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Summary of the Fear of Breathing by Lafferty, Sherlock and Wood

- Each new morn.New widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows strike heaven on the face (qtd in Lawson, Sandra. 2013) In the eighty-five pages play, Lafferty, Sherlock, and Wood exert their utmost effort to document, organize, and reconstruct a collage of verbatim testimonies, reports, and interviews eyewitnesses of the Syrian Revolution .The interviews were conducted by Laffery in collaboration with veteran war correspondents: Sherlock and Wood. Lafferty and colleagues conducted interviews incognito with ordinary people, activists, businesspersons, defectors, Free Syrian Army soldiers, and medical staff....   [tags: Fear of Breathing Essays]

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The Breathing Method by Stephen King

- In the novella the Breathing Method by Stephen King, the character David Adley is telling the story of his first time going to this club. At this club located at 249B East Thirty-fifth Street there are a lot of unusual happenings; unusual people, places and objects which are unrealistic. David witnesses the decapitation of Sandra Stansfield and the birth of her child because this experience of trauma he creates a fictitious world to cope, in this world he imagines he goes to the club to escape but he can never truly escape and is reminded in his own happy place what has happened to Sandra....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Character Development]

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Quiet Breathing and Asthma

- Normal inspiration and expiration, also known as quiet breathing, is the type of breathing that occurs when a person is in a state of rest (McKinley, 2013). Pressure variations between the atmosphere and the thoracic cavity are produced by changes in lung volume (McKinley, 2013). Boyle’s law describes the inverse relationship between the pressure of a gas and the volume of a container (McKinley, 2013). Asthma is one of many conditions that can affect the pressure gradient in the lungs and cause problems with breathing....   [tags: Lungs, Pressure, Atmosphere]

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Submarines: Breathing Underwater

- ... just like a barrel, they used iron hopes to hold them together and sealed joined with tar to keep the water out. A tank sits below the operator. When he pumps it with the sea water the craft sinks. Hidden underwater operator now sits in his own bubble of air. It’s the world first war submarine. They call it the turtle. The submarine was powered by human by using its pedal. It was very cramped inside with very little air. The chaps of the submarine was powered by his own muscles power both up and down by using pedals....   [tags: manoeuvrabilltity, british navy]

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Analysis of “The Moon: Cold, Wet, and Breathing.”

- Analysis of “The Moon: Cold, Wet, and Breathing.” The article “Top 100 Stories of 2009 #16: The Moon: Cold, Wet, and Breathing” from discusses the LCROSS mission of 2009. This is a Moon mission conducted to search for the presence of water (Barone 2009). The mission is an important part of the ultimate goal of visiting the Moon and establishing a Moon base (NASA 2005). The article is written to expand upon what occurred during the LCROSS mission (Barone 2009). LCROSS stands for Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Spacecraft....   [tags: Astronomy]

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The Mechanism and Regulation of Breathing

- The Mechanism and Regulation of Breathing Breathing is an involuntary movement that is controlled by the medulla, which is part of the hind brain. Air is sucked into the lungs by an active process called inspiration. The external intercostals muscle contract and the internal intercostals muscle relax this causes the ribs to be drawn upwards and outwards. While this is happening the diaphragm muscles contracts and pushes down towards the abdomen. The lungs are made to expand because the pleural surfaces of the lungs are attached to the pleural on the chest wall; this increases the volume of the air spaces and drops the air pressure in the lungs so that air rushe...   [tags: Free Essays]

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Effects of Exercise on Breathing Rate

- Effects of Exercise on Breathing Rate Explain what you have discovered about the sonnet form from your reading of three of the following poems: 'After Death', 'Youth Gone, Beauty Gone', 'Two Pursuits', 'Endurance' and 'Remember'- Do you think the content of these poems is well suited to the sonnet from. The three poems I have chosen are 'After Death', 'Youth Gone, Beauty Gone' and 'Remember'. I have chosen 'After Death' and 'Remember' because they give very different, unstereotypical ideas about death, and 'Youth Gone, Beauty Gone' ties in with these because it is referring to growing old....   [tags: Exercise Physiology]

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Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn

- Summary: Breathing Underwater is about an teenage boy at the age of 16 who is in love with his girlfriend, but does not really know how to treat her right. He claimed to have loved his girlfriend a lot and often did not listen to what he has to say about things and disagrees with her which causes him to get angry. One day he had gotten very angry and had slapped her, not knowing what had got into him he apologized for his behaviour and said never to do it again. But the day of the talent show he had told her not to sing because people would laugh at her and he did not want her to display herself up on stage singing to everyone....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Breathing Forces of The Mexican Revolution: The Coahuila Manifestation

- Spiritualism, a philosophical doctrine that believes in communicating and seeking the spiritual world for guidance in the real world. Manuel Sarábia a spiritist that predicted the overthrow of Porfirio Díaz at about the time that he and fellow conspirators were captured and executed. The exploration of economic, political and social forces that structured the Mexican Revolution in the State of Coahuila in the 1800s and how the spirit of reformation is an ongoing process taking place in present day....   [tags: Literary Review]

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What Are We Breathing?

