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Corrupted Morals and Degraded Dreams in The Great Gatsby

- F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby presents a vivid chronicle of the Jazz Age and is a tightly constructed work of literary genius. In the novel, Nick Carraway tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a handsome bachelor who has amassed a fortune as a racketeer in order to build a Long Island mansion and give fabulous parties that he hopes will enable him to win back the love of the married Daisy Buchanan. With the help of Nick, a reunion is arranged between Gatsby and Daisy, but in the end Daisy returns to her husband....   [tags: Great Gatsby Essays]

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The Sea in Beowulf and in Other Anglo-Saxon Poems

- The Sea in Beowulf and in Other Anglo-Saxon Poems             Is the sea mentioned only in Beowulf or is it a common element in all Anglo-Saxon poetry. Is the sea described the same way as in Beowulf. In Beowulf there is one reference after another to the sea. When Scyld died, “his people caried him to the sea, which was his last request,” where he drifted out into the beyond on a “death ship.” In the Geat land Beowulf, a “crafty sailor,” and his men “shoved the well-braced ship out on the journey they’d dreamed of,” to rescue the Danes from Grendel....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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The Australian Aboriginal People: Dating the Colonization of Australia

- The Australian Aboriginal People: Dating the Colonization of Australia Abstract The colonization of each continent by modern human populations remains an important question in our history as a species. Studies of variations in mitochondrial genomes, Y-chromosomes, satellite DNA, and other genetic markers can be used to estimate the time of divergence of one population from another. Recent advancements in technology have advanced our capabilities in genetic analysis. In particular, PCR can be used to amplify, study, and sequence DNA from long-deceased specimens....   [tags: Biology Biological Colony Essays]

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First impressions of Tom Buchanan from the great Gatsby.

- First impressions of Tom Buchanan from the great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan is a very rich man who is married to Nick Caraway’s cousin Daisy. The first thing we learn about Tom is that he is very rich. “For instance he’d bought down a sting of polo ponies from Lake Forest. It was hard to believe that a man in my own generation was wealthy enough to do that.” “His family were enormously wealthy- even in college his freedom with money was a matter for reproach.” Also we know that he was a friend of Nicks while they were at New Haven College together....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Importance of Simon in Lord of the Flies

- Look closely at the beginning and end of chapter nine. What is the importance of the character of Simon here and in the rest of the novel. Lord of the Flies, written in 1954 by William Golding, is a symbolic microcosm of the world Golding knew and participated in. The island and the boys represent Golding’s view of the world and humankind in general. It is an examination of the definition of society, man’s inclination for evil and destruction and the inevitable result of anarchy and chaos. It is an exploration of the break down of society in the absence of rules and regulations....   [tags: English Literature]

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Good Vs. Evil in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- Good vs. Evil The short story, "Young Goodman Brown" is a fascinating rendition of the battle between good and evil. The reader must delve into the depths of his/her own beliefs to understand what the symbolism is. Nathaniel Hawthorne writes an entire lesson in life as one big symbol using allegory. The various examples are fruitful and will be presented throughout this essay. First, the main character's name is Goodman Brown. Does this mean something. It seems Nathaniel Hawthorne wished it to be that way....   [tags: American Literature]

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Lady Macbeth's Language in Act 1 and Act 5

- Lady Macbeth's Language in Act 1 and Act 5 Macbeth, a story written by Williams Shakespeare, is of love, murder, guilt, greed, revenge, and power. The story is about a man called Macbeth, who is one of the guards to the king of Scotland, Out of desire to become a king, murdered the king and became the king of Scotland. His wife, lady Macbeth who is the master planner of the plot, supported her husband throughout the time of the king's murder and both her and her husband were crowned king and queen of Scotland....   [tags: Papers]

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The Search for Utopia in The Great Gatsby

-   In Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, the reader discovers multiple interpretations of utopia. Each character is longing for one particular paradise. Only one character actually reaches utopia, and the arrival is a mixed blessing at best. The concept of paradise in The Great Gatsby is “a shifting, evanescent illusion of happiness, joy, love, and perfection, a mirage that leads each character to reach deeper, look harder, strive farther”(Lehan, 57). All the while, time pulls each individual farther from the moment he seeks....   [tags: The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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Solitude/Isolation in The Birthmark and in Hawthorne’s Life

- Solitude/Isolation in “The Birthmark” and in Hawthorne’s Life                 In the Nathaniel Hawthorne tale, “The Birthmark,” we see and feel the solitude/isolation of the scientist, Aylmer, in his laboratory; also of Georgiana in the totally separated lab apartment; also of Aminadab, who lives by himself in a room off of the laboratory. Are these examples of solitude not a reflection of the very life of the author.   According to A.N. Kaul in his Introduction to  Hawthorne – A Collection of Critical Essays, the themes of isolation and alienation were ones which Hawthorne was “deeply preoccupied with” in his writings (2)....   [tags: Birthmark Essays]

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Use of Symbolism in Death of a Salesman

