure that comes with it. This is a major factor in one's everyday life. Eli Remenzel, however, has been caught in the middle of just one of the many lies he will ever tell. It just happens to be that this lie was one that would make a lot of people disappointed. In the short story "The Lie", the parents, and Eli's actions make me angry. However, I can definitely relate to what Eli is going through. To start with, I got extremely annoyed with the mother throughout the story....   [tags: Lie Essays]

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Adolescent Substance Abuse

- The War Against Terrorism is not the only war America is fighting. Today we are fighting the greatest battle of all: the war on drugs. Thousands of kids in this country die every year from drug overdoses, drug-related crime, or drug-related diseases. Joe's story is a testimony to the horror of drug use in America. It is a wake-up call for the public which chooses to turn its back on this epidemic that steals our children from us, turns brother against brother and tears families apart. Perhaps we will start to realize that this is not a problem only in urban communities, that not only the poor kids become addicted to drugs, and that this cancer affects everyone, regardless of race, re...   [tags: Drug Abuse Essays]

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Senpai, Another Protector in Japan

- Senpai, Another Protector in Japan In America, differences of age and status do not affect the relationship between people as they do in Japan. Students can talk to professors in very casual ways. A freshman and a senior in college can be good friends. In Japan, however, when Japanese people get together, their behaviors are influenced by an awareness of the order and rank of each person within the group according to age and social status. Respect to seniors is a social obligation that cannot be neglected....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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My Big Break

- My Big Break I'll never forget the time I made it into my high school's variety show during my freshman year. Every student has dreams of being the most popular kid in school. I was the quiet kid in school. I never caused any trouble, I never asked questions and I never started conversations. I wanted to be popular, but I knew that I needed a new image. I always enjoyed music; I always thought the drums were cool, so I began to play the drums. I formed a band with a few of my friends in hope to gain little popularity....   [tags: Personal Narrative Music Popularity Essays]

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Graduation Speech

- When I was chosen to speak tonight, I thought that as a track athlete it would be appropriate to compare life to a race. Life is a race, a race to each milestone in our lives. Kindergarten through fifth grade we had just entered ourselves into the race called education. We were about to test our strengths and find our weaknesses. The first day of kindergarten we weren't exactly sure what we were in for. Some of us began to write our names and learn to read, while others ate Elmer's glue and pulled little girls' pigtails -- you know who you are....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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The Pact

- The Pact One of the major themes in the book The Pact spoke of being there for your friends and giving them a shove in the right direction, helping one another out. Personally, I can relate to this theme, as I’m sure any person could, with just bits and pieces throughout my life. One particular piece that stands out would be my high school experience. Maybe it’s just because I’m fresh out of high school and it’s what I remember the most or maybe it’s because it really had a huge affect on who I’ve become today....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Traditional Values

- Traditional Values Traditional values can sometimes sway us to do wrong things parallel to our own personal beliefs. People, places, and things shape these values and cause us to surrender to situations that neither influence nor hold our interest. This is a scary concept: What if one of these situations put our life or someone else’s life in danger. This is a question that crossed my mind when I thought about conformity in my life. One memory in particular involves my football team. As did Langston Hughes in his experience with conformity, I too felt pressure from my peers to do something I didn’t want to do....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle In College

- The Dining Hall at State University is bustling with kids in sweatshirts and pajama pants. The make-your-own Belgian waffle line is long and students are complaining about the lack of forks. Phrases like “I got wicked smashed last night,” and “I really need a cup of coffee” can be heard around the tables. It’s typical Sunday morning on campus. It’s hard to find something healthy, nutritious, and tasty at the university’s dining halls. Students normally just go to the “caf” and choose whatever looks good to them, and the health effects really start to add up....   [tags: Healthy Lifestyle Essay]

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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Theater

- A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Theater September 5, 2000: First Audition Less than a week ago, I had never auditioned for anything. Tonight, I was on stage with forty or so actors, most of whom had several plays to their credit. As I had neither a major, nor past plays to back me up, I was nervous. I survived it all anyway, and had fun despite the scary scary evaluative process. September 7, 2000: Callbacks The hyper-talkative freshman girl in my French class looked at the callback list before I had a chance to....   [tags: Personal Narrative Acting Papers]

