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The Importance of the Elderly in Rudolfo Amaya´s A Celebration of Grandfathers

- “If youth but had the knowledge and old age the strength,” (Proverb). Remember sitting on the porch swing with grandpa and listening to him rant and rave about what seemed utterly irrelevant. What about the time that you got backhanded for rolling your eyes at crazy Mrs. Roberts when she would preach ‘life lessons’ at you. However, with age, it has become more and more apparent that maybe Mrs. Roberts wasn’t that far off from what is really the problems most fail to see. In today’s generation, the elderly have often been put on the back burner when they shouldn’t be....   [tags: Elderly, Grandparents]

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Is Geriatrics A Major Accommodation For Elderly?

- Geriatrics is a huge change in society as the years go by. A lot of things with geriatrics are changing and one main point is housing. Where will our older love ones live. Will they stay alone in their house; go to assisted living or even live with someone else. These are the main three options any geriatrics patient has. The generation of the elderly is our “baby boomers” and they are going to keep being a big part of our society until there are no more “baby boomers”. According to Nelson (2010) “America’s ‘baby boom’ population will [be] turn[ing] 65....   [tags: Geriatrics, Elderly care, Old age, Gerontology]

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Elderly Dehydration

- Most people don’t think about dehydration; let alone elderly dehydration. It is a common problem, in the aging, and often recognition along with treatment may be delayed; contributing to a high mortality rate. (Lavizzo-Mourey, 1987) By recognizing a potential problem early, you may save an older adult from a debilitating complication. (Hamilton, 2001) The prevention of elderly dehydration will deter illness and increases life expectancy, along with decreasing unnecessary hospitalization and cost....   [tags: Health Elderly]

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Environmental Modifications to Avoid Elderly Falls

- Environmental modifications is a highly recommendable approach which prevents falls and injury’s from occurring. The main approach in this strategy is reducing injury and falls from recognizing and removing environmental hazards. Some hazard reducing modifications consisted of removing extension cords from the base, removing loose mats, and putting in handles on the rampart. Even though this approach is recommendable the effects are not fully established. In this clause, a written report was conducted to provide evidence to clinics, which bears out the effectiveness of environmental modifications....   [tags: Elderly, Hazard, Accident]

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Discrimination And Prejudice Against The Elderly

- ... 7. Old people become more alike as they age. 8. After the age of sixty-five, mental abilities show a dramatic decline. Truths/Facts about Aging 1. Two thirds of those over 75 are healthy. Eighty percent of older people show no signs of senility. 2. Ninety percent of older adults take care of their own affairs (bill paying, daily activities, etc.). 3. People keep their distinct personalities throughout life. 4. Older adults may need to have information presented a little slower than younger folks, but they can retain just as much....   [tags: Old age, Gerontology, Disability, Elderly care]

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Women, Children And The Elderly

- ... According to Bateman & Edwards (2002), research women perceive disaster settings or threats more serious than males, by this means increasing their perceptions of risk, especially if a family member is in potential danger. Shelters for victims of disaster especially for women and their families consist mainly of the Red Cross for immediate assistant and government agencies such as FEMA. Although shelter is may be provided during and after disaster women are sometime hesitant to go into shelters because of bad experiences, violence, theft and overcrowding....   [tags: Middle age, Old age, Gerontology, Elderly care]

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Epidemiology, Assessment, and Presentation of an Elderly Patient Suffering from a Traumatic Injury

- ... Listening to the lungs for any abnormalities should also occur. As respiratory function declines with age, efficient ventilation is a must for the elderly trauma patient. There are a number of reasons why this occurs including; an inability of the chest cage to expand, partial stiffening of the airway, decreased alveolar surface area, decreased ability to saturate haemoglobin with oxygen, and change in spinal curvature (Porth, & Maftin, 2009). Also the risk of hypoxia is greatly increased in the elderly patient....   [tags: healthcare for the elderly, geriatrics]

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Legal and Ethical Issues of Reporting Abuse in Both Children and the Elderly

- Reporting abuse has been a legal and ethical dilemma for years in the healthcare system. Some physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers are quick to report abuse while others are more reluctant to report abuse in fear of overreacting to an occurrence. This leaves children and the elderly in unknown state of protection from their abusers. While these medical personnel are reluctant to report abuse, there are approximately 2,000 reported deaths in children due to abuse each year. With the elderly, the number of deaths is uncertain....   [tags: protection, elderly, children, system]

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Geriatric Specialist Social Workers : Available Resources For The Elderly

- ... Bunni Dybnis Ms. Dybnis is available via LivHOME, and she also serves those in the greater Los Angeles area. She is an expert consultant for people who are dealing with the many issues related to aging. She has experience in geriatric care management, and she has worked for over 20 years at helping seniors and their loved ones. She is qualified to provide assessment, help with conflict resolution, and assist with crisis intervention. Her specialty areas are aging, family conflict, disability, and issues associated with end of life....   [tags: Geriatrics, Old age, Gerontology, Elderly care]

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Interview with an Elderly Woman

