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The Women of Eleonora, Ligeia, Berenice, and Morella

- The Women of Eleonora, Ligeia, Berenice, and Morella "Eleonora", "Ligeia", "Berenice", and "Morella" are all tales of beautiful women who die, but they are hardly the same story. They contain many of the same elements and activities, but their genius comes in the unique and sometimes subtle differences and intense endings.     In all of the stories we have a narrator who is involved with a woman whose beauty entrances him. Some of the qualities of these women overlap in their description, but each narrator admires a unique quality that becomes their obsession....   [tags: Eleonora Ligeia Berenice Morella]

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Eleonore Stump, Petitionary Prayer

- Eleonore Stump writes an article concerning her standing on petitionary prayer. Stump starts her argument by defining petitionary prayer as simply asking God for something through the act of prayer. Stump points out since this is the definition of petitionary prayer, prayers of praise and worship cannot be considered petitionary since they are not making requests but instead displaying a sense of loyalty. Stump responds to an argument by Kant stating petitionary prayer was pointless on the account of God will do what is right regardless of you asking....   [tags: phylosophy, Aquinas]

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Defining Beauty for Men and Women in Portraiture

- Defining Beauty for Men and Women in Portraiture " ... A thing of beauty is a joy forever : It's loveliness increases ; it will never Pass into nothingness ... " What is beauty. Seemingly a continually evolving and infinitely elusive ideal - mankind has been obsessed with the concept of beauty throughout the ages. Portraiture, as an essential channel of visual communication, has traditionally been the medium through which definitions of beauty are graphically expressed. Particularly in the Renaissance where portraiture often served celebratory or commemorative purposes, it was crucial that portraits were accepted as aesthetically pleasing reflections of the social ideals of the time....   [tags: Masculine Feminine Beauty Renaissance Essays]

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Common Elements in all of Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories

- Edgar Allan Poe is a name that is prominent in literature as a slightly obnoxious, gruesome writer. His short stories and poems are sure to send a shiver down any reader’s spine with his vivid imagery. But if one takes the time to read all sixty-nine of his short stories, he or she would find many common elements that become slightly monotonous. Even though he uses some similar ideas, it is what separates his work as distinctly “Poe”. After dissecting each of his stories, it is intriguing to find what components he tends to repeat....   [tags: literary analysis, parallelism]

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Man's Need For Woman in the Works of Edgar Allen Poe

- Man's Need For Woman in the Works of Edgar Allen Poe      In the beginning, there was Adam.  Adam felt incomplete in the Garden of Eden and needed a companion.  Eve was created and Adam had his woman.  Edgar Allen Poe experimented with man's eternal necessity and drew his final conclusion near the end of his literary career.  With the publication of Eureka, Poe made his final realization that tied every one of his love driven short stories together and triumphantly proclaimed: "I have no desire to live since I have done Eureka.  I could accomplish nothing more" (n....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Review of Carlo Goldoni´s The Foxy Widow

- The UIC Theater presented Carlo Goldoni’s The Foxy Widow directed by Paola Coletto. The Foxy Widow is set in the 18th century in Venice, Italy; where Rosaura, a widow, is seeking a suitable match so she can be a widow again someday. After spending most of her youth on an arranged marriage with an old wealthy man, Rosaura searched for “true” love with no boundaries and make up for lost time with a young man instead. After a party, four young men had fallen for the widow Rosaura. Each one of the four men had different backgrounds, cultures, personalities, and passions....   [tags: UIC Theater, Paolo Coletto]

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The Impact Of Roman Influence On The Unc Library Website

- Affanni, Giorgio, Cristina Baccarin, Laura Cordera, Angelo Di Michele, and Katia Gavagnin. Broadening Horizons 4: A Conference of Young Researchers Working in the Ancient Near East, Egypt and Central Asia, University of Torino, October 2011. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2015. Print. I gained access to this information through the UNC Library website by searching “Palmyra Society.” After searching I accessed the book and checked out the print source from Davis Library. I evaluated the relevance of the book to my research by reading parts of it....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Palmyra, Diocletian]

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Gothic Literature and the Writings of Edgar Allan Poe

- There is one known very influential writing style called Gothic Literature. It is not only considered to involve the horror or gothic element but is combined with romance, superstition, women in distress, omens, portents, vision and supernatural events to name a few (Beesly). The history and beginning of this era is not well known. From a few writers came this writing style that has impacted the world. A famous artists known for this type of writing is a man named Edgar Allan Poe. He wrote many short stories and poems that include horror, gothic, and romance just mentioned....   [tags: poets, poetry, writers]

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The Poetry and Prose of Edgar Allen Poe

- Art is in everything. Artists can be experts with a paintbrush, phenomenal with piano or a master of their pen. Authors and poets have a chance to manipulate words like no other artist can. Poets in particular can use their words to encompass different kinds of art by painting a picture with lyrical rhythm and imagery. Poets may be common, but for their poetry to be timeless it must be universally relatable. Edgar Allen Poe is regarded as one of the most famous poets in American history due to his well renowned debauchery, gothic tales of terror, and poems which are taught in schools and still analyzed today....   [tags: Authors]