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College Binge Drinking: Not All Just Fun and Games

- College Binge Drinking: Not All Just Fun and Games For those who go out and drink in college, it is all about the good times, right. What everyone does not think about is the potential danger that drinking can cause, especially to the astonishing amount of college students who drink heavily on a regular basis. Alcohol abuse is the leading cause of death among teens and young adults, and according to many professionals, the high rate of binge-drinking and its effects on college students and the school or university is the top social issue on campuses....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Social Norms of State University Students Concerning Alcohol Use

- Social Norms of State University Students Concerning Alcohol Use Alcohol use on college campuses has been a hot issue for students and faculty for many years. Yet, there is still no concrete evidence as to the effects of alcohol use on college students. The perceived situation is college students binge drink and their grades are adversely affected. Is this a social norm. The question is whether these perceived social norms towards alcohol use on college campuses are in fact the social norms of college students....   [tags: Research Student Binge Drinking]

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Knute Rockne - Coach And Legend Of Notre Dame

- Knute Rockne - Coach and Legend of Notre Dame Knute Kenneth Rockne was born on March 4, 1888 in Voss, Norway. He first moved to Chicago at the age of 5. Nobody liked him there, and he was in many fights. Before football or even baseball, Knute discovered skiing.  He loved it, and went skiing every chance he got during the winter. Knute was a natural athlete, and excelled in all of the sports he tried. He excelled in track, making a name for himself later on. Although he was always one of the shortest guys around, Knute was one of the toughest....   [tags: essays research papers]

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College Eating Disorders: The Pressure To Be Perfect

- College Eating Disorders: The Pressure To Be Perfect an article by Eric Goodman informs us about the difficulties college women face while attending Miami University and other universities. The article talks about nine women living off campus their second year at Miami University and the problems the women face with eating disorders such as bulimia. All the girls were concerned with losing what's referred to as the freshman 15 the summer after their freshman year. This diet only led to more serious problems their sophomore year....   [tags: Health Fitness]

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A Case Study of the English Language Center

- A Case Study of the English Language Center Three blocks away from the hustle of Market Street, the main thoroughfare of Drexel University's campus, an unassuming building nestles in a quiet neighborhood. The street, lined with narrow sidewalks and trees, gives one a feeling of coziness and safety. Other than the faint sounds of city traffic, tranquility presides over this neighborhood scene. At 229 North 33rd Street stands a long, rectangular, light-colored brick building two stories high....   [tags: Research Papers]

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Graduation Speech: Don't Forget Where You Came From

- Good afternoon, I would like to begin by thanking the staff for the privilege of speaking before you on this bittersweet day. It seems like this past year has been a jumble of excitement, reminiscence of the past and uncertainty for the future. After dreaming about graduating since we jumped off the bus on the first day of kindergarten, it's finally here. With the years of number two pencils, group projects and final bells behind us, we find ourselves on the threshold of our future. Yet, it's difficult not to timidly glance back at our past and wonder if we are prepared for what lies ahead....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Unfounded Stereotypes and Stereotyping at State University

- Unfounded Stereotypes at State University Choosing a college major is often a difficult and distressing task for many students. Most individuals attend college to obtain a career that will lead to wealth and success. When deciding on a major, students consider their main interests as well as the opportunities offered by particular fields of study. Many of these young adults, however, never consider that the decisions they make can determine their "status" at a university and can be the source of many generalizations by peers....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Facts and Innovation of Education in China

- Facts and Innovation of Education in China I lived in a city and had a standard high school student life as others. I got up at 7:00 in the morning and tried not to be late for the morning class which is half an hour later. Then I had 9 classes till 5:00 in the afternoon, during which I could eat my one-hour-long lunch. Even at night and on weekends, I had to deal with tons of homework and tests, or locked myself in the classroom. It sounds crazy to have only one day per week free without classes or to stay at school more than at home, but millions of Chinese students are experiencing both situations....   [tags: Education Chinese Tests School Essays]

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Bob Dylan: The Voice of a Generation