- In the early 1940’s Marie was born into a small tight knit family living in a small rural Kentucky town. Marie is now in her seventies and has led a very interesting life traveling the country, raising four children, and shaping her chosen profession. Our interview sessions were conducted over a period of time, as Marie is very active and has little “free time” to spare. Early Life Her parents meet at a social gathering in town and where married shortly thereafter. Marie’s name was chosen by her grandmother and mother, “because they loved to read the list was quite long with much debate over each name.” If she was a boy her name would have been Francis, so she is very happy to have...   [tags: Interview An Elderly Person]

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The Elderly

- The term Ageism is practiced by many of America's youth who lack nothing short of ignorance. Many individuals use discriminative terms to falsely describe the elderly. We forget that despite their advanced age, they're people full of life that are purely undergoing senescence, the universal and inevitable changes that all of us experience from the time we are born. Wilbert is a gentleman who must combat multiple ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. These are merely from secondary aging which encompass changes that are due to illness, health habits, and other individual differences that have expedited his degeneration physically....   [tags: Ageism, Illness, Health Habits]

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The Elderly in the Workplace

- While Industrial and Organizational Psychology can be traced back almost to the very beginning of psychology, it did not truly become the science that it is today until 1964 (Landy & Conte, 2010). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was “federal legislation that prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin” (Landy & Conte, 2010, p. 22). The Act, which made a great impact on the workplace, may not have been directly connected to I/O Psychology, but it appears to have ushered in the modernization of I/O Psychology (Landy & Conte, 2010)....   [tags: Psychology, Civil Rights Act]

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The Elderly in the Community

- As one ages, the body accumulates a myriad of multidimensional changes in the realms of physical, biological, psychological, and social alterations. These changes can manifest from a deficiency in one area or an abundance in another. According to the student nurse, these changes can be functional, potentially dysfunctional, or dysfunctional based on Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns. The student nurse conducts a similar interview and assessment process with each patient to gather subjective and objective data related to the health and wellness of the individual....   [tags: Nursing, Health, Ageing]

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Dementia in the Elderly

- 1. What dementia brought into my mind Dementia is a common syndrome found among elderly over the globe. Talking about dementia, the first word emerge from mind is “loss”. Learning about the disease manifestation, it is known that dementia does bring a huge impact to the affected senior so as the caregiver. Many of us used to focus on the losses of dementia client which indeed causing a labeling effect. Remembered in the first lesson, a question “As a case manager, what will you do to help the client with dementia and the family?” was asked....   [tags: ]

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The Elderly Population

- According to the Collins dictionary, the term ‘elderly’ is associated with persons who are quite old or past middle age. In the Caribbean, the age of definition is mostly linked to 60 years old and over. However, the age variation takes into consideration the social class differences, gender, functional ability related to the workforce, the country’s political and economical situation, likewise the retirement age. This report is cemented on the elderly population in a corporate home in the Kingston and St....   [tags: age, senior citizens, Jamaica, corporate home]

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Psychological Components Of Communication By And With The Elderly

- ... doi: 10.2190/fp05- fm8v-0y9f-53fx As people grow, more complications appear. Elderly people are faced with more complications with communication due to hearing loss, change in living environment, and loss of friends. The purpose of this article is to examine how elderly people and health providers are communicating with one another. The article examined elderly people who live in a nursing home, and the health professional who are licensed to care for them. The author’s conducted research using the communication enhancement model, which is helpful tactics used by nursing home staff to create healthy social interaction between care givers and the elderly....   [tags: Gerontology, Old age, Ageing, Communication]

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The Problem Of The Elderly Disabled

- One of the truths in the world is that everyone gets older. It doesn’t matter what gender or race a person is, everyone gets old and with age comes the decline of the physical form that one might have been celebrated for when they were in their youth. According to Access to Disability Date, over half of the people that are 65 and higher are disabled in some way or another. The definition of being “disabled” is one that has a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities....   [tags: Disability, Mental disorder, Schizophrenia]

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Age And Pain Medication Of The Elderly

- Age and Pain Medication in the Elderly Article Summary The article by Schmader, Baron, Haanpaa, Mayer, O’Connor, Rice and Stacey (2010) covers how the elderly experience more neuropathic pain due to their age, frailty, and their potential comorbidities among other details. There are approximately 38 million elderly people over the age of 65 and 11 million over the age of 80 with an expected growth of this population by the year 2030 is expected to reach 71 million and 19.5 million respectively (Schmader et al., 2010)....   [tags: Gerontology, Ageing]

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Marginalisation of the Elderly in America

- Independence is a socially constructed concept within a capitalistic patriarchal society that serves to marginalize and oppress the elderly members of the society. Why do many women of the elderly population within the United States live alone. What is it about our society that has encouraged the elderly population to live alone and without the vital familial support that is so often necessary for people who are reaching their golden years. Elderly people in the United States are one of the most vulnerable groups of people who have traditionally been marginalized....   [tags: Marginalized Elder Populations]

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Substance Abuse and the Elderly

- The purpose of this paper is to determine the level of substance abuse in the elderly community. There is concern that as the population ages in the United States, there will be a significant increase in the number of older adults being treated for substance abuse problems. This paper seeks to understand the issues and concerns that are consequently involved with substance abuse among the elderly. There is no doubt that there is a prevalence of substance abuse throughout several age groups. To a certain extent, a society is faced with the reality of controlling substance abuse....   [tags: Prescription Drug Abuse]

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Dementia Effects the Elderly and Their Caregivers

