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Decision Tree : Decision Trees

- ... The applications or techniques that are discussed in this paper are, pre-pruning, this is a termination condition where you would delete some of the branches when the tree is generated. Post pruning, this technique is where the tree is created and some of the branches are removed to improve the accuracy of un-seen data. Data pre-processing, the goal of this technique is to find the right characteristics to create a simpler decision tree, this is done by simplifying through the training data used by the learning algorithm (Kotsiantis, 2013)....   [tags: Decision tree, Tree, Decision trees]

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Wrong Decision Making And Consequences

- ... As my own experience, two years ago, I decided to purchase a used photocopier at a cost of $1,500. I knew that, at that time, a new photocopier would cost around $2,000. I simply hoped that I could currently save $500 if I bought a used photocopier instead of a new one. However, just after two weeks used, I had to repair it and cost about $200. I considered re-selling that used photocopier and buying a new one. However, my friend told me that I will get back just $600. I thought if I sell it now, I will make a loss of $400 within two weeks....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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Decision Making And Effectiveness Of A Company

- ... First of all, one challenge is that she must convince management the importance of at least investigating the safety of their product. Management has so far shown resistance to any criticism or complaint received about Herb’s Special Fertilizer Mix, without any proof to substantiate the claim that the product is safe to use. Second, Martha needs to decide if she should be acting in the best interest of the company, or the best interest of the customer. Depending on where she finds her loyalty most important will dictate how she decides what to do....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Risk]

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The Theory And Decision Making Theory

- A theory is a tentative way of explaining something. “It consists of a set of assumptions, concepts, relationships, and logic that are combined to explain a phenomenon of interest (Johnson & Kruse, 2009).” “Theories come from science and research. The purpose of theory/theorizing is to understand and control the world in which we live by describing and explaining it. Education is saturated with theory (Johnson, 2015). Theory can be both normative and descriptive. The normative explains the “ought” while the descriptive explains the “is”....   [tags: Decision theory, Decision making, Cognition]

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Decision Making Of Diverse Groups

- Decision Making in Diverse Groups Namratha Murthy-nvm242 (Link Team) Malcolm ford said that “Diversity: is the art of thinking independently together”[1]. Diversity in teams is vital to achieve effective solution where every team member brings in unique expertise that results in all-inclusive approach for possible solutions. In this process different sets of eyes with unique pair of glasses see the problem and solution differently from one another that creates a wider coverage range. In the article “Putting your whole brain to work”[2] Dorothy Leonard and Susaan Straus discuss about how creative abrasion is necessary for productive results....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Cognition]

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Decision Making

- Advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, of group decision-making Name: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction Keller & Price (2011) pointed out that an organisation that have to develop and maintain competitive advantage has to devise mechanisms of involving every employee into the decision making process. A study conducted by Freeman (1999) in an investigation of the importance of including employees in a decision making process documented that, organisations that include employees in decisions of the running of the organisation have higher chances of developing organisational culture that pushes the organisation to higher levels....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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Decision Making For Managerial Accountants

- ... There are three decision making models that are used to analyze decision making: the rational model, the organizational process model, and the collaborative model. Among the three decision making models, I believe the rational model is the best model to assist with analyzing the scenario to make my final decision. The rational model consists of five phases for decision making that “[relies] on the rationality of the decision maker’s thoughts and behavior” (Nahavandi, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2015)....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Risk]

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Factors Influencing Decision And Behaviors

- Approaches to influencing decision and behaviors On a work environment, operators often have control over a considerable amount of decision. Some decisions may be critical to the efficiency and efficacy of the process. However, there are many cognitive biases that affect and weaken the effectiveness of the person 's decision-making within the business. Therefore, it is interesting for the company to design the decision process that can eliminate or diminish the negative effect of the cognitive biases, and helping people make better decision....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Cognition]

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Decision Case : The Expenditure Approval Process

- ... If this meant that I could not do business with Roberto than that is on him and he would need to work with his company to find a solution that would work. I would continue to work on finding a unit that fits within Robert’s budget in hopes that I could do business with his company. Do you agree or disagree with Roberto’s actions. I would disagree with Roberto’s actions, regardless of what new piece of equipment is needed and how much it would cost, or how much could be expensed; Roberto needs to understand the company’s reasoning....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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Key Elements Of The Decision Making Process

- ... Depending on the problem and the situation the need for more information and who needs to be involved can be determined to achieve a successful outcome for the problem solution stage. The problem solution stage is a necessity to achieve the desired effective outcome. Through the definition of decision criteria in the beginning, the team can set the stage for an inquiry perspective, allowing for more open and objective discussion. The process should be the team generating multiple alternatives to the problem....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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The Ethical Decision Making Models

- ... Lastly, does the decision benefit the least privileged or at least not further deprived them (Week 8, 2016). Nash’s model of decision making involves twelve questions. The first two questions involve defining the problem and understanding the problem from the side of support and opposition. The following three questions have the individual think about when the problem first occurred, where the loyalty of the individual lies, and the intentions the individual has in making a decision (Week 8, 2016)....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Decision making, Decision theory]

