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Analysis of Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko

- People often feel that their opinions do not matter, that they cannot make a difference. This is untrue, one person does have the ability to change an outcome, halt or finalize a decision, and even build or destroy a culture. In the novel Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko, this is witnessed in the character Auntie, a dominating, selfish woman who will do anything to gain a respectable status in the community. In an attempt to gain acceptance from both Native and Western societies, Auntie metaphorically "kills" her own child which in turn destroys the Native American culture....   [tags: Ceremony Essays]

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Leslie Silko's Ceremony

- In Ceremony, Leslie Silko brilliantly crosses racial styles of humor in order to cure the foolish delusions readers may have, if we think we are superior to Indians or inferior to whites, or perhaps superior to whites or inferior to Indians. Silko plays off affectionate Pueblo humor against the black humor so prominent in 20th-century white culture. This comic strategy has the end-result of opening our eyes to our general foolishness, and also to the possibility of combining the merits of all races....   [tags: Ceremony Essays]

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Silko's Ceremony and the Hermeneutic Circle

- Silko's Ceremony and the Hermeneutic Circle         Ceremony is a novel meant to change us. It is a story, which instructs and enlightens, but it is also a tool for relating. It is useful in an extremely practical sense: It teaches us about being connected to our world, about difference and the other. These are only a couple of the possible tangible effects the book has on readers, and truly, the limiting factor in the number of possible uses for Ceremony is simply the number of individuals who read it....   [tags: Silko Ceremony]

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The Value of Narrative in Ceremony

- The Value of Narrative in Ceremony      The story is the most powerful and most compelling form of human expression in Leslie Marmon Silko's novel Ceremony. Stories reside within every part of every thing; they are essentially organic. Stories are embedded with the potential to express the sublime strength of humanity as well as the dark heart and hunger for self destruction. The process of creating and interpreting stories is an ancient, ongoing, arduous, entangled, but ultimately rewarding experience....   [tags: Ceremony Essays]

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Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko

- The novel Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko follows a young man, Tayo through his journey beginning when he returns home to the Laguna Pueblo Reservation, from World War Two; and is very ill. During the narrative Silko introduces us to Tayo's life before the war, which gives insight to reasons of why Tayo is ill. Through out his illness Tayo goes through many ceremonies both literally and metaphorically to try to cure his ailment. One of the ceremonies that is performed, is lead by Old Ku'oosh, the medicine man, where he performs a cleansing ceremony for someone who has killed someone in battle, even though Tayo doesn't recall killing anyone....   [tags: Ceremony Leslie Silko]

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Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

- Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony Over the years, after wars and famine, peace-time and floods, few things have persisted to survive. Society, art, and other intangible objects as these are survivors of two millennia of human “progress”. Intelligent concepts and premises have also survived, as have emotions and morals. Even as these outstanding examples of humanity have survived, so have some less affirmative ideals lived on through our fore-bearers. Cultural, ideological, religious, and political supremacy are still abound today, as much as they were 50, 100, and even 5,000 years ago....   [tags: Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony Racism Essays]

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Cultural Healing in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

- Cultural Healing in Ceremony     Leslie Marmon Silko is a Native American from New Mexico and is part of the Laguna tribe.  She received a MacArthur "genius" award and was considered one of the 135 most significant women writers ever.  Her home state has named her a living cultural treasure.  (Jaskoski, 1)  Her well-known novel Ceremony follows a half-breed named Tayo through his realization and healing process that he desperately needs when he returns from the horrors of World War II.  This is a process that takes him back to the history of his culture.        Tayo returns home when World War II ends in 1945.  He feels alienated from his home and hardly desires to live any lo...   [tags: Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony]

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A Wedding Ceremony: A Wedding Ceremony Foreshadowing Your Life

- “I, take you, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.” From a young age, girls think about the perfect wedding- everything from the perfect dress to the color scheme, venue design and the cake. Every girl aspires to have the perfect wedding including a perfect balance between her modern ideas and her family’s culture and traditions....   [tags: Literary Review]

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My Experience at a Hindu Ceremony

- I grew up in a Christian household and attended Catholic school most of my life. I do not consider myself to be a religious person; although I was confirmed as a Catholic. I still find myself interested and in tune with different beliefs. I was always curious about other religions. I decided to attend a Hindu ceremony for this assignment because I find this particular religion to be very interesting. I attended a ceremony at the temple of ISKCON, which stands for “The International Society for Krishna Consciousness”....   [tags: analyzing religious beliefs]

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Marriage Ceremony : The Rite Of Passage

- Marriage Ceremonies Marriage ceremonies are held to the highest traditional standards in the six Iroquois nations, specifically the Mohawk. A marriage signifies a lifelong relationship and there is no end. There are no Mohawk customs for the notion of divorce. Mohawk nations believe in a matrilineal society. In this society the woman is the head of the household and highly respected by her husband and family. The marriage process of the Mohawk nations includes seven traditional elements; the rite of transformation, arranged marriages, wedding wheel, the longhouse, marriage instruction, marriage questions, marriage baskets, feather dances, and traditions conducted at the end of the ceremony....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Family, Iroquois]

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The Declaration Of The Flag Salute Ceremony

