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Black Girls Matter By Kimberle Crenshaw

- Kimberlé Crenshaw’s assertion that the advancement of racial equality is not attainable without the advancement of gender equality is supported with adequate evidence throughout her article, “Black Girls Matter.” Crenshaw’s argument is founded upon the biases woven into government-funded initiatives focused on bettering the lives of the nations underprivileged youth while turning a blind eye to the marginalization of the female colored youth. In particular Crenshaw focuses on President Obama’s initiative, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) and Michelle Obama’s global initiative Let Girls Learn....   [tags: Gender, Female, United States, White people]

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The Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis

- For the Weber-Davis facility we personally use two set’s of programs that has helped us with academic success, and both are approved by the national headquarters ave viable ways to teach better education. The first program we use is called Money Matters: Make It Count. Through tho teaching model we are able to introduce kids who are preparing for further education after high school what financial aid services are there for them to use, as well as the difference in subsidized and unsubsidized loans are and how to qualify for Stafford and Perkins student loans....   [tags: programs for academic success]

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Beauty Pageants Are Exploitative For Young Girls

- The Ugly in Beauty Beauty pageants have been a competition in society as long as anyone can remember, whether it is formal or informal. From one girl comparing herself to a magazine, judging another when changing in the locker room, or attending a full, all out, extravagant and official pageant; it is really all the same. In this case, the direct topic being discussed is if beauty pageants are exploitive for young girls. Considering the stories on the news and reality television shows that display the craziness of it all, it is safe to say that entering in any young girl to beauty pageants is a brutal way of raising a child and does not hold any positive benefits in the long term....   [tags: Beauty contest, Beauty, Child beauty pageant]

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Media 's Effect On Adolescent Girls

- In today’s society, the media, whether it is through television or social media has a negative impact on adolescent girls. The media is very prevalent on pushing a propaganda on young women that their bodies are not good enough or that they should have certain features that are no way normal or obtainable. This propaganda is known as the Thin-Ideal. The Thin-Ideal with the media’s help is causing some young girls to have low self-esteem, extreme health issues, and depression which can be brought on by body dissatisfaction....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders]

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Is Bad Girls' Club Really That Bad?

- Television has become less cautious as to what is being showed. Television shows are now revealing certain aspects and situations that should not be displayed. One show that has grown to be a major dilemma is Bad Girls’ Club, created by Jonathan Murray. A blogger by the name of Bea Blessing elucidated that, “The Bad Girls’ Club is definitely an American reality television line that parodies womanhood and follows the lives regarding seven women with several personalities, behavior and subconscious problems, as they live collectively in a house for three months.” This show undermines the values of females on many levels, and it is indeed a show that thrives on negativity....   [tags: Television Review]

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Book Report : ' 2 Broke Girls '

- Say what you will about 2 Broke Girls, a lot of people out there love and adore it. Which got me wondering why. Where did they go right. If you haven 't been watching the show you 've probably at least seen the billboards and commercials and magazine articles about 2 Broke Girls and know the basics. 2 Broke Girls is Kat Denning 's character Max is the poor, waitress with a gift for making cupcakes as well as the rebel of the batch, and Beth Behr is her bubbly preppy fun loving blonde BFF Caroline, whose dad is in jail for being a total bad guy, leaving the one-time goody two shoes totally alone for the first time in her life broke and dependent on Max....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Middle class]

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Is Bad Girls' Club Really that Bad?

- As many may know, television has become less cautious as to what is being showed. Television shows are now revealing certain aspects and situations that should not be displayed. One show that has grown to be a major problem is Bad Girls’ Club, created by Jonathan Murray. A blogger by the name of Bea Blessing states that, “The Bad Girls’ Club is definitely an American reality television line that parodies womanhood and follows the lives regarding seven ladies with several personalities, behavior and subconscious problems, as they live collectively in a house while in three months.” This show undermines females on many different levels, and it is indeed a show that thrives on negativity....   [tags: Television Review]

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Reading Preferences Between Boys And Girls

- Children’s interests in the books they read could be influenced by their day to day experiences. The differences in what boys and girls prefer to read as well as the content within the materials serve to perpetuate gender stereotypes. Differences in reading preferences between boys and girls may not be due to any inherent difference in the sexes, but rather due to societal expectations and gender roles. Ray Nicolle, an early reading specialist, stated that boys prefer books with “real action, violence and villains” rather than the more romantic books better suited for girls (Langerman 132)....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Feminism in "Top Girls" and "The Handmaid's Tale"

- Both Top Girls and The Handmaid’s Tale relate to contemporary political issues and feminism. Top Girls was written by Caryl Churchill, a political feminist playwright, as a response to Thatcher’s election as a first female British Prime Minister. Churchill was a British social feminist in opposition to Thatcherism. Top Girls was regarded as a unique play about the challenges working women face in the contemporary business world and society at large. Churchill once wrote: ‘Playwrights don’t give answers, they ask questions’, [6] and I think she is proving it in Top Girls: she brings up many tough questions over the course of the play, including what success is and if women’s progress in the w...   [tags: Feminism]

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Education for Girls in Africa and Its Impacts

