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Elements of Fantasy in Catwings Return

-     Although it is a children's book, Ursula Le Guin's short story "Catwings Return" is a perfect example of the Fantastical genre. Published in 1989, "Catwings Return" has some elements similar to those found in Magical Realism, but the story mostly has elements of Fantasy in it. By examining the American story "Catwings Return," a reader will be able to see the similarities and differences between Magical Realism and Fantasy.   In order to have some characteristics similar to those in Magical Realism, a text must contain both realistic elements and magical elements (Flores 112)....   [tags: Catwings Return]

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The Mysterious Author of “The Return”: Alistair Macleod

- Since the short story “The Return” was just discovered a few months ago, the author remains unknown; unknown until now that is. This paper will prove without a doubt that “The Return” was written by author, Alistair Macleod. The mother character in “The Return” shows resemblance to the female characters in other stories written by Macleod. Also the tense of the story is also the same as most of the stories Macleod had written. As “the return” is a story based around a family, just like many of Macleod’s stories,....   [tags: Return, Alistair Macleod, ]

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Risk and Return Analysis for Efficient Portfolio Selection

- ... Holding period return (HPR) or holding period yield (HPY) may be used to measure Historical returns 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT Investors desire an effective portfolio to invest on, with preferable high returns and low risk. Potential returns rises with an increase in risk. Low levels of risk (uncertainty) are associated with low potential returns, whereas high levels of risk (uncertainty) are associated with low potential returns. When choosing investments portfolio you must be aware of your risk tolerance....   [tags: efficient allocation, risk, return, investment]

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Mood, Atmosphere and Place in The Return of the Native

- Mood, Atmosphere and Place in The Return of the Native Throughout The Return of the Native, Thomas Hardy is very successful in creating mood and atmosphere. Some scenes are so descriptive that a very clear mental picture can be formed by the reader, causing a distinct sense of place. It seems that through his words, Hardy is submerging the readers into his story letting us take part only as an onlooker. It is at the beginning that the strongest mood, the heaviest atmosphere and the most obvious sense of place occurs, as once the scene is set and the characters are introduced, scenery is much repeated....   [tags: Return of the Native]

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Eustacia Vie as the Heroine of Return of the Native

- There is no doubt that Eustacia Vie is the Heroine of the tragedy "Return of the Native". Without the majestic air that Miss Vie adds to the novel we are left with a typical period soap drama. Eustacia Vie is on more then one occasion compared to classical characters of Greek mythology, and even in her death the nobility of her figure evokes images of classical sculpture."Pallor did not include all the quality of her complexion, which seemed More the whiteness; it was almost light. The expression of her finely Curved mouth was pleasant, as if a sense of dignity had just compelled Her to leave off speaking." The almost Godly representation of the character juxtaposes the 'rebellious adole...   [tags: Return of the Native]

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Solomon's The Return of the Screw

- Solomon's The Return of the Screw Mrs. Grose, playing cleverly on the governess' visions, convinces her she is seeing Peter Quint and Ms. Jessel in an effort to drive her mad. At least, that is according to Eric Solomon's "The Return of the Screw." Mrs. Grose tries to remove the governess to get to Flora. Mrs. Grose will do anything to gain control of Flora, as she proved when she murdered Peter Quint. He, along with Ms. Jessel, was too much of an influence on the children....   [tags: Solomon Return of the Screw]

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The Role of the Heath in Hardy's Return of the Native

- The Role of the Heath in Hardy's Return of the Native "Nature is the most thrifty thing in the world; she never wastes anything; she undergoes change, but there is no annihilation, the essence remains - matter is eternal," philosophizes Horace Binney. Egdon Heath, in Thomas Hardy's Return of the Native, behaves as Nature does in this quotation -- it undergoes seasonal shifts, but its essential quality remains. The heath takes on the role of a static influence on the characters' relationships and circumstances, demonstrating the unchanging nature of human experience through its own seasonal shifts, but still unaltered essence of tragedy....   [tags: Return Native Essays]

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The Use of Folklore in Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native

- The Use of Folklore in Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native Folklore is the study of culture, customs and beliefs based on the tradition of a society. In Victorian England an interest in folklore emerged with the official creation of The Folk-Lore Society, which published a journal and held meetings and lectures regularly. Although Thomas Hardy included folklore in his writing, there is no evidence of his affiliation with this society. Thomas Hardy's preoccupation with folklore came from his life and experience with rural life....   [tags: Hardy Return Native Essays]

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The Success of Thomas Hardy's Novel The Return of the Native as a Tragedy

- The Success of Thomas Hardy's Novel The Return of the Native as a Tragedy On the first chapter of this novel Egdon Heath is presented as an untameable force "unmoved during so many centuries, through the crisis of so many things, that it could only be imagined to await one last crisis - the final overthrow". Thus, from the very beginning of the novel we can expect an outcome of tragic possibilities. Similarly to ancient Greek tragedies, the action in "The Return of the Native" takes place during a restricted period of time....   [tags: Thomas Hardy The Return of the Native Essays]

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To Return or Not Return to School

