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The Day Is Dark And Overcast

- Like most students, you find yourself running out of time. The day is dark and overcast. The wind has picked up, and it looks like it will rain soon. Picking up the pace, you’re headed to English class to turn in the final paper, class started fifteen minutes ago. It’s a full 30 pages that took three weeks to refine and perfect. All of the sudden you trip on uneven sidewalk. It is like time slowed down as a small group of students watch all 30 papers catch in the wind and scatter across the lawn....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Bystander effect]

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The Dark Music And Police Sirens

- Do you chew your food with your mouth open. Have you ever ran away from the cops. Have you ever bought clothes from the opposite gender section. Are you a minor and drink at a parties. If you said yes to any of these things you are what we call deviant. Cue the dark music and police sirens. If you got scared take a moment and laugh a bit, do not worry no one is coming after you, just yet that is. This label deviant probably makes you feel a certain type of negative emotion, especially if you visualize yourself as one who follows the rules....   [tags: Sociology, Anomie, Norm, Norm]

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Racial Obligations Of The Dark Skinned

- Racial obligations of the dark-skinned “All lives matter” is a given, a truism, close to a cliché. It is easy to claim, as a consequence. No reasonable person would resist the generalization. Of course, pretty much everyone says, all lives- all human lives, that is- matter” (Goldberg) by the author David Theo Goldberg, a highly recognized writer and research specialist, states in his article: “Why ‘Black Lives Matter’ Because All Lives Don’t Matter in America”....   [tags: Race, United States, African American, Racism]

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It 's Cold, Damp, And Dark

- It’s cold, damp, and dark. I can 't see anything. My eyes are burning. I can 't move. Something is picking me up and stretching my arms out and strapping them to some type of contraption. Ouch. It hurts, it 's too tight. I’m screaming in pain, but these things don 't seem to care. What is happening to me. I 'm not happy with this, make it stop please. Oh no, they are back. As I scream bloody murder, they pry open my eyes and shine a bright light into my eyes to check on how their product is working....   [tags: Animal testing, Animal rights, Human]

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The Dark Night Of The Soul

- There is a requirement to learn how to read and write at a very young age. Ranging from learning the alphabets to learning how to read words. Some people believe that literature is important, while others might think it’s the opposite. Some are also, just in the middle, who feel that it is beneficial, but also unimportant. People all around the world have different views on this concept. Where do you stand. Miller, the author of “the dark night of the soul,” was concerned about whether literature matters in our world filled with violence....   [tags: Writing, Communication, Dyslexia, Education]

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The Dark Side Of American History

- The Dark Side of American History Nowadays, the U.S. Constitution grants its American citizens the same rights, liberties, and responsibilities, but does the government and society in general fulfill and equally protect each individual in accord with these principles. Not necessarily. Regardless, there is an undeniable progress in the way America treats its citizens, but to whom do we owe this progress. The 1800’s is known for having one of the most conflicting issues in the nation--slavery. The North opposes the South’s pro-slavery sentiments, and as a result the country is strongly divided....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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The Dark Room By Rachel Seiffert

- Evil by Association The Holocaust is one of the largest and most complex genocides in human history. During this period, over six million Jewish men, women and children, in addition to other racial groups, were murdered by the Nazi Party led by Adolph Hitler. The War also cost the lives of thousands of German soldiers, and innocent civilians. Through the story of Helmut and his family, Seiffert showcases the trauma inflicted on Berliners, the realities of war, and the mindset of German citizens, specifically people with disabilities and children who lost their parents during the time of national decay....   [tags: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Nazi Germany]

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The Theory of Dark Flow

- ... Firstly we shall look upon the formula that shows how acceleration is 'supposed' to occur. Regarding the laws of physics, relative gravity should be able to explain how the galaxies are moving. Relative gravity involves the force of gravitational energy as a universal law. As Alok Jha states, "It encapsulates the idea that all the particles of matter in the universe attract each other through the force of gravity" (Jha, 2013). In other words, gravitational attraction extends to planets attracting each other, not having the ability to move without an outwards force being applied....   [tags: galaxy, pull, directions, theory]

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The Everlasting Dark Shadow of Romanticism

- For many, saying or hearing the word romanticism evokes numerous stereotypical and prejudged definitions and emotions. The biggest reason this probably happens is because of how closely romanticism sounds like romance. The similarity of the sounds and spelling of the two words can lead to some thinking that the two words mean the same thing or are closely related. Although romanticism and romance do share some similarities in their spelling and pronunciation they couldn’t be more different. In the Merriam Webster Dictionary romance is defined as, “a love story”....   [tags: Romanticism Essays]

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A Heart as Dark as Sin

- Mistress Ross was the most pious woman in the whole South. Why, just look how well she and her husband treated their slaves. What good Christians, ladies said at meetings. She was a modest woman— her husband had a plantation of respectable size with 50 slaves but she still wasn’t above donating generously to the Church. She felt she had to serve the Lord by uplifting the poor, unenlightened souls of her slaves and teach them the holy path. Master Ross shook his head at his wife, for everyone knew that you give a slave one inch and they suddenly act like they own the farm....   [tags: narrative essays, mistress ross, ]

