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Ethical Leadership And Ethical Competence

- ... Ethical competence is differed from ethical leadership in that it concentrates on understanding the skills and qualities a leader needs to achieve ethical leadership (Menzel, 2015). Ethical competence serves as a foundational component of ethical leadership by providing a clear set of guiding principles. Menzel (2015) specifies five competency qualities, including “a commitment to high standards of personal and professional behavior, a knowledge of relevant ethics codes and laws, the ability to engage in ethical reasoning when confronted with challenging ethical situations, the ability to identify and act on public service ethics and values, and a commitment to promoting ethical practice...   [tags: Leadership, Ethics, Skill, Ethical leadership]

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Ethical Dilemm Ethical And Legal Issues

- ... There are several fundamental ethical principles about patient. One of them is autonomy. Autonomy means patient has a right to make decision themselves, not influence by anyone else (Silva and Ludwick, 1999). However, Lindberg, Fagerstrom, Sivberg and Willman (2014) emphasize that the capacity of autonomy due to patient’s physical and/or mental state. In this case, Yasmine is a healthy lady and enjoy her life. She only past history is osteoarthritis and she like doing craft and playing cards with friends....   [tags: Ethics, Autonomy, Philosophy, Ethical principles]

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Ethical Standards in Research

- Concern for risks involved in the research and the participants involved in the study is a duty of the researcher (Lindorff, 2010). Topics that an ethical researcher should consider are “justice, beneficence and respect for persons” (Lindorff, 2010, p. 53). Justice refers to fairness in selection of participants and the time required by participants. Justice relates to protecting participants but also benefiting the public, not just certain entities. There are concerns regarding non-medical research and the benefactors from the results obtained....   [tags: Ethical Research]

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Ethical Judgement and the Production of Knowledge

- Ethical judgment is not a definite restriction for the method and production of knowledge in art field, but it does relatively limit the production of knowledge in the natural science fields. Since the ethical judgment is an authority in a majority of people’s notion and mind, people tend to follow ethical standards and harder to develop the further knowledge. In addition, reason is one of the ways of knowing and moral principle is a crucial factor that shapes the pursuit of knowledge. The extreme cases in the natural science and in distinctive areas of knowledge violate the reason that undermines the moral obligation....   [tags: Essays on Ethical Judgement]

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The Ethical Egoist in Plato's Republic

- The ethical egoist is one who believes that it is morally right to act strictly in one's own self-interest. Understandably, this belief poses a threat to social cooperation and, therefore, clearly introduces a significant political problem. I believe that the best example of ethical egoism is displayed in Book I of Plato's The Republic. In this Book, Plato introduces the idea of ethical egoism, explains the political problem posed by it, and addresses the problem through the words of Socrates. I will use this paper to explain and clarify the arguments for and against the concept of ethical egoism, with specific focus on the political problem it poses and the proper approach to addressing th...   [tags: politics, ethical egoism, socrates]

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The Importance of Ethical Integrity

- What is ethical integrity and why is it important. This paper will address the viewpoint of ethical integrity and its outcome. Ethical Integrity is a favorably sensible method for doing what is right when it comes to people dealing with people. In today’s society, ethical integrity has become a modern lifestyle. When a person has a strong moral character, they are said to be a person of integrity and to live a honest life is said to be the most important virtue a person can have. Consistency is a concept of ethical integrity and people should act according to their moral principles....   [tags: Ethical Integrity Essays]

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Hypothetical Treatment of Ethical Dilemma

- This paper is an analysis of a hypothetical vignette in which a counselor-in-training named Callie, a fairly experienced and nearly-licensed counselor supervisee, approaches her counselor supervisor for advice and direction regarding an ethical dilemma. The purpose of this paper is to identify the ethical and legal implications of the dilemma along with an optimal solution to ethically resolve the issue. Using the Forrester-Miller and Davis Decision Making Model Ethical dilemmas are situations that are difficult to navigate and include making a difficult choice....   [tags: Doctoral Student Ethical Scenario]

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Ethical Dilemmas and Normative Theories

- ... In this case the company is venture-backed which means it needs to show investors that there is growth. Ralph is feeling pressure to show investors that the company is doing well and therefore putting pressure on John. John is under pressure to abide by the law, company policies, rules and principles. John has his own view of morals, beliefs and corporate ethics whether Ralph has the same view of such concepts is not an issue as both of them are bound by their duty to fulfil their roles as CFO and CEO in the company to show investors results....   [tags: foundation, business, ethical]

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Ethical and Psychological Hedonism

- ... To compare, then, in general hedonism is about valuing pleasure; depending on what kind we are talking about, it may hold different meanings entirely. Ethical hedonism is one branch which states that a person ought to be entitled to act in ways so as to achieve the greatest amount of personal pleasure (and minimize the amount of personal pain). This normative statement is in sharp contrast to the descriptive—and theoretically baseless—concept of psychological hedonism which argues that a human is always motivated by a desire to achieve personal pleasures....   [tags: ethical hedonism, psychological hedonism]

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Business Ethics and Ethical Leadership

- 1. Seminar 4 required us to debate on the following title “This Business School believes that ethical leadership is impossible in a shareholder focused economy” through the view of four characters. Mike, a non-consequentialist deontologist in the 5th stage of Kohlberg’s (SoCMD) (Figure 1.) argued that ethical behaviour of corporations should be set in a top-bottom structure and that ethical leadership should be reflected in this manner through respecting the governance code and corporate ethics....   [tags: business ethics, ethical leadership, ethics]

