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Should Condoms Be Given in Schools

- Each year there are many unwanted babies born, or even worse aborted in this country. Many which are born to young people with little or no education about condom use and sex. With a little education about condom use and safe sex many of these unnecessary pregnancies could be prevented. Many parents do not educate their children about sex; therefore the burden usually falls on the schools. Condoms should definitely be readily available in the school system, along with a Sex Education program that includes how and why to use condoms properly....   [tags: condoms, schools, sex education,]

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Health Belief Model: Condoms and Sexual Risk

- Sexual Risk Teen Pregnancy Prevention (Condom) Section 1- Health Belief Model The health belief model (HBM) is a psychosocial model that was developed during the 1950’s by social psychologists of the U.S public health services, and this model was used to explain why people failed to participate in disease prevention and detection programs. The theory is one of the most health behavior theories, which is used to explain behavior change and maintenances, but often times used to predict behavior outcome (Glanze, Rimer, & Lewis, 2002)....   [tags: health belief model, condoms]

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Why High Schools Should Provide Condoms and Sexual Education for Students

- My research paper is about why high schools should provide condoms for students, along with comprehensive sexual education programs. I hope to enlighten the reader about sexual education in high school by answering these questions: How will providing condoms keep students safe. Will sexual education benefit kids. And finally, did not having sex ed affect the generation before us. My view is that most teens are going to have sex, it’s natural and instinctual, but making teens less ignorant about sex and provide them with a way to practice safer sex will result in less teenage pregnancies, STDs, and smarter choices regarding sex....   [tags: sexual education, condoms, youth]

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- Condoms The word condom is probably derived from Latin "condus" meaning receptacle. Another explanation is that the gut condom was invented by the English army doctor Colonel Quondam in around 1645 and that the word is a corruption of his name. We do not know who invented condoms, but we do know that they were in use. There is evidence of this in the writings of Marquis de Sade, Casanova and James Boswell. The latter, a Scottish lawyer and writer, protected himself against sexually transmitted diseases by using a linen condom....   [tags: Sex Protection Condoms Descriptive Process Essays]

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Condoms and the Illusion of Safe Sex

- History repeats itself. Even today different issues arise that are quite similar if one takes the time to notice. Early in the twentieth century, smoking cigarettes became popular in America (“The #1 Preventable” 1). The average person had little awareness of the negative health effects of smoking other than perhaps throat irritation and coughing. In the 1920s, companies began claiming their brand of cigarettes was physician tested and approved (“Cigarettes were once” 2). With this in mind, the general public believed that smoking was not harmful at all....   [tags: Sex Educaion Essays]

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Distribution of Condoms in Schools

- The topic of distributing condoms in high schools had caused a great deal of debate over the last decade. Those that favor condom distribution say that distributing them will ensure teenagers practice safe sex, and the rate of teenage pregnancy will decline dramatically. Those that are against distributing condoms, say that giving them out will encourage early sexual activity and promote the idea that premarital sex is okay. What about letting parents help kids make decisions about their futures....   [tags: Sex]

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British Pregnancy and Condoms

- ... The goal of its teenage pregnancy strategy is to have under 18- conception rate by 2010. “Teenage pregnancies are rising; so are drunkenness, sexual offences and crimes of sadism.” Adolescent pregnancy occurs in all societies but the level of teenage pregnancy and childbearing varies from country to country. The level of adolescent pregnancy varies by a factor of almost 10 across the developed countries. In order to reduce teen pregnancy and aid there should be formal sex education programs....   [tags: education, teenage pregnancies]

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Spreading the Usage of Condoms: Preventing or Inviting?

- Based on the data by United Nation AIDS (UNAIDS), the spread of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia was the fastest in Southeast Asia and most of them caused by sexual intercourse. One of the ways to decrease the number of this case is by using condom in sexual intercourse, which is called safe sex. Then, to celebrate the World AIDS day on 1 December, Ministry of Health made a program named Condom National Week as a campaign to spread the usage of condom by giving free condoms and information about HIV/AIDS to couples and young generation in several cities....   [tags: AIDS-HIV, sex education]

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Case Study on Aids and Condoms

- Case Study on Aids and Condoms The AIDS virus is spreading rapidly throughout India and Brazil. Due to the differences in culture and political policies, these two countries are attacking the AIDS epidemic problem in two totally different ways. On one hand, Brazil plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for teaching public AIDS awareness mainly to married women and Carnival goers. In comparison, India's government has identified specific targets of their society in order to reach the public and spread the information about AIDS awareness....   [tags: Free AIDS Essays]

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- Why people do not use condoms Many men and women prefer unprotected intercourse or using another contraceptive method rather than using a condom. Among currently married women of reproductive age, only 5 percent use condoms for contraception worldwide, and only 3 percent in less developed regions of the world, according to United Nations estimates of contraceptive use. In this chapter we a re going to analyze or try to explain why some people don’t use condoms. In order to do this, we used some theory of the book ‘Social Psychology’ (7th edition) by David G....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Advertising Durex Condoms in Egypt

