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Making Freshman Year Less Stressful

- First semester college freshman battle stress, depression, and anxiety caused by the transition from high school to college. Adaptation alone is a stressful series of occurring events, and to adapt to their [freshman] surrounding environment, an individual must manage problems, challenges, and demands in his or her daily life (Dyson 2). The transition from high school to a major university is portrayed as the process of growing into adulthood from youth. On top of being unfamiliar with college life, many freshmen second guess their academic abilities and whether or not they can meet the expatiations of their over zealous parents....   [tags: college, freshman,]

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Freshmen and Depression: Talk About it

- As a freshman in college it is normal to have the “blues” or become homesick. More than likely you’re away from home and out on your own for the first time in your life. Therefore it is okay to feel sad or out of place from time to time. Lately, however, these blues have manifested themselves and turned into to full blown depression. The number of freshmen dealing with depression is steadily rising with each set of incoming freshmen. According to the American College Health Association (ACHA), the percentage of college students diagnosed with depression has increased 56 percent in the last six years....   [tags: freshman, college, depression,]

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Say Goodbye to the Freshman 15

- As obesity rates increase, the U.S solidifies an example of culturally influenced weight problems and is regarded as one of the fattest nations in the world. College campuses in the U.S. are the perfect example of cultural weight gain. The large number of freshmen gaining the stereotypical “freshman 15” can be explained through poor diet and exercising practices developed in college and the university’s dining options. It is a common concern for approaching college students to gain fifteen pounds while adjusting to school life....   [tags: health and wellness awareness programs]

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Transitioning to College: The Freshman 15

- Throughout the length of schooling, students go through various changes. In their first year of school, children are required to make the transition from being at home for the entire day to being in school for a number of hours a day. These transition periods happen many times through the schooling years, but the most drastic changes occur during the transition from high school to college, where students weather numerous lifestyle changes. While each individual student goes on their own journey, certain themes remain common between different students....   [tags: Health ]

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The Real Cause of the 'Freshman 15'

- The debate has been going on for years. Is it normal or should you be concerned about the freshman 15. The freshman 15 is a term known for the around fifteen or plus pounds a typical college student gains during their first year of college. The usual argument is that college students are unprepared for life on their own and that once they have control they make eating healthy their last priority. However, an article from the Huffington Post suggests otherwise; that in fact it is not the students fault but the schools and their overwhelming smorgasbord of unhealthy food choices....   [tags: student weight gain first year of college]

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Chapter Six - Freshman Year

- ... But there is so much more to this that I have barely skimmed the surface of this ocean deep story. We had math and history together so I sought out to get to know him since I saw him everyday. We would talk and were always sat close to one another, he was very shy and I think that’s just what drew me to him. He wouldn’t talk to me. I love to talk and the fact that I couldn’t get this boy to say two words to me made me set out on a mission to get him to talk to me. The more and more I tried the more it seemed he would open up so I was getting him there....   [tags: High school, Friendship]

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Escape from the Freshman 15

- The very first thing I did when I landed in California, was stuff my face with some delicious fast food; let’s just say the American commercials I saw back in Africa accomplished their goal. The first few months in California were hard, especially being alone in a new country; therefore I made two new best friends, food and social media. When I finally became accustomed to this strange land, I kicked the excessive eating and social media to the curb, but they left me a present in the form of thirty pounds of fat....   [tags: adopting healthy habits]

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College Freshman Learning Communities

- Freshman learning communities (FLC) are programs where 15 to 30 first-year students register for several general-education courses that focus on a common theme (Jaffee, 2004). Although there are several different types of learning communities, they all are designed for the same purposes. One of the main purposes in implementing freshman learning communities is to assist the students in their transition to a new environment. This acclimation involves becoming better acquainted with the other students, faculty members, campus culture, and academic expectations....   [tags: higher Education, higher learning]

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Freshman Students 's Social Outcasts

- ... Specially when hearing stories of what high school literally is and not knowing whether it is the truth or just made up a stories that just scare you even more. The experience that is given as a freshman are improvements shown in the long run. Therefore, it helps examine the personal traits, personalities and abilities that as a freshman had on the exact first day compared to now. As a freshman you are given more freedom as letting things go by and allowing you to procrastinate more than the upper class....   [tags: High school, College, Ninth grade, Upper class]

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I Was An Undecided Freshman Entering College

- I was an undecided Freshman entering college in Fall of 2011. I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to do, but I had no specific goals. I had always had a commitment problem. It never made sense to me how anyone could choose to do one thing and stick with it for the rest of their lives. When I would get bored with routine, I would usually change it or stop altogether because I hated the feeling of being tied down. I refused to do the same thing for the rest of my life. I knew that psychology was one of my options; it was always my “go to” answer if anyone were to ask....   [tags: Nutrition, High school, Psychology]

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Tips for Having a Successful Freshman Year