- Literature Review Dementia is common among a large population of elderly people. The disease affects not only the individual diagnosed, but also the caregivers that work towards making their life comfortable in the end. Understanding and learning about the disease is crucial in helping those that experience or live with someone who has dementia. The services and support that are currently in affect for elderly people with dementia and the caregivers is poor, and ineffective because of the lack of research and information on the topic....   [tags: stress, support, family]

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Mental Health / Illness Of The Elderly

- Mental Health/Illness of the Elderly Studies show that about 20 percent of older adults within communities are suffering from a mental illness and its estimated that these statistics increase significantly, reaching up to 80 – 90 percent when only considering those living in institutions (Wister and McPherson, 2011). Though mental illness is present is all age cohorts, the elder suffer the greatest (Haug et al., 1984). Mental illness is much more difficult to not only diagnose as well as understand than physical illness....   [tags: Mental disorder, Suicide, Ageing, Psychology]

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Aging: The Growing Population of Elderly

- I. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to bring greater awareness of important aspects of the growing population of elderly – that is, people 65 years of age and older with a developmental disability. The US census projects that by the year 2030 the population of individuals aged 65 and over will reach approximately 73,000,000. This projection accounts for both males and females. More importantly, it also accounts for those with developmental disabilities. Because of the increase in life-expectancy it is not out of the realm of reality that people with develpmental disabilities work longer, thus, contributing more into the profit driven society, more importantly, making a relevant argu...   [tags: population, developmental disability]

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One to One with the Elderly

- When I was at work experience, I had started to talk one to one with the elderly in a bus, which this was held in the town center to attract the elderly to approach us and ask question or if they didn’t approach we would then approach them instead. We then had asked question about if they knew about the company which was ‘Otley Action for Older People’ and if they didn’t we had then talks about it and what the company does for the elderly. The topic was very sensitive so I had to make sure that I wasn’t talking in a way that would make then feel uncomfortable for example ‘do you get abused?’ When I had communicated with them I had to bring them to the bus which was for the event and sit th...   [tags: Otley action for older people]

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The Elderly And Their Reminiscence Of Their Own Life

- ... As grandchildren, we were all close in age and we used to spend summers at their house. Those are some of the fondest memories that I have. They used to tell us stories about their past and about our parents when they were younger. I remember seeing their eyes lighting up every time they talked about the life that they once had. Later in life, my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, she was always pleasant, never angry. It was sad to watch her transition from once being full of life and easy on her feet to the old lady who could not remember who we were and had to be told when to get up, sit down or even eat....   [tags: Gerontology, Geriatrics, Old age, Ageing]

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Elder Abuse And Neglect Of The Elderly

- ... Elder abuse, including neglect and mistreatment, is experienced by one out of every ten people ages 60 and older who live at home. This statistic is likely an underestimate because many victims are unable or afraid to tell the police, family, or friends about the violence (CDC, 2015) . Prevalence Statistics may not tell the entire story. Every case of elder abuse and neglect is not reported to authorities; experts estimate as many as 23 cases go undetected. The quality of life of older individuals who experience abuse is severely jeopardized, as they often experience worsened functional and financial status and progressive dependency, poor health, feelings of helplessness and lonelines...   [tags: Abuse, Psychological abuse, Child abuse]

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Mental Health Of The Elderly

- Mental Health of the Elderly The elderly represents a large amount of the population in our society and continues to grow each day. As the population grows, it is important to meet the demands and resolve the challenges that we encounter in regards to the overall quality of health and well-being of the elderly. Mental health of the elderly is a major issue but majority of the time goes unnoticed and untreated by caregivers and loved ones. About 20 percent of adults 55 and older are suffering from some type of mental health disorder, and one in three elderly adults do not receive any type of treatment (The State of Mental Health, 2008)....   [tags: Health care, Mental disorder, Medicine, Health]

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Care Giving for the Mexican Elderly

- “Ageing means an increase in life expectancy, prevalence of chronic disease, and need for health and social care services” (Vladislavovna, 2010, 1). Older people need formal and informal support systems to insure independence and an overall good quality of life. Families & friends play a big role in the lives of aging Mexican elderly, “a social network is the collection of interpersonal and communal bonds that people have throughout their lives to establish social relations that satisfy certain needs, and maintain their wellbeing” (Vladislavovna, 2010, 1) this is going to serve even more importance as the aging population is living longer and the number of older individuals is increasing....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Technology for the Elderly with Dementia

- The World Health Organization put forward a document in 1980 titled, International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps (ICIDH). This document defined individuals with disabilities as having an impairment that did not allow them to contribute in everyday conventional activities and in which they are incapable to perform their normal role, resulting a handicap. The use of assistive technology then comes in order to minimise interruption to a user’s habituated and desired ways of doing things, which then results with an enhanced quality of life (DeRuyter, F....   [tags: assistive technology, ireland, dementia]

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Aging Is Not Just The Elderly

- ... According to Texas A&M University Commerce instructor Dr. Dawg, “The vision of the ideal life changes as a person transitions through life. The definition of the ideal life is shaped by circumstances that one encounters.” This proves most relevant in my life currently as I have just encountered a circumstance that has altered my goals and ideal life. I had dreams and aspirations of spending the rest of my life with a girl who I thought was the one. I planned on moving in together, moving to a central location, running my business together, and building a family....   [tags: Old age, Retirement, Gerontology, Ageing]

