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The Biblical Basis for Business Enterprise

- Have a minute. Great, because the skills I learned from the past five weeks are immeasurable and would like to share with you. I believe these skills are life changing, they were for me. I am 49 years old, yes, 49. I cannot believe it myself. I am like so many others. I got to this point in my life and wonder, what is my purpose in life. What do I want out of my life. Where am I headed in life. You don't have time to waste. So start managing your life effectively, living a life of purpose, stewardship, and remember to fill your tank....   [tags: biblical view of work and vocation]

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The Structure of Biblical Authority

- In his book, Structure of Biblical Authority, Meredith Kline explains, describes, and defends the suzerain-vassal paradigm of the biblical covenant and canon of Scripture. Scripture’s authority, according to Kline is not merely related to its ontology (that God has spoken it); but in its basic economic form, Scripture is a covenantal document and therefore is authoritative. It is through this covenant that God binds himself to his covenant people and they to him. As our covenant suzerain, God sovereignly rules his vassals with covenant stipulations....   [tags: Meredith Kline, Biblical Covenants]

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Biblical Leprosy's Affect on Cultural Societies of the Time

- The Bible is widely regarded as perhaps the most influential text in the record of human history. Both Judaism and Christianity hold the Bible in high spiritual regard, due to its functions as the basis for these two respective religions. The Bible serves as a single divine anthology, comprised of a series of books that have been meticulously composed by hundreds of authors over hundreds of years (Armstrong 2007). Over the course of human history, the stories, lessons, and parables found within the Bible have had significant impact on societies all around the world....   [tags: biblical studies]

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An Overview of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

- The world, today, has a fascination with mental illnesses. These illnesses range from clinical depression to schizophrenia to bipolar disorder. Diagnoses of these illnesses are rising rapidly, and the world finds little help from the standard treatment: psychotropic medication and/or counseling therapy. Of relevant concern to the Christian today is the topic of mental illness and the treatment thereof. This paper will explore the difference between secular treatment of mental illnesses and biblical treatment, focusing especially on the history and ministry of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors....   [tags: secular counseling, biblical treatment]

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Christian Symbolism & Biblical Imagery in Macbeth

- Many authors share a common thread in their writing, allusions to biblical concepts. The Bible is one of the most influential texts of all time and its presence can seen seen through countless pieces of literature.. One of the best examples of a literary work that has been fashioned after biblical elements is The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. “Christian philosophy' says Walter C. Curry ' recognizes two tragedies of cosmic importance: (1) the fall of Lucifer and a third part of the angelic hosts, who rebelled against God and were cast out, and (2) the fall of Adam who was originally endowed with perfection and freedom but who set his will against God and so brought sin and li...   [tags: biblical allusions in Macbeth]

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Biblical Allusions in Melville's Moby Dick

- In The Town-Ho’s Story, Melville uses many different types of figurative devices to describe the relationship between Steelkilt and Radney. Radney is known and described as the inferior, yet higher ranked, mate, while Steelkilt is described as the more respectable, but lower ranked mate. Melville faintly, yet noticeably relates Moby Dick as a God and Steelkilt as Jesus. Such clever biblical allusions accurately describe Moby Dick and Steelkilt and although Melville does not give any biblical significance to Radney, the readers can still clearly visualize Radney’s character....   [tags: Biblical Allusions, Melville, Moby Dick,]

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Counselling: Providing Biblical Hope and Practical Help

- 1. Background Information & Gathering data Theresa is 50 years old and is in good health. She has been happily married for the last 20 years and lives with her husband Ron, who due to a disability no longer works. They have two school going daughters, whose ages are 14 & 12. Theresa grew up in a well to do family; she is regularly in touch with her 3 siblings, 2 brothers and a sister. Her family is important to her and she shares a close relationship with her husband. She did a Masters in accounting studies, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has been very successful in her career....   [tags: Biblical Counselling Essays]

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The Biblical Type Of A Good Sheriff

- ... Greek epics are different in a sense that they are more descriptive, while biblical type scenes are not. In a biblical narrative they will not put an entire timeline of a character in the Bible because it is unnecessary. Instead it would be more beneficial to put the peak of their story or the time that they were with God. This is why in the Old Testament we see the timelines of most characters fast forward years ahead to the time that is valuable to the reader. Alter also brings up the type scene of betrothal....   [tags: Bible, Old Testament, Tanakh, Hebrew Bible]

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Foundations of Biblical Justice and Law

- In life, people are aware of many prospective of justice and the law. Often, people will reflect on the similarities and their differences but not truly knowing how they work. What becomes questionable is whether justice is law or law is justice. Then I shall try to indicate as clearly as possible the different views of justice and the law from a biblical view and from man’s ideal. Theological Definition Justice Justice has various forms within the bible and our society. Its most basic meaning is treat mankind with love, respect and equitably....   [tags: goodness and impartiality]

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Biblical Character in the Life of Barnabas

- As we first meet Joses, in the book of Acts, we learn much about his person. Joses, who we are told was surnamed Barnabas by the Apostles, must have spent a considerable amount of time with them, considering he had received a surname from them. Certainly, even in the free for all social climates that we have in society today, one would not deliberately call someone Fred when his given name was Lawrence unless their be great affection among these acquaintances. Most likely, because Barnabas was a Levite, he may have had previous interactions with the other apostles and through these interactions; they were able to view God’s development of his character....   [tags: Religion, The Book of Acts]

