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Symbolism in Fuentes' Aura

- On the surface, Fuentes' Aura is a very strange and eerie book. It draws you in and keeps you there, forcing you to read the book to its very end. Just below the surface, a world of symbolism, words and parallels lead to a greater understanding of what is happening throughout this captivating tale. Skimming the surface of the story, an abundance of symbols can be signaled out, but a recurrence of symbols is very important. One of the most prevalent symbols found in this story is the darkness of Senora Consuelo's old colonial mansion....   [tags: Carlos Fuentes, Aura Essays]

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The Kobo Aura Reading Experience beyond Expectations

- ... Recommendations made by Kobo are always from popular literary authors. If you want and have an special passion in reading, you can make your own Collections section. When searching the Internet and finding something interesting, you can save it for later reading, even offline, using Pocket application. Kobo makes tracking and statistic about your reading. It surveys your progress, and awards you just for reading. Technical specifications are inspiring, the device size is 150 x 114 x 8.1 mm, and weight is only 174g....   [tags: e-ink screens]

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Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box

- Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box The Aura Café Situated on the High Street of Whitechapel, opposite the tube station, the Aura café was opened in December 2004. It is a small café owned and control by a sole owner Mr. Muhammad Ali but well furnished with around 30 covers, with air conditioning system, a nice interior decoration and also a non smoking area. SWOT Analysis of the Aura Café. Strength * According to my findings, the Aura café targets mostly the students from colleges and universities of the surrounding area....   [tags: Papers]

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The Court System Is The Place Aura Of Unlawful Acts Or Affirmed Law Violations

- The court system is the place aura of unlawful acts or affirmed law violations are made. The real parts of the court 's methodology are the prosecutor, the barrier attorney, the judge and the jury. To begin with I will clarify all the more as to the prosecutor. The prosecutor has three principle undertakings: to research criminal acts, to choose whether or not to impel legitimate processes and to show up in court. The prosecutor examines law violations together with the police. He or she might have contact with the individual associated with the wrongdoing, the victimized person and witnesses, and have close contact with the police....   [tags: Law, Criminal law, Jury, Court]

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Comparing Fuentes’ Aura and Ligotti’s The Last Feast of Harlequin

- Mythological and Archetypal Reading of Fuentes’ Aura and Ligotti’s The Last Feast of Harlequin   Mythological and archetypal techniques coupled with the interpretation of symbolism found within a piece of literature tells the reader something about the mind and character of a people or culture. Not only does it allow you to delve deeper into this collective mind and speculate about the meaning of a particular work, it can give you something more. I believe that by using these techniques you also get a better glimpse into the main character’s state of mind....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Digital Aur Art And The Age Of Thinking Machines

- Digital Aura: Art in the Age of Thinking Machines Walter Benjamin used the word aura to denote the spatial, historical, locational context, and provenance of a work of art. Aura, though, is a method to talk about the social construction surrounding a work (Benjamin). The concept allowed Benjamin to examine the social and political implications of the new tool of photography and other recently invented mechanical reproduction methods. Benjamin suggests that the reproduction of a piece of art or other work dissipates the aura of the original – that is the copy destroys the context and provenance of the art....   [tags: Art, Arts, Sculpture, Visual arts]

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"We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder"

- The stories that lock together to make up The Gold Bug Variations are held together by common threads. One of those threads is the art of music. Several of the characters are heavily influenced by the melodies and harmonies that arise from the different scenes. The selection that I chose to dive deeper into and explore the many connections that music has to offer is from Variation III, section heading: "We Are Climbing Jacob's Latter." The particular part that grabbed my interest was the reference to Elvis changing the meaning of "Aura Lee" by releasing his variation of the song titled "Love Me Tender." The section starts by Ressler entering the state of Illinois in 1957....   [tags: Song Analysis]

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Symbolism, Symbolism And Symbolism

- Symbolism is an important aspect in stories, whether big or small. Symbolism makes the reader think. It is used to represent something but does not reveal itself right away. Symbolism adds creativity to an already creative piece. Throughout a novel a reader may spend his/her time trying to conclude what each object in a story represents. Though not all stories have symbolism, those that do possess more excitement than those that do not. In the novella Aura by Carlos Fuentes, there is an extensive use of symbolism....   [tags: Color, Light, Carlos Fuentes, Green]

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The Work Of Art During The Age Of Its Technological Reproducibility By Walter Benjamin

- In Walter Benjamin’s essay on “The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility,” he examines the multiple concepts of tradition art and applies them to newer inventions of technology such as the camera and film. In the introduction to his essay, Benjamin clearly states that politics is an overriding concern, specifically fascism and how “the concepts which are introduced into the theory of art differ from those now current in that they are completely useless for the purpose of fascism....   [tags: Film, Art, Aesthetics, Fascism]

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The Work Of Art During The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction By Walter Benjamin

- In Walter Benjamin’s essay, “The Work of Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, he argues that in the result of art no longer being created for traditional and ritualistic value, that now, in the age of mechanical reproduction, art will be based on politics. Benjamin goes on to say that the art that was once created in the past served a different purpose and as the reader, it is important to understand the context then and understand the modern techniques of art. Throughout the essay, Benjamin mentions that the aura of art has been lost through the mechanical reproduction and that aura is longer alive and is only a part of some unrealistic space....   [tags: Film, Art, Actor, Visual arts]