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The Dark Side Of Black Mist

- Black mist wrapped its self around me, causing my exposed skin to tingle. I should be scared I should be trying to run away but the smell that came with the mist was far to inviting. It was the sent of a man that could be my other half. The mist was almost completely around me when I caught the scent of death. That smell brought me back to the danger I faced. I started to fight to get away but arms had grown out of the mist and now held me against a well muscled chest. I could feel his breath on my ear as he leaned down to wisper....   [tags: Debut albums, 2006 albums, Walking, Shower]

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Dark Flame by Alison Noel

- Have you ever craved something so strongly. Something that was right at the edge of your fingertips. And no matter what you do, you just can’t grasp hold of it. Dark Flame, a book written by Alyson Noel and published by St. Martin’s Griffin in 2010, is a novel based towards young adults. Dark Flame is the fourth novel in the Immortal Series. This novel is all about hope and trust, which proves just how vigorous love can be. It all started with a spell. A spell that backfires and binds her to her greatest enemy....   [tags: True Love, Literary Analysis, Review]

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Man's Dark Nature in Film

- From the beginning of cinema to the present day, Hollywood has had a morbid fascination with the dark, shadowy side of society. This is reflected in many films of the past, inherently most evident in the German expressionistic films of the 1920’s and 30’s. In a sense, society’s fascination with the macabre stems from their fears and anxieties. Thus, allowing filmmakers and storytellers to toy with their fears and horrify them like a terrible nightmare that comes to life. Most people in today’s society have a fear of the unknown, this can stem from natural factors like growing old and dying to such terrifying abnormal factors that may be real or not....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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The Dark Side Of Leadership

- Introduction The research into leadership continues to be a topical subject in the academic literature on management. Leadership defined by Burns, (1978, p.425) “the reciprocal process of mobilising, by persons with certain motives and values, various economic, political and other resources, in a context of competition and conflict, in order to realise goals independently or mutually held by both leaders and followers”. This essay outlines the two types of leadership that exists, constructive and destructive....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Toxic leader, Skill]

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Special Effects in Dark City

- Dark City, directed by Alex Proya, is a sci-fi thriller full of visually extravagant and atmospheric special effects. The film illustrates a metropolis where its human inhabitants are always engulfed in the nightlife darkness because the sun does not exist. The city is controlled by extraterrestrials known as the Strangers, who disguise themselves as humans and are devoted to researching the human race via manipulation and experimentation. Dark City has a shadowy tone and comic book feel, which is reflected by all the film elements used by Proya....   [tags: Film Analysis, Movie Review]

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“Dark Film” and Sunset Blvd.

- Film noir, by translation alone, means dark film, and by that measurement Sunset Boulevard certainly fits the genre. A gloomy story that follows a jaded and sarcastic protagonist, Joe Gillis from his initial dire circumstances to his untimely death, Sunset Blvd. earns the description “dark” several times over. But there is more to film noir than crushingly depressing plotlines. There are common motifs and icons that are found in most film noirs, such as crime, dark alleys, guns and alcohol. Deeper than this, film noir features certain visual elements, character archetypes, and themes that create a unique style of film....   [tags: Film]

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Motifs of Light and Dark

- Harry Mulisch, through his novel The Assault, conveys the Nazi Occupation in the Netherlands in 1945 giving full emphasis on the impact to people’s lives. Anton Steinwijk, the protagonist of the novel, experiences traumatic experience when the military assaulted and killed his whole family. His wish to leave what has happened to him in the past is influenced largely by his devastation and undesirable perception of the war from what he has experienced. Additionally, people around Anton also encourage him to expect a peaceful future, away from the war....   [tags: Harry Mulisch's The Assault]

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The Light And Dark Color

- First, Cureau uses color to create a dynamic contrast between light and dark. However the peace overall feels more dark than light to me. This struck me as odd at first because it is a portrait of a sun god. However, the choice of black as one of the main pigments used in the piece causes the observer to think about why he would choose black over a traditionally light color. One might, for example, see the use of black as Cureau invoking the imagery of an African deity resembling African Americans very strongly....   [tags: Light, Color, Sun, Painting]

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After The Dark Philosophical Analysis

- After The Dark Philosophical Analysis The film After the Dark poses many different philosophical scenarios that aren’t so easily solved. The film starts off with Mr. Zimit essentially creating an end of the world scenario in which limited numbers of students will be able to survive. This hypothetical scenario is very unique because of how complex it is. The students have to decide which ten of group will be most beneficial to staying in a bunker to help repopulate and save the human race based on their individual characteristics and skillsets....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Human, Critical thinking]

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New Technology : Going Dark

- New Technology “Going Dark” With the news media being reported with information about the Apple’s encryption fight, I think my current events article could be about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and intelligence agency communications are creating a new technology, “Going Dark”, which will help them to track terrorists and kidnappers. After I read the article, I think the FBI and intelligence agency communications have to find a balance between the privacy and interception of communications....   [tags: Terrorism, Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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The Dark Side of Bullying

- Good afternoon students, I am very honoured to be called upon today, to speak to you on a very emotional issue which is the dark side of bullying. This issue has become commonplace in modern society especially among you teenagers and therefor needs to be addressed.Bullying is a very emotional and prominent issue accross the world today. For many years now, this issue has been present and it seems as if, day by day, the fatal consquences bullying has on the society and individuals is increasing. Bullying is put in simple terms as the act of treating someone abusively both physically and emotionally....   [tags: consequences, teenagers, insecurities]