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German and Norwegian Elderly Care

- ... (Statistics Norway, 2001) The Norwegians spends more per capita on caring for elderly than any other country in worldwide. Nearly 10 per cent of the annual budget goes towards providing of facilities and services to fulfill the government’s guarantee to its citizens that everyone will have a cost free private apartment post retirement in addition to the assistance and care that they might need. (Indian Journal of Gerontology (2013,). As the largest service sector, care for the elderly amounts to more than a quarter of the total municipal budget and is nearly 3 per cent of its GDP....   [tags: Retirement Homes, Care]

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Defining Holism For The Elderly Population

- ... Other environmental factors regarding client comfort, adequate rest, and pain management contribute to the physiological component of the holistic model (Eliopoulos, 2014, p. 89). Older adults have at least one chronic condition challenging their health status and quality of life compounding the complexity of treatment and ongoing care. Client education regarding maintaining proper nutrition, activity level, and environmental and personal safety measures is an essential aspect of managing their health to protect independence....   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Medicine, Health]

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Administering Medications to the Elderly

- When administering medications it is critical to pay great attention to the task at hand. This task becomes more important when administering medications to the elderly because of the different physiological and psychological changes that occur in the body. Equally important are, the lab values related to the medications being administered, differences in administering medications to the elderly, and the use of the six rights and three checks. As people age, their body goes through changes. One of the most common changes is decreased visual acuity (Touhy, Jett, 2012)....   [tags: communication, hearing loss]

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The Health Of The Elderly Population

- ... The advancement of usage of technology, information systems, enhanced architecture and design, and along with other innovations will help influence and improve the delivery of health care services within this population. If a healthcare organizations do not upgrade their technology, then they are at risk of not being able to take care of their patient efficiently and safely. Technology and data intensity will be very vital and change throughout the years. Telemedicine, home monitoring systems, EMR, and the administration of data will overall influence the foundation and physical space....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health informatics]

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Professional Caregivers for the Elderly

- ... Federal and state background checks are vital for protecting senior citizens from an assistant with a history of drug, alcohol or physical abuse. There are great brick-and-mortar and online schools that offer home health aide classes to students interested in providing personal care to elderly clients with physical or mental infirmities. Prospective students can contact community colleges and caregiver placement agencies to learn about home health aide training programs in their cities. Understanding How to Handle Emergencies Assisted living facilities and nursing homes often offer coursework and practical experiences in professional caregiver responsibilities as part of their certified...   [tags: lucrative career options]

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A Group Adopting Precious Elderly

- The rocking chair softly squeaks as the tears cruise down the deeply lined face. Thoughts of long past visits, laughter and happier times swiftly race through the minds. Now it seems as if there is only sadness, empty days and lonely nights. The memories no longer bring comfort but instead now only bring pain. This is the story of our elderly. All too often they become the forgotten members of our society. So many times, the elders in our communities are not being socialized. This lack can lead to depression and health problems that perhaps could be avoided under different circumstances....   [tags: Help the Aged, A.G.A.P.E, elders, loneliness]

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Health Disparities of elderly population

- The purpose of this paper is to illuminate and discuss healthcare vulnerabilities of the elderly rural population in Baker County, Florida and describe how the nursing profession can address these problems. Rural health has been a complex and multifaceted challenge for government and healthcare practitioners. The elderly who live alone in the county suffer from low socioeconomic status, low health literacy rates, declining cognitive and physical health and lack of healthcare facilities. The health status of this vulnerable group is impacted by rural culture and social values, healthcare policy and funding affecting rural healthcare facilities, distance and lack of transportation, and health...   [tags: healthcare,nursing, rural health]

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Sexual Behavior in the Elderly

- Study of sex in the old age remains unresolved the world over. Sexuality among the elderly has been a subject that has confused many especially that the elderly are a group of neglected people in most parts of the world. Fascination affects many who find it hard to imagine the elderly remaining sexually active at their age. Elders also have fears of remaining sexually active in their old age and whether or not they can maintain their prowess. Older women at times fear to express their sexual desire because they fear such behavior regarded as a disgrace....   [tags: Study of Sex, Old Age, Sexuality]

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Promoting Health for the Elderly

- Review of Related Literature and Studies Health and care According to Zaidi (2008), health is an important aspect for an elderly to achieve a good quality of life. The aspect of health does not only covers physical and mental health but it also covers social health. It means that elderlies must live independently and have social interaction. Health describes the wellness of a person in order to perform and participate in many activities. (Zaidi, 2008) On the other hand, according to Novak (2012), health promotion includes concepts of disease prevention and reduced disability....   [tags: care, mental, disease]

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Alzheimer's Disease in the Elderly

- Alzheimer is a disease that affects the elderly most. The disease was discovered by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in the year 1906 when he was examining a female’s brain. He found out that the woman displayed memory loss, language problems and some inexplicable changes in behavior. The disease was named after the doctor who was a German psychiatrist and a neuropathologist. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder that leads to memory loss, personality changes, and language problems (Gilbert & Julie 2)....   [tags: Alzheimer's Disease Essays]

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Better Sleep for the Elderly