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Biblical Inerrancy And Authority Of Scripture

- ... He then begins to explain the theology of inspiration or biblical inspiration, which by definition means, the divine action stimulating the human authors of the biblical books to produce their work, and the divine charism bestowed upon the biblical authors, enabling them to produce those literary works which make up part of the Bible…is to be conceived as a divine grace guiding all individuals involved in the process and bringing about as its final product the canonical text of the book in question” (Farkasfalvy, 2010, p....   [tags: Bible, Christianity, Religious text, Torah]

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The Three Paradigms of Biblical Studies

- ... Specifically, archeologists conduct excavations in order to uncover records from Israel so that the data may be studied by historians, while other archeologists incorporate literary records with the archaeological data to reconstruct the period in which the biblical narratives took place. This process is long and tedious as most data may be difficult to relate to literary materials. Also due to the religious nature of the Biblical narrative, studying supernatural events may prove to be ineffective using traditional methods....   [tags: the Hebrew Bible, text analysis]

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The Purpose of the Biblical Flood narrative

- The Old Testament can be described as “an anthology of the literature of ancient Israel and early Judaism” (Coogen 2008) that contains many forms of writings and stories which address not only myth, main historical events and laws, but also those that follow the Israelites unique relationship with God. The first book of the Old Testament is known as Genesis, which is highly concerned with the world’s creation and its initial stages. It is also the origin of the biblical Flood Narrative concerning Noah and the Ark....   [tags: Theology, Religion]

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Through the Lens of Biblical Truth

- This analysis will focus on Lord Sexsmith, a character who struggles with his own belief. In order to understand this character and the various events that occur throughout this novel, support will be provided from various scriptures found in the bible, scholarly articles, and my own experience growing up in a religious family. The approach I am applying is reader response, which will help provide the readers with a detailed image of how this character can be analyzed through a biblical perspective....   [tags: lord sexsmith, bible, icefields, faith]

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The Biblical Foundation For Interpersonal Communication

- ... The greatness privilege of being a child of God is a relationship. A relationship with God explains the mature or immature level of communication perceived to help in a person’s growth. So, the suggested theoretical component that aid basic communication is preferably preparation. Without preparation, other aids are relevant. Other aids include, visual, conciseness, and being able to relate. Other forms of basic communication consist of handout, demonstration or illustration, and lectures. These aids hold a foundations of shaping a philosophy of communication through activeness, written, and revelation....   [tags: Jesus, God in Christianity, Communication, God]

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The Biblical Principles Of The Bible

- ... Looking at the whole story of the prodigal son, none of the theories offered by Adler apply to this case; this does not mean that Adler is wrong, it is just that his theory does not coincide with any specific Biblical principles that this student can compare to. Personality Development and Critique Childhood (ages 1-12) Alfred Adler suggested that children who were neglected or rejected by their parents develop feelings of worthlessness. (Schultz & Schultz, 2013 p.129) For this student, perhaps this was the case, been the oldest of nine children made it difficult for this student 's parents to give their attention to all children....   [tags: Alfred Adler, Psychology, Personality psychology]

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Taking a Look at the Biblical Worldview

- Those who read the book of Romans will come to realize that it is a letter to the people of Rome who follow the Lord. Within the first eight chapters of the letter Paul tells of his desire to visit Rome, the sin of mankind, God’s wrath against mankind, God’s judgment against mankind, and God’s righteousness. Throughout the first eight chapters are teachings regarding the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. Each of the teachings from chapters one through eight can help mold and give structure to a Christian’s biblical worldview....   [tags: religious beliefs]

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The Biblical Worldview With The Islamic Worldview

- ... 279). In addition to, how we see “worldview” we should also think about some important questions and how our lives we will effected by these questions. Have you ever wondered about how life began or how mankind came into existence. When I think of this I am automatically drawn to God’s holy Word; The Bible. There are many verses/books that deal with our origins. Let me begin with how life began, ever since I was a little girl I have been raised knowing that the Lord created everything. I have never questioned this belief because it was instilled in me since I was born....   [tags: Islam, God, Religion, Torah]

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The Biblical Narrative Of God

- ... Throughout the Old Testament we see God directly interacting with his people and directing the course of their lives and the course of history. Through these interactions we discover that God is loyal, just, and in control. Through the stories in the Old Testament we read of important people in the biblical narrative. We read of the story of Moses, how he failed over and over again to get Pharaoh to release God’s people. This relationship between Moses and God established the Israelites as God’s people....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of Matthew, Bible]

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Biblical Worldview Of The Natural World

- ... Romans 1:28 shows that people choose sin over God (Rom. 1:28-32, NIV). They do this even when they know that God is a just God and will punish those who sin. God’s righteous judgment is based on truth (Rom. 2:2, NIV). He promises to judge people according to their sins (Rom. 2:5-6, NIV). A person’s righteousness comes through faith in Jesus Christ (Rom. 3:22-24, NIV). Abraham is an example of a person in Biblical history who trusted God and was considered righteous. God had the power to fulfill His promise of making Abraham a father of many nations (Rom....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, God, Holy Spirit]