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Malcom X : Ethical Leader

- ... In addition, his life events and the views that were presented to him from a young age had a great impact on the way he dealt with the race issue of that period. In addition, the enlightenment of his trip overseas helped him see racism as being a human rights problem rather than a problem that blacks faced. Malcom states, “I said that on the American racial level, we had to approach the black man’s struggle against the white man’s racism as a human problem, that we had to forget hypocritical politics and propaganda”....   [tags: Leadership, Ethical leadership, Ethics, Justice]

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Ethical Consumerism: A Balance of Knowledge and Action

- Shelves in many shopping malls are lined with a vast, colorful variety of merchandise. Rows of curious items catch one’s attention upon entering a sterile-smelling shop, each piece specifically crafted to be sold and taken home. Compared to this consumer-happy paradise, the world in which the worker lives, who fashions these objects, is usually little more than torture. Take, for example, child labor in India. These child laborers work for little pay and in harsh conditions, to generate products for American consumers to buy....   [tags: Ethical Consumer Habits, Shopping]

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Ethical Hacking: The Different Types of Hacking

- For much of the new millennia, computer network and security administrators have faced an ever-growing generation of evil, “Hackers.” Hackers wreak havoc on computer networks that do not have proper protection in place. They steal your information and sell it to the highest bidder, not thinking about what it would do to the person or company that they hacked. Let us take for instance, Edward Snowden, who is currently in Russia seeking asylum from the United States. Mr. Snowden illegally hacked the CIA network, stole classified documents, and sold them to the highest bidder....   [tags: inside, outside, hacking, ethical]

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Ethical and Moral Philosophies: Application to Business

- Define and Discuss Philosophies’ Application to Business Business philosophy refers to application of theoretic framework to determine the manner in which a business entity deals with various forms of operation. It refers to formation and operation of a corporate entity in areas that include management, accounting, public relations, business operations, marketing, and training (Dahlsrud, 2008). Moral philosophy, on the other hand, refers to values that determine the rightness or wrongness of an action (Bartels, 2008)....   [tags: Ethical and Moral Philosophies]

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Ethical Integrity While Writing a Dissertation

- Executing the actual research of a dissertation is a process that can pose many ethical violations such as fabricating data, falsifying data, or plagiarizing (Committee, 2009). In addition, Committee (2009) stated that in order to execute research the research must know how to handle data. For my research, I will be discreet about handling data and open in communication with my participants, by issuing informed consent forms to all of my participants and requiring signatures to continue before any research is conducted....   [tags: Ethical Integrity in Research]

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Patriotism: Changin Moral and Ethical Values

- Patriotism is not blindly following ones country as some politicians think. Patriotism is working to ensure our country lives up to our collective moral and ethical values both at home and abroad, as well as being critical of our country when it does not live up to those standards. Patriotism as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is “The quality of being patriotic; love of or devotion to one's country” (“Patriotism”). That is it. It does not say you have to take any specific action like flying the flag, serve in any function such as the armed forces, or support any particular party for election....   [tags: ethical values, espionage act]

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Mike Nolan's Ethical Decision

- Kidder’s Ethical Checkpoints is going to be applied to analyze the case of Mike Nolan’s ethical decision. The recognized problem for this case is a passenger has suffered a heart attack, so Nolan needs to decide to follow Denver’s orders or demand a landing for medical evacuation. Kidder’s second checkpoint is determining the actor. The actor that is responsible for addressing the problem is the pilot Mike Nolan. Secondary actors would be the crew and passengers aboard the flight. The third checkpoint is for Nolan to gather the relevant facts of this case....   [tags: flight dilemma, Kidder's ethical checkpoints]

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Ethical Leadership : Ethics And Socially Responsibility

- Ethical leadership is having an understanding of who you are, what your core values are, having the courage to live them all, in your personal life as well as your work life. Ethical leadership involves leading in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of others. Ethical decision making and leadership are the basis of ethical organizations. Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers. The foundation of this relationship is trust. The leaders themselves must be ethical in their decisions and actions in order to influence others to behave accordingly....   [tags: Ethics, Leadership, Ethical leadership, Morality]

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Profilling Ethical Leadership

- Leaders are considered as people who “generally implement ethical programs in order to influence an organizations climate” (Yukl, 2010). To any organizations, leadership plays an important role to empower another people to follow them. Therefore, ethical leadership can be defined as the process of impacting people through rules, principles, beliefs and values. I recognized that every leaders tend to have a highly ethical in their business practices. Ethical leadership will help leaders to lead their employees as legitimate....   [tags: Implement Ethical Programs, Oganizations]

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Legal and Ethical Issues in School Counseling

- The topic of this paper focuses on the battles school counselors face as the law and ethical standards collide. School counselors face a number of legal and ethical issues and recognizing a clear decision isn’t always easy. School counselors have to work with a large number of students, parents, and administrators while conforming to ethical codes, state laws, and school board guidelines. This topic is of great relevance to me as I will be going into the school counseling profession. It is also a meaningful topic to me because life-changing decisions are made every day in reference to legal and ethical issues....   [tags: School Counselor, Lae, Ethical Standards]