- College is the time when a person goes from being a kid to a young adult. This is also the time when a person is on his or her own but also needs to learn how to be responsible at the same time. But as time goes by, we students have learned the hard way that it’s extremely easy to let that freedom get to our heads and go a bit overboard causing us to screw something up. Studies have shown that students who’d never had a problem doing homework find themselves failing tests when there’s no one around to motivate them to attend class....   [tags: college life]

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When Taking Freshman Composition II

- ... Paying attention to class lectures, annotating sample essays and writing summaries really helped me overcome these writing obstacles. The next strength I have as a writer is the ability to write my essay with developed paragraphs with evidence that connects to my subject. In my first critical evaluation argument essay, I was able to give direct evidence by quoting my advertisements and giving details “Popchips argues that their snack will not cause you to gain weight and will not make you feel guilty after eating them according to the first ad, “ Spare me the guilt chip”....   [tags: Writing, Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Fallacy]

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The Freshman 15

- When I arrived here at college I was extremely disappointed with the selection of food here in the cafeteria. I frequently found myself eating only hamburgers and pizza over and over again, simply because I did not like the other choices. About four months into the school year I had do go to the doctor for a virus and when the nurse weighed me I was a little surprised by what I saw. I had gained a little over ten pounds, close enough to what some refer to as the “Freshman 15.” It is a common fear among college students that they are going to gain fifteen pounds during the course of adjusting to college life....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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My Least Favorite Class My Freshman Year

- The class that I like the least my freshman year is government, not only did I find out after half of the semester that I did not need the class I found out that I could not drop the class because I had to have 12 credits for my financial aid to cover my classes. I was so mad at my advisor for putting me in a class that I did not need and putting me in a situation that I could not do anything about. So I finished the class and ended with a low grade because I did not enjoy the class. I did not like the teacher he made a lot of squiggly lines and boxes and circles and I need words not just random drawings on a dry erase board and that was not even the worst part I told him that I couldn’t un...   [tags: government college class]

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I Am Apart Of The Freshman Academic Seminar

- ... Yeah, there could be better grammar or I could have said something differently. But to me, this memoir was perfect. Not perfect grammar, but it perfectly reflects how I felt in that situation. I had mentioned “It never comes at the right time if there is even a “right” time” (Questions left unanswered 2). To me this sentence represents how I felt when I found out what had happened to my uncle. However, to some they might just see that the sentence should read “It never comes at the right time, if there is even a “right” time” (Questions left unanswered)....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Creative writing, Writer]

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College Freshman - How NOT to Gain Weight

- College Freshman - How NOT to Gain Weight Starting college life is far from difficult; in fact it is fun starting a new way of life. Life without the constant objections from your parents and annoyance from your little sibling is one of the many advantages you gain from college. Cancelled classes, late night parties and deleterious amounts of food make college enjoyable; however, this can lead to weight gain. “Freshman 15” is not a myth and although you may not be unfortunate enough to gain 15 pounds, you might gain some weight....   [tags: Proposing a Solution Health Eating]

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My Freshman Year

- My freshman year was suppossed to be my year, the year I was finally going to be in "Highschool".It was considered the most important year in my life, that I could've only dreamed about. You see,from the fifth to eighth grade i attended homeschool and smaller schools. Highschool was going to be big!I thought I was finally going to be considered a young adult.This very year 2012 would be the hardest year of my life. I remeber this year like the back of my hand. My bestfriends were Jatereus, Leneice, Denise, and J'Quaylon....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Essay About Myself]

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The Freshman 15: Something College Kids Don't Want to Catch

- While living our daily lives’ something unexpected might happen to us college kids. Something that no one ever wants to catch or have, the so called “Freshman 15.” The Freshman 15 is a way of saying that freshmen in college are going to gain at least fifteen pounds or more during the first year of college. No matter what college students do in their hectic life, there just never seems to be any time to do anything other than school work. There is no telling who will gain these horrifying fifteen pounds during their first year in college, it just depends on the choices a person makes while being in college....   [tags: gaining weight the time at university]

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What makes a first year college student successful?

- Freshman year, the year of many first; the first time living away from home, the first time being away from friends, the first time a student has control of their own learning. Freshman year requires a lot of discipline, but a lot of students do not possess this trait. The factors that contribute to the success of first year college students are social support, comfort within the college environment, self control,responsibiliy and positive self concept. Being a college student could be very stressful; many students feel pressure from their family and peers to do well....   [tags: College Success Freshman]

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United States at Risk Because of the College Freshman Dropout Rate

- There is a shocking dropout rate among college freshmen due to persecution by professors and if the condition persists, America’s economy will be dangerously destabilized. Understanding that the future of the nation is dependent on the upcoming youth for leaders, colleges should want to provide educational opportunities that will insure steady economic growth and prosperity. Unfortunately, research provides evidence to the contrary. Research confirms that one out of every four freshmen drop out immediately after or during their first year in college (Whitborne 26)....   [tags: persecution by professors]

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Becoming a Leader in High School