- a. The Gobitis children refused to salute the flag at school because their Bible tells them not to. In chapter 20 of Exodus, it said that they can’t bow down to anything that portrays false Gods. The superintendent expelled the children for their refusal to salute the flag. The parents of the children took this situation to court. At court, the parents argued that the school district deprived rights to freedom of religion, which violated the 1st Amendment and the 14th Amendment. The school district argued that the flag salute ceremony had no religious content and it was just part of the school’s curriculum....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Ceremony '

- Ceremony is about a Native American Tayo who fought in world war two. When he comes home from the war, he is committed to the VA hospital for essentially having post-traumatic stress disorder. Throughout the novel, we observe Tayo battling with his inner peace because he feels guilty for Josiah and Rocky’s death. Tayo’s family sends him to two medicine men to try to heal him and figure out what is the matter. The first medicine man was not able to reach through to Tayo; the second medicine Betonie was successful....   [tags: Cowboy, Cattle, Woman, Fence]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Ceremony '

- Ceremony was written about a Native American Tayo who fought in world war two. When he comes home from the war, he is committed to the Veterans Administration Hospital for having post-traumatic stress disorder. Throughout the novel, we observe Tayo battling with his inner peace by virtue of, feeling guilt for Josiah and Rocky’s death. Tayo’s family sends him to two medicine men to try to heal him and figure out what is the matter. The first medicine man was unable to reach through to Tayo; the second medicine Betonie was successful....   [tags: Cowboy, Cattle, Fence]

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Kinaalda: A Girl's Puberty Ceremony

- There are a number of activities that take place during the ceremony and each part has its own purpose and significance. As a whole, the procession takes place over a course of four days and within a decent amount of time of the first menstruation. However, in the event of the child being away at boarding school they will go home immediately or if this is not an option then the ceremony must be postponed. The ordering of events take place over the course of the four days directly relate to the myth of the origins of Kinaalda....   [tags: Navajo society and religion]

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The Values Of A Wedding Ceremony

- “Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day”, states Barbara De Angelis. Unfortunately, love is not always the main reason for weddings today. Wedding ceremonies have turned into who can have the biggest and best wedding. Today’s weddings place more emphasis on the dress or dresses, the food, the venue, and the decorations instead of the meaning of the ceremony. Therefore, some weddings can cost more than buying a house....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Wedding, Wedding reception]

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The Aftermath Of Jinora 's Ceremony

- In the aftermath of Jinora’s ceremony Korra felt hollow, she knew that she should, at the very least, make the effort to appear happy for Tenzin’s daughter, but she just… couldn’t. If she was being honest, she couldn’t bring herself to care about much anymore. Having been wheeled to a gazebo on Air Temple Island by Asami, Korra was currently sitting in her wheelchair watching the sunset over the water. Asami had mentioned that she was going to get some tea for them and had asked Korra what type she would like; Korra had only quietly muttered “Jasmine”....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Tea, Sun]

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The Religious Ceremony And The Sacrament

- In religion there are many themes present, some can be found within multiple religions or just one. Within the Christian religion there are several notable themes some of which they share with other religions. But the theme most would have familiarity with is the theme of sacrament. Sacrament is considered to be a religious ceremony or act that can be regarded as an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace. Within Christianity sacrament encompasses the most used or heard about practices the rites of baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, repentance and confession, anointing of the sick, ordination, and matrimony....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Eucharist, Sacrament]

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Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko

- The inherent desire to belong to a group is one that is fundamental to human nature. In his article “Evolution and Our Inner Conflict,” Edward O. Wilson writes, “A person’s membership in his group – his tribe – is a large part of his identity.” Wilson explores multilevel group selection and the proclivity for people to define themselves based on their belonging to the group. He goes on to say that people often form these groups with those who look like them and belong to the same culture or ethnic group....   [tags: inherent desire to belong to a group]

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The Funeral Ceremony Of Buddhists

- In Nepal, the population consists of either Hindus or Buddhists where they have their own norms and values. They believe in reincarnation, and that one’s actions in life will grant him or her a higher rebirth. People of Nepal believe in rebirth and the soul considered be immortal (K-Dean, Funeral). Only bodies die; soul leaves the body and changes the body. The change of body depends upon the deed done before the death. People think funeral ceremony of Buddhists is better than the Hindu in aspect of sky burials, in which a dead body is cut up and left at sacred sites for vultures to eat....   [tags: Death, Hinduism, Cremation, Burial]

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Ceremony By Leslie Marmon Silko

- Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko is a novel that follows the recovery process of a Native American soldier, Tayo. The novel takes place after World War II and Tayo has just returned from the war. Tayo seems to be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the horrifying scenes he witnessed while overseas. Silko incorporates flashbacks from Tayo’s war experience to show the readers what it is that he is going through. Not only is he on a journey to find healing, he is also trying to discover who he is....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Ceremony By Lesli Marmon Silko

- According to the Oxford Dictionary privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group (Oxford Dictionary, n.d.). Furthermore if you add white to privilege you get white privilege which highlights the societal privileges granted to those who are white particularly in Western culture. In the novel Ceremony by Lesli Marmon Silko captures white privilege through the highlighted differences between whites and Native Americans. The narrator Tayo is aware of the privileges that whites have in comparison to Native Americans....   [tags: United States, White American, Hawaii]

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Buddhist Culture and Ceremony

