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A Situation Of Cardiac Arrest At A Gym

- 1. 30 safety issues you should be concerned about in a situation of cardiac arrest at a gym are: -1. Gloves, 2. Airway, 3. Breathing, 4. Pulse, 5. Circulation through CPR, 6. Oxygen to brain, 7. Medication patches, 8. Spinal injury, 9. Availability of resuscitation mask, 10. Location of A.E.D., 11. Proximity to working phone, 12. Direct pathway to door, 13. Proximity to door, 14. Blood borne pathogens, 15. Existing pacemaker device, 16. Tuberculosis, 17. Piercings, 18. Dehydration, 19. Hepatitis B, 20....   [tags: Emergency medical services, First aid]

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Air Defense Artillery in Middle East Operations

- Our nation has been in conflict with the Middle East for over two and a half decades. Air Defense Artillery has made a huge impact in Middle East conflicts. The threats that make Air Defense Artillery a necessity for these conflicts include a number of aircraft, such as planes, jets and helicopters as well as launched munitions like scud missiles and mortars. Air Defense Artillery is an ever evolving force and has been there for protection of American forces against these threats. Air Defense Artillery is a group of weapons that divide the airspace into two different sectors....   [tags: Military Technology ]

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License to Kill: A Case Against Abortion

- Abortion has a history that goes far back into ancient times. The first known recording is in 1550 BC in Egypt where they would use mercury to poison the baby. History shows that Hippocrates himself was known to induce an abortion on his patients. Plato believed that a woman had the right to an abortion. According to the National Abortion Federation, “It was legal in United States from the time the earliest settlers arrived. At the time the Constitution was adopted, abortions before ‘quickening’ were openly advertised and performed.” (NAF) Abortion was legal until the late 1800’s when abortion started to become illegal, and only because the methods were too harmful for the woman....   [tags: Roe v Wade, termination of pregnancy]

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Pollution and Asthma: Is There a Connection?

- ... Children aged from 0-17 years old have a greater chance of having asthma than adults do. Adults have a 7.7% asthma prevalence while children on the other hand have a 9.5%. Females have a higher asthma prevalence (9.2%) than males (7.0%).Among racial groups, people of multiple race have the greatest chance of having asthma. “Persons of black (11.2%) and American Indian or Alaska Native (9.4%) races had higher asthma prevalence compared with white persons (7.7%) (Akinbami, 2012, p. 2.) One of the most surprising finds though is the fact that income affects the chances of having asthma....   [tags: disease, airway, causes, environment]

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Study of Adenoid Hypertrophy and Nasal Obstruction

- Adenoid hypertrophy is a significant cause of childhood morbidity. Enlarged adenoid leads to mouth breathing, snoring, sleep apnea, hyponasality, sinusitis, otitis media with effusion (OME), and abnormal facial development.(1) (Assement of middle ear) Nasopharyngeal obstruction due to adenoid hypertrophy may directly obstruct the pharyngeal ostia of the auditory tube, 2 mechanical obstruction of the Eustachian tube may be an important factor to occuring OME. 3 However, recurrent or chronic infection in the adenoids without obstructive hypertrophy may also manifest as recurrent acute otitis media, persistent OME supporting the theory of adenoids being a reservoir of pathogenic organisms le...   [tags: Children, Airflow, Infection]

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Analysis Of Barn Burning By William Faulkner

- Poverty is an epidemic that is hard to cure. Very rarely will someone in poverty be able to break the cycle and escape. Accomplishing this task requires determination and courage. In Barn Burning by William Faulkner, Sartoris, the protagonist, is a rare one that breaks the cycle and is able to free himself. The passage is about a little boy who is stuck in the lower class. His abusive father is known as “white trash,” and burns the barns of upper-class citizens because he is jealous of them. Towards the end of the story, Sartoris realizes that he wants to be better than his father and decides to run away....   [tags: William Faulkner, Sartoris, Yoknapatawpha County]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of A Deep Breath

- Being able to take a deep breath is something that we take granted. There are so many benefits of being able to take a deep breath. Breathing detoxifies and releases toxins from the body, releases tension, relaxes the mind and body and strengthens the lungs. My father was born with a severely deviated septum. Having a deviated septum means that one or both of your nostrils are blocked or obstructed. This obstruction makes it very difficult to breath. In my father s case his airway through his nostrils was obstructed by eighty percent....   [tags: Surgery, Medicine, Patient, Nose]

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The Most Important Part Of The Brain

- “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” (Marcus Aurelius). Our brain is what keeps us alive, it contains different regions and parts which work together so we are able to eat, breathe and other things we do every day, whether it be voluntary or involuntary. Although, there are many regions in the brain, I believe that the brain stem is the most important part of the brain because it controls messages that are shared between the brain and the rest of the body....   [tags: Brain, Nervous system, Medulla oblongata]

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Conclusive Results for Premature Caesarean Births

- Over the past few years, the rate of caesarean birth has increased tremendously (March of Dimes Foundation, 2011). Caesarean birth, also known as a C-section, is a steadily growing surgical procedure. With the rate in 2007 at 32 percent, about one in three mothers now gives birth by C-section (Rabin, 2012). An infant is considered full term between 37 and 42 weeks, and an infant born before 37 weeks is premature or a preemie. C-sections contribute to the number of babies born late pre-term between 34 and 36 weeks gestation (March of Dimes Foundation, 2011)....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Mandatory Drug Testing for Student Athletes

