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Asian American And Asian Americans

- ... Fast-forward to the present, these stereotypes are left at the disposal of directors and script writers to produce laughable but disparaging moments in movies and TV programs that exploit the known generalizations of Asian Americans. Occasionally, the same jokes would be repeated in the same dialogs or episodes to ensure fully that the audience understands that Asians behave in certain way and have odd quirks. Over the years, the countless stereotypes of Asian America have filtered down into five main categories....   [tags: Asian American, White American, Stereotype]

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Asian Americans : An Asian American

- ... In this way, any changes these cultures attempt to make to disprove their stereotypes would be difficult to remove from society’s minds. While understanding what a stereotype means is important, considering one particular stereotype towards Asian Americans is best to consider next. A very common stereotype that is discussed in Asian American studies is the notion that this group is called the “model minority”. This stereotype claims that Asian Americans are an exemplary group partly due to their high respect for their families and value for education....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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Native American And Asian American

- “Where are you from?” “America” “No, where are you actually from?” These are the two questions that I get asked regularly by non-Asians. I always reply “Well I was born and raised in America but my family comes from Hong Kong.” I grew up constantly being told to take pride in being Chinese, however, I was also consistently told by my family to be proud that I even have the opportunity to grow up in America. There was never a definite answer as to what I was, so I learned to accept both. I am Asian American....   [tags: Asian American, White American, United States]

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The Issue Of Asian American Drug Use

- The topic of Asian American drug use is one that is rarely seen in the media. Thinking about this topic produced the question, do Asian Americans use substances. Their use of substances is a focus that is under researched. To gain a better understanding of the topic I will research the scope of the problem, use patterns, barriers to treatment, and methods to keep abusers in treatment. The majority of national studies on drug use often lump Asian Americans into the category of “other” and focus mainly on African Americans, White, and Hispanics....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Asian American]

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Asian American, Who Left Out From The Debate

- Asian American, Who Left Out from the debate What will be your first thought when you hear the word “undocumented”. Immigration issue, especially undocumented immigration issue is always framed as Latino issue. On the contrary, Asian immigrants are often left out of this discussion. As the matter of fact, Asia is now the largest sending region for immigrants. Asian Americans are the fastest-growing immigrant population in the United States today. They are expected to become the largest immigrant group in the United States (Foley 16)....   [tags: Asian American, United States]

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Asian American Ethnic Groups Of Asian Americans

- ... The idea that Asian Americans are a model minority is mostly supported from the research done on Asian American students. AAPIs in general are usually invisible when it comes to higher education research, but according to the U.S. Census and U.S. Department of Education data, Cambodian, Lao, Hmong and Native Hawaiians are found to be quite different than other Asian American groups when it comes to their level of academic readiness, their ability to afford college tuition, and also their struggles when it comes to balancing their education, jobs, and family (Museus 12).The data shows evidence that Asian Americans are academically successful in school, however, much of the data is “aggra...   [tags: Asian American, United States, Ethnic group]

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Asian American Studies Class Essay

- In the Asian American studies class, I have learned more than I expected and have been exploring an abundance of issues on Asian Americans. I did not know that Asian Americans issue could be a controversial topic in the United States until I read those Asian Americans’ articles and the news regarding Peter Liang’s conviction. The strained situation has never calmed down, and it will burst out explosively when Asian Americans feel their position is being threatened. I really enjoyed reading the Asian Americans’ stories, which included the article that I chose for my topic of the in-class essay, and the discussion that held in class....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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America Is Long Overdue For A Series Featuring Asian American Characters

- Analysis Upholds America is long overdue for a series featuring Asian American characters. As New York Times writer Wesley Yang points out, ”Fresh Off the Boat would be the first network sitcom to star an Asian-American family in 20 years and only the third attempt by any major network in the history of the medium.” ABC is offering a slate of new programs deliberately focused on diversity. ““Its our job to reflect America,” ABC-TV head Paul Lee said…” “we didn’t pick up these shows because they were diverse, we picked them up because they were great” (Kang)....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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Asian Immigration And Asian Immigrants

- Asian immigrants have faced many obstacles transitioning to life in America. One major obstacle Asian immigrants came face to face with was receiving an education. Asians are known to place high value on learning and education, but many things stood in their way and hindered them from even receiving an education. Between Asian immigrants and Americans lie a language barrier, which is often seen as a set back. An example of this is Lac Su since he had to serve as a translator for his parents, which in turn affected his school work....   [tags: Asian American, United States, Philippines]

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Asian American Culture And Culture

- Culture is one of the major stresses for Asian children due to facing their heritage culture and host culture because most of the time a child sometime cannot balance both culture but they often need to fight to keep both culture to connect with the family and the outside world. According to William Ming Liu; “Asian Americans is often related to the interchangeable use of race, ethnic identity, and culture to describe this community. For the purposes of this research study, we define culture to be the “customs, norms, practices, and social institutions, including psychological processes ....   [tags: Education, Culture, Entrance examination, Race]

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Diabetes in Asian American Adolescents

