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Creative Writing: Dragon's Throttle

- ... Callahan.” “Miss Clareese, impressive. You ride?” “No and yes. Well... not in a while, but someday.” “Really. Someday could be this weekend.” He had my attention. “I’m staying the week in one of the cabins, working on both professional and personal projects. The beautiful scenes are inspirational. Anyhow, I ride to and from my home base often. I live by the shore in a quiet beach town, but I love it here too and—” Quickly, I interceded, “I don’t think my luggage will fit in your saddle bags, sir,” I said with a soft laugh....   [tags: dialogue, bradly, clarissa]

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Creative Writing: Hurst Tools

- Our day started at 2:15 in the morning. We’re woken up by the loud, fluttering noise of the alarm. From a dead sleep we're now running to the pole. A static filled speaker tells us we're going to a vehicle accident with a person pinned inside on the Southeast side of town. I put on my bunker pants and jacket and climb on as the truck starts up and the bay door opens. Lights on. Ladder 1 en route. The city’s skyline disappears behind the truck as the red lights reflect off the side of the ladder....   [tags: emergency, ambulance, wreckage]

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Creative Writing: Encounter in Brazil

- ... While gliding his parachute he got caught up in a branch of the tree. He was stuck, he looked down and realised the immense height of the trees, a lethal 50m fall. Zeldon’s well-built body grasped on to the branch and made his way to the trunk of the tree. His hugged the tree and climbed down to the forest floor. It was different from what he had seen from the chopper. The trees were far from artificial. It was a house with the leaves being the roof and the roots being the floor. If Zeldon did not hear the chirp of the cricket tree he wouldn’t be able to recognise night or day because of the leaves....   [tags: zeldon, evacuate, mission]

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Creative Writing: Antony´s Grave

- ... “Stop playing the victim and start thinking about other people. We go through this every year with you; Anthony was the one that died, not you”. After realising what had escaped from her mum’s mouth, Hannah stood frozen in awe. Her wide-eyed face stood staring at her mum, with her mouth open; ready to fire back. As the wind began to howl and the trees began to violently sway, Hannah and her mum stood with their hands in fists, looking directly in each other’s eyes. While the wind became stronger and the leaves began to twirl around in circles, Hannah broke the silence with a sea of rage....   [tags: cemetery, wind, sorrow]

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Creative Writing: Trapped!

- She almost floated across the empty, box-like room. A cold shiver relentlessly weaved its way down Emma’s spine as she ran her bony hand down the bleak wall. The fireplace glared at her – its mouth opened wide. The unfamiliar surroundings struck her as if forcing themselves against her weak body –engulfing her. A soft breeze seething its way into the room from the uneven cracks underneath the door meant that the desolate room of openness had become filled with the sigh of the wind....   [tags: Fiction Writing]

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Creative Writing: Alex and his Group of Friends

- Clockwork orange Part 1 Chapter 1 & 2 & 3 Alex and a group of his friends are loaded with cash and they blow it all on drugged milkshakes and girls. There slang word for group of friends is droogs. They hit on old women and blow their money. They then rob a corner store and beat up the employees. They also mess with an older man in the street but he is drunk and doesn’t care about life so he allows the kids to keep beating him up till he vomits. They then walk the streets until they steal a car and go into the countryside to rape a woman in a small house....   [tags: girls, gangs, droogs]

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Creative and Unique Writing: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

- Often author’s lives have an impact on their writing because of the way they see life. Edgar Allan Poe had constant struggles in his own life that shaped the way he wrote. His name brings to mind death and murders but there was more to him than that. He was a man with many challenges in his life that he had to overcome. Poe was born as Edgar Poe on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. He was the second of three children. His siblings were Henry and Rosalie Poe. His parents, David and Elizabeth Poe, were traveling actors but his father abandoned his family two years after Poe was born and his mother died a year later....   [tags: biography, american writer]

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Creative Writing- The Wounded Seagull

- In Christina’s vast, shadowy and handicapped world, there was nothing that seemed to make her feel as free as she would ever physically be able to, which was to sit on her doorstep, and soak in all her surroundings. She had developed a sense of oneness with nature. But this was not enough to pacify the yearning for freedom. Although she always saw the glass more than half full, it was still empty, and nothing seemed to fill up the hollow patch. Christina became disabled due to a severe attack of polio, at the young age of two years old....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Creative Writing: Love and Happiness

- Jon let out a long needed sigh as he hopped onto the couch in Veronica’s apartment. He still didn’t return her keys, so he just decided to let himself in. He didn’t expect her to be there, since she made it very clear that she wasn’t going to be anywhere that he could normally find her. But, all her stuff was clearly there, so maybe she hadn’t even gone home since the whole thing. He looked to his side and saw a small journal sitting on a table. He knew it would be a huge invasion of privacy if he read it, but maybe it had a clue as to where she would be....   [tags: narrative essays]

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My Writing Experience At School

- ... She took something that I loved to do, something I was proud of, and told me I had no talent. This writing insecurity followed me for as long as I can remember, and I still struggle with it today. I will need to be able to write effectively for the rest of my college career. I plan to at least get my master’s degree, if not eventually, my doctorate. So writing papers, and writing papers well is a skill I’ll need for years to come. After that, I will need to be able to write effectively as a teacher....   [tags: Writing, Paper, Writing system, Creative writing]

