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Public Relations and Democratic Communication

- Consider the arguments for and against the view that Public Relations enhance democratic communication. While democratic communication influenced by many different factors, especially in capitalist society, the elites represents as dominant groups that have more opportunities to express their voice. Among to the rest, Public Relations play an important role in the communication between public and different organizations. The core of this essay is based on the debate of whether Public Relations enhance democratic communication....   [tags: Democratic Communications]

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The Democratic Party Of The United States

- ... By most accounts, Bush did a masterful job of speaking for and to the American people”( Both the Democratic and Republican party have greatly impacted America. Although the two parties have different viewpoints they see eye to eye on some issues. People think Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything, however according to the New York Times, “Both parties agree on the absolute necessity of reforming the addled, inefficient American tax code. That means eliminating much of the underbrush of credits, loopholes and expenditures and then reducing marginal tax rates.” In further detail, the article was stating that both parties agree on changing the confusing, failing...   [tags: George W. Bush, Democratic Party]

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The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

- ... Having a Biblical world view will not always fit perfectly with the Republicans or Democrats. There are justifiable criticisms such being, giving help to the poor and needy, which hold strong Democratic views in which Republicans are not always supportive of. Although Isaiah 10:1-4 it tells us to give justice to the poor and that is not a type of political ideology it is the word of God. However, I do not believe in free hand outs. People should not be allowed to take advantage of the system and there should be limitations and particular circumstances that help should be assisted....   [tags: Democratic Party, Republican Party, George W. Bush]

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The Political Appeal Of Democratic Parties

- Republican and Democratic parties both make different yet strategic appeals to various groups, including young people, women, and other minorities. Both parties reach out to these groups in hopes of gaining their support and loyalty. I have chosen to talk about the political appeal of each party to women. In America, we still see a large disconnect and differences in numbers when comparing men and women. For example, women are only paid about 77 cents of every dollar a man makes. (Berman, 2014, p.1)....   [tags: Democracy, Democratic Party, George W. Bush]

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Political Parties And The Democratic Party System

- ... Therefore, the Populist Party took the Democrats, created due to rapid social and economic changes. On the other hand, Republicans supported businesses, advocating low taxes, high tariffs on imports, and a minimum of government regulation. The Great Depression also brought changes to the Parties. Franklin Roosevelt, designed a series of economic measures to help the country recover the Depression, it was called the New Deal. At the same time he expanded the political bases of the Democratic Party....   [tags: President of the United States, Democratic Party]

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The United States Illogical Practice of Democratic Peace Theory in the Middle East

- The idea of a lasting, ideally global, peace has been present in the minds of people for centuries. The most notable formulation of this is Kant’s vision of perpetual peace. “He saw it as a condition that needed to be maintained by politics between states with governments which represented society and separation of power. From this basic framework stems the idea called “democratic peace theory” (pg. 82). Democratic Peace Theory (DPT) asserts that democracies do not generally fight other democracies because they share common norms and domestic institutions that constrain international, state actors from going to war....   [tags: Democratic Peace Theory (DPT)]

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Is the EU Democratic?

- The European Union (EU) is fundamentally democratic and is evident through its institutions, however, the current democratic electoral structure is of great concern. The EU is a new type of political system, often referred to as a sui generis, implying its uniqueness as there exists and a non comparable political body. The EU can neither regarded as a ‘state’ nor as an ‘international institution’ as it combines supranational as well as intergovernmental characteristics (Hix, 1999, p7). In this regard it has developed its own understandings of what democracy is....   [tags: Politics, Europe]

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Is the EU Democratic?

- The European Union (EU), since the initial foundation in 1952 as the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and throughout periods of development, has been considered one of the most advanced forms of regional integration. It, based on numerous treaties and resolutions, has strived to promote values such as peace, cooperation or democracy, and in 2012 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for having “contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe” (Nobel Media AB, 2012)....   [tags: European Union Essays]

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The concept of the Democratic Peace Theory

- ... Autocrats, by contrast, are said to be less threatening opponents, either because they have difficulty locating resources, or because they think they can lose wars without inflicting much domestic pain and therefore choose to spend fewer resources on the war effort. Following this logic, citizens may be averted from using force against democracies because they anticipate high costs of war and a low probability of victory. If there was evidence that democracy affected perceptions of cost and success, this would contravene the idea that democracies are deterred from attacking other democracies because they see them as particularly formidable adversaries....   [tags: political science, political system]

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Description of the Democratic Republic of Congo

- Identification / Description of the Country Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly called Zaire) is a country that is located in Central Africa. This is a country that has a deep root in violence and bloodshed, yet at the same time it is rich in natural resources and minerals. It shares a common border with the following countries: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Democratic Republic of Congo was established as a Belgian colony in 1908 during the scramble for Africa by the European powers....   [tags: mining, economy, wealth]

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The Tenets of Democratic Peace Theory

- For centuries, people all over the world have sought the idea of everlasting global peace. The basic framework of this idea was given by Immanuel Kant in his 1795 essay “On Perpetual Peace”. In his work, he wrote that peace is not natural to human beings and that is why, governments representing societies and power, through the use of politics have to secure the condition of peace. Immanuel Kant’s essay “On Perpetual Peace” has given the starting point from which “Democratic Peace Theory” originates....   [tags: Global Peace, Kant, Perpetual Peace]

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Was Colonial America a Democratic Society?