- In the contemporary society, education is a foundational human right. It is essentially an enabling right that creates various avenues for the exercise of other basic human rights. Once it is guaranteed, it facilitates the fulfillment of other freedoms and rights more particularly attached to children. Equally, lack of education provision endangers all fundamental rights associate with the welfare of human beings. Consequently, the role of education and in particular girl child education as a promoter of nation states welfare cannot be overemphasized....   [tags: gender gap reduction, health improvement]

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The Negative Influence of Barbie on Young Girls

- First, Barbie’s body size is a negative influence on girls everywhere. “If Barbie were flesh-and-blood woman, her waist would be 39% smaller than that of anorexic patients, and her body weight would be so low that she would not be able to menstruate." –Developmental Psychology If Barbie was a real person her body measurements would be 36-18-33 (Czeck). She would be 5’ 6” and 110 lbs (Czeck). That is simply unrealistic. A woman of healthy weight has a body size of 36-24-36 (Body). A plastic doll has caused girls and women all over the world to feel insecure about who they are and what they look like....   [tags: body, career, life]

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Differences Between Boys And Girls And Their Roots

- As we are growing up, everyone experience different ways to express themselves as a person especially how to express our emotions to others. Depending on how we are raised, usually we stereotype as boys to be strong and sturdy while girls are gentle and sweet. In both of the articles “Defining a Doctor” and “His Marriage and Hers: Childhood Roots” Zuger and Goleman compares and contrasts the different ways how each gender showcases their behavior or emotion to others. In “Defining a Doctor” Zuger observers two interns and notes how differently they approach their patients by emotion while in “His Marriage and Hers” Goleman defines the separate emotional worlds between boys and girls and the...   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology, Paul Ekman]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Coming Of Age ' And ' The Girls '

- Where the Girls are and Coming of Age in Mississippi Assignment In the books Where the Girls are and Coming of Age in Mississippi, the authors portray how they questioned their place within the American society, and how they found their voice to seek opportunities for themselves and others. The childhoods of Douglas and Moody are major factors in these women’s lives and character development. It is through these experiences that they formed their views of the world and learned to understand the world’s view of women....   [tags: African American, Racism, Mass media, Childhood]

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Disney Princesses Have On Young Girls

- What do you want to be when you grow up. When I was five years old my dream was to grow up and become one of the Disney princesses. As Princess Aurora said, “They say if you dream a thing more than once, it is sure to come true”. Unfortunately, I grew up and did not become a Disney princess, however, they still played a big role in my childhood as they do with most young girls. There are many controversies about the effects Disney princesses have on young girls, so should they be exposed to one of Disney’s most iconic images when they are so vulnerable....   [tags: Disney Princess, The Princess and the Frog, Tiana]

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The Effects Of Media On Young Girls And Women

- There are two types of people: people with fast metabolism and people with slow metabolism. Growing up, everyone goes under the stress of needing to have the “perfect” body. Your family would tell you that you’re too fat. Your classmates would snicker behind your back, calling you names. Chubby. Elephant. Thunder Thighs. Fatty McFatFat. The list goes on and on. People with slow metabolism envy the fast metabolism people. Everywhere you go, media stresses this idea of a perfect body. There’s television, radio, advertisements, magazines, and newspaper – it’s all around you....   [tags: Twitter, Social network service, Woman, Girl]

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The Importance Of Giving The Girls Basic Education

- Speaking of early marriage; as the girls are forced to marry young, they are dragged out of school at an acute age in their growth; that is unfair. From what I have learned and observed, in some countries, like Mongolia, China, or India, girls at their teenage periods are enforced to marry and have kids while they are in secondary school; they end up leaving school due to the disgrace surrounding them. In actual fact, giving the girls basic education is a key to give them the power to make choices over opportunities and lives that they desire....   [tags: Family, Childhood, High school, Marriage]

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Purity Balls and Chastity Among Girls

- While I do not think Purity Balls or movements have intentionally positioned women as sex objects, I do think these balls have created a sex cloud over young girls and women. "Indeed, purity balls enter women into a system of commerce in which their sexuality becomes an object to be traded by and between men." (Fahs p. 133) In Chapter 10, Wood states, "Women continue to be portrayed as sex objects for men's pleasure". (Wood p. 279) Even the music industry and video games portray women as sex objects....   [tags: Controversy, Sexuality]

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Girls Playing Youth Sports Competition

- Young Girls Playing Youth Sports Dominated by Boys Youth sports are typically part of every American boy and girl’s young life. Some Americans tend to believe girls should play on youth sports team with other girls and play sports that are more typical of girls’ sports; examples may include softball, volleyball and tennis. Furthermore, they also believe boys should play on teams with other boys that typically may include sports such as football and baseball. Essentially, some people tend to believe girls should never be allowed to play on the same team as boys....   [tags: Female, Gender, Boy, Girl]

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Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

