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Emotional Branding

- This article explaining emotional branding was an interesting read. The beginning of the story really grabbed my attention. I have always found it a comfort to realize that even truly intelligent people cannot understand everything and do sometimes have to ask for explanations. Although we have all been told that there is no such thing as a stupid question, except a question that is not asked, it is difficult in the business world to ask for help or an explanation, without feeling inferior, or worrying if your business colleagues will think you are incompetent....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Child Trauma

- Child Trauma Children experience trauma in different ways and most importantly through different eyes. A child’s temperament and personality can effect the traumatic outcome (if one) for the child. Reactions to trauma may appear immediately after the traumatic event or days or even weeks later. The symptoms of the traumatic reactions may be very individual and depend on the age of the child. Very young children typically have a strong fear of being separated from their parents....   [tags: Papers]

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Plath’s Daddy Essays: Loss and Trauma

- Loss and Trauma in Plath’s Daddy In addition to the anger and violence, 'Daddy' is also pervaded by a strong sense of loss and trauma. The repeated 'You do not do' of the first sentence suggests a speaker that is still battling a truth she only recently has been forced to accept. After all, this is the same persona who in an earlier poem spends her hours attempting to reconstruct the broken pieces of her 'colossus' father. After 30 years of labor she admits to being 'none the wiser' and 'married to shadow', but she remains faithful to her calling....   [tags: Daddy Essays]

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Accident Fall are the Main Cause of Dental Trauma in India

- ... This procedure involves removal of 1–2 mm of crestal bone adjacent to the deepest part of the fracture and restoring the normal sulcus depth of 2 mm, while for a successful extrusion and post-treatment restoration, the distance from the fracture line to the apex should not be less than 12 mm and a crown root ratio of approximately 50:50 must be obtained. A intracanal post is advocated for supporting the fragment in cases of complicated crown root fractures, when endodontic therapy is performed....   [tags: intracanal post, treatment]

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Physical, Emotional and Social Bullying

- When you think of bullying, what do you think of. A lot of people think of a kid thrown against a locker, or people like me think of a girl told she wasn’t as strong or pretty as someone else. This is a subject we hear about a lot but it is extremely important and needs to be stopped. There are many types of bullying and sadly, we will only be able to go over them briefly. Commonly used and hurtful types of bullying are, physical, emotional, and social; there are many ways to solve this. Mostly bullying comes in the three forms....   [tags: solutions, effects, personal experience]

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Emotional Hinderance

- Emotional Hinderance “You must put your emotions into your work” is a phrase often heard in life. It proposes that emotions, which are often ignored, are a key to success. This holds true in many regards, however there are times when emotion should be restricted in swaying one’s thoughts. The pursuit of knowledge is to be completely objective. Thus, although emotional intelligence is necessary, it is more of a hindrance than a help, and should be controlled. Since knowledge is justified true belief, it follows that the justification must be logical and true in itself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Emotional Abuse Leaves no Physical Marks

- Emotional abuse leaves no physical marks. It is invisible to the naked eye. No one is safe from emotional abuse, it can occur anywhere and anytime. I am a victim to emotional abuse, and the scars are still freshly present. Both good and bad came from the abuse, but I view myself as an educator raising awareness, not a victim seeking pity, justice, or tears. Emotional abuse can be anything that hinders a child’s growth: consistently putting someone down, or a parent that fails to show love or affection towards his or her child....   [tags: invisible scars]

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The Agony of the Slaves in The Classic Slaves Narrative

- The Classic Slave Narratives is a compilation of different authors that experienced slavery at first hand. Authors like Frederick Douglas, Mary Prince and Harriet Jacobs bring their experiences where, themselves narrate how it was, being born as a slave, growing up as a slave, and endure all the obstacle but find Freedom at last. Throughout the narratives, the differences on place and gender made a significant difference on the treatment of the slave. The female slave due to the constant harassment provoked by their masters, while working and entire day full of errands, had generally a harder life than male slaves did....   [tags: freedom, gender, trauma]

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Emotional Intelligence and Its Application

- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS APPLICATION An individual’s ability to control and express their emotions is just as important as his/her ability to respond, understand, and interpret the emotions of others. The ability to do both of these things is emotional intelligence, which, it has been argued, is just as important if not more important than IQ (Cassady & Eissa, 2011). Emotional intelligence refers to one’s ability to perceive emotions, control them, and evaluate them. While some psychologists argue that it is innate, others claim that it is possible to learn and strengthen it....   [tags: Self-esteem, Mental, Health]

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Emotional Break-down in Susan Glaspell's Trifles

- Emotional Break-down in Trifles Trifles is an interesting story about the emotional break-down of a country woman. It is obvious by certain descriptions within the text that she did have an emotional trauma. However, it is never made clear if she killed her husband or did he commit suicide. The emotional trauma can be scene in the beginning of the story by her attitude towards Mr. Hale. Ms. Wright is in a state of shock her constant rocking; pleating of her skirt; her "queer" look and her dead pan response to how Mr....   [tags: Trifles Essays]

