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Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Food

- ... The process is actually quite simple. The experts take a gene from another plant or animal that has the desired trait,such as shrub that contains a natural pesticide. Then they transfer this gene into the organisms genome to give the organism the trait. When the plant or animal reproduces, the egg or seed of the genetically organism is transferred to the new organism, the trait is carried on and the new organism will contain the trait. Although genetically modified foods are not dangerous, they are sometimes seen that way....   [tags: natural pesticide, farmers, gene]

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Case-Documentary: Child Slavery in the Chocolate Factories

- ... It is often found that mangers are described in similar context as leaders. Managers and leaders are expected to inspire and motivate followers to act with exemplary behaviour. In response to slavery within cocoa farming, my first measure as a manager would be to erect objectives which yield measurable results to ensure the progression of abolishing child exploitation. For example, I would choose to seek alternative cocoa sourcing and my goal would to eliminate sourcing from unethical farms and form partnerships with more ethical plantations....   [tags: farmers, west africa, plantations]

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Enormous Waste of Food While People Starve

- ... But fortunately, with the advance technology and resources we have today, there are a multiple solutions that can help decrease the amount of wasted food in the world. Solution 1 - FreshPaper One low-tech aid called FreshPaper have the ability extend the shelf life of produce by two to four times. FreshPaper consists of large square sheets infused with organic antifungal and antibacterial herbs and spices which preserves produces for a much longer time period. Kavita Shukla, an Indian American, developed the patented product based on tea recipes she have learned from her grandmother in India....   [tags: refrigeration, fresh-tec, farmers]

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Labor and Industrialization in American History

- ... Since capitalism under the industrial revolution was progressive in nature and was mostly driven by technological change, the transformation from agriculture to industrialization spread very fast. The laborers understood the need for new equipment and considered investments for new machines that would in turn bring about other newer machines. This helped them to gain surplus from the labor which is the only factor that could add value during the process of production. The structural manifestation of the economy manifested itself in two ways....   [tags: economy, farmers, poverty]

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The Financial Function with Starbucks

- The year was 1971 when three partners opened the first Starbucks. The business started out as a local roaster and retailer of whole bean and ground coffee and as the business grew they took inspiration from the Italian coffeehouse tradition. The Italian coffeehouses are a place for conversation and a sense of community, a stop between home and work. This experience was something Starbucks wanted to bring to the United States. They had found their niche. Following this, Starbucks grew quickly and began opening several stores all over the country, and shortly thereafter the world....   [tags: coffee, pestle, bean farmers]

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Human Rights Violation in Burma

- ... Policy gaps in attempts for ‘responsible investment’: Western governments are aware of the dangers that FDI poses and have established a framework of policies for investors in Burma to ensure they abide human rights standards, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (consilium.europa 2013). The Guiding Principles set out the basic labour and human rights and acknowledge that the economic growth is essential but is not sufficient to ensure equality, social progress and the eradication of poverty....   [tags: farmers, land, proof of owership]

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City Life Versus Country Life

- City Life Versus Country Life Imagine having to choose to reside in one place for the rest of your life. Which would you opt for. Some people would argue that living in a big city has more benefits than that of living in the country. However, there are many people who would argue that the country life is much more rewarding. Several people move from the city to a farm to get away from the hustle and bustle. Likewise, some farmers have traded in their tractors and animals to live a faster paced city life....   [tags: farmers, working environment]

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Apple Production in Kosovo

- Kosovo is a relatively small country, but because of its geographical position and favorable agro-climatic condition it is a very important country for agriculture production. However in agriculture sector fruit respectively apple production with continuing investments can make Kosovo one of the most important countries on the Balkan Peninsula for apple production. Flat valley areas with good soils and also with access to high quality water across the country allow farmers to grow the highest quality fruits....   [tags: good income, farmers]

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Settlement of the West

- ... General Custard led the battle in which he was defeated and killed along with all of his troops. The American Government reacted by seeking Natives that had fled the reservations as well as murdering. After the Civil War many citizens were left unemployed and economically challenged, with removal of the Native Americans it encouraged settlers to move westward and cultivate the land in hopes of living long enough to receive the one hundred and sixty acres provided to them by the United States government....   [tags: expansion, farmers, trade]

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The Civil War: Reconstruction

- The Civil war could very easily be known as one of the greatest tragedies in United States history. After the Civil War, the people of The United States had so much anger and hatred towards each other and the government that 11 Southern states seceded from the Nation and parted into two pieces. The Nation split into either the Northern abolitionist or the Southern planation farmers. The Reconstruction era was meant to be exactly how the name announces it to be. It was a time for the United States to fix the broken pieces the war had caused allowing the country to mend together and unite once again....   [tags: abolitionist, southern planation farmers]

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Changing Unemployment in Ohio

- There are many problems plaguing Ohio, but one of the biggest concerns is unemployment. Since our country went into recession in 2009, so many Americans have lost their jobs, and most have not been able to recover. In December 2013, the national unemployment rate for the country was 6.7%, which was the lowest level it had been in over five years. With Ohio having a population of 11,536,504, having an unemployment rate of 6.5% is unacceptable. The unemployment rate in Ohio has steadily been on a decline over the past year which can give us hope that it is getting better....   [tags: farmers, recession, jobs]

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GMO’s: Advantage or Disadvantage?