-   Arthur Miller is recognized as an important and influential playwright, not to mention essayist and novelist. Although he has had plenty of luck in his writing career, his fame is the product of his ingenious ability to control what he wants his readers to picture or feel. As one of his critics states, "Miller writes ingeniously, conveying the message that 'if the proper study of mankind is man, man's inescapable problem is himself (Broussard, 306).'" Miller accurately puts into words what every person thinks, feels, or worries about, but often has trouble expressing....   [tags: Death of a Salesman Essays]

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Jay Gatsby’s Dangerous Illusions in The Great Gatsby

- Jay’s Dangerous Illusions in The Great Gatsby         America is a land of opportunity and hopes and dreams can become reality. The "American Dream" consists of the notion that the struggling poor can achieve financial success through hard work. F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, puts this premise to the test while also warning against the dangers of believing too passionately in any dream. The central character, Jay Gatsby, "proves a tragic hero who succeeds financially but fails emotionally when he attempts to hold onto something from the past"(Mizener 126).   Gatsby not only possesses imaginative dreams, but also idealistic illusions....   [tags: The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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Racial Prejudice in French and British Immigration Policy

- Racial Prejudice in French and British Immigration Policy FRANCE AND BRITAIN TODAY ARE SHADOWS OF THE GREAT COLONIAL EMPIRES they once dominated, yet the consequences of their imperial acquisitions continue to linger as both countries seek to moderate the immigration of persons from countries once part of vast imperial collections.  In general, there is little public concern when an immigrant hails from Canada or Australia or another ‘white’ dominion.  It’s a different reaction, however, when it’s a low-skilled black immigrant from Algeria or the Caribbean.  This ‘reaction’ by both the general public and policy-makers results in immigration legislation that unduly discriminates on the basi...   [tags: Sociology Racism Prejudice Essays]

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Witchcraft and the Town of Groton in 1671

- Elizabeth Knapp sat perched on a small three- legged stool in front of a roaring fire in the hall of her family's home as the last late October light faded through the yellowish oilpaper windows. The wind had already picked up a taste of the winter bite that the early Massachusetts Bay colonists had grown to despise, and tonight it whipped down the chimney of the eight foot wide fireplace with a shrill, devilish whistle, causing the shadows projected by the bayberry wax candles to shimmy and waver against the rough hewn rafters....   [tags: History Historical Witch Essays]

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Critical Examination of a Passage in Great Gatsby

- This passage is from the great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It tells a story, specifically the history which Gatsby and Daisy had. Daisy promised to wait for Gatsby until the war ended. But as it is Daisy’s youth and need for love and attention has made her insecure to stay alone for so long. Soon she attended parties and dances. At one of them she met the safe and strong Tom Buchanan. Despite the fact that she loved Jay, he was not there, so she married Tom. The diction used in this passage as well as in the whole novel is simple....   [tags: The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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Literary Analysis of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

- Literary Analysis of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks This book is a great book and it touches ones heart in ways you couldn't imagine. I seriously love this book because I love romantic stories and it's just so cute. The movie is good but the book is better. Well 'The Notebook' is about a journey of two young lovers Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson who made a passionate summer romance and they were separated because Allie moved to the city. After fourteen years of separation due to World War 2 and class differences....   [tags: The Notebook Nicholas Sparks Romance Essays]

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Odysseus’ Search for Purpose in Homer's Odyssey

- Odysseus’ Search for Purpose in The Odyssey      As a wayfarer in life, The Odyssey focuses on life’s greater purpose through the fulfillment of destiny, perseverance, and loyalty. These three themes recur continuously throughout Odysseus’ journey, molding life’s greater vision. Odysseus comes to understand his purpose in life by remaining true to these major themes as he faces and conquers each obstacle in his journey. The overarching theme of The Odyssey is the belief that man cannot escape the destiny which has been preordained for him by the gods....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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Intertwined Themes of Margaret Atwood's Dancing Girls

- The Intertwined Themes of Margaret Atwood's Dancing Girls     Dancing Girls is a collection of Margaret Atwood's short stories. Each story captures a different aspect of society, different people of different ages, culture and status, with different attitudes, emotions and behavior; all in different locations and life circumstances. Yet there are many connections between the stories and these links are primarily found in Atwood's portrayal of women. As Atwood says: By and large my novel's center on women...None of them are about miners in the mines, seamen on the sea, convicts in the jail, the boys in the backroom, the locker rooms at the football game…How come....   [tags: Margaret Atwood Dancing Girls Essays]

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My Blind Friend Taught Me to See

- How My Blind Friend Taught Me to See "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."  Helen Keller Twelve years ago, at the birthday party of a friend, was the first time I met somebody my own age who had a disability. He was tall for his age, thin, and wore eyeglasses, just like I did. It was this commonality that initially attracted me to him, since I didn't know very many kindergartners who wore glasses. I had begun wearing glasses to correct a case of strabismus at age two, and was able to see perfectly when I put them on....   [tags: Friendship Essay]

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Realism in Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

- Realism in Eudora Welty's A Worn Path Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" is a story that emphasizes the natural symbolism of the surroundings. The main character in the story, Phoenix Jackson, is an old black woman who seeks out to find medicine for her sick nephew. This story contains a motif, which is the continuous walking of Phoenix Jackson throughout her journey. She lives in the pinewoods and faces the challenging experience of walking through the snowy, frozen earth to get to the hospital in the city of Natchez....   [tags: Worn Path Essays Eudora Welty Papers]