- The decision to return to school was not an easy one to make. It is so easy to come up with reasons not to. There are many things that can detour you from moving forward with your education. In my particular case, the three things that would be considered an obstacle for me would be my career, my family, and, last but not least, myself. In my line of work, which is in the medical field, it is hard to go by a set schedule. There are times when I am required to arrive at work as early as six o’clock in the morning and other times as late as nine o’clock in the morning; my departure time fluctuates accordingly as a result....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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The Return of the IRA

- Presently, the world is at a dangerous precipice in the annals of mankind. These troubles are so great that all nations are being affected by them, whether at the economic or political level. Since 2008, economic troubles that have not been seen since the Great Depression era, have been afflicting the world markets turning already poor nations into destitute nations and forcing rich nations to make painful cuts to vital governments programs. At times though these efforts have not been enough and have resulted in many countries accepting or initiating bailout programs of their own (Greece, Ireland, Portugal US, and China)....   [tags: International Government ]

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The Return

- The Return by Sonia Levitin is a novel showing how difficult life is for Ethiopian Jews traveling to Israel. They face many hardships on their way, and there are many obstacles in their path. Many themes are depicted in this novel. Three meaningful topics that can be discussed are maturing and finding one’s own identity, prejudice and its effect, and cultural/family pressures. One of the themes that The Return illustrates is maturing and finding one’s own identity. An example of this theme is in the beginning of the novel when Desta does not want to depart for Jerusalem and wants to stay with her family....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Return

- The Return Essay The novel The Return, written by Sonia Levitin, is a fascinating novel written to show the oppression that Ethiopian Jews suffer. The Return is about a young Ethiopian Jewish woman named Desta, who, with her immediate family, travels to Israel for freedom. During this journey, her brother Joas is shot and dies, she has difficulty finding the group she is supposed to walk with, and she has to stay in a refugee camp for a short period of time. Finally, she reaches her destination and lives in Israel from then on....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rate of Return

- All suppliers of capital require a rate of return compared to the risk they take. This required rate of return is paid to capital suppliers. The suppliers of equity capital have a higher required rate of return because equity investors are paid after lenders (Gallagher, p. 238). The required rate of return is an after tax amount. Risk and return is a hard to understand relationship at times, but managers must know and address these concerns. There is a methodical process in determining the required return....   [tags: Economics]

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The Miraculous Return

- It was a cold night, a very cold one. There she sat, placidly in the corner of the bathroom, sobbing. Stacy was seventeen years old, tall, fit, and gorgeous. She lived in a luxurious house with her father, her brother and her step-mother, who was older than her only in five years. At school, she was the captain of the cheerleading squad, and the most popular girl. According to some people who didn’t know much about her life, she lived the life of an idol. There’s a whole other side of her life they don’t know about....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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The Return of the Two Princes of Calabar

- Slavery was not a new concept to African, as it was practiced prior to the slave trade. In African, slavery had a totally different outlook from that of slavery in the Caribbean and the Americas. The reasons of enslavement varied in Africa. Some persons sold themselves into slavery, while others were captured during wars or children whom their parents were unable to provide for. Another way Africans became slaves were if individuals were unable to pay fines that were imposed upon them (Sparks, 37)....   [tags: African slave trade in the New World]

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Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

- Walking alone on the street, Claire stops to think about she’s going to do next. She thought of her day so far of hanging out with friends and wondered if there was anything she wanted to do. Not thinking of how other people perceived her or how she’s free to make her own decisions, she proceeded on with her day. A woman of her century, Claire doesn’t need to worry about status, who she is going to marry, or submit to someone else’s demands. In Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, this is the opposite of what his characters Eustacia, Thomasin, and Mrs....   [tags: nineteenth century, women, freedom, marriage]

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The Return - The Animal in the Cage

- The Return The Animal In The Cage Hell, what a place to be. A place with the sweet sound of hundreds of thousands of people screaming in agony, as my children torture their helpless souls. This is my home. This is my paradise. And I'm locked up in a cage with my douche bag older brother who's been a pain in my ass for far too long. Well he was a pain in my ass. Two and a half years I've been fighting it out with Michael, and the other 6 months I've been trying to crawl out of here. Now, after three years of waiting, I'm out....   [tags: chapter one, fictional story]

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How to Maximize the Return on Investment

- In order to maximize the return on investment of the $150,000 of initial capitalization I have available to make my real estate purchases from the inventory of distressed properties available in my target market area, I would first partner with a real estate professional, a Realtor(R) in order to make full use of the real estate database resources that would permit me to perform complete due diligence prior to making any purchasing decision. I would concentrate my search in the immediate area of the University of Central Florida, the greater Oviedo Florida metropolitan area, because there are numerous properties available in this area that have a very high potential for renovation and rehab...   [tags: Real Estate]

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Return on Investment on Renewable Energy

- For the average person in North America, utilities bills are an ever increasing expense. Homeowners who decide to use renewable energy in the form of geothermal, wind, or solar power are seeking a way to defray the cost of utility bills. As the average cost of solar power set up or kits decrease and the popularity increases, the question becomes what is the long-term return on investment. For a better understanding of return of investment on renewable energy, in this case, solar power, consideration must be given to the implementation of the system....   [tags: solar power kits, utility bills]

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The Holocaust: Trains of No Return