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Creative Writing: The End of the Earth

- Mr. Peabody saw the Earth got swallowed by the red giant Sun, like a snake swallowing a man whole alive, through his electrical telescope as he watched from Gliese 581 G. Quickly, he was telling everyone what he saw in his telescope. He thought it was a great lesson to get away before we die. Well, it all started 76 years ago, the Earth was 9.55 billions years old and people are wearing a mechanical suit to protect themselves from the hot magnificent heat of the red giant star called the Sun. The temperature is about more than 189 degrees since the Sun is gradually growing and hotter every billion years until it dies and turn into a planetary nebula to a white dwarf....   [tags: the sun, telescope]

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Creative Writing: The Story of Angel

- ... Waiting for no time at all, Angel ran as fast as she could close enough to where she could see her uncle being carried into the ambulance. Uncle Joe was in critical condition where all there was to do was pray and wait. At the waiting room was Angel almost catching some sleep until a strange lady sat down next to her and talked to her. The woman said "if you want your uncle to live you must flee now and never turn back or I will make sure he gets what he deserves!" At the sound of those words Angel turned to see the woman that by then vanished....   [tags: talent, young girl, school]

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Going Home- Creative Writing

- It was a frosty night. The ground was soft, but dry. The sun had almost set, and thick grey clouds moved slowly and silently through the sky. The air smelt damp, the only sound anyone could have heard was their own breathing, and the occasional chirping of a bird above. The air was cool, a soft wind blew through the trees and Corporal Brown shuddered, though not with discomfort and coolness, but with terror and anxiety for the forthcoming events. As the slight whistle from the wind sounded in her ears, she lowered herself down, as low as she could get, into the soft muddy earth amongst the bushes....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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First Term Pl The Adobe Master Suite

- ... Moreover, I wish that the registration process did a better job of making sure that students had 16 credits, instead of leaving them in the wind when a teacher decides to cancel an entire class. Overall though, I’ve had a good experience learning the fundamentals of literature with Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances. Medieval Spain has taught me about the basis of Spanish culture with regards to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Cognition has taught me the practical side of psychology that doesn’t focus as much on case studies, but rather investigates the brain’s mechanisms for thought....   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Writer]

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Creative Writing: Granddad

- I can still remember my joyful life with my granddad. Keeping in mind, the way he used to laugh, his big broad smile, the smell of his perfume, which he left everywhere he went. The way he used to put his family first in everything he did, not forgetting his love for the relations. However, none of those incidents will physically take place now. My blissful times with him have ended. I hate to think about him gone forever. It is upsetting. Nevertheless, he’ll never be forgotten....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: The Greatest Video Game

- ... At first, the basic elements wouldn’t work. They fell apart on our attempted inception of this new universe. Planets would form into cube shapes, asteroids would go much faster than they should have, speeding across the universe at the speed of light. The funniest part is that when you have an object going that fast, it can do much more damage than is would in our universe. It would annihilate entire planets instantly. To be frank: It sucked. Alas, these things came with time. As does everything else....   [tags: physics, planets, universe]

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Creative Writing: The Legend of the Harp

- ... I remembered a sickening putrid smell filling my nostrils, and the terrifying, repetitive noise of clicking. It haunts my dreams to this day. Then, everything warped. It was as if I was looking through wavy glass. It was colorful. The white grass turned red. ______________________________________________________________________________ “Attention all Yoctograms!” A man with ripped blue jeans, and a police hat stood poised on top of a wooden crate. His cocksure attitude seemed to actually form in the air around him....   [tags: dialogue, sho]

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Creative Writing: Heavenly Pills

- It was a Friday, I remember that day as if it was yesterday, I remember going to the restroom so I`d fix my makeup, there I heard a girl yelling in one of the bathroom stalls about how “she usually pays” I don’t know what was happening there, and all of a sudden, a girl came out of a stall and grabbed my shoulder, she was about 3 inches shorter than me with black hair and piercings, her eyes were red, she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out, then she asked “hey please girl, I know we don’t know each other but please I beg you all I need is 15 bucks, please I have no money left, I need money I promise I`ll give you back your money really soon please” I looked at her pleading...   [tags: shock, fear, drug addict]

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Online Masters Of Arts And Creative Writing Program

- ... I am currently a graduate student taking a leave of absence from the self-designed Masters of Interdisciplenary Arts Program at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, where I have completed the first three required foundational graduate level research and writing courses and two additional graduate level self-designed courses in Creative Writing: Craft and Creative Writing: Form and Fiction. I have a Cumulative GPA of 3.88 for the five courses completed and a *temporary Cumulative GPA of 3.183 in the program which is reflective of the *temporary low grade for the Spring 2015 Semester course I put on hold for the leave of absence and is scheduled be erased upon my completion of the course i...   [tags: Writing, Literature, Writer, Creative writing]

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Creative Writing: Visited by Great Minds

- The day began like any the other but was going to have a bizarre twist. My family and I were beginning to set the table for dinner and all of a sudden the door bell rang. I stop in the middle of putting the rolls on to the table and answered the door. I couldn't believe who I saw at the steps, my good buddies, Godfrey "Harold" Hardy, Wilhelm Weinberg, Thomas Malthus, Jean B. Larmarck, Stephen "Jay" Gould, Charles Lyell, and good old James Hutton. I invited them in from the cold and we began to catch up on old times....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Air Disaster- Creative Writing