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Powerful Figures: The Dark Knight

- Since time immemorial, people have been generating images and stories of strong figures that they can look up to. These powerful figures are often referred to as heroes. While the presentation of these heroes and their traditional mythological stories are different from those of modern day fiction, the principles that guide these heroes and make up their stories are very much the same. This paper will examine attempt to show how this is the case, particularly with the hero known as the Dark Knight: Batman....   [tags: batman, greek mythology]

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Batm The Dark Knight Returns

- Wei-Ting Lin English 383 Dr. Nilsson Response Essay 2 April 4, 2015 Batman & The Joker In Frank Miller’s work, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986), we discover that the relationship between the Joker and Batman is both a reflective and a homoerotic relationship. Around the 1950’s, there were anxieties regarding censorship within graphic novels. As a consequence, in 1954, the Comics Magazine Association of America produced the Comics Code Authority, which adopted values from both the Association of Comics Magazine Publishers of 1948, and the 1930 Hollywood Production Code....   [tags: Batman, Two-Face, Joker, James Gordon]

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The Dark Side Of Equality

- The Dark Side of Equality The abolishment of segregation would lead us to believe that people of all races are now treated equally. If you look around, it appears that segregation is no longer an issue. Children of all races sit in the same class room. People of all colors share the same bus, bathroom, cafeteria, etc. People of color different than Caucasian are no longer looked at as unequal. Or are they. One only needs to look a bit harder to see that segregation in the form it once took is gone....   [tags: Infant, Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, Pediatrics]

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The Dark, Smoke Filled Ad

- Imagine a man or a woman holding a gun to their head. Silently, crying on the inside struggling with whether to pull the trigger or attempt to live. They question who will care when they pass; they feel alone. Loneliness is an intricate part of the depression epidemic that sweeps across the nation. Being alone and not being a part of the culture is practically torture. The background of the ad, with aid from the text, attempts to convey the thought that even the rich have to cope with loneliness....   [tags: Personal life, Meaning of life, Derek Jeter]

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The Dark Side Of Society

- Everybody has had a fear of the dark sometime in life, but it’s not the actual darkness that’s scary, it’s what their imaginations tells them is inside. The piles of clothes on the dresser suddenly turns into a monster…, the ordinary house creaks turn into a ghostly figure living in your house. We don’t know what it is in the dark and as we try to imagine what lies inside we start to see the worst fears we have. It 's not the darkness people fear but what it represents. Once the lights turn on though, one realizes that the “monster” was just a pile of clothes in their very messy room....   [tags: Fear, Claustrophobia, Anxiety]

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The Dark Side Of Equality

- The Dark Side of Equality The abolishment of segregation would lead us to believe that people of all races are now treated equal. In today 's society, it appears that segregation is no longer an issue. Children of all races sit in the same classroom. People of all colors share the same bus, bathroom, cafeteria, etc. People of all races are now treated equally. Or are they. One only needs to look a bit harder to see that segregation in the form it once took is gone....   [tags: Infant, Breastfeeding, Pediatrics, Question]

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The Dark Side of Love

- The Dark Side of Love In Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe’s Faust (Part One) as well as in Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s Nathan the Wise, love plays a vital role. Love is the reason that an individual strays from the path to enlightenment and begins to act in strange, unpredictable ways. It decreases an individual’s ability to reason and takes away any incentive he might have to seek enlightenment. Since love is based on faith, it goes against the ideals of enlightenment which stress individual thinking....   [tags: Philosophy]

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The Dark Side of Sports

- For many years professional athletes, as well as those striving to become professional athletes have turned to supplements. According to an Article in the Journal of Romanian Sports Medicine Society, the use of natural herbs has been traced back to the Ancient Olympic games of Greece, where competitors consumed infused herbs and mushrooms in an effort to enhance their performance (Mazzeo, Filomena; Ascione, Antonio 2013). The promise of enhanced performance, greater power, and super natural strength has driven many to the dark side of the ergogenic world....   [tags: steroids, growth hormones, ergogenic acids]

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Dark Sexuality And Social Class

- Dark sexuality and social class in The Turn of the screw Despite the horror story surface, at its core The turn of the screw relies heavily on the idea of societal positions and hidden sexuality. Seduction leads to destruction as the governess is infatuated with the uncle. She believes her actions at Bly are heroic but they are mainly superficial. Violation of social norms leads to consequences in the Victorian era, and high-class citizens abuse low-class citizens to take advantage of them. The main themes in The turn of the screw highlight abuse and sexuality between social classes though the unnatural relationships of the governess and the uncle, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, and Miles an...   [tags: Social class, Sociology, Victorian era]

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The And Dark Arts Classes

- “The other teachers are all supposed to refer us to the Carrows if we do anything wrong,” I add. “They don’t, though, if they can avoid it. You can tell they all hate them as much as we do” (ibid). I don’t know why, but this thought helps, brings hope -- our teachers hating the Carrows too. Like the way McGonagall had looked at us the first time she caught us sneaking back into Gryffindor Tower after leaving one of our messages -- a scowl on her lips, a smile in her eyes -- sometimes that’s all that kept us going, knowing that people are still loyal, I guess…to Dumbledore....   [tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, English-language films]