- ... I had plans of becoming elected for the principal’s list and working my hardest on receiving an high grade point average at the end of the year. As the days passed and time progressed, I found myself starting to skip classes for they seemed unimportant. When I try to enter a classroom - I was always dying to exit because of my lack of interest, which propelled me towards thinking to quit school completely. My tardiness for classes was far beyond unacceptable as I kept hiding to smoke on campus....   [tags: leader, experience, freshman, path]

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The Top 25 Freshman in the Nation Entering the 2010-11' College Basketball Season

- The cream of the crop; the players your program would love to have. Here is the list of the top 25 freshman in the nation entering the 2010-11' college basketball season. Watch out for: Trevor Reliford - Alabama Point Guard, 5'11' 175 lbs; Justin Coleman - Louisville, Shooting Guard 6'6' 210 lbs; Casey Prather - Florida, Small Forward 6'6'195 lbs. 25. Terrence Ross - Washington, Small Forward 6'6' 180 lbs. He is a very versatile forward that can score in many ways. You can put Ross on the low-block or outside the paint and expect him to score....   [tags: Sports]

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My High School 's Tennis Team When I Was A Freshman

-   I first joined my high school’s tennis team when I was a freshman. Although I had little knowledge of the sport due to the district’s lack of a tennis program at the junior high I attended, I still wanted to experience something new. However once tryouts came around, I was one of the unfortunate ones to be cut for no logical reason. The news devastated me and made me feel that I wasn’t good enough to do anything. On the other hand, my friends made the team and encouraged me to try again the following year because they knew I could improve and be great....   [tags: High school, Better, Sophomore, Sophomore's dream]

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What I Learned in My Freshman Class of Composition 1

- This course was the first course I took as an incoming freshman, as anyone could imagine I was scared and nervous at the same time. Also since it is a writing course; I was hesitant if I wanted to continue in the class because writing is very challenging for me as an immigrant. Returning from summer break, I found it extremely tough to continue where I left off with my writing skills from high school. The fear of writing that my old high school teacher instilled in me did not help my writing anxiety either....   [tags: personal reflection]

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Role of the College Dining Commons in Gaining the Freshman Fifteen

- Role of the College Dining Commons in Gaining the Freshman Fifteen Introduction: When beginning college, many freshmen, or first years, have to adjust to the different aspects of college life: the environment, the rigorous academics, the various clubs and activities to be involved in and the new friendships to be made. If one is living in the dorms, another area of adjustment to be made is the food. At UC Davis, the dining commons, more commonly known as the “DC,” are the main sources of food for freshmen (and a few transfer students) living on campus....   [tags: Health Nutrition Diet Exercise Essays]

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The Elements of Learning by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon

- When entering college freshman students face difficulties by not knowing how to adjust to the new expectations college brings. A freshman student tends to approach college with the same mentality used throughout their high school years. But as the first semester start, they encounter a variety of challenges, including having to change their study habits and knowing how to wisely manage their time. The book “The Elements of Learning” by B. Banner, Jr., and C. Cannon, introduces the elements a student must possess in order be successful in college....   [tags: college freshman, sutdents, high school]

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Time Management Is Pandemic Like Because It Could Academically Kill Incoming Freshman Students

- ... Missing deadlines is a product of not having time management skills. In a related entry from The Missed Deadline: Whose Problem is it?, “Why don’t people realize how important deadlines are. Don’t they realize the impact of these actions on our company’s reputation” (Stevens and Portugal 48). The absence of time management skills not only affects you, but those around you and your environment. One solution to enhancing your time management skills is to utilize campus resources, when used correctly, can exponentially increase your skills....   [tags: Management, Time management, Organization]

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Personal Narrative- The Things I Learned from my Freshman Year of High School

- My palms were sweating, my heart was racing, I had no idea what to expect or who I was going to meet. I was never the type of girl to embrace new situations, I hated change and I wasn’t very good with meeting new people. I figured once I got to high school it would be my chance to start all over, turn the page in my book of life, and flip over a new leaf. I wanted to finally be the girl that fit in with everyone. I had imagined myself going to parties with big groups of my new friends, having sleepovers and doing all of the things cool high school kids normally do....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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The Effects of Small Loans to Those in Need

- ... Liya was sent to her uncle’s house, where she was mistreated by her aunt. This made life very tough for Liya, it seemed as though her childhood was ripped out of her hands, forcing her to grow up fast. In order to support herself Liya began selling vegetables in her village market in order to help provide for her family. Soon enough Liya got married and had four children. Her husband’s business wasn’t doing well and he wasn’t able to provide for his family, so he eventually abandoned Liya and the children, leaving her to be the primary supporter and parent of her growing family....   [tags: culminating freshman year project]

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Risk Factors for Freshman in Their First Year College Experience

- At the turn of the 20th century, the majority of college students were white male adolescents, primarily the sons of doctors, lawyers, ministers, prosperous merchants, and well-to-do farmers (Jenkins, Miyazaki, and Janosi). First generation college students are a new demographic when it comes to the college population. First generation students are the first in their family to attend college and plan to be the first in their family that graduate. According to data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics, First Generation Students make up 43% of the student population (Nunez, Cuccaro-Alamin, and Carroll.)....   [tags: higher education life]

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Mac vs PC: What Laptop is Most Suitable to a College Freshman?