- Advertising and promotion: Egypt ranks very high among developing countries, with 324 radios per 1,000 people, 122 television sets per 1,000, and 40 newspapers per 1,000. However, high costs of broadcast media advertising present a major obstacle, even when regulations prohibiting advertising for pharmaceuticals are waived. Some broadcast contraceptive advertising did appear for government and NGO services, but not commercial services. Pharmacies depend instead on outdoor signs, reaching limited audiences....   [tags: Business Marketing]

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Condoms, STDs, & Pregnancy

- During the 1980s, efforts increased to alert the public to the dangers of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and unintended pregnancy, yet these problems have increased. Adolescents and young adults have been especially hard hit. Pregnancy and birth rates among teenagers are at their highest levels in two decades. Research has demonstrated that consistent condom use is an effective way to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STDs and in the prevention of pregnancy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Against Condoms in School Debate Paper

- Against Condoms in School Debate Paper USING CONDOMS IN SCHOOL – CLEARLY NOT A GOOD PLAN In a large amount of schools across America, this has become a disturbing trend. Schools are handing out condoms to kids. This is wrong on so many fronts that I cannot even begin to name them. The fact that people argue this fact astounds me. I cannot believe this action was even considered. I will name a few points that I believe are the most prominent and powerful arguments for my case. Firstly, the free condoms DO encourage kids to have sex....   [tags: social issues]

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Marketing Condoms to Teens is Ethical and Necessary

- Is it ethical to market condoms to teenagers. Advertising catches the attention of everyone – both young and old – but seeking to “feast” on the most vulnerable – the young. With the young seeking adventure and wanting to learn and become experienced, they are captured by everything they see and hear, whether the information is ethical or unethical. Over the years, sex has become an important part of the media through advertising and sales in a world where sex is important. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American children will view an estimated 360,000 advertisements that have sexual innuendos on television before graduating from high school....   [tags: Teen Sex]

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Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools

- Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools Coinciding with the onslaught of the new millennium, schools are beginning to realize that the parents are not doing their job when it comes to sexual education. The school system already has classes on sexual education; these classes are based mainly on human anatomy. Most schools do not teach their students about relationships, morals, respect, self-discipline, self-respect, and most importantly contraceptives. Everyday students engage in sexual activity, many of them with out condoms....   [tags: Teaching Education Argumentative Sex Essays]

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Mandatory Condoms Free Of Charge And Without The Spread Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( Stds )

- In the mid-1990s, 400 Secondary school throughout the United States (U.S.) introduced a program that enabled students to easily obtain condoms. The intention of this initiative was to reduce the number of unwanted teenage pregnancies and stop the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV. In Seattle, Washington State, condoms were available in school health centres. Students could obtain condoms free of charge and without the need for parental consent. The condoms were located in baskets next to pamphlets on condom use, HIV and abstinence....   [tags: AIDS, Sexual intercourse, HIV]

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Factors Associated with Non-Condom Use among Homosexuals

- There are several literatures discussing the importance of condoms in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases; the findings and conclusions of these studies were more or less similar especially among the young population. The youth represent the cohort with a substantial risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infection (Bull, S et al, 2012). Although the risk of acquiring such infections is common among heterosexual couples, male to male sexual behaviour has been considered as the primary risk factor for STIs, especially human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (Geibel et al, 2010)....   [tags: condoms, std, hiv, aids, gay sex]

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Various Options of Birth Control and Their Effectiveness

- ... If used incorrectly your chances of getting pregnant increase by 14 percent. It is not as effective as breastfeeding. Spermicide is not as available as condoms , but it can still obtained over the counter. No doctor is needed, but since there is so many adverse and warning with the product a care provider should be involve. It can cause an increase chance to obtaining sexually transmitted disease. Frequent physical checks are recommended. A nurse needs to make sure patient reads the label to know what to do before applying....   [tags: cost, hormones, condoms]

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Difficulties People with AIDS Go Through

- Executive Summery This case is about the difficulties that people in different parts of the world have gone through with AIDS. From, the infected, families related to the infected, governments investing time and efforts to prevent future AIDS outcomes. The major problem for us would be, culture and education. It is challenging enough trying to change people’s minds about some matters, especially if they are related to touchy topics like sex and diseases. Our main recommendation is to invest in sexual education, informing everyone about it....   [tags: education, cultural issues, condoms]

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Should Birth Control Be Available to Teenage Girls?

- Birth control is not available to teenage girls without a parents consent, yet condoms are. In this paper I will be telling you about why I think teenage girls SHOULD be able to get birth control without their parent’s permission. Now first off I want to say that I’m not over here supporting teen sex, and I do understand that most people think that if you’re going to have sex in the first place, you should be able to ask for help and protection when you need it. I do agree with that, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still going to happen....   [tags: parents consent, condoms]

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Teaching Teenagers About Safe Sex

- For many years now, individuals in all states have been attempting to teach teenagers about safe sex. Administrators have designed special classes and foundations worldwide in order to help out with this subject. As said by K4Health, “The term ‘condom’ first appeared in print in 1717, in an English publication on syphilis, although its origin still remains uncertain” (Stryker). The reason why schools should be giving teenagers condoms is because most teenagers do not tell their parents that they are sexually active....   [tags: school, education, condoms]