- Poor air quality is the culprit for the consequences that are being suffered by many human and plant communities. Air pollution, smog, or acid rain; it may be called whatever you like, it is the effects that it is causing that are important. Although many people associate smog with Los Angeles, it is not the only area that has been effected by poor air quality. Many national parks, aquatic systems, and other populated areas are showing major signs of air pollution. "A large pollution study revealed that when smog increases in the Los Angeles Basin area, there is a big jump in the number of people hospitalized for lung and heart problems (Dreher 1998)." The effects of air poll...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Just Breathing

- Just Breathing Ill-timed encounters with torment and death will always leave one behind as a reflective and thought full individual. “Just Breathing”, which was published in 1997 in the book “Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll: Stories to end the century“, deals with a woman who feels, that she has changed after a strange meeting with the woman Magde. This essay contains an analysis and an interpretation of Nina and the function Madge has in Nina’s life. The story begins quite sudden because the reader is practically thrown into the story and the characters aren’t introduced....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Should The Terminally Ill Patients or their Family Seek Assistance in Taking their Own Lives?

- ... As suggested by Budinger and Mutlu (2013) “oxygen therapy is lifesaving, it may be associated with deleterious effects when administered for prolonged periods at high concentrations” The toxic effect of excess oxygen on tissue cells is widely known. It was initially assumed that the side effect of hyperoxia caused by prolonged high dose oxygen therapy was an admissible side effect in order to prevent hypoxia. However in a study investigating the safety profile of hyperoxia during oxygen therapy in over 36,000 intensive care admissions in The Netherlands, Fodden and Gibbson (2013) saw trends which demonstrated that both hypoxia and hyperoxia were independently associated with higher morta...   [tags: ethics, breathing, breathing therapy]

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The Effectiveness of Deep-Breathing Exercises After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

- The purpose of this evidence-based nursing practice paper is to discuss the effectiveness of deep-breathing exercises in the care of a patient who is recently postoperative a coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). It will also critique two professional research studies on this topic, and will answer three essential questions about each study. What are the results of the study. Are the results of the study valid. How are the findings clinically relevant to this patient. The patient, who will be referred to as Mr....   [tags: Health]

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A Study On How Breathing, Phonation And Articulation Work Together With Appropriate Vocabulary

- ... At the beginning of this segment, the clinician explains the different types of stuttering to the client and how he can stutter in these different ways. For example, he asks the child to stutter hard at the beginning of his name. The boy reacts to this by mentioning that playing with his stutter, makes his stutter his friend instead of his enemy. Followed by this, the clinician asks the boy to talk and once he stutters, they discuss what kind of stutter happened. For example, the boy stammers on the /s/ in the word “sun.” The boy describes it as a hard stutter, and therefore they focus on loosening the /s/....   [tags: Stuttering, Cluttering, Dyslexia, Sentence]

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The Effect Of A Temperature Increase On The Breathing Rate Of A Locus

- The Effect Of A Temperature Increase On The Breathing Rate Of A Locus Introduction This investigation will attempt to prove, whether or not a change in temperature will affect the respiration rate (and therefore the breathing rate) of a locust. Locusts are 'poikilothermic' and I will be taking this factor into account when predicting the locust's reaction to a temperature change. Preliminary Testing Preliminary tests consisted of a 'mock experiment', a kind of trial run of the real thing....   [tags: Papers]

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Beautiful Disasters: Pearl As A Living Breathing Scarlet Letter

- Sometimes beauty is found in places as unexpected as a rosebush growing outside of a prison in a puritan colonial village. Pearl Prynne is an unearthly beautiful child with a wild spirit born under unimaginably sinful conditions, all of which are somehow related to the ideas, actions, and views of others on Hester’s punishment. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Pearl serves as Hester’s living, breathing Scarlet letter. Pearl evokes the same emotion and reactions from the townspeople, as does the scarlet letter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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he Effect of Gas Exchange on a Locusts' Breathing

- The Effect of Gas Exchange on a Locusts' Breathing Aim- To see the effect of Carbon dioxide on a locusts' ventilation rate. Method- Since the locust was already in the 20cm³ plastic syringe held in a clamp, our first step was to monitor its ventilation movements. By looking at the abdomen, we could clearly see the ventilation movements of the locust, which we counted for thirty seconds. We repeated this three times under normal atmospheric conditions. Our next task was to count the breathing rate again, yet this time under a Carbon dioxide enhanced environment....   [tags: Papers]

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What Parents Need to Know About Asthma

- According to Barnett and Nurmagambetov, from the time period of 2002-2007, 886 children under the age of 15 died due to asthma. Using the 2009 figure for value of an average life of any of those children, the grand total for loss of life in the world for just those 5 years is almost 1.2 billion dollars. (145-152) Child-onset asthma may not be the greatest killer of children to plaque this planet but it is a real and terrifying experience for both children and their parents. Mothers and fathers can fight against this illness but they need to know how to deal with asthma and what to do when an attack happens can help prevent these deaths from happening....   [tags: breathing disorders]

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Comparing Family in Breathing Lessons, Homesick Restaurant, and Accidental Tourist

- Family Instability in Breathing Lessons, Homesick Restaurant, and Accidental Tourist          The perfect, suburban family has become a prominant theme and stereotype in American culture.  Families from the works of Anne Tyler represent the exact opposite of this cultural stereotype.  None of Tyler's novels contain families with faithful, domestic wives, breadwinning husbands, and 2.3 well-behaved, perfect children.  Tyler kills this misconcieved stereotype in Breathing Lessons, Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, and The Accidental Tourist.  Anne Tyler grew up with her parents on a series of experimental communes, so she developed a different perception of family life.  She observes dome...   [tags: compare and contrast essay examples]

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What is Asthma and How Is It Treated?

