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Personal Narrative: Being Asian American

- I am a girl with two heads. At home, I wear my Chinese head, in school I wear my English head. Being an Asian, or Chinese, as it is commonly referred to, my culture plays a key role in the development of who I am and what I do, my personal identity. An identity is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. Parents are often one of the key factors of this culturally developed personal identity. “Fortunately, children do not need “perfect” parents. They do need mothers and fathers who will think on their feet and who will be thoughtful about what they have done....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ethnic Identity And Self Esteem Among Asian And European Americans

- A research article titled “Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem among Asian and European Americans when a minority is the majority and the majority is a minority” published in 2014 and performed by Yiyuan Xu, JoAnn M. Farver, and Kristin Pauker aims to bring attention to ethnic identity and its role in a group’s self-esteem. After researching about the ethnic identities of minorities and majorities, and concluding that “feeling a strong sense of belonging with an ethnic group may contribute to aspects of individuals’ psychological well-being, such as self-esteem” (Xu, Farver, & Pauker, 2014), the researchers decided to study the effect of being the majority or a minority has an effect on the ethn...   [tags: United States, Race, United Kingdom]

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Identity and Destruction: Asian American in The Namesake by Mira Nair's Film

- ... A scene from the movie exhibits the perception of some Americans towards other race, wherein after a trip from India of the Ganguli family, they found their mail box covered with paint which is considered by Gogol as a form of racial discrimination. The Namesake also successfully exhibits the conflict between two contrasting cultures and the effects of the tension that can contribute to the crisis and construction of an Asian American identity. It shows the structure of insurrection of one culture to another and how divergences are formed....   [tags: heterogeneity, hybridity, multiplicity]

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Example of a Request for Proposal: Understanding Communication in Colorado Asian Communities

- Research study to understand communication in Colorado Asian communities Request for Proposal Table of content COVER LETTER 1 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 2 Purpose of the RFP 2 Objectives 2 Background and current status 3 Audience 3 Timeline 4 Budget 4 Evaluation criteria 5 Mandatory requirement 5 Proposal guidelines and requirements 6 Scope of work 6 FORMAT FOR THE PROPOSALS 6 COVER LETTER Request for proposal for a research study to understand communication in Colorado Asian communities Dear Sir/Madam This is an invitation to submit a proposal for the above referenced research study....   [tags: civic engagement, elections, campaigns]

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Research Assignment on Invasive Species: Asian Long-Horned Beetles

- The Asian long-horned beetle is an insect that first originated in China, Korea, and Japan(5) It is widely known for attacking many types of trees and destroying trees in rural, urban and suburban communities(³). We didn't want this beetle to invade North America, but through transportation(¹), this beetle found its way here and started to feed on our natural hardwood trees(4). If the Asian long-horned beetle is not stopped, we won't see any fall colours on the leaves of trees(²). Luckily though, there are certain ways to counteract the Asian long-horned beetle, so we can still fight off this pest....   [tags: fighting off pests]

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Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change

- Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change Introduction to the problem of Drugs in South East Asia With the advent of decriminalization of drugs by Portugal, the issue of illegal drug trafficking has been the most debated subject worldwide, experiencing mankind’s sincere attention on a higher level. It was Portugal that stepped forward to denounce the directions of United Nations and, further laid down fresh national drug policies which included decriminalizing every variety of drugs falling under its territory in the year 2001....   [tags: united nations, drug, crime, south east asia]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Paper Tigers ' By Wesley Yang, An Asian American

- Any stereotype is based on prejudgments. People who take stereotypes into consideration when judging a person can make assumptions on others from multiple sources, such as peers and the media. In the article, “Paper Tigers,” Wesley Yang, an Asian-American, implies how stereotypes affect people of his culture in both positive and negative ways. Either way, negative and positive stereotypes can both negatively have an impact on a person by altering how a person feels about themselves. The negative impact of stereotypes on individuals causes friction to potential relationships and creates an impossible standard for a person to reach thus making a person feel imperfect....   [tags: Stereotype, Stereotypes, Race, Ethnic stereotype]

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Factors Influencing The Drinking Behaviors Among Asian American Youths

- Introduction/Type of study Is there is an association between acculturation and binge drinking between Asian American youths, and is there a direct effect from mediation by ”best friends” regarding alcohol and tobacco use. Using secondary quantitative and qualitative data, through mixed methods research, the study analyzed a sample population of 714 Asian Americans, grades 7 to 12. A longitudinal study, which was applied, focused on the aspect of the role between the “best friends” mediation and the correlation to alcohol and tobacco use....   [tags: Scientific method, Statistics, Sociology]

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Perhaps More: From Pan-Asian Chineseness to Human-ness

- The film opens with gentle falling snow and a montage of faces on a bus. Each person has his own story and each plays his own role. Korean actor, Ji Jin Hee, narrates the story which we are about to be presented. He compares life to a film wherein each of us is the lead actor in the movie. Some may assume that they are a co-lead in the film of someone else, but in reality their role might be much more diminutive. In the end, we can never know for sure (Chan, Perhaps Love). This postmodern approach to identity and memory sets the tone for an emotionally-driven musical love story in Peter Chan’s Perhaps Love....   [tags: culture, global, emotion]

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The Asian Financial Crisis and Thailand: Catalyst for Change...or More of The Same?