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Walter Benjamin 's First Sentence

- “In principle a work of art has always been reproducible” (Benjamin 217). Walter Benjamin’s first sentence, as elementary as it is, dives into the interdependence of literature and history: literature is impossible without examination of historical trends. Walter’s theory - a criticism on the implications of social media on art in the 20th century - has an importance in explaining how to use social phenomenon to analyze literature (especially in current times with the formation of new and unique media forms); however, this theory follows his primary view of his piece The Work of Art in the Mechanical Age of Reproduction, authentic art forms have a certain aura to them that resonates and enli...   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Creativity, Originality]

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Revolutionary Work of Art

- Walter Benjamin emphasizes in his essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility” that technology used to make an artwork has changed the way it was received, and its “aura”. Aura represents the originality and authenticity of a work of art that has not been reproduced. The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is an example of a work that has been and truly a beacon of art. It has brought a benefit and enlightenment to the art of painting, and it has an exemplary aura that cannot be replaced....   [tags: Art ]

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Pathogenesis of Menstural Migraines

- ... Throughout each trimester estrogen levels, in pregnant women, decline. The fluctuation correlates with migraines, with around 80% of 47 women with migraines without aura in a study reporting no migraine attacks in the third trimester (24). During the first trimester, migraines are rare but after delivery migraine attacks return. Estrogen levels decline when women enter menopause, migraine attacks decline as well. Of 556 naturally menopausal women, headaches were reported in only 14% (76 women) (29)....   [tags: chronic, debilitating neurovascula disorders]

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The Work Of Art During The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction

- In Benjamin’s 1936 essay, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, he discusses the potential contribution of the media to his society at the time with both an optimistic, positive attitude and with a more pessimistic and negative attitude. Initially, Benjamin has a positive outlook on the progress of technology and how liberating the process of photography was in comparison to lithography, explaining that “photography freed the hand of the most important artistic functions” (Benjamin, 1961:221)....   [tags: Film, Art, Performance, Actor]

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William Morris And His Influence On The Art World

- Both Herbert Read and William Morris are considered defenders of their time, both having a huge influence on the art world through their writings. Both Morris and Read considered themselves anarchists, and also, strangely enough, both wrote their own utopian novels. Morris believed that art was in the detail of everyday life, including household good and the planning of towns. Morris was influenced by John Ruskin, the critic from the famous Ruskin versus Whistler trial, and similar to Whistler rejected the status of artist, setting out to create affordable yet hand-made art....   [tags: Art, Aesthetics, Mona Lisa, Arts]

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Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

- Visit any major museum of art, at any given time, and one could find an abundance of monumental names listed on tiny plaques hanging next to even more recognizable works of art. The excitement felt by any art enthusiast when walking into these buildings of time and creation, is undeniable and especially unique. Could it be the atmosphere of the building, the presence of artwork, the people, possibly the grandeur of the space, or perhaps, could it be the spirit of the artists themselves, peering through the work they created....   [tags: Aesthetic Attitude]

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God of the Black Hole

- Where it all begins and where everything ends. That is the place I would like to be. I will know everything since the beginning of time and understand how everything was made. When I look at it, it takes everything that comes near it and reduces it to nothing. It looks like a hole in the universe. Everything that gets sucked inside it will also lose its color and that’s the reason why inside this hole there is no color. All you can hear is your thoughts. It’s like your brain expanded in the universe....   [tags: short story]

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Is It Just A Headache?

- Isn’t It Just a Headache. Every 10 seconds, someone in the U.S. goes to an emergency room complaining of head pain, and approximately 1.2 million visits are for acute migraine attacks (Migraine Facts, p.2). Some people feel constant pressure in the head region known as a tension headache. These headaches come with little worry, as an over the counter drug like ibuprofen will treat it effectively. Others feel a more severe pain on one side of the head towards either temple or behind the eye; this is generally known as a migraine....   [tags: Migraine, Headaches, Pain, Acupuncture]

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The Prophet Is A Pivotal Cornerstone For Two Major Abrahamic Religions

- The story of Joseph, the prophet is a pivotal cornerstone for two of the three major Abrahamic religions. In it, both Judaic and Islamic followers have crafted a story which establish God’s ability to intervene and protect his resolute followers. Throughout time, both parties have diverged on the fundamentals of this story to benefit their definition of faithfulness. As such, Both Islamic and Judaic faiths have crafted a story in which the view of God, Joseph, and the other characters present a significant example of the power of God and Allah....   [tags: God, Monotheism, Islam, Judaism]

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Review of the Band Periphery and Their Album Clear

- ... The concept behind Clear was quite a daring one, but Periphery pulls through with an amazing album because each track has its unique identity, while the record still flows well as a whole. If I had to pick one adjective to describe Clear, I would probably pick “fun.” Clear is an extremely fun album to listen to, as the different vocals styles and epic instrumentals make it very dynamic. The mood shifts quite fast and dramatically at times, but this album is still coherent as a whole. “Overture”, “Zero”, and “Extraneous” are the instrumentals, and they are all phenomenal, giving off a progressive/djent feel that fans of this genre love, while still able to show off their technicality....   [tags: metal, tracks, lyrics]