- In today’s society diabetes mellitus has become a prevalent issue, especially because it is affecting our youth in increasing numbers. Diabetes is defined as “a complex disorder of carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism that is primarily a result of a deficiency or complete lack of insulin secretion by the beta cells of the pancreas or resistance to insulin ("DM," 2013, p. 522). The number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has significantly increased from the 1980s to today, as well as the number of children being diagnosed....   [tags: Diabetes Mellitus, Society, Risk Factors]

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The Harmful Myth Of Asian Superiority

- ... Within that same paragraph (11) Takaki claims that “only 8 percent of Asian Americans were ‘officials’ and ‘managers,’ compared with 12 percent for all groups”(p.118). This statistic would have immediately shocked Takaki’s audience, who were somewhat familiar with the myth of the model minority and the idea of Asian superiority over other minority groups. His audience may have even been shocked to the point of skepticism since Takaki did not claim that Asian Americans were doing poorly in comparison to Caucasians, but instead, every racially defined group in America was doing better than Asian Americans in this respect....   [tags: Asian American, United States, Race]

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Anti Asian Racism For Once

- On November 16, I attended the event, “Let’s Talk About Anti-Asian Racism—for Once”. This was an eye-opening experience because not only did I learn about instances in American history when Asians were discriminated against, but I was also able to hear real life stories and thoughts from Asian and Hmong Americans attending UWL. We watched a few short videos before the discussion began and one of them really stuck out to me. The video was of a man named George Takei, who spoke of why he loved the country that betrayed him....   [tags: United States, Hawaii, Asian American]

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Asian and American Culture in an American Society

- The United States of America is a ‘melting pot’ of diverse cultures. Though primarily Western in nature, due to the large-scale immigration of variant ethnicities from other countries, as well as differing birth and death rates of natives, settlers and immigrants, the ‘white’ American culture has taken on the hues of a rainbow. Within this society, the Asian-Americans, are often perceived to be at the highest stratum due to high income and good education. These people have almost successfully integrated themselves into society thus resulting in a blurring of lines....   [tags: western, large-scale immigration]

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The Asian-American Learning Experience: Are Asian Americans Being Misunderstood in the American Classroom?

- Newly immigrated Asian-American students are often misunderstood by their classroom behavior. They may hesitate or give short responses to questions, use a soft voice, decline to openly volunteer information, and avoid eye contact. Their facial expressions may be mistaken for displeasure rather than concentration, such as frowning when hard at work. They may become embarrassed when praised. All of these examples are often misinterpreted by teachers due to ignorance. These children are merely abiding by the social rules of their Asian culture, which may be unfamiliar to many Americans....   [tags: asian culture, teaching, education]

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African Americans, Asian Americans And Native Americans

- In the wake of one of the most destructive and devastating catastrophes ever to have occurred in this country, sparks of aggressive discussion over matters of class and race were reignited as news outlets released images of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. An image from the Associated Press (AP) shows a young black man, wading through waist-high floodwaters, dragging a large floating bag of supplies after, as the caption indicates, “looting” a grocery store. A contrasting image from Agence France-Presse (AFP) shows a pair of Caucasian residents, a man and a woman, trudging through the same waters after “finding” a meager set of rations from a local store....   [tags: Asian American, White American, Race]

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The Media as a Mirror of the Asian-American Women

- Imagine a distant post-apocalyptic future in which a group of researchers discovers a stack of DVDs of 20th and 21st century Hollywood movies of Asian American actresses. After watching those movies, what might the researchers conclude about the characteristics of Asian American women in the movies. Certainly, they will view Asian American women as sexual and erotic objects of the society that white men can score with ease. Why do I assume they will think that way. The answer is a simple, yet controversial one: mostly, the media, as the history proves, portrays Asian American women either as erotic sex slaves of white men or as insidious personalities who lure their prey into a trap with the...   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly

- Health Disparity Topic Selection and Analysis: Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly Mental Health of the Asian-American Elderly Asian-Americans constitute an important racial/ethnic minority in the US. A few facts that have been given by the US Census Bureau include: • In 2011, the population of Asians with more than one race was estimated at 18.2 million. • The referred population includes about 50 subgroups with reference to origins, diversity in culture, ethnicity, religious traditions, English proficiency, and geographical and immigration history • The Asian population has been estimated to about 40.6 million by 2050....   [tags: well-being, immigrants]

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Developing Models Of Counseling For Asian Americans

- ... Additionally, the therapeutic process is likely not to render desired results if counselors don’t take proactive measures to seek training in culturally relevant psychotherapeutic approaches such as PaSook, Santo Nino, and Sikh model of person, suffering, and healing which often better met Asian American clients where they are at in respect to their heritage and culture rather than expect them to conform and endorse Euro-American individualistic ideologies and customs (Nissley, 2015). Lastly, problems will arise when developing counseling models if counselors don’t explore issues of acculturation, language barriers, motivating forces such as “loss of face,” the significance of high conte...   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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What I Learned From Asian American Class

- Before taking this Asian American class, I only knew that this class is an academic discipline about history, experience, culture, and policies relevant to Asian American. However, the professor, Stohler used interesting teaching style to talk about how this class relates to Asian American’s history, such as providing the PowerPoint and let every students discussing in the class or online. I found out that students could pay more attentions on this teaching style. Owing to this quarter almost ended, there are some reflections and ideas in my mind....   [tags: United States, Race, Chinese American]