- The Voice Of A Generation As one gradually makes their way through the exclusive pantheon of Rock & Roll, they will cross paths with such deities as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, be exposed to the unparalleled mastery of Jimi Hendrix and absorb the raw emotion of Janis Joplin and Curt Cobain. Eventually, at one point or another, they also must discover Dylan. The 1960s was a fiery decade for the United States, not only due to the fact that this country was engaged in a bloody stalemate in the jungles of Southeast Asia, but because we were gradually transforming into a new, better America back home....   [tags: Music]

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A Life of Usefulness and Reputation

- A Life of Usefulness and Reputation   The moral responsibility of training individuals for a life of usefulness and reputation rests within the university. However, it is difficult to define what this type of life entails. College education, therefore, is not about supplying students with specific moral obligations to be completed over the course of their lives; instead, universities teach their students to be proactive, to question everything, and to never be afraid to make mistakes. I am confident that my education at Brown, both in and out of the classroom, as well as my interests and concerns reflects my acquisition of these moral obligations....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Landscape Architecture

- Landscape Architecture How to create an environment suitable for human living when resources are limited is a challenging problem for modern society. My strong interest in photography and art has compelled me to become especially observant toward the relationship between human beings and the environment. I have come to realize that the environment we live in has suffered much damage from pollution and lacks competent planning, making it difficult to find beautiful scenery to photograph or sketch....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Racism and Prejudice at State College

- Racism and Prejudice at State College America: the home of the brave and the free, the "melting pot." America: a society of endless possibilities and promises. We as Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Or do we. On what do these rights depend. Power. Power is the ability to influence another's mind. Though expressed in many ways, power is not always accessible. One's social, economic, ethical, and racial status determine how much power one can have--the cultural majority has the power....   [tags: Sociology Racism Prejudice Essays]

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Prejudice and Racism at Our School

- Prejudice and Racism at Our School Racism...the belief that a particular race is superior to others; discrimination or prejudice based on race. Racism has been around for a long time and its effects have been seen a lot in the past few centuries: during the 1800s and earlier - in slavery, the Civil War, and slaves being freed; and then recently, during the 1900s - in the Civil Rights Movement. Everyone in the United States is supposed to have equal rights and not be discriminated against because of race, but sadly, that is not always what happens....   [tags: Sociology Racism Prejudice Essays]

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From the journal of Edna Krouner

- From the journal of Edna Krouner On September 17th, 1908, at the brisk hour of 6:30 a.m., Miss Edna Krouner of Wakefield Rhode Island boarded a train for Poughkeepsie, New York.. About to begin her sophomore year at Vassar college, Edna flirted with two central questions: How quickly could she fall back asleep, and would anyone notice the snag she had just made in her new grey skirt. The confident thunk of heavy luggage settles Edna into the train compartment. A small, exasperated groan issues from her round mouth....   [tags: Edna Krouner Journal short story]

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Body Image - A Body Unknown

- It happened suddenly, surprisingly and overnight. One day I was a child and the next I was a sex object. Catching everyone from friends to teachers, parents to siblings off guard I had grown into a women and to some, a piece of female specimen that welcomed sexual advances, harassment and jokes. The one thing that has defined my womanhood more then anything else has been my breasts. I was thrown, unarmed into this situation at the tender age of 13, since then my views have changed. At 13 I viewed my buxomest body as a toy, an advantage, but after 5 years of being viewed as a sex object my views have changed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Michael Jordan: King Of The Court

- Michael Jordan: King of the Court When I began my report I didn&#8217;t know much about Michael Jordan, but I did know that he was &#8220;undoubtedly the greatest player in the history of the NBA'; (&#8220;Michael Air Jordan'; 1). It seemed like every time I heard the word basketball I also heard the name Michael Jordan. There&#8217;s just no avoiding him. If you are watching television you might see him playing basketball or golf. If you were reading a magazine there will probably be an advertisement with his picture....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Graduation Speech: Footsteps on a Beach