- ... Rationale: When the patient understands the disease process and the factors that aggravate episode. She can put efforts on reducing or eliminate the triggers. More so, understanding the disease process reduces anxiety and advance participation in management plan. Intervention: Discuss self management plans with the patient and intensify that the triggers may occur from diet, medication therapy, exciting circumstances, exercise induced, allergens, and high/dry temperature. Then educate on how to avoid the triggers that could contribute to the attack....   [tags: bronchial, mucous, breathing]

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The Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Sleep Apnea

- Sleep Apnea The purpose of this paper is to explore signs and symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep apnea. This happens to be a sleep disorder that is described by someone who has continual episodes of interruption of breathing while asleep. The term “apnea,” means “absence of breathing.” During this disorder, the period of apnea can last anywhere from 10 seconds to a couple of minutes at a time. The duration can be from a minimum of five to thirty times per hour during the night....   [tags: breathing, tired, tests]

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Different Kinds of Meditation in the Book On Real Happines by Sharon Salzberg

- Personal Meditation Reflection: Meditation is an important psychological practice that protects the brain against aging as well as enhancing an individual’s ability to learn new things. This practice achieves this through sharpening focus, lessening stress, lowering blood pressure, and relieving chronic pain. Generally, it helps a person to experience greater calm, connect with deepest feelings, and challenges tendencies of self-judgment. Consequently, meditation leads to open doors for actual and accessible happiness for an individual....   [tags: concentration, breathing, brain]

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Yoga and its Positive Effects on the Mind and Body

- The benefits of Yoga are endless. It effects the human mind and body in a variety of ways. Roughly 15 million Americans practice yoga, annually there is an expected increase of twenty percent in participants in the United States ("Yoga Statistics"). While Yoga is often thought of as a practice that involves circus like poses and seemingly impossible flexibility; it not. Even bedridden patients can gain benefit from imagining themselves going through the poses and practicing breathing techniques that are appropriate to them (Dickenson 24-25)....   [tags: breathing techniques, poses]

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Analysis of The Human Respiratory System

- The human respiratory system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. In terrestrial animals, this is accomplished by breathing. The human body needs oxygen to sustain itself. A complete lack of oxygen is known as anoxia and a decrease in oxygen is known as hypoxia. After four to six minutes brain cells without oxygen, brain cells are destroyed and an extended period of hypoxia leads to brain damage and ultimately death. In humans, the average rate of breathing is dependent upon age....   [tags: breathing, respiratory system, oxygen]

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Dragons and Modern Literature: The Lore of Old Reincarnated

- The Lore of Old Reincarnated as a Number One Bestseller What is the first thing many people think of when they hear the word “dragon?” Most Americans and Europeans probably envision a huge scaly green beast, one that sits on a hoard of golden treasures and breathes fire. Asians are more likely to think of a benevolent snakelike creature, one that controls rains and rivers. And some people will think of the dragons in movies, or in books, which come in innumerable shapes, sizes, and dispositions....   [tags: folklore, Fire breathing, ferocious ]

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Sea Sponges as a Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis

- Breath in…breath out…this simple action is second nature to a majority of people. However for those effected by the Cystic Fibrosis this action becomes a constant struggle, where it can feel like trying to get a ton of bricks off of your chest with every breath. Cystic fibrosis is most common inherited disorder among Caucasian people. The disease, which begins in infancy, afflicts more than 25,000 Americans and causes more than 500 deaths every year. Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal inherited genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the CFTR gene which results in alterations to ion-channel selectivity, specifically those of chloride channels....   [tags: breathing, salt, anti-biofilm]

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The Clinical Description of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

- Clinical Description – A child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy usually express symptoms before the age of 6, but can appear as early as infancy. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a disorder that progressively increases with severity as the patient gets older. There are several symptoms involved in the disorder. Fatigue and muscle weakness our common symptoms. Muscle weakness usually begins in the pelvis and leg region and occur less severely in the arms and neck. As a result, a child with the disorder has trouble with motor skills like walking, running, jumping, skipping, etc....   [tags: disorder, breathing, steroids]

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Abnormality of the Heart Known as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

- The human heart is a remarkable organ. It has several functions in order to help humans sustain life each and every day. One of its biggest responsibilities is to pump oxygen and nutrient rich blood to areas of the body to tolerate all of life’s activities. Autonomic functions such as breathing require the heart to function properly. Averaging the size of a human fist, it continuously pumps around five quarts of blood each minute, or roughly 2,000 gallons every single day. Every second of the day, one’s heart is constantly working and how hard it has to work can be a determining factor on one’s health....   [tags: organ, breathing, pathways]

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Describing the Human Respiratory System

- ... The alveolar ducts and alveoli consist primarily of simple squamos epithelium, which permits rapid diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Bronchioles The conducting zone includes all respiratory passages from the nasal cavity to the terminal bronchioles; they conduct air to and from the lungs. Respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts and sacs, and alveoli which have thin walls through which gas exchanges are made with pulmonary capillary blood are respiratory zone structures. Alveoli The alveoli are located in the respiratory zone of the lungs, at the distal termination of the alveolar ducts and atria....   [tags: human anatomy, breathing]

