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Philip Larkin's Church Going

- Larkin's "Church Going": A Failed Exploration for Religious Faith Murdoch's artistic and natural beauty critique, called The Sovereignty of Good and Other Concepts, quotes Plato’s belief that "beauty is the only spiritual thing we love by instinct." Therefore, beauty is the only spiritual connection Atheist Philip Larkin seeks in a church. Larkin's poem Church Going, begins as a confessional since he mentions how he often stops at random churches, perhaps because he is searching for a place of worship that is beautiful, both naturally and artistically....   [tags: Church Going 2014]

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Philip Larkin’s Poem Church Going

- Philip Larkin’s Poem "Church Going" When it comes to religion, we can choose either to believe or not to believe. Some have faith in a supreme being, and week after week, devoutly cram into the church of their choice and recite their prayers. In contrast, there are nonbelievers. They see religion as an escape from reality-- a false hope that after living a long and difficult life, an omniscient, unconditionally loving deity will welcome them into an eternal existence. In Philip Larkin’s poem, "Church Going," the speaker is also a nonbeliever....   [tags: Philip Larkin Church Going Essays]

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Church Going By Philip Larkin

- “But superstition, like belief, must die, And what remains when disbelief has gone?” (Larkin 867) For most people, church can be a terrifying place. It is thought to be filled with rules, consequences, and judgment. Its doctrine can also be very confusing, although never contradicting. Some churches are merely buildings with a cross displayed outside. When a church loses its truly religious attributes, it becomes no more than a club. However, not all are bad. Churches can sometimes be the only place people find a sense of peace....   [tags: Protagonist, Character, Antagonist, Religion]

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The Theme of Religion in Church Going and In Westminster Abbey

- The Theme of Religion in Church Going and In Westminster Abbey Both poets’ John Betjeman and Philip Larkin in their poems “In Westminster Abbey” and “Church Going”, treat the theme of religion as a disrespectful ideology which is not worth believing or mentioning, as it has been for centuries the way in which the church controlled the people. Throughout “Westminster Abbey” the description and language used by the poet creates an ironic atmosphere that is the first point to consider that shows that the poet does not see church as a serious matter....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Social Commentary in Dover Beach, Second Coming, and Church Going

- Comparing Social Commentary in Dover Beach, Second Coming, and Church Going Human society has always struggled with the conflict of faith versus technology. Faith has always been a symbol of order, and increasing technology has always been the scapegoat for "mere anarchy." When faith ebbs, technology or new scientific concepts are blamed. Technology is a convenient target because when people lose faith in the church, science is a hard-based, factual thing in which to believe. The increasing chaos in society can be blamed on the decreasing faith in religion that has been shifted to technology....   [tags: compare and contrast essay examples]

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The Enlightment and the French Revolution

- In France during the 18th century, there was a system named the Ancien régime, which refers to the societal, economic and political structure of France before the French Revolution. At the top of the pyramid was the absolute monarch Louis XVI. He took the throne in 1774 and received it with problems that couldn’t be fixed. (French Revolution Overview 6) Below the king came the first estate which was made of 100,000 nobles. Then came the second estate was made of 300,000 clergy. Finally came the third estate which was made of the rest of France, which was 23.5 million people....   [tags: going against the teachings of the Catholic Church]

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Exposing the Hypocrisy of Religion in Emily Dickinson’s Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church

- Exposing the Hypocrisy of Religion in Emily Dickinson’s Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church Who does society consider the faithful. Is it the man on the street corner screaming for everyone to repent their sins before the apocalypse. Is it the zealot who straps a bomb to his body, and walks into a crowded marketplace. Is it the monk who renounces all his worldly possessions, and takes refuge in a monastery. While these may be extreme examples of the faithful, they all have one thing in common; they are conveying their devotion in their own way....   [tags: Poem Poetry Analysis]

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The Reformation and the Church

- The Reformation was a decisive period in the history not only for the Catholic Church, but also for the entire world. The causes of this tumultuous point in history did not burst on the scene all at once, but slowly gained momentum like a boil that slowly festers through time before it finally bursts open. The Reformation of the Church was inevitable because of the abuses which the Church was suffering during this period. At the time of the Reformation, a segment of the Church had drifted away from its mission to bring Christ and salvation to the world....   [tags: Church History]

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Corinna´s Going A-maying by by Robert Herrick

- Live For Today. Why must we seize the day. That is a million dollar life question. I think the question should be stated “Why not seize the day”. There is no wrong or right way to answer this question. This question reminds me of the quote by Harry "Breaker" Harbord Morant “Live every day as if it were going to be your last; for one day you're sure to be right.” So that is my answer. Better stated in the simple term Carpe diem “seize the day” means to have enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future....   [tags: catholic church, god, religion]

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Take Me For Church By Artist Hozier

- “Take Me To Church”, written by artist Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Bryne), is a mid-tempo indie rock-soul song that delivers a strong message to the Catholic church. “Take Me To Church” was released on September 13th, 2013 as Hozier’s hit debut single. Soon, it became popular globally, becoming the number-one hit in twelve countries. All kinds of people were listening to Hozier’s song, having no idea that there is an underlying meaning that they are singing along to. “Take Me To Church” was written as a giant dig at the Catholic church and Catholic believers....   [tags: Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Church]