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Birth Control: IUD Insertion and Removal

- ... The Mirena is almost identical to the ParaGard there are just a few slender differences. The Mirena is a birth control which is used for up to five years, and unlike the ParaGard, you need to use condoms for seven days after it is inserted. Mirena contains a low dose of the hormone progestin. The benefits of Mirena consist of a smaller amount of menstrual cramps, it can be used while breastfeeding, and is less likely to discontinue working while other medications are being taken. Mirena side effects may include headaches, lower abdominal or back pain, infection, perforation, acne, breast tenderness, breakthrough hemorrhage, infection, periods may possibly discontinue after one year of us...   [tags: pills, condoms, side effects]

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Sexual Behaviors of Street Workers

- Survey was carried out in Padua, North-East Italy between January 2001 and January 2004 among 98 female street sex workers to determine knowledge of STIs and condom use. This study revealed that majority (40) participants were in the age group of 21-23 years. 35 participants were started their sexual profession in the age of 15 and 18 years and 36 after the age of 18 years. 60 participants were using a condom at every time. The younger girls used a condom less frequently than the elder girls. Majority (85%) of participants did not use a condom with non-paying partners....   [tags: survey, std, condoms, ]

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Should Teens Have Parental Consent to Receive Birth Control?

- As we see in the world today many teens are becoming mothers before they finish high school or before they turn 18. Although some teens are on birth control already many are not because they are afraid to tell their parents which may lead to their parents thinking they are sexually active. Moreover, teens usually find themselves in a professional clinic trying to seek different options of birth control but they are derailed by having parental consent or notification. Many clinics have a policy were teen needs to have parental consent to receive birth control....   [tags: pro consents, condoms, hiv, aids]

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Critical Analysis of an Article on HIV/AIDS Prevention Issues for Women

- ... This mainly includes poverty and disempowerment because women in lower living standards tend to be treated poorly by men since they are not seen as equals in society. Secondly, changing attitudes and behaviours of men will be an important issue to address because this concerns condom use against protection of HIV/AIDS. In order for this to be work, there must be social change in the cultures on beliefs and attitudes of men. Lastly, we need to understand that HIV/AID affects men and women differently; women are more susceptible physically and emotionally....   [tags: poverty, condoms, empower]

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Sexual Revolution and Methods of Contraception

- Sexual Revolution and Methods of Contraception Birth Control and Contraceptives The sexual revolution introduced a whole new idea of controlled births and the use of different forms of birth control. Contraceptives have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians, but the sexual revolution introduced a whole new form and more efficient way to prevent conception of a child. The use of contraceptives helped control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, lowered the percentage of illegitimate children, and reduced the risk of pregnancy....   [tags: Sex Protection Condoms Safe Essays History]

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Preventing Teenage Sex and Preganancy

- No recorded event in human history creates such joy, elation, or calls for such amazement as the birthing of a child. The excitement is so natural and exciting that most cannot resist the instinctual forces released within us when we are near a newborn. Although the experience is radical in itself, no adolescent should partake in such responsibility, especially mothering. Teen pregnancy occurs mostly between the 15-19 age brackets, although statistics show that ages can be well below. Teen pregnancy distresses the community financially and economically, but drastically upsets the world with struggles, disease, and possibly death of the teen and/or her infant....   [tags: intimacy, condoms, education]

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Taking an Inside Look at the Male Condom

- Technology has been used to provide the most effective methods for birth control and to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI) for centuries. However, many factors prevented safe sexual intercourse practices and birth control, such as political, ethical and moral issues.The condom is one of the most popular and effective method of contraception, and is the only technology available that prevents both pregnancy and STI’s. The condom works by preventing direct contact between the penis and the vagina, and acts as a physical barrier to prevent sperm from being fertilized by an egg of the sexual partner....   [tags: effective methods of birth control]

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Condom Distribution in Public Schools

- ... For kids who do not have that motherly or fatherly figure to sit down and talk to them about the “birds and the bees” at the age of 13, and already made the mistake, why not take the extra step to inform and also protect them. Times have changed. Bodies are becoming more mature at an early age. Not everyone grows up with the same perspective on sex. Not everyone is taught to abstain from sex at an age where they can understand. Many people evolve into the person they are based on what they know and what they have been taught....   [tags: sex education, teenage pregnancy prevention]

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Condom : A Solid Foundation Of Community For Homosexuals

- ... This became a base for education for AIDS and condom use, as information on homosexual lifestyles and issues were not easily found anywhere else. It also created a movement to keep bathhouses active, as AIDS prevention groups would rather have gay men congregate where they can be educated and given prevention techniques, instead of endangering themselves in the privacy of one 's home. This also spread to homosexual bars and clubs, where the bartenders were trained on the prevention of AIDS, and would give free condoms to homosexual men, to reinforce the idea of using condoms in the homosexual community....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, AIDS, Bisexuality]

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The Importance of Using a Condom

- The Importance of Using a Condom In a recent study performed at the University of New Orleans by Dr. Bruce M. King, only 20% of men reported using a condom consistently, while only 50% reported using protection with a new partner. The results of condom use or lack there of is clear: ? 2/3 of all STIs occur in people 25 years of age or younger ? By the age of 24, 1 in 3 sexually active people will have contracted an STI ? In 2000, 15- to 19-year-old women had the highest rate of gonorrhea compared to all other age categories....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Male Condom and It's Use

