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Elementary Classroom At Stafford Elementary School

- This semester I am in a fifth grade classroom at Stafford Elementary School. We have been working on long division. Specifically for my clinical report I taught a lesson having to do with division that focused on “Interpreting the remainder”. This lesson is from the GoMath Math program that Stafford Public Schools has adopted for this school year (Lesson 2.7: Interpret the Remainder, 2015). At the start of the lesson most students struggled with finding out exactly what the questions were asking....   [tags: Division, Elementary arithmetic, Problem solving]

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Transition from Elementary to Middle School

- Children confront many transitions throughout their lifetime that can be stressful. They face their first transition from home to school, elementary to middle school, middle to high school, and high school to college or work (Schumacher, 1998). However, the transition from elementary to middle school seems to be harder for adolescents due to the personal changes of puberty. Research suggests that roles, expectations, and responsibilities are the primary concerns of students (Akos, 2002). In order to make this transition easier, programs such as “blocking, shadowing, or buddies” need to be implemented the year preceding middle school and continue through the first year of transition....   [tags: Elementary Education, secondary education]

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Departmentalization in Elementary Schools

- One of the main struggles for principles and school boards in elementary schools is wondering if the district should switch classes, therefore this debate has been going on for a long time. Expert’s opinions vary, so greatly, that the vote has gone on since 2006. So far, some districts have tried out departmentalization, but the group is not widespread. The schools that have integrated switching classes start at either kindergarten or fifth grade. Some, but not an innumerable group, have started in fourth; furthermore, some schools would rather start at kindergarten for the reason that starting them at that age has them already prepared for middle school when they reach that step in their li...   [tags: Principles, School Boards, Elementary School]

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Reading in the Content Areas in the Elementary Grades

- Abstract Learning to read in the content areas is a critically important skill that students must be taught. Educators must teach students the specific skills and strategies necessary so that they are able to read, write, comprehend, and critique information from many different sources. If American students are going to be successful, literate individuals who are able to compete in our global society, educators must find the initiative to have students learn specific reading strategies that will help them to understand and comprehend content area material....   [tags: Elementary Education, primary, early education]

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Foreign Language Classes Should be Required for Elementary Students

- There is a rising issue in today’s education system to whether or not we need to require and when the education system should start the second language learning in the school system. Some say that education system should wait until the students have reached high school and others say to start it young. Other school officials have said that they should require it in high school because they’ll remember the language better. Experts say that the education system needs to start it young while the child’s brain is like a sponge....   [tags: Elementary Education Essays]

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Tobias Elementary School - Original Writing

- As a child I’ve always felt like an outcast because of the way I looked and behaved. No matter what I did I would receive dirty looks and hear people whisper nasty comments about me. I tried hard to blend in to try to feel and be accepted at my school, but no matter where I went people acted the same. There was a time when I had a new friend turn on me, I was followed home, and I was crowded around. In 5th grade, at Tobias elementary school, I always tried to befriend most of the new people because I knew how they felt when I was new....   [tags: Middle school, Elementary school, High school]

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Elementary Education - The Career Choice for Me

- Elementary Education - The Career Choice for Me The obstacle of finding a career is something we are all faced with at one time or another. Fortunately for myself, I found this decision to be a very easy one. I come from a family of teachers. Therefore, it did not take long to decide that teaching was the career choice for me. After deciding on the education field, I then felt the need to choose a major. I chose elementary education because I felt it would allow me to teach a wider variety of subjects to my students....   [tags: Teaching Elementary Education]

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Motivating Elementary Students with Games

- In her case study, “Around the World,” Nancy DeFrates-Densch describes Ms. Owen’s attempt at motivating her third grade class with the use of games. The game that is described involves the students moving around the classroom or “around the world.” One student begins by standing by the desk of another and those two students have the chance to answer the question asked by Ms. Owen. The student who gets the question right first moves to the next desk and so on. This game is “played at least once per week [and most recently] using multiplication problems” (DeFrates-Densch, 2008)....   [tags: Elementary Education, early childhood, teacher]

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Elementary Teaching : Elementary Education

- Elementary Teaching The story of my search Thinking back to first grade may feel like forever ago, which to some people it was but for me not so much. Walking into Mrs. DeVries’ classroom on the first day of first grade still seems like yesterday, now i’m in my ending days of high school about to enter the real world. I would never of made it this far without the impact my teachers over the years have left on me. Teaching is a profession that everyone knows, without teachers none of us would go to school getting an education that leads to our futures....   [tags: Teacher, Education, History of education, School]

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Elementary Education And Elementary School

- Elementary Education Kindergarten and Elementary school teachers complete a rigorous and fulfilling task each day by preparing young minds for a great future. They do this by teaching them basic fundamental subjects, such as reading and math. It is a job that not everyone can do and an individual must take into consideration the work, salary, and hours that come with it. History Education has been around for a long time, but in the year 1000, most people were uneducated because it was not deemed necessary....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, History of education]