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Production Of A Compressed Natural Gas

- In the year 2001, a compressed natural gas (CNG) was launched. Shrimankar Gas Services India offered it as an option through OEM Bedini kits on the Indica V2 XETA. From 28–31 May 2007, the Tata Motors organized a systematic recall after facing with the numerous CNG- related complaints and retrofit of Bedini equipment. This version included a new improved Lamda sensor/electronic control unit, Bedini emulator, and new wiring harness. This harness was approved and tested both Tata and Automotive Research Association of India....   [tags: Tata Motors, Tata Nano, Tata Indica]

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Classification of Psychic Experiences

- Classification of Psychic Experiences Generally speaking, psychic experiences which deal with receiving information from an outside source, either living or passed on can be classified into the following categories: psychometry, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, automatic writing and channeling. Two more psychic techniques, assumption and projection, deal with transferring the personality to a remote location. Psychometry is the art of receiving information about someone by touching an object commonly carried by that person such as a key chain or jewelry....   [tags: Classification Essays]

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Analysis Of Lev 's ' The System Of Software And An Account Of The Effect On All Of Us

- William Miller SVA MFA Bob Bowen Spring 2016 Lev Manovich’s Software Takes Command is the genealogy of software and an account of the effect that it’s had on all of us. This includes what he calls the “softwarization” of media which started with taking existing media and replicating its function using software to “create, store, distribute and access cultural artifacts.” Over the last 30 years our old media technologies such as record/cassette/CD players, film cameras, VHS, DVD, floppy disks have all been replaced by media software and despite this radical shift in our concept of media, we know next to nothing about how we got here....   [tags: Computer program, Software engineering]

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The Colors of Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald's Famous Novel

- F. Scott Fitzgerald is famous for the detail with which he crafted the quintessential American novel, The Great Gatsby. With his well-chosen words, Fitzgerald painted a fantastic portrait of life during the Roaring Twenties in the minds of his readers, a picture rich with color and excitement. Four colors: green, gold, white, and gray played key roles in the symbolic demonstration of ideas and feelings which, woven together seamlessly, made The Great Gatsby a world-renowned work of literary genius....   [tags: The Great Gatsby, literary analysis]

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Analysis Of ' Winter ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The first thing that the listener notices upon the beginning of the song is the aura of tension that is displayed. The beginning starts off slowly and crescendos until the feeling is resolved. Immediately after violins start to sound erratically. The aesthetic of “Winter” paints the aesthetic of a man leaving the safety of his home and searching for firewood in the harsh winter. The turbulent violin runs represent the fierceness of the storm and the struggle to survive it. The constant sounding of low strings represent the stamping of feet, and the dissonant sounds represent the chattering of teeth due to the cold....   [tags: Relative key, Key signature, Minor scale]

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Acupuncture's Effectiveness on the Treatment of Migraines

- A migraine is a severe, debilitating headache that hosts a large variety of neurological symptoms such as throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, disturbances in vision, numbness in face or extremities, sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch. An individual experiencing a migraine may suffer from one or many of these symptoms during an attack. Each migraine attack can vary in it's symptoms and severity making it difficult for a correct medical diagnosis to be made....   [tags: Health]

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Relationship between Mechanical Reproduction, Art and Culture

- Marxist criticism concerns itself with class differences and the modes of production that produce oppression. Class conflict will be reflected in different forms of art because the marxist school believes that everything in a society is based on the current modes of production. A change to the mode of production will bring change to politics, law, philosophy, religion, and art. Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin are three of the most notable critics of Marxism. They write about the production of cultural subject in capitalist societies, agreeing that reproduction of art has drastically changed due to mechanization....   [tags: effects of technology on Art]

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A Cultural Theoretical Analysis On Social Networks

- Diminishing Authenticity in a Technologically Advanced Society As time has progressed, there have been various evolutions that have changed the common perspectives of the human mind. One of the most important evolutions happens to be an undocumented evolution that predates to the beginning of human group activity. This evolution happens to be the evolution of communication. The evolution of communication is the most important factor in transitioning the simple human society into a complex human society....   [tags: Sociology, Technology, Social network service]

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Television And The Internet Of The Media

- After print, various media were invented such as radio, television and the internet to accelerate information flows. The invention of new media led to questions such as whether the medium is of less importance than the content, or whether the new medium results in a different message. The upcoming digital medium is referred to as 'post-digital '. In this post-digital era, the transition of content from paper books to pixel is a debated topic. In 1964, McLuhan claimed that "the medium is the message"; the medium affects the content and it couches the message....   [tags: E-book, Book, Digital media, Amazon Kindle]

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Symptoms And Symptoms Of Migraine Headache

- Migraine Headache- What You Need to Know woodoo007/ File: Migraine intro Contents (internal hyperlinks) Symptoms of migraine headache Learn more about migraine headache Treatment for migraine headache Quick summary: • Migraine is a common cause of headache, with an estimated 38 million individuals affected in the United States alone. • Along with headache, migraine sufferers may experience a wide variety of symptoms, including light and sound sensitivity, nausea and vomiting. • Patients should be aware of migraine triggers such as stress, loud noises, and lack of sleep, and try to avoid them....   [tags: Migraine, Paracetamol]