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School Counseling: A Case Study in Ethical Decision Making

- Whilst working in a remote area I observed a year nine indigenous student (Lorena Bannard) and a teacher (Bill James), alone together after school hours. I considered this could be an unprofessional situation. I spoke to Bill later regarding the situation and he replied, “I’m helping her with some family problems, and I’m concerned about the effect it’s having on her school work”. I suggested he refer Lorena to the Guidance Officer. During the initial interview with Lorena, I explained what was talked about in the interview was confidential, unless an unlawful act or event occurred, or if someone could be harmed....   [tags: School Counselors, Ethical Decisions]

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Ethical, Moral and Religious Issues Surrounding Euthanasia

- ... The truth is that death is often not peaceful, in fact, it is often painful, unfair and cruel to those with neurological disorders, cancer, or AIDS. These people often die slowly and painfully, despite every effort by their doctors and nurses. According a 2012 article in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, The main arguments that proponents cite for euthanasia are free choice and patient autonomy. Autonomy is defined as "the right to self-government and moral independence" (Karlsson, Milberg & Strang, 2011)....   [tags: death, ethical issues]

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The Philosophy Ethical Theories : Moral Skepticism And Moral Objectivism

- ... It is actually tolerance and open-minded for different opinions, which is superior than skepticism. Second, moral facts are general universal norms. To be more specific, they should be virtue guidelines instead of specific rules. It also explain the disagreement of moral issues: maybe what people disagree is the way they portray the general moral facts rather than the facts themselves. In addition, even though there are objective moral truths, it does not mean they have to be accepted. There are three doubtful parts that I want to emphasis based on Shafer-Landau 's idea of moral objectivism....   [tags: Morality, Truth, Ethical theories]

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Ethical Principles Of Psychologists And Code Of Conduct

- ... Scenario 2 The second example analyzes the case of Doctor Blatt and his training program. The psychologist has developed a program for teaching a group therapy for couples, which he taught to the small group of students. While the program itself was pedagogically and professionally appropriate, he was known to make modifications and other changes in the course without notifying his students. Therefore, he was in complete control of the course, and the students did not know that he changed program goals and requirements....   [tags: Ethics, Psychology, Ethical code, Informed consent]

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Wallach and Allen’s Ethical Thought of AMAs

- In this paper, I will explore ethical issues to the artificial intelligence. In Wallach and Allen coauthored “Moral machines: teaching robots right from wrong”, they explore on many theories and practical issues for AMAs. I will use this book to interpret Wallach and Allen’s ideas of ethical design. I. Wallach and Allen describe the necessity for good construction on AMAs (A) The world needs good build AMAs In the introductory part of Wallach and Allen’s book, they present three essential issues, one of them is “does the world need AMAs?”(p.9) Wallach and Allen give a positive answer, they believe that with the rapid development in new technology and mechanization, intelligent autonomous rob...   [tags: Ethical Issues, Artificial Intelligence, Morals]

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Ethical Issues Concerning Hydraulic Fracturing in the Petroleum Industry.

- Ethical Issues Concerning Hydraulic Fracturing in the Petroleum Industry. In these present days we have a lot of ethical issue in our day to day living going from conflict of interest all the way up to cutting corners in the petroleum industry. A good example of an ethical issue would be why fracking is bad, which I find to be very dangerous and could lead to various disasters such as loss of life, danger to the community and thereby leading to bad credibility. In this paper I would be talking about Fracking and why it is bad, because like I stated before it is a very delicate issue and must be treated with great importance....   [tags: Ethical Issues, Conflict of Interest, Petroleum]

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Lehman Brother Holding Inc. Ethical Research

- Building standards of ethical behavior is essential for public company. Otherwise, it causes accounting scandals and bankrupts. Over the last decade, there were a lot of enormous bankrupts that because of unethical behavior of investors and auditors. Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. is an example of accounting scandals. In this research paper, I am going to analyze this firm. Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. was a financial services firm and fourth-largest investment bank in the Unite Sates. It provided investment service for the clients and it founded in 1850.It mainly operated on trading sales, private banking, investment bank and investment management....   [tags: investment management, bankrupts, ethical behavior]

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Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

- The role of ethics in organizational behavior is the underlying factor to the success and longevity of any organization. A set of rules and guidelines focusing on promoting safety, trust, and responsible practice within the workplace must be established internally. Organizations develop code of ethics that center upon the promotion of good. Ethics are vital in developing trusting relationships between employees and administration within. A code of ethics highlights the responsibility and accountability standards of each and every employee within the organization....   [tags: Nursing Ethics, ethical principle, code of ethics]

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The Ethical Treatment of Animals

- I believe in the ethical treatment for all animals is an ethical obligation by all humans. We have come to an era that we believe that all humans should be treated equally and fairly. Well, what about our other living, breathing counterparts. They deserve to live their life as they choose in quality and in the pursuit of happiness. Just as Europeans came and took over Northern America's land and resources on the Indians. We have also taken over the land and resources from all of the animals. The moral point of view in the killing of animals for food as an indulgence which is not a necessity for our diet is killing another living being....   [tags: Ethical Issues Analysis]

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Methods of Experimentation and Research in the Natural Sciences that are Limited due to Ethical Considerations