- The elderly population has been increasing over the past decade and now with the baby boomers entering into this population it only applies more pressure to an ever increasing dilemma on how to improve their health. Sleep is essential to a person’s well being and cognitive function. Research studies have shown that there is significant decline in a person’s cognitive function when they do not receive an adequate night’s sleep. The secret to aging healthfully is getting enough sleep to allow the body to heal and rejuvenate from the day’s experiences and traumas....   [tags: Health, Geriatrics]

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The Canadian Population Of Elderly

- ... Caring for an older parent involves more than buying them new clothes and giving them medicine, they have emotional needs as well as healthcare needs. This is why in many situations formal and informal care are both necessary to satisfy an older persons needs. Studies by gerontologists show that women/daughters are more likely to take on the responsibility of caring for their parent(s). (3__) The type of care and emotions arised while caring for an older parents also differs between men and women....   [tags: Gerontology, Old age, Middle age, Sociology]

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Understanding Dementia in the Elderly

- Delirium, Depression, and Dementia are some of the most common psychological diagnoses in the elderly today. The three D’s are difficult to differentiate between in older adults because they overlap with each other and can all exist in the same patient at once. Delirium, Dementia, and Depression all affect the elderly’s quality of life and often increase the risks for one another (Downing, Caprio & Lyness, 2013). For the purpose of this paper I will be focusing primarily on the diagnosis of Dementia, the prevention, and nursing measures associated with it, but first I would like to differentiate between Delirium and Depression because Dementia is often associated with the two in the older ad...   [tags: Signs, Symptoms, Causes]

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Sexual Abuse Agains the Elderly

- Overview: As of 2010, 13% of the United States population was 65 years of age or older (National Center on Elder Abuse, 2014). Men and women today are living longer and want to remain in their own homes as long as they possibly can, rather than reside in a nursing home or an assisted living facility. In order for these men and women to remain at home, they need support and resources, as there are a number of different types of abuse against elderly men and women. These types of abuse including physical abuse, verbal/emotional abuse, financial exploitation, and even the rare occasion of sexual abuse that occurs at home....   [tags: Offenders, Vulnerability, Abuse]

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The Crawford 's Elderly Service

- ... Health and Safety For the safety of both patients and the employees these practice must be strictly followed. CES should handle and storage of dangerous substance such as; blood and sharp needles according to FDA guidelines, employees must wear safety gear depending on the patients’ health (always wear gloves). Employees should always keep a safety and health guide with them at all times. Weapon and Substance Abuse Employees of CES must ensure they are aware at all times, employees should not use any illegal drugs, patient’s medications, and alcohol....   [tags: Ethics, Employment, Old age, Business ethics]

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Resistance training and the Elderly

- Introduction Many studies have shown that resistance training improves strength and many other aspects in the elderly population. Although the literature covers a wide variety of such theories, this review will focus on major themes, which will emerge repeatedly throughout the literature reviewed. These themes are: high intensity resistance training improves the muscle mass, strength and hypertrophy, muscle hypertrophy was due to the increase in type I and II fibres and muscle mass and strength gains were slightly more or less the same for both men and women but the was an overall increase in strength adaptations (Williams & Stewart, 2009)....   [tags: High Intensity Resistance Training, Strength]

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Skin Cancer and the Elderly

- I was born and raised in Palm Beach County of south Florida. The ocean, beach, and sun are just another everyday routine in the lives of a south Floridian. Sun bathing is a hobby that I never realized was such a big deal until moving to Orlando; when going to the beach and tanning is a privilege only shared on occasion. In Palm Beach County, it is hard to find someone that isn’t ten shades darker then they are naturally otherwise. When reports about the negative effects of UV light came about, I constantly heard “Oh, it won’t happen to me, I will deal with that when I’m older, but for now I’m going to continue tanning.” Today, skin cancer “is the most common type of cancer in the U.S.” (Ferr...   [tags: Health ]

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Financial Abuse of the Elderly

- Elder Abuse is defined as any activity performed by an individual whereby these actions cause suffering of the older adult, intentionally or not (Touhy, Jett, Boscart & McCleary, 2012, p. 378). Unfortunately, the incidents of elder abuse continue to rise with the increasing number of people entering older adulthood. It is interesting to note that although elder abuse is highly under reported its occurrence increased three fold over a ten-year period (Friese & Collopy, 2010, p. 61). Certainly, it is a nurse’s duty to provide holistic care to his or her patients, which must include protection from abuse....   [tags: those at risk, signs, prevention, ]

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Balance Control of Elderly Adults

- ... The researchers hypothesized that the interactive balance computer game, along with a physical therapy program of strength and balance exercise, could improve the patients’ motor skills. The study by Szturm, Betker, Moussavi, Desai, and Goodman (2011) was focused on a group of ambulatory community-dwelling adults with balance issues in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Participants were first given a description of the study and had to sign informed consent. The participants were chosen after they passed the inclusion criteria, which entailed being over the age of 65, having a Mini-Mental State Examination score over 24, being able to speak English and understand the concept of the study wit...   [tags: therapy sessions, injuries]

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Social Exclusion Among the Elderly