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Decision Making : The Choice Overload Problem

- ... If you are willing to cut and get rid of extraneous redundant options then there will be an increase in sales, lowering in costs which then improves the choosing experience. Another technique is concretisation which suggests that in order for people to understand the differences between the different choices, first they should be able to understand the consequences that are associated the choices and also that the consequences need to be felt in a very concrete way. An everyday example to explain this would be why do people spend an average of 15 to 30 percent more when they use a credit card as opposed to cash....   [tags: Decision making, Decision making software]

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Ethical Decision Making : Ethical And Moral Decision

- ... The ethical decision is the one that would result in the least amount of damage. Another question I can ask myself: What course of action can I live with. I have to be able to live with my decision, and, that is also crucial. My second step involves an essential step; this step gives you the opportunity to gather relevant facts. I chose this from the Baker-Kidder’s model. This step is important because I will be able to collect the information and facts I need to continue with my ethical decision-making....   [tags: Ethics, Risk, Decision making, Morality]

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The Standard 6 : Decision Making

- Standard 6: Decision Making. Decision-making is skills will be taken under any circumstances. The leader should research and analysis of the problem scientific analysis to facilitate decision-making and find suitable alternatives and most effective way to solve the problem. Studying mathematics gives me a good way of effective decision make and problem solve. In mathematics I usually follow steps and strategies before I make decision for the best answer. First, I refine the problem, to make sure I understand exactly what I need to accomplish, then gather as much information about it as I can....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Decision making]

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How The Firefighters Applied The Concepts Of Decision Making

- Mann Gulch The Mann Gulch wildfire was a tragic event that took the lives of 13 firefighters who had jumped into the area to battle the fast-moving fire. The tragedy was a severe hit to the Forest Service, which had not experienced a death during a decade of smoke jumping (Rothermel, 1993). Along with the horrific deaths, Rothermel (1993) states the Mann Gulch fire had serious consequences for the Forest Service and its research branch. The fire disaster changed the landscape of wildfire firefighting....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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Decision Making Process With Integration Of Personal Experience

- Decision-making processes Three distinct decision making processes are programed decisions, operations research, and non-programed decisions (Dunn, 2010). Programed decisions are those made routinely and are well-known to the person making the decision (Dunn, 2010). Often these issues have standard rules and regulations that encompass them (Dunn, 2010). As stated by Dunn (2010), “operations research is closely aligned with systems analysis and is defined as the use of mathematical models, analytical methods, or structured inquiry to analyze a complex situation and identify the optimal approach” (p....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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Computer Based Group Decision Support System

- ... In order to reach a consensus; general process steps are used, they include group brainstorming, classification, prioritization, planning, assessment, documentation, and resolution (Prescott). According to Prescott, “The process always involves a facilitator who designs the work space and guides the team”(Prescott). A number of techniques are also so used to guide participants reach a consensus. “The Delphi approach is a structured communication technique in which experts answer questionnaires in several rounds”(Zandbergen)....   [tags: Decision theory, Decision making]

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The On Aeronautical Decision Making

- Pilots generally do not think about the model of decision-making they wish to follow when they are at the controls. They instead worry about key items that have a direct correlation to the safety of those onboard and the safety of the aircraft. In this article, O’Hare is concerned that a lot of effort has been put into educating and training pilots to make the right decision, but very little or none has been put towards aeronautical decision-making (ADM). This stems from the fact that as an aviation community we do not fully understand the ADM process, though we comprehend quite well the “prescriptive models of ADM” and can effectively train to them (O’Hare, 1992, p....   [tags: Decision making, Cognition, Risk]

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Reflection on My Nursing Decision

- Pearson (2013) clarifies “clinical decision making is essential to every aspect of care delivered to a patient” (p. 214). It is the ability to blend information and make decisions that will later be implemented in the situation. Evidence-based decision making involves choosing from a variety of possibilities and combining the knowledge through research and the scientific evaluation of one’s practice. The purpose of this paper is to analyze my decision of administering ativan by advocating for the patient and anticipating her change prior to confirming signs; which provided a therapeutic response....   [tags: Reflective Decision-Making]

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The Ethical Decision Making System

- The case study I chose to make a moral decision on was case number 2. The case study studied the ethical process in which doctors kept anencephalic (brain absent) infants alive using life support to harvest their organs to give to children who need new organs to survive. There are about 2,000- 3,000 infants who are born anencephalic each year but on the other hand there about 500-1,000 children that would die before the age of two if they were not given a new donated major organ. The question then arises, “Is it ethical to directly harvest organs from brain absent babies?” I used a decision making system to help me determine the moral decision....   [tags: Ethics, Decision making, Virtue]

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The Theory Of Rational Decision Making