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The Biblical Model of Education

- Strategy Applications The Biblical model for education is first found within the context of the family, of which is articulated within Deuteronomy 6:1-25. The church however, coinciding with the missional objective of the Christian family, must assist in ways to recapture and reinforce education through the family. This can be achieved through the learning process when there is as emphasis on affective learning, rather than the more prevalent bent towards cognitive processes (Eldridge, 1995). Therefore, the task of the church is to overcome the prevailing influence of the world which is destroying lives and families at a drastic pace....   [tags: christianity, teaching religion]

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Biblical And Historical Foundations Of Christianity

- ... In honoring the trinity you must come together with true and mutual love for one another. According to Michael Himes in “The Mystery of Faith”, “The best statement of the Trinity is found in the New Testament, in the document that we call the First Letter of John… where we read ‘God is love’” (Himes 6). He believes that this love, or “agape”, is a love which is completely centered on the one loved. One of the Jesuit traditions is “finding God in all things.” The Trinity and this tradition go hand in hand....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, God, Trinity]

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The Problem Of Biblical Illiteracy

- ... Not only were long-time believers gaining Scriptural insight they’d been lacking all their lives, but some church-goers were even saved. Ron never intended for his classes to spread past his own church body, but the results did lead Ron to tell his pastor he felt led to go into full-time ministry. One month later, Ron had quit his job was heading with his wife to their first full-time mission field with Village Missions in Arago, WA. Expanding the program In his six and a half years in Arago, Ron continued teaching the course he’d created, and upon moving to his second Village Missions field in Machias, WA, Ron felt he needed to find a more organized way of doing things....   [tags: Bible, New Testament, Old Testament, Vulgate]

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Biblical Worldview : The Bible

- ... So now we are to live our life to resemble the kind of person Jesus was that is the ultimate fight we have in this world as human beings (Mills, A. M., 2010). "For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law. Nevertheless the death [principle] reined from Ada until Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the likeness of Adam 's transgression, who is a figure of him that was to come" (Rom. 5:13, 14). Human Relationships Paul’s Book of Romans also teaches inspires by biblical view on relationships....   [tags: New Testament, Salvation, Jesus, Christianity]

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The Application Of Biblical Ethics

- ... Accounting also serves the purpose of resolving possible conflicts between parties. Accounting ensures that debtors and creditors agree on the amounts due and that partners and other owners know their share of the earnings. The Bible indicates it in Ecclesiasticus 4:1-2, “These are things you should not be ashamed of—keeping strict accounts with a traveling companion.” The idea here is that these accounts will reduce conflicts between the travelers. The Bible provides evidence in the way of describing how to account for transactions, that is, a particular accounting system is required....   [tags: International Financial Reporting Standards]

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Biblical Allegories in Modern Literature

- ... Ethan has his ultimate downfall and fall into hypocrisy when he admits that “to most of the world success is never bad” which again highlights the damaged ideals of the new world. The ties to the bible are not only shown through the ideals of the sacred text but also through the similarities between the biblical stories and Steinbeck’s texts. The bible and the Christian faith are centered around stories due to their ability to teach a lesson while also making sure that idea is never forgotten....   [tags: criticism to the hypocrisy of modern Christianity]

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A Biblical Look At Marriage

- Just recently Newsweek magazine produced an article which attempted to make a scriptural argument in favor of homosexual marriage. Space would not allow for one to deal with all of the errors that the writer makes in regard to biblical text. If nothing else, it demonstrates the ignorance that many people have in understanding God’s word. It also shows how far people in the media have moved away from fairly and reasonably dealing with a biblical issue. Thus, the article is aimed at proving that conservatives are wrong in maintaining that biblical marriage is between a man and a woman....   [tags: Scripture Analysis]

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Biblical Exegesis of Psalm 89

- The Hebrew Bible, better known as the Old Testament, is a collection of tomes that form part of the Biblical canon. Many scholars around the world do not think that a single author wrote the books contained in the Hebrew Bible, but rather that it represents centuries of stories frequently compiled after the events they describe . The stories were created with visions for the future, in order to allow audiences insight into communities and beliefs that were common thought during their era. The stories responded to the issues and problems of their time, but also addressed contemporary climates....   [tags: The Bible]

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A Biblical Response to Society

- Sociology is an extremely valuable tool in understanding how society and individuals interact, function, develop, and change. The study of sociology seeks to make sense of what occurs in front and behind the scenes in a society. For the purpose of clarification, society is defined as a “comprehensive, territorially based social grouping that includes all the social institutions required to meet basic human needs” (Popenoe, 86). We live in a secular world and in a society permeated with sin. As Christians we need to have a proper, Biblical response to society and the world around us....   [tags: Sociology, Society, Culture]

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The Biblical Teaching Of Marriage

- ... There are some biblical laws concerning marriage. After Levitical law marriage to family is outlawed (Lev. 20:19), marriage to foreigners is considered dangerous (1 Kings 11:1-2-10; 2 Cor. 6:14-15), and both husband and wife are to be submitted to each other (Eph. 5:22-33). In a biblical marriage the husband did not possess his wife until the bride price was paid (Gen. 34:12). Even before this though there was a time of Betrothal to one another. This was a legally binding contract that stated they would remain celibate (Matt....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony, Family]