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Music Therapy: A Cure for Physical and Emotional Pain

- When experiencing certain physical and emotional pains, people often think that medication is the only cure. However, in recent years different ways of healing has broken through the old beliefs. One of these healing methods is music therapy. Music therapy is the prescribed use of music and melodies to help restore, maintain and improve the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well being of an individual. Music therapy is a popular form of healing, it can affect our health in ways medicine cannot, and can also be performed at home when professional attention is unavailable....   [tags: Music Therapy, ]

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Multidiasciplinary Approach to Geriatric Trauma Care

- In America today, the number of people who are 65 years of age or older is increasing in numbers. Notably, it is the fastest growing part of the population. This group represents about 13% of the total population or 1 in 8 people. It is predicted that this group will increase to nearly 20% in the year 2030. (Administration on aging ) It is recognized that the geriatric population has special needs and concerns due to the physiological changes that occur as we age. These physiologic changes put the geriatric patient at greater risk of poorer outcomes when trauma occurs....   [tags: healthcare for the elder]

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Struggles of Children in Poverty

- ... Young children need to be in environments that foster healthy learning and exploration for optimal brain development. In impoverished neighborhoods, families meet adverse factors that inhibit these behaviors. Factors include teen motherhoods, depression and inadequate healthcare (ASCD). A lack of these factors translate into insensitivity towards the infant which then causes the infant to perform poorly in school and behavior negatively. There are four factors that children under three need that low-income families may neglect....   [tags: stressors, health, emotional problems]

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Birth Injury and Birth Trauma in Newborns

- Birth injuries or birth trauma is the damage of tissues or organs during or shortly after childbirth. This includes any damage that is long term including brain and cranium injuries. Injuries at birth can often times be a result of doctor or nurse error. Trained professionals that are caring for you and the baby during and after the birth must watch out for any signs that could result in a birth injury. Sadly, reports indicate that about 40 babies per day are born with a birth injury. Males have a higher rate of birth injury than females....   [tags: Babies, Malpractice]

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Trauma Patients

- Trauma patients I am currently taking a EMT course through Copper Mountain College. We have had to study trauma and medical cases. I would like to share with you in detail some of the cases that we have studied first ill introduce you to some of the assessments that have to be done before we begin. For a trauma patients especially one whose injuries are serious-time must not be wasted at the scene. This patient needs to get to a hospital as quickly as possible. On the other hand, enough time must be spent at the scene to assess the patient adequately and give proper emergency care....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Early Childhood Trauma

- Topic Identified: Early childhood trauma refers to the trauma that children experience between the ages of 0 and 6. It has long been challenged that infants and young children cannot and do not have the capacity to understand or retain emotions from traumas that they experience. Recent research indicates otherwise. But because infants and young children’s reactions vary somewhat from older children and they are unable to verbalize their reactions and responses to threatening or dangerous experiences it is generally assumed that their age protects them from the impact of these traumatic events....   [tags: trauma between 0 and 6 years old]

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Overcoming Trauma in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye

- Overcoming Trauma in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden is in a rest home, where he speaks about his past and discusses his thoughts and feelings of his memories. Holden tells about his life including his past experiences at many different private schools, most recently Pensey Prep, his friends, and his late brother Allie which led to Holden’s own mental destruction. I believe that Holden Caulfield is mentally disturbed and shows many signs of it throughout the novel....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye Essays]

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What is Dissociative Identity Disorder

- Dissociative Identity Disorder What is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Dissociative Identity Disorder, also multiple Identity disorder, is classified as the presence within a person of two or more distinct personality states, each within its own pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self. It produces a lack of connection between a person’s memory, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Patients with this disorder will not be able to recall key personal information about themselves....   [tags: personality, psychiatric, trauma]

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Clinical Diagnosis of Meredith

- 1. The clinical should look for the symptoms that might help him to identify the diagnosis of client. As Meredith mentioned that she cannot sleep and eat properly it is necessary to find out changes in her appetite and weight. Meredith also mentioned that she cannot work properly, so the clinical should ask about problems with concentration. The symptoms of Meredith case seem to be similar to depression, so the clinical should ask about suicide thoughts, thoughts about death and worthlessness; the frequency of such thoughts should be considered....   [tags: trauma, alcohol, depression]

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The Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Agoraphobia

- <strong>Agoraphobia Demographics</strong> Agoraphobia is a mysterious and potentially debilitating disorder. Its most well known symptom involves fear of being in open spaces. However, sufferers may exhibit one or a combination of many other psychological, physical, or behavioral symptoms. As a result of these symptoms, people suffering from agoraphobia can be quite misunderstood and have difficulties with personal relationships and functioning in normal daily life. People with agoraphobia come from all walks of life and cultures....   [tags: trauma, anxiety, psychotherapy]

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Effect of Trauma on a Child in A Boy's Life by Tobias Wolff