- Decision-Making People generally believe that the decisions they make are based purely on logical reasoning, and are unaware that their perceptions heavily influence their cognitive processing. This essay outlines the flaws in the traditional theory of rational decision-making, examines how decision-making is influenced by subconscious thought processes, and discusses the implications of this for decision-makers, particularly managers. The traditional economist holds a generally positive view of the human being’s cognitive capabilities, while Dan Ariely and other behavioural economists have a more realistic understanding of human limitations....   [tags: Cognition, Decision making, Mind, Psychology]

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Patient Participation in Decision-Making

- Are decision making of doctors really beneficial for patients. Often patients give up all autonomy for the doctor’s perceived great knowledge of the health services. But as in all humans self-interest almost always clouds one decision on what is best. Terence Ackerman claims noninterference is bad because it does not consider effects of illness of a patient (Degrazia, Mappes, and Ballard 70-140) . Meaning that noninterference in regards to autonomy; makes the doctors job and decision very simple, “let the patient decide.” This is often a tragic case because most patients do not understand the consequences or benefits of a health decision or procedure....   [tags: Medical Decision-Making]

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Ethics And Ethical Decision Making

- In health care settings nurses are continuously dealing with various ethical problems and dilemmas. Ethical dilemma arises when there are equal moral obligations for or against two or more possible courses of action (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2008). Very often, there are not only simple ethical problems but rather complex issues involved many participants and multiple decisions. According to Wilson-Barnett (1986), nurses are more aware of its participation in decision making involving ethical issues....   [tags: Ethics, Decision making, Bioethics, Virtue]

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Strategic Decision Making Process Management

- ... Underestimating levels of uncertainty can be detrimental for managers, as it can force strategic decisions, which might ignore future opportunities and put the company’s future in jeopardy. In order for managers to truly understand levels of uncertainty, and thus improve the decision-making process, managers must consider three integral factors of uncertainty: complexity, volatility, and ambiguity (Schwenker and Wulf, 2013). First, complexity arises when companies undertake an increasing number of factors under their scope....   [tags: Decision making, Risk, Cognition, Decision theory]

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Decision Making

- Decision making can be described as a process of making a decision or decisions, based on choices made amongst two or more competing course of actions. The ‘Decision making’ also requires making a define choice between two or more alternatives course of actions that are available. In every decision making, there is said to be a positive and negative outcome as future consequence(s). The importance of decision making in individual daily life and in organization level was demonstrated by two scientists, Arkes and Hammond (1992), in ‘Judgment and Decision making’ indentified the four types of information which decision maker requires constructing a decision tree....   [tags: Decision Making]

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The Importance of Facilitation in Group Decision-making

- The need for a facilitator arises from the dynamics of group decision-making. In real and everyday life in business, management, politics, crisis conflict, education, etc. group meetings, each individual in the group does not think in the same way (divergent thinking) in real life, humans tend to go off on tangents, lose the original focus for the group meeting. Facilitators are needed to get ideas to converge in a way that reaches the decision point (Doyle and Kaner, 2007). A facilitator is a person who creates an environment which allows groups or organizations to be able to be more effective; to achieve their goals....   [tags: Group Decision-making Essays]

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Spiritual Discernment And What Influences Decision Making Amongst Believers

- The author explore Horton’s (2009) article on spiritual discernment and what influences decision making amongst believers in Christ. The author believes praying for guidance, waiting for signs from God, praying for wisdom to make Godly decision, considering strengths, abilities, talents, and gifts, and using common sense influence daily decision-making. The author goes on to explore past family and experience factors, such as, guidance from pastors, a conflicting family systems, and a Christian college, that influenced the present approach to spiritual discernment....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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Community Power and Participatory Decision-Making

- The study was qualitative in nature as it helped in understanding and giving interpretations to behaviors, emotions, beliefs, texts, talk and relationships of the individuals in the community studied. The case study design, one of the formats used in qualitative research, was used to primarily determine the potentials of participation in decision-making to demonstrate power. The ability to describe and explain in detail aspects of processes in a social unit in their real social context is the main reason why this research adopted the case study design (Feliciano, 1994)....   [tags: Analysis, Dahl, Decision Approach]

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Ethical Attributes For Decision Making

- Ethical Attributes for Decision-making in Nonprofit Organization Every ethical organization want to have all its employees behave ethically and make right decisions whenever they represent as a part of this organization. After read this week’s readings, I found that ethical attributes are substantially influence our daily decision making, especially for professionals in nonprofit organizations. Many of ethical attributes or filters and ethical decision-making models are discussed in these readings; moreover, many of them reflect my personal opinions on ethical decision-making process....   [tags: Decision making, Ethics, Non-profit organization]

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The Ethical Decision Making Model

- The first ethical decision-making model is “Identify the Problem.” It is stated in the reading that Forensic psychologists have to keep in mind that there are extensive behaviors that needs to be considered including when reviewing the work of colleagues. There are ideas that need to be discussed among ethical, legal, moral, and professional perspectives. Whereas, these ideas may need to be explain more to clarify the ethical problem at hand. Consider a request by an attorney for a psychologist report to describe the patient’s degree on disability and patient symptom in a posttraumatic stress situation....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Decision making, Business ethics]

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The Consumer Decision Process Model