- Air Disaster- Creative Writing The sight that greeted my eyes was haunting. There were dead bodies as far as the eye could see, but somehow nobody had a scratch on them. The plane was in pieces, scattered all around. As the waves rolled up the beach, more and more bodies were revealed. The sun was burning high in the sky and everyone was beginning to tire out. The cliffs towered down on us; the sand burnt our feet as we trod carefully between the corpses. It was a shock; we hadn’t expected to find anything there, but it appeared that almost everyone who had been on the plane was lying here, on the beach, with us....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Treasure Hunt in Egypt- Fiction Writing

- It all began with a man named Rick who was a treasure hunter. He would travel all over Egypt to find gold and jewels in various historical temples. This time he was in Karnak searching in the Temple of Amun-Ra, the dwelling of the sun god. Rick assembled a selective team to help him on his exhibition. They were in search of the Book of Amun-Ra, also known as the Book of the Living. This book was the opposite of the Book of the Dead, instead of giving those who have died life to continue into the afterlife, the Book of Amun-Ra took life away....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Creative Writing: Creature of Calloway

- The thieves ran faster, the pads of their feet slamming against the soft ground. “This way!” The leader ordered. He veered off the path into the thick underbrush. His men followed him into the forest as the sound of dogs barking grew louder. He created a wall of fire to block them from following and ran back to his men, who were a few hundred paces away. He ducked under a branch and tripped on a root. His men, being the loyal idiots they were, came back to help him. The soldiers knocked them over and bound their hands with rope....   [tags: lord calloway, shark´s teeth]

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Creative Writing: Side Swiped

- Fire was consuming the second floor of a lavish two story mansion like it was made of paper soaked in Vaseline. Flames were licking up every wall in every room, engulfing the contents, and trying to escape through the high ceiling and windows. “Layla?. Can you hear me?” a man who looked to be in his early thirties yelled as loud as he could through the smoke-filled hallways of the unburned section of the first floor. “Dad, are you there?” a small voice called from two rooms over, as the coughing eleven year old girl stumbles out of it....   [tags: narrative essays, fire, flames]

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Evaluation Of The Writing Process

- ... Two things this unit focused on was summarizing a text and responding to a text. In my summary, I learned to include what the text says, the purpose of the writing, and how the writer develops his ideas. Learning about the 7 response strategies allowed me to utilized two of them in my essay. Specifically, I chose to respond to the text using agree/disagree and extension. I agreed with Nathan Jurgenson’s main ideas in “The IRL Fetish” and thought he could strengthen his argument by including more examples that entice the reader....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Writing process, Creative writing]

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Creative Writing: My First Battle as an Ancient Warrior

- Hanging just above the horizon like a hot medallion, the blazing eager sunlight outshone at my army. Its golden light reflected my sword turning it pale orange from white. The gold tips on our battle flag looked like it was on fire. They were bearing the crest of our lord. The metal armor laced together with cords of brilliant hues. The tension in the air was palpable and the horses champed nervously at the bits of their bridles. My ferocious iron mask was covering my face, but I still could feel rivulets of sweat cascading down my face....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Tragic Love Story- Creative Writing

- It had been love at first sight, the day I met Tom. That stormy night so many years ago, I can remember every last detail of it. The second I’d seen him, our eyes had locked. He was tall, had chocolate brown hair and eyes I could stare into all day. I knew instantly I was in love. A mutual friend had seen the intent gaze we shared and introduced us. And from then on, everything just got better and better. It was like living a dream. He took me out to dinner, met my parents – they loved him, he even agreed to come shopping with me....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: Elisha

- Elisha pressed himself against the rough bark of the tree and tried to quiet his ragged breathing. If they catch me now, I will never see the end of this. He thought to himself. And if I fail to elude them this time, than all is lost. Elisha heard the man’s heavy breathing just on the other side of the tree. However, the man passed to Elisha’s left. Elisha saw that the man had left his horse unguarded. He allowed the man to take a few more steps away from the horse, then he made a daring dash towards the animal and he tried to mount, but the animal kicked Elisha so hard in the jaw that it caused him to lose consciousness....   [tags: narrative essays]

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Creative Writing: Using a Helmet While in The Building Site

- ... After ridiculing him all day, laughing at him to his face, we asked Powel for some of his Dobostorte. He wouldn't give it up. So the fork-lift driver - an oaf called Brian - took his paper bag away from him, gave him a clip about the ears for good measure, told him he was a "dumb Hungarian fool". Powel was Russian and everyone knew it, even Brian knew it, but he called him a "dumb Hungarian fool" all the same. There wasn't much of the Dobostorte left in any case, not enough to go around, so Brian beat Powel up, made him promise to bring more tomorrow, sent him home with his ear and his tongue bleeding and a couple of his teeth missing....   [tags: powell, construction work]

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Creative Writing: My Life as a Fish