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Biblical Authority : The Bible

- ... Any faulty facts or discrepancies in grammar or data, should not take away from the value that scripture holds. When we read scripture we bring new meaning of interpretations of the truths God shows us, since new eras and environmental factors will be influential on how we process information. The bible is not just a fact book, telling humans stories of the past, but instead the bible is inspired instructions for how we can deal with spiritual and ethical encounters we face. Since God reveals truth to all humans, we can live in Faith community with one another....   [tags: Bible, Moses, Israelites, Canaan]

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Two Theories of Biblical Counseling

- The book “How to Help People Change” written by author Jay E. Adams was very inspiring to me. It appears to be based totally on the Word of God, which I also support as my personal approach to counseling. Psalms 119:24 King James Version “Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors.” Adams suggests that the process of change can only take place from the inside out (heart) and by using Christian principles. The heart has to be changed in order for a person’s behavior to change. In Psalms 51:6 the Bible states “Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.” When a person knows and conceives the righteous thing to do, the...   [tags: Counseling ]

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Archaeological Proofs of Biblical Inerrance

- Years after Horatio Spafford wrote the song “When Peace Like a River”, he moved to Jerusalem, started a children’s home and eventually adopted a Palestinian boy named Jacob. One day while Jacob was playing with a friend exploring a conduit in Jerusalem, he put his hand out to catch himself from falling and felt some peculiar impressions on the tunnel wall (It is Well). It proved to be an inscription of how the tunnel was build, ostensibly by Hezekiah when an invasion was looming by the Assyrians (KJV, 2 Kings 20:20)....   [tags: Religion]

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The Biblical History of Judaism

- The Biblical History of Judaism Judaism is a religion with an excess of 13 million believers located mainly within the United States and Israel. Of all the religions practiced today, Judaism is one of the oldest. The roots of Judaism can be traced back over 3500 years to the Middle East with a lineage that descends from Abraham as a patriarch. With Abraham as a common ancestor, Judaism is considered one of the Abrahamic faiths alongside Christianity and Islam. The historical events within the Bible of Judaism’s past, all the way back to Abraham, have molded the beliefs and traditions practiced by Jewish adherents today....   [tags: religion, theology, christian]

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Biblical Basis for Jesus’ Humanity

- The Biblical Basis for Jesus’ humanity can be seen in several places in Scripture. We see in John 1:14 “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” This verse stated that God came down in human form. It is also recorded that Jesus was weary, and had to sit down to drink from a well (John4: 6). This shows that Jesus was just like you and me and had human nature. We can also see the humanity of Jesus through his human birth, growing and death....   [tags: flesh, sins, god]

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Creation: Biblical and Other Theories

- Living Stardust To complete God’s masterpiece, the Biblical account states that God created vegetation and living creatures according to their kinds: birds, fish, livestock, creatures that move on the ground, wild animals, and man. Biblical authors were not seasoned biologists or geneticists and obviously did not possess an understanding of microbial organisms, amino acids, proteins, elements, atoms, molecules, cells, chromosomes, genes, DNA, and RNA. They explained the beginnings of life in terms that made sense to them at the time....   [tags: Physics, Evolution]

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Biblical Illusions Used in "Hamlet"

- Some cultures look to the Quran or the Torah, while others read the Bible or the Vedas. Regardless of the religion, these holy books of worship are thought to be the guidelines to mankind’s sense of morality and justice. As Shakespeare argues in Hamlet, however, these classical texts, while thought to be teaching lessons, only expose a darker side to mankind. Despite the supposedly justified search for finality, involving murder, greed, and hypocrisy, driving the actions of characters in Hamlet, Shakespeare uses biblical allusions to highlight man’s innate attraction to sin....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Biblical Context of Left Behind

- I still recall the first time I saw the “Left Behind” movie with the chaotic disappearances of people, the crunching of steel, smoke bellowing from fires, and the little old lady on the plane whose husband had vanished. The book brings back details that vanished along with the people. Page four of the book immediately tells you what is going on as Rayford’s mind drift back and forth between Hattie, the young flight attendant and his wife who is preoccupied with the rapture. It is what I call “church language or church talk” that sets the stage for Tim LeHaye’s bestseller “Left Behind.” The scene continues with Irene’s fixation on the Bible being compared to a Tupperware phase, an aerobic ph...   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Biblical Interpretation Of The Bible

- Context This passage is within Jesus instructing the disciples. Before this section of the passage Jesus is warning them of the persecution that they may face, especially from those in the synagogues. He is encouraging the disciples to remember the things that he has told them. Following the section, the Jesus speaks to them concerning his death, resurrection, and divinity. He explains to them the victory that he has over the world. Throughout the book of John, Jesus is portraying his divinity to the disciples and revealing the truth of the trinity....   [tags: Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity, Paraclete]

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Biblical Authority, By Walter Brueggemann

- ... Accordingly, as many people suggest that there are main clauses that are the most important to follow, it is assured that all of God’s words are equally important. Subsequently, some people may find that some scriptures are more meaningful to them than others, but it is most likely that the personal connection to them has not yet appeared in the ones the don’t greatly identify with. It all depends on when one interprets different scriptures throughout their lifetime. Therefore, interpretation of The Bible has a momentous role in the way it is understood....   [tags: Bible, God, Meaning of life, Religious text]