- The production of knowledge, the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject (New Oxford), has constantly been accomplished throughout the history of man as a result of the characteristics of creativity and curiosity. These attributes, besides ethics, have set humans apart from the other species allowing for constant and rapid development. According to (Rest), an ethical judgment is the process by which an individual determines that one alternative is morally right and another alternative is morally wrong....   [tags: eugenics, animal testing, ethical judgement]

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Normative Ethics: Society Determines What Moral and Ethical Act or Action is Correct and Acceptable

- Normative ethics are those ethical principles and values that are considered morally correct and express principles of good character, actions that are viewed as right rather than wrong and are commonly accepted and reasonable. The prompt in this assignment refers to the requirement of “the existence of normative” requiring the practice of normative ethics in how individuals and society determine what moral and ethical act or action is correct and acceptable. Normative ethics embraces the philosophical theory of a normal sense of morals and principles that would be proper and acknowledged as positive and good....   [tags: ethical principles. morality, morals]

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Is it Ethical?

- From a young age, individuals learn about what is right and what is wrong. According to Sandra Crosser, Ph.D., many young children do not have a clear understanding of right and wrong. As children grow, their views on the world develop. Many will argue that children gain their morals from their parents; others say that children get their morals from the people that they interact with. The development of morals is a topic of controversy in both the scientific and philosophical/ethical communities....   [tags: individuals, children, morals]

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Is It Ethical Or Ethical?

- ... Another example is if you grow up in either a republican or democratic family. If you live in a household with republican beliefs, you are more likely to have the same republican views on political issues as your parents. According to Christian Keyser’s research, humans learn behaviors from watching others. Although this shows that humans are empathetic by nature, we should not assume that this means that humans are ethical by nature. Humans learn by watching their parents or guardians and learn how to react to certain situations....   [tags: Psychology, Milgram experiment, Stanley Milgram]

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Physician Assisted Suicide is NOT Ethical

- Is physician assisted suicide morally right. This has been a controversial subject for some time now. People are wondering whether or not it is the most humane thing to do. If dogs can be putdown, why not people. The reason is in that question. They are people. Every life is important, no matter how long it may be. Instead of finding a way to get rid of people faster, the government could put those efforts in something more positive. If other people are considering whether or not the patients’ life is valuable, the patient could question it as well....   [tags: ethical issues, euthanasia ]

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Ethical Ethics : Ethical And Ethical Issues

- Throughout the course of day-to-day business life, the business professionals come in contact with quite a sum of ethical dilemmas. There are various ways to handle these ethical dilemmas, but failure to follow the appropriate manner could result in an unethical outcome. The ethical guides related to the book definitely help students develop an ethical character that is sure to stand out for highly ethical companies. In addition, there are companies that test how ethical applicants are before hiring them, this in turn makes getting the job more difficult and costly....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics, Philosophy]

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Legal and Ethical Issues Encountered in Health and Social Care: Elderly People with Dementia in Residential Home.

- This assignment will identify and evaluate the legal and ethical issues within the health and social care for elderly people with dementia and living in residential homes. It will address the difference between the legal and ethical issues and the impact it has on the person suffering from the disease, their family and the role that the professionals have in decision making for the individual’s wellbeing. Dementia is a disease which causes mental debility and affects one’s way of intelligent, attentiveness, recollection and problem-solving (NHS, 2013)....   [tags: health, social, cause, ethical, issues. legal]

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Ethical And Ethical Ethics Of Ethics

- ... Business Ethics Significance Good business ethics can promote good business. Good business values can promote professionalism and good management practices. Some of the significance of business ethics includes: Positive Business Consequences Recognition law, mutual trust, and confidence are things that represent success of an enterprise. Building a trust and confidence relationship with its clients is how businesses display a sense of ethical conduct, which will make experiencing a positive consequence....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics]

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The Ethical Theory Of Ethical Relativism

- ... Many may know this as, do not kill, do no unnecessary harm, and love you neighbor (Fieser 7). Most people and religions use these to advise others and influence actions (Fieser 7). A great example of prescriptivity is the Ten Commandments, this puts forth a list of permisble and umpermisible actions. The next is universalizability: “moral principles must apply to all people who are in a relevantly similar situations” (Fieser 7). This trait would best be manifested in the Golden Rule, “Do to others what you would want them to do to you” (Fieser 7)....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Moral relativism, Relativism]

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Ethical Ethics : Legal And Ethical

- ... Many client companies or organizations have what could be considered ethical codes, which are typically called a Code of Conduct for their employees. It is important that data and database administrators as well as developers recognize and understand the issues surrounding Intellectual Property to ensure that confidential data or their ideas can be protected and to ensure that any unauthorized user can’t access the data. b) Illegal and Unethical: Three categories of illegal and unethical behavior are: • Ignorance • Accident • Intent You should use careful planning and control to prevent accidental modifications to system and data....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Information security, Privacy]

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Ethical Decision : The Ethical Dilemma

- ... Upon completion of the test, the therapist does not share the results with the client. Red Flag: Confidentiality The client’s wife is overly anxious when her husband returns without test results, she promptly and with exigence, phones the therapist, desperate for answers. Upon hearing her deep concern, and desperation the therapist shares the results of her husband’s test with her, confirming that he does have PTSD and that the therapist will begin treating her husband on their next visit....   [tags: Ethics, Business ethics, Psychology, Mental health]