- Reliability and Speed Some of the best Windows-based laptops tend to be higher priced. Windows-based laptops that are priced low, are more trouble than they are worth. Typically they come with slower Intel Core i-3 or slower i-5 processors, low-end graphics cards, and 2-4GB of RAM. They are good for word processing and browsing the Internet. These may be great for English majors too, especially if they are on a budget. A Windows-based laptop that is comparable to a MacBook Pro 13” in price and performance is the Dell XPS 13....   [tags: reliability and speed, price, simplicity]

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Preference of Freshman Tourism Students of De La Salle Lipa In Choosing a Tourist Destination

- The tourism of a country is based in many factors. International demand usually affects the tourism of a place. Most travellers make several outlines in choosing a good destination. Several choices are usually affected by the born of their natural surroundings at home. Too much familiarity usually makes the tourists want to discover and experience a different environment. Each person has a different personalities that make them different from all tourists.The research paper aims to make a clear overview of the perception and preference of different individuals....   [tags: tourist destination, cultural tourism, tourists]

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The Emotional Health Of College Freshmen

- ... Chronic stress develops additional side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, changes in appetite, and neck and lower back pain (Murff). In addition, extended and severe stress can be psychologically detrimental. Academic demands and responsibilities cannot be applied to the same flight or fight concept (Murff). Because many students do not seek proper support or help, bodily rebounds triggered by stress over time begin to fail to relieve feelings of unease. For this reason, psychological distress in college students is shown to lead to anxiety and depression (Deckro 281)....   [tags: Psychology, Anxiety, Stress, University]

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My Fantastic Freshmen Roommate

- ... So there I was on move in day walking into my room carrying all of my stuff looking like I was ready to go on a five year backpacking trip around the world. Once I had walked in the room I saw that Natali (my new roommate) had Harry Potter posters plastered all along her side of the room. I knew at that moment that we would get along just fine. Now not everyone will immediately feel the way I did about Natali if you go in with the mindset that you will hate your roommate just from everything that you have been told....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A Letter to College Freshmen Students

- As a new freshman entering this Community College, you will be discovering and experiencing many new things about the world in which you live and yourself. The jump from high school to college can be a very scary but exciting experience. I have some valuable advice for you on how to make this transition smoother and an enjoyable experience rather than a scary and lonely one. My number one piece of advice is for you to enter this experience with an open mind. If you come into this new situation with a good outlook and a positive attitude, your experience will be a lot more rewarding....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Everyone's Feelings Matter... Yes, even Freshmen

- Everyone's Feelings Matter... Yes, even Freshmen. On the sixth day of school, Pac-Tech1 gathered all its members, old and new, in the scene shop. For me, most of the faces were familiar. The club's board members were all in attendance, as were most of the juniors and sophomores, and all of us were sizing up our new crop of freshmen. To their silent but shared dismay, all but two were girls. Even the established females of Pac-Tech know that most girls who enter our ranks rarely present at more than two sequential meetings before drifting out of the reach of anyone in the theater....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Binge Drinking Freshmen

- Binge Drinking Freshmen Emily* is a typical female college student on the outside, with a shocking story hidden on the inside. Emily began drinking before most students rode on their first bus … school bus. At the age of 4, Emily wasn’t given candy, but alcohol instead. As an incentive for repeating words back to her aunt she was given red wine. As Emily got older, her mother brought her to family parties, oblivious to what was going on. At these parties, Emily would typically drink scotch or whiskey, provided to her by the older men in the family....   [tags: Personal Narrative College Papers]

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How To Prevent the Freshmen Fifteen

- Every college freshmen looks forward to the newfound freedom, new friends, and new dorm room college life brings, yet with those exciting experiences comes the oh-so-dreaded freshmen fifteen, a haunting threat looming above.  It’s easy to say “I eat whatever and never gain weight” or “I’ll watch what I eat,” yet those few pounds happen to the best of us, even those with fast metabolisms.  A friend of mine ate whatever she wanted during high school and did not believe in the freshmen fifteen until she went home last year during winter break and had gained almost fifteen pounds, going from one-sixteen to one-twenty-nine.  Homework and activities get in the way of exercising, and one thing lea...   [tags: How To Control Stress 2014]

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My First Year At Averett As Freshmen History

- ... Rome was were the mother church was and were the Pope or the bishop of Rome was located. After all of that, we get a guy named Muhammad. He was in 570 and in 610 he went to Mount Hira. There he received a message from the Angel Gabriel and after he would receive many more revelation. After that he became the founder of Islam and is always regard as the “Holy Prophet.” All of his revelation were written down and became the Koran. For example, one of the stories was the Night Journey. The dream was about him getting taken by the angel Gabriel and was put on a white winged donkey....   [tags: Christianity, Protestant Reformation, Pope]