- GMO’s: Advantage or Disadvantage. While shopping in a grocery store most shoppers are unaware that almost 70% of the produce is genetically modified (Smith). When people are told this their minds immediately make genetically modified foods seem like a bad thing. Some will argue that genetically modified foods are bad for a person’s health. Actually, genetically modified foods are almost identical to the original version and can be extremely beneficial to both the environment and the economy. Recently, the idea of genetically modified salmon has been brought up....   [tags: health, farmers, economical]

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Genetically Modified Crops

- Genetically Modified Crops For years farmers have fought pest, weeds, and diseases to grow crops. There have been many pesticides and herbicides used to help with these problems, only to find out later that they are damaging our environment and a health hazard to animals and humans. They are constantly searching for new ways to improve farming. Genetically engineered crops began in 1996 (Charmin 74-83). Genetically engineered crops appear to have minimal effects on the environment and humans, they produce larger yields of crops, and they could be the answer to world hunger....   [tags: farmers, world hunger, organic]

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Indigenous African Religions

- There are two schools of thought on the use of the singular and the plural in describing the African indigenous religion(s). The first perception is that the religions have common features, religious philosophy and thought forms. The latter identifies Africa’s numerous cultures, different ethnic nationalities, and varying practices. The indigenous people (the first inhabitants) of southern Africa can be categorised into two groups, the San hunter-gatherers and the traditional African farmers. Whereas historians tend to emphasize the changing nature of cultures and religions, the conceptualisation of the term ‘indigenous’ refers to the native people of a given territory, and connotes a set, u...   [tags: religions, african farmers]

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A Different Light on The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

- John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath captures a facet of American history, but it does not truly explain the horrors of the 1930’s Dust Bowl. It had extreme short term effects along with a few long term effects on the terrain and the lives of the people impacted by it. It is such a terrible disaster that one could publish a full sized encyclopedia volume on the many hardships of the people living in the Dust Bowl and those who moved away when they were foreclosed upon. There are so many causes of so many different factors of the Dust Bowl that it can only truly be told as a grizzly horror story....   [tags: world war I, suitcase farmers]

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Legalizing Hemp Production

- Since there has been a lot of talk about legalizing marijuana, hemp has also found itself on the forefront of media attention. During the segment, Upfront on 88.1 KFCF, they had a guest by the name of Doug Fine. Doug is the author of Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution. He has become somewhat of an advocate for bringing back hemp into industrial production. In the segment he explained that we have a history of using hemp on positive ways, that our country would greatly benefit from growing it industrially and there aren’t any concerns of it leading to more marijuana production....   [tags: canadian farmers, marijuana]

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How Cotton Industry Contributes in the US Economy

- Around the globe, cotton belongs to the one of the most important crops. Approximately, 130 nations manufactured cotton during 2000, and it is projected that the crop was planted on 2.5 percent of the globe’s arable land zone, enabling it to become one of the most crucial in terms of land use after food grains and soybeans. In developing nations, like the United States, it accounts for approximately three percent of the total crop area. Cotton is manufactured for different reasons such as meeting people's basic wants and needs, distributing to achieve foreign exchange, or manufacturing textiles for exports....   [tags: agriculture, cotton production, farmers, crops]

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The Great Recession

- ... Spending was at a high. However personal income was decreased. The consumers then had to borrow money from the banks. This gave the consumers debt. So, when the house prices rose, banks stopped loaning money to people and the people decreased their spending. This happened because the people were not able to pay the banks back. People also cut back on buying or making new houses, so household demand dropped. Many say that this decrease caused the Great Recession. Housing was one of the main subjects that many believe, caused the Great Recession....   [tags: american farmers, global excess]

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Legacies of Kenya

- ... Just as political issues and violence arose from detrimental demarcation of boundaries, the corrupt political leadership during colonial regimes created a weak and dependent economy. The British exercised indirect colonial rule, meaning they entrusted the government and administration to traditional rulers while having something like advisors for them. Despite this, the British instituted colonial policies in Kenya like Land alienation for European settlers, African taxation, and forced African and migrant labor....   [tags: tribal communities, farmers, history]

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Winter Produce Guide

- Winter Produce Guide Most people think that winter could prevent us from enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables, but this is definitely a false assumption. Some crops are stored in the old-fashioned way to keep it available even during winter. Cold weather crops on the other hand are on its best quality during the colder months and they can be bought in farmers market and produce section of supermarkets. Make sure to include these fresh produce in your next meal preparation. Ginger This underground rhizome plant is harvested from August to November and are readily available through cold storage until February....   [tags: crops, farmers market, antioxidants]

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African Indigenous Religions

- ... “In 1870, a San man from Lesotho named Qing was asked by Magistrate J.M. Orpen where/Kaggen, the san deity who made all things, came from, Qing replied: ‘I don’t know … but now you are asking the secrets that are not spoken of … only the initiated … know these things’” (Deacon, 1999). The San are polytheistic. They believe in one supreme god, “who lives in the Eastern sky and one lesser god who lives in the western sky” (UNISA, 2010:138). They believe that this supreme god had instituted at world order, thus working the soil is seen to be contrary to that order....   [tags: san hunters, bantu speaking farmers]

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The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy by Pietra Rivoli