- Male Condom and It's Use [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] What is a male condom. [IMAGE] * A male condom is a thin sheath that covers the penis during intercourse and is made of one of the following materials: * Rubber (latex) * Plastic (polyurethane);the best alternative for people allergic to latex * Lambskin · Male condoms can vary greatly in color, size, amount of lubrication and amount of spermicide....   [tags: Papers]

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Condom Hunt

- Contraception Condom Hunt 1. Location of store and Location of Condoms Wal-Mart store # 1081 3570 SW Archer Road Gainesville Fl, 32608 • The store is located in Butler Plaza next to gator mania. From the UF campus if you take North South Drive and make a right onto Archer Road and then another left into Butler Plaza you will easily see the Wal-Mart logo. • When you enter the store, just keep straight past the customer service desk and make a sharp left. Go past all the registers and the DiGorno freezers with all the pizzas in it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Condom Distribution

- Condom Distribution Condom distribution to adolescents has always been a very controversial subject. Margaret Pruitt Clark display's her views on this issue in her short essay entitled, "Condom Availability Promotes Health, Saves Lives." Clark has many good points about distributing condoms to adolescents and the reasons that these types of measures should be taken. I agree with many of her proposals but do not believe that the school environment is the right place to do this. The threat of HIV, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) among adolescents, has become a life threatening issue and measures should be taken....   [tags: Papers]

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The Condom Distribution Debate

- The Condom Distribution Debate      The topic of condom distribution in public schools has caused many heated debates throughout our country in the last decade. Proponents of distribution state that free condom distribution will ensure that teenagers will practice safe sex and that the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy will decline. Opponents of distribution state that free condom distribution will encourage sexual activity and foster the idea that premarital sex is acceptable....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics Teens Sex]

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Using Condom Usage Offered Protection Against The Acquisition Of Syphilis

- Research Methods A. Study Design This study uses a cohort research method design. The qualitative facet of the study design assessed whether condom usage offered protection against the acquisition of syphilis. This cohort study was conducted in conjunction with a qualitative and quantitative survey of various ethnic groups, age groups, and workers (particularly sex workers). Hence, this survey will use a mixed method research study design. B. Setting of Study The study is centered around poor neighborhoods in New York City (Bronx- Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Brooklyn--Brownsville, Coney Island, East New York, Manhattan-Central and East Harlem, Queens--Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Staten Is...   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Gendered Discrepancies: Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors in Relation to Condom Usage

- In terms of the results of Wang’s (2013) study, they mostly aligned with his hypotheses along with showing even more information than he thought would be present. For example, it was shown through the sample of women taking his online questionnaire that they were more likely to adhere to societal norms when it came to condom usage—for instance, they would be more likely to use contraception due to the fact that they would not have to deal with consequences, such as an unplanned pregnancy or being ostracized society because of as much....   [tags: male, pregnancy, sexual intercourse]

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Treatment and Drugs

- With a disease that doesn’t discriminate towards any group, HIV/AIDS is a disease that is impacting the world at an alarming rate. It doesn’t matter your age, sex, race, sexual orientation, this disease impacts every demographic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013), “Worldwide, there were about 2.5 million new cases of HIV in 2011. About 34.2 million people are living with HIV around the world.” There are many myths and confusion about this disease, and in this paper I’m going to discuss what HIV and AIDS are, as well as its impact it’s making around the world....   [tags: symptoms, Condom]

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The Healthy Love Intervention Plan Targets African American Women

- ... Mainly, the program provides a sex-positive, informal setting that allows women to feel comfortable and safe during discussions about sexual health. The activities make the sessions fun, causing women to be engaged during the 3-4 hours. Learning negotiation tactics allows for women to stand up for their health by participating in safer-sex. Being provided with safer-sex kits and confidential testing allows the women to access these materials without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This program sounds like it could be successful at increasing the amount of women who engage in safer-sex, and increasing the amount of women who get tested for HIV/AIDS....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Sexual intercourse, Condom]

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The Epidemic Of Hiv / Aids

- ... Stigma can result in social isolation, deprivation of rights, and disconnection from health services which therefore impact on mental wellbeing and thus, directly speed of premature death of HIV positive MSM (Smith 1993) 2.2: Sex Workers (SW) – SW in Asian and European countries are at high risk Despite high number of sexual partners, one of the main reasons that increase HIV contraction and transmission is the inability to use condoms (Denno et al. 2015). Some SW are forced not to use condoms by their clients as they may not be paid is condoms are used hence, HIV vulnerability is increased due to economic (transactional) gains, see Appendix D....   [tags: HIV, AIDS, Sexual intercourse, Condom]