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Ethical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma

- ... Though it would sound morally good to keep the bonus and settle his son’s medical bill, but it is unethical to sideline Krystal, who spent most of his time working to create the presentation that he presented. There is completely a conflict of interest dilemma as well as a problem with integrity and honesty. Jacob is faced with a situation in which he is to decide whether to benefit himself or deciding to benefit the coworker. A situation described by Ferrell and Fraedrich (2015) as a conflict of interest dilemma....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Virtue, Integrity]

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Ethical Dilemmas : An Ethical Dilemma

- Introduction Many ethical dilemmas are philosophical in nature, an ethical issue can be described as a problem with no clear resolution. In order to solve the issue or dilemma a consensus between the parties involved must be reached. There are several reasons to come to an agreement over an ethical dilemma, it is the basis for all aspects of personal and professional dealings. Each one of us is part of a civilized society and as such it is our responsibility to be rational, honest and loyal in our dealings with others....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Decision making, Immanuel Kant]

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The Ethical Theories Of Ethical Behavior

- ... However, respecting Tonterian culture may also mean letting all thirty villagers die because it is their custom. This means no special occasion to honor the foreigner and the people of Tonteria can go on with their typical shooting procedure relative to their culture. The utilitarian perspective would choose to do what is best for the greatest amount of people. This is often defined as happiness being the utility that makes something moral or amoral (Burnor, 130). When considering available options, three things would be taken into account: duration, intensity, and probability....   [tags: Morality, Cultural relativism, Ethics, Relativism]

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Ethical Ethics And Ethical Issues

- ... Not only must the manufacturing company establish these guidelines, they must also follow them strictly, setting an example for all employees. Ethical issues based on employee location When outsourcing to other countries, employers need to make sure they are not changing the requirements in their products to save money. Employers must be sure that the standard they meet for their product remains the same regardless of where the product is being produced. Also, although organizations may not always have someone on site in different plants, it is important that they ensure the safety of the environment and the working conditions employees are faced with....   [tags: Employment, Ethics, Human resources]

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Ethical Implications Of Ethical Consumerism

- INTRODUCTION It has been known that all ethical consumerism practises have actually gained an increased supremacy over the last couple of years. Consumers have found that the tendency to inform their customers of the ethical consumerism plays a rather vital part as this results in informed purchase decisions through references to ethical as well as moral principles. (The Guardian, 2014). ETHICAL CONSUMERISM In ethical consumerism the most commonly applied principles are: social justice, environmental, human rights and as well as the animal welfare discourses ....   [tags: Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility]

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Marketing : Ethical And Ethical Dilemma

- ... Companies such as PepsiCo, collect customer data buy tracking sales to the individual store or account and not the individual customer. To assess the buying behavior and preferences of the consumer PepsiCo must tap into other sources of CRM. Such as conducting focus groups, market research studies or simply listening to the customer feedback on social media. The total customer experience impacts customer satisfaction overall. The total customer experience impacts customer satisfaction. How the customer feels during the first introduction of your product/service throughout the buying process can impact the customer’s overall satisfaction....   [tags: Customer relationship management, Marketing]

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Ethical Dilemmas And Ethical Issues

- ... Is this scenario cut, dry and simple. By utilizing Kant’s theory of ethics, you can easily state the parent in the scenario actions were not justified. Kant’s idea is that the categorical imperative should be used as a tool to determine right or wrong actions. Overall, he basically states that you shouldn’t perform any actions you wouldn’t want to be universal law. In essence, basically you should not do anything you wouldn’t won’t someone else to do. Thinking back to universal law, based off of Kant’s theory, his approach when referencing stealing would The Choice be that stealing is bad and unacceptable no matter the case....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Immanuel Kant, Aesthetics]

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Is Ethical Hacking Truly Ethical?

- From the macro/micro perspective, the world of the electron, despite its extraordinarily minuscule size, is the foundation of society. Computers have not only brought us electronic shopping, email, and online banking, but now control our cars, how we board a plane, our MP3 players, and almost every other aspect of our lives. With any great advancement in civilization, there are always those souls who seek to capitalize on the misfortune of others by finding some way to exploit a weakness in the newest technology available; the computer industry is no exception....   [tags: Ethics ]

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Ethical Dilemm Ethical And Legal Issues

- ... For a nurse to practice ethically they must have a professional manner; an essential concept when stabilizing ethical issues with law and guidance and one’s professional values, nurses must consider this and apply the relevant ethical, professional and legal specifications whilst being compassionate and keeping the patients best interests as a main priority when in practice (Bandman and Bandman, 2002). This essay will focus on an ethical dilemma that occurred out in a practice placement. On the ward, a lady (Mrs X) was admitted due to having a serious myocardial infarction, leaving Mrs X’s heart in an extremely bad condition and it was likely she would die as a result due to the muscles...   [tags: Ethics, Virtue, Virtue ethics]

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Ethical Framework And Kantian Ethical Theory

- ... Whilst considering this decision, if I was to accept the decision then I would be providing families with work and allowing them to earn money and provide for their children. However, by challenging the decision against the three maxims, a decision will be made to see if the deal is ethical or not. The 3 maxims that will be considered are the universal law formula, the end in itself formula, universal acceptability formula. Taking into account the formula of universal law which states, “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction”....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Philosophy]

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Ethical And Ethical Decision Making Policy

- Company Q did not coherently follow the trending change of corporate governance and voluntary boundaries required to succeed in social responsibility as were expected in the corporate world. Results found the concept of philanthropy and giving back to the community only a theory that was mismanaged. Company Q’s inappropriate conduct of due diligent business practices, compromised the integrity of principles expected by current stakeholders, customers, employees and the entire local community. Cause and effect led to several of Company Q’s chain locations being closed stemming from internal and external environmental influences....   [tags: Business ethics, Ethics]

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Euthanasia Is Ethical Or Not?

