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Characteristics of an Ideal Entrepreneur

- What an Entrepreneur Is An entrepreneur is a person who finds it worth risking, especially in term of his or her finances, in a particular project with a hope of introducing new related ventures that will culminate into visible success financially (Foley, 2006). Sometimes, an entrepreneur can also be taken to mean a person who is in the verge of organizing a virtually new project and targeting to use previously unused channels after discovering a hidden opportunity in the eyes of others. Evidently, in both cases, there is a risk factor and therefore maximum care and guided moves are things to take care of first....   [tags: Entrepreneur ]

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What Are The Functions Of The Entrepreneur?

- From an economists point of view entrepreneurship is best considered as a function. The entrepreneur is what the entrepreneur does. Entrepreneurship was first described in economic terms by Cantillon (1755) who defined the components of trade but the term was accorded prominence by Say (1803). The modern theory of the entrepreneur is primarily concerned with the primary characteristic of the search for or the discovery of knowledge. The entrepreneur uses this knowledge in reallocating resources, where it is argued that the qualities of shrewdness and deviousness enter, to his own advantaged....   [tags: Economic Market Analysis Entrepreneur]

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Bill Gates: A Visionary Entrepreneur

- “We've really achieved the ideal of what I wanted Microsoft to become.” -Bill Gates, June 2008 William Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington, US, on October 28, 1955. His father, William Henry Gates (II) Jr., was a lawyer whereas his mother, Mary Gates, was a teacher. At an early age, Gates showcased a great deal of intellect. At primary school, he was especially fond of Math and Science. Ever since his childhood, he appreciated reading business magazines. Acknowledging his ardor to learn, his parents enrolled him in Lakeside Preparatory School at the age of 12....   [tags: Biography, Entrepeneur, Windows]

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Call of the Entrepreneur

- Overview In the documentary “Call of the Entrepreneur,” three successful entrepreneurs, Brad Morgan, Frank Hanna, and Jimmy Lai, are presented to explain their views on entrepreneurship and in turn leadership. Brad Morgan is the owner of a million dollar dairy and compost company, Frank Hanna is a merchant banker in New York City, and Jimmy Lai is the founder of Giordano department stores and Next Media. A central theme of the documentary is how each of these businessmen displays the characteristics of persistence, patience, and perseverance to overcome frustrating obstacles and become successful....   [tags: Documentary Analysis]

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The Entrepreneur

- In the United States, approximately one in eight adults are self-employed. In their minds exists a one common dream. This is the entrepreneurial dream of self-employment. It is the freedom to start, grow, and cash in a new business. Most of the extravagant millionaires of today build up their wealth in this way. An entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to build and develop his own business. In today's fast paced world of business, many people chose to work for themselves. A career as an entrepreneur is a risky, yet personally rewarding endeavor....   [tags: small business self employed]

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur

- ... It may not necessarily be the prospect of making billions that's driving you either. You're more likely to be driven by a vision and a passion, because you know what you're doing has the potential to change the game. Other people will tell you you're crazy, but you could do worse than quote back to them those famous words of the 1997 Apple advertisement: "... the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." You'll need that passion to sustain you through the hard times, when you hit walls and things aren't going to plan....   [tags: vision, passion, persistence]

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The Accidental Entrepreneur

- What happens when your paychecks stop. I am no longer employed. Perhaps this is the time for me to pursue self-employment. Starting a small business in this tough economy won’t be easy. But after experiencing workplace bullying, the most devastating experience any employee can be subjected to, I am willing to consider the risks. Bhide (1999) found in his research “most startups derive from individuals seeking self-employment rather than the conduct of an entrepreneurial effort to develop new products, markets, technologies, and so on” (p....   [tags: Business Administration]

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The Nature and Role of the Entrepreneur

- 1. Both Knight and Schumpeter laid great stress on the importance of the entrepreneur. What similarities and differences, if any, do you find in these authors’ conception of the nature and role of the entrepreneur. To Schumpeter, the main function of an entrepreneur is an innovator who induces forward shifts in the market through the improvements which he introduces. Schumpeter classifies innovation under five different types, namely: (1) the creation of a new good or an improvement in the quality of an existing good; (2) the creation of a new method of production; (3) the opening of a new market; (4) the capture of a new source of supply; or (5) the creation of a new organization or industr...   [tags: Economics ]

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How To Be A Good Entrepreneur

- Question 1 What are the steps to be a good entrepreneur. Write your suggestion and recommendation based on your observation and experience in Malaysia. 1.0 Introduction An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. According to Martin (2010) an entrepreneur sees an opportunity which others do not fully recognize, to meet an unsatisfied demand or to radically improve the performance of an existing business. To have self-belief that this opportunity can be made real through hard work, commitment and the adaptability to learn the lessons of the market along the way....   [tags: Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Career]

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- The analytical framework above reveals the personality attributes that make an individual become an entrepreneur and the attributes are illustrated from conception to the end process. It is made up of a combination of entrepreneurial theories that allude to the psychological traits of an individual. A variety of entrepreneurial theories will be used to explain the framework. Conception of the personality attribute of an entrepreneur is the will to establish a kingdom, followed by the need for achievement, then internal locus of control closely followed by non-conformist and finally the culmination of all the personality attributes lead to an entrepreneur....   [tags: Entrepreneurial Theories]