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The Birth Of The Pill

- ... Europeans living during the mid-1700s transformed organ meats into their way of preventing babies. Slaughterhouse workers would style early condoms out of sausage skins. The Chinese made theirs out of lamb intestines, and the Japanese used tortoise shell (called ‘kabutoga’ or animal horn) (Davidson). However, even with the availability of some version of the condom, and the simplicity of the withdrawal method, other means for preventing pregnancy were continually sought after. According to the oldest recorded information in the Egyptian Kahun Gynecological Papyrus, historians report that “women would mix honey, sodium carbonate, and crocodile dung into a pessary (a thick paste) as a form...   [tags: Birth control, Sexual intercourse, Condom]

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The Effects Of Sexual Education On Children

- ... Many people do genuinely believe that abstinence is the best way to make sure students have to be subjected to the horrors of sex: STD’s, unintentional pregnancy, the lower self esteem and depression that come after having sex. And many of these people do believe a comprehensive sex education only makes things worse. It has been stated by the website Life Site News after “pointing out the flaws in a national study on abstinence released by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. Conducted in April 2007” that “the Institute found several major errors that made the study non-representative of American sex education....   [tags: Sex education, Birth control, Condom]

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Hiv / Aids Education And Promotion Of Safe Sex

- ... A primary objective should be to make them available in places where the vulnerable groups can find them easily and conveniently. Free condom boxes may be located in pharmacies, university halls, streets and at work places with the slogan “It can save your life”. In addition, most people are usually shy and may not ask for condoms or get them in public so distribution should also include areas where people can acquire them privately. In South Africa, although it only represents a small increase per person, the government increased condom distribution by 60% from 308.5 million to 495 million between 2007 and 2010 (AVERT, para....   [tags: HIV, AIDS, Condom, Sexual intercourse]

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv )

- Public Health Problem The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has haunted humans for decades by weakening the immune system so low that disease progress to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Once in the human body, the virus infects vital cells leading to the depletion of CD4 immune and increasing susceptibility to other life-threatening diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumocystis pneumonia, and giving cancerous tumors an environment to thrive (Bacelar et al, 2014). The virus is spread through semen, blood, breast milk, or vaginal fluid....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Condom, Safe sex]

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The Internet Resources And Services That Provide Information On Methods Of Contraception

- ...  Analyzing these websites I learned that there are female condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, vaginal rings and patches that can all be used as a form of contraception ( “ birth control methods,” n.d.). The intention of these websites is to ensure that individuals are educated in the different forms of contraceptions that are available, and that not all forms of contraceptives are the same. Being educated in contraceptions is very important, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but to ensure that the individual does not contact a sexually transmitted infection....   [tags: Condom, Birth control, Hormonal contraception]

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Sexual Education : Children And Young Adults Learning

- Sex, It is a normal thing someone will experience in their lifetime. But, the question is, are children and young adults learning the correct way to keep themselves safe. Many states offer little to no requirement for Sexual education, or they offer Abstinence only education. There are a few states that do offer comprehensive sexual education but, bottom line is America has a horrible sexual education program. It is a state 's duty to decide what will be taught in a classroom. Regrettably, some states make it so adolescents are not receiving enough or not the proper information to defend themselves from the many dangers that come with the responsibility of sex....   [tags: Birth control, Sex education, Condom]

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv ) Or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ( Aids )

- ... You might be wondering why fishermen. Aren’t there other migrant workers, such as military men. Yes, there are, but none are as at high of a risk of contracting HIV as fishermen. Men between the ages of 15-35 have the highest risk of contracting HIV in Thailand (Surasiengsunk et al, 1998), and are also the most common age for fishermen (Kissling et al, 2005). The cosial dynamics of being on a ship are very different for these men, particularly the younger men, than those at home, allowing for more reckless behavior to be common practice....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Condom, Safe sex]

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Hiv And Aids : Aids

- Oladipo Okuboyejo HLT 2320 HIV and AIDS Aids is caused by the HIV virus and the illness weakens peoples immune system making them more burnable to infections and diseases. As time goes by, the conditions worsens. The criteria for HIV patients indicates an extremely weakened immune system after all, a person can have HIV without having Aids. This paper will talk about how HIV is transmitted from one person to person, how it is not transmitted too. It will also talk about what process the body goes through when one is infected the the virus and what then happens when it eventually develops into AIDS....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Condom, Sexual intercourse]

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The Difference Between Love And Infatuation

- According to the 8th grade sexuality curriculum from a small town in Minnesota, the physical education department says, they start with the male and female anatomy. They go over fallopian tubes, ovaries, and all the way to the scrotum and semen. They have to label worksheets of girls and boys bodies so they know all the reproductive parts of the body. Next they go over the pregnancy basics. This includes the three things in order for a pregnancy, which include sperm, ovum, and female reproduction system....   [tags: Birth control, Sexual intercourse, Condom]

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Elderly Contracting Hiv : An Ongoing Issue

- Review of Literature The literature review from articles proves the validity of research by performing in- depth question about elderly contracting HIV is an ongoing issue. The older and elderly population is unaware that they can become in effected with HIV and AIDS (Eduardo, Lamb, Kandula, ,Howard, Muqisha, ,Kimanga, ,Kilama, Kilama, El-Sadr, &Elul, 2014). There is a clear understanding of how HIV and AIDS came into existing and start damaging people life. According to The Center of Disease Control and Prevention, The history of this virus began....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Immune system, Condom]