- During the second half of the 20th century Thailand underwent a rapid transformation from an agrarian to export-driven industrialized economy while sustaining rapid economic growth. What took Europe almost a century, the East Asian tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan) and the newly industrializing economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) accomplished in a matter of decades, which led many to believe in an East Asian miracle. However, in 1997 Thailand became the first country swept into an economic crisis that spread throughout the region within months....   [tags: Economics]

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Islam's Role in Cultural Assimiliation and Adaptation of Central Asian Migrants in Russia

- Muslim Migrants as Russia’s ‘Other’: Islam’s Role in Cultural Assimilation and Adaptation of Central Asian Migrants in Russia Background There are about 5 million Central Asian migrant workers in Russia, most of them concentrating in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other large Russian cities . Fears of rising crime and rising nationalist sentiment among Russians have resulted in negative attitude towards migrants. Initially popular among the uneducated Russian youth, xenophobia is now permeating the higher social strata....   [tags: sociological analysis]

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The Different Fate of Thailand and Hong Kong during 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

- ... On the contrary, if a country's balance of payments deficit, will reduce demand for the country's currency, the country's foreign exchange would be reduced, thus resulting in a decline in the country's currency, the currency devaluation. The project in the international balance of payments impact on exchange rate movements is the largest trade and capital projects. Trade balance of payments surplus or deficit and capital account surplus or deficit directly affects the currency's rising or falling....   [tags: international corporate finance]

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World War II : The Surviving Voices Of The Asian Pacific Theater

- World War II: The Surviving Voices of the Asian Pacific Theater will have 5 sections. The first section (Act I) will be called “America protects her borders”. This section will have historical facts about the war from the American perspective. The main themes of this section will be ‘Pearl Harbor/ justification for entering the War’, ‘justification for Executive Order 9066 (Japanese-American internment camps), and justification for dropping the Atomic bombs and revisionist theory on the dropping of the atomic bombs....   [tags: World War II]

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Crisis Management of the Hong Kong Government in the Asian Financial Crisis and the Subprime Crisis

- Table of Contents Introduction…………...................……………………………….……………………1 Consequences of the Crises……………....………....…………………………………3 Responses of the Hong Kong Government and Assessment of Crisis Management.....4 Precautionary Measures of Financial Crisis…………………........……………….…..9 Conclusion and Recommendations……......................................................................10 Introduction In this essay, a brief introduction about the causes and consequences of the Asian Financial Crisis and the Subprime Crisis will be given at the beginning....   [tags: Analysis of Crisis Management ]

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Asian Styled Restaurant: Strategies to Take Tea Café to the Next Level of Business

- SRATEGIES TO TAKE TEA CAFÉ TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF BUSINESS INTRODUCTION TEA Café is an Asian-styled restaurant located in Norman, Oklahoma. TEA Café is very unique to Norman and almost every Norman resident has experienced TEA Café. Ask any resident or student and they will brag about how good TEA Café is. However, TEA Café is currently not tapping into the student population here at the University of Oklahoma, thus missing out on an enormous audience. The purpose of this report is to provide realistic and achievable strategies to take TEA Café to the next level of business....   [tags: student body, growing a company]

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Japan 's Desire Of Expansion Into Southeast Asian Territories During The First Place

- militarism and economic desires explain why Japan became involved in Southeast Asian territories in the first place. First and foremost, Japan held strong militaristic culture that was inherent in the elite class. Bushido spirit, Samurai, and glory of war were praised by the Japanese, which possibly explains Japanese initiation of conflict and hardline policies. Also, Japan’s desire of expansion into neighboring Asian countries for economic gains could be reasoned as the prominent action that commenced threat to other countries....   [tags: World War II, Soviet Union, Cold War, Communism]

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Expanding the Heavy Duty Truck Market to Eastern Asian Countries

- The expansion team has done an extensive study and market research has identified that there is huge growth potential and a very lucrative business opportunity for manufacturers wanting to sell heavy-duty trucks to Eastern Asian countries. One thing to remember by choosing a new international market is that ethical situations may arise. Specific marketing strategies used elsewhere may not work in Eastern Asian market, so knowing and being able to account for cultural differences will be important....   [tags: globalization and expansionism]

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Effects of Colonial Rule on Asian Pacific Countries Prior To World War II

- In the last several centuries, Western imperialistic expansion has significantly changed the Pacific Asian region. (Borthwick 2007, 61) Essentially, colonialism is defined as “control by one country over another area and its people.” (Unknown 2013) During this time, territorial expansion was a primary goal of England, France, United States of America and the Empire of Japan. Their ability to travel great distances combined with military superiority allowed for these countries to exert their influence and occupy greater territory....   [tags: Western Imperialistic Expansion]

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The Impact of Education in European, Asian, and Islamic Societies from 900-1300 AD

- “Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes.”- Norman Douglas There is much truth to the quote stated above by Norman Douglas, especially during the 900-1300 when industrialization, agricultural innovation, international trade, and religious conquest rocked the European, Asian, and Islamic societies. The quest for unification and cultural/religious spread during this turbulent times were answered by universities that created men of an educated class. Higher education became the state and religion controlled medium to reinforce the agenda of established religious leaders and political authorities....   [tags: enlighten, the unenlightened.]