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Freshmen Fifteen

- Freshmen Fifteen: An Inescapable College Epidemic. Six months ago, she stood in front of her mirror, examining her body closely. Her stomach was flat and smooth, her waistline was to die for, and her friends and even complete strangers wished they had her shape in her size five jeans. She never had to work out, never played any sports, and she did not know what a squat was. She was happy and confident as her scale read 120 pounds. She smiled at the reflection of herself. She proudly wore her Seton Hall tank top and loved the feel of it....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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An Investigation into Freshmen Student Perceptions of the Effectiveness and Value of Digital and Information Literacy

- All the students taking part in this project were freshmen students in their first semester at State University, and almost all came straight from high school. All but one of them had experience of studying overseas for periods ranging from one year to, in one case, their whole life. Only one student had their whole educational experience in Japan, but even this student attended internationals school in Japan for the most part. So they were a very, very diverse group in terms of their international experience as the graphic above shows, as there is a map icon for each country a student spent at least one year in as a student....   [tags: ]

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The Effects of Social Media on College Freshmen

- ... There are many outcomes to the use of social media and many of them can be detrimental to a student’s happiness. Social media can also encourage new bad behaviors in teenagers who are easily influenced. Teens that use social media must learn to prioritize their lives in order to prevent disorder in their lives. It can also be very helpful for some teens that are socially shy and need new ways of making friends. Many teens today struggle with being shy and don’t know how to interact with their peers....   [tags: social life, happiness, grades]

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Factors Affecting the Course Preference of Freshmen Female Engineering Students

- The researchers conducted a survey in De La Salle Lipa, which is offering Engineering courses. This process was done in order to have a firsthand data about the factors which affect the preference of the female first year college students taking up BS Electronics and Communication Engineering. The proponents of this research paper prepared survey sheets using an English language since this study is for the communication skills. The answers on the survey questions can be supported by the ideas from the published books, and websites which were discovered by the researchers while having their study about the said topic....   [tags: survey, college undergraduate]

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Summary Of ' Taking My Parents On College ' By Jennie Capo Crucet

- ... She had to understand that this was a completely new chapter in her life that she was about to be exposed to. I think she does a good job by describing her experience at orientation, so other freshman, like myself, can see that we are not alone. Crucet’s uncertainty about her orientation makes us, the readers, realize that we are not alone during these first steps of the college process. When Crucet describes her reaction to her right college assignment. The assignment was an English paper, that she had no idea how to this paper....   [tags: University, Student, Homework help service]

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Student Orientation and Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond

- 1.The primary purpose of the Student Orientation and Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond is to introduce students to the campus, the concept of college life, and living on their own. Orientation serves to organize incoming freshman into smaller, more manageable groups. It allows incoming freshman to become acquainted with other freshman, as well as living in residence halls and using the dining halls. It also provides incoming freshman an opportunity to make their schedules with help from advisors and Orientation staff....   [tags: Campus Life]

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Graduation Speech : Transitioning Into College

- ... While in college, students have more freedom than ever before, sometimes this gets into their heads and they begin to miss their eight in the morning class because they were out late with their friends the night before. This is a common mistake students make while scheduling, they don’t consider the freedom they will have and the amount of time after-class assignments will actually take. Generally speaking, the normal three-credit hour class will have about six to nine hours worth of work outside of class....   [tags: University, Student, Education, Academia]

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The Rivalry Between Apple and Windows Computers

- Introduction For over the past decade there has been a rivalry between Apple and Windows computers. There are strong arguments to be made by both sides. In this report we analyze the differences between Apple and Windows. The key factors we examined are price, user-friendliness, hardware, customizability, variety, and future outlook of the companies. After analysis we recommend that a college freshman buy an Apple laptop over Windows laptop if they have the available funds. What College Freshman Need For most freshmen it’s their first year away from home, family, and security....   [tags: price, laptops, efficiency, viruses]

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Reducing Dropout Rates and Closing the Achievement Gap

- Current interests in reducing high dropout rates and closing the achievement gap across many United States high schools have resulted in a major education reform. According to Durden (2008), with the passing of the No Child Left Behind legislation in 2002, national officials authorized the Comprehensive School Reform program to support low performing schools as they struggled to improve student achievement. As a result, a wide range of approaches have been considered to help solve this nation-wide concern....   [tags: Education ]

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High School At The Beginning Of College

- ... The stress activates cortisol, a stress hormone in the body, and puts the body in a state of a fight or flight response. This leads to a shift in metabolism and a change in blood flow. If the body stays in this state for too long it greatly increases the risk for health problems. Another problem with the idea of the Freshman Fifteen is the fear of gaining this weight. It can become a controlling task for a person to avoid gaining this weight and it can lead them to acquiring an obsessive-compulsive disorder from it....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Krispy Kreme, Junk food]

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Graduation Speech : A College Program At Georgia Southern University And It Means The World