- ... His mother must have shaped Jack’s opinion about his father, especially since he spent most of his time with her. These feelings lead to opportunities that were missed in the future. Jack’s mother’s choice in men causes a lot of the problems in his life. Rosemary’s second husband, Roy, is alcoholic and abusive. He also has a fascination for guns, passin on one of his 22’s to Jack. Even after Jack and Rosemary try to move west to get away from Roy, he follows them there. He is obsessive and possessive of Rosemary to extremes....   [tags: divorce, stepfather, abuse]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- During the course of any job, a person may possibly encounter things that might shock them. Many men and women who choose the career of being a police officer may often receive Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the levels of violence they see throughout their daily lives. If a person has already suffered from traumatic experiences before in their lives, they can be at a greater risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Risk, 2010). Police officers who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can also act differently towards citizens and in other aspects of their job....   [tags: police, soldier, emotional trauma]

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Free Argumentative Essays: We Need Trauma Centers

- We Need Trauma Centers Due to the advanced state of industry a number of devices and machines have come into common use which, often through intentional misuse, result in very serious injuries. Two examples are the automobile and the gun. When a serious injury results from something such as an automobile accident the victim usually has a very short period in which to obtain emergency medical intervention before the shock resulting from his or her injuries is irreversible. Usually this period of time is not longer than one hour, and is often less....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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The Painful and Emotional Effects of Divorce

- Divorce is an emotionally painful experience for everyone involved, especially toward the children in the family. But yet, the law officials continue fabricating laws and devising regulations to make it harder for spouses seeking a divorce or separation to get one. The family has to deal with child custody and support, spousal support such as counseling, property distribution, and a possible name change. Divorce is not only a financial struggle for the families involved, but it is also a nuisance between family relationships....   [tags: changes, couples, family]

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Emotional And Rational Appeals

- Emotional and Rational Appeals Abstract In many studies, data has been led to suggest that rational messages may encourage the generation of content based cognitive responses and lead to attitudes heavily influenced by these cognitions. Studies have also led to suggest that people in negative moods are affected by the quality of persuasive messages. Using manipulations techniques, bad mood may result in a different interpretation of anything from a verbal argument to a literal message. Even though most studies indicate that good mood manipulations may not have that much effect on one's perception of a scenario, further investigation may do away with that theory....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cry-It-Out Theory

- ... Brown, M., Heine, R. G., & Jordan, B. (2009). Health and well-being in school-age children following persistent crying in infancy. Journal Of Paediatrics And Child Health, 45(5), 254-262. doi:10.1111/j.1440-1754.2009.01487.x The main purpose for this article was to examine the physical and mental health of children who are 5-8 years of age who participated in a randomized trial of treatments for persistent crying during infancy. The key question researchers looked to answer was: whether there was a high prevalence of emotional and behavioral problems, prevalence of physical health problems, to predict which variables led to developing emotional and behavioral problems during school y...   [tags: mental health, trauma, child development]

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Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

- Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman      In the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, the central thesis that he tries to point out is that emotional intelligence may be more important than I.Q. in determining a person’s well being and success in life. At first I didn’t know what Goleman was talking about when he said emotional intelligence, but after reading the book I have to say that I agree completely with Goleman. One reason for my acceptance of Goleman's theory is that academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life....   [tags: Daniel Goleman Intelligence Emotions Essays]

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Injuries in NFL Players

- ... Without players, there is no sport, but there would still be the politics. Right now, the Dallas Cowboys are the richest team in the NFL, and that is the reason they do not get destroyed in every game. In today's NFL, it is all about the money. The more money a team has, the better players they can acquire. Dallas is by no means the best in the league, but they are the most talked about. It doesn't matter how good any other team is, Dallas is always talked about. They are, after all, America's team....   [tags: concussions, brain, trauma]

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Rape and Extending the Sentence for Rape

- Rape is a crime that is committed when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse through physical force or duress. “683,000 rapes occur every year” (CVS) and the national average for people accused of rape is eight years in a federal prison. Rape is a serious crime as well as other crimes but rape is considered to be a more serious and heinous crime along with murder etc. There are also different phases of rape that the victim may go through depending on how they handle it. Eight years in prison is not a good amount of time for someone to serve for what they did, all of the things that involve the process of rape should be incorporated into the sentence: force, against someone’s will, and...   [tags: crime, force, trauma, victim, jail, health]

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Trauma Victim in the Emergency Room

- The day started like any other. Quiet, but with an underlying vibration waiting to explode. Freshly brewed coffee and the sharp smell of disinfectant mixed in the air like a foreign perfume. Uniformed staff busied themselves with paperwork while waiting for the moment we all knew would come with the lunch hour approaching. It was a typical morning in the emergency room of Presby Plano. We were all standing around, relaxed, discussing our previous weekend adventures. As the call came over the radio we swiftly took our places in expectation of what was to come....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Examples]

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Music Has a Profound Effect on the Emotional, Social, Intellectual and Physical Aspects of a Person