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My Thoughts On The Catholic Church

- My thoughts on the Catholic Church There are many religions in the world each having many churches available to accommodate the hundreds of people that go to church. People go to church for many reasons, maybe they are really religious and go to church every day, or they go to a private school that practices their religion. Others go because they are forced to go to church or maybe they go just because their parents go and so they do not think much of it. There 's also those that go who do not really want to go and they do not really agree with what goes on in the church, their beliefs, or what they practice but they go anyway....   [tags: Christianity, Roman Catholic Church]

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The Sacrament Of Reconciliation And The Catholic Church

- The sacraments are an action that show our faith and devotion to the Catholic church. The first sacraments we experience are the sacraments of initiation. The sacraments of initiation include, baptism, reconciliation, communion and confirmation. These sacraments are the first four of the seven that we can perform in our lives. The sacrament of reconciliation is when you ask God for forgiveness for the sins you have committed. On my first reconciliation, it was my birthday. I remember going into the Church, nervous of what the priest would say to my sins....   [tags: Eucharist, Catholic Church, Baptism]

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The Roman Catholic Church And The Reformation

- 2. The Roman Catholic church did its best to regulate the belief of Catholic Christians from the early church to the Reformation, labeling some beliefs orthodox and some heretical. Discuss at least two examples of instances before 1500 in which the church attempted to control belief and then discuss the career of Martin Luther. Why was Luther able to successfully break with the church when previous dissenters were not. Be sure to support your answer with evidence from our class sources. Final Essay Response The Roman Catholic church tried to make Catholicism prevalent to all the people it could before the 1500’s....   [tags: Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church, Pope]

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Discipleship Ministry And Community Church

- As we continue on this Christian journey we must realize that all churches are different, but all have one common goal. The goal is to seek first the kingdom of God, and then build relationships. After evaluating three churches Saddleback Community Church; North Point Community Church; and Coastal Community Church, I understand that each individual church may function different. The three ministries that stood out to me were Discipleship Ministry, Waubaland Ministry, and Hope of Life Ministry. If you were a member at Saddleback Community church they believed in following the examples of Christ if they were going to disciple other individual....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Christian terms, Church]

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Confirmation Of The Catholic Church

- Confirmation in the Catholic Church The event I choose to go to was a confirmation ceremony. The event was held at the Living for Christ Catholic Church in Saint Michael, MN. The event started at 7pm on Wednesday. There were several families there and their children were the ones being confirmed. The children looked to be high school age and were wearing a robe over there clothing. I was sitting in the back of the church and all the young adults came walking in from the main doors coming into the what I will call the hall....   [tags: Bishop, Catholic Church, Apostolic succession]

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The Church Of The Catholic Church

- “Instead of being just a church that welcomes and receives by keeping the doors open, let us try also to be a church that finds new roads, that is able to step outside itself and go to those who do not attend Mass, to those who have quit or are indifferent,” said Pope Francis in an intimate interview with The Catholic Church has had a spotty history, oppression and persecution ruled ancient times and even some modern thought. Christians were persecuted, Christians and non-Christians fled to new regions, and new religions and ideologies arose....   [tags: Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Church]

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The Church and Its Participation in God's Mission

- Introduction The church –local and universal– and her participation in God’s mission to the world is one of the central themes in the discussion of theology of mission. However, this focus on the church per se, seems to overshadow other important factors such as the pastor’s role and how him/her can lead the local church in God’s missional task. There is scarce literature dedicated to this particular topic; hence this paper seeks to be a contribution as it underscores the role of the pastor as an agent of mission, specifically among Latino American Christianity....   [tags: bible, tradition, puerto rico, church]

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How Important is a Drama Ministry Team for Your Church?

- The experience of having theatre in one’s church is unique. It not only provides a visceral engagement for the congregation of sermons starters, but also gives opportunity for social engagement and community outreach. Researchers in the field have explored these benefits and discovered that, ‘Theatre has the ability to communicate multiple streams of content on multiple levels (intellectual, emotional, kinesthetic)’ (Savidge, 2009, pg.10). However, theatre in the church is often only used for special occasions such as Easter, Advent, and Christmas....   [tags: theatre in one's church]

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The Holy Church And The Church

- More often than not, people hear the phrase "The Holy Catholic Church" they immediately think of Roman Catholicism. However, the word Catholic actually refers to universality and in this context, the Church is universal and relevant to everyone. "All Christian Churches are based and founded on the one and only foundation of Jesus Christ himself. There is no other foundation on which they can stand. (McGrath 92)" In this line, the communion of saints refers to fellowship. The church (biblically) has never really referred to a physical place; but a body, a group of believers, we are the church....   [tags: Roman Catholic Church, Christianity]

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The Main Responsibility Of The Roman Catholic Church