- Consumer Decision Process From buying a hamburger to buying a house people use a process in order to make a decision on what to buy. (book cite) describes this as the consumer decision process (pg.175). Utilizing a consumer decision process model, marketers are able to better understand how consumers are purchasing products and services. The five step consumer decision process model includes need recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase, and post purchase. Not all purchases require following all five steps to a T, but consumers, whether they know it or not, follow a version of this model when making a purchase....   [tags: Customer service, Decision making, Streaming media]

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Understanding Decision Making

- The article, “Humble Decision Making” by Amitai Etzioni (1989) discusses the notion that decision making has become a highly complex process largely due to the flood of information we are exposed to and the seemingly impossible task of extracting any form of usable data from which a reasonable decision can be made. The article presents various models that have been accepted as usable methods for decision making in this complex environment and proceeds to proclaim the superiority of humble decision making; otherwise known as adaptive decision making or mixed scanning....   [tags: Decision Making Essays]

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Making An Outsourcing Decision For A Large Mnc

- ... Prescriptive models simplify reality, and assumptions are used in the analysis, therefore, descriptive decision-making is required to overlay the qualitative viewpoint to properly evaluate these assumptions. Non-quantitative information such as organizational culture, experiences of the individuals at the organization are important to take into account in an outsourcing decision (Przansysk et al., 2011; Liang 2013). Additionally, many decision-makers use descriptive decision-making due the work required in performing prescriptive analysis (Riabacke et al., 2012)....   [tags: Critical thinking, Decision making, Cognition]

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The Role Of Experiential Marketing On Consumer Decision

- Introduction There has been widen concern about wether the experiential consumption promote consumers to purchase products irrationally.Nowadays, ‘experiential marketing’ become an essential word in marketing.With providing attractive experiences for their customers, integrating elements of sensations, imagery, feelings, pleasures as a subjective consciousness, it is essential to position and differentiate consumers’ needs, which is commonly called ‘experiential marketing’(Holbrook and Hirschman, 1982).In this essay, the aspects of experiential marketing whether trigger irrational consumer decision would be fundamental to discuss .Also associated with consumer decision,a successful case of...   [tags: Marketing, Emotion, Decision making, Experience]

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Is History A Vital And Necessary Tool For Foreign Policy Decision Making?

- Is history a crutch to foreign policy decision makers. The answer is yes. This, however, postulates positive and negative implications. Positively, history supports and reassures both the strategic measures taken in a decision making process, as well as the framing of the outcomes of decisions. Negatively, history can be viewed as a tool of dependence in the previous stated aspects. So yes, history is a crutch, but it also perhaps the most useful and utilized instrument in foreign policy decision-making....   [tags: Decision making, Cognition, Decision theory]

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Business Intelligence Systems in the Decision Making Process

- The most common purpose for (BI) systems is to aid in the decision making process. BI systems collect data, store the gathered information in data warehouses, analyze the data and then present the data in easy to understand applications for the decision making process. The following studies research the role that BI systems play in the decision making process. The Role of BI in Decision Making Overview. Isik, Jones, and Sidorova (2013) conducted a study that explored the following research questions “(1) What is the relationship between various BI capabilities and BI success....   [tags: business intelligence, decision ]

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Decision Making An Integral Part Of Modern Management

- A plan is a determined course of action for achieving a specific objective. An individual may prepare a plan for his journey or tour or for a family function. Similarly, a business unit may prepare a plan to achieve a particular objective. It is called a business plan which includes production plan, sales plan, and so on. A business unit prepares a master plan for the whole unit. Such master plan is again divided into departmental plans for actual execution. Planning is a process of thanking to action....   [tags: Management, Planning, Decision making]

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Effects of Organizational Culture on Police Decision Making

- This essay discusses the effects of the police organizational culture on a Police officer’s ability to make independent decisions. Every culture is composed of four elements: “values, norms, beliefs, and expressive symbols” (Peterson, 1979, p. 137). Each police officer is influenced by the police organizational culture during training. After graduation fro the police academy, the officer is influenced by the more experienced officers of the department. Research conducted by several authors has found that peer influence never ceases even after years of experience in the field....   [tags: Police Decision-Making]

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The Importance Of Teachers On The School Decision Making

- There had been a few advantages of teachers engaged to be included in the school decision making. As a matter of first importance, staff in an association engaged for the improvement of self-overseeing groups may draw forward work duty and activity of them (Cheung & Cheng, 2002). Similarly, teachers at school enabled could add to the increment of teachers ' dedication to schools. As indicated by a few scrutinizes, the solid positive connection between teacher strengthening and teacher duty had been discovered (Caldwell, 2004; Cheung & Cheng, 2002; Gaziel, 2009; Somech & Bogler, 2002; Wan, 2005; Zajda, 2006)....   [tags: High school, Teacher, School, Decision making]