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Types Of Hiv : Hiv

- ... Swaziland is one of the most severely HIV-affected countries. The first AIDS case in Swaziland was reported in 1987(WHO, 2015). Located in Southern Africa, one in four adults are said to be living with HIV according to AVERT. HIV is number one among the top 10 causes of death in the county accounting for 37% of deaths. Since the first cases of AIDS were reported in the country in 1987, the virus has progressed rapidly, giving Swaziland the highest HIV prevalence in the world at 26.5% among adults between the ages of 15 and 49 years (AVERT, 2014) and 31% among adults between the ages of 18 and 49 years according to the Swaziland Incidence Measurement Survey....   [tags: HIV, AIDS, Condom, Sexual intercourse]

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Hiv / Aids Prevention Care And Support Project

- makes the public unable to get proper health education on many problems including HIV/AIDS and its consequences. Socio-Ecological Risk Model Individual— IV drug use, early age at first sexual encounter, multiple sexual partners, poverty, inability to afford condoms, improper use of condoms, gender, lack of education, low access to HIV testing and treatment, traditional medicine Interpersonal— polygamy and other traditions, social stigmas, bias against circumcision, rape, false beliefs about HIV/AIDS Community— lack of HIV education programs, cultural stigmas, lack of testing, counselling, and treatment programs, prevalence of sex workers Society— lack of or low funding for HIV/AIDS programs...   [tags: AIDS, Sexually transmitted disease, HIV, Condom]

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The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ( Aids )

- As the definition provided by Tavares de Oliveira Figueirêdo et al. (2014), "The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is an infectious disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)" (p. 3218). Many people around the world aroused an awareness of the threats of AIDS, and still new cases of infections are showing up on the raider each year. Educating people above and beyond rather than just handing out information is vital. In addition, giving support such as accessibility to health care, using sterile injecting equipments, and availability of condom is essential....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Sexually transmitted disease, Condom]

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Case Study : The Controversial Pill

- ... After the fact, testing is done days afterwards to see the drugs have worked in preventing HIV infection. Truvada a new drug that has come into the market as a prophylactic is being promoted as a drug that prevents the spread of HIV. If a sex partner has HIV, and one takes Truvada orally every day it reduces the chance to be infected with the virus. If taken with infrequency the pills expected job will be reduced and the recipient taking the drug can be vulnerable to be infected by HIV. The drug does not cure HIV; it will help in the prevention of acquiring the virus....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Human sexual behavior, Condom]

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The Prevalence Of Gonorrhea And Gonorrhea

- ... Both the single and multipack prices of condoms were compared in the surrounding college businesses. Among the businesses compared most of the businesses sold more than two brands of condoms and carried the well-known condom brands. Students had accessibility to product in more than 88% of the businesses reviewed. The price difference between businesses was significant. Single priced condoms were on average ninety-seven cents in a grocery store, one dollar and twenty- two cents in a convenience store or gas station, but a dollar and sixty- eight cents in a pharmacy or drug store....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, AIDS]

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The Hiv / Aids Epidemic

- Since the first occurrence of the world wide HIV/AIDS epidemic in South East Asia, Thailand has been a leader within the region in addressing HIV on a large scale, preventative level. In 1990, the 100% condom campaign targeting condom use in the sex work industry. Although sex work is and always has been illegal in Thailand, it is something that is tolerated by the Thai government. Although this means there is an increase in high risk behavior, it has made outreach to these populations easier, as they are not targeted for prosecution....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Antiretroviral drug, Condom]

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Teenage Pregnancy And Sexually Transmitted Diseases

- In the mid-1990s, 400 Secondary Schools throughout the United States (U.S.) introduced a program that enabled students to easily obtain condoms. The intention of this initiative was to reduce the number of unwanted teenage pregnancies and stop the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In Seattle, Washington State, condoms were available in school health centres. Students could obtain condoms free of charge and without the need for parental consent....   [tags: AIDS, Sexual intercourse, HIV]

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Sex, An Easy Conversation

- Since when is the topic of sex an easy conversation to have with children. Not knowing what age is appropriate to bring it up and also giving the list of all the outcomes and responsibilities that come with it. In most cases parents do not know that their children are being exposed to sex. They think that their children will not know about this topic until the parents give them what is known as “the birds and the bees” talk. What they do not realize is that the media and their fellow peers have beaten them to the punch....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Aids : A Common Disease

- Introduction AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a lifelong disease caused by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus. Can you imagine being sick with a disease that makes you even more sick for the rest of your life. In this paper, I will discuss the effects that AIDS/HIV has on people around the world, as well as different preventative techniques while also discussing what is being done right now in efforts to cure the disease. AIDS Overview To begin, I will discuss some information about AIDS....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Antiretroviral drug, Condom]

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Young People And Hiv Prevention

- ... About a quarter of all contemporary infection were contributed through that age category. Not only that, but majority of those individuals were not aware that they were infected with HIVs. Therefore, the likelihood of someone getting infected would increase due to the fact that they are unware that they are infected and are having sexual activity with others. Senior Research Scientist with ETR Associates, Douglas Kirby states that “developed composite measures of sexual activity and condom use, such as "frequency of unprotected sex" or "number of unprotected sexual partners," measures strongly related to STD/HIV transmission” (Kirby 155)....   [tags: Sex education, Birth control, Condom]