- The Roman Catholic Church greatly influenced the lives of many people during the medieval times. At the head of the Roman Catholic Church was the pope. Followers believed that the pope was the representative of Jesus on earth. The spiritual classes below the pope were the cardinals, the archbishops, the bishops, and finally the local priests. This was a very efficient system where each class ruled, and directed each class below them. Peasants, of course, were all the way at the bottom of the social class system, but took up 95% of the population....   [tags: Pope, Middle Ages, Bishop, Roman Catholic Church]

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What I Learned From A Catholic Church

- Every culture have different beliefs. I went to a Catholic church for my cultural plunge project, and it was a new experience for me because it was my first time going to a church. The reason I picked Catholics as my focal group was because that I have heard that many people call themselves Christians, and a few identify themselves as Catholics. However, I thought these two focal groups are the same according to what I learned from my History textbook. I hoping I can use this cultural plunge activity to find out some more about Catholic....   [tags: Catholic Church, Christianity]

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Temptation in Where Are You Going , Where Are you Been?

- The Theme of Temptation in “Where Are You Going , Where Are you Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates In “Where are You Going, Where Have you Been?” Joyce Carol Oates uses an allegorical figure of evil to illustrate the theme of temptation. Oates alludes to hell through the character Arnold Friend, as the devil, and his victim Connie, who invites him in by committing the sin of vanity. The narrator implies that Arnold Friend is Satan by giving certain clues that the reader can easily deduce. The name that Oates gives to the character is one hint to the reader: “Connie looked away from Friend's smile to the car, which was painted so bright it almost hurt her eyes to look at it....   [tags: Where Are You Going , Where Are you Been?]

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My Views About My Catholic Church

- Growing up, I was raised in a southern Baptist church setting. Every Sunday you were required to attend church which included going to Sunday school, first service, and second service. You were also required to be active in the church whether it be ushering or singing in the choir. For my foreign experience of worship I decided to attend a Catholic church. At first I was a bit skeptical about stepping outside of my background history of worship because I thought that attending a Catholic church may change some of my beliefs or practices....   [tags: Christianity, Baptist, Roman Catholic Church]

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Against the Separation of Church and State

- Against the Separation of Church and State Without a God how do we know what is right from wrong. What is good or bad. The Ten Commandments tell us what is right or wrong and good or bad, but the constitution says the church has to be separate. If there is no God in our government we cannot have our Ten Commandments, how do we know what is right or wrong. The current opinion of courts is that the First Amendment bans religion in our government to protect the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from the government....   [tags: Church State Argumentative]

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The Black Church Versus The White Church

- The Black Church versus the White Church In today’s society, Sunday mornings have become one of the most segregated days all over the world. This common issue is due to racism. Racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, and that racial differences produce an inherit superiority of a particular race. (Meriam…2014) One of the common places that racism is portrayed is in church. The most common racial issue is “the black church versus the white church.” Each group, whether they be black or white, tends to stay to their own racial group due to the lack of social acceptance based on the color of their skin....   [tags: African American, Race, Racism, Black church]

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A Catholic Based Family : The Church 21 Video, Eucharist And Our Formation As The People Of The

- Growing up in a Catholic based family I had my baptism and my first communion. I went to church because my parents took me to church. I prayed and had confession because it was what I was told to do. Up until I was about 13 I followed my parents’ word on religion, then after a while I started to feel disconnected and I stopped going to church. I was only doing things out of habit. Slowly, as I was intrigued to understand exactly why we follow the rules or participate in our rituals I began to open my mind and let myself feel the meaning....   [tags: Eucharist, Catholic Church, Baptism, Jesus]

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Church And State

- The In Crowd Growing up in the U.S. it is common to hear the phrase, “separation of church and state” regarding religious doctrine and the power of the government. As a child, I never gave it much thought, but as an adult, it has become one of the most important topics for me. I thought that the First Amendment to the Constitution said this. Therefore, I figured it was an inalienable right. However, the First Amendment does not say this. Sadly, all the First Amendment guarantees are that the government cannot dictate a national religion....   [tags: Separation of church and state, Religion]

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Baptist Church Visit

- Baptist Church Visit I decided to go to a Baptist Church here in Miami. The reason that I chose Coral Park Baptist Church was because most Baptist Churches that I called here in Miami had the service in Spanish but Coral Park Baptist had an English service as well. I went to the eleven o’clock service on Sunday. The whole church itself was pretty big. There is the main temple that has the regular service in Spanish and then there is a whole other building that has separate classrooms where the English service is held and other Sunday school type classes are held....   [tags: Personal Narrative Church Essays]

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The Church Of Unholy Acts

- From the beginning of Christianity, Catholicism had the largest group of followers of any religion but they also had a great deal of control over Europe. Any time there is power there is also a risk of corruption. The almighty Catholic Church was no different. It had become a business of sex and money in the name of religion. In the year 1517, a man by the name of Martin Luther posted a written document on the door of the Catholic Church. His paper known as the Ninety-five Thesis was accusing the church of unholy acts....   [tags: Catholic Church, Protestant Reformation]

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Separation Of Church And State