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Asian Parenting Style And Parent 's Expectation

- Moreover Parents’ style and parent’s expectation are also the factor that drive Asian American successful in hight education. Base on Baumrind, Clinical and development psychologist, divide parental style into three styles which are “ Authoritarian (strict and obey), Permissive( spoiling) and Authoritative(supportive) base on “ Parental responsiveness” and “ Parental Demaningness”(Baumrind), and Neglecting style (ignoring) is added on later by Maccoby and Martin. Parent demandingness is the parent’s demand toward the children such as control, discipline,supervision, and responsiveness is the action or feed back the parents interact with their children such as love, warmth,involvement ....   [tags: Asian American, United States, Parent]

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Being Asian American

- Would You Like Some Rice With That. To be young and Asian in America is a special brand of torture. There is an unspoken dictum of silence that grips Asian youth, a denial of our place in popular culture. Asian youth walk in America not quite sure where we fit in-black children have a particular brotherhood, Hispanic children have a particular brotherhood, white children own everything else. We cannot lay claim to jazz or salsa or swing; we cannot say our ancestors fought for equality against an oppressive government or roamed the great hallways of power across the globe....   [tags: Asia Asian Culture Cultural Essays]

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Asian Student 's Math Test

- ... In a country like the United States that places a strong emphasis on the American Dream, children from a young age are taught to believe that they can achieve whatever they want in life, as long as they word hard and truly believe that they can. However, is the American Dream real. Does true educational equality exist. The American Dream is supported through ideologies like the model minority image that paint an image of individuals going from rags to riches; however, if one takes a closer look at demographics and factors that affect the current education system, it becomes evident that educational achievement is not as equal as it is said to be....   [tags: United States, Ethnic group, Asian American, Race]

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Chinese Parents Vs. Asian American Children

- Most Chinese parents have a very low tolerance and satisfaction level, unlike American parents who tends to have a higher satisfaction level. You would believe that Chinese parents are looked at as uncaring parents, when they actually are caring parents. They’re not easy to be drawn by their child getting 70 on a test like a American parent would. Also in China and Japan they consider eye contact being very inappropriate in their culture. They believe that they should not be giving eye contact to their superior because it’s disrespectful....   [tags: Culture, African American, White American]

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The Essential Business Sector of the Asian-American Entrepreneurs

- Asian American entrepreneurs are an essential part of the small business sector and to a larger extent, the US economy. Like many small businesses, Asian-American owned businesses contribute to the community and national economy by providing services and products as well as employment to many people. Even the White House acknowledges the benefits of Asian Americans to the US economy and society. They do so by providing support to these businesses and taking them into consideration when it comes to planning the budget....   [tags: economy, award, chinese market]

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Asian American Stereotypes in Film

- Asian Americans only make up a small percent of the American population. Even more significant is that this percentage live mostly on the west and east coasts of mainland United States and Hawaii; leaving the rest of the American population to most likely get their exposures to Asians through television and movies. However the exposure they have receive throughout the history of cinematography has been hardly flattering. Throughout the course of history Asians in film have been portrayed as evil or the "yellow peril" as described by others....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Academic Stereotypes of Asian-American Students

- There is a phenomenon happening in most schools throughout the country. Asian students as young as seven years olds are labeled as gifted and enrolled in various accelerate programs to further develop their talents. Certainly, most of these students are deserving of the honorable recognition. However, many skeptics do question how many of them are viewed as exceptional students based upon the stereotype: they are genetically smarter than their non-Asian peers. For many researchers, the notion of Asian students are hereditary more intelligent than other race groups as believes by Arthur Jensen, an educational psychologist, is not a valid explanation for why Asian students perform better than...   [tags: Education and race, gifted]

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Researching the Asian American Culture

- Researching the Asian American Culture There are fundamental differences between Eastern and Western cultures and the meeting of these cultures has had several effects, both in Asia and here in the US. Overseas, you can see the juxtaposition of American pop culture on the older modes of Asian thought and society. Here, New Age religions find new excuses in Asian religions and philosophies and Anime is appears regularly on Saturday morning cartoons. Often, this juxtaposition becomes turbulent as the younger generations are caught between two seemingly opposing cultures....   [tags: Cultural Identity Essays]

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Stereotyping of Asian American Youth: The Effects on Performance in Academics

- ... The first wave of Chinese Americans immigrated during the mid 1800’s. Followed up by Japanese, Koreans, and other Asian races. At this time period the Asian community was not yet connected as a collective group. They would identify themselves by Chinese American, Vietnamese American, Hmong American, Filipino American, etc. The death of Vincent Chin was the key that unlocked the Asian American civil rights movement and brought together Asian communities among many others like African or Mexican....   [tags: scores, sterotyping, academics, subjects]

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How Asian American Communities Viewed Law Enforcement

- ... The practice of handing cash-filled envelopes to law enforcement officers for protection, or to avoid being harassed or arrested for minor traffic violations, is on the same narrow spectrum with corruption (Zhao & Park, 2013). In terms of governmental authority over the affairs and actions of society, Confucianism has led many police organizations in Southeast Asia towards corruption and police abuse of powers (Warner, 2013). Police corruption was so widely practiced in Southeast Asian countries that it has become a norm of society (Wong, 2012)....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, United States]