- In many high schools around the country, student athletes are using drugs. “The percent of students that have drunk alcohol is 72.5% while the number of students who have used marijuana is 36.8%” (Report: Nearly Half of High School Students Using Drugs, Alcohol). The students believe that since they are athletes that they do not need to abide by the rules because they feel more superior and that the narcotic will not hurt or affect them. Implementing random drug tests for athletes will create a positive image and not hurt others or themselves....   [tags: Essays on Drug Testing]

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How was Medicine in the 1920’s

- Medicine has been developed and discovered for thousands of years; however, the 1920’s was the first decade that fashioned a pathway for new developments and discoveries. Medical professionals have taken a huge hit for their fight in finding new inventions that can save patients from death’s hands. In the 1920’s, medicine has also taken a tremendous leap in controlling fatal diseases such as diabetes (Pendergast 110). Medicine in the 1920’s has altered the way medicine is shaped today; furthermore, the development and discovery of the iron lung, penicillin, and insulin were the first pertinent breakthroughs in medical history (“Iron” par....   [tags: iron lung,artificial respiratory,philip drinker]

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History of Pilates by Joseph Pilates

- In the early years of the 20th century, Joseph Pilates, created this popular exercise derived from his last name. During this time, Joseph Pilates was a German boxer and performed in a circus. The idea for Pilates came while he was forced live in an internment camp during World War I. To keep healthy, he created floor exercises for himself and the people that were living in the camp with him. After World War I was over, Joseph Pilates returned to Germany and worked with the Hamburg Military Police....   [tags: exercise, body, movement]

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Symptoms And Characteristics Of Rett Syndrome

- The symptoms and characteristics of Rett syndrome can vary from child to child, depending upon the severity of their condition. The characteristics become apparent at a very young age, in fact, noticeable differences in the child’s development show up between the ages of 6 to 18 months. These children are the product of a normal pregnancy and delivery, and have normal development for the first 5 to 6 months of life. It is at this time that her parents will begin to notice a slowing in development....   [tags: Education, Communication, Saccade]

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The Pollution Of The Air Pollution

- Having been around for billions of years the earth can handle a bit of air pollution. That isn’t the case at all, with the rise in Co2 conditions on Earth have changed causing many problems. Since the clean air act the air quality has improved but it isn’t enough. China has some of the most polluted air in the world causing many health issues for its citizens. This is primarily caused by the increasing amount of Co2 in the air. Leaders around the world gathered in Paris to find a way to slow down the problem....   [tags: Air pollution, Smog, Global warming]

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My Thoughts And Feeling Towards Life

- There is nothing that could have prepared me mentally for this exercise, because I am a very sociable person.Nonethless, I found an environment that was very peaceful which was perfect. Calming myself helped me to quite my mind, this made all my attention shift to my most positive and beautiful thoughts and feelings. This here help me to put aside all my negative thoughts and feeling towards life. On the first day of my experiment, I felt very excited about it because I have done this exercise before and felt a sense of relief, therefore I should be a walk in the park for, although there were just a few changes in my breathing pattern because I felt extremely anxious....   [tags: Meaning of life, Mind, Life, Anxiety]

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Cystic Fibrosis : A Genetic Disease

- Cystic Fibrosis Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects many people today. It takes over a person’s whole life to survive this disease. To survive, people who suffer with Cystic Fibrosis need constant care of this disease. Cystic fibrosis is disorder that is inherited and causes severe damage to the lungs and digestive system. Cystic fibrosis changes the cells that make mucus, sweat and digestive juices. These fluids that are secreted are normally thin and slippery. A defective gene causes the secretions to become thick and sticky....   [tags: Cystic fibrosis, Genetics, Digestion, Pneumonia]

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Should Pop Into Any Individuals Mind?

- 1. The production of a pill or drug that is so strong that it could keep you awake and functioning without sleep would be significantly beneficial in any individuals performance or life. However, although there are advantages to this pill there can also be disadvantages. A question that should pop into any individuals mind is “what are the side effects?” or “what happens if taken over long period of time?” The advantages to taking this pill are that it can boost your performance because you have more time to accomplish things throughout a 24/7 scale....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep apnea, Sleep deprivation]

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Symptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders

- There are many different disorders in the world one of the most popular one is anxiety disorders it’s most common one around even if it’s just mild. While doctors haven’t found a cure for the disorder there are different ways to control it. It has been around for many years now you can even find it in young children. How do you know when someone has anxiety. Can you tell by just seeing how they act or does it have to be tested. Panic attacks is also a disorder doesn’t share the same symptoms but have the same treatments....   [tags: Panic attack, Anxiety, Panic disorder]

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Cystic Fibrosis Awareness

- Cystic fibrosis, also known as CF, affects over 30,000 children and adults world-wide. CF is a disease in the lungs and digestive system and is still incurable today. It is a disease that causes thick, abnormal mucus in the lungs, nasal polyps, fatigue, and can also damage organs in a person’s body. According to, over 70% of CF patients are diagnosed at two years of age. Cystic fibrosis is one of the most life-threatening diseases in the United States and is very common amongst chronic diseases....   [tags: health, lung]

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The Respiratory System

- ... The first supporting part are the ribs. This protects the lungs as well as the heart from damage. Without the ribs, if we got hit in the chest, our lungs would collapse instantly. The other supporting is the large sheet of muscle below the lungs called the diaphragm. It becomes thinner every time we breathe which creates more more space for the lungs to inflate. Your breathing is regulated by the respiratory system control center at the base of our brain. This part sends messages down the spine to make sure our breathing muscles are contracting a relaxing regularly which makes breathing automatically unnoticeable until we actually think about it....   [tags: inhaling, exhaling, oxygen, carbon dioxide]

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What is Nitrox?