- Between 1607 and 1733, Great Britain established thirteen colonies in the New World along the land’s eastern coast. England’s colonies included Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Though the colonies were classified as New England, middle or southern colonies, the colonists developed a unifying culture. With this new American culture, the colonists throughout the colonies began to think differently than their English cousins....   [tags: american colonies, american government]

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Democratic Morality and the Administrative Law

- John Rohr views on Democratic Morality and the Administrative Law and how these laws affect the organizations. Democratic Morality deals with the issue that large organizations will have more control or influence on the development of policy. The Administrative law is concern with the legal aspect of the organization and the fairness across the board. The author examines the administrative law of democratic morality between the periods of 1800s and 1900s, with emphasis on the how democratic morality was used to bring about changes in the organizations....   [tags: Politics]

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The United Kingdom As A Democratic Society

- ... It is worthwhile to consider that the RP is slowly dissolving with the passage of time and is socially acceptable by altering them into statutes or conventions. Turning back time to the 1688 which Kings had absolute and decisive opinions, it essential to compare the previous centuries with the current one to present the difference of the Crown. The King exercised powers concerning Parliament, law making and administration of the court. In the seventeenth century, in the case of Sorrel and also in the case of Hale, a conflict between the crown and courts illustrated....   [tags: Law, Democracy, Separation of powers, Common law]

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Campaign Party: The Democratic Alliance

- Campaign Party: The Democratic Alliance   1. Introduction to the DA 2. Initiating the campaign 2.1. Charter 2.2. Project Statement 3. Planning the Campaign 3.1. Project Description 3.2. Project Goals and Objectives 3.3. Scope 4. Execution of the Campaign 4.1. Execution Strategy 4.2. Project Organisation 4. 3. Project Facilities and Resources 4.4 Project Stakeholders 5. References   1. Introduction: The Democratic Alliance (DA) is a South African political party that’s roots lie in the anti-apartheid movement of the 1970’s, at this time it was known as the Progressive Party, it renamed its self the Democratic alliance in the 1990’s....   [tags: campaign, planning, alliance, voters]

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Genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

- ... The war lasted for 5 years and took place entirely in the Congo, resulting in the deaths of 5 million Congolese civilians, most to to starvation or sickness (BBC News). The Congo never recovered, and to this day, Eastern Congo is unstable (BBC News). In 2001, Kabila was assassinated, leading to him being replaced by his son Joseph Kabila (ECI). According to the Eastern Congo Initiative, the Congo held its first democratic elections in 2006, with Kabila being elected. At the same time, however, multiple armed groups gained power and began fighting over control of mineral resources in the Eastern Congo, resulting in more civilian lives....   [tags: violence, deaths, poverty, famine]

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History of the Democratic Republic of Congo

- ... is able to maintain a Special Envoy for the Great Lakes and the DRC to prevent further exploitation of resources. The Envoy has a main goal of locating and destroying the main root cause of instability in the region. In other economic terms, “A UN agency said it needed close to 7.5 million U.S. dollars to continue offering humanitarian support to Congolese child refugees in Uganda”(CountryWatch). To fulfill this need, the United States has become by far the largest donor to the United Nations stabilization mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo....   [tags: American interests in African countires, oil]

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Leaders Of The Democratic Presidential Race

- Kourtney Wisnieske Olson Federal Government-2305 30 October 2015 Leaders of the Democratic Presidential Race The top two leaders in the Democratic presidential race are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Though they are the top two leaders, Hillary Clinton overpowers Bernie Sanders in popularity with 49.8 percent of the democratic population supporting her versus Bernie Sanders with only 25.1 percent of the democratic population’s support. Not only is she more popular with the democratic population, she is overall more well-known than Bernie Sanders....   [tags: President of the United States, Bill Clinton]

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The Issue Of A Successful Democratic Government

- A successful democratic government is measured by how it that adapts to a changing society, be it marriage equality or legalization of marijuana, governments all over the world are listening to the demands of their citizens. However, when infiltrating precautionary measures to protect those same people from increased threats of terrorism, conflicts arise. Through different types of political violence and their varying definitions, people can make change, which can come from both positive and negative intentions....   [tags: Terrorism, Democracy, Human rights, Government]

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Transitions to Democracy and Democratic Consolidation

- Transitions to democracy have been explained in various ways. Modernization for instance, is one theoretical approach to explain why countries democratize. Additionally, social and cultural factors have also explained democratization, as well as, international factors. It becomes deductive to attribute democratization to any one single theory as modernization works with social and cultural factors that are also impacted by international factors. It appears as if they all contribute in one way or another....   [tags: Democratization Essays]

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The Government And The Democratic System