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My Observation Of A Elementary Classroom At Meadowlane Elementary School

- I conducted my observation in a kindergarten classroom at Meadowlane Elementary School. I spent at least 15 hours observing the behavior of students in the classroom. During the observation, the teacher was Ms. Fortich and she was involved in teaching and interacting with the students. I had a positive learning experience observing Ms. Fortich teach her kindergarten students. She was very caring, passionate, and loving. She did whatever possible to make her students comfortable and have a good learning environment....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Knowledge, Observation]

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Observation of Preschool and Elementary Classrooms

- People always say that children are the future, and they are right. That is what makes understanding how children develop so crucial. Understanding how children develop has many important implications; it can help parents raise their children more efficiently, assist society in making informed decisions about policies regarding children’s welfare, and to help us to understand human nature (Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg, 2011). An important part of understanding how children develop is understand the ways in which they learn....   [tags: Behavior Stages, Language Development]

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The Necessity Of Play As An Elementary Student

- The Necessity of Play As an elementary student, I had the amazing privilege of having three recesses a day plus P.E., music and art twice a week. Elkind argues that “play is crucial to physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development at all ages (Elkind, D).” Chapter two and three concur with Elkind that play is crucial for all humans. As I reflect upon my own experiences, I agree with Elkind as well. To begin with, Elkind mentions the benefits of having students have play incorporated in their lives....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Learning]

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iPads and Tablets In Elementary Classrooms

- Tablets and iPads are being used in elementary schools to advance the technology in classrooms. Some say that these devices are being used in classrooms because elementary students in this generation are already using these devices at home for learning. Schools all over the United States have begun to carry out million dollar plans to supply their students with Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung electronic “notebooks”. Many schools have hopped on the bandwagon and decided to incorporate iPads and Tablets into their curriculum....   [tags: Technology Advancements, Schools, Education]

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A Career in Elementary Education

- So you want to be an elementary school teacher. It’s a challenging career, requiring patience and social skills, as you have to be able to wrangle a room filled with rambunctious children. Once you get through the tough stuff, the career is filled with immeasurable rewards. Being an elementary school teacher is not just going into a classroom and teaching kids how to add numbers, where something is on a map, or how to write. This career is far deeper than that, you will build a relationship with each and every student and ultimately build the foundation of the students’ future education....   [tags: Education Career Essays]

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Getting Into The Elementary Education Program

- In order to be able to get into the Elementary Education program, you must be graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree is usually around a 4-year term of being enrolled in college classes. Through out these 4 years of being enrolled for elementary education, many classes will about education and how to prepare your very own classroom. If you are wanting to be a counselor within a school system, a master’s degree will be needed. This means even more college time than what was spent for a bachelor’s....   [tags: School, Education, Teacher, History of education]

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The Theology Of A Catholic Elementary School

- Theology is something that I have been blessed to experience and converse about multiple times in my life. My parents enrolled me into a Catholic elementary school where theology was common for the elder children. The first time I can recall diving into theology is the sixth grade. My priest visited the class and spoke about a complex topic in the Christian religion. He expected the class to respond and talk about the topic using arguments that are biblically based. This became my first exposure to basic, but real, theology....   [tags: Bible, Christianity, God, Life]

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The Students At The Elementary School Level

- In the lower levels for the elementary schools the best thing for the teachers to do it to prevent according to Smithey he restate “The use of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) at the elementary school level produces pertinent information regarding students at risk of future behavior problems. In special education, the demand for evidence-based preventative interventions remains partially with the intent of reducing the risk of maladaptive behaviors and enhancing children’s social and emotional aptitude (Kam, Greenberg, & Kusche, 2004)” (2012)....   [tags: Education, School, High school, Teacher]

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The Elementary School I Was Shocked

- When I first saw Willow Elementary school I was shocked because of how different it is compared to where I grew up. First, the location of the school is in the middle of a very urban neighborhood. I noticed that there were people walking up and down the street both times I visited. Also, they have a very small playground that doesn’t have soccer nets or a baseball diamond like my school did. This surprised me because those are the two places where I went to during recess and I couldn’t imagine not having them....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher]

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Inclusion: Is it Effective at the Elementary Level?