- My group and I were fantasied by the Buddhist culture because of its architecture and that is known to be culture that means of changing oneself in order to develop qualities such as wisdom, kindness, peace, as these qualities would led a better life. We can to observe if this is displayed in a Buddhist ceremony and the best way to observe Buddhist culture was by going to one of their ceremonies. We visited a temple called Fo Guang Shah to witness their every Sunday prayer. In this essay, I analyze the power displayed in the ceremony because ideology and ruling class by looking at Athusser’s interpellation and theory of hegemony by Antonia Gramsci....   [tags: spirituality, temple, ideology]

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Crossing The Line Ceremony

- I was steaming across the Pacific Ocean onboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-61). The sky was as dark blue as the ocean and it was hard to tell where the ocean stopped and the sky began. The captain announced over the 1MC that we would be crossing the Equator and the International Date Line in 3 days and we would be having a Crossing the Line Ceremony which is a very old maritime tradition dating back to the 19th century. It is very rare for a ship to cross the Equator and the International Date Line, a ship normally only gets to cross the Equator....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

- The central conflict of Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony is Tayo's struggle to gain psychological wholeness in the face of various traumatic experiences, ranging from a troubled childhood to cultural marginalization and combat experiences during World War II. Throughout the novel, the key to Tayo's psychological recovery is his rediscovery of Native American cultural practices. Most of the crucial turning points in the novel occur when Tayo listens to, takes part in, or learns more about Native American cultural traditions....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Psychology]

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Woodlawn Ceremony

- Oremus: Absolve, quaesumus, Domine, animas famulorum famularumque tuarum et omnium fide-lium defunctorum, ab omni vinculo delictorum… It was a bleak fall morning when Sam Louis was entombed at Woodlawn cemetery. The sky was filled with tears and the firmament exploded with rumblings of thunder and lighting. Despite the foul weather, a lone crow was hovering in a circle high above the funeral gathering. No one was aware of its presence until it began to caw. Deborah Hernandez glanced up and instantly felt a cold fear gripping her heart....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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Teaching Of The Four Day Ceremony For Puberty

- What is the specific teaching of the four day ceremony for puberty also known as the kinaalda in Navajo. When I was a little girl I did not have my own kinaalda, but I took part in it when I was young for my older sister had hers done. I never understood the full meaning of what the ceremony meant for a girl to transition into a lady. A kinaalda is when a girl takes part of the Navajo blessing way ceremony (Amrani. 1988. Web). The kinaalda translated into the “Puberty Ceremony” is considered interchangeable with both the girl and the ceremony (Amrani....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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The Preservation of Identity in Ceremony: Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony.

- ... Native American culture is community based and Laura’s hatred of herself came to affect those around her. The people’s anger was focused “on the girl and her family” and Auntie is left to mend the bad bond between her family and the Laguna community. She can’t men this because “the feelings were twisted… and all the names for the source of this growth were buried under English words, out of reach” (Silko 69). Auntie also mentions “there would be no peace and the people would have no rest until the entanglement had been unwound” meaning that the Laguna people are losing themselves in white culture (Silko 69)....   [tags: change, tayo, native american practices]

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Present Day Japanese Tea Ceremony

- Present Day Japanese Tea Ceremony In Japanese culture, there are many traditions that are passed down from generation to generation and done in the same way as their ancestors. One of these traditions is the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The Japanese culture takes pride in traditions like this because it shows their culture and how customs were done in the past. But are these traditions necessary in today’s fast paced culture. In present day society, culture and tradition seem non-existent to the public, but to some people these traditions are very well alive....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Traditions, Ancestors, Tea]

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The Coronation Ceremony

- The Coronation Ceremony The earliest accounts of a coronation ceremony in England date back to around the 750ís A.D. Spanning the last thousand years, the English coronation ceremony has remained almost unchanged. During the fourteenth century, the kings of England were crowned in a lavish and complicated ceremony involving special clothes, rituals and oaths. These aspects of the ritual displayed, in some ways, the chivalric mindset of the times when the coronation process was first being developed to its fullest meaning and formality....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Welcome Ceremony: A Role

- The Welcome Ceremony is performed when visitors entering a village where they are expected usually find the ali'i and faipule waiting for them either outside or within a house. If the occasion is a very formal one, the whole village may have assembled in its various groups, matai, Pastors of different denominations, Women's Committee in distinctive uniforms, schools and young men and women. In this case, a arch of welcome will probably also have been constructed. The meeting house (fale fono) and other houses set aside for the adjustment of the party, are almost certain to have been carefully and beautifully decorated with leaves and flowers....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Hindu Wedding Is The Culmination Of A Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony

- The Hindu wedding is the culmination of a long process that mixes religious and traditional considerations and most material and interested aspects. Once the marriage is arranged, the spouse is chosen, and the date is fixed, the ceremony is organized and can take place invariably according to Hindu rites. After the engagement ceremony, which is a brief ritual where the couple exchanges gold rings, women and men are separated. The women organize the ceremony of Mehndi, “a party where the bride and female guests have their hands decorated with henna, [which] is usually held at the home of the bride or her relatives” (Yee par.8)....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Ganesha, Hinduism]

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K-Tag Ceremony a Poem by Luci Tapahonso