- Nations identify their forms of government by how their legislative, executive, and judicial systems are structured. The most primary identifier of any nation is which democratic system it follows: presidential, or parliamentary. Both are built on a single democratic principle that all elections should be free and competitive in order to determine their leaders and how they are able to govern. (Charles Hauss 41) Organized government is essential to avoid chaos and anarchy. Without authority and rule, free will and malicious intent without known repercussions can often negatively influence decision making and actions taken by the people to gain power over land, people, money, and any other m...   [tags: Prime minister, Presidential system]

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The Democratic Republic Of Congo And Rwanda

- Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda was inspired by Belgian influence and colonization. The use of missionaries as intermediaries in the Congo was one of the most successful forms of governance for the Belgian Empire in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. These intermediaries were the way in which Belgium could expand its might almost indirectly, while perpetuating genocide in order to spread fear among the Congolese and strengthen Belgian economic expansion. Belgian influence also expanded into Rwanda after World War I, when Rwanda became a protectorate of Belgium....   [tags: Colonialism, Slavery, Belgium, Africa]

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Genocide in Democratic Republic of Congo

- Genocide is a calculated and analytically carnage of people who reside to a certain racial, political, and ethnic groups (Genocide). Genocide can occur and does occur in many places around the world. One of these places it takes place in is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since 1996 there has hardly been peace in Congo (Global Research). Over 6 million people had lost their lives in the DRC genocide and many woman had suffered from rape and are still undergo rape by rebels who use rape as their main weapon (World Relief)....   [tags: Racial, Political, Ethnic Groups, Africa, Congo]

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How Democratic Is The American Constitution

- ... This left out many women, African Americans, and Native Americans. Therefore, not everyone was able to vote for what they wanted. I believe this is a republican based ideal that contains irony. The situation is ironic because one of the main framers, John Adams was known to look to his wife for help and advice. But, she was unable to vote in what is known to be a democracy, because there were no laws for women suffrage. The author states many more undemocratic things about the Constitution: election of president, choosing senators, equal representation in the senate, judicial power, and congressional power....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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Are Democratic States More Peaceful?

- Democratic states are perceived to be more peaceful because “democracies do not attack each other.” The proposition that democracies never (or rarely; there is a good deal of variation about this) go to war against one another has nearly become a truism. Since Michael Doyle’s essay in 1983 pointed out that no liberal democracy has ever fought a war with another democracy , scholars have treated pacifism between as democracies, “as closest thing we have to an empirical law in international relations.” The democratic peace proposition encourages hope for a new age of international peace....   [tags: Political Systems, Liberalism]

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The Federalist And Democratic Republicans

- The Federalist and the Democratic-Republicans were both loyal Americans who sought to empower the United States and wanted nothing more than to see the young nation flourish and grow. But they differed in their philosophy of how the country would be led to thrive. The main differences between them were that the Federalist favored a strong central government, while the Democratic-Republicans favored a strong state government. Another fundamental difference was their idea on how the Constitution was to be interpreted and executed....   [tags: Thomas Jefferson, United States]

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Barack Obama and the Democratic Party

- Most liberals have an overpowering, almost obsessive-compulsive drive to make everything line up, balance, and come out even. Obsessed with rearranging, realigning, and controlling the natural order of everything and everyone to fit the perfect liberal-progressive model, they quickly find disillusionment. Their cockamamie ideas meet with scorn and ridicule in the real world of reason and common sense. Frustrated by their inability to manipulate the behavior of others, yet with the uncontrollable fixation to make everything “right,” liberals learned long ago to harness the power of government....   [tags: Politics]

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The Art of Democratic Parenting

- When children are growing up, they often wonder why their friend’s parents act differently than theirs. Some might even complain to their parents by saying “But my friend’s parents let her do that” or “My friend’s parents bought him/her this toy”. Although, it may be hard to explain to your child why it is important for you to say no to something’s, it will be better for them in the long run. Some parents may not realize but everyday things such as food choices, toy or games they play with and the responsibilities they have at home can affect their lives forever and they will pass on the things you taught them to their children one day....   [tags: Parenting]

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How "democratic" was Jacksonian Democracy

- The rise of democratisation in America describes "Age of Jackson", yet Jacksonian Democracy is a concept referring to the rise of political democracy in America through the creation of the Democrat party. In one aspect it is a period of democracy for the common man with extended suffrage and strict constructionism in the federal system. Another angle is that Jacksonianism can be seen as a walking contradiction with the existence of slavery and subjugation of minorities in an age of white supremacy defying any "democratic" nature....   [tags: Age of Jackson, American History]

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Sources Of Democratic Political System

- Sources of democratic instability Introduction There are different political systems adopted in ruling a state. The political system took might change periodically depending on the situation and the needs of the subjects. Democracy is a governing system whereby all the people are involved in the decision-making process through representations. The people of a particular state elect the leader of their choice who represents them in making decisions and formulation of policies. The policies and rules are formulated in a similar assembly or a parliament....   [tags: Democracy, Human rights, Voting, Direct democracy]

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Public Relations and Democratic Communications