- THESIS: Music has a profound effect on the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical aspects of a person. Music has a strong tie with human emotion. Different genres of music produce different emotions. The type of music listened to can influence the feelings a person experiences. Music also has the astounding ability to quickly change emotions from one to another. Hearing a happy song could change the emotions of sadness or anger to happiness or peace. There are several different aspects of music that change how a song is interpreted....   [tags: music and the psyche]

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How Child Trauma Affects a Relationship Attachment

- How child trauma effects a relationship attachment Children that form attachment bond relationships can possibly start to trust others, control their emotions, and relate to the world. They can sense the world as safe and gain an understanding of their importance as individuals. If these relationships are unbalanced the child can realise that they can’t depend on others to help them. In a scenario where a guardian abuses a child, the child then may see the world as a bad place.   Most children that have experienced abuse can find it difficult in making a strong attachment bond with the parent....   [tags: traumatic experience, friendship]

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Effects of Child Abuse on Children, Teens, and Adults

- Child abuse undoubtedly affects the children while it is happening. The toll it takes on these children can be seen physically and emotionally through scars, bruises, failing grades, and rebellious attitudes. In many cases these devastating effects do not disappear after the abuse stops or when the child becomes an adult. It follows them for the rest of their life and can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, or suicide itself. Researchers found that abuse and maltreatment during a person’s childhood can affect the way their brain functions....   [tags: depression, trauma, suicide]

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Stories of Grief: The Emotional Journey of Two Characters

- Grief is pain of the mind often on account of something someone have experienced in the past or something someone are presently experiencing. The message and feelings of grief are often conveyed through poems, books and films. The novel ‘Two weeks with the Queen’ written by Morris Gleitzman displays the emotional journey that Colin takes coming to terms with his younger brother’s terminal illness. Robert Redford’s Film ‘The Horse Whisperer’ shows the break up in a family when grace the only child experiences great sadness and loss after losing her best friend in a tragic horse riding accident....   [tags: Two Weeks with the Queen, Mid term Break,]

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Trauma Informed Services - Understanding The Layers of Trauma

- A behavior is an attempt to meet a need and therefore has value. (Amy Hagan, 2014) The above statement says it best. Ms. Hagan’s fantastic presentation began with a short video ‘clip’ to apply to the exercise “Client Video Assessment”. The video was Seabiscuit. In the “Client” Assessment of Seabiscuit, we identified his (the client) characteristics, personality and traits, before, his trauma(s). Then we identified his trauma exposures, “what happened to Seabiscuit,” and his poly victimization, complex or continuing and ongoing vicarious traumatization, throughout a long period versus a single event....   [tags: victim, community, behavior]

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Xuan Mai’s Trauma and Recovery

- An important aspect of Dana Sach’s “if you lived here” is the trauma and recovery that characters like Xuan Mai go through. Trauma results from an event that is overwhelming to the person and causes symptoms that are a response to the trauma. Recovery is when the life narrative is pieced back together so that the trauma is, “part of the learning curve of the life narrative.” (Herman) The trauma and recovery of characters like Xuan Mai is important because the stage that the character is undergoing impacts their actions and attitudes toward key events in the novel....   [tags: Dana Sach, If You Lived Here]

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The Importance Emotional Support for Young Children

- Pre and or post birth exposure to negative events render young children in foster care defenseless, especially in times of adversity. Their ability to cope is weakened making support imperative to the creation of healthier mental health outcomes (CECAD, 2000). Parents and caregivers are the core support for younger children who have not yet advanced to the school aged level where peer and teacher relationships become a part of their support system. Support is categorized in terms of instrumental, informational, and emotional (J....   [tags: metal health, parental presence and care]

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The Reason for Repressed Memories

- A repressed memory is a condition in which a memory has been blocked by an individual due to the high level of stress or trauma contained in that memory. Even though the individual cannot recall the memory, it may still be affecting them consciously. Since repressed memories cause physical and emotional damage, expressing feelings rather than repressing them after experiencing a traumatic even will highly benefit the effected individual. Repressing memories can be extremely detrimental in both physical and emotional aspects....   [tags: high level of stress or trauma]

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The Emotional Effects of War on Soldiers

- On the moon, a person needs to wear an astronaut suit, or they will die. The suit gives the person oxygen and protects them from space. While the suit is a physical guard for the astronaut, there are many mental guards and masks in society as well. A fairly normal person disgusted with the flaws of humanity, for example, may wear the mask of being antisocial to avoid other people. So a soldier uses a mental guard of indifference during wear and under duress. This is to protect himself from becoming mentally scarred from trauma he endures while fighting....   [tags: All Quiet on the Western Front]

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI)

- Many psychologists and scientists came up with a topic that can help billions of people. The topic is Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI). Even though, the idea was put out there, not too many people know about the topic. The few that heard of EQ always misinterpret this magnificent subject. They believe that Emotional Intelligence is just recognizing emotions. Actually, Emotional Intelligence is more complex than that. Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions....   [tags: Emotional Intelligence Essays]

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Trauma for Soldiers in "The Things They Carried" by Tim O’Brien