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Smoking Ban - Smoking In Public Places

- Smoking Ban Argument Have you ever been in your favorite restaurant and just as you are about to take a bite of your favorite dish, your lungs are filled with a cloud of smoke which has drifted to your table from the smoking section just a few feet away. This is a common complaint of many patrons who enjoy dining at restaurants. While it is true that the smoke from cigarettes causes many health problems, is it fair to take away the freedom of Americans who wish to smoke. Even as compromises can be made on this subject, the majority of people stand by their strong opinions on whether smoking should be allowed in restaurants....   [tags: Argumentative Essays Research Papers]

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War, Peace, the Homefront, and Uncle Sam

- War, Peace, the Homefront, and Uncle Sam I. In our house when I was growing up, there were three WWI posters that my great aunt had saved in her attic. My father rescued and framed them, hanging the posters in the hallway at the top of the stairs. I walked past them on the way to my room which was at the end of this hallway. There was no way I could avoid Uncle Sam trying to recruit me every time I went up the stairs. He never budged, determined to enlist me before I could even read. I had the sense that he was measuring every ounce of my patriotism: I Want YOU for US Army, he called out, pointing and glaring straight at me as I made my way up the stairs....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Home Schooling is Not the Best Option

- Home Schooling is Not the Best Option For those of us who have never been exposed into the world of home schooling, it carries a certain mystique. We might envision a family alternating between algebra and Bible study, keeping a safe distance from the rampant worldliness in schools. Or perhaps we see children sitting around the kitchen table practicing spelling while mother supervises. Despite these traditional images, home schooling is growing and gaining respect. This is due in part to high profile success stories like home schoolers finishing first, second and third in the 2000 Scripps - Howard National Spelling Bee or the Colfax family in California who sent three sons to Harvard....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Adult Career Counseling in a New Age

- Adult Career Counseling in a New Age The changing workplace - a by-now familiar litany of economic, demographic, organizational, and social changes - has made ambiguity the only certainty in work life. Many adults had little or no career education, guidance, or counseling when they were "in school " and often seek such help now, making job or career changes spurred by their personal stage of development or by the "postmodern" workplace. Although career development is a continuous lifelong process, "media and some scholars continue to dramatize crisis in midlife" (Lea and Leibowitz 1992, p....   [tags: Job Workforce Argumentative Papers]

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The Morality of Giving Up in Silence

- It is perhaps one of the less widely recognized truths of our time that a person's failure to act can be every bit as morally reprehensible as his/her overt actions. Though apathy is viewed, in a general sense, as a vice, it is frequently not apparent to people how the things they don't do can have as much of an impact on the world around them as those they do. The Catholic Church uses the term "sins of omission" to describe the wrong we commit when we fall short of our responsibilities, but to the majority of our society, the possibility of sinning in such a manner just doesn't seem real....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Exile And Pain In Three Elegiac Poems

- There is a great similarity between the three elegiac poems, The Wanderer, The Wife of Lament, and The Seafarer. This similarity is the theme of exile. Exile means separation, or banishment from ones native country, region, or home. During the Anglo Saxon period, exile caused a great amount of pain and grief. The theme is shown to have put great sadness into literature of this time period. The majority of the world's literature from the past contains the theme of exile. The Wife of Lament is another perfect example of literature with exile, and was written by an unknown author....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose

- Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose The book Lives on the Boundary, written by Mike Rose, provides great insight to what the new teaching professional may anticipate in the classroom. This book may be used to inform a teacher’s philosophy and may render the teacher more effective. Lives on the Boundary is a first person account composed of eight chapters each of which treat a different obstacle faced by Mike Rose in his years as a student and as an educator. More specifically in chapters one through five Mike Rose focuses on his own personal struggles and achievements as a student....   [tags: Education Boundary Mike Rose Essays]

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Life of Pi (Unabridged) by Yann Martel

- The son of a zookeeper, Pi Patel has an encyclopedic knowledge of animal behavior and a fervent love of stories. When Pi is sixteen, his family emigrates from India to North America aboard a Japanese cargo ship, along with their zoo animals bound for new homes. The ship sinks. Pi finds himself alone in a lifeboat, his only companions a hyena, an orangutan, a wounded zebra, and Richard Parker, a 450-pound Bengal tiger. Soon the tiger has dispatched all but Pi, whose fear, knowledge, and cunning allow him to coexist with Richard Parker for 227 days while lost at sea....   [tags: Life of Pi Unabridged]

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Legislation of Civil Rights in the 1960’s

- The issue of civil disobedience is as old as Socrates and as modern as Nelson Mandella. It is such an important issue today because the civil rights revolution is an attempt to seek new tactics of social and political reform. At the time of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it was described as the most significant piece of legislation to be passed by the U.S. Congress in the twentieth century. The legislation resulted in ending virtually overnight legal racial segregation of black Americans in the American South....   [tags: Racism, Civil Rights, Discrimination]

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A History of the California Gold Rush