- ... The Fye website did a great job at giving me clear directions to signing up for classes and the things that were expected from their offered majors. It’s amazing that such a site exists to me as most colleges expect freshman to already know the things that are provided on the fye website. Additionally the fye program really teaches freshman students how to assimilate into the college lifestyle in which nobody is holding your hand like in high school. I appreciate that Georgia Southern takes on this role through the fye courses and website to help freshman maintain good grades and a positive moral standing which can’t be said about all universities which makes me especially proud that I c...   [tags: College, High school, University, Technology]

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How Bullying has Affected the Entire Student Population or the School Climate

- Everyone agrees that there are negative effects to the students who are being bullied. They are affected mentally, socially, and more often than not, are reluctant to attend school. There are many studies about bullying in school and the impact on the child who is being bullied, but there are not studies on how bullying has affected the entire student population or the school climate. This article focused their attention on the school wide impact of bullying. The study looked at 7,058 ninth graders in 289 schools in Virginia....   [tags: bullying, bulied, bully]

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Graduation Speech : High School

- ... Sophomore year is by far the easiest year you will have in high school academically. As for non-academically I struggled a bit. Friends I had were finding boyfriends and some were leaving heritage so it was a pretty emotional year for me. One of my soon to be best friends, Lauren O’Connell, started dating my best guy friend at the time, Joseph Acosta, making life a bit dramatic. Their relationship, however, is the only reason Lauren and I became close. Sophomore year was a great year for our friendship....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Friendship]

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Why I Join The Basketball Team

- ... Stepping out on this new adventure was a bit intimidating but it was something I thought I could handle. I saw the basketball team as an opportunity to experience something new. However, my friends did not see it that way. It was all about football to them. They ate, breathed, and slept it. If it was not about making the football team they did not want to hear about it. Even though I did not have the approval or reinforcement of my companions, I took the opportunity and joined the team. I never realized just how challenging things would get throughout this process without having anyone I knew to accompany me....   [tags: High school, Basketball, Sports terminology]

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The Is A Learning Institution

- ... “I wanna go to college for the rest of my life. Sip bankers club and drink miller lite. On thirsty Thursday and Tuesday night ice. And I can get pizza a dollar a slice.” Drinking is not just for the weekends anymore either. Society has made a reason to drink for every night of the week. Mondays is because it is the beginning of the week and you will need something to be able to get through the week. Tuesdays are popular to drink now because of the song “Club Going Up on a Tuesday” that expresses that why not just go out and have a good time....   [tags: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Week-day names]

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The High School Experience

- ... During my freshman year we were introduced to the GPS in advisory and in my digital literacy class. They showed us examples of the website and then explained that a GPS is a digital portfolio where we will be putting what was it we have done throughout high school, this would include a reflection and some artifacts. For our first artifact they made us make a video explaining our first semester freshman year. For me it was awkward and it 's noticeable in my video because I said I was a sophomore instead of a freshman but I didn 't realize this until I was looking back at the video my sophomore year....   [tags: High school, High School Musical, Sophomore]

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The Health of College Students

- Rob Geis, a current college student, explains, “A student is not at fault for unwanted weight gain. It is the college meal plans that cause the gain in weight. Many colleges require incoming freshmen to be on a meal plan” (Geis). Parents like the meal plans because they know their child is getting meals every day, but the plan does have its downsides. Geis believes that many students do not eat three meals every day. “If we don’t eat every meal we are given, we are wasting our money which was used to buy the meal plan....   [tags: college meal plans]

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Why Should I Be Granted Permission For Join This Rhetoric Course?

- ... At my current college, JJC, students are able to choose classes to enroll in at registration after completing New Student Orientation. However, to enroll in Rhetoric 101; which is a required course to take at JJC; students must request the instructor’s permission to gain admittance for the section of the Rhetoric 101 course he or she registered for. But, to request the instructor’s permission, you have to write a clear argument that states your reasons for wanting to gain admittance for the section of Rhetoric 101 you’ve chosen....   [tags: College, High school, Associate's degree]

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Classification Essay: The Types of Drinkers

- “I drink to make other people more interesting.” ― Ernest Hemingway In the great world of tending bar there is a myriad selection of customers one would encounter; The Social Drinker, The Self Defined Outcast, The Fish Out of Water, and last but never the least, The Freshman. Each level of drinker has its advantages in social circles and also has equal negative repercussions. Most of these classes aren't built from years of drinking, rather are formed through the personality traits they already have developed through their childhood and young adulthood....   [tags: Classification Essay]

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Athletes No Longer Getting a Free Pass in College

- Students are more focused on sports during college than their education. Which in the long run will affect them more. While the standards are increasing and student athletes not taking education serious enough there can or will be at risk. Standards for the incoming freshman class of 2016 are being increased. Many schools have decided that students who want to participate in sports need to have better grades. The number of core courses have been increased from 10 to 16 for the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) eligibility....   [tags: sports, requirements, admissions]

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Graduation Speech : College From High School

- Graduating from high school was one of the most difficult objectives I could have been through. Not just because of the work, but just knowing that I was about to leave the place I had grew up in my whole life. As I walked across the stage on that crisp Saturday morning, a feeling of satisfaction flooded my body and my mind was at peace. As soon as my high was over and I touched down on the asphalt of our track thoughts of college, leaving home, and my unknown future all raced through my mind at one hundred miles per hour....   [tags: High school, College, Debut albums, Management]