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What does Entrepreneur Means

- The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word “Entreprendre”, which is loosely translated to English as, to mean, to do something or to undertake. Therefore, entrepreneur defined as someone who undertakes a business venture. The first academic to use the word was the economist Richard Cantillon in 1730; Cantillon adds a risk taker element into the definition. The basic definition of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk (, 2014)....   [tags: opportunity recognitoin,risk ,business venture]

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Characteristics of the Entrepreneur and Maximizing Opportunities for Innovation

- LEARNING OUTCOME (01) – CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Entry 1 Entrepreneurship is a process carried out by individuals by identifying opportunities and converting them into marketable products or services. Entrepreneur makes an investment, sets up an organisation, markets the product / services and makes profit from it. In my view, to be a successful entrepreneur, one must be confident, should be able to take calculated risk, flexible and creative. He should be able to lead his organisation to achieve his goal by ethical means (Schaper, Volery, Weber & Lewis, 2011)....   [tags: new venture opportunities]

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Brunt Hotels Group as a Giant Entrepreneur

- ... As to the priorities, in my opinion, I would say the rebranding of the hotels should be placed at top priority. This is because rebranding is a marketing activities that will be use in attracting and maintaining their customers; they want their products to be in the mind of the customers always (creating a niche) for the products to be a household name; A BRAND (Ilarde, 2012). To follow next is the recruitment exercise; this is equally very important especially as 70% of the old staffs have left the organization, there is urgent need for have new staffs onboard....   [tags: business analysis]

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Profiling an Entrepreneur

- Profiling an Entrepreneur Psychological profiling has become a science within law enforcement. The behavioral patterns of individuals have been categorized by age, sex, race, national origin and birth order just to name a few. Some people are great leaders, organizers, workers, and followers, but the entrepreneur remains as one of the most elusive psychological profiles in the world. Everyone can point to an entrepreneur, but psychologists have had trouble profiling an entrepreneur.      As referenced in the Journal of Managerial Psychology 5.2 in a research article written by Chad Perry entitled After Further Sightings of the Heffalump, the entrepreneur is compared to the Heffalump, a myth...   [tags: Business Management]

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Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

- Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur ABSTRACT First, there was an interview with a successful entrepreneur. Second, there was a talk on entrepreneurship by a guest speaker, Mr. Azmi Ahmad (the CEO of and later, an "elevator speech" by fellow students on various issues related to entrepreneurship. This collective information and some reading on entrepreneurship journals, books and articles have brought to the idea on writing this paper, towards certain perspective, on successful entrepreneurial characteristics....   [tags: Entrepreneurship Management Leadership Business]

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The Missing Entrepreneur in Economics

- "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." -- Steve Jobs Current economic research denies the innate characteristics of the entrepreneur. Rather than attributing economic growth and innovation to personality traits, economists would rather advocate a form of economic determinism: if an aggressive personality dominated an industry, economists try to explain the characteristics of the industry that made aggression a s...   [tags: Flaws in Economic Theories]

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Steve Kim Is an Example of a Successful Asian-American Entrepreneur

- Some Americans from different ethnicities made their respective mark on America and fulfilled the goal of achieving the American dream. Many of these Americans are Asians –Americans who have Asian parentage or immigrants. Taking advantage of America’s leaning toward entrepreneurship, these minority entrepreneurs started small and grew their own business using the opportunity given to them and the passion they have. One important entrepreneur that made his mark as a minority entrepreneur is Steve Kim....   [tags: ethnicity, immigration, south korea ]

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A Biography on Entrepreneur Donald Trump

- I would like to begin with a quote from an incredible American Entrepreneur, Donald Trump, which goes "My policy is to learn from the past, focus on the present, and dream about the future." A strong quote that helped him from a downfall that almost nobody thought he would bounce back from. In 1990, he underwent a debt so large from the range of 975 million to almost two billion dollars where he almost went bankrupt. He had to hand over a lot of holdings to the creditor bank but by the end of 1990s, he bounced back....   [tags: Biography]

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The Success Life of Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Simon Cowell

- ... Got Talent has been more successful internationally then The X Factor and individual version air in sixty different countries including China, making Got Talent the most watched and successful television format in the world as of March 2013. SyCo Produces a number of other shows outside its key brands such as; 2011’s ITV series Red or Black?, American inventor on ABC, and the unsuccessful Celebrity Duets on FOX. Additionally SyCo also produced entertainment specials such as; I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story, which scored 10 million viewers on ITV in the UK and broke record ratings in the U.S....   [tags: x-factor, production, entertainment]

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It is Time for New Entrepreneur to Develop the Upper Management

- ... The team should hire ‘Renaissance reps’ even before they started the product, with the role a little different. The renaissance reps’ role would be to continuously canvas the market thoroughly. This would have several benefits, first is that the reps would be pretty adept at reading the market and would effectively come up with bright and novel ideas, as well as discover the subtle market changes. The other benefit is that the reps would be thorough of the product specifications and features- their individual growth curves would be much better by the time they are in the initiation phase of the sales growth curve....   [tags: team, product, venture]