- Separation of Church and State," is an explanation of why something works or happens the way it does, it came from different parts of the constitution which are found mostly in the first and fourteenth change. The first amendment states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances ("U.S....   [tags: Separation of church and state]

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Today 's Church Of The Church

- Today’s Church Churches today isn’t what it used to be. Church used to be a place, as you press in to the body of Christ, as you spend time with people, as make friends, as you join in small groups, and chat with people, you were giving them an opportunity to manifest the joy of God in your direction. Church used to be a place that brought joy through others as you serve alongside them. Whether was cleaning up the church after church or helping the local poor, when you have that a partnership and that love between you and others that you serve Jesus together with joy is the result....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, God, God the Father]

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Church Leadership And The Church

- In almost any church leadership is the forefront of one understanding their congregation. In researching church leadership and the connection to the people who attend church, it becomes evident that first and foremost training is needed in the church in order to ensure great leaders, promote servanthood, hospitality, stewardship, and vision, to be able to connect with the congregation. The author in this particular research conveys a profound message to all church leaders whereby there should be a “shared power among church leadership.” Specifically this means it is going to take more than one person to guide and work the church....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Skill]

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Christianity And The Catholic Church

- In light of it being highly encouraged to pick a religious group that I am not familiar with, I am choosing Catholicism. While I may be a Baptist and both religions fall under the category of Christianity, I find Catholicism to be practically foreign in comparison to what I have grown up being taught. Since coming to college I have made many close friendships with people who are Catholic, so I am taking this as the opportunity to learn more about the religion to better understand and respect my friends’ religious beliefs....   [tags: Catholic Church, Baptism, Christianity, Eucharist]

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Beliefs and Actions of the Late Medieval Church

- The period, 1300 to 1500 was the time period of the crisis in Christianity. In the Medieval church, there were issues with the papacy, clergy and Christian followers. Obviously, this crisis led European Christianity to weaken and even risk the danger of everything falling apart. In fact, the crisis began from one cause, wealth over faith and smaller (more specific) problems revolved around the one common problem. In the late medieval period, there was one big factor causing all the troubles between the church and the society, money....   [tags: history, christianity, medieval church, ]

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The Differences Among The Hope Christian Reformed Church and Vineyard Church of Houston

- A.) The first church I went to was my coach’s church; Hope Christian Reformed Church. I went to a Sunday morning service. The service was very serious and well planned out. I felt as if every minute was planned and we had to follow it to the tee, everything was very robot like. The program was sort of like a conversation filled with chants and paper turning. The “Liturgist” would say something and then the “People” would reply and ten we would sing a song. I felt like I was at a business meeting rather than a place to worship....   [tags: lord´s super, church service]

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The Prayer Of The Church

- Churchgoers all have the same purpose when they go into the house of God. They want to thank him for all the blessings that they have received. Though some might take it more seriously than others, they all feel that church is necessity. Even though the Heavenly Father is important to all of them, some have different ways in expressing it. Church goers can be categorized according to their commitment to the God as loyal, guilty, or occasional. Loyal church goers are wholeheartedly committed to their relationship with God....   [tags: Christianity, Theology, God, Monotheism]

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Russian Orthodox Church And The Russian Church

- The Russian Orthodox Church under the Yeltsin years of the Russian Federation was still trying to find its legs after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Without any state ideology to stifle the influence of the Church and the practice of the faith, the Russian Orthodox Church worked to reestablish itself as the pillar of Russian identity that it had maintained for centuries. The rise of the Russian Orthodox Church was unavoidable and undeniable, and it soon became impossible for politicians to deny the influence of the Church....   [tags: Russia, Moscow, Vladimir Putin]

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The Day Of The Church

- The very first thing that stood out to me when I entered the Church was the way it was build. It wasn’t just merely a big hall or building, it looked like a traditional Church, like the famous ones in Europe, but smaller. Nevertheless, I thought it was impressive. It consisted of many arch structures, had a huge alter, a very big cross hanging from the ceiling and many more crosses scattered throughout the Church. The windows weren’t see through but rather were paintings depicting Jesus’s life story and angels....   [tags: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Christian cross, Jesus]

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Church and Disability

- Literature Review Disabled people should be able to access all service providers, whether this would be in a place of work, place of education and a place of worship. The implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 and then the 2005 Act, coming into effect from 2004 meant that churches are required by law to comply by making reasonable adjustments and not to treat disabled people unfairly (DDA 1995, 2005). This proved to be a challenge as reported by the BBC (2004) that many Church of England buildings are ancient and listed....   [tags: Civil Rights]

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The Church That I Visited For My Church Visitation

- The church that I recently visited for my church visitation paper was Benson Pentecostal Holiness Church located in Benson, North Carolina. Benson Pentecostal Holiness Church is of course of the Pentecostal denomination. I visited this during their regularly scheduled Sunday morning service at 10:50 a.m. Benson Pentecostal Holiness definitely falls more towards the contemporary side than traditional during their worship services. The church has a very good number of attendees (238), especially considering that it is the second, newer church that this denomination has open in Benson....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Holy Spirit]