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Disability of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

- COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and is a major cause of disability. Millions of middle aged-adult and older adults are diagnosed with COPD. “Over the past decades chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has become widespread and is now the fourth leading cause of morbidity and mortality on a worldwide basis” (Hellem, Bruugsgaard, & Bergland, 2012, p. 206). This disease is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe. As time goes on the symptoms will get worse. Most people with COPD have both emphysema and chronic bronchitis....   [tags: breathing, smoking, health]

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Anaesthetic Machine and Airway Equipment

- This essay describes how the anaesthetic machine and airway management equipment are prepared in operating theatres and discusses how they are ensured safe for use. It evaluates the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) guidelines related to safe practice and the preparation of the ET tubes, laryngeal masks, guedels, Naso pharyngeal airways and the laryngoscope. The function of the anaesthetic workstation is to deliver a mixture of anaesthetic agents and gases safely to the patient during the induction process and throughout surgery....   [tags: laryngeal masks, supporting breathing]

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Progressive Rekaxation Technique for Anxiety

- Children with anxiety present unique challenges as they interact with the world around them. Here are some of the common ways that anxiety manifests in children: They tend to worry a lot about seemingly inconsequential issues. They experience sleep disturbances – having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or sleeping too much. They experience physical symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, and headaches. They can be moody and are difficult to get along with. They get upset easily. They have excessive anger....   [tags: children, parents, breathing]

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Tissue Regeneration in the Lung

- Tissue regeneration in the lung Basic function of the lung The lungs are a significant organ in the body. Lungs permit the breathing process. They allow oxygen into the body and also remove carbon dioxide. The lung is a soft organ that is protected by the ribcage. Two lungs are contained in the chest, a right and left lung for each side of the chest. They are further divided into lobes and segments and are mostly involved in the gas exchange at the alveolar level (Diaz-Medonza et al. 2013). Lungs are able to expand, when expanding air is drawn in, and bound back to their original position and size when air is leaving....   [tags: breathing process, carbon dioxide]

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Sleep Apnea- Sleep Disorder

- Overview Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is very serious and dangerous to the human body. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder when an individual repeatedly go through a cycle of stopping and starting breaths (Harms, 2013). According to Myers (2011), 1 in 20 of Americans have sleep apnea (p. 92). Another statistic that is interesting is about every night, approximately 50 million Americans suffers with breathing cessations. In addition to that statement, this cycle can continue numerous of times for at least forty seconds or even longer....   [tags: Sleeping Habits, Breathing, Disorder]

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Physical Fitness and Diving

- Diving has gotten away from the stereotype based on the early days of diving, that it is a rough and tough sport requiring extreme endurance and strength. Today it is viewed as an activity done by both men and women and even children. While diving is promoted as a leisure sport, it is still a sport. One that takes an amount of physical activity. We start by carrying heavy tanks on our backs. We are in constant motion for the entire dive. Even breathing is a more difficult as we must overcome the additional pressure on our body as we expand our chest....   [tags: breathing, cardiovascular, sports]

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Yoga Practices: Ujjayi Breath

- Ujjayi breath is a technique employed in a wide range of yoga practices and it is typically done in combination with asana (poses). Mastering this breathing technique will deepen your practice, calm your mind and strengthen your body. The Ujjayi breath is said to be very close the way that a newborn baby breathes, and learning to do it correctly will benefit you in many ways. How To Do The Ujjayi Breath Before adding the Ujjayi breath to your yoga practice, try to do it while seated on your mat in a crosslegged position....   [tags: breathing technique, asana]

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Learn How You Breathe When You Talk

- ... Complete 3 breathing cycles (exhale and inhale). -Step 2: Now speed up the breathing session a little bit, by counting to 4 when you inhale and then 4 again when you exhale. Complete 3 breathing cycles. We will call counting to 10 or counting to 4 your breathing rhythm. -Step 3: As you carry on breathing by counting to 4 each time you inhale and then exhale, start humming smoothly (make sure not to put any pressure on your vocal cords). Stop before starting a new breathing cycle and count to 5....   [tags: Human voice, Larynx, Respiration, Breathing]

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Early Stages Detection of Asthma in Children

- A bout of breathing difficulty in people gasping to breathe is a painful sight among asthmatics. Statistics say more than 25million people in this world including 6.5 million children are suffering from this problematic condition which can be life threatening at times. The figure is constantly on rise and children are the most vulnerable individuals to diagnose with this medical condition. Asthma is an allergic condition of the upper respiratory tract consisting of lungs and connecting airways....   [tags: breathing, allergic condition, relief drugs]

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Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

- During a severe blizzard, a 25 year-old Caucasian woman named Linda arrives at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA after being in labor for over thirty hours at home. Being only 28 weeks pregnant, she was hoping that her contractions would be able to be stopped. Unfortunately the delivery was not able to be interrupted and she delivered a premature baby boy named David at 28 weeks gestation; weighing only 1400 grams. Due to the difficult labor, and baby David being a Frank breech, David was delivered via caesarian section....   [tags: premature babies, breathing, health]