- "The California Gold Rush was the significant national event of its time" ("California Gold Rush: A Look to the Past"). This legendary story begins with one man. John Sutter, one of the richest people in the area, moved to California 1839 with the intent on building his own private empire. Sutter welcomed newcomers to the area because he viewed them as subjects for his self-styled kingdom. In the late 1840s, James Marshall and about 20 men were sent to the river by Sutter to build a sawmill ("The Gold Rush")....   [tags: American History]

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Finding Virtue in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

- Finding Virtue in Frankenstein Virtue is found at the margins of society more often than at its center. In Frankenstein, the novel by Mary Shelley, the monster exemplifies virtue to a greater extent than his creator, Victor Frankenstein. Shelley's creature is an isolate of great sensitivity, kindness, and insight. Contrary to James Whale's 1931 film, Frankenstein, which portrays the creature as a lumbering dolt, Shelley's monster was modeled on Rousseau's notion of humanity as the "noble savage"....   [tags: Frankenstein essays]

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The Personal Strife of Tennessee Williams

- The Personal Strife of Tennessee Williams       Tennessee Williams was a well renowned playwright, who highlighted his personal experiences in his plays and stories. He had a colorful life and he enjoyed writing about what was considered taboo subjects in the 1940's, 1950's and the 1960's. Williams explored homosexuality, alcoholism, violence, greed and sex.    He also infused humor into his work. Williams dissected the traditional American family, and he penned many stories about dysfunctional and volatile families....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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The Static Character in Homer’s Odyssey

- The Static Character in Homer’s Odyssey The Odyssey, by Homer, translated by W.H.D. Rouse (between 900 and 700 BC.) is "The best story ever written" (7). This is a story about a man named Odysseus Laertiades who went off to war. After winning the war, he and his men were heading home when their ship got off track. They ended up in the land of the Cyclops. They were held captive by a god's, Poseidon Earthholder, son. Odysseus came up with a plan to get out of there which involved poking the Cyclops' eye out....   [tags: Homer Odyssey Essays]

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The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst

- The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst Foreshadowing, symbolism, and image are all elements which compose style.  All are very important; foreshadowing adds suspense, and symbolism contributes to interpretation.  Image contributes "visual aids" which, also, aid interpretation.  In this classic short story, "The Scarlet Ibis," by James Hurst, foreshadowing, symbolism, and image combine to create a true literary masterpiece. Foreshadowing is one of the elements of style which make "The Scarlet Ibis" great.  For example, the author states, "The last graveyard flowers were blooming, and their smell drifted [through] our house, speaking softly the names of our dead."  This passage clearly foreshadow...   [tags: James Hurst Scarlet Ibis]

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Green Light in The Great Gatsby

- The Green Light in The Great Gatsby     The image of the green light in the novel Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a significant symbol which reflects Gatsby's dream and other aspects beyond Gatsby's longing.  Throughout the novel Fitzgerald uses many other images or symbols.  At first, it may seem very basic, but when the symbol is closely studied, one may see the deeper meaning found within it. Fitzgerald uses these symbols to make a point across to the reader.  He then uses this point and converts it into a deeper meaning, into a myth about America.  The green light mentioned in the novel clearly represents and is a prime example of this....   [tags: Great Gatsby Essays]

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Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science

- Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science Stanley Kramer's film, Inherit the Wind, examines a trial based on the 1925 Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee. Often referred to as "The Trial of the Century" (Scopes Trial Web Page), the Scopes trial illuminated the controversy between the Christian theory of creation and the more scientific theory of evolution. John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was arrested for illegally teaching evolutionism to his class. "The meaning of the trial emerged because it was seen as a conflict of social and intellectual values" (Scopes Trial Web Page)....   [tags: Inherit]

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Sports Narrative - Track State Champion

- Personal Narrative- Track State Champion With shaky knees, I hesitantly made my way up the large white steps. With the back of my hand, I brushed away a few salty tears of relief. As I stood at the top of the podium and looked up into the packed stadium, my mind drifted back to everything I had gone through to achieve this moment, the day I became a state champion. The start of the 2002 track season found me concerned with how I would perform. After a disastrous bout with mononucleosis ended my freshmen track season, the fear of failure weighed heavily on my mind....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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My House Was Destroyed by Fire

- December came quietly that year, not blinding us with a blanket of snow, but creeping through the landscape with a cold that ached in the bones. Every blade of grass was held captive by a sheath of frost, as were the glacial branches that scraped at my windows, begging to get in. It is indeed the coldest year I can remember, with winds like barbs that caught and pulled at my skin. People ceaselessly searched for warmth, but my family found that this year, the warmth was searching for us. My family had collected in the basement, a testament to tacky décor with a dash of dank- ness....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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The Retreat that Changed My Life

- I jumped in the car anticipating the freedom of this weekend. YES!!. Finally it’s Friday. Man, I can’t wait to go out with my friends tonight, maybe my boyfriend tomorrow night, lunch with the gang at the local “Chef-o-nette” diner on Saturday. At last I will be able to unwind and have a good time. Two nights is never enough. “Twins, you have your confirmation retreat this weekend. Aren’t you excited?!” My mother interrupted my thoughts and dashed my vision of a wonderful weekend. I was filled with a deep sensation of dread....   [tags: An Event That Changed My Life]