- With this text, the reader becomes aware of how the autochthonous nature of Diné spirituality influences every aspect of their belief system. We see this involvement with nature through several different analytical lenses including sacred narratives, ceremonies and rituals, religious specialists and power. Through sacred narrative ad ceremony and ritual in the novel, we see connection with place and nature during the K-Tag ceremony in the poem entitled “K-Tag Ceremony”. Ceremonies and rituals with ties to nature are also seen in the chapter entitled “Tune Up”....   [tags: dinés pirituality, short stories]

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- FEAR=DESTRUCTION "They fear They fear the world. They destroy what they fear. They fear themselves." "They will kill the things they fear all the animals the people will starve." "They will fear what they find They will fear the people They kill what they fear" (Silko 136). 	Leslie Marmon Silko uses these three short passages taken from an ancient Indian story included in the novel Ceremony to express and convey the idea that the white man’s fear was the primary factor contributing to their negative actions toward the Indian people....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Theme of Silko's Ceremony

- Knowing Oneself, Knows the World      The colonization of civilizations has changed the world’s history forever. From the French, Spaniard, and down to the English, have changed cultures, traditions, religions, and livelihoods of other societies. The Native Americans, for example, were one of the many civilizations that were conquered by the English. The result was their ways of life based on nature changed into the more “civilized” ways of the colonists of the English people. Many Native Americans have lost their old ways and were pulled into the new “civilized” ways....   [tags: Leslie Marmon Silko]

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Water in the Baptismal Ceremony

- Water in the Baptismal Ceremony In the baptismal ceremony water is used during the baptism part of the ceremony. At this point the priest pours blessed water over the forehead of the baby three times whilst saying, "(Name), I baptize you in the name of the father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit." Water is a powerful symbol. It is also a rich symbol it makes things clean. It is also a symbol of life and death. Without water plants, animals and humans would not be able to survive (life)....   [tags: Theology Essays]

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History of Tea in Japan and the Japanese Tea Ceremony

- According to Brown, tea is classified among the most significant non-alcoholic beverage across the globe. It has gained fame as a result of its benefits. Tea is an inclusive aspect of the daily life of the Japanese individual attributable to its ceremonial and ritual characteristics. It has been treated as a cultural beverage and consumed in a refined atmosphere. Tea drinking in Japan has undergone refinement under the support of the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa. He was the regarded as the first ruler-patron of the tea ceremony....   [tags: Zen Buddhists, Tranquility]

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Relationship Between the Society and the Individual Explored in Ceremony and Into the Wild

- The society and the individual have a strong and close relationship. It has been noted that an individual is formed and shaped in relation to the society in which he or she grows in. The society provides the individual with the necessities of life and it is the duty of the individual to use these necessities in the most reasonable way without exploitation. The society provides economic, political, cultural and social structures that help the individual carry out his or her daily duties effectively....   [tags: Into the Wild Essays]

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Common Sense By Leslie Marmon Silko 's Ceremony

- Common sense tells us that it is much easier for one to go downhill rather than uphill. This is certainly evident in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony, where the protagonist, Tayo, must find his way out of a deep rut of sickness and suffering that has consumed his life. Influenced by a variety of factors including war, identity, and environment, Tayo is left questioning himself and his greater relationship with two conflicting cultures. Tayo embarks on a quest to remedy his sickness using certain ceremonies, which will help him recover both physically and emotionally....   [tags: Race, White people]

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All Religions And Societies The Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

- In all religions and societies the beautiful wedding ceremony means the start of another life for a few; an existence subject to responsibility and independence from a committed couple. The union of a couple is a very praised occasion by both the family and the couple. A Hindu marriage is seen as holy is not restricted to this life alone. The relationship between a couple is primarily a relationship of the souls. By marriage a couple 's relationship reaches can extend to over seven or more lives, all while the couple helps each other advance spiritually....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Hinduism, Husband]

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Reasons For Attending Funeral Ceremonies At The Funeral Ceremony

- A paid leave of absence up to, but not exceeding, three (3) days will be granted to staff members in the event of a death in their immediate family. If the death of an immediate relative occurs out of province, or outside the country and the staff member cannot attend the funeral/ceremony, a paid leave of one (1) day shall be granted for the purpose of mourning. If additional bereavement time is required, the staff member may be granted time at the discretion of their Director. Death – Other Relatives not in “Immediate” Family An unpaid leave of absence of one (1) day will be granted to staff members for the purpose of attending the funeral/ceremony of a relative not in their immediate famil...   [tags: Termination of employment, Employment, Layoff]

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Japanese Tea Ceremony Ceramics

- Japanese Tea Ceremony Ceramics There are various objects needed to conduct a tea ceremony. Most important among them are ceramics: the tea-caddy, the tea bowl, the flower vase, the incense burner, the incense container, the water jar, the ladle rest, the rest for the cover of the jar, the ash container, the cake bowl, the plate to place charcoal brazier, and candle-holders and other paraphernalia for decoration and atmosphere. Furthermore, such utensils used in the light dinner served before the tea rite called the kaiseki, food dishes and bowls, wine bottles and wine cups are to be numbered, the majority of implements for use in the tea-ceremony are pieces of ceramics....   [tags: wabi aesthetic Descriptive]