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Meeting At Colts Neck Annual Board Meeting

- On the evening of Thursday, April 7, 2016, I attended The Grande at Colts Neck monthly board meeting. My reason for attending the meeting was to ask a few questions about when the grass will be cut and about having security cameras installed on the exterior of my unit due to the disturbing and alarming behavior actions committed by several female residents on Federal Key. Unbeknownst to me two of the female residents that have falsely accused me and my husband of various actions toward them also decided to attend the meeting....   [tags: Board of directors, Management, Fiduciary]

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The Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

- Genetically modified organisms Genetically modified foods are found in almost every store and are very common in America. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a very controversial and heated topic in the agricultural industry. Humans first began to genetically alter organisms and crops in the 1990’s and began to be widely used in the early 2000’s. This new technology has scared many uninformed people who fear change and new agricultural techniques. GMO fearing individuals need to realize the benefits of GMO’s; genetically altered crops are the future of agriculture....   [tags: famine, agriculture, yield]

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The Von Trapp Family Singers

- The Sound of Music is a timeless classic that has captivated the attention of many ages. Based off the beginning events of Maria von Trapp’s book The Story of the Von Trapp Family Singers, the overall view of the Von Trapp family in the film is kept intact. Maria Augusta Kutschera joined the family in 1926 as a tutor to the children and later married their father, former Navy officer, Georg von Trapp. As World War II progressed, the family became more well known for their musical talent, which was the focus of The Sound of Music....   [tags: music, broadway]

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The Greek Goddess Of Love Aphrodite Rising From The Ocean

- In many cultures water has feminine connotations. The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite rising from the ocean, or the Finnish Aino from the Kalevala who maintains her purity by drowning herself, it is clear the sensuality and beauty of women is related to water. These archetypes differ from each other, one sexual and round and the other pure and innocent, both stereotypes of the mother and the maiden. The use of these stereotypes is pervasive. Water is also viewed as cleansing and transformative. From the above examples, Aphrodite arises spontaneously out of the water and takes a human form and Aino turns into a fish....   [tags: Love, Family, Pregnancy, Mother]

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Maya Deren and Her Successful Integration of Dance and Film

- Maya Deren and Her Successful Integration of Dance and Film The topic of dance films could not be discussed without mentioning Maya Deren. A dancer, ethnographer, philosopher, and “visual poet”, Maya Deren is said to have given birth to the American avant-garde film movement. Born Eleanora Derenkovskaya on April 29, 1917, in Kiev, Ukraine, (the year of the Russian Revolution), she was a revolutionary innovator from the start. She was born to her beloved mother Marie Fiedler and father Solomon Derenskovsky....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Synopsis : ' The Intouchables '

- The Intouchables Synopsis • Title: The Intouchables • Year Produced: 2011 • Main Actors: François Cluzet, Omar Sy This movie, based on a true story, is about an unlikely friendship between a French Parisian aristocrat and a former criminal on welfare. Philippe, a white rich upper-class quadriplegic needs a caregiver to help him in his daily routine. He interviews many people with great references but ends up hiring Driss, a black individual from the suburbs with no experience and who shows no pity for him....   [tags: Disability, Wheelchair, Perception]

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Perception of God and Evil by Augustine of Hippo

- Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is among the most influential thinkers in Christianity. He contributed a great number of ideas and notions to Christian theology that would have lasting effect on belief systems in Christian churches. One of his most notable contributions is the notion of “original sin” and his concept of “evil.” These notions evolved over the years. Augustine traces their evolution in his Confessions, a thirteen-volume autobiography he wrote when he was in his forties. An essential part of Confessions is Augustine’s conversion to Christianity and his evolving understanding of good and evil....   [tags: manichaeism, good and evil, christianity]

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The Life and Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe

- Edgar Allan Poe was not your typical poet. He had a very depressing life, and that has influenced the majority of his works. He was in the military, had his wife die prematurely, and had the constant struggles of life crashing down on him. Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer who used mystery and lost love as popular themes to intrigue many readers to pose questions regarding death and romance. His parents supported him, allowing him to be educated, but that would eventually lead to failure. Poet and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe, was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts....   [tags: Poetry, Poets, Poems]

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Jazz The Sound Of The Heart

- Jazz the Sound of the Heart In a blog written by Virginia Hughes she states that “Music moves people of all cultures, Vocal Jazz and collaborations with other sub-genres such as bebop jazz, cool jazz and hard bob didn’t only affected the culture throughout the eras, but created an outlet for many artists to express their repressed feelings during difficult time periods, and allowed a strong rooted foundation for Jazz in whole to continue to develop. “Vocal Jazz” has been able to touch the deepest human emotions through the voice of the songs and powerful melodies behind a way that doesn’t seem to happen with other animals....   [tags: Louis Armstrong, Jazz, Billie Holiday]

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Singer-Songwriters and Social Activists