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Riding Bikes and Raising Social Consciousness

- Riding Bikes and Raising Social Consciousness Instructor’s comment: This student invites his readers along for a bicycle ride, immersing us in the sights, smells, sounds, and physical sensations of a phenomenon unique to San Francisco. Along the way he educates us about the political and social significance of the ride—but in such a genial, inclusive way that we may not even realize right away that we’ve been taught a lesson in social consciousness-raising. crit’i cal mass’ n. 2: an amount necessary or sufficient to have a significant effect or to achieve a result....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Having a Second Father: My Grandpa

- Having a Second Father: My Grandpa It has been five years since I have spoken to my father. I was three years old when my parents got a divorce. Both my mom and dad remarried, however my dad didn’t waste any time in doing so. After he was married, I felt that I wasn’t a part of his new life. We had our problems like any relationship between children and parents, but most of the problems resulted from interference from his new wife. We would disagree on many things because of his wife. Her inputs and thoughts that she voiced oh so well became overwhelming....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Styles In And Around Me

- The Styles In and Around Me My senior year in high school I was playing first man for the varsity golf. That honor was bestowed on me, because I was supposedly the best man on the team. Which just happened to be true. It was an honor that I truly enjoyed. But playing first man also had its drawbacks. The one that I will speak of here is the style of speaking that I had to use while playing in a tournament. It's the sixteenth hole of an eighteen hole tournament up in Roseau. There were two guys in my group that were ahead of me in score and I needed to get a stroke back really soon if I planned on earning a medal....   [tags: Personal Narrative Golf Language Essays]

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The Highlights of My Teaching Pedagogy

- The Highlights of My Teaching Pedagogy Through my own experiences, and as enforced by others' opinions in the profession, I have found that teaching is one of the most rewarding careers. Not only are you placed in the position of instructing and guiding children and young adults through the life long learning process, but you are able to give back to the schools and communities which have supported your early education and experiences that opened you up to a bright future. In becoming an educator, I hope to someday share the knowledge and lend the helping, supportive hand that I was once given, allowing students to formulate their own perspectives of the multicultural society a...   [tags: Teaching Philosophy Education Essays]

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The Impact Media has During War

- The Impact Media has During War “Spanish-American War of 1898” It was late in the evening and the battleship the Maine drifted calmly through the water of Havana to “protect Americas interests” stated be Fitzhugh Lee. Everything seemed to be looking bright with a new Spanish ruler in Cuba. Even many of the officers were entertained by the Spanish and thoughts of going home were in the air. The small battleship was second-class to that of its counterparts in the Pacific. It was the biggest battleship to enter the Havana harbor....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me

- John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me In John Howard Griffin's novel Black Like Me, Griffin travels through many Southern American states, including Mississippi. While in Mississippi Griffin experiences racial tension to a degree that he did not expect. It is in Mississippi that he encounters racial stereotypical views directed towards him, which causes him to realize the extent of the racial prejudices that exist. Mississippi is where he is finally able to understand the fellowship shared by many of the Negroes of the 50's, because of their shared experiences....   [tags: Black Like Me Essays]

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The Dumbing Down of American Fiction

- The Dumbing Down of American Fiction The 1976 film "Network" is an acerbic satire of television's single-minded obsession with mass ratings.One of the film's main characters, Howard Beale, is called the "Mad Prophet of the Airways," and his weekly harangues produce a "ratings motherlode"--yet he constantly admonishes his viewers to "Turn the damn tube off!"During one such rant Beale berates his audience as functional illiterates: "Less than three percent of you even read books!" he shouts messianically--and then promptly collapses from a sort of apoplexic overload....   [tags: English Literature Fiction Books Essays]

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The Nature of Thought in Joyce

- The Nature of Thought in Joyce Thought is a problem in Joyce's work. His characters' obscure trains of thought and remembrance constantly challenge the reader to keep up. I will argue that the depths of this obscurity are not, in fact, murky; they are a response to his introspection about the nature of thought, and reflect a coherent theory. Joyce often repeats phrases, and he makes such repetitions noticeable in order to direct the reader to the questions: What is thought. And what are the unconscious processes of the mind....   [tags: Joyce Thought Psychology Essays]

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Flight Training for the Fighter Wings

- Flight Training for the Fighter Wings First Installment.      The shuttle landed at 0430 hours. Linkan, sitting in the rear of the shuttle looked out the cockpit window to glance out at the huge complex. The system was clear out to Phare's Star. Linkan could almost feel the power of the Emperor’s Hammer. As they had come in system from Setti, they had passed the SSSD Sovereign and her taskforce. He had been in the right seat to see the huge ship. It was beautiful and emanated power from within her structure, the turbo laser batteries sticking out likes tiny pricks along her hull....   [tags: Creative Writing Short Stories Flying Essays]

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Personal Writing: The Day Of Surprise

- Personal Writing: The Day of Surprise “That's so cool!” I exclaimed. In my hand was a Valentines Day card which folded to make a spaceship. I was in a Hallmark card shop with my father, looking at cards for the upcoming holiday. “If I got you that card now, then it wouldn't be a surprise later,” my father logically stated. “But it's neat. See, it folds into a spaceship.” “I'll get it for you but... just act surprised for your mother when you open the card.” “Okay dad,” I answered as we walked up to the counter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Great Gatsby - Eden Imagery