- In modern society, the mass media is of central importance in informing, educating and entertaining the public through reflections of different aspects of the society, such as educational issue, economic circumstance and political affair. Benefiting from the development of new media technologies, the power of mass media to shape public perceptions on broad issues has been considerably strengthened by the achievements as a wider coverage of media audiences and the competence of instantaneous information transmission and updating....   [tags: Political Science Essays]

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Democratic Government And The Government

- Part Four In theory, a democratic government should have the people be in charge. Here, the citizens have the authority to decide who is a government official by an electoral process. They also have the ability to vote an elected representative out of office if they believe he or she is not fulfilling his duties. ( The democratic government holds true to its definition in practice. In democratic countries, such as the United States, formal elections are held every few years in which the citizens have the ability to vote on the president, representatives, and social and economic issues....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Communism, Fascism]

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Social Media and Democratic Reform

- Social Media and Democratic Reform I) In this paper I prove that the TedTalk related to Political and Cultural Globalization by focusing on social media use in The Pro-democracy Revolution and how it has affected democratic reformation. A) A comparative essay between the Jasmine Revolution of Tunisia and the Jasmine Revolution of China. B) How social media affected the outcomes of both of the revolutions. 1) Social Media was the leading force in Tunisia 2) Social Media did not win the Chinese Revolution (a) Censorship of media held back the potential revolution (b) Government Security prevented protests....   [tags: globalization, military, violence, bias]

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The Democratic Republic of Congo

- The Democratic Republic of Congo, fourth largest nation and second largest country in Africa, has many different kinds of natural resources such as diamond, copper, petroleum and stunning landscapes. Moreover; their laws state that women and men enjoy the same rights; they are not forced to get married, both have the right to vote and contribute in the economy. However, in reality because of the cultural traditions which indicate that men are the households and women have to obey and must take permission from their husband or their father before taking any action outside the house, women are not allowed to be involved in any meetings or own any business; they are only allowed to...   [tags: civil war, security, women´s role]

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The American (Totalitarian) Democratic System?

- “The American dream, collectively thought to be the ability to advance one’s status in life through hard work and determination, is the central part of American culture and class definition,” theorizes economics professor and journalist Paul Krugman in an article in which he later attacked this mantra (Krugman par. 15). Whether or not his sentiments hold true to the people with the United States as a whole is difficult to measure, but more and more evidence has come forth within the past few decades that support an adjacent viewpoint....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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Democratic Government: Is It Better?

- ... Trust, norms and networks as Putnam points out, tend to be self-reinforcing. The author conducted an experiment in Italy. This study revealed patterns of associations, trust and cooperation that facilitate good governance and economic prosperity. He found that more civic regions in the north of Italy, with the implementation of choral societies and soccer teams engaged people in community affairs, public issues, increased the belief in popular government but most strikingly in community values and solidarity, cooperation and honesty....   [tags: standard, democracy, functions]

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Students For A Democratic Society

- ... The concept of participatory democracy is derived from citizens striving to create opportunities for all members of a population to make contributions in decision-making processes. Furthermore, the Port Huron Statement promoted protestors to increase their involvement with the more liberal side of the Democratic Party and to embrace civil disobedience to achieve a true participatory democracy. The pursuit of this new vision of a true participatory democracy began to clarify the idea of the New Left....   [tags: Vietnam War, United States, Lyndon B. Johnson]

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Participation Of The Democratic Party

- ... Immigration is a major issue that is playing an important role particularly in the 2016 election. Technology is a major role in how presidential candidates are going to be perceive by the Americans. The advances in technology will shape how the citizens will vote in the upcoming presidential elections. Improvements in electronic communication are transforming how Americans acquire political information and participate in constitutional democracy. Advocacy groups now use the internet, and databases to inform....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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The Democratic Republic of Congo

- “Congo has become a never-ending nightmare, one of the bloodiest conflicts since World War II, with more than five million dead.”(The World’s Worst War). Between the years of 1998 and 2003, the Democratic Republic of the Congo was engaged in a war (Second Congo War). This was a war over mineral resources used in the global economy (Global Ministries). The Congo has large amounts of valuable diamonds, coltan, tin, copper, and cassiterite (Global Ministries), and is considered to be one of the richest countries in the world regarding its natural resources (Democratic Republic of the Congo)....   [tags: safeguards, rwanda and uganda ]

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Party Influence on Democratic Elections

- According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “democracy is a government by the people.” Merriam additionally specifies democracy as the “rule of the majority.” In government, this definition may be a contradiction. A classic democratic state is defined as a government in which the supreme power is invested in the people which is exercised directly or indirectly through the use of elections. However, according to the definition of Merriam-Webster the power comes from the masses. In the parliamentary democracy of the United Kingdom and Sweden either theory may be applied....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Collapse of Democratic Choice

- With over 1 million businesses operating in Canada, corporate responsibility is a major issue that should be recognized by citizens within society. In simple terms, corporate responsibility is the ethics and morals of a business. Many corporations in Canada have a tremendous amount of wealth and power. Regulation is essential in order for good government. Corporate responsibility occurs when initiatives taken by these corporations benefit all the stakeholders. These stakeholders vary from the employees, to the customer, and to the community....   [tags: corporate responsibility, ethics, moral]