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Cultural Factors in Asian-American students’ stress

- Cultural Factors in Asian-American students’ stress “Why only 99 points. What happened to the other one point?” In Confucian based societies, high academic achievements are expected commonly. As the epitome of someone who has two cultural backgrounds, I am the ambassador between Asian culture and American culture. Most of the time, both cultures are in accordance with each other, but sometimes their principles conflict with one another. According to the US Department of Education, Asian/ Pacific Islander students consistently achieved the highest GPA among all ethnicity from 1990 to 2005....   [tags: Education]

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An Asian American Gay Male Student At The University Of Illinois

- Joshua Is an Asian American gay male student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago with his mom and two younger brothers. His father separated from his mother when he was a toddler. Josh never had a close relationship with his mother. Once his father left Josh’s mother remarried to a white American male. Since the marriage, Josh’s relationship with his mom was never the same. Because he never formed a close relationship with an adult figure, he often struggled to figure out where he belongs....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Gay]

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Steve Kim Is an Example of a Successful Asian-American Entrepreneur

- Some Americans from different ethnicities made their respective mark on America and fulfilled the goal of achieving the American dream. Many of these Americans are Asians –Americans who have Asian parentage or immigrants. Taking advantage of America’s leaning toward entrepreneurship, these minority entrepreneurs started small and grew their own business using the opportunity given to them and the passion they have. One important entrepreneur that made his mark as a minority entrepreneur is Steve Kim....   [tags: ethnicity, immigration, south korea ]

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Asian-American´s Suicide

- According to research, California State Fullerton professor Eliza Noh states that Asian-American women of the age 15 to 24 have the highest rates of suicide than any other racial, ethnic, or gender group. The “model minority” pressure—“socially produced pressure internalized by families of some Asian-American children to be high achievers at school and professionally”—plays a large factor to the issue, especially since girls, who are more affected by it than boys, are expected to become the “perfect mother, daughter, wife and get only A’s in school and choose the right type of job,” (Cruz 1)....   [tags: mental health, Eliza Noh, depression, minority]

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Asian-American Stereotypes

- “What is this chink doing here. Does he even know anything about football. Go back to studying!” After hearing that, I thought, “First off, I am not Chinese, and why yes, I do know a little something something about football.” These remarks were some of the things that I had to deal with when playing football during my first year of high school. These discriminatory statements towards the few Asians and me on the team were things we heard daily from other teammates and students. While these stereotypes of Asians only being good for studying and playing badminton or volleyball was prevalent in my school, that didn’t stop me from trying to be the best football player on the team and disproving...   [tags: Racism ]

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Asian American

- Reflections in a Foreign Mirror After reading the novels assigned in this Asian American class, it seems that many Asian American experiences are similar. One similarity that is outstandingly prominent is how an outside culture impacts either directly or indirectly a foreign society. Often, the influences of the powerful yet glamorous American lifestyle lead to self-hatred of one's own society and culture. We see this in "Obasan," by Joy Kogawa, and in "Dogeaters," by Jessica Hagedorn, where many of the characters cease to acknowledge their own identity by living vicariously through movies, music and other American influences....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Asian American Experience

- Asian American Experience The pain and the suffering, the oppression, and the exclusion all describe the history of Asia America. When they arrived to the United States, they become labeled as Asians. These Asians come from Japan, China, Korea, Laos, Thailand, and many other diverse countries in the Eastern hemisphere. These people wanted to escape from their impoverished lives as the West continued to infiltrate their motherland....   [tags: Immigration Asia United States Asians]

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Asian American Literature

- Asian American Literature Asian Americans seem to be fighting an unwinnable battle when it comes to the content of their writing. Writers are criticized by whites for speaking out against discrimination, and by their fellow Asian Americans for contributing to the stereotypes through their silence. I believe that Asian Americans should include politics in their writing as they so choose, but should not feel obligated to do so, as Frank Chin suggests. For those Asian Americans who make known their discontent with the injustice and discrimination that they feel, in the white culture, this translates to attacking American superiority and initiating insecurities....   [tags: essays papers]

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Asian American Identity

- Silence as Beauty, Silence as Self: The Asian American Identity The label “American” encompasses many different cultures and races. However, American society is often guilty of assuming there is only one true, certainly white, “American” face, voice, and behavior. Associate Professor of Sociology, Minako Maykovich, states that “the criteria for physical characteristics are generally determined by the dominant group in society,” thus “racial difference is the greatest obstacle to the process of assimilation” (68)....   [tags: Culture Race]

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Asian American Stereotypes

- Pertaining to Tracy Lai’s article titled, “Asian American Women”, Lai discusses how stereotypes dehumanize people while turning them into objects to be manipulated. Lai touches on the topic of how Asian people and cultures are stereotyped as being inferior and exotic. The problem that Lai brings to our attention is that it is a struggle to be an Asian in America due to the fact that Asians have been denied political, economic and social equality in America. Lai also brings to our attention the die hard myth that Asians have made it in America, which is far from the truth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The American Century and the Asian Century