- Of late Euthanasia has been a highly contested issue among media, politicians, public and medical professionals. In spite of being banned in elsewhere in the world than Switzerland and Netherlands and some states of USA, there is emerging demand and mixed reaction among public regarding the legalisation of Euthanasia. Indian judiciary has recently declared a landmark decision declaring active Euthanasia illegal, contrary to constitution and hence punishable. Although passive euthanasia has been legalised keeping it subject to a specific set of regulations....   [tags: Euthanasia, Death, Homicide, Medical ethics]

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The Ethical And Of Science

- ... This may be due to the settings of the time: post American Enlightenment. After this big movement, people became more curious about the world around them, and they started to question everything logically. They started to challenge the rules of the church and the justification “because God made it so.” Because of this, man also started to challenge Nature. In the novel, Nature is presented as a cunning and powerful deity: “Nature assimilates all her precious influences from earth and air…our great creative Mother, while she amuses us with apparently working in the broadest sunshine, is yet severely careful to keep her own secrets, and, in spite of her pretended openness, shows us nothin...   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Marriage, Aesthetics]

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Cloning : Is It Ethical?

- ... Each human is unique and does things certain ways, no one is identical in the way they are and there is no reason to be. We were created by God, he chose a faith for each and every one of us including animals. Why make animals go through the torture of being experimented on, to end up having an unsuccessful conclusion and the death of a living creature. Animals are no less than humans, they breathe, eat, sleep, and reproduce like humans. If in many cases it is unethical and/or illegal to experiment on humans, then why should it be any different for animals....   [tags: Cloning, Human, Morality, Dolly]

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The Ethical Teacher

- Reflection is a necessary component of everyday life, as well as the growth an individual makes within their profession. This concept remains true for teachers who, due to the particular changes they must make in order to meet the fluctuating needs of both their students and society, are perpetually connected to reflection. Beginning with John Dewey, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, numerous scholars have articulated their viewpoints concerning the positive and negatives impacts of this reflective teaching, in addition to its influence on the moral dilemmas faced by educators....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Elizabeth Campbell]

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The Ethical Issue

- The ethical issue at hand, is how the patient of a nursing home, her family and the nursing home personnel will come to an agreement for the best healthcare treatment for the patient. Deana, a 76-year old woman stricken with Parkinson's disease, has suffered a lot of health set-backs such as, her inability of taking care of herself, her inability of walking so she is confined to a wheel chair, her losing weight and developing a small pressure sore on her coccyx, her developing aspiration pneumonia(inflammation of the lungs and airways to the bronchial tubes) twice in two months and her inability to swallow which is the cause of the dilemma at hand....   [tags: Parkinsons Disease, Health Care]

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Is Airbrushing Ethical?

- In 2009, the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) changed or withdrew 2,397 advertisements for being misleading. The development of computers and digital image editing software, such as Photoshop has increased false advertising. However, authoritative organisations such as ASA and the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) accept a limited amount of “airbrushing” in advertisements. This opens the debate of whether controlled airbrushing is ethical or not. Because airbrushing in advertising constitutes distortion of an image, it is deceitful ; given that it influences society’s reality, it is pervasive ; since it may harm consumers’ well-being , it is harmful: excess or controlled airbrushin...   [tags: Technology, Photoshop]

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An Ethical Dilemma

- In the story, Bowen was a participant in a sabbatical program for Morgan Stanley, where he spent sixty days climbing the icy and dangerous Himalayas in Nepal. He set out for this journey with his friend Stephen, who was an Anthropologist, their porters and some Sherpas. During their hike, Bowen & Stephen encountered a New Zealander who had with him a barefoot, barely clothed, Indian man who happened to be a Sadhu, who at the moment was exhausted and hypothermic. The New Zealander was on a mission to complete his goal, and carrying the Sadhu with him made it almost impossible to trek any further....   [tags: Consequence, Deontology, Groups]

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Fracking Is Ethical

- Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas from underground by drilling and pumping large amounts of water beneath the Earth to open up natural gas deposits (Banerjee). Countries with large natural gas deposits, such as France and Bulgaria, have already banned the practice of hydraulic fracturing. Though fracking may seem like a new concept, it is not; about one million wells have been fracked since the mid-1900s in America (Brantley). Fracking has only become so controversial recently because the most current proposals have been in more residential areas....   [tags: hydraulic fracturing, natural gas extraction]