- No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever. Like footsteps on a beach. People come in and out of our lives, leaving us changed in some shape or form. Like footsteps along our trail of destiny. Love: the people who care about us, the people we care about in our lives. Our family, friends and loved ones have all contributed to who we are as graduates, today. Our parents have raised us to believe in ourselves. To make the best of who we are. Our parents were raised by our grandparents with similar beliefs and expectations, as were we....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Urban Legend of Glenn Dale Hospital

- Glenn Dale Hospital Many urban legends get passed down to others from information people hear, read, and experience on their own. Stories get manipulated and exaggerated over time and reasons for the story’s existence can vary. The true story of Glenn Dale Hospital appears to be rather clear according to credible sources – but this does not stop people from creating their own myths and legends and believing what others tell them is true. The story was told to me by a white female college sophomore that I have known for many years....   [tags: Urban Legends Ghost Stories]

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An Open Minded Woman Rooted in Indian Tradition

- An Open Minded Woman Rooted in Indian Tradition "I don't mind if my parents try to find a boy for me. Arranged marriages are still a common thing in my family. I don't know what my parents will say if I have a boyfriend here and he is from another country. I am sure that they will not adamantly reject it, but they maybe disappointed." What a surprise for me that in the year 2000, there are some people who still undergo arranged marriages. I am thinking that it must be awkward for me to do it, but it is not for Preeti....   [tags: Interview Essays]

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Taking Action to Decrease Violence in High Schools

- Taking Action to Decrease Violence in High Schools Violence in high schools is present in many places in the school. A survey was taken by five high schools. Both students and teachers were given maps to their schools and asked to identify where and when the most violent events and most dangerous places in the school were at. The participants, or the teachers and students were also asked to identify the ages and sexes of the people who committed the violent acts and of the people who they were committed against....   [tags: School Violence Essays]

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College Admissions Essay - Rewards of Understanding

- College Admissions Essay - Rewards of Understanding As a high school freshman, I met and became friends with many new people. Among the most fascinating people was Lauren. I met Lauren in my lab class. She was outspoken and liberal. Her clothing revealed creativity; her big eyes, curiosity and strength. I was interested in learning more about Lauren, but felt shy about approaching her. My peers made fun of Lauren's manners and actions. They considered her too strange to know and shunned her....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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A Too-Personal Rant on Fundamental Attribution Error

- A Too-Personal Rant on Fundamental Attribution Error It's very easy to misunderstand what other people do. This is, in fact, the basis of a great many human conflicts. I am aware that I do this with some frequency, and am in fact very much in the middle of slandering a particular person presently for attributive reasons. The specifics of the case are illustrative, and the exercise might be helpful to me, too. My first contact with "Bob" was in my freshman seminar class, where I pegged him as a pretentious expletive-deleted....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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What Women Really Do in the Bathroom

- What Women Really Do in the Bathroom Throughout the ages, mankind has been troubled by a multitude of questions. Through perseverance and great intellectual curiosity, many of these questions have answers. Long have they pondered questions such as “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is grass green?” “Is the sky falling?” “What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?” and “What is the average velocity of an unladen swallow?” Thus far, we have been successful in compiling answers. However, there are other questions such as “Where do all the socks in laundry go?” “Why are gooses geese but mooses not meese?” and “What would we do without any hypothetical questions?” that have yet to be...   [tags: Papers]

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The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

- The University of North Carolina at Greensboro In 1891 the University of North Carolina at Greensboro was founded by the state of North Carolina, only it was not called University of north Carolina at Greensboro, it was State Normal & Industrial School. The state founded this college to higher educate the women in the state of North Carolina. For seventy-two years the college remained only for women until 1963. In 1963 there was a law that said all state colleges must admit both sexes into their program of education....   [tags: Papers]

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The Long Road to Graduate School

- The Long Road to Graduate School In his poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost wrote, "Two roads diverge in the woods, and I took the one least traveled by/ And that has made all the difference." In this poem, the narrator had a choice of two roads. However, I've discovered that life is a little more complicated. Sometimes the path we embark on is not always the one we choose. Sometimes we are pushed or pulled in certain directions and we have to react to our environment. My path to a college education has been filled with bumps, potholes, detours and roadblocks....   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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College Admissions Essay: Ebony and Infinity