- In The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, business professor Pietra Rivoli takes the reader on a fascinating around-the-world adventure to reveal the life story of her six-dollar T-shirt. Traveling from a West Texas cotton field to a Chinese factory, and from trade negotiations in Washington to a used clothing market in Africa, Rivoli examines international trade through the life story of this simple product. Her compelling story shows that both globalization's critics and its supporters have oversimplified the world of international trade....   [tags: six dollar t-shirt, cottom farmers]

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Impacts on Humans and Environmental Factors Associating with the Irish Potato Famine

- This project examines the impacts on humans and environmental factors associating with the Irish Potato Famine between the years of 1845 and 1852. This famine was named so due to Irish’s main staple food being potatoes and the affect of those potatoes on that country once they were unable to be grown. Also known as the Great Famine, which occurred in Ireland, this famine created a mass occasion of starvation, emigration, and disease. This event in history caused many changes throughout the world....   [tags: potato famine, great famine, irish farmers]

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Prospects of Large Scale Rice Suitability Analysis in Papua New Guinea

- Till today rice, wheat, and corn, do not form the staple food for the vast majority of Papua New Guineans. Their carbohydrate needs are still fulfilled by sweet potato, taro, yams, sago and bananas. Agriculture began in Papua New Guinea (PNG) about 10,000 years ago as shown by archaeological research where starch was found on stone tools excavated in Kuk in western highlands. It suggested that taro was cultivated in Kuk at that time. A number of staple food crops such as banana, sago, taro, greater yam, highland and lowland pitpits etc....   [tags: rice, food crops, new guinea farmers]

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Salinity Stress on Plants

- Salinity Stress on Plants All plants are subjected to a multitude of stresses throughout their life cycle. Depending on the species of plant and the source of the stress, the plant will respond in different ways. When a certain tolerance level is reached, the plant will eventually die. When the plants in question are crop plants, then a problem arises. The two major environmental factors that currently reduce plant productivity are drought and salinity (Serrano, 1999), and these stresses cause similar reactions in plants due to water stress....   [tags: Salt Farmers Crops Papers]

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Eat Local, Eat Organic

- Eat Local, Eat Organic Introduction 70% of UCSB students live off campus—which means that a great number of us need to concern about the question: “what should I eat for dinner?” Among a host of food choice, one called “local and organic food” is advocated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Although surprisingly amount of us, including me a few months ago, do not understand the true meaning behind it. Common sense seems to dictate that “organic food is more expansive than normal one” and “organic food is provided only for high-income consumers”....   [tags: Organic food, Organic farming, Farmers' market]

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Analysis Of ' Mountains Beyond Mountains '

- In Tracy Kidder’s, Mountains Beyond Mountains, chapter five and six go in depth in explaining Paul Farmer’s childhood and adolescence. Farmer had an unconventional childhood. His family didn 't live in fancy houses and drive fancy cars, but instead they lived on bus and a boat. That didn 't stop Farmer from excelling through high school, college, and his career. My relationship with my mom has influenced me to play sports, study engineering, and take on multiple task in life. Farmer’s relationship with his father was similar to my relationship with my mother because of her desire to make me a competitive and hard worker....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Latin honors]

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The Dust Bowl

- Rays of golden sunlight were piercing the blue sky. Today was a hot day. There had been no rain in the last month. A young child was playing in the field while his father was harvesting the crops. The boy was playing among the newly harvested golden vegetables. There were a lot more vegetables than he remembered from years past. The boy knew they were going to sell most of this harvest. Where are the other plants that he remembered. Why was corn the only thing growing. Why is it in straight lines instead of winding around the property like it normally did....   [tags: dust storms, harvesting crops, farmers, storms]

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How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck

- The poem “Woodchucks” by Maxine Kumin is about a person who considers himself a peaceful farmer and how he becomes the opposite of who he was. He is desensitized to the point where he can justify to himself a mass extermination of an entire population of woodchucks, but the writer seems to imply that this is a flaw of humans. The flaw among humans is that you can get so accustomed to violence that it starts to desensitize them to violence. It shows the effect hatred and evil can have on a human’s soul and how that can change their behavior....   [tags: woodchucks, maxine kumin, mass murder]

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How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck

- The poem “Woodchucks” by Maxine Kumin is about the dehumanization of a man to the point where he is completely opposite from the person he used to be. He is desensitized to the point where he can justify to himself a mass extermination. It shows the effect hatred and evil can have on a human’s soul and how that can change their behavior. The poem begins with the man having a prejudice against one population, the woodchucks, which finally evolves into a personal vendetta towards them. The author, Maxine Kumin, mainly uses dramatic irony and symbolism to show how the growth of evil inside of a person until all that is human is carved away....   [tags: Woodchucks, maxine kumin, dehumanization]

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Organic Vs. Non-Organic Foods: Hardly a Difference

- Just because foods are locally grown does not mean they magically have super nutritional qualities and scrumptious tastes. Also, it's proven that there is not a nutritional difference between conventionally grown foods and organic foods. Organic does not mean quality, as it can look like and have the same superb taste as non-organic foods. Hundreds of studies and scientists researching have discovered that there is not a substantial difference between organic and non-organic food, therefore it is a waste of money....   [tags: Food, Farmers]

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Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

- There are people existing among us with a special trait or characteristic that makes them stand out above the masses. They are “heroes” in a sense, who perform great acts of sacrifice and promote hope when it seems that the last drop of faith has evaporated from one’s soul. These individuals remind us of saints who walked before us, healing and caring for the sick and destitute when no other man dared. Author, Tracy Kidder (2004), brings to the forefront the noble deeds of a modern day saint, Paul Farmer, through his writing in Mountains Beyond Mountains....   [tags: Mountains Beyond Mountains Essays]