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Democratic Republic of Congo Holocaust

- ... The people suffering from the poverty aspect are getting the effects of the mass murders and the country’s political instability. Genocide describes the heinous act of killing others in order to prove the point. In this case, Rwanda’s government is targeting specific people. The Congo War, a massive destruction to their country, is genocide. One reason it is, in fact, genocide is due to the amount of murders occurring. “But so far the brutal war in eastern Congo has not only lasted longer than the Holocaust but also appears to have claimed more lives [than the Holocaust],” (Kristof 1)....   [tags: bloody wars in Africa]

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The Modern Day Democratic System

- Immanuel Kant and, originally, Jeremy Bentham developed two very popular, mistakenly similar yet different theories on ethics. In this paper I will outline the main points of each theory and then relate them to modern times. I believe that today’s society could both fall into a Kantian moral standing, but more so I believe that today’s generation handles ethics with more of a utilitarian approach. The modern day democratic system is simply laid out in a utilitarian ethical standard. Kantian ethics was developed by Immanuel Kant towards the end of the Enlightenment period....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill]

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Democratic Institutions Of North Korea

- ... When the Kim family have something sad, they must to mourn for the leader. In North Korea, even though they are still hungry but they still have to dance and sing to the leader of gratitude. North Korean do not have the right to vote, not political discussions, not understanding their basic rights. All is due to underestimate his intelligence leader. Specially, North Korean never can leave their country (North Korea ,wikipedia). The democracy system is easy to established to dictatorships. They use the violence to suppress without dialogue, or without signs of promise for democracy from them....   [tags: Democracy, Human rights, Government]

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Democratic Ideals of John Locke

- In Second Treatise of Government John Locke characterizes the state of nature as one’s ability to live freely and abide solely to the laws of nature. Therefore, there is no such thing as private property, manmade laws, or a monarch. Locke continues to say that property is a communal commodity; where all humans have the right to own and work considering they consume in moderation without being wasteful. Civil and Political Societies are non-existent until one consents to the notion that they will adhere to the laws made by man, abide by the rules within the community, allow the ability to appoint men of power, and interact in the commerce circle for the sake of the populace....   [tags: Influence, History, Government]

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Democratic System: State and Governemnt

- In a democratic system, a bill goes through two distinct branches, the executive and the legislative branch. The bill becomes a policy only when it passes the legislative branch and executive branch. The legislative or executive branches do not have the ability to implement the policy or law; it is the responsibility of the bureaucracy to implement that policy. It is public employees who work in the bureaucracy. Almost thirty three percent of state and local employees belong to unions. The primary responsibility of the union is to protect its member’s job and benefits....   [tags: executive, legislative branch]

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Democratic Policing Literature Review

- Introduction The theory of democratic policing is no monolithic, cogent and cohesive doctrine. Rather like democracy itself, the literature on democratic policing is characterised by oft-competing claims and counter-claims as to its core principles, goals and arrangements. This literature review canvasses the notable differences and similarities in the various characterisations of democratic policing, and also briefly looks at the challenges that some authors argue are already threatening the dominance of the theory....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Democratic Peace Theory

- The democratic peace theory was not always seen as the substantial argument and significant contribution to the field of International Relations that it is today. Prior to the 1970’s, it was the realist and non-realist thought that took preeminence in political theoretical thinking. Though the democratic peace theory was first criticized for being inaccurate in its claim that democracy promotes peace and as such democracies do not conflict with each other, trends, statistical data, reports have suggested and proved that the democratic peace theory is in fact valid in its claim....   [tags: international relations, ]

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Democratic Deficit in Canada

- The Canadian constitution is bereft of democratic legitimacy; an alluring term for political democratic deficit. Over the past years, the unsuccessful attempts to reform its laws have made passing new bills and regulations almost an unreachable goal for every newly elected prime minister. This inflexibility in adapting new laws made the fundamental principles of the Canadian constitution knew only few reforms. The lack of democratic accountability in the Canadian parliamentary democracy is demonstrated not only in its electoral system, but also in its national parliament and at the federal level of its politics....   [tags: Democracy Increase Solution]

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The American Democratic Republic

- “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Although the United States is moving toward a more democratic political system, the framers of the constitution aimed at creating a republic government. The word democracy is never even mentioned in the United States Constitution. Our modern government is a blend of both democratic and republican ideals called the American Democratic Republic....   [tags: republic government, political equality]

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Republican & Democratic Parties

- ... The first two political parties that were formed in the United States were the federalist and the anti-federalist. The federalist consisted of the northern population, while the anti-federalist were in the south. One of the leaders of the federalist was Alexander Hamilton, with the power that he held and the power of the other federalist, they were able to gain control of the government for the first 10 years. The Democratic-Republic party took shape with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, until 1828 when the name Republican was dropped from the name of the party which lead to the creation of the Democratic Party....   [tags: US government system]

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Democratic Vs. Authoritarian Regime