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I 've Always Heard The Word Of There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

- ... The hall did contain a lobby though, which is typically where everyone liked to hang out. On campus, Rhonda loved to work out and listen to music. She partook in the business club, which she enjoyed immeasurably, and hung out with friends. During freshman year, Rhonda took basic classes, such as health science, history, English, math, and a major classes which was titled cost accounting. Rhonda stated to me that this class was a little difficult in the beginning, but through a lot of practice, she succeeded....   [tags: College, High school, Jebediah]

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The Balancing Act: A Journey into the Life of a Student Athlete

- An average day for freshman football player Greyson Felner consists of an eight hour school day, three hour sports practice, two hour homework load, and maybe, if he has time, an one or so hour block of free time. However, these are just statistics, and they vary far and wide depending on the particular student. This then begs the question: How does a student manage both school and sports. What are their universal thoughts and worries and joys in relation to this. When asked, each student athlete is more than capable of listing a slew of joys they experience in relation to being on a high school sports team....   [tags: managing school and sports]

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Graduation Speech : An Introductory Chemistry Course

- When I arrived at Yale during the fall of 2009 for my freshman year, I started my undergraduate career wanting to practice medicine. Also, I wanted to receive a well-rounded education in an array of subjects. To this day, the education I received at Yale inspires me to delve deeper into pressing issues within our society and utilize the information that comes from a diverse knowledge capital to create strategies and make informed decisions. The first course I registered for at Yale was an introductory chemistry course called Quantitative Foundations of General Chemistry with professor Mark Johnson....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Academic term]

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Benefits Of Eating Healthy Eating Unhealthy

- Many students know the positive and negative effects that can come from eating healthy versus eating unhealthy. College students are often in a rush, so they do not have time to consume the proper foods consisted in a well-balanced diet. Many students will go days off of strictly fast food because it is the more convenient option when they are on the go. Some will just cut out entire meals throughout the day relying on snacks or not eating at all. College students lack healthy eating habits, which can cause serious problems....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Health, University]

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The Effect of Penn State’s Roommate Selection Options on Friendship

- Introduction: In 2013, Penn State saw a 1.6% increase in student enrollment. This year, Penn State’s University Park gained 46,184 new incoming students. Our research looks into the incoming freshmen class and the options they are given in order to choose a roommate. These options include random selection, in which the university will randomly assign people to live together; Facebook, where students can search on their own for roommates, or students may choose friends from home to live with....   [tags: Penn State Essays]

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Study on a Hispanic Club at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

- ... Her opinion caused me to do some deep thinking. My main focus for choosing my topic was not fully supported. I was doing so becuase I have a Hispanic in my family background. A new focus was developed in my research and opinion. My observation, including my interviews took place on campus in the MUC (Morris University Center) in the Meridian Ball room. In my reaserch and study, I wanted to take a straight forward appproach. I wanted to be honest with the people I interviewed and I wanted the same in return, honesty....   [tags: hispanic culture analysis]

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Eric LeGrand: An Athlete´s Story

- October 16, 2010 is a day that Eric LeGrand, former defensive tackle for Rutgers University, will never forget. During a game against the Army Black Knights at Metlife Stadium , LeGrand made a tackle that would change his life forever. His dream, as a child, of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated would one day come true, but not in a way that Eric Legrand would have ever imagined. This tackle that Legrand made on October 16 would be his last tackle on the field, but he would have many more tackles to make in life....   [tags: Inspiration, Football, Sports]

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Obesity on College Campuses

- Obesity has risen over the years. The United States now has one of the highest obesity rates. Bad eating habits are usually the cause of this pandemic. For the past few decades, college dorm foods have led to these habits. The more unhealthy food choices are, the harder it is for people to resist these foods. Colleges serve a variety of unhealthy food in their dining halls that contributes to students’ lower GPA. By eating healthier, students can maintain a healthy weight, focus better in school, and increase their school performance to a higher grade point average (GPA)....   [tags: Obesity in Teens]

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Sophomores in College

- College: most of us have all been there and for some of us it was the best four, or five, years of our lives. College is a place where we start fresh from high school and not only make something of ourselves, but also find out who we can really be. Aside from all the stress before even starting college, including the applications, the scholarships and a future career path, there is something we all must be a part of, and that is dorm life. All normal college campuses have dorms; whether they are big or small, have one thing in common....   [tags: living off campus]

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Presentation of Thesis Statement

- Presentation of Thesis Statement For many years the SAT had been considered one of the most important tests that a student can take for the admission process. The SAT is thought to be one of the greatest measurements of academic success is high school and is considered one of the greatest predictors of academic success in college. In the recent years there have been people who have questioned the validity of the SAT, saying that it is an inaccurate measure of academic success and a poor predictor of academic success and does nothing except hinder the application and admission process for prospective students....   [tags: essays papers]