- In the Great Gatsby, each character is longing for one particular paradise. Only one character actually reaches utopia, and the arrival is a mixed blessing at best. The concept of paradise in The Great Gatsby is a shifting, fleeting illusion of happiness, joy, love, and perfection, a mirage that leads each character to reach deeper, look harder, strive farther. There is Myrtle Wilson’s gaudy, flashy hotel paradise in which she can pretend that she is glamorous, elite, wanted and loved. She clings fiercely enough to this ragged dream to brave the righteous anger of Tom Buchanan by voicing her jealous terror that he will return to his wife....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The History of the Apollo Missions

- When the crew of Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969, Americans hailed the successful completion of the most audacious and complex technological undertaking of the 20th century: landing humans on the moon and returning them safely to earth. Just over eight years before, when President John F. Kennedy proposed the manned lunar landing as the focus of the United States' space program, only one American - Lt. Comdr. Alan B. Shepard, Jr. - had been into space, on a suborbital lob shot lasting 15 minutes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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With the setting of the sun

- With the setting of the sun In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, there is a constant feeling of movement and the desire to get away. Nick, Gatsby, Wilson, Tom and Daisy all move, or have the intention of moving. Not only does this movement seem to foreshadow events in the book, but it also seems to lead to the conclusion that society as a whole in the 1920's was rather unstable and was undergoing constant change. Not all the characters move in the same way, and this shows how different their backgrounds and lifestyles are....   [tags: English Literature]

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Is Wuthering heights a love story?

- Is Wuthering heights a love story. Is this essay I am going to discuss whether Wuthering heights is a love story or not. There are several reasons for saying that the novel is a love story and there are several reasons that state that Wuthering heights is not a love story. The trational love story has the perfect characters which always somehow no matter what the contions always manage to find there ideal partner. The setting is really simple and there always is a perfect climax despite what the obstacles are....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Son's Veto by Thomas Hardy

- Compare the way that Thomas hardy writes about the effects of marriage on his characters’ behaviour and lives in a selection of his short stories. Introduction Thomas Hardy was born in higher bockhampton Dorset in 1840. His first career move was an architect in London he then went on to be a short story novelist. He married twice his first wife Emma and second Florence.He him self being much like many of the characters being born and bread a country boy to grow up to be part of a working class family....   [tags: English Literature]

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

- F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, there is a constant feeling of movement and the desire to get away. Nick, Gatsby, Wilson, Tom and Daisy all move, or have the intention of moving. Not only does this movement seem to foreshadow events in the book, but it also seems to lead to the conclusion that society as a whole in the 1920's was rather unstable and was undergoing constant change. Not all the characters move in the same way, and this shows how different their backgrounds and lifestyles are....   [tags: Fitzgerald Great Gatsby Essays]

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Editing critique of Tery Zwigoff's Ghostworld

- Editing Critique of Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World In order for a film to be successful many different elements must be taken into consideration even before beginning to shoot. The tone of the piece, what sort of lighting will be used, the location of the shots, and a palette for the film, are all elements that need to be considered before the actual filmmaking begins. However, even with rigorous planning, questions will still arise during shooting, questions that might not even be apparent or answered until the footage reaches the editing room....   [tags: Film]

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Fsa Photography During the Great Depression

- I glance amusedly at the photo placed before me. The bright and smiling faces of my family stare back me, their expressions depicting complete happiness. My mind drifted back to the events of the day that the photo was taken. It was Memorial Day and so, in the spirit of tradition my large extended family had gathered at the grave of my great grandparents. The day was hot and I had begged my mother to let me join my friends at the pool. However, my mother had refused. Inconsolable, I spent most of the day moping about sulkily....   [tags: American History]

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My Life After Spinal Surgery

- The engine of the rickety ferry rumbled as we plowed through the sparkling cobalt water. It was a scorching August mid-morning, one of those summer days you had to be by the water, if not in it. My family and I were on the ferry to Block Island. The engine rumbled again and I felt the steady vibration rise through my spine. I sat up straighter to prevent the direct connection of the engine's oscillation from flowing through my seat to my back. My mother looked over nervously. "Are you all right, honey?" she asked....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Proof of the Biblical Flood

- "All the fountains of the great deep [were] broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened . . . And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased; . . . and the ark went upon the face of the waters."(Holy Bible, Genesis 7:11b, 17a, 18b). The flood was a catastrophic event that changed the earth in traumatic ways, but many people deny that this event ever took place. The main documentation of this occurrence is found in the Bible, but since many people refuse to believe that it is a valid source of history and has no weight in science, it cannot be used to say whether or not the earth was ever completely submerged in water....   [tags: Holy Bible Genesis Essays]

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Staying Dry on Game Day

- Staying Dry on Game Day I wandered aimlessly through the bowels of the structure trying to uncover an unsuspecting vendor selling some protection from the rain. The only thing I discovered was one small booth with nothing to sell. As I approached, several other people followed my lead. I walked up and asked where I could find a poncho to beat the relentless elements outside. The bearded hippo rose up from his resting state and sharply answered my question telling me that a box would be arriving here at any time....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Examples, narrative]