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Bill Gates the Entrepreneur

- "Bill Gates is a modern business phenomenon: the greatest of the cyber-tycoons. His is not simply a story of technical brilliance and enormous wealth; it is one of remarkable business vision and an obsessive desire to win. It is also about a leadership style that is radically different to anything the business world has seen before." Dearlove, D. (1998) William Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington, US, on October 28, 1955. His father, William Henry Gates (II) Jr., was a lawyer while his mother, Mary Gates, was a school teacher....   [tags: Biography Biographies Bio]

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Common Traits of Entrepreneurs

- In the past few years, there has a lot of attention paid to the concept of entrepreneurship; however, many still struggle to find the exact meaning of what an entrepreneur is and how he is different from other regular business-owners. This query has gotten people to come up with different definitions and studies in the search of a final answer and, even though there is still a debate for a complete designation accepted by all, now there are certain traits that are recognized by everyone as basics for being an entrepreneur....   [tags: Entrepreneurs, business,]

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Key Entrepreneur Qualities

- Identify potential evidence of key personal qualities desirable in an entrepreneur What kind of person is willing to take the risk of starting a business. What are the qualities needed for success. It is difficult to generalise, as each case must be viewed on its own merits. Hard working Successful entrepreneur must demonstrate high level of energy. Most of successful entrepreneurs don’t know how to stop working they always seems restless, work 14-16 hours a days, take few holidays. Strong motivation to succeed Entrepreneurs tend to demonstrate a driving ambition to succeed....   [tags: Business and Management Studies:]

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Sunil Bharti Mittal - Entrepreneur Profile

- BACKGROUND: Family support: Sunil Bharti Mittal, born October 23, 1957 is an Indian businessman. He is the chairman and managing director of the Bharti group. The $4.5 billion turnover company runs India's largest GSM-based mobile phone service. Sunil's father, Sat Paul Mittal, an MP, was always in public life. It was Sunil who started in business (making cycle parts in Ludhiana, India) in 1976 at the age of 18 with borrowed capital of Rs 20,000.The son of a politician, Sunil Mittal is a Punjabi....   [tags: Business Entrepreneurship]

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My Career Goals: Work in the Legal Field and Become an Entrepreneur

- The definition of career is, progress or general course of action of a person through life, as in some profession or undertaking. In my; life-long goals, I plan to become a thoroughly educated defense lawyer, and I aspire to become an entrepreneur. But before I can do any of these things, I plan to go to a prestigious college, to attain all my degrees. When I become a lawyer in my future, I plan to be the best, because I strive to be a role model to many young people around the world, a leader, and a great success....   [tags: college, law, jobs]

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Successful Entrepreneurs: Jermaine Landon Events

- Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Jermaine Landon Events (JLE) is an innovative event planning business with a focus on gay and lesbian events in the triangle area. JLE is best known for hosting Stir every Sunday night at the East End Oyster & Martini Bar on Franklin Street. Stir is a high-energy dance party that attracts patrons from all over the triangle. Founded by Jermaine Landon himself in 2006, Mr. Landon shows us that with a little hard work, dedication and networking skills, a successful business can be created using nothing more than a few social media services found on the World Wide Web....   [tags: Business Entrepreneur Essays]

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A Career as an Entrepreneur

- Business has been a large part of my family, and has started to grow on me. My dad worked in sales for many years, and is now the President of a company in Staples. My mom started her own cleaning business, and now works for herself, as well as my uncle owns a golf course, and a pump and well business. My other uncle has his own handy man business, while one of my aunts operates a redimix and construction company . So I guess it could be said, business is kind of in by blood. What I know When it comes to business, especially when it comes to starting one, I tend to think I know it all....   [tags: Career Essays]

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A Case Analysis on An Entrepreneur’s Global Strategy

- A Case Analysis on An Entrepreneur’s Global Strategy Introduction Li Ka-Shing is the Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) and Cheung Kong Holdings in Hong Kong. He was able to put up different business in electricity, telecommunications, real estate, retail, shipping and the Internet through sheer hard work, intuition and an eye for innovation. He is not only known for his success in business but also as a philanthropist. Li has donated to several charitable and educational institutions and has also put up his own foundation to help the needy....   [tags: Business Strategy Management Analysis]

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Starting a Business

- What is Entrepreneur. According to the Business Dictionary (2014), entrepreneur is someone who exercises initiative, a risk-taker who is willing to pursue a project or mission that others might view as a threat or deem a failure. An entrepreneur is usually the decision maker, sole proprietor, partner, or someone who owns a large portion of the organization’s shares. Entrepreneurs usually determine how much risk is appropriate for certain ventures and control how much of a service will be produced....   [tags: Entrepreneur, management, ]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Summer Camp Entrepreneur