- It all began during her visit with Nelson Mandela in December of 2000. She promised to build a high profile school for girls. Two years later (2002), Oprah teamed up with Nelson Mandela and (then) Minister of Education, Professor Kader Asmai to “Build a Dream.” Build a Dream is Oprah’s slogan. She began her stardom through the power of the media, and became the top rated, award-wining host of her own show, “The Oprah Show,” where she made special connections over 25 years with her audience. Her success as a global media leader and philanthropist have established her the most admired and respected pubic figures today....   [tags: academically mentor disadvantaged females]

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The History of the Antiguan Girls High School

- ... At that time suitable accommodations became a pressing problem and so the idea of a building fund started. It was also decided that a governing body be created and have complete control of the school. In 1964 the school became government owned. During the 1960s the school's curricula was rather limited. Subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish and Music were excluded from the school's curricula. At the end of Secondary School, many of the young ladies were only able to teach Latin, French, and English....   [tags: williams, school´s curricula]

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Female And Playing On The Girls ' Locker Room

- For this paper, I will be analyzing an occurrence from November last year, in which a transgender student in an Illinois school district was denied access to the girls’ locker room despite identifying as female and playing on the girls’ sports team. It was determined that the school district violated Title IX, a federal law that bans sex discrimination, by not allowing the student full access to the girls’ locker room. Education officials said it was one of the first cases about the rights of transgender students, as society has become more open in regards to gender....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Male, Female]

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The 's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves

- Historically, America is known for its “melting-pot” culture. We used to take everyone who wants to become an American, just as the plaque on the Statue of Liberty says: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” (Lazarus). Sometimes, however, this process also removes any trace of their previous culture. A German-descendant is only a German by ancestry, and any part of them that also defined this was removed via assimilation. But there is also a broader context, beyond that of the “cultural assimilation” America performs for its immigrants....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Child]

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Media's Destructive Influence on Young Girls

- The image of Disney’s ravishing princess marrying her perfect Prince Charming has infatuated young girl for decades. These delightful movies present role models for young girls influencing them to dress up as their favorite princesses in the image of their Disney princess models. Many parents regard this imaginative act of child's play as charming or innocent. However, there has been much speculation about the media’s message directed towards young girls. The most prevalent source of this worry is abundant in animated films (Travail)....   [tags: Beauty ]

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The Disturbing Part Of The Video ' Lost Girls '

- The most disturbing part of the video “Lost Girls”, is the lack of justice and the nature of the crimes. Why is it that the rich or people with connection have police protecting their neighborhood while the rest of the citizens of the Cuidad Juarez do not. Also, how can the police think that the public and citizen will be too ignorant to ignore the blatant evidence against their police department. The police in Cuidad Juarez are without a doubt responsible for this injustice. The main injustices are: tampering with evidence from some of the girl’s case, torturing innocent people into confessing to a crime they did not commit, and covering up for the members of organized crime....   [tags: Police, Crime, Constable, Gendarmerie]

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Mean Girls, directed by Mark Waters

- Today is a day unlike any you have experienced. You get yourself ready and arrive in a territory you could never be fully prepared for. In this new arena, you gaze out upon a vast variety of specimen. Each species holds closely to their kind to such an extent that it is as if the food chain is sprawled out in front of you in perfect balance. As your gaze ascends, it is abrasively obvious who hold the top of this bionetwork. The dominant, carnivorous female stands proudly and walks through the others with her team of hunters following closely behind....   [tags: High School Portrayal]

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Once There Were Two Little Girls...

- “There were once two little girls who saw, or believed they saw, a thing in a forest” (Byatt 324). So opens A.S. Byatt's short story, “The Thing in the Forest”; a dark little tale about two young girls named Penny and Primrose, and their experience during the Blitz in World War II (Byatt 325). They, along with many other children, get shipped off to the English countryside to be spared from the threat of bombs from Germany. After a long train ride and a sickening bus ride, they arrive at their destination....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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I Am The Youngest Of Three Girls

- Reflection Have you ever wanted to read someone else’s story. My personal story is a long journey and I am going to take you through it. It has been a wild ride at times but I have learned a lot from all of my experiences and I plan to share it with you. It all started on February 26 1999, in Woodstock Illinois. I am the youngest of three girls. My Mom’s name is Megan and she is Special Education teacher for grades fourth through eighth. My Dad’s name is John and he is a Chief Credit Officer in a bank....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Personal life]

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Girls, Sex, and the Art of Using Axe

- Advertisers will go to any length to get the attention to their demographic. They create outlandish, eye-catching advertisements that do anything from mock another person to give exaggerated advice to their audience. Doing just that, in 2012, Axe released a new advertising campaign following the boyfriends of five different types of women in one-minute clips. Each clip pairs the five new shower gels they were releasing to the five times of girlfriends that Axe believes exists: brainy, high maintenance, flirty, sporty, and party....   [tags: marketing campaign, axe ads, axe effect ]

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Mattel Toys: Safe for Girls and Boys?