- During the Celtic Tiger, Ireland had a booming economy and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. The government’s success in economic and employment growth slowed migration and transformed Ireland into a prosperous nation. However, due to the recession that followed the inevitable collapse, many demographic groups have been excluded from participating in, and benefiting from, a healthy and inclusive society. Social care practitioners work in a direct person-to-person capacity with service users....   [tags: Lack of Resources, Community Development]

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Tai Chi and the Elderly

- ... The technique phase was performed at a slower/beginner’s level to focus on form and “tune up the body and mind” through a controlled and thoughtful review of all the sequences, according to the class instructor. During the technique phase, only two simple verbal cues were given to “shift” body weight and “twist” to rotate at the trunk. The second phase consisted of the same vast sequence, but was practiced at faster pace, with less verbal cues. All together the sequences consisted of fluid-like movements that involved: ● wide, staggered, and narrow double leg stances ● single leg support stances ● multi-directional weight-shifting ● multi-directional stepping ● multi-directional trunk r...   [tags: low impact exercise project]

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Crimes Against the Elderly

- The rapidly increasing population of elderly people has been accompanied by a number of challenges to the elderly, communities, and the state. The frequency of victimization of the elderly through various crimes has escalated with the criminal justice system facing increasing pressure to curb this trend. Despite all states having legislation that target protecting the adult population from crimes, wide gaps in reporting of crimes against the elderly are evident across the nation. The elderly have increasingly become more vulnerable to physical, financial, and emotional abuse....   [tags: Ethical Issues, Adult Population]

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Elderly and Road Exam

- Many older people are cashing more than ever because they will not give up their car keys when they need to say it is time to give up driving. We should defiantly propose that we take care of this issue by making them retake the exam. So many elderly are getting into wrecks and some are even driving on the wrong side of the road killing people. By proposing that we need to force the elderly to retake that driving exam every six months is to insure that they will be able to drive more safely on our public roads still today....   [tags: Older People, Senior Citizens, Driving, Accidents]

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Discrimmination against the Elderly

- ... Retirement was used to recycle the workforce with younger counterparts. However, many elders are not ready to retire so they are competing with the younger generation to keep their jobs. In fact, many employers feel that the elderly has little to offer and are not able to produce significant work. Many elders are forced to retire or are given lucrative severance pay packages. For those individuals, this forced retirement means idleness, isolation, loss of self-esteem, and living on a dwindling income....   [tags: ageism in society]

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Elderly Abuse and Neglect

- When discussing abuse and neglect we often think of children first. That being said, children are not the only ones who will be abused and/or neglected. In fact, this happens to some elderly as well. While some elderly may be productive enough to care for themselves, others are not. The end result is a complete (or close to complete) dependency on someone else for their needs. In addition, just like with children, this dependency can lead to abuse and/or neglect. There has been an increase in the number of elderly that have been subjected to violence and mistreatment....   [tags: Elder Abuse, informative, social reform]

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Successful Aging Elderly (SAE)

- Successful Aging Elderly (SAE) Introduction In elderly population most of the research carried out so far emphasizes on the functional problems and diseases. When it comes to successful aging elderly (SEA), it has been recommended that health status should be used to distinguish between elderly subgroups populace and disease-free people possible describe successful aging elderly (SAE). The research papers aims to describe a transitory overview of successful aging elderly research, illustrated in there chief sections: cognitive aspects, psychological and social aspects....   [tags: happiness, health, transition, psychology]

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Polypharmacy Among the Elderly

- Polypharmacy among the elderly is a growing concern in U.S. healthcare system. Elderly who have comorbities and take multiple medications are at a higher risk for potential adverse drug reactions. Elderly who take over-the-counter medications, herbs, and supplements without consulting their physician are at risk for adverse reactions associated with polypharmacy. Polypharmacy can result from patients having multiple prescribers and pharmacies, and patients who continue to take medications which have been discontinued by the physician....   [tags: Health Care]

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Polypharmacy Among the Elderly

- Introduction Polypharmacy among the elderly is a growing concern in U.S. healthcare system. Patients who have comorbities and take multiple medications are at a higher risk for potential adverse drug reactions. There is a great need for nursing interventions in conducting a patient medication review also known as “brown bag”. As nurses obtain history data from patients at a provider visit, the nurse should ask “what medications are you taking?” and the answer needs to include over-the-counter medications as well....   [tags: Nursing]

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Stop Elderly Abuse Now!

- Imagine your loved one being the victim of abuse. Greta’s family is experiencing firsthand what it’s like for their loved one be a victim of abuse. Greta is a 70 year old resident of Blue Meadows Care. John, a CNA, has complications at home, he comes to work on edge, every day. Greta begins to lose her memory and experience behavior problems. Therefore, John becomes irritated with her, taking his frustrations at home out on her, physically. Betty, a CNA, witnesses John smacking Greta. Betty then goes to her Director of Nursing, to report this behavior....   [tags: social issues, victims of abuse]

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The Elderly and Malnutrition

- The Elderly and Malnutrition         At any age, nutrition is vital to maintaining health and enhancing quality of life.  However, achieving good nutrition can be especially difficult for the elderly, the fastest growing portion of America's population.  Many factors, including physiological changes, changes in nutritional needs, illness and physical limitations, food-medication interactions, depression and loneliness, and food insecurity are common causes of malnutrition in the elderly.  This paper will explore factors affecting elderly nutrition, provide suggestions for obtaining and maintaining good nutrition after age 65, and describe the services available to help the elderl...   [tags: Health Nutrition Pyramid Diet]