- Trauma can be defined as something that repeats itself. In The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, trauma recurs in soldiers for different reasons. However, although their reasons for trauma are different, the things they carried can symbolize all the emotions and pasts of these soldiers. One man may suffer trauma from looking through letters and photographs of an old lover, while another man could feel trauma just from memories of the past. The word “carried” is used repeatedly throughout The Things They Carried....   [tags: Trauma, Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien,]

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Psychological Trauma in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

- Brian Conniff's article, "Psychological Accidents: In Cold Blood and Ritual Sacrifice," explains how Truman Capote's nonfiction novel demonstrates the psychological trauma that the murderers and the townspeople of Holcomb face after the murders of the Clutter family. Conniff begins his article by stating that in the last twenty-five years imprisonment and execution has reached an all-time high level of obsession among the American public. Since this type of violence has been so normalized it is rarely properly understood (1)....   [tags: In Cold Blood Essays]

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Trauma Therapy from a Different Perspective

- Carl Rogers developed the person-centered theory of personality which states that all people strive to realize their full potential. People’s desire to fulfill their full potential according to Rogers, is the primary motive of humans. Based on this theory Rogers also developed a new method of therapy that was nondirective and focused on the client as a person and their own ability to work through their psychological barriers in a conducive and supportive environment. This method is called client-centered therapy (CCT)....   [tags: person-centered theory, carl rogers]

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Emotional Scars

- The Emotional Scars of September 11 Walking past the courthouses and city hall toward Ground Zero, you enter an uncanny world that is both completely familiar and totally strange. Though street signs and landmarks remain unchanged, axes of orientation no longer line up as they once did. It is not just the reduction of people and traffic; something else, something palpable yet far more difficult to articulate is loose on the streets. I visited the site with my friend, Aaron, who had been in the World Financial Center at the time of the attack....   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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Overview of Emergency Nursing

- Emergency nursing is used in almost all places, all over the World. Emergency nursing would be a good field to go into because of the opportunity to work anywhere, at any time, and the thrill and excitement of nursing. Nursing is a very important career, and not often enough recognized for the work they do. It is now more common to see a celebrity who saved a cat on the news, than it is to see a nurse who has saved one life, or many lives. “Nurses do more ‘behind the scenes’ work” (Roark), most people will never know about, or even think of....   [tags: health, trauma shift, nurses]

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Teen Sexual Activity Causes Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, Pregnancy, and Emotional Trauma

- Teen Sexual Activity Causes Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, Pregnancy, and Emotional Trauma Set aside the moral imperatives, the screams and shouts of the conservative masses, the legislators on Capitol Hill who know what's best, and religious scripture that denounces physical pleasure and there exists a very basic premise: Human beings have a preoccupation with sex. It was once stated that "our concern with sex is innate, as much a part of is as the blood and bone with which we were born." An absolutely truthful statement, the subject of sex has become prevalent in today's society....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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Childhood Trauma and Neurological Development

- Childhood is a time for playdates and learning, a time for big dreams and imaginary adventures. Safety and security should not be questions that linger in uncertainty. However, this is not the case for many children across the globe. Thousands of children from all walks of life each day are faced with unspeakable horror and must deal with the resulting trauma from then on. However, in children, managing this trauma takes a different toll on the mind and heart than it does in adults. While the type of trauma may vary in pervasiveness across countries, trauma occurring in childhood has the ability to cause long term damage to the growing neurological functioning in the brain and negatively inf...   [tags: substance abuse, mental health, child abuse]

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The Negative Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

- Posttraumatic stress disorder is one of the most common and most life altering stress disorders in the world (Seedat, 2013). After going through traumatic events, many children, teenagers and elderly people show symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. It is caused by a traumatic event that alters a person’s every day life. The people suffering from this disorder start to show symptoms with small things that bother them from day to day such as getting angry and taking it out on their family, having a short temper, etc....   [tags: stress, disorder, trauma, anxiety, treatment, PTSD]

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The Treatment of Aboriginal People in Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach, and Constance Lindsay Skinner's Birthright

- Trauma, abuse, displacement, and feelings of alienation have, and is still plaguing the Aboriginal community. Author Eden Robinson and playwright Constance Lindsay Skinner address the displacement, mistreatment, and abuse the indigenous population has faced, and still faces, in Monkey Beach and Birthright. Both Eden Robinson's novel Monkey Beach, and playwright Constance Lindsay Skinner's Birthright deals with characters who are struggling with trauma and haunted with scars from the past. The authors detail these events and bring the reader into the “shoes” of the characters through characterization, imagery, dialogue, and through revealing intimate memories of the characters....   [tags: trauma, abuse, displacement, ]

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War and Trauma: Dulce Et Decorum Est, and The Hurt Locker

- War and Trauma: Owen & Turner Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen and The Hurt Locker by Brian Turner are captivating and heartbreaking examples of great antiwar poems. Wilfred Owens and Brian Turners first hand experiences of the traumatic horrors of war make their writings overwhelmingly effective. Their poems both express how war is physically and mentally damaging and their words paint vivid pictures of the unspeakable realities of war such as suicide bombers, and the use of mustard gas among other weapons....   [tags: war, trauma, poetry, literature]