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The Dark Side Of Apple

- Steve jobs’ ignored the labor conditions for the employees who worked in China (Williams, 2012). According to Williams (2012), “the dark side of Apple and perhaps a reflection of Jobs’ leadership style are the labor conditions in Apple’s Foxconn manufacturing plants in China. In reaction to a spate of worker suicides where fourteen died in 2010, a report by twenty Chinese universities described Foxconn factories as labor camps and detailed widespread worker abuse and illegal overtime.”Also, Steve Jobs imposed harsh conditions on employees in order to keep Apple’s information in a safe place (Williams, 2012)....   [tags: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., IPod, IPhone]

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The Dark Side Of Cellphones

- Dark side of Cellphones Cellular devices, one might say that it is one of the greatest creations that mankind has ever made but, now it has become the newest and trending addiction in society. The purposes of it, like any other technological device, was to make our lives easier. But ever since the announcement of smart phone devices, more and more people are addicted to its entertaining system. They have been slowly becoming a necessity in our everyday lives. But little do we know that smart phones are slowly consuming us....   [tags: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Nokia, Motorola]

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Dark + Romanticism= Contradiction

- The misshapen, the ominous, and the gruesome; these are all words from the fascinating movement of Dark Romanticism which took place from 1828-1865. This movement embraced all of these irrational elements and shaped them into the most popular sub-genre of American literature. Life to the Dark Romantics was colorful, impulsive, and paradoxical. Unlike the Romantics, the Dark Romantics set their stories based on the wickedness of man and the repulsion of evil. The dark romantics believed that humans were equally capable of good or evil....   [tags: Romanticism Essays]

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Factors of Dark Adaptation

- Dark adaptation: why can’t I see straight away when I turn the lights off. ‘When the subject/patient is exposed to a bright adapting light’1 causing the photo pigments to appear bleached by a biological pigment called Rhodopsin, this causes light to then turn off. There are two types of photo receptors present in the Retina; cones and rods. The rods are greater in quantity and are about 120 million. Rods are responsible for vision at low light levels, and aren’t sensitive to colour this is known as scotopic vision....   [tags: sight, cones, contrast]

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Robert Frost's Dark Side

- Robert Frost once said, “By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” This quote of Robert Frost shows how Frost can take something positive, a promotion, and expose the negative aspect, longer hours. In his poetry, Frost, like he did in this quote, exposed something in humans. He wrote poetry to show how there is darkness amongst them. The average reader will quote Robert Frost as being a poet of positivity, yet many of his poems actually point out the dark side of human existence....   [tags: poems, human existence]

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Light and Dark in the Book Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin

- ... When he was released from prison his brother was there to meet him. He finds his reemergence into the world through his love for music. For Sonny, music is his guiding light. From the beginning, the narrator introduces the imagery of light and dark that will come to be the dominating theme of the story. In the first scene, the narrator is contemplating Sonny's fate in the dark subway. The "swinging lights of the subway car" allow him to read about Sonny's arrest, while the "darkness roared outside" (91)....   [tags: positive, struggle, drug, character]

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Kanye West Dark Fantasy

- Kanye West has produced works that many interpret as exhibiting the struggle of black identity in the post-modern era. In, Twisted Fantasy he could be interpreted as exploring what is known to the Self in juxtaposition to what is unknown, if the ideas he were presenting were to transcend the disconnected chaos of society. Kanye West is world renowned for his somewhat dark lyrics and the prolific imagery of his music videos. He has always gone for the shock value, in music and the real world. While West presents images that are startling, he is reflecting society with a noticeable lack of original thought while at the same time not addressing root causes for the desolation he portrays....   [tags: Lyrics, Music, Music Videos, Hip Hop]

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Dexter "The Dark Passenger"

- Have you ever have felt like two completely different people. Dexter Morgan has been throughout his entire life since he was little. As a child, Dexter witnessed his mother’s murder. A cop named Harry Morgan found Dexter in a pool of blood beside his mother’s body. He taught Dexter his “art.” This education by a monster turned Dexter into a monster. His learned skills; both as an investigator and as a killer, drive him from the early seasons of the series. In the beginning, he is driven by a lust for blood and a warped sense of justice....   [tags: symbol, human struggle, addiction]

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Racial Discrimination Between Light And Dark Skinned African Americans

- Spike Lee (Shelton Jackson Lee) wrote and directed a film called School Daze. The film is all about colorism in the black community and how college life portrays racial discrimination between light and dark skinned African Americans. There is a musical scene called “Good or Bad Hair” and there is light and dark skinned women on each side talking about each other. For example, the light skinned women are seen or known as “wanna be’s”. Whereas the dark skinned women are seen as “jigga boo’s, tryin’ to find something’ to do!” (Spike)....   [tags: Black people, African American, Race, Slavery]

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Depression: The Dark Cloud

- Depression: The Dark Cloud There are many mental illnesses that affect all different kinds of people living in the world. Some are worse than others and some can feel like a cloud hanging over that seems like it will never go away. Depression is a common mental disorder that affects millions of people in the world today. It is a terrible burden to its victims and can leave them feeling a sadness they have never experienced before. No person is exempt from attaining this disease, which makes it an even more interesting psychological condition....   [tags: Mental Illness ]