- ... Breathing nitrox is not believed to reduce the effects of narcosis (see Appendix 4), as oxygen seems to have equally narcotic properties under pressure as nitrogen. There is evidence that suggests a reduction of post-dive fatigue. particularly on older or obese divers. However a double-blind study to this test this found no statistically significant reduction in reported fatigue. Other studies with a number of varied dive profiles, and also different levels of exertion, which would be necessary to investigate the issue....   [tags: gasses, embolism, benefits]

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Critical Pathway: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

- Introduction Mr. B is a 65 year old Caucasian male, presenting in the ER with complaints of shortness of breath, and non-productive cough for the past 8 months. He states the shortness of breath worsens with activity and frequent “coughing spells”. Mr. B has been treated for Pneumonia and Bronchitis over the past 8 months with oral antibiotics and steroids. Mr. B noticed slight improvement of symptoms while on medication; however, the symptoms never resolved, and seem to be progressively worsening....   [tags: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)]

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Animal Life in a Pond

- BASICS The animal life in the pond may vary from time to time, it will also vary from pond to pond. But there are a few things about the animals in those ponds that will never change. These are the basics to survival. The man needs, food, water, and shelter; the pond animals are very similar in their needs. This section will emphasize the array of ways that aquatic pond animals breathe, swim, and survive. Breathing; in this category it would be within reason to say that fish are the masters of the concept....   [tags: horticulture, environment types]

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Smoking Bans: Good or Bad?

- ... Their claims may be different but they both believe that smoking bans are helpful in improving the health of both smokers and non-smokers a like. They both uses strong logical appeal to argue their points and present their results in easy to understand tables and graphs for their audience to understand. In “Effect of Smoke-Free Workplaces on Smoking Behavior: Systematic Review”, Stanton A. Glantz uses strong logical appeal to argue her points on why she believes that smokers and non-smokers are affected in workplace environments....   [tags: second hand smoke, tobacco]

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Childhood Allergies: Symptoms and Treatments

- Childhood Allergies: Symptoms and Treatments Childhood allergy is an exaggerated reaction by the immune system in response to certain foreign substances. These foreign objects may not be really harmful thus it is called an exaggerated response. In an attempt to protect the body, the immune system produce antibodies called immunoglobulin that causes the mast cells and allergy cells to release chemicals, including histamine resulting in allergic reactions. In most people, allergies appear during infancy and childhood....   [tags: immune system reaction to foreign substances]

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ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease

- Research Paper According to , ALS is defined as “a classic motor neuron disease. Motor neuron diseases are progressive chronic diseases of the nerves that come from the spinal cord responsible for supplying electrical stimulation to the muscles. This stimulation is necessary for the movement of body parts.” “1 out of 10 cases are a genetic defect” (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis- National Library of Medicine, 2012). The other nine times, the cause of cannot be determined. As stated by the A.D.A.M Medical Encyclopedia, “ALS affects approximately 5 out of every 100,000 people worldwide” (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis- National Library of Medicine, 2012)....   [tags: muscles, 50 years old, symptoms]

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Sleep Deprivation And Sleep Disorders

- Sleep Disorders are real. Sleep deprivation in people cause a lot of problems. A leading cause of sleep deprivation in people is sleep disorders and depression. Sleep disorders are relatively silent epidemics, affecting countless people of all ages around the world. Men, women, and children- no group is spared. Some examples of sleep disorders are Insomnia, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Restless Leg Syndrome, Narcolepsy, and Persistent Sleep Deprivation. Sleep disorders affect people all over the world, even when you don’t know you have one....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep apnea]

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I Am A Professional Appearance

- I feel I had a professional appearance, I also feel I used professional language during the session. I did have to explain that a “tool” wasn’t like a hammer and I’d show her what I meant a little later so I in the future I might think of a better way of explaining. When I entered the room I didn’t shake her hand but I did get on an eye level with her. I explained to Mrs. Harrison that we would learn techniques and tools for laundry that will help her with her SOB and help her not feel so tired....   [tags: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Oxygen]

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Heating Exchange For Gas Exchange

- Opercular pumping is a mechanism utilized by certain fish for gas exchange. An opercular pump is used to pump water through the gills in an almost continuous unidirectional flow (SHSU). A dual pump is used in tandem in order to drive the unidirectional flow, both a buccal cavity and opercular cavity work simultaneously. The oral valve along the buccal cavity opens, allowing an influx of water. This influx of water causes an expansion of the opercular cavity, dropping the pressure (Hall). Water then enters into the opercular cavity and flows out due to opercular cavity compression....   [tags: Blood, Oxygen, Viscosity, Turbulence]

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The Tragedy Of The Firefighters

- On my way home from shopping on a Sunday morning, I observed a church building completely engulfed in flames. The firefighters have just arrived on scene. I was informed that a huge explosion in the church caused the massive fire and there are likely mass causalities. I informed the firefighters that I am an RN and I want to help. The fire chief instructed me to remain outside and begin doing disaster triage as victims are brought out. My first victim is a 60-year-old woman with full-thickness burns to her hands and forearms....   [tags: Victim, The Victim, Respiratory system]