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Trauma and Recovery in Art

- Leonardo DiVinci's figure drawings and anatomical sketches interest me. His exploration of ideas and exhausting research inspired my practice. As I have continued with my own exploration, I have expanded my research to include ideas from philosophy and science as well as art. The contemporary philosopher, Susan J. Brison has been a great influence in my practice. One quote that has inspired much of my work comes from her book, Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of a Self. She said, “We are our molecules; our deepest fears, joys, and desires are embodied in the chemical signals of our neurotransmitters....   [tags: Leonardo Da Vinci, Art Analysis, Artist]

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Terrorism Effects

- Terrorism is defined as a hostile attack or action that is meant to cause panic, physical damage, and even mental and emotional damage. These acts can be as small as a lone gunman firing randomly at a few people, and as devastating as hijacking aircraft and flying them into buildings, killing hundreds even thousands. Over the past twenty years, there have been over seventy terrorist attacks in the United States alone( (Psychological effects of terrorism). That number can be shocking to some people because the media only talks about the major attacks that occur....   [tags: hostility, attack, damage, trauma, pain]

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Emotional Responsiveness Paper

- “You’re mean”, I said to my mother with tears rolling down my face, head down and arms folded, while sitting on my bed. My mother walked over to me and sat on my bed. She placed her hand on my leg and said, “Do you really think I’m mean if so can you express why?” I responded with my head still down, “No.” My mother raised my head and said, “Regina, I just want you to understand that if I say no to something it is not because I am trying to hurt you, it is because I am trying to keep you safe....   [tags: self-regulation, emotional awareness]

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Induced Insanity: How Trauma Can Change a Man

- Madness is relative. The sanity of the narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart is best approached from two sides. One of which are from the narrator’s point of view, and the other is a neutral perspective. This is a man who stalked another, murdered him, and covered his traces only to be harassed by his victim’s heartbeat. With the narrator’s consistent denial of his madness, his homicide and overwhelming guilt is what induced his severe paranoia and apparent insanity. However, his actions were committed through fear, while his story affected by false memory and trauma....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Biology Coursework: Improving Trauma Treatment Through EPR

- Biology Coursework: Improving Trauma Treatment Through EPR Identify a problem. Trauma pateints are those who have suffered serious and life threatening injuries. First response teams have little time to stabilise their condition and attempt to save their life. Whilst surgeons and doctors have the technology, skills and knowledge to be able to save victims of blunt or penetrating trauma, they have very limited time in which to do it. “The Golden Hour” is the time period from the injury of the patient in which appropriate medical treatment will prevent death....   [tags: Medical Science]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Childhood sexual abuse, as defined by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA, 1996), includes using persuasion, enticement, and other inducements to coerce a child to engage in sexually explicit conduct or simulation of sexual acts. Survivors of sexual abuse frequently have a legacy of both psychological and physical problem throughout life. There has been considerable literature published in the past 20 years focusing on the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse. Survivors cannot be stereotyped....   [tags: Ethical Issues, Sexual Trauma, Depression]

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The First Computerized Trauma Registry

- Trauma Registry A Trauma registry is a computerized database that comprises a wide-ranging demographics, injury information, and trauma outcomes. The collection of this information helps in the assessment of trauma care for set injured patients who meet certain standards for inclusion. Some of the information contained in this registry includes hospital-based trauma information and patient data from other health care providers which includes pre-hospital care and rehabilitation if applicable (Zenati)....   [tags: injury information, database]

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The Trauma and Learning Policy Initative

- This article sparked my interest because it involved Angelo Elementary School in Brockton Ma, which is right next to my town and also where I student taught with a friend of the family. The guidance counselor there told me heartbreaking stories of the children and what types of issues they face. She told me about the programs to help the students emotionally as well as other areas. This article revolves around this program called the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative that’s goal is to change the school environment for the students who face adversity everyday so they can come to school and feel safe, secure, and learn coping skills....   [tags: environment, safe, calm, minds]

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Trauma Found in Race

- For countless amounts of people, color is the most outward manifestation of race. Race has played an important role historically in shaping identity due to America’s slavery past. Slavery holds a traumatic past which is shown in the legacy left by Harriet Jacobs, in her slave narrative called “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”. In this novel, there are many examples in which race can be seen as a “traumatic experience” in both physical and psychological factors. In Frantz Fanon’s story of “Black Skin White Masks” he speaks about his various experiences living as an educated black man who is highly qualified, but still receives poor treatment from the white people....   [tags: Ethnic Identity, Police Force]

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Serious Trauma

- Serious Trauma On a boring Wednesday afternoon, I sat in a brightly lit CPR classroom listening to the instructor drone on and on. I began to wonder if I would ever actually need to use these skills. I highly doubted it. The past two years I have worked at the "little-kid-infested" North Fork Swimming Pool, where there have been absolutely no emergencies. A bloody nose or a stubbed toe here or there but never any serious traumas. These skills that I thought were so useless were put to the test on a chilly Tuesday night in March....   [tags: Narrative Memoir Essays]