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Villain or Dark Knight

- Villain or Dark Knight Christopher Dorner an exemplary soldier turned triple murderer. From a National Defense Service Medal to Rifle marksmanship ribbon, Dorner was textbook soldier (accolades). After filing a report against a fellow LAPD officer, Dorner was dismissed from the department. Shortly after being fired, Dorner was charged with the murder of a police officer and 2 citizens, and the attempted murder of 3 other citizens. Dubbed the cop killer, Dorner has been vilified by the media, yet there is a select group who support Dorner....   [tags: police, murder, innocence]

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Vertisols Soils: Dark Clays

- ... Vertisol has six suborder Cryerts, Aquerts, Xererts, Torrerts, Usterts, and Uderts, (Figure01). They are determined on the basis of aquic conditions, cryic soil temperature regime, and on the length of time the cracks are open to the surface. The formative elements for soil moisture regimes are used in naming the names do not necessarily mean that the soils have those soil moisture regimes. The slow permeability of clayey, smectitic soil horizons causes aquic conditions in Vertisols with almost any annual precipitation pattern....   [tags: mineral soils, physical properties]

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Retellings and History in Paradise Lost and His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman

- While Phillip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy, His Dark Materials, does examine the “big ol’ metaphysical questions,” – the great Miltonic questions of free will, love and obedience among others – it is also about the act and art of reading. Or as Shelley King describes it, he focuses on the “process of textual interpretation and the role it plays in the framing of metaphysical questions within a culture” (106). The fantasy worlds of His Dark Materials are as shaped by the history and interpretations of texts as ours....   [tags: textual interpretation, trilogy, daemons]

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Dexter: The Dark Passenger

- ... The beast is very fond of Belle since he first laid eyes on her. During the movie Belle being the catalyst for the Beast’s need of wanting to change. But he distances himself from her because he has two mindsets. Which is a man and the other is a raging beast. The beast is going through trying to become the process of transformation from a cold hearted beast into a form of a great man. Dexter has a lot in common from the movie Gran Torino and Beauty and the Beast. All three of these have in common of metamorphosis....   [tags: popular fictional characters, tv shows]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Harry Potter 's ' The Lord Of The Dark Lord '

- Harry Potter’s faith in himself was almost non-existent throughout the whole series until the very end of the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. There he faced off Voldemort in the final battle of Hogwarts, ready to sacrifice himself so Voldemort could be defeated. Once Harry realized he was still alive, he knew he had to kill Voldemort. He changed from having no faith in himself to having complete faith in himself to kill the Dark Lord. In J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Rowling showed the change of the main character from one full of self-doubt to one having confidence in himself as The Chosen One....   [tags: Harry Potter]

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Edgar Allan Poe 's His Dark Short Stories

- Edgar Allan Poe’s inspiration for his dark short stories intrigued the world to know about the man behind “the mask” (The Mask of The Red Death, 1842). When Poe was only two years old, his talented actress of a mother, Elizabeth Poe, died of tuberculosis (May, 2007). Fortunately, the Allans of Richmond took him in as their own, but separated Poe from his brother Henry and sister Rosalie (Chronology of Edgar Allan Poe, 2010). Poe grew attached to his foster mother, Frances Allan, and Poe’s life began to lighten up until Mrs....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe]

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I 'm Walking Toward The Dark Brown Metal Letters

- I’m walking toward the tinted black, glass doors. Above me, I see a sign reading “San Diego Public Library” in dark brown metal letters. My dad brought my sister and me here because our teachers assigned us to read books; I’m in fourth grade, she’s in fifth. I don’t mind because I get to choose what novels I read, as long as they are within the grade level I tested for. Going in I’m not really sure what to expect, the only other library I had been in is the small one at my elementary school. I stand about 2 feet from the doors, when they automatically slide open....   [tags: High school, Family, Naval Air Station Point Mugu]

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Analysis Of Richard E. Miller 's ' The Dark Night Of The Soul '

- In Richard E. Miller’s essay, The Dark Night of the Soul, he first focuses on two teenage boys, boys who murderously rampaged through Columbine High School in Santee, California. Then he further discusses who was to blame, but most importantly would this event not had transpired if education had a more adamant impact if these young men had read more. Simply, would Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold killed if there was a more proactive approach to the educational system or government to “reduce or eliminate altogether the threat of the unpredictable or unforeseen [the amalgamation of elements that would result in a mass shooting] (Miller 421).”Additionally, if McCandless, a young man who eulogized...   [tags: Columbine High School massacre]

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Otherness in Charalaine Harri’s Novel, Dead Until Dark

- Charlaine Harris, the author of Dead Until Dark, familiarized us with the world of supernatural creatures from Sookie’s point of view. Vampires, shapeshifters and Sookie represent the otherness in their world. Since Bram Stroker published his horror novel Dracula in 1897, vampire stories have become popular. His novel is considered to be the main influence on writing vampire stories. Vampires are usual described as notorious creatures of the night that attack humans and drink their blood, and people fear and abhor them, connect them with Satan....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Supernatural Creatures]