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Biblical And On Ecclesiastical Miracles

- ... But all efforts to explain Christ’s miracles as the product of the action of the unknown natural laws break down in the presence of acts such as giving sight to the blind and raising the dead, which forcefully imply an exercise of creative power by One who transcends the ordinary powers of nature. (Lockyer 151) Modernists reject the concept of the miracles because they stimulate off the idea that these signs and healings are all natural elements. However, Jesus himself was symbolically a miracle, a person brought before us to save the humanity from a life of sin....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of John, Gospel]

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Biblical Truths And The Gospel

- ... Muslims believe that Jesus is not the Son of God but a prophet. This belief contradicts the fact that Christians believe that Jesus is the only Son of God. On the other hand, Islamic worldview does not believe that Jesus was crucified. Some Christians believe that Jesus was crucified and He defeated death by His resurrection three days later. In addition, the Atheist does not believe in God at all. The Atheist believes that if Jesus existed at all He was a mere man. They reject the miraculous, the supernatural as well as the spiritual realm and believe the end of life is when you die here on earth....   [tags: Religion, God, Christianity, Judaism]

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Biblical Creationism vs. Macroevolution

- “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” is the very beginning of the Bible and the world, written in Genesis 1:1. There has been, is currently, and always will be constant debate over where we came from: created by a higher power or slowly adapted over billions of years. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, evolution is defined as “a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations.” In summary, this means that all things today came from something simpler and, due to natural selection, have become more complex over long p...   [tags: creationism vs evolution ]

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Biblical Applications in Counseling

- Biblical Applications in Counseling One of the most difficult aspects of counseling is accepting when boundaries can be crossed for the betterment of a client and knowing when those boundaries should be respected no matter the outcome. Incorporating religion and spirituality into counseling can often be problematic in the sense that not everyone has the same views on the matter. In fact, not all therapists in the field of counseling agree that blending therapy and religion is effective or appropriate....   [tags: bible, theraphy, scripture, christians]

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Biblical Numerology

- Throughout history there has been a plethora of great literature but none are comparable to the Bible. This book not only hold acataleptic knowledge that can impact the world but also is a compendium for many people's life. It has become a symbolic representation of many Christian's faith and continues as one today. The Bible has many forms of symbolism not only in itself but also in the pages. Biblical numerology is one form of symbolism that appears though out the Bible. This paper will explore the origins of symbolic numbers, the development of the symbolism and the interpretation of symbolic numbers....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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Popular Culture's Interpretations of Biblical Characters

- There are many biblical characters that are portrayed in popular culture through visual texts. Popular culture is the way that is most popular and implemented by mass audiences and gives insight into the ways and behaviors of contemporary society (Lynch, 2005). Jesus is described before his death in the Last Supper through America’s favorite television show, The Family Guy. Another film that depicts a segment of Jesus’s life such as his crucifixion and death is demonstrated through Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Biblical Covenant And Why Christians Should Be Study Biblical Covenants

- ... 22) This perfectly explains the transition between old covenant theology and new covenant theology. Covenant in Acts These passages tell us that God was thinking about the future of His people before they were even born. Acts 3:22-23 says “Moses said, ‘The Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me from your brothers. You shall listen to him in whatever he tells you. And it shall be that every soul who does not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed from the people.’” This shows that God used previous covenants to set up this New Covenant in which Jesus saved us by fulfilling the Old Covenants....   [tags: Old Testament, New Testament, Christian terms]

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The Role Of Biblical Principles On The Budgeting Process

- Our governments overreaching in the budgeting process are undermining the biblical principles that are necessary for developing a godly foundation in society. Every year the federal government makes available hundreds of billions of dollars to states through grants and assistance programs. Biblical principles and moral standing in society have been changed to government overreaching thus moving society away from what Paul teaches in Romans. “For rulers are no longer a terror to good works, but to the evil....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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The Meaning Of Christian Worship And Biblical Foundations

- ... Randall McElwain states that “how we worship is often a reflection of why we worship”; through couples of events in the Bible display that God did not accept their worship, because God cares about how He is worshiped (46-47). Yet, the worshipers still need an overall framework to comprehend the meaning and description of Christian worship through a specific meaning from the beginning to the end. Secondly, the first offering presents in the story of Cain and Abel (Gen. 4:3-5), and at the end book of Revelation depicts the themes of worship....   [tags: New Testament, Bible, Christianity, Jesus]

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Biblical Studies Final ( Option 2 )

- ... Throughout John 6:41-51, the Jews complain and question Jesus about his claim that he is the son of God. The Jews are baffled because they believe Joseph is Jesus’ father, not God and question him as a result. When the Jews began to question Jesus about him being the son of God, Jesus simply responds with, “Not that anyone has seen the Father except the one who is from God; he has seen the Father. Very truly, I tell you, whoever believes has eternal life” (King James Version, John 6:46-47). Obviously, Luther would have interpreted Jesus’ response as Jesus being the actual son of God, because Jesus stated that only the son of God has seen the Father....   [tags: Bible, Christianity, Protestant Reformation]