- Mattel designs and manufactures toys that are treasured by boys and girls all around the world. They believe in the influence of play and the power it has on children to grow and learn. This paper will look at who was responsible for Mattel initiating the recall of its toys, whether Mattel acted in an ethical, responsible manner in regards to the safety of their toys, and also look at ways society can protect children from harmful toys. Mattel was founded in 1945 and was run from a garage in Southern California....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

- Christmas is coming and it is coming up fast. People are starting to get presents and are already setting up plans. You want to get started a tad bit early on your Christmas shopping too, but the only issue don't know what present you should get a tween girl, but no worries, the present helper is here. When a girl is a tween they typically start getting into all the girly stuff. Tween girls start using nail polish, start wanting more expensive clothes, brand name shoes, and the latest electronics so they could brag to their friends at school....   [tags: possible Christmas presents ]

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Teenage Girls Self Conscious Development

- Everyone has different experiences when growing up and these experiences aid us in the development our values, our personalities, our characteristics, etc.; these experiences shape us and supports the discovery of who we are as people. As for females we recognize that their experiences will be completely different from those of a male and one of those experiences is how their body is perceived by everyone around them. At a young age, everyone becomes quite self-aware of their body, however females tend to be self-aware at a much undeveloped age than males due to very visible modifications....   [tags: Puberty, Adolescence, Childhood, Mass media]

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Girls and Selfie Culture: Empowering or Narcissistic?

- Art, specifically the self-portrait, has evolved along with technology and social media. With the technological generation, the self portrait has become a selfie. But what sort of social implications come along with this new trend. Thesis Statement: Selfies give women and girls the power to represent themselves the way they wish to be seen, boost self-esteem, and could even shift the standard of beauty to something more realistic. How Selfies got Started In any art history class, there is one topic that is always covered: the self-portrait....   [tags: self-esteem, modern selfies, photos]

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The Class, 8 Boys, And 11 Girls

- There are 19 children in the class, 8 boys, and 11 girls. The classroom has a variety of different ethnicities represented including Hispanic/Latino, African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Middle Eastern. I did not question about income levels for the students. Last week 's assignment shows the latest census of this area with income averages. There are children that are very tall, and children that are short. There are also children that are fairly thin, average and overweight. This classroom has a good representation of all body types and ethnicities....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Education, Childhood obesity]

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Adoption Of Chinese Girls By American Families

- In the film, we got to see the process of adoption of Chinese girls by American families. This process was a very long one, but we got to experience the final process of the child being brought into the American family 's life. This long process generally take about a year from the time you decide to adopt a child from China. This whole process by no means is free. The estimated amount of money that adopting a child abroad costs is between fifteen to twenty thousand dollar. This is a very large amount of money, or currency....   [tags: Adoption, Family, Family law, Orphanage]

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Young Boys And Girls Around The Age

- Young boys and girls around the age thirteen through nineteen find themselves facing different developmental stages because they are at their adolescent stage. In this stage, they tend to engage themselves in activities that the majority of their friends engage in, even if those activities might land them in trouble. In this case, the case to be analyzed is on a 13-year-old boy whose friends are Mall Rats. The group engages themselves in antisocial behavior such as being rude to their elders, swearing, smoking and vandalizing properties in the stores....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Psychology]

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Mean Girls directed by Mark Waters

- As preteens and teens push for increasing independence from their parents, they tend to turn to their peers for guidance, acceptance, and security. For those who are low in self-esteem and confidence, their safety lies in fitting in and having a place to belong. Most people find a group in which they connect with in a healthy way while others make their way in cliques that give them security but at the price of their own values and individuality. The movie Mean Girls portrays how high school female social cliques operate and the effect they can have on girls....   [tags: film analysis]

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Gender Differences Between Boys And Girls

- 1. Discuss gender (not physical) differences between boys and girls. Discuss how parents, teachers, etc. treat children differently based on their gender. Be sure to give personal examples in your discussion. Gender differences are defined in Invitation to The Life Span as differences in the roles and behaviors that are prescribed by a culture for males and females. Examples given in our text is gender specific toys for girls, like Barbie and an appropriate gender specific toy for boys would be matchbox cars....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Childhood, Parenting styles]

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Biological Differences Between Boys And Girls

- There is a biological difference between boys and girls. There are also social constructions involved. Sex makes you female or male by your biological characteristics. Gender is generally learned from our society. It is behaviors and traits and based on appropriateness for our sex, according to our society. Socially constructed throughout our lives, gender is also a result of sociocultural influences. Gender socialization begins at birth. Some cultures have a third or fourth gender established. Samoa has the Fa 'afafine, who take on female behaviors and roles, but are biologically male....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Female]

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Alice Munro 's Boys And Girls

- The bond between a human and an animal can be exceptionally strong, even if the two have only just interacted once. To some, this is akin to “love at first sight”. These types of connections have been important in stories as a means to represent the shared symbolic bond of a character with another being. This connection is obvious in Alice Munro’s short story “Boys and Girls” between the narrator and the horse, Flora. Therefore, it makes absolute sense as to why the girl would let Flora, a horse that is ultimately going to die anyways, free....   [tags: Gender role, Woman, Role, Short story]

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Independent Boys Vs Independent Girls

- Have you ever noticed the word strong always precedes independent girls. I think the very definition of the world implies strength, however, I also believe that the word strong is added to further add an element that really gets the message across. When it comes to a man, we usually say 'strong men ' or 'independent men ' but not both together. Independent girls are strong. In fact, they may be stronger than men because they have to fight against the stereotypes put in front of them in regards to Independence....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Child Pageants Force Little Girls