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The Effects of Exercise

- The Effect of Exercise on Breathing, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Introduction The human respiratory system function is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body. The human circulatory system function is to transport blood from the heart to the various tissues of the body. The components of the human circulatory system include the heart, blood, and blood vessel (M.J. Farabee 2007). Blood pressure is typically written as Systolic/Diastolic. A normal blood pressure range for an adult in Systolic is less than 120 and in diastolic is less than 80....   [tags: Breathing, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate]

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A Polygraph Test

- A polygraph test can record a person's breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure, perspiration and other significant physiological changes that suggest a person is lying, but it should not be used as evidence in a court of law because it does not provide reliable proof of a person's physical reaction to the stress of lying. A lie detector is a machine that tries to detect if a person is lying (“Lie detector.”31 of 2). Over the centuries different people and cultures have tried to find a way to see if someone is lying....   [tags: breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure]

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Learning to Breathe

- Learning to Breathe Up until a few years ago, I used to think it was silly when I would complain to someone about something trivial and they would say to me, “At least you have your health”--as if that were supposed to be some kind of consolation. I guess I thought I’d always be healthy and besides, at eighteen years old, you don’t really consider or plan around it when looking at your future. There’s school, love life, social life, and work—no room for bad health, really. I had always just considered my health to be somewhere ticking along in the background, until I reached the magical age of forty, when it would totally fail and I would start to experience all those awful thi...   [tags: Personal Narrative Breathing Medical Papers]

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Confusion in the Use Procedures of Inhalation Devices

- Currently, there are three major types of aerosol generators frequently used in the treatment of airway disease. This includes metered-dose inhalers, dry-powder inhalers and small-volume nebulizers. A variation of the metered-dose inhaler is the breath-actuated MDI (pMDI), designed to synchronize inhalation and actuation. Another category includes holding chambers and spacers, though these are used in combination with metered-dose inhalers to improve effectiveness of the drug being administered....   [tags: dosing, breathing, delivery]

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Mars: Is Life Possible?

- In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. …Then, God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the Earth.” Genesis 1: 1, 27-28 According to these verses, God created man in His image to inhabit the Earth, not to dwell on Mars....   [tags: assisted breathing, red planet]

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Who Is The For The Non Breaching Party?

- ... As a precaution to any immoral or indecent behavior Mr. Napier might exhibit, which would reflect negatively on PADD, a morality clause was included. The morality clause would allow PADD to cancel the contract at any time due to substandard behavior. Lastly, if Mr. Napier failed to preform, he would be responsible for PADD’s attorney’s fees and costs related to the breach (Williams, 2014). Mr. Napier executed the contract, meaning that he “performed fully as stipulated in the contract document” to a crowd of 800 registered members (Executed Contract, n.d.)....   [tags: Contract, Breach of contract, Negotiation]

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Social Norm Of Making Eye Contact

- ... I also would stand directly in front of someone and look at everything but their face, and carry on a normal conversation. Most of the time that I would complete some of my research was at my job. I picked this setting because I figure that I would be around a greater array of people, young and old, male and female, by doing this I could have a better sample population for my data collection to further generalize my findings while doing this study. I took my notes by writing the different reactions on receipt paper that I had access to at the time, or I would wait until I got back to my dorm room and write down what I remembered about what happened while I was at work....   [tags: Sociology, Norm, Breaching experiment]

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The Neural System Of The Human Body

- The neural system underlies every action of the human body—every thought made, every word spoken, every breath taken. Therefore, the proper function of the neural system allows for appropriate breathing for speech production. The ability to produce speech enables one to carry out their desire to communicate. So as the neural system governs one’s body, speech governs the world around them, specifically in terms of communication. However, not everyone has the capability to regulate their breathing....   [tags: Brain, Nervous system, Respiratory physiology]

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Personal Narrative: Reflections of a Nursing Student

- Introduction As a nursing student, my job has been very involving. In my career, I have recognized that I play a major role of offering intensive care to patients who are recovering from surgery. I have managed to help a couple of patients regain consciousness and also am responsible for managing their condition until they are discharged. My responsibilities in post-anesthesia unit included the following: My Roles in Post-Anesthesia Unit My first role was to monitor patients who were out of theatre....   [tags: Care Plan, Critical Thinking]

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Managing Sickle Cell Pain With Music Therapy

- ... As stated by Cowan, breathing exercises are a method of relaxation that can be incorporated into the music therapy intervention. An example of this is deep breathing, which can assist sickle cell patients in controlling and managing the stress and anxiety that come with the pain of the disease. Along with this, deep breathing can help improve circulation and lessen pain which will lead to relaxation. Focusing on the breath helps to focus the body. Because of this, the health therapist works with the patient to focus on his or her breathing with or without music by inhaling air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth Abdominal, or diaphragmatic breathing, can help relax the body....   [tags: Sickle-cell disease, Red blood cell, Respiration]

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The Role Of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation And Cpr

- ... Remember C-A-B CAB is an acronym used by the American Heart Association to help people remember the order, compressions, airway, and breathing. Step one: Compressions to restore blood circulation 1. Place the person on a firm surface 2. Kneel next to the person’s neck and shoulders 3. Place the heel of one of your hands over the center of the chest right between the nipples. The other hand should be placed on top of your first hand. Keep the elbows straight and position your shoulder right above your hands....   [tags: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, First aid]

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Why Specialized Care for Sleep Apnea is Important