- The Holocaust was a deplorable event in history. Millions of people were annihilated. This was a eventuality of antisemitism. Germans were considered to be "superior" from the Jewish people. However, the racial separation was not only aimed toward Jews, but to Gypsies, Slavic, disabled people, and others. The word "Holocaust" origins from Greek, meaning "a sacrifice consumed by fire." (Merriam Webster Dictionary) This title is usually given to occurrences where genocides are most likely to happen....   [tags: nazi, germans, antisemitism, ghetos]

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Book Report: Return of the Pharaoh

- ‘Return of the Pharaoh’ is the English version of the prison memoir of Zainab al-Ghazali. The book aims to expose to the world the cruelties and savagery she had to suffer at the hands of the Nasir regime. Zainab al-Ghazali was one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the founder of the Muslim Ladies Group. While the Brotherhood held a pan-Islamic view and worked towards incorporating Islam as a way of life rather than a religion, the Muslim Ladies Group trained women for the same purpose and also participated in welfare and relief activities....   [tags: memoirs, literature, Egypt, feminism, Islam]

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The Return of the Ruined Banker

- ... (Windham and Figh, 79) “He’s here again!” she exclaimed. “He brushed against me in the upstairs bedroom. I never felt anything quite like it – his touch was clamming and frightening.” (Windham and Figh, 79,80) She continued to explain to her friend about the ghost of John Parkman. She told her friend that his ghost usually appeared when there were tourists in the building. She wasn’t sure if his ghost disliked strangers in his home, or if his ghost was just a reminder for her to tell the people about his remarkable success story and what a fine person he was....   [tags: ghost stories, story analysis]

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Return to Society from Prison

- Question 1 Parole and reentry are two terms from different ends of the spectrum when describing how prisoners find themselves back in their respective communities after serving a prison sentence behind bars. Reentry is a strategy in which offenders are prepared to return home from prison, and parole is simply a matter of supervision. Parole Parole as defined by Gideon and Sung (2011, p. 307), refers to individuals who have been released from prison and are being supervised in the community. In general, parole was originally designed as a crime reduction strategy intended to ensure the safety of the community....   [tags: parole, offender, supervise]

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Adults Return to the Classroom

- Adults return to the classroom The growing trend of older adults going back to school has doubled over the last ten years according to Career and online employment service I have used in the past. With increasing technology changing the job market to skilled labor and the current economic crises causing loss of employment, lay offs and business closings, more and more adults are faced with finding themselves back in the classroom. As I join the many other adult students over forty going back to school and starting over with a certificate or degree for a new career all in the hopes of making more money for a better living....   [tags: Education]

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Predicting Stock Market Return

- Stocks are classified as the part of company’s ownership. Once individuals purchase stocks they are buying the venture in the company’s assets of earning. Many large companies needs fund to expand, therefore they sell their ownership in forms of stock. The more stocks bought by individuals the more ownership owned in the company. One of the main advantages in this investment is the limited liability, if goes bankrupt you are not liable for any loss. Moreover, stocks associate with risks and rewards (Amadeo, 2011)....   [tags: Finance]

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Maximizing Return on Investment

- The challenge put fourth by the particular group sponsoring this scholarship, as I understand it, is to develop a strategy that would permit one to maximize their return on an investment of $150,000 in cash, “whether it’s in terms of financial profit or personal satisfaction…or both.” Such a broad charge makes it possible for me, and indeed anyone else interested in contemplating such arrangements, to develop novel program guidelines for differing goals. So I will do just that. I will propose, for the purposes of this assignment, two programs designed to maximize my own personal financial return as well as another specifically designed to benefit the wider community as a whole given the eff...   [tags: Real Estate]

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Maximizing Return on Investment

- Foreclosure is a scary and daunting experience for anyone to bear. The reasons that bring on a foreclosure are fairly straight-forward, but the processes that are in place in our economic system arguably lend a hand in making foreclosures happen in an increasingly alarming rate. What follows is my plan to take $150,000 dollars, apply it to a distressed piece of real estate in a strategic and methodical fashion, and illustrate a return on investment that not only has a net return on that particular property, but rolls profit back into the “Weischedel System” for future job growth, decreasing the likelihood of potential foreclosures, and revitalization of the mortgage, housing, construction an...   [tags: Real Estate]

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Napoleon's Return to France

- ... Both of those battles where lost so they could draw Napoleon to where they wanted him. Unfortunately, for Napoleon there was two days of rain that mad this particular area very muddy. Napoleons forces where divided since Grouchy was keeping a close eye on Blucher. If only they would have known that he should have stayed with Napoleon they would have won Waterloo instead it was a drawn out battle that caused a lot of bloodshed on La Belle Alliance Ridge. Waterloo didn’t get started till 11:35 am because the ground was too muddy to get his cannons into place....   [tags: marhsal ney, waterloo, british]

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The Return of the Native

- The Return of the Native The Return of the Native is considered the first of Hardy’s major tragic novels. He began writing it in 1876 when he and Emma moved from London back to Dorset. Hardy finished the novel in 1878. Leslie Stephen, the editor of the Cornhill, rejected an early version of it. In a letter to a friend Hardy discussed Leslie’s concerns: Though he [Leslie Stephens] liked the opening, he feared that the relations between Eustacia, Wildeve, and Thomasin might develop into something ‘dangerous’ for a family magazine, and he refused to have anything to do with it unless he could see the whole....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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The Point of No Return