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Technology - Futuristic Memory Glasses

- Futuristic Memory Glasses Mr. LeHue was being his normal self, babbling on and on about some futuristic television glasses that, in my opinion, would never actually be invented. He was talking about how people who suffer from memory loss would be impacted greatly if these glasses actually worked. I began to drift out of the class and into my own little world where I tried hard to remember all the little errands I had to run and the other miscellaneous chores I had to do that day. "So these glasses have a digital screen that flashes an image at 1/100 of a second, just enough for your eye to capture the image and relay it to your brain....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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My Mean Old Art Teacher

- My Mean Old Art Teacher Mr. Arnold stands smugly by his classroom door between classes, with his arms proudly crossed over his chest as trails of students trample past his art room each day. Many of the passers-by recognize this man simply as "the scary art teacher." Those who have experienced Mr. Arnold's art class first-hand regard him otherwise. I had heard many stories about Mr. Arnold before entering his grueling class. "Most people don't like him," some warned me. Others commented, "I've heard his class is really difficult." I can remember my first day in his art class clearly....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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The Latino Culture in America

- The Latino Culture in America Latinos have struggled to discover their place inside of a white America for too many years. Past stereotypes and across racism they have fought to belong. Still America is unwilling to open her arms to them. Instead she demands assimilation. With her pot full of stew she asks, "What flavor will you add to this brew?" Some question, some rebel, and others climb in. I argue that it is not the Latino who willingly agreed to partake in this stew. It is America who forced her ideals upon them through mass media and stale history....   [tags: Cultural Identity Essays]

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Sitting Bull Exile to Canada

- Sitting Bull Exile to Canada Many things influenced Sitting Bull's decision to cross the border into Canada. After Custer's defeat at Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull had to live life in fear. He fought on the defensive for years. Sitting Bull and his followers fled from the onslaught of American howitzers. He then was able to find sanctuary in the White Grandmother's Country, north of the international boundary. "Most of the band drifted back in the next few years; Sitting Bull himself was to return in 1881 to end his exile" (Andrist 298))....   [tags: American America History]

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A Promise Is A Promise

- A Promise Is A Promise The room was ridiculously cold and my skin was damp against the sheets. No matter how extreme the temperature, I am addicted to the calming lull of the air conditioner as I sleep. It’s what they call my “white noise.” The afternoon sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds as its rays snuck in through the blinds. The muscles in my neck and shoulders were throbbing. I was still trying to get used to my awkward dorm room bed. A muffled voice traveled through the paper-thin brick wall and the sound of familiar music took center stage in my dreams....   [tags: Personal Narrative Death Friendships Papers]

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My First Day of College

- “College is nothing but high school with ashtrays.” My friend Ron left me with this original piece of advice before I left for college on August 30th. In the weeks following, this cliché would seem prophetic. It would not, however, be accurate today. It was September 1st, and I was officially a college freshman. All my dreams were to be realized. The halls would be paved with intellectuals, and the walls would be plastered with philosophers. State College was my Ellis Island. It would be a far cry from my high school, whose halls were paved with punks and whose walls were plastered with simpletons....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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How to Cheat the Reaper

- How to Cheat the Reaper George Brams shivered, despite the warmth of his new car. But George never felt completely warm these days - eighty years had taken their toll on his body, and his tissue-thin flesh provided no barrier against the malevolence of a chilly December night. While locked into familiar routine of driving country lanes, George's mind drifted back to the events of the previous day, and even of the past year. Just when he thought he could safely assume that his old body held no more unpleasant surprises for him, such as his cancer scare a few years ago, strange things had begun to happen....   [tags: ]

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Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation

- Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation In Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation, the author portrays ordinary people of a certain generation as having qualities of greatness and heroism. He tells stories of average people that lived inspiring lives through many hardships, and declares today’s society as the beneficiary of their challenging work and commitment. Brokaw’s generous and proficient use of imagery helps to persuade the reader to believe that the people of “the greatest generation” are, indeed, heroic....   [tags: Brokaw Greatest Generation Essays]

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Dr. John Henry doc Holliday

- On August 14, 1851 in Griffin, Georgia, John Henry Holliday was born to Henry Burroughs and Alice Jane Holliday. Their first child, Martha Eleanora, had died on June 12, 1850 at six months of age. When he married Alice Jane McKay on January 8, 1849, Henry Burroughs was a druggist by trade and, later became a wealthy planter, lawyer, and during the War between the States, a Confederate Major. Church records state: "John Henry, infant son of Henry B. and Alice J. Holliday, received the ordinance of baptism on Sunday, March 21, 1852, at the First Presbyterian Church in Griffin." Alice Jane died on September 16, 1866....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Johns Battle with the Sea

- It was a cold, dark morning on the northwestern coast of the United States. A family was curiously standing on the beach, cold and wet from their ordeal at sea the day before. They slowly began to review what had happened that night. Soon, they would make their way to a nearby town for shelter, so that their story might be known to all who traversed the town near the coast. The story of the family started when they had rented a small ship to sail for the evening. The father, John, had known how to sail since he was a boy, and he continued sailing on a small ship of his own until he married Rebecca, his current wife....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Just a Bit of Hope