- Many people are not aware that they stop breathing for a few seconds while they are asleep. Sometimes, these episodes consist of marked reduction in airflow, brief pauses in breathing that may last at least ten seconds, or complete stops in breathing for short periods. This condition is better known as sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that is common among adults and frequently results in a significant reduction in blood oxygenation. Specialized Care for Sleep Apnea Affected individuals are often not aware of their condition, but their bed partner, spouse or room mates may notice that they snore loudly, stop breathing for short periods, gasp for air, suddenly wake up and fall back to sleep....   [tags: snore loudly, airway pressure, surgery]

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The Fascinating Respiratory System

- Breathing, coughing, sneezing… All these actions are controlled by the fascinating respiratory system. Your respiratory system does all sorts of things in order to keep the intake of oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide running smoothly. After reading this piece, maybe you will think differently of the respiratory system. When you inhale, the air travels from the mouth and nose to the larynx and down the trachea, a tube that is right next to the passage foods take. The trachea stretches down to the chest cavity, and splits into two tubes called the bronchi....   [tags: oxygen, lungs, smoking]

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Taking a Closer Look at Yoga

- Yoga is the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India with a view to accomplish a state of everlasting peace. Peace that pregnant women need when baring a child in their womb. Many pregnant women are doing yoga because it can relax their bodies and mind, as well as learning different breathing techniques that they can use when giving birth. Nora Isaacs a senior editor at Yoga Journal explains that while performing poses of yoga there is also a gesture called Namaste that is achieved by bring your palms together in prayer at your heart center to feel a sense of beginning or completion....   [tags: physical, mental and spiritual practices]

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Providing CPR in a Health Care Setting

- PROVIDING CPR IN A HEALTHCARE SETTING First aid can be defined as the temporary and immediate care given to a person who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill. First aid includes recognizing life-threatening conditions and taking effective action to keep the injured or ill person alive and in the best possible condition until medical treatment can be obtained. Therefore, one of the most important jobs of a First Aider is to supply basic life support, which includes artificial ventilation and circulation....   [tags: first-aid, cariac arrest, ventilation]

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Investigating The Mechanisms Of Carbon Dioxide Transport

- pH, which stands for potential hydrogen, is the measurement of a substances hydrogen ion concentration. Once measured on the pH scale you are able to determine if the solution is acidic, neutral or basic. Image 1: pH scale 4. Explain how blowing air into the water caused the change in pH in the water. A part of external respiration involves the movement of carbon dioxide from the blood into the alveoli of the lungs, by diffusion down the pressure gradient, and it is then expelled through breathing (Farley, Hendry, Johnstone & Mc Lafferty, 2013)....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Blood, PH, Oxygen]

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Providing CPR in a Healthcare Setting

- PROVIDING CPR IN A HEALTHCARE SETTING First aid can be defined as the temporary and immediate care given to a person who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill. First aid includes being able to recognize life-threatening conditions and take effective action to keep the injured or ill person alive and in the best possible condition until medical treatment can be obtained. Therefore, one of the most important jobs of a First Aider is to supply basic life support, which includes artificial ventilation and circulation....   [tags: life support, artificial ventilation, circulation]

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Measuring the Vital Capacity and Total Lung Capacity on Human Lungs

- Title: Measuring the vital capacity and total lung capacity on human lungs Objectives: To investigate the effect of gender on vital capacity and total lung capacity on human lungs. To develop problem solving and experimental skills, for example, information is accurately processed and presented, experimental procedures are planned, designed and evaluated properly, producing valid results, recording results, and a valid conclusion is drawn. To develop techniques of using a portable spirometer....   [tags: medical, experiment, pulmonary, medicine]

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Fatal Genetic Disorder: Lou Gehrig's Disease

- Many people with ALS fear death from the start of it. Once you hear you have ALS you think death because there is no cure. The disease literally picks you apart, killing certain parts of your body over time. This rare, fatal genetic disorder can be fearful and helpful at the same time. The helpful part is that ALS brings out the best in people. 5 of every 100,000 people worldwide are affected by ALS. Living with people with their condition is hard. With no cure for this, people have to live life to the fullest....   [tags: death, symptoms, lung, choking]

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Sleep Apne A Common Disorder

- ... It can also cause chronic headaches and weight gain. The lack of quality of sleep can lead to memory loss and even impotence in many cases. Not just that, it increases sleepiness during the day and can cause fatigue. Sleep apnea also increases the chance accidents on the road and deterioration in job performance. Good news is that sleep apnea can be treated very effectively. This review of literature will focus on the pathophysiology of sleep apnea and different treatment plans with their advantages and disadvantages....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep apnea, Sleep disorder]

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Common Causes of Snoring

- My Dad had a snoring problem. I can still remember nights as a child hearing what sounded like a diesel truck driving through the house. This "diesel truck" was of course my Father, snoring away, much to the chagrin of the rest of the household. His snoring would often be too loud for my Mother to sleep in the same room, which is completely understandable when you take into account that I could hear his snoring from across the entire house. Since his snoring was such an imposing force on my childhood, I sought an answer to the question: why do people snore....   [tags: blockages, nasal passageway]

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What Is Flaccid Dysarthria?