- Picture a 6 year old girl, walking into an oddly large room with her parents. Their paying no attention to the beautiful daughter. She’s excited for what’s about to happen. Her mom told her all about how she’s going to walk across a long stage with a beautiful dress on. Her intentions are to have fun, little does she know that all her parent’s care about is the trophy and the money. As she’s getting ready she’s hearing parents say stuff like, “Sit still. I’m trying to do your makeup,” “ Smile pretty.” These are young girls not understanding the point to all this known sense....   [tags: Mother, Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant]

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Factory Girls By Leslie T. Chang

- “Factory Girls” by Leslie T. Chang provides an inside look on migration in the inner cities of China. The book follows the lives of women who have left their home villages to work in factories. Primarily, Chang focuses on the lives of two women, Min and Chunming. Min left her village at the age of sixteen with her older sister to chuqu, or to go out, and see the world. She often changed jobs while in Dongguan because she is never satisfied with her position. Chang met Chunming at a dating agency where men and women could mingle with one another....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Assembly line]

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How Get Abs Fast For Girls

- How to Get Abs Fast for Girls I hate to say it, but there is no magic way to get flat abs and anyone who tells you otherwise is usually trying to sell you something. Diet and exercise are the only way for anyone to get flat abs, or even the highly desired 6-pack abs. They go together because all the dieting in the world will not give you toned and flat abs without adding targeted exercises and cardio. The reverse is also true, without a healthy diet, the efforts you put into exercise will not be seen well....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Physical exercise, Metabolism]

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My Mentoring Program for Deprived Girls

- ... The planning process begun and all of a sudden, I started realizing hidden details that I did not consider. First I realized that I needed to find guest speakers from various fields and industries and also find a venue that will be an equal distance from all the communities. The next thing was to find a sponsorship to cover the cost of all the expenses and refreshment for the students since the program was going to last till late afternoon. As I taught about getting all these things in place, I realized I could not do this alone....   [tags: sponsorship, exchange program, schools]

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Sexting Among Teenage Girls and Boys

- Over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion and debate over the topic of sexting. It has become a widespread phenomenon, the number of teenage girls and boys, men and women who participate are rapidly increasing, and with this too comes the rise of moral panic within societies. Individuals within the communities are becoming more and more fearful, afraid and shocked at this new form of youth culture hysteria. Although young people ‘expressing’ their sexuality has become much more open and free as of the last decade or so, the real uproar of panic is due to the risks they involving themselves in as well as the damage and harm they are inflicting on themselves, whether they kno...   [tags: moral panic, damage, harm, subculture]

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Attending A Catholic Girls Boarding School

- Attending a Catholic girls boarding school for a significant chunk of life, I noticed numerous level of bullying in a very diverse organization that had different styles and levels of organizations to it. In my boarding school, that were lots of communications, levels, supervisors, superiors, management 's obligations etc. you name it. Depending on crowd, groups, class standing and etc. that you belonged determined how the organization treated you. Although there were different classifications and obligations in my boarding school, the one that I saw that was constant was the bullying....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological manipulation]

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Mean Girls: Saturday Light Live

- Released in 2004, Mean Girls is said to be one of the most influential and memorable teen comedies ever produced. With a witty screenplay, written by Saturday Light Live alum, Tina Fey, very freely adapted from the non-fiction novel, Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, Mean Girls possesses a “zest and sing few high school comedies ever muster,” according to Rob Blackwelder of Combustible Celluloid. Fey had not initially read the novel Queen Bees and Wannabes when she decided she wanted to adapt the book into a film....   [tags: Tina Fey, queen bees and wannabes ]

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American Girls Maturing Too Fast

- The idea of an entire generation maturing faster once had a strong structure of doubters. In fact, one of the first studies to warn of earlier puberty in American girls was published in 1997. Skeptics who complained about the study in the pediatric journal said, "many of us in the field of pediatric endocrinology believe that it is premature to conclude that the normal age of puberty is occurring earlier" ("Early Arrival"). Today, it appears that a majority of doctors are coming around to the idea....   [tags: fertility, obesity, environment]

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Why Blue. Girls Wear Pink

- Boys wear blue. Girls wear pink. Surely they must go back to the Middle Ages. Roman Empire, maybe. These colors have been so ingrained in the western cultural psyche they must have far-reaching traditional value. Or maybe not. The pink/blue standard goes beyond just color. Bows and baseballs both have their places in children’s dress. As do camouflage and ruffles. Usually, these aspects of clothing reflect the child’s interests or play activities, whether it’s “soldiers” or “princesses.” Modern studies show that children recognize color and style differences starting around the age of two-and-a-half....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Color, Western world]

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Boys Don't Understand Girls' Depression