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Decision-Making Models

- Decision-Making Models Negotiations and decisions are a part of everyday business. In order to make a successful decision, it is necessary to understand how to make rational and sound decisions. Decisions that are rash, made on snap judgments, and past experiences can prove detrimental to a business. A deficit in basic thinking and decision making is felt at all levels of an organization (Gary, 1997). Decisions can have long term and short term impacts on organizations and their world in which they exist (Turner & Dean, 2008)....   [tags: Decision Making]

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Communication And Decision Making Is A Big Part Of Everyday Business

- ... They were creative innovate people. Moreover, Fred Luthans writes, “Research shows that creative people seem better able to do things such as abstracting, imaging, synthesizing, recognizing patterns, and empathizing. They also seem to be good intuitive decision makers, now how to take advantage of good ideas, and are able to break old paradigms or ways of thinking and make decisions that sometimes seem to fly in the face of rationality.” (Luthans, 2011, pg. 265) Having a group of diverse creative individuals can be prosperous for the company and those involved....   [tags: Decision making, Problem solving, Idea]

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Decision In Paradise

- Decisions in Paradise As stated in Decisions in Paradise I, Kava has struggled with many obstacles that have prevented this country from becoming a beautiful and a well- known paradise attraction. At this portion of the project, AJA Consulting Firm would like to continue our vision by establishing a greater presence in Kava. Critical thinking is an important part of the decision making process which is essential to ensure decisions are well thought out and possibly prevent individuals from making bad decisions or mistakes that could be costly and in some instances, deadly....   [tags: decision paradise Business]

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Decision Making Is Essential When Being Involved With A Job Or Company

- ... The first is quality. It is evident that the quality of the decision must be one that is of best interest for the company. Next is speed. It is an important factor such that there may be a specific time frame that the company would have to make a decision in. Thus leaving the leaders to have to optimize their time and use it wisely. Companies also would have to be quick with their decisions in case there is competition that poses a threat to the company. Then there is yield, which involves working towards a decision and trying to closely imitate what they had planned....   [tags: Decision making, Risk]

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Autocratic Style Of Leadership Is The Sole Decision Making Of One Person

- ... This type of leadership has limitations because it cannot adapt to different situations. Since everything is decided directly by the book it doesn’t allow for flexibility within the operation. This can make those that are involved feel irrelevant because they are not treated as an individual. Diplomatic style of leadership is leading by the art of persuasion. Diplomatic style is similar to autocratic leadership in that there is a sole person who decides how things operate. However, diplomatic leaders sell their opinions and regulations to the members to make them feel as though they are apart of the decision making, The members feel as though the leader has taken them into to considerati...   [tags: Decision making, Leadership, Management]

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Decision Making Process in Management

- Decision Making Proccess in Management Introduction The purpose of this paper is to find a decision-making model by using various resources. I will focus on identifying the steps in the decision-making model, how the model applied to a recent workplace decision and examines how critical thinking affected the decision. Critical Thinking Thinking is the central process of how we transfer our thoughts....   [tags: Decision Making Proccess in Management ]

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Decision Making Is The Process Requires Critical Thinking And Forecasting

- ... Here registered nurse uses the clinical assessment tools, critical thinking and analysing skills to decide either to initiate a medical emergency or to consider EOL. Nurse negotiates with other members of the health care team and does a risk/benefit analysis (Bakalis & Watson, 2013) discusses with the patient or medical power of attorney regarding patient’s wishes. While putting all the information together if it is found that the intervention is going to do more damage and increase the suffering than improvement in the quality of life, registered nurse here advocates and facilitates EOL plan (Herbert, Moore & Rooney, 2011) In senior roles and managerial roles nurses needs to make decis...   [tags: Decision making, Critical thinking, Health care]

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An Introduction to Managerial Decision Making

- An Introduction to Managerial Decision Making Phar-Mor, Inc., the nation’s largest discount drugstore chain, filed for bankruptcy court protection in 1992, following discovery of one of the largest business fraud and embezzlement schemes in U.S. history. Coopers and Lybrand, Phar-Mor’s former auditors, failed to detect inventory inflation and other financial manipulations that resulted in $985 million of earnings overstatements over a three-year period. A federal jury unanimously found Coopers and Lybrand liable to a group of investors on fraud charges....   [tags: Business Management Decision Making Essays]

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

- Critical Thinking and Decision Making In the corporate environment critical decisions must be made, sometimes quickly, whether because of changes in market conditions, corporate profits, or corporate performances. The decision-making process is vital to good management in today’s work environment. This paper will examine the relationship between critical thinking and the decision making process, explain what the textbook authors believe, and relate how both apply to today’s workplace. Critical thinking involves the ability to weigh evidence, examine arguments, and construct rational bases for generally accepted beliefs....   [tags: Corporations Managerial Decision Making Essays]

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The Elements and Impact of Ethical Decision Making

- The Elements and Impact of Ethical Decision Making We must first examine the thinking process and define the meaning of morality. We continually make decisions without regard to ethics or moral values on a daily basis....   [tags: Morals Ethics Decision]

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Examining an Effective Decision Making Tool