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Collegiate Athletes Have A Different College Experience

- Collegiate Athletes Have A Different College Experience Everyone has his or her own ideas of what the ‘college experience’ should include and be like. Some thoughts on the subject include going out a lot, meeting lots of new people, and dating many different people. Other people consider it the education, and finding someone to settle down with. “The college experience means your academic and social experiences you have during your time in college. They are the friends you meet, and hang out with....   [tags: Athletics Sports Essays]

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Creating a High School Crest

- Throughout the years, crests have represented people and families. Every picture is a symbol that tells something about that person or their heritage. For example, Carmel’s crest has many symbols that portray Carmel’s beliefs and values. I think my crest portrays me very well and some of the things I’m involved in at Carmel. I became a student at Carmel two years ago as a freshman. Throughout those years I have changed and gone through many experiences. As my symbol, I drew a flower. At first, the flower started out as a seed....   [tags: Crests, ]

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Hazing and the Student’s Consequences

- Hazing and the Student’s Consequences I recently enlightened myself to an interesting incident in a small college in northern New York state which brought attention to a subject our country has cursed, loved and fretted about for years – that of hazing. Hazing is defined as: To persecute or harass with meaningless, difficult, or humiliating tasks. To initiate, as into a college fraternity, by exacting humiliating performances from or playing rough practical jokes upon. ( These “jokes” have affected the lives of a number of people in a large way....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Critique of Research Design

- Critique of Research Design The purpose of this critique is to analyze the design of a research study conducted by; Donna Kazemi, Maureen Levine, Jacek Dmochowski, Mary Nies, and Linman Sun called “Effects of Motivational Interviewing Intervention on Blackouts Amoung College Freshman”. It was accepted in January 21st, 2013 and was published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship. This study was conducted on 188 volunteer freshmen at a southern university. Kazemi et al. (2013) state the goals of the study were to see if motivational interviewing (MI) worked as an effective intervention to reduce blackouts among freshman, who partook in high-risk drinking or drug use, during a sixth month per...   [tags: critique of research design]

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The Pursuit Of A Cure For Alzheimer 's Disease

- ... When my speech concluded, each member of the audience were on their feet applauding with enthusiasm. Finally, when the crowd quieted and returned to their seats, and I had cried off all of my mascara, I announced that I would be taking questions. Many students asked fairly simple questions. “What made you decide to choose cognitive neuroscience?” “How did it feel when you realized you found a potential cure for Alzheimer’s. “Are steps being taken toward finding a vaccination?” But then I got a question that really made me stop and think....   [tags: Research, Psychology, Neurology, Cognition]

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What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student

- My Freshman Year- What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student by Rebekah Nathan is about a college professor who investigates college students’ lifestyle in their freshman year. There has been many times when college professors have assigned a great deal of work and expected it to be due in a short period of time. To the professors, they may think a week is enough time. However, to students like myself it looks to be only two or three days. As college students, especially in our freshman year, we have a lot of pressure....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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How a Community is Built in a University

- How a Community is Built in a University Community is something you will find in any formal or informal setting where people are in the same area for long periods of time, especially on many college campuses. Community is thought of as, although different to specific individuals or subcultures, basically a group of informally bound people sharing similar passions (Wenger, 2000). Majority of universities will push the idea of “community” and “togetherness” on its students. They will do this a number of ways including, Freshman Convocation, Freshman Colloquium, and Welcome Week Activities (Nathan, 2005), just to name a few....   [tags: Community, University, College, Education]

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My Experience In College With and Eating Disorder

- I was ten years of age the first time I deemed that I needed to lose weight. My family and I (Mom, Dad and younger sister) were on a ski trip with another family (mother, father and ten year old son). We were all getting fitted for skis and boots and the store associate fitted us asked what I weighed and my mom told him. I overheard the mother of the other family informed the associate what her son weighed and at the age of ten I weighed a little more than the boy at ten years of age, so the message that I chose to believe was that “I am fat, and I am inadequate”....   [tags: weight, confidence, goals]

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Graduation Speech : College At Kent State University

- ... The level of independence is what surprised me the most. Unlike high school there was no one waiting to walk you through what you need to do. My assignments were posted online and it was up to me to organize myself and allocate my time in order to meet all my deadlines. It was all up to me and there wasn’t a teacher or professor checking in to see or monitor my progress. It became very clear to me that I was accountable to myself and my success was going to reflect my level of commitment to each individual class....   [tags: High school, University, College, Youth]

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The Unexpected Loss of a Family Member

- Our family was never close but we didn’t care. Nobody thought one day things might be different. All of that changed on September 20, 2014 when a hostile argument ended with the death of both my aunt and uncle. For years their marriage was falling apart. My aunt was very materialistic and wanted my cousins to have whatever they asked for but in reality my uncle knew it was impossible financially for them to achieve this. He would try to explain this to her but it usually led to arguments where she would then threaten to leave him so in the end she got her way which led to their vast debt....   [tags: essay about my family]

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