- Summer Camp Entrepreneur The first wedding that I planned was in no way a traditional wedding. Ten eager little girls decorated the printed invitations with sequins, buttons, and markers. The same energetic hands prepared the wedding feast, consisting of bagged lunches, blintz soufflé, and of course a layer cake. On the big day I looked around with excitement. Again, I noticed something odd about this wedding. All the participants and guests appeared about four feet high. The "groom" had long hair pinned up with brown lines on her face (was that supposed to be a beard?) The wedding location, a back yard with a swing set and a wading pool, seemed far from romantic....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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How Entrepreneurs Help America’s Economy

- Entrepreneurs is truly what business is about, these businessmen worked hard and long hours to grow their businesses so that they could provide goods for consumers at a reasonable prices. With these reasonable prices consumers could get what they need, and both society and the business would benefit. Entrepreneurs of this time expanded their businesses, helped society get through the depression, and gave back to the society so that they continue to have strong education, and a better future for America....   [tags: businessman,entrepreneurs,oil companies,monopolies]

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The UN Secretary-General and International Norm Development

- In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and in its wake there were a flood of essays from political scientists around the world. The general theme of the essays was the fall of the Soviet Union would usher in a new age of peace and prosperity that the world had never known before. However, the events that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union were the exact opposite . There was an increased need to restore political order in countries around the world, promote human rights and pacify conflict zones....   [tags: UNSG as Norm Entrepreneur ]

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Application to the Business School at University of Pennsylvania

- I have always been enamored by business: The allure of working hard and reaping the rewards of it has stirred within me a passion of which I have never tired. This fervor has influenced me to apply to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where I believe I can be a valuable asset to the college while it in turn prepares me to face the challenges and opportunities that both the domestic and international economies present. Though my high school classes have given me a solid foundation in many of the basic principles of economics, I have been left yearning to glean more knowledge about the business world....   [tags: academics, leadership, entrepreneur ]

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Night of the Notables: An Wang

- “Success is more of a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.” This is something that has struck me my entire life, that through good work ethic and keeping rational, one can succeed in life. I didn’t get to college with genius, or start a company with it. Only by keeping myself intact was I able to grow my company, and make sure it never hit rock bottom (At least while I was head of the company). I believe that without my inventions, we could have been behind in the development of memory in computers....   [tags: computer memory entrepreneur]

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Business Fundamentals and Strategies

- Introduction An entrepreneur starts a new venture not only to succeed but ultimately to have the venture grow. Before an entrepreneur begins a strategy of growth and building wealth for the venture, several key fundamental puzzle pieces must be in place. This paper will explore five of these fundamentals and describe the importance of each one. It will go on to compare and contrast three growth strategies available to a business. Improvements When an entrepreneur brings a product or service to market, it may fill a need and bring customers to the business but the product or service may still need some work....   [tags: Entrepreneur, Venture, Growth]

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Amazing People: Steve Jobs

- Steve Jobs Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder USA), Steve Paul Jobs (1955.2.24-2011.10.5), the famous American inventor, entrepreneur, co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs is considered the computer industry and iconic figure in the entertainment industry, he has experienced the ups and downs of Apple and the rise and fall of several decades, has leadership and launched a Macintosh computer (Macintosh), iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and other popular around the world electronic products, profoundly changed the modern communication, entertainment, lifestyle....   [tags: apple, inventor, entrepreneur]

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Starting Your Own Business

- Despite who you are, starting up a business of your own will be challenging, time consuming, and make you just want to pull your hair out. It doesn’t take much to start a business as far as jumping through hoops and requirements, but those few hoops are on fire over a pool of sharks and after taking a bath in gasoline and seal blood, you realize that it’s going to take some serious finesse to pull it off. Realistically, it does take a lot of effort to get a business going and most fail within the first few years, but it is not impossible....   [tags: entrepreneur, permits, licence]

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Don King and Boxing

- Famous boxing promoter Don King's entrepreneurial process was not as smooth as other boxing promoters. King really had to fight again and again to prove that he did have the right skills to be a good promoters. They doubted him because King had long history of being a street hustler. King used to run illegal operations and during two of those operation he was charged with murder. In the first case he was discharged. The judge said is was a justifiable homicide because King had shot Hillary Brown because Brown was trying to rob him....   [tags: boxing, entrepreneur, fight]

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Problems Facing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

- Abstract Small businesses face economic uncertainty, overwhelming legislative regulations, and employee retention problems. Small Business represents more than 99 % of all employers and employs more than one half of the private sector. It also generates one half of the United States private G.D.P. ( PR Newswire, Oct 29, 2014 pNA). In light of the significance of small business to the economy, it should be a grave concern when a third of small business owners rate the overall health of the United States economy as their biggest worry, rating higher than ter...   [tags: Small Firms, Entrepreneur]

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The Great American Inventor

- In 1868 Edison, an independent inventor flourished with an acquiring reputation as a top inventor. In Newark, by creating and improving stock tickers, he managed and prepared a manufacturing shop. His profession comprised upon improving the achievement of the quadruplex telegraph, which sent two messages simultaneously in each direction on one wire. Here, he met Alexander Graham Bell and his associate Benjamin Franklin Bredding. Bredding was much more advanced in the techniques of telegraphy and electricity out of both Edison and Bell.Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, to Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr....   [tags: Entrepreneur ]