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The 's Model Of Reflection

- I partook in an inter-professional education (IPE) module, its primary aim was to develop the knowledge and skills required for professional practice, on both an academic and personal level to enable students of different healthcare professions to work in unison in order to augment the treatment of patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) (2010) describes how IPE involves students from different fields of learning working collaboratively which creates a two-way learning system for students leading to developments in health care....   [tags: First aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation]

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The Science of Sleeping

- Sleep timing is controlled by the circadian cycle, working as a inner timekeeping, temperature controlling device, and the part of the body that act as a transmitter associated with wakefulness. "Sleep duration is also controlled by circadian rhythms; that is, the time one goes to sleep influences sleep duration." (Zimbardo, and Richard 143). A consistent pattern of cyclical body activities, this cycle constantly working on restoration and conservation of our bodies take place. "About a third of your circadian rhythm is devoted to that period of behavior quiescence called sleep.” (Zimbardo, and Richard 141) Sleep proceeds in cycles of Rapid Eye Movements (REM) and non-REM (NREM) sleep, cy...   [tags: Circadian Rythm, REM]

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The History of Anthrax

- ... Each type is named by the way the infection enters the body. Humans, through a cut or scrape, can receive Cutaneous Anthrax, a type of Anthrax that is not contagious. This kind of Anthrax is the most common, but also the least dangerous. When a person handles livestock without careful protection, they become vulnerable to the disease, and if the disease does happen to affect them through a cut, then the skin becomes affected and the tissue around the scrape gets damaged. Though humans receive the disease through direct contact, the infection only develops 1-7 days after exposure....   [tags: egypt, inhalation, cutaneous anthrax]

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Cronic Disease Paper: Asthma

- Asthma is a condition where the patient’s airways are narrow and swell to produce extra mucus. This makes breathing difficult and in turn triggers coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. For certain people asthma is a minor thing but for other people it can be major and a life-threatening situation. Asthma can be cured and controlled; because asthma is a changing disease make sure the patient works with the doctor so he/she can keep their asthma under control. “In the U.S. more than 25 million people have asthma, 7 million are children” (What Causes Asthma)....   [tags: chronic respiratory disease]

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Treatment For C. Botulinum

- Treatment for C. botulinum can include inducing vomiting, antitoxin, antibiotics, breathing assistance machine and rehabilitation (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2015). The action of treatment is decided on how the disease got into a patient’s body. For foodborne C. botulinum, doctors want to clear out the patient’s digestive system by inducing vomiting and giving medication to speed up their bowel movements (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2015). If a patient is diagnosed early with foodborne or wound C. botulinum they can be injected with antitoxin (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2015)....   [tags: Botulism, Clostridium botulinum, Botulinum toxin]

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Removal, Pediatric, Care After

- PICC Removal, Pediatric, Care After Refer to this sheet in the next few weeks. These instructions provide you with information about caring for your child after his or her procedure. Your child’s health care provider may also give you more specific instructions. Your child’s treatment has been planned according to current medical practices, but problems sometimes occur. Call your child’s health care provider if you have any problems or questions after the procedure. WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER THE PROCEDURE After a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) is removed, it is common for your child to have: • Tenderness or soreness....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health care provider]

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Managing Symptoms of Anxiety

- Anxiety is uncomfortable and extremely difficult to manage. The symptoms one experiences while suffering an anxiety attack are very real, as well as, extremely scary for the person experiencing the attack. The symptoms often mimic those experienced during a heart attack, for instance: extreme sweating, blood pressure and heart rate go sky high, nausea and headache. Add these physical symptoms to the psychological symptoms and the individual's anxiety attack is in full swing. It is imperative for the individual to realize they can take control of their anxiety....   [tags: psychology]

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Choosing the Best Criteria for Determining When Death Has Occurred

- Traditional Criteria of Death (Whole Body): Physicians used signs of life such as a feeling for a pulse, listening for breathing, holding a mirror before the nose to test for condensation, and looking to see if the pupils are fixed. In the 18th and 19th centuries , there were macabre tales of "corpses" reviving during funerals and exhumed skeletons found to have clawed at coffin lids. In 1882 an undertaker names Kirchbaum attached periscopes to coffins so that a person who woke up after being buried might signal for help....   [tags: Karen Quinlan Case]

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Sleep Apnea: The Unsuspected Killer

- In spite of their efforts to ensure they obtain sufficient sleep to prevent daytime sleepiness, many people are consistently tired during the day. Some of them have a breathing disorder called sleep apnea, although they may be completely unaware of this fact. When the symptoms of sleep apnea are unrecognized or ignored, the disorder usually causes a combination of medical, social, and psychological illnesses -- which can become life-threatening over a prolonged period. Although sleep apnea is not a curable disorder, when symptomatic individuals utilize the availability of a simplistic diagnosis process and effective treatments, they will participate in a preventative medicine, adding years t...   [tags: Sleeping Disorders Papers]

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Tuberculosis and Pneumonia

- Tuberculosis as (TB) is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is slow growing bacteria that thrive in areas of the body that are rich in blood and oxygen, such as the lungs. Tuberculosis develops when Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria are inhaled into the lungs. The infection usually stays in the lungs, but the bacteria can travel through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. Symptoms of active tuberculosis in the lungs begin gradually and develop over a period of weeks or months. You could have one or two mild symptoms and not even know that you have the disease....   [tags: Disease]