- ... al., 2012). The number of post-inhalation gulps varies based on the individual (Johansson et al., 2011). The client performs repetitions of insuffilation maneuver for several gulps throughout a session (McKeever & Miller, 2002). Although rare, fainting or fatigue is possible as a result of consistent repetitions. It is often necessary to utilize warming-up exercises at the inception of each session because repetitions can be physically demanding (Johansson et. al., 2011). Integrating glossopharyngeal inhalations into conversational speech as an augmentative respiratory technique can be difficult (Johansson et....   [tags: lower motor neurons damage]

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Understanding ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

- Research essay (ALS) An individual diagnosed with a terminal illness has one major battle to fight. Families of terminally ill patients suffer significant effects related to an illness, forcing some households to have large debts and making them unable to afford food and other necessaries. One specific terminal illness is called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS is a disease affecting the human nervous system like the brain, muscles, and spinal cord. It is a deadly disease that cripples and kills its victims....   [tags: research paper, medical]

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The Anatomy and Physiology of Respiratory System and the Diagnosis of Asthma

- Respiration consists mainly of two processes.Respiration Internal or cellular respiration is the process by which glucose or other small molecules are oxidized to produce energy: this requires oxygen and generates carbon dioxide. External respiration (breathing) involves simply the stage of taking oxygen from the air and returning carbon dioxide to it. “Anatomy and Functions of Respiratory System and its Components” The respiratory tract, where external respiration occurs, starts at the nose and mouth....   [tags: respiration, asthma, oxygen]

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Sleep Insomni A Serious Problem For A Lot Of People

- ... Change in your lifestyle can have a big impact on being able to get to sleep. For example you could start to work from home during the evenings and that would make it hard to unwind or if you decide to take a nap that can make it harder to fall asleep at night. There are a lot of treatments that have been found to help with sleep amsonia. One treatment is sleeping medication from your doctor to help you fall asleep. Also secondly since insomnia is usually caused by a previous medical condition, you can try to correct it and if you can 't you usually have to go to behavioral classes....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep apnea, Sleep disorder, Sleep medicine]

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Top Ten Methods For Dealing With, and Relieving Stress.

- Stress is a huge issue that affects everybody both directly and indirectly. There are two basic forms of stress. Eustress which is considered a good form of stress and Distress which is the better known, negative form of stress. Chronic negative stress can have a serious impact on one’s health, life, and productivity. I have personally seen what impacts stress can have on myself, family, and others so I felt compelled to research and write this article in hopes of helping others out with dealing with stress....   [tags: Mental Health]

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Treatment of a Thick Mucus Found in the Lung

- ... Sometimes it will be hard, psychologically, to maintain the treatment routine. Then is when most support and encouragement from close people is needed. The techniques must be prescribed and instructed by an expert physiotherapist, this is only a summary to have an idea of the basis of these methods. The techniques used depend on each patient and the physiotherapist in charge of the treatment. However, the commonest ones are: Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques This active breathing technique is performed by the patient himself, comprising three different steps: • Breathing Control: This period consists in relaxed breathing which allows pauses for rest and helps avoiding any...   [tags: disease, repeated infection]

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How Sleep Disorders Change a Day and Night

- Imagine being that person who can't fall asleep or not having control over when you're about to fall asleep, these might be scenario but for “100 million Americans who suffer from these disorders” it’s reality. This is a medical condition called somnipathy or more commonly known as a sleep disorder, which can affect a persons sleeping pattern if there are severe effects. There are many sleep disorders but the most common ones people know about are Insomnia, Sleep apnea, night terrors, and Narcolepsy....   [tags: symnipathy. REM. insomnia]

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The Importance of Learning CPR

- Let's hope you are never in a situation where someone is in need of CPR. CPR stands for "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation". If you are CPR certified, you then have the ability to save an individuals life. As an Emergency Medical Technician,I went through special training, where I was required to have learn how to preform CPR. Idealistically, CPR should be performed only by people who have received proper training, however, brain damage can occur within minutes without oxygen. If no one else can help, follow these instructions to perform CPR....   [tags: EMT, medical, medicine]

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Asthma and Its Types

- What do Steve Allen, Bill Clinton, Dennis Rodman, Lindsay Lohan, Billy Joel and Ludwig Van Beethoven all have in common. They all have or had Asthma. Asthma has been part of the world for many of years and anyone can have Asthma. According to the Center for Disease Control 18.7 million adults and 7.1 million children in the United States alone suffer from Asthma. Over 3,300 people die from Asthma each year. Asthma is also called hyperactive airway disease. It affects the airways (breathing tubes)....   [tags: Respiratory, Disease]

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Mental Health Clinical Reflection

- Clinical Reflection Paper My experience in mental health clinical was very different from any other clinical I had before. In a mental health clinical setting, I am not only treating client’s mental illnesses, I am also treating their medical problems such as COPD, diabetes, chronic renal failure, etc. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the unexpected events. In this mental health clinical, I learned that the importance of checking on my clients and making sure that they are doing fine by performing a quick head-to toes assessment at the beginning of my shift....   [tags: setting, prepare, clients, illness]

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The Respiratory System

- The respiratory system is a complex organ structure of the human body anatomy, and the primary purpose of this system is to supply the blood with oxygen in order for the blood vessels to carry the precious gaseous element to all parts of the body to accomplish cell respiration. The respiratory system completes this important function of breathing throughout inspiration. In the breathing process inhaling oxygen is essential for cells to metabolize nutrients and carry out some other tasks, but it must occur simultaneously with exhaling when the carbon dioxide is excreted, this exchange of gases is the respiratory system's means of getting oxygen to the blood (McGowan, Jefferies & Turley, 2004)...   [tags: Biology, Anatomy]