- Examining an Effective Decision Making Tool What tools are available to assist teams in making a decision. In addition to creating an environment for effective decision making and reaching consensus on methods for making decisions as a team, there are tools that can assist teams in formulating and reaching decisions. Many of these tools were developed in the 1990s as companies working on improving quality and introducing self-managed team into the workplace. In decision-making there are many different decision-making models to assist us along the way....   [tags: Decision Making Process]

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Risk Assessment Tools In Decision Making

- Risk Assessment Tools in Decision Making Article Review Risk assessment is a tool especially used in decision-making by the scientific and regulatory community. In Making Good Decisions, Peter Montague discusses the use of risk assessment, points out its lack of usefulness in his opinion, and posits that the current use of risk assessment today is largely unethical. He states that "Risk Assessment is one way of making decisions, but it is not the only way, and it is not the best way." (Montague, date unknown, p.1) Decision making in itself carries a substantial amount of risk because decisions are made in a less-than-perfect world....   [tags: Decision Making Analysis]

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Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

- Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Critical thinking is a process of applying various skills to analyze information. Critical thinking uses rationality to distinguish between emotion and fact. This paper will discuss the definition of critical thinking, and the skills it takes to think critically. It will also provide an example of critical thinking applied to my current working environment. Finally this paper will discuss the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making processes....   [tags: Decision Management Critical Thinking]

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Simulation: Lease Vs. Buy Decision

- SCENARIO 1: Bonnesante Research is a start up business in Irvine, California focusing on biotech, and is based on 30 employees. As it grows, company's asset acquisition needs to be focused. Bonnesante needs to submit its first drug to Food and Drug Administration within six months. In order to run advanced analytical software for the preparation of the drug, it needs to acquire mainframe computer. Now the decision needs to be taken to either lease or buy the mainframe computer. SOLUTION 1: As a CFO of Bonnesante Research company, by taking my colleagues opinion into consideration, I have decided to lease the mainframe computer for 18 months instead of buying it.....   [tags: Compare Contrast Decision]

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Business Decision Making

- Introduction Thinking critically and making decisions are important parts of today’s business environment. It is important to understand how the decision making process works and the steps involved. The nine steps of the decision making process are: identifying the problem, defining criteria, setting goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problem, identifying the causes of the problem, framing alternatives, evaluating impacts of the alternatives, making the decision, implementing the decision, and measuring the impacts....   [tags: Business Management Decision Making]

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Decision-Making Model Analysis

- Decision-Making Model Analysis Considering many factors, I decided that the Ethical Decision-Making Model was the best choice for me when it came to job-related decision-making. I feel that by using the Ethical Decision-Making Model I was able to maximize my opportunity for a successful outcome. Background on Ethical Decision-Making Model Through the Josephson Institute of Ethics, I have summarized the background on the Ethical Decision-Making Model I chose to make my job-related decision....   [tags: Morals Ethics Decision]

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Decision Making Technique

- Importance of Effective Decision-Making Techniques As any strategist can tell you, being anticipatory gives one a great competitive advantage. It is very important for businesses to complete a thorough analysis of any given situation in order to develop a solution. Picking the correct tool or technique is crucial to the success of a group searching for the best solution. There are important decisions being made each and every day. Some of these decisions will mean the difference of a corporation's success or failure and will effect the livelihood of those employed by or dependant on the corporation and its success....   [tags: Decision Critical Thinking Management]

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Decision Making

- Decision-making models, or the path that one would choose in his or her decision-making, is heavily relied on the information one has received. By having all the correct information available, decision-making becomes an easier task. The model in which one would base his or her decision-making upon can be analyzed into six different factors: the problem at hand, the goals that want to be reached, alternatives, pros and cons, decision(s), and reason(s) behind the decision(s). According to Richard W....   [tags: Business Decision Making]

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Decision Tree

- Abstract In the day to day job of a Network Manager at Bellsouth there are many decisions which have to be made. One such decision opportunity arose about one week ago. The question was what to do with a major cable which is in the way of a guard rail that the Department of Transportation is installing. In this paper, the decision on what to do with this cable will be solved using a decision tree. The discussion will include the major factors involved in making the decision and also show how the final decision was made....   [tags: Business Management Decision making]

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Applying Decision Making Techniques to Identify Solutions

- Applying Decision Making Techniques to Identify Solutions How will the South Pacific Logistics and Transportation Company establish a greater and profitable presence on the Island of Kava. Considering all the physical, environmental and socio-economical issues previously discussed, how can a decision be made that will provide the best solution for both the corporation, its stakeholders and the community in which they operate. There are several tools and techniques available to guide decision makers during the analysis and evaluation process in order to reach the best possible decisions....   [tags: Analysis Thinking Decision Making]

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Stakeholders in Airport Decision Making

- Stakeholders are those groups or individual in society that have a direct interest in the performance and activities of business. The main stakeholders are employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, financiers and the local community. Stakeholders may not hold any formal authority over the organization, but theorists such as Professor Charles Handy believe that a firm’s best long-term interests are served by paying close attention to the needs of each of these stakeholders. The modern view is that a firm has responsibilities to all its stakeholders i.e....   [tags: Airport Decision Business Analysis]