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Working Reflective Paper For The Asian Health And Services Center ( Ahsc )

- Volunteer Reflective Paper Trying new things is significant to me because it allows me to learn from different experiences. I have obtained many valuable experiences while trying different things. During the past few weeks, I have learned a lot while volunteering for the Asian Health and Services Center (AHSC) as a front desk receptionist and an interpreter. The AHSC is a non-profit organization which is willing to help people who are lack of English language skills to improve their health care quality and get more involved with the local community....   [tags: Health care, Healthcare quality, Health, Learning]

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A Old South Asian Woman With A History Of High Blood Pressure

- Introduction Mrs. E is a 70years old South Asian woman with a history of high blood pressure. She has been taking Aldomet 250mg thrice a day. Her blood pressure ranges between 140/90 and 150/95. Mrs. E has had high blood pressure since she was 40 years. Mrs. E sees her Doctor once a month for checkup. Mrs. E lives alone. She smokes tobacco. Her 70years old husband died 2years ago. Her only daughter is married and lives in USA. Her 90years old father died of coronary heart disease 5years ago and her mother died of Aneurysm at 60 years....   [tags: Nursing, Health, Health care, Nutrition]

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Alternative Roles in Two Spirits: African Americans and Asian Americans

- There are so many different walks of life all over the world that so many people live every day. In every culture all men and women don’t have the same way of living and the same responsibilities as far as parents to their children and also their marriages. There are so many cultures and traditions that we all adapt to and follow orders to that we live by as people. You have some men in some cultures that prefer to be the wife and the actual wife be the husband. That doesn’t mean that in every culture there are men that want to be the wife....   [tags: cultures, traditions, husband, wife, marriage]

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Hong Kong Species: East Asian porcupine and Red Muntjac

- Existing challenge; Among the local medium and large mammals, East Asian porcupine and Red Muntjac are the most abundant and widely distributed species in Hong Kong. They were recorded in over 50%of surveyed areas in 2002-06 by camera trapping (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department). However, for one of their habitat, Tai Lam Country Park, which is located in Western of New Territories, the second largest country park in Hong Kong. In the past decade, the park has suffered from frequent hill fires and soil erosion....   [tags: illegal hunting, environment]

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Asian Cultures Value Aging More Than American Culture

- Asian cultures ultimately value aging more than American cultures because they know that the elderly have lived long enough to have accumulated experienced knowledge throughout their entire lives. Not only are the elderly wise, but they have also had plenty of time to gather endless amounts of practiced knowledge. After interviewing Sophia Ha-Seon Park, a friend whom I went to high school with, I was able to get a decent picture of why Asians value aging. Before speaking to Sophia, I thought that I respected my elders, however I never held them to the high standards that she and other Asians do....   [tags: the knowledge gained by experience]

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Asian Focused B2b Casino System Powerhouse Xin Gaming

- XIN Gaming finalises the acquisition of Tain and Betting Promotion Back in 2013, both Tain and Betting Promotion arrived on the scene with plenty of promise in tow. Since then both companies have come together and gone from strength to strength. Considering that this is the case, the new conjoined company has caught the eye of Asian-focused B2B casino system powerhouse XIN Gaming. XIN Gaming has been on the hunt to acquire new companies for some time, with this new deal sure to boost all parties involved as a result....   [tags: Gambling, Casino, Online gambling]

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Modern Day Chinatown

- Modern day Chinatown is a vibrant and bustling community full of bright colors and Chinese characters adorning buildings as far as the eye can see. Chinese elders roam around the narrow and unkempt streets while children frolic around from store to store with wide smiles, riffling through toy stores as store owners look on. Mothers scurry from store to store searching for the most tender meats to buy for the night's dinner or for the next day's lunch. Tourists from nearby downtown drift into the heart of Chinatown with large and expensive cameras, posing for pictures with Lion head statues and continue on, buying cheap Chinatown goods along the way....   [tags: Asian Americans]

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Development Comparison of Corporate Governance in Malaysia and Singapore

- The Asian Financial Crisis which exposed the corporate governance weaknesses was a wake-up call for all the policymakers, standard setters as well as the companies (OECD, 2014). The parties that involved and affected from the crisis started to realize the importance of having strong corporate governance practices in their countries. Consequently, the Asian economies along with the OECD established the Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance in 1999, in order to support the enhancement of corporate governance rules and practices (OECD, 2014)....   [tags: asian financial crisis, hong kong,asian economy]

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My Views On My Life

- When people ask me about my interests, I’m usually unsure of what to say. I find it difficult to define myself in broad terms and generalities akin to ‘interests’. I usually like specific things and not generalities. Similarly I find it difficult to define myself. Who I am on the outside and who I am on the inside are intertwined through my race and yet still do not dictate one another. My ideas of the person I want to become is equal in emotional to professional parts. Who I am on the outside is very influential on who I am on the inside....   [tags: Need, Want, British Asian, Asian people]

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Using Asian-Americans to Justify Racism and Prejudice

- Asian-Americans are Not a Model Minority Supporters of affirmative action argue that discrimination and racism have held down minorities in the U.S., and that affirmative action is needed to correct it. In response, critics ask: "If blacks and Mexicans are being held down by discrimination, then why do Asians come to this country and do so well for themselves?" According to this myth, Asians immigrate to America with little or nothing, often as boat people fleeing communism, and through hard study and work become even more successful than European-Americans....   [tags: Racism Prejudice]

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Wing Luke Asian Museum Web Site

- Wing Luke Asian Museum Website The Wing Luke Asian Museum is a multicultural museum housing art, film, and other records of the Northwest Asian Pacific culture. The Museum states that it is dedicated to "the collection, preservation, and display of Asian Pacific American culture, history and art.". The Museum was founded 1967, in honor of the first Asian pacific American to be elected to the Seattle council (in 1962). Wing Luke was killed in a plane crash just 3 years later, and the community rallied together to establish the Wing Luke Museum....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Asian Indians Immigration to America and Their Major Contributions to Society