- The Point of No Return In 1763 Britain tended not to involve itself in the welfare of its colonies but after the expensive wars fought on American ground disputes arose over money. British troops had been left in America in case of further battle with the Red Indians or French-Canadians, beforehand the colonists had not been heavily taxed but the government viewed the fact that British troops were at hand in America as a profitable situation and therefore raised taxes with the excuse that the British troops were present for colonist defense....   [tags: Papers]

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Return Of The Native

- In Thomas Hardy’s poem “Her Dilemma,'; it relates to book one of the novel Return of the Native in the concept of marriage and distrust of feelings. In both the poem and the novel, the woman’s feelings and emotions cause conflict in her marriage. It is interesting that both these literary works has a marriage transpire with one person doubtful, especially during a time when divorce was unconceivable. The question arises, should a lifetime decision be made solely upon the basis of one’s personal desires....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Return Of The Mac

- All the best hackers I know are gradually switching to Macs. My friend Robert said his whole research group at MIT recently bought themselves Powerbooks. These guys are not the graphic designers and grandmas who were buying Macs at Apple's low point in the mid 1990s. They're about as hardcore OS hackers as you can get. The reason, of course, is OS X. Powerbooks are beautifully designed and run FreeBSD. What more do you need to know. I got a Powerbook at the end of last year. When my IBM Thinkpad's hard disk died soon after, it became my only laptop....   [tags: Computers Technology Apple]

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The Return on Marketing Investments of Nestle Company

- ... However, marketing metrics focus in return of investment of campaign in contrast of their cost to the amount of business that they return in terms of financial information. The other metric focuses on how to create the brand awareness through campaign, how many new customers get attracted and how many old customers are maintain (WiseGeek 2014). A marketing and financial approach of marketing metrics is to focus on return of investment of marketing activity. Return on investment is analyzed by using the total revenue produced by a specific activity and after that minus its total cost of performance....   [tags: marketing, metrics, sales]

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Return of the Native Characters: Physical Appearances

- Return of the Native is a novel written by Thomas Hardy and was published in 1878. It is part of Hardy's Wessex Novel and takes place in Edgon Heath which is an area rife with witchcraft and superstitions. Eustacia Vye, Diggory Venn, and Clym Yeobright are all main characters in Return of the Native. However, they all have different physical appearances and personality traits which causes other characters in the novel to react to them differently. Eustacia Vye is originally from Budmouth but moves to Edgon Heath to live with her grandfather, Captain Vye....   [tags: Tomas Hardy novel analysis]

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The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008

- In The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008, Paul Krugman warns us that America’s gloomy future might parallel those of other countries. Like diseases that are making a stronger, more resistant comeback, the causes of the Great Depression are looming ahead and much more probable now after the great housing bubble in 2002. In his new and revised book, he emphasizes even more on the busts of Japan and the crises in Latin America (i.e: Argentina), and explains how and why several specific events--recessions, inflationary spiraling, currency devaluations--happened in many countries....   [tags: Economics]

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Why Students Chose Not to Return to College

- ... The KC Student Center contains many different opportunities for students to come and blow of the pressures that accompany being a college student, some of the things in the center for students to do include pool, Ping-Pong, foosball tables, as well as many video games like the X-box 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PlayStation 3. While this center is open throughout the weeks during the school months, the weekends always see a high influx of students, from what can be gathered from the article every weekend the school host’s video game tournaments that include cash prizes to the winners....   [tags: survey, population, study]

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The Return to Laughter, by Elenore Smith Bowen

- Question: Misunderstandings between the anthropologists and the people whose ways of life he/she is attempting to understand are often the most revealing moments of fieldwork. Discuss one or two of Bowen’s mistakes and explore what they told her about the Tiv and herself. The Return to Laughter is a fictionalized account by Elenore Smith Bowen about her experiences with the Tiv culture in Africa. It describes her struggles to learn and understand the local culture and beliefs, and juxtaposes her own conflicts, morals and beliefs....   [tags: literary analysis, elenore smith]

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The Return on Investment of Data Warehousing

- The Return on Investment of Data Warehousing This paper will present the return on investment (ROI) of data warehousing (DW). The history of data warehousing is based on the definition and timeline. Then, detailed information about return on investment will be discussed. Following, will be information about data warehousing new technology of hardware and software. Data Warehousing is a new term in my department where we use the Network Appliance (NetApps) Netfiler storage devices/units. The information read was very informative and helpful in my understanding data warehousing better....   [tags: Data Warehouse ]

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Othello's Fainting as a Point of No Return

- Othello's Fainting as a Point of No Return In Act IV, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello faints when confronted with the possibility that his wife has been unfaithful. Through the past few scenes, Iago, exploiting Othello’s concerns about his race, has performed a delicate act, slowly but surely leading him towards the inevitable conclusion that his wife and Cassio have ‘cuckolded’ him. When Iago finally refers explicitly to Desdemona’s sexual betrayal, Othello can bear it no longer and faints to escape the reality he cannot bear....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Corporate Investing: Risk and Return and Their Inherent Relationship