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Biblical References in the Movie, The Chronicles of Riddick

- Looking for biblical reflections in movies is something we often don’t do, but you would be surprised in how many Christian connections there are in different movies. If you look for biblical facts in movies you will see a few, if not a lot of connections. When looking for these connections don’t look too hard, or you will see something that’s no really there. When you get into mindset of looking for those Christian connections it is kind of fun. The movie The Chronicles of Riddick written and directed by David Twohy has many biblical connections, although the director has no beliefs that we know of he has not forgotten his roots....   [tags: movies, films]

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Biblical and Religious Themes in "Sonny's Blues"

- James Baldwin’s short story, “Sonny’s Blues,” is the authors most studied and critically analyzed piece of literature. The majority of these analyses focus on the obvious themes of the book such as jazz music, the unnamed narrator, or the rift that divides Sonny and his brother. Little critique has ever gone into the biblical and religious themes that run throughout the story of “Sonny’s Blues.” Furthermore, it is even more astonishing that there is little critique given Baldwin has such a strong history with the world of Christianity....   [tags: Literary Review]

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Depictions Of Biblical Figures Is Nothing New

- ... Along the way, both Mary and Joseph have serious debates about when to talk to Jesus about his birth - and answer the barrage of questions that Jesus asks on a daily basis. In the meantime, news has spread about Jesus’ miracles, prompting rumors that the messiah has been born. As a result, the Roman king, Herod (Jonathan Bailey), who’s father previously gave the order to murder newborns in hopes of eliminating the messiah, orders his underling, Severus (Sean Bean), to locate the boy and kill him - in hopes of finally putting an end to the messiah talk....   [tags: Jesus, Christ, Messiah, Crucifixion of Jesus]

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Overview of A Practical Guide to Biblical Ethics

- ‘A practical guide to biblical ethics’ was written to help Christians follow and understand God’s law, so that they may live a lifestyle that honours God. By using the expression ‘God’s law’, Smith means the moral will of God as to what is right and wrong. This is encompassed in the Ten Commandments and expanded on throughout the Bible. Kevin Gary Smith(2012:6-9) wrote the book for believers whose prayers are to live a righteous life. The book is, however, not written only for academics or full time pastors, but is aimed for all Christians to understand....   [tags: Christians, God, Spiritual Truths, Analysis]

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A Biblical Study of Spiritual Gift of Tongues

- ... 3:14], the Church in China, and in other countries where the Church is suffering persecution, is vital and alive. There, the people are willingly giving their lives away for the Gospel - enduring beatings and hardships, imprisonments and poverty. The Church in these places is more like the Church in Smyrna [Rev 2:8], where believers suffered and died for the faith. It is surely unjust to class them with the Laodicean church. What is true that during every age, the Seven Churches provide examples and warnings to the Body of Christ as types of faithfulness and failure....   [tags: dispensational theology, god]

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A Biblical Study on the Spiritual Gift of Tongues

- Many churches today argue on the continuity or temporariness of the spiritual gifts. In this paper, the writer will focus on the spiritual gift of tongue should it fall under the permanent gift or not. For clarity, the author is defining some important Greek terms as follows: charismata, pneumatika, merismos, and energemata. Due to the complexity of the Greek language, the writer will try her best to provide the best definition(s) of each of these terms through various sources. For instance, charismata is one of the most often terms associated with the topic spiritual gifts....   [tags: Theology, Religious Studies]

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Doctrine Of Angelology : The Biblical Truths Of Satan

- ... Our Bibles state in Matthew 22:30 that angels will neither marry or be given in marriage as males and females do. Angels also do not receive salvation, in that the Bible tells us in Hebrews “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14, NIV). Finally, I believe as the Bible tells us that the angels stand in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Matthew 18:10 tells us, “For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” (NIV)....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, New Testament, Satan]

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Dynamics of History as Argument for Biblical Theology

- In this point we explore how Edwards related the dynamics of history, location and time, as arguments for Biblical Theology or for his Work of Redemption. Edwards believed that redemption is inextricable from history and vice versa. However it would take him many years to develop this connection into a coherent philosophy and theology of salvation history. Edwards faced the acute problem how to demonstrate God’s sovereignty and redemptive activity in an evolving age. In this respect it was difficult to reconstruct the series temporum (stages of time) from God’s redemptive plan....   [tags: theology]

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Biblical Literary Criticism: Higher Criticism

- INTRODUCTION “Biblical criticism” refers to various methods of studying and investigating the textual content of the Bible. In general, it just describes examining the Bible in a scholarly and critical manner. Therefore when the term “critic” or “criticism” is used in this way it does not essentially denote something negative, but rather a close consideration of the authenticity and historicity of the Biblical text. These literary critics also look into the origins and purposes of the books of the Bible....   [tags: Scripture Analysis, Lower Criticism]

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Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic

- Biblical Apologetics Methods, Definitions, and The Basic Since its birth until today, Christianity has been in the context of “pluralism” that the beliefs are very diverse (Carson 270-272) . These conditions are of course become serious challenge to the claims of truth and the existence of Christianity. However, these challenges have led to a response from believers who gave birth to Christian apologetics. The word " apologetics" is derived from the ancient Greek word apologia which generally means “defense "....   [tags: Chritianity, religious beliefs]