- The last hundred years has seen the downfall of European centred multilateralism and imperialism (Schroeder 1986), the rise and fall of the Soviet Union as a bi-polar super power, and the steady hand of American dominance in international politics and economics, causing some to call it ‘The American Century ’. Despite The United State’s victory in the Cold War, the quick advancement of Asia, and in particular China, have led others to question the USA’s position as a unilateral power in the 21st century....   [tags: Cold War, US power, China]

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Identity and Destruction: Asian American in The Namesake by Mira Nair's Film

- ... A scene from the movie exhibits the perception of some Americans towards other race, wherein after a trip from India of the Ganguli family, they found their mail box covered with paint which is considered by Gogol as a form of racial discrimination. The Namesake also successfully exhibits the conflict between two contrasting cultures and the effects of the tension that can contribute to the crisis and construction of an Asian American identity. It shows the structure of insurrection of one culture to another and how divergences are formed....   [tags: heterogeneity, hybridity, multiplicity]

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The American Civil Rights Movement

- Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was brutally beaten by two white men with baseball bats in Detroit during the summer of 1982. They had just lost their jobs in the auto-industry because Japanese cars were gaining popularity in America, and they had assumed Chin was Japanese. Chin died a few days later in the hospital due to injuries sustained during the attack. When the case was brought to court, the courts ruled that the two white men has simply been attempting to teach Chin a lesson, and the two men got off with a fine of a few thousand dollars and a couple years ' probation....   [tags: Asian American, United States, Detroit]

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Factors Influencing The Drinking Behaviors Among Asian American Youths

- ... The second hypothesis states that the mediation through “best friends” alcohol and tobacco use will assume a direct role with acculturation in binge drinking, after controlling for socioeconomic, family, and school variables. Comments: The purpose of the study was well documented and the two hypotheses were effectively challenged. Using a logistic regression analysis and an odds ratio to support the peer cluster theory were effective statistical measures to prove one of the two hypotheses and conclude the study....   [tags: Scientific method, Statistics, Sociology]

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American Ethnic Literature And American Literature

- Americans Literature has an immense amount if history with in it. There are many lessons that we have learned from reading and reviewing the history along with Americans Literature. There are many questions asking what is American Ethnic Literature, and this literature centers on the voices that govern out country. These voices work hard be heard, and will continue to struggle to be heard at all. There is much importance that is carried with in the American ethnic literature. There is a legacy that is there in which we can still....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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A Survey About An African American

- There was a survey about what word will people comes up when they hear the word “privilege”, people comes up with diversity answers. But most of the African Americans gave the same answer of White. Many of them believed that they are still lived in the world that “white” people could have privilege based on their skin color. There is a fact that with the increase number that “white” police accidently killed African American, most of the police had not been charged for what was happened. However, things has changed since February 12th 2016, a young American born Chinese NYPD officer was found guilty after he accidently killed an unarmed African American in Nov 20th 2014 which is four months...   [tags: Asian American, White American, United States]

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Asian American

- The American Community in the 1900’s to the 1920’s was in fact a totally different generation than its successor not only because of cultural and economic reasons but also because of world events and the rise of technology. Americans in the early 1900’s were a closely knit generation with a sense of community, morals, and obligations. They had an "instilled" set of ideals and values and their lives were very much affected by the rise of technology. Living in America in the early part of the 1900’s was a hard and trying era through such turbulent times as the Great Depression, World War I, and the Industrial Revolution....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Race And Economical Inequalities Of American Society

- ... They were used in plantations to grow crops and service their white masters. This relationship benefited the masters, while only exploited the slaves. After the abolition of slavery, the African American community had to fight for the basic rights such as the right to vote and the right to have the chance for equal opportunities. The civil rights movement has made serious improvements in the lives of African American but the discrimination and race categorization still affects this group negatively....   [tags: United States, White American, Asian American]

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Asian-American Stereotypes

- Asian-American Stereotypes Overview Asian stereotypes are a product of prevailing myths propagated by various media, from books, plays, movies, television, to even historical propaganda. Generally speaking, the stereotyping of Asian women often swing to extreme types: the docile, subservient sexual object, or the dragon lady. Asian Americans only make up a small percentage of the United States population and live mostly on the west and east coasts of mainland United States and Hawaii. Consequently, the rest of the American population will most likely get their exposures to Asian Americans through television and movies....   [tags: essays research papers Asians Ethnicity]

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Personal Narrative: Being Asian American

- I am a girl with two heads. At home, I wear my Chinese head, in school I wear my English head. Being an Asian, or Chinese, as it is commonly referred to, my culture plays a key role in the development of who I am and what I do, my personal identity. An identity is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. Parents are often one of the key factors of this culturally developed personal identity. “Fortunately, children do not need “perfect” parents. They do need mothers and fathers who will think on their feet and who will be thoughtful about what they have done....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Interview With Andrew Alexander, A Black American Rights Activist

- ... This poem is not about red roses or blue violets. Instead, it is a warning for Laini. If Laini does not learn how to defend herself in any situation, she could lose her life. This story is particularly effective in Huang’s poem because it reveals the sad reality of racism and its effect on Black American families. In recent events, many innocent Black Americans such as Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice have fallen by the hands of racist policemen. The situation is that these policemen are more likely to target Black Americans in particular compared to any other citizen....   [tags: Race, Racism, Asian American, White American]