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Business Process Re-engineering at Lanka Sugar Company

- 1. Introduction 1.1 Company background Sevenagala sugar factory is one of the sugar factories managed by the Lanka sugar company (Pvt) Ltd. Sevenagala sugar factory located at a rustic village called Sevanagala in the Uva province. Sugar cane cultivation in Sevenagala has been carried out since 1985. Apart from the nucleus estates managed by the Sevanagala factory, sugar cane has been cultivated by farmers under both irrigated and rain fed conditions, with the help of inputs and other services provided by the factory....   [tags: Business process Re-engineering ]

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How Dairy Farming Affects The World 's Ever Growing Population

- Dairy farmers from all over the world are realizing the future is here and jumping on the bandwagon to get the new robotic milking system for their operation. The robotic milker milks the cows all by itself, without the need of a farmer prepping the cow or even putting on the milker. The robot does it all by itself. It can milk cows just like a human, without the cost of a human. Although robotic dairy farming can cause some job loss, farmers should invest in having robots run the dairy farm because it helps feed the ever growing population, keeps better records, and it puts less stress on the cows....   [tags: Milk, Cattle, Dairy farming, Dairy cattle]

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The Treatment Of Misconduct And Children With Inappropriate Behavior

- Literature Review It is quite difficult to find many intervention plans for the treatment of misconduct and children with inappropriate behavior linked to Attention Deficit Disorder and conduct disorder. However, one cause of the inappropriate behavior is linked to ineffective parenting. There has been plenty of studies that suggest that positive parenting is the most effective and first choice for these behaviors. There was a meta-analysis conducted of a plethora of studies that demonstrated that ineffective parenting in delinquency was predictive (Hoeve et al.., 2009)....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Social Anxiety and Cognitive Behavioral Treatments

- Social anxiety is a prevalent and common disorder amongst society. Social anxiety disorder is expressed as a fear in public and social situations for an individual (Kashdan, Farmer, Adams, Mcknight, Ferssizidis, Nezelf 2013). A person with social anxiety fears that a social appearance, outcome, or situation will lead a to negative response to their surrounding audience (Kashdan, Farmer, Adams, Mcknight, Ferssizidis, Nezelf 2013). However there are numerous treatments for social anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most efficacious treatments that a patient may receive (Hambrick, Weeks, Harb, & Heimberg, 2003....   [tags: Cognative Behavioral Therapy]

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Importance of Nitrogen in Barley

- Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients in growing a barley crop. Excess nitrogen leaching through soil is also a major contributor to groundwater pollution. Many factors and calculations are needed in balancing environmental concerns from excess nitrogen, with the need for enough nitrogen to reach the crop’s highest potential yield. There has been extensive research done to find the correct nitrogen application levels by universities and private organizations. Even with all this research there are still human decisions and differing professional and lab opinions that make this decision complex....   [tags: environment, ground water pollution]

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The Importance Of Agronomy : An Occupation Of Checking Crops

- Imagine making $90,000 a year with an occupation of checking crops. For agronomists, this situation can become a reality. To fathom the idea of how this can be a part of real life, we must understand what agronomy is and why it’s here, the benefits of this career, and the income and different jobs opportunities in this field of agriculture. The importance of agronomy is essential to not only farmers, but also anyone who eats, wears clothes, drives a vehicle, or any other everyday activity. Farmers grow the materials used for a part in your everyday life....   [tags: Agriculture, Soil, Agronomy]

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Cultural Determinants Are Key to the Process of Determining Health Problems and Disease Causes

- During the introductory part of the story Kidder, the author, meets Dr. Paul Farmer and we learn from the beginning much of Dr. Farmer’s character. Throughout the book we find Farmer as the heart, both strong and devoted to the long defeat. His caring heart and sacrificial lifestyle has led him to Haiti, Peru, and Russia to eradicate poverty by providing discovery medicine to fight infectious disease. His main focus was towards Haiti; as we learn he spent 8 of 12 months there every year and even sneaked in by bribery in one instance (Kidder, 2004)....   [tags: epidemiology, health research]

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How Technology Has Helped The Ag Industry

- Farming has been around many centuries. It has advanced slowly over the centuries with the help of technology. In the last twenty years, farming practices have taken a major turn. Technology has advanced to a point where it allows farmers not to be present in the machine while it is performing a task. Many farming tasks are running off of cell phones and computers away from the area where the tractor is located, which not in sight of the farmer. While it seems beneficial to agriculture, technology that allows farmers to complete tasks without even being present actually damages the industry....   [tags: Agriculture, Agricultural machinery, Causality]

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Animal Farm, by George Orwell: An Allegory to the Russian Revolution

- In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the pigs take over Manor Farm and dominate the weaker animals by using a combination of strength, fear, and trickery. This book is an allegory to the Russian Revolution, which led to Josef Stalin’s rise to power and the beginning of his dictatorship. In the novel Farmer Jones symbolizes Czar Nicholas II and Napoleon symbolizes Josef Stalin. The animals overthrow their dictator, Farmer Jones, and eventually end up replacing him with another dictator, Napoleon the pig....   [tags: Strength, Fear, Trickery]