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Exploring Our Cardiovascular System

- Exploring Our Cardiovascular System Our cardiovascular system consists of the heart, vascular system and blood. These organs all work together to supply oxygen to our body, which we need to live. BLOOD Blood is used as a transport system, this picks up oxygen from around our body, and haemoglobin puts the oxygen into cells called red blood cells. Then this gets moved to our muscles that are contracting ready for movement to take place. HEART The heart this is the strongest muscle in the body, and has four parts to it these are called chambers, the heart also has separate parts to it these are called chambers....   [tags: Papers]

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Reasons to Learn CPR

- Have you ever thought about what you would do if a family member suddenly stopped breathing. Imagine that you grow up in a small town, the population is 700 people, and one morning you wake up and everyone in the town is dead. On any given day 670 people die of sudden cardiac arrest. Could it be a loved one, someone you care deeply for, or just a complete stranger. The chances are that someone in your family is going to die of sudden cardiac arrest in your lifetime. On average it takes an ambulance no less than seven minutes to reach someone in need, therefore, every adult should know how to administer CPR....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Bronchial Thermoplasty

- Introduction In this paper I will examine the different aspects of a new treatment for asthma, known as the Bronchial Thermoplasty. This paper identifies how this treatment works, and the benefits as well as negative effects surrounding this new treatment. Introduction to Asthma Asthma is a chronic, respiratory disease which makes it difficult to breathe. Asthma is characterized through muscle spasms which occur in the bronchi of the lungs. (1) Figure 1.1 shows a healthy airway with a normal amount of smooth muscle surrounding it....   [tags: asthma, chronic respiratory disease]

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Sleeping Disorders

- Sleeping Disorders I am going to start by telling you what a sleeping disorder is. A sleeping disorder is a problem that affects something to do with sleep. Not all sleeping disorders have symptoms that are obvious to a person or their family and friends, here are some common sleep disorders. - Insomnia - Sleep Apnea - Narcolepsy - Restless Leg Syndrome - Parasomnia - Bruxism - Jet Lag - Shiftwork I will be discussing the sleeping disorders listed above and what symptoms they can cause....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Congestive Heart Failure

- The aim of this scenario-based assignment is to discuss the therapeutic intervention in the care of a patient with Congestive Cardiac Failure (CCF). CCF is defined as a syndrome in which the heart fails to pump enough blood supply to meet the body’s metabolic requirements (Hangen and Galura, 2011). A brief summary of the patient’s medical history will be given while discussing one specific nursing problem in terms of heart/pulse rate. Also, an overview of aetiology will be given as well as pathophysiology in order to explain the rationale for treatment and monitoring....   [tags: Medical Field, Nursing]

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Respiratory Diseases: Emphysema

- The simple act of breathing is often taken for granted. As an automated function sustaining life, most of us do not have to think about the act of breathing. However, for many others, respiratory diseases make this simple act thought consuming. Emphysema is one such disease taking away the ease, but instead inflicting labored breathing and a hope for a cure. Healthy lung tissue is predominately soft, elastic connective tissue, designed to slide easily over the thorax with each breath. The lungs are covered with visceral pleura which glide fluidly over the parietal pleura of the thoracic cavity thanks to the serous secretion of pleural fluid (Marieb, 2006, p....   [tags: respiratory system, smoking]

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Blood Agent Chemicals

- Blood Agents are in a group of chemicals known as “cyanogen agents”. Not all cyanogens agents are blood agents. The three main blood agents are AC (hydrogen cyanide), CK (cyanogens chloride), and SA (Arsine). These agents work by preventing oxygen interaction during cellular respiration. Hydrogen Cyanide and Cyanogen Chloride are fast acting and require immediate action to prevent death. Arsine has delayed symptoms and can be more lethal due to unknown exposure. Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) is known by other names....   [tags: cyanogen agents, oxygen interaction]

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A Healthy Body

- Healthy Body Do you have a healthy body. If not how can you have a healthy body. Almost all people don’t have a healthy body in the world. I search how can we have a healthy body. I found really good information in the articles and on the web pages. If you want to have a healthy body, you need a fit body, you should eat right, tips for a healthy and balanced physical body and have a special diet and nutrition. Let’s begin with how people can have a fit body....   [tags: Fitness, Health, Cardiovascular Exercise]

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Broken Tear Ducts

- I knelt to pet him but he was not acting right, no tail movement or a deep moan of affection it just was not there, his black curls went limp and his eyes were closed. I felt him breathing and I called Laura over and asked her to call a vet she asked what happened to my voice and then she looked at him and went dead silent. She walked over and place a gentle hand on him and told me that a there was no need for a vet because he was not breathing. I tasted the crisp and salty tears running to my lips that could make no response to what she claimed; I just did not believe her....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Describing the Interaction of the Components of the Autonomic Nervous System in a Relation to the Stress Response

- Crisis is an event that is unplanned, unwanted, and dangerous and leads to hard decision making. There are many different types of crisis such as economic crisis, mental health crisis, situational crisis, social crisis, adventitious crisis and many more. Every type of crisis affects people more than we think and know. There is always someone who loses and who gains during a crisis. People who lose are usually the ones who are affected the most such as losing a job, losing a family member or someone close to them, losing their homes and sometimes even their own lives....   [tags: reaction to different types of crisis]

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Herbal Medicines : Medicine, Electrical Stimulation And Nebulizing Agents Can All Help Reduce Symptoms Of Copd