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American vs Asian Education Systems

- There are many factors that influence the Asian and Asian immigrants’ high levels of academic achievements. The environment that students experienced in Asia is totally different from the foreigners’ like the schoolings, the testing and grading testing system. Non-Asian people observed many high levels academic achievements of Asian and they start making false assumptions. The education system in Asia is different from America’s which explains the stereotype that common Asians are smart....   [tags: Asians and Education]

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What’s it Worth to You? The Costs and Affordances of CMC Tools to Asian and American Users

- What’s it Worth to You. The Costs and Affordances of CMC Tools to Asian and American Users (paper) Leslie Setlock and Susan Fussell from Cornell University looked into how Asian and American users differ in their communication goals. This affected perceived affordances using various computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools. An individual’s cultural context affected the person’s perception of appropriateness for using a communication medium. For example, Americans used email in a less formal manner whereas Asians were generally found to write emails using the more formal letter format....   [tags: Communication]

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American, East Asian, Caribbean, And The United States

- ... Refugees also worked lengthier hours: at the height of the booming, an idiosyncratic low-skilled immigrant’s work week was an exquisite 56 percent longer than a representative low-skilled native’s. Beginners rely less on government welfares. Not equal lawful immigrants qualify for federal welfare programs in their first five years in the U.S., and illegal refugees are unqualified for donations of any kind. Equal when U.S.-born children qualify families for the program utmost people think of as well-being, Momentary Assistance for Destitute Families, only 1 percentage of immigrant-headed households advantage themselves, associated to 5 percentages of households headed by U.S....   [tags: Immigration, Immigration to the United States]

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Selling-Out the Asian-American Community in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

- Selling-Out the Asian-American Community in The Joy Luck Club i wish i could join in the universal praise for amy tan and her best-selling novel "the joy luck club." i wish i could find the latest chinese-american literary dish as appetizing as the rest of the american public does. but i can't. before amy tan entered the scene, public images of asian america had not developed since the middle of the century. the asian american male did not exist except as a barbaric japanese or vietcong soldier....   [tags: Joy Luck Club Essays]

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The Minority Predicament: An Analysis of Asian American Success and the Model Minority Paradigm

- The Minority Predicament: An Analysis of Asian American Success and the Model Minority Paradigm My grandmother sent me a letter from home, telling the success story of her old Chinese tenants who, through hard work, had become very wealthy in the 9 short years they lived in America. My grandmother embraces the belief that "with hard work, patience and a little help from the model minority stereotype, someday Asians will gain full approval of white America". She believes that Asian Americans are inherently smarter, more diligent and thrifty than other racial minorities of our time....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Truth Behind America 's Racial History

- Ronald Takaki, an Asian American academic, historian, and author, recounts the history of America through the voices of people of color in the United States in his book on the truth behind America’s racial history, entitled, A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America. Takaki deconstructs common myths about America’s origins in his book hailed by critics and academics as a powerful and accurate retelling of the history of America. In his book, Takaki redirects the predominant focus on whites of European ancestry in history to the contributions made by the many ethnic groups of America in order to give a more accurate perspective on American history....   [tags: Race, United States, Asian American]

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Overview of the Career of Dr. Stanley Sue

- Dr. Stanley Sue is an Asian American clinical psychologist whose research focus is on Asian American minorities. Dr. Sue was born in Portland, Oregon and was the third of six children to his Chinese immigrant parents. As a child “his first career ambition was to repair televisions, but soon he got bored with shop classes. Then, he developed great fascination with psychotherapy and the idea of helping emotionally disturbed individuals (Rockwell 2001).” Dr. Sue recalled, “I told my parents that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist, not fully knowing what a clinical psychologists did (Rockwell 2001).” He also remembered what his father said and thought after making this declaration: “My...   [tags: Clinical Psychologist, Asian American Minorities]

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Racial Discrimination At The United States

- ... The college or university Thomas was admitted to Creighton University. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1941, Creighton University was the only university that did not follow the trend of rejecting Asian American students’ admissions into their college or university. Bezousek, admissions counselor at that time stated, “Creighton kept its doors open” despite the other colleges and universities rejecting Asian American students. Creighton’s acceptance qualification was and continues to be fair....   [tags: United States, Race, Asian American]

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Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club

- ... If stories were not shared to others, then the story will be lost forever, and I would have lose my chance to be apart of my culture. Furthermore, as long as stories are passed onto others, then these stories will live on inside of us, and it goes through a continuous cycle of stories being passed into the future. As an Asian American, I learned to value my Chinese culture, and how my culture can influence my identity. When I was young, I learned about my identity and ancestors from stories my mother used to tell me whenever I complained about my desires....   [tags: Knowledge, Learning, Moral, Asian American]

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Racism Against Asians From The United States

- ... This led to the question “if we say we want equality for all, how can this happen if we exclude some?” One of the key steps we as a society need to take before we can answer this and pursue equality for all citizens is to make everyone, especially members of the dominant group, aware of historical events such as the Japanese internment camps of WWII and the Chinese Exclusion Act through education just like we are taught about the slave trade of African Americans in our school system. This must be combined with a concentrated effort to transform the media industry so that stereotypical representations of Asian Americans are as unacceptable as blatantly racist depictions of African Americ...   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Asian American]