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Sexually Active Teenagers Are Using Birth Control

- ... The parents of young adolescents also have an impact on them when it comes to using condoms. The study, in the article by Maxine Weinman, that was conducted to test the beliefs and communication between parents, peers, and other teenagers, showed that amongst the young adolescents that did not use condoms the last time they had sex 61% of them had never had a talk with their parents about the importance of delaying pregnancy by condom use. Even then when they were having conversations with their parents 41.2% of them did not use a condom the last time they had sex (Weinman 6)....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Pregnancy]

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HIV African American

- HIV infections in African American Males have been a national growing problem since the early 1990’s. According to CDC, In the United States, there are more than 1 million people living with HIV. 48 percent are afro American males. It estimate that around 1 million people in the United States will be diagnose with HIV in the up coming year with the lifetime risk of becoming infected is 1 in 16 for black males (CDC,2007). There is growing concern about the disproportionate increase of HIV among afro American males ages 13-19 with low social- economic demographics ( )....   [tags: Disease]

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Protect the Future

- Everyone is doing it. Assumptions, like this one, may prompt sexual activities among many teens. The amount of teenagers involved in sexual activity has drastically increased over the last several decades. Especially during the course of high school due to the outrageous status que with having sex. Due to such high numbers of sexually active teens, the distribution of condoms in high school could be implemented in every school district across the United States. Many individuals believe in using protection like condoms....   [tags: Sex Education]

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Women Have the Burden of Birth Control

- Worrying about getting pregnant is a pain that everyone who is sexually active has to face, or should face. The question is, who does that burden of worrying about getting pregnant fall on. As evidence will show, women take most of the burden or responsibility when it comes to providing contraception during sex. Women have more invested when it comes to sex due to the consequences that result from failing to protect against pregnancy. Looking at the burden of contraception in four different ways, the time involved, the cost of birth control, the physical side effects of contraception, and the effect due to failure of contraception....   [tags: Contraceptives, Birth Control Essays]

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College Campuses and Sexually Transmitted Infections

- College campuses have seen a rise, in the epidemic of Sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases have quickly become a household name amongst Americans. The dangers and health issues related to acquiring a STD has been the reason why more attention has been brought to the STD epidemic. The reason for this attention is to hopefully, slow down the rate of STD’S amongst students. There is a very astonishing fact stated by the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center, “Nearly 80% percent of people that are infected with STD’s do not know it....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive]

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HIV Infections in African American Males

- HIV infections in African American Males have been a national growing problem since the early 1990’s. According to CDC, in the United States, there are more than 1 million people living with HIV. 48 percent are afro American males between the ages 13-44(CDC, 2007). It is estimated that around 1 million people in the United States will be diagnose with HIV in the up coming year with the lifetime risk of becoming infected is 1 in 16 for black males (CDC,2007). However, there is growing concern about the disproportionate increase of HIV among adolescent African American males ages 13-19....   [tags: STD, HIV, AIDS]

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Should Sex Work Be Legalized?

- ... According the UNAIDS in their “Ending the AIDS Epidemic” report, sex workers account for one third of all new HIV/AIDS infections. This high rate is caused by sex worker’s inability to wear condoms coupled with the abuse that clients show towards the workers themselves. Once a sex worker becomes infected, he or she will continue to have sex and endanger other people by spreading the disease. Sex workers should be given the right to protect themselves rather than be forced to hide and not use condoms for the fear of arrest....   [tags: HIV, AIDS, Sexually transmitted disease]

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Use of Social Marketing to Control the STDs Pandemic

- Introduction Since the beginning of time, many of the plagues that we have faced have been global and catastrophic in nature- the Bubonic Plague for example decimated nearly 1/5 of the world population in the Middle Ages. In modern times, the later decades of the 20th century has seen a pandemic that is wrecking just as much havoc on the globe- Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and one in particular- HIV and AIDs. The focus of this paper will explore past interventions using social marketing and Social Network Theory as their foundation to encourage condom usage to prevent the spread of STDs....   [tags: Public Health, HIV, AIDs]

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The Importance of Comprehensive Sex Education to Decrease Teen Pregnancies

- In the United States today, many teenage girls are facing lots of problems. New problems are rising such as an increased pregnancy rate among teenagers. Our teenage girls are less developed and unprepared for the problems which come along with their decision to have sex. It is also too early for teenage girls to become pregnant. Many teens think having a baby is some sort of joke. They believe it will never happen to them but the reality is that every time teens have sex, there is a possibility that the sperm will find its way to the egg if they do not get protection....   [tags: teen pregnancy, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Importance of Birth Control

- We have all heard sad stories of unwanted teenage pregnancies. There are the girls who drop out of school to care for babies they did not really want, having to work to support their unexpected new "families." There are the guys who marry before they are ready and perhaps to wives they would not otherwise have married-so often these marriages end in divorce. Most tragic of all, though, are the children who grow up knowing that they were not wanted in the first place, knowing that they were more a burden to their parents than a joy even before they were born....   [tags: Contraceptives, Birth Control Essays]