- You know boys always say that girls have these break downs where they think the girls are just on their period. what if they didn't know the girl that they loved had Depression and Self Harmed and the reason she has break downs is because she hates that she has to be so damn difficult. She wishes she was normal because during school she see's how happy and perfect all the other girls are. How they always smile and couldn't be even more perfect. She wants that but she is to weak to even deal with her feeling she couldn't be able to deal with all those people always wanting to be with her....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Beauty Pageants and Girls´Self Confidence

- Ultimate Grand Supreme and Mini Supreme, does that sound over-the-top amazing. This is the title that everyone from 0-18 years old want. Parents are a big part of pageants because without them there wouldn’t be any contestants. Pageant environment is not good for children because it is stressful and there’s a lot of pressure. There is pressure to be perfect and pretty whenever the contestant is on stage. Some of the kids fail to do what they have to do on stage and when they don’t do it right it upsets them.”I felt awful for that girl....   [tags: parents, body image]

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Aggressiveness in Girls

- Aggressiveness in Girls When people think of a bully, they picture an oversize older boy picking on the younger nerdy boys for their milk money, lunch, etc. It is a common stereotype because boys are more likely than girls to engage in bullying activity, especially when it comes to physical violence (Sheras, 2002, p.25). Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and even gender. It is less obvious in girls to be bullies because our society today views females as being gentle and nature, and it isn't lady like to be involved in aggressive behavior....   [tags: Psychology]

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Girls and Crime

- Girls and Crime Stress, teenage mother hood, drug habits all those components needs survival skills. How do you keep those survival skills. Gangs, prostitution, abuse. To us juvenile delinquency is something that we look at it with disdain instead of taking the time to look into sociological issues, emotional issues and the reality that would give us a clearer view and still not make us feel or understand the conditions they live in, the pressures they go through or face everyday. For us to be able to make a non judgmental opinion is very difficult, perhaps many of us have been affected by the wrong doings of some delinquent's actions such as a drive by shooting, being at the wrong place at...   [tags: Papers]

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The Golden Girls

- The Golden Girls I am going to be writing about the lifetime television show, “ The Golden Girls”. There are many different episodes and I have probably seen them all, at least twice. I first started watching the show with my mom. My curfew when I was in high school was 11:00 or 11:30. While I was going into detail about the many things that had happened that night, “The Golden Girls” would be on. At first I did not enjoy them, but as I got to know the characters I was addicted. First, and most important there is Blanch Devereaux, played by Rue McClananan, born 1935, in Healdton, Oklahoma....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Bond Girls

- The Bond Girls Whenever there is a Bond film, there is always a Bond girl. She is as indispensable as the gadgets, the car, the chase and the villain set on overtaking the earth. They have always been in the centre of controversy; they have always been branded as beautiful women (often with sexually overt names) who need Bond and ironically, Bond cannot complete his mission without them. They always seem to have perfection in everything they do. However, this portrayal of women can be somewhat unrealistic....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dance is an Art Form not a Mating Ritual

- Dance: Is it a mating ritual or an art form. The dictionary defines dance as "an artistic form of nonverbal communication" (dance). As Christians we have always heard that dancing is immoral; that dancing only led to one thing- sex. Although this is the general belief, many people find the art of ballet, such as The Nutcracker to be tasteful. Dancing embodies passion, grace and poise. Dancing is not just a mating ritual as we have been told; it is a story that is too good for words. Dancing is a way to communicate with anybody no matter what language they speak or how old they are....   [tags: Dance Dancing]

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Critiquing Films Provide a Deeper Meaning

- Introduction The Dream Girls film is a wonderful musical drama, yet merely watching the movie does not deliver the impact that ‘seeing’ the movie can. Evaluating elements of their construction and bringing together an effective message. While watching a movie is good, being able to critique film assists you to not just watch but to ‘see’ the movie; because it makes messages clearer, it inhibits social interaction, and it brings deeper understanding of a movie. In this critical analysis I will show the reasons that the elements of film making are critical in receiving the story or message being conveyed....   [tags: Dream Girls]

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Vignette: A Fictional Narrative

- Vignette # 4 I was wrapped in my blanket like a Butterfly in its cocoon. As soon as I began to have conscious thought of my crush, dancing, and my dreams turning into a reality my eyes opened as if I was facing Bruce Lee himself. Then I jumped out of my bed if I was running with gazelles in sub Saharan Africa. I smoothly landed into a crouched position on the ground I got straight into my dance battle stance with a stare determined like Eminem....   [tags: kiss, couples, dream, dancing]

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Scandinavia Traditions and Practices

- Scandinavia is a vast region with many musical traditions and practices. Although Scandinavian music has very traditional roots, a large amount of modern music has also come out of this region; much of which was influenced by traditional music and practices of the Scandinavian people. Firstly, It’s important to note that Scandinavia is comprised of a variety of countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Although these countries are in different geographical locations, they are similar in their cultures....   [tags: music, dancing, ethnic, groups]

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Hispanic American Culture Dance

- Hispanic American community are rooted from their origins in Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish speaking countries that have come together and form a culture in the United State of America. The culture is built in different categories; for instance, religion, social custom, health practices their privacy, and birth. They come from a comprehensive familiar culture that has been called the second in America. Because of their pride and affection they feel unsafe to give up their past. Their notoriety in the United State has been their resistance to assimilate; their guarded image of Hispanic-American culture has been the tongue of flame....   [tags: Hispanic, American, Culture, Dancing, ]