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Populism and Progressivism in America

- Populism and Progressivism in America I. The Populist Party A. Background: What changes were taking place in agriculture in the U.S. between 1870 and 1900. 1. Mechanization- machine were replacing people and animals of doing agricultural. Tractors being developed produced right after civil war. Problems: need money to own tractors, banks load money to farmer, interest. Upkeep and maintain it to keep tractors running. Money to paid mechanic Added to the financial risk of farming, already gambling on soil and weather and crops....   [tags: Populist Party Progressive Movement Essays]

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America In The Popular Imagination

- Twenty-one years ago, a spectacular film was made by an incredible director of the highly acclaimed film, "Badlands". The movie, "Days of Heaven" directed by Terrence Malick is a movie that shows the confusion of one woman, trying to figure out whom she loves. The movie stars Richard Gere as Bill and Sam Shepard as a rich, handsome, Texan farmer, the two men Brooke Adams as Abby falls in love with. Linda Manz plays Linda, Bill's sister and the narrator, in the story.Terrence Malick was born in Waco, Texas, which probably influenced him to make his first two films, "Badlands" and "Days of Heaven"....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Sheep : Memory Loss

- In both class and in Shaun the sheep we have been memory loss in the form of amnesia has been the topic at hand. Different anatomical regions of the brain could contribute to this kind of memory loss, which the movie does not go to much in-depth in. To determine these anatomical regions, different tests and exercises can be ran to improve accurate diagnoses of the patient. With each of these tests/exercises, patients will express different abilities and disabilities based on which area of memory in the brain has been affected....   [tags: Hippocampus, Memory, Amnesia, Episodic memory]

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The Debate Over Historical Information and Scientific Information

- To what extent is historical information more reliable than scientific information or vice versa. History is a collection of important events mostly written by the victors. Whereas, Natural or human sciences are information about the universe as well as the human mind and body. But, to what extent is one reliable more than the other. History is an interesting Area of Knowledge and relies on many Ways of Knowing in order to function and to be understood. By understanding how these Ways of Knowing are used in History one can determine how reliable historical information is....   [tags: Past, Future, Comparative Essay]

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Comedic Relief within Macbeth

- The comedic relief the porter gives illustrates three different facets of Macbeth in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The Porter opens the door of comedic relief by also opening the door to the three men who knock on Macbeth’s door. “ ‘Knock. Knock. Who's there?’ In the Harrowing of Hell scenes of English mystery plays, the answer to that question was no joke. The Harrowing marks the climax of the battle between God and Satan for the fate of humanity.” (Schreyer) In fact the Harrowing reveals the beginning of Macbeth’s struggle between good and evil....   [tags: Shakespeare]

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Applying Safety Standards in the Agricultural Industry

- Old MacDonald had a farm, S-A-F-E-T-Y. While these are not the tradional lyrics of the popular nursery rhyme that is sung today, had that iconic farmer been a better speller, it very well could have been. Old MacDonald was a wise, experienced soul, and in his latter years of life, he created the song to remind young farmers of the importance of safety on a farm. However, are safety procedures on a farm really necessary. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the average fatality rate for agricultural workers is seven times higher than the average rate of workers, and in 2011, 570 workers died while they were working on a farm (“Agricultural”)....   [tags: health, safety and security]

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Public Health Strategies During The Civil War

- The South contributed to the emergence of public health strategy in the United States by demonstrating the need for non-passive government presence in times of economic and social hardship. The South was able to have implement public health strategies during the Civil War, but their destitute state after the war proved difficult in maintaining successful public health strategies. During the Civil War, the Union troops brought sanitary programs to the South. These programs were established by the Sanitary Commission....   [tags: Poverty, United States, American Civil War]

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Types Of Farming Types And Methods Used

- As you may or may not know there are many types of farming. For those farming types, there are many tillage methods used. Depending where the farm is located is how the farmer knows what method to use. The methods used are No Till, One pass, Conventional, Conservation, and chisel plow plus. Let’s start out with No Till. No till is the act of not working the ground. It seems simple, but it’s also very confusing for farmers or other people who have not used the No till method. Many farmers around the United States are slowly, doubtfully changing over to No till or increased crop residue tillage....   [tags: Agriculture, Tillage, Plough, No-till farming]

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Reforms Needed in the United States

- United States faced a broad range of internal problems in 1980’s that led into the 1920’s. The countryside and the urban cities all faced problems unique to them. Both people in the countryside and the cities were concerned with the rich obtaining to much wealth while the working class could not make enough money to live on. The upper class in the cities had low morals because of the amount of money they had. Immigrants were also a problem because they took jobs away from the working class so they could not earn the money they desperately needed....   [tags: working, wealthy, immigration]

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The Mountain by Robert Frost

- Robert Frost writes poems that always seem to have a message that is deeper than what the eyes can read. During this poem, Robert Frost uses descriptive terms and dialogue to convey a story. Mountains are very steep and take a lot of work and dedication to get to the top. Mountains can be compared to fears throughout this poem. You want to overcome fears just the same as you wishing to make it to the top of the mountain. Robert Frost has many themes throughout his poem. Three of the themes during this poem are the description of the mountain, the manipulation of the farmer, and the actions of the man....   [tags: dialogue, nature, poem]