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The Space Of A Pharmacy Operates On Gender, Sex, And Sexuality

- ... What does that mean. This is a societal issue that has been constructed by the way people calculate the possibility of awkwardness or being judged during the transaction. Although this is a societal issue, retailers also play a role in making transactions awkward. Many retailers have noticed that condoms and other sex related merchandise are among the top most shoplifted items. We can infer that it is not only because of the price of these items but that the awkwardness of transactions also plays at least some role in these statistics....   [tags: Birth control, Sexual intercourse]

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AIDS In Africa Speech

- AIDS In Africa Speech Africa continues to dwarf the rest of the world in how the region has been affected by AIDS. Africa is home to 70% of the adults and 80% of the children living with HIV in the world. According to the UNAIDS report, the estimated number of newly infected adults and children in Africa reached 3.5 million at the end of 2001. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa will not be stopped with drugs and "abstinence only" education, Sex education and condom availability are required for this battle....   [tags: Papers]

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A Needed Lack of Ignorance

- ... has at least double the teen birth rate of any country and at least nearly double for teen abortion rates. Those numbers are insane and you can see a clear solution when you see how differently they are taught in Europe. In France, Bell talks about “Free Wednesdays”, “One unique aspect of French sexual health policy is “Free Wednesdays”. All students have Wednesday afternoons off from classes, and family planning clinics cater to teens during these times.” (Bell) If the U.S. had something even remotely similar it would be better off as a country....   [tags: Sex Education in the US vs in Europe]

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Adult Behavior Patterns that Contribute to the Spread of AIDS/HIV

- Introduction It is during the ages of 18 and 24 that time of life that many adults are sexually active but not always in monogamous relationships. It is a time of life when one can easily contract either AIDS or another STD due to behavior. Young adults are working during the day and doing their socializing at night, and this socializing almost always includes substances such as alcohol and drugs to help alter their mood, or judgments. Thus causing the person to become easily overcome with doing “what feels right” and not “what is safe or will protect them.” Behavior is key in controlling AIDS....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Life Expectancy in South Africa and HIV/AIDS

- Life expectancy is the average period that a person may expect to live. This is directly related to mortality which is the amount of deaths in a particular population during a specific period of time (OECD, 2009). According to World Health Organization the average Life expectancy in the world was 70 in 2011, varying from 80 to 60 with developed countries such as Japan at the peak with 80 whereas developing countries like Uganda and South Africa are at close to the bottom with 43 and 63 respectively (WHO, 2014)....   [tags: Virus, Sexual Transmission]

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Choosing A Contraceptive

- Choosing A Contraceptive A Reprint from FDA Consumer Magazine Printed December 1993. This reprint contains revisions made in December 1993. This article originally appeared in the September 1993 FDA Consumer. PUBLICATION NO. (FDA) 94-1213 Choosing a method of birth control is a highly personal decision based on individual preferences, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors. Each method carries with it a number of risks and benefits of which the user should be aware....   [tags: Papers]

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The Failure of Abstinence-Only Sexual Education

- Many parents often worry that their teens are engaging in unhealthy or dangerous behaviors, including reckless driving, drinking, drugs, and unprotected sex. For many parents, the only obvious solution is to try and hide the facts of sex from their children, in the hopes that the less they know about it, the less tempted they will feel to do it. Other parents make doomsday-esque statements about what will happen if their child participates in sexual behavior before marriage, in the hopes of scaring their teens into abstinence....   [tags: Sex Education Essays]

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Birth Control

- Birth Control A. Condom 1. Description 2. How does it work. 3. How effective. 4. Where available. 5. Advantages/disadvantages of use. 6. Your opinion B. Diaphragm 1. Description 2. How does it work. 3. How effective. 4. Where available. 5. Advantages/disadvantages of use. 6. Your opinion C. Tubal Ligation 1. Description 2. How does it work. 3. How effective. 4. Where available. 5. Advantages/disadvantages of use. 6. Your opinion D. Vasectomy 1. Description 2. Where available. 3. How effective....   [tags: Contraceptives, Birth Control Essays]

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Birth Control Availibilty

- Some believe contraceptives should be available at cost to those who can afford them, available to legal adults who cannot, and/or available to students through public schools. Some religious traditions, based on their view of reproduction, oppose birth control availability for everyone. There are religious traditions that oppose women's autonomy, and as such, are especially opposed to contraceptives for women. Some who oppose sex outside of marriage believe that distribution of condoms in schools encourages adolescent sexual activity....   [tags: Contraceptives, Birth Control Essays]

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My Future Professional Career As A Social Worker

- ... We believe that God wants us to wait to have sexual relations until marriage, that marriage is intended to be between one man and one woman, and that we are to treat our bodies as a temple. Values that we have formed due to the word of God and the things he commanded we follow so that we may have eternal life. Today these values are constantly being debated among people in the world. Conflict with Client Having the values I have about our body being a temple, saving ourselves sexually for marriage, and being married to one man and one woman, having a male client come to me suffering from HIV and not having “safe sex” because he doesn’t like the way condoms feel, I would find myself havin...   [tags: AIDS, Sexual intercourse, HIV]

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