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The Church Is The Defender Of The Truth

- The best form of description on what the Church today should look like is in the New Testament. The Church is the defender of the truth. Just like the New Testament is warned against false teachings; we are urged to be aware of the lies around us. Believers must both individually and as a unite must seek Christ on any matters involving the truth (Hayes, 3). John told the believers to test the spirits to know how to recognize the Spirit of God. In 1 John 4:2-3 John tells us that “Every spirit recognizes that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God…” With our culture, today and the things that have been going on, it is important for our Church to know the truth of God from the lies of m...   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity]

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The Church in the Postmodern World

- The Pastor’s Role I must say that I learned a lot from this class both through the readings and through class discussion. I really, honestly do not have anything that I starkly disagreed with in either. I found it all to be very valuable information for me and this class was extremely helpful in assisting me to better understand the current paradigm shift the church is going through. There are three take-a-ways in particular that helped me to better understand the post modern shift in the church and my role as a minister in this changing paradigm....   [tags: Religion]

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Hinderances to Spiritual Growth in the Church

- “Take up your cross, and follow Jesus” the powerful words of the hymn resound in the magnificent walls of a well re-known church in Nairobi's city center. Many of the faithful brethren eagerly bellow the words from the pits of their stomachs. However, how many of these have actually taken up their crosses and and followed Christ. Many believe that going to church every Sunday is enough. No one actually puts in time to read the Bible or pray for themselves. Yet for a relationship with God to grow, one has to put in effort....   [tags: religion, Kenya]

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History and the Roman Catholic Church

- Christianity most specifically, the Holy Roman Catholic Church has been involved in the world throughout time. Since Christianity, when if first became a major religion in society the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church has affected many areas of history. The Roman Catholic Church has affected the world historically, as demonstrated by it's impact upon the historical figures like Hypatia, Joan of Arc, and Jan Hus, historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials, and many other eras and events....   [tags: christianity in politics, society and economics]

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The And Political Empowerment Of The Black Church

- My own personal views on the writing of Manuel Ortiz concerning The Economic and Political empowerment of the black church are a much-needed book. He states his own conviction with so much passion, love and grace until one want to go out into the community and ask for forgiveness for leaving them alone in the struggle. I think we are forgetting that the church is the vehicle that takes the Kingdom to the world transforming life as we go. I think that this course is given at the right time in my life because I see the ministry is changing....   [tags: African American, Black people]

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Erasmus And Martin Luther And The Church

- No longer politically powerful as it had been in the thirteenth century, the church could no longer dominate kings and prices as it once had, (Wolf, 149). The church was being neglected by people because the Black Death had been going around; there was nothing that the church could do, so people slowly lost faith. The church had very little control over the economy. In fact, the only thing that the church could take advantage of was the people’s longing for salvation, (Wolf, 149). Desiderius Erasmus and Martin Luther both found faults within the church....   [tags: Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation]

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The Lord Of The 's Church

- The Lord’s Church When the Lord came with his disciples to the coast of Caesarea Philippi, He asked them what people were saying about Him. (Matt. 16:13) They answered that some were saying He was John the Baptist and others thought He was Elijah or Jeremiah. (Matt. 16:14) Then He turned to those disciples and asked them, “But who do you say that I am”. Peter spoke up and said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” (Matt. 16: 15-16) And in response to Peter’s answer, the Lord made a statement that has been the grounds for countless theological battles from then until now....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Roman Empire]

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Mission And The Local Church

- Mission and the Local Church The mission of the church commission by God has not changed. The church is a global enterprise that has entities in almost every country seeking the same goal. The churches mission surpasses time, change, and culture. The mission is unchanged but how it is achieved changes from culture and over time. “Mission is to be done that appreciates culture, taking into account the way the gospel is proclaimed and more deeply reflected upon, and this in ways that recognize the prior presence of God’s spirit among the world’s people (Bevans, 2013 page 8).” First Wesleyan Church seeking to fulfill the mission of the church to the unique culture of Bartlesville, Oklahoma....   [tags: Jesus, Christian terms, Bible, Strategic planning]

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The Church Of England And Colonial America

- When the Puritans first emigrated to colonial America their main goal was to find religious freedom from the Church of England. Ironically their desire for this freedom did not allow for diverse beliefs. The Puritan’s aggressive efforts through accusations and punishments in the Puritan court restricted different religious views which created a struggle for nonconformists. For the next few decades these efforts escalated, as shown through the Witchcraft trials, but diminished shortly after due to dissenters and their rebellions....   [tags: Puritan, Massachusetts, United States]

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My Life and Participation in the Church

- “For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11 from the bible) Since day one of my life, my faith is what gets me through each day. I centered my graduation project on something I care most about because I was involved with my church since I was born. Through activities like a spaghetti dinner in February, Easter fellowship the Saturday of Easter, vacation bible school during the summer, youth babysitting during Christmas, and Christmas caroling these are just a few things I participate in at my church....   [tags: religious beliefs and related activities]

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What Is Happening Of The Church?