- Diversity Statement - Ebony and Infinity "According to the National Children's Defense Fund handout in front of you, 'One in every twenty-one thousand black women receive a Ph.D. in mathematics and/or any of the natural sciences,'" my professor explained. "If you use these figures, that means you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than of earning a doctoral degree." My heart stopped after hearing those numbers, for I was a black female student planning to earn a Ph.D....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Character Reference Letter for a Friend

- Character Reference Letter for a Friend The purpose is to provide a character reference for Bob Simmons whom I have known as a classmate, roommate, and friend for a period of six years. I first met Bob our freshman year at State College. We were studying an arts program there and became acquainted through a number of classes that we shared. By the second year, we had become friends and decided to live together in an off-campus apartment. We shared that living arrangement until we graduated last year....   [tags: Business Character Reference Letters]

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My Mean Old Art Teacher

- My Mean Old Art Teacher Mr. Arnold stands smugly by his classroom door between classes, with his arms proudly crossed over his chest as trails of students trample past his art room each day. Many of the passers-by recognize this man simply as "the scary art teacher." Those who have experienced Mr. Arnold's art class first-hand regard him otherwise. I had heard many stories about Mr. Arnold before entering his grueling class. "Most people don't like him," some warned me. Others commented, "I've heard his class is really difficult." I can remember my first day in his art class clearly....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Benefits of Shopping Online

- The Benefits of Shopping Online As my fingers flutter the mouse across my computer screen, my mind is wondering in one-hundred different directions. I had just found out earlier at my sorority’s chapter meeting that we were having a semi-formal in approximately a month. Who could I invite. There’s that intelligent actor I met, no, he has a fiancé. What about the guitar player in my statistics class, no, I don’t really know him. What about that cute blue-eyed boy. He’d make a wonderful date because he is fun to be around and a great dancer....   [tags: Internet ecommerce Essays]

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The Shortcomings of College Education

- The Shortcomings of College Education "The more we know the world around us, the more successful we will be." This quote, from the introduction of my high school chemistry book, was my driving force as a teenager to attend college. My expectations of college were to gain insight into a world that I had not yet discovered. I had high aspirations of receiving a good education and obtaining a good job when I graduated. But four years later when graduation day arrived, I felt unfulfilled. In evaluating my education, I realized that I learned how to get good, but not great grades....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Different Styles of Spoken Language

- Throughout my life I have worked in a variety of settings and have learned various skills and techniques when it comes to dealing with others. One of those skills I have learned is how to use different styles of spoken language, to fit in and become accepted. By using different styles in different working environments I have mastered the skill of tongue twisting. Meaning that I am able to convince people I know what I am talking about and make them feel at ease when talking to me. This paper is going to examine two working environments that are very different from one another and in both I used spoken style of speech to become accepted and good at my job....   [tags: Essays on Spoken Language]

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My City on the Mountain

- My City on the Mountain Flagstaff, Arizona to me has been “The City on the Hill” with its seemingly beautiful light shining down on to me in the Valley of the Sun. I have planned my get away up the mountain (as Phoenicians refer to going to Flagstaff) as long as I can remember. Ever since I was old enough to know what a college really was I have known I was going to be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall of 2004. The thought of cool mountain air blowing against my face each morning, sure made the wall of heat that actually surrounded my body each time I stepped out side seem unbearable....   [tags: Personal Narrative College Flagstaff Essays]

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A View of My Philosophy

- A View of My Philosophy It’s hard to decide on a major as a high school student preparing to enter college. There are so many possibilities and it seems impossible to choose only one. It was a major decision for me, and I was terrified I would make the wrong choice. What if I didn’t like my major. What if I found nothing that I liked. I attended West Virginia Wesleyan College my freshman year with no decided major. Education had always been in the back of my mind, but I wanted to make sure that there was nothing else that would catch my attention....   [tags: Teaching Education Teachers Essays]

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Media Impacts and College Life