- Inclusion is where children classified as Intellectually Disabled (ID) are put into a regular classroom instead of a special education classroom. Previously called mental retardation, ID, as defined by the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY), is a term used to describe a child with certain limitations in mental functioning, and in skills such as communication, personal care, or social skills. (2011) These limitations will cause a child to develop more slowly than a typical child....   [tags: inclusion, intellectually disabled, id children]

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The And Elementary And Secondary Education Act

- Introduction “Two recent federal initiatives—the Race to the Top Program (RTT) and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Program—have triggered a remarkable overhauling of the nation’s teacher-evaluation programs .” (Popham, 2015, p. 1) The teacher- evaluation process is developed through supervisory conferences that are formative and promote “teacher growth in effective instruction”, or summative and place “the teacher in an “unsatisfactory “or satisfactory” evaluation. (Hunter, 1980) A closer look at the supervisory conferences is shown below....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Lesson plan, Effectiveness]

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Becoming A Nurse At The Elementary School

- If I had to look back at the elementary school version of myself and someone mentioned the word nurse to me my first thought was that is a girl’s profession. While I was interested in medicine I never knew much about the careers in medicine. I have two older brothers, one become a computer analyst the other a computer programmer and my father was a mechanical engineer. In addition, nobody in my family had been involved in the medical field so I had no one to turn to gain knowledge about careers in medicine....   [tags: Florence Nightingale, Nursing, Medicine, Nurse]

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The Elementary Concept Of Cause And Effect

- It is human tendency to want to follow the elementary concept of cause and effect. For example: “If I study responsibly for this test, then I will perform positively.” “If I get my degree, then I will have a better chance at finding a well-paying job” and so on. If we are told to do something with no end product or goal in mind, then we act with no purpose. Living with no purpose causes one to aimlessly live their life facing an endless direction. We as humans are constantly questioning “why” and looking for a purpose in life, and while some may disagree, having a belief in a higher power helps guide and encourage individuals to find that purpose and trust in something, or someone, bigger th...   [tags: Religion, Meaning of life, Human, Faith]

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Social Studies in The Elementary Classroom

- In 1892, the National Education Association appointed a Committee of Ten to look at the general curricula for high schools. The Committee's report outlined, for the first time, a history program approaching the comprehensive programs seen in European education. In 1896, the American Historical Association appointed the Committee of Seven to make a thorough study of history in the secondary schools here and in Europe. The Committee's report had a considerable impact on the high school social studies curriculum....   [tags: Education]

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The Elementary Forms Of Religious Life

- BLUE RIDGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Analysis of The Elementary Forms of Religious Life Part III Summary Durkheim refers to “cult of the individual” as a new religion. According to Durkheim, the cult of the individual begins with a cooperative, shared vivacity. The first moments for the cult could be found in democratic revolutions that took place in Europe around the end of the 18th and 19th centuries. Durkheim described the French Revolution as the perfect example of a cult’s united momentum....   [tags: Religion, Cult, God, New religious movement]

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The Elementary And Secondary Education Act

- In the United States, provisions under the 10th constitutional amendment require states to provide free k-12 public education to all children. In 2002, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was reauthorized and renamed as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law. The NCLB shifted the policy focus from just access to education to outcomes with the focus on academics. Also, the NCLB acknowledges the importance of social-emotional well-being in education and, therefore, expanded the role of schools in improving students’ mental health....   [tags: High school, College, Occupational therapy]

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A Research Study On Arcadia Elementary

- Arcadia elementary is located within Kalamazoo School District. There are @#@ students enrolled and they are all eligible for the “Kalamazoo Promise”. Arcadia has an afterschool program that runs from 3:50 to 6:20 and about 25 students partake (enrolled) in the program depending on the day. There are only 3 main people who run the program every day, everyone else is a volunteer and volunteers range from 2 to 6. Tutoring with a student has allowed me connect with the student and get hands-on-experience that has broadened my experiences....   [tags: Education, Learning, Psychology, Intelligence]

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The Incident At Sandy Hook Elementary

- The incident at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012 in Newton, Connecticut was one that shook the nation and the rest of the world. This is the case in which a 20-year-old man named Adam Lanza committed a massacre at an elementary school. After murdering his mother, Lanza opened fired at the school which resulted in him killing twenty first grade students and six adults and then himself. Although it was evident that Lanza had serious mental issues he had the ability of access to these weapons via his mother’s gun storage....   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm]

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The Elementary And Secondary School Education

- INTRODUCTION Ms. Santer, an English and IB film Analysis teacher at Upper Arlington High School, used to teach at Baltimore City School District. She was teaching a class and had a student who had a disability that makes him use a wheelchair. Suddenly, one day the fire alarm went off and it was not a drill. The peers of the student with the disability picked up the wheelchair and carried him outside without Ms. Santer having to tell the other students to carry him. A child who was disabled that was in a mainstream class had people that supported him and cared for him....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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Bullying at the Elementary Age

- No matter where you go, bullying is just around the corner. There’s no certain age for anyone to become a bully. Movies make it high school the biggest place for bullies to be created; but in the real world, that’s not the case. Bullying is a serious issue and can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. Bullying within an elementary school begins right from the very first day of school. By the end of Kindergarten, over 20% of students report being bullied within that year. By the end of elementary school, 9 out of 10 students report being bullied at one time or another....   [tags: playground, physical, verbal, cyber]

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Elementary Middle School ( Gems )