- One of the most unique creatures are fish. As I am sitting here in my room, my fish are swimming about with not a care in the world. I wonder what it would feel like to be a fish. I'm swimming about and see eight other fish swim around me. The thermometer reads 72 degree Fahrenheit, but the cold water suits me just fine. There are white, black, and gray pebbles all over the bottom of the tank which collects the deserted food particles. I accidentally suck up a small pebble with the fish food I tried eating from the bottom of the tank....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: The Flying Lotus

- It all started when our overrated adventurer, The Flying Lotus, woke up in a magical cornfield. It was the first time it had happened. Feeling scarcely pleased, The Flying Lotus slapped a gerbil, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). A few unsatisfying minutes later, he realized that his beloved invisible cloak was missing. Immediately he called his redheaded stepchild of a 'friend', Lady Wonder. The Flying Lotus had known Lady Wonder for (plus or minus) half a million years, the majority of which were sassy ones....   [tags: lady wonder, eagles, god]

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Creative Writing: Rodeo at Plum Grove

- I was sitting with my friend, Pistol on one of the bucking shoots watching the barrel race. Two more events before bull riding. I thought. I was itching to get a shot at "Dooms Day" he was the rankest bull in the pen. Pistol had rode him a few weeks ago for 89 points. At most rodeos the barrel race was right before bull riding.Here it's in between calf roping and saddle bronc riding. The announcer called barrel racer after barrel racer......Pistol elbowed me in the side and looked over at a barrel racer waiting outside the arena....   [tags: narrative essays]

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Writing Is A Powerful Tool That People Use All Over The World. Writing

- ... There will always be something that can be improved on, even if the paper received an outstanding grade. As I reached my junior year in high school, one could start to realize I was a moderate to good writer. Having known the basic techniques to write a paper, it was decided an AP English course would be taken. This course talked about rhetorical devices and how to improve as a writer. The course was very beneficial, because it had allowed me to see where my strengths and weaknesses were. I characterized myself as a moderate to good writer, because previous papers written have shown great style and format, just lack of organization....   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Paper, Writing process]

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Creative Writing: A Day In The Life Of A Prisoner

- Ever wondered what it's like to be a prisoner. He may have done something wrong to end up there, but ever wondered how someone's life is, once they get put behind the bars. I opened my eyes and a yellow light on the ceiling greeted me with a bright stare. I rolled myself out of the bed with a slight groan and my back started complaining by cracking in different places like firecrackers. I can see the sun shining outside my cell but no warmth is being given in. The only warmth I get is from my 2cm sheet of "blanket"....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: The Gruhanis and Their Planet Gruhan

- Gruhan, a planet 12.78x10^7 km far from Earth. The Gruhanis are the most advanced civilization in technology, and second most powerful planet next to Earth among all the other planets. Gruhanis want to make Gruhan the superpower of all the planets. Although human are the second most advanced civilization in technology, they are more advanced in thoughts, emotions, literature, music, art, and all aspects of life. Gruhanis are basically high technology robots with brain which is 9^10 times advanced than humans....   [tags: technology, robots, testing]

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Creative Writing: Sisters in Hawaii

- I was woke up to a banging at my door. A glimpse at the alarm clock told me it was 7:00 in the morning and I knew exactly who it was banging at my door. Disgruntled and half asleep I stumbled to the door to open it. “What are you doing up so early in the morning Janet. We are on vacation so why don’t you go to your room and go back to sleep!” I said as I slowly close the door in her face. “Come on Tiffany we are in Hawaii, it is to beautiful here to be sleeping in every day. Plus I saw this cute surfboard instructor in the lobby and I think we need to go check him out and get some lessons.” As she is talking she is walking in the door and into my closet throwing clothes on the bed for m...   [tags: narrative essays]

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Creative Writing: 2112

- In 2112, a High-Technical Robots Factory has invent and produce thousands of robots that contain every single human’s abilities, but in fact, they are even better than human because they has a lot of different special items, and each item has its own magical power. However one of the robots, called Doraemon, has a huge mistake during the process of manufacture. But none of the workers has found out. So now, Doraemon’s special items might not be always working properly, and sometimes it might have the opposite effect of the original power....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Creative Writing: Hollow House

- Natalie: I can’t believe she’s doing this to me again. Every time it’s the same thing, she meets a rich man who makes her feel special and she just has to be with him, so they get married and they’re happy right. Wrong. She forgets that she has this thing that she has to drag along with her. That thing is me. In the past I would’ve begged and begged to stay and try to get her to see that this man was no different than the others, but by her third marriage I had accepted that she was never going to listen....   [tags: natalie, luke, dialogue]

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Creative Writing: At Mind's Mercy

- Annabeth had been nine when she first met the Stoll brothers. It wasn’t under the best circumstances. In fact, she first met the infamous brothers with a knife on Travis’s throat while Connor held a slingshot to Luke’s face. It was kinda awkward. She would have never have the gut or the heart to hurt a defenseless boy younger and weaker than her but Connor didn’t know that. She saw a thousand emotions pass through his dirt brown eyes. One emotion kept replaying over and over again. Love. Then Connor lower his slingshot and throw it a good ten feet away, and raise his hands....   [tags: Stoll brothers, violence]

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Titanic Retold by Cassie- Creative Writing

- My name’s Cassie and I have a story to tell. This is the story I remember. I can only tell you this story without the facts, I can tell you it the way it happened to me. I can’t tell you how long ago it happened. I’ve lost all sense of time. My mind is warped and I don’t really understand what happened that night. I guess my story must begin on Christmas day 1911. I was 8 at the time. I lived with my father George Turn. We lived in a little flat in Southampton, and he was my hero....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: Among Wolves