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Encouraging Girls in Math and Science

- Encouraging Girls in Math and Science An ideal classroom in an elementary school would allow both boys and girls to learn fairly, equally, and also be encouraged to be involved in the classroom. The teacher would expect the same effort from the boys as well as the girls. The teacher would implement a respectful atmosphere where the teacher as well as the students would respect one another. The reality is that girls quickly become discouraged to pursue math and/or science related careers....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Effects of the Media on Young Girls

- Effects of the Media on Young Girls I can remember her standing in front of the mirror looking at herself. How she thought she was beautiful, I don’t know. Because the image I saw was of a person who looked like a living corpse. She had to have weighed only 100 pounds, her hair so thin, the black bags under her eyes, and her overall grayish complexion made her look as if she were a dead. As she saw me staring at her in the corner of her eye, she slammed the door in my face. That was the big sister that I knew now....   [tags: Eating Disorders Anorexia Bulimia Papers]

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Exploring Girls' Participation in Violence

- Exploring Girls' Participation in Violence Introduction Youth violence, and particularly violence carried out by girls, has been the subject of intense media attention recently, with an ever-increasing number of girls portrayed as carrying guns in their mouths and participating in violent crime. Although the percentage of girls' involvement in delinquency and crime has increased in the last two decades, it is still far below the level of boys' involvement, and it differs quite significantly....   [tags: Exploratory Research]

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Studies Pursued and Boys and Girls

- Studies Pursued and Boys and Girls “What is considered inherently interesting is knowledge about men. Because men control the records, and the value system, it is generally believed that it is men who have done all the exciting things: it is men who have made history, made discoveries, made inventions and performed feats of skill and courage – according to men. These are the important activities and only men become the curriculum.” (Dale Spender 1982) The above quite reflects the findings and attitude of Dale Spender, a female sociologist....   [tags: Papers]

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The Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls

- Rachel Simmons was amazed there were so many books regarding aggression in boys, but was unable to find any books on the subject of girls’ aggression. The experiments that were conducted regarding aggression were also only performed using males. Many psychologists considered aggression to be behavior such as hitting, punching, name calling and threatening others as a male issue. Simmons discovered from the many interviews she conducted on women that aggression is just as much a female issue. In her book, “The Odd Girl Out: The hidden culture of aggression in girls”, Simmons interviews many women and girls who were victims of bullying, were the actual bully, and also people who witnessed the...   [tags: Rache Simmons, psychological/behavioral analysis]

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Why Girls Need Stem And Stem Needs

- Why Girls need STEM and STEM needs them What is the most important scientist in human history. Some people many instantly think of Albert Einstein, who is famous for his work with the theory of relativity. Or of Isaac Newton, who came up with the theory of gravity. Few will think of Marie Currie for her work with radioactivity or of Rosaline Franklin, who discovered that DNA was shaped in a double helix. These women’s work is immensely important. Without their work in the field, we would know significantly less about radioactivity and the structure of DNA....   [tags: Girl, Female, Field, Gender role]

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The Effects of Media on the Body-Image of Preadolescent Girls

- The Effects of Media on the Body-Image of Preadolescent Girls Media is infamous for having a tremendous effect on teenage girls. The mass media have long been criticized for presenting unrealistic appearance ideals that contribute to the development of negative body image for many women and girls (Harrison & Hefner, 2006). Whether it’s the influence on their choice of friends, school, or their self image, media has played an important role in affecting those decisions. A growing number of experimental studies have demonstrated a causal link between acute exposure to "thin-ideal" images (i.e., images of impossibly thin and attractive female beauty) and increased body dissatisfaction (Hargreav...   [tags: Media]

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Single Sex Schools : Girls Athletic Leadership School

- In 2002, there use to be only 11 single-sex schools, but now there are about 547 single-gender classes. Out of those 547 single-sex classrooms there are about 91 single-sex schools (Meyer). In Denver, Colorado a school was approved to open called Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS). GALS will be a school that includes sixth and seventh graders and soon eighth through twelfth graders (Meyers). Founder of the school, Elizabeth Wolfson says that “By separating them out, we can work on the girl-to-girl piece.” The program GALS is to help promote the girls health and wellness....   [tags: Education, Gender, Single-sex education, School]

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The Media and Young Girls

- Depression of Happiness “Oh my God Becky look at her butt. It’s so big”. An excerpt from a very popular rap song describes a fast growing number of girls who believe they are fat no matter what anyone else or the scale tells them. Since they can remember scantly clad models and celebrities have been parading if front of them on a daily basis. This is causing a widespread epidemic of impressionable young girls who do whatever it takes to look like celebrities such as Calista Flockhart or Lara Flynn Boyle....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Little Girls Or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect

- In “Little Girls or Little Women. The Disney Princess Effect,” Stephanie Hanes covers the sexualization of young girls and women in every aspect of the media that influences children and teens. She explains that girls see media figures, movies, and sports being sexualized, and how this is causing children to associate looking and acting a certain way to being ‘the perfect women’. Hanes believes the hypersexualized media is causing girls to obtain a negative body image and it’s killing their self-esteem....   [tags: Girl, Woman, Female, Disney Princess]