- In addition to current medical therapy, adding alternative medicine has been shown to be very effective and safe. Studies include adding herbal medication, Chinese Medicine, Electrical stimulation and nebulizing agents can all help reduce symptoms of COPD. These supplemental therapies are favored by Naturopathic and homeopathic doctors. Herbal Medicines Herbal medicines have been around since time began. Research has shown that the addition of herbs is effective in treating a multitude of diseases....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Herb]

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Cognitive Function, Reaction Time And P300 Latency, Central Nervous System Processing Ability, And Sensory Motor Performance

- Cognitive Function Reaction time and P300 latency Measurements of reaction time are indicators of cortical arousal, central nervous system processing ability, and sensory-motor performance. A reduction in reaction time is used to indicate an enhancement of these factors. Bhavanani, Madanmohan, and Udupa (2003) measured auditory and visual reaction times before and after 22 participants engaged in 9 rounds of HFYB. They found that HFYB produced significant reductions in both visual and auditory reaction times....   [tags: Nervous system, Brain]

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Effect of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Breath Rate on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

- This study is relevant because it gives more insight on the body’s ability to adapt to stress/ exercise or how the cardiovascular and respiratory systems respond to increase in metabolic activity. When stimulus such as an exercise is activated, almost all the organs and systems in the body are affected. The body is designed to be able to handle such requirements. The cardiovascular system is one of the systems involved in the body’s regulation to various stimuli (Na D et al, 2005). It is made up of the hearts and blood vessels....   [tags: health, metabolic activity]

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Anencephaly: When the Neural Tube Fails to Close during the First Month of Pregnancy

- ... Two-thirds of the mothers were either induced or had a planned cesarean section for those born at term. Polyhydramnios was present in 30% of the cases which accounted for 60% of those born prematurely. When delivered by cesarean section, 4% died during birth, 53% died within twenty-four hours, 30% lived up to five days, and 13% lived longer than six days. For vaginal births, 37% of babies died during birth when a doctor or midwife ruptured the amniotic bag, opposed to 18% if the amniotic bag ruptured naturally....   [tags: birth defects, frog babies]

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Film Analysis : The Trailer For Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 's 2015 Epic The Revenant

- The Revenant The trailer for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2015 epic The Revenant is breathtaking; from the gorgeous locations and terrifying situations, this teaser trailer looks stunning. The film stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter and is being released by New Regency. It is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who took home an Academy Award, in the Best Director category, last year for his original film Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), and it is adapted by Michael Punke’s novel of the same name....   [tags: Film techniques, Long shot, Close-up, Medium shot]

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Sleep Deprivation and Reduction, Sleep Disorders, and the Drugs used to treat them.

- It is important for everyone to get enough sleep, but many people often ignore it. If people do not get enough sleep they may experience sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can have negative effects. When people do not get enough sleep or less, they may feel crabby and unable to function as well as they usually do the next day. Balancing work and parenting as a single parent in today’s society is tough. Juggling children, work, taking care of home, and cart the children to extracurricular activities are a lot for one’s plate....   [tags: Health, Insomnia]

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What is Vocal Health and Why is Vocal Health Relevant to Contemporary Singing

- Human voice is an expressive musical instrument as people use their own voices to perform pieces or songs with or without any other instruments. If the voice is damaged to a serious stage, it can be lost forever. Therefore, vocal health is important to singers to take care their voices. In the following discussion we will discuss what the vocal health is, why it is relevant to contemporary singing from vocal anatomy, physiology and voice function. Vocal health Vocal health is the ideal operating of the vocal mechanism (Hughes, 2002)....   [tags: human voice, instruments, vocal health]

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Death and Dying: Should Life Support Be Used for a Long Time?

- Death & Dying Term Paper Life support is a controversial and sensitive topic. When someone is on life support, their brain is completely unconscious. Although their brain is no longer in an active, natural function, a life support machine keeps their organs alive and functioning. Life support is administered during an emergency. It helps to keep a person’s body alive, while their brain is dead. Brain death is an irreversible condition and doctors conduct many tests before determining this diagnosis....   [tags: brain death, cardiopulmonary death]

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Leading Cause of Death in The USA: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

- What is the third leading cause of death in the United States. How about the major cause of disability. Twelve million people are currently diagnosed and twelve million have it without even knowing (Risk factors, 2014). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, best known as COPD, is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breath. Most individuals can evade this disease by simply keeping their lungs in vigorous condition. I personally know someone who is currently at the end stage of it; caring for her has given me a lot of knowledge on COPD....   [tags: disability, risk, diagnosis]

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Given New Alternative Methods, is Medication for ADHD Completely Necessary?