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The First Murder Recorded By Biblical History

- ... Not only does he desire to kill Christians, but he desires to take the life of anyone. Take a look at all of the senseless killings of so many people from children to a college student sitting in a classroom getting an education. All these acts of violence are the works of the enemy and his followers. It is important to remember that Satan goes around looking for those he can devour (I Peter 5:8). Another tactic of the enemy is to simply steal, and he tries to steal everything from your joy, peace, your victory and your faith....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Bible]

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I Am A Gardener And Biblical Analogies

- ... The NYC experience is a party that has become a holiday tradition with our friends giving my daughter and their granddaughters some time together. They live very comfortably in an apartment that overlooks Central Park with windows at the height of the passing balloons. The guests are mostly their family and close friends, many connected through their generous support of the arts. As I sat in the library with the television showing another perspective on the parade I reached in my pocket and opened the text....   [tags: Jesus, John the Baptist, Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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Application Of Biblical Principles And Questions Raised

- ... Words are extremely powerful. As such, they have the power to influence the way a person feels about themselves, their circumstances, and their outlook on life (Ravenhill, 2016, para. 4). This means that a person’s words can bless or curse, encourage or discourage, hurt or heal, or tear down and build up. What does it mean to “sow discord” with words. Slander, gossip, and backbiting are destructive forms of communication that lead to broken relationships. Individuals who have evil in their hearts stir up dissension, disharmony, and strife through hurtful words and the lack of healthy and effective communication results in constant bickering, arguing, and ongoing relationship problems (Sa...   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Language]

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Incompatibility Between Biblical Creation And Evolution

- ... This would mean that it took God billions of years to create various life forms. Why would an all-powerful God need billions of years to create life. It contradicts the very idea that God is powerful and active in the world and suggests that He is bound by the very laws of nature that He created. In accordance with this argument is support within the Scripture that world took a week to create. In the original text, the word used for “day” is the Hebrew word “yom”, which always refers to a twenty-four hour time period throughout the rest of the Bible (Eddy)....   [tags: Evolution, Creationism, Bible, DNA]

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Contrast Effective Biblical Counseling Concepts

- ... The happiness of the client is the ultimate goal. The article Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy explains, “Cognitive therapy helps people recognize and change self-defeating though patterns, and behavioral therapy helps people identify and change maladaptive behaviors. Used as a treatment for depression” (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 2010). Part II: Basic Concepts A Christian counselor must seriously consider several factors about people that help in providing reliable help. These factors help identify a person’s character, such as, personal needs, motivation, and personal traits....   [tags: christianity, god, counselors]

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Same-Sex Marriage: The Biblical Prospective

- Homosexuality and Same-sex unions may be acceptable in current society, but for the Christian believer it has caused great conflict. Homosexual marriage is an attractive deception of the original act of marriage intended by God. The unions of homosexuals are an affront to creator and His word. Same-sex unions long for the same rewards that have been conferred to heterosexual couples which have been united in holy matrimony. According to the word of God, the biblical prospective: marriage is the union of man and woman, not man and man or woman and woman- same-Sex unions are considered an abomination....   [tags: homosexuality, christians, deception]

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The Handmaid's Tale as a Biblical Allusion

- The Handmaid's Tale: A Biblical Allusion Imagine a country where choice is not a choice.  One is labeled by their age and economical status.  The deep red cloaks, the blue embroidered dresses, and the pinstriped attire are all uniforms to define a person's standing in society.  To be judged, not by beauty or personality or talents, but by the ability to procreate instead. To not believe in the Puritan religion is certain death.  To read or write is to die.  This definition is found to be true in the book, The Handmaid's Tale (1986) by Margaret Atwood....   [tags: Handmaid's Tale Essays]

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Biblical Imagery in the Story of Rapunzel

- Biblical Imagery in the Story of Rapunzel Ostensibly, the story of “Rapunzel” is the tale of a young girl, locked up in a tower by a wicked witch, the real concern of the story, however, being lust and the dangers it represents to girls as they enter the rites of passage of puberty. Symbolism pervades the story of “Rapunzel”, as in all fairy tales, giving rise to diverse interpretations. While a great deal of the symbolism is commonly found in fairy tales, the Grimm’s infuse the tale of “Rapunzel” with much from the biblical stories with which their audience would most likely be familiar....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Biblical Allusions in Lord of the Flies

- Biblical Allusions in Lord of the Flies In the story, Lord of the Flies, there are many biblical allusions; Simon represents Jesus, the pig’s head represents Satan or rather their satanic sides, Jack represents Judas, and the island represents the Garden of Eden. Through out this novel these allusions play large parts in the story and ideals place in the story. Simon, one of the major characters in the story, is set as the allusion of Jesus. Christ always had an affinity with children; in Ch. 4, he shows his way with the ‘littluns’ by picking fruit for them....   [tags: Lord of the Flies]

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Biblical Allusions to The Grapes of Wrath

- Biblical Allusions to The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, on February 27, 1902. He studied marine biology at Stanford University and then traveled east on a freighter through the Panama Canal. Steinbeck went to New York to work as a newspaper reporter but soon returned to California and held a variety of jobs while he wrote. Steinbeck published Tortilla Flat in 1935, Of Mice and Men in 1937, and The Red Pony in 1937, which established his reputation as a forceful writer....   [tags: Papers]