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Glen Canyon Dam

- Glen Canyon Dam This extended essay will analyze the rhetoric of authors discussing the Glen Canyon Dam. These authors include: Jeff Rubin (The Place No One Knew), John McPhee (Encounters with the Archdruid), Russell Martin (A story that stands like a dam: Glen Canyon and the struggle for the soul of the West), and Jared Farmer (Glen Canyon dammed: inventing Lake Powell and the Canyon country). There are always two sides to an argument, one for one against. All seven authors write of the Glen Canyon Dam, and the controversy surrounding the draining of Lake Powell....   [tags: Debate Lake Powell Papers]

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Coal Mining in West Virginia: Storming Heaven, Denise Giardina

- Storming Heaven In 1883, the first carload of coal was transported from Tazewell County, Virginia, on the Norfolk and Western Railway. The railroad opened a gateway to the untouched coal beds of West Virginia. Towns were created as the region was transformed from an agricultural to industrial economy.(West Virginia Mine Wars) The lure of good wages and housing made the coal mining appealing to West Virginians, but all good things come at a price. In the novel Storming Heaven, Denise Giardina gives us an inside look at what really happened to the small town of Annedel, West Virginia....   [tags: miners, coal mines, farmers]

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The Botany of Desire, by Michael Pollan

- Every garden has their own purposes that make gardeners devote a great amount of time to take care of them. Gardeners are coming up with their own unique ways of taking care of their gardens, especially when they make profits out of it. In his book, The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan claims the best gardeners of his generation have devoted themselves to growing cannabis, popularly known as marijuana. Intrigued with Pollan’s argument, I completely agree with him. Marijuana growers are the best gardeners because they perfected the plant in growing them indoors, they make good business out of it, and the plant itself fills the need of humans for transcendent altered states of consciousness....   [tags: Marijuana Farmers, Book Review]

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Love and Jealousy in The Withered Arm

- Love and Jealousy within' The Withered Arm becomes a very appetent and large factor in the novel. Love and Jealousy Love and Jealousy within' "The Withered Arm" becomes a very appetent and large factor in the novel. I believe the essay title "Love and Jealousy are powerful emotions means and shows how love can often form the evil and selfish jealousy, and how it easily it can change people and make them paranoid furthermore make then act out in a outlandish behaviour this is why I feel the essay refers love and jealousy to be some what of 'powerful emotions.' Brief Summary of the story Withered arm is a story of love and jealousy, the basic plot of The Withered Arm is that Rhoda a middle...   [tags: English Literature]

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The Dark Side of Chocolate

- Chocolate. A treat that practically everyone enjoys and loves to taste. A product that brings in over 80 billion dollars a year. (BBC Chocolate: Bitter Truth) With that dollar amount to show, who doesn’t love chocolate. The reality, however, is that chocolate also has a different, darker side. The chocolate industry is causing children to work, not go to school, starve, and endure tremendous pain. “How is this happening without the chocolate companies doing anything about it?” you may ask. That is precisely the question many have today....   [tags: Plantation Farmers, Child Labor]

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Hard Working Immigrants: Cesar Chavez

- The Farm Workers’ Movement was a political movement in the United States tried that to give fair rights to farm workers all through the country and was headed by some organizations and labor unions, especially the United Farm Workers of America. Farm Workers’ Movement was between the 70’s-80’s and their goals were to give the farm workers more rights such as giving them breaks, food, water and shelter while they work. Many immigrants who worked there, were there to support their family with food and a place to live, but they face many hardships due to the rising temperatures with no water; Lots of the workers suffered heatstroke, fainted by not drinking water and waiting long hours in order...   [tags: farmers movement, labor leader]

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The Presentation Of Relationships Within Three Short Stories By Thomas Hardy

- Examine The Presentation of relationships Within Three Short Stories By Thomas Hardy. The relationships in Tony Kytes ‘The Arch-Deceiver’ is the relationship between Tony Kytes and three women, Milly Richards, Unity Sallet, and Hannah Jolliver who are all of the same class so they know what should be expected of one another. Tony Kytes is shown as a young handsome man, who all of the women want to be with. Thomas Hardy shows us that marriage was a key to life in those days for everyone, especially if they wanted to have children without being thought to of being lowered in society....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Female Domination And The Process Of Valuing Ideas Of Masculinity

- Gerda Lerner defines patriarchy as a situation where men possess dominance over not only women, but also the family. The idea of male domination and the process of valuing ideas of masculinity is not natural or biological, instead it has developed over time. The social structures of the family change over time, but not to a great extent. There are some ways that women can gain and access power, but the idea of woman gaining not only power, but also the freedom that we associate with economic and social mobility is limited....   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Sociology]

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Importance of Nitrogen in Barley

- Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients in growing a barley crop. Excess nitrogen leaching through soil is also a major contributor to groundwater pollution. There are many factors and calculations in balancing environmental concerns from excess nitrogen, with the need for enough nitrogen to reach your highest potential yield. There has been extensive research done to find the correct nitrogen application levels by universities and private organizations. Even with all this research there are still human decisions, weather disruptions, and differing professional and lab opinions that make this decision complex....   [tags: crop, nutrient, leaching, environment, farming]

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Sixteen Candles, by John Hughes

- Director John Hughes does it again. In Sixteen Candles, he captures the essence of high school from the views of the nerds to the jocks. Depicted in the daily lives of the main characters, he shows even back in 1984, there is a division by popularity and grade. The struggles and pressures students faced are the same as what students are faced with in today’s high schools. This movie relates to teens year after year, generation after generation. Just as the author William Zinsser states in College Pressures, “They are too young to be prisoners of their parents’ dreams and their classmates’ fears” (385)....   [tags: sixteen candles, john hughes]