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A Jewish Marriage Ceremony

- A Jewish Marriage Ceremony In Hebrew, marriage is referred to as Kiddush in (sanctification) or nisuin (elevation). Marrying a Jewish partner is important mainly for the sake of the children, because whether a child is Jewish or not is determined only by its mother. Before the wedding, the bride-to-be goes to the Mikveh, the special immersion pool where women go to cleanse themselves from impurity (usually menstruation) and to start fresh. In this case, the woman goes as she is starting a new life with her fiancé....   [tags: Papers]

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Race in Silko's Ceremony

- Ceremony      Throughout Ceremony, the author, Leslie Silko, displays the internal struggle that the American Indians faced at that time in history. She displays this struggle between good and evil in several parts of the book. One is the myth explaining the origin of the white man.      As common in Indian cultures they create a myth to explain why the white people came to them. The author begins to show the Indians feeling of hopelessness by showing in the myth, on pages 132 - 138, that there was no way the Indians could stop the white people from destroying the Indian culture....   [tags: Leslie Silko]

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Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

- Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony In Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony, the gender roles of three women are significant to the development of Tayo as being half-white and half-Indian. These three women are Tayo's birth mother, Auntie, and Old Grandma. His mother left him when he was four years old and that began his sense of emptiness and abandonment. She could not bear to raise a child that brought the reservation shame by her mistake. Auntie raised Tayo and was the mother figure he lacked....   [tags: essays papers]

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Hindu Wedding Ceremony

- Hindu Wedding Ceremony Introduction The tradition Vedic wedding ceremony is about four thousand years old. The ceremony is a religious occasion solemnized in accordance with the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of the Hindus. It is a collection of rituals performed by the bride’s parents. Each steps in the ceremony has symbolic philosophical and spiritual meaning. The Maharaj (priest) conducts the ceremony by chanting Mantras (bridal altar). The ceremony is performed in Sanskrit, the most ancient surviving language....   [tags: Descriptive Wedding Hindu Culture Essays]

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A Graduation Ceremony Story and a Racist Twist

- It wasn’t until her, her family, and friend Bailey were walking up the hill to the school, when she started to feel the pressure of the moment. At the graduation ceremony everything was going smooth, until the principal’s speech left her in doubt of bad news coming. She was right, moments later two white gentlemen took over the stage and the speaker’s post. The man speaking was Mr. Eduard Donleavy, who was running for election and took the graduation ceremony as a great opportunity for him to introduce his plans for the future....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Spotless in Leslie Marmon Silko's "Ceremony"

- Leslie Marmon Silko uses the idea of being speckled and/or spotless in her book Ceremony. To try to be spotless is the Laguna people trying to become a part of white society, hence, becoming separated from the Earth and from the roots, tradition, beliefs, rituals and customs of the Native American way. It is letting in white society with the belief that it can somehow improve you. It is destructive change that takes a person away from the Earth. It is change that specifies and names possessions and makes you question your own beliefs....   [tags: American Literature]

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Comparing Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

- Stories are powerful devices that “are all we have, you see, to fight off illness and death” (Silko 1). Within the novels Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, stories serve exactly this purpose. Each protagonist, Tayo and Haroun respectively, has an obstacle they must overcome. Tayo is a Native American World War II veteran who suffers from an illness of the mind, which is implied to be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is told that a Ceremony is the only way to cure him....   [tags: metaphor, spider web, native american]

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The Culture Connection to Mind, Body, and Spirit in Leslie Silko´s Ceremony

- Life is a sequence of events that causes change in an individual. These series of events include both the good and the bad times in an individual’s life. The thing that defines someone's character not what has happened in their life but how that person responded to the events. In the Lesile Silko's novel Ceremony, the protagonist, Tayo, experiences a string of unfortunate events in his life that damaged his character both physically and figuratively. Tayo is a Native American World War II veteran that experiences hardship when he returns home....   [tags: beliefs, community, physical, figurative]

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Gothic Themes Portrayed by Religious Ceremony in Wuthering Heights with Reference to Jane Eyre

- The gothic theme become wildly popular after the publication of Horace Walpole’s ‘The castle of Otranto’ in 1764, this theme is prominent throughout the whole of ‘Wuthering Heights’, although it is most apparent during religious ceremony. Religious ceremony in this novel is mainly conveyed through death; ‘Jane Eyre’ also includes this in the novel. Each death is conveyed different but all have quite an eerie element, whether it’s how they die, the description of them after death, the reaction of loved ones or also where they rest such as their graves....   [tags: death, cannibal]

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Similarities Involving Social Ritual and Ceremony in The Hunger Games and The Lottery

- ... The only excuse for missing the “reaping” is said bluntly by Everdeen: “attendance is mandatory unless you are at death’s door” (Collins, 16). If someone is caught in their homes during the “reaping” they are arrested and taken back to the Capitol to be tortured. The consequence for missing the lottery is implied to be similar to missing the “reaping.” If someone misses the lottery then someone else must draw for that person, given that they have an excuse for not being there. In the story Clyde Dunbar could not draw for himself due to a broken leg, thus his wife drew for him....   [tags: Collins and Jackson, story comparison]

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Nurses Must be Aware of Religious and Cultural Differences