- The Asian Indians Immigration to America and Their Major Contributions to Society Asian Indians come from an area with the second largest population in the world, but form only one of the smallest minorities in the United States. America was influenced by their religious and political beliefs long before the first immigrants arrived in the 19th century. The congressional act of 1947 granted them citizenship. Now, Asian Indians hold many important occupations (students, teachers, writers, musicians, scientists)....   [tags: Papers]

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Rapid Economic Growth In East Asian Countries

- Rapid Economic Growth In East Asian Countries Over the past decade, there has been rapid long-term economic growth for East Asian countries. These newly industrialising countries are experiencing growth rates in GDP per head at around 6% to 7% compared to the 2% to 3% for most industrial economies. If this growth continues, South Korea and Taiwan might take away America's distinction as the world's richest country. This rapid economic growth is a result of several economic and political factors....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Police Use of Excessive Force Against Asian Americans

- Police Use of Excessive Force Against Asian Americans On July 13, 2003, the death of Cau Thi Bich Tran, a 25 year-old Vietnamese mother of two, stirred up the hearts of many in the Asian American community. According to the police, officer Chad Marshall and his partner responded to a 911 call from Ms. Tran’s neighborhood claiming that an unsupervised toddler was roaming the streets. The policemen arrived at Tran’s home and were let in by Dang Bui, the father of the two boys, who did not know what was going on at that time....   [tags: Argument Argumentative Persuasive]

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Bollywood's Popular Culture in the South Asian Diaspora

- Bollywood's Popular Culture in the South Asian Diaspora The centre of the Indian movie industry is in the Indian city known as Bombay, which has since been renamed Mumbai. Owing to the industrial resemblance with the American movie city Hollywood, the Indian movie industry came to be known as Bollywood. Bollywood is now an industry of massive proportions, and far from simply producing cinema; it is also closely interwoven with industries concerned with music, clothes, magazines, DVDs, jewellery and cosmetics....   [tags: Papers]

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Family Culture Influences Our Thoughts, LIfestyles, and Future

- Family cultures can influence our thoughts, lifestyle and future. We are first introduced the ideals of our family through culture, when we first began to understand as a baby. These cultural impacts continues to influence through our decision makings as we age. Of course, no family is the same. As an Asian Americans, we are constantly battling in between the traditional Asian cultures and the more liberal cultures of the west. Through my friends, especially, it was obvious that this clash can create many problems between parents and children....   [tags: parents, education, asian]

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Asian-American Stereotypes

- Asian-American Stereotypes Overview Asian stereotypes are a product of prevailing myths propagated by various media, from books, plays, movies, television, to even historical propaganda. Generally speaking, the stereotyping of Asian women often swing to extreme types: the docile, subservient sexual object, or the dragon lady. Asian Americans only make up a small percentage of the United States population and live mostly on the west and east coasts of mainland United States and Hawaii. Consequently, the rest of the American population will most likely get their exposures to Asian Americans through television and movies....   [tags: essays research papers Asians Ethnicity]

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The Cultural Identity Within Asian Writing Systems

- The Cultural Identity Within Asian Writing Systems The style of Asian writing seems to be completely different from that of the western writing systems. For starters, many western languages are phonetic: words are spelled out with symbols that represent sounds. The way that a word looks has nothing to do with the meaning of the word. On the other hand, the most recognized form of Asian writing, Chinese characters, are completely pictographic. A single character is correlated to one sound or meaning....   [tags: Cultural Identity Essays]

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Philosophy in the South Asian Subcontinent: A Unity in Maladjustment

- Philosophy in the South Asian Subcontinent: A Unity in Maladjustment ABSTRACT: Philosophy in the south Asian subcontinent differs from Western philosophy in the following three ways: (1) it is based upon religion; (2) love of tradition becomes an obstacle for philosophical development; and (3) authority is accepted as a source of knowledge. I argue that future philosophical development demands that the above three differences be removed. Furthermore, philosophers from the subcontinent must concentrate on contemporary issues....   [tags: Philosophical Globalization Essays]

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How Does the Presence of a Confucian Culture Affect the Operation of Democracy?

- ... 1 Which is the core of Confusian culture. In recent years the clash between democratic western civilzation and undemocratic civilzations, Confucian in particular has been seen. Huntington states in order for democracy to take roots in a Confucian society, undemocratic elements in Confucianism must be superseded by democratic elements.According to Schumpeter the definition of democracy the democratic method is that institutional arrangement for arriving at political decisions in which individuals acquire the power to decide by means of a competitive struggle for the people’s vote.4 Most Asian countries avocate “Asian vaules” such as Confucianism which has been central to China's politica...   [tags: traditional cultural Asian values]

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Examination of Cultural Diversity in America

- ... This act was only the beginning as our nation is still trying to eliminate discrimination completely. These important historical events have influenced past and current African Americans. Asian Americans also have a distinctive culture including significant historical events. Asian Americans originate from many different countries, so they each have a different history. Two prominent countries Asian American’s immigrated from were China and Japan. Both Chinese and Japanese immigrants, usually male laborers, made the choice to move to America....   [tags: traditions, african, asian]

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M. Butterfly, Written by David Henry Hwang