- From the Inside Looking Out As a college female growing up in a media-crazed age, I am deeply troubled and affected by the media's support of the thin ideology. I am a classic example of the media's impact on females and the downward spiral of self-satisfaction. Being present in the center of college life, I am in the midst of the hormonal sea of students. Whether it's at class or watching the sorority and fraternity kids run around during rush week, there is always chasing for approval between the sexes....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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We Should Pay College Athletes

- Over the years, the debate on whether or not to pay collegiate athletes, specifically Division 1, has increased greatly. With athletes bringing in millions of dollars to their respective schools, many believe it’s time to make a change. The debate has been ongoing since the 70’s, maybe even earlier, but it really came to the attention of many in the early 90’s, specifically 1995. Marcus Camby, a basketball player for the Toronto Raptors, admitted he took money and jewelry, from somebody who wanted to be his agent, while he was playing at the University of Massachusetts....   [tags: Pro-Con Essays]

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College or University Graduation Speech

- Hello, good morning and welcome to graduation for the class of 2012. I have waited to hear those words for 5 years - and by the looks on all of my fellow graduates faces, I am not alone. Think with me for a minute about the process we have gone through which has gathered us here today. Our stories of these past years are not much different. Whether you went to a community college, transferred here from another four-year school or started your freshman year in the dorms near the entrance of this campus, we are finally finishing together....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Learning and Golf- Personal Narrative

- Learning and Golf- Personal Narrative It just always seemed like something that I had to do. Ever since I was ten years old I’ve been playing, practicing, and talking about golf. I always have had a love for the game, but I never really thought about how stressful and painful it made my life. Even at ten I thought my future had already been planned for me. I was already thinking of life as a professional golfer. I was certain that I would go play golf for a big college, and instant fame would soon follow....   [tags: Papers]

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Juveniles and the Death Penalty

- Juveniles and the Death Penalty It was a warm summer evening in a small town in the state of Missouri. John Freshman, a white male gang member fourteen years of age, drives down a street that he knows his rival gang members are usually standing along. John pulls his 9 MM. automatic pistol out from underneath his seat and points it at the group of rival gang members. John opens fire and unloads his weapon at anybody standing along the street. As John pulls away from the area, he almost gets into an accident with a parked vehicle and drops his weapon....   [tags: Papers]

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I Know the Real Me

- In our lives there is only one person that we really need to learn how to be kind to, care for, rely on, be honest with, and just overall love and respect, and that person is our own self. Then with this knowledge we are capable of sharing all that we have learned with others and giving them the things we want in return. Yet if we never learn how to respect ourselves we end up not experiencing life to the fullest. When one does not know how to appreciate oneself they cannot truly be happy. They begin to get depressed and/or lead their own life to what, according to others, is the path they should take....   [tags: Essay About Myself]

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Personal Narrative: A Personal Essay

- “The inside of the shell looks to me like a sore throat mouth,” is the sentence I wrote on paper eighteen years ago. It was my first day of an expository writing class and I was a freshman in college. Assorted objects were placed in the center of a table, around which twenty students and I sat around. Professor H asked us to describe the objects. What I saw was a seashell, a piece of driftwood and a black and white framed photo of an old man and a silver pocket watch. I wanted to sketch the still life in opposition to writing....   [tags: Narrative Essay Writing English]

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The Life Of Donald Justice

- The Life of Donald Justice Donald Justice is a poet who has had some of the best poems from American literature, along with the lifestyle that is shared by most striving artists1. He has worked his way through life with many occupations and experiences under his belt, with the same diversities possessed by his poems3. Some of these poems include "Men At Forty," "For A Freshman Reader," "Poem," and "Incident In A Rose Garden" and show a great difference in tone. Not every poet has the same way of showing a different tone for their poems; sometimes, poets keep to one style of writing and stick with it....   [tags: Poet Poetry Biography]

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Dying at a Young Age

- Dying at a Young Age Death can occur at any age or period in a person’s life. Death is a natural part of life that everyone will one day have to face. So why does it seem so different when a young adult or adolescent dies in comparison to an older adult. Is it so different. My brother lost two of his best friends in the last three years. One in a car accident and one to a terminal illness. I also lost my best friend in a car accident. In this paper we will look at why people consider it so different when a younger person dies, as well as what is appropriate behavior in dealing with death....   [tags: Death Youth Accidents Essays]