- ... Cremation is the favorable way to dispose of the body, as Hindus believe that the body has no purpose after death. Hindu funerals are extremely important ceremonies that will last for days after death. Typically, there is a lead mourner, who is generally the eldest son of the deceased who “plays a crucial role in performing all the funeral rites (Gupta, 2011).” As the rituals begin, the body will be placed on a bier, which is carried to the placed of cremation. Upon arrival, the “disposal ceremony” begins which is led by a priest and the body is removed from the bier by placing it in a river....   [tags: ceremony, burial, death]

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Wedding: Personal or Life Cycle Events

- Question 1 1.1 (5 marks) Weddings are classified as personal or life cycle events. They celebrate the union of a couple in a ceremony mostly including family and close friends. According to (Anon., 2014) a wedding can be defined as the act or ceremony of marrying, marriage or nuptials. Weddings are usually black tie events and call for smart and formal dress code. Preparing a wedding will take a lot of research (Phase1 of the event management process). After communicating with the client, it seems that the wedding will be held at ‘The secret Garden’ in Sandton Johannesburg on the 11th of December 2014....   [tags: ceremony, family, close friends]

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Reflection on The Dakota Sun Dance

- ... I learned that this is still practiced by many Native Americans today. In addition to the Sun Dance, there is always one person who runs the entire Sun Dance ceremony. This would be the Priest of the tribe. The Priest would give orders to tribesmen that gathered items for building a tepee, and those who went to look for a tree for the ceremony. The tree played an important role in the Sun Dance ceremony; it would be the center pole of the lodge. When the chosen members of the tribe found the tree that would fit the need of the center pole there was a qualified person that would come and cut the tree down....   [tags: tribal, ceremony, buffalo]

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The Evolution Of Sacred Paint

- The evolution of sacred paint, a legendary tale passed down through many generations, and its usage in traditional and contemporary Indigenous ceremonies were among the first things I learned through this cultural experience. Homogenization of Indigenous cultures definitely disparages the diversity of these nations; however, generations of colonization and assimilation policies like the Indian Act (1876) and the Sixties Scoop, as discussed in class, have led to the loss of culture and traditional ways....   [tags: Indigenous peoples, Culture, Ceremony]

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Tradition in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

- Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery is a story about a small town’s tradition. Every summer the town’s people gather in the square for a ritualistic drawing of names, however, the winner of the drawing will lose their life. No one in the village questions the sadistic ceremony, everyone simply complies. Jackson suggest that the tradition is as old as the town and thus many portions of the ceremony have long been forgotten yet the villagers are faithful to the portions that have been remembered without question....   [tags: sadistic ceremony, drawing names]

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Dwight D. Eisenhower: The 34th American President

- ... Dwight D. Eisenhower spent 2 terms in office. Eisenhower won a big victory with 55 percent of the popular vote and a landslide in the Electoral College, with 442 votes to Stevenson's 89. “I saw at close hand the faces of millions” Dwight Eisenhower stated in his homecoming speech. (The Presidency: Man of the Year, 1960) He was a very trustworthy president when being elected. “We can trust him” Time Magazine representative stated in an article. (The Presidency: Man of the Year, 1960) Dwight D....   [tags: republicna, general, education, ceremony]

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The Olympics' Promise to Bring Countries Together

- ... Oppossing the law would go against South Africa's law which would tie into political aspects. In 1968, two black American male athletes made history at the Mexico Olympics by making a silent protest against racial discrimination during the American National Anthem in the victory ceremony. Tommie Smith and John Carlos, gold and bronze medalists in the 200m run stood with their heads bowed and a black-gloved hand raised as the American National Anthem played. Both men wore black socks and no shoes and Smith wore a black scarf around his neck....   [tags: apartheid, competition, ceremony]

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Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, A Comical Story of Misunderstanding and Funny Feuds

- ... I personally know the extreme power of words and how they can affect a person, in a good or bad way. They can change your life in a split second, change your outlook on life, your mood from sad to happy, happy to sad, and a number of other things. Words are powerful, they can be used as a weapon, or in aid, but it's also up to you to interpret how they effect you. A few years ago, I experienced something quite life-altering when I was at home one day, lounging in the sun with a friend. We were having a great day, throwing water balloons at the windows of my sister's room, trying to get her to notice us, running from my dog, Rocket, as he chased us around the yard....   [tags: virgin, engage, ceremony]

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The Main Religious Features of a Christian Marriage Ceremony

- The Main Religious Features of a Christian Marriage Ceremony The Bible teaches that Marriage is sacred and that God intended man and woman to become one through marriage. Wedding ceremonies can vary but there are certain things about the ceremony that remain the same .These things are: the Declaration of purpose. This is when the minister speaks about the importance and purpose of marriage, the Vows, this is when the bride and groom make promises to each other .These are required by law and can be added to by the couple but they must contain certain things....   [tags: Papers]

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Interpretive Richness of Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

- The interpretative richness of Silko’s Ceremony Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony is the extraordinary tale of Tayo, a mixed-blood Native American in his long quest to cure the suffering that afflicts him and his people. The novel is complex enough that it can be interpreted in the context of starkly different paradigms, each highlighting important facets of the story. For instance, in the article “Feminine perspectives at Laguna Pueblo: Silko’s Ceremony,” Edith Swan offers a (symbolic) analysis of the plethora of important female characters in the novel that is based on a deliberately unicultural, Laguna worldview on the grounds that “[...] western presumptions must be set aside so that they...   [tags: Silkos Silko]