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The Effect of Childhood Trauma on Brain Development

- According to the Center for Disease Control, one in every three girls and one in every five boys are sexually abused by an adult at some time during childhood. Child abuse is a vicious cycle. After a child is abused it puts a deterrent on his or her ability to succeed in life. Examples of this are adults who were abused as children are twice as likely to become abusers themselves. The majority of people in prisons were abused as children. It is no wonder why childhood trauma has such a horrible impact on a person’s personality and brain....   [tags: Child Abuse and Brain Development]

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Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

- Introduction This paper outlines the consequences of child sexual abuse (CSA) based on the examination of results from multiple researches previously fulfilled concerning the psychological and physical impact of this crime, information of statistics, warning signs detected, victims’ performances, and emotional state. Sexual abuse causes severe trauma on child victims that will last for the course of their lives, therefore it is critical to identify and improve the therapeutic methods utilized to treat CSA survivors....   [tags: Child Trauma, Theurapetic Treatment]

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Gymnastics Athletic Injuries

- The sheer energy of a gymnast alone can be felt by audiences of all ages, but what the spectators lack the ability to feel is the pounding of the bodies that bear the impact of the athletes in action. Gymnastics consists of a mixture of acrobatic performances of four different events for females, and six different events for males (Gianoulis 1). Gymnastics is demanding in a multitude of ways, including: physically, emotionally and mentally. It requires countless hours of dedication. The concerns of most gymnasts are moving up to the next level, or getting a more advanced skill, while the concerns of the doctors, coaches, and parents revolve mostly around the athlete’s health, which is put at...   [tags: Sport, Athletes, Physical, Emotional, Mental]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- ... Several studies indicate that approximately 13% to 50% of children exposed to family violence qualify for diagnosis of PTSD (Margolin & Vikerman, 2011). Examples of household problems could be domestic violence, child physical abuse, rape and molestation. Children experiencing physical pain or witnessing physical pain at home are at risk of containing many mental health issues other than PTSD. Disorders such as depression, separation anxiety or hyperactivity disorder could also affect the child....   [tags: mental, emotional trauma, psychology]

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What's Phobia?

- According to a survey done by the National Institute of Mental Health in the year of 2012 nearly over six million americans were or have recently been diagnosed with some sort of phobia. Sigmund Freud suggest that there are two common causes of fear. There is a biological fear and a more Trauma based fear. What is a phobia. That is a very common question that people ask. The merriam webster definition of a phobia is an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something. There are at least five hundred and thirty documented phobias in the world....   [tags: trauma, biological fear, freud]

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The Effects of Psychological Trauma on Family

- Psychological Trauma can alter, destroy and create a lot of bad impacts in a person’s life. The main definition of psychological trauma is the results of unique individual experience of an unusually event that invaded a person’s sense of security and safety, making he or she feels helpless and at risk of dangerous situation, and the ability to assimilate his or her emotional experience is overwhelmed at certain situation. (Lawrence Robinson, 2011) A much more serious psychological trauma can leads to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) in certain circumstance....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Traumatic Brain Injury

- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) also known as intracranial injury occurs when trauma causes damage to the brain. This is a result of a fall, an accident, or a sudden hit to the head that causes damage to the brain tissue. TBI symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe, depending on exact damage. Someone experiencing mild TBI may experience a loss of consciousness for a few seconds. Some symptoms of mild TBI are confusion, headaches, blurred vision, lightheadedness, dizziness, behavioral or mood changes, and problems with memory or thinking....   [tags: intracranial trauma, health]

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Social and emotional learning

- Successful teachers develop the whole child by making integrated efforts to promote their student’s academic, social and emotional learning. Children need to be aware of themselves and others; make responsible decisions, and be ethical and respectful of the people around them. With social and emotional skills, a high-quality learning environment that has high-quality classroom structure and rules, commitment to the academic success of all students and high performance expectations, student learning is optimized....   [tags: Education]

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Police Trauma and Addictions

- Police Trauma and Addictions Tabel of Contents Introduction………………………………………………1 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder………………………….2 Substance Use and Abuse………………………………..3 Alcohol Abuse Chart…………………………………….3 Trauma Strass Interventions……………………………..4 Conclusion……………………………………………….4 Bibliography……………………………………………..5 A study of 852 police officers found that nearly 50 percent of male and 40 percent of female officers consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. Excessive amounts of alcohol is defined as more than 8 drinks per week at least twice a month or over 28 drinks a month for males and more than 6 drinks per week at least twice a month or 14 drinks a month for females and that nea...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Social Emotional Learning

- This article is about social-emotional learning and how it can potentially benefit kindergarten students. This study’s purpose was to consider kindergarten when promoting social and emotional learning in schools. Since relatively few studies have been conducted in the kindergarten classroom, this study examines the effects of the Strong Start curriculum for kindergarteners in this setting. This curriculum tests the competence of sixty-seven kindergarteners in both social and emotional areas. This curriculum consists of ten lessons that were taught by four different teachers in four different classrooms....   [tags: kindergarten, curriculum]