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My Life Story

- Persona: Victor Brown, nephew of Amalia Brown (March 9, 1824-June 21, 1893). An entrepreneur in many aspects; looked to better the culture he was living in and leave a legacy that could be passed on through the generations to follow him. Introduction: Hi. I’m Victor. We are a close knitted family that relies on each other. We support one another through thick and thin no matter what their decision may be. I had one of the best uncles anyone could ever ask for. Amasa, Leland, Stanford was a great man in this country....   [tags: family, entrepreneur, income]

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The Life and Times of Walt Disney

- “The Life and Times of Walt Disney” Walt Disney is the greatest entrepreneur of all time in most minds of little people and big people everywhere. The reason for this is he started his ‘business’, selling sketches, at the age of around seven years old. He was a vibrant child, as well considering he painted the side of his barn with tar. To him schoolwork was boring which he actually said once he was a lot older. Walt Disney was a family man, considering he had so many children; his children even had lots of children....   [tags: Biography, Disney, Entrepreneur, Film Industry]

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Factors that Make a Succesful Entrepeneur

- Entrepreneurs have long been acknowledged by the business, they are the ones who “organize and manage any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk” (Nelson, 2012). There are so many factors that make a successful entrepreneur. This essay will talk about Sawato Hitaru, the fourth president of Nintendo- one of the world’s most valued brands (, 2014) and analyze the aspects that brought him to success and well as the causes that might have limit him from making more profits for the company....   [tags: business, japan, nintendo]

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The Pros and Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

- Nothing is business stays the same, some days are good, some days are bad, and some unexpectedly profitable. The good days are all about challenge, your own time, the opportunity to create an ideal work environment, making your work fit your life, and no boss. The challenge could be anything from working with your client to being interviewed about your business for an article in the local newspaper. There's always something new and challenging. Talking about your own time, lets say you have a doctors appointment, and you're running a little late, its okey because you have the most understanding boss in the world - YOU....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Francis Bacon

- Francis Bacon grew from poverty to expand his career as a British politician & entrepreneur and wrote prominent essays on humanism and innovative scientific philosophy. Most notably known as “the father of the English essay,” (McDougal 455) Bacon’s influential works were vastly impacted by the tenets of the Renaissance period. Even Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of our nation, credited being influenced by Bacon’s essays (McDougal 455). One of the core ideologies determined by his works is humanism which depicts how logic and knowledge derived from ancient Greek and Roman records can provide the best guides for learning and living....   [tags: Biography, Politician, Entrepreneur]

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Heurich Mansion

- Christian Heurich, the owner of the Heurich mansion was born in 1842 in the small village of Hainia, Germany. He was always very proud of his humble origins, especially that he was born in the remains of a castle that once housed the Henneberg dynasty. Christian Heurich’s journey to become the ultimate American success story led him to the nation’s capital to build the Heurich Mansion or as it is known locally, the Brewmaster’s castle. The National Register of Historic Places recognizes the Heurich House as one of D.C.’s most unique landmarks....   [tags: Entrepreneur ]

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Social Entrepeneur: Isabelle Duston

- Isabelle Duston is the founder and General Project Manager of iLearn4Free. Her endeavor and efforts have been acknowledged by several institutions such as the Learning Without Frontiers International Festival through the Innovation Award for the primary and pre-school learning category, and by Virginia’s Region 2000 Technology Council through the 2011 Innovator of the Year Award among others. Indeed, the impact she aims to have on the mobile technology field positions her as a respectable social entrepreneur....   [tags: Education Innovation]

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Entrepeneur Pass Application for Foreigners in Singapore

- What is an entrepreneur pass. To continually become a regional business hub, the Singapore government started offering entrepreneur pass to foreign entrepreneurs from the year 2004. By introducing this scheme, we are able to attract foreign entrepreneurs that can inject vibrancy and innovation to Singapore industries. Besides that, it can also help to increase local employment rate. Applicants must be foreigners that are ready to set up and operate a business in Singapore. They must also meet the stated requirements in order to be eligible for the application....   [tags: Business, Employment]

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Entrepreneur Observation Report

- This report outlines a very small business of my brother’s. It describes his business, target market, financial plans, and marketing plans. I have tried to keep a neutral opinion about his opinions as much as possible. I have tried to keep my inputs and thoughts in the conclusion only. The whole idea of my brother, insert name here, owning a business started in early March of 1998 when one of the neighbors jokingly suggested he should raise chickens and sell them to people. A few days later he realized it could be easily done, and with a profit....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Financial Contacting with Optimistic Entrepreneurs

- Mr. Smith has decided to become a venture capitalist but he is worried about capital losses and lower rate of return. Consequently, he needs important information regarding financial contracting with optimistic entrepreneurs. The need for significant information about financial contracting with optimistic entrepreneurs is fueled by the existence of seemingly little empirical work that compares the attributes of real world financial contracts. In the process of providing Mr. Smith with some important information that would help him as a venture capitalist, it is important to focus on the major areas of financial contracting with optimistic entrepreneurs....   [tags: internal looting of companies]