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Chivalry, by Maurice Keen: Book Review

- When Maurice Keen set out to write a book on the components and development of chivalry, he did not know it would be “the last word on a seductive subject,” as stated by one Washington Post reviewer. Instead, Keen was merely satisfying a curiosity that derived from a childhood fascination of stories filled with “knights in shining armour.” This juvenile captivation was then transformed into a serious scholarly interest by Keen’s teachers, the product of which is a work based upon literary, artifactual, and academic evidence....   [tags: Knighthood Ceremony, Nobility]

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Canada's Role in the Olympic Games

- ... Only free men who spoke Greek were allowed to participate in the Olympics. Some of the events that were held back then were boxing, chariot racing, running and wresting. ( The Olympic Games have been part of the world for an extremely long time and have been shaped into what they are now over the years. Continuing, Canada is a country in the northern hemisphere that has been part of the Olympic Games since the early 1900s. The population of Canada is about 34 million people....   [tags: ceremony, countries, medals]

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The Eleusinian Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone

- A ritual is usually a ceremony that includes a series of actions that are performed according to a certain order. Most of the time rituals originate from myths. In Athens, several people participated in a group of events known as The Eleusinian Mysteries, hoping for a fulfilling and great afterlife. The Eleusinian Mysteries, a cult centered on a myth of Persephone's journey to and from the underworld, were celebrated from the eighth century B.C to the Hellenistic period. To the ancient Greeks, myths had a purpose and that was to basically explain the world around them....   [tags: ancient mysteries, ritual, ceremony]

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Taking a Look at Brit Milah

- Brit milah is a Jewish religious ceremony where a newborn male is circumcised and it is performed eight days after a male baby is born. It is customary for a brit milah to be held in a synagogue or in the house of the new born child(“Circumcision in Judaism”). This is the first mitzvah that is performed on a Jewish baby boy. This mitzvah connects the child to G-d and demonstrates that we all believe in one G-d(Ibid). In addition, this is proven to be a mitzvah because one is fulfilling G-d’s commandments that a Jewish male’s body must be physically different from gentiles(Ibid)....   [tags: jewish religious ceremony, circumcision]

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An Extract from Divergent: Tris

- Divergent – Tris I live in a society where you are asked to choose one behavior. Where I live there are 5 different factions that you have to choose from. There is the dauntless, amity, erudite, candor, and abnegation. I was raised an abnegation. My parents and older brother Caleb were meant to be abnegation, but not so much for me. Our life was so boring. We did not have entertainment or anything in that nature. We were expected to be selfless. I couldn’t handle it. It just wasn’t me. Thank goodness we didn’t have to stay in the faction we were born into....   [tags: aptitude test, ceremony, abnegation]

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Rituals : Rituals And Rituals

- Rituals are activities that we can either inherit or acquire through repetition that have some sort of meaning and significance to us. A ritual can be something as simple as eating dinner as a family on Sunday nights to a complex religious ritual. These rituals a usually symbolic and we make connections to larger things that we assign value to through them. Rituals can be meaningful by commemorating important events, places, and people or just be simpler, everyday routines. Because rituals can be such a variety of different things with different meanings and purposes for those who practice them, we distinguish between religious and secular rituals....   [tags: Ritual, Religion, Ceremony]

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African Traditional Beliefs, Practices and Ideas

- This paper endorses the perspective that philosophical ideas emerge from and are intimately intertwined with cultural practices. Things and feelings that shape peoples and communities over time (Morgan 2012) by forming a foundation and lens through which people interpret the world. Using the tangible illustrations of the Dipo ceremony, a typical Ghanaian funeral, the Homowo festival and the film “I told you so”, I uncover and bring to light some African ideas present in these practices, things and feelings in greater appreciation of African Philosophy....   [tags: African philosophy, dipo ceremony, ghana]

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The Meaning and Effects of Modern Imperialism in Ngugi’s A Grain Of Wheat, and in Silko’s Ceremony

- ... Kihika came to me by night. He put his life into my hands and I sold it to the white man. And this thing has eaten into my life all these years.” Mugo admits that he preferred the British, who obviously are the imperial power itself, over his own people. Maybe at last Mugo felt like he belongs to his society by both confessing his betrayal to Kihika and saving Karanja’s life. By mentioning this betrayal, along with other ones, Ngugi complains about the African’s reactions to the imperial power: they put the whites in the center and denied the class....   [tags: civilization, colonial, natives]

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The Pledge Of Allegiance At My High School 's National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

- Last week, I had to lead the audience in reciting the pledge of the pledge of the allegiance at my high school’s National Honor Society induction ceremony. Even though it is something that I have been doing since I was younger, I did not feel comfortable doing it. When one is in elementary school, one does not think about what he or she is saying or why he or she is saying it. But now that I am older and I actually know the significance of reciting the pledge of allegiance and standing during the national anthem, a lot of questions come to mind....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race, Racism]

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Exploration of the Divergent Cultural Relationships with Land in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