- ... The play M. Butterfly is inspired by Rene Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly. It based on an absurd but true story of Gallimard, a French diplomat who carries on a twenty-year affair with Song Liling, a beautiful Chinese diva, without realizing that his lover is in fact a male spy masquerading as a woman. In the play, Gallimard represents a masculine western imperialist, while Song as a submissive Oriental woman figure. What makes the play a marvelous piece is the complete role-reversal between Song and Gallimard at the end of the play....   [tags: asian, oriental women, stereotype]

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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

- The Joy Luck Club One of the central themes in writing of the second generation Asian Americans is the search of identity and individual acceptance in American society. In the last few decades, many Asian Americans have entered a time of increased awareness of their racial and cultural identity built on their need to establish their unique American identity. In the book The Joy Luck Club, which revolves around four mother-daughter Asian American families whose mothers migrated from China to America and raised their daughters as Americans, we see the cultural struggle and differences by looking at their marriages, suffering and sacrifice, and their use of language in the novel....   [tags: asian americnas, identity]

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The Role of the State in Employment Relations

- The 21st Century has witnessed Asia’s rapid ascent to economic prosperity. As economic gravity shifts from the Western world to the Asian region, the “tyranny of distance [between states, will be] … replaced by the prospects of proximity” in transnational economic, scientific, political, technological, and social develop relationships (Australian Government, 1). Japan and China are the region’s key business exchange partners. Therefore these countries are under obligation to steer the region through the Asian Century by committing to these relationships and as a result create business networks, boost economic performance, and consequently necessitate the adjustment of business processes and...   [tags: Australia-Asian relations]

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Reasons for Our Successes and Failures in Life

- ... I can relate some episodes of Lac Su’s memoir. The person I had become and where I am now is thanks to my father. He was very strict with me and had high expectations for me. I can assume that Lac Su is somehow thankful to his dad as I am because he states at the end of his memoir that “Pa was always working on this bridge, and it was in sight while I was growing up, though it was too far from being finished for me to appreciate. When I finally reached the bridge, it was there for me to cross with ease”(246)....   [tags: tiger parents, Asian culture]

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The Miracle on Han River: South Korea

- South Korea, once a broken country filled with broken families, has transformed itself into a fine example of perseverance in a tough situation. South Korea and its neighbor to the north have developed past where they were before the Korean War, but in different ways. The two countries, while certainly dependent on each other, are vastly different. Their conflicting styles of government and their differing cultures speak for themselves in this case. South Korea has, over the years, changed dramatically from the crippled country of the Korean War into a blossoming beacon of Asian cultural and economic changes....   [tags: transformation of an Asian country]

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Rice Crop Monitoring and Yield Assessment

- Introduction Background Rice is the second most harvested staple food in the world and the leading staple food in the Asian region. Rice can be contributed to food problems as well as poverty alleviation because millions of small farmers grow millions of hectares of rice in the Asian region and there are landless workers who generate some income by working on these farms. 60% of the global population and 90% of the world rice production is derived from the Asian continent (Geert Claessens)....   [tags: Asian region crops]

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Animal Cruelty : Is It Justified For Cultural And / Or Economic Reasons?

- Are 40 dead greyhounds worth a billion dollars?. Animal Cruelty is defined as inflicting suffering or harm upon animals for purposes other than self-defense. Some people feel that zoos or amusement parks with animal shows e.g., dolphins, elephants, etc. are considered animal cruelty. They feel this way because the animals are basically being put on display, and are made to do tricks in front of crowds. Others will argue that the animals are well-treated and doing what they were born to do. This paper will examine the pros, cons, and my viewpoint on whether the use of animals for entertainment or gaming constitutes animal cruelty, or if it is justified for cultural and/or economic reasons (SI...   [tags: Elephant, Asian Elephant, The Animals]

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The Last Train Home: A Movie Directed by Lixin Fan

- ... As the parents later share with the director, they were left with “no choice” but to leave their children. Nevertheless, the difference between a rural and urban area begins to unfold in front of the viewers’ eyes, right from the start. The train begins to take people back to their hometown. In Huilong, one thing is the viewer can notice is that it is not crowed with concrete structures. As depicted in the movie, the houses are widely spaced, with green fields, faraway mountains, and gardens can be vividly seen....   [tags: industrialization process, asian countries]

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Does Acceptance of a Religion Lead to Technological Progression?

- In today’s world, large Asian societies seem to be improving day by day. New scientific and technological advances help them grow into more sophisticated communities. Countries such as China, India, and Japan are of such sophistication that they seem to surpass Western countries in technological development. Some may believe that this is due to the open acceptance that the religious affiliations of these countries may have towards scientific developments. Even though it may be perceived that way, the development of whole countries has other factors that go into the development....   [tags: Asian Societies, Technological Advances]

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Free Trade Agreements: A Growing Trend Across the Globe

- Free trade agreements have been an increasingly growing trend to join across the globe. These agreements have been able to gain a strong base of supports who feel there are many advantages in becoming a member of any number of free trade agreements currently in existence. One of the largest economic blocs in China is the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which has been able to bring both advantages and disadvantages to China. By being able to understand what specific benefits exist in joining an economic block, we are able to understand why ASEAN has both benefited and challenged China....   [tags: Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation]

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Mindfulness Meditation: A Natural Practice with Superhuman Capabilities