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An Ethical Dilemma

- According to Viren Swami, a professor at the University of Westminster, “animal testing, or animal research, refers to the use of animals in experiments within academic, research, or commercial establishments” (Christopher, 269). Sounds simple enough, but Swami does not mention how this testing affects the animals or why this is such a controversial issue among the public. M.J. Prescott, from the National Center for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animal Research, makes a very good point when he says that: Many people, including from within the scientific community, consider that the use of NHPs [nonhuman primates] in research is a matter of particular ethical concern b...   [tags: Animal Rights ]

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Developing an Ethical Framework and Applying It to an Ethical Dilemma

- Introduction It is the purpose of this paper to explain the process by which I have come to develop my own ethical framework and apply this framework to an ethical dilemma. I have discovered through my research that an ethical framework is a collection of guidelines, usually in question format, that function together to support and reinforce the ethical decision-making process. Ethical frameworks can be designed and applied in both personal life settings and professional work environments. By implementing an ethical framework, whether for personal use or for a professional environment, individuals, team-members and leaders can be assured that the decisions they are making are thought-out a...   [tags: decision making conflict, phylosophy, ethics]

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Ethical Decision Making : Ethical And Moral Decision

- ... The ethical decision is the one that would result in the least amount of damage. Another question I can ask myself: What course of action can I live with. I have to be able to live with my decision, and, that is also crucial. My second step involves an essential step; this step gives you the opportunity to gather relevant facts. I chose this from the Baker-Kidder’s model. This step is important because I will be able to collect the information and facts I need to continue with my ethical decision-making....   [tags: Ethics, Risk, Decision making, Morality]

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The Ethical And Ethical Issues Of Stem Cell Research

- ... Embryonic stem cells are considered pluripotent, because they can become any of 200 other types of cells. Unlike embryonic, adult stem cells cannot change into the form of any other cell, the possibilities of cures are much more limited. Adult stem cells can be extracted without fatal consequences and are generally taken from the CNS (Central Nervous System): brain, hippocampus, brain stem, or the olfactory bulb. ****** Although both have been tested on real patients along with animals, only some breakthroughs have been made....   [tags: Stem cell, Cellular differentiation]

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An Ethical Will Over a Monetary or Property Will

- In todays world an Ethical Will seems almost foreign to many people. A monetary or property Will is a type of Will that people are most familiar with. This deals with ones property being distributed to a younger generation upon or near death.2 The encyclopedia Judaica defines a Will as a, “person’s disposition of his property in favor of another in such manner that the testator retains the property or his rights to it until his death.”5(page65) Some may be unaware that there are different types of monetary Wills....   [tags: Wisdom, Death, Generations]

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Ethical Judgements in the Arts and Sciences

- Both the arts and the sciences have completely different methods to create knowledge, thus the effects ethical judgments have on the arts and the science are different. Ethics limits the production of knowledge in both the arts and natural sciences, however, in the arts ethical judgments do not limit the methods available in the production of knowledge, rather it limits the propagation of knowledge. On the other hand, ethical judgements do limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in the natural sciences, because ethical judgments are self regulated in the natural sciences by reason because of the role of ethics in the methods....   [tags: Emotion, Reason]

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What Is Ethics And Ethical Relativism?

- Forms of Ethical Relativism In American society, what is it that makes people do certain things and how does it relate to who we are. The answer is ethics and ethical relativism. What is ethics you say and how does ethical relativism impact our society today. Well that was a question I later asked myself when I first wanted to determine what ethics was. What stops people in the world from creating havoc and to live within the means of laws and government. It is the human’s ethic code in there body to stop them from doing something that person does not see fight and for a reason that sometimes is through rational and empirical knowledge....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Virtue, Business ethics]

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The Importance of Ethical Decision Making

- Introduction Generally, ethics is defined as standards of performance that explains how human beings should opt to react during many circumstances in which they meet with friends, citizens, parents, teachers, children, professionals, and businesspeople among others. However, ethics is different from feelings, as feelings make significant information’s available for our ethical preferences. Although some people posses highly mature behaviors that formulate them to feel awful when they get involved in the wrongdoings, most of the people normally enjoy doing bad things....   [tags: ethics]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of A Patrol Officer

- ... The intimidation of ticketing the mayor could hinder someone’s unbiased opinion on what is right and wrong. Using the Golden Mean as the mediator for this case, I believe that arresting the mayor would be an excessive punishment, but on the flip side letting him go would be a deficient response to the problem. His influence in the community could not waver the Golden Rule’s ability to mediate a sufficient punishment. This ethical system helps support the decision to ticket the reckless driver....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Duty, Deontological ethics]

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The Ethical Approaches Of Business Ethics

- Because society is fundamentally based upon performance and profit, it is necessary to impart a sense of corporate social responsibility with regard to modern commerce. The ethical approaches of purpose, principle and consequence are integral components of business social performance; itemizing these contributions involves incorporating the interests of ethics and morality within the corporate structure. These are essential concepts that are often absent from a managerial standpoint. Corporate social responsibility should exist within every company 's infrastructure; however, social integrity is not something that is often at the forefront of modern day business dealings....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics, Applied ethics]

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Ethical Issues Of The Healthcare Field

- ... Therefore, the patient was too incapacitated to make decisions. The patient’s only daughter was the durable power of attorney (DPOA). A durable power of attorney for health care is a document that names an individual health care proxy (MedlinePlus, 2014). The DPOA is person the patient trust to make health decisions if the patient is unable to do so (MedlinePlus, 2014). A signed DNR was on the patient’s medical records. Eight years ago, the patient had addressed in a living will that be no use of life-sustaining equipment such as dialysis machines, ventilators, and respirators, or no use of artificial hydration and nutrition such as feeding tubes....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medical ethics]