- The purpose of this paper is to explain corporate investing in terms of risk and return and their inherent relationship. First, there will be an explanation of risk and return and the importance in deciding the right approach to match the appropriate risk tolerance to the expected return for an investment. There will be an explanation of how one can calculate an expected return and its variance. There will be a discussion on diversification to minimize risk while maximizing returns with portfolios and their effects associated with systematic and unsystematic factors....   [tags: Economy, Capital, Assets]

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Plot of The Return of The Native

- A reddleman is traveling with a young woman, across Egdon Heath on a November day, when he crosses the path of a stranger on the road and keeps the woman’s identity a secret. The two talk and eventually depart when they split paths to rest at night. From there the reddleman notices many figures on a hilltop and later finds out that these people are the heath folk who have come to start a fifth of November bonfire. The Reddleman safely returns Thomasin Yeobright, to her aunt, Mrs. Yeobright. Thomasin Yeobright was to be married to Damon Wildeve that day....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Return of the Prodigal Son

- The Return of the Prodigal Son The year 2000 was publicized as the start of the new millennium and many people feared the implications. But the new millennium actually started in January 2001, and has the potential to be more like the Christian catastrophe that the prophets predicted.(alliteration) On the heels of a controversial election (personification), the prodigal son(metaphor) has swept into the White House like a plague sweeping down on Egypt.(simile) While the Republicans chant the tax-cut mantra, the environmentalists scream Armageddon....   [tags: Papers]

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Return to the Past: William Faulkner

- Return to the Past: William Faulkner One Friday afternoon, I was sitting in my Calculus II class, taught by the one and only Dr. Larry Zettel. I was confused about the topic and wasn’t paying very close attention. My thoughts were drifting off between his explanation of anti-derivatives and thoughts of the other things going on in my world. I was remembering what a great time I had when I traveled back in time to interview A. E. Housman. It then occurred to me, I should do this again. The tough part was deciding whom I would interview....   [tags: Creative Writing Dialogue Essays]

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he Risk and Return of Human Capital Investments

- Title: The Risk and Return of Human Capital Investments (2013) Kristen Koerselman & Roope Uusitalo This paper looks at investment in human capital and the level of risk involved. The aim of this paper is to show how moments in lifetime income can be estimated from a shorter panel. The paper uses a 22-year panel (based on Finnish registers). Some of the techniques used in this short paper are mean and variance in lifetime earnings and discounted means of lifetime earnings, for university graduates and vocational high school graduates....   [tags: Investment, Level pf Rsk Involved, Human Capital]

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The Return of Depression Economics

- The Return of Depression Economics From the many economy-related books available I read The Return of Depression Economics by Paul Krugman. This book was written during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990’s. Many say that Krugman wrote this book much too quickly to be fully correct on every issue that he wrote about in this book. Krugman mainly focuses on financial crises of the 1990’s and mostly on the Asian financial crisis. This book was very interesting to read even though I did not fully understand every issue he covered....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Return of Martin Guerre

- The Return of Martin Guerre Historian Natalie Zemon Davis wrote an informative novel about the lives of peasants in the sixteenth century. Entitled The Return of Martin Guerre, Davis tells a true story about a law suit against a man claiming to be someone he is not. She familiarizes the reader with peasantry, laws, and moral attitudes of the time. The story begins in 1527 with a family move from the French Basque country to the village of Artigat. There the Daguerre family settled and started a tileworks business; a prosperous business in the sixteenth century....   [tags: Natalie Zemon Davis French History Peasants]

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The Return of Martin Guerre

- The Return of Martin Guerre The story was based in the early 1550's, a young peasant, Martin Guerre from Artigat had left his wife Bertrande and their son Sanxi and their inheritance to seek adventure in Spain as a mercenary. After leaving his family for nearly nine years a man claiming to be Martin returns to the village to claim his wife and land. Bertrande accepts the man as being her husband and they have another child together. Martin has a dispute with Pierre over the management of the family estate and ownership of the rents from Matins land during his absence....   [tags: Papers]

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Return To Babylon - Analysis

- Return To Babylon - Analysis "He would come back some day; they couldn’t make him pay forever. But he wanted his child, and nothing was much good now, beside that fact. He wasn’t young any more, with a lot of nice thoughts and dreams to have by himself. He was absolutely sure Helen wouldn’t have wanted him to be so alone." The final paragraph in the story shows how much Charlie loved his daughter, and how much he needs her to complete his life. In "Babylon Revisited" Charlie was treated unfairly and should have won the custody of Honoria....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Return - Original Writing

- The Return - Original Writing Kaley Embry was keeping an eye on the man following her through the department store. She kept telling herself that she should run to the protection of her sister, but Nina would call security and Kaley wasn't sure she wanted that. The man's presence had Kaley feeling like she'd been drugged. At least he was keeping his distance, and though his aura was almost pure black there was that pinpoint of light right in the centre. Also, if Nina called security on the man, Griffin would be the one to come to the rescue and probably cause an unwanted scene....   [tags: Papers]

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A Marvelous Journey of Return in The Kingdom of This World by Alejo Carpentier

- ... Carpentier himself is a very representative individual to illustrate his perspective of being part of the culture but not the entirety of it due to his mixed background. Carpentier’s literature represents a type of root-seeking nature of his race. By exploring the blended culture of Latin America on the Haitian island, Carpentier does not deny the legacy of some Western civilization, but more importantly, he defines how the native culture coexists with exotic cultures on the island based on a multiculturalism view....   [tags: culture, identity, magic]