- Have you ever thought what the world would be like without music. In my opinion, simply boring. Now imagine a movie in a dramatic scene without that instrumental song that makes us want to know what’s going to happen. It wouldn’t be the same. The reality is that we have the privilege to incorporate music into our lives and make our days happier by listening to the music we love. There’s also been important artists who involved social issues to their songs or even racism issues and for me that’s amazing how they had the courage to express their opinions and feelings towards those issues with music....   [tags: Lyrics, Social Issues]

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The Lore of Canton, Missouri

- Ghosts and goblins are lurking around every corner. Mysterious creatures are waiting to jump out of every shadow. The boogieman and his accomplices are posted under the bed and in the closet, counting the minutes until children go to sleep so that that can attack and scare the life out of them. We all grew up with these fears in the back of out heads. There is always at least one person and one building in every town, whether it be small or large, with a story... a history of mysterious, paranormal behavior....   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Billie Holiday

- Billie Holiday Billie Holiday was born Eleanora Fagan on April 7, 1915 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but spent most of her poverty stricken childhood in Baltimore. Lady Day, as she was named by Lester Young, had to overcome many tragedies in her lifetime and yet still became one of the most popular jazz-blues vocalists of all time.      Billie's Parents, Sally Fagan and Clarence Holiday, were both born in Baltimore. They married as teens and soon Sally gave birth to Eleanora Fagan. Shortly after the birth, Clarence Holiday deserted his family to tour with Fletcher Henderson's band....   [tags: Music Holiday Biographies Essays]

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The Individual and the Family in Texts

- The Individual and the Family in Texts Through a number of texts we can learn many concepts of the Individual and the family. Texts include 'Looking for Alibrandi', 'Family Portrait' and 'The Simpsons' whether they are books, songs or cartoons they all have underlying meaning regarding the individual and the family. Through the texts the composers have made us discover that change, families' influences, belonging or trying to fit in, the 'perfect' family image, and the media play a significant role in every individual and the family....   [tags: Papers]

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Colonialism in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing

- Colonialism in Margaret Atwood's 'Surfacing' Margaret Atwood's novel 'Surfacing' demonstrates the complex question of identity for an English-speaking Canadian female. Identity, for the protagonist has become problematic because of her role as a victim of colonial forces. She has been colonized by men in the patriarchal society in which she grew up, by Americans and their cultural imperialism, or neo-colonialism as it has come to be known as, and the Euro-centric legacy that remains in her country although the physical presence of English and French rulers have gone....   [tags: Margaret Atwood Surfacing]

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Dr. John Henry doc Holliday

- On August 14, 1851 in Griffin, Georgia, John Henry Holliday was born to Henry Burroughs and Alice Jane Holliday. Their first child, Martha Eleanora, had died on June 12, 1850 at six months of age. When he married Alice Jane McKay on January 8, 1849, Henry Burroughs was a druggist by trade and, later became a wealthy planter, lawyer, and during the War between the States, a Confederate Major. Church records state: "John Henry, infant son of Henry B. and Alice J. Holliday, received the ordinance of baptism on Sunday, March 21, 1852, at the First Presbyterian Church in Griffin." Alice Jane died on September 16, 1866....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mannerism in Florence and Rome

- Mannerism in Florence and Rome - considered to be more self- consciously "artificial" - derived from aspects of Raphael and Michelangelo - cold formalism was considered to be inner vision Rosso - (1494-1540), Italian painter, whose early works helped define Italian mannerism - later was a founder of French mannerism - was born Giovanni Battista di Jacopo di Guasparre in Florence - early work had odd perspectives, violent colors, and harsh lighting - 1523 Rosso moved to Rome, where he was influenced by Italian artist Michelangelo and Italian mannerist painter Parmigianino - work then acquired new beauty and expressed more tempered emotions Pontormo - (1494-1557), Italian painter, whos...   [tags: Papers]

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Billie Holiday

- Billie Holiday, whose real name is Eleanora Gough, was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1915. She grew up mostly in Baltimore and always loved jazz. Billie was born to very young parents. Her mother was thirteen when she was born and her father just fifteen. (, 2010) Her father made his living as a jazz musician and later he left Billie’s mother. Billie was raised by her mother and grandparents. Billie was not a happy child and eventually left school at an early age....   [tags: Music, Jazz]

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Billie Holiday

- To understand the controversy that Billie presented one must first go to the root or source of such controversy and examine Billie's childhood. Billie was born Eleanora Harris to her father Clarence Holiday and mother Sadie Fagan who were just fifteen and thirteen years old, respectively, at the time (A 91). Born between 1912 and 1915 in Baltimore, the date unsure, Billie grew up without her father, who moved away early on in her life. Billie and her mother used to fight a lot, when her mother was around....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Billie Holiday

- Billie was born to the name, Eleanora Fagan on April 7, 1915. She was born in Philadelphia but grew up in the Fell's Point section of Baltimore. Her mother, was just 13 at the time of her birth; her father, was 15. Holidays' teenage parents, Sadie Harris (aka Fagan) and probable father, Clarence Holiday, never married, and they did not live together for a long time. Clarence, a banjo and guitar player worked with Fletcher Henderson's band in the early 30s. He remains a shady figure who left his family....   [tags: essays research papers]

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