- ... According to WebMD, less severe, common side effects of Strattera include dry mouth, delay when starting to pass urine, incomplete or infrequent bowel movements, drowsiness, inducing of a relaxed easy state, chronic trouble sleeping, low energy, temporary redness of face and neck, loss of appetite, head pain, feel like throwing up, throwing up, and stomach cramps. WedMD also lists common more severe side effects such as inability to have an erection, painful periods, and cannot empty bladder; infrequent less severe side effects including, but not limited to blurred vision, indigestion, rash, and weight loss; and infrequent severe side effects including, but not limited to depression, diz...   [tags: behavioral conditions]

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The Growing Health Care Issue Of Smoking Tobacco During Pregnancy

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss the growing health care issue of smoking tobacco during pregnancy and propose an activity to aid in reducing the prevalence of this issue. Such as increased education and emphasis of the harmful effects of tobacco on the fetus, during routine prenatal care visits. This being said, smoking has remained the single most important modifiable cause of a poor pregnancy outcome within the United States. Cigarettes are made up of 7,000 different chemicals, these chemicals are known to cause cancer and heart and lung disease (What in tobacco smoke is harmful, 2015)....   [tags: Nicotine, Tobacco smoking, Pregnancy, Smoking]

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Pneumonia Is A Type Of Inflammation Of The Air Sacs

- What is Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a type of inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs. It can affect one or both of the lungs. Alveoli that are in the lungs may fill with some type of fluid, which can make it difficult to breathe. The most common causes of pneumonia are by viruses, bacteria or fungi. In addition, the most common bacteria type that causes pneumonia is Streptococcus Pneumonia. How is it Diagnosed. Pneumonia is diagnosed while taking different kinds of tests. Such as: Physical exams, diagnostic tests, CT scans, Sputum tests, Pulse oximetry test, and a bronchoscopy....   [tags: Pneumonia, Bacteria, Immune system, Asthma]

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Parents of Obese Children and Charges of Child Abuse

- Imagine you are invited to a BBQ. You get there and after sitting down with your plate you notice a man with a child sitting at the table across from yours. You see that the man is feeding this child a stick of butter, spoonfuls of fat and washing it down with cups full of grease. Do you feel there should be consequences for this. If you do, what would be appropriate. In most states this would be considered child abuse. Child abuse is defined by the CDC as the following; “…any act or series of acts of commission or omission by a parent that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child.” There are strict laws against physical and sexual abuse for the health and wellbeing...   [tags: Obesity in Children]

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Martha Graham and her Techniques were Universal through Dance

- Martha Graham has had a large impact on modern dance throughout the years and even after her death. She took the conventional dances of her time and revolutionized them. Martha Graham and her techniques have greatly affected modern dance by introducing new and innovative concepts. As Alma Guillermoprieto figured out, Graham was “the first creator of modern dance to devise a truly universal dance technique out of the movements she developed in her choreography” (qtd. in Terry). This statement shows that Martha Graham and her techniques’ affects were universal through dance....   [tags: influential women in choreography]

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Miracles Do Happen: My Experience with an Emergency C-Section

- Not many people understand the severity of an emergancy c-section. When I first heard those words I was terrified, not only for my life, but for my daughter's life as well. A rush of sadness came over me. I wasn't sure how to react to the news when the doctor told me there were complications. All I knew was my daughter's life was in danger and they wanted to cut me open. Laying on the operating table, the bright white lights above my head were giving me a headache. I could hear the concerned but stern voice's of the doctors all around me....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A List of Health Problems that Exercise can Prevent

- If you are suffering from any of these 8 health problems or want to prevent them ask your doctor for an exercise prescription. 1. Anxiety/Depression 2. ADHD 3. Memory Loss/cognition problems 4. Sleep problems 5. Asthma 6. Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido 7. PMS and Menopause-related symptoms 8. Lower-Back, Hip, Knee, and Neck Pain Anxiety Problems from money, worries over work, family issues, and many others can contribute to depression. Exercise is the key to these problems, a research has shown that people who exercise on a daily bases are less likely to develop anxiety than people who don’t....   [tags: anxiety, depression, sleeping problems]

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A Brief Note On Mouth, Throat, Nose, And Sinuses

- Mouth, Throat, Nose, and Sinuses Mouth and throat. Inspection of the lips reveals smooth, moist, pink lips without edema or lesions. The client has 27 slightly yellow teeth with the upper molars resting directly over the lower molars. The wisdom teeth and one canine are absent. The client has evidence of repair work of numerous fillings, one crown, and one veneer. Brown spots are visible on a few teeth. The gums and cheeks are pink, moist, firm, and show no signs of lesions or masses. The buccal mucosa appears pink, smooth, moist, and without lesions....   [tags: Pulse, Heart, Thorax, Physical examination]

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Abortion: A Woman Has the Right to Choose

- Abortion Introduction Abortion has become the common focus of diverse and influential debate in various societies, especially the U.S. One of the most confrontational topics argued is whether or not abortion is morally ethical. More than forty percent of all women will terminate their pregnancy by abortion at some point in their reproductive lives (Stacey OL). In spite of disagreement by many people, abortion is one of the most widespread medical procedures performed in the United States every single year....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Pro-choice]

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The Sexual Response Cycle in Men and Women

- The Sexual Response Cycle Men and women sexually go through a cycle. This cycle is known as the sexual response cycle. The sexual response cycle is made up of four different phases, the excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution phases. The cycle is also categorized in two ways, vasocongestion and myotonia. Vasocongestion is where swelling occurs because blood rushes to certain areas of the body such as earlobes, for women to the opening of the vaginal area, and for men around the testes, it also causes the erection of the penis....   [tags: sex, sexual dysfunction]

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Surya Namaskar Gives You Health, Fitness and Longevity

- Summary Exercises are known to improve the health of our bodies. Surya Namaskar is one such set of exercises that was developed ages ago. It is a wonderfully simple system to keep the body youthful and free of ailments. As with any other forms of exercise, conditioning the body before asanas is a necessity. By warming and toning up the muscles, quickening and intensifying the cardiac rhythm, without inducing any fatigue or breathlessness, Surya Namaskar brings the body up to the level of activity that is required for continuing with asanas....   [tags: Exercise, Benefits, How-to]