- Democratic versus Authoritarian Regime State - is a complex multi-faceted mechanism which shares many traits and characteristics that define its essence. Among them is one of the main such as a political regime. Depending on the political regime, it is determined by what means the country 's ruling elite controls the people, economy, puts into practice it’s economic, social and political agendas and views. There are different categories of political regimes, but I want to examine democratic and authoritarian regimes....   [tags: Government, Autocracy, Authoritarianism, Monarchy]

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Being a Democratic Citizen

- Citizens within a democratic nation have a responsibility to be actively involved within their government and truly understand the rights and demands placed upon them. The political democratic community is working ideally when its citizens are participating with informed decisions. It is a machine that functions properly when it's citizens understand their rights and responsibilities within their society. Citizens need to also be aware of the problems and truths within politics. Democracy is not perfect and this is the reality when working with its citizens in helping them understanding their place in the political game....   [tags: Government, Human Rights]

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The Jacksonian Democratic Party

- When George Henry Evans cited the unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence and that, “’to secure these rights’ against the undue influence of other classes of society, prudence… dictates the necessity of the organization of a party, who shall…prevent dangerous combinations to subvert these indefeasible and fundamental privileges”, he called for a party to become the sentinel of the original American democracy. And for many, the Jacksonian Democratic Party filled that role. The Democrats, who pursued a democracy that entailed economic and social independence for the common citizen, faced harsh opposition from the Whig Party in the Second American Party System....   [tags: Jacksonian Democracy]

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Democratic Innovations in Nepal

- Assess the degree to which late 20th century Nepal, as described by Burghart, could be characterized as a modern 'nation-state' in Gellner's sense. 'People in different parts of the world still utter different sounds, but nowadays they say more or less the same things everywhere' (Gellner in Eriksen, 2010. p.289). For a long period of time, nationalism was regarded as 'one of Europe's most magnificent gifts to the rest of the world', 'a European import'(Chatterjee, 1993. p.4), until the breakout of the two World Wars....   [tags: nation-state, nationalism, Gelner, Burghart]

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Democratic Ideology

- In order for understanding to materialize concerning democratic ideology, one must try to understand the beginnings of the subject, how it came about, who were the players involved. Also, how did those involved use their theory to develop it. Further, one should try to understand the different methods of its use. Finally, one should seek the criticisms in order to better understand the possible shortcomings of it. Democratic Ideology is a very complex multifaceted mythology and if one is to broaden their understanding of it must thoughtfully review each of these areas....   [tags: Age of Enlightenment, Economics, Politics]

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Democratic Morality

- Democratic morality rests on three key issues, each must be examined in light of the impact of large administrative organizations with substantial influence over the development of public policy. First, democratic morality assumes that the person, the individual, is the basic measure of human value. It is in the realization of the fullest potential of the individual that we come to judge our political and social system. It holds that institutions, policies, and the behavior of men are to be judged by one principle: man is the ultimate value of all human values....   [tags: Government]

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Chants Democratic

- Chants Democratic, by Sean Wilentz examined the emergence of New York’s labor class during the Jacksonian era and in essence revealed Artisan Republicanism. Wilentz offered a unique perspective in his historical analysis of the social and political labor histories during 1788 through 1850. Wilentz stressed the importance of the republicanism ideology in the creation of a working class that was instrumental in a pre-industrial New York. The author stressed the significance in both the political histories and social histories of the early nineteenth century by incorporating political ideologies and labor union descriptions....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Democratic Iraq

- Just the other day, I was sitting in a cafeteria with a couple of my friends, chatting and discussing the old times of high school. It didn’t take a long time till the content of the discussion took a discriminating dimension. They started to talk about a group of students who became rappers and wore in a different style than ours. They said that they were “freaks” and “Losers,” and that the likes of them are the reason why we never reached a good educational, social, and economic level. I asked myself: How is that relevant....   [tags: Iraqi Women Fight for Gender Equality]

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Democratic Participation

- One of the biggest concerns in the modern American democracy is the lack of political interest and participation that has increased since the 1960s. Most political scientists agree with the idea that a healthy democracy needs a healthy amount of participation and political efficacy; however, the big debate involves knowing what is the amount necessary to be considered “healthy”. Some political scientists believe the theory, in which average American’s lack of participation is in extreme harm for our democracy....   [tags: Political Interest, America, Politics]

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Democratic Peace Theory

- The democratic peace theory was not always seen as the substantial argument and significant contribution to the field of International Relations that it is today. Prior to the 1970’s, it was realist and non-realist thought that took preeminence in political theoretical thinking. Though the democratic peace theory was first criticized for being inaccurate in its claim that democracy promotes peace and as such democracies do not conflict with each other, trends, statistical data, reports have suggested and proved that the democratic peace theory is in fact valid in its claim....   [tags: democracy, peaceful relations, democracies]

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Democratic Peace Theory

- Intro: US Presidents have made it a goal during their term(s) in office to establish a good relationship with foreign countries and even try to improve upon existing connections with our allies. Some believe it is to prevent conflicts between the countries while others dispute that it is a threat assessment by the United States to pick and choose their friends and enemies. Preventing conflict between two democracies or countries that practice democracy is called Democratic Peace Theory. However, research has begun to show that Democratic Peace Theory is ineffective and needs to be brought to an end as a model for how international relations are formed or destroyed....   [tags: Foreign Policy, Nuclear Turmoil]

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Are Liberal-democratic States Inherently More Peaceful than Non-democratic Ones?