- What is Happening to the Church. Imagine, you finally decide to start going back to church after a prolonged hiatus. Since the only experience you had occurred when you were a child, you know almost nothing about the Bible but feel compelled deep within your heart to make a commitment to Christ. But after attending for weeks and listening to the sermons you find you are no closer to God than you had been when you started. The services seem like one big festival with sermons that consist of a bunch of random stories punctuated by quotations from the Bible, the goal being for you to be happy and feel good about yourself (Smith 2)....   [tags: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Bible]

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Attending A Sunday Church Service

- Currently, I do not identify as being religious. I am not sure what I believe, so generally I try to stay away from religious conversations because they make me uncomfortable. I was raised Baptist and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday until I was around 14. Also, when I was around 18, I attempted to convert to Catholicism because of who I was dating at the time, however once we separated, I stopped my conversion. I will turn 26 next month and for this service learning project, I decided to attend a Sunday church service....   [tags: Christianity, Protestant Reformation, Bishop]

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The African Methodist Episcopal Church

- The African Methodist Episcopal Church also known as the AME Church, represents a long history of people going from struggles to success, from embarrassment to pride, from slaves to free. It is my intention to prove that the name African Methodist Episcopal represents equality and freedom to worship God, no matter what color skin a person was blessed to be born with. The thesis is this: While both Whites and Africans believed in the worship of God, whites believed in the oppression of the Africans’ freedom to serve God in their own way, blacks defended their own right to worship by the development of their own church....   [tags: Religion]

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The Importance of Attending Church

- Church Why anybody would want to go through life without knowing and understanding their purpose is beyond me, as is the case for hundreds of millions of people around the world. How is it that Christianity has become the largest religion in the world. It didn't draw upon the souls of millions because of its grandeur, but because of it appealed to something that billions around the wold struggle with. It proposed an answer to many of our lives problems. The church is open to any and all who are willing, and offer a place to discover the purpose in life, and develop a sense of self-worth and appreciation, which will then teach you how to live a fulfilling life....   [tags: religion, christianity]

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Corruption of the Catholic Church

- Why is the Catholic Church so corrupt in its teaching. They have found ways to control the knowledge that their followers contemplate on. The control of knowledge and power is the foundation for every successful religious organization. The Catholic Church have acquired this power through strategic control on the mind of its follower. The Catholic Church propagate their ideals as righteous in order to be accepted; for without this acceptance, they are faced with the task of initiating this power through force....   [tags: Religion, God, Beliefs]

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Church And Bible Study Groups

- I grew up going to church. To me, back then, that’s just what you did. I never felt comfortable in a church, nor did I understand anything in or about the Christian faith. I went to different churches and bible study groups. I’d go with my friends to their churches and I would sit there awkwardly. I never told anyone that it didn’t make sense to me because I thought I was stupid or I was betraying my religion. As I got older I discovered other religions and what they believed in. I learned that it was okay not to be Christian....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, Code of conduct, Bible]

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Mary And The Catholic Church

- She is known by a multitude of different names: Mary, Mother of God, Madonna, Our Lady, Virgin Mary, Saint Mary, Mother Mary, etc. Catholics all across the globe call Mary by these different names and she is the most notable female character in the Bible. People pray to her, reverence her and look to her for guidance in their lives. Mary is an important figure in the Catholic Church. Why. What is it that Catholics believe about Mary that makes her so honored and respected across the world. This question can be answered in five different parts; the first four being the Marian dogmas of the Catholic Church, and the last part is the personal witnesses of Mary on this earth....   [tags: Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Christianity]

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Liberalism, Culture and Church

- The purpose of this paper is to view liberalism and the modern mind in which it affects the culture on the church. This paper will give the definition of liberalism, culture and the church. This paper will look at the 1700’s to the twenty first century as we explore this topic in depth. Liberalism comes from the Latin word “liberalis” or freedom. Liberalism is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights. Liberalism espouse a wide array of views depending on the understanding of these fundamental principle or ideals on constitutions, liberal democracy, human rights, capitalism, free trade and one that I deem important is freedom of religion....   [tags: theology]

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The Church Of The Methodist Church

- The name of the church I attended was Windsor Village United Methodist Church on June 26, 2016. I currently do not have a church I attend because of personal reasons, but do believe in gaining a better connection with God. The church that I visited was a Revivalist service with Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell. They began with songs, then prayer, then the sermon, then a final prayer. Throughout the experience at this church I felt like the word of the God was speaking directly towards me. I am a realist meaning I believe everything happens for a reason or I see things exactly the way they are....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, God, Kirbyjon Caldwell]

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The Role Of The Church Today Modern Society?