- Have you ever wondered if your brain could process quicker, come to conclusions easier, stay focused longer, make decisions swifter, be healthier, or even live longer. If you answered yes, there is indeed a way to do so; you two just haven’t been introduced yet. If you’re thinking of some breakthrough technology, a revolutionary medicine, or perhaps that someone has finally discovered the fountain of youth, think again. Not a breakthrough technology, but rather one of the oldest practices in human history, mindfulness meditation....   [tags: asian buddhist, efficiency, brain]

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Development of Corporate Governance in Malaysia

- The worst financial crisis that hit Asian countries in 1997 until 1998 was once a turning point for Malaysian corporate governance practices (Corporate Governance Asia, 2010). The post crisis researchers argue that among the significant factors of that crisis are inefficiency of corporate governance as well as weak financial structure of companies. Since the financial crisis was closely related to the failure of public listed companies, the Malaysian government began to realize the importance of improving corporate governance practices in order to stabilize the economic condition (Rahman, 2011)....   [tags: financial crises, asian countries]

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Parental Attitudes Towards Service Utilization

- With regards to parental attitudes towards service utilization, research has found AA parents as under-utilizing mental health services. Power et al. (2005) provides a typology of cultural/familial factors that influence service utilization for children/adolescents which includes factors such as: problem threshold; help-seeking patterns, as well as attitudes about mental health providers and treatment modalities. With respect to problem threshold, as Power et. al. (2005) point out, there are individual and cultural differences in the extent to which different kinds of behavioral problems are perceived as being a cause for concern....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Asian American]

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Plastic Surgery and Sir Harold Delf Gillies

- How do you define perfection. Our answers might actually vary because no one is perfect, and different people have different opinions on perfection. It is normal for people to aim for perfection, whether in the things they do or even in how they look. In terms of looks, their effort to perfect themselves according to their opinions might be able to boost their confidence and also reputation. Plastic surgery is one of the solutions for people to ‘improve’ themselves either for health or cosmetic reasons....   [tags: perfection, asian girls]

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Taking a Look at the Mahabarata

- The Mahabharata is one of the great texts of Asian Philosophy. It is one of the two main texts that influenced the philosophies and culture of India and Southeast Asia (1). It is an epic that had great historical significance and encompasses much of the ethics and religious teachings of the Hindu culture through story and lesson (2). Within the Mahabharata is the Bhagavad-Gita. It is located in the middle of the epic within a section containing only about 700 verses (3). In comparison to the entire Mahabharata, this is only a small subset....   [tags: texts of Asian Philosphy]

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Overview of Banking System of Thailand

- ASIAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TERM PAPER Overview of Banking System of Thailand Table of Content Introduction Structure of Thai Banking System 1. Central Bank 2. Financial Institutions 2.1 Commercial Banks 2.1.1 Commercial Banks 2.1.2 Retail Banks 2.1.3 Foreign commercial bank’s subsidiary 2.1.4 Foreign commercial bank’s branch 2.2 Finance Companies 2.3 Credit Foncier Companies 3. Specialized financial institutions 3.1 Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) 3.2 Government Housing Bank 3.3 Government Savings Bank (GSB) 3.4 Export Import Bank of Thailand 3.5 Islamic Bank of Thailand 3.6 Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) 3.7 Thai Credit...   [tags: Asian financial institutions]

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Vietnam and the Indochina Wars

- ... The Vietcong were disruptive to the infrastructure through assassinations and trying to change the peasants beliefs. This led to John F. Kennedy taking action and start increasing their support for the South and to Diem being overthrown due to unpopularity which would be detrimental to the US’s plan of stopping the North. This increased support by the US came between 1960 and 1963, by sending US advisors to Vietnam to aid the Republic of Vietnam’s Army(South) in fighting the Vietcong for they really did not want another country to succumb to Communism....   [tags: South East Asian countries]

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Current Status of the Philippines

- "Life only asks us to make reasonable progress in reasonable time." - Anonymous. The Philippines is disorganized, to due to the lavish culture in which the growing country revises itself and modifies its economy and political position, by increasing GDP or other quantities and desires to develop a well run country by putting an end to terrorism threats and decreasing the number of people in poverty. Similarly, the Philippine social structure, political condition, and economic circumstances, are all assembled in the same way....   [tags: Asian island countries]

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Avian Influenza: The H5N1 Virus

- ... (Ausvetplan 2008). These factors points towards the need for an alternative strategy to control Avian influenza for which a better understanding of the disease process is necessary. Targeting NS1directly would be an option in devising a control strategy against H5N1. Integrating bioinformatics with gene expression data is an attractive strategy in enabling to propose new therapeutic strategies to combat avian influenza viruses in a very cost effective manner. Very many software’s are currently available in predicting miRNA targets and each of them have different algorithms and different parameters....   [tags: bioinformatics, asian countries, vaccinations]

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Inaccurate Conclusions about Hmong People

- Hmong people are often treated as if they are unintelligent when they are interacting with professionals in the wider Minnesota community. Because when they are communicating with other professionals, they talk with an accent, but that doesn’t mean that, that person can’t read or write English. Hmong people are just as intelligent as everyone else here, they have put their effort into going to school to learn how to read, write and speak English so they will be able to communicate with others. Even though Hmong people don’t know how to use big words, they are still able to communicate and understand what is being said to them....   [tags: culture, Asian culture, prejudice]