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Social and Emotional Impact of Children's Toys

- Everyone has grown up with a certain toy they loved to play with, but no one really knew the effects it would on them as they aged. Children that are obsessed with their toys and other devices could be affected negatively and positively both with their emotional and social skills and development. When babies are born, they are forced into what they will play with, but it should not be that way. Parents need to give their children space to have an open mind about what toys they want to play with (Roberts 1 of 1)....   [tags: emotional, social skills, development, children]

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The Use of Improvisational Music Therapy

- Giving Trauma a Voice,” as authored by Dorit Amir and published in Music Therapy Perspectives, examines one way that music therapy can achieve positive change for adult victims of child sexual abuse through the use of improvisation. It introduces some of the psychological aspects of child abuse before detailing a case study centred around a 32-year-old woman over the course of two years. The woman came to therapy in search of a solution for her social and emotional problems. The sessions were recorded by her consent and after some time it was revealed that she had been sexually abused by her father at a young age, though she previously had no memory of this....   [tags: Giving Trauma a Voice]

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Reaching Acceptance: the Five Stages of Grief

- When one is faced with grief, an individual must go through all of the five stages, whether it is for a brief or extended period of time in order to reach the final stage of acceptance. Denial is the first logical stage that one feels when trying to cope with trauma because it feels safe to trick oneself into thinking that the event did not actually occur. Anger follows when the individual realizes that the trauma did occur and there is nothing to make it better. Depression is the third stage in the grief process in which one feels helpless and dark with nowhere to run....   [tags: loss, emotional trauma, coping mechanisms]

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Emotional Inteligence

- An increasing percent of the population begins to know the idea of emotional intelligence. This concept was firstly developed by two American university professors, John Mayer and Peter Salovey (1990) and they concluded that, people with high emotional quotient are supposed to learn more quickly due to their abilities. Another psycologist named Daniel Goleman (1995) extended the theory and also made it well-known. In his articles and books, he argued that people with high emotional quotient do better than those with low emotional quotient....   [tags: Emotional Intelligence ]

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Perceiving Emotional Intelligence

- Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is an ability stemming from the feeling of empathy that most people acquire as they experience new things in their life. It is the ability to monitor the emotions within yourself and that of others in order to discriminate between feelings and label them as such. We use this emotional information to guide our thinking patterns and behaviors. High emotional intelligence levels directly correlates within an individual to greater mental health, exceptional job performance, and more advanced leadership skills....   [tags: empaty, communication]

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Emotional Theory

- Suppose you are walking in the woods and come upon a mean-looking bear. The encounter scares the daylights out of you, and you begin to run for dear life. Do you run because you are afraid, or are you afraid because you run. The example and the question come from the work of William James, one of the first psychologists to propose a formal answer to questions about how autonomic responses are related to the experience of emotion. James argued that you are afraid because you run. Your running and other physiological responses, he said, follow directly from the perception of the bear....   [tags: Psychology]

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

- ... You would naturally avoid places and people that remind you of the trauma you were faced with. (Frey) Hyperarousal symptoms can include but are not limited to; hyper vigilance, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, general irritability, and an extreme startle response. The best way to explain these types of symptoms is when a person is always looking over their shoulder. They are on “red alert” at all times, looking around for the next danger that’s bound to be around the corner. Another way to look at it is that the body reacts to dangerous events with a rush of adrenalin to help the person escape from the danger....   [tags: mental illness, trauma]

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Emotional Appeals in Advertising

- Emotional Appeals For this assignment I had to choose a magazine, examine ten full-page advertisements, and figure out each emotional appeal. I also had to give reasons why the appeals I chose were chosen. Advertisers use emotional appeals to persuade the reader to buy their products by using different emotions in their advertisements. The appeals I used were the need for guidance, attention, the need to achieve, escape and physiological needs. My magazine was called fitness, which focuses on women’s health....   [tags: Advertising, Companies]

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Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma

- Pediatric abusive head trauma, also known as shaken baby syndrome, is a devastating form of abuse. It occurs when a young child is violently shaken. The repeated shaking back and forth motion causes the child’s brain to bounce within the skull, resulting in bruising and swelling. This intentionally inflicted injury causes trauma to the head and neck region, including cranial, cerebral, and spinal injuries. It occurs in infants and small children because the muscles of the neck region aren’t strong enough to go against the shaking force that occurs....   [tags: shaken baby syndrome]

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The Links Between Child Abuse and Psychological, Emotional, Behavioral, and Interpersonal Disorders

- Abuse of children has become a major social problem and a main cause of many people's suffering and personal problems. Neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse have an immediate and long-term effects on a child's development. The long-term effects of abuse and neglect of a child can be seen in psychiatric disorders, increased rates of substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. Child abuse and neglect is a huge problem. Parents who abuse are people who have been abused and neglected themselves as children(Long Term Consequences)....   [tags: Violence Children Abuse Essays]

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