- What is the role of the church in modern society. The church has been around for many years. Throughout those years people have gone to the church to worship the Lord, to just spend time with God, to go to confession, to witness baptisms and marriages. For me, I’ve gone to church to worship and I’ve gone to confession a few times. I even witnessed a baptism and a marriage. People go to church for many reasons. In today’s modern society, the church has many roles. According to Martin Luther, one role is the church is a place for “…the preaching and hearing of word of God” (Luther, 150)....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Baptism, Christian terms]

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Martin Luther's Impact on the Catholic Church

- Introduction Martin Luther was a Monk, Priest and Theologian born in late 1483 in the German town of Eisleben. His father owned a copper mine and had always wished for his son to go into civil service. When Luther was seventeen he arrived at the University of Erfurt. By 1502, Luther had already received his bachelor’s degree and by 1505 he had a Master’s degree. The same year, while returning to University, he was caught in a tremendous thunderstorm. A lightening bolt struck near him and terrified, he cried out, "Help, St....   [tags: Religious History ]

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Security Issues and Precautions in Church Environments

- ... Locks and alarm systems are also a must to keep vandals out when the church is not in operation. Nevertheless, churches can also use policies and procedures that are written in case of an emergency. The interdepartmental dependency might just work with the volunteer structure of a church because people are from all backgrounds. It does not matter whether you are a store clerk, corporate executive, butcher, or a police officer. Each and every one within a congregation has different skills that they have obtained and put to use in their everyday lives....   [tags: arson, bombings, shootings]

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Personal Statement : My Church Visit

- For my church visit I went to an 11:30 church service on November 16th at a church called Willamette Christian Church with one of my best friends Shelby. It was a non-denominational church with a large amount of attendees. At first when we came into the church service we both felt that we had just walked into a concert, the lights were off, there was a massive amount of people, it was in a gymnasium, and it had no religious symbols besides the lightshow of crosses behind the band. The band was fantastic they seemed like a real christian rock band, which was a huge change from my church with elderly people that are so deaf they would not be able to tell the difference between a fire alarm an...   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Divine Service]

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The Family Friendly Church By Ben Freudenburg

- The Family Friendly Church by Ben Freudenburg was an interesting book that I was not entirely sure how I would react to it because I had heard mixed reviews on it from different people; in the end, after reading it, I ultimately liked it. The book talked about a lot of truth in family ministry how it is not that important in many churches. Ben talked about how at one of his first church’s, he and his wife, Jennifer, took on the role of parents in the youth group and once they took another call the ministry fell apart because they had made it all about them and not the actual parents (Page 18)....   [tags: Thought, Mind, The Time, Paisley Park Records]

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My Experience At A Christian Church Camp

- Every summer since I can remember always included going to a Christian church camp with my friends. Each camp had a different age group that spanned from kindergarten to high school. It was a time where I could go and play with my friends, eat a different kind of cuisine that I practically never have, swim every day, canoe across a lake, and many other fun and exciting activities. I had always gone to church with my friends every summer, until my eighth grade year. This year was different from the other years....   [tags: Christianity, Mind, Thought, Christendom]

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My Family At Roxana Church Of The Nazarene

- “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Growing up in the church has really shaped the way I live my life. My family started attending Roxana Church of the Nazarene in Roxana, Illinois shortly after I began going to their daycare when I was two years old. I grew up with the same pastor, Larry Lacher, for eighteen years, which was such a blessing. I was able to share times of joy and times of sorrow, times success and times of defeat, and everything in between with Pastor Larry....   [tags: High school, Family, School types]

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A Baptist Church Is Concerned With Theological Truths

- A Baptist church is concerned with theological truths. One truth of critical importance is the absolute adherence to biblical authority. Not only is scripture infallible in it’s interpretation of written revelation, but it is also it’s own best interpreter. As Baptists, our theological identity is derived from the New Testament. However, we also affirm the inspiration and authority of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. If the church ignores the Old Testament, then they miss the beauty of the beginning of the story of God’s interaction with the world....   [tags: Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus]

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St Anne 's Catholic Church

- This morning I had the pleasure of attending Saint Anne 's Catholic church. I had grown up going to the church across the street from St.Anne 's and have always wondered what their service consisted of. St.Anne 's has a main church building, and a side building in which I was told they have classes. They also have a bell tower with a cross on top of it in the front of the main building. As you walk into the lobby area you 're greeted with (insert description). The lobby also had prayer books for people to use....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Lord's Prayer, Prayer]

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The Churchill Church

- The Churchill church was possibly built in the centre of Churchill in about 1180 AD It was a small Norman style church. It had only a nave and a sanctuary. The Churchill church was possibly built in the centre of Churchill in about 1180 AD It was a small Norman style church. It had only a nave and a sanctuary. The shape may have looked like this, The church was more than likely built in the centre of Churchill. This made it much easier for the people of the area to get to the church. The church was built from stone and was an aisle less nave leading through a round-headed arch into a rectangular chancel....   [tags: English Literature]

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Church and Teens

- We all know the horror stories about being forced to go to church each and ever Sunday, and there are so many teens that see going to church as an inconvenience, but why do we look at it that way. Could it be because we don’t understand the concept. Maybe it’s because we think Sunday is our “sleep day” to catch up on the loss of sleep from the rest of the week. There are a lot of teens that enjoy church because they understand the concept, or because that is the only place they feel that they can be themselves....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Church of the Trinity