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A Day In The Dark

- This passage was written by Elizabeth Bowen and is titled ‘A Day in the Dark’. It is a story told by a girl named Barbie. She tells a tale of when she was fifteen and visited the house of Miss Branderry to return a copy of Blackwood’s and to request to borrow, for her father, a thistle cutter. She also takes some roses to apologise for glass stain and thumbmarks on the cover of the magazine. The passage mainly focuses on Barbie and her view on the events. But the passage also looks into the relationships between the Barbie and her uncle, and Miss Branderry and her niece....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of `` Money `` By Pink Floyd From Their 1973 Album The Dark Side Of The Moon

- The song I chose to do my project on is “Money” by Pink Floyd from their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. I chose this song because I grew up listening to Pink Floyd on the old record player with my father and this song was one of his many favorites. He used to tell me about this song and how it was relevant in the 70’s and to this day the old cash register noise always brings back memories. The song itself was Pink Floyd’s first hit in the US. The song represents the American dream of getting more money and the thought of money solving all the problems....   [tags: Economics, Supply and demand, Goods]

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The Dark End Of The Street : Black Women, Rape, And Resistance- A New History

- McGuire, Danielle L. At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance- A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power. New York, New York: Vintage Books. 2011. Thesis: McGuire argues that the Civil Rights movement was not led just by the strong male leaders presented to society such as Martin Luther King Jr., but is "also rooted in African-American women 's long struggle against sexual violence (xx)." McGuire argues for the "retelling and reinterpreting (xx)" of the Civil Rights movement because of the resistance of the women presented in her text....   [tags: Black people, White people, African American]

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Dark Books and Human Nature in The Road by Cormac McCarthy Writings

- The Lucky One’s Losing a phone compared to being raped, starved, killed, and eaten in pieces makes everyday life seem not so excruciating. Cormac McCarthy was born July 20, 1933 and is one of the most influencing writers of this era. McCarthy was once so poor he could not even afford toothpaste. Of course this was before he became famous. His lifestyle was hotel to hotel. One time he got thrown out of a $40 dollar a month hotel and even became homeless. This is a man who from experience knows what should be appreciated....   [tags: imagery, ukraine, famine]

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Dark Times in History: World War II and The Great Depression

- Dark Times World War II which happened from 1939 to 1945 was the largest armed conflict in human history. It spanned over six continents and caused over fifty million deaths inclusive of both civilians and military personnel (Brinkley). The second war gave life to new problems. One major result of World War II was the start of the Great Depression. The depression brought Hitler to the zenith and helped the democracy of Germany and Europe. It was also instrumental in propelling Japan into conquest (Roberts)....   [tags: brutal and bloody war, deaths, military]

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Tlingit Legend's How Mosquitoes Came To Be

- "How Mosquitoes Came To Be": The Giant Lives On Every time I read the Tlingit Legend, "How Mosquitoes Came To Be," there are certain questions that come to mind about where the legend came from and who wrote it. The legend was first published in 1883 and later found by Richard Erdoes, who included it in one of his publications, American Indian Myths and Legends. Why is the human race so selfish to think we can be the hunter and not the hunted. Although giants could be a dominant presence in our lives, humans prove that they will not be over-taken....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Day They Came To Arrest The Book Review

- My novel ‘The Day They Came To Arrest The Book’ was based upon racism in the late 70’s. An era which occurred before I existed. There are many movies and books depicting events from this time, some of which I have seen or read. I had always thought that my views on racism were somewhat close to the truth, after reading the novel I realized that I had been wrong. Therefore, this novel has altered my feelings and opinions which I had towards the treatment of the Negro race. Before I read this novel I had only ever seen the effects of racism from a white person’s point of view....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Christianity Came Earlier to Britain and to Beowulf

- Christianity Came Earlier to Britain and to Beowulf       Christian references/allusions appear in Beowulf on six dozen occasions. Some scholars of the Anglo-Saxon period express erroneous notions regarding the arrival of Christianity into Britain. Janet Backhouse in her book The Lindisfarne Gospels, says that these gospels, written about 700AD, were made in north-east England “less than a century after the introduction there of Christianity” (Backhouse 7). Her view of dating Christianity in Britain to the time of Pope Gregory the Great in the 590’s is a popularly held misconception....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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Free Essays - Along Came A Spider

- James Patterson wrote Along Came A Spider. The genre is adult fiction. It is a good novel because it has a great mystery in it. This novel also has a lesson in it. The lesson is not to tie your family up with your work. The setting in this novel takes place in Washington DC from 1932-1934. Gary Soneji, (a.k.a. Gary Murphy) is a serial killer who kidnapped two children, Maggie Rose, the golden-haired daughter of a famous movie actress. The other child was Shrimpie Goldberg, the son of the Secretary of the Treasury....   [tags: spider]

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Pearl Harbor And How It Came About

- Pearl Harbor And How It Came About By the year 1941, WWII was in full effect. Germany seemed to be the victor, gaining control of France and Poland as well as successfully bombing England. Many people believe that Germany would have indeed won the war if not for the intervention of the United States. Because of the horror Americans had witnessed in WWI, the United States did not originally want to get involved in the conflict. In the early morning of December 7th, 1941 all that changed when the Japanese air fleet scattered in the Pacific Ocean bombed Pearl Harbor....   [tags: American America History]