- The United States of America proudly present themselves as a humanitarian liberal democratic power and as the main liberal architect whose role, became more significant in the post-Cold War world, given the end of the bipolar system which created a systemic permissiveness for the institution of the so called “New World Order”₁ paired with liberal ideals and the desire to spread peace and democracy in a global scale and pursue “(…) America's ideals -- liberty, democracy and peace.” ₂ In this essay, after defining some crucial concepts, such as peace, liberal and democratic governments, I’ll present arguments that support the idea that liberal democratic states are not inherently more peaceful...   [tags: post-Cold War world]

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Changes and Sacrifices of the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists

- Early in the Constitutional period, Anti-Federalist, later the Democratic-Republican party and the Federalist had disputes and opposing plans for the new and young nation. Federalist stood for a strong and centralized federal government; especially one that focused on commercial interest. Democratic-Republicans wanted a weak central government that would be under the sovereignty of the states and focused on the agrarian life of the United States. As time dragged on, each party evolved after the Constitutional period from 1800 to 1824....   [tags: the Constitutional period of the US]

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Is Democratic Socialism a Better Form of Government?

- Is democratic socialism a better form of government. Democratic socialism is a form of government whose popularity is growing exponentially. It is found that democratic socialism is a better alternative to capitalism and communism, two other very popular forms of government. Democratic socialism can be considered the best form of government because key industries are nationalized, there is an even distribution of wealth, and it produces a well working economy. The theory of democratic socialism is to provide a society in which the needs of all people, not just the wealthy, are met....   [tags: political and economic ideologies]

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People’s Democratic Party

- The dream of the founding fathers of any political party in the world is for their members to share the same vision with them, to follow their footsteps, and to preserve their enduring legacies. These are naturally what the successive members of the party are supposed to uphold especially when the vision and legacies meet the challenges of their time. But when the reverse is the case as a result of unexpected changes in the political equation, immediate changes must be effected in the party to avert colossal defeat during elections....   [tags: Government]

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The Contrasting Development of Democratic and Authoritarian States

- Two states, developing as either a democratic or authoritarian regime, could be expected to undergo different paths over the course of fifty years. While this opportunity of observational research is unlikely to occur, it presents itself to analysis implementing secured theories regarding the tendencies of both forms of government. A democratic regime, defined by popular sovereignty and political equality, deeply contrasts the inequality and singular rule synonymous with authoritarianism. The differences in the two states would be most notable in regard to tendencies regarding international relations, economic development, as well as the level of internal stability resulting from the decisio...   [tags: international relations, decision makers]

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A Presidential System Of Government For Democratic Stability

- ... Meanwhile, Indonesia has also been shown to have thrived with the multiparty presidential system of government after Suharto’s authoritarian New Order fell and transition to democracy in 1999. Hence, they also affirmed that the multiparty presidentialism has been a more dependable system in countries where it gained proofs. Stepan and Skach opine that democratic political system of government has a framework of mutual independence in a pure presidential regime. Consequently, this form of governance is structured in such a manner that its legitimacy is defined and motivated by the fixed electoral mandate of the legislative power....   [tags: Presidential system, Separation of powers]

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The Impact: Vietnam and the 1968 Democratic Primary

- ... It is here that he was introduced to the conflict in Vietnam. Originally, McCarthy threw his hat in the ring in an effort to get the US Government to turn over documents and such that outlined the US’s role in the war. He campaigned heavily against the war and found himself in utter disagreement with LBJ. Once the New Hampshire primary was complete, Johnson left and things changed. Not just for McCarthy, but for the race as well. Bearing a strange resemblance to Eugene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey also made a living representing the state of Minnesota....   [tags: society, political, war, nation]

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The Role of Chieftainship in a Democratic South Africa

- Kgoshi ke kgoshi ka batho when translated conveys that chiefs are chiefs because of the people. Chieftainship was the ancient way of governance in Africa and particularly in Southern Africa. Chieftainship was also considered the most common form of political structures in Southern Africa. Prior to the apartheid era chiefs and kings were very influential on the people in the Zulu, Pedi, Swazi, Ndebele, the Transkei tribes and other tribes in South Africa. In their political system chiefs and kings were seen as superior figures in the society and most individuals living in their clan had to follow orders conveyed by the chief and king....   [tags: culture, Tribes, Chief]

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Civil Disobedience and It's Relation to the Democratic Process

- Everything in the universe is a system that must progress, and in order to progress, it must consume and test the realities around it. Throughout the history of humanity, individuals and groups have always defied laws that they believe are unjust and have always moved to progress society based on either their own motives. The idea of Democracy is revolutionary; it is a microcosm of the collective reality because different entities always come together in a feedback loop in order for their motives to coalesce and balance each other out....   [tags: Civil Disobedience Essays]