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Immigrants Is The Lack Of Education

- A major issue among immigrants is the lacking of education. Immigrants already have a hard life and need help to improve life for themselves and for their families. The solution to help immigrants is the Farmer’s Program. This program is for immigrants to receive an education and work experience that will better their life and the community. Many immigrants are not familiar with english, math, and the understanding of life in America. With this program, they will receive an education and learn everything an immigrant needs to know about how to become an American citizen....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Hay For The Horses ' By Gary Snyder

- “Hay for the Horses,” by Gary Snyder I chose this poem because it was easy to understand and enjoyable. One other reason why I chose this because my father was once a farmer and this poem is about the hardships that almost every farmers face. The author writes a little bit about himself in the poem which makes it very interesting to read and understand. The second poem I chose to compare was “Guilty at the Rapture,” by Keith Taylor. I chose this poem because it was easy to understand, it was religious, and because it was very different from “Hay for the Horses”....   [tags: Character, Protagonist, William Carlos Williams]

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Facts About Bureaucracy

- Bureaucracy is a dominant organization that has emerged in life (Henslin, 2012). It can be a school or university, the government, grocery store, etc. There are five different characteristics in a bureaucracy: clear levels, with assignments flowing downward and accountability flowing upward, a division of labor, written rules, written communications and records, and impersonality and replaceability (Henslin, 2012). A farmer’s market has each of these characteristics. A farmer’s market is a place where farmers or people come and sell healthy, organic foods, or sell different artistic pieces....   [tags: business, organization, market]

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The Clean Water Act Of The United States

- The EPA’s proposed Waters of the United States rule is very harmful to the United States and should not be enacted. This rule negatively affects farmers, it takes away state rights, and it hurts the economy. The Waters of the United States, also known as the Clean Water Act, is very harmful to agricultural in the United States. The Clean Water Act came into affect in 1972. Under this act the EPA and U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers have authority over “navigable water,” defined as “waters of the United States.” Anyone who wants to discharge a pollutant into “waters of the United States” must obtain a permit from either the EPA or the Army Corps of Engineers depending on the type of discharge...   [tags: United States]

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A Note On A Forward Contract

- A forward contract is an agreement made between two parties where one agrees to buy and one agrees to sell at a predetermined price on a date in future. It is said to be a flexible financial tool as it allows the buyer to customize the details and terms of the contract, such as the assets and amount to be traded as well as the date of delivery based on the buyers’ will. Some of the examples of the assets which could be traded with forward contract are commodities like oil, grain, natural gas and electricity as well as financial instruments and currencies of the foreign countries....   [tags: Futures contract, Derivative, Hedge, Short]

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Euripides’ Electra and Aristophanes' Clouds

- Euripides’ Electra is a tragedy that encourages readers to consider the problematic nature of humanity’s response to injustice: its quest to make fair that which is unfair, to correct unjust actions, and to mark the fragile border between what is ethically correct and morally wrong. Aristophanes’ Clouds is a tragedy disguised as a comedy that illuminates Strepsiades’s profound disregard for justice, conduct, and the establishment of civilization. Underneath Aristophanes’ comedic approach lies a dark conclusion that alludes to a problem that civilization faces today: ignorance and its resistance to evolution....   [tags: euripide, electra]

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The Dairy Farming Of American Dairy Farms

- From the beginning, American dairy farming is ever changing, from the beginnings where cows were milked by hand and the milk was transported by buckets to now where machines and mechanization has taken over. Since 1997 the total number of farms in America has decreased, including the traditional family farm. In “Restructuring America’s Dairy Farms” by John A. Cross he states Traditional dairy farms have between 20-49 cows, dropped significantly by 33.7 percent although this number has dropped small family farms still have 28.9 percent of the countries dairy cows....   [tags: Milk, Dairy farming, Cattle, Dairy cattle]

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The Synoptic Problem: Analysis Of The Two-Gospel Hypothesis

- Introduction Throughout history scholars and theologians have sought to determine the chronological order regarding the synoptic Gospels of the New Testament canon. They have often utilized both the internal sources, found within the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and external evidence to critically analyze the literary and historical relations. The two-Gospel hypothesis provides an effective response regarding these literary and historical similarities with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke through a balanced approach utilizing both internal and external resources to address the long standing debate regarding the synoptic problem....   [tags: The Bible]

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CSR Programs: Direct and Indirect Effect on Consumers

- CSR programs do have a strong influence on consumers. More specifically, it would appear that CSR has both a direct and an indirect effect on consumer responses to products, attitudes toward products, identification with a particular company and donations to non-profit organizations (Swaen & Chumpitaz, 2008). Starbucks has been so concerned with social responsibility in its overall corporate strategy because of importance of defending its image, Starbucks is one of the defining brands of our times....   [tags: products, attitudes, identification, organizations]

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Animal Farm By George Orwell