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Community Return to Custody Facilities in Colorado: A Program Evaluation

- Community corrections are an integral part of Colorado’s criminal justice system. Community corrections’ programs not only promote economical practices with state funds but also provide offenders with rehabilitative services in a supervised environment, thus enhancing public safety. Moreover, treatment programs, although effective in penal institutions, are more effective within community settings (Aos, Miller, & Drake, 2006; Lipsey, Chapman, & Landenberger, 2001). Community corrections’ programs generally serve three types of offenders: a) diversion clients, who are under the jurisdiction of the probation department and placed in community corrections’ programs as a diversion from prison; b...   [tags: Criminal Justice ]

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Chapter 2: Return on Investment of Training Program

- ... Typically the metrics analysed under Level 4 are output, quality, costs and time, it is still important to go past Level 4 however, as even though the business outcomes may be achieved, it is important to analyse whether the programme costs outweigh the benefits. Until the early 1990’s the Kirkpatrick model was the dominant reference for evaluating ROI, until other experts began to expand and develop the model, by examining its application in industry (Alliger and Janek 1989). Criticisms that were raised was the inability to predict the results of the higher levels of evaluation based on the lower levels, another criticism was that the levels are too generalised and are merely classifica...   [tags: measure, knowledge, buisness, science]

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Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis: Return to the Ancient Practice of Bartering

- The foreclosure crisis is firmly set in this country and has proven to be a large-scale problem that’s not easily treatable. One of every five mortgage holders now has a home worth less than the mortgage on it (ElBoghdady A1), according to First American CoreLogic, a firm that tracks mortgages and provides data for The Washington Post. The recession has made it tougher for people to pay their mortgages, and crashing home prices have left many borrowers feeling like they are under water. The solution may not be a single clear answer, but one thing seems certain: it’s important to be creative in finding an answer to this problem....   [tags: real estate]

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The Learning Return on Our Educational Technology Investment

- Introduction When I was perusing the article choices for this week, the title, The Learning Return on Our Educational Technology Investment, really intrigued me. This title seems to encapsulate the concerns of all educational personnel-from teacher to district administrator. Though all of us may define the term “learning return” a bit differently, the questions remain. “What are we getting for our money. Is this investment really helping our students. And finally, if there will be a worthwhile return on our investment, which best practices will most efficiently produce the greatest benefits?” Although the studies that have attempted to address these concerns have produced varying results, t...   [tags: Education, computers, teaching]

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Montaigne in The Return of Martin Guerra by Natalie Zemon Davis

- ... It is important to note that Montaigne makes reasonable judgments from the information provided by his servant, who had lived in the New World. Contrary from educated men, Montaigne’s servant is a simple man who is not compelled to interpret on what he observes, but rather just simply tells the truth. The servant “was a plain ignorant fellow, and therefore the more likely to tell truth: for your better bred sort of men are much more curious in their observation” (Cannibals, 2). Thus, Montaigne illustrates that his own reasonable judgments of the New World are based on a man “so simple that he has not wherewithal to contrive, and to give a color of truth to false relations, and who can ha...   [tags: relationship, knowledge, judge, self]

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Peasant Lifestyle In Davis´ The Return of Martin Guerre

- The Return of Martin Guerre, written by Natalie Zemon Davis, is the tale of a court case that takes place in sixteenth century France. Martin Guerre is a peasant who deserted his wife and family for many years. While Martin Guerre is gone, a man named Arnaud du Tilh arrives at Martin’s village and claims to be Martin Guerre. Bertrande, who is Guerre’s wife, Guerre’s sisters, and many of the villagers, accepts the imposter. After almost three years of being happily married, Bertrande takes the fraud to court under pressure of Pierre Guerre, her stepfather and Guerre’s brother....   [tags: sixteenth century, France, Natalie Zemon Davis]

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Foreign Markets: Foreign Countries Potential of Return on Investments

- This analysis takes into account the factors in evaluating foreign countries potential of return on investments to your investors. Our team has taken several factors including political, social, economic, technological, environmental, and legal indicators affecting the business of International Investment Inc. Political Environment: International Investment Inc. foreign markets cut across 18 relatively stable governments that provide a promising environment for businesses to flourish. These stable governments reduce risks of doing business, overall lowering the business costs of International Investment Inc....   [tags: political environment, investment ]

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World War II: Return of the Victory Garden

- Return of the Victory Garden The victory garden or home garden was something that was highly popular during World War I and II. People would grow their own produce to help with the local food supply and to ease pressure on the local economy. At that time, almost one third of vegetable that were produced in the United States came from people’s home gardening ( Since then, there has been a massive decrease in the home garden. Store bought produce had become common place and as a result people have stopped growing their own food....   [tags: fossil fuel, carbon monixide]

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Return on Investment Analysis

- Return on Investment Analysis Profit Every business must devise a means to make and measure the profit from an investment. Profit reflects the very nature of business. Businesses that provide a product or service want to know if their efforts in a particular field will result in financial gain (Wiens 1997). The concept "Return On Investment" provides a means to measure the profit obtained from an investment. I will discuss the area of return on investment from a training and staff development perspective and why it is important....   [tags: Finance Financial Business Essays]