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Biblical References in Grapes of Wrath

- In his novel Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck integrated many biblical references and values throughout the book. This provided a more intriguing and complex style of writing that he used to tell about the Dust Bowl of the early 1900’s and the arduous journey the Joad family and many others took to reach California. The first biblical reference is revealed when the Joad family leaves for California. “the rest swarmed up on top of the load, Connie and Rose of Sharon, Pa and Uncle John, Ruthie and Winfield, Tom and the preacher....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Biblical View of Government

- Introduction Many people in the world today believe that there is no real connection between the Bible and the government of the United States. However, according the website, Biblical Principles of Government (<a href=""></a> _government.htm), theologians have discovered that while approximately 29% of the Bible deals with our personal lives, 71% deals with social, political and national issues. The main areas of focus in the Biblical view of government are explained in 2 ways, by the biblical institutions of Government and by the foundations of Biblical Government....   [tags: Religion]

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biblical themes in shakespeares the tempest

- Biblical Themes in Shakespeare’s The Tempest Shakespeare is one of the most prolific and admired writers who ever lived. He certainly knew his craft and was familiar with all of the literature available at the time. One of the greatest books ever written was of course the bible. Written over the course of more than a thousand years it is a miracle in itself that the book exists. Shakespeare knew his bible, and his work often incorporated and examined biblical themes. Shakespeare’s last completed work was The Tempest, and it is as complex and deeply moving as any of his works....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Grapes Of Wrath Biblical Allusions

- John Steinbeck carefully molded his story The Grapes of Wrath to encompass many themes and ideas. He included several Biblical allusions to enforce his message of the migrating families coming together to form a community. Steinbeck alludes to Biblical characters through Jim Casy and Rose of Sharon, events like the family’s journey to California and the flood at the end of the novel, and teachings throughout the novel.      The Biblical allusions represented by the characters in the novel are most obvious in the characters of Jim Casy and Rose of Sharon....   [tags: John Steinbeck Bible Religion essays papers]

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Biblical Allusions: Golding´s Lord of the Flies

- In many classic novels, authors use biblical allusions to highlight a certain character or situation. By using biblical allusions, authors can help the reader better understand what it is that they want to convey through their literary work. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Golding utilizes symbolism of places and characters to allude to the Bible. Out of the many references, four significant biblical allusions – title of the novel, Simon, beast, and the island itself – emphasize Golding’s theme inherent sin and evil in mankind....   [tags: classic novels, symbolism, William Golding]

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Biblical References of the Matrix

- Biblical References of the Matrix In their film, The Matrix, Andy and Larry Wachowski have included many literary allusions and symbols to enhance the appeal of this groundbreaking science fiction film. As incredible as the special effects and cinematography are in this film, the Wachowski brothers have significantly bolstered the appeal of The Matrix by an elaborately constructed story spanning time and reality. These allusions and symbols include references from infamous writers such as Lewis Carol, Jung, John Bunyan and Descartes....   [tags: Film Movies Andy Larry Wachowski]

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Biblical Allegories in Billy Budd

- Biblical Allegories in Billy Budd Herman Melville's Billy Budd is a novel with many biblical allegories ranging from subtle references to quite obvious similarities between characters and Biblical figures. One of the most prevalent and accepted similarities is that of "Billy as Adam" (Berthoff, Certain 33) around the time of the Fall, "The ground common to most discussion of Billy Budd is the assumption that the story is allegorical ... a reenactment of the Fall" (Berthoff, Certain 32)....   [tags: Billy Budd Essays]

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Biblical Allusions in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

- Throughout many works of literature, authors have used allusions for the reader to be able to make multiple connects between many different important works of art. In all types of literature, whether it is a poem, novel, or part of a casual/scintillating conversation, allusions are between the lines of most readings, connecting dots immediately due to their hidden, yet obvious meanings. Once one takes a closer look, the reader can observe that Jackson uses biblical allusions in her short story to create many references to different stories and facts in the Bible: such as sin, Jesus saving Mary, Jesus dying on the cross, and more....   [tags: The Lottery Essays]

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Religion And Homosexuality : Biblical Values Accepted By Christianity

- ... With the Poteats strict religious beliefs in mind, they were exceedingly disappointed when their daughter, Tonia, came out to her parents as a lesbian. Brenda, Tonia’s mother, reacted by saying that she was going to fix the way Tonia is because that’s “not the way that she was born or brought up” (For the Bible Tells Me So). This implies that Tonia’s sexuality is a choice. Her parents soon after worked really hard to be compassionate and understanding of the news, and attempted to strengthen the bond between them and their daughter....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, Religion, Homosexuality]

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Biblical References in The Matrix

- While many may appreciate The Matrix for it’s over-the- top fight scenes, there is much to be gained from the film’s biblical references that gives us a deeper and richer understanding of the film. The Matrix series is much more than an action-packed sci-fi thriller. After one view of this film for the second and third time, we start to notice a great deal of symbolism. This symbolism starts to paint a completely different picture than the images of humans battling machines. It is a religious story, with symbols deeply set in the Christian faith....   [tags: Film, Movie, Matrix]

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