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Becoming The Master Of Intense Flavor

- Become the Master of Intense Flavor McIlhenny Company Tabasco Sauce 's ad catches a person 's eye with a picture of a shiny, full bottle of vibrant, red Tabasco sauce, and it is staged to the left of the page. Within seconds, the eyes move upward to see a crisp, white chef hat on the head of the bottle. As the eyes move downward, you notice there is a white label fixed to the bottle with green and red logos. Behind the Tabasco sauce bottle is a clean, silver unused whisk. The ad background generates a gradient from a faded black to a reflective, gray surface, and the bottle is contained in a bright, white aura surrounding its whole surface area....   [tags: Color, Green, Flavor, Red]

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Current Treatments for Migraine Headaches

- It is widely believed that in order for an individual to feel pain, there must be some degree of physical damage. This is one of the greatest falsehoods in the study of pain, as there are many painful experiences that are not related to any known physical damage and that do not have an evident or ultimate cause (Wall & Melzack, 2008). Migraine is one example of a disorder that affects one tenth of the population and generally does not have an evident or definite known cause at this point in the history of research....   [tags: acute medication, prophylactics, Triptans]

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Pleasant Winters in Amritsar for Exquisite Indian Family Holidays

- A trip to India comes with plenty of unexpected experiences where people love to believe in god, have a harmony even though they are scattered in different religion and a delight of natural cooking with plenty of flavors and spices mostly discovered by the culture itself and adapted by the nearby traditions. Holidays in Punjab is one of the most optimum way to witness all of it at once place and if you are looking for some thriving and captivating holidays, Amritsar would be the best choice so far to experience the magnificent range of adventure, excitement, spirituality and much more with Cheapest Flights to Amritsar....   [tags: temple, border, sancturary]

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The Dysfunction of Migraine Headache

- The Dysfunction of Migraine Headache As a disorder reaching nearly every culture, historic and contemporary, headache has been experienced in some form by the majority of the human population. Despite its relative age and prevalence, we have yet to fully ascertain either its cause, its organization, or its cure, and continue to suffer everything from quotidian tension-type headache to cluster or "suicide"-type headache with little substantial relief. So just what is it we know about headache....   [tags: Pain Medicine Health Essays]

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Two Brothers Two Choices

- Each step he takes, waves of guilt, desperation, and despair crash upon him, making each step heavier than the last. As a little ruffian running around with his brother to play cricket, escaping the airport guards, all these images flash before him, splaying out his entire life, making him realise he has spent his entire life, every minute of it with his brother. Even liking the same book, The Three Musketeers, and ultimately being known as Athos and Porthos, happy memories of their child hood surface within him....   [tags: Movie Review]

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Jim Morrison

- I preface this paper by a consideration of why Jim Morrison can be discussed within the discourse of religious studies. I suggest four possibilities. The first is the place of religion in late modernity; that is, as individualized, subjectivated and deinstitutionalized. These factors contribute to the circumstances under which Morrison may be understood in religious terms because of the conditions they create. Religion may be deinstitutionalized (Luckmann 1967; Bibby 1990), but people are still religious (Chaves 1994)....   [tags: Religion, Culture, Elvis]

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Marxist Cultural Theory

- This chapter examines two forms of practice that communicate messages from a group or an individual to the public, cultural production and political public speaking in the light of Marxist cultural theories. The review of writings about the practice of art by mid-20th century Marxist thinkers makes one thing clear - aesthetic utterances by artists and cultural figures fulfil a role in the political and social discourse and the importance of this role within the context of class struggle must not be ignored....   [tags: Film Review, Adorno on Cinema]

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Overview of Migraines

- Did you know that in America alone, roughly around 36 million people suffered from migraine attacks. Migraines are one of the most common diseases, but the trickiest when finding the source. Women are three times more likely to experience a migraine rather than a male. The prevalence of migraines between male to female is; males are 6.5% and 18.2% in women. That’s a huge difference in percentages if the whole United States is put in perspective. According to (Dr. Karin Johnson a neurologist of Bay State medical center’s sleep center) a migraine is a very common disorder and about 20% of people have migraines....   [tags: health, common disease]

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The Return - Original Writing

- The Return - Original Writing Kaley Embry was keeping an eye on the man following her through the department store. She kept telling herself that she should run to the protection of her sister, but Nina would call security and Kaley wasn't sure she wanted that. The man's presence had Kaley feeling like she'd been drugged. At least he was keeping his distance, and though his aura was almost pure black there was that pinpoint of light right in the centre. Also, if Nina called security on the man, Griffin would be the one to come to the rescue and probably cause an unwanted scene....   [tags: Papers]

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Music in the Information Age

- The idea that music is information tends to turn people's heads. The art of information stands as the largest growing field in both business and society. How does the age-old art of music fit into this category. Can music even be considered information. The rising popularity of mp3's proves that people value music as a source of information. Hundreds of groups are advertising their band on the web at, from popular music groups to those struggling to make a name in society. The web sites serve as a vehicle for bands to display their message to the public in an uncensored atmosphere....   [tags: mp3 digital music]

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Pediatric and Adult Migraines