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The Art of Reciprocity in The Gift by Marcel Maus

- The Art of Reciprocity The holidays, that begin promptly after Thanksgiving Day is over, are a time for gift-giving and displaying affection for others through material objects. For my family, Christmas gifts are a way to communicate thoughtfulness and overall love for one another. My identical twin sister, Samantha, shares this sentiment and spent an extended period of time looking for a present that would perfectly convey her sisterly love for me, and the fact that she actually purchased items that I would use and like exemplified her intentions....   [tags: motivation, return, economics]

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The Effectiveness and Financial Gains of Education,

- 2.1. Theoretical Framework and Background The debate regarding the effectiveness and financial gains of education, which are expected from this process, can be carried out on several levels of discussion, involving a series of policies. The benefits as it were, economic and social. How exactly people privately benefit from investing in education is one thing. How the education level, field of study and individual background affect the returns represents another important aspect. And, furthermore, returns should be considered, as they change over time, and how they vary from country to country....   [tags: investment, wages, return]

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How Useful are Financial Models: The Base Case

- INTRODUCTION Financial Model is defined as the model that captures the future operating, investing and financing activities that determines the future profitability, financial position and risk of a business venture (MacMorran, 2009). It is a decision making tool regarding investment, forecasting and valuation of a project or a company. It is an important element in investment decisions which helps to regulate financial activities. According to Janiszewski S. (2011) the importance of financial modelling is to reflect/represent the forecasted financial performance of a business venture....   [tags: financial risk and return assessment]

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Obtaining an MBA in Finance

- ... Apart from the tuition and admission cost, student has to consider cost of laptops, books supplies and also the boarding expenses. Generally, these costs tend to increase with time, that is cost in year 2 will be higher than Year 1 cost and can leave behind higher amount of debt than expectation. Next is to considering the living expenses: Rent $ 700 per month Groceries $ 200 per month Utilities $ 500 per month Phone $ 100 per month Sundry $100 per month Total cost $1,600 per month Total cost for 2 years $38,400 ($1,600*12*2) Living costs expenses has to be included along with the overall costs determined in the previous section ($206,000)....   [tags: cost, education, return]

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Soldiers' Return Home

- "How do you return to the ‘real world when only other soldiers can understand how you've changed" (Swofford 12). This is what almost all soldiers feel when they come home from the war. People question them on what happened while they were there and ask how many people did they kill when they were at war. Home just doesn't feel like home to them anymore. When the soldiers come home all they want to do is forget about everything that they have done until they are ready to talk about it. Diaz states, "we didn't talk much about the likelihood of his return to the war" (16)....   [tags: War Military Psychology]

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Impact Of Stock Split On The Stock Return

- Abstract: The project is done to find out the impact of stock split on the stock market. In our project, we have made use of event study methodology to assess the accuracy of stock price reaction of 39 public listed Indian companies in National Stock Exchange (BSE) in the year 2006 and onwards. The abnormal returns (actual returns-returns from regression line) results were taken for 20 days before and after the announcement date to test whether the result is significant or not (Level of significance=5%)....   [tags: Business Finance]

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The Problem of Magwitch's return in Great Expectations

- The Problem of Magwitch's return in Great Expectations It would be fair to say that Australia's role in Great Expectations is fairly minimal. It simply functions as a plot device; a place to deposit Magwitch when he is no longer required and a place for him to return from when needed again to further the plot. With the rise in postcolonial studies, however, Australia and Magwitch's experiences there have become the focal points for new readings of the novel. Thus it is through a postcolonial reading of Great Expectations that the issue of Magwitch's return can be addressed....   [tags: Great Expectations Essays]

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The Return of Martin Guerre by Natalie Davis

- The Return of Martin Guerre by Natalie Davis The Return of Martin Guerre written by Natalie Davis gives the audience a rare glimpse into the world of peasant life in sixteenth century France. It also allows a modern day audience a chance to examine and to compare their own identities and questions of self. What makes the story so interesting to modern day viewers and readers is how relevant the story and the people in it are to our own times. This story is about a history of everyday people rather than royalty and generals, history's usual subjects....   [tags: Natalie Davis Martin Guerre]

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Review of The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

- Review of The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy The return of the native was written by Thomas hardy in 1878, the story is based on a place called Egdon heath. When hardy wrote the novel it was the time of Charles Darwin, he had written his book ;on the origin of the species' so this was a big influence on hardy's view of god and evolution, it was also the time of the Boer war (1899-1902)....   [tags: Papers]

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What is the Significance of the Heath in Return of the Native?