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What Came First Thought Or Lan

- Language came after Thought In order to be able to prove the statement 'Language came after thought', the words 'language' and 'thought' first will have to be defined. Language could be described as a system for formulating and communicating information, thoughts and feelings. There is, however, not one adequate definition of thinking, since most definitions do not cover all aspects of thought. It could be defined as a mental activity, but also as the way one's mind perceives one's senses. Having gathered this information, the concepts of language and thought will be looked at, and the relationship between the two concepts will be found....   [tags: essays research papers]

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May Swenson's Unconscious Came a Beauty

- May Swenson's Unconscious Came a Beauty Poet May Swenson writes about conventional subjects, such as love, and, through her poetry, she argues that it is the common occurrences that matter to the creative mind. Inspiration permeates the form in Swenson's poetry. She creates a relationship with the reader by having her speaker be a poet, inspired by an everyday life experience. In her poem, "Unconscious Came a Beauty," Swenson suggests that the inspiration for poetry should come from a natural experience; however, inspiration is momentary, and poetry comes from not only the inspiration, but also the energy that the poet gleans from it....   [tags: Swenson Poem Poet Poetry essays]

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The Middle Ages And The Beginning Of The Renaissance

- When the current state of society is observed, it can be perceived that there are hidden influences from past cultures that have constructed how many people live their lives. Past cultures have left many inventions and ideas that have either been reimaged or have evolved into items and concepts that are still used today. The era that had a large portion of inventions and ideas that are still used or have influence the culture of today would be the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages have always been perceived as being the dark period, some people may even classified this period as being the Dark ages, in between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance....   [tags: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Dark Ages]

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The Middle Ages And The Beginning Of The Renaissance

- When the contemporary society is observed, it can be perceived that there are hidden influences from past cultures that constructed how many people live their lives. Past cultures have left many innovations and notions that have either been reimagined or have advanced into items and concepts that are still used today. The era that contained a generous portion of inventions and ideas that are still used or have influence the culture of today would be the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages have always been perceived as being the dark period, some people may even classify this period as being the Dark ages, in between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance....   [tags: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Dark Ages]

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How Elizabeth Moon 's Challenge The Way People Perceive Disability

- How Elizabeth Moon’s Challenge the Way People Perceive Disability ‘Speed of Dark’ by Elizabeth Moon, is a novel that narrates about the life of Lou, who according to the book is different to “normal” (3) people. That is, Lou interacts to the world in an oddly manner. He can see things which other people cannot see, however, he at times does not see the things other people can see. In other words, Moon describes Lou as autistic (5). One of his most pronounced ability is the way he can locate patterns in data (6), in which according to the author they are stunning, complex and strange, and that even computers cannot comprehend....   [tags: Disability, Person, People, The Speed of Dark]

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Dark Samus

- The Galactic Federation cruiser Nova Lord disintegrates in the upper atmosphere of the planet Arcterra as it is dwarfed out by Dark Samus’ flagship, the Annihilator. The cruiser was on a mission to attack the flagship. However, it underestimated the ship’s firepower, and was promptly captured after a brief skirmish. A laser shot rings out aboard the bridge of the Annihilator, and is followed instantaneously by the collapse of a Galactic Federation prisoner to the floor, a black scorch between his eyes....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Where My Dream Came From

- Where My Dream Came From Where did my dream come from. It's your first day of high school and as you walk down the halls you notice that everyone is laughing and pointing at you. Suddenly you realize that you have no clothes on and panic sets in and BOOM…. you wake up and realize it was all just a dream. As you sit and discuss your dream with your friends at the lunch table, you can't help but wonder, what does it all mean. Such a situation could not possibly happen, so where could such a horrible idea come from....   [tags: Papers]

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Gothic Art During The Middle Ages

- The Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages or Medieval period, is a period in history after the fall of the Roman Empire that lasted from the late 4th century to the late 14th century, to the beginning of the Renaissance period. The characteristics of the style of art in the Middle Ages was dark and revolved around religious symbolism. The sole purpose of displaying the symbols was an illustration for the people unable to read, to understand about the higher power, and the centering of the Church, to glorify God....   [tags: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Dark Ages]

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Dark Fairyland

- Faerûn is a lush land of rugged mountains and rolling hills, of vast deserts and dark forests, teeming cities and empty wilderness. It is a land of immense beauty and danger playing in the light of the ever-changing sun. A land where farmers and pioneers and city-folk alike ply their trade and live their quiet lives; where caravans twist across the landscape like giant slow-moving, bloated worms. Many brave and bold tales are told of those restless, adventurous young of all races who race headlong in their mad chase for something more; be it fame and fortune, escaping an abusive home(land), or simply answering the call of the road....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Dark Tourism

- Dark Tourism is defined by Foley and Lennon (2000) as "the phenomenon which encompasses the presentation and consumption (by visitors) of real and commodified death and disaster sites." Tarlow (2005, Pg 48) ascertains that it is "visitations to places where tragedies or historically noteworthy death has occurred and that continue to impact our lives." Dark Tourism is a relatively new term to academic research so at these early stages it is still not well-defined. The two most scholarly definitions I have included are still loose and slightly vague, although these interpretations have increased debate and research into this area....   [tags: Social Issues, Grief Tourism]