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Aggression in Middle School Girls

- Aggression in Middle School Girls It was eight o'clock on a cold night in January. Our house rang with giggles and whispers and the occasional shriek of laughter. In the family room the latest teenie-bopper flick was amusing a crowd of pajama-clad seventh-graders. The sound of pounding feet from above betrayed that others were having an impromptu dance party/ pillow fight. The phone book was missing. My little sister, Lily, was having a sleepover. Mom had rushed to the store when it was discovered that there was no more ice cream in the freezer....   [tags: Personal Narrative Teasing Gossip Essays]

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Do Barbie Dolls Have a Negative Influence on Girls?

- ... Because of my height I’m a flyer the person that always get thrown around because of this I feel I always have to be watching my weight and look a certain way or I’ll no longer be a flyer. Galia Slayen a Hamilton college student attempted to build a life size Barbie doll. She discovered that if Barbie was real she would be five feet nine inches tall have a thirty nine inch bust, an eighteen inch waist, and thirty three inch hips (Katz 1). For a real life girl to achieve this it would involve plastic surgery that could be extremely dangerous....   [tags: self-confidence, look, child, disorder]

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The Pressures Girls Face Within College Sororities

- Do people really understand the secrets behind the Greek community. There are many pressures girls face that the public is not familiar with that are specifically evident in sororities. Alexandra Robbins, the author of the book Pledged: The Secret Lives of Sororities, went undercover and followed four different girls during their experiences within the Greek system. Although there are many struggles girls can face in sororities, the five most prevalent type of pressures include: having a perfect body image, substance abuse, stress, silence, and hazing....   [tags: body image, substance abuse, hazing]

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The Development of Body Image in Young Girls and Adolescent Women

- Have you ever heard, "I wish I was taller. If only I had curly hair I would be pretty. I would be happy if I was skinner. Why can’t I look like her?" These are all comments commonly made by young girls, whom are feeling pressure to have the ideal physical features. This pressure builds and builds as the girl is aging and being effected by her environment. This strain reaches a maximum point when the girl is crossing into womanhood. The external influences change throughout a life time but they constantly play a significant role....   [tags: Beauty ]

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Effects of Poland Syndrome on Middle School Girls

- Middle school is a hard time on girls with bullying, trying to fit in, and figuring out who they are. People don’t realize that middle school is a time when children are transitioning from childhood to the teenage years, which can come with emotions like confusion and frustration. Living with a rare birth defect adds more pressure to a young teenager. They’re different physically and children become more aware of that in the middle school years. This can cause even more bullying and possibly make the child feel like an outcast....   [tags: Poland Anomaly ]

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Why Can 't Girls Be More Like Boys

- To analyze a visual text for messages and ideas about gender, I have chosen a Bollywood song called "Why Can 't Girls Be More like Boys." The song begins with Karan, a happy-go-lucky, flirtatious boy and Rhea, a simple, sensible girl, both meeting each other on their trip to New York for the first time. They try to become friends but their contrasting personalities turn into a barrier between their new relationship. Rhea is annoyed by Karan 's flirtatious approach and Karan, on the other hand, is irritated by Rhea 's overt reservedness....   [tags: Man, Boy, Woman, Female]

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Top Girls in the Predicament

- ¡°Top Girls¡± in the Predicament From the perspective of society, despite certain conditions it had established for women to move up to the top of their social careers through both the official efforts and the endeavors of women themselves, those British ¡°top girls¡± under the influence of Thatcherism in the late 1970s and early 1980s continued to live in a predicament resulting from the traditional gender bias, which was further enhanced by their fierce reaction towards it. I. Introduction II....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Should Teenage Girls Be Able? Undergo Surgery?

- Plastic surgery is one of the most popular things to do in America. My concerns rise when parents or plastic surgeons think its okay for teenage girls to undergo these procedures. So, my question is, should teenage girls be able to undergo surgery. No. I don’t think teenage girls should undergo plastic surgery. Why shouldn’t they undergo plastic surgery. Most teenage girls undergo plastic surgery to correct “perceived flaws”. What I mean by “perceived flaws” is a flaw that you make yourself think you have but in the overall scheme of things, you don’t....   [tags: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Rhinoplasty]

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Young Girls with Eating Disorders

- You open up a magazine and fine a beautiful woman who is 110 pounds soaking wet. Her eyes are the starring straight at the camera with her thin lips clinched together and her neck slightly raised. This in my most cases is what beauty is brought out to be. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, how many of those girls do you actually see. For others its, how do I become that. Many teen girls suffer with anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder in which girls use starvation diets to try to lose weight. They starve themselves down to skeletal thinness yet still think that they are overweight....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Change of Bond Girls

- The Change of Bond Girls In Adams' article Bond Girls:gender, technology and film she says that the question, how have Bond girls changed. "Blonder, dumber and thinner" would not be an uncommon reply....   [tags: Papers]

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