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Reaching My Students Through Real World Experiences

- Reaching My Students Through Real World Experiences High school teachers face the challenge of preparing their students for the real world. Students need real world preparation, not just acumen. Reaching my students involves building encouraging relationships and a sense of security within the classroom. Sharing my personal experiences, as well as the testimonies of others, can be an effective motivational tool for preparing college-bound students for the real world. My role as a teacher involves communicating the many obstacles college students face....   [tags: Education Learning Teaching Papers]

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Adam Taliaferro - An Inspirational Football Player

- Adam Taliaferro - An Inspirational Football Player I’ve known Adam Taliaferro for almost two and a half years. I knew him before his horrific injury suffered at Ohio State. I knew him throughout his rigorous rehabilitation routine at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia. I know him today, continuing to rehabilitate and inspire countless individuals through their daily struggles. Remarkably, throughout those two and a half years, he has remained unchanged. Obviously, there are physical differences....   [tags: Personal Narratives]

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Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University

- Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University The Background of the Costs of Tuition at Iowa State University Iowa State University is a land grant school which, among other things, means that the university gets money from the state of Iowa from the taxes that residents pay to the state. Because of this in state residents who choose to go to the university do not have to pay a large amount of money while out-of-state residents have to pay almost twice as much. Iowa State University does not have reciprocity, meaning that even residents from the surrounding states, Minnesota, Illinois, etc., have to pay full out-of-state tuition....   [tags: Colleges Education Finances Papers]

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School Construction: Wrong Decision

- School Construction: Wrong Decision My only ‘normal’ year of high school was my freshman year. I don’t know if any part of high school is normal, but the last three years for me were miserable. Those years were full of construction. Greeneville High School was built in 1950 and was in serious need of help. The town had to make a decision on what they wanted. They weren’t sure whether to build a brand new school in a new location or remodel and expand right where it is....   [tags: Personal Narrative Argumentative Papers]

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Philosophy of Teaching Statement

- Philosophy of Teaching Statement As a freshman in college, I was faced with one of the most important decisions of my life. I had to decide where I wanted my college education to go and what I wanted to become as an adult. My whole freshman year, I struggled to make a decision. My family encouraged me to major in business, because even if I didn’t like my job they felt that I could make a lot of money and have financial security. They didn’t feel like education was the right career for me....   [tags: Educating Education Essays Teacher]

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The Nurturing College Professor

- The Nurturing College Professor Nurturing behavior regarding teaching is defined in both negative and positive ways when addressing the effectiveness of the teacher and his or her impact and influence on student learning. Helping a student become a better and more involved learner is an important issue when talking about nurturing teaching because it exists as one of the ultimate goals of this kind of encouraging and supportive teacher.This teacher wants to see his or her students as engaged as possible with the material.ìÖwe would expect students who are really learning to be asking question and exploring connections between their personal lives and the course material in their writings an...   [tags: Nurture Classroom Students Helping Papers]

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Rape on College Campuses

- Rape on College Campuses Nicole Johnson*, a 22-year-old senior at an area university looks back at her college experience as graduation approaches, generally happy with how everything turned out, however, a dark cloud still looms over her freshman year when she was raped. “I went to a party with a few girls I just met,” Nicole recalls. “I had two beers and felt really drunk and could barely stand up.” After lying down in an empty room in the apartment, Nicole only remembers the moment she woke up....   [tags: Sexual Violence Crimes Essays]

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The Language of MIT

- The Language of MIT "I have 18.02 due at 4:00 P. M. on 11/14/00 in 16-135. Then I have to go to 8.01 in 26-100 at 5:00 P. M. and get at least a 65 on Exam 3. Do you remember the Athena cluster combination. Oh, yeah, it's 43169*." To an average person, this jargon sounds like a computer code or a series of misunderstandings. However, every MIT student has probably said and heard something like this to describe his or her schedule in a small part of the day. Numbers are the language at MIT, and they specify all sorts of places, classes, work, time, and even the students themselves....   [tags: Numbers School Education Communication Essays]

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