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Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

- Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper Before embarking upon this assignment, I never thought much about "Decision-Making Models." In fact, I was somewhat surprised at the sheer number of models I stumbled upon in my research. A quick look at Wikipedia ( shows that, for business applications alone, there are well over a dozen decision-making models to suit any need. Without being cognizant of the fact, the decision-making process at my current work site closely resembles the "Pros & Cons Model." The purpose of this paper is to introduce the "Pros & Cons Model," discuss the way in which we have implemented it, and espouse some of the benefits of i...   [tags: Decision Making Model Analysis Research Paper]

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The Decison, My Decision

- The decision I woke up on a Friday at 7 am. I’m Kyle Miles by the way. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on a pair of jeans and my new shirt. Then I headed to school. Today afterschool I’m going on a road trip with some friends, including my best friend John. John isn’t a friend that’s into road trips like I am. In fact, he hates them. But somehow I convinced him, and he finally agreed. After school, I saw my friends and started talking about the road trip, “Hey guys, so, at 5 pm, all of you come over to my place and we’ll leave from there....   [tags: short story]

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Decision-Making Models

- Decision-Making Models      There are several decision-making models to choose from in any given situation. Some of these models available on the Internet are the Responsible Decision-Making Model, the Ethical Decision-Making Model, the Ethics Toolkit PLUS Model, the Vigilant Decision-Maker Process, and some basic ones as well. In general, all decision-making models are the processes we use to make well-thought out decisions. There are three major elements of all decision-making models. These three elements are: how are criteria determined, how are alternatives generated, and how are alternatives evaluated against criteria (Scholl, p....   [tags: Responsible Decision-Making Model]

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Decision-Making Models

- Decision-Making Models General assumptions create the foundation of a person's reasoning. Imperfections with a supposition can create the opportunity for a skewed perspective in a person's reasoning process (Paul & Elder, 2002). The process of choosing one course of action over another is commonly known as decision making. Consciously or unconsciously, people make decisions on a daily basis founded on one or more of the various decision-making models (Sullivan, n.d.). This paper examines how I apply various decision-making models in the workplace to generate accurate workload estimations in my career....   [tags: Decision-Making Model Analysis]

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Decision-Making Models

- Decision-Making Models My exposure with decision-making models has been very limited throughout my few years within the hospitality world, but my experience lies within everything I have accomplished. It has been nearly five years since the concept was first introduced, through a systematic thinking class which I was currently taking for my undergrad. This class focused mainly on the concept of building learning organizations through the use of tools and strategies. In doing this, the class was introduced to decision-making models, particularly The Five Whys by Rick Ross....   [tags: Organization Decision Strategy]

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Decision Making Techniques in Managerial Accounting

- Managerial accounting comprises all the financial information needed to help managers make educated decisions and do their job duties efficiently. A typical manager’s responsibilities with managerial accounting include interpreting finance reports and projections and using those to make financial decisions that will affect the company. Since managers have to make routine decisions and finalize reports periodically, it is vital that they are able to conduct healthy decision making processes and are able to come to make quick educated conclusions....   [tags: educated decisions, knowledgeable ]

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Group Decision Making

- According to the case study, the web design company is facing different issues in term of decision making, communication and managing information. This can be address by define key issues and outlining varieties approaches and possible solution that can be applied. Definition: Group decision making is member of people arrived at decision that is satisfactory to each group of member. Member of the group constantly make decision about how they should collaborate, achieve a task or choose new member....   [tags: Managers, Problem-Solving, Decisions]

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The Decision Of A Destination

- Nowadays, students in Asian countries have a trend of studying abroad. The decision of a destination depends on the development of a country. For that reason, students normally choose the developed countries to accomplish his/her dream of higher education. On the other side, in order to attract the students from all over the world, there are some suggestions to improve the quality of the college in general and NOVA in particular. They could include a foundation of various clubs, an installment of a number of electric devices and an increase of the physical environment....   [tags: Student, University, Education]

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The Decision Of An Inmate

- The decision to allow an inmate to participate in a postsecondary programs is entirely in the hands of the individual prison administrators (Palmer, 2012). Postsecondary education is educational programs beyond the secondary level, especially education at the college or university level. Prison managers cannot plan or budget appropriately for literacy services unless they have accurate and reliable information about the extent of the need for services for prisoners who cannot read and write (Rankin 2005)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Education, Higher education]

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It Was A Risky Decision

- It was a risky decision, choosing to venture from the safety of his chambers to seek out Eliana if meant he could at least speak with her. When he 'd knocked on her door, he hadn 't expected her to let him in willingly, neither had he known she would welcome him without insult... and neither did he know he would recite he usual confession of his love for her. And neither did it please Eiana to hear it again. "I am not yours to love." She drew in a deep breath, if wanted to retain any control, but also not wanting to risk shouting again because it would surely disturb Alaric who was sleeping in his cradle....   [tags: Debut albums, Marriage, Babe Ruth, Like You]