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Howard Schultz: Starbucks and Life lessons

- This paper aims to examine the life of Howard Schultz, the ceo and founder of the Starbucks Corporation we know today, in light of relevant leadership concepts. Lessons that can be learned from his life and leadership are also identified, including the extent to which his life and messages learned reinforce or contradict the leadership concepts. According to Bennis and Thomas (2002), a crucible of leadership is a trial that brought upon deep reflection that forced one to examine their values and are consequently more certain of themselves and their purpose....   [tags: Leadership, Entrepreneur]

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Top Earners in The World Are Entrepreneurs

- Introduction Entrepreneurs exist due to consumers wanting something new and relevant, which will also make an impact in the market place. Entrepreneurship is about individuals recognizing a need for a commercial application and being able to innovate their ideas to meet the needs of the consumer (Baron & Shane, 2008). On average, there are over 1400 billionaires in the world, and of those 960 are entrepreneurs who were successful, while the rest were fortunate to inherit their wealth (Vital, 2013)....   [tags: startup, private business, billionaire, success]

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No Definitive Profile of Successful Entrepreneurs

- There has been a large amount of attention paid to the subject of entrepreneurship in the last few years; mainly because most people have chosen to go from working for somebody else, to be their own bosses and work for their dreams. Nevertheless, many still wonder what is entrepreneurship and what is that sets entrepreneurs apart from other regular business owners. At first, it seems both concepts do not differ much from each other since they both start up and run businesses and assume risks to pursue opportunities; however, there are certain traits that difference them....   [tags: Entrepreneurship, business, ]

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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

- Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs An entrepreneur is someone with the capacity to lead a business to success and is willing to take the risks in order to accomplish their goals. (Dollonger, 2002). Starting a new business is an example of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are very important in order for any business to succeed, however, only some entrepreneurs will succeed in life. Here are some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Passion Most successful entrepreneurs are have a passion for their product or service as well as a desire to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper (10 Qualities of successful entrepreneurs, 2010)....   [tags: Leaders, Business, Personality, Hard Workers]

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Women Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

- Across America, there is a prevalent viewpoint that women are inferior to men in the field of entrepreneurship. However, “The common perception that women primarily start small hobby-related enterprises that are less likely to grow is contradicted by substantial evidence showing that women own firms in all industrial sectors, and that many do want to grow them in size and scope,” (Brush, Carter, Gatewood, Greene, & Hart, 2001, p. 4). In the United States in 2007, nearly 7.8 million firms were women-owned (National Women’s Business Council, 2012)....   [tags: Gender and Small Business]

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Study Program Admission Essay

- MY BIG MOMENT The idea of living in a new environment always enticed me. When I was younger, I used to picture what life would be like as a sophisticated professional. I imagined myself bustling through the streets of Manhattan, business suit-clad, on my way to meet with a client. That was as far as the fantasy went, but I’ve always thought there was something more to my childhood musings, a morsel of real ambition. I wanted to be independent, to be busy and to be relied upon by others. Although, I still have many of the same goals I had as a child, my experience feels somehow incomplete....   [tags: Entrepreneur, College]

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Repeat Entrepreneurs

- Introduction This paper will examine whether repeat entrepreneurs search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found only one company. Before examining the case for or against this theory, a brief discussion what makes up an entrepreneur opens this paper. From there it moves into a brief discussion of Howard Stevenson and his importance within the field of study of entrepreneurism. Then the focus turns to a case for or against whether repeat entrepreneurs search for opportunities differently than entrepreneurs who found only one company....   [tags: founding multiple companies, business]

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The Advantages of Web-Based Businesses for Entrepreneurs

- Starting and maintaining a successful business is the dream of all entrepreneurs. Today’s advancements in technology have created new opportunities for business owners to get closer to this dream. The Web has been the most effective tool in creating new opportunities for business owners. An entrepreneur should be more successful by starting, marketing, and operating a Web-based business. The first reason an entrepreneur should be more successful starting a Web-based business is because it’s simple and inexpensive to set up....   [tags: internet, business, marketing]

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Internet Entrepreneurs

- 1 INTRODUCTION A search of Google for “Internet entrepreneur” will retrieve more than 9 million links to blogs, portals and websites about Internet entrepreneurs. The success of several prominent entrepreneurs such as Larry Page, Sergey Brin, David Filo, Jerry Yang and Jeff Bezos has become the inspiration to others to become Internet entrepreneurs, but not all would become successful in the long term. Apart from the pioneers, there are, however, others – such as Dany Levy, David Liu, Reed Hastings, and Alex Algard – who are also successful and have survived in the long term....   [tags: Business Management]

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Business Entrepreneurs

- The entrepreneur is the pioneer, the managers the applier of existing best practices. The entrepreneur engages in strategic activity, the managers need to focus on tactical or operational activity. The entrepreneur formulates a strategy, the manager implements that strategy. Business success will depend on the continuing renewal and application of the entrepreneurial spirits. Business success depends on the application and an efficient management team. The attrition rate of any new business is extremely high....   [tags: Business Development]