- Pediatric and Adult Migraines Many people are surprised to find that children get migraines. It is one of those illnesses that are associated with adults only. A migraine is an intense, pounding headache with nausea that occurs infrequently. The headache starts around the eyes, the forehead, or the sides of the head. Bright lights and loud noises also make the headache worse, and any movements make this headache worse. Migraines last from a few hours to a few days in serious cases (1). Over 8 million children get migraines a year, which results in over 1 million lost schooldays cumulatively....   [tags: Health Head Aches Essays]

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Jim Morrison

- Hopkins and Sugerman (2006) and Stone (1991) developed the image of Morrison as a shaman and as Lizard King based on the development, by Morrison, of his role as a shaman and the image of the Lizard King. This image was the “existing value structure” of Morrison at the time of his death, despite attempts made by Morrison to change this image. As the “the way in which the total image grows determines or at least limits the direction of future growth,” Hopkins and Sugerman (2006) and Stone (1991) were working within the parameters of Morrison's image....   [tags: Biography]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Call Me Caitlyn ' And Photographed By Annie Leibovitz

- “Look How Sexy She Is”: Deconstructing Caitlyn Jenner’s Femininity in Modern Day America In his 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24, 2015, Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender woman, making her interview television’s “highest-ever rated newsmagazine telecast among adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.” Following her highly successful interview, Jenner’s emerging identity was revealed in a Vanity Fair cover interview by Buzz Bissinger. The magazine featured Jenner on its cover page, titled “Call Me Caitlyn” and photographed by Annie Leibovitz—the magazine’s first issue to feature an openly transgender woman....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Woman, Aesthetics]

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Dehumanization of Children and Death in Perfume: the Story of a Murderer

- Patrick Süskind, a German author, wrote Perfume: the Story of a Murderer in 1986 and sets the novel in eighteenth century France. Süskind dehumanizes children in order to remove emotion from death. He fulfills the concept by using aspects that tend to develop the beliefs and perspectives of a child. During a child’s life, they obtain influences from religion, abuse, self-value, and other children. All the aspects reflect in a child’s life and in Perfume, dehumanization links to those factors and eventually leads to the absence of sensitivity to death....   [tags: Patrick Süskind, christian principles, Grenouille]

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Analysis Of Loung Ung 's ' First They Killed My Father '

- Opposites Attract Have you ever had one person who you have absolutely nothing in common with, but for some bizarre reason you “click” with them. It is astounding that two completely different people with two divergent personalities, morals, goals or lifestyles can compliment each other. In Loung Ung’s, First They Killed My Father, the dynamic duo, Loung and Chou are so completely different, yet their relationship works. At the start of the novel, Loung is the striking age of five years old and Chou is eight years old....   [tags: Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, Communist Party of Kampuchea]

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Analysis Of Loung Ung 's ' First They Killed My Father '

- Picture two completely different people who have absolutely nothing in common with each other, but for some bizarre reason the pair “click”. It is astounding that two completely different people with two divergent personalities, morals, goals or lifestyles can compliment each other. In Loung Ung’s, First They Killed My Father, the dynamic duo, Loung and Chou are so completely different, yet their relationship works. At the start of the novel, Loung is the striking age of five-years-old and Chou is eight-years-old....   [tags: Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot]

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Profit and Compassion: How They Affect Relationships in The Great Gatsby

- Imagine walking through the crowded streets of New York, surrounded by dreamers and those willing to allocate their money at the tip of a hat; Passing cake eaters or "ladies men" driving the latest motor cars and women dressed in their finest attire. It's no wonder Scott Fitzgerald set his novel, "The Great Gatsby" in the decade that earns the title, "The Roaring Twenties." Throughout the novel, there is an evident comparison between the themes of compassion and profit. Compassion, known as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, is compared to profit, or a financial gain....   [tags: fitzgerald, jazz, american dream]

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The Transmogrification of Tom Joad in Steinbeck's _Grapes of Wrath_

- As Jonathan Swift once said, “Nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches as to conceive how others can be in want.” The Great Depression was a time of considerable sorrow for countless people across the United States. A crumbling economy and suffering industry coupled with hard climate conditions caused widespread unemployment, and forced a multitude of people off of their land. Entire plantations were crushed due to the lack of growing crops, and families were forced to migrate thousands of miles in order to seek a new and better life....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Human Corruption]

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Evaluating Different Family Dynamics and Its Effect on the Children

- In Robert Kuttner’s article “The Politics of Family” he broadly examines the wide scope of family from an outside perspective. Kuttner frequently uses the words “most Americans” throughout his essay, looking at both the right and left wing element of politics on the issue. In Susan Dominus’s article, ”Growing up with Mom and Mom” Dominus navigates through this topic with the foundation being an interview with Ry Russo-Young who is born and raised by a lesbian couple through artificial insemination....   [tags: Family Types, Article Comparison]

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The Fall of the House of Usher: Double Trouble

- Edger Allan Poe’s short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” tells the Gothic and hunting story of a friend’s failed attempt to help another friend. The story’s vague start describing a deteriorating house gives an eerie feeling to the story. Soon the narrator finds himself betwixt an interesting familial dynamic of a brother and sister of the Usher family. With both siblings affected with mysterious illnesses, death soon finds the sister Madeline while Roderick Usher continues to suffer mentally....   [tags: Literature]