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Making Stupid And Rash Decisions As A Teenager

- ... Never let a friend or anyone else force you to make a choice that could wind up hurting yourself or anybody. Always be careful, it could be something that could stick with you for life” (The Effects of Wrong Decisions on Life). Some of the decisions a person can and will make is because of the different types of disorders they have. Problems with trusting people is another type of issue that people cannot help but make bad decisions. “OCD are the underlying factors responsible for the obsessions and compulsions that characterize this disorder....   [tags: Decision making, Risk, Decision theory]

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Autonomy and Freedom: How does Decision-Making Effect

- The notion of decision-making is not really about choosing well; rather, it is about choosing the best and thereby, making the right choice (Schwartz, 2004). In addition, most decisions consist of different aspects. In Schwartz (2004), it was mentioned that the official dogma of the concept choice is that more choices lead to more freedom. Thus, when there are more choices to choose from, it would enable individuals to have more freedom and autonomy, therefore, choosing the best choice out of all possible choices (Roets, Schwartz & Guan, 2012)....   [tags: decisions, choices, autonomy]

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When Making Decisions Under Risk Or Uncertainty?

- In order for leaders to make decisions under risk or uncertainty, they need think about the risk involve when making their decisions. There are certain simple rules that leaders should think about when making decisions that have levels of risk and uncertainty. Levels of risk happen when a leader has to reach a decision where the result is unknown. With circumstances of risk, the leader will create a list with all potential results and give likelihoods to each result. Uncertainty is when a leader is not able to come up with a list that contains all potential outcomes or they simply are not able to give probabilities to those outcomes....   [tags: Decision theory, Risk, Decision making]

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The Decision

- The Decision The tall man standing at the edge of the Haunted Forest looked directly at Siggford, waved, and disappeared. Perhaps the villagers were right in advising him to take the long route around the forest instead of cutting through it. Siggford hesitated. He could feel the warmth of the morning sun beating on his back. As he brushed his sandy blond hair off his forehead he found he was already perspiring. Watching the dense forest in front of him, he considered his options. He could travel through the forest in a day, or take three days to walk around it....   [tags: Creative Writing Short Story Essays]

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The Impact of Ethics on Decision Making

- The Impact of Ethics on Decision Making           Ferrel and Gardiner (1991) say there are two criteria to ethical choices on top of being legal. The first being; “One does not infringe on the basic inalienable human rights – such as life, freedom of speech and privacy, due process – recognized by our society (ethical formalism).” Basically stating the respect of others should be considered in all decisions. The second states each person should strive towards an increase in self-esteem and mental health....   [tags: Ethics Morals Decisions Essays]

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Using Decision Analysis for Environmental Decisions

- A challenge of using decision analysis procedures to make environmental decisions is that they tend to oversimplify a complex problem. The project’s or problem’s impact on the environment doesn’t just produce an economic impact but also a political and social impact. Environmental projects affect a large population of people, “stakeholders” and the environment itself, which need to be taken into consideration when making a decision. Cost Benefit Analysis Cost benefit analysis (CBA) has frequently been used in the field of environmental decision making....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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Unethical Decision : Ethical And Unethical Decisions

- ... The one unethical decision made was conspiracy. Conspiracy is defined as “An agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, along with an intent to achieve the agreement 's goal.” (Legal Information Institute, n.d) The three police officers worked together and planned the crime together. No one individual did more than the other and they needed each other’s help to pull the crime off. Individuals sometimes have a hard time trusting law enforcement for reasons someone may or may not understand....   [tags: Police, Crime, Constable, Police officer]

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Rational Decision Making Model

- Rational Decision Making Model Abstract What is a decision. The word decision can be defined as, “the act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind” (American Heritage, 2000). Essentially, a decision is a choice that an individual or a group of people makes. A decision can be a single action, an entire process, or even just a single spoken word or gesture. Decision-making is one of the defining characteristics of leadership. Making decisions is what managers and leaders are paid to do, and is an integral part of their day’s duties....   [tags: Decisions Rationality Essays]

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Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

- Critical Thinking and Decision-Making The purpose of this paper is to explain critical thinking and decision-making by different examples, models, and show how it is used in everyday life. Everyone uses critical thinking and decision-making all the time, most of the time without recognition and involuntary and it starts from the time you wake up in the morning till you go to bed. There are three components for every decision made and they are: 1.Criteria- the standards by which decision makers evaluate alternatives....   [tags: Critical Thinking Decisions]

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Parental Decision-Making

- ... Context of the Ethical Issue The discussion of parental decision-making for minors is not a new concept to the world of ethics. Historically, the age of ‘majority’ was twenty-one years until the year 1971, when the 26th amendment to the United States Constitution was passed, allowing eighteen year old men and women to vote, make contractual obligations, and consent to medical treatment without parental knowledge or approval (Weir & Peters, 2004). Even with this provision, there has remained much debate about the point in time where a minor becomes mature enough to make competent decisions about his or her health....   [tags: health sensitive medical care decisions]

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