- There are far more than two strategic challenges that exist in my educational institution, Grangeville Elementary Middle School (GEMS). The first significant challenge to maintain advantage is a lack of common math curriculum. Idaho state school funds have decreased along with the local tax base while student population has significantly increased. School funds today rely heavily on community levies. Idaho County is extremely poor. Consequently, passing a levy is very difficult and often the public approves minimal dollars....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, School]

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Pursuing A Career For Elementary Education

- Everybody has/had a teacher in their life. No matter what lessons we are taught, someone helped us learn the lesson. We start with our parents, or guardians who taught us the basic baby steps of life, right out of the womb. Perhaps an older brother or sister taught us how to love, and helped encourage us along the way. Later in life, someone has taught us the basic skills in math, and reading. Lastly, most people have found a profession they have wanted to pursue, and someone has taught them how to get there....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Sibling, School]

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An Elementary Classroom With 18 Students

- This is an elementary classroom with 18 students ages 8-9. The goals for this lesson include students being able to successfully work and plan together in small groups, learn social skills, and become effective speakers. The unit lesson is about how communities have changed over time and the students will learn chronological order such as past and present. The students will create artwork based on buildings, clothing, cars, or technology to represent change. What were your reactions. The students were creative and some incorporated geometry in their planning for creating a building to represent the past and present....   [tags: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade]

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Graduation Speech For The Elementary School

- It was a great experience and I thank the district for giving me the opportunity of experiencing what my career could be like one day. Teachers at Reagan Elementary School are very professional and definitely people I could look up to. I had the opportunity to see different grade levels and even though I thought I wanted to teach fourth grade, I found out I felt in love with Second graders and Kinder. I also really enjoyed the bilingual classes. One in particular I felt kids really connected with the teacher and I would like to have that kind of environment in my classes....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Rooms, Classroom]

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Becoming A Teacher For Elementary Students

- When I was in middle school I never thought that I would be choosing a career that would involve teaching; however, when I was in 9th grade I had an awesome math teacher, Bethany Allen, who would to inspire me to become a teacher. She encouraged and loved her students so well and was always there to help them become the best they could be. Because, of my 9th grade teacher I am trying to become a teacher for elementary students. Becoming a teacher has many high times. For example, when one finally sees a student get the material that they have been struggling with....   [tags: Teacher, High school, Education, School]

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The Elementary School Start Times

- 1. I used the phrase “elementary school start times” in the University of North Florida’s OneSearch database to find this particular research study. I chose this study to analyze for multiple reasons. First, the study was able to collect information from nearly every elementary school in the state of Kentucky. A higher sample size can provide a greater amount of validity. Second, this research study directly focused on my topic of interest. I am intrigued by the differentiation in American education, especially different yearly school calendars, different daily school schedules, and, as studied here, different school start times....   [tags: High school, School types, Primary school]

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Abc Elementary School : School

- Located in north-central Mississippi, ABC Elementary School is part of the XYZ County School District. While historically recognized for athletic accomplishments, XYZ County Schools have only recently gained recognition for educational accomplishments. ABC Elementary School has contributed to the growth and educational accomplishments of the district. ABC Elementary’s average enrollment of approximately 500 students serves grades pre-K through 6. The teacher to student ratio is approximately 14:6....   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, Teacher]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- A. I can still vividly remember my elementary school experience and all the teachers I had from kindergarten to sixth grade. I have never been a vocal student in class and usually just listen to what is going on in the classroom. I have been this way since I started elementary school and my mother still remembers my kindergarten teacher telling her that I needed to speak more in class if I wanted to pass the year. Later on in elementary school I would begin to participate more, but not all the time and only when I felt comfortable....   [tags: Education, Teacher, History of education]

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Elementary Education Is Emotionally Draining

- Some might argue that elementary education is emotionally draining. And to a point that is true because I am the type of person who takes every word to heart. By taking every word to heart I mean I take other people’s criticisms or advice and think about how I can change myself. I do this in order to make them happy or because it upsets me that people see me that way. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been known as too sensitive. People have told me I care too much what other people think about me....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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STEM Programs in Elementary Schools

- Technology continues to evolve, yet this generation seems unwilling to evolve with it. True, teenagers are infatuated with the newest iPhone, but only the lucky few actually have an interest in its inner workings. This is largely due to an under-emphasis on technology. Computer science is nothing more than a vague concept for many students. In a media-dominated culture that idolizes athletes and entertainers, computer science may not seem glamorous or worthwhile to students. In short, athletic and cultural groups reign; academic activities fall to the wayside....   [tags: technology, stigma, support]

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The Career Of Elementary Education

- Teachers spend $1.5 billion annually of their own money on school supplies. 1 in 3 teachers purchase clothing for students including gloves, hats, shoes, and shoelaces. (“Surprising Stats on Teachers”). When researching the career of elementary education it stated that the first teacher was Confucius in 561 B.C. (“A Short History of Teaching”). The skills for teaching are creativity and presentation they’re important because it helps motivate and holds a student’s interest in learning. Those passionate about teaching point to the benefits of working with children and positively influencing the lives of their students....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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The Career Of Elementary Education