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To JK Rowling from Cho Chang by Rachel Rostad

- ‘To JK Rowling from Cho Chang’ by Rachel Rostad, is a poem that is narrated through the perspective of Cho Chang - one of the pivotal characters in the widely acclaimed Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling. It describes young Chang’s angst caused by issues of racism against her, which were inadvertently raised in the hit series. In the first stanza, Chang ridicules the position JKR presented her in the books, in a sarcastic fashion. Until her introduction into literature and eventually media, Asian girls living abroad didn’t have much choice for cosplay but to assume characters like Geisha and Mulan....   [tags: poem analysis]

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Ancient Ram Inn, The Most Fascinating, Beautiful, And Eerie

- Some of the most appealing things on the planet can also be the most mystifying, fascinating, beautiful, and eerie. We are often drawn to them because they mesmerize us in such compelling ways that we simply must figure out the esoteric secrets that make them so intriguing to our inquisitive nature. Curious minds have a need to know, and the paranormal never fails to leave unanswered questions, and one of these fascinating phenomenas involves the Ancient Ram Inn, located in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England....   [tags: Ghost, Paranormal, Demon, Ghost Hunters]

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Explain Lucio 's Mental Struggle Throughout The Story '

- Explain Lucio’s mental struggle throughout the story. Show how this struggle leads up to his confession. In Lucio’s confession, the main character Lucio goes through many mental struggles. Throughout the entire story, he is at odds with himself and on a constant struggle with his sexuality and sanity. We follow his story as he takes us on a journey through his complicated relationship with a man named Ricardo. It is the events and situations that take place during his friendship with Ricardo that lead us to Lucio’s ultimate confession....   [tags: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Woman]

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Choosing Public And Private Schools With No Guidance

- Choosing between public and private schools with no guidance is like choosing to go left or right at a fork in the road with no signs. It forces someone to go with their gut and hope they are correct. The choice is difficult until parents look at the facts. The private schools have a clear advantage in being able to select certain students to raise the overall appearance of the school, they get to participate in smaller classes, and select certain student athletes all in order to dominate their respective division or conference....   [tags: Teacher, College, High school, Education]

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Multiculturalism Is Not As Negatively Impacting Canadian Society

- When it comes to multiculturalism the first country that we tend to associate with this term is Canada. As the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy, Canada “affirmed the value and dignity of all Canadian citizens regardless of their racial or ethnic origins, their language, or their religious affiliation” (Citizen and Immigration Canada 2012) . Canada has spoken of multiculturalism countless times to the point of reinforcing its values and beliefs regarding multiculturalism as well as having experience with managing its population and problems....   [tags: Culture, Multiculturalism, Canada, Sociology]

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Cathedrals: Implied Glory and Importance to Christianity

- There is nothing, in any shape or form, implied about the glory of Cathedrals. These stone behemoths are simply glorious in size, design and aesthetic appeal all built into their design plan and plays an important role in the growth of faith in Christianity. But what is a Cathedral. In their very nature, they are holy places of worship for Christians. Unlike churches which are basic places of worship that are apt for most of the critical requirements of Christianity, Cathedrals are massive places of worship which act as the headquarters for the local diocese, or districts, of the certain sect of Christianity around it and are also where the Bishops resides....   [tags: Architecture]

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Trying to Live up to Media Stereotypes

- Everyone in the United States has the access to some form of media, whether it is watching advertisements on the television or seeing an advertisement on the computer. People see an advertisement every day. Most people when they see an advertisement they do not think too much about it. Most people would notice the product trying to be sold. However, what people do not notice are the underlying messages in advertisements. Then young children are expose to all the different types of advertisements and get a sense of that they should grow up to fit into gender stereotypes....   [tags: negative effects on self esteem and image]

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The Impact of Monuments in the US

- Over thousands of years and millions of labor hours, countless memorials and monuments have been built. Why is this. Many a time has this question been asked, but in the words of Kin Hubbard, an American humorist, we find an answer: “Peace has its victories no less than war, but it doesn’t have as many monuments to unveil.” Thus, we see that monuments come from times of trial and error, mistakes and darkness that seem to find us when we least expect it. Although, many of us remember what happened, a “…monument manufactures its own aura” (Source A)....   [tags: monuments, memorials, cia]