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The Economy of Thailand

- Crisis outbreak The fixed exchange rate has given a fake sentiment of security in the southeastern Asian countries, (Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia) this system has encouraged these countries to conclude a huge debt denominated by the U.S. Dollar, in additional to this the exports of these countries were weak in the mid-seventies because of , the high value of the U.S. Dollar against the Japanese yen, on the other hand China devalued its currency in 1994, the huge inward capital flows and the weakness of the exports had reflected on the widening of the deficits in current accounts as well as a significant portion of the inflows were in the form of a short-term loans, which leads these...   [tags: fixed exchange, asian countries]

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The Subcontinent of India

- The Subcontinent of India Unlike America, India is full of wildlife, rich forests, towering mountains, different religions, hundreds of festivals, plenty of languages, and various attires. Each part of this prodigious country is different, this way or that. Every state had contradistinctive vestments, speaks different languages, and has contrasting cultures. India has great architectural beauties, such as the Taj Mahal, a humongous marble building built in the 1600’s. The second most populated country with a whopping number of 1,220,800,359 people, India will surpass China around 2027....   [tags: far estern Asian cultures]

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Japan between the Wars

- Japan had many struggles after WWI due to an economic downfall, yet they also had many achievements including a stronger military from conquering most of Asia, and multiple social reforms for women and the working class. In addition to Japan leaving the League of Nations, and joining the Axis power, creating a shocking announcement that nobody would have expected. Along with nationalism spreading around increasing the Japanese rights. As well as strong leaders who fought wars, and guided the people through the Great depression....   [tags: Asian military history]

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What Challenges Do Police Recruiters Face When Recruiting Prospective Asian Candidates?

- increase of Asian-American police officers in this last few years, Asian officers still remain as the most underrepresented as compared to African-American and Hispanic officers. The second research question was: What challenges do police recruiters face when recruiting prospective Asian candidates. The biggest challenge that most police recruiters face has been being able to gain trust, confidence, and cooperation from the Asian community. In order to recruit highly qualified Asian-Americans, police recruiters must be proficient in cross-cultural diversity, community mediation skills, and respecting individual rights (Hanser & Gomila, 2015)....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, United States]

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Cultural Appropriation, By Sabeen Sandhu 's Article, Instant Karm The Commercialization Of Asian Indian Culture

- Cultural appropriation, as described in Sabeen Sandhu’s article “Instant Karma: The Commercialization of Asian Indian Culture,” is not new. Rather, it is the latest iteration in a long history of Western imperialism and exploitation of other cultures and societies. Using a primarily a symbolic interactionist lens, in her article Sandhu highlights two fundamental aspects of appropriation that differentiate the phenomenon from appreciation: the focus solely on one facet of a symbol and commercialization....   [tags: Sociology, Symbolic interactionism]

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Cultural And Behavioral Beliefs Make Up The Core Values And Traditions Of East Asian Philosophy

- Distinct cultural and behavioral beliefs make up the core values and traditions of East Asian philosophy. Among these unique concepts is the idea of human nature. Traditions, in East Asia and elsewhere, begin and end with the concept, theory, and practice of human nature. The concept of human nature introduces other notions and ideas which outline the thought and action behind that specific culture. East Asian thought, both historically and more modern, describes human nature as a tendential, developmental, and rational concept in nature....   [tags: Confucianism, Confucius, East Asia]

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The Current Pattern Of Global Growth Profound Adjustment, Asian And European Countries At A Critical Stage Of Economic

- "Along the way" to reshape the new world economic pattern Institute of World Economy Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences recently released the "2016 World Economic Analysis Report." The report analyzes the view that in the current pattern of global growth Profound adjustment, Asian and European countries at a critical stage of economic transformation and upgrading, "along the way" world economic growth will expand the new space, a new pattern Reshaping Economic Geography of the firm leading the world economy recovery, promote global economic structural transformation of great significance....   [tags: International trade, Economics, Globalization]

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International Consulting Firm Is Offering For A Vocational Education And Training Study Within An Asian Country

- A summary of the case is as follows a European consulting firm is offering for a vocational education and training study within an Asian country (Maude, 2014). The consulting firm was invited to negotiate with the suitable organization in regards to a variety of points; this would be a regular practice for this demographic region. Amid the negotiation the firm was examining on the time schedule, charges, and expenses. Additional information was given that outlined the moves that would be made by the firm and so forth....   [tags: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Mediation]

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Kenyan Race Relations

- ... Although some may view this as a compelling explanation, it is largely too simplistic. Instead, anti-Asian opinion was created by the envy of Asian dominance combined with the corrupt and illicit actions of the few, which were then embellished and spread around, creating an Asian stereotype which became engrained in the minds of the Kenyan people. In both colonial and post-colonial Kenya, Asians dominated retail and trade. They controlled 75% of medium and large scale manufacturing firms, while they only comprised 1% of the population.1 In contrast to this, Africans only controlled 5% of these firms2, which led to a great level of resentment amongst Kenyans....   [tags: South Asian migration]

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Racial Discrimination At The United States

- Racial discrimination, from the early fifteen hundreds until today, continues to be a major problem in the United States and in other countries. Despite the different acts and laws put into place, hardly any reassuring results was shown to prove that racial discrimination has ended throughout society. Racial discrimination can vary from housing location to stereotyping to police brutality to comedians mocking a specific race or ethnicity. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines racial discrimination as “treating someone unfavorably because he [or] she is of a certain race or because of personal characteristics associated with race (such as hair texture, ski...   [tags: United States, Race, Asian American]

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Pain-Recovery Complex: Pure Love in Criss-Cross of Time and Space in East Asian Romance films