- Just a Little Bit of Hope The boy twitched for a bit, as he attempted to move his body and did everything in his part to open his eyes, but with all of his strength he only had the ability to slightly crack open his eyes. It was the first ray of light the boy had seen in over a month but it felt to him as if it had been years. His eyes ached all over from the struggle to keep them open and finally they forced themselves shut again. The pain was too great. In the background, he could hear murmurs of people speaking to him, encouraging him, but he could not make out exactly whom it was or what was being said....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Materialism - The Great Gatsby

- Materialism America has been labeled "The land of opportunity," a place where it is possible to accomplish anything and everything. This state of mind is known as "The American Dream." The American Dream provides a sense of hope and faith that looks forward to the fulfillment of human wishes and desires. This dream, however, originates from a desire for spiritual and material improvement. Unfortunately, the acquisition of material has been tied together with happiness in America....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Stars Are My Destination

- The Stars My Destination Introduction '...The key turned in the lock of his soul and the door was opened. What emerged expunged the Common Man forever.'; The Stars My Destination ~pg 22 Gully Foyle. Uneducated. No skills. No merits. No recommendations. A short description given by the author Alfred Bester of his main character as the stereotypical Common Man of humanity. A man who later motivated himself to become something more than just a 'mere' man. Within the few pages of just the first chapter, Bester had pulled me into the diluted, freakish mind of Gully Foyle....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Are Women Smarter Than Men?

- Yes, men's and women's brains are different. But new research upends the old myths about who's good at what. A tour of the ever changing brain There was something self-destructive about Harvard University President Larry Summers' speech on gender disparities . In his first sentence, he said his goal was "provocation" (rarely a wise strategy at a diversity conference). He called for "rigorous and careful" thinking to explain the gender gap among top-tier tenured science professors....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition

- In 1800 Thomas Jefferson was elected president. With the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, Jefferson had the vision of the United States growing from sea to sea. However, it was unknown what was out there. Jefferson planned an exploratory expedition and called upon Meriwether Lewis to lead it. Jefferson was very interested in what was in the west lands. Much was involved in the carrying out of this expedition; the preparations for this trip, what happened during their long journey west, and the return home....   [tags: American History]

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Rise of the Independent Woman

- Throughout time women have struggled to acquire the same rights that any man has. There is proof throughout history that documents this struggle. On the week of June 10, 1937 The Saturday Evening Post published an article titled "A Truce With Men." It documents the closing of the gender rights gap around the 1920's and 1930's. The article states, "The woman of today has finally made peace with her men." From this statement one can define a few things. The first is that there is some sort of battle going on between the two sexes and this battle has been resolved....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Original Writing - The Conflict.

- Original Writing - The Conflict He could hardly see anything. It was dark, wet and the road was slippery, it was just after nine o'clock. There was no sight of anybody on the windy, everlasting roads, except for him. Then all of a sudden two headlights appeared from the far away distance. The brightness blinded his eyes, but he didn't care so he carried on and predictably tried to clip the victim's car causing the victim a surprising shock, but the burning rubber tires slipped on the wet road, causing him to slide off, knocking the other car as he slid....   [tags: Papers]

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Local and National Provision Task

- Local and National Provision Task National governing body is one of the biggest influences on children and parents today. NGB does a lot of work on how to improve grassroots in football .A lot of focus has been put on women's football and development of their amateur football. The football association has welcomed the news that its partner Nationwide is making a 750,000 investment into womens football. This money is to help the set up youth set ups all over england to help the development of womens football....   [tags: Papers]

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The Mafia - Personal Narrative

- The Mafia - Personal Narrative Mafia. That word, what does it mean. It reminds me of Black Death, cold murder, of pitiless, heartless people who don't understand the meaning of life. Life is another one of those tricky words just like Mafia, yet the words are inevitably associated with each other, although they are different in context. The story which I am going to tell you will give you a view on those heartbreaking words that are indescribeable. My name is Robert Pitino. I am thirteen years old and I once lived on the south coast of Italy, right next to Sicily....   [tags: Papers]

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Support of Napoleon Within France

- Support of Napoleon Within France Introduction The French Revolution had proceeded in the name of liberty, yet successive forms of repression had been mounted to defend it. No support among liberals, those who fought to bring about success in the French Revolution. - Napoleon drifted away from his own ideals. He became more interested in his own. His domestic and foreign policies forced on France were designed to support his imperial ambitions. His government concentrated on recruiting soldiers and funds for his armies....   [tags: Papers]

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All Around the Town

- All Around the Town   Mary Higgins Clark started her writing career writing suspense stories and she hasn't changed very much since then.  All her books are very interesting to read and they will always keep your attention to the end.    All Around the Town was one of the stories written by Mary Higgins Clark.  This book was a suspenseful, interesting, intriguing book.  It held my interest until the end.  The plot was twisty and unpredictable which meant that I would never get bored.  The story takes place in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  It takes place from June 1974 to about September 1991.  This effects the rest of the story because this is the time period that the main character had he...   [tags: All Around the Town]

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