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Public Sphere and The Ideals of a Democratic Society

- Democracy, formally known as the “rule by the people” is seen a form of governance which is ruled by the people, for the people. Modern civilization views democracy as an ideal, but many people forget that this ideal is very difficult to achieve. The creation of the public sphere, as well as communicative technologies intended to achieve one of the most important goals: to enhance democracy. The public sphere was created in order to have an area where people could meet and freely discuss issues within society (Ironstone March 21, 2014)....   [tags: Fraser, Habermas, Dean]

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Democracy 's Viability Of Democratic Governance

- In terms of democratic governance, it is commonly acknowledged as the exclusive, valid system of government in this modern-day period. Hence, it is habitually correlated with entirely everything that is wholesome (Gilley, 2009). Nevertheless, while the introduction of democracy in its present form, there have been countless reproaches intended at either cultivating or eradicating democratic governance (Gilley, 2009). Although censure of democratic governance is warranted, it maybe incumbent upon us to disapprovingly scrutinize the forms of criticisms in order to enhanced our understanding of the validity of the criticisms, or the absence of the things that were mention....   [tags: Democracy, Voting, Direct democracy, Communism]

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Conflict and Corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo

- Africa has long been a nation of conflict and strife. Certain countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have a prolonged history of corrupt leaders, violence and lack of resources. These conflicts often can lead to spill over and create wars in their neighboring countries. When a weak state has internal conflict it often spreads to surrounding weak states as it did with many of the countries in central Africa. This type of crisis will often involve the entire world in a variety of capacities such as militaries, foreign aid and the global economy....   [tags: Africa]

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Three Recomendations for the Democratic Republic of Congo

- ... Deaths due to AIDS in 2012 ran as high as 36,000 with 350,000-440,000 children under the age of 18 orphaned (The UNAIDS website, n.d.). The HIV infection rate in the DRC has fallen within the cohort of pregnant women from 3.4% in 2009 to 2.8% in 2012, according to the DRC’s Ministry of Health. They relate this to screening campaigns and HIV/AIDS fairs throughout the country targeting the youth in order to help them understand the risks. Due to the lack of strength and the inability to avoid sexual encounters (rape and domestic violence), the epidemic is becoming more feminine-specific ("Women with HIV," n.d.)....   [tags: corruption, HIV, violence]

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Food Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo

- ... Tropical rainforests exist in central and northern parts of DR Congo, while the moist savannah mainly exists in the southern parts of DR Congo (United Nations Environment Programme, 2012). Tropical rainforests are normally hot and humid and have a lot of rainfall (Stockton, 2014). Savannahs normally have warm summers and cool winters. Summer is when this biome receives most rainfall; as winter is normally dry (Stockton, 2014). Both these biomes are great for agriculture as they both have rich, fertile soil....   [tags: poverty, population, climate]

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Voting At The Center Of Every Democratic System

- ... So Wyoming gets one electoral vote or one for every 187,000 people. However California gets 55 electoral votes, or one for every 677,000 people. This means Wyomingites have three and a half times the power of Californians in the Electoral College. This isn’t the only problem with the Electoral College. In 2012, more than three million Texans voted democratic and nearly five million Californians voted republican. If the votes were awarded proportionately, sixteen of Texas’ votes would have gone to Obama and twenty of California’s votes would have gone to Romney....   [tags: Election, Elections]

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Angola´s Fight for a Democratic Government

- Within the African continent, the presence of vast natural resources in countries absent stable governments portends a chief barrier to democracy that has rendered countries paralyzed in their attempts to form democratic nations. In Angola, this so-called “resource curse” is illustrated very clearly: a country with abundant oil and diamonds, seemingly the making of a prosperous nation, yet unable to create a stable and democratic government. The revenue from oil and diamonds in Angola has been used to fund and defend an authoritarian regime that has been targeted by opposition that seeks to collapse it....   [tags: oil companies, economy, citizens]

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Freedom of Expression is Essential in a Democratic Society

- Freedom of expression involves a number of aspects which are regulated under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is thought to be essential in a free and democratic society. Article 10 describes freedom of expression as having the freedom to hold an opinion or express a view without intervention from public authority . However, this right is not an absolute right as there are a number of formalities, restrictions and conditions placed on the right to freedom of expression. A number of legal restrictions have been put into place to protect national security, public safety, for the prevention of disorder, which may lead to crime, protection of public health and morals , p...   [tags: judicial, journalist, article 10]

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SADC: A Private Club or A Democratic Institution?

- An understanding of the philosophical, political and economic and historical background is essential to the comprehension of the functions of institutions in SADC. According to Zacarias A. (1998), he stated SADC is virtually the transformation of the so-called war-time frontline states and newly independent state of Southern Africa from a purely defensive military alliance, against apartheid and settler colonial minority regimes, into an economic and political alliance. The founding fathers of SADC most notably Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Mujoma of Namibia’s tendency to treat SADC as an exclusive private club to the used to satisfy their whims is clearly illustrative of the fact that these leader...   [tags: Economics]

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