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To Fund NASA or Not To Fund

- A major controversy in politics today is whether or not the government should continue to fund NASA. So is this 17.65 billion dollar program really worth its price tag. The Answer is yes. NASA, the National Aerodynamics Space Association, is tremendously important program, not only working to protect and understand the Earth, but to advance medical technology, better the live of U.S. citizens and answer questions about the universe. NASA embarked on its first space mission in 1961. Since then NASA has worked to protect the Earth by studying the effects of different threats to the environment....   [tags: government, atmostphere, missions]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 modernist literary classic The Great Gatsby encompasses the idea of ambiguity on an array of levels. By including stereotypes, culture, and emotional tendencies of his characters, Fitzgerald adds diversity to create the realistic atmosphere of the 1920s in his novel. The characters of Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Jordan Baker, Tom Buchanan, and Mr. McKee illustrate the attitudes and culture of New York in the 1920. New York was a culture hub in the "roaring" '20s, and Chauncey 's book Gay New York provides insight into homosexuality during the time Fitzgerald wrote his novel....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Mr. Jay Gatsby, a man too obsessed with the past to see the present. Gatsby is a young man in his early thirties from North Dakota. It is here that he lived an impoverished childhood and dreamed of wealth and the sophisticated lifestyle. Gatsby obtained his dreams through organized crime and any way he could. Ultimately we see that his possessiveness with the lavish lifestyle is fueled continuously for his ever passionate love for Daisy Buchanon, a woman he met in 1917 in Louisiana before he departed for World War 1....   [tags: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Daisy Buchanan is the most significant female character in The Great Gatsby. F Scott Fitzgerald writes her as the most significant female because she is most like his wife, Zelda (Donaldson). Daisy is Gatsby’s motivation for wealth and why he wants to accomplish so much. He has longed for her because she has always been unattainable. Fitzgerald, like Gatsby was often rejected by women in a class higher than him (Donaldson). Zelda was Fitzgerald’s motivation for writing The Great Gatsby and many other works (Donaldson)....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Doctor Talk On The Art Of Medicine

- While Departures and Life, On the Line display various forms of art that illuminate the art of medicine, Doctor Talk to Me discusses the art of medicine through the art of writing. The author evaluates what he believes an ideal doctor is; someone that exudes style and has an aura of magic, evaluates the life of a patient, and serves as a metaphysician by treating the body and soul. The narrator had difficulty urinating and turns to a couple he knew for a recommendation. After being referred to their internist, he makes an appointment to see a urologist in a local hospital....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Medicine, Hospital]

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The Practices and History of Zoroastrianism

- For centuries, Zoroastrianism was the leading religion of Persia (now Iran) before the modern Islamic religions came to be. Zoroastrianism is thought to be founded in 6th century BC by Zarathustra. Zoroastrians follow the sacred text called the Avesta; it is their "Book of the Law." Zarathustra was a Persian prophet, when at age 30 claimed to have had visions of God. Zarathustra called God Ahura Mazda. Zoroastrianism quickly became the "official" religion of Persia, but came to an abrupt end in 637 AD at the time of the Muslim invasion....   [tags: Zoroastrianism, religion, ]

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Case Study Mountain Man Brewing Company

- Introduction This report provides a brief analysis of the implications for Mountain Man Brewing Company (MMBC) to expand the products from its existing product, Mountain Man Lager to a new Light beer. Marketing reasons of MMBC’s success MMBC is an old middle-size brewing company in the West Virginia which was established in 1925. The marketing reasons why MMBC successful are based on the 4Ps as below : Product The company focused on one product only which is a bitter-tasting flavour beer with above average alcohol content, i.e....   [tags: alcohol drinks, blue collars]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Pediatric Migraine

- When a person thinks about migraines they tend to think about an adult who has to suffer from such horrible pain in their head. No one would ever think about a child who endures such pain because they don’t know how many children actually suffer from migraines. Child complaints of headaches are frequent, nearly 70% of children at one point in their young lives have mentioned that their head hurts. What is interesting is the fact that 5 to 15% of children between the ages of 7-14 suffer from migraine headaches and 28% of adolescents exhibit chronic headache symptoms....   [tags: Migraine, Headaches, Paracetamol]

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The Cultural Diversity Of The World

- Because of the cultural diversity in the world, anthropologist see a vast difference in human customs around the global. One of these customs would be the idea of sexuality and kinship. Different culture practice different things such as sex and the ideas of family vary. Humans as a whole are creature of nature. Although we do not think of ourselves in an animalistic way, we do tend to react on instinct. This can be scene when are trying to find a partner. An example of this is after we spend sometime with our potential partner....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Gender]

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Personal Health : Living With Migraines

- HEA 201: Personal Health Living with Migraines Migraine headaches can often take over a person’s life if not managed properly. These headaches can cause intense throbbing in one area of the head and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. They can last for hours or even days and can be so severe that all you want to do is go to bed. There are many causes that might trigger a migraine but the ones that I have experienced are: stress, food, trauma and even hormonal changes....   [tags: Borderline personality disorder]

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Obesity in the United States

- Obesity is a common, but very serious health issue in America. It has become so common that people often blame a healthy, slim person for being underweight. Although a small percentage of people are underweight the main percentage of people are obese; this percentage is increasing daily. Individuals often place the fault of obesity’s increasing rate on factors causing it, but in actuality the lack of self-control is the main cause. Common complaints against fast food restaurants are ‘“They make people fat” (qtd in Buchholz 84)....   [tags: Fast food, Health, Discipline]

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Unicque Combination of Musical Instruments

- The present concert was related to classical music. In this particular, concert, there was use of various musical instruments. The musical instruments used in this particular concert included soprano, conductor, flute, piccolo, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. In this way, it can be said that, in the concert, there was a combination of various musical instruments for the listeners. The musical concert was one of those concerts which were quite good to listen. The use of these unique combinations of musical instruments seems to be very much pleasing and soothing....   [tags: concert analysis]

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The Romantic Ideal: Ballet’s Supernatural