- Exploration of the Divergent Cultural Relationships with Land in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony In her novel, Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko uncovers the innumerable contrasts of the white ranchers and the Native Americans. The natives feel helpless as the whites spill themselves upon the contiguous hillsides and valleys. The commanding whites steal the land which had never before belonged to any single entity. Unable to retain their land, the Native Americans can only continue their existence on the allotted land, and attempt to cleave unto their heritage that is contained in the very soil beneath the mountains....   [tags: Papers]

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A Winter Wonder-Miracle

- The wind whistles through the open door, dusting the living room with fresh, glistening, white snow. Inside there is an elegant Christmas tree, twinkling in the corner of the room, adorned with unique ornaments, reminiscent of trips shared between a man and his wife. On top of the tree is a lone star devoid of any light. The charming, little, one-story farmhouse is not vacant, though it is so silent that it seemed like a Charlie Chaplin film. An elderly man, George, snoozes in his tattered old rocking chair next to the warm, crackling fireplace....   [tags: ceremony, christmas, star, snow, white]

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Sex Kitty, By Denise Uyehara The Playwright And Actress Performed A Solo Piece

- Denise Uyehara the playwright and actress performed a solo piece “Hello Sex Kitty” that delved into the issues of “sexuality, dating, domestic violence, and the AIDS epidemic by portraying several vastly different caricatures of Asian women and men” (Lee 173). She relates these issues to the female identity through a comedic, sexual, and realism performance. Denise Uyehara broke down the fourth wall and included audience participation in her performance in order to further involve the audience in her journey of the “borderless identity” (Lee 171)....   [tags: Vegetable, Fruit, Tomato, Japanese tea ceremony]

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Ruth Benedict’s Ethnography of Pueblo Culture, Patterns of Culture, and Leslie Marmon Silko’s novel Ceremony

- Response Piece – Silko & Benedict As noted in the response by Janet Tallman, there are three main themes concerning Ruth Benedict’s ethnography of Pueblo culture, Patterns of Culture, and Leslie Marmon Silko’s novel Ceremony. Both detail the importance of matrilineage, harmony and balance versus change, and ceremonies to the Pueblo Indians. It is important to note that Silko gives the reader a first-hand perspective of this lifestyle (she was raised in the Laguna Pueblo Reservation), while Benedict’s book is written from a third-person point of view....   [tags: essays research papers]

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in Ngugi’s A Grain Of Wheat, and in Silko’s Ceremony

- ... During this period, he was able to see things as they truly were. He was now able to understand the answer to suffering. His understanding to the root to suffering was greediness, selfishness and stupidity. He decided that he would teach his followers that if mankind could just be rid of these negative emotions and actions, they could very well live a life of happiness. According to the Dalai Lama translated in book written by Thupten Jinpa, his Holiness wrote (Jinpa, 2005). According to Buddhism, compassion is an aspiration, a state of mind, wanting others to be free from suffering....   [tags: philosophy. religion, meditation]

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Rituals of Transition Is Our Right of Passage Through Life

- ... . . It is through the initiation rite that the man of traditional societies comes to know and to assume this image (of himself). (Eliade, 1958, p. ix)” (4) Ceremonial rituals are found in all societies to mark the crossing of an individual or group to a new status or position in the community in which they live. Celebrations of these events are marked with everything from great jubilee to subdued acknowledgement of the journey. Rites of passage are compartmentalized into three different stages by as indicated by Van Gennep....   [tags: phases, culture, ceremony]

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Day to Day Life During the Middle Ages

- Modern day culture glorifies the Medieval moments of heroism and thrill of knights fighting in battle, promiscuous love affairs between royalty and commoner and adventure to grand discovery. However, no one focuses on the hardships of the average community in the Middle Ages. Medical care was scarce due to the lack of knowledge, therefor each day was lived in hopes of surviving another year. Day to day life revolved around a very structured calendar, based on agricultural activities and tasks. Most days were spent working in the fields, often to produce food for an upcoming Church hosted event....   [tags: religious, ceremony, feudal system]

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The Lighting Of A Unity Candle

- The lighting of a unity candle follows a tradition formally introduced by the church, yet occurs throughout many religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies. It sees the bride and groom have their own taper candles then together they light a pillar candle, symbolising the coming together of two families, becoming one. At the beginning of the ceremony order, often the mothers of the bride and groom light the taper candles representing their family, traditions and wisdom whilst showing acceptance to the individuality of the bride and groom....   [tags: Wedding, Marriage, Candle, Unity candle]

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History and Function of the Bar Mitzvah

- Judaism is one of the oldest religious practices all over the world. It literally gave a start to two the most popular religions nowadays: Islam and Christianity. It seems that everybody must be familiar with the basics of this religion, though it is not true. The majority of people know only a few attributes or ceremonies that Judaism is using until modern times, such as Menorah (the candelabrum with seven branches), Star of David (traditionally known as the symbol of Judaism) and, let’s say, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony....   [tags: Jewish Religion and Culture]

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The Significance of a Bar Mitzah

- Judaism is one of the oldest religious practices in the world. It gave a start to two the world's most popular religions: Islam and Christianity. It seems that everybody must be familiar with the basics of this religion, though it is not true. The majority of people know only a few attributes or ceremonies that Judaism is using until modern times, such as Menorah (the candelabrum with seven brunches), Star of David (traditionally known as the symbol of Judaism) and, let’s say, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony....   [tags: Jewish Culture and Symbolism]

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