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Community Event : The Words Of Womyn

- ... A lovely woman by the name of Martha started the workshop by providing us with a spark of inspiration by reading two poems from a book title Unfinished Portrait: Poems by Luivette Resto. These poems touched on issues that pertained to individuals experiencing a loss of identity, especially those who have migrated to another country in search of hopeful beginnings. After we all reflected on our impression of both poems, we then took the time to write a short story or poem on the prompt of the day, which was titled “In another world…” which resulted in such moving thoughts....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Emotion, Asian American]

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American Democracy's Treatment of Asian Americans

- Democracy In order to understand how the American Government works for minorities such as Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans, we must first figure out how the political system works for everyone, then compare it to the way it works for minorities. California may be a more difficult situation because the Hispanic American is the majority over the predominant Caucasians. Knowing our government is a Democracy, we must learn what Democracy is. Since the times of Ancient Rome, Democracy has been manipulated, twisted, flipped and misinterpreted by people of all status....   [tags: Politics]

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Immigration And Naturalization Act Of 1965, America, And The Film Children Of Invention

- ... Erika Lee points out that “between 2007 and 2011, the number of Asian Americans living in poverty [in California] increased by roughly 50 percent, to over half a million. Hmong and Cambodian American children have higher rates of poverty (42 percent and 31 percent, respectively) than African American and Latino children (27 percent and 26 percent, respectively)”. When discussing the war on poverty, African American and Latinx communities are at the center of this conversation while Asian Americans are left out....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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Analysis Of David Henry Hwang 's ' The Casting Of White Actors '

- ... DHH an Asian American is angry with Marcus Gee for not admitting to the public that his identity is a sham, but DHH is not going to be able to tell the media anything about Marcus because he was the one who created the lie about Marcus Gee. His "yellow face" feels genuine to him, and his interest in his acquired identity is so passionate that he soon finds himself competing with DHH for the role of community role model. Being Asian American becomes his identity of choice, felt and performed by gestures and practices, and is not to be denied on the basis of accidental biology: (Botelho 92) Marcus Gee is assuming to be someone he is not because that was his choice....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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Movie Analysis : Hollywood Worst Habits

- ... For many years now ethnic and racial stereotype have been portrayed in many forms of television and films. In the film the last Air bender it has encountered a significant amount of backlash over casting decisions on Caucasian actors to play for the lead role. When watching the film in anime on nickelodeon, it clearly shows the characters as Asian or native decent. Within the film the director Shyamalan has completely whitewash the story by casting Caucasian actors as hero and casting the villain, secondary characters and background extras as people of color....   [tags: White American, Race, Asian American, Film]

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My Family And The United States After The Vietnam War

- ... I want to pursue my interest by venturing into the medical world to receive hands-on experience and be familiar with diseases, especially neurological ones. With the number of neurosurgeon in the U.S. decreasing and the number of women entering neurosurgery remaining the same, our society needs more people who are willing to be a role model leading the women faculty in the neurosurgery careers. University of Arizona (UA) has all the preparation to make me succeed. I was admitted to UA and to the UA Honors College, majoring in Pre-Physiology....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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What Does The Model Minority Myth?

- How and why does the Model Minority Myth continue to be believed and perpetuated in today’s American society. How do Asian Americans navigate living under the Myth and what are the consequences and effects of those navigations, especially regarding self-identity and mental health. How does the Myth affect the different ethnicities that are grouped under the umbrella term of “Asian”. The Myth was started in the late 1960’s with multiple newspaper articles published about the success of Asian Americans and how that success could be attributed to Asian cultural values....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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The Issue Of Racial Barriers

- Nothing to Do with Race Over the years, the issue of racial barriers in different industry is becoming an increasingly hot topic among the liberal minds of the society. While many argue that certain celling exists in many industries, the new wave of talents from all over the world constantly challenges these stereotypes. Chinese Americans, a group historically known for breeding hard-workers, is one of the Asian American groups that battles with the stereotypes on the front line. The achievement these Chinese Americans from various industries are able to attract attention from a number of different media including major mainstream online media from both China and America....   [tags: Asian American, United States, Chinese American]

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A Study On Developing Good Working Relationships

- CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY Introduction According to Shusta et al., (2011), “Many law enforcement agencies have had difficulty finding qualified applicants; however, which has led to a recruitment crisis. This crisis, although influenced by economic circumstances, appears to be primarily the result of changing societal and demographic trends” (p. 82). As the number of Asian immigrants doubled between the years of 1980-1998, increasing by six million people, U.S police departments across the nation struggles to recruit Asian-American officers to reflect the growing Asian population in the country (United States Commission on Civil Rights, 2010)....   [tags: United States, Police, Asian American, Race]

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The Immigration And Nationality Act Of 1965