- Teachers spend $1.5 billion every year of their own money on school supplies. 1 in 3 teachers purchase clothing for students including gloves, hats, shoes, and shoelaces. (“Surprising Stats on Teachers”). When researching the career of elementary education it stated that the first teacher was Confucius in 561 B.C. (“A Short History of Teaching”). The skills for teaching are ability to create interesting new things and presentation they’re important because it helps give a reason to do something and holds a student’s interest in learning....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- In Elementary School when I was learning how to read and write I experience what felt like the worst days of my childhood. I will never forget those days because I felt worthless and didn’t believe that I would make it through school. My first grade teacher at Fultondale Elementary School started noticing that it was difficult for me to read and write, so she pulled me aside from all the other students to see what I was doing wrong. As this continued I felt more and more like an outcast to my classmates....   [tags: High school, Education, Primary school, Teacher]

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Depression Of Elementary Aged Students

- Depression in elementary aged students is difficult to catch onto for a couple of reasons. First, for this younger population, depression is a relatively rare occurrence. According to (Beardslee, Gladstone, & O’connor, 2012), there is a prevalence rate for depression of about 2% in children under the ages of adolescence. 2% of a population can be a difficult proportion to deal with. However, this 2% grows to a whopping 20% by the time they reach 18 years of age (Beardslee et al., 2012). Another reason depression can be difficult to distinguish in this age range is that several of the observable behaviors are similar to other dysfunctions; fidgeting, angry outbursts, and inattention to name a...   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Major depressive disorder]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- I observed all together a total of 4 schools. I also observed some of the school’s classrooms more than once. One of my schools was Grand Prairie Elementary School district 157c. Another I observed grades through kindergarten, first, and second. The next school was Frankfort Park District preschool. Another was Lincoln Way Central High School district 210 were I was able to observe grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. Lastly I observed Haines Elementary School district 122. All the schools allowed me to observe and were friendly and kind....   [tags: High school, Education, School, Teacher]

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The Elementary Schools Our Children

- As diverse as the world we live in, so are the elementary schools our children attend. This diversity while challenging for adults can have the same effect on our children. Today’s schools have changed to reflect the diversity of our communities. Our schools have shifted far beyond a variety of sizes, shapes and incomes. Teachers and other staff have to find a way to make every student feel welcome. This can be a difficult task with a mixture of cultures, races, emotional, ethnicity, religions, learning capabilities, learning styles and gender related issues....   [tags: Education, History of education, Learning]

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Social Victimization in Elementary Education

- Parents and teachers do not fully understand the severity of social victimization by the bully in elementary education. The issue has been linked to poor academic performance, student’s committing suicide and even school shootings. The short term and long term effects on these young victims are countless. Parents and institutions must understand that quick and one-size-fits-all fixes will not address this issue completely. Education of this issue must be full spectrum, working from the bottom of the pyramid (the student), to the middle (the parent/teacher), to the pinnacle (the leaders in charge of running and developing the education systems)....   [tags: bullying, bully]

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The Elementary School Reflection Paper

- Treeline Elementary School Reflection Monday, February 1st, I observed Ms. Warhendorf’s second grade class. Ms. Warhendorf is the students’ teacher, but most of the lessons were taught by a Florida Gulf Coast University student doing her Level II internship. The class was quite diverse. The class consisted of Causcasion, Hispanic, and Black students. There were multiple students with learning disabilities. The classroom was diversely decorated with bullying posters stating, “Take A Stand. Lend A Hand.” The posters showed a diverse group of students....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Student, School]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- In August 2003 the world that I have been previously become accustomed to changed forever. I no longer stayed home with my mom, where she took care of and played with me. This is when I started my educational career in kindergarten. Looking back, I did not actually do much learning. Kindergarden was more of a place that I went to for a few hours a day and got to hang out with at least twenty of my peers. As elementary school progressed, school got more difficult because we were no longer focusing on playing games and going out to recess, but rather learning to do math, write, read, and learn appropriate social behavior....   [tags: Education, High school, Middle school, College]

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Sample Resume : Elementary Education

- EDU-450 Procedures Program of Study: Elementary Education Procedure 1 title: Beginning of Class Objective: To enter the room in the positive manner. Make sure the students know they have your full attention. Make sure every day is the same routine as much as possible. Following the same routine makes the students feel more comfortable and happy in the classroom. Giving mixed feelings and not being consistent on the rules and procedures can confuse the children and may cause other issues. When procedure will be introduced, modeled, and practiced: Being consistent on all procedures in the beginning of class will teach the students habit....   [tags: Education, Teacher, English-language films]

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My Journey Into Elementary Education

