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Julio Cortazar's Axolotl Misidentified as Magical Realism

- Julio Cortazar's Axolotl Misidentified as Magical Realism   Some people consider a book to be magical realism based on the author or the part of the world it was written in. Just because an author has written a book that is magical realism does not mean that all of the books that author writes will be magical realism. Though most magical realism stories are written by Latin American authors, a story is not necessarily magical realism if the author came from that region. Julio Cortazar is an Argentine writer who has published many short stories and novels....   [tags: Axolotl Essays]

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Axolotl Evolutionary Adaptations

- The Axolotl, a crucially endangered neotenous species of mole salamander, has adapted to fit its environment so it can easily catch food and evade predators. The Axolotl’s habitat is the lake system of Xochimilco that is near Mexico City, Mexico. This shallow, fresh water lake complex has a temperature range of 6- 20°C and a pH of 7- 12. The complex also has the Axolotl’s primary food sources of mollusk, insect larvae, and other crustaceans. However, with the introduction of foreign species such as the Asian Carp and the African Tilapia, the Axolotl now has predators that may eat and threaten it, and it has competition for the animals it usually eats....   [tags: mole salamander, biology]

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Reality And Perception : An Organized And Effective Society

- Knowing the distinction between reality and perception is critical to an organized and effective society. Since the dawn of societies and civilizations, perception from the ruling elite persuades everyone into believing in one ideology, a worldview that justifies and legitimates the social order and mediates contradictions within it, which leads to inequality, and can be found by two means: domination and hegemony. Domination, exercising power through coercive rule, alone is costly, unstable, and often not effective; people can and often do resist actively under such control....   [tags: Meaning of life, Human, Short story]

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My Motivation to Persure a Degree in Environmental Science

- Firstly, increasing population and industrialization has led to an increase in environmental problems which require expertise in other to develop effective strategies to solving them. Currently, about 37% of the world population lacks access to improved sanitation, 12% of the global population lack access to improved drinking water source whiles another 12% is under-nourished. With the right environmental management strategies, all these problems will be effectively addressed. Again, global warming and climate change is another global problem which requires urgent solutions....   [tags: university, water, drought]

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Does the Vet Really Know Best?

- Who would you trust about your new pet, the veterinarian or the hobbyist. With contact to endless amount of information on the internet, I decided find out. On my search to learn the basic care of the “Axolotl”, an aquatic salamander, I came across two distinct websites. Both were centered on the same topic, the proper care of this amphibian. The authors of both websites are front-runners in their internet communities, both professionally and personally. Our authors are Dr. Lianne McLeod, a veterinarian, and John Clare a hobbyist/breeder....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Does the Veterinarian Know Best?

- Who would you trust about your new pet, the veterinarian or the hobbyist. With contact to the vast amount of info on the internet, I decided to discover that for myself. I will be researching the basic care of the “Axolotl”, an aquatic salamander.. In my exploration, I came across two distinct websites on the same topic concerning amphibians. The authors of both sites are individually deemed front-runners in their field of care. Our authors are Dr. Lianne McLeod, a veterinarian, and John Clare a hobbyist/breeder....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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My Very Detailed Trip to the Wildlife Zoo in Arizona

- ... We do know that they eat smaller fish and invertebrates, And that they are excellent hunters and swimmers. Giant Morray eel: These Eels are a species of moray eel commonly found at reefs in the Indo-Pacific. In body mass, These Eels are the largest, And come in second place as largest. As their name suggests these Eels are quite large and can reach nearly ten feet in length and sixty-six pounds in weight, As well as having rather large teeth and great flexibility. These Eels aren't strict to one place and can be found anywhere where there is a huge water mass connected to the ocean and warm water....   [tags: uncommon animal species description]

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The Story of How the Universe and the World Came to Be

- Some Creationists and Darwinists have the debate regarding dinosaurs and theories about their existence, their demise and how humans may or may not have coexisted. Creationists believe in the theory of divine creation as told in the book of Genesis. This theory is thus tied to the Christian faith and has been deemed as a fairytale by some Darwinists. Darwinists refute the claims of Christian fundamentalists with theories of human evolution using scientific theories and natural observation. Why is it that at times it can seem as though science and religion cannot exist together....   [tags: creationism, evolutionism]

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Evolution, Immortality, and Humanity

- Our ancient ancestors in the Neolithic Era only lived for an average of 20 years, an age now considered to be only the beginning of adulthood. As human technology becomes more sophisticated and knowledge of the ourselves and of nature expands, humans develop longer lifespans and the general quality of life improves. In fact, we have more than tripled the lifespan of our ancestors while retaining much of the same biological fitness. Humans have withdrawn from natural selection because technologies (not the evolution of the body) allow humans to adapt to the ever-changing natural world....   [tags: Genomics, Genome]

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What Makes An Aquarium?

- To make an aquarium is an interesting hobby that myself, family, and friends take part of. It is a task that takes diligence and hard work. It has a wide range of varieties that can be done and are both expensive and inexpensive. Not only fish can be kept in aquarium but other species like frogs, crabs, salamanders, newts, and axolotls. It takes research before setting a tank up. It also takes creativity, responsibility, and careful estimation with the water ph levels and acidic levels to make sure your fish clean free lives....   [tags: Fishkeeping, Aquarium, Water, Goldfish]

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