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Premature Birth: The Life of a Premature Baby

- Premature Birth: The Life of a Premature Baby “Babies born before thirty-seven weeks of gestation are classified of premature”, (Boenker). Premature babies usually are underweight and highly need specialty medical care. “The number of premature births is increasing and occurs in eight to ten percent of all pregnancies in the United States” (“Premature Baby Stats”). Premature births can cause lifetime affects on infants as well as life changing events for their families. Some of the causes of premature births are: Previous premature birth, miscarriage, or multiple abortions....   [tags: premature babies, underweight]

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Our Immune System Did Not Evolve for Allergies

- “The immune system didn’t evolve for allergy. Why in a hundred billion years of evolution would we evolve a response for allergy?”(Joel Weinstock). Throughout the years, food allergies have been on a dramatic increase in the United States. Allergic reactions are caused by antibodies in the immune system which are also known as immunoglobulins. There are five types of immunoglobulins that are produced to 2 Oquendo fight antigens, such as, bacteria, toxins, viruses, animal dander, fungus, and cancer cells ....   [tags: increase in food allergies in the US]

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Recipe for Happiness in Aristotle's The Nicomachean Ethics

- Aristotle, the author of The Nicomachean Ethics, attempts to explain the aim of human beings by using an empirical approach. In other words, he makes an effort to use scientific observations of the physical world to explain why humans act a certain way to reach the goal of happiness. Their specific action, or unique function as Aristotle says, is the using of reason. This reason seems to be part of every human being and according to Aristotle, if it is used well, then we will achieve happiness....   [tags: virtues, reasoning, balance]

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Home Remedies: How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

- How to Clear a Stuffy Nose (Home Remedies) Home remedies to clear a stuffy nose. A stuffy nose or congestion is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the membranes lining. Blood vessels usually infected due to the cold, flu or some kind of allergy. It can be difficult to breathe with excess mucus in your nose. This can also be a life-threatening for the newborns. A stuffy nose is also uncomfortable and annoying for adults and kids. You can easily clear stuffy noses at home with minimal or no cost....   [tags: mucus, immune system, steam]

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The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

- To pray without a hopeful heart is not praying at all. Breathing, yet not truly living today because of wishing for tomorrow, is not living at all. Alive, yet dead in spirit, Mrs. Mallard believes to have found her life after hearing that the life of her husband has presumably ended. From a bolted door to an open window, Mrs. Mallard perceives her husband’s apparent death as a release from the chains of marriage. In “The Story of an Hour,” Kate Chopin breathes a glimmer of life into Mrs. Mallard through death....   [tags: Death, Life, Present, English-language films]

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Cigarettes Is Not A Main Cause Of Death

- Due to the fact that cigarettes is not a main cause of death, it is a popular cause of the breathing system to lead to death. If your life was in the phase of this cigarette, when would you know when to quit before it’s too late. Once lit your life is that cigarette, your four inches of beauty, seven minutes of pleasure, is then gone. The image of nine cigarettes lined along a surface, where the first cigarette from left to right is brand new, straight out the box. The second one has been struck, known by the decrease in size and ash that comes from being burned....   [tags: Cigarette, Smoking, Life, Tobacco smoking]

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Power in PiYo Work: Benefits in Health

- Working out is guaranteed to result in healthful advantages, right. Right. PiYo is a different form of exercise that involves health benefits to the body. It incorporates the mind and body practices of yoga and Pilates, and as a result produces an athletic workout that syndicates the aspects of sports stretching, strength training, conditioning and movement. It is designed to improve a participant’s fitness level while also challenging their level of ability as the exercise progresses (Powder Blue Productions), while also providing a relaxing atmosphere....   [tags: Fitness]

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Challenge of Maintaining Homeostasis with Geriatric Patients

- One of the greatest challenges with geriatric patients is maintaining homeostasis and managing pain during multisystem failure. With geriatric patients the body’s ability to regulate itself physiologically in response to changes due to illness is decreased, there by leading to multisystem failure. Elderly display shock with minimal signs and symptoms which leaves little time for intervention. The best treatment form multisystem failure is prevention. This can be obtained by collaborating with multidisciplinary team including; MD, nurse, lab, radiology, respiratory and spiritual care....   [tags: medical, nursing, medicine, elderly]

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Causes and Treatment of Exercise Induced Asthma

- Asthma is a disease of the lung that is usually either inherited or it may develop as a severe allergic reaction to a variety of causes. Not everyone who has allergies develops asthma though and not everyone who has asthma has allergies. It is a chronic inflammatory disease 3,5 and it can be very frustrating and difficult to live with if not treated properly. Exercise induced asthma (EIA) is also known as exercise induced bronchoconstriction (EIB). The term exercise induced asthma has been around for quite some time and has been described with symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, tight feeling in the chest and fatigue....   [tags: Allergy, Disease, Respiratory]

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Short Story: The Sun, Colors and Light

- When the stars peek through the sky, it reminds me of us. When you came outside one day. And your eyes were at their fullest. And soon after they left. The light was soon gone as fast as it came. But then it came back. I didn't know if I could handle it. You leaving The coming back to me when you knew I really needed you. You just can’t leave like that and leave me in shreds. You can’t But you do. Because when you leave my mind leaves and when you enter the world’s sky, my mind is free. You know I’m talking about the sun,right....   [tags: creative writing, moon, sky]

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