- The stage that hosted the creation of illusion for those attending ballet after 1827 in its “golden age” (Guest, 1) introduced a new world, but one that could not be reached. These illusions were expressed through performance as “moods of Romanticism.” (5) The Romantic period of the early 19th century emphasized the alienation of an individual, the spectacle of that isolation, and the Romantic ideal that perfection remains mysterious and unattainable, as opposed to the late 18th century’s Enlightenment ideals that held rationality and tangible beings most profound....   [tags: isolation, narratives, choreography, style]

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The Humanistic Theory Of Psychology

- The Humanistic theory is interesting when given the time to look over what it actually is. When evaluating different styles of how people answer questions usually a survey is taken. When the survey is done it shows how people perceive different personalities, this is a way to evaluate ourselves personally. Extroversion, orderliness, emotional stability, accommodation and inquisitiveness are all important factors in the balance of the top five personality traits. These qualities are the best to obtain especially when doing a profession such as a counselor....   [tags: Personality psychology, Psychology, Person]

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The Pathology Of Hippocampal Sclerosis

- Seizures are groups of neurons that discharge, this leads to excessive excitation or loss of inhibition of those neurons. The cause of seizures is thought to be a malfunction of ion channels. The repeated electrical activity from seizures damages brain cells. Epilepsy is defined as “a condition characterized by more recurrent seizures, unprovoked by an immediate identified cause” (Bharucha et al, 1997). Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is a repeated occurrence of epileptic seizures occurring in the temporal lobe....   [tags: Cerebrum, Temporal lobe, Hippocampus]

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I Had The Great Opportunity

- As a beneficiary of an AURA grant, I had the great opportunity and pleasure to work with Prof. Qiang Fu in the department of Sociology as the undergraduate research assistant. The main research interests of Prof.Fu lying on the fields of urban studies, social capital, demography, and health issues particularly in contemporary Chinese society, which I also hold a huge interest in. Me as a undergraduate student majoring in sociology did not have adequate knowledge background over the quantitative research method back then, by the support of AURA grant I was able to attend a series of quantitative research method seminars and training sessions in China....   [tags: Quantitative research, Research]

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Psychology Questions With Answers

- We should not trust our intuition because it can lead us away from the correct answer and in an entirely different direction. Your intuition can make you over confident on everyday choices. After a person dies the causes of death seems to have been obvious but before knowing, the cause of death could have been anything. During a season finale on television you learn the answers to questions created throughout the season and it becomes obvious that, that would have happened. When the episode before the finale there were many choices for how it could have ended....   [tags: Psychology ]

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The Importance of Color

- What color is best for the walls of an art gallery. This question is asked a lot and while there may be no “right” answer, many people have their opinions. Speaking about strongly colored walls Jake says, “These colors may make people comfortable, but they skew viewers' perceptions of the paintings. Some shade of gray or white is best: paintings stand out best against a neutral background, and the painting's own colors are true against a neutral background” (Boddy-Evans). While the color of the wall could very well depend on what work is being displayed, the color could just as well affect the viewers’ mood, in return changing their opinion on the piece....   [tags: Art]

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Jameson's Theory of Postmodernism

- The Modernist era brought with it industrial, social, cultural and psychological shifts in ideologies, practice and systems. Traditional art forms were to be reworked in an upsurge of innovation which moved forward at great speed. As art and the innovation of art progressed into the 21st century cultural criticism dominated. Postmodernist thought radicalized the traditional and modernist concepts of art criticism. Art forms, social, economic and political structures were to be re-examined through many cultural critics....   [tags: modernist era, art criticism, Frederic Jameson]

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Pain Management forMmigraine Sufferers

- If a disorder prevented you from living your life normally for an average of a few days every month, how would you feel. For the 300 million people who suffer from migraines worldwide, they know exactly how it feels (Dodick & Gargus, 2008). Migraines are a painful neurological disorder; characterized with symptoms described as severe, pulsating pain accompanied by, sensitivity to light, sounds, smells, nausea and vomiting, with blurred distorted vision (Dodick & Gargus, 2008). Migraines are still a highly misunderstood disorder that has lacked medical groundwork in previous decades....   [tags: medicine, disorder, blood flow, brain, pain]

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It's Just Not Natural

- There is a saying that goes ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark,’ but the question is why should you be afraid. One reason why this saying came about is because people believe that something non-human exists out there. People believe that witches, shapeshifters, hellhounds, ghosts, angels, demons, jinns, and many more supernatural creatures exist. “Only 21 percent of Americans say they don’t believe in the supernatural at all (“Paranormal Poll: Americans…”).” Although many people may not voice or express their belief in the supernatural; they tend to be curious and question the existence of the supernatural at least once in their life....   [tags: Tales, Hellhounds, Ghosts]

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Migraine Causes and Treatment

- Any type of pain that incapacitates one from doing everyday tasks can be debilitating to the body and self. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are ranked to be in the world’s top twenty most disabling medical illnesses (n.d.). “Migraines have been estimated to affect 8.7 million women and 2.6 million men in the United States at an estimated cost of 6.5 to 17.2 billion dollars a year” (Kinart, Cuppett, & Berg, 2002). Many doctors cannot pinpoint the cause of migraines in any particular individual because of chemical differences in all of us, but they have come up with certain facts that have helped some....   [tags: disabling medical illnesses]

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