- The dew covered forest floor oozes itself between my toes as I try to absorb every ravishing detail of the forest. The rising sun sets its glowing array of color on the rims of the moss-cloaked figures in front of me and the birds warble high above in the crowed of trees to generate a beautiful melody for the atmosphere. Drawing in a deep breath, I analyze each scent, aroma and fragrance of the woods I’ve encircled myself in, each odor bringing me into a more engrossed tranquility. It’s times like these that I long for my unborn inner wolf so I can connect with nature on a closer level....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Creative Writing: Mrs. Burnage

- ... We loved our time in that play room, but we particularly looked forward to the summers when she'd let us play in the pool. She had a normal-sized in-ground swimming pool in her back yard. She would let us go out there as soon as the temperature outside hit eighty degrees. Each year, she had a fresh batch of floating noodles and water toys for us to play with. She even surprised us one year and bought us a pool slide. We would shriek with laughter as we slid down and splashed into the pool. And even though Jason was six years younger than I was, we bonded by tormenting my sisters....   [tags: jason, michael]

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Creative Writing: Magic Shop Conundrum

- ... “Yeah a little...” Tucker replied hesitantly “I mean I know a few tricks” he looked around taking in the old looks of the store and the items in it dazedly. “Well” said the shop keeper “show me a trick”. Tucker stumbled around for his deck of cards in his bag trying his hardest not to reveal the contents of his bag “I don’t know where my cards are and it’s getting late mister. I’ll just have to show you another time.” He hurriedly ran out the front door with the wizard man chuckling behind him “Thanks for stopping by to see what’s ‘in store’” As Tucker threw his leg over his bike he felt the hat almost wiggle in his back pack....   [tags: store, dream, tucker]

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Welcome Home Sylvia- Creative Writing

- Sylvia couldn’t sleep; no matter how much she tried she just couldn’t do it. She was just lying on the hard hospital bed with the uncomfortable, smelly, brown covers right up to her bright red lips with her eyes tightly shut. She pulled the covers down and peered, quite predominantly at the clock on her old dusty bedside table with only a glass of stale water and her own analogue watch she was wearing at the time it had happened. She strained to read the display. She could just make it out as five minutes past two in the morning....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Creative Writing: Loving an Alcoholic

- Will he be blue. Is he dead. At the doorway, momentarily, I hesitated. Should I continue. Should I call the police instead. Should I even be here, pondering over to help the man who constantly abused his children and deserved to die. Should I. The children?s pale faces came to mind suddenly. The hollowness of their stares. The frightened gleam in their eyes, the hopelessness in their expressions. They?d already been unwillingly dragged into this chaos. They had no choice over the matter. If they can do this, why can?t you....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Imaginative Writing- My Friend from Neptune

- I remember everything like if it was yesterday. It was a feeling I could never explain. It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me, or to anyone. That day was also the best, exciting, fun but also sad. I’ve never experience anything like it. I woke up because of the loud, creepy, scratchy noise I heard. A noise you only hear when an ancient truck is passing by. This was weird here, in Beverly Hills. I got up, and put my pink robe on I needed to know what was happening outside. I couldn’t believe what was in my sight....   [tags: creative writing]

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Creative Writing: The End of Humanity

- Sunday, December 8th, was the day it all started. Some might call it a catastrophe, some call it The End of Humanity, but I, Eli, call it an experience; even if it is evidently more extreme. Caused by a scientist’s mistake, humankind was at serious risk of extinction. What is this life-changing event. It is something so hysterically implausible that I thought I was merely living in a dream. It is the Zombie Apocalypse of 2014, and here is my story: Today was the third day the zombies have been here, yet I still cannot acknowledge their existence, it seems so unreal....   [tags: zombies, Eli]

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Creative Writing- Fastest Land Craft on Earth

- The sand was hot, my face dripping with sweat. Taking a drink of water I looked at the vast open desert that will be below me in only a few short moments. Preparing for years on end, I stepped in and sat down. Twisting knobs and setting switches, I flipped the ignition. The giant dual engines came to life with an enormous roar with the slight hint of a whistle. Sand swept into the sky creating a wicked dust storm. “30 second to launch!!” a man behind several computer screens shouted into the headset....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Creative Writing: Eveline

- She watched, as Frank and the many passengers aboard the boat sailed away into the darkening night. The reflection of the boat in the water highlighted by the moonlight began to fade just like Eveline’s dreams of a new life. Eveline could not believe that the opportunity to leave Ireland and her monotonous mundane life had been thrown away, for what was a split second decision, which she now deeply regretted. Her grip on the rusted iron railings gradually decreased and eventually her hands fell to her sides....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Creative Writing: The Story of Emily

- It started as a normal Monday morning; Emily crawled out of bed attempting not to wake her mother. She grabbed the tethered clothing that she had worn the day previously and began to dress. Every move she made seemed to echo the floor with creaks from the wood. She walked into the kitchen as if walking on red hot ash to make her mother coffee trying to avoid the usual routine beatings. Emily rushed out the door as she heard rustling coming from her mother’s room. She walked to the bus stop noticing the old, deteriorating houses with trash in the yards....   [tags: violence, mother]