- ... The lower socioeconomic status of the “other Asians” may be due to their more recent immigration history. Nonetheless, their distinctive socioeconomic profile shows that only certain groups of Asians and Asian Americans are successfully incorporating into the mainstream society. What does this mean for the pan-ethnic Asian identity. The apparent within-group variation in social mobility and status as well as generational statuses and assimilation patterns are often not considered when one examines Asian Americans as a racial and pan-ethnic group....   [tags: Race, United States, Asian American, Ethnic group]

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The Evolvement of Chinese Stereotypes Representative in Hollywood Movies

- Film, as a traditional and beloved media, has been influential on people's life. We spend time in the cinema to be entertained, touched, scared and experience romantic love story and exotic places. As one of the most famous film industry base in the world, Hollywood, produces and sell their movie products all over the world. During the process of globalization, countries are about to understand others’ culture as well as to realize how one’s culture compares and contrasts with other. Media globalization stands for the process in which film companies deliver images of national cultures to the whole world....   [tags: culture, globalization, asian american, cinema]

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Global Issue : Adjusting And Integration

- ... 75). Asian immigrants experience great anxiety and stress due to culture shock, when they realize they are no longer living in their beloved motherland. Asian immigrants experience fear, nostalgia, and frustration and for that reason, they make every effort to blend in by learning English (Landale et al., 2011). However, there are still a large number of Asian immigrants in the U.S. who refuse to learn English, and will hold on to their cultural roots, customs and identities. Studies from Hanser and Gomila (2015) indicate that a “Substantial portion of the Asian population in the United States does not know English....   [tags: Asian American, United States, Vietnam War]

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Criminalization and the Perceived Deviance of Latinos

- There are different context in which labeling has specifically been used in the readings; however, there is an overarching theme in that the labels serve to undermine and to subjugate Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans. The readings primarily focused on the criminalization and the perceived deviance of Latinos and Latino youth. In the book Punished by Victor Rios, he presents the argument that the consistent labeling by every state run institution that cast young Latinos as criminals or cast “at risk youth” expected to commit crimes is symptomatic of the social structures that creature the criminalization process of young Latinos....   [tags: labeling migrants, latino youth, asian american]

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Recipe, By Janice Mirikitani

- The two poems, “Recipe” and “We Wear The Mask” highlight different struggles faced by non-white Americans based on their physical features. “Recipe” highlights the taunting Asian Americans received based on the shape of their eyes. “We Wear The Mask” alternatively describes a metaphorical mask the author and many African Americans wore to attempt to fit in with the rest of the world and hide their pain. Both poems deal with struggles of people who don’t quite fit in with the world around them, be it because of their race or any other factor, but both come with a message of how to deal with the pain that the struggles result in....   [tags: Asian American, White American, United States]

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Asian Cultures Value Aging More Than American Culture

- Asian cultures ultimately value aging more than American cultures because they know that the elderly have lived long enough to have accumulated experienced knowledge throughout their entire lives. Not only are the elderly wise, but they have also had plenty of time to gather endless amounts of practiced knowledge. After interviewing Sophia Ha-Seon Park, a friend whom I went to high school with, I was able to get a decent picture of why Asians value aging. Before speaking to Sophia, I thought that I respected my elders, however I never held them to the high standards that she and other Asians do....   [tags: the knowledge gained by experience]

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Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover

- Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a race by it stereotypes. When you first look at me, you notice that I’m Asian instant thought is I’m good at math and science but actually that’s not true. My parent immigrated to America in their early 20s. Both had different goals and desires. But one main key objective of providing a better life for their future children and for bragging rights for their parents. My mom wanted to be a clothing designer while my dad wanted to have his own restaurant....   [tags: Asian American, Stereotype, Race, White American]

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Media And Its Effect On Society

- Due to the rapid advancement of technology, access to different types of media is available for everyone and is no longer just limited to the rich and powerful. Media plays a very significant role in keeping the people well informed but this influence can also be used destructively by misleading the people and causing negative impacts. Media is a very powerful tool used to influence people especially on the sensitive topic of racism. It has grown from just being “black and white” to a global issue that affects many countries throughout the world....   [tags: Race, United States, Asian American, Sociology]

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Immigration Is Not An Imagination

- Immigration is, and has been, never a fair game for the people who do not possess certain privileges. Broadly for the poor and for the people of color, but specifically for people of color, immigration (and perhaps life thereafter) was a site of struggle, then and now. It is not an imagination; however, it is a daunting truth that many of the immigrants live by, both during the turn of the twentieth century and the immigration in the later twentieth century until now. At both times, some were able to assimilate and fully achieve the American status, while some did not, and people who were allowed full incorporation were people with certain privilege: the racial privilege....   [tags: Race, Ethnic group, United States, Asian American]

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Portrayal of Asian-Americans in the Canceled Sitcom, All American Girl

- Portrayal of Asian-Americans in the Canceled Sitcom, All American Girl Ever since arriving in this country, Asian-Americans have been misunderstood and discriminated against. Lately things have gotten better, but there are still people trying to further improve their situation. Margaret Cho, a Korean-American, is one of them. In the late 1990's she got her own sitcom, All-American Girl. This was a perfect chance to improve the portrayal of Korean-Americans, and Asian-Americans in general. Positive Aspects “All American Girl” showed many positive portrayals of Asians in a modern day society in California....   [tags: Television]

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