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Strange Fruit by Billy Holiday

-   Strange Fruit Break Down   Strange fruit is an amazing dark poem that was sung by Billie Holiday as a very powerful deep meaning song. Strange Fruit is a terrifying protest against the inhumane acts of racism. Strange Fruit was about the murders and lynching going on in the south at the time from public hangings to burnings. The south has a cruel and terrifying past that still haunts people who live down there, reminding them that it was only a short time ago. Very rarely did any one person get prosecuted for killing a person of dark skin....   [tags: dark poetry, protest agains racism]

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Science Of The Middle Ages

- Science in the Middle Ages 400-1400 The Middle Age was a time where scientific knowledge became lost or forgotten due to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD. This led Europe into a Dark Age where technology led science, an age of faith had arisen, and scientific incentives were few. However, due to Muslim preservation of ancient writings, scientific advances and instruction did occur although few. Muslims maintained the ancient science of Aristotle, Ptolemy, Galen, Etc. by translating them to Arabic and creating libraries throughout the Middle East....   [tags: Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Renaissance]

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What´s Dark Matter?

- ... (Dark Energy, Dark Matter - NASA Science) The way we know that dark matter exists is because there is more gravity than visible matter. If the level of matter and gravity did not match up the universe would have been ripped apart. This is yet another reason that we know dark matter is at work. If the universe has not been ripped apart there must be some type of force that we cannot see that is holding it all together. The discovery of dark matter was very puzzling at first. Astronomers expected stars at the center of the galaxy to have a higher rotational velocity then stars at the edge of the galaxy....   [tags: particles, high energy]

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Slaughterhouse-Five Essay: Irony, Dark Humor, and Satire

- Irony, Dark Humor, and Satire in Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut uses a combination of dark humor and irony in Slaughterhouse-Five. As a result, the novel enables the reader to realize the horrors of war while simultaneously laughing at some of the absurd situations it can generate. Mostly, Vonnegut wants the reader to recognize the fact that one has to accept things as they happen because no one can change the inevitable. Although Slaughterhouse-Five may not be filled with delightful satire and comical scenes, there are accounts which the force the reader to laugh....   [tags: Slaughterhouse-Five Essays]

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The Dark Web Is Good For Being Anonymous

- The Dark Web A multitude of people have never heard of one of the most dangerous places in the world, and it is not on land. The dark web, also considered the deep web, is a hidden part of the internet which is undetected by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The dark web is not accessible without special browsers. The dark web is estimated to be 4,000–5,000 times larger than the web that is familiar to most people (Finklea 2015). Although the dark web is good for being anonymous, it is being used by too many people for illegal issues....   [tags: World Wide Web, Deep Web, Surface Web, Internet]

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The Dark Web Is Good For Being Anonymous

- The Dark Web Many people have never heard of one of the most dangerous places in the world, and it is not on land. The Dark Web, also considered the Deep Web, is a hidden part of the internet which is undetected by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc. The dark web not accessible without special browsers. The Dark web is estimated to be 4,000–5,000 times larger than the web that everybody knows about. (Finklea 2015) Although the Dark Web is good for being anonymous, the dark web is being used by too many people for illegal issues....   [tags: World Wide Web, Deep Web, Surface Web, Internet]

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Examining the Existence of Dark Matter in the Universe

- “Why is the night sky dark?” For thousands of years this question has been asked. Astronomers are continually growing closer to the answer but still no one has yet found an answer that is efficient enough. While scientists steadily collect data, they are hoping to find some clue as to realize that the answer may be because of something that is too mind blowing for us to comprehend. There is perhaps no current problem of greater importance to astrophysics and cosmology than that of "dark matter"....   [tags: Astronomy, Science, informative]

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The Dark Money Groups And Super Pacs

- Ever think about being a state senator or even president. Turns out, now a days one of the only things you need in order to achieve that goal is copious amounts of backdoor political funding. Money donated by undisclosed, non-profit organizations, more commonly referred to as ‘dark money,’ has played a large role in recent political elections, and at times even shaped their outcomes. The plain abuse of power and money in today’s politics needs to be stopped before the only thing deciding whether a candidate wins or loses is the amount of money used to fund their campaign....   [tags: Non-profit organization, Fundraising]

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My Dark Side

- What leads someone to lie. What influences a person to steal. Could it be someone’s personality that causes someone to cheat. Enclosed inside every piece of literature exists a remarkable amount of conflict. Whether it be a small, nonessential problem between the characters or a gargantuan, immeasurable issue within the main character, majority of readers would quickly lose interest if these conflicts did not exist. As a result, authors add such conflicts to rise the excitement to their literature....   [tags: Pesonal Reflection]

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The World Of The Dark But Brilliant Art Of Writing

- The World of the Dark but Brilliant Art of Writing In the early 1700s literature became a way to influence people as social media is to the world now. Literature has evolved through the years as in the mid-1700s through 1800s when literature took on a new movement and changed how stories and poems are written it was the birth of Romanticism for the world. Romanticism shaped many of our modern views and has some of the world’s famous novels and authors such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who has a big influence in America writing....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Romanticism, Nathaniel Hawthorne]

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