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Creative Writing: The Christmas Gift

- "Mysterious Fires Breaking out Across Prince Rupert, British Colombia"-- John Reeves "I can't believe there is another one" read surprised Henry Peters. "That must be 5 houses in the last 2 months. Why would anyone do such a vapid thing?" "Dad, they don't even know if someone is setting them yet!" "Oh Billy, wake up and smell the smoke. Fires like that just don't start themselves." Billy knew that as he was walking away, but since he was the cause of all the fires he did not want anyone to know....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: Emiko Himaru

- I watched as the fiery scarlets and fleshy apricot swam gracefully in the Iris pond. The moon rippling in it's waters. I could only imagine how it would be to have my scaly smooth skin be tickled by the gentle ripples in the water. To taste the sweet water and allow the flavors to dance on my tongue.I guess this is why mother loved it so much here. I remember seeing her ebony hair float like lily pads on the water and her lunar like skin glistening in the light of the moon. She was looking up at me will dull eyes of no emotion or capability of feeling....   [tags: narrative essay]

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Creative Writing: LA Novel

- Chapter One Red= fix this The sun shone on my back as I rolled over in my soft bed and tried to wake up to enjoy my last few moments of freedom before school. “It’s too early!” I heard my big brother Tom yell into his pillow. Man, did I wish our house had more insulation. “Skye, come out here, we have something for you.” I huffed and rolled out of bed, only realizing my covers were tangled after getting caught between my 3ft bed and the carpet. And so it begins, I thought, pulling myself out of a mess of a duvet and sheets....   [tags: fiction, first draft]

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When Art Imitates Life: A Research and Analysis on the Creative Work of Gwendolyn Brooks

- There have been many authors, poets, writers and artists that shaped the face of Culture. It is safe to say that even in this concept; many writers have subconsciously assumed the responsibility of making sure this theory is reflected in their work. This notion has also established a foundation designed to foster analytical ideals as well as expand the knowledge and definition of culture itself. This idea also gives the perception that validates the importance of writers and the need for their work to be studied....   [tags: creative writing, evolution of racism]

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Creative Writing: Letters from London

- The window was cold to the touch. The glass shimmered as the specks of sunlight danced, and Blake stood, peering out. As God put his head to the window, at once, he felt light shining through his soul. Six years old. Age ceased to define him and time ceased to exist. Silence seeped into every crevice of the room, and slowly, as the awe of the vision engulfed him, he felt the gates slowly open. His thoughts grew fluid, unrestrained, and almost chaotic. An untouched imagination had been liberated, and soon, the world around him transformed into one of magnificence and wonder....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Creative Writing: The Secret of the Mutation 15q24

- Amelia and Jane were friends since they went to the same kindergarten in Rockville, Maryland. They lived close to each other and actually went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools together. Sadly, they happened to go different colleges but their colleges were both in the town where they lived, so they still get together and catch up on things on weekends. They share everything about their lives, and there is no secret between them. Not surprisingly, both Amelia and Jane started dating with guys in the fall semesters of their senior years....   [tags: DNA mutation, NIH, genome sequence, genetics]

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How I Had A Relationship With Writing

- ... With a smirk on, my mother went into her room and came back with the biggest book my adolescent eyes had ever seen. She handed me the book and instructed me to read it. At first, I thought she was just joking, but I quickly realized she wasn’t. So, I took the book, went to the sofa, and opened the cover to figure out what book it was. The book was Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. As soon as I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. I felt so drawn to Frederick Douglass’ autobiography....   [tags: Creative writing, Writing, Frederick Douglass]

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Creative Writing: The Last Days of Earth

- Destruction It was a dark, cold, cloudy day. The clouds covered the sky like a big black sheet, nothing to be seen except darkness that seemed to go on forever. This was the third day in a row that there had been complete darkness, there was no getting rid of it. This was because of ‘the meteorite.’ It was Daisy Chamberling that broke the news at her usual time, 5 o’clock. It was a horrific moment as shock was spread all over the world by this news. Usually Daisy goes on about unimportant cases but this time she was serious....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: The Man Who Lost A Good Wife

- There once was a man named Franswah, and he had a wife named Keisha. They both lived in Keithville, Atlanta. They had a little girl named Jasmine, she was twelve years of age and she attended Ghettoville Jr. High School in the seventh grade. Keisha never did like doing anything, so her husband Franswah decided to go out and have an affair with a lady named Shay. Franswah and Shay worked at a law firm together. Shay was his assistant, she always helped him with things and they always went to lunch together....   [tags: Creative Writing Short Story]

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Creative Writing: Russian Roulette

- On the thirty third of May, that man, Tigers father, or as he was so named; Mr Hunter, sat across from me. He had come into some difficulty with a client – who had survived his share of twenty games. I’d known him as Orange, but never struck up a conversation with him that lasted more than a minute. I'd heard that he'd been named Orange, after strolling around in his prison uniform, for eight months after his release. He’d grown tired of Mr Hunter stealing lives away, and went out of his way to grow a gang....   [tags: orange´s conflict, little miss]

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Creative Writing: The Mortalis and Nightcrwalers