- Max Pfeiffer-Frederick Pre-AP English 1 March 19, 2016 Outside Reading Card – Animal Farm by George Orwell MLA Citation: Orwell, George. Animal Farm (Penguin Modern Classics). New York: Penguin Books Ltd, 2000. 2. Provide a detailed plot summary: The story begins on a farm called The Manor. The farm is owned by a guy named Mr. Jones. He is a mean man who treats his animals cruelly, and uses them for profit. For example, he drowns old dogs when they are no longer of use and he slaughters anything thing that will make him money and buy him more whiskey....   [tags: Animal Farm, George Orwell, The Animals]

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Description Of An Abandoned Farmhouse On A Desolate Country Park

- An abandoned farmhouse on a desolate country road live a man. Personal items left behind describe the man. The man, a big, tall man, wore large shoes and slept in an extra-large bed. He was a godly man, for his Bible seemed to be well used. The man lacked the ability to farm, for the fields were scattered with large rocks making farming difficult. A man lived here, but not a farmer. A women lived here as well, for the house was decorated with flower wallpaper and decorative cloths adorned the shelves....   [tags: Agriculture, Food, The Reader, Farm]

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How does Hardy elicit sympathy for the three main characters?

- How does Hardy elicit sympathy for the three main characters. Thomas Hardy has an extremely clever way of obtaining sympathy for a character. Hardy has specific ways to elicit sympathy by varying the level of sympathy he gives to character. He either gives sympathy to someone or takes it away from a character so more sorrow seems to be on another. He also uses powerful language to strengthen his points and finally he shows sorrow from a character’s point of view. He uses these techniques on the three main characters (Rhoda, Farmer Lodge and Gertrude) exceptionally well....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The People and Landscape of the Welsh Hillcountry

- The People and Landscape of the Welsh Hillcountry R.S. Thomas writes about the people and landscape of the Welsh “hillcountry.” By referring closely to at least two of his poems, show how he makes the Welsh countryside and its inhabitants vivid to the reader. RS Thomas was born in Cardiff in 1913. He was a Parish Priest in Wales for more than 20 years. During this time he taught himself the Welsh language in order to understand the remote hill farmers that are under his care. He writes almost exclusively about the people and landscape of the Welsh hill country....   [tags: R.S. Thomas Poems Poetry Essays]

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Modern Cognitive Behavior Therapy Has Been Impacted By Two American Psychiatrist

- Modern cognitive behavior therapy has been impacted by two American Psychiatrist: firstly, 'Cognitive Therapy ' as created by Wolpe and others in 1950s and 1960s; and besides, 'Cognitive Behavioral Thearpy ' which was produced by A.T. Beck in the 1960s (Corey, 2012). CBT is "a progression of techniques which calm mental enduring by rectifying contorted and maladaptive behaviors. The treatment depends on a theory of psychopathology which perceives the equal interrelationship among the psychological, behavioral, physical and emotional structure"....   [tags: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychology, Mind]

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Mobile Phones And Its Impact On The World

- Mobile phones are connecting Africans to each other and to the rest of the world. With Africa gaining access to mobile phones first, Africa’s adoption of technology is much different than the western countries. Being mobile first means that Africa can leap forward in innovation, without the financial burden of vast iterative infrastructure changes that the United States progressed through. The relatively low cost to own a mobile phone, and the deployment of wireless infrastructure, allows Africans connection to the global society anywhere one might find ones self....   [tags: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Internet]

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Aggression in Children

- Aggression is a problem that is very common in many children and that if not addressed early enough would continue through adolescence and later on in life. Aggression can be caused by a multitude of factor, which is sometimes considered part of a normal developmental stage; never the less aggression can also be a symptom of a multitude of disruptive behaviors (Barzman & Findling, 2008). It is important that parents learn to deal with this type of behaviors and find ways to effectively modify the child’s misconduct; according to Barzman & Findling (2008) the intricacy of aggression needs to be addressed through complex assessment strategies....   [tags: Child Psychology ]

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Don Quixote, A Mad Man And Idiot

- Don Quixote is one of the oldest forms of the modern novel. Written in the early 17th century it follows the adventures of Don Quixote and his sidekick Sancho Panza. In Don Quixote, Cervantes satirizes the idea of a hero. Don Quixote sees himself as a noble knight among the ignorant common folk, but everyone else sees him as a bumbling idiot who has gone mad. Therefore, the novel’s longevity in the western canon is due to the humorous power struggle and the quest of a hero Don Quixote faces throughout the story....   [tags: Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, Sancho Panza]

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The, A Lonely Samurai Named Sanjuro

- When we gather all the facts, notions, beliefs, prejudices, and all the things that encase human perception of other humans, what truly defines a “good” or “bad” person. Is it even really clear who is “bad” and who is “good” in the world. Are there definitive factors, such as crime or sinful actions, that are critical in determining the conclusion of whether someone is righteous or immoral. Are we even capable of dictating the difference. One might think that someone who seems to disregard the law, consistently, or someone who commits sinful acts, religiously based or morally based, would be decided as a “bad” person due to their overall disrespect to rules and normality, according to societ...   [tags: Gang, Crime, Morality, Virtue]

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The Super M-TA Tractor

- International Harvester built many good tractors over its years. Today I will be talking about the Super M-TA. The Super M-TA was International Harvester’s first tractor to have live power and other user friendly features. Before I talk about the tractor I’m going to give you a little International Harvester history. International Harvester started as McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in 1847, founded by Cyrus Hall McCormick and was consolidated by his Son Cyrus Hall McCormick Jr. 1902. About Farmall and IH, Burlington....   [tags: Product Review]

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