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Entrepreneurs Shaping America

- The power of many entrepreneurs and capitalists in our country’s history has been seen as many different people help the power of their industry rise. For example, Andrew Carnegie was a man who helped build the foundation of building in America, and Larry Page was responsible for building the foundation of the Internet. Additionally, the means of business used by John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates were questioned because some tactics were illegal and hated by others. Moreover, the changes that Cornelius Vanderbilt and Mark Zuckerberg brought to the United States were unprecedented and could not be duplicated by anyone else....   [tags: business, industry, capitalism]

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Benefits of a Coworking Setup for Budding Entrepreneurs

- Have you been planning to start a business ( for a while now but you have no idea where to go first or how to set it up. Or perhaps you have found the office you'd like but your budget says otherwise. There might be a lot of obstacles such as these in your way but that's certainly no reason to give up. Now, if it's a physical office space you want to look for first so you can have somewhere quiet to brainstorm and ponder things through, how about you try looking for a coworking space then....   [tags: space, cost, operations, connections]

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SWAT Analysis of Amazon's Original Business Plan

- Looking at Bezos’s business model from an entrepreneurial standpoint is very interesting. He decided to take a very unique approach to business and in doing so he took some big risks to get where he is today. For a company like Amazon that is constantly pushing the boundaries and moving into new territory one could do a SWAT analysis for nearly every year they have been in business and it would look drastically different. For now I want to retrospectively focus on the initial plan that Bezos laid out and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that came with it....   [tags: business model, entrepreneur]

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How Entrepreneurs Differ from Other Business Owners

- There has been a large amount of attention paid to the subject of entrepreneurship in the last few years; mainly because most people have chosen to go from working for somebody else to be their own bosses and work for their dreams. Yet, many still wonder what is entrepreneurship and what is that sets entrepreneurs apart from other regular business owners. Free-lance writer and expert in economic issues Jeanne Holden suggest: “There is no one definitive profile of an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs come in various ages, income levels, gender, and race....   [tags: business]

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How Entrepreneurs Identify New Business Opportunities

- defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”( Entrepreneurs are people who see opportunities in everyday situations. Entrepreneurs discover opportunities in areas others do not. Entrepreneurs additionally envision the possibilities the future brings that others do not recognize. Similarly, did a good job in defining what an entrepreneur is. Again, describes an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages “any” enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable Initiative and risk.” (   [tags: entreprenurial opportunities]

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Starting a Small Business

- Starting a small business is often one of the hardest things a person can do. Some people start a business out of pure fascination, or even as a hobby. Whether starting a business for personal reasons or simply the grandeur to make loads of money, everybody needs to have a plan. Starting a small business is no easy task and can take days if not months to prepare. The most important aspect to have is the tempura and heart to start a small business, as without passion, no business can succeed. One has to be his or her own boss, make dream, reality and be willing to market and sell a product....   [tags: Business, entrepreneur, informative]

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Starting Your Own California Vineyard

- Sitting in class, gazing at images of scenic vineyards from around the world, I yearn to be there. They all seem as tranquil as they are appealing to the eye. Yet driven by these peaceful plots is a thriving industry. The wine industry is amidst a golden age as production and quality are reaching new highs in places all over the world. So can I be a part of this golden age. Can a small investment of just a few acres become profitable and provide high quality wine grapes. The following is an attempt to further explore my dream of owning a vineyard by determining basic processes and costs necessary to run a successful vineyard....   [tags: Business Entrepreneur]

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Women Entrepreneurs: Choosing between Business and Family

- Introduction When addressing topics related to female entrepreneurship, a global issue that has aroused the interest of researchers and scholars emerges: the growing incursion of women in the workplace, which on the one hand has reduced their private, family and domestic time, and has transformed it into public and productive time, and on the other has meant that women are forced to construct other identities, to identify with other roles. Specifically in the case of women entrepreneurs, there are dilemmas and conflicts in reconciling the different roles they must assume as moms, wives, homemakers and managers....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Amy Vangsgard and Entrepreneuer and Technology

- Amy Vangsgard Amy Vangsgard who happens to be a cray illustrator seems to have made an impression on the international scene and things are going on rather quickly as far as her rapport and repute is concerned in this forum. The world is a globalized village and the things are changing rather quickly and the world is one big arena where the things take their own time and pace and the pace of change is as pronounced as our mind is capable of thinking. In more than one ways it has been our own doing from one end to another....   [tags: Business, Market]

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Famous Entrepreneurs: Bill Gates, Paul Allen

- Synopsis Born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, well-known entrepreneur Bill Gates began to demonstrate a curiosity in computer programming at age 13. Through technical modernization, enthusiastic business plan and aggressive business tactics, he and colleague Paul Allen built the world's leading software enterprise, Microsoft. In the development, Gates became one of the wealthiest men in the world. Bill was avid reader as small boy, spending several hours pouring over research guides for example the encyclopedia....   [tags: microsoft, ibm, yahoo, competitor]

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Ultimate Pets: How an Independent Pet Shop Competes with Giant Pet Store Chains