- My journey in Elementary education thus far has been tremendous. I went from being extremely fearful to being hopeful. Elementary education program at the university has altered my outlook of education in institution across the globe. The contents and concepts I have studied and mastered through the courses have significantly shaped my perspective in education and educators. To begin, I was baffled by the term “Academic language”. I thought this phrase was not significant; however, after listening to the speaker in class, I appreciated this component....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, School]

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Elementary And Secondary Education Act

- Recently, Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) has been reauthorized causing changes to education again. ESEA’s reauthorization will effect teachers, students, and parents. Special education has recent changes in legislative impact the areas of qualified teachers, service provisions, and accountability. Teacher Education: Toward a Qualified Teacher for Every Classroom In 2002, NCLB was passed. NCLB requires teachers to be highly qualified to be in a classroom. The hope by placing highly qualified teachers into the classroom student achievement scores would improve (Yell, 2012)....   [tags: Education]

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I Was An Elementary Student

- When I was an elementary student, we lived together with father’s siblings families. My father and uncles bought a big house in Bucheon city, and started to live together. The house is a four-storeyed building and had a lot for rooms on each floor. However, my father and uncles had to borrow a lot of money from a bank to buy the house, so had to lend the rooms to somebody to repay their debt. So, our all families had to live on third floor, and there were four rooms. The problem was that the number of whole family was fourteen....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Mother, Marriage]

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My Experience At Fairview Elementary

- As a class we went over what we observed at Fairview elementary. As everyone spoke of their classrooms and the teachers that they observed there was a wide variety of experiences. They ranged from “this teach was just no good, and didn’t seem to care about her student at all!” all the way to, “Well my teacher was fantastic and did a good job of maintaining order and the kids seem very interested in what the teacher was teaching”. I shared my experience and how it was a positive one and I learned a lot about creating a good lesson plan and also the logistics of maintaining class order....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Classroom, Question]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- From elementary to college, it took commitment and self-motivation not to take my past route. Difficult events in my adolescence made me respond to my frustrations through illegal activities, which I would eventually learn not to do. Clearly, I lacked education as a young man, when I committed awful deeds through peer pressure. Nevertheless, the National Guard and higher education have improved my life. Many losses have happened in my life that were out of my control, which contributed to not knowing myself....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Education]

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Perceptions Of Elementary School Students

- The main objective of this study was to understand the imaginations and perceptions of elementary school students and how they viewed their math teacher. The study focused on 29 fifth grade and 15 first grade students from Aydin, Turkey, and they were evaluated based on their drawings, writings, and interviews. The students’ drawing was analyzed because according to Yavuzer, a student’s drawing represents the world and reveals the student’s mental images and in short can tell us what kind of ideas the child may have....   [tags: Writing, Education, Drawing, Test]

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Effective Teaching in Elementary schools

- Effective teachers are those that can develop the knowledge and skills they need in the classroom, they are well prepared, and produce higher student achievement (NCATE, 2013) . Teacher effectiveness is assess through the grades students get in the classrooms but a much more comprehensive system for assessing teachers is needed to determine their preparedness to enter the classroom as a sole practitioners. Teacher preparation is composed of two elements the knowledge they poses of the subject to be taught and knowledge and skill in how they teach that subject (NCATE, 2013)....   [tags: emotional intelligence, effective communication]

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Rethinking Silence in Elementary Classrooms

- There has always been a great deal of value placed on class discussions and open communication between peers in elementary classrooms. The benefits of effective communication in the classroom have been researched and proven many times over. As a result of this association between talk and success, silence has come to acquire a negative connotation. These negative feelings that educators have toward silence in their classrooms is causing an oversight of the potential benefits it has to offer. The research provided in this paper aims to change the way educators perceive silence and encourage teachers to rethink the amount of importance they place on talking....   [tags: teachers, strong silence, weak silence]

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Learning At Crim Elementary School

- Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to student teach at Crim Elementary School. During the few months that I was there, I was placed in a preschool classroom. I was able to learn a lot of different techniques and strategies that I will be able to use in my future classroom. Every student has a different personality so I was excited to get into the classroom and observe how to help each student. For this paper, we were asked to choose three different theories. These theories were used to help us understand every child’s developmental level....   [tags: Theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget]

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Reflection Paper On Elementary School

- I can hear my heart pumping faster and faster. With every breath, it pumps a little faster. I count each person ahead of me in my roll of straight desks. Pam will read paragraph one. Carl has paragraph two and Donna will read paragraph four. That means, I will read paragraph five. I go over every word making sure I can pronounce each one correctly. I am not aware of what the others have read. My only concern is not to make a mistake. It is my turn. Yes, I made it. Wow, glad that is over. What I have described is my early reading experience in elementary school....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Reading, Reading]

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Becoming A Certified Elementary Teacher