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Critical Incident Analysis

- Before the clinical start, I did my regular preparation for the following clinical days on week 3. I thought I was well prepared for the clinical, I knew the client’s mental and medical conditions. But I was more focusing on the client’s mental illness and not his medical illness, so when the nurse came to me and told me that client W was experiencing shortness of breath, I was a bit shock because I was not expected the unexpected events. Brief Introduction To The Clinical Situation On my first day of second week clinical, it was the first day of having two clients in one shift....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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The Respiratory System: A Review of the System, Its Components, and Diseases That Can Affect It

- ... The nose filters and provides a passageway for air on its way to the lungs. The nose leads to the pharynx, which is also known as the throat. It is a passageway for both air and food. It is divided into two sections, the trachea and the esophagus. The trachea diverts air from the nose to the lungs. It has a flap called the epiglottis to cover the opening of the trachea so food and liquid do not get into the lungs. Below the pharynx and on top of the trachea is the larynx, also known as the voicebox....   [tags: organs, tissues, lungs]

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Effect of Inhaling Various Concentrations of CO2 on Electrical Activity of the Heart

- Effect of Inhaling Various Concentrations of CO2 on Electrical Activity of the Heart The human body functions best in a relatively stable environment. Deviations out of the acceptable ranges of tolerance have unpleasant consequences. In such a way, drastic changes in the air humans breathe have calamitous effects of body. Respiration is the basis for gas exchange, as oxygen is inhaled and carbon dioxide is exhaled. In some settings such as in small, enclosed rooms, when oxygen consumption exceeds production, or with diseases such COPD, humans breathe in dangerously high concentrations of CO2....   [tags: cardiopulmonary analysis]

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Addiction : The Serious Dangers Of Abusing Opioids

- ... Opioids are sedating and nauseating. While sedated, vomit can fill the lungs (aspiration) literally drowning the person. • Using stimulants such as cocaine along with an opioid. Stimulants can entice a person to overuse opioids ( On its own, cocaine can cause a heart attack or stroke ( • Combining risks. For example, injecting (risk # 1) heroin (risk # 2) adulterated with fentanyl (risk # 3) after a period of abstinence (risk # 4) at too high a dose (risk # 5) while using alcohol (risk # 6) and cocaine (risk # 7) in a 50-year-old person (risk # 8) with breathing problems from smoking (risk # 9) is likely fatal....   [tags: First aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Naloxone]

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Overcoming Insomnia: The Effects of Relaxation Techniques

- Stress has often been associated with difficulty falling asleep. “Every night, millions of Americans settle themselves into bed for the sleep they fell they desperately need but they know will not come” (Machlowitz, 1981). They toss and turn in bed, hoping for sleep to overtake them so that they can awaken fresh, not bleary, the following morning. Sleep problems include “difficulty falling asleep, fragmented sleep, and recurrent and frequent nightmares” (Sadeh, Keinan, & Daon, 2004, p. 542). Numerous studies have been done on the causes of insomnia because an estimated 75 million Americans have difficulty falling asleep (Machlowitz, 1981)....   [tags: Diseases/Disorders]

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Music Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- 1. INTRODUCTION “A Person cannot be diagnosed with PTSD without having experienced a traumatic event.” (Hunt and McHale, 2010, p.13). The purpose of this essay is to discuss how Music Therapy can be used to help veterans suffering from PTSD to cope with their traumatic experiences and manage their symptoms. I will define PTSD, then in further detail explore and explain how music therapy can be used to treat and manage the symptoms of PTSD. Finally, I will evaluate if Music Therapy is a suitable intervention for helping veterans treat the symptoms of PTSD....   [tags: Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Restless Legs Syndrome

- ... Known Correlations Out of the general population 30% of adult from a variety of countries reported in having symptoms of Insomnia Disorder (Roth, 2007). Third of Americans have reported in having symptoms of insomnia, such has struggles of fall asleep, maintain sleep, wakening too early, and worrying when it becomes time to go to bed at night. Studies found that between ages 18 and 65 reported in 4.4% of difficulty falling asleep, 6.9% reported in maintain sleep and 4% in being awaken too early (Lopez, Robaina, & Rotenberg, 2012)....   [tags: Sleep, Insomnia, Sleep disorder, Sleep deprivation]

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The Human Respiratory System and Smoking

- ... It is predominant in the lower half of the lungs and destroys the entire alveolus uniformly. Panacinar emphysema “generally is observed in patients with homozygous alpha1-antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency. In people who smoke, focal panacinar emphysema at the lung bases may accompany centriacinar emphysema” (Demirjian 1). The third type of emphysema is called paraseptal emphysema, also known as distal acinar emphysema. This type involves the distal airway structures, alveolar ducts, and alveolar sacs....   [tags: emphysema, air sacs]

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Stress Management

- Stress, we all struggle with it. We know it can shorten our lives, age us too early, make us miserable and unhealthy- yet we cannot seem to getaway it. I would like to begin my paper with a little description of myself. After spending years of training for a career in accounting, I truly had no idea about science. Even though I have been trying to live healthy by eating the right food and doing regular exercise, I had no idea how much damage stress has been causing me both physically and mentally....   [tags: personal narrative, health, science]

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