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Sexuality in the Elderly

- Sexuality in the Elderly: Sexual Dysfunction and Ways of Coping Over the last century, the life expectancy of the elderly has increased. This means that the largest growing population right now, in the United States, is persons over the age of 65 (Sex Tips for Older Adults, 2000). With this in mind, it would be helpful to talk about the personal aspects or as I like to call it, "sex lives" of the elderly. When people in our society think of the elderly, they almost never think of this population having sex or good sex for that matter....   [tags: Psychology]

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Elderly Drivers

- “An eighty-six year old man killed ten people and injured more than seventy when he drove his Buick into a crowded farmers market in California. In Florida, an eighty-four year old woman drove her car through a window of a Sears and into a cash register and employee” (Murphy). Sadly enough, instances like these are becoming more and more prevalent and require immediate action. It is imperative that a more comprehensive approach be taken when deciding the competence of elderly drivers. Laws must be put into action to mandate and administer testing and re-examining of the skills and eligibility of this group....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Elderly Disability

- As the life expectancy in the United States rises, the number of elderly in the population has also expanded. These increases have led to the oldest-old (people aged 90 and older) to become the fastest growing age group in the country. The oldest-old face many unique challenges because of their age, one of which is disability. Disability in the elderly has major impact upon society 1 and will continue will be a growing burden in years to come. Although there is evidence from many studies that disability rate is declining in the U.S.2, the rapid expansion of the oldest-old age group will continue to pose health care challenges for future generations....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Labeling Theory and Media Stereotypes of the Elderly

- ... Such stereotype, whether positive or negative, affects the how the elderly view themselves as well as how the society treats the elderly. Negative stereotypes often makes the elderly devalue their self-worth and potential role and influence on the society (Mason, Darnell, & Prifti, 2010). Although the number of the elderly people in the society has grown rapidly, the way the society perceives them has not changed significantly. According to Robinson and Anderson (2006), the elderly continue to deal with age related societal attitudes, which mainly arise from stereotypes....   [tags: societal perceptions]

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Types Of Elderly Abuse That Can Occur

- ... The elderly start to neglect themselves when they believe that no one cares about them anymore or they start to believe that their lives do not matter. Papaioannou, Raiha & Kivela (2012) stated that when the elderly start to neglect themselves, they are sometimes doing it to get attention. Seeking out attention from anyone who will give it to them is something the elderly do when they feel left out or like they do not matter. Self- neglect can be in numerous forms like: not keeping their health up, spending money on unusual things, giving money and things away just because, start substance abuse, and just making poor decisions....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Human sexual behavior]

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Elderly Driving Tests

- I believe that people over the age of 75 should not be allowed to drive without taking an agility test. Those who do not pass this test have their driver’s license taken away from them. Initially all beginning drivers are required to take an agility test along with an eye exam before we are issued a driver’s license. As we age our vision and agility skills may diminish. Therefore all elderly drivers should be have to take an agility test in order to keep this license. In most cases old age is a time of “review, retirement, and adjustment to new social roles involving decreasing strength and health (Berk, L....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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A Research Study On Ad Campaign For Elderly

- Targeting today’s consumers who are 65-plus can be a very formidable task. Often labeled as elderly or old, as a marketer, it is important to emphasize this age group has a 39-year adult life span. Most who reach retirement do not consider themselves old; they view it as a new life. While some do retire and settle into small communities and venture off the radar, most are willing to venture out and enjoy the fruits of their labor. By doing so, it is important for researchers to properly market each age group and not label them entirely as elderly....   [tags: Old age, Retirement, Ageing, Gerontology]

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Drafting The Elderly Into Service, Just Kidding

- Aaron Jeu Instructor Acevedo English 100 23 June 2015 Drafting the Elderly into Service, Just Kidding From time to time, this question may run through a younger individual’s mind: “What good are old people for?” American society stereotypes the elderly as unwell, feeble, unproductive and even a financial burden to the government and families. In the layered excerpt, “A Proposal to Draft America’s Elderly,” author David Rothkopf utilizes literary devices such as syntax, sarcastic tone, and style to stimulate discussion over how the nation is unsure of what to do with the elderly....   [tags: Retirement, Old age, Gerontology, Ageing]

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Depressive and Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly Population

- Depressive and Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly Population Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the ailments encountered by the aging population is critical for properly providing the care that they require. Physical ailments, often easier to diagnose and treat are perceived to be the most prevalent hardships for aged people. However, studies show that a significant number of seniors are subject to mental illnesses. Thus, emphasizing the need for the important of mental health within the aging population....   [tags: psychology, behavioral science]

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Towards Mobile Augmented Reality for the Elderly

- We conducted a user study to evaluate the usability of handheld AR applications for the elderly (a). Since the results show that elderly users have difficulties holding up a tablet computer over a long period of time, we tested whether using head-mounted displays is an alternative for them (b). We further propose improved AR user interfaces for tablet computers that do not require continuously holding up the device (c). Mobility and independence are key aspects for self-determined living in today's world and demographic change presents the challenge to retain these aspects for the aging population....   [tags: mobility, independence, virtual 3D arrorws]