- The Church and the Trinity 1st Corinthians 3 Chapter four addresses the divisions within the Corinthian church, such as jealousy, quarrelling and their defective view of the church. The apostle Paul links their view of the church to church leadership stating “If they had a true view of the church, they would have a true view of the leaders of the church” (p79). The situation was that their view was lower for the church and higher for the leaders thus they were boasting about the leaders. Paul’s view was that the Corinthian church was spoon feed Christians not maturing as they should....   [tags: corrinthians, God, dwelling place]

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The Ethics Of The Church

- While answering the last question, Bennet Woods stated that one of the first things that we need to do is to formulate a strategy and immediate one or one that is emerging that could help in evaluating all the assets that the congregation has. This can be divided into two categories, the physical assets of property and the assets of members of the congregation. This refers to what their gifts and graces are on a personal level and how that could help the church ministry. This being said, we know from the case study the size of the building and when it was last renovated but we need to be checking in to make sure that there was not anything that could inhibit the use of any of the equipment o...   [tags: Need, Want, English Congregation, Christianity]

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The Apostle Of The Church

- The Apostle Others such as James the brother of Jesus (Gal.1:19) and others mentioned in Romans 16:7 are all foundational apostles. These are the third class of apostles, the class that Paul was in. A characteristic of apostles in this class is that they also helped lay the doctrinal foundation of the New Testament as God inspired them. Paul said he was a master builder that laid the foundation that others build on. “According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christian terms, Moses]

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The Church and Facebook

- There are over 350 million active Facebook users and 70 different language translations. More than eight billion minutes combined are spent on Facebook per day worldwide. Of the 350 million Facebook users, 5.4 million of them claim some denomination of Christianity (Zuckerberg 1). Facebook has been knocked by the media for issues such as online predators, hackers, and low productivity. A bigger issue to be concerned about is the overuse of Facebook replacing the imperative physical relationships we need to fellowship with each other....   [tags: Social Issues, Religion, Social Networking]

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The Christian Church in the Middle Ages

- The Christian Church in the Middle Ages The Christian Church in the Middle Ages played a significant role in society. Unfortunately though, the church is often regarded as the capital of corruption, evil, and worldliness. Today, so many people depict the medieval church as being led by materialistic popes, devouring tithes from poverty-stricken peasants, having various illegitimate children, and granting indulgences for money from wayward believers. Yes, circumstances like this may have been the case, and is often hard to disapprove, considering the fact that this notion is often advocated in movies....   [tags: Papers]

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Teaching And Study Of Church History Through Humility

- The fourth element in perspective is viewing Church history through humility. It is understanding that the humanity is an integrate part of the church; therefore, the church is filled with many achievements as well as failures. “We have not done a good job with what we have been given” (Hoskin Lecture). This is true for us as it is for some of those that we study. The teaching and study of church history is important for my ministry because it helps us identify with those who have laid down the groundwork....   [tags: Christianity, Roman Empire, Early Christianity]

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8 Ways to Avoid Church without Leaving It

- How to Stop going to Church without ever leaving I was inspired to write this after I saw a couple of my friends sharing an article on Facebook with a similar title; the article was simply called 8 ways to leave church without anyone noticing. Initially I thought it was a good simple article, but on second thought, I think that the issue it raises is more the fault of those holding the individual accountable. In fact I feel there is a problem with the title, because if an individual is dwindling in attendance, showing signs of lack of growth, disobeying Scriptures admonition regarding dating it shouldn’t be unnoticed as the article implies; and those who are spiritual should restore the weak...   [tags: religious beliefs and practices]

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Catholic Church Stand on Stem Cell Research

- Stem cell research is a modern undertaking that holds the potential to drastically alter life as we know it. Stem cells have the ability to be used for a wide range of applications. Whether it is curing diseases, preventing genetic defects, or entirely altering genetic sequences – the possibilities that exist for their application are endless. Though scientists contend that their study holds many promises, institutions like the Catholic Church oppose their study on moral grounds. Even though stem cell research remains a contentious subject within the Catholic Church today, the institution’s position on the issue adds to support that the Church is moving away from taking extreme positions and...   [tags: moral, issue, science, debate]

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The Church History Of Plain Language By Bruce L. Shelley

- Church History in Plain Language is written by Bruce L. Shelley. This work focuses on the history of Christianity from 6 B.C. to the current period. It covers some of Christianity’s greatest events, theologians, and the various subsection of Christianity. Other than the events leading up to the death of Jesus, I had very little knowledge of Christianity’s history. After reading through the book, I have gained understanding on the Christian Councils, scholasticism, Christendom, and modern trends of Christianity....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christendom, Christian]

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Baptism in the Baptist Church

- Baptism in the Baptist Church Baptism is the "opportunity for a believer to draw nearer to God in Faith" and to show that they fully trust God to take a hold of their lives. We know that Baptism is important in Christianity because in the Bible it states "Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:38) Baptism and Holy communion in the Baptist Church is not called a sacrament, as they do not believe that God becomes present during these ceremonies....   [tags: Papers]

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