- What is the Significance of the Heath in Return of the Native. It is evident right from the beginning that the heath plays an integral part in the novel “Return of the Native”, this is because the opening chapter is exclusively about the heath. The heath assists in creating the feelings of both central characters and the background heath folk, the first chapter is titled “A Face on which Time makes but little Impression”, meaning that Egdon Heath is timeless and everybody on it has little significance....   [tags: English Literature]

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Understanding Economic Value Added

- Understanding Economic Value Added 1. Read the technical note titled “Understanding Economic Value Added” written by Desai and Ferri. 2. Answer the following questions (please think thru these carefully and write a well-reasoned, and complete answer) a. What is the major difference between Net Income as reported on an income statement and EVA. Well, to define the two terms, net income is essentially the difference between revenues and expenses. Estimated value added is all based on residual income....   [tags: investment, return, income]

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Obese Americans and the Return of Lifestyle Nazis

- Obese Americans and the Return of Lifestyle Nazis "We are not doing the same kind of things with obesity that we have done with smoking and alcohol as far as the government isconcerned. It's got to be like smoking, a constant drumbeat." That's former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, appearing on CNN, January 11, 2000, calling for the nation's lifestyle Nazis to attack fat people as they attacked smokers. Lifestyle Nazis aren't settling on just obesity, they're targeting meat consumption. Dr. Neal Barnard, president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says, "It's time we looked at holding the meat producers and fast-food outlets legally responsible....   [tags: Health Nutrition Essays]

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Book Review of "The Return of Martin Guerre"

- In The Return of Martin Guerre, one man's impersonation of an heir from an influential peasant family in the French village of Artigat ultimately leads to his public execution. The tale of Arnaud du Tilh alias Pansette (meaning "the belly") is full of ironies, not the least of which is his death at the hands of a man who by some accounts harbored some admiration for the quick-witted peasant. Set in a time and place where a hardly discernible line separated proper behavior from that which was grounds for death, du Tilh was guilty of more than one serious charge....   [tags: Book Reviews]

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Infulence Of Return on Assets ROA Ratio

- Stock is one of the greatest tools ever invented for building wealth. But parallel to the possibility of gaining, there is a great possibility of loosing. The only thing that can protect one from loosing is knowledge about movements in stock prices. Unfortunately, there is no clean equation that can tell us exactly how a stock price will behave, but we can try to find some factors that cause stock prices go up or down. If we have a look at stock prices, we can see that for big and well-known corporations stock prices are very high, for small companies they are much lower....   [tags: Business Finance]

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How to Receive Maximum Return on a Distressed Real Estate Purchase

- Nowadays, economic predictions in any sector of the economy are difficult to make under conditions of the globalized economy when a political conflict or environmental disaster may trigger new waves of economic crises and slow down the general development of a country. While some sectors of the economy might be less influenced by crises or are easier to be revitalized, the real estate sector is the one that needs long-term stability and clear predictability in the field. Although the current recession is not a one-day issue, the real estate sector has benefits for investing in both short- and long-term perspectives....   [tags: Real Estate ]

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Ethics Case 6-4: Ethics Case report for Rate of Return

- The Damon Investment Company manages a mutual fund composed mostly of speculative stocks. You recently saw an ad claiming that investments in the funds have been earning a rate of return of 21%. This rate seemed quite high so you called a friend who works for one of Damon’s competitors. The friend told you that the 21% return figure was determined by dividing the two-year appreciation on investments in the fund by the average investment. In other words, $100 invested in the fund two years ago would have grown to $121 ($21 ÷ $100 = 21%)....   [tags: Ethics]

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Class, Exile and Trauma In Rebecca West’s "The Return of the Soldier"

- In Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier the continual coverage made by the media of the war during its occurrence and the infectiousness it had on those back home is portrayed through the eyes of her narrator, Jenny. The use of a female narrator wasn’t uncommon nor new but the way West includes her feminist values into Jenny without making it central to the story is fascinating. Up to this point in history, coverage of a war had never been read about as it was during this period. Because of this advancement in getting news out had improved drastically from the last war, people back home were more aware of what was occurring from reading a newspaper without having to wait for letters from...   [tags: Literature Review]

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Taxes and the Deficit: We MUST Return to the Fundamentals of our Constitution

- The United States of America is not leading into the direction our country was meant to lead. Our Forefathers that came before us and settled in the United Sates, fled here to be free from tyranny. They were escaping from Great Britain’s strict control and harsh taxation. After settling in America the Constitution was drafted to “form a perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity (Preamble to the United States Constitution).” After reading the preamble, I reread, and wondered how can the US be in the situation were in, if that is what our country...   [tags: american government, taxes, economy]

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Starbuck’s Strategy and Internal Initiatives to Return to Profitable Growth

- Case Summary In 1971, three academics, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Sigler, and Gordon Bowker, opened Starbucks Coffee, Team, and Spice in Seattle, Washington. They were inspired by the success of Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Berkeley, California. However, they focused on selling high-quality whole beans and coffee products, making the store was consistently profitable. By 1980, Starbucks had four locations in the Seattle area. In 1981, Howard Schultz, vice president and general manager of U.S. operations for a Swedish maker of coffee and kitchen equipment, visited Starbucks and was immediately enamored by the business philosophy and opportunity....   [tags: business analysis and entrepreneurship]

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ROI ( Return on Investment): Six Social Metrics Worth Measuring

- ... Since these clients have different needs, their focused metrics will also not be the same. Now, many social media marketers have done their research, piggybacked off other successful campaigns and found valid loopholes that offer other ways to prove traction and results. 1. Google Analytics This helpful, free program is used by all marketing walks of life: search engine optimization, pay per click, web analytics and certainly social media. This won’t specify what people are buying but at least you can see if traffic is coming in from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to your website....   [tags: sales, social, clients, focus, tracking]

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