- When it comes to Asian films, the audience can seldom avoid mentioning pure love films, one of the most outstanding film genres in East Asia, featured by delicate sentiment, touching plot and unique aestheticism. In these tear gases the viewers can easily find that pain-recovery complex does exist: unrealistic romance beyond time and space can heal the audience’s pain to some extent. The paper argues pure love in East Asian romance films in crisscross of time and space plays a significant role in relieving historical, national or individual pain through parallel narrative styles, taking Japanese pure love film Love Letter (1995), South Korean romantic film The Classic (2003) and Hong Kong no...   [tags: cinematography outside of Hollywood]

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Overview of the Career of Dr. Stanley Sue

- Dr. Stanley Sue is an Asian American clinical psychologist whose research focus is on Asian American minorities. Dr. Sue was born in Portland, Oregon and was the third of six children to his Chinese immigrant parents. As a child “his first career ambition was to repair televisions, but soon he got bored with shop classes. Then, he developed great fascination with psychotherapy and the idea of helping emotionally disturbed individuals (Rockwell 2001).” Dr. Sue recalled, “I told my parents that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist, not fully knowing what a clinical psychologists did (Rockwell 2001).” He also remembered what his father said and thought after making this declaration: “My...   [tags: Clinical Psychologist, Asian American Minorities]

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What’s it Worth to You? The Costs and Affordances of CMC Tools to Asian and American Users

- What’s it Worth to You. The Costs and Affordances of CMC Tools to Asian and American Users (paper) Leslie Setlock and Susan Fussell from Cornell University looked into how Asian and American users differ in their communication goals. This affected perceived affordances using various computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools. An individual’s cultural context affected the person’s perception of appropriateness for using a communication medium. For example, Americans used email in a less formal manner whereas Asians were generally found to write emails using the more formal letter format....   [tags: Communication]

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The Exploitation of Asian Women in the Japanese Comfort Women System During World War II

- Introduction War is a devastating event in which a country is in a state of aggression and resentment. Although war has its effects on almost every civilian residing in that country, historically people of minority groups and of low social class suffer the most. During the Pacific War, the Japanese Imperial Army was struggling with many cases of rape and the spread of venereal diseases among its armed forces. In order to cope with these ongoing issues, they schemed an idea to invent a comfort women system....   [tags: modern world history]

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How Yuri Kochiyama Helped Change Life For Asian Americans After World War II

- To understand how Yuri Kochiyama helped change life for Asian Americans after World War II, we first have to understand who the Japanese were before moving to the United States, why they emigrated and what challenges they faced getting here. Japan is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, along China’s coast. For thousands of years, the people that inhabited the island attempted to isolate themselves from foreigners. The founder and shogun (commander-in-chief in Japan during feudal times) Tokugawa Ieyasu began rule of Japan in 1600 after the Battle of Sekigahara which established the Tokugawa shogunate....   [tags: Japan, United States, Japanese American internment]

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The Development of New Ethnic Identities such as Black British or British/Asian

- The Development of New Ethnic Identities such as Black British or British/Asian When referring to British Asians, the majority of us often fall into the trap of understanding the Asians referred to are linked to the Indian Subcontinent, i.e. India, Pakistan etc. What we tend to forget is that Asians are associated with a number of different countries and with Asia being the largest continent in the world, what exactly is meant by the term 'British Asians?' Generally, here in Britain, they are perceived to be the 'brown' kind and are often associated with the Indian subcontinent....   [tags: Papers]

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Racism Against Asians From The United States

- In this town hall meeting we discussed three general topics: Asian Americans, the creation and perpetuation of minority group status, and gender inequality. Once again, I was forced to confront some of the stereotypes I have held since childhood and was able to learn some uncomfortable truths about myself while learning more about the realities of racial and ethnic prejudices in our society. We began our talk by examining a handout titled “Why does racism against Asians go ignored and unpunished in the United States” in which the author describes several areas where stereotypes and exclusion are common for Asian Americans today....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Asian American]

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China's Way to Condemn Western Political Model: The Tianamen Incident

- 1. Introduction The following paper focuses on the Tiananmen Incident and the China’s way to condemn Western political model in its aftermath by describing and applying the Asian values. Even though protesters were demanding only anti-corruption officials and more economic transparency West defines the issue as people were demanding the democracy and more political rights. While Chinese officials were suppressing the issue very harsh, Western powers put sanctions over China. Then Chinese officials become tenser against West and in their White Paper describe the western values as a threat and describe their own values....   [tags: Asian values, communist political system]

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The Minority Predicament: An Analysis of Asian American Success and the Model Minority Paradigm

- The Minority Predicament: An Analysis of Asian American Success and the Model Minority Paradigm My grandmother sent me a letter from home, telling the success story of her old Chinese tenants who, through hard work, had become very wealthy in the 9 short years they lived in America. My grandmother embraces the belief that "with hard work, patience and a little help from the model minority stereotype, someday Asians will gain full approval of white America". She believes that Asian Americans are inherently smarter, more diligent and thrifty than other racial minorities of our time....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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My Experience With My Culinary Arts Class

- Exploring new cultures has always been exciting to me and has constantly caught my curiosity since I was younger. My personal experience with trying new things has always been successful and I have a tendency to go back and continue to learn about them. I’ve never really explored in depth in certain cultures other than Latin American countries and some European cuisine through my culinary arts class, but, I have always wanted to learn more about other countries but my resources have been limited because books cannot truly describe the experience of being there....   [tags: Psychology, Mind, Thought, British Asian]

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