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Mumbai's Elderly Issues

- ... People from all over the world go to Mumbai in order to deal with film related activities. It produces enormous country’s capital through its number of films produced each year so it is a commercial capital of India as well as modern city of India. Mumbai is the city of dream to many people especially to youngsters and adults of 21st generations. According to Mira Kamdar, “There is lots of money in Bombay, not going to mention glamour. Bombay is New York plus Hollywood, home to the film industry whose distribution range stretches from the Persian Gulf all the way to through Southeast Asia.” There is a continuous performance of dances, music and dramas in this city and it drags lots of to...   [tags: India lacks universal health care system]

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How the Elderly Cope with the Death of a Spouse

- Ever noticed an elderly couple performing normal daily activities and think to yourself, what would they do without one another. Many of us have elderly relatives who are either married or have someone with whom they have a tight bond with, such as a best friend, and we believe they keep each other alive. We are all born to die, but how we cope with death is different. When someone dies, persons affected may feel depressed, sad and even angry. Looking at death from a different perspective, such as a loved one going to a better place, instead of a loss can cause relatives to celebrate....   [tags: Spousal Bereavement ]

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Elderly Neglect : Children And People With Disabilities

- Elderly neglect is one of the seven major populations at risk, the other populations at risk are Women, Children, people with disabilities, race-based minorities, GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and questioning). Why these populations are at risk, they cannot fully defend themselves, voice not being heard, and also based on one’s own values and beliefs. “Elderly Neglect is the failure or refusal of a caregiver or other responsible person to provide for an elder’s basic physical, emotional, or social needs, or failure to shelter them from harm.” Elderly neglect has a great relevance to exceedingly of agencies and organizations such as; health care professionals, social servi...   [tags: Ageing, Gerontology, Old age, Sociology]

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Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly

- Health Disparity Topic Selection and Analysis: Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly Asian-Americans constitute an important racial/ethnic minority in the US. A few facts that have been given by the US Census Bureau include: • In 2011, the population of Asians with more than one race was estimated at 18.2 million. • The referred population includes about 50 subgroups with reference to origins, diversity in culture, ethnicity, religious traditions, English proficiency, and geographical and immigration history • The Asian population has been estimated to about 40.6 million by 2050....   [tags: well-being, immigrants]

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The Elderly are Changing the Face of Health Care

- ... More than 40 percent need care in a nursing home for some period of time ("What is Long-Term Care?"). Health service community-based programs play an important role in improving health outcomes for people with complex and chronic health care problems. It provides the appropriate treatment, therapy and supportive care to meet the needs of older people. These programs can serve to prevent hospital admission, readmission and improve health outcomes by ensuring adequate treatment and supports are available to enable people to reach their optimal level of independence....   [tags: hospital, patients, medication]

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Examining the Western Culture's View of the Elderly

- I spent roughly thirty hours volunteering at Martin Luther Campus, during which I got to take a part in many experiences that were alien to me. Through participant observations, I was able to interview residents and draw out information that I would otherwise be unable to get if I used a “fly on the wall” approach. There were many things I witnessed, and experienced first hand, that made me very uncomfortable. Whether they were “bad” or “good is irrelevant, as I found that the things that made me the most uncomfortable tended to be the most relevant to this class....   [tags: Reflection ]

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Elderly Contracting Hiv : An Ongoing Issue

- Review of Literature The literature review from articles proves the validity of research by performing in- depth question about elderly contracting HIV is an ongoing issue. The older and elderly population is unaware that they can become in effected with HIV and AIDS (Eduardo, Lamb, Kandula, ,Howard, Muqisha, ,Kimanga, ,Kilama, Kilama, El-Sadr, &Elul, 2014). There is a clear understanding of how HIV and AIDS came into existing and start damaging people life. According to The Center of Disease Control and Prevention, The history of this virus began....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Immune system, Condom]

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The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (

- The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) enables older people to remain active members of their community who would otherwise need to reside in a nursing home. To be considered eligible for PACE, patients must be age 55 or older and certified by the state in which they reside, to have a chronic illness, disability, or be in need of physical or medical assistance. PACE developed in the Chinatown section of San Francisco CA in 1971. At the time, this community consisted of many families whose elders had immigrated from Italy, China, and the Philippines....   [tags: organization, fund, patients, therapy]

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Individual Risk Factors For Elderly Patients

- ... This is evident that older adults experience hormonal changes, decreased in muscle strengths, and loss of visual and hearing sensitivity as a part of aging. The external risk factors to also assess are: living alone, poor lighting, steep stairs, loose carpets or rugs, slippery floors, badly fitting footwear or clothing, lack of safety equipment such as handrails, and new equipment such as walking aids (Duffy, 2013, p. 260). These intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors are important to assess because it will minimize the incidence of falling....   [tags: Risk, Risk management, Nursing, Risk assessment]

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Perceptions of Death among Elderly Patients

- Perceptions of Death Although death is readily recognized by medical professionals and laypersons alike, it is difficult to truly define the term. Science and technology blurs the lines between life and death with each new innervation. Not only do scientific efforts challenge human understanding of death, they have allowed for a greater awareness of when death will occur. Along with this awareness are certain common reactions that have been studied by psychologists. Recent research delves further into how death is perceived by elderly patients....   [tags: Medical Research]

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