- This essay explains how I intend to open an independent pet store, Ultimate Pets. Although there are already several pet stores in my community which are owned and operated by the giant pet super-store chains, I will position Ultimate Pets in the market so that it can successfully compete with the established pet super-store chains. As a business in the pet industry, an exotic pet shop offers many products that a large corporation would, but differentiates in a way with the wide range of animals it actually carries in stock....   [tags: pet industry analysis, entrepreneur essays]

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Starting A Business

- Starting a Clothing Line Business Apparel manufacturing is one of the most in-demand businesses today. Find out how to start and run a clothing business. The First Step Apparel manufacturing remains one of the most in-demand businesses today. According to the American Apparel and Footwear Association (, apparel sales for 2000 reached $315 billion, representing a 90% growth from its 1990 levels. Starting a clothing business is just like any other business: you need to have the resources to jumpstart your vision, skills and know-how in managing the business, and marketing savvy to promote the business....   [tags: Business Entrepreneur]

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British Entrepreneurs and the decline of the British economy

- British Entrepreneurs and the decline of the British economy Was the British entrepreneur the most important single reason for the relative decline of the British economy in the late nineteenth century. Despite a continued growth of production and wealth in absolute terms, the economy of "the first industrial nation" began to decelerate after 1870, in comparison with that of her closest competitors. This so called "decline" was caused by a number of factors not merely one as the question suggests, indeed Supple` s foreword (1) asks, "Are we to be concerned with the rate of growth of total income or of manufacturing output....   [tags: European Europe History]

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- According to Henry, Hill & Leitch (2003) the word entrepreneur was derived from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means to undertake, and the first person who introduced and used the word of entrepreneur was Richard Cantillon (1680-1734), an Irish economist. Cantillon defined entrepreneur as a person with the foresight and confidence to work in conditions when costs may be known, but rewards are uncertain (Bridge, O’Neill & Cromie 1998). Therefore, it can be concluded that entrepreneurship demands foresight and willingness to assume risk (Landstrom 1997, cited in Corbetta, Huse & Rovasi 2004)....   [tags: Business Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Essays]

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A Passion for Art and Coffee

- Jazz music and aromas of vanilla and espresso bean pervade the air half a block before I reach the entrance of the shop. Creamy white trim outlines large, glass window panes beyond which one can glimpse into the interior of the Midnight Rooster. Framed photographs, some color depictions African tribal members and others in black and white of derelict shacks and barns, adorn the gently-hued walls. Overstuffed armchairs and a black leather couch encompass a coffee table laden with New Yorker magazines and a chess board....   [tags: small business, entrepreneur]

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A Humean Theory of Distributive Justice

- This paper suggests a strategy for constructing a contemporary Humean theory of distributive justice which would serve to ground what I call an entrepreneurial welfare state. It is argued that blending David Hume's insights about the origins and purposes of justice with Ronald Dworkin's insurance-based reasoning supporting his equality of resources model of distributive justice will yield a state which, as a matter of justice, encourages its members to engage in entrepreneurial activities and which protects them from the worst extremes of market economies....   [tags: Hume Dworkin Entrepreneur Papers]

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Reasons for Small Business Failure

- Small businesses have been considered the mainstay in countries around the world. In many European countries for example, the small business has been considered crucial to the success and flourishment of the country in general. Most individuals start upon a small business venture in the hopes of realizing ownership, independent profits and personal success. Small businesses can prove extremely successful when planned properly. Studies suggest that several small businesses, however, close or fail within the first few years of operation....   [tags: Business strategy, Entrepreneur, SWOT]

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Biography of William Penn

- William Penn, an English entrepreneur, had an unforeseen impact on the history of the United States of America. In the late 1600’s and early 1700’s, Penn was already a champion for democracy, religious freedom, and anti-slavery movements. Through his good relations both the nobility of England, and the Indians of Pennsylvania, Penn was able to secure an entire state for many years to come. Credited with establishing the city of Philadelphia, name after his ideal of ‘brotherly love’, William Penn left a lasting impression on the United States of America....   [tags: English Entrepeneur, Quaker]

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Excellence in Business Adminstration

- As a business student on my way to achieving my Bachelor’s degree in business administration, I will continue my journey to receive a master’s degree in the same concentration. This foundation will allow me to maximize my know-how and understanding of business and apply it in an organizational setting. Entrepreneurs have always been a critical part of society since commerce began. They are the men and women who have ideas and put them into action. I have always admired the technology industry for their ability to create profits from their experience to write code or their ability to develop an idea to bring people together....   [tags: entrepreneurs, outline, society, setting]

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Foucault and Finance Capital

- While Foucault was, I think, correct in leaving out finance capital at the level of practice, I believe it was an error in terms of discourse. To use the figure of the entrepreneur in a highly technological and developed age is not to evoke the figure, to put it in the most general and simplistic terms, of someone who goes to a factory and checks in on their investment from time to time. The entrepreneur, before even the notion of finance capital comes into view for us, is someone already deeply divorced from the production process and our general way of thinking about it....   [tags: Entrepreneurs, Neo-Liberal Era]

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