- Whenever the sun falls and the moon rises, we rise, too. Whenever the lights go out, ours come on. We Nightcrawlers lurk in the shadows and play in the dark. We stay on the other side, in which no Nightcrawler nor a Mortal shall ever cross. The guarded line is drawn between the two places. Any mortal in their right mind, skeptical of the Nightcrawlers or not, knows never to cross the path. That path that no one was stupid enough to cross, except me, Silas Asher Clay. My mother used to tell me stories about the Mortals....   [tags: horror stories, tales, cliff]

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The History and Future of Creative Writing on the Internet

- Creative Writing on the Internet has evolved from being mainly an educational tool used over a network realized by a limited number of people who had the technical knowledge to access the data, to a widespread phenomena including not only including educational purposes but also personal interests, hobbies, and private consumerism as current browser technology makes the Internet more user-friendly and easily approachable. Since the earliest days of the Internet some of the largest providers and gateways have been universities and colleges across the world (like the University of Minnesota and its Gopher program ); many of these educational facilities would offer information about...   [tags: Technology and Writing]

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Lucy - Creative Writing

- Lucy had gone missing on Wednesday. It was now Friday. When she failed to return home from school, her father, a policeman named John, called all of her friends and neighbours, asking in a panic if they’d seen her. They hadn’t. She was only 8, she’d never been separated from her mother and father for more than a few days, but even then they had kept in contact somehow, whether by phone or by post. They were very worried about her. John and Mary, his wife, had been constantly phoning everyone they knew, checking and double-checking if anyone had seen their daughter or if they had any news about her....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Creative Writing: The Truth

- ... There were no men there to fill in the gaps. Eric was doing fine since his father’s passing, but there was a part of his childhood that was taken away from him. I had finally seen that spark of happiness in his eyes again. Eric had become introverted. He threw himself into practicing karate as a way to deal with the pain of losing his father. These brothers had come into his life. They stepped in and they were filling the role that was left empty by his father. I was so happy for my son. Lord knows he had suffered enough and he deserved to be happy now....   [tags: christianity, bible, genesis]

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Creative Writing: Deadly Addiction

- The dark motel room made it hard to tell for sure, but Sam could hear a deep, steady breathing coming from the other bed- his brother was definitely asleep. Sam waited five more minutes, just to be certain, before sitting up and pulling off the sheets. His head spun a little, the room floating around him in dizzy circles, and the pounding in his skull was almost unbearable. Worse of all, he was thirsty. For something strong, stronger than whiskey. Sam stood up unsteadily and stumbled to the door, trying to stay quiet....   [tags: dark motel room, dialogue]

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Creative Writing: Life is a Game

- “Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.” “Yes, sir. I know it is. I know it.” Game, my ass. Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game, all right—I’ll admit that. But if you get on the other side, where there aren’t any hot-shots, then what’s a game about it. Nothing. No game. -(chapter 2 page 8) - Spencer, his former teacher,is lecturing him for his failures at Pencey - emphasizing the importance of playing a game(life) by the rules - Holden identifies himself as the losing side -Relates easily to how the losing side feels, lonely and victimized - This gets Holden thinking, he is very well off and thinks about the d...   [tags: narrative essays]

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My Twenty Third Birthday- Creative Writing

- I never had many friends. Especially since it happened anyway. Sometimes I felt like I was trapped in a undersized room and someone had thrown away the key, leaving me to die; old and lonely. However, my trusty friend was always with me on depressing days like these, most days actually. Vodka. It numbed my brain so I couldn’t think of Sarah; it was like my sleeping pill as it was like fire water and burned my throbbing throat as the acid rain fell from my eyes. Today was my twenty-third birthday and I know what you’re thinking, I should be happy....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Please Don't Feed the Monkeys- Creative Writing

- As I stare out of my cell at the keepers doing their rounds, I wonder for the hundredth time or so what would have happened if I had not left my home for a walk that morning six months ago. I would not have been kidnapped, never to see my family again, I would never have been thrown into this cell, three walls of which are bars a finger’s thickness and two finger’s width apart. I would be free to go where I want walk ; jump, run instead of being taken for “walks” in the cement, high walled courtyard two times a day to “stretch my legs”....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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Photography within the World of Creative Writing

- The purpose of this essay is to integrate the photographic process with creative writing. At first glance, one might think that the two mediums do not have much common ground. However, upon further scrutiny, one quickly discovers that is not entirely the case. Photography plays a wide and diverse role in creative writing. When I first sat down to write this article, I was focused on the other prompt. After a few days of flipping through various photographers and their works, option B still plagued me....   [tags: Article Review]

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Analysis Of Stephen King 's ' On Writing : A Memoir Of The Craft

- ... It would be mentally impossible to spend that much time and effort doing something if there wasn’t a love for it before everything else. In short, I agree with Stephen King’s beliefs on where a writer’s desire to write comes from: reading. 2. I disagree with King’s claim that “while it is impossible to make a competent writer out of a bad writer, and while it is equally impossible to make a great writer out of a good one, it is possible, with lots of hard work, dedication, and timely help, to make a good writer out of a merely competent one”(King 142)....   [tags: Writing, Writer, Creative writing, Stephen King]

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Creative Writing: Memories of our Life