- Taking English classes, and becoming a certified elementary teacher encouraged me to become an active member of the community. At that time, I began experiencing intense emotions and feelings as I was in direct contact with several individuals and families who had values and beliefs very diverse to the ones that I personally had. However, I was strongly trying to adapt to the core values of the American society, putting aside what have always been my own personal principle and beliefs. I refused to speak Spanish or Italian once I was able to speak fluent English, and rejected any type of interpersonal relationship with any other cultural group other than Americans....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Interpersonal relationship]

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Elementary And High School Discipline

- Elementary and High School Discipline School administrators must comprehend the student rights of special needs students. IDEA 2004 was restructured and reorganized to address behavior and discipline issues for special needs students. Once students with disabilities become mindful of their educational or behavioral differences that is when most of the discipline problems tend to arise. In my interview with the high school administrator that handles discipline, in his experience he handle various discipline issues from moderate to severe with students in the special education program....   [tags: Special education]

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Elementary Literacy Toolkit : Analysis

- Elementary Literacy Toolkit Introduction The following first grade phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary lessons are part of the Pearson Scott Foresman First Grade Reading Street curriculum. These first grade lessons integrate explicit instruction described by McGee and Richgels (2008), as “deliberately and clearly put(ting) into words what students are to learn from a particular lesson” (p 253). In the phonemic awareness lesson, there is conscious attention to the sounds of spoken language, especially the target lesson sounds....   [tags: Reading, Orthography, Teacher, Education]

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My Elementary And Middle School

- My Elementary and Middle School years were characterized by a consistent and dedicated work ethic, which was critical in maintaining good grades. While my high school years are highlighted by many accomplishments, which I regard with a higher sense of pride, as they were all accomplished despite any obstacles my disability imposed. During my first year of high school, I did not have as solid of a start as I would have liked. I maintained a good GPA as an honors student, but also received my first disappointing grade....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Middle school]

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The Private Elementary School Principal

- History In 2008, the private elementary school principal requested a dramatic acceleration from fourth grade to seventh grade for our younger son, Ethan, who was eight years old at the time. We felt the previous year 's grade acceleration of one year had worked well in the school system; however, further acceleration would reduce time needed for him to follow his passions and discover new interests. The principal was kind enough to explain how families of Profoundly Gifted students take a variety of approaches, depending on the goals and personality of the child as well as the family 's educational philosophy, and suggested that we try homeschooling....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, College]

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Becoming An Elementary School Teacher

- I am a white, heterosexual, middle class female. I am a Christian, and a Lutheran to be exact. I am active and I play sports any chance I can get. I am an Education Assistant at a daycare with a classroom of three year olds, and I am pursuing a degree to become an Elementary School Teacher. I am the only female child, stuck in the middle of an older brother and a younger brother. My primary socializations, my family, are my greatest influences in who I have become today. My first realizations of being a female came when I was six years old....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Anxiety, Girl]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- ). Elementary School: This school is now known as School 18,it is formerly known as Public School 18 or Ps18 located on Hoosick Street in Troy, New York. This small community school is part of the Troy City School District. Enrollment for 2015-16 is 290 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. According to the New York State report card, 20% of the students at this school are considered proficient in English and math, and/or reading. This school is identified as a “School in Need” by New York State in ELA and math....   [tags: High school, Education, Primary school]

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A Report On Dilworth Elementary

- Dilworth Elementary is a kindergarten through 5th grade school located in the Dilworth neighborhood, a short distance from downtown Charlotte. According to the North Carolina Report Card for the 2014-2015 school year, the school met growth during this academic period and has a performance letter grade of B. Current data from CMS show enrollment at 730 students, with 150 Black, 529 White, 21 Hispanic or Latino, 17 Multi-Racial and 13 Asian students. The average student/teacher ratio is 18 :1. Students qualifying for free or reduced lunch during the 2014-2015 school year numbered 122....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary School

- Elementary School, kindergarten when you start to learn your abc’s and then you start to write stories. I always enjoyed writing small stories as a little child. I enjoyed when the teacher would always read to us and we would sit in a circle. Growing up I love writing stories, stories about my family, friends, fun adventures and so much more. Then as I started growing up and moving up grade levels, English became so much interesting. Throughout middle school, English became so interesting because I was always able to express myself through my writing....   [tags: Writing, High school, Essay, Creative writing]

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Racism And The Elementary School

- Majority of the elementary schools that I attended had predominately White American students and staffs. I was too young to understand that racism exist in numerous forms. One day, the class took a restroom break right after learning about science. After you were finished, you had to stand in a line oppositely from the restroom. I turned around in the line and I noticed a boy had a booger in his nose. So, my friend and I started laughing about. As we were laughing, someone close to him heard us and told the boy about it....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Classroom]

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Elementary Classroom Lessons And Assignments