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The Ethical Pressures Faced By Managers

- ... Having an energized, competent workforce is extremely important, therefore employees have the power to pressure management for better wages, higher benefits or better working conditions. Interacting with employees through a clear, concise ethical manner builds loyalty and satisfaction, leading to better performance and higher production. Creditors pressure managers to pay their bills on time and as per the contracted amount. If a company suffers through a low sales period where the incoming profits are not enough to pay employee payroll and creditors, a real problem could manifest....   [tags: Management, Ethics, Business ethics]

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Ethical Principles in the Belmont Report

- The authors in this article present ethical issues that are largely present in research and should be considered by any researcher. The authors note that adequate empirical research into ethical issues has not been conducted. In fact, some ethical issues have been on the spotlight with more research going into them as opposed to others. For example, the authors note that a lot of research has focused on communication between the participants and the researchers (Stanley, Sieber & Melton, 1987). Among the most important ethical issues in research as noted in this article is the giving of consent by participants....   [tags: research methodology]

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Ethical Teachings in Christianity and Islam

- There are several ethical teachings in Christianity and Islam that instruct Christians and Muslims on how they should act in everyday life. These ethical teachings often require the members of each religion to give generously to the welfare of those in need. This essay will prove that both Islam and Christianity have ethical teachings that instruct people to give to the needy. This will be proved by first defining what an ethical guideline or teaching is, by looking at the Islamic ethical guidelines that instruct Muslims to help those in need and finally through analysing the Christian ethical guidelines that teach Christians to contribute to the welfare of those in need....   [tags: Ethics, Christianity, Islam, ]

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Does It Pay to be Ethical?

- Does it pay to be ethical. The problem being investigated is whether companies whose leaders operate in an ethical stewardship capacity, who have established high levels of trust with those they lead, are more competitively successful. Caldwell, Hayes and Long (2010) suggest a strong trust relationship between leader and subordinate, where the leader is concerned for the greater good of all stakeholders as opposed to personal self interest, is an essential competitive advantage in the global marketplace....   [tags: Ethics ]

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Ethical Attributes For Decision Making

- Ethical Attributes for Decision-making in Nonprofit Organization Every ethical organization want to have all its employees behave ethically and make right decisions whenever they represent as a part of this organization. After read this week’s readings, I found that ethical attributes are substantially influence our daily decision making, especially for professionals in nonprofit organizations. Many of ethical attributes or filters and ethical decision-making models are discussed in these readings; moreover, many of them reflect my personal opinions on ethical decision-making process....   [tags: Decision making, Ethics, Non-profit organization]

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The Importance Of Integrity And Ethical Principles

- Integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principles and is a term that is encorporated into many different aspects of life such as business, relationships, and society (, 2014). The most important aspect of integrity is its relationship to ethics. Pride et al. (2015) stated that "ethics is the study of right and wrong and of the morality of the choices individuals make." Ethics and integrity both place a great deal of importance on fairness and honesty. While the term integrity is broad, its relationship to ethics and business can help describe its true meaning....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics, Sociology]

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`` Dog Lab `` : Ethical Choice

- ... She believed that “learning about the cardiovascular system on a living animal would make it more understandable and would therefore make us better doctors” (McCarthy 727). Another, where they valued the importance of life and did not want to kill a dog for their benefit since they could just learn the material by other means. McCarthy unable to dedicate herself to one side said “I didn’t want to kill a dog, but I certainly wanted to take advantage of every learning offered me” (McCarthy 727)....   [tags: Jonathan Swift, Satire, A Modest Proposal]

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The Ethical Dilemma Of A Social Worker

- ... In order to make changes within the system a social worker’s ethical responsibilities include making changes in society to help their clients and these include codes “6.01 Social Welfare, 6.02 Public Participation, 6.03 Public Emergencies and 6.04 Social and Political Action” (NASW, 2015). Furthermore, a social worker needs to examine the laws within the state they live in and beware of them concerning the family cap policies because several states have repealed these laws such as “California, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming” and others may have changed the law....   [tags: Justice, Ethics, Social justice, Social work]

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Ethical Dilemmas Of The Business Industry

- ... So as a result, some people would agree that bribery is perfectly fine and it is the nature of doing business, while others would consider it an unfair advantage. “In some geographies, paying a bribe is not considered an ethical or moral issue -- it 's just the cost of doing business.” (Silverthorne, 2008). After reading the two articles, it became apparent to me that the dilemma that each organization were facing was that the fact that it was not right to pay a public official in order to expedite the business process....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Moral psychology]

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The Importance of Ethical Leaders

- Statement of the Problem Leadership is an organizational role that has an effect on every organizational matter. From the employees’ morale, customers’ satisfaction, and the organizational effectiveness, organizational leaders and their behaviors directly or indirectly affect everything. In addition to the leadership’s impact on the organization and its elements, leaders are often perceived as role models for the organizational members. Consequently, it is important that leaders are not only competent but also ethical in their everyday conduct, (Toor & Ofori, 2009)....   [tags: Moral Perspective, Inspirational Motivation]

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