- Isn’t it funny how much of our lives will be forgotten. I think it is. We spend so much time immersed in these little moments that will soon float downstream, never to be seen again. I do, at least. I imagine my mind to vaguely resemble the moon, at least in a metaphorical sense. Meteors roar out of the cosmos and smash into me, and the collateral damage wipes out days and months of memories in favor of an impression of a single catastrophic event. Sometimes I feel like I’m all craters where all sorts of memories used to be....   [tags: moon, little moments, forgatten moments]

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Creative Writing: The Fallout

- “Get up off your feet!” yelled a unknown man. I didn’t know what happened, but worse, I didn’t know what was happening. The sounds of footsteps neared my body, but I was too hurt to react. “Ok, looks like you need some assistance then.” Said the man. Suddenly, I felt a set of hands grip my left side and violently flip me on my back to see a wooden rifle stock smash into my cheek bone… This wasn’t the way it was supposed to turn out, I came too close this time. But I guess the sayings true, ‘War, war never changes.’ Rolling down down I-94 to Dearborn from Detroit would normally be something considered normal, by normal people....   [tags: nuclear war, north korea, radiation]

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Creative Writing: Christmas Funfest

- I woke up in a quiet house. No sound of Christmas music, no sound of bustle in the kitchen, no sound of anybody opening presents. The one thing I could hear was the hum of the heater downstairs. Nevertheless, I still felt cold. I glanced to my right, toward the empty bed. The blanket covered almost the entire thing, and its edges were tucked deep within the frame. I didn’t understand the point of keeping it made when Porky wasn’t around to screw it up anymore. It was like someone preparing a welcome-back party for a dead person, and Porky might as well be dead by now....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Creative Writing: Going To War

- Going to War The arrival of winter was well on its way. Colorful leaves had turned to brown and fallen from the branches of the trees. The sky opened to a new brightness with the disappearance of the leaves. As John drove down the country road he was much more aware of all his surroundings. He grew up in this small town and knew he would live there forever. He knew every landmark in this area. This place is where he grew up and experienced many adventures. The new journey of his life was exciting, but then he also had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach of something not right....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Creative Writing: The Chance of a Lifetime

- “That’s so…. Exciting Kait, good for you,” Jennifer says in an unimpressed and uninterested tone. We’d been best friends since before high school, but now that we’ve gone our separate ways in the wake of college, I’ve seen how unsupportive she really is. I had just finished telling her about the tickets I’d bought to Melanie Nguyen’s show, which is much later tonight. Fancy recitals had never been Jennifer’s “thing”—as she often so eloquently put it—and so I nearly always had to go alone, no matter who was playing or singing....   [tags: dialogue, Melanie Nguyen]

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The Body Of Work That I Have Created While Completing My Daily Disciplines Of Writing

- ... Later on, there was a week in February were all my daily disciplines were about the Affordable Care Act. The rest of my academic DDWs were either creative writing prompts or do now activities given to me by you. I remember there was one point in time during late January and early February that I was writing creative stories without prompts. The timing was a bit inappropriate because I was writing them during other classes when I got bored, but I was proud of myself for being dedicated to my daily disciplines and enhancing my imagination....   [tags: Writing, Short story, Creative writing, Writer]

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Creative Writing: American Soldier in Iraq

- "RUN!!" I heard a fellow soldier screaming as I looked around. "RUN!" I started to take off but I was too late. I am an American soldier and I just got my leg blown off by a grenade. As I lay here crying, yelling out in pain, I think about why I am even here. The president thought that Saddam Hussein MIGHT have had weapons of mass destruction (WMD), so he sent me here to die. After we searched and found that Hussein did not have any WMDs, what did President Bush decide to do. Send more troops (SIRS)....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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The Body Of Work That I Have Created While Completing My Daily Disciplines Of Writing

- ... Later on, there was a week in February that all my daily disciplines were about the Affordable Care Act. The rest of my academic DDWs were either creative writing prompts or do now activities given to me by you. I remember there was one point in time during late January and early February that I was writing creative stories without prompts. The timing was a bit inappropriate because I was writing them during other classes when I got bored, but I was proud of myself for being dedicated to my daily disciplines and enhancing my imagination....   [tags: Writing, Short story, Creative writing, Writer]

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Creative Writing: The Live of a Teenage Girl During the Nazi Regime

- ... As you get closer you notice the sign reads “Sale. Going out of business.” You find this strange, because that ammunition shop has been there since you were young. You ultimately choose to put the black on the state. Besides, ever since those bills to restrict civilians from having guns have passed, you noticed that the store has received less and less business. You clock in and take your place behind the register; you think about how little business the bakery has received as of late. You pull out the copy of My Sister’s Keeper that you have been assigned in class and begin reading; you get through a few pages before you hear the bell on the front door jingle....   [tags: hitler, school, nsa, americans]

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Creative Writing: Kefa and Tovi

- I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of green tea with agave nectar. I went out to my back yard and pulled up a lawn chair, sat down and chilled out for the rest of the night. I felt the urge to light up a cigarette, but I changed my train of thought immediately. I took a deep breath, drank my tea and relaxed. Just as I got into a state of relaxation, Morgan came out and she brought my cell phone to me. In a whisper she said to me, “It’s Nadia Mama. Morgan handed my phone to me. Damn. I thought to myself....   [tags: women, nadia, trina]

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