- The following learning environment being described is Gilmor Elementary with the majority of the observations being done in my own first grade classroom. 1) universal design For math lessons and assignments, my host teacher and myself implement universal design for learning in our general education classroom by allowing students access to a variety of manipulatives that are easily assessable for students who need or want to use them (DL Series No. 1, 2012). When teaching lessons, we try to incorporate the use of manipulatives in at least one of our models or examples to show our students how to use manipulatives for that lesson’s specific objective....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Teacher]

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I Am An Elementary Education

- I decided to approach Plenty-Coups Chief of The Crows in a little bit different perspective. I wanted to look at how he was a child. I am an elementary education major and I always want to know what the child is thinking. I want to think about what might have been going through Plenty Coups mind when he was growing up, Like what was it like when more and more white settlers were coming into Montana or what he might have thought of when he was counting coups. I would also like to go into a historical kind of approach....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Vision, Crow]

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The Elementary School Counseling Program

- The Ocean Elementary school counseling program has helped the school to provide a positive, safe, inclusive, and rigorous academic learning environment. The school counseling program provides leadership, advocacy, and collaboration to support the school community and create systemic change for the benefit of all students. Leadership requires collaboration to build trust and achieve goals; advocacy helps to encourage others to look at things from different perspectives in order to create equitable access; and collaboration provides the opportunity to have access to a large support network for student achievement and development (ASCA, 2012)....   [tags: School counselor, Education, Collaboration]

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A Teacher At Magnolia Elementary

- Over the few days that I got to observe at Magnolia Elementary, I observed that the teacher followed the same procedure every day. In the morning before the class started she would allow the students to have a restroom break and fill out their water bottles. Since I observed on multiple Friday, it was the day that the teacher would award her students with a dance break. When I asked the teacher over why she gave them the dance break, she responded with, “If the students acted good during the week, she promised them a 5 min dance party....   [tags: Question, Education, Mess, Reactionary]

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Interdisciplinary Elementary Physical Education

- Trampolines in math class, soccer in Spanish class, and capture the flag in history class. Sounds like a fun way to learn right. It is. The fun of correlating physical activity and movement with all ranges of classes is one of the reasons why interdisciplinary teaching is one of the successful forms of teaching. What is interdisciplinary teaching. Interdisciplinary teaching is a style of teaching that integrates two or more subjects into a lesson plan. For instance, correlating math within science, language arts within physical education, history within music, no matter what subjects correlate with other subjects of a students curriculum, this puzzle piece teaching method goal is to enhance...   [tags: Education]

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Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

- ... With the combination of college and homeschooling by his mother, Nancy Lanza, Adam earned a GED. Throughout school, Lanza was known for his intelligence, but he seemed nervous to many. Teachers and other students took notice to the amount of friends he had. Lanza had no true friends throughout most of his life. Which lead to him being a homebody and resorting to other hobbies to get him by. Such as, spending time with his mother who was a gun enthusiast and took her sons shooting at ranges quite frequently....   [tags: school shootings]

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East Memorial Elementary School

- Analysis of East Memorial Elementary School Professional Development Activities Introduction East Memorial Elementary (EME) is consisting of Kindergarten through Fifth grades. The school is a part of Weld County School District Six (WCSD 6). The population of the school is a little over 500 students. The school is in Greeley, Colorado about an hour north from Denver. An Analysis of professional development was conducted to see how efficiently the training is changing attitudes, knowledge, and skill of the teaching staff....   [tags: Analysis, Activities, Action Plan]

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Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

- The deadliest school shooting to have ever happened in the United States at a high school or grade school, happened less than two years ago. On December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza, who was twenty years old at the time, shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, four times and then brought firearms to his former grade school Sandy Hook Elementary, and fatally shot twenty children and six adults. Then the shooter put his own gun to his head and fatally shot himself. All of the children were between the ages of six and seven years old, and all six adults who were shot and killed were females who worked at the school....   [tags: United States, Mass Shotings, Gun Control ]

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Dickins Elementary Library Transformation

- Bentheim (2010) explains the transformation in the school library at D.L “ Dusty” Dickins Elementary School in North Las Vegas. Bentheim used authentic experiences with stations in the library to focus on thematic word study, writing, media literacy, author study, reader’s theatre, games, and guided reading. Bentheim provided direct support reading instruction to students who were below grade level. Gifted students were placed on a special team that worked together to design the reading garden that would be built outside the library windows....   [tags: Education ]

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Elementary School-Aged Child

- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43.6 percent of children ages five to eleven missed more than 2 days of school in two-thousand and ten because they were ill (Bloom, 2010). Routine proper hand-washing could cut this number down exponentially as evidenced by a study conducted in Detroit: 305 children from Detroit schools were subjected to a test of the efficacy of hand-washing and it was found that 24 percent fewer absences due to respiratory illnesses and 51 percent fewer absences due to gastrointestinal illnesses were reported when proper hand-washing was performed routinely (NSF, 2007)....   [tags: Health, Hygiene, early Education]

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